Trump Destroys Climate Accord, Economic Update, Hillary in Denial

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 286 6.2.17)

President Trump not only backed out of the so-called Paris Climate Accord, but he destroyed it. The climate accord is bad for America and the working class the Democrats now shun. Trump says it will cost millions of U.S. jobs and does not clean up the climate. China, one of the biggest polluters on the planet, gets to not only keep on polluting, but increase it along with India until the year 2030. Maybe this is why Trump says, “This Agreement is less about climate and more about other countries gaining a financial advantage over the United States.” The Left and propaganda MSM media have gone berserk, but still do not attack Trump on his facts, and that says it all. The Climate Accord, brokered by Obama, is a very bad deal for America.  (For full Trump climate text, click here.)  For Trump speech video, click here.)

The Economy has some bright spots under President Trump, but there is unpayable debt everywhere. This week, Moody’s and S&P downgraded the debt of Illinois to the lowest level ever for a U.S. state. Illinois debt is rated near “junk.” There is no wonder as the state now has a whopping $14.5 billion in unpaid bills. Other states, like California, are also in deep financial trouble. This is just a small part of the debt picture in America. Everywhere you look, from the Federal government to individual debt, is out of control.

Hillary Clinton went off on the DNC data operation. That’s rich from a person who used unprotected private servers and destroyed more than 30,000 emails after getting a subpoena to produce them to Congress. Hillary Clinton was speaking at the “Code Conference” this week and blamed the poor DNC data operation on her 2016 Presidential loss. Clinton also said the “DNC was Bankrupt,” and “On the edge of insolvency.” Clinton also claimed, “I had to inject money into it, the DNC, to keep it running.” Is Hillary Clinton in denial about her short comings or is she afraid of being shunned by the DNC after her second failed presidential bid?

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

After the Wrap-Up:

The “Early Sunday Release” will feature Clif High of  Clif will go into detail about his Latest data mining report.  High talks about crypto currencies such as Bitcoin.  Which  crypto currencies will survive and which will die?  Clif High dives deep to come up with the gold.  By the way, when Bitcoin was several hundred dollars a unit High predicted that Bitcoin would take off in price.  It is now more than $2,000 per Bitcoin.



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  1. G. Berky
    Megyn Kelly is in St. Petersburg where she’ll speak with Vladimir Putin

    NASA’s Whitson on the ‘fragile’ planet, avoiding earthly politics
    Peggy Whitson, who is the U.S. astronaut that has spent the most time in space, is preparing to hand over command of the International Space Station. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).
    NASA To Release Artificial Clouds Above Maryland Coast

    • Ross Herman

      I hate to break this to you but NASA is a totally fraudulent organization with it’s roots steeped in satanism. Every bit of information they regurgitate for puplic consumption is a complete fabrication! Sorry, but that s the truth.

      • paul ...

        Ross … I heard that NASA purposely destroyed the plans on how to build the rocket that took us to the moon so we couldn’t go back … but before doing so the globalists had copies of the rocket plans sent to China … have you any info that would confirm something like this really happened???

        • Galaxy 500

          Paul, It is worse than that. They allowed the archival data, blue prints and technology to be lost thru sheer negligence and stupidity.
          They allowed priceless data on IBM Data tapes to be overwritten.

        • Galaxy 500

          And when I was at the Space Center in FLORIDA, I saw Chinese taking photos from every angle of the Atlas V rocket boosters.
          It doesn’t take a global conspiracy when you habe Politica and Stupidity in charge.
          However, Clinton (Bill) illegally allowed Honeywell to transfer missile technology to China for a few contributions to his slush fund … er, ah.. I mean THE Clinton Presidential Library.

        • Ross Herman

          I can confirm that they never went to the moon it is all a gigantic and continuing hoax! They would have to destroy any of their cartoon drawings they try to pass as viable “rocket” plans. They can’t get to the moon now, let alone 6 perfect lading around 1970 with no cignificant computer help. I could go no for ever about the moon landing hoax but even my family just refuse to listen, they just can’t handle the truth but maybe you can if you are asking questions.

          • Freebreezer

            Ross – they (the greatest generation) built a few rockets (German technology) and went to the moon several times! I was a young lad and I got to see Apollo-15 go up in 1971! there are absolutely no words that describe the power/sound waves, cracking, pounding, shacking and the intensity of the engines/light and all the smoke coming off that rocket!!!! And I was over three miles away … it was an awesome experience to behold. What I saw launched was not a fake!

            • Ross Herman

              If you are actually a real person and not poorly designed Coputer bot I will say this: I’m sure it was a beautiful and impressive sight. No one denies many successful rocket launches. But they did not actually go anywhere. Doesn’t the fact that no developed country can manage the 1960s technology nessesary to repeat a single landing to the moon today seem just a little suspicious?

              • Freebreezer

                If I pinch myself it hurts – I must be a real human in the flesh. Two things … first in engineering the KISS principle – Keep It Simple Stupid. That rocket was anything but simple! Go to Kennedy space center and see the one that did not get launched. Impressive. Why no more missions to the moon – socialism! 2nd) the myth busters had a great two episode series on the moon mission – Fake or real. I’ll let you watch and make your own determination. And thanks for thinking I am a bot … that is a first! I have commented on Greg’s site for many years.

          • Frederick

            Ross My German nephews said the same thing for years I’ve always thought they were nuts but after 911 I agree that you can’t believe anything the govt and MSM pushes as the truth

          • Donald

            Actually, there are recent pictures of several the lunar landers on the moon along with all the tracks the astronauts made when they were there.

      • Galaxy 500

        Instead of science, they became a follower of the religion of man-made climate change to fleece the American Tax Payer and in the end, more control of “We the People.” And then, there is the whole NASA “moslem” outreach? Moslems and science are at opposing ends of the spectrum.

      • Galaxy 500

        Ok Ross, I know NASA has been politicize and I agree that both Moslems and Dems worship Satan. Please illuminate your proof about its roots steeped in Satanism.

        • Ross Herman

          Galaxy 500, let me point you to Jack Parsons (the fact under of JPL, and folded into NASA in the early days). Most simply he was publicly a Thelemite, a follower of Aleister Crowley. As you look into the history and symbolism of NASA you will see they are all black magic and illusion. Look at some of the NASA “mission” patches and tell me what you think they are trying to symbolize? The fact that you are asking for proof signifies to me that you will eventually see much of the truth. Good luck in your plunge down the rabbit hole.

  2. Frederick

    Lloyd Blankfein has a house near where I used to live in Bridgehampton on Ocean Road I used to hang out at the Starbucks there and see him come in now and then He’s definitely NOT a friend of the middle class I’m also sure he had illegals maintaining his estate They all do My boss was a landscaper/ maintenance guy and had 12 illegals on his payroll all paid under the table so they worked cheap and could collect food stamps etc

  3. Frederick

    Local ” fish wrap” rag Love it Greg So true

  4. eddiemd

    Fukushima. The environmental issue that no one wants to talk about. I would say that this situation poses the greatest threat to the USA. It continues to poison the Pacific Ocean and the west coast of the USA.

    Why aren’t the environmentalists and Gore addressing this issue?

    • Paul from Indiana

      Doc, it’s simple. The Lefty Libs can’t make any money off of it, since the disaster occurred in Japan. Trade sanctions is all they have, and that would play into President Trump’s hands. The beauty of “global warming” is that they can punitively tax all of us for something that can’t be proven. It’s the perfect scam. Fukushima? Not so much. It’s of no use to them. Best always. PM

    • Ross Herman

      Addressing the Fukashima issue is a death sentence. As any cursory investigation will show that the destruction of the Fukasima reactors were orchastraighted from before its blueprints were drafted. Besides most people believe the propaganda news, or its silence for : nothing to see here just move along.

      • Frederick

        Ross Do you follow Jim Stones work on Fuku?

        • Ross Herman

          No. Once I relized that at least three reactors have completely melted down, with most of the comment something like “we are still looking for the cores”. I stoped reading any related articles, as the the wave of death is continuing to grow and I No longer wish to consider the death of the Pacific Ocean and all the related horrors.

    • Ross Herman

      I must add that additionally it would undermine the agenda of continued construction of deliberately faulty nuclear power plants. Just FYI at the San Onofre they solved the problem of radiation “leaks” by simply turning the alarms off.😜

      • paul ...

        Ross … I hear they also simply raise the “allowed dose” to be 1000 times higher in all the food we eat and the air we breathe!!

    • Freebreezer

      Eddiemd – … I am a science dude and I have not seen any increase in radiation on the coast (by San Francisco). I have a geiger counter (it’s ~ 10 yrs old) and I use it all the time and I am yet to hit any ‘hot spot’ on any of the beaches when I go out there (which is twice a year for family). I was on Pescadero State Beach and also went down to Santa Cruz for Christmas … nota, a big nothing burger, just the same low background radiation I have seen for years. And, there are way to many geeks with radiation detectors up an down the west coast looking for Fuk Radiation … and if any them find something it will be on the internet and to the local news immediately! And if you are worried about the pacific fish, buy a detector. they are only a couple hundred bucks (A lot cheaper then when I bought mine). And I am yet to get a ‘hot fish’! Do the fish producers sort? they be fools not too, because again good detectors are only a few hundred bucks!

  5. Frederick

    Hillary had to inject criminally obtained money” Cry me a river These people are nothing but well educated Gypsies/grifters Oh and by the way speaking of gypsies Huma just took Anthony Wiener back
    We all need to keep Seth Richs murder in the news and not allow them to bury it

  6. FC

    At the end of the day, Kathy Griffith will end up being the victim in all this…………..when will God the Father cleanse the world of this filth?

