These Markets Can Be Tipped Over by Anything-Axel Merk

By Greg Hunter’s

Money manager Axel Merk has a lot of uncertainty to navigate these days between the extreme geopolitical risks, such as China’s neighbor, North Korea, and heavy debt loads that are ballooning budget deficits. Merk says, “It’s amazing.  If you are not confused, you are probably not paying attention.  I am very worried when asset prices are very expensive, what’s going to happen to them.  The thing I am most worried about is how a trade war might derail things.  I don’t think a trade war is going to happen because of a border tax. . . . I think it’s going to happen because the Chinese are going to feel bullied or pushed by the Americans.  Be that because of the THAAD System in South Korea or be that because of the islands being built up in the South China Sea, and the U.S. trying to push them back.  The Chinese are potentially going to make things unbearable for corporate America.  That’s what is going to have an impact on the markets and not what the President Tweets about what he likes or dislikes.”

Merk, who manages hundreds of millions of dollars, thinks the global economy is fragile and could be taken down by a variety of things, including the next federal budget deal in October. Merk says, “These October budget deadlines should be taken very seriously.  It’s not so much I am too concerned about a government shutdown.  If that were to happen, the markets haven’t fallen out of bed, although you never know what is going to derail the market. I happen to think these markets can be tipped over by anything. With hindsight, I’ll be able to tell you with certainty that it was a shutdown, or something in the South China Sea, or maybe some leader coughing somewhere.  More importantly, in these October deadlines, some real reform can be pushed through.  Nothing gets the administration moving like a good crisis.”

Merk says he sees a bubble when he looks at the sky high financial markets. Merk explains, “To me, the complacency expressed as volatility is the best bubble indicator.  In the late 1990’s, I got out of stocks.  In 2007, I got almost entirely out of stocks.  The reason was you were in this Goldilocks economy. . . . It’s difficult to time exactly when the top is, but when volatility is low and asset prices move higher . . . at the very least, I would encourage people as things go up, you take some chips off the table.  You rebalance, and people haven’t done it because there is nothing good to put it in.  So, instead, people are trying to buy insurance or this or that.  Cut it out.  Be honest and take some chips off the table, and if nothing else, hold some cash.”

Merk contends the “easiest diversifier is gold.” Merk explains, “I do very much have gold.  I have it in physical form and exchange traded form and other means of investing in gold.  Yes, I say it’s the easiest diversifier.  It’s not always the best diversifier.  Again, I do like it.  The reason why I say easy rather than best is if you do it for portfolio allocation, what you want is something that has a positive return and has a low correlation to what you have.  In the long run, gold has proven that. . . . Since the early 1970s, gold has had an annual return of 8%.  Going forward, people say yeah, but it doesn’t pay any interest.  Maybe what is paying interest does not pay you a real rate of return.  Otherwise, gold would not have an average 8% return per year.  Even though the Fed is raising rates, I think the Fed is going to be behind the curve.  So, I think gold will be doing just fine.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with money manager Axel Merk, Founder of

After the Interview: 

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  1. Charles H


    Uncharacteristically… a little music.
    And for a nice twist…
    Seriously – these put a tear in my eyes. (Beach Boys/& with Lorrie Morgan)

    Axel Merk, as an insider and believer – works within the Markets. But are there real Markets? China will own the US – why sell it back?

    • Russ

      Okay, Beach Boys are always good. But take a listen to “Brothers In Arms” as done by Joan Baez – – almost too pretty for a dirge.
      Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) wrote it in the 80’s following the Brit’s Falklands war – he’s an old guy like me now but can still perform –

      • Charles H

        Mark Knopfler and Chet Atkins duets are some of the best.

        • Russ

          Oh yeah – “Chet Atkins & Mark Knopfler – I’ll See You In My Dreams – Walk Of Life”

          With all the real news and the fake news being used to keep us off balance, it’s nice to dial it back and just enjoy.

          Mark Knopfler has also been onstage with Emmylou Harris —

          Just enjoy.

          • Charles H

            Wow, Russ. You have some range in music. I am amazed at the beauty and power in music. I think we underestimate ALL the communicative issues around us. That’s why this site rings like a bell, true and pitch perfect.

      • (Rev) Andrew de Berry

        Russ she was the goddess of music in the sixties. Timeless inspiration!

    • dbcooper

      Thank you Pastor Charles, Brought a tear to our eyes also, Yours DB.

  2. Phil silverman

    Planned parenthood was exonerated and the producer was locked up.
    You know nothing .
    Obama never said illegals will vote . If CA gave Hillary the 2.8 difference , what did Texas do for Trump.
    Obama delivered 17.2 million jobs, many in New industries , left trump w 4.7% unemployment and 89% healthcare coverage .
    Trump is a slob who discussed his private part at the GOP debate. He ran an illegal foundation. He just shelled out 25 million dollars in an elder abuse civil action suit.
    You rail against the msm when you know damm well the msm now incorporates talk radio and the internet .
    Please respond .

    • Greg Hunter

      You are an idiot-troll-communist-liberal.

      -Planned abortion-hood was far from exonerated. Medical doctors were caught on video making deals to sell baby body parts. The videos were not “heavily edited.” If they were, please prove it–Oh wait! you can’t, because they were not. I watched them all in their entirety on line. You should to it, will make you sick.

