Trump Impeachment Like KGB Operation – Kevin Shipp

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says the so-called whistleblower the Democrats are using to try to impeach President Trump is part of another Deep State hoax. Shipp says, “This is not a whistleblower. Let’s just start with that. This is a leaker. This person did not have anything to blow the whistle on. Everything written in this document is written not by this leaker, but by attorneys, and it is hearsay. There is no evidence in it whatsoever. It is not a whistleblower complaint. He did not go through proper channels. He went directly to Congressman Adam Schiff, and people have got to understand this is another shadow government Deep State operation actually trying to remove the President. What they did was real sly. If they would have brought this leaker ahead, they would have taken him apart. The whistleblower, or leaker, would have been investigated. Everybody connected with him would have been investigated. . . . So, what they craftily did was put him under the whistleblower statute so he could not be investigated. The mysterious sources he was using could not be investigated, and that’s their plan. That’s what they did and also actually changed the whistleblower rules to include hearsay, which would have been thrown out of court. This is a Deep State operation like Russia collusion 2.0. . . . This is another criminal operation to impeach Donald Trump. . . .This is very similar to a KGB or SVR operation.”

Shipp says this type of hoax could not be perpetrated on the public without the help and coordination of the mainstream media (MSM). Shipp explains, “What they do when they do these operations, and they are so full of themselves and have used them so many times before, the reason why people don’t realize this is the news media, the arm of the Democrat Party and the Deep State, are lying like Adam Schiff, like CBS and others are lying about the facts. So, people watching these news organizations don’t realize how stupid this is and what essentially is another coup.”

Planners of the first President Trump coup, high ranking rogue FBI employees, used what they called a “Media Leak Strategy” to leak information to the propaganda press and then use the articles written by them to back up their phony narrative. Shipp says this is happening again with the latest CIA leaker. Shipp contends, “This leaker, plant got this false information and gave it to Adam Schiff, and then they created their own news stories about this. Then this whistleblower used those news stories to try to add credibility to the garbage he’s put in the complaint. That is exactly what they did here.”

Shipp says one of the first to be charged in the Russia collusion hoax, in his opinion, will be former CIA Director John Brennan, and he will roll over and sing like a bird. Shipp says, “Brennan has been known to be spineless. . . . I think John Brennan will roll over on James Clapper. I think John Brennan will roll over on Jim Comey. I think John Brennan will roll over on the coup itself when he’s looking at the rest of his life in prison. . . . He’ll roll over on Obama. This comes down to saving his own skin. Does John Brennan, former Director of the CIA, want to be in a cell with Billy Bob for the rest of his life? Heck no. Self-preservation will always come first with these people, and, yes, he will roll.”

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi says the impeachment inquiry “will be worth it” even if the Democrats lose the House of Representatives in 2020. What?? How can an amateurish phony whistleblower story, they are using to try to impeach President Trump, be “worth it”? Shipp says, “It’s going to be worth it because it’s going to keep a lot of them out of prison and reveal the extent of this. It goes all the way to the former President of the United States Barack Obama, George Soros and globalism. It all leads to that, and they know it. It is more important for them to stay out of prison than win the Election of 2020. They are going to dramatically hurt themselves because this is going to come out. Trump is going to win in a landslide, and a lot of them are going to lose their seats. Pelosi does not care about that. What she cares about is what is really going on behind the scenes, and it’s this deep dark criminal globally-connected operation, including the Clinton Foundation, that they are trying to cover for.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp.

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  1. paul ...

    Trump goes after “second whistleblower” as a Deep State shill …

    • Mikva Strategy

      Dems & Republicans have been wildly successful. Their strategy to divide & conquer American public- into two opposition camps warring against each other- instead of fighting against the real perps- THEM, goes 100% unnoticed by the cattle goyim. The stupid mobs dont even begin to grasp that it is the 1% (posing as “different from each other” while both are just tools of the same banker money Elite). Off camera, the NWO consolidates its power and the NWO agenda gets closer to final implementation by the day.
      The cattle have never woken up, and it seems they wont. They will consent to be manipulated into destroying each other for the Elite, so the Elite can then claim the spoils of all of them.

      • Cole

        You are right. Just look at how the dumb left got so upset with Ellen for sitting next to GWB at a ball game. Dumbed down USA will never get it. They laugh at us.

    • paul ...

      If the American people allow the Demon-rats to impeach Trump … they will be imposing upon themselves a legal system that allows someone “to construe” they are guilty of some kind of criminal activity and be locked up without the ability to prove they are innocent (because the person making the accusation has a security clearance and can’t be cross examined) … in Trumps case … he makes a phone call to investigate corruption and the Demon-rats construe his request to investigate corruption … “as a corrupt act”???

    • K. Wayne

      With regard Gina Haspel…..who as Director of CIA is…. THE chief intelligence adviser to the president of the United States.
      Her position (even though appointed by DJT) seems compromised with regard the non-involvement (acceptance) of the Impeachment process. This categorically undermines the President. She clearly has other agendas / taking directives from another higher source.
      The question is what do the Globalists / Unelected Rulers have in terms of “incriminating evidence” over POTUS ?

      I have suspected for a long time, that Trump has been the subject of Extortion (which continues to this very day). He (Trump) made numerous statements pre-election … about the Economy, Market, The Dollar and numerous individuals including HRC and Obama.

      Something changed after taking office…perhaps a visit was made and the real situation was explained to him in Black and White terms.
      What appears to be the President making very public and fully accountable decisions (in terms of critical appointments) …. has suddenly taken a different path. This is none more obvious than the lack of interest / regard for POTUS by his most senior /trusted Intelligence advisor. Haspel in my view, wasn’t selected by POTUS…the Globalists played their hand. Bolton was another as the NSA. The pattern has been evident in many of Trump’s appointments. He has in fact surrounded himself with CFR members. Who in their right mind would do that willingly or with full knowledge of the inherent risk and agenda that they possess ?
      I am confident in my belief that POTUS is very compromised in his position. It would explain the inconsistencies I have witnessed over the last almost 3 years. If the people you engage, are fighting a War from within (against you), what choices/options do you have to mitigate that? Firing them is one solution…..but that only leads to more infestation. DJT could be fighting the unwinnable battle. Every manoeuvre he makes…. he is outflanked.
      That may seem a very dark analysis and heading down the path of conspiracy theory but it does join quite a few dots and it fills the void left by a thousand cuts.

      • Cole

        I agree. Our country is too far gone and corrupt too many deep state players. I pray for Trump and his family. Only the Lord can help us and him now. Our country is a modern day sodom and Gomorroh and most Christians I know are lukewarm at best. May God have mercy on us.

    • Robert Brown

      Expect Brennan and clapper not to be around for long

    • paul ...

      Could the second whistleblower be Bolton seeking revenge?? …

      • paul ...

        You know … it won’t be an impeachment that throws Donald Trump out of office … it will be the recession caused by Wall Street “panicking that Warren will be elected” and selling their shares 1929 style … making the Dow go down by 15,000 points!! … could the idiot Demon-rats have figured that out?? … perhaps … like “idiot savants” the strategy dawned on them … and hence … they don’t even need to bother filing impeachment charges in the House … all they need to do is put Biden down and put Warren in the lead as the Demoncratic Nominee for President of the United States!!

  2. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    You’re right. This whole thing is juvenile, sophomoric and stupid. But you must remember that this is coming from people who fancy themselves morally and intellectually superior to the “basket of deplorables”. Their opinion of the American people is so low as to be beyond belief.
    Kevin is also right. This guy isn’t a whistleblower. But he isn’t , as Kevin says, a leaker either. You don’t leak lies. That would just be lying not leaking!
    As for the so called Washington Post it’s nothing more than Jeff Bezos’ private blog.
    Lastly, America is in your debt Kevin. Thanks for everything you have done.

  3. Mark James

    Excellent interviews with Gerald Celente, your WNW, and Kevin Shipp. I agree with you and Kevin, I think people WILL go to jail. I don’t know if it will go as high as HRC and Obana (but we can hope!) I think there will be some very high-end people like Brennen and Clapper. I hope they go back 18 years to 9/11 and put away all those who covered up the “inside job” like Cheney and Rumsfeld. Thank you all so much. Great job Greg. Keep up the great work! Love your weekly analysis of news! Thanks!

    • Freebrezer

      Neither Brennen nor Clapper are going to jail – period! Not going to happen! It is dreaming to think otherwise … If it gets to ‘Hot’ , it will be the old heart attack or something like drowning by canoe scenario … the deep state will not allow squealers! think Epstein! or Secretary Ron Brown (Clintons) … Ask yourself why Brennen and Clapper look so damned scared?

      • Freebrezer

        …. they know they can NOT TALK!

        • Freebrezer

          Period (.) !!!

        • susan

          That’s what I and Gerald Celente think! Sigh.

          • William Stanley

            It slowly leaks out. As a teenager I played golf occasionally with a U2 pilot. I only learned that inadvertently many years later. Today, I Googled him . . . and found his obituary. It mentioned his CIA career. No mention of the U2 part. I imagine “The Fat Man” has now passed away as well.

      • Janet Tirado

        I agree, it’s wishful thinking that any of these higher up crooks are going to see inside of a jail cell…

      • paul ...