    • eddiemd

      Just watched her press conference here in eastern Rurope. Unbelievable. This press conference is a reflection of just how delusional the left really is. The impression is that they support the headchoppers.

      She is finished. Her agency, PR people, sponsors, etc gave her poor advice in doing this press conference. It will be replayed back again when the next round of elections come around.

      It took CNN 24 hours+ to drop her. Even Chelsea Clinton came out immediately and denounced the incident. CNN will continue to be irrevelant.

      The attorney representing her just destroyed her career.

      I am enjoying the self-destruction of the left democrats. When the Seth Rich truth emerges, it will be finished. I believe that they are putting together a case behind the scenes to crush the DNC, Brazille, Podesta, Abedin, and Clinton.

      Get Clif High back on.

    • Frederick

      Soon hopefully And now she’s gets a lawyer named Bloom to ambulance chase after the president How Sick is that? I hope they throw her in Leavenworth for terrorism

    • FC

      The filth continues with BLM being awarded the Global Peace Prize

  7. ivan kruger

    Bull’s eye . Good job, Greg .

  8. David Duclos

    It is obvious why Musk left his govt position–his electric car depends on the climate fraud forced on the world, especially the US, by the Paris climate accord

    • Donald

      I was surprised Musk actually believes the Paris Climate Agreement would achieve anything. China has far better buildings, roads, airports and overall infrastructure than the USA, so it makes no sense to send money to China to “fix” their system. They are more than capable of doing it themselves. After all, they have money for space exploration. As for “global warming”, there is much more going on than just CO2 buildup. All this excess CO2 seems to be overwhelming the ability of the oceans to remove it. And while too much CO2 certainly is a problem, there are other things that need to be addressed as well. The primary reason for the accelerated melting of the ice caps is, is too much soot – with the biggest source being international shipping. This is well understood by some, but few want to do anything about it.

      • paul ...

        Donald … CO2 is not a problem … the plants and trees on Earth will simply grow faster and more abundantly to absorb it all … with the side benefit that the increased oxygen these plants produce will rebuild the ozone shield around the Earth (preventing harmful UV light from destroying the plankton in the oceans) and thus providing more food for the fish life (also currently being starved) … we as humans must provide our proper share of CO2 in this symbiotic relationship we have with the plant life on planet Earth … and the plants in turn will do their share … providing us more food and oxygen to breathe … as well as repairing Earth’s ozone shield for us!!

        • paul ...

          The Geo-engeneering scientists should wake-up to the fact that allowing more CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere is the only proper way to reduce the harmful UV light from the Sun (they don’t have to use all those poisonous chem-trails) … additional CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere will allow terrestrial plants around the globe to produce more oxygen … more oxygen in the atmosphere will then allow for the production of more ozone in Earth’s upper atmosphere … thus repairing the big holes now being found in the Earth’s ozone shield!!!

        • Freebreezer

          Paul … in addition, remember that CO2 can only absorb energy over 7% of the whole freaking infrared spectrum and this at only a few mid energy IR wave lengths. Yep, it can ONLY absorb energy from 7 % of the whole IR spectrum… by contrast water absorbs IR energy over 90% + of the infrared spectrum. This is equivalent to person being able to see a couple shades a green and nothing else over the whole color spectrum. The other fact that these frauds forget to tell you is the percent water vs. CO2 that is in the atmosphere. It is analogous to a few thousand grapefruits (water vapor) floating in a swimming pool along with only THREE grapes (CO2) and worried that if we change the grape concentration in the pool from 3 grapes to 4 grapes the whole world will end … AND we will starting eating dog and cats, giant insects will devour us, the oceans will go up hundreds of feet and Al Gore and crew will make billions and billions and billions … …. … .

      • Chip

        CO2 is NOT a problem. CO2 is plant food and is only 0.04% of the atmosphere. CO2 is the BS argument against fossil fuels PERIOD… Chip

  9. Jerry

    I’m going to post this information again for some of your readers who are a little slow. The global currency reset is happening NOW, in real time.Why else would two former treasury secretaries be involved with this organization?
    There’s not going to be an announcement made to the general public. The central banks are going to simply transfer their assets into the alternate exchange system until the current system implodes and that’s it. We will be the last to know until the lockdown goes live. This decision was apparently made during the World Bank board of governors meeting in April. That explains why there is this sudden uptick in gold backed crypto currencies. This system is beginning to come unraveled.

    Yesterday I met with a family member who is in management with Wells Fargo Bank. She confirmed to me that Wells Fargo has been working on installing a patch into their computer system that will accommodate transfer of many of these new global crypto currencies. She also told me that many of these crypto currencies are fraudulent , and to be careful. I found that comment humorous considering Wells Fargo’s recent history.
    Researching my sources I have found that Wells Fargo bank, and HSBC bank are the main banks involved with this currency transfer. To me that raises even more questions as to why the other banks like J.P. Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank and the rest are not on board with AIIB and their new exchange system? Could that represent a split in the global banking system? Maybe?

    • Jerry

      Here is another example of countries breaking away from the petrodollar and joining AIIB in their international basket of currencies. I am told that the Iraqi dinar is next.
      But yet Americans in their self righteous hubris choose to believe that we are irreplaceable. That we are the dog that can’t be wagged. Well the truth is we are a debtor nation that owes close to 3 trillion dollars to China, and can’t even muster a 1% GDP in spite of the fact that we have over 12o trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities on the books. We live in debt riddled paper pushing Ponzi scheme the like the world has never seen, and the rest of the emerging nations have had enough, and are tired of being tethered to our debt. Make no mistake, the breakaway from the petrodollar is under way. With money velocity reaching zero percent in the banks, its just a matter of time before liquidity in the system seizes up and we reach critical mass.

      • Jerry

        This may be your last call.
        I forgot to mention in my last post that my family member who works with Wells Fargo also told me that Wells Fargo is prepping their computer systems to accept “block chain” currency payment . That tells me, that something is afoot for sure with the Chinese , since both ZenGold and OneGram ( who are Chinese backed ) use block chain in the their crypto currencies.

        Americans need to wake up! The Chinese are tearing the foundation out from underneath the petrodollar one brick at a time. The silk road project is being built as our retail replacement to emerging economies in both Asia and Europe. By not paying transport fees and important tariffs they will more than make up for their loses with us. Besides what other choice do we have but to buy their crap? America has no manufacturing industry left to speak of unless you want to count the porno industry.

    • zteve.0

      my crypto app simply disabled its sell or send feature – my coins are in the wallet but i can’t sell or send them – be careful folks

  10. aps

    Greg, thank you for all you do.

    Psalm 46:10 Be still, and know that I am God.

    • Teeter

      Jerry, do you think that Trump knows this and is trying to cut the waist before it happens?

  11. David

    If climate change is a pending cataclysmic event, there is nothing to prevent all the other signatories of this agreement to double down on their efforts to improve the climate. They do not need America to lead the way.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Yes, but they need the USA to be the whipping boy and to pay for it. President Trump has refused to be the compliant lap dog Obama was. Kind of refreshing, isn’t it? Best always. PM

  12. Linda L.

    YOU HIT AN INFORMATION HOME RUN! WAY TO GO! THANK GOD that the POTUS rejected this Paris Agreement, or should I call it the ANTI-AMERICAN AGREEMENT! THANK YOU!

    • Greg Hunter

      It was an agreement to destroy America and freedom. If “Climate Change” was such a big problem, then why not stop the pollution with the two biggest polluters on the planet–China and India with around 2.5 billion people!!!!! Thank you for your comment and support.

      • Frederick

        Greg a Deutschebank trader was busted for rigging the silver price in Singapore This is huge breaking news Question of course is will they do anything about it?

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        @ Greg –

        Thanks for another great weekly wrap-up.

        I agree that China and India as countries generate more pollution including green-house gases. I think any facts, data and evidence, and objective analysis of them support that conclusion. The two countries after all comprise one-third of the world’s population.

        BUT pollution (including green-house gases) generated per capita in China and India is significantly if not substantially or even dramatically less than the US. Population of the US comprises approximately 5% of the world’s population (one-twentieth). That population (especially feminists – at least 67% of the US population) is the single most privileged demographic in the history of the world. Their inflated sense of entitlement and profligate life-styles is staggering.

        Last I checked (and I confess that it’s been a while – at least a decade – but I doubt it’s changed much), pollution generated per capita by the US exceeds all other countries and many other countries combined, including India and China.

        I agree that the Paris Climate Agreement is a scam for many reasons on many levels beyond the scope of this post. And I agree that the US should withdraw. But I disagree that the population of India and China should be held to account more than the US. Especially when you consider that interference by the US and England in both India and China is largely responsible for the massive out-of-control population growth at the turn of the 19th-20th Century.

        Imposing upon the populations of China and India accountability for the world’s pollution problems would be unfair, irresponsible and counterproductive. Not to mention that the populations of these two countries enjoy generally lower standards of living already than feminists in the US and such imposition might be considered cruel and disingenuous.

        • Donald

          ” pollution generated per capita by the US exceeds all other countries and many other countries combined, including India and China.”

          Not sure how anyone could have figured out such a measure. There are many elements to pollution such as nuclear power plants that went into melt-down (Fukishima and Chernobly come to mind). I doubt the USA is the big polluter some make it out to be. As I understand it, the biggest polluter in the world is international shipping (burning all that low grade high sulfur bunker oil). In one study, it was estimated that the 16 largest ships (out of a fleet of about 90,000-100,000 ships) generate as much pollution as the world’s entire car and truck fleet of over 900,000,000 vehicles.