      -The charges for The Center for Medical Progress are bogus and are meant to stop investigative reporting and to suppress free speech and the free press. The charges were dismissed in Texas.

      -When Gina Rodriguez interviewed President Obama just before the 2016 election, she said,”Many undocumented citizens are fearful of voting. If I vote, will immigration know where I live. Will they come for my family and deport us?” President Obama told the interviewer, ” Not true. The reason is when you vote you are a citizen yourself, and there is not a situation where the voting rolls are transferred over and people start investigating.” Listen for yourself at starting about 3:23:

      -The jobs Obama delivered were mostly part-time. (Thank you 29 hour a week Obama Care.) If unemployment was done the way BLS did it in 1994, and earlier, the true unemployment/underemployment rate would be around 23%. That is where it stood for most of the Obama years.

      Everything else you said was not worth responding to.

      Now go away.


      • philipat

        On the subject of Trolls (Well said by the way) there is something very strange going on with your latest Poll regarding Presidents. When the Poll first started, an overwhelming majority, over 70% as I recall, voted Obama as the worst President. Over time, that percentage has very steadily declined to the present 50%. Now, unless the mix of your audience has drastically changed over time, which seems unlikely, I would suggest that there appears to be something stranfe and potentially nefarious going on with this Poll. Specifically, there is a strong suggestion that it is being trolled by the Obama fan club? Just a thought…

        • Greg Hunter

          O still got more “worst” votes than all other presidents-combined! I think O wins this one by a landslide. Thanks for weighing in here.

          • BJ

            W Bush was worst president. He knowingly planned and allowed 9/11 to happen. Starting the never ending war on terrorism. Great legacy huh Greg?

            • Greg Hunter

              Cast your vote on the poll.

              • dbcooper

                Greg, IMO, O…bama made Carter look like a good president !! DB.

                • Greg Hunter

                  Carter was not a criminal. Just a bad politician.

      • Frederick

        Dr Steve Pieczenik talks on Infowars in a story on Zerohedge about the Kushners and the situation with the presidency Well worth the 15 minutes

          • Macray

            Sorry about the misspelling. Can’t blame that one on the smart phone : )))

        • Paul ...

          I know it’s hard to ostracize a Demon-rat your daughter actually married … but Trump can’t just cede control of our government back to “the deep state Obama/Hillary crowd” because Kushner is “in the family” … Trump must find the courage to admit his daughter married a “swamp creature” … he should be set aside and “Jared” … keep him out of the White House decision making process … so Trump can go on with the peoples business!!

      • KM

        Dont let a guy like this get to you… he can only be one of the following 2 choices:
        1. a paid troll
        2. a short sighted propaganda sponge..

      • Shadow of Doubt

        You’re a warrior for the truth and a stalwart of the Lord’s. Keep Psalm 144:1 (KJV) in mind as you do battle daily! For the fight isn’t always against flesh and blood, but the spiritual!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you SOD!

      • Bo boo

        “The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations.” `Thomas Jefferson

        Hey Phildo: Michigan recount reveals error, but not the one Jill Stein wanted. Now if they did the rest of the land Phil, you wouldn’t show your face here.

        Important stuff you won’t get from the liberal media! We do the surfing so you can be informed AND have a life! Sunday, December 11, 2016

        Yes. They cheat.—–Michigan Recount Uncovers Serious Voter Fraud in Detroit- VOTES COUNTED UP TO 6 TIMES They thought the stuffed ballots in Detroit could override the rest of the Trump vote in the state. Again team Hillary comes up short! LOL!

        REVEALED: Michigan Recount Uncovers Serious Voter Fraud in Detroit- VOTES COUNTED UP TO 6 TIMES:
        “More bad news for Democrats—
        Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s Michigan recount unintentionally exposed this major voting fraud scandal.

        Hillary was trusting the polls that had her winning and worried that if she sponsored TOO MUCH vote fraud, it might come back to bite her in the ass. So the Democrat party vote fraud operatives did not go all out. They underestimated the Trump vote and over estimated the number of legitimate Hillary votes and that’s why they lost. It’s as simple as that! They didn’t think they needed to cheat as much as they should have in order to win. Fool me once shame on you media. Fool me twice shame on you purveyores of fake news. Phil you guy’s shot yourselve’s in the foot. Hip hip hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe the head ? Eh?

        REVEALED: Michigan Recount Uncovers Serious Voter Fraud in Detroit- VOTES COUNTED UP TO 6 TIMES
        In Detroit, one of the chief ways they engage in voter fraud is to count the same ballot MULTIPLE times. This is just ONE way. They also do some shady stuff with absentee ballots etc.

        Michigan Recount Halted After Mass Voter Fraud Discovery
        Federal Judge Officially Stops Michigan Recount After Discovery of Widespread Democrat Vote Fraud
        The Michigan elections director explains why a ballot box reported to have 306 votes only had 50 ballots. VIDEO:
        Thats just one!

