Trump Destroys Climate Accord, Economic Update, Hillary in Denial

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 286 6.2.17)

President Trump not only backed out of the so-called Paris Climate Accord, but he destroyed it. The climate accord is bad for America and the working class the Democrats now shun. Trump says it will cost millions of U.S. jobs and does not clean up the climate. China, one of the biggest polluters on the planet, gets to not only keep on polluting, but increase it along with India until the year 2030. Maybe this is why Trump says, “This Agreement is less about climate and more about other countries gaining a financial advantage over the United States.” The Left and propaganda MSM media have gone berserk, but still do not attack Trump on his facts, and that says it all. The Climate Accord, brokered by Obama, is a very bad deal for America.  (For full Trump climate text, click here.)  For Trump speech video, click here.)

The Economy has some bright spots under President Trump, but there is unpayable debt everywhere. This week, Moody’s and S&P downgraded the debt of Illinois to the lowest level ever for a U.S. state. Illinois debt is rated near “junk.” There is no wonder as the state now has a whopping $14.5 billion in unpaid bills. Other states, like California, are also in deep financial trouble. This is just a small part of the debt picture in America. Everywhere you look, from the Federal government to individual debt, is out of control.

Hillary Clinton went off on the DNC data operation. That’s rich from a person who used unprotected private servers and destroyed more than 30,000 emails after getting a subpoena to produce them to Congress. Hillary Clinton was speaking at the “Code Conference” this week and blamed the poor DNC data operation on her 2016 Presidential loss. Clinton also said the “DNC was Bankrupt,” and “On the edge of insolvency.” Clinton also claimed, “I had to inject money into it, the DNC, to keep it running.” Is Hillary Clinton in denial about her short comings or is she afraid of being shunned by the DNC after her second failed presidential bid?

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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The “Early Sunday Release” will feature Clif High of  Clif will go into detail about his Latest data mining report.  High talks about crypto currencies such as Bitcoin.  Which  crypto currencies will survive and which will die?  Clif High dives deep to come up with the gold.  By the way, when Bitcoin was several hundred dollars a unit High predicted that Bitcoin would take off in price.  It is now more than $2,000 per Bitcoin.



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  1. G. Berky
    Megyn Kelly is in St. Petersburg where she’ll speak with Vladimir Putin

    NASA’s Whitson on the ‘fragile’ planet, avoiding earthly politics
    Peggy Whitson, who is the U.S. astronaut that has spent the most time in space, is preparing to hand over command of the International Space Station. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).
    NASA To Release Artificial Clouds Above Maryland Coast

    • Ross Herman

      I hate to break this to you but NASA is a totally fraudulent organization with it’s roots steeped in satanism. Every bit of information they regurgitate for puplic consumption is a complete fabrication! Sorry, but that s the truth.

      • paul ...

        Ross … I heard that NASA purposely destroyed the plans on how to build the rocket that took us to the moon so we couldn’t go back … but before doing so the globalists had copies of the rocket plans sent to China … have you any info that would confirm something like this really happened???

        • Galaxy 500

          Paul, It is worse than that. They allowed the archival data, blue prints and technology to be lost thru sheer negligence and stupidity.
          They allowed priceless data on IBM Data tapes to be overwritten.

        • Galaxy 500

          And when I was at the Space Center in FLORIDA, I saw Chinese taking photos from every angle of the Atlas V rocket boosters.
          It doesn’t take a global conspiracy when you habe Politica and Stupidity in charge.
          However, Clinton (Bill) illegally allowed Honeywell to transfer missile technology to China for a few contributions to his slush fund … er, ah.. I mean THE Clinton Presidential Library.

        • Ross Herman

          I can confirm that they never went to the moon it is all a gigantic and continuing hoax! They would have to destroy any of their cartoon drawings they try to pass as viable “rocket” plans. They can’t get to the moon now, let alone 6 perfect lading around 1970 with no cignificant computer help. I could go no for ever about the moon landing hoax but even my family just refuse to listen, they just can’t handle the truth but maybe you can if you are asking questions.

