Trump Needs a War Team-Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) 

Former Assistant Secretary of Housing and financial advisor Catherine Austin Fitts says the Trump Administration is at the beginning of a long war against his deep state enemies. Fitts recommends, “I don’t think it’s an accident that WikiLeaks dumps out documents proving that the CIA has the capacity to do a hack and make it look like the Russians.  So, what we are watching are war games.  This is like chess.  You try to take out the lieutenants before you take out the queen. . . . My guess is you have very significant capacity on the Democrat side, literally hundreds of people and law firms doing surveillance and intelligence, and figuring out how they can weaken the Trump team.  Now, what we see coming back the other way, including the WikiLeaks dumps, there is clearly capacity on the other side.  The Trump team is going to have to build two lines.  The key to being successful in an operation like this is you need a team.  In the story of Nehemiah, when the wall was broken, they needed a tool in one hand and a weapon in another.  Trump is going to have to put together a war team that can handle and manage the warring back and forth between the factions.   You do not want that war to interrupt or undermine your management team.  You’ve got to have your Cabinet, and their job is to “Make America Great Again.”  Ultimately, that’s how you are going to be judged, and the general population will support you if you keep doing that.  You don’t want your team to be buried by war games.”

One of the big headwinds for Trump is the bond market and rising interest rates. Fitts contends, “The long term bull market in bonds is at an end, and rates are going to rise and continue to rise as they should.  Savers, pension funds and insurance companies are not getting a return on their capital.  To me, this is a welcome.  If you are holding a big bond portfolio, they are going to be down, but interest rates are going to rise and the party is over.  We have a President who understands the cost of capital and is screaming that it is no longer zero.  To a certain extent, you are watching all of Washington blame Trump for the end of the debt birth model.  It’s not his fault.  He’s just trying to get the culture to switch to reflect something to where the future is going.”

Another big problem Trump is going to have to sort out is human sex trafficking. Fitts says, “The human trafficking, the child trafficking and the pedophilia is a very deep important story and a very bad scandal.  Pedophilia for generations is a way you create control files on people, and control files is a way you maintain a political structure that is outside the official law and the official reality.  If you are a shadow government, pedophilia is key to creating those control files.  It’s a way of managing financial fraud on a very economic basis.  It was always out of hand, but now it has gotten wildly out of hand.  It was one of the big swing policies between the Trump group and the Clinton group as to what the approach is going to be.  If you look at the explosion of arrest around the country, I think that is state and local law enforcement acting to the change in the rule that they clearly see. . . . If you look at how the squabble has gone, it is looking to me that we are getting to the point where he (Trump) may not have a choice.  WikiLeaks says that the first round is about 1% of what they have in “Vault 7.”  If they dump out another 99 equivalents of what they just dumped out on the CIA, America is going to be in a state of complete shock, which I think will be very healthy.  I hope they dump it out.  Pedophilia is just the beginning of what’s there to be dumped out.”

Fitts, who has managed hundreds of billions of dollars of assets, says the stock market could blow up to a “Dow of 30,000 or crash down to 10,000.” Fitts tells all her clients to hedge for any scenario and “hold a core position in gold.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts, Publisher of The Solari Report.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:  

Fitts says we have entered an inflationary period, and food could become much more expensive in the future. There is free information on  You can also become a subscriber for much more original content.  Click here to subscribe.


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  1. Paul ...

    Can someone like financial advisor Catherine Austin Fitts, etc., etc. with connections in Washington tell Trump and his advisors to begin “naked shorting” the bond market now (before interest rates are raised) … the money that can be taken in “for the benefit of the American people” to balance the budget, re-build our infrastructure and military could be astounding … why let only the Wall St/Fed banksters do it (and build an ever bigger war-chest of cash to d-throne Trump)!!

    • RealityCheck

      We have not heeded the edict: “This is My commandment, that you love one another as I loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.…”

      Most today seek to take advantage of one another and we suffer the consequences thereof…

      • al Hall

        Greg: I can’t believe she said that child trafficking and the pedophilia is not what trumps needs to expose?? WHAT!?? She would rather let these children and woman continue to go through this rape and captivity?? This needs to be exposed ASAP or quicker.
        Take these corrupt people down – hang them for this corruption on society.
        Sorry- that how I feel, I care for the innocent- not these bastards that do this!


    • This sceptred Isle

      One of the problems of having a centrally controlled financial system is that central banks are gaming the system by disclosing their intentions to the private banks and certain favoured high net worth individuals. When investing 99% of the population is operating blind whilst the 1% in the know are reaping guaranteed profits from a rigged system.

    • Hatemail

      Financial machinations as you suggest is how we got into this mess.

    • Galaxy 500

      Your strategy is a fantasy. What happens when you hold both sides, they zero out. There is no easy fix such as you suggest. There will be pain and plenty of it. And that is the only way to return the system to equilibrium. Fantasies and miracle qures from comic books are great. But in the real world, actions have consequences. All the manipulation of the last three decades CAN NOT BE CURED WITH MORE MANIPULATION.
      The only thing that can happen is a controlled return to equilibrium. You see, at some point, natural systems reset themselves. The rubber band always zings past equilibrium into negativity and bounces a bit before coming to rest.
      Trump can slowly let the pressure off but there will be pain. That is why he is creating jobs here. To ameliorate the pain.

      • This sceptred Isle

        “The only thing that can happen is a controlled return to equilibrium. You see, at some point, natural systems reset themselves. The rubber band always zings past equilibrium into negativity and bounces a bit before coming to rest”

        Correct. A pendulum will always briefly pass through the point of equilibrium before overshooting in the other direction. In reality, states of balance in complex systems are only ever briefly attained as reality is constantly fluctuating around a state of equilibrium.

      • Paul ...

        G500 … it is not a zero sum game as you suggest … say the Treasury prints up a $10,000 bond out of thin air and sells this piece of paper to the Chinese and collects $10,000 dollars … the Chinese put the T-bond in their brokerage account … what I suggest is that we short sell the Chinese T-bond before the Fed raises interest rates and collect another $10,000 dollars … then when the Fed raises interest rates and the value of the Chinese T-bond falls to say $2000 dollars we cover our short position (giving the T-bond back to the Chinese) collecting $8000 in profit … the end result is that we initially made $10,000 selling the T-bond paper certificate to the Chinese … then made an additional $8000 short selling and covering our position … and the Chinese are left holding T-bond certificate worth $2000 dollars … so our financial problems (like the budget deficit, Social Security, etc., etc.) can be easily solved by using the same “naked shorting techniques” the banksers use to make their fortunes!!

      • Frederick

        It’s called hedging and at least you don’t lose everything and become homeless

        • Paul ...

          And Frederick if Trump burns down the poppy fields in Afghanistan the banksters won’t have the money to keep the bond market up … so Trumps “naked short position in bonds” to benefit the American people will be as much as a sure thing as is humanly possible … Trump can rake in trillions to help rebuild infrastructure, pay down the national debt, build factories (that will eliminate the balance of trade deficit), replenish the Social Security Trust Fund, etc., etc. and get our economy moving again … listening to a man who has a clear perspective …

    • Tin foil hat

      “naked shorting” the bond market, raising interest rates, even bringing good paying manufacturing jobs back without first changing the entitlement culture and the meritless “no child left behind” school system could spell disaster for America.
      What you and Catherine are suggesting is popping the Ponzi scheme bubble at 1,000 feet without a parachute. It’s like stopping a car going at 100 mph with a concrete wall.
      The problem we are facing today or the past 30 plus years is that whoever has been in the driver seat were busy blowing more and more hot air into the balloon rather than looking for a parachute.

      • Paul ...

        Tfh … short selling the bond market (before the Fed raises interest rates) will be “A GOLDEN PARACHUTE” for the American people … and we deserve it!

    • Collateral Damage

      There is a Truth and it’s on our side.

      Dawn is coming

      open your eyes. 🙂



  2. Michael B.

    Trouble In The Camp! UnCivil War!
    Its gonna be one hot long northern hemispheric summer!
    But it will be glorious!
    God in heaven save the meek, left and right. Please let your kingdom come, now not later!
    Let your will be done on earth as its done in heaven and please may your meek inherit it, the earth!
    Thank You!
    May The Best Men Live

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      @ Michael B. – “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” Mathew 5:5

      For those more acquainted with the Bible, this verse from scripture was not a promise but a warning. Most people don’t understand what “the meek” are. It’s not a good thing. Might wanna review your Bible study.

      • Charles H

        I’ll give a shot at it… humility tempered strength. It is having the power or strength, but not displaying or using it unnecessarily. It is the self-discipline or conditioning to be treatable, civil, or teachable; kind.
        And this being a “Beatitude” – is not a warning: it is a conditional blessing, worth shooting for. So, yeah – I’d say it IS a good thing.

      • The Seer

        My interpretation of “the meek” is the unconscious, non-spiritual or evil ones shall inherit the earth and repeat low frequency incarnations. Those who truly have a connection with the divine source will elevate beyond the Earth plane and are not meek.

    • Michael Beshlov

      Rohrabacher: An unrelenting hostility towards Russia. 09 Mar 2017
      Dana Rohrabacher, U.S. Representative for California.
      House Foreign Affairs Committee: Mar.09.2017

      Is the media inadvertently pushing war with Russia?
      Did they tie Trumps hands on his promise of cooperation with Russia and peace and prosperity instead of war and more war.
      A war with Russia that will end all wars in ways we wont like! Back to fighting with sticks and stones?

      Larry said it best!
      Larry Galearis 03/10/2017 •
      I found this interview very disturbing in that the hopes for avoiding war with Russia are beginning to fail. Cohen talks but listen between the lines too. Stephen F. Cohen and John Batchelor are the only broadcast journalism available in the United States. (And perhaps Trump should start a dialogue with Professor Cohen.

      Cohen hoping for a breakdown conflict between CIA factions to change the status quo with leaks to WikiLeaks. He is down to that. He thinks the frenzy has gone so far that Mars is unleashed or soon will be. What is going on here, he explains, is a monstrous mindset attack on reason that results in a political lockdown on policy on the mainstreet levels and beyond. Essentially a verbal literate dissident is labeled as a virtual traitor, and going against the narrative anywhere is becoming risky to your financial health. Cohen is essentially saying that the hope is now down to an internal rebel (faction?) that renders a bureaucratic chaos that gets in the way of performance. THAT is complete chaos. Sound like Sci-Fi speculation? You can’t make better stuff up!

      That last bit is untrue, I’m sure they can make better stuff up!

      Fortress Russia
      Case for laying off the Ruskie’s! MSNBC, Rachel.
      Let them alone. If they want their independence let’em have it. Their a big country.
      Mika Donald makes you nervous? Watch Russian technology. While we here in the US. have been partying like it’s 1999, they been taking all the guff seriously. Don’t believe Miley, they can kick some serious butt now. Will war be worth it?

