They Want to Destroy Trump & America-Gregory Mannarino

By Greg Hunter’s

Analyst/trader Gregory Mannarino says America is in conflict with itself. Mannarino explains, “We have a President who gets it. He’s obviously not a socialist, and there is no doubt this man has the back of America. . . . There is a literal war going on right now between political parties here. This is a deliberate effort by some to destabilize our country, to bring America to its knees from the inside. They want to basically throw this country into some kind of third world situation, and I don’t think it’s going to happen. I think there are too many people on the opposite side of this trade that want to see America succeed.”

Mannarino says that what is being done to Trump is really just the tip of the iceberg. Mannarino contends, “It’s much bigger than Trump. These people don’t just want to destroy this President, they want to subvert and destroy this country, our belief system and our values. This is what they want to do. The question is are we going to allow these people to succeed? That’s really the issue, and I don’t think so. I think there are enough people here, and I think it is most of your audience who understands what’s going on. This is not a battle against the President. This is a battle against our country and our citizens. This is much bigger than an attack on the President.”

According to Mannarino, this battle for America is having a negative effect on the dollar. Mannarino points out, “This is getting zero coverage on the mainstream media (MSM) right now, and that is what is happening to the U.S. dollar. Lots of people don’t realize this, but the dollar is being dumped right now—dumped bigtime by investors all over the world. Even people on CNBC are sitting there and asking what’s going on with the dollar? This is the side effect of what is occurring geopolitically because of this internal war that is occurring, this internal war. Could this turn around in a few days? Sure it could, but there always lies the possibility that this could gain momentum, and the dollar could sell off even further. It’s no secret that the U.S. dollar is a unit of debt, and it will someday achieve its real intrinsic value of zero. Are we beginning to see the beginning of that? Who knows? I am just outlining that, with the dollar, something is going on here.”

Mannarino says the market will always try to find fair value for stocks, bonds, real estate, currencies, gold and silver. Mannarino contends, “The market tried to correct itself in 2008. It was not a meltdown or a crash, it was a correction to fair value. Real estate was massively overvalued, and it was correcting to fair value. The stock market was massively overvalued. It was trying to correct to a fair value. We saw what happened to gold and silver as it went up. It was trying to move to fair value. This is what I have been saying, and that is nothing is real. I challenge anyone here to refute what I am about to say: There is not one asset class, not one, that has a real price discovery mechanism right now. How do we know this is true? The central banks, all of them, are distorting the debt market. It’s the largest part of this market, and they are artificially suppressing interest rates. This creates distortions, and every asset derives its value from what is occurring in the debt market. . . . So, if the debt market is not being allowed to achieve a fair value for the debt . . . then nothing across the spectrum of asset classes, including your house, is real. The price of it is fake. The price of your metals (gold and silver) is obviously fake. The value of your debt note is fake. You have to understand this to get a true perspective on what is occurring.”

In closing, Mannarino says the next meltdown will be far worse than the last, and it will involve the entire world. Mannarino predicts, “If the system melts down in its current form, in other words, we cannot acquire more and more debt, we can’t borrow from the future to sustain where we are now, half of the world’s population will not survive. That’s how dire this can be.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino, creator of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Mannarino says to protect yourself “become your own central bank.” That means routinely buy and hold physical precious metals. Do not trade them. Mannarino routinely converts his trading profits into physical precious metals. Mannarino has long said, “Silver is the most undervalued asset on the planet,” but he likes buying physical gold as well.

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  1. Gregory Mannarino

    This was a great one Greg! I really enjoy being your show.

    • Cmore

      Silver is getting really difficult to store and now buying gold at 2 to 1 . two silver purchases to one gold bar. I had the luck of a stacker video where he gave out info on where the latest deals on PM’s are. I think this is a great thing to do as my latest video by cmore butts does the same and shows some errors in pricing that u can benefit from. Greg and Greg consider including this in ur reports to help reinvigorate the stacker community….. The….. Cmore.

  2. Chris

    I supported Trump, but it’s time for him to go, unless they (the WH) will stop the BS and come out transparent. I’m tired of him and congress already. Ready to become an expat.
    As for your “friend”. Be careful, I used to watch you, but this guy…. anyone with a few functioning brain cells already knows he ain’t the real deal.
    If you align yourself with him, it’ll be difficult to continue to watch you any longer as well.
    As an example, I looked at his trades before the bell today. Let’s see how that plays out in days to come.

    • Tracy Welborn

      Greg Mannarino has an excellent trading record.
      Anyone with a few functioning brain cells can look up his percentage of successful trades.
      As for Trump, you don’t understand what he is facing in any way whatsoever. Neither do I. Yes, I think its time you become an expatriate. I hate to think that men like you are going to be rebuilding America someday.