        The Deep State will not allow squealers! … think Epstein! … or Secretary Ron Brown … Jeffrey Epstein (according to his lawyers) took part in the creation of the Clinton Foundation … he knew a lot and could have provided the incriminating details necessary to put Hillary and other Deep State actors away for life … so there was a big incentive to block all the cameras and suicide him (the way they blocked all the cameras and fired a missile into the room of auditors at the Pentagon on 9-11 who were looking for the missing $21 Trillion) … the point is … this squealer against Trump “has not been suicided” so we can “construe” he must be working for the Deep State!!

    • Doug

      9/11 was an “inside job”. That’s where you lost all credibility.

  4. PCP

    GGPP political action that.
    Has evolved into a ‘B’ level comedy movie.
    The CIC won’t gaol any of them,
    Its about liberty.
    And purposeful use of valuable finite resources,
    They’re are consuming valuable time and resources that is rapidly slipping by as the west disintegrates.
    A major allie is on the cusp of becoming a failed state.

  5. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    That was really powerful!
    SHTF just got closer: they will not go down without risking the lives of hundreds of millions of people in an attempt to distract, evade, and escape.

  6. JC

    Shipp says one of the first to be charged in the Russia collusion hoax, in his opinion, will be former CIA Director John Brennan…

    Check this out, regarding John Brennan.

    “Yet we have ex-CIA Director, John Brennan, an admitted Communist, calling President Donald J. Trump a traitor. Humans in the 21st are doomed to repeat the hard lessons of history because most humans like to live in ignorant bliss. It does not surprise me that many Americans are now calling for a socialist form of government. These same Americans are clueless Facebook buffoons, swallowing the latest propaganda ploy and blind to the facts of history.”

    “It was the Obama-Clinton-Brennan-Mueller-Comey war upon the United States Constitution and the rest of the world that sent America plunging toward the abyss of hell. It is this same group of individuals who are now calling for a coup d’état in America. Their aim is to bring the same type of destruction to the United States as they have brought to Libya, Syria, and Ukraine.”

  7. Robert

    If all the evidence is so blatantly visible, why haven’t Brennan, Clapper, Comey et al been indicted? Its never going to happen. The corruption is deep and vast. The NSA and CIA have dirt on everybody to blackmail anybody who threatens the approved narratives and international corporate and military agendas.

    That’s why the term “zombie” has become a regular part of American lingo. Because we’re all going to become fearful to say or think anything but approved propaganda.

    If the deep state can do it to the POTUSA, they can do it to any of us.

    • William Stanley

      Oh, but Robert, here YOU are: standing up and speaking the truth!

      • K.Wayne

        The difference is that the above are complicit and have actual first hand knowledge and hard evidence.
        Robert, on the other hand, has an opinion.
        Bill, you’re a smart guy. I’m sure you have worked that out. No need for the flippancy.

        • William Stanley

          I was praising Robert, not condemning him. Perhaps I’m not so “smart” after all.

      • susan

        William, oh how I wish I could say what I know and have heard about the
        “deep state”, but they weren’t called that back in the day. I’m afraid I am a real chicken. They have run the show for a loooong time. Oh to be young and naive.

        • William Stanley

          You, too, have just stood up and spoken truth to power. Lots of people like you know more than they say in public. Sure, THEY are far more corrupt and powerful than most of us know. But then, IMO, so are WE more powerful than we know. Even hinting at things you know is helpful. And no, you are not a “chicken.” (BTW, I’m pretty old, have myself blown the whistle — on admittedly minor matters — paid a steep price for it, and still lived to tell the tale).

          • susan

            Thank you William. You are too kind.

          • William Stanley

            I thought you might enjoy today’s George Webb video, which covers some Ukraine connections, drugs for weapons, and weapons to Syria:

            • susan

              That’s good.

    • Free Slave

      It is much more like a game of chess. Moves are being made. Key pieces have been lost. The balance of power is shifting.

      If you are not one of them, you are a pawn like the rest of us. Pray your death does not serve as a convenience to them.

      We all see them lined up, guilty of their crimes, like birds on a wire. If you shoot one, the others fly away.

      President Trump is too smart for that.

      • Beverly

        I agree. It’s like a game of chess and ultimately, Jesus is the one who will outsmart everyone. These people will make a big, fat, mess of the world, but they will not win the game. It seems to me that their plans are falling apart more and more every day, as more and more people become aware of what is really going on—-the media can’t be trusted. All of us just need to be more like Kevin Shipp here and go out and take risks to educate other people about what is really going on. THANK YOU KEVIN SHIPP and to all the other patriots who are brave and courageous enough to stand up for WHAT IS RIGHT! Pray that more Americans will see more and more of the light.

      • Joe Mitchell

        I love the analogy birds on a wire. It is so true. President Trump and his administration have to be very careful. You take them down one at a time, people are going to disappear. They could skip the country, suicide or be killed. On the other side of that, if you take down everyone involved at the same time, what happens to our government. Will it be weakened to the point where they are unable to function? Could this start a revolution in the USA? Are other countries just waiting for this type of thing to happen in the USA so they can take advantage of our turmoil and invade?

  8. Revd Andrew de Berry

    For the love of freedom says it all. By God’s grace may all patriots become genuine heroes.

  9. Alan

    Thank you Mr. Hunter & Mr. Shipp for another outstanding segment. Cannot even begin to express my respect & admiration for this courageous man. Many of us are doing our best to connect the dots and I believe it’s safe to say *no one else* is doing more to shine a bright light so those with eyes to see and ears to hear can put it all together despite the 24/7/365 MSM effort to deceive the people. The rats and roaches are scrambling now, it will probably get a lot nastier before the dust settles but we all owe a massive debt of gratitude to this man of impeccable integrity and dedication to the truth, the Constitution, and the rule of law. “Thank you” is woefully insufficient here, but we should all pray for this man, for DJT, and the American people. The world is watching!

  10. al

    BOOM!!! Out of the park! Home run Greg. Thanks for having this true Patriot on, Kevin Shipp, a perfect segue to the week’s happenings.

    Shipp’s comment, “he should have been indicted a long time ago” has not come to fruition, not only for Brennen but for many others INCLUDING OBAMA, HITLERY, THE ENEMY MEDIA OPERATIVES etc…
    Slow justice is no justice.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t George Soros a mass terrorist? He killed thousands with his green bullets (dollars). WHAT IS THAT TERRORIST SOROS DOING LOOSE?

    Early this week Trump re-tweeted a comment that had the word “revolution” in it. I saw it as a warning to the deep state, things started rolling downhill after that re-tweet.
    Revolution is basically a reboot. Trump is trying to reboot this corrupt government without a Civil War, but people like Soros and others are calling for one.

    • K.Wayne

      DJT will need to apply his maxim “YOU’RE FIRED” to all of his cabinet and most if not all of Congress, then do away with the self-interest, America destroying, Secret Societies preaching Communism and One World Government & KILL THE FED ….to complete the reboot.

  11. Robert E. Salt

    I believe CIA Director Gina Haspel is standing down as part of a plan to have the criminals expose themselves. Notice how Mitt Romney aligns himself with the criminals. Other RINO’s are stepping forward. Paul Ryan was smart enough to get out of Dodge.

    • paul ...

      Not necessarily Robert … perhaps she gets “her kicks” from seeing men “being waterboarded” (like Trump is by the Demon-rat’s fake black op Russian collusion and impeachment operations) … there was another “nice lady” who got her jollies from seeing a man being raped in Libya (Hillary Clinton) … Republican Senator Rand Paul opposed the nomination of Gina Haspel saying: “Do you really want to appoint the head cheerleader for waterboarding to be head of the CIA? … I mean, how could you trust somebody who did that to be in charge of the CIA? … To read of her glee during the waterboarding is just absolutely appalling” … Doug Stafford (an aide for Rand Paul) said: “According to multiple published, undisputed accounts, Haspel oversaw a black ops site where she “destroyed evidence of torture” … this alone should preclude her from ever running the CIA”!!!

      • paul ...

        In Trump case … instead of “destroying evidence of torture” … we have the CIA “providing evidence to torture” (Trump)!!

  12. Forearmed

    Donald Trump needs to strip the CIA of its power by firing the top echelon of managers, give it a new set of rules to live by, which does not include taking out foreign leaders, let alone the greatest leader of the free world, Donald Trump, or setting up coups in other countries to feed America’s need for resources. This is a time when he needs to bite the bullet and stop that organization from all and I MEAN ALL of its clandestine operations. PERIOD !!

    If he runs into a brick wall, because the CIA believes it can run the government as a part of the Deep State, he should close it down period. We no longer need spies, because our satellites can cover almost all issues that need to be discerned when collaborating with foreign leaders to establish common interest in our international relations.

    If Adam Schiff pushes this idiocy, the CIA will be brought out of the closet in its attempt to take out Trump with the lies of that supposed whistle-blower. It has become so apparent that the Socialist DemoRats are trying to do, the exposure will essentially kill the Democratic Party.

    If by chance the DemoRats do take out Trump, there will be such a clamoring for the redress of our conservative grievances that it may appear that a civil war has started. In other words, we will not take this sitting down because WE WILL NOT LIVE UNDER A SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT. Give it your best shot boys, because we are locked and loaded.

  13. Andrew Maggard

    On the northeast portico of the Jefferson Memorial, there is an engraving that contains the following inscription, “Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that his justice cannot sleep forever.”
    Be assured that justice will be achieved when the people of this country awaken to the terrible disservice that has been done to them in the name of the government.
    We are at a defining moment in history where either the criminals are held accountable or the Republic descends into anarchy and tyranny. This treason cannot go unpunished if we are to remain a republic under God, his justice cannot sleep forever. The people are awakening.