          • Freebreezer

            Ross – they (the greatest generation) built a few rockets (German technology) and went to the moon several times! I was a young lad and I got to see Apollo-15 go up in 1971! there are absolutely no words that describe the power/sound waves, cracking, pounding, shacking and the intensity of the engines/light and all the smoke coming off that rocket!!!! And I was over three miles away … it was an awesome experience to behold. What I saw launched was not a fake!

            • Ross Herman

              If you are actually a real person and not poorly designed Coputer bot I will say this: I’m sure it was a beautiful and impressive sight. No one denies many successful rocket launches. But they did not actually go anywhere. Doesn’t the fact that no developed country can manage the 1960s technology nessesary to repeat a single landing to the moon today seem just a little suspicious?

              • Freebreezer

                If I pinch myself it hurts – I must be a real human in the flesh. Two things … first in engineering the KISS principle – Keep It Simple Stupid. That rocket was anything but simple! Go to Kennedy space center and see the one that did not get launched. Impressive. Why no more missions to the moon – socialism! 2nd) the myth busters had a great two episode series on the moon mission – Fake or real. I’ll let you watch and make your own determination. And thanks for thinking I am a bot … that is a first! I have commented on Greg’s site for many years.

          • Frederick

            Ross My German nephews said the same thing for years I’ve always thought they were nuts but after 911 I agree that you can’t believe anything the govt and MSM pushes as the truth

          • Donald

            Actually, there are recent pictures of several the lunar landers on the moon along with all the tracks the astronauts made when they were there.

      • Galaxy 500

        Instead of science, they became a follower of the religion of man-made climate change to fleece the American Tax Payer and in the end, more control of “We the People.” And then, there is the whole NASA “moslem” outreach? Moslems and science are at opposing ends of the spectrum.

      • Galaxy 500

        Ok Ross, I know NASA has been politicize and I agree that both Moslems and Dems worship Satan. Please illuminate your proof about its roots steeped in Satanism.

        • Ross Herman

          Galaxy 500, let me point you to Jack Parsons (the fact under of JPL, and folded into NASA in the early days). Most simply he was publicly a Thelemite, a follower of Aleister Crowley. As you look into the history and symbolism of NASA you will see they are all black magic and illusion. Look at some of the NASA “mission” patches and tell me what you think they are trying to symbolize? The fact that you are asking for proof signifies to me that you will eventually see much of the truth. Good luck in your plunge down the rabbit hole.

  2. Frederick

    Lloyd Blankfein has a house near where I used to live in Bridgehampton on Ocean Road I used to hang out at the Starbucks there and see him come in now and then He’s definitely NOT a friend of the middle class I’m also sure he had illegals maintaining his estate They all do My boss was a landscaper/ maintenance guy and had 12 illegals on his payroll all paid under the table so they worked cheap and could collect food stamps etc

  3. Frederick

    Local ” fish wrap” rag Love it Greg So true

  4. eddiemd

    Fukushima. The environmental issue that no one wants to talk about. I would say that this situation poses the greatest threat to the USA. It continues to poison the Pacific Ocean and the west coast of the USA.

    Why aren’t the environmentalists and Gore addressing this issue?

    • Paul from Indiana

      Doc, it’s simple. The Lefty Libs can’t make any money off of it, since the disaster occurred in Japan. Trade sanctions is all they have, and that would play into President Trump’s hands. The beauty of “global warming” is that they can punitively tax all of us for something that can’t be proven. It’s the perfect scam. Fukushima? Not so much. It’s of no use to them. Best always. PM

    • Ross Herman

      Addressing the Fukashima issue is a death sentence. As any cursory investigation will show that the destruction of the Fukasima reactors were orchastraighted from before its blueprints were drafted. Besides most people believe the propaganda news, or its silence for : nothing to see here just move along.

      • Frederick

        Ross Do you follow Jim Stones work on Fuku?

        • Ross Herman

          No. Once I relized that at least three reactors have completely melted down, with most of the comment something like “we are still looking for the cores”. I stoped reading any related articles, as the the wave of death is continuing to grow and I No longer wish to consider the death of the Pacific Ocean and all the related horrors.

