Trump Patriot for Blocking Washington Criminals from Presidency-Warren Pollock

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Financial and geopolitical analyst Warren Pollock says that President Donald Trump has done one very big thing since he’s been in office, and that is he “exposed a gigantic ball of criminal corruption” in Washington. Pollock explains, “I think Trump did the American people a tremendous service.  First of all, he blocked the Republican criminals from taking the Presidency.  Look at Paul Ryan.  He had seven years to work on healthcare, and he’s obviously not interested in doing anything for the American people.  The entire panel of Republicans were just part of this great criminal enterprise.  One of them would get the Presidency, and he would have been just the latest criminal in charge of the country.  The same thing with the Democrats.  We had Trump blocking the Democratic criminals from taking the office of the Presidency.  We don’t live in a republic.  We don’t live in democratic system.  These parties are just part of a large system of organized crime.  They exempt themselves from the very laws they hold us accountable to.  Trump was able to rally the American people and defeat criminals from both sides of the aisle. . . . That’s a major service, and we should be thankful for that.  He’s a real patriot, and he made that sacrifice for us. . . . With Trump, they never want to have that happen again.  That’s why you see this narrowing of alternative media.”

Some people are saying Trump already is going back on his campaign promises, but that is not how Pollock sees it. Pollock contends, “He tried initially to play ball with the Republicans.  He said okay, this guy Pence, I’ll let him be my Vice Presidential running mate.  I’ll work with Paul Ryan on healthcare.  I’ll let them infiltrate my Cabinet, and he found out that, unlike delegating in his own organization, that he can’t delegate to sociopaths and criminals.  So, he finds out that Paul Ryan is in bed with insurance companies, and he was just making noise for the last seven years.  That’s what these Republicans do.  They go to FOX News and titillate half of the American people, and the Democrats use their news organs, CNN, Washington Post, New York Times, and they titillate their supporters.”

Pollock says Trump has to go on the offensive. Pollock explains, “If he plays spoiler, he will have to go on the offensive, but he’s not going to be able to make America great again.  What he’s going to be able to do, if he gets his act together, is to start to take down some of this criminality at a very high level.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with analyst and financial expert Warren Pollock.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:  

Warren Pollock has 60 pages of notes he compiled for this interview. If you sign up for “Greg’s Private Messages,” I will send you the notes free of charge.  (The notes are raw and not edited.)  I’ll send them out tomorrow (5/22/17).


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  1. J.Geeson

    Treasury Sec Steven Mnuchin leads way for pro-growth tax cuts w/ 3% growth paying for them. Reconciliation very flexible? Don’t have to use CBO or JTC estimates. Is Admin coming together w/ House/Senate? Timetable? Year end? Banking reform?
    BREAKING. . . . …
    SKIP TO 38:30 In the midst of the overthrow of our government.
    “Let this go” is not obstruction of justice. Not crime. Mueller’s jurisdiction? Narrower than past. Why didn’t Comey report memo to DoJ? How long? Advice to Trump? Confusion: what are they investigating? Sr. WH official person of interest. WH leaks! Nut job. Relieved Trump pressure.
    Stocks: buy the dip because tax cuts are coming? Profits? Econ outlook? Fed? Amazon near 1,000? 250% S&P is bull mkt not just a rally? Dollar-gold-oil?
    DiMaggio wasn’t P.C.!
    Money & Politics: Can US get back to 3% growth? Most econs say no. But capital formation is key. Outlook for health & tax reform? Pence for Prez?

    • J.Geeson

      Sorry, here’s the missing link to the above! Don’t forget you can cut to the chase and skip to the 38: 30 point. Don’t be afraid to take it all in though!
      In the United States, the quadrennial contests for the presidency afford a constitutional opportunity to throw the whole executive leadership out of office which Donald Trump accomplished. At the other extreme, the coup d’etat occurring now leads to the abrupt, often violent replacement of national executives. Although it is a type of revolution, the coup d’etat usually does not involve prolonged struggle or popular uprising’s but the selfish pursuit of power by a few band of the treasonous.

  2. paul ...

    Pollock is being too pessimistic … Trump can very easily go on the offensive against the deep state criminals and destroy them all by cutting off their money … without money the deep state will lose the power they currently have to bribe and influence political decisions … Trump simply has to shut down their heroin trade routes … and destroy the poppy fields in Afghanistan … if he does that … the evil pedophiles will be hard pressed to make up the heroin money lost by selling the organs of young children!!!