          • Dr Darryl Jewett

            I concede, Donald, that the term “pollution” can be defined many ways, there are many elements, variables or criteria with which to measure it, and I haven’t defined, qualified or quantified my terms adequately. in my defense, I’m not writing a PhD dissertation. I believe in an abstract way at least, my conclusion that the US generates more pollution per capita than any other country is defendable. Even if that conclusion is not completely correct, I think it’s reasonable and we are certainly in the top three to five countries. Maybe if you consider the eight largest countries in the world by population density, we certainly are. in terms of plastic litter, green house gases (CO2, etc…), smog (HNO3, etc…), heavy metals, radioactive isotopes, etc… I’m sure we’re somewhere very near the top of the list. I agree that I haven’t taken into account nuclear contamination from Fukushima in Japan or Chernobyl in Ukraine. And that matters for sure. But those are recent developments and although they matter, they comprise point sources in at least a couple centuries of accumulation. certainly nothing to be dismissed out of hand.

            • Donald

              Sometimes these pollution studies are poorly thought out. For example, some might say that everytime a ship brings goods to the USA, the USA is indirectly responsible for its pollution. But virtually no one in the USA has any clue about this ship. The ship was made for a company in Denmark that operates it. So should all of the people of Denmark be to blame for what this company is doing? Makes no sense to me. Perhaps, instead of blaming all the people of the USA or Denmark for this, all shipping should be mandated to clean up their exhaust systems with scrubbers, and have that paid for by a shipping tax. This is really an old and proven formula for addressing problems. Same for excess CO2 emissions. If cash needs to be raised, to do something about it, why not tax those that can best afford it – such as those who fly on jet planes somewhere. Then everyone in the world from Russia to China to wherever who can afford to fly, will contribute in the same way to dealing with the problem. And by the way, the single biggest group of tourists in the world are those from China – so they would make a healthy contribution to financing the clean up of CO2 emissions.

  13. paul ...

    Hillary says the DNC is bankrupt… the Satanistic pedophile Demon-Rats are bankrupt in “many more ways” then money … global warming for example … Al Gore would be turning in his grave if he were dead … now what Trump needs to do is shut down the human trafficking by the United Parcel Service (flying in African and Middle East voters for the next Hillary clone the DNC plans to put in the White House)!!!

  14. Timothy Toomey

    Greg, you sound like you do not believe in humans destruction of our planet in front of everyones eyes, BY THE CORP.S WHO CONTROL CONGRESS AND THE MEDIA.
    NOW WHO IS IN DENIAL? Big Oil and Big Pharma and Big War rules this planet and Trump is now killing more civilians that Obama did.
    LETS MAKE OUR PLANET GREAT AGAIN … or we have nothing. Cheers.

    • Greg Hunter

      Let’s start with chemtrails and solar radiation management and high altitude aerosol injecting and all forms of geoengineering crap!!!! That is the BIGGEST problem to stop now.

      • Rodster

        Greg, don’t forget that Dane Wigington doesn’t discount/deny man made climate change. His stance is that it does and Geoengineering just makes an already bad problem even worse.

        • Greg Hunter

          Rodster, Yes however, if you look at all the causes of global warming Dane says geoengineering is the biggest problem now. Stop that and you do a lot quickly.

      • zickster

        I agree Greg….for us to take command though….we need to form a public police force to arrest the criminals first…even public servants whom uphold this corrupt system…get them on the right side…continue to support them …if they refuse…arrest and detain….this is what the public must undertake to rid the Evil from our midst…..DC

    • Justn Observer



    • FC

      Timothy, planet Earth has gone through a number of ice ages can you identify how many Industrial Revolutions and Big Corporations that have caused the ice to melt on every occasion?

      My advice is to look up at that big bright object in the sky, that is the cause of climate change and nothing else.

  15. Bruce

    This comment concerns the disgusting Griffin incident. For those paying attention it is a truth bomb that Bill Holter talked about awhile back. Reverse discrimination is alive and well in the United States. If you doubt this , consider the reaction if that were Obamas or Hillerys head involved. The response would be deafening .

    • Jenny J. Bullocks

      Bruce, Kathy Griffin: Donald Trump is ‘messing with the wrong redhead’

      Bruce, she said she apologized. To whom? In case you don’t remember Kathy, your fan’s. Not the Trumps. So how could they ever forgive you knowing you still want their heads! Apologize to Milania and her son since you hate white guys your age are so bad, you’ll never succeed against an honest man and you’ve been proved a liar, give it up!
      Take Gamaliel’s counsel at ◄ Acts 5, ►38. And now I say unto you, Refrain from these men, and let them alone: [Trump family] for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will be overthrown: 39. but if it is of God, ye will not be able to overthrow them; lest haply ye be found even to be fighting against God. American Standard Version
      You cant cut the heads off all the American people Kathy, they’ll crush you and you’ll run the gauntlet. Mark those words!
      CivilWar in your future, Kathy?

  16. Kim

    Great wrap up! GO TRUMP!

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Kim!!!

  17. paul ...

    The EU’s un-elected globalist (Juncker) thinks he is in control of America too … asserting that “Trump will not be allowed to get out of the climate deal” … presumably Juncker is unaware of the Supremacy Clause in the US Constitution which states that: The US Constitution and all federal laws made pursuant to it (including treaties) constitutes the supreme law of the land … sorry Juncker … your globalist treaty is null and void!!!

    Pulling out of the Paris deal is another promise Trump has now made good on … and un-elected EU politicians like Juncker (who don’t serve an electorate) simply don’t have a voice in the matter!!

  18. evan trofholz

    I wonder if the media and Hollywood would be singing a different tune about the Paris Climate Agreement if it were journalism and acting jobs that were being sacrificed and not manufacturing and mining.

  19. pat the rat

    I think that Ca. will start to help there economy with health care for all. Billions of dollars will be free up to pay other bills, can you say boom maybe?

    • Frederick

      Pat the rat Doubt that That money has to come from the same people’s pockets and knowing how “progressive” California is they will pay for every illegal in the state and any that come from south of the border to give birth as well It’s a disaster to be honest

    • Flattop

      Pat The Rat: Brown wants the health care for all to cover illegal aliens. So whas to stop somebody from mexico coming across the border , checking themselves into a hospital for an operation, when released wil return to mexico, leaving you and I to pay the bill. Another Gov Moondeam brilliant idea.

  20. Larry White

    Some thoughts on Jim Rickards recent article “The Golden Conspiracy” along with links to the two part article by Ronan Manly on official documentation for central bank discussion of intervention in the gold market in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.

  21. dachsielady

    “Hillary Clinton went off on the DNC data operation”
    Just wanted to take this opportunity to share Bill Still’s absolutely excellent summary of a lengthy article, link below of full article, by Capt. Dave Bertrand, a retired cargo fleet pilot. This article and Still’s summary deal with the Comey / Clinton et al. crimes against the USA. I really wish there were a transcript of Bill Still’s summary.
    FBI’s Comey – The Real Story, 1653
    The Still Report
    Published on May 30, 2017
    Still provided a very illuminating summary of a longer report

    The actual text report of Dave Bertrand can be found here…
    “Bertrand Daily Report The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues
    By Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.)

    (Twitter) #Dave Bertrand (@bertranddave1)
    Ed Note: This intel report comes from our own (New York insider) Ziad Abdelnour (Blackhawk Partners) and he wants you to know the extent of how serious the Trump / Swamp situation is and for this intel to be spread worldwide via your contacts. He also states that President Trump is fully aware of each detail of this report. Corporate Fakestream Media have strict orders to avoid discussion of Comey’s close ties with the Clinton crime network. –Dave Bertrand ”

    I think this material is a quick course it exactly how the swamp works.

    And Jesus coming, spoke to them, saying: All power is given to me in heaven and in earth.
    Mathew 28:18

    Christus vincet! Christus regnat! Christus imperat!

  22. paul ...

    At the Bilderberg meeting currently being held just outside Washington DC … the globalists are likely in a panic … discussing what ever they can do about Trump turning down their “global funding scheme” … which had nothing to do with a warming Earth … but with the warming of their hearts …

  23. Roger D

    Greg, we are witnessing the bleeding-out of a once-great nation. Many will later write the history to serve their purposes. I’m saving your Weekly News Wrap-Ups as they will probably be the only truthful one.

    • Greg Hunter

      Roger D,
      Trump just stopped some of the bleeding. Never give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s what the Illuminati and NWO creeps want!!! Thank you for your support.

  24. Flattop

    GREG: Hillary intending to run for president again???

    • Greg Hunter

      She’s done. Stick a fork in her. Lost big twice.

      • Tad

        I think she’s done. As she “campaigns,” I would hope she could honestly answer one pertaining to her failing health.

        She won’t have good health in four years,–if she survives that long.

    • Frederick

      Flattop Her health was bad last year What will it be like if she makes it to 2020? What a joke

  25. Russ

    Thanks Greg, outstanding summation of the week’s news. The Paris Climate Accord was just stupid and gave a pass to the two biggest polluters on the planet. Good riddance.

    As for Hillary, she’s just delusional and in denial. Pray for the day we don’t hear something about HRC, but she is sorta kinda right about the DNC being inept — There’s a lot in the news, but that story is just funny.

    • Russ

      A good read on the Paris Climate Accord can be found at: “Studying The Climate Doesn’t Make You An Expert On Economics And Politics”
      The following quote is germane.
      …”it does not follow logically that agreeing with Tyson on the matter of climate change must necessarily mean supporting the Paris Climate Agreement.
      After all, the Paris Climate Agreement isn’t a scientific study. It’s a political document that lays out a specific public-policy agenda.
      Agreement or disagreement with the accord might hint at one’s opinions about climate science. Or it might not. One can agree that climate change exists and that human beings have a large role in the phenomenon. Agreement on this matter, however, does not dictate that one must also agree with the political policies outlined in the Paris document.
      The two are totally independent phenomena. “…

      Leaving the Paris Climate Accord was the right thing to do.