    • paul ...

      Andrew … The Demon-rats are out for Trumps blood … because he is putting limits on their ability to drink the blood of babies and children … and they need their fix … the bloodthirsty vampires!!

    • Beverly

      Just don’t forget JFK. If I were Trump I’d be presiding as Pres. from a special room that lets in real sunlight. I’d be hesitant to travel. I hope he’s wearing a suit of some type that is bulletproof–and a good one, etc., etc. Everyone pray for him and his safety and did I mention, everyone pray.

  14. Jerry

    I would take this directive very seriously.

    This is not a drill, and this is not a crap show for entertainment. Marine reserves are being called up to support local authority’s for some type of civil disruption on October 19th. As I have posted the past several months, the military has been training for a major disruption in zone three. Zone three is Washington D.C.

    While I can only speculate, it is generally thought by my sources that a coup attempt by the deep state on president trump will result in mass arrest being carried out by elite units of the marine Corp who are attached to the president and responsible for his safety. In addition, I have noted plans by our military to address an EMP in
    zone three, so anything is possible st this point, as we head to full scale civil war with the deep state. Like I said, this is speculation, but if any of it is true, God help us all.

    • Jerry

      Do you want more evidence of a coup? This add was pulled not only off of CBS, you can’t pull it up on YouTube either.

      What happened to free speech? It was bought by the deep state for pennies on the dollar with fake money.

      • Freebrezer

        Jerry – You are right- this is not a crap show! something is up! good time to put some food and water away! Plus a little cash or if you are like Stan or the dude in China – No worries …

        • regaleagle

          “removed for misdeeds while in office”…….I wonder at what level of removal did Xi incorporate to confiscate all that gold and cash. Surely not anything too messy, Huh?

      • Zulu Tango

        cf. Bix Weir (Dick Allgire has a startling image that he sees taking place on Oct 14th.) and Bitcoin Ben on youtube.

        They have been indicating a window Oct 10-15th, with the likely date Monday Oct 14th as a Black Monday. The basis of their conjuncture is based on at least three source areas some empirical and some abstruse. The massive yet inadequte use of Repos by the Federal Reserve is a smoke signal that all should exit the twin towers of banking and finance ASAP this week?

        • Festus Haggen

          watch Deutsche Bank (DB) shares this week. Tonight the over-night market has broke below $7. Charles Nenner’s look-out-below number of $6.40 is closer than it was in September.

          an implosion of DB could trigger the derivative dominoes . . . ahead of Black Monday October 14.

        • Jerry

          Zulu Tango,
          It’s hard to figure the reason for the directive but one can only wonder if it had something to do with the release of the FISA report that is supposed to be released in two weeks?

          They keep kicking the can down the road for a reason? I’m told by people who know senator Nunez that it is much worse than anyone originally thought. If indictments are actually unsealed? It could result in a direct coup attack on president trump by the deep state. Who knows?

      • Freebrezer

        Jerry – Interesting – I queried a good friend in the military (20+ yrs) … Response – sensitive infor and he can’t discuss! Hmmm!???!

      • Mike R

        looks like dems are prepping a hot coup…
        ….the deep state Democrats have reached a point of desperation where they may attempt to initiate a “hot coup” (kinetic engagement, arrest or execution of the President and his Cabinet) to avoid going to prison themselves.

        hence the marines.

        this doesn’t surprise in the least bit. dems are lower than bottom of ocean scum.

    • Jerry

      This was preparation by the Northern Command almost a year ago.

      Notice the map in the background? It’s zone three. Greg I do not think for one minute that the deep state will allow Donald trump take them down without a full blown civil war perpetrated by the media and the United Nation minions that have infiltrated our congress. Now. The question is what will the patriots do? Roll over and let Donald trump be run out of town on a rail. Or fight? I think you know the answer.

      • Stan

        Jerry: How many times over the years have to warned us something big will happen soon? Nothing ever happens!

        • Jerry

          Don’t get your panties in wad. Shut your pie hole and keep buying Deutsche Bank stock and shining your imaginary Bentley. The word is “yet”. But then again, when you live in an imaginary word like you do, where gold is manipulated, and money is printed out of thin air, and 125 trillion dollars in debt is used to prop up a fake economy, it’s easy to understand why you live in fantasy land. Keep dreaming Stan, because that’s all you’ve got left.

      • paul jr.

        That map shows the whole continental U.S., not just your zone three (Washington D.C.). You certainly have quite an imagination there Jerry.

    • Jerry

      Whitehouse digging in for the fight.

      This is the typical circling of the wagons tactic. The circle becomes smaller as inner cleansing pushes out the leftover residue of the deep state and their operatives embedded by Obama and his dream of a banana republic for America.

    • Stan

      Ha ha ha!!! Jerry: I love your fear-mongering. October 19th will come & go. Nothing will happen.

      • paul ...

        Stan … if nothing happens on October 19th … don’t think you are in the clear … as the Demons running Wall Street usually celebrate a big market crash for Halloween” … Thursday October 31st!!

        • paul ...

          Stan … did you hear about the latest raid on Deutsche Bank … it was related to a $220 billion money laundering probe of Danske Bank (Denmark’s largest lender) … as the raid was proceeding the body of Aivar Rehe was discovered by police … he was wanted for questioning by prosecutors as he was considered a key witness in the probe … his death is being called an “apparent suicide” … hard to see how an investment in Deutsche Bank can be a good one … as it has been a constant headache for Germany as well as for the US financial system because it is heavily intertwined “via derivatives” with the big banks on Wall Street like JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America … seems Deutsche Bank is in the same trouble Citigroup was in in the early days of the financial crisis of 2008 (that eventually went to 99 cents) … although the Fed secretly pumped $2.5 trillion into Citigroup (from December 2007 to the middle of 2010) … do you think Germany will do the same for Deutsche Bank? … while it is conducting raids on the bank??

          • Stan

            Pual: Mario Draghi will bail out DB when necessary. DB will never fail.

            • JC

              Stan, Draghi’s term ends this month.

          • Jerry

            That is alarming information. Thanks for sharing.

      • Jerry

        Did you look up the term fear mongering ? Gee I’ve never heard that one before oh wise one who bought Deutsche Bank stock. Give it up Stan. Anyone who has half a brain would never take you seriously. Put your crayons down and read the directive. It said the reserves had until the 19th of October to be ready for call up. Read the document dummy.

      • Jerry

        Here you go Stan. Here’s some Deutsche Bank mongering. 7.5

        No wonder you had to switch your B.S. to gold. You were losing your a**. Once again you have nothing to offer but your air sucking thoughts.

  15. Justn Observer

    Greg, Yes, Colby confirmed that the CIA controlled the media ,
    Propaganda by Bernase = acquiescent public opinion needed= CIA use of mockingbird media to ‘regiment’- politically, re-legion – spiritually and Organizing Chaos as first information managers and if need be quash dissent by force = Phoenix Programs

    • Justn Observer

      Maybe Gina Haspel was and oops for POTUS Trump?
      – By May 2019, Haspel had hired many women, and not a single ally of President Trump’s, in senior positions.[82]

      • Justn Observer

        Greg, Introduction to Andrew Kreig if you already do not know him. Might be a good future guest?

      • paul ...

        Wonder if all those women she hired also enjoy seeing Trump tortured?? … Trump sure has a knack for “hiring the wrong people” (just like on his TV show he has to keep firing them) … since he is so very bad at determining peoples character and motives he definitely needs to hire someone like Rand Paul who can vet people “before he hires them”!!!

  16. KAGA 2020

    Thanks Gregg for having Kevin on. Having someone with the know about the CIAs daily operation structure is gold to patriots all over such as Mr. Shipp. I do have two questions if you could get around to discussing with him next time which I believe would be helpful to the public in breaking the deep state. He mentioned operation mockingbird and how they employ ex cia into the media. What I would like to know is how deep the layers go in using programs like MK Ultra thru subliminal messaging to infect the public. I have heard they go six levels deep for hypnosis but I want to know what is analysis of those programs were.
    And I would like to know what is a way to break that hypnosis on the general public from his perspective. Would it be the shock and awe of mass arrests of the deep state that would accomplish it?

    Thanks for all you do Greg and keep up the good work. As Sundance always says no one is asking the right questions…

    • regaleagle

      “removed for misdeeds while in office”…….I wonder at what level of removal did Xi incorporate to confiscate all that gold and cash. Surely not anything too messy, Huh?

      • regaleagle

        The real question is which major news media outlets would even give true coverage to any arrests of deep state actors/politicians/CIA/Government officials… the first place? By all accounts, they would scramble to put the Kommie Kabash on any legitimate arrests made to hide it from the dumbed down American public.

  17. Claude

    Excellent interview as always. Most of these facts are known and Barr also knows them. The obvious question is why is he dragging his feet and why nothing has been done while this second coup is underway. And where is Gena Hascal is the other obvious question. This unfortunately may mean that nothing is going to be done and they are going to let this populist President go down. If Barr was going to move on these people, he would be doing it by now. It is hard to be as optimistic as you are knowing this, and we will have to face the fact that there is no justice left in this country.

    • Clare Doll

      Proof enough that the Trump camp is controlled opposition. He’s in on it and so is Barr. THis is one big soap opera to keep us from civil war until THEY are ready. No one is going to prison except you and me.