      The Map That Shows Why Russia Fears War With USA – Mike Maloney

      If we goad them into a first strike instead of them waiting till were back on top. It’ll be all over, they will survive. Will we, we have no defenses? The most we can hope for is mutual destruction, as it is now. They didn’t accept that thesis.
      The gods of war are rare-in to go. Will we give it a go? That is the question.
      Make love Rachel not war, please.

      • Russ McMeans

        Thank you for mentioning Mr. Cohen and John Bachelor. I consider John to be the best male interviewer on radio- period. And Stephen Cohen to be the most sane voice regarding all things Russia. Period. Thank you Mr. Beshlov.

  3. Jo

    When and how does Catherine think the U.S. will return to the ‘Greenback’ currency?

  4. Still Holding The 4 Winds Back
    Were We Wrong to Elect Trump. . . . ….


    Rumors are True: Obama Has an Army and Secret Office to Overthrow Trump
    The splitting of this country is happening, the sparks are to flying. Political fighting and violence in the streets has only just begun?

  6. Still Holding The 4 Winds Back

    Is Russia And Turkey Getting Ready!
    For Western Economic Collapse?
    Russia and Turkey are starting to trade in local currencies
    and using the Russian based Mir card
    and the Russian MIR payment processing system.

    Very interesting or very stupid? Maybe not?
    But I’m sure the Deepsters are very upset!

    • Alex

      Russia and Turkey cannot force private companies and corporations to trade in turkish lira or Russian rubles. Both currencies have depreciated against the dollar in the past few years. Do you think that local businessmen would prefer to trade in much riskier currencies such as the lira and the ruble? Trade between Russia and Turkey is also very low compared to let’s say China- USA. This is not a threat to petrodollar, not yet. However, I do agree that the long term trend for the dollar as a reserve currency is negative. Iran and Russia also do not trade in dollars, I think.

  7. Mme Hedin

    Katherine and Greg: The real problem here is that Presidents, Senators and House Representatives all continue to receive their salaries FOR LIFE. That’s the true source of any “Deep State” problem. Once these folks have aligned themselves with (by accepting re-election campaign funds from) the military-industrial complex /Banksters/ Big Business, they are no longer really “our” representatives! Congress currently represents the 1%, not the 99%. Vote them ALL out, and vote in new laws restricting Congress’ ability to pay themselves forever! I personally believe the Russia connection, though.. Trump’s already been caught and exposed for money laundering on behalf of Russian oligarchs. He’s our newest problem, not our solution.

    • Macray

      Gina believes, in addition to the Russian connection like you, there is a North Korean connection as well : ))) She has indicated, again just like you, the President has been caught and exposed : )))
      Speaking of Gina, where is she?
      Gina sure sounds quite a bit like this congress lady. Don’t you agree?

    • Charles H

      Concerning Congress and lifetime ‘retirements’ after only one term – you are completely correct. Concerning Trump and Russian oligarchs – only sources will suffice to begin. And if we take Obamacare, which is now imploding of itself – which took full-time employment off the table for a great portion o Americans: Trump hasn’t had enough time to begin to impact on the country as the last man did.
      It is a shame that, instead of getting behind the man, or at least being neutral and giving him a chance: you label him badly at the outset. It’s like finding him guilty before the trial begins.

  8. Vernon 'Cookie' Locke
    Why we love him and why God let
    Mayor Rob Ford pave the way for the Donald in Toronto!

  9. Still Holding The 4 Winds Back
    ObamaGate – Proof Of Two Warrants & No Russia – Sean Hannity Opening Monologue – Fox News – 3/8/17

  10. Peter

    Catherine is so right, food and water are key! While politics rages and there is endless talk about economics and Trump, Climate engineering silently continues, causing increasing temperatures in the tropics (over 50 degrees!) and hundreds of times more cloud cover in the northern hemisphere, causing poorer and poorer crop yields in the north and south, not to mention sickness and poor health. What happens when there is food scarcity?!

    Guess who owns most of the global seed stock? Cahill, Monsanto, Bayer and the Bill Gates Foundation seed vault! The question is, who holds the patents for climate engineering aerosol fuels and who distributes them, etc?

  11. Russ McMeans

    Greg; can you somehow get this interview to ZH and Drudge? Or are they already watching/ monitoring the watchdog?

  12. Russ McMeans

    This puppy dovetails into Catherine The Great’s assessment:

  13. Michael Beshlov

    Rohrabacher: An unrelenting hostility towards Russia. 09 Mar 2017
    Dana Rohrabacher, U.S. Representative for California.
    House Foreign Affairs Committee: Mar.09.2017

    Is the media inadvertently pushing war with Russia?
    Did they tie Trumps hands on his promise of cooperation with Russia and peace and prosperity instead of war and more war.
    A war with Russia that will end all wars in ways we wont like! Back to fighting with sticks and stones?

    Larry said it best!
    Larry Galearis 03/10/2017 •
    I found this interview very disturbing in that the hopes for avoiding war with Russia are beginning to fail. Cohen talks but listen between the lines too. Stephen F. Cohen and John Batchelor are the only broadcast journalism available in the United States. (And perhaps Trump should start a dialogue with Professor Cohen.

    Cohen hoping for a breakdown conflict between CIA factions to change the status quo with leaks to WikiLeaks. He is down to that. He thinks the frenzy has gone so far that Mars is unleashed or soon will be. What is going on here, he explains, is a monstrous mindset attack on reason that results in a political lockdown on policy on the mainstreet levels and beyond. Essentially a verbal literate dissident is labeled as a virtual traitor, and going against the narrative anywhere is becoming risky to your financial health. Cohen is essentially saying that the hope is now down to an internal rebel (faction?) that renders a bureaucratic chaos that gets in the way of performance. THAT is complete chaos. Sound like Sci-Fi speculation? You can’t make better stuff up!

    That last bit is untrue, I’m sure they can make better stuff up!

    Fortress Russia
    Case for laying off the Ruskie’s! MSNBC, Rachel.
    Let them alone. If they want their independence let’em have it. Their a big country.
    Mika Donald makes you nervous? Watch Russian technology. While we here in the US. have been partying like it’s 1999, they been taking all the guff seriously. Don’t believe Miley, they can kick some serious butt now. Will war be worth it?

    The Map That Shows Why Russia Fears War With USA – Mike Maloney

    If we goad them into a first strike instead of them waiting till were back on top. It’ll be all over, they will survive. Will we, we have no defenses? The most we can hope for is mutual destruction, as it is now. They didn’t accept that thesis.
    The gods of war are rare-in to go. Will we give it a go? That is the question.
    Make love Rachel not war, please.

  14. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Always happy when you interview Austin Fitts. She’d be marriage material if she gave up her right to vote.

    • [email protected]

      Really? !? How old ARE you, to say something as backward as that?!? 90? Really hope it was a joke!

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        I didn’t “say” it. I wrote it. And it isn’t a joke. I’m not 90.

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        The three biggest mistakes we’ve made as a country are not letting the Confederacy leave the Union, the Federal Reserve and the 19th Amendment.

        • Charles H

          I’ve thought about your comment all day…

          Lincoln sought emancipation of slavery – based upon equal rights before the Law. Slavery where practiced never historically was renounced: governments or nations had to be overturned for it to cease. To have allowed the South or Confederacy to cessede – would have been a tacit approval of slavery; let alone a dangerous precedent for further divisions. And there can be no debate concerning the complete humanity and equality of races. If you look to the point of the utter waste of men and resources which the Civil War exacted: it IS a tragedy. But if you look at it as the courage to face a great wrong, and then right it – then the United States of America stands out in the annals of human history as a veritable just and good people. Or at least we were.
          You get no argument about the Federal Reserve; but the 19th Amendment?!?? The right for women to vote?!??
          If a man is a good leader: the wife should and usually WILL follow his direction. Mine has always voted as I tell her. The Bible does not directly deal with voting. Single women are also equal before the Law; and I don’t see any reason to deny them the vote. Neither a spinster or wife should only be legitimized by marriage.

          • Dr Darryl Jewett

            That is a profoundly naïve interpretation of history, facts and reality. The Union had as many or almost as many slaves as the Confederacy. The War of Norther Aggression was not a “civil war”. And it had nothing to do with slavery. Slavery was an afterthought by Lincoln as a tactical maneuver. His Emancipation Proclamation didn’t free all slaves. Just the ones on the South. It was designed to turn them against whites in the South. The EP did not free slaves in the North. That didn’t happen until much after the War. See? Hypocrisy. The War was about tarrifs, money and power. Slavery had been all but defeated already in the South and was nearing its end within the next couple decades. Trading partners of the South in Europe were already seeing to that. Slavery wasn’t a reason for the North to attack the South. As a matter of fact, there’s good argument that the war probably prolonged slavery. The South was a primary trader with Europe. It generated more than 75% of tariffs for the US at the time. The Union wanted them. The South resisted taxation to redistribute wealth from hard-working Southerners to lazy never-do-well Northern slackers. The reality is that Industrialization wasn’t competitive with a strong Agriculture. Not without subsidization from the proceeds of real labor like Agriculture. That’s still true today. So after the North tried taking the tariffs to support it’s Industrialization (so it could compete with a rapidly industrializing Europe), the South tried to secede, the North invaded and then there was war. Lincoln opposed the Central Banks of Europe or Central Banks of any kind. Including ones in the US. Because he didn’t want to cede power to them and allow them to consolidate power. He wanted all the power to himself. And so he would not accept loans from them to fund the war. Instead he printed his own money. But he was a hypocrite because he wanted all the power to himself. (He didn’t care about slaves… that’s a myth…. he cared about power.) The South for its shortcoming didn’t want the North to exercise hegemony over it but was willing to accept loans from the Central Banks of Europe and allow them to consolidate power and corrupt the Confederacy and exercise power over it. That was the downfall of the Confederacy and it ultimately lost the war. The demands placed on it by the Central Banks of Europe. But the downfall of Lincoln was that he wanted absolute power and since he refused to borrow money from the Central Banks of Europe, refused to establish a Central Bank in the US and he refused to pay back the loans of the Confederacy, the head of the Central Bank of Germany had Lincoln assassinated. It wasn’t over freeing slaves or winning the war. Like all wars, it was about power. And like all recent wars since the turn of the past century (19th-20th), it was a war among the Central Banks thinly veiled as a war for morality when it was anything but. Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. What you see in movies or on TV or read is mostly wrong.

  15. Frederick

    Turn your money on and off That is exactly what Aaron Russo said Rockefeller told him was the ultimate goal of TPTB Chip Everyone and have total control How they plan to deal with barter and precious metals I’m not sure but probably some kind of attempted confiscation I’m very suspicious of Bitcoin but I’m old and obviously not that tech savvy

  16. This sceptred Isle

    I noticed that the US debt clock has been wound back a few times over the past couple of weeks to avoid it going over the 20 trillion mark before Wednesday this week.

