There May Not Be a 2024 Election – Martin Armstrong

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong says, “The cheating in the midterm election next week is going to be so great that it is almost impossible to make a prediction. . . . In a fair midterm election, the Republicans would win the House and the Senate.”

So,m what does his Socrates program see for next week?  Armstrong, says, “It’s going to be tight, and the Republicans have a shot at taking the House.  Technically, they should take the House and the Senate.  I am just not sure.  The corruption is so bad, it’s crazy.  Pennsylvania sent out hundreds of thousands of ballots to people who are not documented or even American.  I’ve gotten emails from people in Canada, they are getting mail-in ballots.  They mailed them to Canada. . . .Where this ends up, who knows?  It’s just so corrupt, it is over the top.  It doesn’t matter who wins.  Nobody is going to accept this thing, and that is the problem.”

The cheating is going to be so in your face President Trump may not even be able to run for President two years from now.  Armstrong contends, “We may not even have an election in 2024.  It is not looking very good, and it’s probably because this election is not going to be accepted.  When it is so over-the-top corrupt, what do you do for the next one?  The United States will not exist after 2032.  After 2028 and 2029, we are going to have to redesign a government from scratch.  America is being destroyed.  Republics always end in absolute corruption.  We just saw the same thing happen in Brazil.  They staged a major effort to take Bolsonaro out. . . . This is a worldwide effort.  They had to get rid of Trump.  The other one who stood in their way is Bolsonaro.  Then there is Putin (Russia) and Xi Jinping (China).  I think you are going to have historians look back at this 50 years from now, and they will call this period ‘The Climate Change Wars’. . . .They are trying to take down as much oil energy capacity as possible.”

Armstrong is still seeing very strong signals on domestic violence everywhere.  Armstrong explains, “Our computer is showing it’s going to be a rocket launch for volatility and civil unrest next year.”

Armstrong also contends there will be a major loss of confidence in government around the world.  That means gold will start having big demand from big money.  Armstrong also predicts, “The whole monetary system as we know it is collapsing.  That was what the bond crisis in the UK was about.”

There is much more in the 1-hour and 7-minute interview for 11.5.22.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks for the interview Greg.

    Elections are a joke anyway, ALL politicians are part of the same bird, left or right ring.
    The amount of money wasted on advertising campaigns and political pork barrelling is lunacy.
    The only ones that can fox a corrupted system are not of the realm.

    • AJ

      elections are no joke. the vote is your chance to impact the direction of the country. dominion software should not be allowed to count votes. it is a corrupted system.

      • Anthony Australia

        Fiddlesticks, do you really think the establishment and world leaders would allow the common people this entitlement. The democratic idea was born only to quell the rebellion of the citizens.
        The monarchy is the same thing, control and dominate the masses.
        They rule we obey period.

        • AJ

          the government, prime ministers, presidents are elected by we the people.
          we choose to elect trump and his Operation Warpspeed 1.0, we choose to elect biden and his vaccine mandates. now we will choose again between biden and trump. choose wisely!!

          • AMJ

            heads they win, tails we lose. choose wisely! maga!!
            on another topic, just to correct mr. armstrong, putin is on record of stating he asked clinton to allow them into NATO, and clinton said No. putin said that earlier this year sometimes in february or so. may be is not in the documents mr. armstrong was allowed to review.

      • Robert says no

        AJ you’re very naive. Both parties take succor from the same corporate nipples. Our system has been totally corrupted by the corporations and oligarchy. This is what fascism looks and feels like.

        • Ed Mustafo

          So I guess we should all sit home and do nothing? Get out and VOTE! Time to RED WAVE these IDIOTS ! The military will handle the corruption. Watch….. 🇺🇸

          • Laura ann

            We will stay home, elections are a circus for the globalists controlling both parties. main issues are avoided: open borders; sound money vs fiat; pushing gender perverion teaching down to lower grades; no win wars since 1950 onward; corrupt dept justice, getting us out of the UN, ties with NATO, etc. theGOP refuses to speak out and address real issues, only a couple speak out and ignored. America is no longer:

            • Linda Walling

              In Arizona, we have a slate of real conservative candidates who deserve our support. We will be voting in droves today.

      • Peter

        Hey Everyone. Thanks for the interview Greg. I think Martin is one of the smartest people on the planet. That being said, I sincerely think he’s working with the good guys in this war but I think he’s wrong (probably intentionally because he’s too smart) that politicians and governments are just clueless or stupid. I believe that these politicians and governments are controlled by others up the food chain. They know exactly what they are doing and have been planning for decades. Most of the politicians are probably comprised (blackmail,threats,etc.) look at the Georgia guide stones. Curious to hear what others think. Bottom line is that these people are evil and who’s in charge of evil👹. Get ready for a bumpy ride. Thanks

        • mark deacon

          Agree with you Peter.
          The MO is to feign stupidity and ignorance but in truth it is planeed and premediatated. That is why I am a Ukraine war skeptic because of the food and energy issues that have been intentionally created furthers an agenda. So many coincidences in food and energy production issues these past 2 years fuelled byt intentional reckless spending.

    • Anthony Australia

      Martin mentioned Propaganda a few times, how right he is.
      This is so dangerous as it make things appear either better or worse than they really are.
      Time and time again I see in the fake MSM that Russia is losing, etc. and that the ‘Little Rocketman’ is setting off missiles that fail.
      I also wonder why we are spending 50 Billion dollars of Nuclear capable Submarines when we could be wiped out in seconds.
      I for one can’t wait to see if Revelation is going to come in out lifetime.

      • David Gordon Dunne

        We are in the last generation as portrayed by The Parable of the Fig tree.
        Setting up a Jewish State in 1948 got the wheels rolling. Anthony, What Martin depicts is a chit hole world. The only white horse coming after the Anti Christ comes rolling in deceiving and lying and sadly winning the hearts of so many, Jesus will then return after a 5 month period of Satan. God is great. This overwhelming EVIL can not be overcome now by us. There is no mention of The Rapture in the Bible so no one will flown away as it is the what God sees inside your mind and heart that saves you.

        • Shayne Z

          David it is such a breath of fresh air to hear your words of truth.

          The worlds economies will implode so that the Fake Christ / Ant-Christ/ instead of Christ can come in AS CHRIST and :”Save the World”. It will be easy pickins

          If anyone want to study the Word. Verse by Verse, Chapter by Chapter Try this ole Marine Preacher

        • Todd

          I have read and studied the bible for 41 years. True, there is no rapture as is commonly taught, but what you are talking about a Satanic kingdom for 5 months??? I have no idea what you are talking about.

          Have you ignored the week of years, and the latter half is where the false prophet (the anti-christ as he is commonly referred to, but false prophet is his true title) controls the planet for 3½ years? See Revelation chapter 13 .

      • John Maskell

        I hope revelation does happen in our limited time here because the money system is dying and inflation is worldwide . No matter what political party promotes , the fiat currency debt based system is imploding . All the time that money can be printed to infinity , bribery and corruption can buy politicians on the cheap. People will do anything for free money , it’s disgusting ! Get rid off the fake money printing then perhaps we have a chance. Sound money is gold and silver .This limits the printing of currency as any government knows because what you hold in precious metals relates to the money you can distribute. People will disagree with this but what other way is there too stop the fraud ?

        • Pete

          two thumbs up ! Keep on stacking.. 🙂

      • Highnail

        John Kerry said “we cant allow Populism to gain control”

      • Paddy Morrow

        Tony mate,
        The wait is over and your country is in the cross hair’s of the king of the north and south.
        You know the drill for to much sunshine, slip, slope, hate and add,
        If it walks like a duck, squawks like a duck, flys like one. Run for cover, It could be a Satan2, buzz bomb. Without the buzz, so you’ll never know yer as dead, as a door nail!!

        • Pad. M

          That’s (Hat), mat.
          I mean mate! 😉

    • Rob Kinn

      Watch what God does. There will be a removal of many evil people. Protection will come in and Trump will return.

      • Laura ann

        God’s hand of protection has been lifted long ago. A “red wave” won’t save us, way too much damge done already. Nihilism plagues the land, apostate 501c3 churches remain silent (fear of man and the IRS), running social outlets. Civic org. are leftists. Few solid indep. churches left today, patriots home church or find groups likeminded.

  2. Anthony Australia

    Schwab asset Rutte: ‘Conspiracy theories have no place in the Netherlands.’ Er, um, er, um, er, WEF Prime Minister Rutte questioned about David Icke and his responses are pathetic.

    • Cry Me a Ruble

      Another David Icke video released today concerning the farmers in the Netherlands, the globalists, and Schwab’s Economic Forum. He is being banned in Europe. The man is fearless and inspiring.

    • Ranger

      If you want to see what’s really happening to America, go watch the part in the movie cartoon Despicable Me, where Gru is going to The Banker to get a loan for his evil project.
      As Gru walks down a long hallway with pillars on one side, they show the first pillar with a man standing under a pillar standing fully tall. The second pillar shows the man standing about one-third the way down, the third pillar shows the man halfway down, the fourth he’s about three quarters down, and the final pillar before he gets to the Bankers Office. …the Pillar is fully squashing the man.

  3. Prospector

    Telling that there are dozens of MSM news stories telling you ” we will not know the results election night ….. but , that’s OK ” they say.
    A new narrative has been launched. Like other propaganda , the wording is almost exactly the same no matter what source issues the talking points.

    • Phyllis

      What I believe they’re telling Us is that they will be cheating massively. The longer the delay, the bigger the cheat?! They’re actually telling Us exactly what they’re doing. Be aware, go vote in DROVES tomorrow, and use a paper ballot if at all possible – NO electronic machines. We MAY stand a chance if We outnumber and overwhelm them! If anywhere stops the count at any point after the polls close – WE WILL KNOW!!! And We Won’t Accept It!?!? Hit the streets like they are in Brazil right now. We CANNOT tolerate another election being stolen from Us again – especially this one. SOOOOO much is stake, We cannot risk it being ripped from Us this time. And PRAY – Hard!?!?!!?

  4. Anthony Australia

    Bolsonaro, Election Fraud, and the Big Red Wave. The people of the world are waking up to the fact that democracy is a farce.

    • Ray

      Agreed mate.
      I think of it this way…….
      If it is indeed accurate that Biden has only a 12% approval rating AND the Democrats somehow manage to steal the mid term elections, then no American should fear any nuclear weapon attack……..because their nation will already have become utterly destroyed anyway…….likely, beyond repair.
      Wishing all our American friends the best in what is sure to be an historic time next week.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia

      • Anthony Australia

        Spot on Ray!
        Victorians here have a chance this month to right the wrongs, we shall see.

        • tim mcgraw

          Ray and Anthony in Australia: Here in Healdsburg, CA Sonoma County, folks vote 81-85% for Democrats.
          This election I have seen ONE campaign sign saying “Vote Democrat”. That’s it.

          I haven’t seen a Republican bumper sticker or sign in two years. In 2020 a rancher drove into town with pro-Trump bumper stickers and pro-gun bumper stickers. He was a big burly guy in a huge 4×4 pickup truck. No one messed with him.

          Voting in California is a joke. The few times the conservatives have won a vote (against gay marriage); some judge throws out the vote on Constitutional grounds.

          The game is rigged here.

        • JamC

          Aloha Greg, please have Mark. A. on often. This was a very insightful interview.
          Jam C

      • stanley skrzypek

        ..”because their nation will already have become utterly destroyed anyway”……….You are a FOOL…..WE are NOT weak kneed Aussies…..WE ARE AMERICANS!……We are Not PRISONERS of the queen……WE ARE AMERICANS!…..We are not fighting with BOOMERANGS!…..WE ARE AMERICANS…….so boomerang boy, why don’t you an analyze yer own “utterly destroyed country”…..and post it on yer own…. government news website rags……or are you afraid?

        • Anthony Australia

          Americans Moving To Mexico At Record Pace – Up 85% Since Pre-Covid

          Remember all roads lead to Rome

        • Ray

          Grow up Imbecile.
          Your tone is beneath the required level of intelligence for this website.
          Sadly, your vindictive presence here drags the entire site down to something akin to the comments section over at Zero Hedge.
          Have a read of my sentences son.
          There are some big words in there, so don’t be afraid to ask for some help in understanding them from your daytime chums Bert & Ernie.
          Fair Dinkum……what an UTTER EMBARRASSMENT to all thinking Americans you are.
          Ray, Canberra, Australia.

          • Anthony Australia

            Ray Mate,

            We all all insolvent and in the Poo.
            Epic Derivative Unwind & Systemic Banking Failure | Alasdair Macleod

            • Ray

              McLeod is The Man mate!!!

          • stanley skrzypek

            .so boomerang boy, why don’t you an analyze yer own “utterly destroyed country”…..and post it on yer own…. government news website rags……or are you afraid?

        • Brian Dougan

          Wow. Stanley; Ray certainly struck a nerve. Chest thumping that “WE ARE AMERICANS!” doesn’t change the multiple dangers of the massive deterioration/decay that’s happening–All over. The current trajectory of the USA/Commonwealth/World makes Martin Armstrong’s assessment/projection more than likely. Paraphrase: “America will be finished by 2032–Likely sooner; by 2027.”

          America is still part of the world, and the USA–and the world–is on a suicidal course. Empty bravado isn’t going to reverse the ruinous (WEF) policies Biden’s America is following. This is the stuff of nightmares. and totally unprecedented. Whichever way the wind blows; the Australian said nothing derogatory about the USA. No cause to insult him, and reinforce the stereotype too many non-Americans have regarding the “ugly American.”

