The Weekly News Wrap-Up 6/10/11

By Greg Hunter’s

I am going to be putting a new segment on the site called  the Weekly News Wrap-up.  I will  be highlighting the important news you need to be watching.  I will not be covering things such as Anthony Weiner and his lewd twitter pics.  I frankly do not care about crap like that and you shouldn’t either. I will be critiquing the mainstream media and commenting on stories that will affect your life.  This week, I spotlight what is going on with Yemen, OPEC, Japan and the Federal Reserve.  I will also comment on Fed Chief Ben Bernanke and star banking analyst Meredith Whitney.  This new segment will basically be my take on what I think are the most important stories of the week.  I will always try to put together things that will matter in the lives of most Americans.  You will have to go to another site for details on the tawdery tails of politicians and celebrities, unless one of them is caught trying to smuggle a suitcase nuke into the country.  Please enjoy the new segment:

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  1. Mark

    Well done, Greg. Drudge Report is going to be loosing a lot of viewers because USAwatchdog is the place to get the news! You are the greatest at using today’s news to give us a glimpse of what’s coming at us over the horizon.

    • Greg

      Thank you Mark, Jim and DXroidX-G!!

  2. Jim


    The weekly wrap-up is a great idea! My wife overheard your piece this morning as she was getting ready for work, stopped what she was doing and came in to watch & listen to your piece on my computer.

    Her hectic schedule does not allow her time to read the various articles you and others post about what is important in the news today. It is unfortunate, but a reality. This format is perfect to help her and others get some good information, fast.

    Looking forward to seeing more in the future. Keep up the good work!

  3. droidX-G

    Greg you still got it! Great to see you in video again. AND MORE TO THE POINT thanks for the REAL NEWS.

  4. Lynn

    Thank you. I’m so tired of Anthony and it distresses me that ALL of the mainstream media are focusing on such junk. Looking forward to the new segment.

    • Greg

      Thank you Lynn and Prepared. I am so happy this new segment was received well. Thank you for the support and comments.

  5. Prepared

    Nice job Greg! Real news is what’s desperately needed today and you certainly dished out some extra factual news today. Keep up the good work and I’ll look forward to next week’s wrap-up.

  6. JiminGA

    Great work, Greg. Love the new feature!

    Your comments on “NATO” efforts in Libya, Yemen, and MENA in general highlight US misguided actions, particulary the Geneva Convention’s prohibition against going after a head of state. If waterboarding a terrorist is against the Convention rules, then why isn’t assasinating a sitting head of state? Don’t get me wrong, Daffy Khadafi is a bad actor, but rules are rules. Supporting a coup is different than military intervention by a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

    It amazes me that Congress hasn’t stepped in to stop this madness by Obama.

    • Greg

      Thank you JiminGA, Norm and Tom for your comments and adding content to the site!!

  7. Norm Ezzie

    Great segment….ya hit the ball out of the park on everything ya stated!Hopefully this “weekly wrap up” will gather some real steam…..among those MSM pundits! Keep Hitting!!

  8. Tom

    Nice job, Greg. The prediction of $5 gas tells me that the rotten crooks at Goldman can already see the tidal wave of money being funneled to them and the other Wall St. shysters courtesy of the Fed. As I mentioned in Wednesday’s article, when a nation becomes stupid enough to allow its manufacturing base to be destroyed, it is basically toast at that point. Money printing is the only thing left to keep the illusion of prosperity going.

  9. Sam

    Dear Greg,

    LOLOLOLOLOL! I’ve been tuning out news programs that start to focus the private lives of politicians. I agree, it’s not business news. But, what is worrisome is that these “bread & circus” segments push out the real news, news which people really need to know, but don’t until it’s too late.

    Like the wrap-up, bye the way.

    • Greg

      Thanks Sam and Fluffy.

  10. Fluffy

    “…will not be covering things such as Anthony Weiner and his lewd twitter pics.”