    The interview was very thought provoking. However,

    1) Austin Fitts says that Trump has a couple of years to ‘turn things around’. In reality he cannot turn decades upon decades of American deficits in two years. After a time it takes too much energy to keep holding up a failing system so you have to let it crash and reset. Trump’s job will be to managed a controlled collapse.

    2) Austin Fitts said that a paedophilia scandal could get in the way of Trump getting things done. This child trafficking is actually the achilles heel of the old power structure and the old power structure is what is preventing Trump getting things done.

    • Frederick

      Yeah I noticed that as well Wondered how they made that happen magically Maybe they sold some of that Libyan gold that Hillary stole from Khadaffi

    • saoirse

      the pedo criminals being outed WILL BE THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED to the USA 1st and then the rest of the globe. their empire comes crashing DOWN.
      GODSPEED to the investigators and law.
      SICK AND TIRED of the scatology THAT this might bring down the government etc—BRING THEM DOWN AND OUT.

  17. Dr Darryl Jewett

    More than one-sixth of adult men in the US today have been essentially black-mailed with false allegations of rape, domestic violence and child abuse through our system of family law. (It’s not just child sex trafficking or pedophilia and innocent men are targeted systematically by a vast bureaucracy and institution.) Large as it appears, this proportion is easily documented and verified. The Partner Abuse State of Knowledge (PASK) task-force and report (2011) has a comprehensive review of data concerning false allegations during divorce. All these men in this country are compromised and can’t do their jobs conscientiously and responsibly in service of the general public. It’s why disintegration of the entire infrastructure of the US is accelerating.

    • saoirse

      search out Family Court Fraud as they are an authentic group attempting to GROW and have filed complaint formally with the FCC as a start–NOW some may question the FCC but anyone that has ever had THE MISFORTUNE of reporting ad litems, GALs, court appointees, attorneys AND JUDGES knows that these BAR ASSOCIATIONS, consumer groups etc ALL GIVE THE UNSCRUPULOUS A PASS TO INJURE AND DEFRAUD MORE PEOPLE and sometimes WE ARE THEN stalked and harrassed for DARING TO COMPLAIN.
      this MUST END—not be stopped—END IT.

  18. Regan

    Fantasy. Trumps alleged war with the Deep State is just another bad movie script designed to divide, distract, and divert the public’s attention. Trump is playing the same Trojan Horse role among “conservatives” that Obama played for “liberals”. Shame that Catherine and so many like her choose to promote the elite’s divide and conquer strategy rather than accept and expose the unfortunate reality.

    • saoirse

      it’s time to wake up and get informed.
      the garbage with the presidential election and output from the LOSERS should have been a small sign to you as to what they had ALREADY PLANNED.
      Their russian fables ranging from a stolen election due to electronic tampering,which was ALREADY KNOWN TO BE IMPOSSIBLE still managed to go full force.
      When that panned out THEY THEN began their scatology on trump and the kremlin which is still out here inspite of the FACTS already known regarding madame clinton and her deals with the russians and her cash flow from the kremlin on and on.
      You need to be better informed and from reliable and accurate sources.
      The cartel of globalists and banksters were DEPENDING ON THE CONTINUATION OF THE FINANCIAL RAPE OF AMERICAN TAXPAYERS to finalize their goals.
      does anything “”click”” in your brain ?

  19. This sceptred Isle

    The Ides of March has been pinpointed as a possible point of instability by a number of commentators as the debt ceiling will be reached on this day as well as the Dutch elections being held. Also this Tuesday has been suggested as a possible day for the formal triggering of Article 50…

  20. Jerry

    What CAF isn’t telling you is, the slow burn is actually a fuse that is lit to a stick of dynamite. Leave it to a banker to make lemonade out of lemons. But what can you make if the lemons are rotten? Our economy is dead and its never coming back. I don’t have a book to sell, but what I have is a healthy dose of reality. Every week I help the leaders of my church write checks to people who can’t pay their bills for things like rent, electric, or food. We even place weekly food orders for families who can’t afford to buy food for their families. When the semi truck load of food pulls in, the parking lot is FULL. Greg these are not welfare people. These are middleclass families which have fallen through the crack that have nowhere else to turn. Many of them I have known for years. For them the reset has already occurred.

    Please forgive me for not being sympathetic to bankers, but in my mind they’re the ones that have brought us to this point. And here us their next scheme.
    A very good, well connected government source (that I used to blog with) told me three years ago that the gold paradigm shift was being used as a setup for digital transformation in the banking system. At the time my fixation was and still is on China, so I couldn’t grasp what he was telling me. As I have started studying block chain technology, it is becoming apparent to me, that the central banks see digital technology as their way out of derivative debt, while maintaining control of the system as we know it. On some Friday, all of the major banks will experience some sort of cyber attack. Blamed on the Russians no doubt? And when we wake up on Monday, we will all be under a new digital banking system. Presto…. Change-o…the debt is gone. Wiped clean. And along with it, all of your savings and account information. Even though you have records to backup your accounts, you will be hard pressed to prove your case, since it’s basically your word against theirs. Litigation? The burden of poof is still on you. Insurance? Guess again. Insurance companies do not recognize private documents. As much as I hate to say it, your best bet is to do what I do. Put your money in the bank of Jerry. At least you’ll know where it is, until they tell you it isn’t worth anything. Gold and Silver? Well that’s another story.

    • Jerry

      I was told toady by one of my sources, that British Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to activate article 50 of the EU, and could demand the return of almost 11 Billion dollars in assets to Britain from European Central Banks. With the French election still looming at the end of the month, this could be huge.

      In addition I was also instructed that President Xi of China will most likely be meeting in a closed door session with President Trump on April 4-6 ahead of the world bank, IMF meeting scheduled for April 21st. I cant say what will happen with the debt ceiling on the 15th of March, but I can assure you that with the Federal Reserve Bank raising interest rates, there will be Chinese fireworks come April 21st. A deal has to be made with China, and President Trump knows it. The dollars future role in global economics will probably be defined by this meeting.

  21. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Austin Fitts says that the system punishes savers and incentivizes borrowers but it’s much worse than that. The system uses false allegations against savers as pretense to steal the proceeds of their hard labor and gives it to chronic debtors (those who participate willingly and enthusiastically in usury and who are delusional about their imaginary chronic victimhood) to pay off their debts in exchange for votes and absolute power. This dynamic is slavery and slavery is fundamental to and the entire engine of the US economy.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Very true, people who keep cash/gold outside the banks are presumed to be criminals.

  22. Robert Edmundson

    Catherine talked about a website were people could look at the unfunded liabilities of the states. Can you you please find out what specific one she was talking about ??

    Thank you!

  23. pat the rat

    Greg the more interview you do with Catherine Austin Fitts , the more I understand her.

    • Greg Hunter

      She’s bright and deep. Thank you.

      • Virginia

        Greg – You might want to ask Fitts about Pence’s position on WikiLeaks. Pence is of a mind to go after WikiLeaks for revealing too much information. And Trump isn’t saying much on the subject.

      • Marvin Double

        I’ve just seen an interview with investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson, which aired on Fox and Friends. Attkisson has just published a book titled “Stonewalled”. This is, as I understand an account of events surrounding her attempt to investigate and report on the story of Hillary and her handling of events which took place in Benghazi. However, she also talks about the apparent direct interference in her work (hacking) and cyber-intimidation by parties unknown. These might be assumed to be various agencies or other parties seeking to both spy on and directly intimidate her.
        It seems to be yet another example of media manipulation. Having watched the interview it seemed an appropriate topic for USA Watchdog to pursue. Given the importance of an independent media, and your clearly stated views on media integrity Attkisson might make an excellent guest.

  24. Dr Darryl Jewett

    The question isn’t whether or not the value of the stock market (DOW, NASDAQ, S&P, etc…) will go up or down – DOW to 30,000 or 10,000 (I’d bet that the DOW will go down to between 1,000 and 3,000 from its present 20,000 plus – that’s right, investors will lose more than 90% of their investments). The problem is that there is NO stock market. Most of the value measured as both investment and returns during the past sixty years is imaginary money – increasing incrementally in disproportion to annual profits, GDP and incomes. Money that was borrowed and invested poorly and there haven’t been any meaningful returns on that investment. That’s more true during the past eight years than before even. But it’s been true for as long as there’s been a federal reserve. The federal reserve has created a system in which the proceeds of a man’s labor is completely divorced from the economy. Any value in any stock market is grossly inflated and based solely upon slave labor which almost always yields a negative return on the investment as history has proven over and over again. The longer it goes on, the less return on the investment until there’s diminishing returns and then negative. The only difference today is that instead of the dynamic being localized to a single country, it’s now globally systemic which means that it might continue for a little longer based upon the increased availability of slave labor, but it’s going to collapse eventually and when it does, it won’t sound like one country collapsing but an entire planet. And good news for everyone is that we all have front row seats.

    • This sceptred Isle

      I don’t even want to be anywhere near the theatre when the show gets going!

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        I agree but unless you know a way to get to Mars, we’ve got front row seats whether we want them or not.

  25. Clare

    “So, what we are watching are war games. This is like chess. You try to take out the lieutenants before you take out the queen.”

    SO glad to hear somebody saying this! It’s been clear to me thus far that Trump & Co. could give Kasparov a run for his money, and it’s a shame that so many people don’t see it. The timing of the “I’ve-been-wiretapped” tweets (right before the Vault-7 dump), and the public indignation of Pence against these leaks which “threaten national security,” the public display of BFF w/ Netanyahu, Amb. Nikki Haley’s condemnation of Russia at the UN, etc. etc. etc., these are all chess moves. And of course let’s not forget the “human trafficking” task-force, a term which is code for We’re Going to Bust Pedogate Wide Open. Only Trump knows how many traitors and other assorted scum have been caught so far in the snares he’s laying–may it continue, please God…

  26. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Although the child sex trafficking which has dominated (or not) news recently, it’s really a very minor story which has eclipsed a much bigger, important and fundamental one: that trafficking of children is a primary goal of the system of family law in the US and is one of the biggest parts of the US economy. The child sex trafficking is only a small part of that vast system. Going after that small part, although noble (despite how late it is), is hardly a drop in the bucket. You want to put a real dent in that problem of child sex trafficking, then get rid of our system of family law and child support. That’s the biggest component of child trafficking which proceeds routinely every single day in court-houses throughout the US. All funded by the federal government.

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      Family courts remove fathers from the lives of their children routinely, and without fathers to protect them, children are easy prey for pedophiles. If you want to destroy this culture in DC of child sex trafficking, destroy family law and child support. Family law and child support cannot be reformed because neither can be administered in any way that doesn’t result in the enslavement of fathers and the alienation of children from their fathers (who are the most important advocates and protectors of children).

      • Charles H

        I would, doctor, separate child sex trafficking to a more peripheral role, or more ancillary effect from a combination of causes. Of Family Law and Child Support: I must agree – it is destroying men, who almost entirely do not deserve the burden or betrayal placed to their account. And your point of men being the most important advocates and protectors is probably consistently true, and well taken. Courts and society have it all backwards at this point.

