Tony Robbins’ Dire Wake-Up Warning

Tony Robbins

By Greg Hunter’s 

Tony Robbins is known for motivational speaking.  This man is the king of positive thought, and it is hard to argue with his success.  I have known people who have gone to his seminars and had some life changing results.  So, when I heard Robbins’ dire warnings on this video he did three weeks ago, it really made me sit up and take notice.  Not because he’s telling me anything new, but because he is definitely stepping out of his comfort zone to warn people of an approaching financial calamity that will make 2008 look like a pillow fight.  I do not think he’s trying to make a buck.  I think he’s doing a little public service to wake up sleeping Americans.

It, also, struck me that Robbins had a firm grasp on the appalling shape of the U.S. government’s finances.  You know he knows some powerful, connected people, and this must be a reflection of their fears as well.  I don’t know that for a fact, it’s just my gut feeling.  There is plenty to be fearful of even though the mainstream media is obsessed with trivial crap that doesn’t make a dimes worth of difference in 99.9% of anyone’s life.

The real story here is the economy.  I cover it not because I am a financial junkie, I’m not.  I think this is the big story of today’s generation, and it will continue to be the big story for the foreseeable future.  We will all be touched and changed by what is coming—no exceptions.  No country on earth has ever been this deep in debt and produced this much currency (most of it is digital).  What will happen in the not-so-distant future to the wealth of U.S. citizens will be something that only happens every 300 years or so.  Forget about talk of bad things happening for the kids and grandkids.  That’s 80’s and 90’s talk.  What’s coming is for us in the here and now.  You can already see the wheels coming off, especially if you are one of the chronically unemployed, or one of the 47 million Americans on food stamps.  Please take time to watch Tony Robbins’ dire wake-up warning.  You will be glad you did.  It was excellent.

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  1. Elizabeth Hanson

    This is an excellent video. What I’d like to hear more about is the actual reasons for all of this debt and possible ways out. I’m thinking that derivatives are a large part of it… and wars. What is it going to take for a bold leader to take the bull by the horns?

    • maria oceanna

      FYI, I don’t consider this MY debt.

      This debt is from wars, invasions, CIA involvements, un-approved entitlements to Big Ag, military contractors and the rest of it. Not to mention those very special perks the congress and house get.

      I don’t buy into owing this debt. Let’s pull an ICELAND….!

      • maria oceanna


    • Wendy Woods

      I think the way Roberts illustrates the numbers, by comparing them with seconds, facilitates comprehension of the difference between a million, a billion and a trillion dollars. That, in and of itself, makes me want to consider the current deficit’s consequences on our present and future living conditions. If his talk had, at that point, continued to illustrate how the deficit is responsible for our sagging economy and high unemployment rate, this video would have continued to be interesting to me. But that didn’t happen.

      Here’s what did happen: Robbins spent a lot of time pointing out the hugely frightening size of the deficit (people are more easily manipulated when frightened); next, he sounded reassuringly logical by recommending cutting expenses and raising taxes as a solution to the problem (this lulled me into thinking he was a reasonable person, providing reasonable advice); and finally, just when I was getting comfortable, he said that the democratic economic plan offered by Obama would eliminate wealthy people and corporations (misinformation, plain and simple).

      The misinformation was insulting, and made him suddenly appear to me as something of a con artist, or, what’s that you say? — Oh, right, a “motivational speaker.”

      Give me a break.

  2. Sean

    The bottom line is to stop spending. We need to slay the beast that is driving and funding our debt.

    We also need some common sense in taxation and in trade fairness.

    Don’t tax individual wage/salary income unless it exceeds $250k. We work to feed our families, not the beast. And increase taxes on profits from investment income and corporate sales, with zero loopholes.

    On trade, establish policy that adds a tariff to all imports to assure that imports are priced at least 5% higher than domestic products. This will stimulate domestic production, quality, and price competition, it will assure that domestic companies lose by sending US-targeted manufacturing offshore, and it will assure that imported goods must be higher quality than US goods to be successful.

    If we aren’t doing some of these basic, minimum things, the globalists who run Washington will achieve their goal and will harmonize the US economy with the lesser economies whom they want us to be integrated with, which US voters won’t allow while we remain a stronger economy. (hence the reason our economy is being off-shored, robbed, manipulated, and decimated)

    • Saq

      Wow! Great post Sean! Brilliant insight.