    You are right. This kind of mass media circus crap is distracting us from what we really need to know. To much information/disinformation to filter through and weed out to find the real news events that affect our lives and how we can do something about.

  11. Rick

    Hello Greg…Your Weekly News Wrap-up is a great feature for your site. I always check your web site every day as I find it to be the most up to date and most informative regarding news that effect mine and peoples lives the world over.

    Thanks again Greg,


    • Greg

      Thank you Rick, BigTom ,Sling and Randy. Randy you are right that is much better and funnier!!

  12. BigTom

    Thanks Greg – and good riddance to MSM!!

  13. slingshot

    The Gods must be laughing their arses off as we insignificant mortals immerse ourselves in chaos. Further adding to their amusement
    they send catastrophies of biblical status, wondering just how much more we can endure. Earth, wind, water and fire have united to remind us we are not the ultimate rulers of our world. Still man will endeavor to control what he can not and refuse to address what he can control.
    It is good that we have a site like USAWatchdog, to keep us informed. You only have to look at Greg’s top stories to realise we are in a state of emergency. Forty four million Americans recieve
    government assistance in one form or another and 48% of our nation think we are headed for another Great Depression. We accept the flawed CPI numbers and unemployment stats even as we see the costs of inflation and the vacant homes that litter our communities. As this site warns us of the danger and to prepare, just how are those 44 million expected to guard against what lies over the horizon. How are those who have suffered floods and fire, face the prospect of national financial difficulty. Do the rest of us write them off after the news media deems them insignificant news to report. Although Americans are a giving people, just how much more can we give? How many more events can we absorb before we become jaded and withdraw much needed support. I am torn between anger and sorrow as I see those who work the system, getting benefits they do not deserve and those who can not for whatever reason. Then when a solution is put forth, someone declares it an infringement on their rights and we are back at square one. Then those that are suppose to lead our country and represent us in government do unthinkable acts and are left to continue their lives as if nothing happened. As a nation with the most
    incarcerated populace in the world, a judge has declared it, Cruel and Unusual Punishment and will set forth an army of criminals upon the people of California.
    These are the stories that will be regulated to sound bites and thrown upon the heap of time. Only to be ressurected by some historian
    trying to understand why things went so wrong.

  14. Randy Cone

    Just a note on the cartoon.
    I think a more realistic comment from Obama would read: “Economic conditions are slowly improving! Our stimulus has already raised the entire aft end of our ship out of the water!”

    • Oldguy

      Love it Randy!! I just love it. Too bad it’s so true.

  15. George

    Hi Greg. I like the new format. This is like having your own news show where you are the editor and news anchor. Maybe you could expand on the weekend wrapup and do a short daily update. Thanks for USAWatchdog!

    • Greg

      In time my friend in time. That is a good idea. Thank you.

  16. schweizer40

    Greg, great job. I look forward to your site every day. Can’t say enough good about this site.

    • Greg

      schweizer40 and Bob,
      Thank you both for the kind words and comments.

  17. Bob

    Greg good job, take a little time an enjoy the summer. PEACE

  18. Samantha in Tucson

    Good report, Greg. Thanks for taking the time to do this for us.

    On another note…from the apparel front…

    I read Women’s Wear Daily – “WWD” (I’ve been in the “rag trade” most of my adult life; teach apparel studies at a college now) on a semi-regular basis. WWD is almost unbearable for me to read these days. Here’s an example:

    PRADA, the Italian design house, has just opened a “luxury flagship” store in Seoul, S. Korea and has plans to further expand into China. Other luxury brands – Armani, Hermes, etc. are doing “very well” with profits going way up.

    An Italian friend, who is a sales executive in the apparel biz, has recently joined a lingerie company out of L.A. whose goal is to expand their line into a “luxury brand” in Europe.

    Am I missing something? It appears that only “luxury” people can afford such things during these uncertain times. I guess because I live in a somewhat frugal environment (personally) and cannot afford “luxury”, I’ve become unaware as to just how many rich people there are in the world.

    These luxe brands are raking in BILLIONS of dollars; multi-millions per quarter.