          • Ray

            Brian Dougan…….the sturdy, admired and well remembered voice of The Real America.
            Your supportive comment is welcomed by me sir.
            Thank you.
            Ray, Canberra, Australia.

        • tim mcgraw

          stanley: I worry about you. Are you okay? You seem kinda high strung. Take a breath. Read the Bible. Go out into God’s great creation and listen to the birds sing.

          Aussies are fun people. My niece married an Aussie. They had their wedding in Napa County just east of us and my wife and I went to the celebration.

          Aussies are a lot of things, but “weak kneed” isn’t one of them.

          The bar tab was $15K. LOL. They have more energy than any group of Americans I’ve ever met.

          Take it easy, Stanley.

          • stanley skrzypek

            “The bar tab was $15K.”…….”a showy display of one’s means”…(1 John 2:16, 17).. ..and…all that tells me is….”More money then Brains”…. ..

            • Ray

              If you are talking about ‘“brains,” your sentence should read “More money than brains.”
              Being the simpleton that you are (and thanks in advance for ONCE AGAIN revealing your base intelligence to us), you have written “More money then brains.”
              “Then” and “than” are two entirely different words in the English language.
              Intelligent people know the difference.
              Imbeciles such as you have to be publicly educated on a website where intelligent people gather.
              Please go back to Zero Hedge.
              There’s a good lad.
              Ray, Canberra, Australia.

  5. Rodster

    I totally agree with Martin Armstrong, that this election will be stolen again. I’m now starting to think that both the House and Senate will remain in Democratic control. These people in charge of the WEF have too much at stake. Klaus Schwab and George Soros have invested to much time, money and energy to reset the system. This is their opportunity of a lifetime. I also see the US breaking up.

    • Greg Hunter

      Armstrong is simply not sure how it will come out.

      • Rodster

        True Greg but he also said several times, the “CORRUPTION” is off the charts. When ballots are showing up in Canada that spells trouble. I agree with Martin that the GOP should take the House and they should also take the Senate but don’t be too surprised if they get neither on election night.

        The corruption is so bad that it’s becoming obvious that the United States will break apart as Martin suggests.

      • Jerry

        My niece was involved with the audit in Arizona after the 2020 election. She said they turned all the findings over to the officials when they got done and nothing happened. 100,000 votes were found to be fraudulent. People who were not registered and people who didn’t even exist. Crickets.

      • John

        Greg, why do we still have Dominon voting machines? They’ll steal it that way like they did before. Can Martin release a DVD of his conference? I don’t have $1500 bucks to watch online. Maybe y’all ask him?

        • Joanie

          John, you can get his email letters – often many a day. He keeps you well informed through his free channels. I’m pretty sure Greg said he would also include a link to that. They come into my Inbox as Centinel101 or some number like that.
          I highly recommend reading one or two a day it helps with context when you hear a dramatic interview like this was. A wonderful long view of down the pike where this is all heading. If I recall there might be a worpressdotcom signup.

      • Ranger

        Greg, Thomas Jefferson made it clear that once corruption reaches a certain level, that there no longer remains an avenue to correct it, that it must be completely torn down and started over.
        It’s way too late for America.

      • DJ

        He said;
        “I think you are going to have historians look back at this 50 years from now, and they will call this period ‘The Climate Change Wars’”

        I think 50 years from now nobody will care about the history of earth because the LORD, and King Jesus will have already come back, and been in reign as our LORD and King for almost that long.

    • Paul

      And the American people don’t have anything investing in blood, sweat and tears. And we don’t have much at stake.
      Give me a brake .
      Greasy Self appointed masters of your life. You can have it, not me or many like me.

      Paul from arkansas

      • Danielle Duval

        We have been working and paying taxes all our life to have a bunch of bastards living like kings and Queens and blessed by a bunch of seals
        My humble opinion is there are many of us who stopped watching their « TEL- A -VISION ».
        Condemning without investigation is the highest degree of ignorance. (Author i do not remember)
        Like many of us we witnessed the killing of our elderly, disabled, healthy uninformed educated people like « seals »applauding and following
        The rulers telling you it is for the good of the people
        That was then , 2022 changed Americans and all the world forever. You will own nothing and you will be happy. Let see when Beverly Hills gets rubbed out of their
        mansions or weather suburbs of blue states rise up again the the kings and queens
        Here comes the « French Revolution »

      • Rodster

        Paul Craig Roberts likes to refer to the American people as insouciant. I don’t put a lot of faith in the American public today who only care about three things in life.

        1) Food
        2) Sex
        3) Sports

        • Paul

          That’s an easy call for Mr. Roberts to assert , being that all three have been around since humans have been here.

          Anyway our we a half of a glass full or half a glass empty group here. I have always enjoyed Greg’s site because he believes and has hope.
          Doom looked in the your mirror can change to mood.

          Myself and children learned how to fight and get up from sports.
          Media hides and promotes many things.
          The iceberg of good people are not all seen, but they are there deep and solid.

          Paul from arkansas



          • Rodster

            So when the sh*t gets real we can count on you right tough guy? I love it when I read people yelling we must do something, stand up and fight. Please send us a picture of you and your kids with your military uniform and weapons. As Mike Tyson famously said, “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”.

            I deal in realism not fantasy so I agree with Martin Armstrong, that the US will probably fracture because it is so corrupt it is in your face now. Those in charge are not even hiding it. Many point to the Democrats as the problem but you can also point the finger at the Republicans as well. They are also a big part of the problem. The two party system is essentially “two sides of the same coin”.

            One thing you fail to acknowledge that world history has taught us and that is that every Empire has it’s day in the sun and that every Empire eventually collapses under its own weight. The United States will not buck that trend. It will be added to the collection of failed global Empires because they failed to learn from history. That’s not me basing it on doom or hopelessness but pure historical fact.

            • Paul

              So the whole worlds present empires will collapse and go away, all with similar fiat and corruption. Got it.

              About history
              You don’t need to be in the military to know how to fight and know hardship.

              One thing for sure,
              If the present doesn’t offer you enough disasters to exploit, you can always invite your supporters to live in the disasters of the future.
              People aren’t going back to oppression.
              Resist and say no

              Paul from arkansas

            • Tin foil hat

              Everybody knows


            • Paul

              It is all good, we are all on the same team. Agreed Massive challenges for us.

              Paul from arkansas

  6. Anthony Australia

    Can you please help me understand why they were able to fix the election.
    Here we have the Australian Election Commission who is for sure corrupt or heavily influenced.
    Is there one in the US and how come the Republicans can’t bribe or coerce them?
    This always leads me to believe that the Leaders of each country are selected not elected, similarly to the EU & UN and we are moronic to think democracy exists.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Anthony,
      ” . . . the Leaders of each country are selected not elected”
      IMHO you are 100% correct.
      Example: Nigel Farage, at the time an MEP (Member of the European Parliament), mocked democracy within the EU by pointing out that the Parliamentarians were given a ‘choice’ of ONLY ONE candidate for the all powerful position of President of the European Commission. If I can find a link to Farage’s speech I’ll post it . . .

      • Anthony Australia

        Thanks PNG

    • Chip

      The election officials in our big population centers are all democrat. ALL democrat. They control the majority of votes of their respective states especially on the east and west coasts. Their counting of the votes, and doing it at night AFTER all of the other results have come in, allows them to “count” however many votes they need in order to win. Sometimes that means they count more votes that they have actual registered voters and they are never called on it!!! It’s a SHAM!!! Chip

  7. Anna

    Love, love, love your broadcast!!!!
    Honestly, Martin Armstrong is a nice guy but has out lived his usefulness. This guy is stuck in the old paradigm…all his information comes from Washington DC????? The SWAMP!
    I think the person who’s going to be the most surprised on election night…will be Martin Armstrong. We don’t need his computer to see the corruption. Give me a break!
    Martin Armstrong seems to be riding the fence, I believe it’s his business model.
    Bring back ED Dowd, now that guy is a truth teller!

    • Greg Hunter

      You do realize people are flying in from all over the world to attend his conference for $2,700 per head? Armstrong told me he is live streaming into 38 counties. Many do not feel the way you do, but I do like Ed Dowd along with Armstrong.

      • James Kolb

        That’s the point Greg! He sure seems to be sleeping with all kinds of “wealthies”. I just can’t trust him. Give me Dowd, Holter, or Rob Kirby! RIP Rob, I miss you!!

    • James Kolb

      Anthony, back door internet shenanigans (clandestine software) via the dominion voting machines. Check out Mike Lindell – he has the proof that no one will dare touch!

    • James Kolb

      Anna, I’m sure I’ll get heat for this in this comment section, but I’ve never really trusted Marty. I just have a feeling he made a deal when TPTB let him out of jail years ago.

      • tim mcgraw

        James Kolb: I’m not “giving you heat”, but I will point out that Martin Armstrong has said that Ruth Bader Ginsburg (of all people) came to his aid to get him out of jail. The Southern Judicial District of New York is the most corrupt in the USA. Somehow Ginsburg was able to get Martin out of prison.
        I don’t know the details. Maybe you are right.
        You are wise to distrust everyone and what they claim, without corroboration.

  8. john

    Martin Armstrong is a real treat of a guest, Bravo Greg

  9. Marie Joy

    100 people cause most of the problems of the world.
    And the rest of us allow them to get away with it.

    • h-ARP

      I think the real number approximates 10,000, and most of them are anonymous to us, the common people.

      There are a few that play the role of celebrity, similar to our own Hollywood celebrities, for example, the late Queen Elizabeth II and now q….m@x!m@ from the Netherlands. She recently visited the US September 6-9. Her narrative is ‘financial inclusion.’ Her vote is for the CBDC. She was instrumental at the UN in the passage of digital currency in the Philippines.

      We Americans often do not realize the power and influence of the institutionalized world monarchies: United Kingdom, Spain, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden snd more! They are a strange, foreign entity to us even if career politicians attempt to play King or Queen of our country.

      This is the time to educate one another and quickly before more global oppression occurs.

      • Marie Joy

        Years ago, I saw something online that showed specific congressional votes that gradually gave America back to England. I think that’s why so many actors are English these days. It seems impossible, you think, but look at how corrupt they are and how they sell us out for money every day of the week.

    • h-ARP

      I forgot to attach a useful link regarding the relationship between royalty, the UN, IMF, The World Bank and the central banks.

  10. R Jensen

    I think if he lived under a democracy or dictatorship he might change his mind about republics.

  11. Judy Dosch

    I love listening to Martin Armstrong. We must never forget that God can change everything in one day. God is not through with America. I like watching Julie Green on Rumble. I was pretty discouraged until I started watching her.

    • Linda Majors


      I, too, watch Julie Green. It’s funny when God refers to Biden and Harris as the Jackal and Hyena. (A perfect description. Nothing gets past God.)


  12. Don W.

    I totally agree that IF?? this election even has a conclusion, that it will not be a fair election.
    I studied about the Council of Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission over 40 years ago and KNOW that they want a ONE WORLD GOV. That is where we are headed. But also this brings about the last of the wars known as WWIII. Or the war with Gog and Magog during the end times. We are getting closer.
    So I also know that NOW is the time to share with ALL our friends, family and others about our Lord and Savior because He is coming and coming soon.
    As you know, I am 88 and I may go straight up rather than spend some time 6ft under first and then go. But I am looking forward to the days ahead as the first four seals in Rev:6 are happening all around the world today and the others are not far behind.
    But I also really agree with Martin Armstrong about the elections because when President Trump beat hillery, or something like that, that really set the one world gov. back and they will not allow that again. They are coming to take this gov. over.

    • Vince Osburn

      Ditto Don W.,
      I was a teenager attending John Burch Society meetings in the 70’s having read None Dare Call It Conspiracy. These bastards have been working decades to destroy America. I tried spreading the word back then …. no one cared.
      Fortunately, I found Jesus since.

      • Don W.

        I have ask many people if they knew of either of these groups, and the answer has been “Nope”. Now they are using the WEF to gather and many people have removed their names from the Council of FR’s like all of the Bush family.
        But Praise the Lord, you have found Him and know even more about what is happening today.
        Blessings to you Vince

      • Judd

        None Dare Call it a Conspiracy was the catalyst for my journey as well. People can read the book (it is about the size of a pocket romance novel) on line for free.

  13. jose_lopez

    Sad to say, but nothing really has changed after they stole the election from Mr. Trump, and they will steal it again, in 2020 USA Becane a thirld world Country in election matters.

    • stanley skrzypek

      sad to say Beaner….you are Right!

    • Chris

      No decades. Much longer. The Illuminati worships the ancient gods. They are patient and presently rule the entire planet – except for a few holdouts. Look who is considered an enemy of the US and you will know who resist the NWO. Illuminati = NWO = Luciferian = demonic. They finance both sides of every war. We are merely sheep, low life objects to manipulate as they please. Ephesians 6 – we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual powers…. These are manifest in Illuminati.

    • Chip

      BINGO!!! Chip

  14. MacGuy

    Can only take so much of this doom and gloom! Had to turn it off at 37:00 due to overload of fear porn. For me the greatest disappointment has been the total treason and failure of the US Military, although I did not serve in the military I consider myself from a military family. I ALWAYS thought we were protected by our never failing military. What an absolute joke they played on me.
    I actually admire the Brazilian people over the US population for their bravery in standing up for freedom and liberty. I hear you always call out General Miley and Lloyd Austin as traitors, but what about all the officers directly below them who are cooperating with killing American citizens. I remember how sick to my stomach I felt when I saw the military personnel giving Covid 19 injections to innocent victims.
    I signed up to be a poll worker this mid-term election and I now feel like I to am being played once again! If Russia and China ultimately end up attacking the USA I pray that the merciful Lord allows the duped and stooped American public see those who betrayed us die first.