        Detroit Voting “Irregularities”: Recount Now Threatens Hillary and the DNC
        And wouldn’t you know it, Wayne County, home of Detroit, just happens to be one of the very few counties that Hillary “won” in the state of Michigan.
        The Democrats keep crowing that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but I strongly suspect that she only did so with the help of systemic voter- and election-fraud strategies in major cities.
        CNN, or any of the corporatist fake news, arm of the CIA/ Brennan Muslim Brotherhood holder’over’s. They Really Don’t Want to Air Evidence of Voter Fraud, do they? They just wanted swamp-fox Trump. They don’t want Trump draining that Washington swamp, like Phil!

        It has happened more than once in New Mexico–not so much at the national level but at the local level like Detroit. It is amazing in elections with razor thin margins how often a ‘forgotten’ ballot box is magically located with just enough ballots to tip the election in favor of a certain party. Always the same party.

        This Ones Fer You Phil, Yer Hero!
        From Us Country Bumkin’s
        “I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it.” –Benjamin Franklin 1776

        LAST BUT NOT LEAST Philistine!
        VINDICATION: Audit Of 2016 Election In North Carolina Reveals Voter Fraud Problem
        April 22, 2017 by Susan Wright

      • Robert G

        Greg… The video you posted had been edited by fake news , check the transcript.
        The full interview ( not just part taken out of context) explains his views. I saw a lot of professionally edited videos during the campaign. I would find the original script or videos and it was obvious it had been tampered with or important parts had been left out. .

        • Greg Hunter

          Snopes??? You have to be kidding. It was not edited! And not take out of context!!!!!! I transcribed it and posted a link to the video. NOT edited and NOT taken out of context you commie troll. Here is whata I posted for “Phil;”: -When Gina Rodriguez interviewed President Obama just a few days before the 2016 election, she said,”Many undocumented citizens are fearful of voting. If I vote, will immigration know where I live. Will they come for my family and deport us?” President Obama told the interviewer, “Not true. The reason is when you vote you are a citizen yourself, and there is not a situation where the voting rolls are transferred over and people start investigating.” Listen for yourself at starting about 3:23:

          Now buzz off.


          • Robert G

            Greg. Your first quote of his interview to Phil did not include at 4:19 “He says with emphasis, its important for LATINO CITIZENS to make yourself heard.” At 4:34 he says THOSE WHO CAN’T LEGALLY VOTE.. (undocumented immigrants) You and others apparently ignore those parts. They are conveniently left out …I am not a troll by the way.

            • Greg Hunter

              No Robert, I DID NOT ignore it. It was not relevant. Again, Here’s the relevant question, and answer by President a few days before the 2016 election. Question: “Many undocumented citizens are fearful of voting. If I vote, will immigration know where I live. Will they come for my family and deport us?” President Obama told the interviewer, “Not true. The reason is when you vote you are a citizen yourself, and there is not a situation where the voting rolls are transferred over and people start investigating.” Listen for yourself at starting about 3:23:
              President Obama clearly told illegal aliens “Dreamers and undocumented” to VOTE. That is a fact. It happened. I provided the original link so you can hear it for yourself. Yes, he told other Latinos who were citizens to vote, but Obama also clearly instructed NON CITIZENS/ILLGAL NALIENS TO VOTE and essentially promised no prosecution or deportation. I am so sorry the facts do not agree with your lefty lying politics!!!

        • Bob

          Snopes cannot be trusted. Your link is pointless.

          • Robert G

            Bob….But you can trust infowars, Breitbart, Faux, Worldnet daily , Limbaugh and a bunch of other far right conspiracies sources.

    • Jerry

      WOW PHIL.
      You’re ignorance is breathtaking! You should come out to the real world where I live and see what life looks like. Business down 35% over the last eight years. People dropping out of Obama care because they can’t afford 80% increases. Welfare state expanding with 85 million people on food stamps. FYI if it wasn’t for the school lunch programs, most children in my school district would go hungry. You can put your Hillary Clinton pompom’s away. The election is over. THANK GOD!

    • Frederick

      Google “Operation Talpiot” Interesting information I got from the comment section of Zerohedge

    • Eagleeye


      I hope I see you in the coming collapse to say we told you so. I hope you’re just being fastidious because if not, you are the perfect example why this country is where it is now.

      Greg, if he was not kidding about his comment on Planned abortion-hood, the video will not make him sick. It may actually make him go on a protest against defunding it. Why don’t we call these entities (not people) for what they are – evil. Anyone who is aware of what planned abortionhood is really about could not say with a straight face that they are doing it to benefit anyone. Their atrocities against humanity will be brought to light someday.

      PS. Phil, you might also want some information where’d those aborted human fetuses go. Her is a link from the CDC Look for human diploid cells in the excipients list. One last thing, I hope you are just ignorant or idealistic as opposed to a true believer of your comments. If you believe in your comments, I pray for your soul and may the Lord have mercy on you.

    • Frederick

      Mr Silverman your spelling is atrocious SIR

    • Wayne D

      The first sentence says it all but you can flesh it out from there: “No US president every promised more and delivered less.”
      What Obama’s Farewell Address Won’t Say

      What’s interesting about people who espouse the views you stated above is that committing heinous acts and crimes does not matter, just so long as one is not indicted for them. So Comey cites a laundry list of felonies committed by HilLIARy Clinton, including treason, but says they are not worthy of bringing charges against her. Her DNC supporters steal the candidacy for her from Bernie Sanders. And the reaction is to blame the Russians for allegedly exposing their fraud. So I guess it all never happened?