  3. BigTom

    Greg – He starts off by saying we need to both ‘tax the rich and cut expenses,’ ie. just playing both fiddles at once, then continues on with rehashed explanations. Nothing new here. All the pundits, both professional and unprofessional focus on what needs to be done. We all know what needs to be done. Basic econ 101 elementary entry level 2+2 every day common sense math not only tells us what needs to be done, but explains why and what has to be done. Those tired of hearing about what needs to be done while watching things slowly get worse over the years please raise their hands. Those wanting to hear ‘why’ they are not being done, please stand up. The focus should be on the names of those people who need to do what needs to be done, and ‘why’ those elected officials just can’t seem to get done what obviously needs to be done. Our officials were elected to do what ‘needs’ to be done but instead hide unseen in the shadows and make excuses when called upon. As the saying goes, ‘follow the money,’ well, ‘follow the politics.’ The ‘why’ is the bomb in this hidden public issue and needs to be faced up to by the american public. Few in the public arena will jump into this snake pit of ‘why’ the sensible decisions are not made to address these issues. Meanwhile, all this political fiddle faddling about pointing fingers and telling us what needs to be done, over and over, does nothing more than sucessfully occupy and distract everyone with the old ‘lookie over here’ technique. I used to use that with my 2 year old when driving down the hiway. When I saw an approaching McDonalds sign up ahead I would point to something on the other side of the street and say, ‘Oh, look at this,’ and successfully avoid the disappointments……
    Greg – thanks for your timely articles. Agree or disagree, you still make important points….

    • Greg

      Big Ton,
      I am happy for your unvarnished opinion!! Thank you for the comment.

  4. mark

    All Tony is doing here, is what most of my newsletters and websites have been telling for years now…..There is no way out.. It is not possible and since they have chosen to print money as a solution..the dollar will sooner or later be worth absolutely nothing..

    • Greg

      On target man. My big take away is he saying it and it is probably a reflection of his well connected friends who are probably quite wealthy. Time is short.

  5. Jim H

    Thanks Greg
    You’re always able to find important, interesting topics to consider. Let’s take another concept. Doing the best for all concerned for free and for nothing. A for profit system has always favored the few over the many. Let’s not give this concept a label like “Communism”, “Socialism” or “Capitalism” because we all know all three are for profit and in all cases the few end up with the most. Let’s just refer to it as a new consciousness based on a common good. We forgive all debts and truly consider the earth as a home for everyone. Sounds nuts even as I write it but hopefully it is where we are headed.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jim H and droidX-G.

  6. droidX-G


  7. Troy

    Cashing in on the Fear Porn ;)?

    • Troy

      All Very nice. NO we can not tax our way out of debt! and the real debt is far worse. More like 77 Trillion so as bad as it looked in this video, it’s far worse! And why should we pay for debt that is not the American peoples???
      -Grace Commission report submitted to President Ronald Reagan – January 15, 1984 “100% of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the Federal Debt … all
      individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services
      taxpayers expect from government.”

      Greg; Why don’t we just cut to the case? When principle is less than principle plus interest you get debt, debt that grows exponentially
      ( Our Money ‘IS’ debt )
      Money as Debt [how our money system works] [HD Full Version …
      There are two ways to conquer and enslave a country; One is by sword. The other is by debt! John Adams. Compound all this with an ever worse trade def. Gutting of all industry. Government over spending. Never ending War And a spoiled debt minded American population that wants everything yesterday… And you get an unsolvable problem. Full Speed ahead says both parties! rearrange the deck chairs!!!


      We are most likely heading for a time when Gold will trade Oz per OZ with tobacco. Can it all be averted? I’m bearish. People will live in denial until they have NO other choice. The only thing one can do is try to weather the storm.

      Best wishes to all reading this,

      God speed for a restart!

      Aloha :)!

  8. sylvia

    tony robbins seems to think there isn’t an answer to all this debt. I do.
    Going on and on bailing out banks is certainly not the answer.
    First of all it is not the peoples debt. If the federal reserve would stop charging
    us interest in order to print our worthless money, wouldn’t this help?

    The corporate federal government is not the government of the people. It is a money
    making corporation that has failed, due to poor management. The people
    don’t owe anything at all…….. they are the debtors. We hold their notes, so they owe us.
    Why not take a lesson from Iceland. It’s pretty simple……….They have recently
    just forgiven their entire debt. . . . . wrote it off.