  15. Keith Kasprzak

    Without election integrity we the people don’t have anything. This had been becoming more and more clear every election cycle. In 2020 it met it’s peak and we cannot continue as a nation with election results, we cannot trust. How can it be that the evil, cheaters, and anti-Americans are allowed to win regardless of how it was accomplished. It seems to take way too long for any kind of truth to surface, and each time it does, it’s too late. How can we tolerate a majority of voters that are made to suffer disenfranchisement? It just isn’t right.

    • James Kolb

      Keith, I hate to tell you, but TPTB have been choosing our leaders for us for decades. We just happen to be waking up to it.

      • Linda Majors


        They didn’t select choose President Trump. That is when all hell broke loose. Hopefully, he will be able to do it again. Electing strong, “America First” candidates on Tuesday will be a good start to turning back the Communists who have gotten control. However, the Chinese plan to rig the elections. We need to pray that they fail.


        • Occasnltrvlr

          MSM had as much, or more, to do with Trump being elected than any other earthly element.

          During the primary, as they blasted “Orange Man Bad” headlines nonstop, what happened? His popularity continued to rise. What did they do? They continued the “Orange Man Bad” parade. After he won the nomination, his popularity continued to rise in correlation with the amount of press he got (in spite of the fact that it was all negative).

          Had he not been selected to win, the press would have simply remained silent about him. And, the general public being what they are, he would have faded out of the picture early on in the primary.

  16. griever

    Try vaccination — It never will hurt you,
    For vaccination has this one great virtue:
    Should it injure or kill you whenever you receive it,
    We all stand prepared to refuse to believe it.
    -– From a circular signed “The Doctors”, 1876

    • Earth Angel

      griever, Although I’m not a big NASCAR follower, today the racing car world announced Coy Gibbs co-owner of Gibbs Racing(?) died last night and the NASCAR world is grieving his death. He was apparently fine yesterday (and I believe his son had won a race yesterday) but simply did not wake up this morning. He was 49 yrs old. There was no mention of any ongoing health problem so we all know the real question is- Was he vaxxed?! My deepest condolences to his family, friends, and the racing car world fans on this sad and unexpected loss. : o

  17. Robert Olin

    I’ve been following Armstrong for years and get his daily blog emails. He’s always said the gold will have it’s time but not yet. It seems he’s saying that now is the time.

  18. I Dig Au

    Regardless of what party wins in November, the move to global tyranny and serfdom will continue. A Republican win means nothing because the RINO establishment will not allow meaningfull change towards liberty. We’ve had the house many times and squandered the opportunity to restore our republic – all by design. Get used to living in a ‘country’ devoid of all freedoms folks. Rember – Trump was the best democrat that the republicans ever nominated.

    • Chip

      As Ed Dowd said, “I refuse to live in a world that they have planned for me.”


      • Earth Angel

        I’m with Ed, I’m not accepting it either!

  19. Josie

    I think President Trump will be back in office before Christmas, will get his stolen four years back with JFK Jr as his VP. After the four years JFK Jr. will be president! How about that!

  20. dlc

    Not a Russophile, just an observer. Betcha every one of these men marching can answer the question: “what is a woman?” It is refreshing to see these baby face men without tats, beer guts, or beards. The women have their own divisions, wear skirts and big smiles.

    How many fighting age males in this country are even fit for service? I don’t know why the fit males even bother to serve at this point. Die for what, the Biden syndicate, Victoria Nuland?

    Gimme a Cossack on a white horse and all the warpo women in this country can keep their women’s lib. The white horse’s backside is worth more than a thousand Austins and Milleys.

  21. MaryTR

    The USA is arguably the most warlike nation of the modern era. To say world leaders sought world peace up to now, is laughable. Bush I, Bush II, made unjustified attacks on Iraq with falsified weapons of mass destruction by #2, why were we in WWI (Lusitania carried illegal cargo of armaments), WWII (Roosevelt used sanctions and loss of access to OIL to pressure Japan into military retaliation, giving him the needed excuse to enter the war), Korea?, Afghanistan?, Viet Nam (Gulf of Tonkin faked incident)? Grenada? Libya (to take out Gaddafi who wanted to establish a gold backed currency, as did Iraq’s Sadam Hussein)? Lebanon? And now Haiti? There are several more (Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Panama).

    Illegal coups against democratically elected leaders particularly in the Middle East and Latin America, were arranged courtesy of the USA CIA. Currency War against the entire world through the fraudulent fiat ‘Petro-Dollar’ system to shift money from the global economy to the USA. USA domination and occupation of Europe using NATO and the past (and present) Cold War as justification. Today the USA is an arm of the Elite Globalists who want to destroy our country using the WEF, UN, IMF, and WHO to end the sovereignty of our country and obliterate the USA Constitution.

    The unpatriotic attack on our citizens using the Covid 19 biological weapon vaccines is just a continuation of the immoral evil satanic basis of our government, which does not care how many of the ‘useless feeders/deplorables’ they maim or kill, as a wholesale genocide is perpetrated in the USA in the guise of Medical treatment. This is in fact Medical tyranny delivered through the healthcare system and illegally mandated by Government bureaucrats or corporations.

    Very few members of Congress did anything to stop this evil, and the vast majority still do nothing in the face of overwhelming evidence of the CV19 vaxxine’s severe harm and death from CDC’s own data. All the politicians are in politics for the money, contributions, insider trading, campaign funds, big fat pensions and freebie medical care, and future jobs via the revolving door into the private sector. The military industrial complex, the Big Pharma-Big Medicine cartel, and the collusion of Big Tech and the Federal government to stop free speech, is beyond alarming.

    Pray for the truth to come out, for the evil ones to become known and for all of them to be tried in a new Nuremberg 2.0 Global Trial for Crimes against Humanity. Nothing less than the future of people everywhere in the world is at stake. may God’s truth prevail

    • Michael Sorrell


      • DUGTRUX


      • stanley skrzypek

        Mccain….is/was NO hero…..President Trump is right…the dumass got shot down…..that don’t make him a hero……John McCain is/was a TRAITOR!…..I hated him too Micheal…..

        • Highnail

          I hope mccain is in hell in an eternal 69 with bush senior

      • I Dig Au

        Don’t forget the 100s of sailors Johnny (wetstart) Mcstain killed and injured on the USS Forrestal during one of his antics.

        • stanley skrzypek

          OH, I REMEMBER!…… do Alot of Others


    What a great interview. Martin Armstrong is a world class encyclopedia of knowledge and experience.
    I love how he distills complex things down to their basic elements – What he said about our style of government pretty much sums up his ability to break it all down……..

    The US is Not a democratic form of government, where the people get to vote for what the politicians are going to do.
    The US Is A Republic……The politicians get to vote – The People Have No Say in what the politicians vote to do:

    So much information packed into a couple sentences. Yet you never hear that preached in any public school.


    • Chris

      He knows his history too. His knowledge of the end of the Roman Republic, Caesars part in demolishing it and Cicero’s role as “fake news” (I love it) is spot on. He also knows Russian history too, as his remark about Kyev/Kyiv being the birthplace of Russian civilization shows. I would wager not one in a thousand of the brain dead commentators in the media and politics who give us the benefit of their waffle daily would have that kind of nuance. Most of them are historically and geographically illiterate. Looking forward to getting his new book.

    • Kathy

      I would like Martin to address the fact that we actually have a constitutional republic. It seems that if the politicians followed the Constitution, we would be better off than with a democracy. Additionally, it seems like Russia and its allies (which are increasing greatly) could bring about the demise of the US financially without a nuclear war. Martin’s take on these issues would be interesting.

  23. IowaCurious

    Great, very informative interview. I bet Greg has great off-air conversations with Martin. I would like to ask him who runs this world. Who is at the top of the pyramid. I think even Klaus takes his marching orders from someone/something. I’d be curious to know who or what that entity is. My guess is Satan/Devil. I also can’t help from wondering how they communicate messages and marching orders. I bet Martin knows a lot of stuff he can’t talk about.

  24. Art Simpson

    By 2024 the U.S. shall have been nuked and overcome as a nation. The 3rd seal is a famine of much of the world and the 4th seal, the coming war, kills 1/4 the earth. Greg, you have my book. The seals are the schedule of events according to God. 5th seal Christian persecution and the 6th seal is Planet X, that will kill many millions. 7th seal fire from heaven. America has rejected God, therefore expect war.

    • Paul

      We have indeed rejected God, Our Lord and Savior. How can we expect His blessing when we have slaughtered over 65 million of his beautiful and innocent creations during the past 50 years! As a people we must repent and return to Our Lord now.

      • Paul

        No moderation is necessary. Abortion is the violation of God’s 5th Commandment,”Thou sall not kill”. It is mortal sin. _Plain and simple.

      • Paul

        What is there to moderate? Abortion is the murder of the most innocent of God’s creation!

    • stanley skrzypek

      so……ya wrote a book…..impressive… have all of 2023 to see if what your god told you….(not what the Ancient Scrolls say)….did you use the new world order edition or the newest and latest fad bible on the market?…how bout the one the vatican is pushing?…maby jimmy swaggarts edition?…..did you read the Watchtower?….that cult says they have the truth….so….what is your source, and who interpreted it for you?

  25. Saved by Grace

    One Of The Most Critical Crossroads In History
    February 17 2019 (King World News) – Egon von Greyerz:

    R E McMaster Jr., his books are the real deal.

    Greg you are Loved.

    In His grip-dje

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks “Saved”!!

  26. Saved by Grace

    Blessed, it’s ok with EOJ

  27. James LaGarde

    Great interview as always! Love Martin Armstrong – he is the best. He is so intelligent and well informed and helps the rest of us “see the light”. I believe that the USA is overdue for a good thrashing, and better sooner than later. I pray for no war with Russia because that would be the end of too many good people. I just wish there was a way to get rid of the evil ones…

    • Dwight Branson

      Yes. the USA is definitely overdue for a good thrashing; God judges the nations but is very longsuffering (patient). The evil ones will be begging for a quick death before this is all over (Revelation 6:15-17).

  28. Really Awake

    Jim Rickards in his latest article titled, A Body Guard of Lies”, wrote: “It might seem like an inappropriate question given the potential for widespread death and destruction, but is your portfolio ready for nukes?

    In a nuclear confrontation, stocks and bonds could become worthless as exchanges are closed around the world. At best, they will retain some value as illiquid private equity tokens.

    The best assets in this catastrophic scenario are land, gold, silver, food, water, and heat for your home.

    Nothing else will matter much.”

    I totally agree with Jim except he leaves out some import lifesaving facts about what you and I better do when nuclear weapons are deployed. And it’s about time that somebody besides Joel Skousen and Alex Jones comes out and puts out a frank warning about the likelihood of nuclear war. Notice I say likelyhood and not possibility. Nuclear war is not just possible anymore, it’s likely. Thanks to the totally insane Western governments. So let that sink in and then act on that harsh reality before it’s too late.

    I hope USA Watchdog has Jim on soon, so he can discuss his outlook and opinions.

    This interview with Marty was really great. Marty’s outlook and opinions are some of the best. Did it escape your notice that after all of these years (decades really) Marty had finally greenlighted gold as a good asset to own in 2023? Gold’s time has finally arrived. Finally, after all of these years, the gold bugs are going to be right. So, there is still time to take advantage of the situation by buying up any good deals you can find. I actually found some good deals, today, and I bought some silver 20% under market price from an individual who sold it from an estate sale… And it was some nice U.S. silver coins, too. So I know the deals are still out there, if you care to look. In the past, I’ve gotten many a good deal by simply placing a wanted ad on Craigslist. But you have to know the correct weight and size of the silver and gold coins you buy so you don’t buy something counterfeit. It’s not too difficult to learn. Easy, really.

    There are a few important facts both Marty Armstrong and Jim Rickards don’t include in their preparations for nuclear war. For true expert advice in that field you’ll have to listen to Joel Skousen and/or read one of his erudite books. Mike Adams (aka The Health Ranger) also provides some really superb information on how to survive a nuclear war. Mike Adams has come a long, long way over the last 15 years. That guy has really become an excellent source of information. You can find nuclear war survival on his free site, “Prep with Mike”…. His explanation on radioactive fallout and the steps to take on how to deal with it is some of the best advice I’ve ever read, because it is so simple that a child could understand. And I’ve been preparing for nuclear war for decades. I always knew that it would come to this sooner or later. So, just some friendly advice. Take it for what it’s worth: you better get up to speed on what to do during an atomic attack. Basic survival is not nearly as difficult as you might have been led to believe. And it really doesn’t cost all that much.

    • Michael Janket

      It only cost Alex Jones 965 million dollars to pay for his freedom of speech. Now, the plaintiff’s lawyers want another 320 million for “legal fees”. Yeah, sure, the lawyers spent hundreds of millions to “defend” their clients.
      Wonder why the US is headed straight for the sewers? When polling data gives Biden 9-12% of the votes and we are talking about the Dems retaining house and senate, we KNOW that the US is on its last legs.

  29. Mike S

    Martin and my late mom have something in common.I loved “Ma” and I love M.A.!