  27. Paul ...

    As for the vile pedophile slime ingrained in our government … they must be removed … and locked up … the same way our Lord got rid of evil in Heaven … you can’t simply forgive such evil … it must be totally “removed from the body politic” … otherwise … these “evil people” will begin the trafficking of our women and children (not just for perverted sexual pleasure) … but immorally trafficking our women and children “as food” for the giants (now awakening in Antarctica who eat humans “alive”)!!!

    • Paul ...

      Many may say giants? … what giants?? … most of us have seen pictures of the bones of dead giants … these are the giants I’m talking about (like the one David slew) … and from what I’m gathering and piecing together (though not officially confirmed) is that a “nest of these giants” were found in Antarctica … they were asleep (in stasis) for thousands of years being kept alive with their advanced technology … stupidly … human scientists awoke one of these giants (a big mistake) … and supposedly that giant has now brought 48 more giants “out of stasis” (and they must all be fed) … these giants are cannibalistic and eat human flesh … the “giant nest” should have been nuked … but because scientists (who can’t see beyond their noses) wanted to gain more then just alien technology … they have now released these Demons upon the Earth again … some claim giants have already escaped (in an underwater ship 2.5 miles long) … while others have fled through tunnels that connect Antarctica with South America … although I can’t confirm any of this … Trump better increase military spending and beef up our defense capabilities … I hear “copper” bullets “will kill them” (not sure about lead bullets) … luckily our US population is still armed … the Satanist (New World Order) politicians (who I know would have gladly fed our children to these giants) did not succeed in taking away our guns (they were probably promised immortality by the giants if they did their bidding)!! … is this why Cary went to Antarctica? … this “story” is still an unfolding one … we must wait for future WikiLeaks releases to confirm this info (like these giants came to Earth from Mars thousands of years ago) … hopefully the truth about these giants will be revealed to the public soon … I only give this “heads up” because these Demons could actually be roaming our Earth once again!!

      • dbcooper

        Paul, After listening to Steve Quayle on this subject I contacted him w/ a couple questions … copper bullets … I cast and paper patch for a 45 70 and asked Steve for info on copper bullets, they are out there and can be bought (Barnes Bullets for one). I also researched and found that copper is not a good metal for casting as it has a high melting temperature (1981F) and is not as fluid as lead when molten. So the available methods of producing these projectiles is either swaging such as through a Corbin swaging press or turning on a lathe. Tomorrow I will be calling around to find out about the availability of copper rod. Steve also said that a preferred round would be 12 gauge shotgun w/ copper slug and I understand that it needs to be solid copper. Interesting subject and I hope it is nonsense but we cannot be too careful !! What we have to bear in mind is that our faith in God and Jesus is based in the supernatural and therefore there may very well be giants among us.
        Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

      • This sceptred Isle

        Are these the Titans of Greek mythology?

  28. David Galvin

    Trump NEEDS to go after the pedophilles! I am currently reading Cathy O’Brien’s (former MK Ultra Sex Slave) called “Trance: Formation of America”. It is BEYOND disgusting! These establishment jerks are true DEMONS! She even has 3 pages on her experiences at Bohemian Grove. It is purely SATANIC. People named are GH Bush, Cheney, Robert Byrd, Bill Bennet, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and even Ronald Reagan.

  29. al

    Absolutely! The Fed is not under control of the rates, they are forced to increase. The last interest rate hike was not suppose to happen, the bond market twisted the Fed’s arm.
    This is a keeper. Awesome job! You’re my main news source. GNN

  30. lastmanstanding

    Frankly, if you look at it objectively, globalism has nothing substantial to benefit you.

    Live within 50 miles of your home. 150 max…closer if you like. There is much that your missing and your community needs you.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Agreed. Local communities have been neglected in the pursuit of globalism. One of the consequences (or goals) of globalism seems to be to make every nation dependent on other nations. No country is self sufficient anymore. Why can’t counties grow their own food and make their own products for their own people?

  31. andyb

    The MIC has to keep Russiagate alive so that the voting public will roll over and agree to vast new expenditures to fight the new cold war. This will enable more bribes to the corruptocrats, which in turn will ensure that no American/Russian detente takes place. Yes, the pedophilia blackmail is important to control the lawmakers (of both parties), but those politicians who are clean in that regard are still willing bribe recipients. I’ve been told that $20 million was promised to each yes vote on the Obama trade deals. The corporate oligarchs were more than happy to provide the billion dollar slush fund. Keep in mind that according to provisions of the trade deals that neutered all sovereign rights, a yes vote was TREASON. Back to pedogate. I find it interesting that nothing has come of the Abedin/Weiner computer file labeled “insurance” which one high ranking NYPD official who said at the time of discovery that, as a father with daughters, he found its content “shocking”. Did Bahara have an open investigation? Could this be linked to his firing? So many questions, so many dots that need to be connected.

    • Andy

      Thanks for the review of this important subject. These last two months I have been enthralled by the open source investigation by George Webb, revealing names and motivations of high profile people like Bharara:

  32. JC Davis

    Great explanation of how the world Oligarchy controls the Republic of America.
    17 min mark.
    Greg I don’t see how the average person is going to jump into reengineering their lives. I know many that still don’t know what a Oligarchy is . Over 60% cant come up with 1,000 for an emergency.
    For a person that usually don’t get into( if’s ) she gave some far reaching if’s. Thanks for having CA Fitts on again

  33. Galaxy 500

    Keep up the good work.
    PS I read this and thought about the reverberations of evil from the past to our here and now.

    • This sceptred Isle

      “Shut up in the apartments they receive free from the government, they plan the murder and destruction of their na?ve hosts.”

      I thought you weren’t into conspiracy theories? Or is it just the ones that confirm your pre-existing beliefs?

      • This sceptred Isle

        I am interested in the concept of conspiracy theories as those that deride them always believe in their own pet ones. For example, the mainstream media always ridicule certain conspiracy theories yet are happy to embrace the ones that support their narrative when it suits them: Blaming the Russians for election hacking(and everything else!), weapons of mass destruction in Iraq etc.

  34. Diane

    Awesome interview.
    I would like to encourage Watchdoggers to spread the link to this everywhere.
    Thank you Catherine Austin Fitts!

  35. Larry Kreitzer

    Great interview Greg as always!
    Catherine was right-on about the pediphilla and sex trafficking in our government. Study of the French ‘Revolution’ found that before the reign of terror these tactics were used to ‘soften up’ the French military and aristocracy. Nothing new here! EVIL understands the weakness of humanity and uses this to control organizations to their distruction.
    Thanks again Greg.

  36. Jan

    On the subject of pedophilia, sadly, a lot of Hispanic females are raped, often at young ages. Even the Liberal rag, Huffington Post, put out an article in 2014 that “80% of Central American women are raped crossing into the U.S.” before Donald Trump make the infamous comment “Mexicans are rapists” which so enraged the Left, they have never dared suggest a link between Hispanics and rape ever since.

    The 2014 HuffPo article says: Through May, the number of unaccompanied girls younger than 18 caught at the US-Mexico border increased by 77 percent. But while many of these girls are fleeing their homes because of fears of being sexually assaulted, according to the UNHCR, they are still meeting that same fate on their journey to freedom. Rape can be perpetrated by anyone along the way, including guides, fellow migrants, bandits or government officials, according to Fusion.

    Ann Coulter researched the topic of the prevalence of Hispanic rape in the U.S. for her latest book “Adios, America” (but in an interview said that getting statistics on this topic are extremely hard to find and well-buried). She just posted this article the past week about Hispanics driving “Child Rape Epidemic”:

    It doesn’t help matters that the “age of consent” in most Mexican states is only 12. Compare “age of consent” in North America here:

    This means that girls who “look 12” will be violated by Mexicans who intimidate/threaten a girl into compliance and often get away with it. If arrested in the USA, the rapists simply escape across the border, and come back to a sanctuary city or other liberal stronghold. This is why we must back Trump on this issue. Deported immigrant murderers and rapists must STAY OUT!

  37. Don

    Wow!!! That connects a few dots Greg. Thank you my friend!!

  38. francis m reps

    Thank you Mr. Hunter. Ms. Fitt is well worth listening to. Between Hugo Salinas Price and Ms. Fitts ; throw in Mr. Greg Mannarino and your program is complete. A very sad state of affairs is Trump’s { unsolicited } INVASION of Syria. as well as his reneging on keeping Preet Bharara on as Atty Gen in NY. Do you think Trump cut a deal with some New York Politicians who are fearful of Mr. Bharara ?.. I am fearful that our recently elected { I voted for him }” Dragon Slayer”; “Swamp Drainer” may be using a sword produced in China made of cheap plastic.

    • Tin foil hat

      francis m reps,
      Yes, it doesn’t look good. However, if our troops were advising or fighting along side with the Kurds, it may not be as bad as it seems.

  39. Galaxy 500

    Take a look. There is really no reason to attempt to have peace with moslems.

    When Abram was seventy-five years old, God promised him that through his “seed” the nations of the earth would be blessed. But as yet, the patriarch had no offspring. A decade rolled by and still no child blessed the home of Abram and Sarai.

    Finally, Sarai suggested that a child be produced by a union between Abram and Hagar, Sarai’s Egyptian handmaid, for such was an accepted custom in those days, as reflected in the Code of Hammurabi (146).

    When Hagar conceived, she flaunted her proud condition before the barren Sarai. Infuriated, Abram’s wife drove the slave out of the camp.

    As Hagar travelled toward her homeland, she was visited by the “Messenger of Jehovah,” himself a divine being (Genesis 16:7, 13). The Messenger informed Hagar that she would bear a son and his name would be Ishmael (“God hears”).

    Prophecies Regarding Ishmael
    Within this general context, a number of remarkable prophecies were made regarding Ishmael and his descendants. Some consideration of these matters should be of interest to Bible students in these days of political conflict.

    It was foretold that lshmael would be:

    “a wild ass among men; his hand shall be against every man, and every man’s hand against him. And he shall dwell over against all his brethren” (Genesis 16:12).
    Later, it was said of Ishmael that God would “multiply him exceedingly,” and that he would be the father of “twelve princes” and a “great nation would proceed from him” (17:20).

    Prophecies Fulfilled
    These prophecies have been stunningly fulfilled. Note the following historical facts.

    Ishmael grew up, married an Egyptian woman, and begat twelve sons who became princes over their respective tribes (Genesis 25:12ff) — exactly as prophesied (17:20).

    These people inhabited the territory between Havilah (probably in NW Arabia) and Shur (near the Egyptian border), and were one of the several peoples who were the ancestors of the Arabians (cf Genesis 10:7, 25-30; 25:1-4, 13-16).

    Today, Arab-dominated territories are much more extensive even than in Bible times.

