True Scale of Dollar Ponzi Scheme Becoming Apparent-Rob Kirby

True Scale of Dollar Ponzi Scheme Becoming Apparent-Rob KirbyBy Greg Hunter’s 

Financial expert Rob Kirby says global central bank fraud is propping up the economy.  Kirby contends, “The amount of fiat money that has to be created on a go forward basis rises exponentially over time.  So much, much money is being created whether the Fed says they are ‘tapering’ or the Fed says they’re not ‘tapering’ is irrelevant to what is really happening.  The money is being created, and they have to find places to hide it.  What else has happened?  Internationally, we see the likes of Russia and China basically setting up to trade in other than dollars because they know what’s going on with the dollars, and they know too many dollars are being created.  They know this story of too many dollars being created ends very badly. . . . Fiat money by its very nature is designed to fail.  Fiat money by its nature needs to be increased.  Fiat money at the beginning has a very shallow incline, and then you hit an inflection point where the amount of fiat money being produced literally has to go vertical.  We are into the vertical part of that curve now.”  

Kirby thinks the inflection point was the 2008 financial meltdown.  Kirby, who has 15 years’ experience as an international derivatives broker, charges, “The only thing the monetary elites can do to prolong or delay that inflection point is by lowering rates.  By pushing rates to zero, which they did roughly 7 years ago, basically bought them some time.   A lot of things the central bankers have been doing are nothing but buying time.  In terms of the money that is being created, it’s really starting to hit home, and it’s really starting to become apparent the true scale of this Ponzi scheme.   We see a little nation like Belgium, with their $480 billion GDP, in the last three reporting months . . . put $141 billion worth of U.S. government securities into their reserve account.  They are now holding something like $340 billion in their reserve account.  This is absolutely absurd.  This is something that wouldn’t pass as a prank in the schoolyard.  This is an international game of hide the salami.  The dollars have to be created, and the central bank is running out of places to hide it.” 

Kirby goes on to explain, “People think it’s outrageous that the Federal Reserve has a $4 trillion balance sheet.  Try a $10 trillion balance sheet, and try a $10 trillion balance sheet in another sovereign’s debt.  It’s absolutely absurd and ridiculous.  This is high fraud.  What it shows is that this is not a problem that is with just America anymore.  It shows the real problem is with central banking and fiat money itself.  Fiat money and central banking are not the offspring of capitalism.  They are the central planks of the communist manifesto.  They are socialist and communist in nature.  The real problem is with the money itself.  We need to revert back to real capitalism which is real weights and measures and honest commerce.  Otherwise, we are going to devolve into a very dark period of feudalist oppression.” 

Why is this happening?  Kirby thinks, “It doesn’t really matter who occupies the Oval Office.  The office of the President has been captured, and it has been captured by the bankers.  We are living under banker rule.  This is a big problem.  Bankers are soulless.  Bankers have no nation.  Bankers are a religion unto themselves.  It’s a cult, and it’s dangerous.”  Kirby goes on to say, “At this point, there is going to be pain no matter what we do. . . . At some point, the whole thing will unwind, and hopefully it will not do so in a cataclysmic fashion.  I hope it will not do so with a push of a button that will start a nuclear war.  You can get truly dark when you start thinking how this might end.  I’d like to think saner heads might rule the day.  What we are witnessing in real time is this experiment with central banking, and fiat money is failing.  The evidence is written all over the walls.  It’s completely clear.  Anyone who is not paying attention to this, at this point, is delusional.” 

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with macroeconomic researcher Rob Kirby of  

(There is much more in the video interview.)  

After the interview: is a paid newsletter.  Kirby told me he often communicates with his subscribers one on one through individual email.  Even though is a paid newsletter, Rob Kirby says there is a public area with lots of free information.  Check it out at                 

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  1. Larry Carter

    Be sure and read Robert Fitzwilson missive on King world. Another take on wealth and how are the 1% ers going to hang on to their wealth. or not.

    • Serge

      Amazing, fiat money was invention of capitalist society and yet the author calls it socialist and communist thing. Whenever capitalism is in fault blame somebody or something else in this case socialism which has nothing to do with fiat money.

  2. Rodster

    Kirby: “The entire world could easily devolve into feudalistic oppression”.

    Which is what Karen Hudes had said that we could be thrust back into the dark ages when this whole thing unwinds. The more ominous scenario is someone starting a nuclear war because they know the end game will be catastrophic. Not a pretty picture either way.

    • armando

      While I imagine that you and I agree on most issues, I´m certain that Karen Hudes is not one of them. An attorney and aledged world bank whistle blower that talks about 170k tons of gold hidden in Hawaii/Philipines and of ¨another race¨ that lives on earth and controls the Vatican is a bit too much for me to swallow without concrete proof.

      • Galaxy 500

        I am with you. Karen Hudes has zero credibility with me. Dont know that I buy a fall to the dark ages. Too much recorded knowledge. I have bunches. Even stuff outside make fields. But there may be a city state arraignment or even a return of the Confederation (just some states leaving the union, its about taxes, not slavery)

    • Steve Smith

      Rodster__ For the “meek shall inherit the earth,” So don’t worry, be happy, well win! ‘Meet John Doe,’ an Inspiring Lesson in Americanism. Call him Joe Doakes or George Spelvin or just the great American yap–he is still the backbone of this country and as sturdy a citizen as there is. You’ve seen him at the ball parks, on the buses, at county fairs and political rallies from coast to coast. You’ve even caught glimpses of him–and seen him squarely, too in films once again. But now you will see him about as clearly as Hollywood has ever made him out in Frank Capra’s and Robert Ruskin’s superlative “Meet John Doe,” which had its local premiere last evening at the Rivoli and Hollywood Theaters–you and countless other John Does. For, in spite of certain prolixity and an ending which is obviously a sop, this is by far the hardest-hitting and most trenchant picture on the theme of democracy that Messrs. Capra and Riskin has yet made–and a glowing, tribute to the anonymous citizen, too.
      Actually, this is not our first introduction to John Doe. Mr.Capra has already presented him under the names of Longfellow Deeds and Jefferson Smith, the fellows, you remember, who went to town and to Washington, respectively. He is the honest forthright fellow–confused, inconsistent but always sincere–who believes in the basic goodness of people and has the courage to fight hard for principles. When he went to town, he was fighting for a vague but comprehensible social ideal: in Washington, his adversaries were those who would use the United States Senate for corrupt and venal purposes.

      But now, under the pseudonym of John Doe–John Willoughby is his real name–he finds himself confronted with a much more sinister and pertinent foe: the man–or, rather, the class– that would obtain dictatorial control by preying upon the democratic impulses and good-will of the people of the land. In substance, Messrs. Capra and Riskin are hinting broadly at the way this country might conceivably fall into the hands of a ruthless tyrant. It could happen here, they say–if it were not for the American John Doe!
      By BOSLEY CROWTHER, Published: NEW YORK TIMES, March 13,1941

      Well the game was almost called out on account of darkness back then and it sure looks like it’s getting pretty dark once again. This was a time when Hollywood was at it’s finest and no doubt deserved much credit for keeping the world out of the darkness that has always dogged free men and of course, women.

