Threat of Nuclear War Back-Paul Craig Roberts

Paul_Craig_Roberts-323x346By Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release)

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is worried about nuclear war with China and Russia.  Dr. Roberts warns, “It’s clear Russia doesn’t want war.  China doesn’t want war, but because of the recklessness of the Bush and Obama regimes, both China and Russia have been upgrading their strategic nuclear forces.  Russia has not only been upgrading its nuclear forces very rapidly, but Russia has been running its strategic bombers into our airspace to test our reaction times. . . . What’s important is Washington has telegraphed to two major nuclear powers, Russia and China, that it intends to attack them, and that’s what the fools have done in Washington.  All the threat of nuclear war had ended when Reagan and Gorbachev made their agreements, and now this fool in the White House has brought this threat back.”

Dr. Roberts also thinks the new retaliatory sanctions imposed by Russia on agricultural products from the West have countries, such as Germany, having second thoughts.  Dr. Roberts says, “We now have . . . the main financial newspaper in Germany, it’s like the Wall Street Journal, come out with a very strong statement from the editor in chief and say that the direction that the United States was pushing things is contrary to common sense, and contrary to the interests of Germany. . . . Therefore, this is a break in the ranks, and this is probably the most important newspaper in Europe.”

On the speculation of Russia invading Ukraine, Dr. Roberts says, “I think the talk about Russia invading is the American military security complex, so they can beef up their budgets and have more taxpayer monies allocated to the military security complex.  It’s propaganda.   Dr. Roberts goes on to say, “Russia is not going to invade anyone, and I don’t think they are going turn off the gas, unless the Europeans allow themselves to be pressured again into further sanctions by Washington.  If that happens, I think the Russians most likely will call up the European capitals and say look, you’re going to get your gas turned off if you don’t find your own independent foreign policy and deal with us like grownups.”

On the question of the economy failing, Dr. Roberts, who holds a PhD in economics, says, “Whatever blows, it has to be something the government can’t rig.  The only way it could stop means the government can no longer rig it.  It is such a huge pile of cards that if they can’t keep it rigged, a lot is coming down in a hurry.”  So, what’s going to be the trigger?  Roberts thinks it will be when the world abandons the U.S. dollar.  How long can the economy be propped up?  Dr. Roberts says “It will continue as long as it is tolerated.  When will it cease to be tolerated?  I think it will be when there is a general flight from the dollar. . . Once the general mood changes, and not just by gold investors, and people cease to hold dollars, then this won’t work.  It will fail, and at that time, it will be almost impossible to get into gold.  There just isn’t enough to absorb a major flight from a currency as large as the dollar.  The dollar is just a huge currency.”

About the 4% GDP growth in 2nd quarter, Dr. Roberts says, “There is a lot of pressure on them because that can be a black swan event.  You get a second negative quarter and you are talking about recession, and then you got people asking why are stocks so high?  Then, people start bailing out of stocks, and since it’s rigged, you don’t know how big the crash will be.  I don’t know if we can expect an honest (GDP) number.  I do know that nothing has happened since the forces that produced the negative first quarter.  There has been no growth in consumer incomes.  There has been no growth in consumer credit.  We see not only middle class stores like Sears, Macy’s and JC Penny’s being closed, but now we see it’s the dollar stores that are failing.  That tells you people don’t even have enough money to keep the dollar stores in operation.  So, where did 4% growth come from?”

In closing, Dr. Roberts says, “China and Russia are not a threat, but the United States and neo-conservatives say we are chosen by history as exceptional and indispensable, and we have a right and responsibility to establish our system over the world.  This is the cause of all of these wars.  It’s the cause of all of this antagonism against Russia because they are a rising power.  How can you have hegemony if you have another rising power or two rising powers such as China and Russia?  So, we have to knock down these rising powers.  That’s what all the conflict is coming from. . . .   They are creating an ideology that is endangering the whole world.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

(There is much, more in the hour long interview.)

After the Interview:

Dr. Roberts has written many books.    Follow these links to check  his latest two books , click here and here.  Dr. Roberts is also a prolific writer on his free website called  If you would like to support his work, please go to his donations page by clicking here.

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  1. art barnes

    Greg, Dr. Roberts finally stated what many of us already figured out, that is that the U.S. is the aggressor and is pushing us to a confrontation with the Eastern Powers of Russia and China. The American neo-cons & the military industrial complex won’t rest until we are ramping up like another Reagan buildup. Our politicians will go along with it because of the campaign bribes the “complex” civil companies will pour into the legalized extortion lobbyist game. However, there has to be a real perceived threat in order for the call to “militarize” can come into fruition; remember the “evil empire” language of that time? So if Russia & China will not play the game then you have to push at them to make them play; its to your benefit as it doesn’t matter who starts it, it just matters that it happens so that military ramping up & spending is deemed prudent if not outright unpatriotic if not done. Its a dangerous game but a risk worth taking for the enormous profits available to the military industrial complex who calculates the risk at minimum and or within acceptable reason. You must remember that this future “ramping up” will be used as a “get our of recession” trump card by the next Administration, Republican or Democrat. Further, besides helping the economy with a boost, it will provide a reduction of “dumping the dollar” not only because of a stronger economy but a threat to those countries who are trying to do so. In closing, it seems that the any fool can see that the ramping up will come sooner rather than latter and will be perceived by many or at least the elite as a win-win situation. As tensions rise with the East what for more cries at home to militarize.

    • Jerry

      Art you are on it buddy. Guess who profits the most in time of war? The Bankers. Guess who’s pushing for war?

      • art barnes

        Jerry, the bankers are a large part of the elite.

      • Charles H.

        Jerry & Art,

        Multi-nationalism – as a view of global Imminent Domain, or, the whole earth is ours to deal with (as us few determine): looks at countries as useable/disposable resources. Governments only impede the process of corrupt, conquer, utilize, then move on: the succession of power, held in tight circles being key. Nationalism become a tool, and war a methodology, painted as patriotism – as the final phases of subjugation. America lost her sovereignty in 1913 with the FedRes. Abraham Lincoln understood this. Economic Feudalism by the Money-changers – going global. Question is – can Russia and China break the mold?

        • JC Davis

          Charles : Compact yet NAILED IT !

          • JC Davis

            If I may add. The answer is they can , but will not do it till the time is right. I don’t mean to butt in Art and Jerry. this has been some question I have often wondered.

            • Charles H.

              JC Davis,

              “When the time is right.” – I would call the finishing nail. America has forced a Fiat race-to-the -bottom upon the world; and a reset is inevitable. But will the reset be more of the same; a hybrid system; or a return to fundamental, un-game-able standards?
              Thanks for the compliment.

          • JC Davis

            Greg when are you going to step in and express what you think is going to happen in the world. Who cares about what someone thinks about anything. You have a answer to Charles question.
            Me and many beginners will still be here keeping a watch out. Or continue as you were. Your choice.
            We await.

            • Greg Hunter

              The short version: War on many fronts my friend.

        • JC Davis

          Charles I am just blown away at your expertise in words. This is by far my favorite all time posting. Beautifully done. I have to re read it.

          • allen ols

            ….everyone…..BOYCOTT ISRAEL….. OR…


            • Greg Hunter

              Allen ols,
              Very clever. Everyone please watch BEFORE you comment.

              • allen ols


            • Charles H.

              Yo! Ya know – it ain’t my cup ‘o tea…
              But a smile on my face is all that you could see…
              It made my day – that’s all that I can say…
              And Al Ols is the man that has carried off the day!

          • Charles H.


            I try, and I get lucky sometimes. Condensing and composing viewpoints is one thing; but there are others here on this site that blow me away. They are so good, most of them – that it is easy to overlook the nuances of their insights. Some, are sources of information that are as good as the guests that Greg interviews. It is all these – yourself included – that make this site complete. Jerry, in the last interview states: “… what Greg has provided with this site, is a front row seat to the main event, and a reality poke, that will hopefully jar you out of the effects of the Blue Pill state.” And nobody wrote one word of compliment!
            Greg Hunter has done a great job. Time will show how much of a vanguard this site really is.

      • Jerry

        Update to my last post. Like I said Russia is using our playbook for humanitarian aide as a reason for invasion to Ukraine. They’re going to say “see why tried to help those poor people” we had no choice.

    • allen ols

      the jackass agrees, pcr is right, russia china want to flourish economically and push the usa out of the reserve currency, usa, needs more war, look for a BIG fals flage to snow the un informed 98% sheeple.

      ‘Our politicians will go along with it because of the campaign bribes the “complex” civil companies will pour into the legalized extortion lobbyist game. However, there has to be a real perceived threat in order for the call to “militarize” can come into fruition; remember the “evil empire” language of that time? ‘ correct, tks. al osl

      • Felicia

        So what message are we being given when the biggest players in this corrupt system are buying huge amounts of their own toxic paper using toxic paper to cover the deal?
        We already know the Fed is buying their T bills and the U.S. dollar, PCR is pointing to corporations buying their stock and banks are holding properties so their toxic mortgage paper can’t be realised, at least from an accounting pov. So…. agaian I ask …what message are we being given?

        • Greg Hunter

          Collapse on many fronts is near.

    • JC Davis

      Love you Art.

      • art barnes

        Jeff, thanks from the Western Front.

    • Varughese

      To start a war with Russia and China would be the dumbest thing NATO can do now. First of all for some reason, the idiots in Washington thinks that they can win a nuclear war with Russia by preemptive strike. The thinking is that they have got Russia surrounded completely that they can take them out. Can’t get more foolish than that!

      Russia even under extreme economic hardship managed to keep their missile programs and Submarine research running. I think some time back there was a report of Akula Class-2 Submarines entering the west coast without the US Navy knowing. Navy came to know only after they left. If that could happen then Russia could easily strike US of A. So mutually assured destruction is guaranteed.

      Also how can a war help US survive this mess? Or at least continue the mess? If a war starts Russia will be smart enough to have Iran shut the “strait of hormuz” with a bit of their help. With or without that the oil price will shoot to 200$. That will burst all the bubbles at once.

    • jee

      what Roberts doesnt realize is that Putin will go into Ukraine under some conditions:

      1. any type of american military hardware that is set up there
      2. contintuation of bombing of civilian populations

      and of course both of these things are to be done at the risks, but Putin is a moral just person and he is not going to let his country be threaten by american nukes, or by the nonsense of murdering civilians.. America and Israel don’t mind it, but Russia wont do it for long.

      I can tell Putin is doing his best to stay out of it but I don’t think he can hold out for too long given all the truths that he knows. and If he wanted to, he could walk into Ukraine and win the country back in a matter of hours. Arrest the thugs in office, and then leave.