  18. Steve B

    Heard Pelosi on the local news Friday morning, claiming “Trump violated the law by asking a foreign government to investigate a rival political candidate”. Now where have we heard of that before? Hmmm. Oh yea, that’s exactly what the Obama administration claims they did to Trump in 2016, they “asked foreign governments (Italy, England, Australia, New Zealand) to investigate a rival political candidate: Trump”, which then became the basis for the bogus Special Council investigation… They claimed they had to “investigate” Trump, because when there are allegations of wrong-doing, it must be looked into. (BTW: their so-called investigation was actually an attempted “Coup” where their “evidence” was fabricated by the investigators, in order to frame Trump). Same old shit; when the Dems do it, it’s perfectly OK. But when Repubs do it (as dems are falsely claiming Trump has done), it is a gross and serious violation of the law, and must be prosecuted Post-haste.

  19. andyb

    Greg: it’s all well and good that Kevin thinks that Brennan will flip, and wouldn’t that be wonderful. If, and that’s a big if, Brennan was arrested, he would be dead (suicided?) before any trial. That would be true of any of the biggies. And they all know this. Yes I am definitely a cynic; remember Epstein?

    On another note, the IG report on FISA abuses was being reviewed in August with revelations due in the first 2 weeks of September. We are still waiting. Wonder why?

    • paul ...

      Your right Andyb … Promises of immunity and witness protection “have lost the power it once had” to flip people … because people keep dying by “suicide” … perhaps Trump needs “a more effective incentive to get the Deep State flipping” … like mourning a few more untimely deaths of Deep State people (i.e like McCain, Bush Sr., etc.) on National TV and handing out envelopes truly regretting their passing “by natural causes”!!!!

  20. nirvana

    yeah yeah yeah; nobody will go to jail. it will never happen just like there will never be a civil war. Why? because the demrats are more organized and the right will not pay the price to unseat these criminals . It was amazing the north won the first civil war with all the opposition from the north and south. I have been to Gettysburg Fort Sumpter . If not for Grants wisdom and flat out magnanimous character, his willing to do whatever was necessary i.e. invade attract attack leave supply train behind so as not to slow the attack live off the land and do whatever was necessary against advice of generals even Lincoln himself the south would have held on just long enough for Lincoln to be unseated in 1865. If there were to be a civil war the objectives would need be. 1. e.abolish.. MSM.. FBI.. CIA 2 Go into the democrats districts and root out the people who vote for these liars. Can you see this happening Never. There is no Grant nobody willing to go the distance of whatever it takes. The Democrats will do whatever is necessary to hold power. And according to the book the 4th Turning these events happen in cycles every 80 years. Put dat in your pipe and smoke it.

    • Greg Hunter

      I’ll take the other side of that bet.

  21. Victor T Adair


    • Free Slave

      You forgot the word STOP at the end of each sentence of your telegram, lol.

      Sarcasm aside, all caps is hard to read and it is generally associated with a loud voice, like screaming or yelling.

    • Clare Doll

      I’ll bake a cake.

      • Victor T Adair

        Thank you for baking the cake.

      • Jerry

        Devils food, or angel cake?

    • paul ...

      Victor … To love God back … we need to do our part … and fight evil here on Earth … that … was likely the real reason God created us “here in the physical world” (for he could have just as easily created us in his spiritual world … but he didn’t) … I believe God created us in this physical world to go after Satan (who escaped from God’s spiritual world to avoid punishment) … our assignment is to go after the evil Demon in this physical world for God the Father … those who reject helping our Lord and won’t stand with him against evil … will not be taken back to God’s spiritual world … we must prove our loyalty to God the Father by our actions against evil … as simply doing nothing … won’t cut it in God’s eyes!!

  22. iwitness02

    A heart felt thank you, Greg and Kevin.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank You “02”!!

    • Victor T Adair

      Paul, your right. I do believe we were created as spiritual children of God before we came to this earth. I believe one third followed Satan and were cast out. Two-thirds followed Jesus and heavenly Father and we were sent to earth as physical beings. I believe we are here to see if we love God. Only if we truly love God can we be brought back into His presence. This is how we find our meaning in life.

  23. lightning

    I voted for President Trump and will vote for him again . Its not really even a choice given the evil craziness on the left.

    But I am getting more and more worried as I suspect most of this is theatre of a sort.

    Obama made it legal for the government to use Propaganda to manipulate public opinion…Is Sandy Hook or Parkland or Las Vegas covered under Propaganda? .. if President Trump wants to hold the “Fake press” accountable why not issue an executive order immediately rescinding that Executive Order? Who could legitimately argue that the government or by extension, the press has the right to lie and manipulate information for the purpose of deceiving the American public?

    How is it that multiple Attorney General(s) just ignore obvious lawlessness ? The gentleman that brought the evidence that Madoff was running a ponzi scheme was ignored by the SEC..Madoff was only arrested when he turned himself in!. This same gentleman has even stronger evidence of the Clinton Charity being an obvious Fraud…But…no investigation…lawlessness continues. Ask the People of Haiti what they think about the Clinton Foundation.

    How is it that Uranium One is not investigated? How is it Jeffery Epstein is suicided in Federal custody and done right in front of the American people (they don’t even try to make it believable anymore because they are so firmly in control). How is Gisselle Maxwell not in custody? How is Hillary not in an Orange Jumpsuit in Gitmo for Benghazi, Uranium One, Bleach-Bitting….probably even Seth Rich’s likely execution for turning over the DNC files to wikileaks.

    Have you ever noticed that we NEVER allow average Americans to ask our candidates questions in a live town hall format around election time…instead its prescreened garbage from corrupt reporters asking managed questions. I’d rather have Bill Holter or Greg Hunter or Sheryl Atkinson ask a question than the obvious media shills like Rachel Maddow .

    How are all of the obvious inconsistencies of the government explanation of 9/11 allowed to stand ? Why doesn’t President Trump convene a panel of non government experts to review all of this and make recommendations? . Remember people holding hands and jumping off the towers to their deaths to avoid burning to death? Remember Pat Tillman or the Firefighters or all the American soldiers sent to respond (and die or be severely injured) to 9/11? Don’t they matter ? Doesn’t the truth matter?…No it apparently doesn’t.
    Will Schiff go to jail for false information (he is head of the intelligence committee!)…No he won’t. Will Antifa be held accountable as a terrorist organization?…No.

    Its theatre . Deadly theatre, but theatre all the same. And they want us to boil over in frustration and kill each other. Then they ratchet up the level of control yet again.

    We’ve become absolutely corrupt as a country and people that want to change it are openly called “deplorables”. (BTW the Nazi’s used similar de-humanizing language for Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals etc….the fact that the Jewish community didn’t openly call out Hillary for use of dehumanizing language is mind boggling). People are attacked for merely walking down the street and wearing a maga hat .

    Lastly , the horror of Planned parenthood, the selling of baby parts and the evil of killing children even after they have survived abortion attempts and are out of the womb…what have we become as a country? There is no other word than Satanic to describe this.

    And we are idiots for not demanding change…we should be in the streets like the yellow vest or Hong Kong movements demanding the rule of law be applied to clean up all of this…. but we are all afraid.

    And the dream that was once America is essentially gone. The government has taken away our constitutional rights via the Patriot Act . The government spies on Americans . It lies to us (legally) . It is not accountable for $21 Trillion of mis- spent funds. It allows intelligence agencies like the CIA to autonomously operate with black budgets . Soon we’ll lose our rights to bear arms and Republican weasels like Lindsey Grahm and Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney will be a part of that treason. And we’ll re-elect them

    The government will soon tax us to destitute poverty and we are all cowards because we think Donald Trump is going to save us by himself.

    One last gripe..I am a Christian and proud of it, but I think the portion of Christians that say “there is nothing we can do about this because its the end-times” are selling out. Even if it is the end-times, we owe it to try to do the right thing right up until the end. I think God will judge us accordingly.

    • Greg Hunter

      So you are going to go with the baby killing, open border, criminal globalist cabal by NOT voting for Trump?? You are either stupid, a paid troll or both. Please stay out of the way.

      • paul ...

        ??? … didn’t lightning say: “I voted for President Trump and will vote for him again”??

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes Paul and I made a mistake and was a little harsh.

      • Lightning

        I opened by saying I will vote for Trump again and I am not a troll. In fact I donated to your site because I appreciate the open forum and free exchange of ideas. But my point is we need to support trump by becoming more active. If I am ridiculed by you for that, than so be it.

        • Greg Hunter

          I misunderstood and I am sorry. Please forgive me. I get to many comments and emails every day and sometimes I get it wrong like this time. Again, so sorry. I stand corrected.

          • lightning

            No worries on the mistake.
            I used “we” because “I” am included in the “we”.
            I am frustrated with myself as I am wondering how I do more to help President Trump and change the system for all Americans including my 4 children. As much as I support President Trump, our Government and future can’t depend on one man. It just can’t.
            Re-establishing a fair and unbiased rule of law has to be at the top of the list or we will descend into chaos when the inevitable economic crisis hits.
            The framers of the constitution designed checks and balances with the three branches of government and the Constitution is an amazing document but they did not anticipate these huge unelected ,autonomous agencies that operate with what appears to be no oversight or accountability and amount to de-facto governments within the government . Evidently President Trump can’t easily fire Government unionized employees. So , for example, does Gina Haspel at the CIA get what amounts to a (near) lifetime appointment as the head of a permanently funded body whose budget we aren’t allowed to see, whose activities remain secret and who can covertly act against our duly elected president or his policies without consequence? Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

            I believe we have a lot of amazing people in our country, who like me, are sitting on the sidelines hoping to do more to change things for the better and put some constructive, non-violent pressure on Congress to make the changes we need to get back on track economically, spiritually, culturally, environmentally and healthfully.