    Ishmael, A Wild Ass
    Ishmael was characterized as a “wild ass.” What is the significance of that expression? Several ideas have been suggested. Hamilton contends that the habitat of the wild ass is in the waste places (cf. Job 39:5-8), hence, the idea is that of a life of nomadic existence (454).

    Anderson/Freedman thought that the figure hints of a “forlorn and friendless” existence (505; cf. Genesis 21:20). Baur/Harrison suggested that the wild ass was a creature proverbially skilled at escape — only a hunter of “obvious prowess” could capture him (Bromiley, 905).

    All of these descriptives are traits of the bedouin tribes of the Arabian peninsula.

    His Hand Against Every Man
    Of special interest, though, is the foreboding indication that the descendants of Ishmael would be a fierce people — “his hand against every man, every man’s hand against him” (Genesis 16:12).

    Moses wrote that the Ishmaelite “abode over against all his brethren” (Genesis 25:18; cf. 16:12b). Many scholars believe that this language reflects a hostile disposition (cf. NIV).

    William Beck’s, An American Translation, renders the phrase: “They fought with all their relatives.” E.A. Speiser argued that the language depicts the attacks characteristically made upon the Ishmaelites’ various kinsmen (188).

    History has amply illustrated the warlike temperament of the Arabian people. Thomas Newton, who traced the bloody history of the Arabs with precision, said these people

    “live in a state of continual war with the rest of the world … they have been such enemies of mankind, it is no wonder that mankind have been enemies to them again” (23).
    Many nations have fought against these rugged people, but none has been able to subdue them completely.

    Herodotus, the Greek historian, notes that the Persians were never able to conquer the Arabians (III.88). Strabo, the geographer, said that when Alexander the Great overturned the Persian empire, of the surrounding peoples who sued for peace, only the Arabs resisted. Alexander’s preparation to engage them in battle was terminated by his premature death.

    When the Romans swept from the west to the east, they were never able to reduce the Arab peoples to a province. Pompey, the Roman general who vanquished so much of the Mediterranean world, failed to subjugate the fierce Arabs.

    Later, the emperor Trajan attempted to conquer these peoples, and though he was not without isolated victories, his objective ultimately failed. Meanwhile, these bedouin continued their ravages in various Roman provinces.

    Mohammed’s “Success” With Ishmael’s Descendants
    The religious scene in the Middle East in the late sixth century A.D. was in a state of shambles. Both Judaism and “Christianity” were corrupt, and idolatry was rampant.

    It was into this world that a child was born who would change the face of the earth forever. His name was Mohammed.

    Mohammed, claiming to be an Apostle and Prophet from God, was gradually able to take these semi-barbarous sons of the desert, whose lawlessness was exceeded only by their daring, and whip them into a fighting force fueled by religious zealotry.

    The movement has impacted civilization for almost fifteen centuries.

    Mohammed’s initial “success” was less than remarkable. He won only fourteen converts in the first three years of his efforts. He enticed more ridicule than respect. When his movement achieved enough momentum to attract persecution, the complexion of Islam changed radically. His flight from Mecca to Medina in A.D. 622 was pivotal.

    The “Prophet’s” system involved an aggressive “bloody-sword” ideology. No longer content to persuade by words, “the sword” became “the key of heaven and hell,” and whoever died in battle received pardon from all sin and entered into the joys of a sensual Paradise (see McClintock, 6.407).

    Mohammed’s “heavy hand,” and those of his violent successors, were felt in nation after nation. Even today, in countries where Islam is the prevailing political force, persecution against non-Muslims is fierce (see Duin)

    Muslim terrorist attacks like that of September 11, 2001 are not an expression of aberrant radicalism; it is Islam in its purest form.

    And it is but a further commentary on “his hand against every man”!


    Anderson, F.I. & Freedman, D.N. (1980), Anchor Bible — Hosea (Garden City, NY: Doubleday).
    Bromiley, G.W. (1982), The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia — Revised (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans), Vol. II.
    Duin, Julia (2001), “Christians face dismal plight in Islamic nations,” Washington Times, November 6.
    Hamilton, Victor (1990), Genesis 1-17 (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans).
    McClintock, John & Strong, James (1969), Cyclopedia of Theological Literature (Grand Rapids: Baker), Vol. VI.
    Newton, Thomas (1831), Dissertations on the Prophecies (London: Blake, Bell-Yard, Temple-Bar).
    Speiser, E.A. (1978), Anchor Bible – Genesis (Garden City, NY: Doubleday).

    Genesis 16:7, 13; Genesis 16:12; Genesis 25:12; Genesis 10:7, 25-30, 25:1-4, 13-16; Job 39:5-8; Genesis 21:20; Genesis 25:18

    Jackson, Wayne. “Ishmael: His Hand Against Every Man.” Access date: March 12, 2017.

    • Charles H


      “Rabid and bigoted idiot”?!?? Pathetic and unknowing?!? Hiding behind a Christian shroud?? All this for posting a well documented and referenced work of some other man’s hand?
      Well, thanks for clarifying your sensibilties for us here. The fact that you attack the man and NOT the material is the revelation. Where in the material presented is there room for dispute? It does follow historical facts. The conclusions may not be favorable: but they are NOT out of context or range of reason.
      ANY group or ideology which demands concessions; never gives way or territory in return for conceded demands; and never modifies or is mollified from an absolute dominance: only proves that negotiations are futile, because they are a one-way street. Only someone siding with this arrangement – could agree with it.
      Based upon your scathing denunciation: criticism has no place with you. If reason were in your repertoire – you would refute the material and not the man conveying it. Perhaps the one getting the scrolling down past now- will be you.

      • Greg Hunter

        Not all Muslims are bad people but there are problems with the Islamic world. Look at all the crime in Europe now including murder and rape. There is plenty of documentation like this site: The most at risk people are Muslims that don’t like the Radical part of the Islam.

      • Charles H

        “From what I’ve read…” – yeah, right. And it wasn’t AFTER – so your response is inaccurate: it was DURING the the attacks and destruction – which was witnessed FIRSTHAND and by multiple sources.
        This comes at a distinct dissappointment for me. I was waiting to find who would be the first person to use the term “Islamophobia” on this blog: and you are the one. Resorting to crass labeling, in the attempt to delegitimize and intimidate OUGHT to be beyond those who contribute here. I really thought it wouldn’t be you. Oh, well.
        Name-calling and labeling wins the “Skip Reading Award”, deservedly. Many of your comments were notable, or interesting: but you’ve tossed it all in the trash with this one.
        Over the years, since my conversion – I’ve had all manner of criticism and name calling, labeling: you name it – but it never shakes my faith, because there is no way questioning or challenging can distort or affect it. I am not threatened by all the adversity. My feather get ruffled: but not to the point of deliberately treating people badly.
        Contrary-wise – those who ARE challenged, and respond in the manner you exhibit here are not strong enough to withstand it: and so resort to verbal or literary violence of casting insults. The only one you disparage is yourself. Fare well.

    • Charles H

      So, like “a rabid and bigoted idiot” is not in itself hatred?

    • Mohammad


      I always avoid responding to his comments simply because I do not fall in their traps. I have seen the divide and conquer game that wiped off my motherland Syria, I LOVE U.S. my second and now my only home, and when I see and smell that hatred I refrain from comments, thank god there are people here with common sense that see.


    • Shadow of Doubt

      Who elected you as the all powerful and final arbiter of truth and discernment? In the exchange of ideas, and scholarly debate– the use of name calling, shaming and intolerance are shackles to intelligent and meaningful discussions. If you feel its necessary, (as a card carrying member of the PC set) to sugar-coat something, buy a donut and leave the “uncomfortable” topics to the adults.

    • Robert Lykens

      30,450 terror attacks carried out by “the religion of peace” since 9/11.

      “It’s far easier to act as if critics of Islam have a problem with Muslims as people than it is to accept the uncomfortable truth that Islam is different.”

      • Mohammad

        Do you call bombing Iraq to the Stone Age killing more than million Iraqis for a false reason an act of terror?

        Do you call nuking two civilian cities in Japan killing all their inhabitants to achieve a military goal in 1945 an act of terror?

        When will you put up a mirror in front of you to see your ugly face as it is before tarnishing Islam for something it has nothing to do with?

        When will you realize that those Langley mercenaries financed by Saudis have nothing to do with Islam?

        When will you clean up the dirt that is piling up in your heart and get rid of your hatred to start seeing clearly?


        • Frederick

          Of course you are correct Mohammad but I sincerely doubt you’re argument will have much traction with close minded indiduals such as Lykens and G500

          • Mohammad


            This weasel (R.L.)goes on a new interview, truncates all this dialogue that he does not have any chance to refute with reason and goes on putting his hatred with one post there asking for my answer where simply he could of put it here where it belongs.


            • Charles H


              From a purely personal viewpoint – I must agree that Mr. Lykens errs to jump to the next interview page. That said – it doesn’t make him a weasel, doctor. It makes him imprudent; as does your name calling, to a lesser degree.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      In America, the “Freedom of Speech” also includes the freedom to say things others may find unpalatable or offensive. This right is not just a privilege strictly for you or for those opinions which correspond with your world view.
      Our country has had views which were vehemently unpopular in our not too distant past, yet they were none the less bitterly defended so as to be heard.

    • Mohammad

      Ask me… 🙂


      • Greg Hunter

        I am sorry, I am lost here. Ask you what?

        • Mohammad

          You put up with lots of my comments that you do not agree with, that tells me how open minded professional you are. Thanks for tolerance that accepts the other side of the argument.


    • The Seer

      If you read the Koran it is full of hate, rape, murder, racism, how to divorce your multiple wives and leave them with nothing and to go after “Infidels” and written by an evil thug.
      How a world religion could be based on such is beyond me.

  40. Don

    And that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Revelation 13:17 #WarOnCash

  41. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you CAF. I had just written an article talking about many of the points you named: pay down debt, put away more food, more precious metals, make sure you have a RELIABLE supply of water, it must be reliable, etc.

    Unlike CAF I think we have less than 2 years. President Trump will have to stopped putting out fires and steamroll Obama and Clinton between now and the summer. He cannot afford to wait much longer.


  42. Gina M Mancarella

    Greg, The small minded conservatives are always worried about what people are doing behind closed doors. These people worry about the wrong things and that is what is dividing tomorrow. Why are conservatives hell bent on squelching the activities of Gays, Lesbians, Transexuals, Transvestites and those that participate in Man/Boy love, Woman/Boy love, Woman/Girl love and Man/girl love and Man or Woman/Beast love ??? Have we no tenderness ? When two human beings share eachother in private, intimate, erotic, meaningful loving moments, it is a very special thing.