  2. Jeff

    As far as his description of the US promoting an agenda of confrontation……Everything I’ve been saying all along……He’s a great, sincere man. I just have to add this……every time I see his “photo” laughing I cringe, as it seems so inappropriate to the subject matter he covers……Get a new picture Paul.

    • Jim

      He laughs occasionally, I believe, because of his experience and knowledge of what he speaks. I sense he laughs at how pathetic and regretful our situation is on many levels in what should easily, consistently be the greatest country on earth. Notice Roberts refers to the “fools in Washington,” also referring to the presidents recklessness and irresponsibility. I have a couple college degrees and am embarrassed by the path our academics in charge have led us. Does any one in the presidents inner circle have credentials in real productivity and, or major administrative success measured by quantitative methods?

      • allen ols


        agreed! al ols

      • woody188

        It’s a nervous tick. A coping mechanism. I laugh in the face of danger not because I am brave, but because I am afraid!

    • henry

      When you see disasters all around, you can either laugh or cry. Roberts short laughs every minute or two is an indication that he can’t believe how stupid the “smart” people running the country are.

  3. Enlightened Patriot

    A great interview with Dr. Roberts as usual Greg. Thank you for all you do. You put the Western MSM to shame.
    Best wishes from the UK.

    • Alice

      To Paul Craig Roberts, I could not agree more, however, the senate, the congress, the military and no one, seems to be taking their oath to the constitution and to protect the US against enemies foreign and domestic seriously. The present administration is the enemy. Here the DHS says see something, say something, ok, I am saying it, the present administration is committing treason and no one is taking it seriously. They knowingly are committing treason, that is their plan, and I wonder, What is our plan??

      • Saint Lawrence

        First, what you see is what you get; Oligarchs-plutocrats are multinational telephone remote control people who control:
        Fed. Res. Bank
        CIA, DEA, FCC, FBI, NSA, IRS … all federally created agencies
        535 in Washington DC and international politicos…
        See the movie “The international” “V for Vendetta” “Above the Law”
        I personally have met some oligarchs: my opinion is they dont want
        Nukes in China, Russia, USA ever deployed. They sell the Hatfields
        and McCoys weapons and ammo, then they take the deeds to the properties.

        Political showmanship is Americas’ Original 3-Ring Circus! They search over land and sea to bring you the best circus performers in the world today:
        clowns, puppets, idiots, liars and fools.
        The circus is a combination of spending-strength & waisting-skill, false flags, beautiful verbose laws & police state mystery. With amazing lighting and sound effects, watch as oligarchs tell human-animal performers what to do.
        It matters not what or whom one votes for;

        They will supply the candidate morons,
        They will supply voting machine and
        the voting reporting services
        thusly controlling the outcome.
        Ref: “Making of a President” …

        • allen ols

          st laurence, bingo!!

      • Saint Lawrence

        post script
        Keiser Report: (E638)
        Oligarchs have been pushing jobs overseas, pushing money offshore,
        pushing manufacturing facilities out-of-country, installing tax and government subsidies and benefits for doing so for decades.
        The crash of 1987 has links to the shut-downs of US manufacturing
        (refer to Jim Willie)

        The current immigration “crisis” causes are easy to see:

        They have been making the laws in their favor for more than a century.
        (refer to Codified Federal Regulations, and United States Code)
        Oligarchs wrote ACA just like they wrote the 1913 Federal Reserve Act.

  4. Miro Markovic

    Dear Greg:
    I thank you for bringing Dr. Paul Craig Roberts to talk to all of us about the current trends of American politics and economy. I did appreciate all what he had to say, because he is not only knowledgeable but also an extremely brave person in verbalizing the obvious facts that most of us would not dare to mention not only in public but neither in private conversations . Your questions regarding different topics were well formulated and he gave his totally honest answers to all of them.

    His evaluations of our Executive branch of our government including its ideology leaders are shocking to say the least. And the most depressing thing about it all is that we, as the ordinary tax paying people, cannot do anything about it. We are like a nice flock of sitting ducks on the pond in open hunting season.

    • Calgirl

      There is one thing we can do………….stop voting for the same crooks. Most continue to vote for “their” Senator or Congressmen” and think that it is all the “others” who are the problem. FIRE THE WHOLE LOT OF THEM.

  5. armando

    As usual a fine interview. I am with Greg on everything except his misguided ¨Christian Zionist¨ perspective. While the interview was superb, It´s a shame that he abruptly cut-off Dr Roberts as soon as this wise man mentioned Israel (29:30), he promptly changed the subject to Gold. While PCR supports the Israeli people, he may be the one person who could have opened Greg´s eyes to the difference between being pro-Israel and being a Zionist! Check out this superb article Dr Roberts recently wrote and posted on his site: I may be mistaken, but I got the distinct impression that Greg knows quite well how Dr Roberts feels about the Israel vs Palestine (Gaza) situation and that this subject was probably ¨off-the-table¨ during this interview. While I realize that the Palestenians are also guilty, I think Greg needs to consider why this is the one subject in which he completely tows the US Govt and MSM line? I´ve sent Dr Roberts´ a copy of this post telling him I¨ll be surprised if the post gets posted.

    • Greg Hunter


      First of all I didn’t cut anyone off. The interview was One hour long. Second, I do not appreciate you coming on this site and referring me as a “misguided Christian Zionist.¨ I find that insulting. Don’t do it again. Secondly, I try to be objective and report both sides of the situation. I and don’t need Dr. Roberts or anyone else to “opened Greg´s eyes.” I know this differs from your totally one-sided devotion to Hamas, which you think is being “objective.” Folks like you will blindly ignore any and all facts that are not flattering or sympathetic to Hamas no matter what it does in this war with Israel. For example, If Hamas was worried about civilian deaths, it would move its military hardware to the perimeter of Gaza and fire rockets with women and children behind them. Hamas did not and still does not conduct its military operation that way. Here is a story from a Finnish reporter saying rocket attacks came from a hospital parking lot. She reported from the hospital and said, “Really, it happened right in the area, the sound of it was really loud,” she said. “It’s true that rockets are launched here from the Gazan side into Israel.” Here’s the link: This is war and not genocide. Also, Hamas has reportedly executed war protesters in Gaza, “Hamas Executed 20 Palestinian Anti-War Protestors in Gaza.” Link: I also saw a Palestinian lawmaker from the West Bank back up the reports that Hamas was shooting war protesters and claiming they were Israeli collaborators. It is a very ugly situation and I am deeply saddened by the death on both sides, especially the civilians in Gaza. I don’t know what the answer is but I hope they both stop shooting. By the way, the link you posted is broken, but I guess that is another big Israeli conspiracy to.

      One last thing, the story or op-ed Paul Craig Roberts did (that Armando mentioned above) was totally one-sided, and left out the fact that Hamas has shot more than 3,500 rockets into Israel. If Dr. Roberts wanted to mention “Henry Siegman, Former Head of the American Jewish Congress,” then to be fair, he should have mentioned the son of Hamas founder Mosab Hassan Yousef who said last week, “Hamas puts Gaza’s children in front of Israeli tanks …[and] profits from the death of Palestinian children to get sympathy from the Arab world.” Link: Here is some more of what Yousef thinks, and the best part is–he’s turned Christian: This is balance and objectivity, not the one-sided unbalanced analysis you posted.


      • todd clay

        it amazes me how these anti-jewish, bleeding hearts, never get around to mentioning the fact that Israel has been under missle attack on a daily basis for years,while doing everything they can to minimize the casualties in gaza…….lay with them greg,the majority of americans agree with you!

      • arvind

        Both of you need to check out A honest Israeli Jew speaks the truth about Palestine. He was the son of an Israeli general and part of the Israeli army himself.

      • vincentg

        Greg has done a fine interview as usual.
        I think the young lad is upset because he did get what he wanted from it.
        First I don’t think the young lad understands the problems.
        Nor does he understand what Dr. Roberts is saying when he speaks of Israels sway on US policy.
        Sit back and listen with an open mind and don’t put down Greg as he’s in the drivers seat and back seat drivers are such a nuisance.

      • armando

        Greg, first of all I am not ¨pro-Hamas¨, as I said above the Palestinians are ALSO guilty. I´ll go even further in saying that Hamas is basicaly a terrororist organization and has been commiting acts of cowardice and terrorism since its very inception – that however does not absolve Israel of the heinous crimes it´s commiting against thousands of civilians in Gaza. Further, I believe that all of the arab world MUST recognize Israel´s right to exist if there is to be peace in the middle east. That said, as I implied before, it bothers me that while I agree with you on everything else (both economic and geopolitical) we are so far apart on this one issue. While your actions with Gerald Celente were not to my liking I find it particularly troubling that you refer to an article written by one of the men that many of us admire most (Dr Paul Craig Roberts) as ¨one-sided garbaje¨. Once again I ask you this question – why is it that this is the only subject on which you tow the US Govt and MSM line? I once thought much like you do now, so I will quit harping on the negative and leave it at that. There is too much we agree on to let this subject cause bad feelings, I suppose what you´ve said before is true- on certain subjects sometimes good men simply disagree…

        • Greg Hunter

          I hope everyone will look at this issue from both sides. I just provided the other side and that side makes Hamas and what they are doing look a whole lot less sympathetic. I strive for balance and I try to provide visitors who read comments between you and I some perspective and balance and not one sided propaganda for either side. Yes, “Good men can disagree” and might I ad provide some balance from both sides. By the way I have revised my comment to say “unbalanced analysis” instead of “garbage.”

        • Charles H.


          Why continue to “come at” Mr. Hunter with your grievances? Such activities I term as “badgering-light”; not “harping” as you may use it. It’s like setting the harpoon, then saying – well, I guess I should stop now. Here’s a hint: don’t do this from the beginning.

      • Mark

        Well said Greg, what this country needs are people with your interviewing capabilities on the MSM.

      • G. Joseph Fondren

        Greg, I really appreciate the good work both you and Dr. Roberts do; however, it seems to your humble servant that “Thou dost protest too loudly” ONLY when you play “devil’s advocate” concerning Israel.
        Some judge said once that, “After a feud has been going on for two weeks—no one is innocent,” and that would seem to apply to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict; however, it is American and humane to root for the underdog that is overwhelmingly getting the shit kicked out of him. I sympathize with any Israeli who believes in, and lives by, the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP), and also for any such Palestinian. Aren’t you being a little, I won’t say disingenuous, but maybe a little heavy-handed when referring to sympathy for Gazans as supporting Hamas? One other little nit to pick is Dr. Roberts’ chronic mispronunciation of the word “hegemony”; he transposes his m and n. As far as his photo, I prefer the serious one on his site—as if anyone might actually care what the hell I prefer. LOL Again, I really admire both of you and regret my inability to convince Dr. Roberts to come on my radio show years ago.