  26. Chip

    Greg, here’s the biggest and easiest explanation of why Trump got it right on the Paris Climate Accord…

    6CO2 + 6H2O + SUNLIGHT —> C6H12O6 + 6O2

    CO2 is plant food!!!

    CO2 plus WATER plus SUNLIGHT yields PLANT GROWTH and OXYGEN.

    This should be repeated over and over because it is an argument that they cannot refute. Without CO2 on this planet we and everything on it DIE! Period, end of discussion. CO2, water, and oxygen form the basis and stability of our environment that makes the planet earth habitable.

    You want to have discussions about reducing pollution? Fine, let’s do that. But STOP the complete nonsense about CO2. Pure HOAX aimed at stopping the use of crude and coal and enabling a giant taxing redistribution scheme who’s purpose is to destroy America.

    Great wrap up as usual. Love what you do brother… Chip

    • paul ...

      Exactly Chip … global warming is a money making hoax … from 1880 to 2015 the temperature of the Earth increased from 288K to 288.8K … Earth’s temperature is extremely stable … the lies of these corrupt global warming scientists are as bad as the banksters … the corrupt ocean scientists also lie telling us the oceans are acidic … the truth is the PH of the worlds oceans is 8.2 (so our oceans are “alkaline” not acidic) … the poor plants on planet Earth are actually starving … plants eat CO2 as a food and “higher” CO2 levels actually increase crop yields … the globalists have turned “global warming” or climate change into “a money making religion” (once you are baptized as a believer it is then forever forbidden to discuss any evidence that may put that sacred globalist religion in doubt)!!!

      • paul ...

        Ever notice how people who talk to their plants have a green thumb and that the plants seem to respond and grow well when being talked to … consider that the person doing the talking is breathing out CO2 on the plant leaves!!!

    • Ross Herman

      Yes Chip you have the right idea! However it goes much deeper than that as carbon dioxide (that the propaganda news likes to call carbon) is the source of all life on the planet, as the plants use that single carbon unit to make all the other longer carbon chains that are the major substance of all organisms. So I think the satanists would love to tax life itself, and get paid for it. The more CO2 in the air the more life will flourish.

    • Hatemail

      Righto Mr. Chip,

      Do you know what limestone is?
      Limestone is made of carbonates, nature’s method of sequestering carbon. Limestone is primarily the exoskeletons of ancient marine life. All over the planet limestone deposits lay hundreds of feet in depth.
      The planet will take care of itself and the CO2 in its own way.

  27. andyb

    Greg: the unfortunate reality of the dog and pony hearings and the various law suits against the DNC is that ABSOLUTELY NO ONE WILL BE CONVICTED OF ANYTHING AND SERVE TIME; least of all Rice, Brennan, Wasserman, or particularly Obama, even though his surveillance and purposeful unmasking is at least a felony if not treason.

    • paul ...

      Weiner and Huma think that by re-marrying they can get out of testifying against one another and thus can avoid conviction and serving time … but we will get them for their evil deeds!!

  28. Kay

    Any Paris agreement, or treaty, should force India to improve the air quality for the children! Bravo for Trump getting out. Please push for something that really cleans up the air in India!

    Just for the record. The air quality for New Delhi, India according to the American Embassy.

    Landmark study lies buried: How Delhi’s poisonous air is damaging its children for life
    Just under half of the 44 lakh schoolchildren studied are growing up into adults with irreversible lung damage.

    • paul ...

      Trump needs to clean up the air over America by removing the chem-trails … higher CO2 levels are just fine … as it will increase crop yields … and thus help us to pay off our balance of payments deficit!!

      • paul ...

        Actually … if we were “kind” to our plant life on Earth … and provided them with “more food” (CO2) … they in turn would provide us with “more food” and additional water to drink and oxygen to breathe … the evil globalists want to destroy this very special symbiotic relationship between the plants and animals of Mother Earth!!!

        • paul ...

          The evil globalists not only want to reduce Earth’s human population … but were also out to destroy the plant life on planet Earth … by denying them food (reduced CO2) and denying them sunlight (with chem-trails) … this Satanist plot will not stand … with Trump … we have God on our side!!

          • paul ...

            Ever since Satan got us kicked out of the Garden of Eden he has been slaughtering our women and children … lets bring our Earth back to what it once was in God’s garden … lets not chop down our trees and forests but provide them the food necessary for their rapid growth … and all the extra oxygen they produce will likely increase our lifespans … if we can bring Earth’s oxygen levels up to 30% I bet we can live to biblical ages once again (900 years old with the body of a 30 year old) the way it was meant to be when God first designed us!!

  29. Oxfarmer

    Greg, we burn anthracite coal all winter. It is so clean you can’t see anything coming out of the chimney. It is mined in PA and comes out of the ground like this, no technology required.

    Other countries burn bituminous coal. I know Russia does which is why all the buildings are black with soot and people have lung problems.

    We already have clean coal. Shipping it out to other countries impoverishes us when they don’t want to upgrade their industries. When speaking of coal we should be clear what kind is meant.

  30. Larry Rodriguez


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Larry for adding your professional expertise and perspective.

    • Ross Herman

      The good news about that is, if we can ever escape the yolk of the many powerful groups that are suppressing the truth. America could dramatically spring to life, with its own cheep power.

  31. Deborah D

    There is a great summary report prepared by Bill Still on his website. It is worth the 25 minutes to get the history of Comey and all of his connections with the Clinton Crime Syndicate. Here is the link: The report was dated May 30, titled “FBI’s Jim Comey. The Real Story?” It helps to tie a lot of the pieces together about why there has been no progress in criminal investigations.
    Thanks for all of your great reporting Greg, we listen to every show.

  32. francis m reps

    Let us Keep president Trump in our prayers. The collapse of the worlds economy and problematic social stability is fore ordained, but President Trump may be able to use his good offices to maintain a harmonious relationship with Christian Russia and other world Nuclear Powers. I don’t think we can reasonably ask much more of this man. If he keeps our Nation Safe.from war and Caliphate bent immigrants….He deserves our praise and thanks. The bonus of his presidency might well be his work toward the indictment of a few of the criminals who held elected office. We can’t ask for more than that.

  33. John M.

    Hooray for Pres. Trump, one of the only guys in America who is still fighting for America!
    From the start, this climate change crap has not only been muddled, incoherent thinking wrapped completely in fake science, but is actually a clever treasonous ploy to destroy America from within. Most politicians and government people believe in this clap-trap more than in God.
    The globalists are likely to ratchet-up their efforts to take down Pres. Trump as he seems to mean business in what he says (unlike most politicians). Perhaps the Kathy Griffin decapitation may be more than just a tasteless joke, maybe it’s more than a subliminal threat.
    If the globalists and deep state want to create another 9/11 distraction-tragedy, now would be a very good time to take us to war. But then again, the world economy has already fallen off a cliff and I’m afraid that not even our beloved prize-fighter Trump can stop the depression and U.S. currency collapse that is coming.
    Still, I would much rather him be in charge than the demonically evil Hillary.
    BTW, I listened to a valedictorian speech last Saturday at a Catholic high school. He focused his talk on “Fear Not”, and of course I thought of what you always say Greg.
    Apparently, it is one of the most often said messages in the Bible.

  34. Paul Anthony

    Becuase of Greg Hunter and this weeks awesome week wrap up report it isnspired me to write this up and spread it to every negative anti trump Supporter who thinks it was a bad idea to pull out of the Paris climate deal.. I hope others copy and paste it and spread it as well


    Our President laid down the reason why we are out of the Paris Climate deal and NO one in mainstream media is attacking his points. Instead, they are just pointing whining and name calling. As per usual. The world is ending because of Trump. Yet, the whole agreement would have degraded America’s standard of living while other countries pollute EVEN MORE and take America’s money. YOUR HARD EARN MONEY! Again …can you be more Ill informed???????
    Here is Trumps points that NO ONE is arguing or attacking against. Point’s he made in a speech yesterday that main stream media doesn’t cover.
    Could cost America as much as 2.7 million lost jobs by 2025
    Cut U.S. Production of paper, cement, steel, (38%) coal (86%) nat gas (30%)
    Cost U.S. Almost $3 TRILLION in LOST GDP and 6.5 million industrial jobs by 2040. (minus 2.7 Million jobs lost by (2025)
    CHINA will be able to increase their emission by a staggering number of years – 13 They can do whatever they want for 13 years. But NOT THE USA. India makes it’s participation contingent on receiving billions and billions in foreign aid.
    This agreement blocks the development of clean coal in America.
    China allowed to build hundreds of additional coal plants.
    India will be allowed to double it’s coal production by 2020.
    “In short this agreement doesn’t eliminate coal jobs it just transfers those jobs out of America and the United States and ships them to foreign countries.” – quote – President Donald Trump.
    Of course THEY ALL signed on – they get the jobs, our money, and get to pollute all the want.
    This is not a climate emergency, this is new world order crap of taking our money and re distribution of wealth.
    God Bless the USA and Prayers for President Trump!
    Paul Anthony

  35. john duffy

    What the elites are really like….sick and depraved

  36. stonewall

    Greg, many times I’ve tried to talk sense into a “true believer” in man made
    climate change and it only makes me want to pull my hair out. Their belief
    is like a religion. Facts simply don’t matter. I live in Ontario, Canada so I’m
    already paying through the nose for this craziness so when I point out that
    China, India, Africa and most of the world are exempt from any controls on
    green house gas emissions these believers respond by saying it’s only fair these
    countries be allowed to catch up to first world countries. WTF, I thought the
    objective is to reduce green house gases because the BS science tells us they cause
    global warming. Bottom line is this world wide UN sponsored fraud is all
    about global wealth redistribution.
    Keep on keeping on Greg Hunter. You the man.