      I encourage you to watch it, there is hope for us today and even if the world does slip into another dark age it wont be there long this time because of people like all of you John Doe’s, Mohammed, Galaxy 500 NC, Ugly, Col, NZfarmer from down Under and Tasman, Fly fisher Fraser,Oracle, Troy, JC, Al Oles, Calgirl, Art Barnes,STM, Charles H. you got brains, Paul from Indiana, Jerry,Ann Elliot and Nicks Grandson Al Tesla and I wonder if he drives one? I could go on and on, sorry cant get everyone in but I cant push the guy we owe all this to, to far, the USA’s Watchdog, who’s got our backs, Gregory Hunter.
      Greg I hope you trust me on this one, I know you wont have time to see this film to approve it but Glen Beck did recommend it a month ago, at least that’s what some of the reviews said and you wont be able to find one bad review, here’s one….
      alexave 2 years ago
      What an amazing movie! I was more and more into it as each minute went by. I was beginning to believe in it myself. I wanted so badly for it to be true, to succeed. The Idea seemed so simple, but it turned out to mean so much more. I was in tears for the last fifteen minutes. Over 70 years later and this movie is still moving. BRAVO!

      Roll out the barrel, well have a barrel of fun
      Roll out the barrel, we’ve got the blues on the run
      zing boom tararree, ring out a song of good cheer
      Now’s the time to role the barrel, for the gang’s all here!

      “There you are Norton, the people. Try and lick that!”

      • Steve Smith

        Just wanted to add, there are several free John Doe full movie video’s on youtube and even Hula, some are better than others, brightness, sound ect…one I thought to be the best and on youtube;

        Don’t count on this to work but i’ll give it a try if you will;
        If the above didn’t work just look for on youtube;
        Meet John Doe (1941) Gary Cooper & Barbara Stanwyck
        Public Domain . Video . . . . .there all good, anyways.

      • Nancy

        Maybe Karen Hudas is using symbolism when she is telling her story. Maybe she wants you to look deeper into who are the people from anothr planet. Afterall, she doesn’t want to end up dead.

        • Galaxy 500

          If you saw Greg’s interview with her, you cant come to that conclusion

        • Galaxy 500

          People come another planet???!!!??? Really? Sorry, I don bbelieve in the Nazi extraterrestrial theory.

      • Charles H.

        Steve Smith,

        As much as I would like to agree with you, in a positive outlook – I cannot. I own the movie you speak of, and have watched it several times. But a Hollywood movie, albeit from a saner time in America, is STILL a Morality Play: it is a contrived fiction that resembles reality; which allows it to gain intellectual believability and emotional identification. Though it embodies ideals we have cherished as Americans, and has a story-line that comes out right in the end: the similarities pretty much end there. Today there is a loss in the national character that the movie has not. Today the depth of the Political Machine is far deeper and more insidious. The conditions surrounding the US, not only in Finance, but in International pressures and initiatives are unprecedented; and they themselves inject variables that go beyond the sphere of control. I think you rightly attribute that there are individuals like Jefferson Smith today; but, I fear, not in such numbers that will make a difference for America’s future. This kind of character is fading from the American scene – in the way the Great Generation is disappearing.

        As to the compliment in your comment – you yourself are a first-rate writer. (Inferring brains included) I had to look-up “prolix” for myself!

        And though it is true – “the meek shall inherit the earth…” – this is not to say we shall not pass through tribulation, on the way to … a new heaven and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.” And I choose not to think ‘”we” win’, so much as that God gives the victory; and the glory is therefore His.”

        • Steve Smith

          Charles H. I said you had brains, more than me. Your right the victory is God’s, but don’t forget he prefers to work through people, those angels aren’t flying through mid-heaven, close to earth for nothing!
          Also cant take credit for that piece, it was from a 1941 New York times. So say G’day to all the John and Jane Does wherever you are and roll out them barrels!

      • trROTski

        “There you are Harry Ried, the people, try and lick that!” That go’s double for you Rory Reid and your dads aid-de-camp Neil
        Kornze. One only has to wonder, what BLM agent Dan Love and colleagues think about being called “losers” by Rory. Next time they are called upon to conduct excessive paramilitary operations they can invite Harry, Kornze and Rory to don BLM Ninja outfits and lead the charge to save the desert tortoise from the terrorists, so that they can be gently killed, later!

    • Rodster

      “U.S. Conducts Spy Flight Over Russia”

  3. armando

    Superb Greg, simply superb… Your interview of this highly insightful, knowledgeable and astute guest is certainly another knotch in your vast list of brilliant reporting. I truly believe that when the reset finaly arrives (in the not too distant future) history will hold you in high regard for having been one of the few and key newsmen that accurately reported on what was to come. Keep up the fine work, hopefuly more of the masses will continue to awaken.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Armando.

    • topherdig

      Armando, I totally agree with your assessment of Greg’s blog and the guests that speak the truth and his courage and dedication to what is really happening out there in the real world. I am still amazed that Americans are so unaware of what is happening and that ” the economy is in recovery”. I also liked that this guest said that Obama is not running this country the banks are….how true this is. They are running everything in this Western world.

  4. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    I just want say few things:
    1 st) The current Russian leadership knew what is going on, for at least 15 years, but was unable to move. Chinese leadership realized it in 2008 and in 2009 it was rest of the BRICS. Sadly they can’t move any faster, at least without inflicting great damage on their own economies. But in 1 thing I’m certain, they will move as one entity, and it will happen soon (I think after the new Indian gov will be operational, India had election recently and the leading party won with the anti US gov campaign slogans).
    2nd) If dark age then it will take 20-30 years. Now the reason, back than in the age fall of the Roman Empire 2 things were common just a few were able to write and “elites” have “monopoly on truth”. Now in the west the an-alphabetism is gone (although in the US practical an-alphabetism is pretty high among the kids) and there is Internet which houses lot of “samizdat” like this site. Not to mention, we live faster then the Romans.
    3rd) About Central banking and fiat money it is true, and that manifesto was published in Chicago!
    4th) About bankers cult, true. It is an another Übermensch cult and “you” (and me) are the “talking animals”.

    BTW why your interviews became shorter?

    Your thoughts.

    • Oracle 911

      Now I just realized Obama is from Chicago, too. I don’t think it is just a coincidence.

      • Anne Elliott

        Christine Lagard is from Chicago too.

        • Oracle 911

          It is sounds like Chicago is the worlds communist/socialist capital.

      • Nick

        Obama is not from Chicago. He is from Kenya, Indo, Hawaii, Seattle, NY, Russia, and other places. He was only here after he was firmly molded into what he is today. We had an army of criminals already here in Chicago, Obama was just passing through.

        • Oracle 911

          Yeah, but if I correctly recall, he was on university in Chicago. So somewhere he get these socialist/communist ideals.

  5. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Hi Greg
    Great interview.
    Rob Kirby tells it like it is.
    He absolutely nailed it with this one absolutely classic sentence – ” We need to get back to real capitalism which is real weights and measures and honest commerce”.
    I love his description of a small country like Belgium holding $340billion in US Govt securities as being “frightenly absurd”.
    I note he had the courage to point out also – ” what we all know – that the Fed is not Federal “. – This situation is frightenly absurd too, yet 99% of people don’t want to even mention it.