        • Greg Hunter

          G. Joseph Fondren,
          You said, “it seems to your humble servant that “Thou dost protest too loudly” ONLY when you play “devil’s advocate” concerning Israel.” I say, I always protest when the argument is framed totally one-sided people like you. Leaving out glaring facts is a lie by omission. Please tell me a single fact I have gotten wrong. You simply cannot leave out unflattering things because you like one side, you know, like Hamas shooting protesters in Gaza who do not agree with waging war from heavily populated areas. Yesterday, Palestinian negotiator in Egypt Qais Abdelkarim called the said the blockade is the “reason for the war.” Did you catch that? Palestinian negotiators called this “WAR.” So you root for the “underdog” even when they are using their own unarmed civilians as fodder for war and the propaganda of death at the hands of Israeli counter-strikes??? You agree with this military strategy???

          • G. Joseph Fondren

            Greg, I never even hinted that you had misrepresented the truth or hid any facts. It is a bit troubling though, that you seem to lump Palestinians of any stripe as “Hamas.” The fact that Hamas is shooting protesters should lead one to believe that Hamas does not represent all of the people in Gaza, and it is the innocent that I have sympathy for. I don’t know enough about Hamas to defend it, and I never have. I certainly intended my comment to be constructive, but apparently it was not received as such. Don’t you agree that your stance in the Gerald Celente interview was, to say the least, different? I was jolted by it and thought it unbecoming of you. It was borderline Hannity-esque. Castigate me if you must, but my comment was well intentioned. I really do admire what you do and the way you do it, almost all the time.

            • Greg Hunter

              G. Joseph Fondren,
              If you are blind to a two sided story I cannot help you. This is how I interpret this statement “Don’t you agree that your stance in the Gerald Celente interview was, to say the least, different?” The facts simply tell a “different” story than you want told. The truth “unbecoming” of me? What, you are trying to shame me into being one-sided? Not going to work. If what I say and report is “unbecoming,” then please get your Al Jazeera or RT. They are guaranteed of telling only one side of the story and it will make you feel better. I feel for the Palestinians, but if they want peace then they are going to have to get Hamas to stop shooting, or at least stop shooting from heavily populated civilian areas. This is warfare and war is ugly. I am not a negotiator but a reporter and I do not like to leave facts out on either side of the story. That is a lie by omission.

              • G. Joseph Fondren

                Greg, first, my sincerest thanks for even allowing this discourse. You didn’t have to. You could have blocked me at the get-go. Your character is on display, and in this regard, IMHO you are looking good. However, (And you knew this was coming, didn’t you?) Regarding, “They are only telling one side of the story;” one side of the story is “the other side” and in my years as an elected intermediary in a workplace environment, I became quite aware of the importance of hearing “one side” of a dispute because it is one of the two (Or more) “other sides.” I, for one, wanted to hear Celente’s position even if it was one-sided, as I flatter myself as being exceptionally capable at identifying bullshit. I would bet that with your experience and acumen that you would have been able to aptly rebut or refute whatever Celente stated AFTER he finished; instead you seemed intent on interrupting him and blocking him from even finishing his point concerning what he deemed as HIS truth and HIS facts, and he has been wrong before as far as timing is concerned. Celente was your invited guest, and we are your invited listeners, although any future invitations to yours truly could be in serious jeopardy, and it would seem that you owe it to us, them, whomever, to allow your guests to make their points without being set upon; and, just as important, it raises doubt as to the strength of your argument. You can always tell when Sean Hannity is getting an argumentative drubbing; he turns into a bully. You’re better.

                • Greg Hunter

                  “Good men can disagree.”

        • Charles H.

          G. Joseph Fondren,

          We won’t say that your comment is disingenuous, either; but a little heavy on the condemnation side. Mr. Hunter DOES present a balanced and relatively fair view of this whole conflict. Why such well versed composers, such as yourself, do not read and weigh this fact is a mystery to me; unless you are being lazy, willfully ignorant, or deliberately mis-intentioned.
          The flourishes of “getting the shit kicked out of…” are a nice touch, denoting base sympathy though. Every issue has two sides – but rather than being positive for your side – why be accusatorially negative against the other side? I suspect because there isn’t too much positive to embellish for your (pro-palestinian) side: not currently, not historically.

      • 2015

        Greg, Jim Stone and others have well-estblished that Israel’s Iron Dome is not designed nor does it function against the rockets that Hamas could possibly have. It is used for much larger weapons. That only means one thing: that Hamas is not shooting any rockets, that’s why the oil tanks on the border are all intact, and these are only a few kilometers away from the border.

        • Greg Hunter

          This is total propaganda BS. You know full well what Hamas was doing constitutes war. Now you are denying rockets existed. That’s rich and a bold face lie. Don’t come back here.

      • todd

        “Armando”huh?……….failed to adapt to our Christian nation or the history of how our country was founded…….if he hates the Israelis [or americans for that matter],maybe he should go back to his country!

        • armando

          FYI ¨Armando¨ is a pseudonym (ficticious pen name ). As a Christian I certainly do not hate Israel and I most certainly do not hate my own country. For your information, I am a recently-retired U.S. Naval Officer and am well aware of our Judeo-Christian heritage and of how and why our country was founded. That said, I do not approve of lies and immoral actions by ANY corrupt government – be it the US, Russia, Israel, or the Palestenians. I believe that Israel has every right to exist in peace and needs to be immediately recognized by all of its arab neighbors, and I understand well that they have every right to defend themselves from the actions of the terrorist group Hamas. All I´m saying is a better road to peace must be found – the violence and the deaths of thousands of innocent people must stop now!

          • Greg Hunter

            Now that’s balance!

          • todd

            even a blind man can see…….Israel is fighting the war the only way possible……

  6. Alyce

    Some of what he said I can agree with, but it’s easy to criticize what others –Obama & Bush—have done…the hard part is…what would he do now? Not easy to leave 40,000 Christians stranded on top of a mountain in 100 degrees with no food or water. Also he started to comment about ‘Israel killing people like America does’… I agree that a lot of our media is propaganda, I see it. But sorry, I can’t be convinced that Hamas is humanitarian and Israel is at fault. I agree with Fox news on that subject even if it’s unpopular to admit on alternative media.

    • Silence is Golden

      “40,000 Christians stranded on top of a mountain” may just be an Epiphany.
      It may also be prophetic or symbolic of the survivability of Christianity in general.
      They are achieving their long held desires.

    • Darren


      You still haven’t explained why you support Israel despite their gift of NATO defense plans to the Soviets, missile technology to China, the attack on USS Liberty and other offenses against Americans.

      • Open Minded

        Well Darren, a terrible accusation against the State of Israel. And the evidence is ……. I notice you didn’t put in any links to credible sources. Now let me see, perhaps it’s the ‘Goyim Guardians’ or some other similarly balanced outfit.

        • Darren

          More documentation for “Open Minded”:

          UPI, WASHINGTON, 1988:

          “Another major blow to U.S. security was Pollard’s gift to the Soviets was that of the firing locations, sequences and coordinates of the U.S. war plan against the Russians. Another was giving the Soviets information about the techniques used by the U.S. Navy to track Soviet subs around the world.”

          “The Israeli government initially claimed that it was not involved, but a federal grand jury last year indicted an Israeli officer, Colonel Aviem Sella, on conspiracy charges stemming from his alleged recruitment of Pollard in 1984.

          “Pollard was recruited by senior Israeli defense officials close to then Defense Minister, Ariel Sharon.

          “These officials, according to the source, traded stolen U.S. documents to Soviet military intelligence agents in return for assurances of great emigration of Soviet Jews. “It began as a straight data-for-people,” said a CIA official. But the result was that “the Soviets penetrated the Israeli defense establishment at a high level.”

          “An administration official explained in an interview that U.S. officials are certain the Israeli espionage is continuing.

          “’Mossad is the most active foreign intelligence service on U.S. soil, more active and more successful than the KGB,’ the source said.”


          Netanyahu said to have offered Lewinsky tapes for Pollard | The Times of Israel

          WASHINGTON — Israel attempted to use tapes of former US president Bill Clinton’s steamy conversations with intern Monica Lewinsky to leverage the release of Jonathan Pollard, a new book on the Clinton family’s political enterprises has claimed. In the book, titled “Clinton Inc: The Audacious Rebuilding of a Political Machine, …”

          PS – Note that the correct link to the USS Liberty FAQ cited previously is

        • Darren

          Even more documentation for “Open Minded”:

          Report: Israel Passes U.S. Military Technology to China

          by Bryant Jordan on December 24, 2013

          Secret U.S. missile and electro-optics technology was transferred to China recently by Israel, prompting anger from the U.S. and causing a senior Israeli defense official to resign.

          The head of defense exports for the Israeli Defense Ministry resigned after a U.S. investigation concluded that technology, including a miniature refrigeration system manufactured by Ricor and used for missiles and in electro-optic equipment, was sent to China, according to the Israeli newspaper Maariv.

    • al Hall

      Alyce- you’ve been taken in- Fox news is the same as all the others in national media, just look who owns the station? I have tried for years to get some of it’s if not all of the personalities to investigate the Amb. Stevens death- I know what really happened, I asked them to check out the story for one fact I don’t know but they could find out. No one would touch this. This also includes Congressman Trey Goudy of S.C.- my congressman. He won’t even return my calls about this story I rec’d the day after Amb. Stevens was killed. Rec’d from a CIA friend who knew what happened and why.

    • Jeff

      My observation – The peaceful are always the victims when radicals take control, and it is no different with Hamas and Palestinian people. The peaceful Germans let the Nazi flourish and ended up getting slaughtered by USA and English Bombers, The peaceful Russians were slaughtered by Stalin, the peaceful Cambodians were slaughtered by Pol Pot. I could go on and on about the peaceful people being slaughtered. When the Peaceful populace does not stand up against radicals for what is right, evil flourishes and they become the victims and are slaughtered … It seems to be an endlessly recurring theme throughout history. It is so sad for the innocent Palestinians, but the Palestinians are their own best hope (and only) to end their nightmare.

  7. allen ols

    Greg, lastman,paul, Jeff, Jerry, Art, and more;

    Here are 7 rabbit cartoon characters, depicting US HUMANS after Watership Down, or (rabbit town), collapses. Each rabbit is a certain character, depicting us preppers, the first is called the prognosticator, or the foreseers. lol, It is a great little movie coming but has a small paragraph for each character, including Greg’s relatives and mine, who ignore the warnings.