      Gotta love that kind of neoliberal/progressive *magical thinking*.

      I can see by the number of replies before I submit this, that this guy has achieved part (most) of his goal: to distract you from what you wanted to do, to waste your time and resources on worthless crap. In short, he’s a politician. Whowoudaguesst?

    • Tacanman

      What a liar or a fool!

    • Bo boo

      Donald Trump stated to the American people that Marco Rubio was full of beans with his comparison of he [Donald Trumps] hands and his main private. That he [Donald stating] that he had no problem in that area. That’s it word for word. But we got a shocking view of the real Marco Rubio and he quickly went down, despite his tail between his legs, [ fake humility] getting caught with his proverbial pants down! And you sir come across as a stupid little faker whose shallow and deceitful acting, like a self righteous prig! Perhaps an un-intell agent, with God knows whom! Boooooooooo! Booooooooooo! Throw the bum’s out!
      Abby Martin Spills The Beans On RT and US. False Flags, propping the ganda! Going along with the swamp and fertilizing it.
      The real purpose of intel report on Russian hacking

      How The Mainstream Media Turned Al Qaeda Into A US Ally In Syria
      overlooked in the US (and UK) media narrative is the fact that the rebels in East Aleppo were a patchwork of Western- and Gulf-backed jihadist groups dominated by Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra)—Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria—along with its ally, Ahrar al-Sham (Daily Beast, 8/8/16; Foreign Policy, 9/1/16). These groups are explicitly anti-democratic and have been implicated in human rights violations, from mass execution and child beheadings to using caged religious minorities as human shields.

      Corporate Media Admits 5 Years of Fukushima Fake News
      The Corporate Media Called The Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Coverup Fake News For Over 5 Years Before Finally Admitting The Truth.
      The corporate media called reports of a Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown in Japan “Fake News” for over five years before they finally admitted the truth after the disaster was no longer on the public’s radar. Even after admitting to the meltdown they continued their lies finally reporting that Fukushima seaborne radiation hit the U.S West Cost a little over a week ago.
      The most astonishing “fake news” that the corporate media has pushed over the last decade that is being entirely ignored is guess? Fukushima.

      Video of the Day – Congressman Calls Tucker Carlson a Russian Agent on Prime Time Television
      Michael Krieger |
      This is a remarkable, must watch interview between Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and California Congressman Adam Schiff of the last and only Soviet state of California.

      In case you missed it at the time, Obama Quietly Signed The “Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act” Into Law so only he and his band of cut-throats and puppet masters knew!

      Obama Signed the Illegal “Ministry of Truth” Bill That Terminates U.S Constitution Free Press Rights and Brands the Alternative Media as Treasonous Traitors, not them!

      Late on the Friday, the day before Christmas eve 2016, with the US population embracing the holiday and oblivious to most of the news emerging from the then administration of Barrack the Obomber, [the constitutional expert], quietly signed into law, The Illegal now supposedly legal. “Ministry of Truth” Bill That Terminates U.S Constitutional Free Press Rights and Branded the Alternative Media, as the Treasonous Traitors and yes, “a bill to implement the U.S.’s’ very own de facto Ministry of fake Truth. Quietly introduced in Congress so that the Amerikan sheeple wouldn’t know and as with any legislation attempting to dodge the public spotlight, the Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016 marked further curtailment of press freedom, another avenue to stultify avenues of accurate information. It was introduced by traitors of a free press, Congressmen Adam Kinzinger and Ted Lieu, H.R. 5181, which sought a “whole-newbgovernment approach without the bureaucratic restrictions” to counter “foreign and so called home grown disinformation and manipulation,” which they believe threaten the world’s neo-con deep state envisioned “new world dis-order, of fake news security and stability!”
      “There never was in US. history, ever, a single U.S. governmental agency or department charged with the national level development, integration and synchronization of whole-of-government strategies to counter so called foreign propaganda and disinformation with our own fake news department of propaganda!”

      Long before the “fake news” meme became a daily topic of extensive conversation on such discredited mainstream portals as CNN, Washington Post, MSNBC/COMCAST and propaganda media head John Brennan’s/CIA Muslim Brotherhood Holder’over’s, H.R. 5181 would task the Secretary of State with coordinating the Secretary of Defense, the Director of National Intelligence, and the Broadcasting Board of Governors to “establish a Center for dis-information Analysis and Response,” which will pinpoint active sources of disinformation, analyze data, and — in true dystopic manner — ‘develop and disseminate’ “fake-based narratives” to counter so-called effrontery propaganda.

      In short, long before “fake news” became a major media topic, the US government was already planning its legally-backed crackdown on anything they would eventually label “fake news.”
      Fast forward to December 8, when the “Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act” passed in the Senate, quietly inserted inside the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Conference Report.
      So as of Friday evening, the day before Christmas eve, the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act was and is now law.

      Just what will the man of the people do about it? That is the question, Mr. president!

  3. This sceptred isle

    It is not so much that physical Gold is risk free, it is that gold’s risk profile is different to assets subject to counter party risk and are part of the banking system. This makes it such a good diversifier.

    • Frederick

      TSI yes it does indeed and I’m holding mine for the long term Physical in my possession of course Everyone should have some Just in case of a large unexpected currency devaluation IMO Looks like Kushner is following in his fathers criminal footsteps Trumps pretty much kaput now I’m so disappointed in that guy I can’t tell you

      • This sceptred Isle

        Do you prefer gold or silver?

