Trump is Molotov Cocktail You Can Throw on Crooked System-Catherine Austin Fitts

7By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts is backing Donald Trump. Fitts explains, “Michael Moore said in an interview that Donald Trump is a Molotov cocktail you can throw on the system.  Interestingly enough, if you look at the federal system, it has a negative return on investment to taxpayers.  If you believe you can never fix that, then throwing a Molotov cocktail into the middle of that is the most intelligent thing you can do for productivity.  It was when I wrote the theme for productivity for the second quarter wrap-up I realized . . . I may have profound disagreements with Trump’s style, but I can throw the Molotov cocktail (voting for Trump). . . . I was going to vote for Gary Johnson, but in the second debate when Trump said I will appoint a special prosecutor, I stood up and cheered.  For the first time, we were talking about real accountability in America.  Then, when he said if I were the President, you’d be in jail, I said that’s it, I am giving money to Donald Trump because that is the first time I have ever seen someone of national prominence on corporate media hold the leadership accountable for their actions.”

So, what needs to be done to fix the economy? Fitts contends, “The big issue in 2017 is how the government is going to get people to pay their taxes if the government is not viewed as legitimate? . . . We have a win/lose relationship between human productivity and labor productivity.  If we want to get more labor productivity, and if we want a stronger stock market, then we need to change those models to win/win.  The problem is you have folks like the Clintons who only know how to play in the win/lose model.  They only know how to slap out government money, and they are deeply corrupt.  They are very vested in the current model, and they don’t want to change.  They think if you change the model, you are going to have to change to different kinds of people, which is true.  You are going to need engineers instead of lawyers.  They (Clintons) are not willing to change.  They are not willing to bring more transparency to the system.  They are basically addicted to privilege.  The question is how do we change the leadership?  It now appears the leadership is not willing to change without a crisis.”

On the upcoming 2016 Presidential election, Fitts says, “A lot of this is going to come down to how the machinery is operated and rigged. If Clinton’s support is 10% or lower, it’s going to be really hard to rig it.  If you look at the turnouts at the Trump rallies or the views online, it’s hard to imagine he does not win in the popular vote in a landslide.  But again, this comes down to the machinery, and the machinery is controlled very much by the people who show strong support for Clinton.  I think it is very fluid, and I don’t know what is going to happen.”

The system is rigged against the common man, and it’s totally broken. Fitts adds, “If you look at the inhumanity rolling down on the average family, whether it’s heavy schedules of vaccines that cause autism, or GMO food that makes people sick, or spraying overhead putting Nano particles in our brains and cause us to be toxic with heavy metals, which produces all sorts of diseases and high health care costs, and I could go on, and on, and on.  Basically, what you are talking about is destroying humanity and the productivity of the general population.  It’s not going to work.  It can’t continue, and we’ve got to stop it.  That’s why I think if Trump is the Molotov cocktail, I’m throwing it.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts, who is the publisher of The Solari Report.

(There is much, much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview: 

Fitts also says, “A serious debt crisis can happen at any time before or after the election. We just don’t know when it will happen, but it will happen.  The current group of people grew up on financial fraud.  You have to change the leadership for real change.”

There is lots of free information on Fitts is giving away an article about “entrainment” that she talked about in the interview.  It was subscriber only, but Fitts has made it free by clicking here.  You can also become a subscriber to The Solari Report by clicking here.


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  1. Spurr

    Here is a follow up to my last post… the system is rigged and the crooks have all the bases covered. This is why Killery is so smug during the debates. However there is hope… democracy might prevail.… read the very well explained article bellow… !

    • Outrageous transparent lies

      Spurr, For any who cant link, here it is in a nutshell!
      Needs repeating!

      The scripting of debate questions to push a narrative of actual conspiracy to steal the U.S. election is blatantly obvious. Remember during the second debate when CNN’s Anderson Cooper repeatedly asked Trump if he had ever inappropriately touched women? The entire purpose of that question was to set up the engineered publicity of women who would make numerous accusations against Trump (many of which have been completely debunked, as Trump correctly stated).

      Antonius Aquinas 300
      In last night’s debate, Fox News’ Chris Wallace laid out the preamble to what is going to be the wholesale theft of the election on Nov. 8. His question, paraphrased, was, “Donald Trump, will you accept the election results on Nov. 8th?”

      It was a loaded question, of course. What he was really asking, if you state it accurately, is the following:

      Donald Trump, if the Clinton corruption machine of massive voter fraud, wholesale media bias, back room deal making with the FBI and staged, coordinated violence at your rallies manages to allow the democrats to steal this election in an un-democratic way, will you surrender immediately and stop fighting for America?

      Trump’s answer was, essentially, “Hell no.”

      It was all a set up for a media barrage to attack Trump
      Get a grip, folks. Debate questions are not asked because the moderators are genuinely curious what the candidates think. Debate questions are chosen in advance to stage the conditions for a mass media assault on the Trumpster!

      • Elm

        If Trump were to touch men it will be ok for that gay CNN donkey.

      • Tim B.

        It was just like at the Republican primary debate when the question was asked of all the participants (and I paraphrase) ….Will you be a loyal Republican and not run as a 3rd party candidate?

    • Paul ...

      the way I see election night being played out … exactly at 9 PM … all the MSM outlets will post “fake projections” showing Hillary has won all the critical States … and that Trump lost the election … then all the news outlets will immediately start to badger Trump to concede the election “based upon their projections” instead of waiting for the real voter ballots to be counted … and as they are screaming to force Trump to abide by their “fixed projections” (before all the actual real votes are counted) Hillary will go on National TV and proclaim she won … explaining that she did so because Trump is just being obstinate and won’t concede like a gentleman! … Trump should be prepared for this and make a pre-announcement that all MSM “projections” will not be sufficient grounds “to conceed early” and that only the actual official vote counts will determine his decision as to whether he conceeds or claims victory!

      • Paul ...

        It should be clear to everyone by now … that Hillary Clinton can only “win” this election by stealing it with MSM help “projecting her the winner” … yet in the real world where her campaign events are poorly attended she has virtually zero real support … yet all the MSM polls are rigged to show her “always beating Trump” … her early claim to have won the election and her fake smile while proclaiming victory “early” … will not stand!

        • Jason Mowbry

          I have read some speculation that the elites will allow Trump to be elected and then blame the collapse of the financial system on him and his anti-establishment policies, thus paving the way for globalist policies on steroids (ditto Brexit). Interesting scene from Simpsons some years ago where President Lisa has to clear up the mess from a Trump presidency.

      • Chip

        this scenario keeps me up at night paul… chip

      • Frederick

        Paul Infowars is talking about how the Democats will throw the election to the Hildebeast and what the reaction will be

    • Gina M Mancarella

      Right You are ! WE WIN !!!!!!!!!!

      • Paul ...

        Gina … you don’t win by cheating in God’s world … only in Satan’s world!

      • RTW

        Win What? A smoldering cesspool that was once a great nation? You better hope that all you’re hard work, cheerleading for the worst of the worst and dining on all that fecal matter, will get you a special place in her politburo. Otherwise you’ll be out there with all the others, that your liege claims to care about, digging through dumpsters and robbing and stealing to get by. You know…..just like a democrat. Pray she loses!!!!!!!!

    • Paul ...

      BREAKING NEWS: Just in … the Washington Post the flag ship in the MSM battle fleet to defeat Trump has been torpedoed and is listing baddly … it is now sending out an SOS to America … to save itself … TRUMP WON THE THIRD DEBATE!!! … TRUMP WON THE THIRD DEBATE!!! … TRUMP WON THE THIRD DEBATE!!! …

    • Colladeral Damage

      DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED BY THE LAGGING POLLS!!! Read the article attached!!!! This Wikileaks e-mail from Podesta demonstrates that the polls are RIGGED just as much as all of the media coverage has been rigged, and WHY WOULDN’T THEY RIG THE POLLS???? If they are so CROOKED as to ‘Pravda the Press’ then obviously, the polls are just another tool in their toolbox of ‘Thought Shaping of the Masses’.

      Control of the Deplorable Masses has become a fine art, kind of reminds you of someone working to keep the public ‘unaware and compliant’.

      Maybe we won’t be collateral damage after all.

      We are witnessing exactly what Pedestal fretted about in his e-mail.

      Both the ignorance, and the compliance are dissolving. It is amazing what positive change can occur when people wake and think for themselves.

    • MargfromTassie

      Sorry Spurr. Democracy won’t prevail. Your country is already an oligarchy and nothing will change whoever gets in. It’s interesting that Fitts talks about vaccinations, aerial spraying etc but says nothing about substantially raising the minimum wage (with regular adjustment for inflation), about improving basic workplace conditions – virtually all other developed countries have 4 weeks minimum leave, parental leave etc. She says nothing about bringing in a single payer health system – run so successfully for decades in countries like France, Canada, Australia, Germany, the U.K., all the Scandinavian countries etc etc. In these countries, one of which is mine, no one loses their house or goes bankrupt because of inability to pay medical expenses. Check out Michael Moores great documentary -“Sicko”, one of the best docs ever. She talks about “addiction to privilege” and that certainly seems to apply to most elected officials in the US. It also applies to most in the media – and many in the alternative media. Yes, we all know that Clinton is a cunning liar, not fit to be President. But neither is Trump – another chronic liar (check out all the fact checker sites). He is also intellectually lazy, a misongynist, an uncouth bully and would be a huge embarrassment to the USA. Conditions for those in the south and elsewhere who support him, those people who have been greatly disadvantaged by the whole globalisation thing, will never improve until 1. The jobs are brought back and 2. the system makes everyone pays their fair share of taxes – to provide basic services in education, health and welfare across the whole community. I wouldn’t vote for Clinton even if I could (I’m not a US citizen) and I wouldn’t vote fir Trump either. This site is very pro Trump but how anyone could vote for a man who openly boast about not paying any taxes, is beyond me. As the great US jurist, Oliver Wendell Holmes said – “taxation is the price you pay for having a civilisation”. Both candidates will both say anything to get elected. And Trump will disappoint his voters just like Obama disappointed the liberals. He will also go along with the TPTB/Deep State and reduce taxes on the rich, privatise Government services, maintain the level of defence and security spending and reduce funding for welfare and expenditure on essential services and infrastructure like roads and railways. Yes, we all know about Clinton, but just know this – Trump is not your messiah.

      • Greg Hunter

        “Never, never, never give up”!!!!

  2. Dan


    Damn Right! To support this point, I had previously read in the following, well-documented, document entitled ‘Restoring the Lost Republic’ that:

    1) Income Taxes are illegal and unconstitutional in the first place. And NO LAW EXISTS that require you to pay them.

    2) The IRS is simply a collection agency for the fraudulent, illegal, and unconstitutional Federal Reserve. Moreover, not a nickel of the collected taxes is spent on government services (as was concluded by the ‘The Grace Commission’ in 1982 under the Reagan Administration). Facts!

    Wake up, know your rights, and exercise them folks! Aren’t you tired of having your money stolen (missing/unaccounted trillions of dollars), plundered and wasted?


    • frederick

      Dan that may be true but look what happened to Peter Schiffs dad when he took that stand

    • brian scrocca

      Let’s not forget we all signed (voluntarily to a degree) up for the SS#. This in itself is what gets the ball started in the first place.

    • PzBz

      You are correct about the tax laws but do not forget they are collected at the barrel of a gun. We will applaud you for taking that stand, but it is not generally seen as an effective way to fight the system. Peace.

    • Herb

      Hmmm. Don’t pay your taxes? Wouldn’t I be the rightest man in the cemetery?

    • Paul ...

      As Ms. Austin states … lets use the Constitution to get the stolen $50 trillion dollars back from the neocons who stole it! … why do you think the neocons are trashing our Constitution every chance they get … they want to “lock in” their illegal gains!!

      • Frederick

        Look up Hillary Clintons connections to David Soloff.