    I wonder if obama is punishing Iraq’s Malikie, for not lining up with us policy, by letting ISIL, to rape the country, but not the OIL Kurdish area. Ha, lol, dont touch the OIL/DOLLAR.
    On a side note, yrs ago when Sadaam H. went after the Kurds with Chemical Weap. my friend Douglas Layton and I helped get 300 kurds off the mountain, here to Nashville. I employed 3 of them in my const. business. Doug layton’s brother Col. Layton was a protector of the no-fly zone between Kurdistan, and baghdad, at the time,(cobra hel.) but it was lifted and chemical Ali, went after the kurds. Douglas and I have a history, going back to 80’s going in and out of lower China trying to sell the moringstar hotel in the chung hwa area, using geodesic dome, design with chinese caps. We spent time in the Oooollllld singapore hotel in kowloon dist. with the OPEN DOORS MINISTRY, smuggling bibles into china. We Met doug Sutphen, and Malcolm Smith as they planned operation PERAL, printing bibles in red cover same as chairman Maos little red book. lol They had a friend of ours Bill tingsley in the Philippins get a huge barge built to put 10 million of these bibles wrapped to float off the top, into the water, when the inside of the barge was sunk so far, and pontoon boats pushed them to shore. chinese military showed up but…..oh well here is a link. ha.

    Doug and Malcolm, sold the idea of one million bibles, secretly it was 10 million bibles.

    Open Doors’ Project Pearl – the clandestine delivery of one million Chinese Bibles – celebrated its 25th anniversary on 18 June. Project Pearl was described by Time magazine’s Beijing bureau chief as one of the most unusual and successful smuggling operations of the 20th century. Time called it “the largest operation of its kind in the history of China” in their 19 October 1981 article, ‘Risky Rendezvous in Swatow’.

    |PIC1|That evening in 1981, a 97-foot tugboat named Michael lumbered along at the sleepy speed of three knots an hour, towing the semi-submersible, 137-foot barge, Gabriella, loaded with 232 waterproof, poly-wrapped, one-ton packages containing a million Chinese Bibles.

    The 20 crew members on board Michael were from Australia, Canada, Holland, New Zealand, the Philippines, the UK and the US.

    By nine o’clock on that historic night, Michael

    • Jerry

      Allen. That’s cool. Which character are you?

      • allen ols

        I saw the nashville flood coming 2 yrs in advance, held meetings in my house for 2 yrs;, my wife called me noah, and got a lot of criticism, but when it hit, ‘no comment’. ha, i am the prognosticator, and also, some parts of the warrior, and a lot of the Improvisor.

        I just finished curing the 2k degree paint on 2 55 gal barrels, w/woodburning stove kit, door, legs, flue, using charcoal bricketts to heat the paint, so it wont burn off when I put them in one of my BO locations.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Brother Al, thanks for the “Watership Down” link–as the old beer commercial said, “BRILLIANT!” Best always. PM

        • allen ols

          haven’t found the movie yet, bet it is good 🙂

  8. Snorky

    Maybe cooler heads will prevail. Maybe they won’t. There seems to be a real lack of leadership in the world right now. A lot of people I work with or consider friends aren’t really paying attention to the big picture … or, if they are, it is the ‘big picture’ presented by the corporate media outlets. Nobody is capable of knowing exactly how all of this will play out, but guests like PCR and others help us to put the pieces together so we can survive this mess that the world is in. Thnx for another great interview, Greg.

  9. Jerry

    Greg if it is alright with you, I’m going to start adding some prep ideas to my comments each week to go along with my comments, so that people can get some practical knowledge to go along with our discussions. Hard assets are more than precious metals. They are anything that can help you preserve your way of life.

    For openers I ran across this inexpensive way to light your house with when the lights go out. Solar yard lights.
    You can get a box of 6 for less than $20. at Wally World.

    As far as the U.S. heading to war with Russia, its more like war with NATO in Ukraine in early September according to my source. It should have happened in July but Russia wanted more time in order to play the humanitarian card and win world approval. Russia doesn’t need a war with the U.S. to collapse our economy. All they have to do is get rid of NATO and that will end the dollar as world reserve currency all by itself. Russia and China signed a currency swap agreement this past weekend so its just a matter of time before India and the rest of the BRIC nations (which comprise 105 nations) get in line.

    PCR is absolutely right when he said there isn’t enough gold to run a new world currency system with. The globalist are planning to use Silver when the flight of the dollar begins. That is why they moved the silver exchange operation to Chicago in July. They want to be smack dab in the middle of a country dumping its fiat currency for maximum profit and manipulation. I know this sounds like a stretch, but check my post in June and see if I didn’t mention it. If anybody has any extra money, I would be buying Silver right now.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sure thing man. Good idea with the solar yard lights!

      • Paul from Indiana

        Brother Jerry, Why I never went the next step to think of bringing the solar “yard” lights inside when the power is off just shows that nobody knows it all. Cooperation and teamwork are the keys. Thanks and best always. PM

    • allen ols


      I bought 2 d 300 solar d lights, they are superior, and last longer, more lums, 4 settings. work great, yard lights, are adequate, for the money no problem.

      d.light S300 Solar Lantern/Mobile Charger – YouTube
      Video for d 300 solar lights► 0:48► 0:48
      Feb 20, 2014 – Uploaded by CampSaver
      The d.light S300 can provide up to 16 hours of bright light and a 100-hour night light on a full charge. The …

    • JC Davis

      Jerry. These lights are great if you receive a lot of day sun. Note: The battery must be charged by the sun for a full 48 hrs to insure proper operation. I have bought them in yard sales where people did not remove the plastic battery protector. another idea for night light. This parabolic reflector can be modified to reflect the moon light.

    • al Hall

      Jerry: not sure that is correct about the gold vs. silver. most people are unaware there is less silver now than gold- silver is used up daily where as gold is mostly never used up- gold is here from ancient times. Silver maybe used with gold to back a new world currency?

    • Jerry

      Addendum to my last post. Yep their using our play book. Just like I said , playing the humanitarian card. Invasion in September.

  10. Paul T

    Greg, in my opinion, this is by far the best PCR interview you’ve ever done. He really laid it down on this one. I get absolutely no sense of doubt when this man speaks. I think he knows exactly what he’s talking about and he’s not afraid to put himself out there because I think deep down, he knows he’s pretty much lived his life and he has nothing to lose and believes the world is more important than himself. I read a few of the comments on the YouTube channel about this interview and the trolls were so scared and desperately tried to ridicule him. But they don’t fool me. Paul Craig Roberts is a true patriot in my book as are you. Thanks for bringing him on, he’s one of the main ones I watch your show to see.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Paul.

    • Charles H.

      Paul T

      Correctly assessed – Dr. Roberts is a patriot first class. Well said.

  11. Arizona

    AS usual GREG,your doing a great job,dr.Roberts is close,OBOOZO has done more then risk america ,HES destroyed the nation,sadly JEREMIAH 51:30 will now come to pass,AND the once great nation of america will no longer exsist,I’ve been prepearing to leave for the hide out soon,AFTER the giant asteroid hits,america will completely decingrate,IF your here ,you’ll see things you can’t even imagine…..OH,don’t take any VACCINES,they all have T-4 nanobots in them ,and anyone who does,well normal life will be over for them…T-4 destroys the emotional centers of your brain…………..

    • AL HALL

      AZ. = correct on vaccines, being a Vet and using the VA medical care some, even my VA doctor warned me not to take the yearly flu shots, she had read about they are tainted.
      I trust nothing now in the USA, food is tainted, meds all have serious side effects- heck just listen to the TV commericals (scary). Also, connected to this emotional brain center is the “smart meters” they have put on everyone’s house – frequency at 915 mhz. This effects the brain and normal sleep. These meters transmit at between 2-5AM and may cause you to wake-up at these time??

    • todd

      which passage of scripture speaks of a “great asteroid”?

  12. Ugly

    No way out of this mess. The Happenings are going on now. The repercussions will be before 2016. All the damage is in place. The dollar will collapse. As Revelation 18 says in paraphrase, ‘all your wealth will be gone in one hour’….’followed by death, famine, and suffering’….

    • allen ols



  13. JM

    Greg, I respect your views about Hamas and I don’t like Hamas myself. However, why in the world would you expect them to put their weapons on the edge of their territory? That’s not exactly a good tactical move to make in such a tiny area.
    There’s plenty of sin happening on both sides over there. I still believe that the European roots of Israel’s formation in 1948 is the biggest reason for why this war won’t ever go away.

    • Greg Hunter

      You said, “why in the world would you expect them to put their weapons on the edge of their territory? That’s not exactly a good tactical move to make in such a tiny area.” Then you are agreeing that placing military hardware and conducting war from highly populated civilian areas is a military move and not genocide when fire is returned. The area is not that “tiny” that Hamas could not conduct warfare from the perimeter and keep women and children out of it. So you condone this tactic?

      • JM

        I don’t condone the tactic but I can see it as their only real option. Field operations are suicide. Besides, Israel has no problem with attacking them and killing everyone nearby so no big deal. The numbers of dead Palestinians outweigh Israeli deaths exceptionally. It’s probably the best of the poor choices that they have.

        • Greg Hunter

          Then this is NOT genocide but very dirty warfare and that has been my point all along. If Hamas wants the deaths to stop, then stop shooting from civilian areas and move to the perimeter. If you don’t want to move to the perimeter then just STOP SHOOTING. This is not just poor choices. If this is a military strategy, then the death of innocent civilians in Gaza is a war crime!!!

  14. allen ols

    d.light LED Solar Rechargeable #S300…
    $49.95 $40.16

    • Ugly

      Good stuff. I have several and even bought a few for others. Dlight is the only ‘Made in China’ that I will deliberately buy….

  15. Dwain

    Great interview with Dr. Roberts.
    Other guests link the US financial predicament with senseless US war mongering. Dr. Roberts doesn’t seem to be in that camp. But history is replete with examples that link war to failing economies. Gerald Celente tells us that when all else fails they take you to war. When animals are backed into a corner they attack.

    I am one who believes that advanced beings have foreknowledge of events to come. Therefore I attempt to correlate current events with that knowledge from scripture. I find a few in Revelations ch. 17 interesting. The advanced being (angel) is describing to John events that bring Babylon down that usher in a time of trouble the world has never known or ever will know again. Here are a few of those interesting verses.

    16 And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore (Babylon) and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.

    Eastern powers hate Babylon’s abominable oppressive hegemony. They cleverly and secretly devise plans for her geopolitical and economic destruction.

    In verse Rev. vs 16 it tells us the way of the Eastern kings are prepared by the great Euphrates (a metaphor) being dried up.

    17 For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.

    The Lord arouses a spirit of retribution in the ten. They are unified in purpose, giving allegiance to the beast to fulfill God’s will. The Lord is behind the scenes with intent to overthrow Babylon’s desolating abominations.