  37. Max Meister

    This is totally irresonsible from Trump. He looses quite some points in sympathy just because of that decision. To totally deny climate change is ignorance at it’s finest. Let’s make America great again no matter if the planet is being poluted, poisened and just finally destroyed? I’m really disappointed,but i knew he thinks like that,

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey Max,
      What is “Totally Irresponsible” is letting China and India with about 2.5 billion people have unlimited pollution until the year 2030!!! If the failing climate was such a big deal, why would you allow two countries with a third of the global population pollute all they want and increase their pollution until the year 2030? I’ll tell you why, because the Paris Climate Accord is, and was, a total scam on the US of A. Now bug off.

    • Flattop

      Max Meister: First of all, no one has been able to factually prove whether climate change is a good thing or a bad thing. Some immediately start yelling because the ice is melting, well guess what Max, it has melted before when there were no automobiles , coal plants around, only cows farting methane. So stop already about America being this great polluter.

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      @ Max – No data, facts or evidence and objective analyses of them support the conclusion that humans contribute to global warming or that there is any such thing as global warming to start with. Zero. None. Nada. Zilch. Zip. The only people who promote the lie and propaganda that is anthropogenic global warming are government bureaucrats hired for political expedience and despite lack of professional qualifications. All data, facts and evidence and objective analyses of them do show conclusively however that there is a significant trend in sustained global climate change. But that trend is the opposite of what’s being promoted by government. The Earth is not getting warmer and wetter but colder and drier. We don’t have to worry about sea levels rising six feet in the next century but continental glaciers extending from the poles further and staying longer with each instance and the cooling periods lasting longer. And see levels dropping. A lot more than six feet. That’s how bad government screws up that and everything else. It promotes the exact opposite of reality. And this trend has nothing to do with human activity. It’s not anthropogenic. The trend results from geological and astronomical phenomena way beyond human control.

      • Max Meister

        You can’t say there is no evidence. About 99% of all scientists worldwide believe in global warming and most of them also believe that human beings are the main reason for it. Even Obama said that recently in a speech. I mean it is a fact that we have an overpopulation problem interacting with an increase of living standard in the east. That of course means more industry, more automobiles, more burning of fossile energy. You don’t need to be Harvard professor the understand that. I mean what a narrow minded point of view is it to just call for business as usual in that matter. Let’s just continue to polute all we want, the others are doing the same. That is in my view not a mindset that belongs into this century. I don’t need to see all bees and all the forest dying around me, having my kids suffering astma etc.. before i believe that there is a problem with air polution.

        • Greg Hunter

          You say 99% of scientists believe in global warming. Do you have a list of ALL scientists. If so, please produce this left, progressive, communist list. We both know you cannot because it does not exist. I am talking ALL not just the communists that agree with you. You know at one time most “scientists” thought the world was flat. The “climate” issue is about redistribution of wealth and one world government control. We have been told we must act NOW!!!!! Why would you allow two of the biggest global polluters, China and India with 2.7 billion people, to continue polluting and increase their polluting until the year 2030? This fact alone proves this is a total scam. You might want to look up the term useful idiot unless you are a paid troll.

          • Max Meister

            Hi Greg I don’t see one of my comments submitted yesterday.

            But, what the heck has the wish of protecting the climate to do with communism and leftism??? Do you mean by that, climate protection belongs to the Democrats but certainly not to the Republicans? Well yes, that became now very obvious. I’m not American, i’m European and here in Europe climate and environment protection are topics that belongs neither to the left nor rightwing parties. We all try to work together to find the appropriate solutions.

            As already mentioned. I don’t support the fact that India and China are given a free card to polute all they want, but lets not forget that much of the dirty industrial production has been outsourced to those countries. Now we should not say, air polution is their problem.
            The US is the largest importer of those goods and could take influence on those issues if it wanted to. The US as the strongest nation in the World should look forward into the future instead of backwards. It could play a leading role in the development of renewable energy and be an example on how to protect the climate and the environment. That would apply more pressure to those countries but now the oposite is happening. They feel confident in poluting all they want. In my opinion, that is a step into the past and to step backwards is something humanity can’t afford.

            • Greg Hunter

              The “Paris” deal was a bad one and it did not address the climate. It was however a way to control the world and redistribute wealth from the U.S. to everywhere in the world. “Paris” was NOT a serious attempt to help the climate when you allow the biggest polluters in the world to continued polluting for the next 13 years. Nobody forces China or India to pollute. Therefore “Paris” was a total scam. Trump was totally justified to exit and demand a fair deal for the U.S. You must live in a foreign country and you must be fact resistant. End of story snowflake.

        • Dr Darryl Jewett

          @ Max – I appreciate the sentiment and general content of your reply. I mostly agree with you. I think 99% of scientists (at least government scientists in the US for sure) subscribe to the belief in anthropogenic global warming. I also agree that we have an overpopulation problem. And I’m not suggesting at all that fossil fuels aren’t a source of pollution without necessary regulation of some kind (but they aren’t a cause of anthropogenic global warming). Or that overpopulation isn’t a source or cause of pollution. However, your observations, correct as they are, need some elaboration, qualification and quantitation. Let me address first your observation about 99% of scientists. Those are government scientists. The mechanism for hiring and promoting them requires that they subscribe to and promote the loony belief in anthropogenic global warming. Global warming is a canon of the loony feminist religious cult. During the past 30-50 yrs (and certainly and more aggressively during the past ten), the government has been hiring selectively this way. At the same time it’s been hiring selectively this way, it was been purging aggressively its ranks of anyone who does not submit to the loony feminist religious cult and its canons including anthropogenic global warming. The scientists who promote this loony philosophy simply and bluntly put are not even remotely good. They bought their degrees from their respective universities but they might just as well have fished them out from the bottom of a box of Cracker Jax. And they are corrupted by greed, ego, sex and an addiction to power and control. Yes it’s that bad. Many of these “scientists” are functionally illiterate in mathematics and English. And have no understanding what-so-ever of the Scientific Method or the spirit behind it. So when you conclude that 99% of scientists believe in global warming and that it’s man-made, it’s 99% of government scientists after all the old-guard and old-school scientists who don’t believe in it were purged from the ranks and after the government imposed very restrictive hiring practices that deny the most excellent and qualified professional scholars and scientists jobs because they don’t submit to the loony feminist religious cult and its canons including anthropogenic global warming. I’ve studied global warming (and many topics related directly to it) extensively for almost 30 yrs (before it was called “anthropogenic global warming” and then “global climate change”). I assure you that all of my colleagues not employed or funded by the government (that’s 100%) and the best in the world do not subscribe to the loony canon of anthropogenic global warming. and I assure you they are not corrupted by greed, ego, sex or an addiction to power and control. The average scientist and qualified scholar not in government and/or who invested his time and effort in a real career in the sciences lives pretty much in poverty. once you get away from government, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any scientists who have generated data which support the loony feminist canon of anthropogenic global warming. And I’m not saying they’re perfect but they aren’t as corruptible as a government scientist hired and promoted for political expedience. And I’m not saying that all government scientists aren’t good at what they do. but it’s getting such that fewer and fewer of them are. and they are administered by omnipotent government bureaucrats with unlimited resources to throw at lies and propaganda. And even the most well-intentioned and conscientious scientist will get to a point when he has to give in. as far as over-population is concerned, I believe we are. but not in the ways you might think. the problem of over-population has been politicized by the government and used as an excuse to promote a massive extermination campaign of selected demographics. this approach instead of making the problem better has made it worse. resulting in even more resource limitations and even worse overpopulation. leave it to government to ignore every reasonable solution to a problem and select the one option that is the worst of all possible choices and the only one that will make the problem worse. I don’t want to waste much time on overpopulation because it’s very complicated. I wanted primarily to address global warming.

          • Greg Hunter

            Dr. Darryl,
            Can you produce this “list” the left keep talking about? I want to see it.

            • Dr Darryl Jewett

              thanks for asking, Greg. it’s a good question. (love your work.)

              short answer: no

              long answer: it’s very complicated.

              I honestly don’t know what list to which they’re referring. over the decades, data generated by thousands of scientists (and I interpret that term with considerable latitude) have been used to promote the concept of anthropogenic global warming. data from some scientists were used voluntarily and some were not. anthropogenic global warming is represented by a vast cabal and isn’t a liberal construct. just like feminism isn’t a construct of sex (women) but politics (or religion if you will). if you want to portray the invention (for lack of a better word) of anthropogenic global warming somehow, it’s more helpful to look at it this way: it’s the product of both liberals and conservatives (whatever those terms mean anymore). one side is willfully addicted to power and control and the other side enables it deliberately (take your pick which side is which). both profit excessively from this pathologically co-dependent relationship. like other feminist constructs including rape culture, divorce and child support, terrorism, etc… there is a chronic victim who gets off on the imaginary crime and a white knight who profits by constantly protecting the victim from itself. one cannot exist without the other. they’re two sides of the same evil coin. someone else pays for this pathologically co-dependent relationship. that’s why I’ve written many times that feminism is women manipulating the public with their imaginary victimhood and authoritarians acquiesce by persecuting conscientious men in exchange for votes, money and absolute power. many examples of disaster economics (usually involving women and/or children as victims) in our world satisfy this pathological relationship between chronic victims and white knights. global warming is just one. but it’s not just one group (ie liberals) who are responsible. it’s the product of a relationship. collusion.