    • Faith

      Right. Erwin Schiff died in Federal Prison after numerous attempts to make that argument.

      The IRS is the one agency that can seize your home, seize your car(s), seize any other assets, and seize your bank account and, after having done so, it is up to you to prove that you are not a criminal.

      There is one agency I will never, ever deceive: the IRS.

      Dying in federal prison, or being locked up like Martin Armstrong (for 11 years) for perjury, is not my idea of a worthy cause.

      • Frederick

        James Traficant was a Congressman who challeged them and got kicked out of Congress and put in prison He died recently when his tractor went out of control and he was crushed to death Interesting isnt it?

        • Faith

          He died? I remember Trafficant, vaguely, being thrown under the bus.

          A tractor accident? It went out of control? Ya, right.

          Thanks for the information.

  3. Rodster

    Bravo to Fitts for acknowledging Geoengineering.

    • Jason Mowbry

      I was watching a ‘contrail’ from a plane a few weeks ago and it just stopped in mid air. Could a trail caused by condensation just suddenly stop in mid air? Either the plane hit another current of air causing different air conditions or the spraying mechanism on the plane suddenly switched off.

    • Chris

      I concur, thank you Catherine Austin Fitts and Greg for your courage.

  4. Wisconsin Patriot (formerly Oregon Patriot)


    Long time lurker but I have only commented twice before. This interview was fabulous. Count me in for tossing a bottled up aggression cocktail we are all feeling. The question I can’t stop asking though is what does the common man do if they steal the election from Trump. Where does that leave us?


    • frederick

      Doug good question brother Very good question

    • Hatemail

      It leaves you stuck in the same place as you were before. Only this time you’re in Wisconsin with a jackass governor and a scumbag senator who is speaker of the house.
      Have a nice winter of discontent.

    • Tin foil hat

      Wisconsin Patriot,
      I have been thinking long and hard about what can a common man do if the election were stolen. An armed revolution is simply not realistic or practical. Not paying income tax is too restrictive in terms of time frame and legal ramifications.
      Perhaps the most effective and practical form of protest would be not showing up for work. If we have the unity and grit to stick together and not show up for work for a week or longer, maybe …….

      • FC

        The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants – Thomas Jefferson.

      • Peter

        I think it’s time for a “John Galt Day” or Week or Month etc. Basically all the productive people who actually get things done (aka government milking cows) just stop being productive. Let the whining do-nothings snowflakes fend for themselves.

    • eddiemd

      Bank runs and work strike.

      • Tin foil hat

        Hmm.. I wonder what would happen if half of the populace emptied their bank accounts and bought gold in a coordinated fashion.
        I’d much rather do that first before stop going to work or start waging an armed revolution.

    • D2

      If we don’t take to the streets, preferably in D.C., by the MILLIONS, nothing will change. We have to use the Left’s tactics against them. The “silent” majority needs to WAKE UP and FIGHT….or die.

  5. Anthony Australia

    You inspire me Greg Hunter!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Anthony!

  6. Mike Jose

    wow – I never rated CAF until now – she is going Irwin Schiff ‘…criminal offence to pay your taxes…’, ‘…throw a Molotov Cocktail on the system…’, keep it up Auntie Fitts

  7. Dr Darryl Jewett

    A large and growing majority of the electorate are women and an even larger and growing majority are feminists. Almost all these voters are casting a ballot for Clinton. That Trump will win this election is greatly improbable. No one wants Clinton to lose more than me. But the reality is that Clinton is going to win. Beating the drum constantly that Trump is winning and that he is pulling ahead of Clinton isn’t true and is setting up those who support Trump for a big and demoralizing loss. Even if Trump wins, he has a lot of misconceptions and his prescription for fixing problems in the US is superficial, short-sighted and not implementable at best. Anyone looking for results of the next election to improve their lives is misdirected. Best to hunker down, enjoy your lives the best you can, and prepare for inevitable catastrophe no matter who wins (but bank on Clinton).

    • Paul ...

      Upon winning Hillary took my money … and I said nothing!
      Then Hillary took my children … and I said nothing!
      Then Hillary took my country … and I was chipped and chopped!

    • Edmund Dantes

      You are right. Las Vegas odds are 5:1 for Hillary. this is more accurate than any “poll” since to “vote” in this way, you need your wallet. Well, as a consolation, maybe better to let the witch get “elected” and let the economy and Russia explode on her watch…….. maybe, just maybe, this will scare the libtards enough to get off their butts and take a good hard look at reality . I’m all for REAL Molotovs , that is the only thing that these criminals will understand … they hurt one of us…. we put one of theirs in the morgue!!!!

      Time to take ACTION folks, or take the chip!!!!

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        “Libtards” are too stupid to be scared. But it’s not just “Libtards”. Republicans have done just as much damage. They’ve both relied upon stealing money (usury a la the central banks) to support their greed and egos. A large majority of the electorate in the US are bought and paid for by globalists. Bought and paid for with the money stolen from the proceeds of the men who genuinely work hard. The US has already lost. There is no recovery. This election is irrelevant. No matter who wins, any policies they implement will be paid for by stealing more proceeds from men who genuinely work hard.

      • D2

        I agree Edward. Coming to sites like this and posting our anger may make us feel good, but it CHANGES NOTHING.

    • G. Bethel

      Dear Dr. Jewett,
      Doctor I think you are a very sincere, but unfortunately sincerely wrong.
      Pollster Tells America To Be Ready For A Shock On Election Day

      “Something isn’t adding up.”

      by Jack Davis WJ Western Journalism
      October 22, 2016 at 1:09pm

      A lot of polls are going to be wrong come Election Day, according to pollster and analyst Pat Caddell who said Friday that America should be ready for a “shock.”

      • Paul ...

        Hillary may be waving in handcuffs to her supporters on election day from behind her back as she is put into a police car to go to jail …

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        I hope I’m wrong. But I’ve never been when it comes to statistics and basic math. As far as polls are concerned, I’m not aware of any that are statistically or scientifically valid. I’m sure there are some but I’m not familiar with them. So relying upon almost all polls one way or another isn’t helpful. I’m just assessing honestly the numbers.

    • MargfromTassie

      Doc Jewett, I agree with everything you say. Nothing will change. The system is broken. Trump wouldnt do anything. Yes, try to enjoy your lives by yourselves and be grateful for the many things we take for granted that were not available for most of human history (electricity, entertainment media including the Internet, readily available food, antibiotics etc). Make the most of the time we have by focusing on the good. The collapse we must inevitably have will be bad enough, and we will think of these times as ‘the good old days’.

  8. Jerry

    I wasn’t sure until NOW, but I am firmly convinced that a false flag event in the form of a cyber attack on our banking system is coming.

    For months I have wondered why the globalist have allowed wiki leaks to offload their information to the American public. It is now apparent that they are setting up a false flag event using the Russians as a scapegoat. Beta testing has been going on for months. Sony pictures. ATT, and just this past this weekend, Amazon and others. What better way is there for criminals to cover their illegal activities than wiping out the evidence in a cyber attack? You get to kill two birds with one stone. Start a war with Russia. Eliminate the evidence. And blame Donald Trump all at the same time. Talk about a setup?

    I mean have you ever wondered why the State Department and the DOJ would allow Hillary Clinton to wipe her hard drive clean of sensitive information? With her connections to all the major banks, including Goldman Sachs, I contend there is something much bigger going on than emails to her assistants that they could never allow to get out to the American public. Brace yourself folks. It about to get real.

    • Jerry

      Addendum to my last post.
      Connect the dots. The banking system goes down, and the central planners just happen to have a replacement waiting in the wings to take its place. Coincidence? Hardly .Its the perfect crime. Trillions of dollars in offshore accounts (stolen from the American people I might add) waiting to come home and set up shop again for the criminal banking elite. The Chinese get to be the hero’s of the day. The banking elites retain their positions. And the American people get screwed AGAIN!

      Jerry 10/21/2016 •
      The BRIC parallel Bretton Wood replacement system is almost complete. Morgan Stanley and Citibank are setting up clearing houses here in the United States to begin Yuan transfers.

      For months I have been talking about how the Chinese and over 125 countries globally have been preparing to leave the fraudulent dollar based exchange system being run by the western banking crime syndicate. Well the time is almost here. According to SWIFT there is approximately 2800 financial institutions world wide, who are currently connected to their network, that are ready to begin Yuan EFT transfers. I tried to post the link, but I could not get the adobe acrobat reader they were using to copy and paste. Go to their site and check it out for yourself.

      • Jerry

        Not only have the Chinese built a parallel economic exchange system to replace our current corrupt Bretton Woods System. They have done it buy “USING THEIR OWN COMPUTERE CHIPS”.

        Folks this is prime evidence that the Chinese are not just interested in gaining IMF SDR currency status, they want their own “Reserve Currency Status” completely independent of any influence or corruption from the west. We are one mouse click away from being replaced as the worlds reserve currency and becoming a banana republic. The evidence is mounting. Please, please, prepare.

        • Faith

          Jerry, thank your for your dedication. I agree. Any day we will wake up to war or an EMP and the grid will be down, the financial system collapsed.

          It will not surprise me when I wake up and nothing works. I am prepared. Sadly I don’t know many other people that are. I have one neighbor that seems sort of prepared.

          Every day I wake up and WWIII hasn’t started is a surprise. I expect it to go down any day now.

          Buck up for the ride, things are gonna get bumpy.

    • Jerry

      More beta testing for the coming cyber attack.

    • brian scrocca

      That’s the end of the world your talking about. Which is fine I guess, but to think a war with Russia will be a few skirmishes here or there,is total disregard for who they really are militarily. It’s no joke. I’m one to think the East will survive and it’s really the West that is imploding. Civilization has always moved on, Governments and currencies do not.

    • FC

      Wonderfully put Jerry and I hope more people, pay more attention to the side lines rather than focusing on the 2 teams playing, because fireworks always happen on the side lines…………..these may go nuclear.

  9. Paul M

    Hi Greg,
    Just a quick note regarding what you and Gregory M were discussing in your interview about troops after the election. I think wife may have connected the dots pretty well – she thinks that they know Trump will win the election and that the elites will let the system collapse at that time to discredit Trump and get people demanding solutions (i.e. Give me back the ruling elite – at least I had food!)
    An interesting proposition.
    Keep up the awesome work you do – we really appreciate you any follow your interviews and have for years.
    Paul M

  10. IRgnarly1

    Greg, I have been watching your fantastic interviews for quite a while now and this is the first time I have been compelled to post a comment. This was a fabulous interview with Catherine Austin Fitts. She put into words what I have been feeling for some time now about what is happening in our society with the inhumane treatment of the people and how the “elite” are addicted to privilege. In my view, this is the root cause of all of our problems financially and politically in our country. When she talked about the “venture capital” companies, it made me think of my situation at work and how we are now being treated there. We got bought out about 6 years ago by one of these companies (I’d rather not say the name since I still work under them.). The difference in how we are treated and how things are now done is stark. Trust and loyalty only flow to the top. Hours and positions have been cut to the point our clientele is suffering and shopping elsewhere because we don’t have the resources to serve them properly. The quality of our products have also fallen. In other words everything is now being done exclusively for money at the expense of the business. I completely understand the need for being profitable but the powers that be have gotten so greedy that they are willing to sacrifice the future so they can satiate their thirst for privilege no matter who they step on. What is going on in my company is a mere symptom of what is taking place across our country and in our Government. And just like my feeling that my job is in jeopardy, so is my feeling for our country. Our leadership has gotten so drunk on their privilege that they are acting like locusts sucking the life out of what it is they are supposed to be making prosperous. People are feeling this across the country and this is precisely why Trump is so popular today. People are not livestock and we all have to be included in the system in order for it to work properly. I suppose this is what happens when a nation turns against God and his teachings. The first thing to go is morality for the sake of profit. Then comes the inhumane way we treat each other as nothing more than biological resources to be used for our own personal gain. I pray for Trump and thank you Greg for doing what you do.