    Except one made great real food. And thr other cooks up great financial, geopolitical, and military outlooks for me.

    May God Bless and protect Greg and all his guests and their families.

    • stanley skrzypek

      Funny….and true….

  30. John Hudiburgh

    Very interesting, Martin Armstrong never disappoints. Thank you Greg.

  31. Rob

    BOOO! MA is a con-artist and a fraud!
    Skipped video entirely!

    • stanley skrzypek

      too bad….did you get the jab also?………you are calling Greg Hunter an accomplice in fraud and a con?……….watch it, buster!

  32. Barbara

    We, the people, never have the final say on who is elected. It’s the Electoral College and they do what they’re told.

  33. William Glaser

    Evil will not give up power willingly. It is all down hill from here until the rapture. Then 7 years later Jesus wipes out evil and 1000 years of peace with Jesus on the throne.

  34. Joe

    Well, where is Zelensky? He is hiding in Poland ! Coward! A bullet between his eyes, please!!!!!

  35. James Kolb

    I have good intentions and hope for this country and world. Either we, as a world populace wake up quickly and stop this craziness (with the help of Jesus) or I’m prepared to sit back and watch The Lord do his work for his Church. When my time is up, it’s up. I and his Church are going to a much better place than this! The Bride is well prepared and waiting!!


    You don’t take into account that there are more silent majority trump supporters then there are trump haters. The only one in the streets will be BLM and antifa and their days are numbered.

  37. Nick

    Hi Greg, I thought you should know, I cannot access your videos here in France now…
    “ Because of French government demands to remove creators from our platform, Rumble is currently unavailable in France. We are challenging these government demands and hope to restore access soon.”

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the reporting nick.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Nick,
      Whatever happened to Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité?! Macron happened. A former employee of the Rothschild Bank and a puppet of the Rothschild banking dynasty. Many ask; Who chooses our leaders? IMHO, you have your answer . . .

  38. Linda Majors

    Greg, thanks for inviting Martin on to apprise us of what Soccrates has to say about this mess.

    Gen. Paul Vallely on the Charlie Kirk Show:
    China was involved with stealing the election in 2020, and rigged the election in Brazil to prevent Preaident Jair Bolsanaro of Brazil from winning last Sunday. (Ref. link below.) He says that the same S/W program used in both instances.

    Apparently, Obama got his hands on it and has been using it for all kinds of nefarious activities against Americans. Further, Obama sold a copy of the program to China. The Biden admin. has been bullying Bolsanaro for a year and threatening him if he refused to accept the results of the election. They knew the election would be stolen. Obviously, we have a bunch of thugs in power.

    Gen. Vallely said he is working with a group to negotiate a peace agreement with Putin, and that Putin is agreeable. Also, he is leading a group of retired generals and admirals who will stop the vaccine mandates. Mark Milley and Lloyd Austin will be dealt with eventually. (Ref. interview.) When Obama was president he purged 120 senior Generals and Admirals from the military who refused to go along with the “woke” Marxists ideology. As a result, our military has been weakened. It would be insane for us to be picking a fight with Putin. (Ref. link below.)

    In my opinion, if enough Americans vote in person on election day, it will prevent the S/W programmed to switch votes will not have time to rig the elections. The Repubicans win! If the crazies who support the Democrats start trashing and burning everything, hopefully, the Republicans will send in the National Guard to defend American cities. It is our only hope. Otherwise, I believe we will end up in a Civil War. .
    Best wishes,

    • Linda Majors

      P.S. To listen to Gen. Paul Vallely’s interview, fast forward to the 17:53 mark. Linda

      • Thomas Malthaus

        At 2:17: where Paul Vallely mentions his peace overtures.
        Your link is a nothing burger.

        • Linda Majors


          My reply to your comment “Your link is a nothing burger.” Take a flying leap, and let other judge for themselves! I have a lot of respect for Gen. Vallely! He is one of the good guys attempting to save America from our “woke” military and rigged elections.


    • in fact

      You say,
      “Gen. Paul Vallely on the Charlie Kirk Show:
      China was involved with stealing the election in 2020, and rigged the election in Brazil to prevent President Jair Bolsanaro of Brazil from winning last Sunday. He says that the same S/W program used in both instances.
      […]Further, Obama sold a copy of the program to China. The Biden admin. has been bullying Bolsanaro for a year and threatening him if he refused to accept the results of the election. They knew the election would be stolen. Obviously, we have a bunch of thugs in power.
      Gen. Vallely said he is working with a group to negotiate a peace agreement with Putin, and that Putin is agreeable. ..”

      Can someone Show Me At least one damning statement by Putin about China’s all-out anti-human domestic policy, which would not take the whole page to describe it briefly, or a condemnation of at least one part of it? No, because Putin only praises them, has treaties with them, and signs even more treaties for even more cooperation. Russia and China are at the top of the BRICS, and Brazil is there. They are all together in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals programme and strictly follow it, stating it constantly and acting on it. And all the Western authorities are there.

      Martin Armstrong says,
      “[…]America is being destroyed. Republics always end in absolute corruption. We just saw the same thing happen in Brazil. They staged a major effort to take Bolsonaro out. . . . This is a worldwide effort. They had to get rid of Trump. The other one who stood in their way is Bolsonaro. Then there is Putin (Russia) and Xi Jinping (China). I think you are going to have historians look back at this 50 years from now, and they will call this period ‘The Climate Change Wars’. . . .They are trying to take down as much oil energy capacity as possible.”

      In that case, can we assume that Putin is against this dastardly removal of Bolsonaro through stolen elections?
      October 31, 2022

      “Congratulations to Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on the occasion of his victory in the Brazilian presidential election

      Vladimir Putin sent a congratulatory telegram to Luis Inacio Lula da Silva on the occasion of his victory in the Brazilian presidential election.

      The telegram, in particular, says:

      “The results of the vote confirmed your high political authority.

      I hope that through joint efforts we will ensure the further development of constructive Russian-Brazilian cooperation in all areas.”

      • Linda Majors

        In Fact,

        Putin is doing what he believes he must do to survive. The US has pushed him to align with Communist China. He has no choice.

        It would help America tremendously if we were on good terms with Russia. President Trump realized that fact, but he was escoriated for his attempts to make Putin our friend. Putin has more in common with Americans who have traditional values and morals than he has with the Communist Chinese. However, Putin hates the “woke” depraved ideology of the corrupt Regime in DC, and the West. He doesn’t want Russian children to be taught porn, groomed, and mutilated.

        But the warmongers in the US want war. It appears that they won’t be satisfied until they start a nuclear war with Russia. (How long do those fools think they can survive in their bunkers, or those caves under the Capital Building?)


  39. BigE

    I wonder if Socrates takes into account voter fraud?

    • stanley skrzypek

      Good Question….

  40. Mark

    All the more reason to draw closer to our heavenly Father. As Greg says, “Jesus is real and he loves you.” John 3:16

  41. swimfinz

    Paul… I can give you a break. The “brake” is how you bring your car or truck to a stop.
    You can thank me later!

    • Paul

      I will thank you now.
      Auto spell also changed rodster to roadster
      I posted it before checking.
      A few commas would of cleaned it up as well.

      I hope you got the point in the comment.

      Paul from arkansas

  42. Neville

    An excellent unbiased interview……As our LORD CREATOR looks down upon the once beautiful planet which HE created and sees it now for all intent and purposes as an ungovernable entity and the quality of the leadership is absolutely fire sale material. OUR CREATOR will rid planet Earth of this scourge.

    So, it is purely academic who cheats their way back into that cesspit called the whitehouse. The corrupt crooked scum that have been ruining the u s of a will be dealt with by the fury OF GODS anger. This is one of the precedents now manifest in the world. The royal families are just about at the end of their usefulness and the pope is on his way out. So what we have now is an absolutely chaotic situation created by AAcrime what with the corvid scamdemic, the world stock markets waiting to plunge, the currency markets heading for downright ruin.
    Wars ,rumours of wars, climate anomalies and probably worst of all the so-called scientists messing with the genders of mankind.

    Hoo boy !!!Greg what a bloody mess and Socrates has to make head or tail of the filthy mess the likes of claus schwarb and his demonic cronies are plotting.

  43. Marie Joy

    IF they cheat their way into office again, I wonder what we will do about it.

    • Paul from Indiana

      I believe you are sincere and desperate; I understand. Let me help you out: What did we do about it before? What’s changed? All of sudden, 2 years later and older, we’re up for a fight? Best always. PM

      • Marie Joy

        Where does the IRS store its ordinance?

  44. Roger Stamper

    tks for post martin greg

  45. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, Thanks for the great interview with Martin Armstrong. Do elections matter? Biden is as warlike as Hillary and Obama. Bill Clinton blew up Serbia.
    Trump, for all his faults, didn’t start any new wars. He failed to end the old ones, but at least he didn’t start any new ones.
    If the Republicans take the House and Senate all it will do is slow down government spending a little bit. Which is a good thing, but not enough to save the Republic.
    If Putin dies or is replaced; the hardliners in Moscow will take over and WWIII goes into overdrive. The power elites inside the DC Beltway are insane.
    I am pessimistic about the next two years or so. The madness of the East Coast power elites has come home.

    “Sow the wind. Reap the whirlwind.”

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Tim, it’s our turn in the drum. It’s just going to have to play out, I’m afraid. Choose whatever historical example appeals to you, and you can see what happens. The challenge is dealing with the frustration that comes with loss of control. I appreciate your sincerity and your example. Best always. PM

      • tim mcgraw

        Paul from Indiana: I like your metaphor “it’s our turn in the drum.” We’ll just have to get through it as best we can. As long as a remnant of Christianity and Liberty remain; we can rebuild society in a positive way.
        The Germans did it under “Old Man” Adenauer after WWII. Taxes were lowered. The currency was changed. Regulations were cut. The free market was allowed to function and in ten years the German economy was #1 in Europe again.

  46. stanley skrzypek

    I liked Martin Armstrong 40 years ago when he had that mailed out newsletter..He showed us the “Face of Mars”…..and like him even more now…he is a Real Renaissance Man…… no bullshit……just facts…….

  47. Frustrated in France

    Dear Greg, is there another way view your videos? I live in France and your videos, along with rumble, have been blocked here since Monday. Signed Frustrated in France

    • Greg Hunter

      They steal my work on Bitchute. Try to see the videos before I file a copyright and take them down.

  48. stanley skrzypek

    call me a troll you smart people……twist my remarks you Fools… is a good one for you sheeple……There Will Be NO NUCLEAR WAR……. there will be no nuclear destruction……..

  49. Carla

    Mr. Armstrong is one of my favorites, please have him back again soon. When he talks ,I listen! Thank you!

  50. Stan

    I like to keep my friends here up to date on my trading recommendations. On Friday I was aggressively shorting Gold. The $50 increase was a textbook dead cat. I guarantee that anyone shorting at these levels will make $$$$. Cheers 🙂

    • George

      Read the tea leaves Stan –

    • Self Exiled

      Ya know Stan, you have been more accurate than most concerning gold. My stock broker at one time tried to teach me how to short but my Midwest farm boy mentality was not compatible. I made money on gold, buy and hold, sometimes selling for twenty years. Averaged out to a profit of 10% a year over twenty years.

    • james chudzinski

      Good call dumb troll Stan, gold is STILL going up. What a loser you are.

  51. Maria Das Santos

    Thank you Mr Hunter and Mr Armstrong for a deep interview. Mr Armstrong’s analysis is deeply disturbing. The elite of the USA have signed the USA’s very own death warrant! Why is this elite not being hog tied and dragged through the streets is beyond sense. Why are the security services so willing to see the very country that pays their wages and pensions destroyed.According to Mr Armstrong’s analysis you have very little time left,first civil unrest,then a world war, that decimates the world and the USA, then a fractured country and a demise of the country and the obliteration of your currency. And the security services and the war apparatus are all applauding this whilst the intelligence agencies are dropping I.Q. points as this is all galloping at them and the people of the USA.
    The WEF have infiltrated the USA the WEF are in the bed never mind under it. The UN agents are destroying the USA. No wonder Mr Armstrong called for the WEF to take a holiday in Geneva and nuke the place, no wonder Switzerland is now enemy number one for the rest of the world. The Swiss people are allowing this to occur in their midst and encouraging it and we plebs in the rest of the world,including the USA, are to swallow their
    nonsense? The Swiss are now enemies of the world.

    • Joanie

      And oddly, as I understand the democracy of Switzerland, the people vote on everything. Martin and Greg agree we live in a Republic as stated in our Constitution. However the Swiss set a very low example of what voting on everything does. Maybe they all work in banking there.

  52. PhildeFer

    Hi Greg. Just to tell that here in France we can no more watch your videos as even Rumble is outline… But we still have Odysee…. So if you could find a way to publish them on that channel for your european followers, it would be really great.
    Thanks for all you are doing and God bless you.
    Phil from france

  53. Bradley

    Thanks Greg for being friends with Martin Armstrong. Thanks for having him on as a regular guest. He has become a favorite of mine. All your guests are great.

  54. Tom Deplorable

    Question: When the Truth is Lies, and the Lies are Truth, what can you believe?
    Answer: Nothing!

    Armstrong over the target 100% . Thanks Greg for your honest reporting of WE THE PEOPLE’S TRUTH!
    This is why the globalists are freaking out! They have lost control of THEIR TRUTH.

  55. Shirl

    ….a very sobering interview.

    I Pray the Lord Jesus Christ deliver us all from evil, Amen.