      • susan

        Greg, Lightning said he “will vote for him again”. It’s okay. I understand you read through as quickly as you can to bring us all the best. Your commenters are amazing.

        • Greg Hunter

          I stand corrected. So sorry Lightning!

  24. Russ

    Thanks Greg, good to hear a real whistleblower’s perspective. It’s really rich that the ICIG considers second hand knowledge and rumors to be valid information. These are the guys writing the President’s daily brief? LOL

    Looks like the Dems are saved …
    Second Ukraine Whistleblower Comes Forward With “Firsthand Knowledge”
    The second whistleblower, represented by the same team of attorneys as the first one, has reportedly spoken with the intelligence community inspector general, Michael Atkinson. According to ABC News, they have not spoken with Rep. Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) House Intelligence Committee like the first whistleblower. It is unknown if they are also a CIA employee or a registered Democrat.
    “I can confirm that my firm and my team represent multiple whistleblowers,” said Andrew Bakaj – lead attorney for the first whistleblower (and who worked for both Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer – and donated to Joe Biden). …

    • Dave

      There have been reports/rumors (one at Hot Air) that Bolton could have been the whistleblower – or the one to provide info to such. Bolton is as deep state as they come so who knows. More Republicans are distancing themselves from Trump and maybe they are afraid of what this first hand whistleblower will say? Saving their cushy deep state sanctioned positions by throwing Trump under the bus. I read speculation that the endgame is to have a trial in the Senate and the possibility of conviction (it only takes 20 GOP Senators to convict and Romney is apparently rounding them up) with deep state folk going to Trump and giving him a choice. Resign and we leave you and your family alone or stay on and your family will be destroyed financially an reputation-wise. Hilary or Michelle are nominated and easily defeat Pence in the 2020 election. In that situation the Senate falls to the Dems (they already are likely to take it given the number of GOP seats up vs Dem seats) and the Dems hold the House (also likely given their large majority, the growing number of GOP House retirements and the fact that the GOP is not even going to contest in some SoCal seats the Dems took from the GOP in 2018.

  25. Tom Wigand

    I tremble to think of what the Deep State players / swamp creatures are potentially capable of, particular since for some, their very lives are now at stake at the table of corruption:

    We are living a monumentally historic times. With God’s guidance and answering our prayers, may justice prevail — and after a period of tribulation, mark the “end of the beginning” of the restoration of our divinely inspired nation.

  26. Open Eyes

    If ex-CIA Director John Brennan is an admitted communist then how many communist agents did he plant in the CIA? How extensive are communist operations against the USA?

    If the Democratic Socialists are commie-lite then is there another higher layer of communist secret activity and leadership in the US?

    Is everything going on in the US another phase of operations for the communist take over of the world? If we replace the word communist with socialist then their influence continues to be very extensive.

    • paul ...

      Open Eyes … The “commies” are not only in the CIA … they are in the News Media, in our School System, within our Town Boards, State Governments and Federal Government … it is so pervasive it is unreal!!

    • Open Eyes

      DSA Conference Builds Closer Ties to International Communist Movement

      Trevor Loudon
      August 26, 2019 Updated: August 26, 2019Share


      The recent Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) national convention in Atlanta proved two things:

      A. The DSA is definitely a communist organization.

      B. The DSA is rapidly becoming an integral part of the international communist movement.

      Since cutting decades-old ties to the Socialist International in 2017 (SI is way too moderate for the new breed of DSA comrade!), the DSA has built extensive ties to radical socialist and communist groups in the Muslim world, Latin America, Asia, and Europe.

      The international guest list of the DSA national convention reflected both the organization’s far-left turn and its commitment to worldwide socialist revolution…

      …‘By the Company You Keep’
      The DSA portrays itself domestically as a noncommunist political organization that supports a “democratic” form of socialism.

      The DSA claims it wants to make the United States more like Norway and Sweden, but on the foreign stage, it works almost exclusively with communist and Trotskyist political allies.

      The DSA isn’t allied internationally with the moderate left-wing parties of Northern Europe, but with the openly communist parties of Western and Southern Europe and the “former” Stalinist communist parties of Eastern Europe.

      That’s because the “democratic socialist” lie is only for naïve American voters. When the DSA welcomes its real friends into its bosom, they are almost invariably communists and terrorists.

    • Open Eyes

      AA-1025, Memoirs of the Communist’s (Priest) Infiltration Into the Church

      “What do you expect to gain by entering Holy Orders? To destroy the Church from within.”

      In the 1960’s, a French Catholic nurse, Marie Carre, attended an auto-crash victim who was brought into her hospital in a city she purposely does not name. He man lingered there near death for a few hours and then died. He had no identification on him, but he had a briefcase in which there was a set of quasi-biographical notes. She kept these notes and read them, and because of their extraordinary content, decided to publish them. The result is this little book, AA-1025- Memoirs of the Communist Infiltration Into the church, about a Communist who purposely entered the Catholic priesthood (along with many, many others) with the intent to subvert and destroy the Church from within….

      • Open Eyes

        I’ve done a little bit of research into the satanic-communist infiltration of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church looks like it got infiltrated early on in the 20th century and taken over by Vatican II. Look up Bella Dodd who was a communist who defected and spilled the dirt on the communist infiltration of the U.S. government and the Catholic Church.

        Basically, if a Catholic Church still performs the Traditional Latin Mass it probably hasn’t been compromised. If the church has contact with the Vatican it could get compromised in the future.

        Latin Mass Churches

        Fraternity of St. Peter (in contact with the Vatican -could get compromised).
        Society of St. Pius X (in contact with the Vatican -could get compromised).
        Society of St. Pius V (not in contact with the Vatican -the safest I’ve seen).

        Other people are more knowledgeable about what’s going on than I am. For me if the church is doing the Traditional Latin Mass and practicing Traditional Catholicism then it’s pretty safe to be there. There’s only a Fraternity of St. Peter church where I am.


        Communist agents have infiltrated the Catholic hierarchy to destroy from within

        …After she read the memoirs, she decided to publish them for the world to know why the Catholic Church has been undergoing destructive changes to the lament of its faithful. The English translation is published under the title AA 1025: The Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle by Éditions Saint-Raphael…
        …Within the communist agent’s diary are many chilling details containing plans for the destruction of faith within the Catholic Church. This communist agent writes:

        “To weaken more the notion of ‘Real Presence’ of Christ, all decorum will have to be set aside. No more costly embroidered vestments, no more music called sacred, especially no more Gregorian chant, but a music in jazz style, no more sign of the Cross, no more genuflections, but only dignified stern attitudes …. Moreover the faithful will have to break themselves the habit of kneeling, and this will be absolutely forbidden when receiving Communion …. Very soon, the Host will be laid in the hand in order that all notion of the Sacred be erased.”….

        • Open Eyes

          Evidence for the REAL Third Secret:

          “The Deception of the Century”

          …On June 29, 1972, Pope Paul VI stunned the world with the words: “From some fissure the smoke of satan entered into the temple of God.”…

          …Church exorcism in Switzerland
          The following excerpts from a Church exorcism performed from 1975-78 confirm the existence of the impostor pope and several other subjects mentioned in Our Lady of the Roses message. Speaking through the possessed woman, the demons were forced to tell the truth by Our Lady under the Solemn Church exorcism, which was witnessed by the following priests, who have all expressed their convictions of the authenticity of the revelations made by the demons under of the order of the Blessed Virgin Mary:

          Abbot Albert L’Arx, Niederbuchorten
          Abbot Arnold Elig, Ramiswil
          Abbot Ernest Fischer, missionary, Gossau (St. -Gall)
          Rev. Father Pius Gervasi, O.S.B., Disentis
          Abbot Karl Holdener, Ried
          Rev. Father Gregoire Meyer, Trimbach
          Rev. Father Robert Rinderere, C.P.P.S., Auw
          Abbot Louis Vellard, Cerneux-Pequignot

          All eight priests are Swiss, except Father E. Fischer, a German. All participated in the exorcisms except Father G. Meyer was was spiritual director of the possessed woman. Two other French priests also participated in the exorcisms….

    • Open Eyes

      A Short History of Communist Subversion of America

      J.R. Nyquist
      September 18, 2018 Updated: September 19, 2018

      The U.S. government was first penetrated by communist agents in the 1930s. This was documented by congressional investigations and by authors such as M. Stanton Evans, Herbert Romerstein, Diana West, and former U.S. President Herbert Hoover (among others)…

      …President Donald Trump is under siege. To understand the why of it, we must first understand the history of communist subversion: The deep state is the communist fifth column, and the communist fifth column is the deep state.

    • Open Eyes

      OPINION POLITICS – U.S.Mon Jun 3, 2019 – 9:10 am EST
      Barack Obama populated the US government with communists

      June 3, 2019 (American Thinker) — Late in May, Rush Limbaugh repeated a quote from James Comey in a New York Magazine interview:

      I’d moved from communist to whatever I am now. I’m not even sure how to characterize myself politically. Maybe at some point, I’ll have to figure it out.

      It’s hard to pin too much on that quote. Perhaps Comey was joking by calling his vote for Jimmy Carter a vote for a communist, in mockery of his supposedly fellow Republicans.