  11. Frederick

    Nice to see Ms Fitts has come around to the deploreables team and I totally share her concern regarding Rudy

    • Paul ...

      I too have my doubts about Rudy … but he may be trying to “reform himself” by coming over from the dark side … he can be helpful to our cause as he knows the dark side … Apostle Paul was a bad guy that flipped … so I’m giving Rudy “a chance to redeem himself” and clearly show he is capable of doing what is right and proper for our country and the cause of freedom and justice!

      • Frederick

        How does one “redeem” oneself from treason Paul on such a scale

        • Paul ...

          Rudy was lucky to get out of his office in Bldg 7 … so I’m not too sure he was “in” on the whole Bush/Cheneny 9-11 act of treason as he was “an expendable grunt”!

    • joseph

      Me too!

  12. Dannu

    Thank you Catherine Austin Fitts, for all that you are and all that you do for humanity. You are my hero! And thank you Greg for standing up for We the People against the corruption by hosting all these amazing and courageous people— I don’t know what I would do without your show—you give me hope for this world! You are my hero!

  13. Andrew Maggard

    I love your interviews of Catherine Austin Fitts, this bright erudite woman has a grasp on the current and future trends that is both enlightening as well as frightening. She is precisely on point by expressing her concern that America has gone completely insane, the example of what she observed at a truck stop bathroom is a glaring example of that insanity. The insane, inhuman behavior patterns that are being inflicted on the population and seemingly without any need for justification or explanation by the perpetrators are being noted by the people, the question then becomes, at what point will the people begin to express open contempt? To put it another way, when might the people be forced to acknowledge this insanity by expressing it in an open rebellion? As Ms. Fitts correctly stated, we the people have a responsibility to demand adherence to constitutional legislation and law. It is becoming starkly clear that government and law have been usurped by the unholy factions of political correctness that has now broached on the inhuman, if not insane. The powers that be should begin to acknowledge Donald Trump as the savior of their own necks as he is funneling the contempt of the people in a constitutionally, constructive fashion rather than, as is also likely possible, an open confrontation with Washington. As Ms. Fitts brought to the forefront, we are looking at some very fundamental choices in the here and now. While the population is experiencing a growing awareness of the depth of depravity that has possessed Washington, the Trump phenomenon is a striking example of that recognition, one that the powers that be dismiss at their peril.
    The current Washington establishment, as noted by Ms. Fitts, have become so accustomed , if not enamored of their privilege that they have lost touch with reality. In line with that recognition comes the expectation that those in Washington will finally commit themselves to a drastic miscalculation in regards to what the people will continue to accept and tolerate. The result could become an avalanche of open contempt by the people to their presumed masters. While it is difficult to contemplate what acts by the powers that be could prompt this open contempt, I suspect it could very well involve an effort to nullify the Second Amendment and disarm the people in a time where the people discern an immediate need of self defense. That is pure speculation however it is clear, when the disparity of government authority acts contrary to the perceptions of the people to that of good order of a civilized society, the people will act.
    Again, Ms. Fitts clearly recognizes this by her frequent reference to the people having a legal responsibility to demand adherence to constitutional law.
    Again, a timely interview and with factual as well as functional opinion and conclusions that involve the utter insanity that has come to pass as government. Please keep up the good work.

  14. Paul ...

    To all the Bernie Democrates … we need your help … you wanted to throw a Molotov cocktail at the system and change things with Bernie … if you are still of the same mind … vote for Trump to get rid of the corruption you so detest … if can’t bring yourself to voting for “a Republican” please realize that Trump is “not a Republican” … he is in reality an “Independent” who very smartly used the Republican Party … the Republicans knew “he was not one of them” but couldn’t stop him because the common American people want to get rid of the crooks … “if for no other reason then fairness alone” you should all vote for Trump … you can make the election “more fair” by at least “cancelling out” some of those “dead peoples votes” the Hillary team is trying to steal the election with … if you don’t want evil Hillary in office … do something meaningful with your votes and get an “Independent man in” who will not only impose term limits on Congress but do all the the things Bernie was promising you … this is what he promises in just his first 100 days … … imagine what he can do in 4 years!!!

    • Paul ...

      Please Bernie voters … don’t throw away an opportunity to defeat Hillary … we know Hillary stole the election from Bernie … and will do the same to Trump without your help … remember Trump “is not a Republican” … he is an Independent … an Independent who will work toward the same goals Bernie would have … simply voting for a third party candidate is not voting “against Hillary” … it will instead have the effect of helping Hillary to get into office! … join the forces of good against evil … this is not a Republican/Democratic battle … this is a Republican Democratic/Independent battle … and it must be won to change the corrupt and evil system we all want to get off our backs!!

      • Paul ...

        Remember Hillary and the big money crowd on Wall Street not only steal our money … “they steal elections” … don’t allow them to do to Trump what they did to Bernie … Trump has the American peoples back … Hillary has the globalists back!!!

      • Paul ...

        I call out to all brave Americans … to just listen to what a “true Independent candidate is saying … … and take our country back from the criminals!

  15. Rusticus

    Fitts should be a regular, Greg! As you said to start the interview, a member of your regular stable to counter the “Early Sunday Morning” panel crap you get on the tube. She’s fascinating.

    That being said, it’s rare that I find a significant historical disagreement with Ms. Fitts, but her commentary on Eisenhower effectively turning down the “Shriek-o-Meter” over Sputnik is a tad disingenuous (like Eisenhower himself). At the same time he was telling people to remain calm over the “Reds in Space” and giving speeches asking Americans to “Beware the Military Industrial Complex,” he was, behind the scenes, setting up the very “black budget” DoD contractors that Fitts aptly complains about today…

    Surely she’s aware of this history.

  16. Diane

    Outstanding interview Greg.
    Catherine is the best woman in America.
    I wish she was our President.
    Thank you Catherine and Greg and all you watchdog patriots. …
    SHARE the YouTube video of this interview everywhere.

  17. laura ann

    If Hillary gets in (rigged voting machines no doubt) we are done. Patriot/conservative websites will become useless and some will shut down. Preparing for the take down will be top priority for everyone. America is without hope otherwise. People need to form bartering and watch groups now. Get rid or sell useless stuff and buy supplies and a bug out location if you can. I plan to delete conservative blogs (along with friends) and quit forwarding articles which I have done for sometime, if she gets in, realizing it is utterly useless.

    • Paul ...

      God won’t allow it … how could he ever allow people who chop off Christian heads take over America?? … it is impossible … no matter how many dead people they have voting for Hillary … as long as God’s people don’t quit and stay home and not vote because the MSM’s “false polls” show Hillary winning 2/3 to Trump’s 1/3 … when in reality it should be just the other way around!

      • Paul ...

        Notice how Hillary campaigns “half heartedly” and doesn’t care whether her rally’s have any people attending … it is because she knows “the fix is in” (the Demon rats will electronically fix the Dibold machines to give Hillary as many votes as is necessary to make her win) … this is why the Federal Government supposedly wants to monitor the elections (not for the reason they say to protect against it being fixed) but “to make sure the fix” happens and is made official … how do you fight such a system? … “everyone” must vote for Trump … make the vote 100% for Trump and 0% for Hillary … lets make it difficult for the crooks to flip votes in huge numbers!

  18. Tony

    Excellent interview Greg! I feel that there is a critical mass being reaching regarding the uncovering of what the system really has been for the last 50 years…a sham! In the words of George Carlin “IN’S A CLUB AND YOU AIN’T IN IT”. He was miles ahead of everybody. I believe this critical mass is now happening because of the MSM..they were the last wall of defence for the deep state and the “sham” and now it’s over!!
    This is the rant that has been going on in my head for years..
    Could not of said it better my self:

    • Frederick

      Tony Carlin was great and lightyears ahead of his time Another visionary like Aaron Russo and Jim Fabricant amongst others

  19. Diane D.

    Excellent interview. Thank you Catherine and Greg.

    We already threw our absentee Molotov Cocktails. It is interesting that Joel Skousen also supports the maximum 10% capability of globalists to rig of the election. Trump is filling stadiums. The Witch can’t fill high school gymnasiums. Clearly the polls are understating her support.

    I think Trump will be elected. He will be at best, a King. Americans voted for a King in the last two elections. A King will NOT govern constitutionally, just as Trump promises and just as Obama promised.

    DC can not be fixed. We need a divorce. Chaos is coming no matter who get elected. I pray that a new republic(s) will arise out of this chaos.

    • Paul ...

      But a “good” King is better then a bad despot … just as having a King in Heaven is better then a despot in Hell!

      • Diane D.

        Paul, why limit your options to 2 boxes? Our Founders thought outside those 2 boxes. We should too.

  20. Russ

    Here’s The 30 Seconds After The Last Debate That CNN Would Rather You Didn’t See —

  21. klaus ulbrich

    The livestock management issue has already happened. People are addicted to their phones and “they” know everything about you and where you are.

    • Frederick

      Simple dont carry a mobile phone I havent for years deploreable as I am

      • Paul ...

        And don’t drive a car later then 1999 or talk near your dishwasher, etc., etc. which have secret microphones implanted!

        • Frederick

          Dont own either car nor wishwasher anymore and Ive never been happier Paulie

  22. klaus ulbrich

    Does anyone remember the name of the 60’s movie where the president had a TV console in his desk and could tune into the chip in everyone’s brain. He not only could monitor what they were saying but at the end of the movie he had a button that could explode their head!

    • sk

      There is a book with that theme, “The Cattle” by Greg M. Sarwa, but it was published in 2006. Ampol Publishing, Inc., ISBN 0-976-6202-0-0

      • Paul ...

        I think Shwarzenigger once made a movie about slaves on a prision planet that had neck collors on that could blow off their head from central control … right now McCain, Obama and Hillary have to do it manually using ISIS … but as technology advances I expect such collors or better yet a “chip” implanted in the brain that automatically explodes if you have any bad thoughts about your masters!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      On “The Burns and Allen” show George had a tv he could tune in to see what everyone in his circle was doing. He would watch, listen, and make his wonderful comments.

  23. frederick

    Does anyone else hate that satanic smile the beast had on her face at the last debate as much as I do? Boy is it going to be satisfying watching President Trump go after her with his special prosecutor Talk about huge popcorn time

    • Paul ...

      If that smiling mask she wears is ever taken off … we would see the face worse then “Dorian Grey”… it will scare the Heaven and Hell out of you!

  24. Louis

    Greg, Ms Fitts is always a great guest, much more informative than other regulars who too often just predict collapse in the hope of being right one day. She sees it in a unique way.
    About Hillary’s third debate explation of how she will get the economy going again, too few analysts in the blogosphere are pointing out that she wants to increase taxes and boost spending. This should be adressed as it is one step closer to socialism. People need to be reminded that government activity is by definition “friction” to paraphrase mike maloney. I am a defense contractor in a management position ans benefit from their inneficiencies, so i see it and understand it first hand. This leads me to the debate discussion about Donalds buikdings that use steel from China. That is the way smart business is conducted.Companies are not social organisations, the goal is to make a profit, otherwise you go broke. If you decide to buy locally at higher cost, you put yourself at a disadvantage to your competition. Hilary does not understand this, otherwise she would not have brought it up, and Donald missed his chance to shove it back in her face. I was glad he mentioned Buffet at one point because he also didn’t pay taxes, but like Trump, he pointed out that it is a real issue, he came out and said he should have to pay taxes but didnt becausd the rules allow him not to. This needs to be explained to the fools who follow Hillary.
    Lastly, i am tired of hearing about how many americans want to escape to Canada if trump wins. Canada is already a socialist state. I would like to know how many canadians want to leave the frozdn wasteland of liberal losers to legally immigrate south if Donald wins.
    thank you Greg.

  25. Jesse James

    Donald J. Trump is Ned Kelly
    A movement that will not be blown to Kingdom Come!

  26. mushroom

    Thanks again Greg for the continuous parade of interesting/provocative guests. It simply doesn’t get any better than this.