  9. charles

    Wow, that was impressive. I don’t see much hope for our future as a nation.

  10. Tom

    I believe we’re screwed.

  11. Patty

    Perfection! Thanks once again, Greg. Best,Patty Portland OR

    • Greg

      Thank you for the comment.

  12. MattC

    First off, I love your website and your focus on economic issues. These issues are paramount and much of the media blackout on these topics in my mind is criminal. Mr. Robbins brings up several great points about our sad state of economic affairs. The short answer is that there really is not simple solution. Our debt is unsustainable. It is being propped up by printing more money, creative accounting practices, and foreign nations buying our debt. China recognizes that their economy is completely linked to our well being. We fail and they will take a massive economic hit as well. Nevermind the impact on the rest of the world.

    • Greg

      Thank you MattC for your comment and support.

  13. Gary, AZ

    Here’s one for the 2011 budget.!

    • Greg

      Thank you Gary AZ for the content.

  14. ABR

    Studies on what has been happening in Europe suggest a counter-intuitive approach to reducing debt on a national level. Austerity has been shown to increase the incidence of radical political movements and events as people become more and more desperate. According to these studies, governments best serve their people by continuing spending in the near-term, while implementing changes that will kick in over the medium to long term. In effect all forms of social spending must be reduced significantly, but the cuts must take effect in a glide path pattern downward, not a waterfall. Unfortunately for the U.S. that kind of planning takes patience, foresight, a willingness to sacrifice, and a functioning political system that emphasizes the common good and compromise over party loyalty and personal gain.

  15. norcar survivor

    When the big boys come out of hiding and start telling it like it is, the MSM will have to wake up and smell the coffee less they look like fools (even more than they do now). It was a great post. Nice to know we’re in good company Greg. Then again we always did didn’t we? Keep up the great reporting and we’ll do the sorting. Phil

    • Greg

      You got that right man! Thank you for your comments and support.

  16. Norm Ezzie

    Greg….ya cannot starve out stupidity in America today! That’s the number one problem with today’s America- the level of ignorance of what’s really going within this global plantation we’re residing on- Look at our Congress….operating without a budget? Tell me how in the hell that can happen?

    • Greg

      Norm Ezzie,
      As usual you bring it in a sharp concise way. Thank you man!!!

  17. Rick


    Videos like these don’t tell the whole story. Because they don’t mention the root cause, which is resource depletion / Peak Oil. And this debt will not be paid off, because there’s no way it can be paid off.

    • Greg

      good point man!!! Thank you for making it here.

  18. Richard Martin

    It’s a very good video. Unfortunately, he’s preaching to the choir. I continue a search for one good, hard hitting video, presented by someone that most people won’t consider a nut, that will show people what is going on, and hopefully effect a real change in attitudes. Although this video is long it started out well. Then Mr Robbins launched into a 10 minute drag out of how taking everyone’s money still won’t fix the problem. Even I skipped through the second half of that portion of the video.

    My search for a video that gets the point across and doesn’t put people to sleep continues.

  19. This guy

    2 things…
    1. I agree w Sylvia; it’s not our debt, so write it off like Iceland did. F&@k the bankers! It’s their mess. Them saying it’s the nation’s debt are worse than the predatory housing loan lenders. Thevenot teachabout the Fed and our money as debt w interest, so we were entrapped, IMHO
    2. While resource depletion is a huge concern, I’m not sure I buy the whole Peak Oil theory. Seriously, if said resources were in such danger as they say, do u honestly think TPTB would allow us to have any use of it in return for useless fiat?

  20. rick

    Hey GREAT Video!!
    But I liked Bill Whittle’s at Declaration Entertainment better. The point is the same.

  21. Rainman

    Cheers Tony Robbins and thankyou Greg, great site.

    • Greg

      Thank you Rainman.

  22. Jay Bouris

    Greg, How many of those trillions went to recapitalize the Banks here and around the world, since we fraudulently created the financial crisis. Is that counted in our Debt, or is that just funny money that debases the Dollar. The average guy can’t even understand the dynamics of what is going on anymore. But I guess that is the plan, keep us confused! Jay

    • Greg

      Jay Bouris,
      You do not sound confused my friend. Thank you for the comment.

  23. Don

    It’s so easy to pay 15 trillion off when a loaf of bread is worth 200,000.00. Can you say “Weimar Republic”? How about “Zimbabwe”?
    That’s where we are headed very soon.