      Joking about support for communism is not all that funny in the Obama administration. Obama’s CIA director, John Brennan, actually did vote for a communist presidential candidate. Brennan and Comey are two of the central players in the Russia Collusion Hoax…

      …Obama chose communists and Marxists for the highest, most powerful positions in our land, including his closest political advisers and his head of the CIA. These facts are not in dispute. Most are openly admitted by the people in question, as necessary damage control. Our press chooses not to report them.

      Professor Paul Kengor has extensively researched the Chicago communists whose progeny include David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, and Barack Hussein Obama. Add the openly Marxist, pro-communist Ayers, and you have many of the key players who put Obama into power….

    • Open Eyes

      Saul Alinsky, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama
      February 23, 2017
      Nancy Oakley

      Born to Russian-Jewish parents in Chicago in 1909, Saul Alinsky was a Communist/Marxist fellow-traveler who helped establish the tactics of infiltration — coupled with a measure of confrontation — that have been central to revolutionary political movements in the United States in recent decades. He never joined the Communist Party but instead, as David Horowitz puts it, became an avatar of the post-modern left. Chicago alderman Leon Despres, a Communist Party member and a college classmate of Alinsky, once said: “I don’t think he [Alinsky] ever remotely thought of joining the Communist Party, [but] emotionally he aligned very strongly with it.” And Alinsky biographer Sanford D. Horwitt wrote that Alinsky was “broadly sympathetic” with the politics of his friend Herb March, who worked as an organizer for the Young Communist League…

      …In 1969 Hillary Clinton wrote her 92-page senior thesis on Alinsky’s theories. A great admirer of Alinsky’s blend of ruthless and stealth activist tactics, Hillary personally interviewed the famed author for her project…

      …Three of Obama’s mentors in Chicago were trained at the Alinsky-founded Industrial Areas Foundation. (The Developing Communities Project itself was an affiliate of the Gamaliel Foundation, whose modus operandi for the creation of “a more just and democratic society” is rooted firmly in the Alinsky method.)…

  27. Dave

    Per Catherine Austin Fitts many in the government are compromised. Given that I simply don’t believe anyone (other than a few tokens as GC says) will be brought to justice. Hannity has been saying this for 2 years. That McCabe is about to be indicted, that many in the FBI will resign in protest. It has not happened. Rush, who is a mouthpiece for controlled conservative radio, said last week no one is likely to be brought to justice and that it does not matter as long as the GOP wins the next election cycle. This weekend more GOPers on the hill are distancing themselves from Trump. Are they being pressured by the deep state? Pelosi is delaying a formal impeachment vote as long as possible in part as she wants a fair number of Republicans to vote for it. Rumors are 12 – 24 Congressional Republicans might support impeachment. In the Senate Romney is supposedly working to get GOP Senators to potentially vote to conviction. And Romney is not deep state. He is a devout Mormon Christian and in the squishy middle. Trump will be in trouble is he loses other middle of the road Senators. Even devout evangelical Christian Cruz is surprisingly quiet on all this. He is not deep state, but I suspect he has little respect for Trump as a person – given Trump’s attacks on Cruz (they were lies) and Trump’s lifestyle. Barr? He is Bush deep state. Don’t hold your breath. Barr is delaying perhaps until after a formal impeachment vote? That would look like retaliation and would lessen the impact/credibility of the reports.

    • paul ...

      If the rumors are correct … that 12 to 24 Congressional Republicans might support impeachment … let them vote … and then we will know who in the Republican Party “have something to hide” (like being pedophiles) … let them vote against Trump … and show us voters “who we should remove” in the next election!!

    • Mike R

      So Trump KNOWS that many are highly compromised, and thats EXACTLY why you see him ‘hire and fire’ so many of these people so quickly. Its called keep your friends close, and enemies closer. Trump gleans a TON of info/intel he would not otherwise be privy to, by hiring people you know damn well are would be Traitors, Bolton just being one of the latest of many. So when you ask yourself why on earth did Trump bring in ‘so and so’, who usually has been around the halls and crooks and caverns in DC for eons, knows where the skeletons are buried, and is likely also to be highly tainted, highly ‘damaged goods’ and for the most part a rotten scoundrel, just know that he is doing a lot of this intentionally, to gain intel on a lot of stinkin rotten dirt thats buzzing around him, and trying to otherwise ‘bury’ him in that same dirt. People are saying he is making tons of hiring mistakes, but I disagree. His is arming himself to the teeth with info from these so called ‘bad hires’ bc he is aptly getting ‘the goods’ on a lot of his enemies this way, and gaining way more than he is possibly losing. They all RAT EACH OTHER OUT in DC, because that is what politicians do, and how they ‘stay in power’ long beyond their ‘use by dates.’ You, I, nor any american knows what Trump doesn’t already know, and has known for a long long time. You can’t possibly understand or analyze his decisions, good or bad, or judge them because you simply dont have the intel he does. The House DEMS, and all Dems are at a HUGE disadvantage, bc not only does Trump have access to info they might have, but he has it a ton of intel on stuff they will never have access to. Thats a fact, and the benefit of being President. Also, Trump has the power of Twitter, unlike any other President before him, and unlike any other Twitter user. His words get amplified so many times over, and his persuasiveness is off the charts monstrously good, that it doesnt matter really how much dirt the Dems scoop up and throw on him, he is still going to be able to wade through it. Sure, he might have done better with conditions that aren’t so against him, but then he wouldn’t be TRUMP, and he wouldn’t be getting this dirt heaped on him if he weren’t indeed doing GREAT things that are FOR the American people, and the betterment of the country. Draining the swamp is and has been the nastiest, dirtiest, meanest, most challenging accomplishment any President, or any leader in history has ever attempted to do. No nation has been as powerful or influencial in recent times, as has the United States been. So its honestly a given, to have this massive swamp, and probably its been since the fall of Rome, that we will have ever seen a nation that has risen so far, but also endured so much corruption from all the ‘bounty’ the nation has produced for so many, in the past 200 years. When you are outspending every other nation from 1 to 20 behind you, on military alone, not to include every spy agency or ‘security agency’ that we have, that has more money going into it, than every other major developed country combined, you know you are going to have the deepest, filthiest, most corrupt dealings on the planet, as quite simply, nothing attracts corruption more than BIG MONEY.

  28. Bill

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again-NOBODY is going to Jail! You and your interviewees keep saying it will happen but nothing ever does and nothing ever will. If Hillary can skate so will everybody else. There are too many people covering everyone’s asses.

    • paul ...

      Bill … they don’t necessarily have to go to jail … they could die of “natural causes”!!

    • Mike R

      a lot of important, criminal, former politicians and ill-connected people are already in custody, and you just dont know about it yet Bill. its too bad, but there a whole lot of things you will never know about any of this behind the scenes stuff. your cockiness about it, merely demonstrates your complete naivete.

  29. bill B

    I stand in amazement how the deep staters ( Adam Shiff and others seem to have no problem in telling lies that all know is a lie, with absolutely no reprecussions.
    Our government seems to not care about liars, except for our President, who is accused of being a liar every time he speaks

  30. Marie Joy

    Decent Americans need to find an effective way to stand with President Trump.

  31. Rock

    Greg, many thanks for having Kevin on again. Great work!
    My prayers are with you for full health and restoration quickly.
    Take care my brother…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you brother Rock.
      Brother Greg!

  32. Ronnie

    This crap has been going on since 2015 ! It is not natural.
    They haven’t JFK’d Trump, because 65 million Americans would shoot back.
    So now you know why they run/push the drugs, pump the debt and “false flag,” mass murder. Mean while, fake Botox heads, are mindless screaming repetitive lies from America’s TVs.
    “The Harbinger,” book by your wonderful guest really is a must read to make sense of it all. If Trump cannot win and drain the swamp it’s over.
    And too think I though the photo of Putin stuffing pop corn was a joke.

  33. Billy

    Can anyone realize what this country would be like today if Hillary Clinton won? Would be just like obamas presidency if she had won.
    If Democrats would have run anybody else besides Hillary they probably would have won the election. I voted for President Trump because Democrats didn’t offer a viable alternately.
    Democrats lost because they knew Obama would be running the country if Hillary had won.

  34. john duffy

    Are you red-pilled yet?

  35. Energy

    Trump has selected all around him, Goldman players, he is fooling all as he plays the same tune as the pide piper.

  36. Gina M Mancarella

    Fareed Zakaria had a wonderful discussion with Colin Powell and Madeleine Albright about American foreign policy and we have a foreign policy “in a shambles.”

    Fareed was asked whet he feels about you Greg, and Fareed responded, “a big joker who couldnt hold a job at CNN because of his crazy ideas and conspiracy theories.”

    • Greg Hunter

      Gina you mean like the conspiracy theory that the housing crisis was going to go bust and take some big banks down too? Oh hey that came true!! I did get one thing wrong we have not got hyperinflation–Yet.
      Or maybe it was the so-called conspiracy theory the depleted uranium munitions were positioning our troops and the Middle East the Fareed loves so much. I went to the Pentagon and confronted the Army brass about it on camera. I don’t sit around with my CFR buddies at CNN and throw puff balls. Hey didn’t that idiot Colin Powell get the US in a great big war over “Weapons of Mass destructions”???!!

      Hey didn’t that idiot Madeleine Albright say killing 500,000 children in Iraq was worth it? Has big “newsman” Fareed ever ask a tough question of his CFR buddies??? Heck no, he would not get invited to all the Liddle parties.
      Fareed is a political hack for the Marxist/communist – Deep State Globalists and does not know Jack about real news or reporting.