    The Clinton’s have a reported net worth of way over 100 million dollars plus an interesting array of jewelry – and they don’t have any factories, stores, etc…this says it all……..

    Guest suggestions – Michael Hudson, Bill Black, PC Roberts..

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mushroom.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Don’t forget the souvenirs they took from the White House…and the $$ they got renting out the Lincoln bedroom.

      • Frederick

        Deanna wonder if they posted the room on airbnb wouldnt surprise me the hillbilly grifters that they are

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          Good Lord, I forgot about that!!! Maybe they got control files on them all!

    • Al Hall

      GREG/MUSHROOM- I have heard reports from investigators that the Clinton foundation has taken in $200 Billion- they speak of only $2.Billion.

      Greg: question that Catherine asked – and you should know by now. I have sent you the reports for months if not years. The stolen Trillions missing each year are going into several places. Black Ops secret projects, FEMA camps, and underground cities for the up coming Planet X(Nibiru) pass by. This is a real event coming and No one wants to mention this!!


      • Pinocchio

        What do you mean with “Nibiru pass by” ?

  27. SandyMc

    As always, great interview.

  28. Robbie41

    Hello Greg, Here is an article I saw posted on Steve Quayles home page, & hope this helps you out in knowing what’s to come in the next 2 week’s.. Wishing you well.

  29. Russ McMeans

    Excellent interview Greg. Thank you again.
    Catherine mentioned banking at small local banks. Last year I switched from BOA and Wells Fargo to small gold country bank in California Sierra foothills.
    The online bill pay is a hassle to switch but your bank will have most of the payee addresses already in their data bank. Small banks are so nice folks. Go for it!
    Remember your mattresses though. Got to spread your assets out and about.

  30. Russ McMeans

    It would be fun to take a can of spray paint and correct those bathroom doors at the truck stops. Cover the camera first though. Guy and gals underwear would be fitting.

    • frederick

      Russ we think alike bro

      • Paul ...

        But the Democrats will probably hire goons to go to all these rest stops to create fights and then blame it on Trump!

  31. Russ McMeans

    Oh I forgot Greg! Ask Catherine next time to remind us of how much narco dollars are running through our banking system. Plus stolen money from other countries. They killed Khadafi and stole his gold. Bet Killary has some of it!

  32. Mohammad

    What is it with you Catherine ? why are not you getting it ?
    How smart person like you does not see it?
    Yes, Trump is a Molotov cocktail thrown but it is thrown at the GOP to burn it down and hand the election to Hillary.
    Is the frustration at the current system putting a veil in front of your eyes to accept this master in act who spent all his life in entertaining business just because he tickled your feelings with fake words: I will jail Hillary?
    Can’t you see the dots?
    Can’t weave through them to see the picture?
    He is Hillary’s Trojan horse for God’s sake. How can you be so blind to that?
    Am astonished at the cloudiness in the top smart people’s vision that is making them fall right in the hand of their adversaries.

    Time Will Tell


    • Paul ...

      Mohammad … I guess anything is possible but when I look at Trump I see someone who tells it like it is … remember he is not “a typical polititian” like the deciver Hillary!!

    • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

      He has certainly destroyed the idealistic, truly conservative and religious voting blocks in the Republican Party. Sad and embarrassing to see.

      • Greg Hunter

        Hey Snow,
        The “idealistic conservatives” have sat there in Congress and let the bankers get away with total fraud on the American public, right along with the Dems. They have not said a peep about rigging LIBOR, FOREX, robo-signing (forgery and perjury and fraud on the court) rigging of futures, commodities, or the outright fraud of the Federal Reserve. Have you heard any of these “idealistic conservative” press for charges against the latest Wells Fargo massive banking fraud??? NO. Please explain the “the idealistic, truly conservative and religious voting blocks in the Republican Party.” You hear any of these “idealist conservative” talk about the trillions of dollars missing from the federal budget???? Not giving you a hard time just adding some perspective.

        • Mohammad

          It is still a republican party that is destroyed here Greg..!
          It will not recover for a loooong time.
          Democrats now with their social agenda are taking over, that is why Paul Ryan said he will go back to concentrate on the house because the party has been thrown a Molotov cocktail (Trump) that did a big number on it.

          Think about the damage Greg for a second and when it sinks in let me know.

          if you think Trump with his glittering words will fix any crap then you are dreaming. His main purpose is to destroy the republican party and hand the election to Hillary and that exactly what he did.

          Time Will Tell


          • Greg Hunter

            Wrong. The GOP was destroyed long ago. We are talking about the criminal crony class on both sides. “We the People” is all that matters not some crooked parties that have hijacked a government for the people by the people and of the people.

            • Mohammad

              No Greg, the GOP is not destroyed long time ago, that what they want you to think, “management of perspective politics” . Do not fall in the trap. GOP and all good representatives have limits to their ability to work and say it loud to the public, and again if for a second you think someone who evaded taxes for years and years is going to fix it then think again. I cannot say on the subject any more, it see you guys falling in the Clinton’s trap like butterflies attracted to fire thinking it is light.

              Time Will Tell


          • Tin foil hat

            You should really take off your tinfoil hat since it’s apparently leading you down the wrong track.

            The establishments, democrats and republicans, are the wolves in sheep clothing. Trump is the ram which have them scattered about, dropping their sheep clothing in panic. He singlehandedly exposes them for us to see that they work together to enslave us all.

            Think about this for a second, we put them in both houses to fight the tyranny of King Obama. They did NADA but went along with every single thing which Obama dictated.

            When that sinks in, perhaps you will finally stop babbling and lamenting about Trump destroying the GOP.

          • Chip

            Trump is a molotov cocktail on the entire political establishment, demoncrats included. the american public are seeing through the MSM lies and even if Trump loses he will has pulled back the curtain on the wizard of oz for all to see… Chip

          • Carrie Brown

            Mohammad, the re-pub’s aren’t destroyed. The power elite just got exposed by Trump and in their conceited anger and hubris exposed their own fraud further themselves, their nakedness for all the world to see. The only one’s truly lost are old lady society types who never take a moments notice of anything of political intrigue whatsoever anyways. But MoMo, the white male young and old are solidly behind the Trumpster. You got to remember nobody in all human history has taken as my votes as the Donald ever in taking the republican nomination and they will follow him thru hell and high water! Mark my words, Ya Ha Be Be darling~

            • Carrie Brown

              [thats as many votes] M.

        • Idaho Steve

          When Catherine Austin Fitts mentions many Trillions (With a T, not Billions with B) of dollars missing, that number is almost incomprehensible. I know that Donald Rumsfeld mentioned a few measly Billions of dollars missing the day before something hit the exact location in the Pentagon where accountants were working on answering that question. I don’t subscribe to her Report, perhaps there are more details there, but how on earth can such a large fraud be kept out of the public eye?

          • Greg Hunter

            Rumsfeld mentioned more that $2 trillion missing on 9/10/2001. Thank you for your comment!!

            • Idaho Steve

              Thanks for clarifying that, I was off by a few zero’s. They better start collecting repayments on those enlistment bonuses from the California National Guardsmen veterans so they can plug those holes. Absolutely horrifying.

              • Greg Hunter

                These are numbers reported by the government too!! Inflation and default here we come.

      • Tin foil hat

        Snow White,
        I was a Cruz supporter. I switched over to Trump because I don’t think Cruz understand that the dollar is a Ponzi scheme. If he tried to institute austerity to balance the budget and bring honesty back to our monetary system, he would bring about the second Great Depression.
        The dollar Ponzi needs to be unwinded slowly. I believe Trump knows what has to be done.

  33. Mike R

    Banks are closing 100’s of branches, when it needs to be thousands. This is the slow boil of a frog, caused by QE and these lethal levels of low interest rates.

    This has nothing to do with going “digital.”
    Banks are and have become completely criminal, useless squids, sucking up all capital and savings, and grifting off the backs of savers and investors. They now serve little socially redeeming purpose. They are greedy little siphoning spigots. The largest 5 in America, control everything financial, and possess super risk filled derivatives contracts that could blow a hole in the entire planets GDP for the next decade, with over $600 TRILLion in derivatives out there, that are interest rate based. These interest rate based contracts, are so totally sensitive to global interest rates, especially the Fed rate, that its absolutely impossible for the FED to raise rates any meaningful amount. I forecasted more than 2 years ago, that AT BEST, the Fed could move no more than 1/4 of a point per year. That has played out in spades, as the last time they raised rates was last December, and AT THE EARLIEST, they will not be raising rates this year until December. (most likely it will be past December, and no more than 1/4 point once again). Meanwhile in the face of all sorts of rising prices, that increases risks in the economy, in global equities, in commodities, as latent inflation continues to build in services that you need, while investors chase ever more risky asset classes just to get a tiny amount of yield, any yield, which distorts the perception of risk, creating tons more complacency. Massive deflation though persists in goods that are made, and fixed physical assets like houses, cars, etc. Its like the slow boil of a frog in warming water, that he gets used to the temperature that is increasing ever so modestly, until its too hot and then he just dies, never knowing when to jump out of the water. Slowly, then suddenly, death. That is what is going to happen to investors in all classes of assets…. bonds, equities, commodities, real estate (especially), slowly, suddenly, and then death. They just won’t see the signs of when to jump. Fitts is probably quite accurate about the rigging, and Trump would have to have more than a 10 point spread to overcome the rigging of the popular vote. The electoral college is another matter, and they can rig that all day long, causing chaos, dragged out lawsuits even, and the administration that is in control when the election is held, has proven to show no moral or ethical compass, which means they WILL in fact do whatever is possible to retain power. Remember this – Obama ALWAYS accuses others of what he is guilty of, or about to do. ALWAYS. Its the Alinsky model. He and Clinton are proteges. So when the question was asked IF TRUMP WILL ACCEPT THE ELECTION RESULTS (sort of like no matter what happens) what they are in fact indicating, is that 1) YES they are rigging the elections both at the voting booths, and absentee voting ballots, and 2) within the electoral college process. It is this level of arrogance, and hubris, that they are telegraphing the election result as a foregone conclusion, that they know no matter how the populace votes, they will in fact ordain HRC as the President. So they are not only taunting Trump, but they are flaunting it psychologically in the minds of would be Trump voters, that you can do absolutely nothing about their rigging. Its not just intimidation, but flaunting of corruption so very deep, so very unethical, so very absolute, that nobody can mess with them. That is the Alinsky gospel. It is a disease worse than cancer, as it spreads exponentially, once embedded in the system. The only way to eliminate it, is the system itself and their corrupt processes will have to collapse. Everyone will have to suffer. Everything will need to be wiped out. Even if somehow, by some miracle, Trump were to be in office in late January, the seeds of corruption are so embedded throughout DC and the world, it would take years to rid the system of this rot. These are the exact symptoms of a government that is in terminal decline. They are so far gone, that even they don’t see the path that they are on, is in fact terminal.

    • Paul ...

      Mike … from previous elections the most they rigged was about 15% … say they rig 25% this time (as their lives depend upon it) then we are definitely going to need “all” the Bernie Democrats to help save our country from the crooks on Wall Street, etc. … I hope they are listening here!!

  34. Janet Gaudiello

    Great interview. Mind control and chipping foretold by Nicholas Rockefeller to the director who passed away from bladder cancer. Absolutely true.
    My religious background is the same as yours. I agree with your take on the polls. All a lie. Independent Media on the computers points out the truth on the polls. Trump is ahead, ahead, ahead. Look at the difference on his thousands at his rallies, with thousands that have to be turned away, while Clinton’s may be 750, many paid to be there. Not to put you down but one TV news program that is legit is OANN, One American News Network, that I think is only offered by ATT as the cable provider. I might be wrong. They, like you, speak the truth.

    Prayer. We need Trump or America is lost.

    • frederick

      Aaron Russo yes thats correct He was a great patriot may he rest in peace

  35. DianaC

    This is the first time in years that I have ever agreed with CAF. She has finally woken up. Maybe things will turn out better than I thought.