        • Frederick

          Neither I own equal amounts of both

  4. Anthony Australia 🇦🇺

    Thanks Greg 🙏

  5. Russ McMeans

    Audio and picture keep stopping. But I think 3:30 am pst internet speed is good. Buffering is excellent and fast. What’s up? ( I keep hitting play button when video stops. This is via Safari browser. I could try uTube but I don’t know if I can post my comments from that platform. Btw: most interviews are just fine from USA watchdog website via Safari browser.

    • Greg Hunter

      I had an unavoidable slow speed problem. Axel Merk was still worth listening to. So sorry, better luck next time.

      • Russ McMeans

        Greg; got it to play a few hours later, then proceeded to fall asleep during interview. I wanted to comment on successfully getting it to play, but I was so tired I fell asleep.

      • Russ McMeans

        Something I ponder; I’ve heard broadband internet is great in Europe ( as the Muslim hordes overwhelm them) and our internet here in America not so good.
        That’s something to brush up on. I don’t know the story on this topic.

  6. Jerry

    Here is the latest money velocity report. After looking at it, I’m surprised that the revised GDP isn’t lower than 0.5%.

    The sad part about this, is that when the reset finally comes, we probably won’t be here to discuss it with the naysayers and the trolls that have graced your site over the past several years. If there is any justice in this at all, its that in the end we will all reap what we’ve sown. Those that have paid attention to your sign post (interviews), and have acted accordingly to prepare, will fare much better than those that have been living in ignorance, drinking from the bottle of denial. But in the end its just like the gospel. Its what you choose to believe.

    Greg, thanks for all the time and money AND PATIENCE you have put into this work. I hope you’re keeping a journal for recorded history. Someone needs to tell the story.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jerry. The economy is at stall speed. The Trump Administration is terrified I’m sure.

    • Russ McMeans

      Auto sales figures have not been good last few months.
      Figures and forecasts in Zero hedge are pointing to bed news. And I see people driving worn out old crap all the time. It’s a sorry situation.

  7. helot

    I thought of you guys while reading this interesting take on things, ‘Understanding Trump: Don’t Try’.

    Especially, this part:

    ‘He brings up an intriguing approach to paying off $20 trillion in federal debt — selling off some U.S. assets, like its $128 trillion in mineral rights and oil and gas reserves.’ …

    THAT would certainly alter some calculations currently making the rounds, eh?
    There’s already been well known bits of indications/steps taken during prior administrations which indicate that is, The Plan.

    Anyway, walk away with a slightly different perspective of Trump and his supporters after reading that, perhaps?

  8. John


    It has become quite clear that economic fundamentals no longer apply in regards to investing. We have a situation where GDP is inversely correlated with the markets – i.e. revised lower economic output in standing of ever increasing stock/index valuations. Would people even find it strange if our GDP were accelerating while the markets were making new lows? How much longer can this divergence continue? IMHO – at some point public confidence will be shaken and money flows into 401k plans will be allocated to alternative investment vehicles outside the banking system and stock valuations will seek parity with true economic activity/reality. Until that time I will continue to pay down debt, not add to my 401k plan, get small and buy the metals.

  9. Roger D

    I swear China could take the US without a shot fired. Here are two ways.

    I am convinced that China could destroy America simply by placing an embargo on Chinese exports to the US and offer to lift it if America accepts their offer to ‘join’ China. I believe that within 90 days, dumbed-down government-school-and media-indoctrinated Americans (especially the pathetic zombies addicted to their electronic leashes) would quickly (and gladly) vote to accept China’s offer. They would not think twice about surrendering American sovereignty and their citizenship.

    A second option would be to support the secession of Commie-occupied California, western Oregon and western Washington. Heck, why bother with islands in the China Sea when they could set up bases on the borders of Arizona, Nevada and Idaho and eliminate all mainland access to the Pacific. What great payback for Taiwan.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the analysis Roger. Interesting!

    • Charles H


      There IS significant infrastructure already invested by China in the US. The JP Morgan Bank, linked to the NY FedRes; a big chunk of the Port of Los Angeles; and various “zones” across the country. I wouldn’t doubt the Chinese bankrolling the Fema Camps when needed. Politicians won’t actually defend THEMSELVES in a crisis, will they?

    • Russ McMeans

      Don’t forget Las Vegas! Clark county will clamour for induction into the new Chinatopia west coast foothold into Amerika.

      • Tin foil hat

        Russ McMeans,
        Perhaps since we can’t export Las Vegas real estate, we import the Chinese to Las Vegas.

  10. J. Wardell

    Greg, you have truly girded yourself with the belt of truth and most likely you have on the rest of God’s armor. Thank you for answering Phil. You are helping him to wake up.

  11. al

    “The year without a winter” or “the decade without a recession”. Is it possible? Why not? If they ignore the fact that 95% of the indicators are pointing to the fact that we ARE in recession right now, then why not ignore the negative, illegally and immorally prop up the few major indicators that would complete the recessionary picture and say “there was never a recession.” We, the grand wizards of oz fixed the economic system forever!”… the Decade without a Recession. A great book title, use it.