    I wonder if the beast is a representation of evil or a literal entity. If literal, Obama could sure fit the mold, especially since he allows the Muslim brotherhood to influence US policy. In addition, there is no doubt the set up of Obama’s nation will surely make us desolate.

    18 And the woman which thou sawest is that great acity, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

    Who presently controls the earth economically and militarily?

    If Greg Mannarino is right about population implosion concurring with economic implosion, this would definitely create tribulation the likes of which the world has never known.

    • Sandman

      Paul, the US Govt condones much worse things than what you just stated.

  16. Silence is Golden

    Compliments on an extraordinary interview.
    On the matter of War…I contest that if Russia and China were not entertaining the thought of War, then why would they go to such extremes (in the case of Russia ) to test recognition and response capabilities of the US.
    Who said that USD hegemony will not be given up without a fight. They will not go quietly. They will take as many casualties with them as possible.
    Also I want to put forward something I came across which is now demanding my utmost attention (more than coincidence in my book). Is the “Beast” rising out of the sea with seven heads and to eventually be seen as the false prophet… fact Russia?
    The underlying theme in what PCR states, is that provocation can and will lead ultimately to disaster. Given the voluminous amount of evidence to date, this would have to be construed as sad as it may seem, as WWIII.

    • Sandman

      It’s called preparedness…

  17. Coalburner9

    Greetings; I did not get what Arizona was trying to say unless he meant one of those T-4’s was taking him already. Just a little chuckle no real offense intended. But I think Al Ols is right on target about Obama. He is punishing Malike, I have said before that he operates like a spoiled vindictive teenager when people do not do what he wants. He will never stop hating gun owners for stopping his plan to turn all into toothless whiners. He is still not now coming to the aid of Iraq but feels the pressure to save those people on the mountain. I guarantee that is not about them being Christians either, it some warped thing about the way he sees himself as some kind of savior. Not that I get his overall plan if he actually has one. But it is like those people won’t resist being saved while us insubordinate ungrateful american upstart “little people” just cannot appreciate his majesty.
    As for PCR, I want to hear what he has to say but like a lot of people I just cannot buy it all, at least not till I see more proof. I still say there are a number of powerful opposing forces at work in this country as well as those based in other countries. I think he is or was right that Russia is dodging war every way it can. They have every right to take their part of Ukraine back if the people want to go back. We are doing exactly what we charge that Russia is doing.

  18. Silence is Golden

    PCR raises many issues during this interview.
    The matter of Corporations buying back their own shares and De-Capitalising their companies whilst simultaneously inflating the Indexes is not only an interesting interpretation, it is a disturbing event.
    Another interpretation, which cannot be entirely discounted, is the RE-PRIVATISATION of these corporate entities using cheap (No Cost) money. They are slowly being converted from Public institutions to Private ones. For what possible reason ??? Greater wealth in fewer hands….is reasonable justification. Can we get any closer to the meshing together of Capitalism and Communism I dare ask. All this, right under everyone’s noses, overtly conducted on a daily basis and accepted as bubble building stupidity. There is after all, method to the madness.

  19. Silence is Golden

    On the Issue of the King Dollar ….and its eventual demise, the question was posed ..
    “So, what’s going to be the trigger? Roberts thinks it will be when the world abandons the U.S. dollar. How long can the economy be propped up? Dr. Roberts says “It will continue as long as it is tolerated. When will it cease to be tolerated? I think it will be when there is a general flight from the dollar”.
    We must wait, IMO, for another foreclosure event similar to that which occurred in 2008, to not only destroy the USD but also bring about the bankruptcy and failure of the large US Banks. That is where you will see mass destruction and the necessity to bring about a new paradigm, one in which the USA will not have the same degree of influence. For all intents and purposes the hegemony is not something that is negotiable. It will come to brute force.
    That event will be outside the control of the FED and it cannot be rigged. It will blow up in their faces, with the repercussions being very widespread.

    • lastmanstanding

      They are pounding on the medical industry in ways that most of your will only feel in an extremely sudden manor. It is happening as we speak. Providers will just simply say, “cash please, or something of tangible value.” It is one of the biggest percentages of what is left of the US economy and the bottom line is this…

      Insurance and govt don’t give a damn about whether you live or die, just pay the vig. They don’t want to pay providers regardless of whether you send them money (your monthly PREMIUM) or not.

      Then you have the relentless attack on small biz…If you don’t have one you have no clue as to wtf is going on. The flow of money is slowing in most circles and will soon be felt by all. I am with Ugly, no way we make it to 2016.

      Good God… I am just wasting my breath.

      • Silence is Golden

        Abandoning the Dollar vs Access to Dollars are two different concepts.
        One is triggered by an intentional aversion to its use whilst the other is determined to be inappropriate (or intentionally withheld), owing to the potential for non-recovery.
        The former case leads to dollar demand devaluation (a global financial concern) the latter leads to insolvent businesses (an domestic economic concern). The Chicken or the Egg equation comes to mind. Which comes first. Dollar destruction or Economic destruction.

  20. Merc

    Corporation Buy Backs – unsound economics for a company, not healthy and creative of actual profit.
    BUT think -Who is Selling into these buy-backs? There is the real action, ladies and gentlemen!

  21. Ready to run tail

    Savage on “Russia doesn’t make anything”?

  22. Gregory Mannarino

    Greg always top notch work!
    I wroth this piece I would like to share with your subscribers about the truth behind Obama’s “humanitarian” bombing in Iraq, all IS NOT what it seems. Click here:

    • allen ols

      Greg M.

      Strong point,
      also, It is the oil wells in kurdistan, and kurds protecting them. Cant have ISIL, controling the oil wells, Kurds are doing fine. As the Jackass, says, “everything can be connected to energy”, all wars, politics, or pipeline politics.

  23. vincentg

    Dr. Roberts is as usual giving a fine rational unbiased view of the problems the world faces.
    I agree that the people of Europe are fed up with the US policy but I don’t think those in power are on the same wave length.
    The question is in my mind – will the people sway their governments ?

    On a point that Dr. Roberts made on what happens with the third quarter.
    It’s quite clear that there is no growth.
    So unless they come out with totally fictitious numbers the third quarter will be quite bad.

    So we can expect a market drop in the next few months.
    September is a month with lots of pink slips and add to that more bad news – not good.

  24. Smaulgld

    Another good one. Keep em coming
    The dollar doesn’t need to collapse or lose “world reserve currency”‘status for their to be adverse consequences
    A further decline in the dollar of just 5-15% due to reduced demand would be enough to make imports to the US soar

  25. Mike Miller

    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is one of the few I look up to and have respect for. I do differ, however, with two of his comments and views.

    First, I doubt Russia or China will launch a nuclear strike on the US as that would likely lead to mutual destruction and possibly the end of all life on the planet. A more likely scenario would either be a cyber/EMP attack that takes down the grid.

    This would act like a neutron bomb – leading to the deaths of millions while leaving all the buildings standing. Also, with a number of countries capable of launching these types of attacks (Russia, China, North Korea, Iran), it would be difficult for the US to pinpoint exactly who to blame and quickly launch a counterattack -assuming they still had the ability to do so in the first place.

    The second item I disagree is on his statement that it is handful who are responsible for all the calamity that is going on. It should be clear to anyone who has done some research that US hegemony really gained momentum after World War II when the military industrial complex became the main driver of US policy and influence around the world.

    Unfortunately, the same drive for power and money at any cost took over most of America and permeated into the corporate, banking and financial systems slowing destroying the country bit by bit.

    It became clear to me by the mid 90s that corporate America was selling out as thousands and then millions of good paying US jobs were being sent overseas. Since then things have only gotten worse and I am convinced we are experiencing a controlled take down of the country that requires more than a handful to accomplish.

    Who exactly and how many of them are responsible for this mess, I doubt we will ever know. I do agree with Dr. Roberts that a day of reckoning is coming and I doubt there is anything that can be done to avert it.

    P.S. Greg – based on your own take on world events don’t you think it would be more appropriate to change the way you end some of your videos from “fear not” to “hope for the best but prepare for the worst”? Or do you know something you are not telling us?

    • Greg Hunter

      No I am going to stick with “Fear Not. Thank you for weighing in here!

      • al Hall


        • Greg Hunter

          Or “hope is not a strategy.” Thank you Al!

  26. John Allen

    Quote from the fearless Israel leader
    “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.”
    – Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli prime minister, 2002.
    Remember Bibi Netanyahu grew up in Cheltenham PA.
    Didn’t Israel try to sink the USS Liberty and isn’t Israeli Jonathan Pollard
    in an American jail for spying on America.
    The war in Gaza is like shooting fish in a barrel.
    Greg, there is a big difference between Zionist Israel and Bibical Israel.
    Jesus said, “Blessed are the peace makers”.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please source the entire Netanyahu quote.

    • Charles H.

      John Allen,

      Your amalgamated character-assassination of Israel is so over-worn and predictable. “Shooting fish in a barrel”?!? Interesting that the fish shoot rockets out of their barrel. And that the barrel only serves to thwart the national interests of Israel.
      Besides – Biblical Israel would occupy even more territory than it won in the Six-Day War, with NO Gaza Strip having Arabs in it.
      And the – “Blessed are the peacemakers” is a nice slap of a touch. Hamas in Gaza sure doesn’t qualify. Also – in Luke 22:36 says: ” And he said unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.” Though this is not a statement which occupies a majority of recurring theme or teachings: it IS nevertheless the words of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself: so obviously there IS precedent and use and possession of weapons in New Testament Christianity, let alone Old Testament Scripture. If you fight to protect your existence: there is no violation of peacemaking – unless you you pick the fight and start the war. Hamas and the ‘palestinians’ are picking the fight with rockets, suicide-bombers, tunnels and acts of murderous aggression.
      I’m waiting for the full Netanyahu quote also.

      • Student-101

        On Luke.22:36 You may care to reconsider your conclusions –

        • Greg Hunter

          This verse was given by Christ just before he died. He knew the apostle’s would be on their own without him and was basically giving his permission to defend themselves. That’s how my preacher explained it to me.

          • Student-101

            Greg & Charles H,
            Thank you, but I must disagree.
            I understand how it is often interpreted, and my gut feel is that this suits what we want it to say. However, I have learnt that when listening to Jesus it is important to remember that he often purposely communicated in ‘hyperbole’ = exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally.

            Here are some well known examples –
            Luke.14;26. If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.

            Mark.10:25. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

            Matt.5:29. And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.

            Matt.18:9. And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life with one eye, rather than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire.

            • Charles H.