      • Frank D

        Spot on, Tracy!

    • Jim G

      Chris, I never supported Trump because I knew he was a shill right from the start. People really need to dig just below the surface to see what a deplorable human being this guy really is. He never expected to win the election and got blindsided by the powers-to-be. He will be gone before the end of the year either by his own choosing or by perhaps he will have help on the way out.

      You are right about the latest interview. He’s as clueless as they come but for some reason he gets his 15 or 20 minutes of fame on this site but I guess there’s slim pickings these days to find anyone who really has a handle on what’s going on.

      As far as the expat option, it’s the only one that gives you a chance to survive what’s coming. There is a category 5 heading your way and it is going to hit the entire country. Some will survive – most won’t. At least a half a dozen countries worth checking out that will be a better alternative than where you’re at now. Thing is you don’t have much time to vamoose and it may already be too late.

      • Charles H

        Trump never expected to win the election? So he put up gobs of his own money for what? Next.

      • Bill

        Chris and Jim G; If you don’t like our nation and President Trump–LEAVE

      • wondrouscat

        Jim G – What’s funny is you disparage Mannarino then go onto say exactly what he said – that doomsday is coming.

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        @ Jim G – Expat is an option if you’re unlike millions of men in the US who’ve had their passports taken away. Most health insurance programs require customers to have a bank account with which to reimburse claims. Most countries require a passport to bank (at least for US citizens). Without a passport, not many people can afford health care as expats. So if your passport’s been suspended, then you can’t expat because everyone at some time needs health care and if you don’t have a passport, you can’t bank and if you can’t bank, you can’t afford health care.

      • Frank D

        Its time for both you and Chris to become ex-pats. Rebuilding this country to its prior greatness will take the kind of people neither of you seem to be. Not supporting Trump means that you are OK with the status quo, where the “Democrat/Republicans” (same party, different names, different “play books” but they run the same plays) pit us against each other, for fools, and continue to rob us blind and keep themselves in power. That is NOT what our founding fathers had in mind. Trump is not perfect, and yes he has done/said some things that make me cringe, but he is for REAL about fighting the elitist scum who are ruining our country.

        • czzi

          Frank get out of your little world and see what is going on. Trump is a narcissistic megalomaniac. Who is a traitor, crook, and he is destroying this country, with his childish tweets, erratic behaviour. Get over Clinton she is no longer relevant. You guys on this site who support Trump are the real danger to this country.
          Cmdr. C. Retired USN.

          • Greg Hunter

            CZZI ,
            I appreciate your service, but you have drank the MSM cool-aid and are very misinformed. Trump has not committed one treasonous act–NOT One. If he has, (and I don not want your opinion) please give proof of treason– you must already know you cannot.

          • Charles H


            You will excuse me, sir – but once, as a Shellback on a ship-full of wogs: I had the ‘duty’ of initiating almost the WHOLE squadron I was a part of – including ALL the Officers. Since I was a lowly E-5: my ‘treatment’ of the CO, XO, and the rest only created such a hate-filled resentment: that the moment an opprtunity to prosecute appeared – they nailed my hide to a barn door. They manipulated the “system”; held-up paperwork; and stood me before an incoming Captain – one who would lay the law down. At Mast, I was stipped of one rank, and deliberately provoked to say just one word – so another could be taken, AND be put in the Brig; but I held my peace.
            I have first-hand experience, Commander – of the narcissism you so easily accuse others of: it comes with the territory of having rank, or riches. This may explain your sensitivity to perceiving like characteristics in others. Classical narcissism is mainly – lack of empathy, and not seeing any point of view beyond your own. You say: “You guys on this site who support Trump are the real danger to this country.” To me, the very narrowness of such a statement is a big narcissistic flag in itself.
            You say to ‘get over’ Clinton. I’d say for you to ‘get over’ yourself. Except I know not to expect that much of Nature. CH

          • Wayne D

            If you are USN (retired), why do you use the British spelling for “behavior”? Maybe your little world includes the world of trolling?

            The real danger to this country are people who advocate looking past Clinton and her ilk. The evidence is overwhelming they are treasonous fraudsters, connected to drug/gun-running going back to Arkansas. Look past all the evidence because you believe it is no longer “relevant”?

            So that means if one can get away with it, it never happened? Does your magical thinking also include the idiocy of neoconservatives who think they can “survive” a thermonuclear war? That the rule of law only exists for the peons that such self-professed elites pee on?