    • al

      PS: I don’t agree with the no recession mantra, but it’s interesting. We don’t have inflation, so why say we’re in recession?

      • john


    • Greg Hunter

      Good points Al!! Thank you for making them here.

  12. Paul ...

    Remember the Monroe Doctrine … if Trump will now rain Tomahawks down on Saudi Arabia for killing children in Yemen … it will set a precedent … that Trump will protect “all children” in the world (even if they are not American citizens) … imagine the better world he can create … if every government knows that when they kill children … they will be hit with Tomahawk missiles from the US … it will put a damper on their immoral actions … yes … the “Trump Doctrine” should be officially spelled out to all the nations of the world by Trump … from now on … if a nation kills children (and those children don’t have to be American citizens) that nation will come under missile attack by Trump … so perhaps I was being too critical of Trump … also it would be nice if Russia joined in and would help out in supporting the Trump Doctrine by declaring the “Putin Doctrine” … whereby Russia will send their missiles to bomb the poppy fields of “any nation” growing heroin that will destroy the lives of children in the world (even if those children are not Russian citizens) … lets begin to make the “World Great Again” … we need a Trump Doctrine and a Putin Doctrine!!!

    • Paul ...

      And just like Trump warned Russia and gave them “a two hour warning” that he was firing 60 Tomahawks into Syria … it is only fair that Putin also give the US “a two hour warning” that they will be firing their missiles into Afghanistan … so the US generals can safely remove our US troops who are guarding the poppy fields!

  13. Wayne D

    Merk’s appraisal that anything can tip these markets over reflects today’s general state of domestic and global affairs as Uncertainty R Us. But this confluence of military-economic-propaganda-socio and geopolitical volatility/insanity has a neat little bow wrapped around it called the DJIA ticker, telling us all is rainbows and unicorns.

    He mentions past recessions in the US but evidence indicates we never left the 2009 one and have entered The Greater Depression. Nearly 2 in 3 households live paycheck-to-paycheck, 1 in 3 cannot find $400 cash for an emergency, 49% have less than $10,000 in life savings, food stamp usage is required by 2 in 13 Americans, ad nauseam.

    So, for the (well) above median income/wealth individual, who actually has the means to invest (could be closer to gamble-speculate), Merk does cite the real issue in any diversified portfolio today: what is one’s risk appetite? We all know one can wake up tomorrow and find that all that *paper* (equities-bonds-options-derivatives-bank and brokerage accounts, including paper claims on ETFs for PM/precious metals) can either have disappeared or now return only dimes (pennies?) on the dollar.

    Diversification in various forms of paper is still paper. Portfolio managers like to talk about percent deltas over some (lengthy) time horizon. Rebalancing and hedging paper may just amount to playing risk-on speculation games. And those who got in long near or at the top? Don’t worry, as tomorrow the DJIA will hit yet another all-time high! Unrealized paper gains may seem nice while the endgame clock keeps ticking. But market participants more and more appear to be playing Russian Roulette with their capital (I’ll bet they blame Putin for that, too).

    To Merk’s credit, he advocates realizing some gains be set aside so one has (after-taxes and fees) capital to apply in the aftermath of the next deluge. Mannarino is another who advocates converting some (paper) profits into tangible assets, including PM.

    Speaking of PM, I favor physical, ideally in one’s possession with no counter-party risk and held outside of the banking system. This has its own set of attendant risks, but I see it as a type of time-tested insurance in a world seemingly gone mad. These days, perhaps it is all just a matter of “choose your poison”?

    • Robert G

      Wayne D…….The stock market has done nothing but go up for the last 8 years making millions very wealthy. 401s and so on. My and your home I would bet , have gone up in value immensely. I would rather have my bank account now then what I had in 2008. Many missed out of the market wealth because of the gloom and doomers. Too bad…

      • Greg Hunter

        Yeah Robert, it’s a money printing/fraud party and I hope you cash out in time.

      • Wayne D

        Robert G…

        So the market’s gone up for 8 years to make a comparative few millions while multitudes have lost their homes and jobs and the Main Street economy disintegrates. Not the picture I’d prefer to have seen.

        Gloom & doomers plus all other sources of data should be evaluated to make the best decision for one’s situation at that time. Lather, rinse, repeat. Choose your poison. Maybe you like oleanders. They’re pretty but poisonous. Caveat emptor.

        My home has not returned to its pre-crash peak value. Real estate has hot and cold pockets all over the country. I view a house as a lifestyle choice, not an “investment.” Price is not synonymous with value.

        Hindsight is 20/20 — but payback is a bitch. Can you time the market? Yeah, it’ll keep going up. Until it doesn’t.

      • Tin foil hat

        Robert G,
        I’m a gloom and doomer, I didn’t miss out. I could have made more if I didn’t buy gold, 20%, back in 2008 but I have no regret.
        The fat lady hasn’t sung yet. If you haven’t sold your home or cash in your 401, it’s nothing but paper wealth.
        I’m not saying that because of sour grapes since my net worth has more than double since 2009.

      • Charles H

        Those who gloat: lose their boat!

  14. diane

    Greg and Watchdoggers!
    What do you make of this?

    Is There Really More Oil in The Golan Heights than in Saudi Arabia? Who’s Genie Energy? | Armstrong Economics

    • Frederick

      Remaining in Saudi Arabia perhaps They’ve been pumping the place dry for over 50 years no big surprise

      • Paul ...