              Bible students should come to realize that the immediate context where the verse is found – determines the interpretation and application. Verse 35 (Luke 22) Jesus Christ is speaking directly to His disciples, and confirming a historical reality: which obeys the command – “When I sent you…” Verse 36 shows NO BREAK in the dialogue: and certainly no suggestion of hyperbole. Those who had purse and scrip could go buy a sword – those who could afford it. You, Sir, are guilty if mixing apples and oranges. You don’t go by gut feelings concerning Scripture: Scripture dictates to us it’s meaning; not the other way around.

        • Charles H.


          I AM a preacher. And since there is no end to interpretation; seeing one can find a source to reach a foregone conclusion – or read what you hoped someone would say that backs-up your own ideas: you will pardon skipping your source.
          The issue of Christians arming themselves for self-protection is a “minority clause” – it follows the controversy of Divorce. Does the Bible endorse Divorce? Yes AND no.
          Distinctly Divorce is permitted under certain conditions – spelled out in Matthew and 1 Corinthians. Mosaic Law gave the Bill of Divorcement; New Testament suggests fornication as a reason to divorce, and allowing the unbelieving to depart – a believer is not under bondage. Philandering spouses are not to be suffered to the Nth degree, including disease they may bring into the marriage. And on a personal note: a spouse is not bound to remain in a marriage where her/his life is threatened by deadly abuse. The RULE is marriage, once for life, with an intact family. The exception is with reason, and Godly leadership. So also is it with having arms and self-defence. It may not apply to all: but it can not be denied to some.

          • The Preacher Man

            Charles H. Jah be with you!

          • Student-101

            Charles H.

            I too am a preacher and a keen student of the word. I agree, there is no end to different interpretations. However, I have found that many ‘interpretations’ are goal orientated … that is, they are designed to reach the goal or conclusion already determined, either privately or institutionally.

            Jesus introduced a different approach to the Bible. His refreshing approach was ‘Purpose and Principle’ based. You can see it clearly in Matt.19:3-6 in the divorce question. His response to the Jewish methodology towards divorce was what was God’s purpose and what principles were involved. That’s the answer to most of what we consider complex verses.

            • Charles H.


              God sets His principles forth as Truth. If in believing, we obey – we purchase benefit to ourselves and honor God. But even Saved Christians still sin. That God has given certain allowances – that do not conflict or detract from the righteous pinnacle of Principle – but make bearable and practical our practice of His Word, as imperfect believers in an imperfect world: shows God’s graciousness and understanding.
              I do not recognize “Purpose and Principle based” of any kind of a different approach to the Bible. Such mentions reek of new or novel teachings; and strains of narrow loyalty to specific groups.
              I left Denominationalism behind me years ago. A Concordance, to find verses; a dictionary to define or explain words; a good Bible in my language to believe and obey; and God the Holy Spirit to guide me, in life and ministry. I have watched those of my background “fall away”. Be careful of who you study; and your associations.

        • John Galt

          Student 101:
          Or, you may want to reconsider your conclusion, I did. Luke 22:36 is always the first reference used by pro 2nd amendment folks like me; I like the second amendment. When I read the entire context of the scripture in question I always wondered what Jesus meant by saying ” It is enough” Luke 22:38.
          In the Bible, many references to “the word of God” IS “sword”. So, if Jesus is referring to “the word of God” when you get to verse 22:38 you can see he may be a little frustrated with their lack of understanding and tells them the same thing you tell a teenager “it is enough” or”never mind”.

          • Student-101

            John, I am not an American, so your second amendment means little to me.
            Disciples of Christ ought to be ‘strangers and pilgrims’ on earth, and not ‘citizens’ Heb.11:13, 1.Pet.2:11. Their citizenship is of heaven Phil.3:20, which means that they are citizens of that Kingdom that God has promised and part of God’s family, and not of any present arrangement.
            The shortcoming of many who identify themselves as Christians is that they want it both ways. Since the days of the 4th Century, when Christianity was politicized, the majority of Christians changed their relationship to the state. Originally, the state persecuted them. Once they gained the reigns of government, they became the persecutor. Eventually, this led to the horrible practices of the Crusades, when, in the name of Christ, hundreds of thousands were killed in the pursuit of vain ideals. All this was done in the name of Christ.

            • John Galt

              It is enough.

  27. Doo

    Greg, i disagree with Paul. If i were on your show it would be 1 min video. US is in the Middle east to protect Israel since 2002. It has nothing to do with oil or natural resources. Iraq war and Afghanistan was preparation for Iran War with Israel. Gaza war is signal that Israel is clearing the area for Iran war and US airstrikes US is on standby. 2008 collapse and Dow Jones 2014 all time high nothing is a wealth transfer to Israel to build their military power with US Dollars.

  28. JC Davis

    Greg. Now this interview covered everything. I loved it, and plan to here it again.
    When the producers of food start producing in smaller amounts at the same price. Then the stores raise the price 10% on the smaller amount buyers must buy more, and pay more . could this be why the GDP has increased ? I am no economist buy I know i am getting less, and paying more . Thanks for your work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you JC!

  29. Mason

    Greg listen, an important piece of information:
    PCR is great in his intelligence, resume, and in the amount of good information he provides, and I have a great deal of respect for him, BUT his information sometimes seems a little one-sided.
    PCR is correct about Washington and the evil-naturedness of their policies. But he is not totally correct in his take on Russia. While it is true that Russia’s diplomacy it a lot more reasonable than Washington’s insane antics, PCR seems to be playing the role of the ‘useful idiot’ for Russia.

    Let me explain. The Western based NWO elite is indeed pushing for war. But what the NWO crowd fail to comprehend is that they have their counterpart in the former Soviet-states. They have a name, and they are called ‘leninists’ or sometimes ‘marxist-leninists’. Edward Griffin explains this well in this interview: They have the same agenda as the NWO, namely Power. The distinction between lenists on the one hand, and marxists (or communists) is very important. The only thing that is important for a leninist, is power. Lenin said: “Comrads, it makes no difference what you think, or what you know, how many books you have read, how good a debater you are, how smart you are. None of that is important. All that matters is to come to power. You must come to power. Now, once you do that, then you can afford debate, because if you have the power you can shoot everybody that disagrees with you.” [see video at 6:20] The Soviet-Union has fallen, but the leninist are still there, they have only changed their hat. In short: the leninists have the same agenda as the NWO, namely a power agenda. Anyone who opposes the NWO, should not be fooled to believe the Russian elite is friendly. Anyone who believes that, is playing the role of a ‘useful idiot’ , as Yuri Bezmenov explains (See:

    Yuri Bezmenov, a Soviet spy defector, was interviewed by Edward Griffin in 1984, said the following [1:08:20]: “the main emphasis of the KGB is not in the area of intelligence at all….only about 15% of time, money and manpower is spent on espionage as such. The other 85% is a slow, which we call either ‘psychological subversion’ or ‘active measures’ or ‘psychological warfare’. What is basically means is to change the perception of reality of every American to such an extent that, despite their abundance of information no one is able to come to sensible conclusions….It’s a great brainwashing process, which goes very slow, and is divided in 4 basic stages:
    1. Demoralisation. It takes a minimum of 15 to 20 years to demoralize a nation. The demoralisation process is basically already completed in the United States [Bezemov said this in 1984].
    2. The next stage is Destabilisation. It takes two to five years to destabilise a nation. This time the subverter does not care anymore about ideas. What matters is essentials: economy, foreign relations, defense systems.
    3. The next stage is Crisis. It may only take up to 6 weeks to bring a country to the verge of crisis.
    4. The last stage is ‘Normalisation’. After the crisis, after the violent change of power-structure and economy, you have ‘Normalisation’. This period lasts indefinately. This is a cynical expression, borrowed from Soviet-propaganda. When Soviet tanks moved into Czechoslovakia in 1968, comrad Brezjnev said that now the situation is ‘normalised’.”

    So, in what stage do you think the United States are in now?

    To conclude:
    The best explaination about the NWO I have EVER seen, is on another lecture by Edward Griffin, called ‘The Quigley Formula’ (see: I have posted this link before, but I believe it is worth repeating. The NWO must be opposed, but it first must be understood. Next, action should be taken against it. For this reason Edward Griffin has erected the organisation ‘Freedom Force’ (See:
    What is little known, however, is that the Russian counterparts or the socalled leninits have the same agenda, namely Power. PCR completely ignores that in his analysis. The enemy of your enemy is not always your friend.

    That is one of the reasons I think it would be great to have Edward Griffin as a guest. He can shed light on these matters. Other reasons are that his knowledge about economics, finance, the Fed, totalitarianism, the NWO are formidable. Plus I think Griffin has been reading into these subjects for more than 40 years. He also gives weekly summaries of the currecnt ‘Unfiltered News’ on

    I am glad that Greg said that he would try to get Griffin on USAWatchdog, because I think Edward Griffin is one of the few people that can give an analysis on what is really going on. So thanks again Greg, for trying to get him on as you said in an earlier response to one of my posts, and I will be watching this space.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for adding your thoughts and analysis on this post. I really like Dr. PCR but everybody needs balance and that includes me.

  30. rick

    Great interview Greg. PCR has a way of providing concise analysis to otherwise complex matters. His economic analysis is always spot on. Geopolitically though, I believe he has his foolish moments in interviews.

    I do think he misses the mark on what ISIS is as to most Americans and Europeans unfortunately. You eluded to their brutality and methodology which PCR dismissed as though the movement has legitimacy because of USA foreign policy. PCR is an apologist for Islamfascism. Somehow the slaughter of tens of thousands of Christians and other non Muslim monorities such as the Yazidi’s is OK according to PCR because of American foreign policy.

    It is not just wholesale murder by ISIS, it is brutal barbarism. Mass beheadings including beheading of women and children, burying large groups of people alive, ripping people’s hearts out with knives while alive for display to cameras. Fences round communities are topped with the skulls of the victims to intimidate. All this is simple to see in plain view on You Tube. Convert to Islam or die. And according to PCR this group is legitimate in what they do because of former USA policy?

    ISIS is in the USA now. There are plans for attacks against American shopping malls. Americans will know this brutality soon enough. Nadal Hassan is an example of it. Where is the Christian outrage in this country. We import how many thousands of Muslims a year to this country? Do you here any protest or at least objection from the Muslim community about ISIS at all? All we do militarily is drop two (not three or four) bombs over an artillery piece for show while 10000’s of Christians , Yazidi’s and others die and flee for their lives?

    What this has to do with is ISIS Muslim complete intolerance for anything that is not Muslim. How many churches and biblical archeological sites of thousands of years old have been destroyed by this group? This slaughter and destruction has nothing to do with a moral gripe against the west. Could their goals not be accomplished without this methodology?