  36. Tim

    Catherine Austin Fitts
    ~for President~

    • Diane

      Share Greg’s YouTube interview with Catherine today in all appropriate Facebook comments.
      Don’t listen to negative comments Watchdoggers. …this interview is got to be scaring the Hell out of you people who support Hillary or other foreign enemies.
      Good work Greg. Keep it up.

    • Janet Gaudiello

      You are absolutely correct. Aaron Russo. That video can easily be brought up where he is talking about his meetings with the Rockefeller family. He was a magnificent patriot. In my opinion, any person, any family, any group that demands control on other people such as the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Clintons, etc., is/are criminally insane.

      I intend to twitter every supporter of Daonald Trump as possible to pass this on.
      I also have emailed Donald Trump many, many times. Believe it or not, he has gottioen on those subjects emailed to him by me and I’m sure, thousands of other patriots.

  37. clare doll

    Dear Greg,
    I disagree with CAF — it isn’t about humans vs. livestock. It isn’t about being the chipped beef, its solely about being chipped period.
    We are already slaves. The citizens don’t want war and they don’t want economic collapse. Either be chipped or die. That will be it. You will become a better grade of livestock or you will die. No need for war and no need for economic collapse. The system will evolve into communism. How? Look at the Federal Reserve taking more and more power. First buy the mortgages and own everyone’s house. Then go for the stock market and own it. Once the government owns it all, you are the slave. To survive, you will do what you are told.
    At that point, there is no ranting on Greg’s show. Greg’s show won’t be around.

    • Paul ...

      I know how the evil ones think … they will put “exploding chips” into our brains … then any bad thought we have about our master will automatically blow our brains out!! … the Demon rats have already convinced (paid off) mothers to chip American children (supposedly to protect them from getting lost) … but do they “chip” illegal aliens? … no … that would be a violation of their human rights!

  38. Hugh Gibbs

    I’ve watched this lady numerous times in the past and this is the first time she has not spoken in circles and generalities. I agree that she is mostly correct with her insight and that she is spot on with Trump’s agenda.

    • jim c.

      Hugh, I agree with you , I almost fell off my chair when she actually answered one of greg`s questions with a yes or no. I thought for a long while she did not how to say no the words.

      • Lucas Doolin

        She also voted for Kasich in the Republican primary. She didn’t want Trump until after the second debate. That is a big miss.

  39. Radarnj

    wow Greg! We are so glad you have her on so soon. Each interview with Ms Fitts she has another point of view that really stops you and makes you think. I wonder what you think Greg, about her Area 54 trickle down tech and cell phone tower mind control? Be Blessed young man!

  40. Swami Don

    What comes after if Shillary is elected? Reasonable to expect some form of National Strike growing in crescendo with so many people rejecting the Dark Side, and Ms. Fitts idea about not paying taxes Taxes is certainly one aspect of that although she missed the opportunity to recommend putting withheld taxes into Gold and Silver instead of the governments pocket.

    • Faith

      Why do you think that the labor force participation rate shows that 90 to 110 million Amercians have “given up” looking for a job? Maybe. And maybe not. Perhaps some of them have opted out of feeding the beast and are laying low, or have gone Galt. They may be waiting for when times are more favorable and have positioned themselves so that they are able to opt out of the labor market. That describe me, perfectly. I will never be an employee, again. Ever. Will I run a business? Sure. As long as I can make a decent profit / ROI.

      It is good to see more people rejecting the dark side, by the way!

      • Paul ...

        Obama and Hillary figure if they send the rest of our jobs overseas with their trade deals … 320 million Americans will “give up” looking for a job … Hillary could thus claim her policies have resulted in “zero unemployment” … and Hillary will be stumping for “a second term in office” telling Americans of “her great achievement” of “zero unemployment” by putting them all “out of work” … except the open border illegals who work off the books!

  41. Janet G.

    Can you tell me this. My home mortgage was originally owned by Washington Mutual. It went out of business and was taken over by Wells Fargo. I paid my mortgage off in 12 years. It was 2006. I received a letter from Wells Fargo which didn’t seem to state anything much. I have dutifully paid my taxes every year in November. Do I have anything to concern myself about. If so, can anyone tell me what I should do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Janet G. Go to your county property tax department and look up your property and see if there are liens on the property. Good place to start.

  42. Outrageous transparent lies

    Dr Paul Craig Roberts WE ALL MIGHT BE DEAD SOON

    • Paul ...

      I’m sure Trump knows the depth of the cesspool in Washington … and the 30 or so Agency “heads” that must be removed (as they have been removing Christian heads) … Dr. Roberts should provide Trump with a list of his own dirty neocons … just to make sure we get them all … term limits should do alot to break-up the engrained neocon cabals that control various sectors of our government!!

  43. Robert Lykens

    As this age winds down and the darkness gathers, I ask myself, what is there that’s in my power to do about it?
    – Ensure my relationship with my God. He could have let me be born at any point in history; he chose me – and you – for “such a time as this”. Christians are the light of the world. Be the light to show others to God.
    – Prep. For yourself, your family and your neighbors. And don’t forget the guns & ammo.
    – Get in shape. Be ready to defend your home.
    – Get out of debt. Deny the government and banks any reason to come for you.
    – Mend fences with your family. Man up and make the first move. Make certain that you have spoken these words to your wife and children: “I love you.”

    • Paul ...

      We have the power to vote for Trump … and the power to save the 2nd Amendment … thus doing God’s work … notice how ISIS only chops off the heads of “unarmed Christians” … and why McCain, Obama and Hillary are so intent on “taking away our guns” (as they ship in thousands of ISIS terrorists here to America)??

    • JC Davis

      Robert You are one that God created to make him smile… Be content with what he is causing you to do.

    • JC Davis
      I put a gun in my mouth because I thought things would not get better. The maker stopped me twice( I am hard headed) He said two times -If you are going to kill yourself GIVE yourself. I realized my brains would be on the wall if He did not stop me twice. A dead man can do no wrong, A dead man has no needs, All that we are is what God wants US. He did not create us to make us happy?? He created us to make him happy . You likely already know these things. I just wanted too share. My new pastor.

      • aussie jeff

        Jc Davis……… you my brother,
        The Light of God overcame your darkness!!! All praise to Him.

      • MCasey

        JC Davis….Glad you’re still here….I enjoy your comments… have a lot to contribute!

    • Faith

      RL: Amen to everything you said.

  44. Robert Lykens

    Last week:
    12 countries
    11 suicide blasts
    49 attacks
    576 killed
    891 injured

    Since 9/11:
    29519 terror attacks

  45. Kevin

    All the signs are pointing to the GOP losing what was a winnable election. Instead the party is in disarray, hijacked by uncompromising dogmatism. It has become the party of intransigence and negativity. The party of No, eschewing moderation and compromise. The civil war within the party will continue for years if it continues to ignore demographic changes; the majority-minority trend and the power of the millennial vote.

    Trump’s claim that there is widespread voter fraud is bogus. He is trotting out excuses for losing against a flawed candidate. There is no credible evidence to back up his fraud claim. The Brennan Center, and other reliable independent studies, debunk the voter fraud myth:

    Pew Research found 24 million invalid or inaccurate voter registrations and clerical errors. More than 1.8 million dead people were listed as voters and approximately 2.75 million people were registered in more than one state. The report recommended that state registration systems need to be upgraded. The report, however, did not cite any evidence of significant voter fraud. There is very little evidence to back up the statement that dead people voted or that people registered in two states voted twice. Pew did point out that at least 51 million citizens are eligible but not registered to vote, and we should be concerned about that. We should also be concerned about gerrymandering along with imposing term limits on congress.

    Many people lack knowledge or posses low information about the system, and it is easy to ascribe and spread malevolence borne of conspiratorial thinking and ignorance. Ask why many of Trump’s supporters still believe in the birther conspiracy?

    Biases and prejudices exist not just in MMS but also on internet blogs of all political persuasions. I’m reminded of the FDR quote: “Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.”

    • Robert G

      Right on Kevin..Good points.

    • Paul ...

      Keven … notice how our education system has been “dumbed down” to less then a third world country … while we spend more money on education then any other nation in the world?? … here is another example of rigging!! … as for the GOP … they never wanted Trump in their mist … he is an Independent Party candidate (smartly just using the GOP to make himself into a major party candidate) … and they are furious!! … we need a “smart man” to defeat these neocons!

      • Kevin

        Don’t’ disagree, we spend more money on education then any other nation in the world but we bottom of the league results. Perhaps we should study why many countries do better on the educational front than we do. We throw money at education (and health) without evaluation and accountability.
        Trump is an opportunist who is tagging on the disaffection of predominantly white blue collar supporters who are a bit older, less educated and earn less than the average Republican. About half are between 45 and 64 years of age and half of his voters have a high school education or less. An independent he is not, more like a alt-right nationalist.

    • Lucas Doolin

      You are wrong.

    • Joe Doekes


      Those Who Make Revolution Impossible Will Make Violent Revolution Inevitable!

      Think about that Kev and lets pray Trumps wins fair and square! Because Ms. Clinton certainly wont!

      • Kevin

        The sentence,” Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” comes from JFK’s Address on the first Anniversary of the Alliance for Progress March 13, 1962.
        The meaning of the quote needs to be appreciated within the context of the address:

        We are a constitutional republic, and the vast majority of citizens believe in change through the democratic processes and the ballot box. The election system and methods may not be perfect, but it is overwhelmingly “fair and square” as far the evidence is concerned. If you believe the election system and methods need to be changed or abuses have occurred, do so through substantiated argument, facts that stand up to the scrutiny of rationality and the law.

    • Carrie Brown

      Trump’s claim that there is widespread voter fraud is bogus?
      This should enlighten you and yet this is in your face truth you just cannot deny! Trump’s up against the biggest south American way of rigging elections in the north ever thought possible, in the home of the brave and misinformed and you sir need to wake up and smell the sulfur! Check this evil out!

      • Kevin

        Read my above response to Joe.
        Spare me your “wake up and smell the sulfur” remark!

  46. Kim

    Perspective: We must humble ourselves by casting all our cares on God. The real enemy, the devil seeks to destroy all of us.

    Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. 1Peter 5:6 NIV

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the CAF interview, love the interview of YOU on the gold subscriber and having the USA watchdog app! You are definitely a busy bee!! You are greatly appreciated and respected!!!

    • Paul ...

      However … lets not be so humble that we sit back and don’t vote on November 8th … thus allowing Hillary to bring ISIS here in huge numbers to chop off our heads … or to eventually build big arenas where Christians can be thrown to the lions once more … as Saturday night entertainment … for the Demon rat masses who think the sport of football and Hocky are too tame for their muderous instincts !!


    I have been referring to Trump as the “Monkey Wrench”, like when “the machine” is running wildly out of control and needs to be stopped Right Now! You just throw in the monkey wrench and pick up the pieces later.

  48. Kim

    I travel throughout the state of Michigan for my job. I rarely see any Hillary signs. I do see a ton of Trump signs, even homemade ones! The few Hillary signs are mostly in the Detroit area.

    The following CAF quote from her site is so true!
    It’s Fiction, Folks! Catherine, Daily Musings, News & Commentary on October 19, 2016 at 3:10 pm

    Believe your own eyes, ears and instincts. You are sane. That is the source of unending irritation to the folks trying to get you to obey and consume. Ain’t nothing they can do about it but ramp the volume higher until it fails completely.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Kim for your street level reporting from Michigan!!!

    • Mike R

      There are no signs here in Illinois either. At least none for President. Both candidates are so bad, people are embarrassed to show support for either, or they are simply scared it will invite violence by stating who you support. We live in a world where you can’t state the truth, without 1) offending someone 2) getting your head ripped off by invective 3) hearing people whine about how bad their own situation is 4) being largely drowned out by the lies.