  56. Naomi

    Hello Greg, this is a sobering interview – thank you.
    I live in Israel and was brought up in a home that was more right-wing. During the last few years, while Covid-19 restrictions and injections continued, one could realize that there is no difference between the left and the right in Israel. Both sides of the political spectrum are fascists or some would say, communists. We recently had our fifth election within a short amount of time. The right won and the left was obliterated. The whole process of wasting public money on superfluous elections and in the end receiving a fascist government is nauseating. There was one party that ran for the first time in these elections. They represent people who in the past belonged to the entire political spectrum. They want to protect civil liberties. I hope that they will go on working on getting themselves known to the Israeli public and maybe in future elections, they would be able to do better.


    I have been saying what Martin has been saying for quite some time. The real question Americans is ” what are you going to do when they cheat”? Fight or roll over. If fight how. The courts won’t help. Then what?

  58. Michele

    Please look into having Michael Yon as a guest. Mr. Yon was the youngest Green Beret and has since been a war corespondent on the level of Lara Logan. He will school your audience.
    As Bill Holter said, a computer program can only spit out information on the data that is entered into it.
    It has little to do with reality.

  59. Chip

    Greg, used to be that when we made a comment and it went into moderation that it still showed up as a “comment is under moderation”. Now nothing so it’s hard to tell if the comment was actually received or not. Is it possible to bring that feature back? Chip

  60. Robert Jacobs

    Those who believe we should depopulate should be so bold as to be the first to go.

    • Linda Majors

      Robert, I agree! Who says that Bill Gates, or Klaus Schwab should live? What makes them special? If the Great Reset (own nothing and be happy) is so great, let them go first.

  61. George E

    Greg: AOC Brooklin was two members of the LaRouche movement, look for more sole clensing action in the future! There will be a future!

  62. James PTY

    Ideas for a new Watchdog pole:
    Voting should be by in person and mail, only in person, in person and remote open source blockchain social security number verified
    To Make America Great Again requires a single charismatic leader, functional Federal Government, collective of libertarian States
    Is the Globalist Green Save the Planet agenda centered around Capitalism, Communism, or Satanism
    The Globalist agenda is controlled by the WEF, the CCP, demonic entities
    The primary weapon used in WWIII will be conventional, biological, nuclear, financial
    Government Institutions around the world are struggling but working, broken yet repairable, hopelessly captured

  63. Mark

    Hi Greg. Regarding the coming election steal, keep this interview in mind as you are reporting on the vote totals coming in Tuesday: . It’s not only Florida which has these problems, this is now a feature of the election process built in to the system which keeps the One Party in power. And the power flows from who counts the votes and creates/allows the fraudulent votes into the system, not the people who actually voted.

    The 2020 election steal was allowed to stand. The system which allowed it was not fixed. Expecting a different result in this election cycle falls between wishful thinking and insanity. With the system collapse occurring just after the election (which Holter and others have outlined), that chaos will provide perfect cover for this steal to stand too.

    But this time the corruption has gone so far that the real economy’s ability to deliver needed goods is breaking. Which is why your survey comes out solidly in favor of the Mad Max response. Put me in this camp with the only question of the actual start date, not that it won’t start and soon.

    Prayers and God Bless.

  64. Edwin Meyer

    And we still have complete MORONS who want to switch to electronic currency…Just how willfully stupid do these people have to be…You’ve got a group of the biggest thieves to ever exist in this world…and you want to allow them to hold onto your money for you….ANY of you who feel a stiffness in your crotch over ANY electronic currency need to be locked away in a padded cell. Don’t like what I have to say…Tough luck, I have the RIGHT to call an idiot an idiot.

    • Nika

      When the American Schools don’t teach the Constitution and American Culture, instead they teach Marxist Propaganda. What do you, expect the children to believe in?

  65. Boz From Oz

    The United States is out of control, chaos is engulfing the world, as this is what the deep state wants.
    If the US is going down it wants to take all countries down with it, this is the psychpatic minds of freaks like the Victoria Nuland, Blinkin and the Soros types. These people are evil to the core and their hatred for Russia keeps them up at night regardless of what wealth they have.
    Russia prepared for these freaks long before the coup in Ukraine 2014, Putin knew the freaks were coming for him, but they got distracted firstly in Yugoslavia, then Iraq, Afghanistan and then Libya, and lastly Syria, meanwhile Russia was building up its forces ready for what is occurring in Ukraine today.
    These freaks will be destroyed once and for all, they just dont know it yet.
    Russian troops are saying their intelligence picks up numerous european languages being spoken amongst the troops on the Ukrainian side and very little actual Ukrainian being spoken.
    So what we have are NATO troops on the ground fightng Russia, as most Ukrainian troops have been either killed or injured.
    How long will it be before foreign troops start being killed en masse, as Russias red line is exactly that, no troops on Ukrainian soil full stop. Interesting times indeed.

  66. Russ 2

    The Dem’s/Deep State will need to cheat like there’s no tomorrow to stop the RedWave that’s coming. But in that case the cheating will need to be over-the-top obvious and in your face.

    “FU, we cheated and won, what are you going to do about it!!”

    So many ways it could play out after — the military gets involved in a quasi-coup’; or the Courts starting at state level and progressing to the USSC get involved; or both. Neither side will accept a loss because this is for all the marbles.

    Fear not. This all plays out.

  67. Michael Cagney

    Ok, so, this fellow has some peculiar hypothesis.
    1- He repeats 4 times, NOBODY is going to accept the election results. Why not?
    Why would the winning side not accept them?
    The polls have told us it will be more or less a red wave. The Dems themselves have come to that conclusion for the most part. The current regime has been a disaster and the vast majority believe that. So why, if the election results turn out to be in line with the polls, any significant portion of the population not accept them? He doesn’t
    Make any sense.
    Secondly, and the a number of strange notions he has, the Ukraine had planned to go to war with Russia, they, the US and UN wanted that? Nonsense.
    Then he goes on to say, after they take Russia they will go after China. What?
    Is this before or after China hits Taiwan?
    Secondly, the US has been consciously weakening their military. Poisoning or firing the whole organization in line with what the wef wants.
    China didn’t weaken their military this way. Just how would the US and company, whatever is left after they go all out trying not just to protect Ukraine but now take over Russia?
    The US is dependent upon China for most of their pharmaceuticals, technology, cheap production, etc. They are far from ready to cut ties and go to war.
    The US is being weakened every day, by way of food quantities and quality, mass infiltration and control by the wef and China and… They continue to be so corrupted as to allow all the bs dividing distractions like transgender, blm, antifa, racism, brainwashing children, letting regulatory medical boards being bought off by big pharma, etc.
    Like, who structured these agencies, what numbsculls would not think to establish rules which prevent conflicts of interest, corruption and capture? Incredible.
    Given the country is obviously being taken over by the wef, why would you not be focused on how the reds are connected with the wef?
    Why is that not a major point of discussion? Are the reds in line with the Dems on having the WHO control the countries pandemics responses?
    What about digital ID , the continuance of denying free speech or debate on the jabs?
    They have you all focused on transgenderism and abortion rights so you miss the boat on critical issues.
    Why are the reds not apposed to the jab and going to war? Why no peace talks? When has there ever been a war where nobody pursues peace talks?
    Why is it that nobody can present the data to Trump and the reds to make them understand the nation is slowly being killed off by the jabs? It’s pretty damn clear. No discussion on disbanding most all of the alfabet agencies? There is no question they have and continue to lie, hide data and conduct themselves in very nefarious ways. It’s just insane that this status quo is okay with all the politicians.
    Pretty obvious you need term limits in place to prevent or slow down greatly the abuse, corruption, theft and capture of many politicians. Hopefully there still enough honest patriots wanting to correct all the mess of late. Need a plan of action now from the reds that they can be ready to execute.

    • Todd

      Great comments, Michael. Every point was right on. I was going to make some of the same points, too – Greg accurately expresses that Biden and company are systematically destroying America’s military and weakening the soldier base, but then we are going to go to war against Russia and then China??? Stupid.

      Armstrong is very smart, but as I have said about him many years ago and again today, he is not a believer in Christ and knows not what the bible foretells. If he knew Jesus and the bible, it would help refine his understanding a great deal.

      Michael, allow me to answer one of your questions, rhetorical or not. Here’s why America will be annihilated as we see it happening already:

      Read in the bible Job 12:13-25. It partly explains why everybody in our government are acting insane.

  68. John

    If the Republicans did this,(cheating) the Dems would throw the book at them…. take them to court. Sooo why are not the Republicans stopping the law-breaking Dems ?? Why are they sitting on their hands ?? disgraceful!!

  69. Joseph Boudreau

    Some of pre-revolution Russia’s gold remains missing as does some of the Romanov fortune. Very interesting.
    God Bless!

  70. Robert Keenan


    In case you missed this from Crispin Miller, Armstrong is right!

    What we might learn about this next election from what happened on November 22, 1963
    With Dan Rather in the propaganda chorus screaming about “January 6,” let’s look back at his Big Lie about the (first) Kennedy assassination, to find some truth about America (and all the world) today
    NOV 5

    On the 1960 election:

    • Catherine

      Robert I read Millers report on the takeover of our country when Kennedy was assassinated. Of course he’s right about all of it. It’s very very true we are at this point now precisely because of that incident. But Milller is a liberal in NYC NYU professor and his reporting on sudden deaths around the world is very good but I believe in his heart he doesn’t like the United States. He stated he never voted for Trump and really dislikes him. Just a hunch and I may be wrong but even though he is right about the globalist take over he really offers no hope. In the time of crisis we are now in he could have been positive in some way. Instead he chose not be positive at all. The major difference between the start and the finish of this era is that we now know what they have done to us and we are damn angry. They will not prevail and eventually we will . How and when is up to God.

  71. Susan R

    I do listen closely to Martin Armstrong. I perceive his devotion 100%. Where we are is not for the faint hearted and getting blindsided will probably cost one’s life.

  72. Anti-Atomist

    Have you noticed that the McHistory of McNews and McPropaganda has hidden McFees, McLies, McDruids, and McLeprechauns from McAtlantis?

    Would you like some world famous McFrench fries with that????

  73. Don

    Martin needs to get a different pianist. One who can play more than two chords. lol

  74. Justn Observer

    Greg, Just more verification of your reporting…ie. they will/are trying anything to rig the votes…and bragging about it !=

  75. Highnail

    David to Paul; ” Look in my eyes, I’m the Captain now.”

  76. Mike M

    Forget a 2024 election. There probably won’t be a country to have an election in.
    In case you haven’t noticed, the power elite is systematically destroying the country in every way it can. The introduction of covid-19 and the unnecessary and draconian measures they implemented was just the beginning.

    First, take down the economy, get the sheeple to fall in line with mandates and then bring out the killer shots that many willingly took. Seriously, how can you people be so stupid?

    Even if they put up neon-lighted billboards saying there was going to be a mass depopulation in the US, most of you would just shrug your shoulders and treat it as a non-event. Well, I’m here to tell you that is exactly what they are doing while the clueless, mindless masses take the bait, hook, line, and sinker.

    So stay in place and keep doing what you’ve been doing. Buy a book or two on what you should take if you get covid, stock up on a few supplies and wait for the cavalry to show up and save the day. Idiots, one and all.

  77. Dave

    A huge turn in of absentee ballots in Georgia and especially among Democrats and especially black Democrats. Even Abrams had to admit that. The problem is Dems seem more enthusiastic in Georgia than GOP voters. It now appears Warnack will hold the seat though there is a chance it goes to a runoff.

    Jay Sokolow has been warning conservatives pundits that they are emphasizing voter fraud too much in the runup to the mid-terms and that it is dampening Republican turnout which is seen in GOP absentee ballots which are down compared to other mid-terms.

    I think the GOP wins the House, but it appears the Dems will pick up a seat or two in the Senate. Divided government but for SCOTUS as the Seante can increase the number of seats which they will do if the Dems control it. A radically left SCOTUS will severely restrict gun rights and federalize abortion as a constitutional right. If this happens expect some states to reject SCOTUS decisions because of the packing and that will lead to a constitutional crisis.

    • Greg Hunter

      What are you talking about Dave? Biden has 10% approval rating and that flows down ballot. That’s the real number. The voter fraud is going to be a record.

      • Dave

        Just going by what Sekulow said on his podcast this week. Voters for Warnack describe themselves as very enthusiastic significantly more so than voters for Walker. There has been a huge absentee ballot vote with Democrats casting significantly more absentee ballots than Republicans. Sekulow says there has to be a huge GOP turnout on election day to overcome the absentee ballot imbalance. That is why he is worried about too much talking about fraud by GOP pundits as it may suppress GOP turnout. As it did in the Georgia runoff in 2020. Biden’s popularity, if it is really so low, has not hampered Democrats from having a record absentee ballot vote in Georgia this cycle.

        • Greg Hunter

          9% Dave. That’s the real number for Biden’s approval. Did Jay bring up this number? NO!!!

  78. HiggsBoson

    Wasn’t Stalin actually a Georgian, not a Russian? Hatred of Russia because of the Soviet Union doesn’t make sense.

  79. Justn Observer

    Greg, If Congress truly wanted to know what is going on and how we got where we are….they would put these all under oath…
    the stability of the U.S. economy has been being undermine ever since the repeal of the GLASS-STEGALL ACT…and Nixon taking the U.S. gold standard and ‘outsourcing of the U.S. industrial base…the ‘planning’ of which started much earlier…

  80. M Sansone

    Yeah, sure. Moving the goalposts.

