The Weekly News Wrap-Up 6/24/11

By Greg Hunter’s

From Greek debt to U.S. debt the world is struggling to pay it’s bills.  In Greece it is really a battle between bankers who made reckless loans and people to become debt slaves to pay them back.  In America the debt battle continues with the latest talks breaking down over taxes.  You just cannot forget the Middle East and Northern Africa.  Major trouble continues there, and this week the Wrap-up highlights Syria.  We also talk about the Fed and zero percent interest rates and the so-called recovery.  Thank you for supporting and enjoy my take on the news this week.

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  1. Mike Saylor

    We definitely live in trying times. Keep up the excellent work Mr. Hunter.

    • Greg

      Thank you Mike.

  2. d. newman

    Prefer to read rather than watch video; any way you could put the script on the page?

    • Greg

      D. Newman,
      I ad-lib the post so there is no script. Thank you.

  3. Laura

    Great weekly wrap-up, Greg! I like that you’ve been mixing things up with a video post at the end of each week.

    Found out about USAWatchdog via Twitter back when you had 200something followers. Glad to see things are expanding!

    It’s so refreshing to see someone who previously worked in the heart of mainstream media have the courage to speak up and share the REAL news.

    I was working at an NBC affiliate when I “woke up” to what was really going on, and while it was a real struggle at first, I now am eternally grateful that I did!

    Keep up the good work Greg!


    • Greg

      Thank you Laura. You and I now live in the “red pill” world. Thank you for your input.

  4. M SMITH

    Greg, after reading a interview yesterday, it’s important to share it. Ron Paul has the right ideals to save our nation but & has a wave of support from the people but not in congress. In this piece there’s the what if we stay the course or the people retake the 2 KEY HIGH POINTS the gov now holds! At the end of the piece there is a link to a video that State legislators should use as a teaching guide the importance of Sound Money at the State Level, a 40 minute guide how to. I don’t see how any of them could reasonably deny the power of the logic of Edwin’s & discussion on the Law! Greg,to date, this has been the most powerful discussion on the Laws of the U.S. CONSTITUTION,STATES RIGHTS and more.

    Next, part 4 on the ESF is ready at, The video is 18 minutes long.

    On the monetary front,hyperinflation studies going back to the French Revolution have shown when the debt reaches 40-41% that is the tipping point where the roller coaster downward speed picks up, on May 12 we reach 46% and congress has no will to correct this nor the Federal Reserve. It would take strong legislation but don’t hold your breath. The best hope rest on the State Legislators to get access & use the above training guide of sound money. The Greek will have a hard time finding a “Jefferson”, but the U.S. has a population that surely there are more than a few “Jefferson Types” that will come forward & take the lead at the State level & ride the growing wave to the White House.

    • Greg

      Thank you for adding content and commentary to this post!!! Love it!

  5. mitchbupp

    Thank you for the weekly wrap up Greg, In this up side down world we live in today economics has boiled down to trickle down chump change! Where the few at the top benefit while the rest of us are left scrambling for crumbs. My concern is the fact that our country’s economy is now driven mostly by consumer spending and does not have a adaquate amount of manufacturing to support our economy. If our country was driven by it’s manufacturing base then I would agree with the FEDs action of quantative easing however our economy now is largely based on consumer spending today. I understand the theroy of competition in the marketplace to keep prices low but the kind of competition also has a significant impact on the economy. The WalMart affect (giant corporations using economies of scale to kill smaller competitors)has created a business enviroment where price supression has led to a gutting of profit margins which in turn has destroyed wages because of the destruction of the “profit margin” for many companies. Employees have always had a problem getting a fair wages from business America and yet it is consumer spending that drives their business. Houston we have a problem…… and that is why we will not have a recovery.

    • Greg

      Thank you for your participation in this site. I enjoy having you.

  6. terry

    Your articles are great reads so the video clip is a plus to wrap up on all the weekly info you provide. Thanks Greg.

    • Greg

      Thank you for the feedback!

  7. Jeff S

    The fact you ad lib your videos is even more proof that you know these issues… not that I thought you didn’t. It’s great to have a news resource we can trust to get solid, dependable info that’s not available anywhere else. Thanks for everything, Greg!

    • Greg

      Thank you Jeff S!!

  8. M SMITH

    What a day Greg, we had a community meeting where I brought up the interview James Turk did with Mr. Vieria about what problems the Nation faced. Most of them are farmers & it was quite heated because most are life long Dem’s, I said it was not just the Dem’s, but the right was just as much to blame for the economic mess we are in. Then I was asked where to find this interview, one of the mens son had his lap top in the truck & dang if he brought in & being in a volunteer fire station it had wi-fi & he hooked it up to the flat screen they use to track bad weather/911 calls. Not one spoke the whole time while the interview played, but after that there was a huge change in the way they perceived what was really the main problems the Republic faced & they said play again! This time they were taking notes, they would pause the video & take turns and speak on how they as a group would use local contacts to reach the State Legislators. I was so pleased I felt I had to share it with you. Most of these folks would never had changed their political view, but now even the 80 yr olds patted me on the back & said good work son, we remember your mom & dad as honest hard working folks, your dad was always trading me out of gold & silver coins, did you follow in his ways? Yes, but I sold off my collection to purchase silver/gold coins because if the dollar crashes I will still have something of value & to my surprise many had been buying PM’s also, so they knew things were getting bad but just did not talk about it. Now I felt even better that were now going to take action & before closed the meeting I was ask to give a list of web sites where they would get the truth, Greg you were on the top.
    One more time folks, if you want to make a difference, watch the video with family & friends at, you will find others are worried about the our Republic as I am!!!

    • Greg

      Thank you M Smith for the plug and support!

  9. Tim

    Always enjoy your website content. Keep up the good work! The sky may be falling but the ground is rising according to our friends in the major media! Hope springs eternal…

  10. Jan

    Good re-cap of the week Greg. I think people around the world are waking up and realizing that banks are not to big to fail. Our coutries are too big to fail, and around the world, no one wants a One World Government. We are proud Americans and the citizens of other countries do not want to lose their country, cultural and beliefs either. This article from Der Spiegel illustrates the frustration with the EU, their crooked politicians being in cohoots with the banking elite and doing nothing for the people.,1518,769831,00.html

    Maybe the banks need to be taken over and broken down and a new more honest banking system created. The one we have is rotten to the core and there is no sense in trying to save it.

  11. Steve R.

    Love your sarcasm Greg. Great stuff.

  12. Dean M Smith

    The way I see it as far as the debt goes most of the money has been spent without the knowledge or consent of the people of the United States of America. The wars, the bail outs, the pork,etc.. The government works for the elite, let them pay for it not us. Why should we foot a bill for having our children thrown to war, for the wealthy to remain wealthy, for our democracy stripped away, for our jobs sent over seas? England did far less and our fore fathers got rid of them:D

    Most nations probably face the same situation, they want globalism, they may get global descent. Maybe one day humanity will unite as brothers and sisters and stop being pawns to the lords and ladies of this world.

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