    As usual PCR has to get a dig in on Israel as though their is some moral equivalency. Hamas is Israel’s ISIS. If they could, as is called for in their charter (look it up), every Jew in Isreal would be slaughtered by Hamas in ISIS fashion. That would be just fine with PCR. The problem with Israel and with all other non Muslim groups in the middle east and in the entire world is their very existence as non-Muslim entities. That includes the USA

    PCR need to get his head out of his ass. Islamofascism is a movement of gross intolerance and non-human barbarism that will be displayed in all of our backyards unless it is confronted aggressively and confronted now.

  31. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Great interview. I want to ad some pieces of information. So you maybe heard how the Russians forgave 90% Cuban debt and maybe you heard how the Cubans will repay the other 10% of their dept (through oil selling to the Rosneft). What you probably didn’t hear the other parts of the deal: the Russians will not just re-open and modernize the Soviet era bases (including the rocket bases) but also they will build a new military dock for their ships in the bay of Pigs (or near it).

    So the Russian standpoint is this: “if you want the hot phase of the WWIII so be it, but this will waged on the American soil too”.
    Now the question is: “How hot-headed and sane is the US deep state/”elites”?”

    Your thoughts.

  32. JC Davis

    Ron Paul’s weekly update says it all on sanction’s. Greg I have done my best to set up a interview. It seems his crew cant talk him into it. It would be a great interview.

  33. Galearis

    I really appreciate your efforts to deal with the world events in a responsible way. The same can be said for PCR.

    As usual with your guest, a fascinating dialogue with a fascinating guest….While I listened to Mr. Roberts expound on American foreign policy I kept thinking that the direction for the White House seems to have been taken inspiration from any numbers of Tom Clancy novels. I stopped reading his stuff years ago as a morally bankrupt world view and now I see the same coming out of the White House. This situation – that such lower end minds hold the nuclear trigger in their paws – is one that truly is stranger than fiction and presents a most frightening prospect for our future.

    Thanks for doing this, Greg.

  34. Marcus West

    when I heard the part about the dollars store I was shocked because I never needed to shop at these, now that the prices are going up I find my self going there weekly because some of the prices on things I want are 1 or 2 dollars cheaper. I can see the fall coming …………..sad but true

    • JC Davis

      Marcus. I have missed your posting .

  35. AL HALL

    Greg- Another great interview -Dr. Roberts is right on target with his comments.
    As You know I have sent you many articles over the pass few month
    proving the USA is behind most if not all of the world’s trouble spots.
    Dr. Roberts says the same. He is correct, a hand full of fascists in DC and their controllers
    are running the USA, not the will of the people. Eisenhower warned of this in 1961:

    Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex.

    • We Liked IKE!

      It is commonly reported even in authoritative works about President Eisenhower that he was raised as a River Brethren by parents that were active in the River Brethren church. In fact, Dwight D. Eisenhower was raised a Jehovah’s Witness, a sect commonly called Russellites or Bible Students until 1931. His mother was active in the sect from 1895, when Dwight was five years old, until she died. Eisenhower’s father was also an active member, although after 1915 he eventually no longer considered himself a Witness.

      All of the Eisenhower boys left the Jehovah’s Witness religion when adults and openly opposed major aspects of Watchtower teaching, although some of the values they learned from their Bible studies probably influenced them throughout their lives. Some Watchtower values may even have been reflected in Dwight’s statements against war made in his latter life. Nonetheless, the Eisenhower’s endeavored to hide the full extent of their mother’s and family’s Watchtower involvement although they did at times admit their affiliation with them.
      Views on Religion and Politics:
      The words “under God” were added to the Pledge of Allegiance during the Eisenhower administration.

      “In this way we are reaffirming the transcendence of religious faith in America’s heritage and future; in this way we shall constantly strengthen those spiritual weapons which forever will be our country’s most powerful resource in peace and war.” — Flag Day speech, signing bill authorizing addition of the words “under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance, 14 June 1954

      “We are particularly thankful to you for your part in the movement to have the words ‘under God’ added to our Pledge of Allegiance. These words will remind Americans that despite our great physical strength we must remain humble. They will help us to keep constantly in our minds and hearts the spiritual and moral principles which alone give dignity to man, and upon which our way of life is founded. For the contribution which your organization has made to this cause, we must be genuinely grateful.” — message to the Knights of Columbus meeting in Louisville, 17 August 1954

      Ike called himself an “Old Soldier,” never a Warrior. When asked after the German surrender, why he would not meet with any of the German high command and why despite his upbring he wound up being the supreme allied commander, he simply stated, because, “I hate the Nazi’s more than I hate war!”

      Eisenhower’s mother was a strong pacifist, a position traditionally associated with a belief that she belonged the River Brethren. See:
      From: Peter Roberts, “Dwight David Eisenhower” page in “God and Country” section of “Science Resources on the Net” website (; viewed 29 November 2005):

  36. dchayden

    I have seen a lot of Dr. Roberts interviews, and I have to say that his tone is even more serious in this one…it is palpable. A great interview Greg, and Dr. Roberts hit the nail directly on the head…as there is definitely a paradigm shift going on in the Middle East…no doubt. So glad you guys touched on this. With the exception of the odd crack pot on here ( which you usually deal with, ) you are most certainly growing in fan numbers my friend…keep up the good work that you do, as it is having a real impact …I hope you know this !! God Bless


  37. Gnostic

    Israel was founded on terrorism, most of their prime ministers are self-proclaimed terrorists, Greg will never admit the Cowardly Terrorist Attack on the USS Liberty on June 8th 1967. The Zionists own the banks, the media, the US Congress & Senate, & they obviously own Greg Hunter.

    (This is Greg Hunter. I have edited out the link you posted. It is totally anti-Israel and I do not have time to vet it.) But I allowed you to have your say even though you lie about me being owned by the “Zionists.”

    • HTC

      Hey man. Israel has been placed by the hand of God and has a covenant with his people. You can bash on them all day long, doesn’t change the fact that they are and will always remain his chosen people. Israel will face an overwhelming force in days to come and they will come out victorious, you can take that to the bank. Or better yet, just hide it under your mattress.

  38. VShook

    I am concerned that Dr. Roberts, in his many writings and American interviews, has nothing good to say about America. Also, he is continuously sought out by Russia news media for numerous interviews. These include interviews on Russian television, where he is always conveying an anti-American stance and being supportive of any and all Russian actions in Ukraine and elsewhere around the world (the EU, etc.). As a 9/11 denier he has further damaged his credibility with most thinking, non-partisan people. While I follow him and his writing, I think it is wise to do so with a grain of salt. His ardent views need comparison with facts presented by others who are not so vitriolic or contemptuous of Americans, what we have achieved and the mistakes we have made.

    • Greg Hunter

      this is why I had Dinesh D’Souza on. I like both PCR and D’Souza.

  39. Chris


    Is Jim Sinclair coming back on the show soon?

    • Greg Hunter

      Hope so.

  40. John Mackenzie


    Gaza is the largest open-air prison on the planet… spent plenty of time over there and can attest first hand – Almost without exception – Palestinians are NOT terrorists.

    Re-consider your position, do the research and realize fertilizer tipped “rockets” are a response to genocide…

    Kind Regards

    • Greg Hunter

      John Mackenzie,
      So now to make your point you have resorted to simply making things up? More than 3,500 rockets fired into Israel. Some have a 100 mile range and come from Syria If you protest how Hamas is conducting a war from a heavily populated civilian area then you get shot. This was a war and the Palestinian negotiator in Egypt said yesterday the blockade “was the reason for the War.” I gave his name in an earlier in a comment here and quote that comes from an AP story. “Reconsider my position?” My position is to deal in facts, and they just are not favorable to Hamas.
      Kinder regards

      • John Mackenzie

        You lost me at “AP story”.

  41. vincentg

    Nothing good to say?

    When a house is on fire and those that live in it refuse to leave what would you say that’s good?
    You are voting for people that continue to destroy the country.
    Soon we will have a presidential election and back for another try will be Mitt Romney and you will vote for him.
    Doesn’t matter that these candidates don’t have a clue on what to do to fix the problems.

    You will still vote for him.

    When are you going to put into office the guy that has no big money behind him?
    Maybe then Dr. Paul will say something good but you the public will never do that.

    Instead you will back some idiot that wants to put a base on the moon.

  42. allen ols


    The below transcript is one I received in an email this morning from Jim Willie, editor of The Hat Trick Letter. With his permission I am sharing. I believe Jim to be one of the most relevant sources of our time. He has had a stellar track record over the last decade with his predictions. To say the least, he is in the know. DELAY, INTRIGUE, DESPERATION
    comment from the Voice at end (worth reading first)
    / JWfrom London Paul, via Chinese source…“Beijing is quietly pushing back its loose timetable to make the Yuan freely convertible, policy insiders say, as the authorities fear removing capital controls too soon could unleash damaging speculative flows that will make it harder to reshape the economy. The source in China suggested the belief now was it was years off for full convertibility.”Jim:
    everything is so difficult on implementing non-USD devices and platforms
    risk, complexity, unintended consequences — all big factors
    then East will go to more Euro-Yuan-Ruble usage and work directly toward BRICS currency
    wondering if Voz will respond that the March 2015 timetable for BRICS gold currency will be delayed
    more time for the cancer stick USD
    the issue comes back to the fact that the longer the Western financial insanity carries on, the longer the hyper monetary inflation carries on, the longer war is used to defend the USD, the worse the potential blowback will be, the worse the impact crater will be, both to the bank system from derivatives and to the economy from QE capital hits

    the longer they hold off on implementing the USD alternative, the harder it will be to enforce change and the more risk there will be that they will all be taken down, East included. This is the achilles heel of Putin/Xi/BRICS
    default is a sound strategy provided they can mitigate to a sensible level the risks to their own nationsJim:
    some believe that if this drags on another couple years there is a risk that the fascist bankers will prevail because BRICS will lose its appeal, and direct implementation of alternatives will be far too difficult.
    the Jackass disagrees
    the longer they wait, the more widespread the non-USD trade settlement and banking reserves will occur
    thus the more damage from USFed QE as well as BOE QE and EuroCB QE, the damage to their economies
    the forced agent is the implosion of banking system from rapidly accelerating economic decay, alongside severely ramped up QE volume with corresponding capital damage
    the key is capital destruction, since it acts as fuse to the existing system, forcing the bankers to vastly increase QE volume, thus creating a monetary black hole
    Putin will wait for Ukraine and parts of Europe to collapse, the line of fire being banks
    key is Germany, which internally has begun to duke it outThe Voice:
    ..the Chinese are going to wait for the collapse of the US$.
    why rush things if all is coming to you by default

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Al, no one plays the waiting game like the Chinese, but the fact is that nobody really controls everything in this deal. There are variables. This thing really is a wildfire in the making. As Greg says, nothing of this scope has ever been seen before. Thanks for the info. Best always. PM

    • mark

      Hi Allen,
      Thank you for posting this from Dr. Jim Willie, greatly appreciated. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ, (crucified for our offenses, raised for our justification) be with your spirit Allen, amen

    • Silence is Golden

      The US may have given the impression it has pulled its “Royal Flush” and won the hand by initiating the overthrow of the Ukraine Government and thereby advancing the mandate of socialist state with accompanying loss of sovereignty. This play has in my summation, been a critical battlefield that will temporarily stymie any attempt to abrogate the USD reign and has been withheld intentionally for years only to be exposed when the other players have shown their hands. Critically it cages the Bear with occasional prods to provoke some retribution. It knows full well that the others planning to undermine the USD will feel the repercussions via the actions of the BEAR. The hand is played perfectly with sufficient collateral positioned to force errors of judgement on both sides.
      Time is of the essence for those pursuing a world less-possessed by the USD. Whilst the aim may be for outright War, the US may underestimate the ability of the other players and the cards they may be holding up their sleeves. It cannot be conceivable that those wanting change will permit any lengthy delays. On going acceptance of the existing monetary system works on the premise of soundness and fairness. That is clearly not achievable in the current environment where harsh conditionalities are superimposed into the working structure. If they fail to act with all due haste, we will all be crushed and succumb to the treacherous tyrannical word that they plan for.