    I see the world moving increasingly from paper to assets.
    It is ludicrous that approx. $700tr worth of financial derivatives exist – the equivalent of 10X the GDP of the entire world.
    A huge portion of this $700tr represents fraudulent debt.
    For the life of me I do not think the world can blunder through till the end of 2014 without the entire monetary system completely unravelling. The current fiasco in the Ukraine can only massively accelerate this process.
    The people with the hard assets will be laughing and those will the paper will be in tears.

  6. JC Davis

    Rob Kirby is one of my favorite analysts. Practical speaking, yet well informed in the banking actions and function. Thanks for the interview Greg.

  7. Rob

    Hi Greg!

    A good interview as always! Jim Willie just put out a good article that agrees with Rob:

    The destruction of the present system is on purpose to make way for the 7 regional reserve currencies that will be put in place of the petro dollar. This is all by design:
    Revelation 17:3 And he carried me away in the Spirit into a wilderness: and I saw a woman sitting upon a scarlet-colored beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.
    The USA is mentioned there in allegory just as she is here: Jer(usa)lem :o)

    I posted this as part of a larger post earlier in the year and thought it would be a good time to refresh some memories to ponder:
    2001 to 2008 is 7 years

    2008 to 2015 is 7 years

    2015 ~ 2022 is 7 years

    2000 ~ market top
    2001 ~ 9/11
    2002 ~ Patriot act

    2007 ~ market top
    2008 ~ Tarp
    2009 ~ Quantitative Easing to Infinity

    2014 ~ market top:
    2015 ~ collapsing markets bring a currency reset and Daniel 9:27 covenant starting the tribulation?
    2015 ~ 2022 ~ 7 years of Tribulation

    2022 ~ 2023 The day the Lord / Year of the Redeemed

    Father controls all the men from kings on down:
    Proverbs 21:1 The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord as the watercourses: He turneth it whithersoever he will.

    In CHRIST! Rob

  8. DavidC

    I’m beginning to sound like a stuck record but, once again, a great interview. The one with Nomi Prins was brilliant, despite the depth of material she always presents it with real clarity.

    All the best from the UK!

    • Greg Hunter

      Nice to heart DavidC

  9. Jerry

    Greg, I hope your readers are listening to Rob Kirby. He lays it out pretty clearly. We do not have years to prepare for this reset like many of your guest have stated. We have months. Maybe 2-3 according to my sources. He is absolutely correct about the stall tactic the Cartel is using. When they run out of Gold to buy off the Chinese, the Chinese will pull the plug on the reserve dollar, ending the fiat Ponzi scheme once and for all. There won’t be enough countries in the world (like Belgium) to hide the flood of dollars that will hit the market. What I’m wondering, is what the Cartel will do next to appease the Chinese? Hmm…maybe land deals? Maybe Dingy Harry isn’t so dumb? That sure looks like scrub land to me he was trying to sell to the Chinese in Nevada. It doesn’t even have a view. 🙂

    • Michael Haller


      Harry is about as dumb as a fox. There is a huge transmission corridor going through Mesquite, NV through Las Vegas, NV to southern California. California and many of the Western states have laws requiring certain percentages of be from renewable resources. Currently, the Bureau of Land Management are leasing out thousands of acres of land for solar energy production. Apparently, Chinese owned companies are the companies leasing these lands. Can you say “billions of dollars”.

  10. art barnes

    Greg, what the central bankers & the elite are hoping for is a soft landing type ending, not a catastrophic war dark-age your guest alluded to. The reason the elite want a soft landing is self serving, its not because they love the working class people of the western world. They are historians, they know & remember the French Revolution of 1797 & what happened to the elite, head came off, etc., as an example – so they know a reset is coming but want to move ever so slowly into it to avoid a hard crash landing, that way maybe then they can keep their wealth and their heads as well. It remains to be seen whether the central banks can maneuver their greed, deception, & folly to a soft pasture, they have the reputation of being pretty resilient pilots albeit always at the expense of the working class.

    • Jerry

      They will just leave after the plundering is finished, and leave the rest of us here to kill each other.

    • Calgirl

      I wonder how the elite will protect themselves?

      • art barnes

        Offshore islands, large estates with armed guards, mega yachts that can stay at sea for 2 years or more without needing additional provisions, and, last but not least, the government & national guards protection; to name a few.

      • Galaxy 500

        Excellent question

    • JC Davis

      Art Barnes. You nailed it again. This explains why we have not seen a collapse. Soft landing is a must, so how soft can it get? There are still a few mom,& pop stores. Cattle ranchers, and back door food producers. Many gun owners still. Our system has been converted to a system of fraud. Those who play the game in fraud stay in the game. Those who don’t fold there cards, and head for the door. I think you are exactly right !
      Soft landing will allow the crooks to own the house and never have to leave.

  11. Sam Grant

    Another fantastic interview with someone who really knows his stuff and can articulate it well. For the first time, it’s been explained that central banking is socialist and communist. These two isms are the absolute scourge of humanity. They destroy motivation. They make those who excel the same financially as those who fail – thereby destroying one’s ambition, one’s desire to get ahead, to make something of oneself, to strive, work, succeed, excel, invent stuff, build stuff, innovate, dream and then put those dreams into reality. They destroy production. They put seniority over excellence. They take away individualism. They turn humanity into one depressing, slow, apathetic, low operating-level-mass of grey mush that does just enough to barely survive because there’s no reward in trying to succeed. They are a cancer on all of humanity.
    That is why I keep beating the ROTHSCHILD drum and will not stop. They are the inventors and owners of all central banks. Mr. Kirby mentions the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. The BIS is the ROTHSCHILD’S HEAD OFFICE governing their satellite offices (central banks) around the world. The BIS is the head of the vampire squid. We must stop this evil family and their partners/deputies/minions or there is no hope whatsoever for the human race. The ONLY thing the world needs to wake up to is the ROTHSCHILD’S CENTRAL BANKING PONZI SCHEME. Once people realize how completely they’ve been enslaved by central banking, everything else becomes crystal clear.

    • Alohajim

      Amen. Thank you Sam Grant. Indeed that truly is the one overriding problem in the world. Oh so cleverly hidden. These people have been farming humans like ants farm aphids for a long time. Humans have no clue about the sophisticated and systematic methods used in dumbing down, dividing, and distracting the population while creating dependence on government and corporations. Thanks to Gregg and all others like him who are working hard to help people realize and understand the truth.

  12. Jose Jimenez

    Hey Gregg! You sir have gone too far. What gives you the right to be truthful and honest? What, do you think you’re something special?? Why can’t you go along to get along? Don’t you realize that the truth could be infectious and spread in wild fires? This is not helpful to the Party, not helpful at all. If you continue the Powers at be, will have no choice but to label you as a domestic terrorist.

    I hope you come to your senses and cease and desist [NOT] before is too late.


    Thank you Gregg for all that you do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jose for injecting a little humor here.

  13. Varian Wrynn

    Take a look at a paper I wrote in 2012 showing how the US will fare over the next 10 years. Paper uses US Gov’t and UN sources for projections. Spoiler alert: It’s dismal.