    • Ross Herman

      Actually Max, Trup is correct there is no connection between the Paris Accord and management of human pollution, it is 100% a contrived propaganda to extract money and further empovrish the world. The single fact that they never mention anything about weather manipulation, or as they like to call it simply, “managing the ioniphere”, should be a clue to you but I have a feeling that you easily dismiss contradictory facts.

  38. Justn Observer

    Greg…. Great wrap …love your energy ! Clif High= new ice age coming? Elon Musk wants electric cars….what….how big will the pellet stove heaters be he puts in them?

    And with all the push and capital into the ‘driverless’ electric cars … How many people do you know actually plans to BUY … or even want one ? With the incessant ”’deep state”’ spying on the people….rumors of FEMA camps….people getting into cars that can self-lock doors and deliver you by an internet connected GPS programmed can at ‘their’ whim… ah maybe not? lol Likely the ‘new’ cars will become a part of say another new ‘ car clunker – replacement plan not unlike the ACA….YOU WANT A CAR…YOU MUST BUY AN ELECTIC DRIVERLESS ONE… CHOICE OF COLORS OF COURSE…. Cass Susteins book called NUDGE comes to mind? LOL
    As for coal.. the conversion of it (CTL) gas is already designed by SASOL plants ?
    Now what the U.S. needs to do is build such plants regionally and dissect the petro delivery system and monopoly of using ”’ winter-summer”’blend scam and adding edibile corn to the fuel tanks ?
    Thank you Greg … on top of the news as always !

  39. Charles H


    Simply one of your best. It IS the production infrastructure, or the jobs stupid. You are right – – snowflake globalist out sourcing of America. “One World” – no differences torpidity which borders on insanity: because no facts enter into consideration; only issues based on false narratives. This is a classical battle between Good and Evil – and guess who’s heading up the forces of Evil?!?? Bob Dylan is right – you’re gonna have to serve somebody. But is is too simplistic, and spiritual in nature to be true?
    By the way… Dr. Jim Willie speaks to the point that the election was stolen from Marine Le Pen. Her votes were halved; Macron’s were doubled: so it WAS who counted the votes that mattered. ‘The Ends justify the means” – which now amounts to ‘anything goes: just win.’
    Why would North Korea rain down nukes on South Korea? That’s bad business – if you want to occupy the territory. Politically and territorially it doesn’t make sense.
    Clinton counted on presidential immunity to prosecution being hers; but not on the residual sense of Fair-Play in America. She is the biggest bullet America has dodged so far; but the war isn’t over. Isn’t the Public School System’s only purpose to turn-out newly minted snowflakes? America won’t go back to what it was – so how, or where does one turn TO – to turn itself around? Spiritual tides are ‘a changin’.

    • Greg Hunter

      Charles H,
      “Fear Not”

      • Charles H

        It is not a matter of fear, Greg. It IS the scope of the sum of changes going on around the world, which taken together begin to outweigh what good one can cite or choses to ‘see’. Gerald Celente uses the term “trends” under which he gathers issues and occurrences in connection or association. He describes a direction which the bulk of people will follow, or circumstances indicate will lead to – and he has been very successful for many years.
        God IS in control; but not micro-managing issues for humanity. The mystery of iniquity, or evil is working a growing trend of gaining domain over this world – which the devil is the ‘god of this world’: completing in full, the purposes of the Almighty. In the end, God wins, and reigns; but to conclude that ‘all are under sin’ – God allows humanity to corrupt itself as an entity; and corrupt the earth. The climax comes when the the devil, as the anti-Christ takes full possession. The inexorable degrading humanity will perform upon itself by following the wrong Spiritual Polarity – is to prove what God in the Bible has taught all along.
        Taken as a whole – Western Culture is being extinguished: mainy for the freedoms which the impetus of the Judeo-Christian ethic has produced; along with the greatest outreach of evangelical fervor the world ever knew.
        South Africa is experienceing a White Ethnic Cleansing – so that the whole continent has nothing to recommend it. Europe, Scandinavia, and the Netherlands is paralyzed by muslim immigration – a betrayal by the political leaders. Canada is more snowflake than snow. South America is just holding on. The Middle-East is in flames. The two great communist and socialist countries are about to take ‘center stage’. And the last bastion of moral courage – America – gets a nice little ‘last hurrah’ in Donald Trump. Sorry, Greg – you know when the bad guys get stuck in the quicksand in the Tarzan movie: they aren’t getting out. The USA won’t hold back the tide of world events occuring around it. And America, despite preident Trump – is no longer a ‘good guy’. I wish this were not the case.
        Fukushima, Chem-trails, GMO, Abortion, sexual perversity, and tainted vaccines – are the tip of the iceberg. God has given mankind THE Answer: but they don’t want it. It is easier to deny God, and lie to oneself in order to follow crooked paths, that paint men better than they really are. Hence, God will prove man as sinful, corrupt, and followers of evil by and through their own fallen nature.

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes Charles, Very big changes.

        • Tin foil hat

          Charles H,
          “The USA won’t hold back the tide of world events occurring around it. And America, despite President Trump – is no longer a ‘good guy’.”
          If the dollar is no longer the global reserve currency, we no longer have the obligation to hold back whatever the tide of world events.

          America may not be the ‘good guy’ as you and I once thought but she is definitely not China, Russia or India. America, like Robinhood, shares the loot with the people.

          I was in a social gathering and lamented to my foreign acquaintance that America is corrupted and no longer the ‘good guy’. A Chinese fellow said no, no, no, Americans are good since they only steal about 20%. In China, the people are lucky if the officials leave them half of the pot.

          A Russian fellow overheard the conversation and laughingly stated that in Russia, the oligarchs would take 80% and leave the people with 20.

          An Indian fellow won the contest. He said in India, the officials will take 110%, charging the masses 10% tax for something which they will never get.

          We may not be all that “good” but we are definitely not that “bad”. Whatever is happening here is still reversible.

          • Charles H

            Tin foil hat,

            You just won the ‘Comment of the Year’ award. Seriously – totally real and interesting: an excellent counter-point.
            Comparison points are always fickle and arbitrary. If we compare the US with how it was in the first Hundred Years; size of government; taxes or tariffs; levels of corruption – then you flip the glass from half-full to half-empty. Compare the US to other countries in the world currently, then – flip again.
            I served during Vietnam, Honorably; and loved my middle-class life as an American. I was an Exchange Student to Mexico at age 16. Then saw the world through the Navy in the mid-Seventies: from Singapore (West) to Karachi, Pakistan (East); and South America. I know what a blessing I’ve had, and the truth of the saying – America is the greatest country on earth. It still is, as you so well express. I WISH it could go on BEING that.
            Man is God’s creation: and man must answer to that relationship. The bulk of humanity is turning away from God, America included. This cannot stand without consequences. Political; economic; social; and world events are only ancillary evidences of the true, spiritual problem. Show me how America is returning to God; and I will concede America’s situation to be reversible. Otherwise – I must hold to my original premises.
            Still – a good reply, from a good thinker! For your consideration…
            (Stefan Molyneaux)

            • Dr Darryl Jewett

              @ Charles – comparing one country to another is unhelpful IMHO. “fickle” as you say. I agree. a country must be assessed as a function of absolute criteria. the US Constitution is a good set of absolute criteria which are ignored increasingly. I don’t think anyone wakes up in the morning and aspires to being the best house in a bad neighborhood. or maybe too many in the US have and that’s our problem. like you it appears, I have traveled extensively (until the gov’t took away my passport unlawfully and for no reason except to keep me here as a slave). it’s probably accurate to conclude that the US isn’t Russia, China or India. but Russia, China and India aren’t the US either. it’s worth reminding an audience that the US incarcerates more innocent men per capita than any other country in the history of the world except for Nazi Germany during war time and Stalinist Russia. and those data are from ten years ago. I suspect things have gotten worse. the US also traffics under the colour of law more children per capita than any other country or empire in the history of the world. it has a higher infant mortality rate than any other developed country and higher than many third-world and developing countries. I can go on. but I disagree that the US is still the greatest country on Earth. or that it ever was. I guess it depends upon what you expect out of life. that the US is “free” is a spectacular misconception. arguably, large demographics in the US presently are among the least free people in the history of the world as measured by a number of objective criteria.

              • Charles H

                Dr. Darryl,

                What the departure from “the Rule of Law” has rendered, only compliments what ‘the twisting of Laws’ produces. Most of America will start to catch-up to what you know to be true.

  40. Justn Observer

    But Greg…. you mean emails to the Clinton Foundation where FBI director
    Comey’s brother is the accountant for? Oh they had to be safe there -right?

    Comey just so happened to have joined the board of the British bank HSBC Holdings in 2013, which just so happens to be a Clinton Foundation partner.

    Noting all of this, one of the most important conflicts of interest is Comey’s brother Peter Comey’s role at the Washington law firm DLA Piper, where he serves as “Senior Director of Real Estate Operations for the Americas”.

    As Big League Politics reported, “DLA Piper’s offices [shortly before the election] . . . confirmed that the law firm immediately [patched] callers through to Peter Comey’s direct line there.”
    Go figure ! LOL

  41. Paul P

    Thanks Greg for another cogent report. Look forward to your interview with Clif.

    • Greg Hunter

      Paul P,
      It is a winner we talk about Bitcoin but also the why it is taking off with all other crypto currencies. The doom for the USD according to Clif High is closer than any one thinks. Thank you for your support.