      We are long beyond good old fashioned things that hold true forever, such as 1) accountability 2) responsibility 3) respect for others 4) humility 5) gratefulness, 6) kindness to others 7) praying for our own salvation, 8) patience. Everything that is inherently good and requires lots of hard work, is mocked, or slammed, or snubbed. Everything else has to be a media sensation, and over-hyped to get any amount of attention. We are into way too much hero worship, for nearly all the wrong things. We over-hype basic acts (good samaritan’s) saying ‘so and so is a hero’ when in reality the person is probably doing what any reasonably responsible and decent person would or should do, to help someone else. We act like those things are so rare. Everything else that is just noise, is recorded as a selfie, or posted on FB as cries for ‘look how great I am !’ So given all of that, which is mostly about superficial ‘image’, its not surprising that there are no Presidential signs out on lawns. The naive, morally blind, and ethically hopeless will vote for hillary. Those who want the corrupt system to be blown up, will vote for Trump. Neither represents any sort of solution.

      • Faith

        Chin up! At least Trump is a true patriot and loves this country. The same cannot be said for Clinton, who is for sale to the highest bidder.

        Do not lose hope. Hope is the last bastion of the free.

        • Tin foil hat

          I saw Trump hugging the flag like a child clinging on the skirt of his mother during one of his rallies.
          Hillary and Obama will never do that instinctively.

        • DBCooper

          Faith I was sorry to learn of your recent illness and I am glad you are mending. Thank you for the tutorial about fiber … we immediately searched out fiber charts and printed one for reference. Two hogs slaughtered/butchered /cut and wrapped and the hams and bacons are all smoked and waiting to be wrapped and frozen. I’ll bet all those back-slidden muslims are salivating just thinking about all that luscious bacon ready to be eaten!!
          Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

          • Faith

            DB: things happen! I survived for a reason.

            It is mundane to speak about something as simple as how much fiber is in your diet but people are not educated about this necessary dietary item! I actually thought I was informed about nutrition and health. I was not! I was completely ignorant and uninformed about fiber! My GI surgeon game me an excellent poster that listed all of the foods that have (or do not have) fiber. I had no idea. I was completely ignorant about how much fiber I needed to consume and which food contained fiber. I was clueless.

            The cheapest form of fiber (and protein) comes from dried beans! Almost equal amounts of fiber and protein, easy to store, and not expensive. Bob’s Red Mill 13 bean soup mix: (from the nutrition label) Dietary Fiber: 12 g and Protein: 13 g from 1/4 cup dried! I now just soak beans overnight in the fridge so they are ready to put in a small crockpot. I add onions and garlic and spices and a piece of bacon and some stock. Easy meal to reheat. Bob’s Redmil also has old fashioned steel cut oatmeal which is excellent and not expensive. It takes 20 minutes to cook and actually tastes good.

            This is a hidden disease. People are embarrassed to talk about it. Diverticulitis is caused by not enough fiber in the diet, not enough exercise.

            The fall air is invigorating. The leaves are beautiful.

            DB, you are blessed! Take care and thank you for the kinds words (and prayers!)

      • Carrie Brown

        Mike R,

        Could you give us any intentions of Trump; You quote: Those who want the corrupt system to be blown up, will vote for Trump. [Any proof? Mike R]

        • Paul ...

          Trumps intentions follow: …

          • Paul ...

            Only 14 days to Freedom America … and a return to our Constistutional Principles … I can’t wait … you will see … God has our back!!

  49. john duffy

    Deplorables Unite

  50. Diane

    Can you verify this.
    I just read it and am shocked!

    Washington Post turns against Hillary

    • Robert G

      Diane …Garbage…Lies…Can’t believe the junk on the net sometimes.

  51. JC Davis

    C. A. Fitts The same response happened to me when Trump said he would jail her. I got up and voted for him the next day base on that statement. I don’t believe my vote will matter because of the past rigged elections, but I voted out of principal.

  52. jon

    An absolutely outstanding interview which in my opinion surpassed any of the great previous ones . Superlative. The most important one you have ever conducted .
    Thank you Greg .

    • Katherine A Law

      Absolutely! Couldn’t agree with you more. She’s brilliant.

  53. Jason Mowbry

    Interesting BBC documentary on US election

  54. Jason Mowbry

    As long as Saudi Arabia sell oil in US dollars they are untouchable. Does the war in Yemen get much coverage in America?

    • Joe Doekes


  55. Tad

    “With the exponential growth in debt since 2006, we could very well see the final destruction of the currencies in the next 5-7 years. And if the debt doesn’t cause the collapse, the $1.5 quadrillion of derivatives will as counterparties fail.”

    Quote from Egon Von Greyherz in today”s King World News piece.

    Extremely difficult to see how this goes on another 5-7 years. Catherine concedes as much on the counterparties issue. If the Fed continues monetizing the banks derivatives exposure, then I suppose this becomes drawn out until the inevitable.

    Within the NWO scheme, the intervening years becoem an excuse for depopulation all the while the governments PR insists the status quo is workable.

    • Jason Mowbry

      And the really worrying thing is that the debt that must be defaulted on at some stage, one way or another, is somebody’
      s asset. When the bond market gets wiped out pension funds and banks holding bonds as an asset will surely go bust. The fact that interest rates are near centuries long lows must give some indication of the size of the bubble.

  56. FreeOregon

    Expect Trump to have an accident or assassination. They won’t let him enter the White House.

  57. Edmund Dantes

    ask yourself….. what are YOU prepared to Do about it?

  58. 8Ball

    Hillary short-circuits… shows her true Persona.

  59. JC Davis

    Greg I missed what she said they have in common speaking of the banks. 32:30 mark. The video skipped. What did she say the banks have in common?

    • JC Davis

      Kicking the can has become kicking the tab of the can. unless your can steal a few billion , and have the MSM cover for you.Trouble ahead.

    • Hatemail

      Click on the ( CC ) for subtitles in the lower right hand corner and the conversation is typed out for you. It is imperfect as voice recognition has a way to go especially when interpreting slang. It does help though.

      • jc

        Thanks Hatemail.

  60. JC Davis

    WOW Greg this was the best interview I have seen all year. CA Fitts was so informative, and at the end I ask myself, What separate’s a conservative from a liberal- ( Not a thing) none of us want the RFID chip.

  61. Bill Sulcs

    Great interview, I can’t help but feel that this collusion and fraud goes a lot further than most people believe. Were you aware that the Prime ministers of Australia and New Zealand are both ex Goldman Sachs? That would be John Keys NZ and Malcolm Turnbull AUS and don’t forget Mario Draghi in the EU.

    • Anthony Australia

      As Gerald Celente keeps saying;

      “The White Shoe Club & Goldman Sachs Gang”

  62. Gastric Wash

    Only in the USA can a person lie, then get caught lying, refute that he ever said those things and then lie on top of that, and still have a massive amount of supporters.

    There has been a major breakdown in US society, and this is how Rome fell from within.
    People have become so complacent that they alone are the root of their own destruction.

    But if you run a red light, watch out, you are a criminal.

  63. susan

    CAF and you, Greg, are the top of the best.

  64. Laura

    Remember a couple of months ago when Turkey aligned with Russia?
    Now, the Philippines are pivoting towards China! Listen the radio broadcasts!!

    The US is losing its influence left and right!

  65. Walter Baumgarten

    Wow Greg, this girl is awesome! She is absolutely brilliant and we should all take heed to what she warns us of. If you would like proof, well just listen again to where she states that if we are going to fix the system we need engineers and not lawyers! When was America at it finest? Why when engineers ran the systems during WWII to create a nation that produced sufficient arms and munitions to defeat the Axis juggernaut. It was unfortunate of course that this complex was later taken over by accountants and lawyers to become what it is today, but it was built by engineers to solve the problem at hand at the time. And pay special heed to her warnings of being microchipped for it is the ultimate desire for those who need total control over the masses as cellphones can be turned off, not carried or never purchased in the first place. I love this woman and still hold a grudge that she is not the candidate for the first female president of our nation because SHE is the most capable candidate by far. Thanks for the great work once again Greg, you are the best!

    • Paul ...

      Walt … you are right … if we are going to have a women President … she must be of sound mind and emotionally stable … not a loony tune like Hillary who goes into rampages … we can’t allow Hillary to have her hand on the red button ! …

    • Frederick

      Walter you are correct but as far as I can see 99.9 percent of people are succumbing to the I phone craze so they are pretty much self controlling many without even realizing what they are doing to themselves The destruction they cause is immense in my opinion Just say NO to them We survived without them didnt we My wife has a ten year old phone which works just fine

  66. Cliven Barrister

    Widespread DNS Attack on US Internet Most Probable Cause and Non-cause
    Posted on October 22, 2016 by State of the Nation

    SOTN subscribes to the notion that virtually all major Internet attacks that are highly publicized are the work of the intelligence agencies and law enforcement. The NSA, CIA, DIA, and FBI have the capabilities to take down the Internet in the blink of an eye. They also have the motive, and there are many. The Wikileaks email dump is just one that contains tones of “radioactive material”.

    What follows are just a couple of layman explanations for the latest outage cause by the massive DNS attacks throughout the USA. Both of them make sense, and are by no means mutually exclusive. Thanks to both Counter Analysis and Thoth for their perceptive analyses.

  67. Cliven Barrister

    If an enemy of yours had threatened your life and you walked in on him standing on a chair with a rope around his neck, is there any need to shoot him?

    No outside threat is coming to destroy you in America. There is no need for it. The USG relies on keeping the public in fear of outside threats, not only to keep the attention off of themselves, but so the public will continue rushing to the government to protect them.

    In reality, the American politicians and their money-changer puppet masters have destroyed America all on their own.

    Russia has given the USG a number of opportunities to cooperate on different issues, but the belligerent USG refuses to cooperate. Instead, they threaten to shoot down Russian planes in Syria, they violated the INF treaty by installing missile launch pads in Romania, they sponsored a coup on Russia’s borders and then blamed Russia for it, they impose illegal economic sanctions on Russia and operate US naval vessels in the Baltic Sea 30 miles off Russia’s coast.

    If Russia didn’t retaliate after all of these real threats, why would they attack after being childishly threatened with “cyber terrorism”??

  68. Duke Kahanamoku

    Undercover Activist: New Video Targeting Clinton, DNC Coming … Dead Or Alive
    .. bought and paid for the Clinton campaign …
    by Jack Davis October 22, 2016 at 11:54am

    Just Spoke With Project Veritas. They Said the next Videos to be released are NUCLEAR. It will pull the last pillar down on a corrupt house. Joe Biggs

  69. Duke Kahanamoku

    Trump Promises A Rebirth Of ‘Opportunity’ & ‘Honesty’ In Gettysburg Speech
    “… the kind of change that only arrives once in a lifetime.”
    by Jack Davis October 22, 2016 at 11:20am

    “On Nov. 8, Americans will be voting on this 100-day plan to restore prosperity to our country, secure our communities and (restore) honesty to our government,”

  70. Charles Turner

    Greg, thank you for getting CAF on your show. Here level of intelligence is breathtaking.

    I live in the UK an was firmly in the Brexit camp. The polls showed right to the end that the Remain would win. We even had a Member of Parliament who supported Remain murdered a couple of weeks before the vote, which looked like it would finish of Brexit for good as the Remainers used this to gain more sympathy and paint the Brexiteers as racist and dangerous. And unlike the American I think our pollsters were genuine and more concerned with getting accurate results. What happened in the UK was a large section of the electorate kept their thoughts to themselves. They would be shouted down as stupid and racist if they voted for Brexit, so they said they were for Remain, but voted Brexit. I imagine that Trump has a base of people who wont say in public they support him, one because it goes against what is on the box every night and two because of what he has said about women.
    In the UK, an online Populus poll, the last conducted before voting began, gave Remain a 10-point lead, 55 to 45, its strongest performance in days. Up until that point online polls had swayed towards Brexit. On the day of the vote Brexit won by 52% to 48% so a 14% difference from a poll conducted 24 hours before.
    what may have been different in the UK was that a number of Newspapers that were against Brexit changed in the last two to three weeks. Maybe they saw that they were fighting against the electorate. However, I believe we had honest pollsters who are more your geeky, old fashioned market researchers, so the two may balance out. It will be interesting to see whether any of your press start reporting a little more on Hilary’s short comings before the election or stick firm to the narrative. A week in politics is a long time. 15 days is huge.