  14. Galaxy 500

    have you heard about this?!/newsDetail/25269079
    A construction worker though refills of coke where free when it was $0.89. He was fined $525 for shoplifting and banned from premise which cost him his job. I guess that’s fair… (sarcasm)
    This is another federal police officer power drunk just like the guys at Bundy’s ranch in NV. Had the poor guy been a banker and stolen $89 billion, he’d have received a $100 million fine, paid a few million in campaign contributions and he could have kept his job and the $89 billion. They slap down the little guy with draconian sanctions over insignificant things while the bankers stealing mountains of money getaway with it.
    Kind of reminds one of the treatment of nobility under the law and treatment of peasants.

    • Calgirl

      A partial answer:

      Jury nullification occurs in a trial when a jury acquits a defendant, even though the members of the jury believe the defendant to be guilty of the charges.

  15. nm

    All we’re waiting for is interest rates to go across the magic threshold of 3% and the entire budget of the country explodes.

    I keep asking what the average person is supposed to do? e.g. I have a job that gets it’s money from that state government (80) and federal government (20%). It’s in healthcare and I know it’s not stable – it’ s simply being supported by government money.

    So, I ‘d like to find ways to generate additional income on my own that will protect me against what’s coming. What can one do? For most Americans, it’s not about investing (they have little in the way of savings, too much debt & bills every month that need to be paid) – Maybe an article on how to self generate income would be helpful Greg (because that’ is a problem most people are facing – operating with negative balances and not enough revenue/cash income)

    • Calgirl

      Maybe the answer is that you take a talent you have and use it to barter for items you need. Woodworking, minor health care, sewing, camping, repair, teaching skills, etc. Turn a hobby into a way to feed yourself…..

      IF the economy fails, your skills could be very valuable. Looking for ways to generate worthless dollars will not help you, IMO.

  16. vincentg

    Yes it’s the banking system that is the problem.
    And until we face this problem and get rid of the Federal Reserve you will always have this problem.
    The Fed was designed to protect the largest banks.
    It was not designed to protect the average person.
    It was not designed to prevent bank runs!

    The Glass Steagall Act was designed to prevent bank runs!

    But the Glass Steagall Act prevented Banks from becoming larger.
    So it had to go.

    At present the FDIC can not cover a large bank failure!
    So if one does happen we need to print more money to cover it.

    When it does go wrong they will spin it so that it is you that is the problem.
    It’s you that always wants and needs more.
    That’s man’s nature.

    If there are less of you then the problem is much smaller and can be controlled.

  17. kathleen

    MSM will not report the truth ever again because there is an FCC license to protect.

    The first act of George Washington and Congress was to pray and acknowledge
    we are a nation “under God” and as a nation, we have turned away from God.
    God has sent numerous warnings that we are losing his favor and protection.
    At this point, returning to sound money will not fix the problems of the world
    and I do not see leaders of this country humbling themselves and asking for
    forgiveness as God has asked. The future therefore is a very, very dark one.
    Search: Jonathan Cahn w/Sid Roth and watch The Harbinger Part 1 & 2.

    As always, I look forward to your show.

    • Jerry

      When the shooting starts the MSM will be hung from the nearest lamp post with the Bankers for their part in this crime and cover up. Greg should be ever so thankful he left.

    • Charles H.


      Few people recognize that the true nature of the problem is spiritual, as you have stated. And I have to agree – that we as a nation will not turn back; either politically or as a people: the working of iniquity has corrupted too much. The key being… “You believe in God, believe also in Me (Jesus Christ the Lord)… That is where the Light of the World is.

  18. Al hall

    Greg- As I have told you- all your guests are saying the same thing, it’s just a matter of time. I was told the “elite’s” wanted the delay to put more people into massive debt, and it is happening.
    The scam continues, and not one of your guests ever talks about putting these people in jail for their crimes. And there are a lot to go to jail- this is a very deep fraud on the country. These people need to be accountable for their crime of selling their country down the communist/fascist river.

    • Jerry

      Who going to do the arresting? The paid off Justice System?

  19. Diane Ryan

    I believe what Mr. Kirby said about the Office of the President being captured by the powerful bankers. And add both political parties. There was no way the bankers were going to allow Ron Paul to be President. Audit the Fed? Verify the physical gold in Fort Knox? In our dreams! Return to a Constitutional Republic? That horse left the barn a long time ago. Short of divine intervention, we better brace for ‘truly dark’.

  20. wddeni

    BRICS countries to set up their own IMF
    Very soon, the IMF will cease to be the world’s only organization capable of rendering international financial assistance. The BRICS countries are setting up alternative institutions, including a currency reserve pool and a development bank.

    Greg, this is the lynch pin, I have no doubt this is driving our bent towards war. This means that probably 2/3 of the world will follow this new currency and “economy”.

    They must reek of desperation, if they don’t stop this it will mean complete demise of the west econ system. I believe that West Europe is playing rope a dope with US. They are going to side with the “winner”.

    I am also convinced that many high net worth people will flood this new system with ” converted” dollars. Thus the new BRICS econonmy would render FATCA completely useless as they would have the power to just ignore dollar based economies!

    Thanks as always

    • Jerry

      You are spot on. The rest of the world is moving on without us, and soon the dollar will be as toxic as plutonium. Our manufacturing is gone. The government is to big. And we have a nation that is living in multiple bubbles all ready to burst. Get in the lifeboat now, this ship is taking on water.

      • wddeni

        Jerry, thanks, its just so simple! BRICS will be creating a new bank, new currency all backed by Gold, commodities and manufacturing. It is simple capitalism= the rest of the world is going to start shopping at another store.

        I would bet everything that the BRICS will court the EU and make a deal to solidfy the EURO. EU will dump US and dollar in heart beat.
        I would guess that Russia is meeting very secretly with EU. Word is that nothing is coming out of Russia b/c Putin holding cards close.

        We will also see the majority of US wealth dumping dollar and rushing to new currency/econ system. Also do not be suprised by a huge number of US Citizens leaving US; the wealthy, the educated youth, and fairly well off retirees. Looking for a better opportunity.

        BRICS will court 3/4 world economy. Brazil will attract Chile/Argentina etc. China bring in Asia, Russia will bring in EU. They can conquer world without firing a shot ( But shots will be fired!!)
        BRICS can also go to all these nations and say look what Snowden showed us; they are spying on you!! And that is the emotional charge.

        This is it! This is the wave that will drown us, only war can stop it or at least try!

    • Galaxy 500

      The USA wagging the rest of the world financial system should end. We impose stupid regulation and make the rest of the world pay for it.

  21. Jerry

    For those of you who aren’t getting it, I got this information from my source.

    The future into which we are speeding into is one of a looming and unavoidable dollar sell off. The end of 2013 saw over $300 billion in UST dumped by foreign countries, $105 billion by Russia alone, who just so happens to be one of our creditors. About three weeks ago I have received from HSBC , their recent currency report. In that report I unsurprisingly looked at the data that was printed on the page. Without any bewilderment on my part the Chinese Yuan has officially displaced the Euro as the number two currency used in global trade!!! Let that reality sink into your minds folks.