    • Ross Herman

      I must add that additionally it would undermine the agenda of continued construction of deliberately faulty nuclear power plants. Just FYI at the San Onofre they solved the problem of radiation “leaks” by simply turning the alarms off.😜

      • paul ...

        Ross … I hear they also simply raise the “allowed dose” to be 1000 times higher in all the food we eat and the air we breathe!!

    • Freebreezer

      Eddiemd – … I am a science dude and I have not seen any increase in radiation on the coast (by San Francisco). I have a geiger counter (it’s ~ 10 yrs old) and I use it all the time and I am yet to hit any ‘hot spot’ on any of the beaches when I go out there (which is twice a year for family). I was on Pescadero State Beach and also went down to Santa Cruz for Christmas … nota, a big nothing burger, just the same low background radiation I have seen for years. And, there are way to many geeks with radiation detectors up an down the west coast looking for Fuk Radiation … and if any them find something it will be on the internet and to the local news immediately! And if you are worried about the pacific fish, buy a detector. they are only a couple hundred bucks (A lot cheaper then when I bought mine). And I am yet to get a ‘hot fish’! Do the fish producers sort? they be fools not too, because again good detectors are only a few hundred bucks!

  5. Frederick

    Hillary had to inject criminally obtained money” Cry me a river These people are nothing but well educated Gypsies/grifters Oh and by the way speaking of gypsies Huma just took Anthony Wiener back
    We all need to keep Seth Richs murder in the news and not allow them to bury it

  6. FC

    At the end of the day, Kathy Griffith will end up being the victim in all this…………..when will God the Father cleanse the world of this filth?

    • eddiemd

      Just watched her press conference here in eastern Rurope. Unbelievable. This press conference is a reflection of just how delusional the left really is. The impression is that they support the headchoppers.

      She is finished. Her agency, PR people, sponsors, etc gave her poor advice in doing this press conference. It will be replayed back again when the next round of elections come around.

      It took CNN 24 hours+ to drop her. Even Chelsea Clinton came out immediately and denounced the incident. CNN will continue to be irrevelant.

      The attorney representing her just destroyed her career.

      I am enjoying the self-destruction of the left democrats. When the Seth Rich truth emerges, it will be finished. I believe that they are putting together a case behind the scenes to crush the DNC, Brazille, Podesta, Abedin, and Clinton.

      Get Clif High back on.

    • Frederick

      Soon hopefully And now she’s gets a lawyer named Bloom to ambulance chase after the president How Sick is that? I hope they throw her in Leavenworth for terrorism

    • FC

      The filth continues with BLM being awarded the Global Peace Prize

  7. ivan kruger

    Bull’s eye . Good job, Greg .

  8. David Duclos

    It is obvious why Musk left his govt position–his electric car depends on the climate fraud forced on the world, especially the US, by the Paris climate accord

    • Donald

      I was surprised Musk actually believes the Paris Climate Agreement would achieve anything. China has far better buildings, roads, airports and overall infrastructure than the USA, so it makes no sense to send money to China to “fix” their system. They are more than capable of doing it themselves. After all, they have money for space exploration. As for “global warming”, there is much more going on than just CO2 buildup. All this excess CO2 seems to be overwhelming the ability of the oceans to remove it. And while too much CO2 certainly is a problem, there are other things that need to be addressed as well. The primary reason for the accelerated melting of the ice caps is, is too much soot – with the biggest source being international shipping. This is well understood by some, but few want to do anything about it.

      • paul ...

        Donald … CO2 is not a problem … the plants and trees on Earth will simply grow faster and more abundantly to absorb it all … with the side benefit that the increased oxygen these plants produce will rebuild the ozone shield around the Earth (preventing harmful UV light from destroying the plankton in the oceans) and thus providing more food for the fish life (also currently being starved) … we as humans must provide our proper share of CO2 in this symbiotic relationship we have with the plant life on planet Earth … and the plants in turn will do their share … providing us more food and oxygen to breathe … as well as repairing Earth’s ozone shield for us!!