    Am I missing something?

    • Greg

      Prada opening stores in Asia is not a surprise to me that is where the money is heading in the world. Wait until you see the next crash. You will see how many rich people there really are. Remember 2 two years ago, Elisabeth Warren said something like We bailed out the top and told the rest of the folks on the bottom to kiss off. That is not an exact quote but close. Another crash is coming, please keep preparing.

      • Oldguy

        You are so right Greg. And it’s not that far off. Let’s keep our eyes on mid November of THIS YEAR. It will start with a slide down that will be exploited by China and Russia… The bankers will start to realize that all of the cash they are sitting on will be losing a lot of its value. I’m glad my Heavenly Father produces people like you. The only good thing about it is that contracting for goods manufactured overseas will be more costly than those made here..

  19. Mischa

    I like it but,,,,,, what is going on in Bahrain. No one mentions it in the news just like Yemen. But I have the protest there are large and the consequences huge. Just asking. I am dumbfounded. But I like your site and the nights you are going on coast it might be nice to get alert.

    • Greg

      The only problem about Coast to Coast is they often call me at the last minute but Twitter may be a good idea to fix that. Yes, you are correct that Bahrain is also very important and not much is said about it. The problem there is Shia vs. Sunni and not al-Qaeda. Most people do not udetstand that Iran (Shia) and al-Qaeda are arch enemies. So it is a little different, but just as explosive. Thank you for making that point. It is valid.

  20. cowboy

    Excellent idea !! I will look forward to it each week.

    • Greg

      Thank you Cowboy!

  21. Sophia

    Finally, some relevant and informative news. So many people just don’t understand the true state of the economy. I have a friend who likes to invest and I tried to tell him months ago that the rise in the stock market he was seeing was not substantiated. As an economist, I knew that the band aid the US was using would not solve the larger problem, and that a double dip was imminent. Hopefully, more people will follow news sites like yours and disregard the more “entertaining” distractions before its too late.

    BTW So glad you mentioned the real unemployment rate and not the partial rate BLS likes to report.

    • Greg

      Thank you Sophia and OG.

  22. murdoch'sbadinvestment


    And to think the Rupert Murdoch spent a few billion dollars on the acquisition of the WSJ and aol with huffington post – LOSERS. Those journals are complete garbage. don’t get me wrong there are some good writers but these journals have destroyed their reputation with their party line spin, censorship, and fanatic bogus party line warfare – much like those financial institutions that are walking zombies. those good writers at those publications should save face and start their own blogs like you — then you would get better reporting. Keep up the good work and i hope good things will come your way. People know what is going on with all the disinfo garbage and are tired of it. Thanks for your honest reporting

  23. Jan

    This is a great addition to your site. Please keep writing and adding the links for your supporters to read too. This is going to be my one stop news shop!

    • Greg

      Thank you Jan for your support.

  24. cossack55

    Fine idea. I really appreciate the move. I have been reading everything economic/constitutional I could find for many years and am getting a little tired. Nothing changes for the good and the great fraud just continues unabated. I’ve been deleting sites off my “favs bar” and limiting my time on the net. This will help a great deal. I trust your ability to seperate the flax from the wheat. Keep up the good work.

    • Greg

      Cossack55, MarkM, Bobby and Art,
      Thank you all for the kind words and encouragement.

  25. markm

    Hey Greg,

    I like it!


  26. Bobby

    Greg, Our News Networks are pandering to the new generation of viewers, who only want to know about Casey Anthony or Anthony Weiner. Whats really sad is 80% do not know who their own Congressman is. I like your new, end of week wrap-up.

  27. Art Barnes

    Like your wrap-up but disagree about the “WeeWee” showing congressman. Its news because we need to expose the criminals, frauds & liars for who they are in Washington – afterall, there the reason we are all in this mess. That’s just my opinion and yours is probably better than mine but that is how I see it. One more thing, I think the Syria story this week is just a problematic as Yemen, what do your think? Thanks for your work, the message is getting out there. May God Bless America still!