    The signs and symptoms of dollar debasement are everywhere and there is no more fitting indicator than the very thing that the dollar is pegged to; oil. Oil prices over the last few years have begun to rise and this does not make sense when you have a global economic slowdown, where you are dealing with a reduced economic activity, spending and idling manufacture. Within a relatively short span of four years we have seen the BRENT and the WTI oil indexes converge within a few dollars of each other. This coming from an index that has been as much as $20 in disparity. A clear indicator that the Petro-Dollar scheme is about to crack.

    Folks the Russians ( the worlds largest commodity trader) and the Chinese ( the worlds largest manufacturer) don’t need us. When they ink their Gazprom deal May 1, 2014 their economies will be welded into one, and they will dump the dollar as world reserve currency. Its happening right now, and there’s nothing the Banking Cartel can do to stop it. The reset is coming its almost here.

    • Beligerant

      @Jerry: Thanks for the information. Is refreshing to hear from individuals with insider or high level contacts that have a much better grasp on this concept and timing. There are definitely a lot of indicators pointing at 2014 or the latest 2015 for the SHTF.

  22. Mark

    Nice interview.

    We are being judged, now, by the Almighty………just look at the infants who think they are ruling this country!

  23. Johnny Dangereaux

    Greg, good interview.
    But, who in their right mind would credit “Belgium” with treasury buying? HA!
    Is it not the ECB? Why the failure to only parrot “Belgium”?, and not get to the bottom of the the identity of the True Buyer of UST Crap? (Which is probably the fed, by way of “swap” agreements….)

  24. JBN

    Hi Greg!! Another great interview…thanks! I was wondering if you have any friends at the Wall Street Journal. If so, can you contact them to ask why they are not covering this kind of news? Can you have that “ethics and responsibility in Journalism” discussion? Just wondering…

    • Greg Hunter

      This is why I say the MSM lies by omission. Belgium is the third biggest holder of U.S. Treasuries. Isn’t that a little too big to miss as a story?

      • JBN

        Oh yes! I agree it is but have you spoken with them about this and, if so, what could they possibly say in their defense?

  25. Arizona

    I don’t care what you THINK YOU KNOW,WHEN THE chinese SHOW UP AND TAKE POSSESSION OF WHAT THEY BROUGHT,AND ITS most of AMERICA,THATS WHEN THE TRUTH OF THE lies WILL BE KNOWN,AND IT’LL BE WAY TO LATE TO FIX,like ol’e UDALL said ,WE GOT A TICKET and we don’t care what you want,so go home your wasting your time here……NOW all they got to do is START BOMBING the useless cities…..and they will…..THERES PLENTY OF D-8 CATS sitting around ,just waiting for someone to need them……………………

  26. JBN

    One more question…What happens to smaller local banks and credit unions is the face of a dollar collapse? Their rules for banking are set by their board of directors. What impact would failure of the 6 big banks have on these smaller, local entities. Thanks!!!

  27. Arizona

    ONE last piece of ADVICE,after the bombing is finished,IF your one of the survivors,DO NOT LET THEM PUT THE “MARK OF THE BEAST “IN YOU,trust me when you can’t work anymore,they’ll just kill you anyway,SO don’t take it and the DOOR OF HEAVEN will be open to you,IF you have the mark,YOU will not be getting into heaven,AND there ain’t no excuse that will save you,YOU TAKE the mark,its over, you belong to SATAN from that day on…………..

    • mohammad


      In my humble opinion people are taking the mark of the beast at will and happily, they are paying for it too.
      How many person has his/her skin intact like he/she was born, without TATOOS?
      Heck … even kids are having tattoos, when i do their sport exam i scratch my head and ask myself how did their parents agree to take them to those dark places and mark them at will.
      You may argue all the reasoning and say am out of bound but just one look at how many satanic symbols are there in any tattooing place and you know that i MAY be right.

      Something to think about!

  28. Calgirl

    What is the purpose of arming to the teeth EVERY segment of the government?
    Why is the government “giving” armed vehicles to our local police departments?
    Why is the government hell bent on gun and bullet control?
    Why have they built interment camps in the middle of the USA?
    Why did our Congress pass the NDAA?
    Why is so much of the West under BLM and Forest Service control?
    Why is the government now labeling protesters and children as terrorists?

    Why is Monsanto trying to run every farmer out of business throughout the world?
    Why do countries around the world reject GMO foods?
    Is floride really a toxic waste product? Why is it in our drinking water?

    Why does the MSM feed promote racial divide?

    What preparations have you taken to prepare?

    • Galaxy 500

      While I agree with most of what you wrote, i thought I should point out that Fluoride is toxic in the right amount and beneficial at another. You understand that good ole H2O is toxic to humans, too. You can drink enough water to kill you. Most every thing is toxic in the wrong amounts, even oxygen.

    • Diane Ryan

      YES Calgirl, it is so obvious what is being planned. Why do people (like 99% of my love ones back East) not connect the dots in front of them? Perhaps the answer is in the scriptures.
      We are close to the Liberty Movement. It is real. For 5 years Oath Keepers and Patriots waited and prepared for an inevitable ‘trigger event’. I believe the Bundy Ranch was that historic event.

      For once I believe the Federal Government. They tell us that their purchase of 2 billion rounds of ammo was for ‘safety’. Right. THEIR Safety!

  29. Calgirl

    When will the “reset” happen? Here’s my idea….

    It just occurred to me that a good “tell” is when the big boys go MASSIVELY long in the futures market in gold, silver, energy, sugar, coffee. Right now they are long gold (I think I read 67K contract equaling 100 shares) and short silver…..

    They will be looking to squeeze every last cent out of investors before all hell breaks loose.

    Quotes of the Day from 4-21 newsletter

    The additional commonality is that the silver, platinum and palladium concentrated short position is dominated by a U.S. bank or banks, according to the latest Bank Participation Report of April 4. I know Ed Steer has raised this issue before, but as I said, I wasn’t interested in delving into palladium and platinum. Now, it’s hard not to. The Bank Participation Report leads me to conclude that JPMorgan, in addition to being the big short in Comex silver, is also the big short in Nymex platinum and palladium. (There is no big U.S. bank short position in cocoa).

    What I believe this means is that JPMorgan is the prime manipulator of all five major Comex/Nymex metals; silver, platinum and palladium on the short side, gold and copper on the long side. The one sure thing you can say about a concentrated position is that if it did not exist, the price of the commodity in question would be markedly different because it would need to be replaced by many other traders responding to current prices.
    – Silver analyst Ted Butler, Butler Research, April 16, 2014

  30. art barnes

    Greg, the system is rigged for the elite, pure & simple, its not based upon God, Truth, or Justice any longer, its based on Greed, Elitism, & Injustice. The Central Bankers own the world and never in their historical existence have they be on the side of the working class Jane’s & John’s. The insiders have privilege, know it, and are not about to let it go without being forced with actual threat of prison or public execution. Hundreds if not thousands of American have committed suicide because they lost their job of many years, could not find another one, loss their pride, their homes, and in many cases their families. In my mind one could reasonably argue those deaths were foreseeable bringing the insiders under the criminal statutes of our state & federal criminal statutes as well. However, no one ever will as one of the privileges of being an insider is never having to be concerned about criminal prosecution. Sadly, as people are arrested and placed in jail by the thousands each day for petty infractions the elite wine & dine without a thought of concern that they could be next.