            If independent media sites like this one have nothing to offer but nonsense, why would the entire MSM spend its time relentlessly attacking them? It is the MSM that has lost a huge portion of its audience — because people are realizing it has nothing to offer but propaganda that they’re sick of hearing.

      • evan trofholz

        Comments like these are the best. “He is clueless….” followed up with no evidence as to why he is clueless, or any of your own points to substantiate your claim.

      • paul ...

        Jim … Trump may have his daughter and her husband (a close friend of Netanyahu) in his ear … but he is not clueless … so when he visits Netanyahu in Israel he will make it clear that Bush (who gave us 9-11 and Israel the right to annex the West Bank) is no longer in charge … as explained by Shemuel Meir (associate of the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies at Tel Aviv University) Netanyahu and his “hard line” party must come to terms with UN Resolution 242 and 2334 … the world will not recognize Israel’s right to acquire territory by war! …

    • general max

      Did you watch the same video I watched???

    • dbcooper

      Don’t let the door hit you ion the keester!! DB

    • Charles H


      “If you align yourself with him, it’ll be difficult to continue to watch you any longer as well.” ‘Dump them, or I dump you’. Yeah, that’s mature; or is it subtil manipulation? And how do you throw down on someone – then cite an example that the future determines? Isn’t that finding someone guilty BEFORE the facts are known? Fail. Fail.

    • Frederick

      Chris becoming an expat is brilliant I did it in 2015 and couldn’t be happier

    • Swamp Fox

      Chris, the Trumpster aint going till all your bud’s are gone. That’s why we sent him to Washington. The American people! To drain the swamp of all your ilk.

      We the sheeple, have spoken! Now what, just don’t you understand? Try to get it thru your thick numb skull, it aint over till its over! Bulldozed! That’s why we sent Trump. He’s got what you and your mates aint. B a l l ‘ s!

      • Frederick

        Kushner and all huh swampfox You’re ilk probably believes the lame 911 official story too right?

    • Chris

      Well Mr. Hunter for accuracies sake, this review was written on the 16th, which was when I checked his website for trades. The SPY trade didn’t exist until later that evening. He claims in his “MELTDOWN” video that he was substantially richer, and that he “bought naked puts” it is impossible to do this as this in options trading is considered a long put. The trading instrument he names in his video doesn’t exist. Options traders I spoke with after the fact…. well the laughter was abundant, some asking me why I was wasting my time with him. My answer simply put is that he is dangerous, with a large following.
      I also watched his video on options 101 and the successive video to the latter. Some of his suggestions on there are completely inaccurate, misleading and could get a new trader in margin calls.
      As you know, what happened the evening of the 17th in the futures market, is why accuracy is very important.
      Now, do I (along with many others on here) believe that the macro economic view of the US is dismal at best? Yes. But, due to inflation and QE inf that the FED will have to inject to save the market will be unprecedented. This will more than likely send the DOW to 30,000 if not more.
      As for your followers that bashed me without asking any questions as to why I made the claims that I did… Well that is just ignorant, and as such little value can be expected from these replies to my original post.
      There was one poster that said I bashed GM without making any claims. I am baffled why this person would post that when I clearly stated, “As an example, I looked at his trades before the bell today. Let’s see how that plays out in days to come.”
      But I digress.
      I post all my trades with date and time stamp from my trading platform on a site called steemit. I invite any of your followers to engage me on that platform with sensible discourse. I further invite the same to follow me on a traders website called StockTwits.
      My name on both is Chris Michaels,
      steemit- @cmtrading
      stock twits- chrismichaels

      I cannot reply to all the ppl that responded, I don’t have the time. I take care of my mom with advanced stage dementia, trade, and take care of my 3 y/o son. It’s a busy life. Rewarding, but busy. Be well sir.


      • Chris

        Mr. Hunter
        I was mistaken, and I apologize. It was on the 17th. I looked at his positions on the 16th after the bell and SPY wasn’t there. I don’t know how I got those dates mixed up. Want to set things straight.
        Thank you