  28. Alyce


    Your new video segment is great! I think you should have more than just one per week…even a radio show like Peter Schiff, only much better since you are less political than Schiff.

  29. Chris

    Why people who foresaw the crisis (e.g. Peter Schiff, Meredith Whitney, Marc Faber) aren’t being consulted by the Obama admin is beyond me.

    • Greg

      Good point, but I would bet the President would not like the advice he would get from them to actually “Fix” the economy. Still very good point.

  30. M SMITH

    Greg, I hope this will increase the amount of readers 100 fold across all races. So many groups of the population are lured in by the color of their skin. They are influenced by people who profit off spreading lies & mis-information. These folks keep believing the lies & when they are confronted by the truth they dismiss it as a trick to get them to take a deeper look at the people they choose as leaders. Knowledge is power & there are those who make a living ensuring the truth is kept away from the race they report to.

    Great ideals spawn more great ideals for the better of all. Thanks Greg for taking action that will serve more a good dose of the Real Truth!

    • Greg

      Thanks M Smith!

  31. Elliot

    Greg, very nice segment. Easy to follow. This is a great new feature. Best to Bet. Elliot and Lorraine

    • Greg

      Thank you so much Elliot and Lorraine!!!

  32. Sean S

    Helpful and informative feature Greg.

    All the best.

    • Greg

      Sean, Ben, Buddy, Jay and Sylvia,
      Thank you all for your comments and support.

  33. Ben

    Unbelievable. When the spin is so deep it’s up to your neck, you get this kind of crap. “First in Business Worldwide”

    Greg, I do believe you are a genius. Please keep up the fantastic work you do and cut through the ever-deepening pile of spin we seem to be swimming in at this point.

  34. Buddy

    The Weekly News Wrap is a great idea! Thanks for your insights an perspectives that can’t be found in the mainstream media.

  35. Jay

    Greg, thank you so much for your commitment and dedication. I have been following your website ever since I woke up. These weekly wraps are great! God bless you for your patriotism and concern for others.

  36. sylvia maresca

    Thank you very much for being the one place I can go to w/o being exposed to people’s personal problems and demons. I have suggested your website to my friends.

  37. Jeff C

    Greg – I’ve been reading your site regularly for a few months. Really enjoy your reporting and the realistic no BS perspective you bring to the important news events and the economic landscape.

    The “Weekly News Wrap-Up” is a great new section – and – the video is a welcome addition. I agree with you that Yemen is a serious story and it amazes me that it is so dramatically under reported.

    Keep up the great work!

    – Jeff from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

    • Greg

      Thanks Jeff C.

  38. Jeff S

    Great idea for the video news wrap-up, Greg. I first heard you several months ago on Coast to Coast. I’ve been hooked on your site ever since. Your economic stories always are must reading.

    Yemen is incredibly important and woefully under-reported by the American Idol obsessed mainstream media. I’m glad you’re on top of it. I think China’s recent aggressive military provocations against its neighbors in the S. China Sea is another hot spot we need to watch much more carefully.


  39. BLT

    Greg, no offense man….but WHERE THE @%*! IS MY *#%@$%@ USA WATCHDOG STICKER?????!!!!!!!!! YOU’VE GOT A WHOLE WALL BEHIND YOU AND IVE GOT NOTHING……if I have to come up there and physically TAKE one i will, you know how us houstonians are……

    other than that, thanks for the truth.

    • Greg

      You are funny man. I guess I’ll have to get stickers, hats and t-shirts. When I do, I’ll let you know. By the way, I used to live in Beaumont and came to Houston all the time. I LOVE Texas!!

  40. Steve R.

    Wow, Greg! Awesome! I’ve been reading your site since I heard you on Coast to Coast. This little vid is head and shoulders above CNN. The only reason I go to that site is to show the lame-brains the nothing-but-garbage they publish. Keep the good stuff coming! And thanks so much!

    • Greg

      Thank you Steve R.!!!

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