    In nature, these activities happen all the time among the species and are therefore in agreement with what your freedom writers and libertarians say is in alignment with NATURAL LAW ! Do you think that John McCain doesn’t have a little boy under his desk ? Do you think that Mitt Romney doesn’t have some little boys satisfying his desires ? Do you think that Trump doesn’t have a harem of women catering to his every erotic fetish ? Do you think any politician in Washington forgoes the joys of sexual freedom ? I suggest people start worrying about ensuring we achieve true equality for all human beings whether black, white, red, yellow or otherwise. As Americans, we need to stand up and Stand with Hillary for SEXUAL FREEDOM !

    • Greg Hunter

      You’re nuts. “Man/Boy love, Woman/Boy love, Woman/Girl love and Man/girl love and Man or Woman/Beast love ???” All felony activity and pure evil. How is paying you to say this crap??

      • FC

        Thank goodness Greg you didn’t call her a troll, therefore Dan won’t call you an idiot.

      • Robert Lykens

        Greg, how much longer do we have to endure this filth?

        • Greg Hunter

          “Gina” the paid troll has made her last comment here. This shows the communist Nazi left is totally lost and desperate.

          • Deanna Johnston Clark

            Amen…what was “it”

      • Gina M Mancarella

        Noone is “paying” me. Its just that some have not become “evolved souls” as Jay Z and Beyonce would put it for example.

        The only reason people make out certain activities to be felonies is to make everyone out to be like them, which is totally un-American. We are a diverse group. That’s what is so special about America because we can hold opposing views and still be in harmony. Nevertheless, the fact is … there are all kinds of sexual orientations including children with adults and most are loving nurturing relationships. Unfortunately, there are also abusive relationships just as there are abusive heterosexual relationships. That is where the real crime is and those should be a felony. Otherwise, there should be no issue with older and younger partnerships that may perhaps be sexual in nature.

        Just look at the word pedophile, which is really a beautiful concept if you consider the roots pedo (originally paedo from the Greek root revised by Webster to pedo) for “pertaining to child”, and phile, which comes from the greek work for love. Its really a beautiful idea when you think about it that an adult can make such a connection with a child in a nurturing, loving environment. By the way, not all such relationships have to have a sexual component to them. Some are completely agape love and are not erotic at all.

        Its just a shame that people having different ideas cant live the way they want to. Live and let live I hear some folks say. Might be a lot less fuss and bother if everyone took it to heart.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are sick. You think doing evil to children is OK?? SICK. Go away and do not come back.

          • JC

            Kick her off please. I could only read half of this comment she gave. Junk is for the trash can.

          • This sceptred Isle

            It just goes to show no good can come from having Jay Z as a spiritual mentor.

      • Country Codger

        Hi Greg,
        I have cancelled my response at least 3 times to Gina’s comment. In the immortal words of Forrest Gump; “stupid is as stupid does.” And, taht is all I will say about that.
        p.s. I think we need a Major Saad Haddad in America to take care of all the child molesters…….

        • FC

          Or as Mark Twain brilliantly quoted, “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

      • Brad27

        With all respect, why do post “Gina’s” writings? He is not sincere in these comments and is only doing this for his own entertainment. He is laughing his head off with every response from your great audience. Gina’s being posted here is not benefiting your great site.

        • Greg Hunter

          Gina is gone. Thank you for supporting this site. I wanted to see how sick these trolls really are. I have reached my limit on the education. Thank you Brad 27.

      • Collateral Damage


        I think that there is a better that 50-50 chance that this Gina MM character is a Bot, like ‘Siri’ on the I-phone.

        if not then….

        Please, just ignore Gina.

        There is a Truth and it’s on our side.

        Love your work Greg. You are fighting the good fight.



      • Charles H


        Dr. Jim Willie speaks to the point that MANY, many, politicians have been compromised by targeting sexual seductions – so as to neuter them toward political independence, and create a skeleton in their closet to keep them on the manipulation reservation.
        As to technology and erosion of moral fibre in America – only godless atheism which proceeds to a logical conclusion of DEBAUCHERY explains the direction of descent into the immoral morass. And Gina is a LIAR: Natural Law does NOT support all the crazy confusion or sexual activity out of order. This person is certifiable.

      • [email protected]

        I agree, Greg. That’s creepy, Gina. Don’t ever let freedom convert into anarchy. Minors and animals are vulnerable, and our rule of law exists partly to protect the vulnerable.

    • Frederick

      Gina you are obviously a very sick and deranged person to write the things that you wrote Get help NOW crazy lady

    • Brad

      I’m worried about those giants in Antarctica.

      • Paul ...

        Yeah … they love to eat children (just like the pedophiles) … perhaps we should tie Gina to a stake on the Mexican side of the border and wait behind Trumps wall for Giant Kong to come and make love to her!!!

    • Cspokane

      Me. Gina, this is not appropriate! Children need to be raised in a society where they are not harmed. What you are writing is very disturbing!

      • Macray

        I am surprised you didn’t mention anything that goes on within the Mancarella family. As long as it stays among family members, I’m ok with …. what goes on in the Mancarella home, stays in the Mancarella home.
        Oh, there a quite a few rumors going around the neighborhood that you really are Congress Lady Maxine Waters.

        Are you Crazy Maxine???

        • Macray

          As Americans, we need to stand up and Stand with Hillary for SEXUAL FREEDOM !

          Please, you have to let go of the Hillary thing. It’s not helping your Troll career anymore.
          Perhaps you might want to substitute your Loser for someone like Pamela Anderson.

    • Corleone

      Now it makes sense why you have a big poster of Michelle Obama (Michael Robinson) in your bedroom.

    • Jerry

      Thank you Greg for letting Gina post here. Its always fascinating looking into the twisted mind of a progressive. They take contradiction to a whole new level. They’re against corporal punishment, but yet they want abortion rights. They speak about diversity, but yet hate organized religion. They’re supposedly for human rights, but yet they support entitlement programs that enslave the poor. I’m not sure why everyone is shocked that Gina has admitted she’s a sodomite? It fits the progressive template.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Jerry. She has told us everything she/he (paid troll) can.

      • JC Davis

        You sure have a way with words.
        Reporting her to authority’s would become a promotion in the lib political realm.

  43. al Hall

    Greg: I can’t believe she said that child trafficking and the pedophilia is not what trumps needs to expose?? WHAT!?? She would rather let these children and woman continue to go through this rape and captivity?? This needs to be exposed ASAP or quicker.
    Take these corrupt people down – hang them for this corruption on society.
    Sorry- that how I feel, I care for the innocent- not these bastards that do this!


  44. Rob Chase

    Great inteview again Greg. Why can’t Catherine be our first woman President? She mentioned a web site that covered funding for each of the fifty states but the conversation went too quick for her to give the URL. Anyone know what it is?

  45. Joe

    Mr. Greg, do you know what is happening on the Clinton Foundation prosecution? Is Trump’s administration doing anything? Are any of the states or are any foreign governments prosecuting?

    Can you get Charles Ortel back to give us and update? My suspicion is that the Clintons and their cronies will skate.


    • Greg Hunter

      Hope not.

  46. Arthur Barnes

    Greg & Bloggers, Trump can do all he said, he just can’t ever think the left, right, MSM, the elite and the “deep state'” are not capable of harming him, remember the Secret Service down in old Panama playing with the whores, not one of their sad ugly asses lost their job and or pension – its telling that they can be purchased for a song or in that case a piece of tail. Trump, support you to the fullest but watch you backside as there is evil lurking all about.

  47. Rivercity

    “…You don’t want your team to be buried by war games.” I dunno – that sounds pretty good to me.

  48. Oracle 911

    It is sad, the US turning itself into Ukraine with higher living standard (which won’t last lot longer). And Trump has to change this trend.

    BTW Greg, why most of your guests are assuming that trump don’t know what to do? I’m seriously asking this, because it is clear he know how to rule (make things happen and job done).
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • Frederick

      And who is responsible for the mess in Ukraine Oracle ? John McCain, Victoria Nuland(Nudelman) and other neocon trash

  49. Horsenut

    Hi Greg,
    I’ve been watching you site for quite a while, even posting comments from time to time, I am a fan of your site.

    I have also been watching other sites and have for a long time been interested in the Edgar Cayce predictions about massive changes to the US/world. I watch other info from places like Clif High, Farsight Institute, John Moore and others that talk about this subject. I happen to catch Clif High on Wednesday of last week on a radio show, he made a couple statements about earth quakes he expects to hit California in the next coming months. I have seen him on your site, but I have not seen him talk about this particular topic. In the interview he also made mention that he would be out of pocket and not doing anymore interviews for the next couple months while trying to prepare.
    Clif High, Bix Weir, V;
    John Moore video;

    I also ran across a video by Robert Breaker about the appearance of a star (planet) in the sky and a few biblical references that I think you would find interesting. I see from you interviews that you are very religious, and as such you may find his theory interesting. It may also have something to do with the predicted changes.

    I just thought that this might be a more pressing issue than Chemtrails and something that might give you another topic for your site.
    I don’t expect this to be posted in the comments, just something for you.

    Will Loudner

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Please avoid gnostic new age mystics full of spiritual pride. Jesus didn’t trade in secrets and hidden, occult mysteries. Walk in the sunshine, folks!

  50. C romana

    That leaves bartering. Or slavery to the beast. Combine plastic cards and massive surveillance, and we are all pawns.

    • Charles H

      Even pawns exercise free will.

      • This sceptred Isle

        and pawns can become Queens if they play the game carefully.

        • Charles H

          You are clever. I am not in this world to acquire power or wealth. I’ll stay within my gender on this. Thanks.

          • This sceptred Isle

            Ha, yes. I would prefer to be a king than a queen (don’t have the wardrobe for it!)…damn those chess rules!

  51. Cspokane

    Thank you, as Ms. Fitts is very insightful and knowledgeable in the games politics play. It would be nice to clean house and start over, but I don’t think it will happen.

    • This sceptred Isle

      and don’t forget to clean out the basements as well, especially James’

  52. john duffy

    Austin Fitts said that a pedophilia scandal could get in the way of Trump getting things done. I don’t agree. These heinous crimes against children cry out for justice now. Plus the fact the enemies of Trump are doing everything they can to bring him down, he should expose these scum now.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      She means that a lack of forward motion arresting these people could cause a crisis of confidence. And that could happen because of the entangling alliances of law enforcement, lawyers, judges, clergy, and politicians involved.
      This is not John Wayne going after a few slimes…

  53. B. Bondi

    Keep in expectation of it!—Hab. 2:3.
    For the composite sign of Christ’s coming [second presence] to serve its purpose, the fulfillment of it would have to be obvious enough to command the attention of those who have been obeying Jesus’ counsel to “keep on the watch.” (Matt. 24:27, 42) And that has been the case since nation against nation [the world wars]. From that time onward, the features of the sign have been undergoing fulfillment. Clearly, we are now living in “the conclusion of the system of things”—a limited period of time leading up to and including the destruction of this wicked system. (Matt. 24:3) Why, then, should Christians today keep in expectation? Out of obedience to Jesus Christ, we remain in expectation. Also, we recognize the sign of his presence. Our expectations are based, not on a naive readiness to believe anything, but on solid Scriptural evidence that compels us to remain vigilant, awake, watchful and, yes, in expectation of this wicked system’s end.