  31. Ken

    Hello Greg, as Mr. Kirby under states “absurd”, we are all witnessing the theatre of the absurd and I believe many of us are in disbelief that this absurdity is still being perpetuated and prolonged.

    I still see and hear you holding out that the Republicans are the lesser of two evils when in reality they are the other side of the same coin. The fact that they didn’t vote for Obamacare doesn’t make them any better or less responsible for our moral and economic demise.
    When the Democrats and Republicans are in lock step pushing through banker bailouts, funding and arming Al Qaeda, sovereign elected government coups, PRISM, the Patriot Act, FISA, the National Defense Authorization Act, National Defense Resources Preparedness Act, laying siege to our 2nd and 4th amendments etc., all while ignoring opposition by a vast majority of citizens, it is clear that the paradigm has shifted and the American value of representation by and for the people is lost.

    Mr. Kirby is wide awake and clearly understands that the entire barrel of apples are rotten to the core and they will do whatever it takes to retain their power and control over the planet.

    I think that we can all see that the fuse has been lit and how big and devastating the explosion will be is up to us. I agree with Mr. Kirby in his assessment that it is best to be prepared as we have been forewarned and have no excuse not to be forearmed.

    The sheeple blindly and blythely call all of this conspiracy theory, but as those that are awake know, that ship has sailed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Fair enough. Thank you. Both parties have failed America.

    • art barnes

      Both parties have failed, the communistic Democrats & the nationalistic Republicans. I’m writing in my candidate next election, I’m voting for None of the Above.

    • Galaxy 500

      So whats your plan? You say that Dems and Repubs are the same. While I agree that some lime McCain and Lindsay are I believe that they are our onl hope. Unless you plan to stay home and let the Dems continue with their socialist program. You can say a lot bad about the Republicans but you can say more about the Dems.

    • Beligerant

      @Ken: Yes the Republicrats did vote for Obamacare but no one noticed! The answer is plain and simple, who did the Repubs nominate as their Presidential Candidate in 2012, Romney!
      So out of the 100’s and 100’s of possible candidates they nominated Romney. Let that sink in for a minute. What is Obamacare drafted after? Ever heard of Romneycare?
      You were bought and sold by the Repubs without even knowing it. If Romney got in I’m sure he would have tweaked Obamacare to make it closer to Romneycare but it would had stayed intact and 75% of the Republicans would have lined up at the trough to support. So without you realizing it, both of the recent presidential candidates support Obamacare or Romneycare or whatever you want to call it.

  32. lamar

    Is Rob saying the Fed’s balance sheet is actually 10 trillion?
    That’s ten thousand billion dollars??

    • Greg Hunter

      He’s saying that for Belgium to hold $340 billion in UST would equal the Fed holding $10 trillion in foreign bonds.

  33. Felicia

    Greg, your questions and the wealth & breadth of knowledge of your guests continue to enlighten me on how this totally corrupt system works. I hope more people come here to your site and hear the truths being put forth. Thank you for being a “town crier” for our nation. The truth will set us free. And I also believe, as I believe many here do, that God will come up with .ind boggling solutions if we as a nation do what II Chronicles 7:14 says…which is to humble ourselves, pray, seek God’s plans and turn from our wicked ways. Then He will hear..forgive…and heal our land. This is something I am praying daily. God bless you in your work here. Felicia

    • Greg Hunter

      Never stop praying. God hears us all when we pray. Thank the Father for the Son!!!

  34. Jerry

    Once this deal is signed May 1, 2014

    You will see the other countries that have been sitting on the sidelines, begin to align with Russia and China. India, Turkey , the EU, and many others will see no value in honoring the dollar. Greg I’m no economist , but seriously how long can the U.S. hold out selling it bonds to a countries like Belgium which happens to be the location of the latest banker death? Talk about ponding a bowling ball into a shoe box?

  35. Charles H.


    My hat is off to Rob Kirby. And you did well, of course – but in process of covering certain issues or topics: the flow of Mr. Kirby’s interview was perhaps a bit passed-over. Mr. Kirby in some instances spoke with conviction that almost approached a rant – but it wasn’t a rant. The things he mentioned were astounding; and they were spoken in a sense that he himself had skin in the game. In fact – he nailed some points well worthy of repeating here.

    Central Banking (ie the FED) is not the offspring of Capitalism: but they and Fiat Currency are the planks of the Communist Manifesto – being Socialist and communist in nature. You could say that the USA was driven off the rails at Jekyll Island an hundred years ago.

    The need to return to the foundations of Capitalism – a system of honest weights and measures, and honest commerce. “Honest weights and measures” is a Biblical reference. Without which we may devolve into a dark period of feudalist oppression.

    The Office of the President of the United States of America has been captured by the Bankers. Well if the top is gone: everything underneath it is…? Give credence to the Bankers to CIA to Mafia to JFK assassination? It certainly illustrates why corporations can buy votes through contributions now.

    Banker have no nation ( NO patriotism – it’s BUSINESS); they are a religion unto themselves, a cult; dangerous and brutal; and we live under their rule. This description is the most revealing and important. kathleen, who comments above, mentions that America “has turned away from God” – and in the absence, or vacuum of true spiritual life and direction: human gain is both vehicle and object of life’s purpose – for wealth is power. “Even money can be a faith, sometimes, Mr. Brown.” – Mrs. Brown. National Velvet. Loew’s Inc. 1944 Renewed 1971 MGM. A no longer Christian nation ( in values and ethics) means the gloves are off: and the dirty-dealings of American hegemony is driving most of the world to marginalize and repudiate the corrupted Western-world’s fraud. Rob Kirby hits the ball out of the ballpark on this point. The Bankers, who are deceiving people through extreme lengths – present such a problem that “we as a SPECIES need to deal with”… them. Everything else in the interview PALES in comparison to these points, in my opinion. It takes real courage to say these things.

    • Jerry

      I agree with you. The problem is, no one I know wants to discuss it. So I keep stocking food. Buying bullets. And praying. What else can a poor boy from the Ozarks do? I also fish to. I have a feeling I’m going to be eating a lot of fish.

  36. Law Offices of Dewey, Cheatham, & Howe

    Sadly, I just heard that Michael Ruppert took his own life. He articulated for me, ten or so years ago, a very clear understanding of Peak Oil and the breathtaking web of lies and deceit that 9/11 represented. He had his issues and was overly obsessed with the dark side of societal collapse, but at the same time he always showed remarkable integrity in standing up for the Truth. The Power Structure made him pay for that in spades, unfortunately. His book “Crossing the Rubicon” is a must read for understanding 9/11.

    Rest in Peace Michael Ruppert, a True Patriot

    • JC Davis

      Law office of Dewey, Cheatham & Howe. I have not been able to find info on his death. I really liked his videos on collapse. He was a smart man, to smart for me to believe he killed himself.

  37. Dwain

    Greg, great interview.