  81. John Maskell

    Greg, I love you’re professionalism and the guests you have. I live in Kent, southeast of England . London is 45 miles from my house and if a nuclear strike
    ( God forbid ) happens , my family and I are toast . The outlook of the UK is horrifying . Just look at what happened to our bond (gilt) market , destroyed . Our prime minister’s change hands more times than Paul Pelosi does with men
    and we destroyed Nord Stream 1. We the people need to stop these lunatics before things get really bad . Perhaps it’s too late but something has to happen otherwise humanity will perish especially in the west. Hope God can resolve this and finish the evil globalist agenda for good.

  82. Matt

    Right vs. left is tyranny vs. tyranny. No need to vote — all play for the same team. Vote with how you spend your currency. Vote against the central banking system.

  83. Frank Cooper

    Billionaire Mark Cuban Promotes New Voting System
    Luc Olinga – 2hours ago
    The investor puts his popularity in the service of a political matter which is close to his heart.

  84. Prospector

    Escalation every week. Poke. Poke. Poke.
    Russia says major dam in Kherson area hit by US supplied HIMARS missiles – Zerohedge

    Five of six missiles shot down while one has damaged a lock at the hydro-power dam that also supplies water to Crimea. Of course, UKR says again this is Russia ” hitting itself ” as a false flag. ( And there are no bio-labs in UKR either …. right ? )
    The one constant to be seen over 70 years is ‘ destabilization ‘ to install globalist loyal controllers in every nation possible.

    Also relevant – @Michael_Yon – Article ” Globalists and the Ukraine Trap , Massive Error “

  85. Dave

    As to Ukraine nothing will change if the GOP gains control of the House. McCarthy walked back earlier comments that funding for the war might be restricted by a GOP Congress. Tom Cotton and Hugh Hewitt (neocons both) were salivating over what a win by of GOP of the House and Senate would mean. Essentially a blank check for the military industrial complex and more aid for Ukraine. No concern on how they will pay for a increase in military spending. The US as it is spends more than the next 6/7 nations combined on its military budget. Where does all that money go and how come we are so far behind in equipment, as Hewitt claims, given the massive spending? This does not even account for the dark money.

    • Linda Majors


      I’ve never trusted Hugh Hewitt. The only time I listen to him is when I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep, and the guest on Coast to Coast does not interest me. Where I reside, we can only get a couple of stations late at night.

      I recall when President Trump selected Peter Navarro to be his adviser on Trade. Hugh was totally against it because Peter was tough on China, and in favor of tariffs. (Ref. book: Crouching Tiger) Hugh was wrong! Peter was right. Tariffs on China was one of the best moves Trump made. I believe Hugh is part of the Deep State Washington Elite. I’m glad he left California.


  86. Dumbo

    Obviously this all just a a laughing matter. A joke as your host implies. Give up Greg. It’s gonna take a revolution for any chance at change. Good luck.

  87. Shawn Michael

    (I posted this in the rumble comments so I apologize if this is redundant for some – totally unrelated, I wish I was Greg Hunter’s neighbor … I’m pretty sure our wives would be like “it’s 1:30 in the morning, can you guys give it a rest or at least keep it down!!!”)

    Mr Hunter, great interview as usual. Well it seems you have two regular guests whose opinions seem to be in direct conflict – Martin Armstrong & Bo Polny. Unless I’m not understanding them, both cannot be right. I suppose the best one can do is prepare as if Armstrong is correct but pray the Polny is correct. I know God wins in the end. I just hope that victory doesn’t involve me and those I love crawling out from the rubble that was once our homes and dying a slow painful death from radiation before going to Heaven.

    • John Maskell

      I have that same feeling , meaning victory comes at a loss of humanity . If it does go to nuclear war who benefits , we the people don’t . I would rather perish than try to survive from radiation poisoning . These idiots are like children playing with matches but children have more sense than our leaders !

  88. James Haynes

    Thanks again for another informative show, Greg. Martin is always a good listen. I would like to see you question him next time on his assertion that a Republic is not a good choice for a government, but a Democracy is better. I get that we are full of corruption, and that is upon us for not staying on the leaders. But, Democracies are notoriously short lived.

  89. Richard Longacre

    To add to the Grand Solar Minimum earthquake/volcano connection we must consider the effects of the January 2022 Tonga volcano eruption. The ash and water vapor was thrown so high into the mesosphere causing a massive cooling in the Southern Hemisphere this last winter (June – September 2022). Much of the Southern Hemisphere will experience a year without a summer this year (December 2022- March 2023). This is going to greatly add to the massive food shortages worldwide that have already begun.

    Now these idiots want to cause a nuclear winter in the Northern Hemisphere to make sure that many more will die from starvation (and radiation) over the next few years. I’m sure that every chicken in the world is going to catch this fake bird flu (using the bogus PCR tests) and have be destroyed. Cows fart to much so they must be destroyed. All of the food processing plants are mysteriously being destroyed. Farmers will not have any diesel to run their equipment next year. Are you seeing the trend? They want as many people dead in the world as possible over the next few years. Fight back with everything you have.

  90. The Healer

    There is simply no hope for this world outside of Christ.

    Watch the portrayal by Ralph Green of Jonathan Edwards’ famous sermon, ” Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” URL below:

    This sermon “has been titled the most famous sermon that has ever been preached on American soil.” It is predicated upon a verse in the Book of Deuteronomy, Deut. 32:35 (KJV):

    “To me belongeth vengeance, and recompence; their foot shall slide in due time: for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things that shall come upon them make haste.”

    But there is hope for fallen man and it lies not in politics, economics, philosophy, political science, religions or any of the other contrivance of fallen man. No, it lies in the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the cross which provided in God’s eyes a perfect sacrifice, the only perfect sacrifice possible and all an unsaved person has to do to be made clean and whole and saved from the horrors to come is to confess one’s sins, coming to the Lord Jesus believing He died for your sins on the cross of Calvary.

    Salvation requires no work of one’s own – indeed there is no work one could do to ‘earn’ one’s way into heaven – all that is required is to come confessing your sins and accept the free gift which cost us nothing but cost God everything in the death of His Son on the cross.

    But He rose from the dead on the third day and now sits at the right hand of God the Father on high, having atoned for the sins of untold numbers of sinners who have put their faith in Him and now are eternally secure in heaven.

    See the following verses which proclaim our need of a Saviour and how to access the ONLY route from sin unto salvation:

    “As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one: . . . For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;”

    — Rom. 3:10, 23

    “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

    — John 14:6

    “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.”

    — Acts 4:12

    “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:
    Not of works, lest any man should boast.”

    — Eph. 2:8 – 9

    “For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ, Who died for us, that, whether we wake [are delivered from this deteriorating and condemned earth via the Rapture spoken of and described in I Cor. 15:50 – 53 and I Thes. 4:13 – 18 while we still live] or sleep [pass away or fall asleep in Jesus which is the Bible’s way of putting the death of a Christian or eternally saved or redeemed person who will ascend with all the other saved persons from the beginning or Pentecost], we should live together with him.”

    — I Thes. 5:9 – 10

    Time is short. It is slipping away. A person must accept the Lord Jesus as their Saviour before the Rapture occurs because at that supernatural event the door closes on the period of time we are now in called the Age of Grace or Day of Grace, after which the Seven Years of Tribulation begin, an unspeakably terrible period of time during which the Holy Spirit is no longer present on the earth.

    The Holy Spirit is referred to as the “Restrainer” as he restrains to a great extent the horrors occurring today. Only then, without him, the horrors will multiply.

    The Bible says in II Cor. 6:2, “(For he saith, I have heard thee in a time accepted, and in the day of salvation have I succoured thee: behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.)”

    If you are not saved now as you read this, come to Jesus NOW. This is your opportunity. If you think what we are currently witnessing is horrible – and surely it is – what is to come is much worse according to God’s holy Word. Jesus died to save you. He waits for you with open arms. There is NO ONE He cannot save except for the person who rejects His offer of salvation. Come now and seal your eternal security in heaven with the Lord Jesus and all who have come to Him all down through the ages.

    There are no second opportunities if you should die outside of Christ or should the Rapture occur before you have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your eternal Lord and Saviour. Come now. Don’t put it off. You may not have tomorrow.

  91. Joe in Missouri

    Duh! People that stole the past election, would be locked in jail for it, if they allowed those that were cheated, to get back into power. There is no way in hell that the DemonCrats are going to let go of power.


    • stanley skrzypek

      powerful… are so RIGHT!

  92. American Citizen

    When you see this today, Sunday, Nov 6th, 2022, then you know something major is about to happen, but what?

    • Nika

      Reminds me of when Nancy Pelosi, ordered a chain link fence be put up around Congress. Same mentality!

  93. Galaxy 500

    Great Interview Greg

  94. Marie Joy

    ALL of this can be explained if you accept the fact that this is an intentional genocide. Just as Hitler killed Jews and Stalin killed Kulaks, it is our turn to be genocided. It is the nature of genocides that no one will come to our rescue and it is up to us to save ourselves. Yeh right. Good luck with that.

    It’s ironic the left wing supports people who are, purposely, killing them.

  95. Dan Kurz

    Armstrong is dead wrong about our republic (designed to be federalist, representative, very limited governmental power, featuring inalienable right protections AND sound money). The Founders/Framers crafted the best governing system ever devised which lead to unrivaled prosperity, wide spread wealth, and a huge circle of individual liberty and rights. This is why/how America became the richest and freest nation ever conceived in human history. It was a system designed with superb insight and intelligence to avoid both a monarchy and a democracy, which always devolves into a mobocracy where your inalienable rights (the Bill of Rights plus the 14th Amendment) are up for a vote). If neighbors think you have too much wealth or that your house is too big, in a democracy they can get together and vote to strip you of your “excess” (doesn’t matter whether you earned it thanks to running a business that you built into a success because customers embraced your service or product). For excellent granularity and depth, have a look at Madison’s Federalist 10.

    Of course Cicero was one of the statesmen that the Founders/Framers read, and Cicero’s republic also rested on sound money to sustain itself. The demise of the Roman republic was remarkably familiar albeit it much slower than the demise of the US republic. In both cases, rampant militarism, massively increasing government spending, and cronyism enabled by currency debasement lead to the demise of the republics.

    We need a democracy about as much as the French Revolution. Or as much as The DDR did! Or as much as the former USSR under Stalin did! Come on Armstrong, how can you be do right about Ukraine and Russia and so wrong on the democracy front? Good grief!

    • Marlow

      You make some good points but still have a fascination with the constitution. I refer you to the great constitutional scholar of the 19th century, Lysander Spooner, from his extraordinary work, “The Constitution of No Authority”:

      “But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case it is unfit to exist.”

      For more details from this great work see:

    • David Dansker

      Dan, Thanks. I was going to make a few points, this one included, but you saved me some typing.

  96. mike r

    wow. this just ruined my entire weekend.

    • Joanie

      yes, but better to hear from Martin and glad Greg got the Rickards schedule tangled. Its go time for politics right now!

    • Ann

      You believe things that are not true. We do not have a limited government and have not had a limited government for a hundred years.

      Our Prosperity is due to Free Market principles and not due to the Representative form of Government that is a Republic.

      There is very little difference between our Republic and a Monarchy. A monarch is a Representative of God, a Republic has a Representative of the People.

      A Democracy is a Government of the People by the People for the People where the People vote on laws, regulations and war not a Representative who is corrupted by bribery through donation or blackmail.

      The Constitution is a negative document which means that it is a limit on Government power.

      A Constitution is not some special document that only comes with a Republic. You can have a Constitutional Direct Democracy with a constitution that limits the power of Government and protects the individual. Our current Republic has destroyed the Constitution and all of our rights are up for a vote of the corrupted Representative. The Representative has voted to strip the wealth from the people from the direct taxation of income which was illegal prior to the 16th amendment being voted on in 1913.

      The Process of Democracy is a process of public Debate and a Vote. A mob does not debate. A mob does not vote. A mob uses one thing and one thing only, Violent Force.

      We need a Constitutional Direct Democracy yesterday.

  97. Catherine

    I believe we will win both house and senate and slaughter the liberal leftists. I also think the powers that be won’t care because they have achieved what they wanted by killing so many with the covid and jab. If we really only have one party and the shell game continues that means essentially God hasn’t finished punishing our choices of not recognizing Him in any way nationally. But if we wind up slaughtering the dems in the mid terms then it’s a big step toward final redemption and forgiveness from God.
    Vote on Election Day and maybe we can begin to rollback election fraud and restore borders the constitution and rule of law. Vote republicans and pray for our country.

    • Marie Joy

      Dominion, 2000 Mules, Traitors, Insouciant (Thank you PCR) Americans.

    • George

      There will be no amnesty for 1) politicians “practicing medicine without a license” and committing crimes against humanity or 2) for rouge Governments like the US complicit in violating our Bio-weapon Treaty Obligations in direct violation of the US Constitution or 3) for the psychopathic scientists carrying out violations of the Nuremberg Code by committing blatant in-your-face genocide!! –

  98. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks for another great interview Greg. For a healthy note for everyone reading, at times i have trouble sleeping- i think i know to much and even though it is true- at times i need to limit how much doom and gloom i read about. My mental and physical refuge are Jesus, family, and our property. We don’t have a very nice house, but our property, i believe is Gods blessing and each year we make some improvement. Everyone needs to consider what they have to leverage into some kind of food production or some way to co-op with others that have that. Grain storage, chickens, fish pond, vegetable garden, canning supplies and techniques, something. We will have food issues coming. I still claim grain changed to corn in the KJ.