  71. Joe Doekes

    Fox Host: Trump Has Put ‘Corrupt’ Democrats On Defensive
    “… he’s dominating the airwaves …”
    Jack Davis October 22, 2016 at 10:23am
    “The Democratic Party had to replace their three top officers because they rigged an election against Bernie Sanders, The reason for the change was that “they’re totally and absolutely corrupt.”

    • Paul ...

      Hey Bernie voters … take your revenge by voting for “Independent” Candidate Trump!!

      • Paul ...

        If you don’t … Hillary will soon be throwing Christian Republicans here in America to the lions (ISIS terrorists she is arming and importing here by the tens of thousands) and then when she runs out of ‘unarmed” Christian Republicans she will start throwing “unarmed” Bernie Democrats to the lions!!

  72. helot

    Dear Mr. Greg Hunter,

    Do you think I wasted my time by responding to the comments on your Friday blog post?

    I spent a tremendous amount of time learning some things, and wished to pass some of it along, was it in vain?

    While we (all) may disagree on some things (even minimal goobermint does not work, it always enslaves and destroys) and misunderstand one another, I do wish we can all learn from each other as we strive towards more liberty. …We are All striving towards More liberty, aren’t we? And, loving/respecting one another? The two (three?) go hand in hand, don’t they?

    It really freaks me out how many people around us are embracing the cloaking of, the priest in white robes with stethoscopes, while striving/lusting towards less Liberty, and towards hatred and war – Power and Control – it’s as if they are dunking their heads in a bucket of yucky stuff, while pretending we don’t notice and thinking that it all smells pretty and the girls will like them. Then they all act, high and mighty, and self-righteous-like as they ignore the true state of the world around them as they rally to snuff the life out of every thing and every one. They are the Borg? ‘They’ are on the left, and on the right. They are one, with the Apparatus, a.k.a. the machinery.

    The challenge is – not to fight – rather it is, to turn a Borg, into a human being.

    A zombie, into a human being.

    Once, ‘Mass Man’ becomes a human being, only then does the empire of ZomBlobZilla, become humane?
    I don’t know, I’m just a simple man with a (pardon me) hope, and a belief in liberty, trying to do what is right in a world, gone mad.

    i used to be inspired by a good natured bumper sticker which said, ‘ Love People – make them tasty food’ until I realized, that could be read two ways. A person with a black heart could read that the wrong way.

    Are we surrounded by more black hearts, than hearts of red?

    The result of an election won’t answer that question.

    A vote for Trump or Hitlery [Hillary Struck the Match – When children Were burned alive at Waco.] will Not, ‘keep the “Portal of Hell” closed and not allow the Evil Demons into our World!!’

    Politicians are not gods. Libido Dominandi – (that’s a part of a title to an article written by James Tonkowich , btw. Libido Dominandi: St. Augustine and the Lust for Domination).

    I know you say to, ‘never give up’ however; and in spite of the good manners I experienced while shopping at WalMart in the morning, a whole nother world emerges when I shop at WalMart on a Friday or Saturday night. I’m leaning towards what Fred Reed wrote in his article, Ronald McDonald or Lucretia Borgia?: In the Long Run, We Are all Dead – October 22, 2016.

    ‘We live in a dying culture and, soon, a diminished country. It cannot be saved.’

    Maintaining pockets of culture and manners as best we can, seems like there’s all that’s left, no matter who wins the election.

    • Paul ...

      “Love People – make them tasty food” … was probably the bumper sticker put on all those Toyota’s the US dropped off to the terrorists in Syria!
      Now ISIS loves Christians (the same way Hillary does) … they eat their hearts!

  73. G. Bethel

    Wikileaks: Bill Clinton Accepted ‘Expensive Gifts’ From CGI Donors
    “… 500 different examples of things like this.”
    by Jeff Neukom October 22, 2016 at 7:42am

  74. Anthony Australia

    Right in your face.

  75. Gina M Mancarella

    There is nothing wrong with microchipping. Everyone will be microchipped by 2018. It is how Hillary’s presidency will clamp down on fraud by ensuring all financial transactions are properly vetted and reviewed. It will be the means to a drug free society. Wake up America ! Lets focus on the real enemies of our nation.

    • Greg Hunter

      Gina = Troll. How much do they pay you? By the way, USAW is flattered you think we are important enough for your thought shaping attempts.

    • Frederick

      Clintons and drug free in the same sentence thats very ironic I would say

    • Paul ...

      Hey Gina … once you are microchipped … are you (like Hillary) going to leave your chip “unsecured” so we can hack into it … and detonate the hidden thermite micro-bomb the government attached to every chip?

    • Jerry

      Over my dead body! Bring on government slug.

  76. jawnee logik

    Some interesting statements made regarding the “payment of taxes.”

    News Flash! Go to and learn the truth about the Federal income tax. I double-dog dare ya! I’m also betting you will like what you learn, that is if you are a net payer and not a government, tit sucking leach.

  77. Chip

    Greg, best CAF interview you’ve had with her ever. Awesome… Chip


    Not enough people is talking about GeoEngineering! Why? Do we want to be inhaling REFLECTIVE PARTICALS?! You can have all the money you want in this world but you can not injoy it without good health!
    I saw the movie CLIMATE HUSTLE. I was very upset afterwards about the fact that nowhere in the movie did it come out talking about GeoEngineering! GeoEngineering is a result from this “CLIMATE HUSTLE” POLITICAL SCAM! Where politicians go door to door asking: Excuse me sir/ma’am we are with so and so(a representative) and we would like to know if you are willing to help us fight climate change?(A natural phenomenon that’s been happening for thousands of years!) And people WITHOUT A CLUE give money. They collect billions like Al Gore tricking people into thinking that the Statute of Liberty was going to have water up to her eyeballs by the year of 2013 and using that sad and fake picture of that bear floating on a thin little piece of ice out in the middle of the ocean! It’s 2016 and the Statute of Liberty doesn’t even have water touching hers toes! They made billions and are like “WHAT ARE WE NOW GOING TO DO WITH ALL THIS MONEY TO “SHOW” THAT WE ARE FIGHTING CLIMATE CHANGE?”(It was Global Warming not Climate Change at that time) Airplanes then get rigged with spray nozzles and tanks get loaded and filled with stupidity! Al Gore is back into the States with Killery talking about Climate Change AGAIN wanting to SCAM some more!
    I have been learning about these SPRAYING PROGRAMS for years now and I have been calling them a SOPHISTICATED GENOCIDE!
    My life has been on hold since the awakening to such STUPID spraying programs! Long enough to see the damn alphabet change! SRM solar radiation management, SAG strataspheric aerasol geoengineering, aka WEATHER WARFARE!
    We now have: SAI strataspheric aerasol INJECTION! Yep, another alphabet change! Where the STUPID director of the CIA; JOHN BRENNAN was on national news ADVOCATING for SAI just a Month ago! SAI is the deployment of sprayed REFLECTIVE PARTICALS in the air to make fake clouds! Like I said, do you want to inhale REFLECTIVE PARTICALS? How about your children whilst their on that playground playing? Do we want them inhaling REFLECTIVE PARTICALS into their delicate lungs? Where/When does this insanity AND DEATH FROM GEOENGINEERING STOP? It stops when we go after those that want to spray!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please google: Birds falling out of the sky like raindrops! Due to GeoEngineering it didn’t just happen in one City, it happened in 36 different cities at the time CIA John Wheeler was wathching. He, John Wheeler, also saw the sickness from we the people down wind, he saw the deer, momma deer laying next to all her baby’s on mountain tops all dead from GeoEngineering, He saw the fish washing up onto the shores by the hundreds of thousands from the STUPID SPRAYING PROGRAMS! He, CIA John Wheeler, had saw enough! He then went to the Pentagon and was seen threatening to come forward about all the death from GeoEngineering if GeoEngineering did NOT come to a stop!
    CIA John Wheeler was MURDERED to keep quiet and his family was spared the “mystery” of not knowing what happened to him when his body was seen sliding out of a dumptruck into the nearby landfill! The Pentagon sicopaths knew people would listen to the founder/funding of the Vietnam Memorial Wall John Wheeler and they couldn’t let that happen!
    The “SECRET” spraying programs aka SOPHISTICATED GENOCIDE is done in the name of national security to fight Global Warming! No, wait, that bullshit didn’t work, it’s now changed to Climate Change!
    If you think GeoEngineering isn’t something to worry about think on this! GEOENGINEERING KILLED THE ARTIST KNOWN AS PRINCE!
    Prince knew about the sinister spraying programs and in some of his songs, he actually would sing about them! He was AGAINST them also and in the end it is what killed him! For five days straight BEFORE and ON the day of Prince’s Concert they were spraying their crap here in Atlanta Georgia! The spraying was so heavy, I did not go out and stayed inside with airfilter systems! The blue sky could not be seen the whole time! When Prince’s private jet took off after the Concert was over, NASA Satellite show his jet was directed into the MIST! Prince could not finish his 45 minute flight home because of “Flu Like Symptoms” after flying into the MIST! It was a mistery for so long concerning his death! No mistery to me! They FINALLY came out and said it was due to drugs. If it was due to drugs they’d know on day two, or day three if not on day ONE!
    And finally, Does anybody know about the 20 passingers who got sick after smelling something sweet on a Spirit Airplane leaving Atlanta to LA maybe 4-days ago? I, here in Atlanta, saw that they were spraying their crap on that day also! That Spirit airplane was directed into the MIST just like Prince’s private jet was!
    It you want to join me and millions in this fight against the spraying of REFLECTIVE PARTICALS you can contact me at: [email protected] Put “REFLECTIVE PARTICALS” under subject!
    If ANYBODY knows where CIA Director John Brennan will be at next ADVOCATING for SAI again,(as if it’s not already happening) then PLEASE CONTACT ME WITH THAT INFORMATION so We The People can take real good care of his ass!

  79. Jeff Warre

    We all know by now that the whole financial system is rigged and the whole world lives off credit. Anyone that is left with mortgage payments, car payments, etc. will become slaves to the government. I was at the car dealer the other day just to look but not buy, just to get idea on pricing. It was very crowded, and about every 10 minutes they would announce that Mr. or Mrs. so and so your new car is ready. I overheard payments of $400, $500, $600 a month. The people who are not paying any attention to the information that is out there, will be in a big “hurt locker” when this all comes to and end. I am not well to do, but certain people in my family and I have been planning and educating ourselves for many years now and should be able to survive for quite awhile. How much food, ammo, water, silver/gold and supplies will we need, I have no idea. We just keep adding and rotating stock.
    I pray that there will be enough of us out there that will be able to survive all of this, and TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY! If you want a European run country, than move to Europe!
    God Bless Greg Hunter and all of the other people out there who are giving out life saving information, but be ready because it will be very ugly for a long while.

    God Bless,

  80. Hatemail

    Trillions of dollars missing and she says, ” I have no idea of where it’s going”.
    Hiding that much money under the carpet would leave quite a noticeable bulge to trip over. What say you? What a bucket of crap!

  81. foggygoggles

    A head’s up–do NOT vote early. It will let the criminals know the degree to which they have to rig the vote.

    • Laura

      Early on election day?. Or, absentee voting kinda early?

      • foggygoggles

        I’m personally dropping my ballot off at the county on election day. If that isn’t practical, Monday would be the latest I would suggest. If you wait until Tuesday, it’s possible it won’t get postmarked that day, and your vote will not be counted.