      Fareed also works for somebody and I do not. Who is the Joker? I’d say the joke is on him. I get more views each week than he does!!!! and I do not have to kiss @$$$. That is a fact.


    • Ronnie

      What is the view like from the “S” Bend Fareed ? You must be some kind of low life.
      Greg is OK ! So he has never dated a goat ….. and maybe a little shy , but hell , he still gets invited out to BBQs.

    • Justn Observer

      Gina , Here is more you might ask you FZ buddies about..Speculation? Then should be easy for your friends to disprove and debute – right? How can this AIG reference they were looking into 350K emails in the laptop…yet the public are told the emails are gone?poof?can’t find them?=
      TruthLeaks‏ @GeorgWebb · 10h10 hours ago
      We told the the Blackberries Imran Awan configures for Teneo/State Dept employees was the key to the Hillary and Weiner email server. Now the proof is finally out.
      TruthLeaks‏ @GeorgWebb · 15h15 hours ago
      Paul Pelosi’s SH-Boxes are a green energy fraud. The portable “generators” are gas turbines powered by BWXT mPower modular nuclear reactors. In 2007, weapons caching began in Tobruk, Egypt through Burisma and related accounts. Weapons caching also occurred in Tunisia with Quds 09
      Pictures and vids of Nancy Pelosiand familiar also in the game? lol
      Connie Bevan‏ @WhoareyouBO · 13h13 hours ago
      Connie Bevan Retweeted Donald J. Trump
      President @realDonaldTrump, with all due respect, the CIA is orchestrating a Lawfare Alliance of CIA Whisleblowers coup against you and they are about to bring up their next CIA Whistleblower. They withdrew the last one, Ulrich Brechbuhl, who was a CIA plant in the White House.

      TruthLeaks‏ @GeorgWebb · Oct 5 History will record “Natural Blue”, and the 10 million shares of Stock of stock Paul Pelosi had involved in stock fraud indictments by the SEC, was a front for nuclear company BWXT. There was no magic green energy machine. It’s called a mPower modular reactor.

      Connie Bevan Retweeted Donald J. Trump
      “Pompous” Mitt Romney is not only a disgrace, his National Security Adviser, Cofer Black, sits on the board of Burisma in Ukraine.
      TruthLeaks‏ @GeorgWebb · Oct 5
      In Special Envoyto Ukraine Volkers testimony this week, the metadata tells the story again. Only one mention of “Hunter”, no mentions of “Shokin”, and 19 mentions of “Lutsenko”, the stand-in CIA/Biden State Dept backed prosecutor.

      • Justn Observer

        Sometimes threads adds context MSM misses? Like the timeline of who was prepping the dossier before it became ‘The Steele Dossier’?
        How did Glenn Simpson’s sworn Senate testimony pg#77 that Fusion GPS was hired MAY-JUNE 2016
        Why did Kramer, McCain’s aide take the 5th on the dossier preparations before ‘they went to Steele’ to be his dossier? and why are not all these Clinton cronies not in the Mueller report…and how could he have testified he never heard of Fusion GPS? This thread begs for more review of the whole ‘fake’ special council’ review on the inception of the ”’the dossier””=
        Odd so much of this never got into THE MUELLER REPORT-right?

    • Clare Doll

      Fareed Zakaria did not make such a reference regarding Greg Hunter in his interview. You lied.

      • Clare Doll

        also what is foreign policy ‘in a shambles.’ ?

  37. Mike R

    I hope Shipp is correct about these perps going to prison and them taking out Brennan, and the others. I figure the Clintons have so much dirt on so many people, and they have threatened the lives of many congress people on the Dem side, and thats why Pelosi is doing what she is doing – to save her own life, under threat by Clintons who will stop at nothing to oust Trump, and install Hillary. Thats what this whole sick thing is all about. Its revenge, and its Clintons maniacal evil and hubris filled ego’s, that wont let any of this go away. Hillary has to be put in prison as does Bill. The sooner the better, and that so many people have dragged their feet on doing so, is utterly shameful.

    • regaleagle

      What about George H. Bush and Laura? After the funeral that basically disappeared from public life. I know they have a place over in Crawford, Texas (ranch), but maybe they have skidaddled away from the USA completely to a safe haven hideaway. Those slips of paper at the funeral must have said “I’m out….color me gone”.

    • paul ...

      Doesn’t Hillary have a “life threatening” illness that makes her fall and stumble?? …

  38. Merry Piper

    How deep can a thank you go….to the ones that know.

  39. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Without first hand personal knowledge of the facts or more information the so called whistleblower regarding President Donald Trump is another nothing burger with the latest coup attempt on President, Donald J. Trump.

  40. Galaxy 500

    Great interview.
    Here is a video on the attack on Christians.

  41. JC

    Latest from Martin Armstronghas

    “The precious metals Desk at JP Morgan Chase on September 16, 2019, was criminally charged by the U.S. Department of Justice with being a criminal enterprise for approximately eight years in its manipulation of the prices of gold, silver, and other precious metals.”

  42. paul ...

    Breaking News … In a major policy shift (that abandons nearly a decade of CIA policy in Syria supporting Kurdish forces) the White House announced late Sunday night that US forces in northern Syria “would step aside” and not be dragged into fighting other peoples wars (thus protecting our children serving in the military who’s job it is “to protect America”) … people have to learn to negotiate or fight their own battles … so the planned Turkish offensive against the Kurdish can now take place if the two sides can’t come to some negotiated agreement!! …

    • paul ...

      The Kurds will not be crushed by Turkey … as they can ally with Assad and/or Iran … they simply have to bite the bullet and move back from the Turkish border (and stop supporting terrorists inside Turkey)!!

  43. paul ...

    This morning (Monday Oct 7, 2019) the NY Fed announced that it had accepted $47.05 Billion in collateral in its latest ongoing repo operation … so QE has begun “a lot sooner” then November!! …

    • paul ...

      Notice how gold fluctuates above and below the M2 money supply … … with money supply now being ramping up even further by the Fed … gold over $2,000 per ounce is in the bag!!

      • paul ...

        Bank CEO finally understands “what we ordinary folks already knew” … fiat money is not worth anything any more!! …

        • paul ...

          Most people are living in a dream enjoying the music on the deck of the US Titanic (that has been hit with an debt iceberg) … the impending calamity (waves of negative rates flooding the decks) … means we are about to sink … we either freeze with fear … or get ahead of the crowd by securing a lifeboat (gold and silver)!!

          • paul ...

            When the US dollar heads into negative interest rates … it will be all over for the world’s reserve currency and the existing monetary system … David Stockman, Alasdair, Greenspan, etc. are all predicting we are heading to negative rates to try and correcting the financial sins of the past … this will catapult us into an instant depression … and then a hyperinflation of the money supply to get us out of it!!

            • paul ...

              In 1788 Thomas Jefferson effectively wrote: “Paper fiat currency is poverty … it is only the ghost of money and not money itself” … and so the Coinage Act of 1792 was then passed which set specific ratios for gold and silver coinage … putting gold and silver in control rather than a central bank … and it worked fine for over 100 years … until some bankster crooks passed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 on Christmas Eve when most legislators were out for the holidays … and it took them only 16 years to create the Great Depression … and just another 5 years for Roosevelt to confiscate the peoples gold (which Clinton and Rubin eventually completely siphoned out of Fort Knox)!! …

  44. Justn Observer

    Greg, Who gets clarification on this: Seems she and husband know something on Intel laws…so why is Judge Nap. not on this and MSM confused about was IS a whistleblower who might get ‘protection’ and others that are just #2 hand rumor spreaders and ‘informants’?
    Victoria Toensing‏ @VicToensing =
    Follow @VicToensing Why do we let Dems control the words? Two people NOT whistleblowers. Statute calls for reporting bad conduct that relates to “funding, administration or operation” under DNI. Not @realDonaldTrump discussion with Pres Z. They are #AnonymousInformants. Call them that. #maga

  45. santo cicchello

    Trump is killing this country….why do you love him so much?….perhaps you are part of this mythical ‘deep state’

    • paul ...

      Santo … Your “mythical” Deep State has called our Founding Fathers “terrorists” … has placed UN (foreign troops) on US soil … has ordered thousands of gallons of hydrogen cyanide from a Brazilian chemical manufacturer (Askell Quimica) … have already ordered 600 “billion” rounds of hollow point ammunition along with 2500 assault vehicles … have sent our American military patriots out of our country to fight in Deep State contrived wars all around the globe … and are now trying to impeach Donald Trump in a Deep State coup backed by foreign military UN forces which have been strategically planted “on our American soil” to help in the imposition of their “commie” government … the Deep State is a rogue organization “intent on destroying America” … and Trump is confounding their plans by bringing our American boys home … while moving US Marines to strategic positions within America (to counter the Deep State’s foreign UN troops) … and you say the Deep State is “mythical” Santo’s??? … every patriot should be concerned about the Deep State who have just pulled the trigger to implement “a regime change” in the United States of America … use your head Santo’s before you lose it … do you think it is “mythical” that the Deep State in January 2019 received a shipment of five hundred Chinese-made “smart guillotines” … and in March 2019 they secretly ordered “thousands of guillotine blades” from a Mexican metal factory in Juarez!! … the Deep State is not playing games ordering such killing devices to save ammo … they probably figure 600 billion rounds of hollow point ammo and thousands of gallons of cyanide gas is not enough … the Deep State has begun their final attack on America (with their Demon-rat impeachment against Trump) … all patriots should be locked and loaded … ready to resist any 3 to 4 AM calls by Deep State goons trying to do what the Nazi’s did to the Jews!!