    I don’t know how we reset when 115 million jobs out of 137 million total are based on health care (disease, 80 percent of health problems are lifestyle related), government (debt/plunder), education (debt/plunder/indoctrination), leisure and hospitality (hedonism), retail (oppression/poverty), law (lawlessness), construction (debt), insurance (plunder), real estate (debt/plunder) and finance (primarily based on above) This is according to BLS job statistics as of Jan. 2014.
    Manufacturing is only 8.9 percent of the economy. Any reset would have to take into account maintaining blood sucking job sectors.

  38. Dwain

    All job sectors should exist upon the foundation of manufacturing. Our upside down economy persists due to the dollars reserve currency status, allowing government to print money and go into unprecedented debt to support it. When the dollar fails, I don’t see a reset occurring since our phantom economy would have to reset to reality, which is more along the lines of Russian GDP. This is the root of the problem that not even AM wants to talk about.

    It appears Uncle Sam, the high tech 6.9 trillion dollar man, is becoming weaker, slower and about to keel over. When he does, there will be no rescue. Our abominable hegemonic nation is ripe.

  39. Coalburner9

    Wddeni presents a serious new peice of thinking above. It is a thought I haven’t seen yet anyway. Neutering FATCA? You would have to laugh your yourself silly if that worked and it just may! What say G5, Jerry et al?

    • lastmanstanding

      Coalburner9. West Europe was who we (the USA) broke away from 238 years ago.

      They want us back. It is just that simple. The rest of the players are just a means to the end.

      Total control of the earth and having just enough humanity to serve them. Not going to happen…I hope.

    • wddeni

      Coalburner, thanks for the kudos. “The simplest solution is usually always right”. It is so cloear to me. The new BRICS IMF will also be backed by gold and commodiries. As this gets stronger and stronger. Wealthy Americans will flee the dollar and into this new currency. What is US to do, use FATCA to go after them? Dollar will be less than the peso.
      The IRS Shadow govt will be impotent, who will it go after, especially when other countries just ignore request to enforce FATCA. I also believe you will see many more Americans who are able, to start becoming expats. This will be another somewhat crucial blow to this phony economy! Thanks again

  40. Troy

    From the peanut gallery: SPOT ON!

  41. Ronnie

    If almost all of the money in the world is created as interest bearing debt and only the principal goes into circulation when money is created, is anyone really surprised? No one ever wants to look at the root of most of these financial problems. You don’t have to have debt to have money. Money can come into existence based on labor and raw materials. Wealth money instead of debt money. We choose our own enslavement.

  42. James B

    Rob Kirby, Eric Sprott and John Embry – the most lucid commentators with real facts and they are CANADIAN.

    Is there anybody in the USA besides jim Sinclair, Chris Powell, Jason Homel and Bill Murphy who have anything real to say?? Is David Morgan Canadian?

  43. Galaxy 500

    can you explain why the Library of Congress has a SWAT team? Why does the Dept of the Education need SWAT teams and armed officers ?
    To think that there were more armed men at a cattle ranch in NV over a fee dispute than were protecting an embassy in a known hotspot: Bengazi. Its hard to believe isnt it?

  44. mohammad

    THIS IS VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT, especially from Fabian Calvo a previous guest and a friend of yours.

    Coming this may and intend to gather 10 million people in Washington D.C. to camp and stay until they remove the government.

    Now here is my take on it, and it is from experience and it is from know how not sitting behind a key board putting OPINIONS.
    when i brought my family to the states from Harasta the suburb of Damascus, literal bullets where flying above our heads, we came to the states through Beirut airport and risked the 80 KM road because Damascus airport was shot down with the shelling that was taking place.

    My dear Fabian Calvo:
    I have no doubt in my mind that you are a sincere person and you adore liberty, and i greatly appreciate your vigilance when you said at the beginning of the video that you do not know fully all the facts about the organizers, ME TOO by the way since i first heard about this from your blog.
    What I want to say is this is an exact replica to the ARAB SPRING, and now they call it AMERICAN SPRING. and believe me IT IS NO DAMN SPRING WHATSOEVER.
    It is a frigid cold icy winter that kills every thing beautiful in any country it hits.
    Who ever organizes this have a DARK, EVIL, SATANIC agenda that wants to trigger and ignite a civil war.
    I do not like the government like most do, but I am not going to be taken and being pitted against it to make the task easy for the elites.
    They want this damn thing to ignite by pitting people against the government and by doing so they will make the fissure wider and eventually they will get their agenda passed on the ruins and the blood of innocent people.

    I have seen it before dear Fabian, It is the same DAMN PLAYBOOK that harvested M.E.
    DO NOT FALL IN THE TRAP you are smarter than that.
    God bless America!

    • Ugly

      Those are good points. The so-called Arab Springs in Syria, Egypt, Libya, and others, was not for peace and equality, but for mayhem and civil unrest. Things are happening so fast that we will see this soon. Maybe even in May?

      • mohammad

        I pray not, I fear yes.
        Fabian Calvo is of intellect. and when he talked about this i took seriously.
        Remember please that this is happening after the elites positioned themselves and looted every thing from the first Enron bail out until now!

  45. Dwain

    Technology put 6 billion people on earth in little over 150 years reaching 7 billion by the end of the 20th century. Taking advantage of machine civilization, job offshoring and corporate consolidation, profits soared for the few as wages for the rest and mom/pop businesses cratered. Traditional family took the brunt of the blow, adding fuel to the fire.
    Racing to the rescue, rights championing socialist fascist governments happily expanded to take up slack, competing to blow wealth and welfare bubbles. In the meantime elites took advantage of evils they sought to eliminate. After decades of political pandering, playing charades and can kicking games, the consequences of inflation, dependency and debt caught up and became unsustainable. No longer capable of blowing, the day of reckoning arrived.
    In brief, the perfect storm of unemployment, debauchery, bankruptcy, exploding immigration and imploding family, combined with wasteful counter productive economies dependent on government, health care, indoctrination, leisure and debt created a vicious cycle and collapsed.

  46. mohammad


    Belgium is acting as a CUSTODIAN holder of the DUMPED RUSSIAN US TREASURIES.
    and here is a link to an article that sheds a light on this particular issue:

    “A foreign government can opt to hold its US Treasury securities with the central bank of a foreign government other than the US. An arrangement like this can mean that the foreign holding may not appear on either the TIC or Fed custody holdings.

    Further, a foreign government can acquire Treasury securities from a private foreign entity where the transaction occurs on a foreign securities exchange, and the security is held outside the US. Here again, the foreign holding may not appear in US data, or it could appear as a holding by the custodial government. Either way, it skews or corrupts the US data.

    The first example is what might have happened with any presumed Russia “selling.” Russia could have moved its Treasury holdings out of the US and into foreign custody. This would account for the large drop in the March US data. And there is evidence that suggests where the securities may have gone.

    Belgium is a small country. Its GDP and foreign-currency reserves are about US$420 billion and US$29 billion, respectively. Yet, its Treasury holdings are reported at US$310 billion as of January 2014—and the size of its holdings has nearly doubled since August 2013. That positions it as the world’s third-largest holder of US debt, right behind China and Japan. This lopsided Treasury-holdings-to-GDP ratio strongly suggests that Belgium is in the custodial business.”