    • Charles H

      “In expectation of this wicked system’s end?” (Is “B” for Beulah?) “[second presence]”; how etherial is that? Awake – as in the magazine?; and watchful, as in the Watchtower?!??

      Things are going to get much, much worse – actually a real taste of Hell on earth. But you don’t believe in a literal Hell, do you?

      • This sceptred Isle

        An interesting question. Hell maybe a state of mind created through thoughts, emotions and deeds on this earth. If this is the case we are already creating our own heavens and hells. I think a literal concept of hell was developed to scare people into joining the church.

        • Charles H

          T s I,

          Hell is a staging point: the Lake of Fire is the eternal disposition of those of the Resurrection of the Unjust. God showed Moses a bush that burned with fire, and was not consumed – a rather real illustration of the terrible power at work. The possible horrible consequences of tragic accidents in this life have, by extension, greater consequences in the here-after. Hell is for circumspection toward God. NO church or denomination can reprieve you once you have arrived, or died in your sins. The way churches get people to join is by dangling some special or unique character, doctrine, or practice; then they keep you there by convincing you you must DO some works, which will never be enough.
          The Gospel of Jesus Christ is simple; but the arriving at your own faith which agrees with God (His Word) to where HE approves – too many miss.

          • This sceptred Isle

            Does Christianity say anything about the ultimate fate of those condemned to hell? Is it an eternal state or will God have mercy on their souls once they have learned their lesson?
            Are there degrees of hell, some deeper than others? Like Dante’s Inferno.
            These are genuine questions as I am interested in the subject.

            • Charles H

              First off – true Christianity is independent of denomination or greater designation. There is claim to Christianity in NAME; of which many denomination claim by title or association. But true Christianity is a spiritual domain, as in family – that one is adopted into, by God. There may be some who are genuine Christians in most of the denominations, and those that claim by name; but few. In those which tout real mainline born-again, salvation emphasis: even there I am convinced that not all get in. I am a maverick of a fundamental Baptist background – so I cannot answer for all “Christianity”. My approach to evangelism is detailed bible-study and preparation – to equip seekers with a biblical knowledge in forming faith; and to treat with God under His biblical terms to arrive at that spiritual, born-again event. What you may get here is, then – my own understanding and express convictions which are strictly my own, and derived from a good, fundamental background. They probably won’t agree with most mainline explanations.
              From Abraham through Moses to Jesus Christ – those who died in their faith: went to Abraham’s Bosom, a compartment in Hell of comfort; those who did not die in their faith opened their eyes in Hell, being in torments. So there seems to be a quality or character of faith that God approves or rejects – that real dependent hope and trust seem to be the major parts of. (Dispensation of the Law)
              After Jesus Christ’s resurrection and ascension – Abraham’s Bosom was translated to Heaven with the Lord. Now if one dies “without Christ” – not being born-again spiritually: like the rich man – one opens their eyes in Hell being in torments. If one is saved and adopted by God into His family (Dispensation of Grace), then death is a translation into the presence of God the Son, Jesus Christ.
              Death is the dividing point, the point of no-return. In this sense: no man is condemned to Hell: they either prepare in this life and avoid it; or commit themselves, usually through stubborn pride or willful ignorance, by default to eternal punishment. The Mercy of God is extended only IN THIS LIFE. Once Death intervenes – each individual seals their fate in eternity. Calvinists battled with this; believing that sinful man couldn’t make such an important decision – and so developed 5-point Calvinism to shift that responsibilty on God. But the whole idea is to recognize and embrace the truth of our depraved sinfulness so that we can come to God confessing, repenting, and casting ourselves utterly on His mercy for salvation. It is captured by Christ’s words: “I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” (Luke 5:32) So it is only in this life we have the opportunity; and because God has established the way of salvation, realizable by everyone: we ourselves are responsible for our eternal condemnation. We can get into God’s family and be on His good side; or remain unsaved sinners and die on His bad side.
              Hell, then is a staging point awaiting the Great White Throne judgment, which is the resurrection of the Unjust. All who appear there are condemned and go to the Lake of Fire, which is the eternal abode of punishment. Contrary to Catholic doctrine: “Purgatory” does NOT appear in the Bible, only in peculiar, man-made doctrine (which holds subscribers close to the reservation). There is no remediation after death (though in my limited understanding and humanity, and mercy – I wish there were. Many, many good and moral people, like my own parents, I fear are there).
              As to there being ‘degrees’ of Hell, like Dante’s circles or levels – I can’t definitively say. There ARE rewards in Heaven, mainly for faithfulness in the spiritual battles of this life. I would not be surprised to find that there are degrees of punishment, on the other end. But the embellished arrangements he describes – I’m not so sure of.
              So – these are answers from a Biblicist. I hope they help, or answer your questions.

              • Greg Hunter

                Thank you Charles H. I learned something.

              • Frederick

                Way too long winded and no facts just theories

              • This sceptred isle

                Ok, thanks for your time in responding.

      • eddiemd

        I caught the reference to watchful. “Watchtower” is/was the name of the publication for the JW.
        The “conclusion of the system of things” is more code for JW thought process.

  54. Jerry

    I post this information as a point of interest only. I cannot confirm or verify its accuracy. This is supposedly intelligence that has been hacked into and uploaded by an alternate media source that has hacked into a government data base. It could be fake news. Or it could be real. I don’t know. You decide for yourself.

    Subject: RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – March 12, 2017 Today at 3:36 pm
    There’s an agreement to worldwide start time to implement the financial changes that everyone in government, military and sovereign families know about and have prepared for.

    Trump’s impeachment evidence, Brexit, Israel/Palestine conflict and the RV rollout are all scheduled to release together. Every former cabal or Western World continent will have a major distraction to absorb public attention for a three week period.

    Global USN liquidity is set for 13/3/17 @ 9am in NYC.
    2016 US Budget ends 15/3/17 which is in USD.
    2017 US Budget begins 16/3/17 which is in USN.
    Screen rates continue rising on revaluing currencies (i.e. all currency holders are earning while they are made to wait).
    2017 Spring Equinox in Northern Hemisphere will be at 6:28 AM EST on
    Monday, 20/3/17.


  55. Don

    Always refreshing Greg, to listen, Mrs. Fitts I believe is correct. Trump needs a special team to deal with the deep state. For decades now, the tempo has been building for the global government crown, and the deep state is part of that structure, the intelligences community having a group of important players. Not only is the old order of political power being threatened, but all the infrastructure that the shadow government has put in place must be destroyed. A special team to understand and identify its agents, along with finding out how to best deal with it, is needful. On the monetary, and global markets, its my conviction, that President Trump needs a team of people also. The federal reserve should have the death sentence placed on it, and move our currency printing to the treasury, defaulting on the fiat currency. Another artery of the deep state that must be put out of business. Our republic can never be fully restored until these private federal reserves interest are taken away. Trump is smart enough to know whats going on, and its my hope, before he lets to much damage to occur and people suffer, he will make his move out of the fiat system. It would act as a tool to get other countries to follow. Good job as always Greg.

  56. dlc

    You mentioned AZ passing a bill to eliminate capital gains taxes on PMs. It was passed along party lines. Our RINO governor is expected to veto this bill, however.

  57. dlc

    Composed by John McCain for his pal gal, Lindsey — just 2 soldiers of love.

    And wouldn’t you know, ripped off by the Russians.

  58. dlc

    Gov. Cuomo hires fundraisers for presidential bid. It just never ends, does it? A handful of families in this country have destroyed about everything in sight to the point that politics or a gov’t job is about the only game in town for a living wage and upward mobility. And, like a guild, we are kept on the outside — not a member, just the underwriter for all of it.

    Any normal person who ripped off millions and got away with it would enjoy their life, secret away to a property on a beach or some such, but not these people. Will it take a total collapse to rid ourselves of these lice?

    You are finally getting to see the real John McCain, speaking of lice. He no longer has to care what we think, free to take a ball bat to what’s left of this country. A former congressman once remarked that he was a vicious, ruthless SOB who would get even with anyone he felt did not give the respect he felt entitled to. This congressman used to work for Johnie.

    You haven’t seen anything yet now that he is unencumbered, no more humble pie eating during the election cycle. He will attempt to bring the house down now. I fully expect Jeff Flake to be re-elected. Together they will do all that is possible to keep AZ as a gateway for all things cartel/illegal. Who’s to stop them?

  59. dlc

    Our commie politician pope is just too funny wearing a big ole honking cross and talking his usual barely-veiled red spiel. Remember Bill Clinton coming out of church with a big Bible the size of a Funk and Wagnal dictionary?

    In this country, wear a cross only if you can run fast. I’ll take cross wearers over the Satanic symbols that are currently in vogue. No U.S. entertainer would be caught alive or dead anywhere near a cross let alone wear one. Who is the pope slamming? The only place I notice the open display of crosses is in Russia.

    His remarks on you name it repulse me. He belongs in politics with the likes of Bill Clinton. Not since Obama has one man created so much revulsion and division.

  60. John

    dic. The veto is guaranteed. I’m in complete agreement with John Duffy and al Hall. The pedophiles have to be stopped NOW! That call by CAF makes me question EVERYTHING else that came out of her mouth. Oh Miss Fitts Quit fidgeting with with the clutter on your desk making noise. It’s annoying as hell.

  61. David Coddington

    Greg, here’s a great guest idea; Dr. Laura Pressley. She had a jaw-dropping interview where she disclosed that her Texas election fraud case has unearthed that the Texas Secretary of State ordered districts to ignore election law. She has heard that all Secretaries of State across the US have been compromised, because that’s where “the buck stops” with elections. Surreal, a 24 year old atheist guy won 2:1 against her, even while the polls showed she won definitely. Massive story. This legal case could be epic.
    The Russians didn’t do it! Voter Fraud Explained – Ark Midnight #40

  62. SharkBit

    Excellent interview Greg. One of the best ever. People need to wake up about what is going on with the CIA and digitizing money. There needs to be a real global push back otherwise we are all doomed. Not conspiracy theory folks. These are facts being unfolded in front of our eyes. Keep up the great work Greg.

  63. Tommy

    As always Ms. Fitts gives the most cogent interviews of all your guests. Calm, reasoned, and sound advice is always welcomed. Thanks so much to both of you.

  64. R B

    Dear Greg, Let us not forget these words of Peter the apostle. Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober,and hope to the end for the Grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ ; As obedient children, not fashioning yourselves according to the former lusts in your ignorance. But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all maner of conversation;….. Sincerely RB

  65. Northern Gal

    To Jerry-
    ISO 4217 Explanation of USD/USS/USN

    The US dollar actually has three codes assigned: USD, USS (same day) and USN (next day). According to UN/CEFACT recommendation 9, paragraphs 8-9 (ECE/TRADE/203, 1996, available online:

    In applications where monetary resources associated with a currency (i.e. funds) need not be specified and where a field identifier indicating currency is used, the first two (leftmost) characters are sufficient to identify a currency–example: US for United States dollars for general, unspecified purposes where a field identifier indicating currency is present. (A field identifier can be a preprinted field heading in an aligned document or a similarly-agreed application in electronic transmission of data.)