    • Hairy Herry

      This Hairy Guy has already done his homework in becoming an expat. It’ll take a lot of work to become one, so if you don’t already have a passport, you’d better get started and search carefully where you want to go. Cher wants to go to Jupiter, but I’ve not seen the rocket ship fuel up for her yet. You have to first leave the US to realize the wings you already possess. You have to taste another part of the globe to realize if it’s truly in the cards for you. For many, it’ll be learning a foreign language and if FACTA isn’t eventually repealed by our useless Congressional minions, then getting that second passport is warranted! Without it, the State Department won’t guarantee you any release from your American citizenship in the first place!!
      Ron Paul warned Americans during the Republican debates back in either ’11 or ’12 that The Wall was being created to keep Americans in. You’ll soon discover it ain’t Trump’s fault. He’s dealing with a multi-headed hydra of very powerful interests, many of them with deep, deep tentacles and deeper pockets extending throughout his Republican Party. If this weren’t so obvious, he’d have a way better chance of having put ObamaCare down, like the sick, rabid raccoon it’s morphing into. Karl Dettinger is right! Each of us must be proactive in getting our health matters back into our own hands as insurance math is absolutely against each of us. That, or if you’re truly socialist, you’ll have to advocate for some means as the VAT which much of Europe uses. You’ll then be at the mercy of bureaucrats, looking to pinch pennies and restrict the services you believe you’re entitled to, and trust me, if you’re in that camp, you WILL whine and moan endlessly! You and I aren’t part of the Big Club that George Carlin referred to a dozen years back. Bear in mind, Congress gets their choice of health plans, fully funded by the Sheeple! You think you’re gonna get that if Trump is out of the picture? It’s not impossible, but what PRICE will enough of you shell out to ensure such? George summarized it further; “The game is rigged and nobody seems to notice.” which is so true of too many Americans today, numbed down to an attention span of a goldfish at best, unless it becomes a NIMBY situation.
      Let’s check out the recent WannaCry ransomware incident if you’re seeking an example of how socialized medicine operates; The buffoons running UK’s NHS still have their systems running Windows XP, which today receives only custom support from Micro$oft, and in hindsight I think you’ll agree the NHS wasn’t on-board with such, despite risking lives as those computers are King today. It took that global attack for M$ to release patches to fix up legacy systems, but let’s do like Rush Limbaugh says and “Just follow the money trail!” Microsoft wants to sell more operating systems! They didn’t need to unveil Win8, despite Vista being too pretty (graphics intensive) for some. Win7 was just fine! Now we have Win10, chock full of nonsense. I use a hosts file from Major Geeks to keep a gigantic amount of personal things from being harvested by Micro$oft for the Deep State. Many more would be served better if they did the same, learning how to be a fisherman instead of being fished out of existence! After all, isn’t that what our elitists as Soros want for us Air Breathers? Or bankers doing God’s Work, such as that hideous goober Blankfein, working for G$? I could go on and on, but more of my hairs are turning grey. At least I’m actually earning those grey hairs. Michelle lied to all of us on that point regarding Barry!

  3. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Note to those eagerly looking forward to whatever replaces the debt based currency system: you have to survive the collapse first. Physically survive. I think people gloss over that part of Mannarino’s message.

    • dbcooper

      Diana, Try drawing concentric circles around the metropolitan areas in the US … like 5 miles/ 20 miles etc. and figure that when it all goes south no one will be able to drive out because the roads will be jammed fast … the kill rate will be extreme the closer one is to the city. We are aprox. 130 mile from the nearest large population center and do not expect a great number of marauders but we will still be expecting the worst.
      Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

  4. FC

    Greg, your site is my only news source, I have come to a point in my life where everything I read, see and hear triggers me in fits of rage over the stupidity in this world today from National Debt to 3rd wave feminists.
    I live on 11 acres that I have turned into my our little self-sustained paradise because I no longer fit in this world we live on.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Try Zerohedge as well

      • FC

        I only read the headlines on Zerohedge and Townhall now the thought of reading the entire article will only flare up the veins in my neck.

        • Frederick

          FC you’re missing the best part The comments

        • Hairy Herry

          I strongly agree that the comments section of ZeroHedge truly rule the roost. You’re forewarned to install Ad Blocker if you’ve not already done so. I got sick of videos interrupting my experience there a long time ago. I go there to be entertained in a far more blunt, often adult, refreshingly realistic spectrum encompassing the rainbow from hardliners to softie snowflakes wanting to take “combat training” which I doubt they can stomach more than a couple of hours, spare having to use it for any dead-end means they’re pondering.

  5. Sven

    Nice! Mannarino at his best.

  6. Oracle 911

    Well there are clans which are forcing Russia to fix this financial and banking mess. And this is the good news. The bad news is, it will be according the Russian concept or construction guidelines and Chinese blueprints. Bad news because it won’t be a liberal model aka free market capitalism but a hybrid model. Which means the basic demographically based human needs will be planed everything else will be up to the market.
    The political mess in the US is un-fixable by the Russians. because the deep state and certain clans (neocons&co) want keep the US empire or rather their status cuo on the expense of the US the country. It is utterly idiotic because the US is on the verge of civil war and if it brake out the whole world will go down in flames alongside the US empire, perhaps in thermonuclear ones. So Trump’s job is fixing the country on the expense of the empire. Please note it won’t be neither pleasant or easy and for the 7000 from 10 000 State dep(?) un-employable ex-employees is outright catastrophic.
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • Charles H

      I think we are near Civil War. But just how America Inc. is sold into a new world economy – may surprise us most of us all. The big hurdle is disarming the country.