        I think I have more olive oil in my kitchen then the Saudi’s have in their watered down wells … why do you think the Saudi’s are attacking Yemen and killing their children (Yemen has vast oil reserves)!!!

        • This sceptred Isle

          They are also moving into solar power in a big way as they know time is not on their side.

      • Corleone

        Saudi is no longer an oil rich country, but still an oil producer which in this case means it processes crude oil into gasoline. The crude oil came from Kuwait and Iraq. Saudi does not have its own crude oil anymore.

  15. Jerry

    Anyone that thought that “The Working Group” was a private enterprise would be wrong. Very wrong. The following press release shows up on their site.

    There’s nothing that says betrayal more than watching our own government grant free access into our banking system by foreign banking investors. People, the system is rotten to the core. Its going to collapse under its own weight.

    • Frederick

      Jerry I’ve known that fact for almost two decades You’re right it certainly will collapse

    • Jerry

      As I have previously posted ( from unconfirmed reports) there appears to be a massive currency shift away from the dollar taking place currently with member countries inside the BRICS alliance. So much so that banks inside the U.S. are currently upgrading their systems to accommodate the new gold backed international RMB currency. Though much of this information comes from private sources, there is clearly something going on. The prevailing thought is that the Chinese central banks want to wait for the conclusion of the French election before they release any information. If this is true, it makes perfect sense, because they will be able to come in and mop up what is left of the European Central Banking system and the EU. That would extensively give them both the Asian and European markets. Stay tuned.

      • Jerry

        This is probably the most comprehensive breakdown of the global currency reset that I have ever seen. You may not agree with everything Kenneth has to say, so just take whatever nugget of truth you can find and use it for your advantage.

        So what’s different this time?
        – CIPS
        – AIIB
        – Gold
        – The Working Group .

      • Jerry

        I guess its no longer a rumor. The best way to breakaway from the IMF is to go around it by letting other countries use their own currency for trade.
        I guess the cats out of the ban now.

  16. Flattop

    Diane: Very very interesting about the oil. You gotta know Israel would be very closed mouth about such a thing since its so close to Syria. The golon is Israels gold mine

    • Greg Hunter

      The Golan Heights was take in the 1967 war because it was high ground and Arabs were attacking Israel from the high ground. It was and still is strategic and was not taken for oil. I do not believe the hype about oil.

      • Anthony Australia

        All about land and territory.

      • Flattop

        GREG; Thank you for our input.

      • diane

        Maybe right Greg…Genie Oil is a $7 stock.
        It is strange …sort of like the Anartica mystery.

  17. Anthony Australia

    I think you are being Duped by Trump.

    Jeff Rense, Gerald Celente & Peter Schiff are staring to see the cracks. Why would anyone thing that an elected rather selected official would help the people, it has not happened for decades.
    Political campaigns in the States are a sideshow, give the people what they want to hear and see them wave the little flags, absolute baloney.

    • AA

      Dr Paul Craig Roberts also.

  18. Eddie Ip

    I think we can throw all fundamental, technical and cycle analysis out of the window in the new “normal” where everything is fake – fake news, fake valuation, fake markets etc…There is only one thing that can tip the markets over which is when the governments are out of control and confidence in the dollar is completely lost. The US government will do anything it can to protect the dollar including going to war. Basically Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair said the same thing. I like them both.

    • This sceptred Isle

      It is interesting to note that the US dollar index has declined somewhat yet gold and silver prices have still gone down the pan.

      • This sceptred Isle

        oil price is also declining a lot – maybe Kyle Bass is right and the Chinese credit bubble is popping.

      • Greg Hunter

        You are correct sir: I would not worry about Au and Ag. This health care deal will clear the deck for tax cuts and they are coming in some form. Tax cuts will help the economy–nom doubt. However, this will blow the federal budget up, and there will be inflation.

      • Wayne D

        Since some countries had begun dumping some of their US Treasury holdings, notably China and usually in exchange for tangible assets. It will take some time before the repatriated USDs return to start showing inflation (increased money supply) in the US economy. The slight decline we’re seeing in the USD index now might be picking this up.

        But the interplay of this and the rumors of the Fed clearing out some of its “balance sheet” (and how it accomplishes that) has got to muddy the waters for a while. Plus we have China-Russia using gold-backed trading notes and the AIIB-CIPS is working to bypass the USD-SWIFT systems. This will return even more USD to the US (to become “stranded”?).

        Pretty soon no one will want to import our inflation exports anymore. Boo hoo. Probably has a lot to do with all this sabre-rattling going on now.

  19. Faith

    Mr. Hunter, I heard most of your interview on Coast-to-Coast am and you were on fire! I loved your feistiness! Thank you for trying to inform people in an honest and direct manner. I appreciate your forthrightness! God bless you and your family.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Faith!

    • diane

      Greg Hunter reports Real News.
      He tells the truth! What a concept!

  20. Mike R

    When Your Uber Driver Tells You To Sell Naked Put Options…
    …think of Bernard Baruch’s famous description of the days leading up to the 1929 crash:

    Taxi drivers told you what to buy. The shoeshine boy could give you a summary of the day’s financial news as he worked with rag and polish. An old beggar who regularly patrolled the street in front of my office now gave me tips and, I suppose, spent the money I and others gave him in the market. My cook had a brokerage account and followed the ticker closely. Her paper profits were quickly blown away in the gale of 1929.