    Seems to me that there is only one answer for this country the media tries to keep from us. One answer the spendthrift incompetents in Washington do not want to utter. There is one man in Washington that has the answer and is one of the deligates still standing. Guess who it is? The unmentionable candidate who happens to be a darn good economist and a doctor as well.

    That’s your answer.
    In addition to that, vote them all out.

  24. Carax

    T. Robbins. Very motivational. But his programs are too expensive.

  25. John

    How did Clinton balance the budget (or did he really?) and what exactly has changed since then…causing this tailspin?

    Tony: Can you do a part 2 video to allow us to understand this. I feel we have 1/2 of the required context to understand enough of the problem to formulate informed opinions on what possible answers might be worth considering.

    • SilverPhoenix2012


      Clinton’s budget was showing a surplus due to the “contract with America” which was formulated by the new republicans and Gingrich. Remember he vetoed the balanced budget ammendment a couple times before the polls told him he was out of touch. Then they used revenue from future events like digital TV, changing the way we report inflation and unemployment…etc.

      Don’t buy into the propoganda of one side being better than the other. This site has too many informed readers to fall for it. We were sunk as a nation in 1913…and the final nail in the coffin…1971.

  26. John

    To look at the debt as a function over time go to our own governments web site and punch in January 20, 1993 to today’s date. You will see that oyr debt has more than tripled over this time AND you will see that we had no real surplus during any point in the Clinton administration. Why can’t anyone (media) paint a clear and honest picture of what is going on?

  27. Jim

    I think it was a little disingenuous to suggest anyone wants to take everything from the rich and bankrupt the corporations. I don’t believe anyone wants that.
    What I do think is that people in general are disgusted by large corporations and wealthy people who have created this financial mess actually profiting from the status quo, while poor and middle class people are being devastated.
    Do we need to cut spending and increase taxes? Sure we do, but what we need to do more than anything is to make sure the pain is shared across the board. If that is not done, then we will surely have a division in this country that will be its demise.
    The argument of taking everything from the rich not curing the problem is a straw man that diverts attention from the real issue which is who is really responsible for the situation we are in, and what is really fair.

  28. mark hagen

    I have sent this vid to all of my sleeping friends. This they can understand

  29. Bryan

    While I agree with the great majority of what Mr Robbins says I could not help but question one of his assumptions at the beginning. In his example of how much it would take to pay off the FY 2012 federal budget he seems to start with a zero sum in the beginning? I think the confusion for me is how much does the federal government take in regarding taxes prior to trying to pay off the 2012 budget solely on the rich?

    I am not advocating either way on this just trying to get a better grasp of what he is saying in the video. Thanks.

  30. TonnyK

    Very simple Mr Robbins, you’ve done it already in the past. Just create a entirely different new economic system. America has been chosen for the hability you have to re-invent the economic world. So, yes you can !

  31. Sam Pam

    This is a pointless video. What is the point? it’s disingenious as the previous poster Jim said, that he alluded someone wants to tax the rich unfairly so they can pay our debt. No, all we are saying is make the tax system fair. I made $40,000 last year and paid 30% of my wages in taxes. Obama made milions and paid 20%. Share the pain. That’s what they is saying (Obama and Bufett)

    GE pays no federal tax

    Cleveland Clinic is a worldwide behemoth, which makes billions of $$ in revenue but pays no taxes because it’s a non profit, however the folks who work for them making 30,000 a year have to pay taxes.

    Then Tony makes this video, to tell us we are doomed so what? we know that, but everylittle bit of revenue we can get goes to paying the debt or at least fixing our infrastructure.

  32. Johnny Garza

    Funny how now we have to discuss how we get rid of the debt in America but we didn’t concern ourselves about this problem when we were incurring this debt which was under what started as Republican spending but because the rich and affluent now own the Democratic arm of our politics there is no difference. Focus on the monetary system, dissolve the capitalist system which keeps in place the fractional reserve system and end the practice of production and labor take a close look at cooperatives institute the fair elections act, Forgive the debt and hang the banksters now you have a resolution.

  33. Mike

    Public Austerity is no answer to the debt issue created by War Graft, Bank Malfeasence AND “investor confidence”.

    Why won’t any one utter the very real issue?

    The addiction to an obsolete energy ($) and the military that’s sole focus seems to be enabling that addiction is in my crosshairs. Which illegal war are we “winning”? Which one did we fund in full? Who enjoyed our “business”?