    So in essence it is the FEDS ONLY who are the net buyers of any US debt and as Mr. Sinclair had said it before:


    • mohammad

      Oh and for Janet Yellen (excuse my french please) :
      TAPER MY A$$.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good Info Mohammad. Thank you.

  47. Jerry

    when I saw this headline I fell out of my chair laughing.

    It should be a complete embarrassment for this country to have any of its leaders go to Russia and preach about corruption after what the Banks have done here. What a joke. What planet does Joe Biden live on?

  48. Martin Burger

    Fiscal Reset, inflation, stock prices down, unemployment up…. bring it on.

    Analysts have covered every aspect of the out of control bankster madness but not of them saw this technology breakthrough coming. The pace of technology today is break-taking and after 200 Lab trails proving its new patent pending precious metals technology, a Canadian Research Company now has a new LENR method for making high yield gold from barren waste seed ores.

    Yes indeed we make real gold and view the development as both scalable and highly commercial with an eventual price point near that of aluminum.

    To see a video of a classic Garage start up about to go stratospheric see:

    • Greg Hunter

      I am very skeptical about this but I will post it.

      • Paul from Indiana

        We need to get a grip and stay focused. What is being discussed is alchemy, a fraud in the middle ages and a fraud now. Even if it were possible to refine gold from dross (what they used to call “base metal”), the property that makes gold valuable is its relative scarcity. Much like money printing, if gold can be “made” in unlimited amounts, what’s the value in it? Though I do not doubt their sincerity, to me this proposal, and the willingness of those to believe it, are a sign of desperation. Best always. PM

        • Martin Burger

          Paul you can call it Alchemy if you choose.

          What it is, as described in the patent is interferometry LENR element encoding. To the credit of alchemy, a subject I’ve studied at length, their wisdom utterances over the thousands of years we’ve heard from them is unmatched even today. That apparent contradiction is lost on most folks, and my experience with men of wisdom is they are not prone to deceit or games. The individual most often referred to, in so called debunking Alchemy is none other than that of Sir Isaac Newton. Newton was a great contributor to classical physics but also a not well known is the fact that he was a full time Alchemist. It took me four days to teach my 12 year old son to make gold and you come to my lab and I will show you how to make gold.

      • Martin Burger

        I understand the scepticism, no body was more sceptical than I was when I went into this work. In the end its all about the metal and I can show you metal of the gold variety.

        I appreciate your open mind on the matter and if you wish to discuss the development I would be happy to oblige.

  49. windcatcher

    Banker rules are corporate maritime law which the rest of the population are trying to equate with land law.
    Bankers live under a different set of legal laws than human beings (beasts) which banksters regard as nothing more then a “commercial commodity”.
    Check out this video link below to understand the difference between corporate maritime law and land law.
    Occult World of Business and Finance:

  50. Vince Shook

    Everyone attributes such bad character to bankers, a description with which I agree, but then they ignore what they most probably will do in concert with our politicians (to make gold illegal to hold or store) when they find it necessary to move to their final effort at control of their fiat ponzi scheme. What then? If we as individuals have put our faith in something (gold) so severely manipulated in the present day, why do we think it will not face the ultimate manipulatin (taken from us through confiscation or high taxation) “for the good of America” when push comes to shove? In my opinion the bankers et al will continue to use all of us holding the gold line as long as we are useful to them (making money off paper trading gold) — and then dump us, our investment(s) in gold and our family’s future when it best suits them. How, then, to really best protect ourselves, country and family? Buying gold seems extremely risky if the end game most likely means losing (one way or the other) your gold. Your thoughts?

    • Greg Hunter

      I think folks are better with physical assets than without them, gold and silver included.

  51. Galaxy 500

    So I am a racist if I dont give some one affirmative action…I am racist if I judge people on the content of their character and their abilities. Dr. King is rolling over in his grave. Does anyone believe that you end discrimination by discriminating against one group over another?
    Voter fraud continued

    • Paul from Indiana

      Affirmative action, its good intention notwithstanding, is, by definition, racist. It is regrettable we embarked on that course. It is tantamount to admitting that the party benefitting from the preferential treatment cannot compete. Best always. PM

  52. nm


    Is this right? (“I don’t know how we reset when 115 million jobs out of 137 million total are based on health care”)

    That is startling even though I work for a healthcare organization (yes, the new thing is keeping people in their homes & out of nursing homes because the government thinks it saves them money)

    so there’s a whole slew of health care jobs in the Home care business where organizations and individuals are using visiting nurses, physical therapists, cna’s, etc ..sending them into people’s private homes to provide ‘health care” and billing medicaid, medicare and in massachusetts, masshealth.

    Home care programs are the new bubble that hardly anyone is talking about. The program I”m familar with sends caregivers a monthly check so that they can take care of their relatives at home (this is in addition to other government checks they’re receiving like food stamps, section 8 housing, meals on wheels, free taxi service, laundry, etc)

    I know of 4 people who’ve started home care or group home business in the last 5 years and 2 have already billed the government between $5 and $ 8 million dollars.

  53. Larry Galearis

    Hide the salami! I liked that one.

    The amazing thing that the United States has become is a country that can go to war without its population having any clue as to what has happened to bring the country to that point…And perhaps, even scarier, the majority of population may be beyond the point of caring.

    We have come to the ludicrous point for Americans that they live in a country that is now more myth than reality and the population is living in a country that has changed its very nature without its citizens recognizing that everything is different.
    Rob Kirby has a way of condensing these big events and making them understandable to the citizen. “Waking up” the citizens, however, may be beyond the point of no return for the USA. The country is now in a position – with the machinations of government and the degradation of the US constitution – of becoming a country under the rule of government and not a government under the rule of its people. This is another way of saying that the United States is already a failed state from the viewpoint of its citizen even if they haven’t for the most part noticed.

  54. Brad

    Some very chilling imagery from a man who I don’t believe is given over to purple dramatics. I made my wife listen to this interview and for a first time I saw the situation finally sink home that a collapse is immanent….that at some point in the near future a tomorrow is not going to be the same as the day before. Finally she understands why the purchase of precious metals instead of just humoring me. How do I know this? Because she said “I think we need to buy several cases of toilet paper”, the dead giveaway. She now understands that the supply chain of semis bringing goods to restock super market shelves on a continual basis will be disrupted and who knows for how long, maybe months or years. At least with a little preparation we’ll be able to ride through the first little while until we find our feet again. Thanks for this, for us, break through interview.

    • Greg Hunter

      Happy your wife is fully is onboard and awake. This will make things easier and faster. Time is short. I had a friend of mine ask me if they should hold money in the mattress? It was kind of a flippant sort of rhetorical question. I replied, ‘you have to ask yourself what is money?” Not only do people don’t get what is coming, they don’t want to get what is coming. Sad. You can only save so many.

      • Anne Elliott

        Greg – please keep being the little boy who kept throwing star fishes back into the sea. Not because he could save them all, but because it mattered to the ones he did save!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Anne!!! My arm is getting sore, but I’ll keep going.

  55. FWM

    İ believe most people know what to do but do not have enough fiat to exchange at this point and everyone else are either stupid or in denial

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