  46. Montana Guy

    Mercy, why would the Deep State want to impeach Trump? They have him right where they want him, on their puppet strings. Greg, you need to cast a wider net for critical thinking analysts.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yeah Montana Guy, you are such an expert on intel. Why don’t you give up someplace else.

  47. Andy

    Thank you Greg and Kevin. Bringing truth now days requires thick skin and courage. It is encouraging to hear such cogent analysis in this battle against the evil criminal cabal and the lies that their paid media actors continue to throw out.
    Keep up your great work!

  48. Justn Observer

    Greg, Hobgoblins needed as we creep up on Halloween…? Fun clips from Alex Newman on what we should should now just call = The attempted Bernaysing of America by MSM?

  49. Theta Lion

    Greg…shared the note below with RDS earlier this morning…..

    For months now, Martin Armstrong has been posting his research

    on climate change and a search in his website

    nets over 60 articles on the subject …….and it isn’t getting warmer.

    Armstrong has been and is the go to person for sovereign central

    bankers for many decades. So I’ve been asking myself, why the continued

    coverage of the global warming fraud?

    This weekend, The Duran picks up this story by Mathew Ehret…..

    IMHO, Martin has known for some time what their plan is, going green, and has been working to dispel

    the global warming fraud among his central banker clients (and us deplorables who read a lot :<)

    I remain on the lookout for manifestations in the public world of items 1 through 4

    Keep up the good fight…..

  50. Justn Observer

    Greg, Might pass this along to those that love SHORTING SILVER…
    Big opportunity for you to SHORT Silver right now… buy and hold that paper forever! …
    Interesting too – is the number $20 Trillion is so close to the $$$Green$$$ Plans the leftists are pushing they need = dissolve and share the saved wealth of the middle class.
    Seems little has changed since the Obama meets the plumber moment…they gave rise to the Tea Party…the use of ‘agencies’ against them…and now the ‘agencies’ used for surveillance on private people and running a coup against the man they elected to try and fix the corruption and drain the swamp?

  51. paul ...

    Breaking News: Turkish jets are attacking Kurdish targets in northern Syria!! … American forces are not involved per Trumps orders!!! …

  52. Da yooper

    Greg another great interview

    on the down low have you seen this from Steve Quayle?

    Hello Steve

    1 Yes the order indeed signed and activated

    2 we are also close to martial law as well

    In The event of martial law Trump will remain president for the duration of the martial law

    3 internally Whitehouse is on lockdown

    4 no matter if you like or dislike Trump and his behaviors he is still legally the president

    People should be very concerned about the situation in Washington DC everyone is going loco. GREAT time for the remnant to earnestly pray 2ND) ALERT: URGENT FLASH MESSAGE JUST WENT OUT TO ALL UN TROOP LOCATIONS IN THE USA CHANGING STATUS FROM WAITING TO FULL ALERT AND READY TO MOVE WITHIN MINUTES 3RD) ALERT,OTHER PARTS OF OUR MILITARY NOW ON HIGH ALERT 4.)The messages for the UN TROOPS indicate Nation wide with detailed orders to follow at activation, I expect the US.military to be divided.This is based on the prior behaviors of the different people in the joint chief’s…. SQ-I ASKED HIM IF DATA ,INDICATES BANK CLOSINGS THIS WEEK ,HE SAID NO-NOT AT THIS TIME 4.) ALERT– They are desperately trying to avoid a financial crash at this time.Banks stable so far. Fed is now upping the money being pumped into the banks to 150 billion per night beginning tomorrow.

    Oct 6, 2019

    Food for thought for your Friday broadcast ?

    • Gina M Mancarella

      Trump can activate his marines, but that is no match for the overwhelming firepower of the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security agencies cause they can enlist the special response forces in all adjacent states to converge on PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE at a moments notice and send all the residents to GITMO for waterboarding !!!! You wanna find out ???????

      Brennan is so close to pulling the plug and executing a full assault. Now keep ##### with the Democrats ! Y’all are about to come to understand the true meaning of POWER ! …………… and who controls it !!!

      • Greg Hunter

        You are nuts. You do realize the military has these folks outgunned and out manned. By the way, lots of patriots in FBI and CIA too.

  53. Russ F

    Jim Rickards is suggesting that Hillary may swoop in and take the nomination in the 2020 election race.

    Because Warren is anti Wall Street.

    Stated in his article today on Daily Reckoning.


    I certainly hope not!!!

  54. regaleagle

    Sounds to me like time for our Godly and Good leadership in this country and esp. in Washington may be running out. How much time will God Almighty allow for us to get our house in order before he draws the curtain closed? I’m beginning to wonder if President Trump’s lack of action against some of these rotten apples will cause us to lose this window of hope for justice that has been allowed by Him. I pray this is not the case and that the time allowed has been well-used for His greater purposes in this battle of good over evil in the world, and more specifically within the hallowed halls of our government here in the USA.

  55. Paul Anthony

    Been thinking ….
    For anyone to answer:

    Does this go further than the front line puppets of Adam – Nancy , Nader, Obama, Hillary and the other puppet ding bats? Regarding Ukraine.

    I mean it’s so crazy. Do the puppets rat out the Puppetiers to save themselves? You know the puppeteers that we never see, that are the rich people controlling banks, Politicians and whatever else? Everyone world wide ratting for reduced sentences?

    Was this is set up to eventually make the puppets squeal on their masters?
    I am hoping what ever happens is worth it because this wait is long!

    Paul Anthony

  56. Bill B

    While the Impeach , impeach , impeach, is going on, J P Morgan is being investigated by DOJ, and no one is paying attention.. The last time it was Goldman Sachs and Mario Draghy paid himself a 25 million bonus, then skipped town to the ECB, with no reprecussions from the DOJ. Lets see what happens with JP Morgan .

  57. Randall

    Ruh Ro DB in the 6’s again, where is Charkes Nenner, chart shows a step ladder down, final resting place = $0.00.

    • Greg Hunter

      DB now at $6.92, Charles Nenner said if it hit $6.40 it’s going to $0. Time will tell. Run Stan Run!!

  58. Justn Observer

    So many busy bees coming to light in the ‘corruption story’ and ‘their’ panic to ditch POTUS Trump? What is next? Mitt Romney and Colin Black will be coming into view?
    Housatonic™ ‏ @HousatonicITS · Jul 6
    Either President Trump is a fool, or he is putting person after person into the sunlight to expose the corruption of the last 100 years.
    I believe “ #MakeAmericaGreatAgain “ is brilliant because it is a directive to us – Government won’t fix itself, but active citizens can
    Harry the Greek‏ @thaaak
    Follow Follow @thaaak This is my hottest story of the day. People just noticing it now?
    Heck, it was written March 29th.
    Bill Barr and Robert Mueller are best friends. Their wives have been in the same Bible study for over 20 years.
    Barr worked four years for the CIA from 1973 to 1977.
    Default on the IMF Debt! “President” Kolomoisky Has a Bold New Financial Plan For Ukraine!
    Kyle Olbert ‏ @realKyleOlbert
    Follow Follow @realKyleOlbert
    So, remember those #RobertOtto emails I stumbled upon? Well, I went back through them, & it turns out that #FionaHill was in there. She’s friends w/ both Otto & his disgraced @CIA wife, #AnneJablonski, who got #BobLevinson kidnapped in #Iran.
    You done fucked up, #Lodestar
    -Iran’s landmark accord with world powers allows the Islamic Republic to sell enriched uranium to a nuclear fuel bank backed by billionaire investor Warren Buffett.
    “Iran may choose to seek to sell excess enriched uranium to the IAEA fuel bank in Kazakhstan,” reads a technical annex in the agreement reached Tuesday in Vienna, referring to the International Atomic Energy Agency.
    The IAEA won authorisation last month to stockpile about 90 metric tons of low-enriched uranium at the Ulba Metallurgical Plant in Kazakhstan. The bank will acquire fuel through open tender and be ready for business by 2017, with its stockpile used to power reactors in the event of commercial supply disruption.
    Root of the quest for control of energy?=
    The Biden Blackberries =
    And why nothing in the reports about Mueller delivering uranium samples to Russia-when? hmmm
    And HOW does POTUS know weapons were/are funneled thru Turkey and WHY did he threaten Turkey not to? =
    and now Fox finally hires on John Solomon and he ‘confirms’ much of what has been already reported…including Hunter Biden getting much more $$$ that his dad and he admitted? Can hardly wait to see the rest of the ‘real’ story of the multitude of trafficking of DOG and children over the decades used for globalist expansion and greed. Those here in the U.S. it appears their are not only Rinos but Dinos…who cast the aye & nos for ‘their’ own agenda and not those of the people that voted POTUS Trump into office to deal with…and stop the endless wars and drugs killing and maiming the youth of this nation…
    Would seem like in the movie NATIONAL TREASURE, AG Barr needs to get the message, ” Ben, somebody needs to go to jail!”
    Can’t imagine the huge amount of $$$$damages from the public and military families for the innocent lives and limbs lost as a result of un-authorized SAP programs to enrich the few at the expense of so many.
    How about looking at the history of some of the names of families involved in the milling of such things like gunpowder and yellowcake and control of nuclear fuel rods?

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