    But that’s Obama’s debt, right fundamendalists?

    Cut every social resource and allow the govt/military a blank check to chase ghosts.

    Sounds like a “conservative” plan?

    But we are “safe”.

    Why lead the world in alternative energy tech when you can be mired in the (formerly US) multi national corpo’s dwindling resource grabs?

    And when did the term “Conservative” include no relation to the word “Conservation”?… both derivatives of “conserve”. Everything has continuity except the republican definition.

    Oh right, conserving resources is liberal and wasting them is conservative (oil spills). Now I know.

    The “petro economy” will eventually fail.

    Wake up sheeple.

  34. Sarah

    Tony Robbins needs to get hip to Bill Still and Ellen Brown.

    Ellen Brown’s blog here:

    Bill Still’s excellent videos (just Google MoneyMasters) explaining the history of banking in this country and why we are in this mess. Watch it twice to really get it.

  35. Rick S

    In our economic system, paper money is created by a private banking cartel and issued to us as debt payable at interest. From this fact, two conditions arise:

    1) By design, the debt can never be repaid without collapsing the system. Repayment of the debt is equivalent to the removal of all money (issued as debt)from the system.

    2) The debt can only grow perpetually and at an ever accelerating rate. Additional borrowing (at interest) is required if only to make payments on the interest already accruing on the past debt.

    We shouldn’t be surprised that our debt has been increasing exponentially. This system, now implemented globally with the exception a small hand full of countries still able to resist, is designed that way.

    Tony, and others, who call for paying off the debt are unknowingly calling for the collapse of our monetary system, yet its collapse is inevitable. Collapse will occur either after the people revolt or after the banks have totally enslaved the populations and taken ownership of all of the natural resources of the indebted countries and they have nothing left to give.

    While the fire burns down our house around us, we simply discuss trivialities such as whether the flames are more blue than red.

    • The Captain

      Rick, you are exactly correct. All of the symptoms that people complain about are just that: symptoms. The disease, that which powers all the corruption, crony capitalism, waste,fraud, abuse and concentration of power is none other than the fraudulent system known as fiat currency and fractional reserve banking. We cannot just return to a gold “standard” either. Government will game it just as they did before. Nixon defaulted on all of the paper promises for gold redemption and the US military stopped anyone from retaliating on us for it.

      Nothing the government says is true anymore. Government has gone rogue. It is now a seething mass of infighting and organized crime where each faction figures out how best to take something from the livestock which they manage (that would be the people). They are now preparing for the coming showdown between those in the government + those dependent upon government vs everyone else. They are militarizing the local police forces, hold mock attack drills in major cities (with the use of live blank rounds as helicopters swoop though city streets – youtube for this that happened in Miami recently). They are going to intimidate and push and shove and bully anyone who will fall to their knees and be bullied.

      BTW, if you want to know who is responsible for all this, go find a mirror and have a deep look. Anyone who failed to support Ron Paul is totally guilty. Anyone who allowed themselves to be brainwashed by mainstream media’s efforts to paint him as a crank or a wimp in ill-fitting clothing instead of paying attention to the lessons he was trying to teach us. Well, turns out he was right about everything: loss of freedoms, loss of privacy, government too big and out of control, lack of a sound and secure money supply. It’s all there is you just pull your head out and listen. The con men could NEVER have gotten this far without your support. Try to keep that in mind when the really bad stuff begins to happen. You did this.

  36. Sarah

    Rick S: Exactly.

  37. D

    Uhm …


    Long since 2012 and loving it …

  38. Diane

    Here we are in 2022 and this video is just showing how the system got broken the day we hired the Jewish Federal Reserve to start printing money and charging us interest on our debt. Once we got into real financial trouble and were borrowing from them to pay our bills is the day we would never get out of the debt hole. The other way is the massive governmental theft that has been happening ever since JFK was murdered! Our National Debt in 1914 was $2.51 Billion. In 1964 it was $311.71 Billion. 100 years from the start of the Federal Reserve system of printing money it was $19.35 Trillion!

  39. paul komara

    Someone doesn’t want us to what this video…got the message and error occured…check back later…

    This truth will help set us free, but, we have to unite. They are few…we are meany.

  40. Greg

    I checked it and it worked for me. Please try it again. It is worth the time. Thank you for supporting this site.

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