      • Frederick

        It sure isn’t looking good for the dollar recently Gold and Silver are rallying and it’s looking like they may have legs to run a lot higher

  42. Larry Galearis

    The Goldfein position is very hypocritical given that the main blowback of dealing with pollution and perhaps climate change is a matter of a severe insult to the unstable financial system of the US. The system cannot afford change at this point, so citizens will continue to die from the misbehaviour of the economic masters. And that too is about the destruction of America…..Most people are ecological nitwits and Americans probably more than most. Beg to differ? I remember Cliff High’s revelations about pyramids built by past civilizations in mountainous regions (basically that shape in a mountain is a product of alpine glaciation) – and I was the only person to see his view of a natural geological process as completely hair brained nonsense. People need to be more informed than this to have a sane input to manage our “environment” wisely.

    So funding a better education system would help loads! This won’t happen until your government fails.

  43. Rick Hester

    At the age of 70 I have watched the coal industry undergo pressures to clean up it’s industry, and have seen it do so, only to be practically shut down. To put this into perspective look at these statistics from 2015:

    China and Japan have plans to build massive amounts of coal-fired power plants, while the United States is not only not building new coal-fired power plants, but it is also shuttering many of its existing coal-fired power plants because of Obama Administration policies. China is building one coal-fired power plant every 7 to 10 days. The United States, on the other hand, cannot build new non-CCS coal-fired power plants and is shuttering existing coal fired power plants. These existing coal-fired power plants retiring in the United States are among the cheapest source of electricity generation in this country.

    The Paris Climate Agreement is nothing more than an economic declaration of war against the United States, which Obama eagerly supported. Any country, or politician who supports this agreement should be looked at as an enemy of the U.S..

    • paul ...

      Good idea Rick … lets lock up all the global warming traitors … who have an evil hidden agenda … for the total economic destruction of the one last remaining nation of “free people” on Earth … who have the ability to deny the illuminati their one world government dictatorship!!!

  44. Don

    Greg, Been awhile, but had to commit. You’re one of the trusted news sources, unlike all the MSM, who shouldn’t even have a right to public access. You’ve been diligent to bring truth, a rarity now days it seems. Though Trump has publicly overviewed the benefits of pulling out of the Paris accord, we must never forget, as American citizens, that its been America, who has been the leaders to implement a global government framework. Until, the average citizen realizes, and truly is awaken to the type of treasonist acts our Presidents have engaged in, along with realizing the type of web of willing participants, it took within Whitehouse walls and government, that supported the outright stealing of America’s national sovereignty. They will never understand, the type of threat we’ve faced. There is a group of people, in which, have engaged in a political coop for decades, to dissolve both our culture, and national identity, and sovereignty, and replace it with a socialist form of global government. It has taken decades, and the effort of thousands of people, in all area’s of social and political positions, scattered throughout our country, to get to were we are today. As a nation, our nati0onal identity has been nearly loss from the Christian foundation, we once were known for, throughout the world. Abortion, same sex marriage, distortions of gender, educational agenda’s, that have changed to a socialist framework, and global government, are now the preached norms. All characterizes a society of lost identity. Hilary, would have been the capstone of their political agenda, which would have signed both the Law of The Sea treaty, and the Paris accord. Both flavored with the climate change mantra, but nonetheless finishing the framework of global government. Paul Ryan, under a Clinton Presidency, would have pushed all the TPP, and other trade treaties through, and finalized the full framework of global government, with a multinational oligarchy in full control of all national sovereignties, of the world. There would have been no more, democracy, in the form of a republic government in America, but only a skeleton government, serving the whelms of a global socialist oligarchy government. The annexed world landscape, under UN power, as well as sea and air, would have allowed the UN to implement carbon tax fee’s on the use of all resources, to the nations, as it would be owned by the global government. The police state would have quickly followed, and the UN forces would have free access to US soil, and marry themselves together to US civil authority, under already signed agreement, from Obama’s, Loretta Lynch, attorney generals signature on UN police authority. The UN arms treaty, would have been implemented against the will of the people, as all other forms of UN authority, imposing itself on American soil, would have been. Riots, and civil war, would have broke out, as Queen Hilary, would have been unwavering to UN support, over the welfare of the people. Uncontrolled abortions, a full deprave atmosphere in our social climate would have eventually occurred, leading to social break down, and kids would be under full authority of the state, and programed propaganda, would be fed them, for the full cultural transition to the global citizenship model. At least we have President Trump for now, but don’t think the globalist have forgotten their temporal set back, they shorely will not, and will start afresh next Presidential race, unless a great deal more of American people, see to it, that all the globalist members of the government, are identified and shut out of all public offices. They will not allow another nationalist President the chance to run in the primaries. In the future, the likelihood of any nationalist, ever making it to a primary, much less winning, without assassination first, will probably be null and void. I’m really Proud of Trump, and continue to pray for his safety, farewell old friend, your the man, and may the Lord be with you and bless your family.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Don for the comment and kind words.

  45. Chris

    I would like to see the chemical and comtrail poisoning our air CEASE as a positive tangable aspect of the Paris/climate control by Trump getting US out of that terrible agreement which we were party to for far too long!.

  46. James Hastings - Cherokee center of the world

    Another good rap-up. A comment on your teaser about Sunday….

    If you need to worry about the banks closing their doors…..what makes people think the internet can’t be disrupted, or shut down. Where does that leave bitcoin?
    Can we have that much faith in the internet?

    • Frederick

      You are absolutely correct James Hence physical gold and/ or Silver in your possession is the way to protect yourself from such a scenario

  47. dlc

    CA boom as a result of “free” health care for all? The costs are already beyond anything that state can support. Who pays for this “free” care? — the productive and anyone who dares to have ownership of anything of worth.

    It will take an astronomical hike in taxes and fees. The suckers never learn. Health care for all has a crippling cost. And too, the quality of that care will go downhill.

    • Galaxy 500

      The .CA plan will be Free to illegals and the unemployed while the productive will pay 20 times the cost of it

  48. dlc

    “A bunch of white guys trying to silence me.” Drop this witch off in Yemen.

    Do these women think they will be bullet proof in the kind of society they envision without whites? I do wonder about all the white boy rage of late. Was Griffin’s daddy not white? Daddy must’ve really burst her dream bubble big time.

    Can you imagine Hillary as prez along with all of these miserable lib hags? These bully women are gutless when confronted and made to face consequences. Pulling a Lisa Blum lawyer-up stunt to deflect the heat really iced the cake. And this is white boys’ fault?

  49. dlc

    EddieMD: Fukushima. That is exactly what I think of when these thieves start waxing on about saving the planet. And too, as Greg mentioned, the chemtrails. It’s like being sprayed with Roundup. To these people, we are less than cockroaches.

    I also wonder who was fixing to buy their next palace-style home, their next private jet, their next private island off our backs. Imagine all the private deals that got put on hold with Trump’s nyet.

    Climate change? Knock off the war talk. War destroys more countries than my 3-cylinder car trip to the local grocer.

    • Galaxy 500

      We got Fukashima because some idiot bureaucrat decided to save money and not put the backup generator on pillons.
      Nuclear is safe until you get stupid people involved …
      A lot of processes can be dangerous. Just think, the crazies outlawed the manufacturer of incandescent light bulbs because of CO2 and gave us compact fluorescent bulbs full of mercury. All based on a light bulb generating heat in an Air Conditioned Penthouse of a High Preistess of Climate change in Miami in Summer. All the while ignoring that the heat is a plus in middle and northern America during Fall and Winter.
      Fukashima is a man-designed disaster and the same people that want to control every aspect of our lives caused it. AND they are keeping it out of the Propoganda … whoops, I mean news. I would love to see some real science of water samples through out the Pacific. But we don’t have real science these days, we have the “religion of Enviornmentalism.”

  50. diane

    Greg, I’ve been reading your weekly wrap ups for years.
    This is your best commentary I’ve ever heard.
    We are so blessed to have such a sincere man cheering us on to never give up.
    I think God sent you to us. You sure have kept me from giving up hope.
    Thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Never give up Diane. That’s what the evil weasels want you to do but don’t fall for it!!! Thank you for your kind words!

  51. Tim McGraw

    An excellent WeekinReview. Thanks for posting. I was watching the local news here in Sonoma County, CA right before Trump came on the air with his Paris Climate Accord speech. The local TV news was showing Gov. Jerry Brown going nuts because he knew that Trump was bailing out of the PCA. I thought old Jerry was going to have a heart attack.
    The universal health care bill in California will DOUBLE the state budget from $200 billion to $400 billion. We can’t afford to have our taxes doubled to pay for universal health care. Hell, we can’t pay for the pensions for government employees as it is.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tim!

  52. Jeff Staples

    Hi Greg,
    Maybe you can start calling “climate change” what it really is – FAKE SCIENCE. I don’t see that mentioned anywhere online and I’d suggest you may consider interviewing some knowledgeable person regarding the subject. Since there is so much division over this subject, why can’t we see/listen to a rational discussion between two experts, devoid of political nonsense. There is no consensus because the topic is so political. I would love to see two scientists refute the beliefs of the other with facts.
    Liberals will not be convinced because they are not intelligent for the most part, but this will help many of your followers that are on the fence.
    By the way, chemtrails have been greatly reduced here in southern California the last couple of months. I’m hoping Trump is behind it.

  53. wondrouscat

    The best way to disempower someone who thinks they still have power, but doesn’t, is to turn your back on them, ignore them. Eventually Hillary will discover nobody is paying any attention to her – except the long arm of the law. The sooner the better. Thanks, Greg, for your attitude towards the gruesome head incident. Condemn it, then walk away, and let the law deal with it if they will.