    • Tin foil hat

      Hmmmm, I never thought of that possibility. I have a closed friend who pass away a few weeks ago. I’m thinking about doing something he would want me to do.

      • foggygoggles

        Fighting fire with fire works for me………

  82. Laura

    For those who didn’t catch this interview… here’s Greg Hunter on JSMineset!

    Greg, Thanks again for all you’ve done for us!!

  83. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Deep down a little unwelcome voice tells me the reason Americans still bank at these crooked institutions is because they trust the corrupt and mean over the good. I still remember Pres. Carter’s fireside chats, taking personal phone calls. The callers began, “My last government check was 50 cent short…” or some such. Do we even see the labels in our clothes, on our tires? Is that what it all amounts to? “Mr. President, what can you do about my July check?”
    Now, I am a senior and we live on these SS checks, with part time work…we’re 69. I have great sympathy for my compatriots who depend on them…a system chosen for us before we were born.
    But, honestly, I don’t get a populace that has ten minutes to actually talk person to person with the president and chooses the topic of their check from the government being a little short that month.
    I hope the little voice is wrong, “Get thee behind me…” I’m hoping the general population is realizing the world is bigger…that their grandchildren might be drafted and die in the Middle East over oil pipelines and it will be partly THEIR FAULT. Not enough of us care where our money calls ‘home’, or how we spend it….as long as things stay cheap and the gas keeps us rolling.

  84. truth seeker

    From YouTube:

  85. Bill

    WOW GREG: CAF has everybody on the soap box today. If Hillary gets the nod on 8 nov, Maybe CAF could be the head of a movement to demonstrate our discontent. We are going to need someone to step to the front and assume leadership of a movement. Someone once said. ” if we don’t hang together, we will all hang separately. I nominate Fitts and Hunter for leaders

    • Mohammad

      CAF was in Bush admin ….. Not all that glitters is gold.


      • Greg Hunter

        Cheap Shot Mohammad. You don’t know Fitts and what she has gone through from the Deep State. They tried to kill her many times, and tried to bankrupt her for trying to expose and stop the fraud.

        • Mohammad

          No Greg,

          It is not a cheap shot. Serious threat to the establishment do not get a chance.
          She likes The idea of moving the money from the public sector to the private sector and that is exactly what Mr. global (she alway pretends to dislike) is doing.
          Listen to her carefully and pick on the nuances then you will see what i see.


          • Greg Hunter

            We’ll have to agree to disagree. Thank you for your comment.

  86. diane

    Greg, thousands of people in North Carolina are over 110 years old and registered to vote.
    Watchdoggers… will be very prudent to ask for paper ballots if you see voting machines made in the UK…..SMARTMATIC is the company name….company owned and controlled by the evil George Soros!
    Please alert you friends who are voting for Trump.

  87. Bill

    GREG; I recently watched a program on tv where they were showing how a cashless system is working in Kenya. Debit cards only, through your cell phone. It would appear that the neocons are getting the bugs worked out of the system there in Kenya before they bring it to us.

  88. vincent_g


    The Duck connection.

    Want to send them a strong message – tell everyone you know not to go to Disney Land.

    That will let them know not to mess with the election!

    Doesn’t matter if they had anything to do with it or not.

  89. Mohammad


    Why England is supplying voting machines to 16 states including swinging states yet when those bastards bailed out of the EU (Brexit) they went papers?

    What is the point of jumping up and down crying rigged rigged..when the simplest thing is not done and that is going F@#%ing papers..?


  90. Westen

    Guys we need to pray for O’Keefe he is bringing stop to the for front for us and to also help Donald Trump we need to pray for each and everyone one that is fighting evil especially our men and women fighting for us to be able to have out freedom on Mr hunter’s site as I feel like me hunter was sent from our heavenly Father to help us help each other in love each and every one of you on this site in the name of Jesus Christ amen

  91. Westen

    Guys and gals I feeled compelled to say that this election is so much to each and everyone of us listen I wanna continue on in my life reaching for my goals and through our Lord and savior I have so far but I’m 36yrs old and feel like I’m getting ready to be kicked off of the mountain unless we go to our heavenly Father for help my father and Greg believe in them so please help me and our brothers and sisters rise up to this and stand tall don’t give in to the temptation let’s go out with a bang

    • Jerry

      I’ve got your six covered. Like Jimmy “V” said about cancer. It (in this case the globalist) can kill my body but it can’t kill my mind, or my spirit. Hang in there. The darkest hour is just before sunrise. Stay around long enough to see it, and keep praying.

  92. ConcernedAmericanDad

    Project Veritas – Parts I & II • Rigging the Election – Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies•-rigging-the-election-video-i-clinton-campaign-and-dnc-incite-violence-at-trump-rallies/

  93. Hill

    I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning when I hit your website and saw another CAF interview! She is one of the sharpest tacks on your bulletin board. And so are you!


  94. Cole

    Greg- this is off topic but wanted your viewers to be aware of it and to send link to family and friends as it has not yet to my knowledge been reported in msm.

    A white girl at Temple Univ was beaten by a flash mob of blk teenagers. I could not get article to load but it can be found at the Dailymail site.

    I hope your readers will send it out to their friends and family. Officers were attacked as well, including one of their horses.

    I pray for us all and thank you for all you do.
    God bless you and your family.


  95. Oxfarmer

    It seemed to me, Greg, that Ms Fitts was given every opportunity to say there would be some definitive crash, and she wasn’t having it. Yet, most preppers are braced for that single
    thing that will make the whole system unravel. Well, who is right?

    Better to prep than not prep, storms and unemployment what they are but it gives one to think.

    Trump must win by a landslide, overwhelming the possibility of fraud. Let’s go out and do it.

  96. Coalburner

    Mohammad and Snow, with due respect gentlemen, I agree with Greg. The Rupublican Party has been dead for more than eight years. Think about nominating a couple of dodo birds to run for President like John McCain and Romney. I voted for them but I saw them give up a month before the election. Maybe they got lost and did not know how to try to win the stretch. McCAin was washed up when the last Bush took office and Romney just did not have the stuff and knew nothing about the treacherous animal the Demoncrat Party had become. Vicious, evil and willing to lie, cheat, steal or commit murder to win at any cost. Trump should be on guard along with his whole family. If Hillery wasn’t half dead already, she would do anything, commit any crime to win. Go Katherine Fitts!! Throw the Molotov! Trump 2016!

    • Mohammad


      You did not get it yet huh?
      The election is handed to Hillary by her friend Trump after he destroyed the republican party.

      Enjoy another 4 years of Clintons.

      Am happy for you all Trumpsters.

      Seriously am happy for you.


      • Tin foil hat

        I see that you are still wearing the tinfoil hat. Let it go, it’s not helping you see the big picture.
        You’re wrong about Putin losing Syria and you are way off the mark regarding Trump.

      • Laura

        The Republican party needed to be destroyed… what has it done? Most Republican are on the Dems side, coupled w/ the corrupt media and banksters. Why did the Republicans allow Planned Parenthood to be handed over funding… and not just a small amount, the Republicans gave PP even more money than what was first allotted!

        Trump is God’s Cyrus, he’s a flawed person who will allow the Church to be the Church in freedom!

        • Mohammad

          Oblivious…to say the least…!!


  97. Phyllis Sinopoli

    Wow, so enlightening and informative. Great Broadcast!

  98. Jerry

    Meanwhile back at Deutsche Bank. 98% loses. Tic Tock. The bell tolls for thee.

  99. jake

    is this parody?
    clinton really is getting only 10% of the vote and the “elite” are hiding that?????????????
    so much power yet they fear trump?

    i hope the people here are not representative of the american people who still have their sanity.

  100. Mike R

    This is the most insightful piece, EVER, written about this election. I have to say I agree with Mr. Adams.

    “Authored by Dilbert Creator Scott Adams,

    I’ve been trying to figure out what common trait binds Clinton supporters together. As far as I can tell, the most unifying characteristic is a willingness to bully in all its forms.

    >If you have a Trump sign in your lawn, they will steal it.
    >If you have a Trump bumper sticker, they will deface your car.
    >If you speak of Trump at work you could get fired.
    >On social media, almost every message I get from a Clinton supporter is a bullying type of message. They insult. They try to shame. They label. And obviously they threaten my livelihood.
    > We know from Project Veritas that Clinton supporters tried to incite violence at Trump rallies. The media downplays it.
    > We also know Clinton’s side hired paid trolls to bully online. You don’t hear much about that. Yesterday, by no coincidence, Huffington Post, Salon, and Daily Kos all published similar-sounding hit pieces on me, presumably to lower my influence. (That reason, plus jealousy, are the only reasons writers write about other writers.)
    > Joe Biden said he wanted to take Trump behind the bleachers and beat him up. No one on Clinton’s side disavowed that call to violence because, I assume, they consider it justified hyperbole.

    Team Clinton has succeeded in perpetuating one of the greatest evils I have seen in my lifetime. Her side has branded Trump supporters , Americans that are voters, (40%+ of voters actually at least) as Nazis, sexists, homophobes, racists, and a few other fighting words. Their argument is built on confirmation bias and persuasion. But facts don’t matter because facts never matter in politics. What matters is that Clinton’s framing of Trump provides moral cover for any bullying behavior online or in person. No one can be a bad person for opposing Hitler, right?

    Some Trump supporters online have suggested that people who intend to vote for Trump should wear their Trump hats on election day. That is a dangerous idea, and I strongly discourage it. There would be riots in the streets because we already know the bullies would attack. But on election day, inviting those attacks is an extra-dangerous idea. Violence is bad on any day, but on election day, Republicans are far more likely to unholster in an effort to protect their voting rights. Things will get wet fast.

    Yes, yes, I realize Trump supporters say bad things about Clinton supporters too. I don’t defend the bad apples on either side. I’ll just point out that Trump’s message is about uniting all Americans under one flag. The Clinton message is that some Americans are good people and the other 40% are some form of deplorables, deserving of shame, vandalism, punishing taxation, and violence. She has literally turned Americans on each other. It is hard for me to imagine a worse thing for a presidential candidate to do.

    I’ll say that again.


    As far as I can tell, the worst thing a presidential candidate can do is turn Americans against each other. Clinton is doing that, intentionally.

    Intentionally !

    As I often say, I don’t know who has the best policies. I don’t know the best way to fight ISIS and I don’t know how to fix healthcare or trade deals. I don’t know which tax policies are best to lift the economy. I don’t know the best way to handle any of that stuff. (And neither do you.) But I do have a bad reaction to bullies. And I’ve reached my limit.

    I hope you have too. Therefore…

    I endorse Donald Trump for President of the United States because I oppose bullying in all its forms.

    I don’t defend Trump’s personal life. Neither Trump nor Clinton are role models for our children. Let’s call that a tie, at worst.

    The bullies are welcome to drown in their own bile while those of us who want a better world do what we’ve been doing for hundreds of years: Work to make it better while others complain about how we’re doing it.

    Today I put Trump’s odds of winning in a landslide back to 98%. Remember, I told you a few weeks ago that Trump couldn’t win unless “something changed.”

    Something just changed.”
    (Thank you for having the courage to spell all of this out for America, in plain english, Mr. Adams)

  101. Mohammad

    Released by the pentagon, oddly it is coinciding with agenda 2030 of UN:

    The intercept:


  102. Justn Observer

    Greg…. What might you have on the mysterious death of Julian Assauges mentor?

  103. Arthur L Barnes

    Greg, one of the ways they will rig the election is to rig the polls so that people believe Trump cannot win and stay home from the voting booth! I predict a surprise for the Obama’s, Clinton’s, the elite and don’t forgot old Comey on election day. If I were Trump I would also investigate Comey and Obama on the e-mails, but of course, Obama is above the law as our the Clinton’s & their banking buddies. In either event, maybe why they want Killery to win so bad is that they know their crimes will be uncovered and exposes as the criminals they are; Trump!

  104. Vasu Dev

    Kaizen Oncology aim is to provide a patient with cancer advanced care.

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