  99. Jeffrobbins

    Side note; i am not aware of any constitutional amendment or full congressional passed laws that did away with gold and silver coinage as legal tender. Is there anyone out there that knows of a legal challenge against the federal government regarding the dollars conversion to gold- certainly the temporary measure by Nixon could hardly still be considered temporary.

  100. Tony

    We don’t need to redesign our government from scratch. We need to go back to our original government, which by the way has already been reinstated: It’s called the American States Assembly (remember the First Amendment right to assemble???) and it is in session in all 50 states.

  101. D.H.L.

    I couldn’t listen to more than 5 mins of this presentation. Mr Armstrong is absolutely the worst speaker….. he could benefit from a lifetime membership to ToastMasters. And BTW the election in 2024 is so far off it’s almost a meaningless discussion. What is important is the 2022 élection, inflation, and possible nuke war(s).

    • Tim

      I hear you, he doesn’t make any sense when he says no one will accept the election results, he speaks in non-specific terms and it is very depressing to say the least.

  102. Umglick Goyim

    So sad to hear so many thinking there will even be a future to look back on. This is the end of humanity. An understanding of Revelation and Daniel as taught by Elohim through Y’shua (not jesus, false catholic replacement name, just ask your phone what jesus’ REAL name is…) shows exactly what amerika is represented as in Rev. There is no rapture. There is no recovery. You are on the right in Matthew 25:31-46 or you are on the left. By the time 2030 would have come to this planet according to the pagan gregorian reckoning (NOT YHWH’s calendar…) there will not be a human on this planet counting time that way. And it is not a moment in time we are counting down to. Ask, and you will receive… Peace.

  103. tim mcgraw

    Should Those Who Supported Lockdowns etc. Be Forgiven?

    As a Christian, I am supposed to forgive the trespasses of others, as they forgive mine.

    But I am having a very hard time forgiving and forgetting the locals and their Covid Madness over the past 32 months.

    People yelling at me, “Wear a mask!”
    People asking me for proof of vaccination.
    Doctors and nurses insisting on me wearing a mask for me to get medical treatment.
    Nurses and doctors telling me over and over to get vaxxed.
    Nurses laughing at me when I tell them I’ve had the disease and am immune.
    Family members chastising me for not being vaxxed and not wanting to be around me.
    Even some people saying that the unvaxxed are clogging up hospitals and are selfish people hurting the elderly.

    All of this above was wrong.

    The experimental injections do NOT prevent transmission of Covid-19.
    The experimental injections do NOT keep a person from catching Covid-19.
    Children do not die from Covid-19.
    The healthy do not die from Covid-19.
    Those who have had Covid-19 (including my wife and me) are immune to Covid-19. (We caught Covid in Feb. 2020 and haven’t been sick since.)

    I am so tired of Dr. Fauci still spouting his lies. I still see ads on the TV for Covid-19 worthless “vaccine”.
    People still wear those useless masks here in town and in the SF Bay Area.

    How am I supposed to forgive these people for all the harm they have done?

    • stanley skrzypek

      “How am I supposed to forgive these people for all the harm they have done”…..You MUST FORGIVE them……..seconds before the Hangman pulls the Lever…….

  104. Marie Curie

    The Wall Street Journal.
    The Wall Street Journal.

    View Profile
    Senior White House Official, Putin Aides Involved in Talks on Avoiding Wider War
    Story by Vivian Salama, Michael R. Gordon • Yesterday 4:57 PM
    WASHINGTON—President Biden’s top national-security adviser has engaged in recent months in confidential conversations with top aides to Russian President Vladimir Putin in an effort to reduce the risk of a broader conflict over Ukraine and warn Moscow against using nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction, U.S. and allied officials said.
    Related video: Biden Dares Putin: U.S military inspectors land in Ukraine amid Russia’s war | Here’s Why

  105. M.Curie

    Ukraine war just a ‘warmup,’ the ‘big one is coming,’ US admiral warns
    By MICHAEL STARR – Yesterday 3:24 AM
    The war in Ukraine is a prelude to greater military challenges to the US in the near future, and America is losing [Losing? Or lost?] its competitive edge in nuclear weapons capabilities, US Strategic Command head Admiral Charles Richard warned in a speech at the Naval Submarine League’s 2022 Annual Symposium & Industry Update on Wednesday, the US Defense Department reported.
    “This Ukraine crisis that we’re in right now, this is just the warmup,” said Richard. “The big one is coming. And it isn’t going to be very long before we’re going to get tested in ways that we haven’t been tested in a long time.”
    “As I assess our level of deterrence against China, the ship is slowly sinking.”
    [Loose lip’s sink ships. So, the Admiral can’t say it. Thank Obomba? But the ship of state is already lost, beneath the waves of a first strike capability, to Putin. Our fate is in Put’s hands now! Expect negotiations to start soon, very soon.]
    Richard warned that the US was losing its nuclear deterrence against competitors like China and Russia.
    “As I assess our level of deterrence against China, the ship is slowly sinking,” he said. “It is sinking slowly, but it is sinking, as fundamentally they are putting capability in the field faster than we are.”
    In its October 27 National Defense Strategy paper, the Pentagon also presented a a dire situation in the nuclear balance between the US and Russia and China.
    [The dire situation is we squandered any nuclear balance there was, under Obama and VP.Biden. We were asleep at the wheel and checked out. Oh. but now were, Woke! Just not Awake!]
    ALSO. Related video;

  106. Jeff Kindley


    We already know they are going to cheat. Everyone on the right thinking we will get them this time are kidding themselves to think they will allow us back in. It has been shown that the ballot box no longer works and time to exercise the second amendment and move to the ammo box.

    • Nika

      Time for God to open the Red Sea, and set a trap for them!

  107. Rose Mont Sellick

    DEAD PLANET World-ending nuclear war with Putin could wipe out 5BILLION people and block out the sun for years, experts warn / Mad Anthony Blair
    A NUCLEAR war with Putin could wipe out five billion people and block out the sun for several years, experts have warned.

    Russian spy chief weighs in on Truss’ alleged ‘It’s done’ text
    by RT / November 7th 2022, 4:23 am
    Sergey Naryshkin commented on whether there was “ample grounds” to believe the SMS related to Nord Stream pipelines sabot.

    Putin’s deranged Hiroshima threat: Russian leader tells Macron the 1945 atom bomb is proof ‘you don’t have to launch nuclear strike on a major city to win a war’
    Vladimir Putin referenced the nuclear attacks in conversation with Macron
    The US detonated atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945
    It killed between 129,000 and 226,000 people and Japan surrendered
    There is growing concern Putin could use a tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine
    PUBLISHED: 18:06 EST, 5 November 2022 | UPDATED: 18:24 EST, 5 November 2022

  108. Lon Bell

    Tennessee election officials vow to find cause of mistake after hundreds of early votes cast in wrong races / Story by Stephen Sorace • 3h ago

  109. Ed

    The elections are fake anyway so I don’t care.

  110. Thomas Datwin

    Why Does Corruption Persist?
    “Man has dominated man to his injury.”​—ECCLESIASTES 8:9.
    THAT statement aptly describes the history of human rulership. It has been responsible for untold suffering and misery. In all ages, well-intentioned people who have tried to establish a more just society were constantly foiled by greed and corruption. Why is that so? Why does corruption persist? Basically, because of the following three unwholesome influences.
    The Bible plainly states that we “are all under sin.” (Romans 3:9) Like an incurable hereditary disease, sin “resides,” or is “dwelling,” within us. For thousands of years, sin has “ruled” over mankind like a king. Its “law” is continually at work in us. Sinful inclinations lead many to put their own interests first or to center their lives on gaining material possessions or authority at others’ expense.​—Romans 5:21; 7:17, 20, 23, 25.
    Our world is characterized by greed and selfishness. In such an environment, some people find it difficult to be different. Driven by selfish ambition, they become power hungry. They also develop a strong desire for more money and possessions​—more than they really need. Sadly, they are willing to behave in a dishonest way to achieve those goals. Rather than resisting unwholesome influences, such people “follow after the crowd for evil ends.”​—Exodus 23:2.
    Satan, a rebellious spirit creature, is “misleading the entire inhabited earth.” (Revelation 12:9) He thrives on manipulating humans. He may craftily exploit a person’s natural desire for material comfort and financial well-being to the point that the person acts deceitfully.
    Does that mean that we are mere puppets in Satan’s hands​—that we are obliged to obey him when he pulls the strings? Like some world leaders we know.

  111. Pamela Hankins

    If the global cabal is strong enough to take down America, how in the world do you think that little people could possibly form a group strong enough to stand against them? This cabal is GLOBAL, with ALL the money; they’ve bought up all the resources and influence; governments and banks, and now have the help of technology to track every single person on earth like the Bible says they will, (and like China is already doing). So, a few people are going to get together and somehow take it all back?? No. The Scriptures tells us that God alone will take it back when He sets up His Kingdom at the end of the seven-year Tribulation period. He will let them have their day. They will do their darnest to undo everything He has created and all He has said (to no avail). They will ultimately discover that He IS GOD. Yet they will not repent (Rev 9:21, 16:9-11). This is a spiritual battle, and we need to look at it through the eyes of what the Scripture actually says, not by what we wish it says, or think it says. [My study of Scripture has been ongoing for 57 years, with the last 6 being intense chapter by chapter, verse by verse through the entire Word: PRAYERFULLY, and always asking for correction. I say this so that you will know my words are not arbitrary opinion but that they take into consideration the whole Word of God.]

  112. The True Nolan

    Hey Greg! This may be a little off topic, but here goes.

    I love your site, I am grateful for all the work you do, and you are marvelous at getting and interviewing guests! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    One very small suggestion though… Can you post a more recent picture of yourself on your site? You look so young in that picture, and honestly, a handsome man such as yourself should be proud of the mature face you have now. As an older man myself, I am aware that every wrinkle has a story, and our faces reflect the struggles, the effort, and the victories we have achieved in our live. I will respect and admire you whether you update your photo or not, but I bet that MOST of your readers and listeners would prefer what you look like now. Just a polite suggestion.

    As I already said, THANK YOU for all you have done. Keep up the good fight!

  113. Pamela Hankins

    Mr. Armstrong is basing his remarks on historical cycles, which are certainly telling and helpful, but what he doesn’t understand is that the ‘cycles’ are called birth pains in Scripture, and birth pains do not continue forever, they come to an end. The Scriptures tell us that the ‘days will be shortened’ or no flesh would survive. The birth pangs will become shorter and shorter so that what would have taken ‘x’ amount of time if the tempo remained the same, will be foreshortened and take less time and less time until the birth. That’s what’s happening. The Tribulation period could be called ‘transition’ and the Millennial Kingdom the birth. We know the time because we’ve seen the ‘greening of the fig tree’, that is, Israel being restored to nationhood after several thousand years, (complete with the original language). The Lord told us that this would be the ‘signal’: Luke 21:29-33, “And He spake to them a parable; Behold the fig tree, and all the trees; When they now shoot forth, ye see and know of your own selves that summer is now nigh at hand. So likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand. Verily I say unto you, THIS GENERATION SHALL NOT PASS AWAY, TILL ALL BE FULFILLED. Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away.” There can be no mistake that we are that generation. Though all of the signs have come and gone throughout the years they are now converging on a global scale, and getting stronger and more frequent. Be ready!

  114. Nika

    Trump is the originator. I think Desantis understands the Constitution more than Trump. Kari is very beautiful and understands the Constitution, too. She will be a future of the the USA.

    • Nika

      OOPS. I left out, I believe Kari Lake will be a future President of the USA.

  115. Marie Joy

    What else can they do to us? They can shut down the grid. That will be one more way to commit genocide and it will be more effective than the shoulder tap.

  116. Marie Joy

    IF Dominion is still counting votes, there is, in effect, no election.

    • Mike G

      Get out there and vote in our Banana Republic, just so you can clearly see what a farce our country has become. FJB

  117. Don Howe

    Russian state TV host claims their hypersonic missiles can reach London ‘in 9 minutes’
    Story by Matthew Hillier • 2h ago

    How Main Street media will confront deceptive Mainstream narratives Information

  118. Slinky Blinky


    World News
    Russian spy chief weighs in on Truss’ alleged ‘It’s done’ text
    by RT
    November 7th 2022, 4:23 am
    Sergey Naryshkin commented on whether there was “ample grounds” to believe the SMS related to Nord Stream pipelines sabotage
    The head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Sergey Naryshkin says he has “indirect confirmation” that the message reading “It’s done” that then-UK PM Liz Truss allegedly sent to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken was about the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines.

  119. Marie Joy

    For radiation information and products go to That’s Potassium Iodide. Radiation poisoning is purposely underestimated. Give yourself more time.

    Mass between you and radiation is extremely important. Minimum 3 inches of lead or 6 feet of paper or 4 feet of packed earth. Also, air filters and water filters, NOW, because nothing will be available later. This is a genocide. Deep Underground is good. Look at the bunker in “The Road”. Hide your entrance.

    Direction of wind compared to your location is very important.

  120. Peter Bennett

    Mr. Hunter. I’m am hopeful that you will be providing some real time updates of the election results. While I’m not a US citizen, I am fascinated at the prospect of the Blues getting whacked tomorrow, not that the Red’s have any real plan for making things better either. Best wishes and God bless, keep up the good work.
    Peter, Waterloo

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Peter for all your support! We’ll see how it goes.