  54. Flattop

    I am really really tiring of the billionaires who want to use their money to influence me in how to think politically, to accept a morality which is offensive to me, and treating me as my voice is of no value. I am prepared to resist their thinking/actions in what ever form is needed. God Bless

    • Greg Hunter

      I’ll keep fighting!

  55. dlc

    As Mike Cernovich noted, even the mafia leaves the family alone, especially the children. The Dem party has turned into the party of the unstable and incoherent bent on spewing rage and harming anyone not like them.

    Last Sunday I ran into 2 women from Scottsdale Bible. We were all digging through boxes of clearance priced buttons at a Joann store. They showed me a picture on their smart phone of a little girl wearing a dress made out of a pillow case — cut 2 holes out of the corners for the arms and used the corner cuts for dress-front pockets. They were buying the buttons to apply to these dresses.

    They said these dresses were for children living in areas where there was a heavy incidence of child trafficking. The bible group was providing new clothing for these very neglected children. I did not think to ask if they had labels in them referring to this bible group. They did remark that these children seemed to be left alone from harm as though some predator surmised they were being monitored.

    You never hear of Dems pushing anything but deeper dependency and ratcheting up violence. Lucky us to be clothed so far by divine providence.

  56. Tad

    Coal to clean Gasoline:

    Obviously, the science is there.

  57. Tad

    This isn’t the lone story on China pollution transported to America.

    If you google China pollution to America, you’ll find more than a few related stories,.

  58. Shadow Maddow Gov'ment New World Disorder
    NSA conducted “blanket, indiscriminate surveillance of everybody in Mormon capitol Salt Lake City during the 2002 Winter Olympics and still holding; Salt Lake Tribune June 2, 2017

    NSA, in coordination with the FBI, scooped up and stored the content of emails and text messages sent and received by anyone in the city and Olympic venues — including all American citizens.
    So when James Clapper say’s he see’s warning lights on his dashboard and lie’s to the American people before congress, you know we the sheeple must be doing something right. He’d do the intell community a much needed service if he kept, his clap shut!
    Our guy’s must not Fall for and into Clappers inadvertent Trapper.

  59. mark

    Hi Greg,
    Interesting take on the Kathy Griffin’s recent threat of violence against President Trump from “State of the Nation” As always Greg, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit, for “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” FEAR NOT!

  60. Robespierre


    Will the State of California actually implement Universal Health Care for every California resident before Congress passes Trump Care and its signed into law? Possibly a slow race between two desert tortoises.

    By the way, I just found out firsthand that Blue Shield of California now contracts customer service out to citizens of Costa Rica because they are less costly than employing Californians. Now, with more and more jobs still being outsourced overseas, how can the State of California hope to pay for Universal Health without massive borrowing and/or tax increases? They estimate a need for $200 million to fund U-Care. What’s going-on here Greg ?

  61. Galaxy 500

    Great wrap-up. While it is a fact that Jehova, the One, True God, gave man free will, people lose sight of another fact: The Will of GOD can NOT be thwarted by man or Allah (one of Satan’s other names). GOD’s Will will be done … period. And people, contrary to the Debbie Downers, evil does not win. It is not even a close thing.

  62. Galaxy 500

    OH, and Happy Ramadam-a-dingdong. The Religion of Piece is giving thanks to Satan…er ah Allah, by murdering as many people as possible during the Satanic Holiday of Ramadan.
    Happy #Ramadan Bombathon 2017 – on the 8th Day! An increase in fatalities of 8.41% compared to the day before.

    PS: Note to Kathy Griffin :: You destroyed your own career. The only time that I have ever seen you be anything close to “funny” was during your Press Conference June 2. It was Hilarious.

  63. Tinfoil hat Canuck

    Hi Greg
    I think it’s fair to say you and your commenters are not convinced of the science behind the claims of Climate Change and certainly do not feel the proposed action to mitigate it are fair and logical.
    I personally think the science is worrisome for future generations.

    That it gives a free pass to historically weak participants to “catch up” doesn’t wash though and is both punitive and morally unsound. Sort of like saying slavery is bad you Americans but since we in Canada didn’t participate, you must stop and we will go full bore for 13 years , ”tis only fair.

    However, the argument that doing ones part to slow climate change should be resisted simply because it would destroy the American economy seems curious at best. I get the impression America has now embraced the Military Industrial Complex as its manufacturing core going forward, the engine of making America great again if you will. Selling arms to the world ( often to despicable despots and sometime to both sides in a conflict) , supporting hundreds upon hundreds of military bases around the world and stirring up regional and global hostilities all to maintain it’s Empire to me seems an immoral use of its vast economic power / human resources. With the blowback this ensures, it becomes an ever ramped up cycle.

    Surely, scaling back the MIC and using some of that dividend for its own citizens and its fair share of Climate Change mitigation makes sense — long term?

  64. Miro Markovic

    Dear Greg, I thank you for your excellent weekly review.

    Several times in the past, I complimented you regarding your super selection of weekly cartoons. They are fitting so well your narrative and made me laugh.

    I am glad that you are existing and that you are capable and able to bit useless MSM (main stream media). Also, I am enjoying your readers comments. What a nice and wise club of good people! I wish you good health and a sustaining tenacity to continue in keeping us all informed about what is going one in one world these days..

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Miro!

  65. donna

    Greg, Great wrap up!
    I owe you an apology for a comment I made a while back that I was unsure if President Trump was who he said or was going to do what he said he would. I voted for him and was hoping for the best. He seemed to be surrounding himself with liberals and goldman sacs people and I was very disappointed . Not to make excuses but I think I have been so disappointed with the past administrations that I lost faith that things may change. I watched this country deteriorate and our morals spiral downward for so long that I was virtually sick to my stomach. You told me to not give up on him as he was doing the best he could. After the President pulling us out of the Paris climate treaty I have to say YOU WERE RIGHT AND I WAS WRONG. He is like lone fish in a tank of alligators and He stayed strong. This was a very big deal. I finally see this. I firmly believe God the Father is in charge.
    Thanks Greg for those words as I am finally back on the right path.

    • Charles H


      For an apology – you stand as tall as the Empire State Building. President Trump isn’t perfect; but he is as American as you are able to find these days.
      Greg Hunter is completely right. Fear not. And never give up.

  66. Greg Nichols

    Got this from the “Rush Limbaugh” show. Apparently their is a “Treaty on Treaties” that our scumbag pols agreed to. Another example of government capitulating to the Globalists.
    “Under Article 18 of the treaty on treaties…” Did you know such a thing existed? I didn’t, either. There is a treaty that we signed on treaties. It would be like a driving license manual on driving licenses. There’s a treaty on treaties. “Under Article 18 of the treaty on treaties, once a nation signs a treaty — or merely does something that could be interpreted as ‘express[ing] its consent to be bound by the treaty’ — that nation is ‘obliged to refrain from acts which would defeat the object and purpose of the treaty.’”

    (Rush) Let me translate: “Under Article 18 of the treaty on treaties, once a nation … does something that could be interpreted as ‘express[ing] its consent to be bound by the treaty,’” that is essentially signing and ratifying a treaty. Real-world example: The Paris climate accords are being talked about and Trump says, “You know, I can see where this thing might have some value. We, the United States, are not willing to sign this, but we’re willing to work with nations on it.”
    Your thoughts?

  67. Linda

    BREAKING NEWS since this Thursday on Jason Goodman’s youtube channel, Jason of Crowdsource for Truth, with George Webb and a lady named Trish who sent them a thumb drive re: voter fraud, etc. There are a number of video’s since then, check Jasons channel for all of them, I watched all on live stream and periscope as this news broke, as they decoded the file, with the help of many viewing, and many different callers, from lawyers, democracy now people, etc, as they reached out for help. They were on today and got the lawyer suiting the DNC for voter fraud on the phone who revealed the second leaker from the DNC, other than Seth Rich. This is riveting stuff. Greg, they are probably coming back on today when they get more, they have been told this is bigger than the Podesta emails.

  68. Ross Herman

    Hello Greg in response to a request for an expert on “the global warming” issue.
    Lord Monckton is your man!
    We would love to here what he has to say!
    Love you Greg

  69. Galaxy 500

    In 2020, the Paris Accord Fleecing America scam called for the US to start paying 100 Billion a year. Exactly where would that money come from?
    Oh, that’s right, the deplorable citizens

  70. JimH

    USAWATCHDOG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Excellent wrap up this week.

    Banco Popular will have to liquidate 38 Billion dollars and might have bail-ins like Greece . Wonder if this will spread to Deutsche bank via derivatives? Whats going on in Spain?

    The 3 trillion of climate change money of the Paris agreement was suppose to bail out Spain protecting the Banco Popular ozone and Spain’s Environment. Brilliant Trump speech and wrap up by Greg this week. I think the situation in Spain will unravel.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think we are on the way now. The stock price had a record fall this week and looks like it’s trading for under a buck.

    • JMiller


      I think you mean Banco Popular might have a bail-in like Cyprus. Greece has not done a bank bail-in yet.

      When it comes to bail-ins in the EU, the Single Resolution Board (SRB) makes this decision. They are responsible for deciding when a bank has failed and for overseeing its “resolution”. Different resolution tools could be used to allow for the continuity of the bank’s critical functions and to protect insured depositors. Besides a bail-in, the failed bank could be sold to one or more financial institutions or a bridge institution could be used in which some or all of the assets and liabilities of the failed bank are temporarily transferred to another financial institution.

      Here is a new article from Wolf Street that talks about Banco Popular.

  71. Jason H

    Thank you for bringing up geoengineering and SRM SAI cloud seeding etc – Idaho is bombarded almost daily ( today was blanketed all day sadly ) – keep up the great work !

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