    In applications where there is a need to distinguish between different types of currencies, or where funds are required as in the banking environment, or where there is no field identifier, the third (rightmost) character of the alphabetic code is an indicator, preferably mnemonic, derived from the name of the major currency unit or fund – example: USD for general, unspecified purposes; USN for United States dollar next-day funds, and USS for funds which are immediately available for Federal Reserve transfer, withdrawal in cash or transfer in like funds (same-day funds). Since there is no need for such a distinction in international trade applications, the funds codes have not been included in the Annex to the present Recommendation.

  66. Flattop

    GREG: Always amazes me to read comments/complaints about our Prez not being able to fix everything immediately, if not sooner. He has a plan, he has a schedule. I would encourage all to be patient and watch those plans unfold…don’t complain, PRAY.

  67. Roger D

    ‘Amen!’ to Mrs. Fitts ‘two team’ system approach.

    I have no doubt that Trump will face death threats to his love ones from the Deep State. That’s the card that silences virtually anyone. He will get down to having only two allies, the rank and file military and us Deplorables. Yes, think food, water and population density.

  68. Frederick

    Looks like our worst fears of being flimflammed by our POTUS is becoming a reality He just approved the sale of sophisticated weaponry to the lovely psychopaths in Saudi Arabia so they can more efficiently kill Yemenis If this doesn’t prove he’s a rabid Zionist than I’m not sure what will

    • Charles H

      We still buy oil there. Maybe he is just scrounging-up some pocket change? How many nations in the world are selling arms? Just because I buy a gun: doesn’t make me a killer. You are jumping all over the place.

  69. Flattop

    Watchdoggers:: Our enemy, the evil one, works in the darkness. As Donald Trump brings the evil ones deeds into the light, there will be much resistence and push back by those he works through. Expect the conflict to intensify. The evil one has made some serious inroads into our nation these last eight years, and he will not surrender any of that territory with out a battle. PRAYER is our greatest weapon in defeating him and those he works through.

    • This sceptred Isle

      At the end of the cycle the veil of illusion dissolves. Some people are psychologically unprepared for this…

    • Charles H

      Prayer is always good.

  70. Robert Lykens

    Greg, just looking back over previous CAF interviews on the Watchdog.
    “Trump is Molotov Cocktail You Can Throw on Crooked System”.
    Looks like she knew what she was talking about.

  71. Anonymous

    The “full wrath” of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) will soon descend upon all of America after the deadliest secret lies of this “Deep State” spy agency currently at war with President Donald Trump, have now been exposed for the entire world to see, and whose next “false flag” terror attack to cover up their crimes may come as soon this coming week. The international whistle blowing organization Wikileaks released the largest ever in history publication of over 8,000 CIA top secret documents (Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed) revealing that this “Deep State” spy agency has, in fact, created and cast a vast electronic surveillance net around the entire US unrivaled in modern times and that has turned even the most innocuous devices (televisions, phones, computers, smart devices, automobiles, etc.) into illegal spying tools. Prior to the release by Wikileaks of these CIA top secret documents, this organizations leader, Julian Assange, on the 3rd of March, emailed to President Trump’s National Security Council (NSC) the encrypted key to unlock Vault 7 where these over 8,000 documents were stored, and that caused Trump to explode in anger less than 24 hours later and accuse former President Barack Obama of illegally having him placed under surveillance. Angering President Trump the most, as well as the FSB, were these top secret CIA documents revealing that this “Deep State” spy agency had created an “exploit” to falsely implicate Russia in hacking crimes it had never committed, and didn’t have to do as these Democrats had already destroyed themselves. The CIA’s creation of this “exploit” designed to blame Russia for hacking crimes, was co-created by Google engineers who had, at least, 427 meetings at the White House over the course of Obama’s presidency, and that in its final development stage was given to a cybersecurity technology company named CrowdStrike that Google Capital had invested $100 million in. As to what CrowdStrike did with this CIA-Google “exploit”, one must remember that during last years US presidential election, Wikileaks released what are now called “The Podesta Emails” that roiled the Hillary Clinton campaign due to its many shocking revelations of high crimes and corruption within not only Clinton’s campaign, but, also, the entire Democratic Party (DNC). To how Wikileaks obtained “The Podesta Emails” in the first place, was through a disgruntled DNC officer named Seth Rich who was angry over the election being manipulated against Senator Bernie Sanders, but who shortly after he had turned over these damning email documents to Wikileaks was assassinated, and that Wikileaks offered a $20,000 reward for to capture his killers, who were never found.

  72. Anonymous

    With Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta having previously stated to Seth Richs’ assassination that “I’m definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have any real basis for it.”, and Wikileaks leader Assange himself saying Russia had nothing whatsoever to do with the hacking of “The Podesta Emails”, there was no doubt within the FSB that this DNC leaker had been killed by Clinton and/or Obama forces for his leaking of these damaging documents. Shockingly, however, on 22 December 2016, barely a month prior to President Trump taking office, CrowdStrike released a report claiming that a tool (exploit) used in the DNC hack of “The Podesta Emails” had also been used, rewritten for Android phones, in malware that appeared in an application used by Ukrainian artillery units, and that this report purported to show that a hacking tool used in the DNC hack had also been used to kill Ukrainians fighting Russian separatists, that they called “Fancy Bear”, and blamed Russia for creating. In its most simplistic rendering, what CrowdStrike was claiming was that Russian military intelligence (GRU) created the “Fancy Bear” exploit to put on the Android phones of Ukrainian artillery soldiers so that when they used them they could be targeted and killed, and that was also found on the DNC computer hack, with the major problem to this outrageous claim being that it wasn’t true, and that Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense told the world about too. When American computer experts began investigating this incredible CrowdStrike claim that Russia created the “Fancy Bear” exploit, they noted that this Google funded cybersecurity company “was apparently doing this work for free (!!)”, didn’t bother to talk to the creator of the Android software, and, at its most basic, created a nearly entirely make believe report designed to fit a narrative and timeline wished for by the Obama regime. Even more critical to note, was that neither CrowdStrike nor the DNC would allow counterintelligence computer experts from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to even see the servers to confirm that his “Fancy Bear” exploit even existed. But even as this “fake news” CrowdStrike report blaming Russia for the hacking of the DNC was proved false within hours of its being released, the Obama regime, nevertheless, quickly followed it with and even more fatally flawed “fake news” report that, in essence, was described as: “It merely listed every threat group ever reported on by a commercial cybersecurity company that is suspected of being Russian-made and lumped them under the heading of Russian Intelligence Services (RIS) without providing any supporting evidence that such a connection exists.” One would logically think, that with two highly flawed Obama regime Russian hacking reports being completely discredited this witch-hunting expedition would end, but one would be wrong in believing such a thing as, instead, the US propaganda mainstream media have been using these two “fake news” reports to bludgeon the reputation of President Trump, while, and as always, telling the American people what to think. And with Wikileaks now proving that the “Deep State” aligned CIA was, in fact, the creator of this “Fancy Bear” exploit meant to discredit Russia, the Obama-Clinton leftist supporting US mainstream “fake news” propaganda media is, once again, choosing lies over truth, with CNN shockingly not even bothering to inform their viewers of the over 8,000 top secret CIA documents, and whom, also, when “The Podesta Emails” were released, outrageously lied to the American people saying no one but reporters could read them. We are Anonymous, We are Legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget, Expect us. Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed: Anonymous – MESSAGE TO FUTURE GENERATIONS:

  73. coalburner

    G 500, Excellent Review and why Europe is lost. Awaiting the bloodbath to come. We must stop it here before it gets any worse. We will have plenty of dead too, hopefully it will be the fools who think they are just fine and want them in. Some muzzies here are running from the Islam of the ME but it always catches up. Next the evil IMAMs come then the murders are created and they murder. What they do best besides molesting children and goats.

  74. Steven Starr

    I see that Trump has reportedly given power to the CIA to conduct drone strikes, see

    Seems antithetical to the idea that he is going after the CIA . . .

  75. Larry White

    Some debt facts as we get ready to end the US debt ceiling holiday:

  76. Jerry

    Here we go again. Who’s running this show?

  77. Peter Mackay

    God the Father is in charge.
    Well Greg, someone needs to explain the meaning of these words to our friend Catherine Ausome Fitts. I have regarded Catherine very highly for many years, she is one sharp cookie. This, her latest performance however, left my blood running cold.
    Greg either God blesses America or America languishes in misery, that is all there is to it. All of the blessings of a nation comes from God.
    I couldn’t believe my ears when I listened to Catherine advising that President Trump should not go to war against the pedophiles because it would derail his economic ambitions. This is a truly appealing stance to take. It’s totally immoral.
    I would argue that the war against the pedophiles should absolutely be Trumps first priority.
    How on earth can we hope for Gods blessings on America if the government of the country is complicit in child abduction, imprisonment, molestation and murder, as Catherine is advocating by her stance.
    Catherine is prioritizing the economy over the plight of those children, she is a complete heathen.
    Let us pray that President Trump has higher moral values. Let us hope that he regards the rescue of those children above the economy and thereby bring Gods blessing upon his country. I’m afraid he will turn out to be just as bad as the rest of that brood of vipers in Washington. Let us hope that I am wrong at least for the children’s sake.

    • JC Davis

      Peter. Trump will have a meeting with Jesus soon. The world we live in has become corrupted to a point no one man can fix it, yet leaders can humble themselves lower then dirt. Speak the word, and watch the almighty power of Gods respect to a humble prayer.

      • Greg Hunter

        Amen Brother JC. I pray for the country and Trump every day.

      • Chris

        I have to agree with this statement of going after the pedophiles. I cannot imagine how anyone can harm a child or use them as a sexual tool. That is so far over the line of morality, I would think it should be actively perused.

  78. Sayonara

    CAF is officially my favorite guest interview of yours. She is absolutely smart and clairvoyant. Always enjoy being taken to school with you two.
    BTW – I was about to listen to your CAF interview for the second time on the way to work yesterday, however, I was diverted when my favorite local talk show host, Brian Sussman announced you were up next on the KSFO Morning Show. Of course I had to listen and of course you were awesome and demonstrated why you are the REAL News as opposed to the Fake News. Keep up the great work!

  79. Mohammad


    CAF did not see it (as she said in the interview), most of your guests did not see it, all were wrong all the time, Martin Armstrong SAW IT and called correctly …. So far he is the best in the trade of intelligent prediction of the market.


  80. Lore

    Another great interview with a marvelous woman of integrity and intellect. Thanks, Greg.

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