  121. 13of12

    Armstrong is correct that there will not be a Federal election in 2024, but not for the reasons he speculates. Bible prophecy reveals what happens to the Eagle, by whom and even when. Trouble is, men have dismissed swathes of scripture for hundreds of years as being ancient instead of future (Dan 7) and the missing key of who America is in scripture has been either disregarded or dismissed. Study Ephraim to know America.

    We are now in year 5 of a 7 year Biblical cycle, which is the 20th year of the 3 week (21 yr) period of the White Horse (NATO) and its White House rider. It was unsealed on Purim 2003 when it fired its first arrows in Baghdad and it saddled up using the pretext of 9!!. That 3 week cycle ends on Purim 2024 at the very same time that the Eagle’s feathers are torn off. The Red Horse is then unsealed as, one month later, on Passover, the Bear will tear out 3 of the Eagle’s ribs (NYC, LA & DC). Six days after that the Dragon’s entire army will arrive on the west coast to complete the invasion, conquer and plunder of the fatally wounded and incapacitated Eagle. This is the day of Jacob’s trouble, there is none like it in all world history, but he will be saved out of it! (The Red Horse will then go on to prosecute regional wars over the rest of earth for at least 7 years or 14 at most.)

    The Eagle is the only end time beast that is promised Divine help. It is rescued from Above, helped to its feet, no longer ruling the air but standing as a man and, the best part of all, it is even given a new heart! This unfolds as God first releases the entire San Andreas, the western plate plunging into the Pacific, creating the biggest tsunami ever known, taking out the Dragon’s entire military and sending a terminator wave across the Pacific, devastating its homeland. The deliverance will be a replay of the Red Sea, on the very anniversary of that ancient miracle, on a massive scale. It will be so obviously the Hand of God that it will inspire national repentance in the survivors, leading to the nation’s new heart.

    There will be two hard years of mourning and repentance and by spring 2026 the miraculous revival will be in full swing. He will tear [ to rebuke] but He will heal, He will injure [in order to cleanse] but He will bind up our wounds and after two days, revive us. It will not be a revival to superpower status but to godliness and the Philadelphian church era. The purpose is to save a remnant for Himself and prepare the Rev 12:14 wilderness sanctuary for the faithful during the great tribulation which lies a decade or more beyond these events.

    Year 6, beginning spring 2023, is the year of preparation corresponding to the 6th day of the week when a double harvest is gathered to provide for the 7th day when no man can work. There will be a reversal of the globalist agenda in America, beginning on Nov 8, though there will be a bloody, but successful, battle to overcome fierce resistance before January. The resistance we saw after 2016 is nothing compared to what is coming.

    To any disciple of Jesus reading this I would ask they sincerely ask Jesus about whether any of this is true. Questions are welcome. The unsealing of scripture that was closed and sealed until the time of the end began about the same time that the White Horse was unsealed. Very few have had ears to hear yet but we’re so close now that it’s easier and easier to see it and I’m sure that more will be inspired. The next year of reprieve is too critical for life-saving preparations to be missed. Sadly, the danger in 2023 is that many will think the ship is now righted and not see the urgency. When they say “Peace and Safety” then sudden destruction comes upon them. When the Bear “devours much flesh” on Apr 22, 2024 it will be more sudden and more destructive than anything man has ever seen. Please don’t be numbered among the devoured when the revelation is available for the asking. It’s all written and established in Scripture by no less than eight biblical prophets; this is only a brief synopsis. Jesus is the Teacher, please ask Him first.

  122. Amanda

    Greg- thank you for having Martin Armstrong on regularly. He’s one of my favorites! At the 47.35 minute mark he said, “look, the United States won’t exist after 2035..maybe 28, 29.” That stopped me in my tracks!! I had to listen to that a few times. Wow

  123. TheTanker Jaun Valdez

    Emperor George sore butt, has no clothes and everybody knows it. Especially
    ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt! Soros busted up Yugoslavia and with 5 billion US. taxpayers monies and fat old Vicky Nuland, he led Ukraine into the buzz saw of being busted up, to get to Russia. Why do you think his gal pal Hitlery, wants to strangle Putin by the, ‘tiene huevos. But Putin, Tiene los cojones como los del Caballo del Espartero. Tienes más huevos que el caballo de Espartero and le ha echado más huevos que el caballo de Espartero.

    ‘Disturbing’: Jewish Groups Slam Joe diGenova’s Return to Fox After Anti-Semitic Remarks / Justin Baragona Media Reporter Dec. 10, 2019
    The pro-Trump lawyer disappeared from the network for a month after stirring outrage by claiming George Soros “controls” the State Department, but he was back on Monday night.
    ADL CEO Works with Big Tech to Create ‘Right’ Not to Be Hated
    ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt spoke recently about how he has worked with Silicon Valley tech elites to crush speech he finds offensive.
    Alexander Hall March 5th, 2019

    Russia Tells Democrats ‘Don’t Blame Us’ When You Lose The Election
    by Paul Joseph Watson November 7th 2022

  124. Sam the Sham

    Special Reports
    Bombshell Government Report: Covid Shots Causing Massive Infertility, Miscarriages, And Stillbirths
    posted 20 hours ago

    Barack Obama Looks Panicked As He Screams At Voters Right Before Midterm Elections: War Room November 7th 2022
    He’s a Wooly bully!

    Peter Schiff: Very Scary Admissions from the Fed
    by Schiff Gold November 7th 2022
    ‘I think the fact that Powell had to acknowledge that ultimately we have to have a positive real interest rate — that is very scary for the markets.”

    “Their Day Is DONE”: Lara Logan Slams Globalists, Champions a Better Future for Children In Exclusive Interview
    by Kristi Leigh | Banned.Video November 2nd 2022
    Watch & share this explosive interview globalists DO NOT want you to hear!
    Learn why even so-called “conservative” news outlets have banned renowned journalist Lara Logan.
    Explosive interview where Logan also unloads on more topics globalists want to censor, including: how forced vaccinations have obliterated the Nuremberg Code, the weaponization of open borders, the transexual movement, and how faith in God is instrumental in combating evil.

    RELATED: Newsmax Says No More Lara Logan Interviews After She Claims WEF Globalists ‘Dine On Blood Of Children’
    RELATED: Lara Logan: Biden’s Invasion of Southern Border Part of Plan For Global Government
    Don’t miss:
    California Is Now Castrating Children From All 50 States

  125. Prospector

    Exclusive : US torpedo appeared at explosion site of the Nord Stream
    Niels K. Eriksen
    Global Research . com

    Part of this article is posted at – Lew Rockwell . com. Nov. 8 2022
    Interestingly enough , the source article referenced seems to be ….. GONE

  126. Marie Joy

    When government forced all Social Security to be delivered to your bank account, electronically, they knew the grid would go down and SS recipients would starve and/or freeze when they could not access their money. Get ready.


    Right Now Talks To Wayne Cunningham Who Claims He Was Offered £50 Compensation For His Vaccine Injury
    20,437 views Nov 4, 2022

  128. Paul Anthony

    Good morning I voted this morning and on teh same day as President Trump asked us to because it would mean its harder for them to cheat … yet here we go again — who who didnt all ready know something like this was going to happen ?

  129. Prospector

    A running list of voting ‘ irregularities ‘.
    Emerald Robinson / substack

    AZ. TX. NY. OH. and this from New Jersey.
    ” ALL voting machines are down in each district in Mercer County , New Jersey, according to officials ” Action News @6abc

  130. Jim Bondi Breach

    Zelensky Sets Conditions for ‘Genuine’ Peace Talks With Russia
    Story by Matthew Luxmoore, Marcus Walker • 1h ago
    Mr. Zelensky’s statement comes after the U.S., Ukraine’s key backer in its defense against Russia’s invasion, has urged Kyiv to publicly signal that it is open to talks with Moscow, to avoid alienating international opinion.
    This war has caught the US. and NATO with it’s pant’s down, in HyperSonic missile development. It bought it’s own operation Mockingbird hype of balance of power. There is no balance of power when Putin holds all the cards. Because he put his cards into protecting Russia from the Soros Hillary Nuland dream of conquest Russia. While we, held hostage to the military industrial complex, Ike warned us about.
    Eisenhower’s Warning about the Military-Industrial Complex
    We squandered our treasure on battlefield gizmo’s, which are useless in the real world of state of the art first strike capabilities, of HyperSonic missile technologies.
    Sure Putin went up against our battlefield experience and high tech battlefield delivery systems, in his effort to pull Ukraine from the clutches of the Soros Hillary Nuland money laundering Clinton corruption without interruption in Ukraine, without destroying it and it’s people. But when he realized the utter Nazi disregard, of the Anglo-American deep state cabal. Had for the people caught in the middle in Ukraine for this proxy war to take down Russia, as it had taken down Ukraine itself. In the McCain Graham Nuland coup.
    Putin since, has shown his cards and been systematically taking down the infrastructure of Ukraine, as he could have in the first place, mind you. So to the dismay of the west now and it’s own downfall as you can see in this 2019 report.
    Helping US. Companies Export

    Ukraine – Infrastructure
    This is a best prospect industry sector for the country. Includes a market overview and trade data. 8/6/2019
    Ukraine’s strategic location can be a powerful catalyst for the development of the country as well as for the West. Historically, Ukraine has been at the crossroads of world trade routes and a major stronghold on the way from Europe to Asia. Ukraine’s transit potential is 200 million metric tons per year, while its utilization is only 25-30 percent. In 2017, the Ukrainian Government prepared a package of planned reforms to bring to changes to Ukraine’s infrastructure. The scale of the package is comparable only with the integration of Eastern European countries into the European Union’s infrastructure in the 1990’s and 2000’s.
    Ukraine is essential for the European Union as one of the key countries for the transportation of goods to and from the EU, especially since the European Parliament approved the new concept of transportation infrastructure development and turning the national transportation systems of European countries into a unified trans-European network (the TEN-N program) in 2013. The cost of the first phase of the project is expected to reach 250 billion euros by the year 2020. Within the framework of the work completed on integrating Ukrainian and European transport networks and following the results of the Brussels Eastern Partnership Summit….

    Here’s the rub my fellow Amerikans, Putin is no dummy, like our hayseed, gone to seed, Linseed Graham crackhead, cracker. Put,s not going to play catch up. He will not sit around while we try to come up pence, in Hypersonic weapons of mass hysteria destruction! That’s the wild card, we need to give him our assurance we wont play catch, just to still have those prig’s dream of Russia.

    Doctor Warns: CDC, FDA Are Deliberately Breaking the Law
    by Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D. | The Defender / November 7th 2022
    U.S. health regulatory officials are “deliberately reneging on what their mission is,” according to Dr. Meryl Nass, an internist and biological warfare epidemiologist.
    In an interview with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., on “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast,” Nass said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and “who knows how many other federal agencies are just making things up as they go along.”
    “These are not mistakes,” said Nass. “This is malfeasance.”

    Soros Tops List of Individual Political Donors for Year After Giving Democrats $128 Million – Data
    by Sputnik November 8th 2022, 10:20 am
    Hungarian billionaire continues funding efforts to destabilize United States

  131. J. Breach

    That’s, catch up!

  132. dlc

    What do you know? The machines are not tabulating in Maricopa County. The ballots are being thrown in a box to be “delivered” downtown. They’ll be found out in the desert months later.

    This is what you get when nothing was done to get rid of the machines and mail-in ballots. We could have counted on this.

    • Greg Hunter

      Let the cheating begin–because Democrats have to.

  133. Frank S.

    Had to revisit Martin Armstrong’s interview ‘the day after the election’. He was right on the money. Even the Dems were terrified before Nov. 8th, as was the MSM. They wouldn’t have been that “misinformed” to react that way. And they’re certainly not bright enough to ‘psych out’ everyone. Therefore, the steal was orchestrated and performed unbeknownst to them all. China? Deep State? Globalists? Who knows, but whoever it was certainly tipped their hand by process of elimination.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think the GOP will end up with the House and Senate but with narrow margins. The red wave defeated the cheating,

  134. larry giglio

    Hello. I voted for our Presidency once. Voted Ron Paul. Now I know better. like learning libertarians are great with people being self responsible and doing their own thing, just not right beside me. Voting is supposed to be important in our ruling of people’s lives. It has been said a TV show can tabulate 110 million votes in 90 seconds, and that’s probably a lie. We grew fascism into a global menace, unless you are in the 1%. We appear to be along for the ride of our creation, as there is no solution to global corporate power. God will send help, if we pray. The great crash and burn should strike fear out your eyeballs! The oil barons are not required to fade away, only clean up their poisonous practices. We cannot survive without electricity. Perhaps it’s ingenuity time in these United States, and we will conquer energy for all.

  135. Steven Hautzinger

    When will you have back for an interview Cliff I think High with his computer search analysis. He was brilliant with very early on about the dangerous experimental drugs for covid-19 deemed vaccines. The spike proteins and their damaging effects on the human body. God Bless You Greg and all the amazing work/content you bring!

  136. Jon P

    Martin Armstrong was right on the money with his election forecast.
    I hope you can get him on again soon.

  137. Sierra Paladin

    Cheers Greg,

    Attended Armstrong’s WEC virtually. Very interesting take aways about how to look at the world and one’s life. Martin Armstrong, Life Coach! Bring him back as often as possible… Have you heard of Steph Pomboy? Nice. Funny. Smart. A natural USAW guest…

    Take care and God bless,

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