  43. JC Davis

    Troy in Hawaii where are you? Can someone contact Troy and give us a update on the hurricanes. Wish you well our friend.

  44. JC Davis

    Enjoy the show. The maximum of the Perseid activity in 2014 is expected during the night of the 12th August 2014.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good one Allen.

      • JC Davis

        I O U

    • Jim H

      Allen and Greg
      Many things I can’t quite get a handle on or make sense out of. Building 7, MERS, weapon sales to both sides and Trillions borrowed from someone’s we always find out about after the fact. We really find out nothing more than we owe it. I get so tired of getting information stating that Bank of America, JP Morgan, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, The pentagon, Department of Defense, Clinton/Bush/Obama Administrations said or did this or that. I want to yell “NO THEY DID NOT, PEOPLE WITH NAMES DID IT!!! WHO ARE THEY!!! WHO GAVE THEIR BLESSING!!!?” pardon the yelling but WHO GAVE THEIR BLESSING!!!? Are you kidding me, trillions and we can’t get names even after the fact? A perfect example of this is when someone told Bush who told the Congress, the sky would fall if the American Taxpayer didn’t cough up 250 billion now. at least we had 15 minutes to wonder about that one before it passed by this Congress that can’t pass anything. Which brings me back to Many things I can’t quite get a handle on or make sense out of”. If I missed the reporting on what happened to our nation please inform me.

    • Money & Politics_ Wall Street & Main St.

      How can this be? It’s called a Petro-Dolla printing press, digits in cyber-space. Backed by a military industrial, pharmaceutical complex!

  45. mark

    Thank you Greg for having Dr. Paul on again, very helpful interview. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you spirit Greg. Fear Not!!! …. Always Rejoice!! Unceasingly PRAY!!! In Everything Give Thanks… for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you!!! (1 Thess. 5:16-18).

    • Jim H

      Sorry got lost and forgot my current question. Robin Williams, God rest his soul (gave up the Judge and Jury thing), very talented and about to be used as a distraction died According to Police at the scene in his home in “Unincorporated Tiburon California”. All I could find out about it on line so far is that it is Incorporated and has the largest per capita income in the US. Still the police spokesperson in 2 different reports said “Unincorporated Tiburon California. Can anyone tell explain what incorporated and unincorporated means in the case of Tiburon?

  46. Margo

    In 2006, while on a trip to Paraguay for UNICEF, Jenna Bush, daughter of then President George W. Bush, reportedly bought 98,840 acres of land in Chaco, Paraguay, near the 298,840 acres earlier purchased by her grandfather, George H.W. Bush, in 2005. All of the Bush-family purchases sit over not only South America’s largest aquifer, but the world’s as well: Acuifero Guaraní, which runs beneath Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay, an aquifer larger than Texas and California combined!

    Anyone want to take a guess as to why?

  47. Doug

    Greg, the best reason to protect Israel (unless of course the readers out there are non-believers): Genesis 12:3.

  48. allen ols


    According to Dave Hodges from The Common Sense Show, it would only cost taxpayers about $2 billion to update the power grid and protect it from attack or shutdown. This is roughly the same price as a single B-1 Stealth Bomber, or the annual sum that the government pays American farmers not to grow crops.

    In other words, it is a mere drop in the bucket compared to everything else the government spends money on. And yet nothing is being done to protect the power grid against failure or, worse yet, an attack by domestic or foreign enemies. Investment guru Paul Singer warned about this, noting that an electromagnetic surge is the “most significant danger” facing the world today.

    “Even horrendous nuclear war, except in its most extreme form, can [be] a relatively localized issue,” said Singer, “and the threat from asteroids can (possibly) be mitigated.”

    Spent fuel racks contain radiation that won’t be contained during an emergency

    In the event of a disaster or loss of power, a nuclear plant’s emergency power systems are designed to automatically engage, while its control rods are dropped into the core. Water is then pumped into the reactor to mitigate excess heat, in turn preventing a meltdown. And just to be sure, spent fuel rods are encased in both a primary and secondary containment structure, aiding in meltdown prevention.

    But if the emergency results in longer-term power losses, and backup generators run out of power, this constant flow of cooling water will eventually run dry.

    Learn more:

  49. Silence is Golden

    Quick wrap of the state of affairs:
    – Growing antagonism between the “divine leader” and his group of advisors
    – A decline of Moral and Ethical standards amongst the Elite
    – Political corruption and the potential for disruption to the designate power
    – Over-extended empire
    – Constant wars and heavy military spending
    – Failing economies with threat of bankruptcy combined with devalued currency and growing lack of shared wealth
    – Globalisation of the labor force (cheap slave labor) has undermined the middle class forcing a life of marginalised subsidisation and reduced living standards
    – Marked likelihood of increased civil unrest and rioting resulting directly from the inefficiencies of the corrupted political class
    – A noticeable decline in Values, Standards, Ethics and Principles about what is important in life moreover a total disregard for human life.
    – An unmistakable presence of natural disasters only adding to the confusion surrounding the numerous wars / civil unrests causing misdirected blame and increased reliance on various religions.
    – An empire under siege on many fronts with large Barbarian armies waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

    That was a description of the Fall of the great Roman Empire. The similarities to what the USA now faces are astounding.

  50. ZerOhead's picture

    Didn’t 400 Ukrainian troops invade Russian territory a week or so ago?

    What is Vlad waiting for?

  51. Lizard

    What a great man and thanks for having him back on. That wise wicked giggle of his makes me smile every time.

  52. John Allen

    Message for Charles H, member of the clergy.
    Do you know where the Twelve tribes are?
    Do you know where the two half tribes are?
    Are you aware of the Desolation of Abomination and if so,
    who makes the sacrifice on the alter.
    There is a physical Israel and the Bloodlines of Israel
    or Jacob. You know not who fights who?

    • Charles H.

      John Allen,

      Is this an attempt to assert authority by listing arguing points? Is it not enough that God knows; and that His intervention is all that matters? This site and forum is set-up NOT to be an endless debate – where assertions back and forth are compared. The Holy Spirit, Who seals the born-again Believer, is the Illuminary and bridge between God and man through the Word, the Holy Bible: all else pales to that vital connection. Study and specialization in whatever consensus is out there – is, in the main, speculation. We see through a glass darkly, presently – and less of the future.
      Stop baiting arguments.

  53. allen ols

    everyone, what the koran says about killing jews, christians, and more;

  54. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    I always look forward to hearing from Paul Craig Roberts. I do believe though that his anger toward what the Washington Establishment is doing can at times distort his outlook. The Communsist threat from the old Soviet Union was real. They did seek world domination. I believe that China, long term, seeks a certant dominance financially and culturally in the world. They certantly are seeking to extend their military dominance in their part of the world. Their military build-up has a definite offensive component to it. I believe China has historical grievances that they somehow, one day will address.

    I believe Putin longs to return Russia to the super-power status of the old Soviet Union. He also wants to restore as much of the remnants of the old empire as possible. I read an article by Mr. Roberts awhile ago that went out of its way to praise Mr. Putin. I found the piece to be a bit naive (in my opinion).

    I found President Obama’s comments goading Russia (about its economy, mortality rate, etc.) aside from being sophomoric, to be very dangerous. I don’t believe I ever heard a president speak this way before in a situation like this.

    Thanks for the forum!

  55. Sambo

    Great job Greg, Dr. Roberts is always so full of knowledge and wisdom. Thanks for all your good work

  56. David Brown

    Perhaps PCR was too shy to name those responsible for the neo-conservative movement –some would call it the Wolfowitz Doctrine.

    I’ll throw out a few names, and then others can comment:

    Paul Wolfowitz: husband and wife team of Robert Kagan and Victoria Nuland –the latter of Ukraine-phone call -intercepted -by -Russians- fame;
    husband and wife team of Fred Kagan and Lisa Kagan.

    One could also include Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld.

  57. Angie

    If we are such a war mongering nation then why are we downsizing our military?! We are week and would lose. The USA is no longer the force to be reckoned with – we could be but not with this administration. This is about the destruction of this country from the inside.

    BTW ANYONE who believes the Russians is a complete chump! Anyone who believes that there was peace in the middle east and that the Sunni and Shiite were starting to get along is so full it it they should be embarrassed!

  58. Old Dog

    Greg, you said that Mr. Roberts “lives or dies on your donations.” Why? Was he not Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under President Reagan and a Wall Street Journal editor, not to mention an ‘economist.’ How is it that such a high educated and credentialed man “lives or dies” financially on the goodwill of others?
    There seems something amiss in Roberts’ current situation, as you state it.

  59. Mr Fisher

    No point of watching the gold price, as I noticed the price of rhodium has been rocketing. Don’t forget, the rhodium price reached $10,000 per oz.

  60. Marc

    Great article, right up to the point at which you tipped into the nutter-butter-fever-swamp by blaming “neo-conservatives” for failed foreign policy and aligning “neo-cons” with hawks.

    BTW, does anyone whom or what a neo-conservative is/stands for? Usually, I think of the term as lefty-speak for someone who doesn’t agree with their point of view (aka ad hominem attack to silence opposition, always a logical failure).

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