      • Frederick

        So the obvious answer would be to NEVER give up your weapons I don’t own any and never have but I fully understand the point of owning them And the nonsense about German citizens not having weapons is exactly that Nonsense I spent a summer on my uncles farm in Hesse in 1972 and he had a virtual arsenal in his barn

        • Charles H


          I live in Mexico, where it is illegal to own or possess firearms; unless you have served an obligatory two years in the Armed Forces and have a certification of service completed. When I visit back in the States: I have license to carry and do it. It is part hobby, and part patriotism to engage in something practically no nation in the world allows. Carrying is real ‘next level’ responsibility: but my and my wife’s safety shouldn’t be a call, miles away, and minutes from facing danger or crime. One either ‘steps-up’; or they leave it alone.

    • Flattop

      Oracle 911;
      Our President and the Leader of China didn’t spend a couple days in Florida talking about how to use chopsticks. When the deep state pulls the plug on our economy to destroy Trump, Chinas Leader and the President of Russia are going side with Trump and destroy the deep state. The deep state has no true friends.

  7. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Outstanding interview from both of you – thank you. A privilege to ‘know’ you both. Apart from doing the obvious (precious metals) it’s nothing short of watching and praying. Andrew

  8. John:

    blackout over Seth Rich, Blasting news about James Comey and Trump. White noise to distract from the truth. More scandals than one can keep track of. Pushing N.K meme. War will be the outcome to depopulate. We had the Industrial Revolution next will be the Robotic Revolution. As a result the powers that no longer need country’s and the patriotism to promote competition. We are headed for a one world currency one world government. They will destroy religion.
    You already see the division in the political arena to the point of mass violence. A small taste of what is to come. Look no farther than Venezuela, Greece, Middle East. The eruo dollar was the test for a one world currency. They have realized the bugs in the euro dollar and know how to fix it. But the next wave will be very dramatic. And that is being set up as we are distracted with all the white noise. America will be no more, gone will be the Constitution along with the bill of rights. A new world government with a new Constitution will be born. There will no longer be mass starvation and sickness as the masses will no longer exist. The Georgia Guide Stones are pretty close to what will be the future of the world.

    • marie schmidt

      Right on John, the lunatic liberal dems are making noise and stirring up trouble to keep the HOT spotlight off old Crooked Hillary and the Seth Rich death, and off Obama for his and Rice unmasking scandal. Trump needs to ignore their crap and keep doing what he promised and then get the Justice Dept to start ripping into the DNC, Clinton and Obama corruption and criminal stuff, which could include murder of Seth Rich.

    • Charles H

      Homogenized, and sized.

    • BHLiberty

      Interesting enough, Mr. Hunter interviews Catherine Austin Fitts who appears on his site fairly regularly. If you go to her site today and read this, you will be enlightened about James Comey:

      • Greg Hunter

        This is very good!! Thank you.

  9. Corleone

    In Janet Yellen’s undertanding, market and central bank are one single thing, debt and capital are two different names for one same thing, heroin addiction and sluggish recovery are one same thing, metal currency and paper currency are only different in names, financial policy and Ponzi schemes are two different terms refer to one single phenomenon. Any problem emerges in those things, according to Janet “Piranha” Yellen, should be solved by find out the right dose of heroin to be injected.

  10. Concerned american dad

    ‘Wasn’t going to bother listening when i saw who it was again- same abstractions every time , over and over- no mention of the latest decelopments with the Silk Road initiatives- looks like maybe you should try to get your commentor Jerry on as a guest- way more insight in the comments lately

    • Greg Hunter

      Maybe you should start you own site and run it the way you like!

    • Big Jim

      CAD, I agree with you. Same old horsepuckey. Same ranting and raving we’ve heard over and over again. Same prognostications too. Gotta admit that its passionate, but lacks any semblance of follow-through. You cant fix faulty predictions that have already failed OVER and OVER ! By any standard or sense of the imagination …… Its getting old. Real old. Just like Bo Polny and the million dollar bonanza express he predicted by the end of April. Didn’t happen then and wont happen in my lifetime. Its time for Greg to get a clue.

      • jim

        Big jim, You must have cancer and are going to die within the next week, so yes you are right, you probably won`t witness the collapse. but too bad you are steering your family and friends into poverty and starvation .