    What’s different today is taxi/uber drivers aren’t just buying stocks on leverage, they’re essentially selling insurance against a decline in the stock market. The trouble is, “The more people that write financial insurance, the more likely it is that a disaster will happen,” as Victor Haghani, a partner at Long-Term Capital Management, puts it. And by the time the trade has become so popular that your Uber driver is talking about it a “disaster” might already be unavoidable. (Per Jesse Felder)

  21. Jimmy

    Greg: I truly enjoy your website. Thank you very much for your tremendous effort!

    Clif High, Axel Merck etc. are sure fine professionals. I value their professional knowledge but can’t respect their competence. Why? They are VERY poor in communicating. They speak too quickly and don’t speak very clearly. Human communication mostly rely on body language and to some extent tone and melody. They speak way too quickly.

    Most men over 40 with such poor verbal communications skills don’t get my respect.

  22. Edward Ulysses Cate

    Like Madoff, when the market manipulators say they’re done, it’s over.
    Otherwise, Groundhog Day manipulated-markets will continue.
    You would think that countries who have stored gold in London would be upset that 1500 tonnes have been sold off in the last three years; and it wasn’t the banksters’ gold to begin with. It belonged to the people of their country. Just more lyin’ and stealin’.

  23. Peter

    The US economy never really grew under Obama, while he added trillions to the US debt. We are living with his pitiful results today. Even Elizabeth Warren said Obama was out of touch with reality and didn’t understand the pain millions of Americans were experiencing. Thank God Trump won the election and he shall help end the pain, by creating jobs. Without jobs and employment, the US ceases to be a functioning country. A broke country can not solve problems with crime, pollution, poverty, healthcare etc.

    The US stock market is still strong while gold, silver and precious metals are declining in price. Exactly as expected!

  24. Kerry

    Greg, anytime I see some cretin attempt to defend the modern day version of Nazi death camps for the unborn I become ill! With great confidence one is assured all of us will leave this physical form someday. Supporting PPH are being employed by PPH will not be the determining factor where one spends eternity but it won’t help either. This is a murderous lot for the sake of worthless money on top of that. Personally I’m hoping time is running out, the depravity we see daily across the globe is very sad. On a positive note how about another season with the awesome Catherine Austin Fitts!

    • Paul ...

      If we escape the “Nazi Planned Parenthood death camps for the unborn” we then have to deal with the “Nazi death panels” as we approach old age … and in between … they give us continual war, raping and pillaging of our children, etc. … it’s just a “never ending” Holocaust … and I thought we said “Never Again”????

  25. Flattop

    GREG; Here we go again
    Regarding the new health care bill, the democrats are now ( once again) says that children will starve, old people will be deprived of their medications, and orphans will have to live in welfare offices. After a while, their mantra just gets pathetic

  26. J. Crain

    New International Version
    The great dragon was hurled down–that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.
    ◄ Rev. 12:9. ►
    As noted above, Satan is called Devil, meaning “Slanderer.” This reminds us that Satan has defamed the real God our heavenly father by calling him a liar. The words “the original serpent” bring to mind that tragic day in Eden when Satan used a snake to deceive Eve. The expression “the great dragon” brings to mind thoughts of a terrifying monster and aptly fits Satan’s savage craving to obstruct God’s purpose and destroy his people. Clearly, Satan poses the greatest threat to our integrity. For good reason, the Bible admonishes us: The New Living Translation;
    USAWatchdogger’s,“Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.” ◄(1 Pet. 5:8)► Satan no doubt rejoices when one of God’s servants becomes stained with serious sin and may use such victories to taunt the great thou art, Jehovah.—Prov. 27:11. [Ps. 83:18 KJV]

  27. Anthony Australia 🇦🇺

    I just lived this.

    • Anthony Australia 🇦🇺


      • Frederick

        Anthony Unless the perps of 911 are brought to justice America is doomed You cannot live under such a monstrous lie and expect good things That’s the truth whether Greg acknowledges it or not doesn’t matter

      • Tin foil hat

        Yes, you can definitely live in a monstrous lie and expect good things. I have seen it too many times in my life.
        When the perpetrators of 911 are bought to justice, it means the era of the petrol dollar is over. The Saudis’ gold and their real estates in Manhattan will be confiscated and China will be our new partner.
        If you expected to see W. Bush in handcuff, you will very likely be disappointed. If there were justice, W. Bush would get brain cancer and Obama would get HIV/AIDS.

        • Frederick

          Tin Foil Why do you wrongly assume it was the Saudis who were responsible for the attacks I’m almost sure it wasn’t That’s just too easy The Saudis if they were involved were patsies I MO anyway

          • Greg Hunter

            Oh, it’s the Jews again!!!$#@$%

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey Anthony,
      This actor plays a left wig Ass#0!@ and I DO NOT subscribe to the Hate America Commie mantra!!! This is to further beat down confidence so the commie NWWO Lucifer worshiping bastards can destroy THE GREATEST CHRISTIAN country on earth–Period. Don’t post this again. It’s insulting brain washing from the left.

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