    • paul ...

      Then he has to go after Monsanto who is genetically modifying the chromosomes in our corn and wheat to make us humans more susceptible to the pharmaceutical industry’s vaccines that contain “patented designer viruses” that create all kinds of diseases and also make us sterile within three generations!!

      • paul ...

        And follow up with Executive Orders to stop the spraying of aluminum chem-trails in the air we breathe and stop the fluorination of the water we drink!!

        • paul ...

          While we are waiting for Trump to sign the Executive Orders we should be drinking distilled or mineral water and eating spices that removes the aluminum from our brain that causes major neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s … remember how the deep state went after Afghanistan to capture the poppy flower … well they likely want to capture the saffron flower in Iran next … 90 percent of the saffron in the world comes from Iran … saffron not only removes aluminum from the brain but is a powerful anti-inflammatory, powerful antioxidant, inhibits seizures, suppresses heart arrhythmias, fights cancer, etc., etc. … the deep state wants to capture Iran’s saffron to either sell it to cure the problems that “they are intentionally creating” or perhaps to destroy and burn down these saffron fields … so the pharmaceutical industry won’t have any competition selling “their” cures for the above diseases!!!

    • dbcooper

      Paul, No offense intended with the Yankee crack … just wanted to see if it would tweak anyone’s tail feathers … ah … yep !! DB. (Laughing Out Loud)

      • paul ...

        DB … talk about tweaking tail feathers … the deep state neocons and banksters are in a fluff … listen to this good stuff …

        • dbcooper

          Paul, Try reading the link (below) from JSMineset about Trump/Comey …WHEW, DB.


        db, you don’t know anything about geoengineering and what’s called Stratospheric Aerosol Injection, aka chemtrails do you?

    • Terry Emrich


  3. Jim G

    News alert. Trump never expected to win – he was completely blindsided and there is evidence to back this up.

    He was handpicked by those who are really in control to be at the helm when the ship finally goes down. Hillary knew this and went along and is now off the hook for all the criminal things she was involved in. Bill and her will now get to enjoy the good life and the millions they have illegally amassed, while Trump will to continue to see his life collapse in front of him.

    None of you get this yet, but watch as this plays out. Unfortunately it is not just Trump going down. It’s the entire USA which is beyond hope and all the prayers in the world are not going to help.

    So keep up with the flag waving and hostile reactions to anyone like myself who is willing to tell the truth. As we progress further into the year, you will all start to realize I am right but I doubt I will get any praise for my warnings.

    Good luck – you are all going to need it and a lot more.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are wrong JimG. Trump expected to win all along, and there is much evidence to back that up. You are pushing a false narrative!

    • Mark Maples

      Jim G,

      You come to the site cheering for the deaths of millions of men women and children and you don’t understand the hostility? Are you retarded or just a sociopath? You do realize everyone on this site is angry about the decline of our nation right?

      The problem is this isn’t 1776 where we can storm D.C, and make fundamental change. We are a police state with a global military on steroids. The conditions required for revolt in effective numbers won’t exist until a majority of Americans are wondering when and from where the next meal is coming.

      Most of us on this site don’t want to leave, we want to fight for the soul of the nation to the best of our abilities. You post as if everyone still stateside is an idiot.


      • Jim G

        Please stay put right where you are at and keep up the good fight. I’m sure you will do just as well as those that stayed at the Alamo, rode with Custer into the Battle of the Little Big Horn or were on the Titanic and didn’t make it into a life boat. Of course, they didn’t know what was coming – I do.

        See the difference between you and me is I’m a realist and know when there is a cause worth fighting for and if I have a chance of winning it.

        If the answer is no and the penalty is so severe then you make a decision that allows you to fight another day, or maybe not have to fight at all.

        You are delusional if you think you are going to take the country back because you’re a nation of dumb downed idiots who will do whatever they are told, including giving up your arms and marching into a FEMA camp when told to do so.

        The small minority who will put up some resistance will be immediately neutralized using methods that can not be matched or evaded. So by the time the dumbest of the dumb finally realizes it’s over, you will all be powerless to do anything about it.

        So tough guy remember my words when the day soon comes and you and the rest of the sheeple get the shock of your lives. Try to stay strong and not breakdown because if there is one thing I can’t stand is a coward and my hunch tells me that might be you.

        • Greg Hunter

          No Jim G.
          You are not a “realist” you are a coward, pansy, pompous dirt bag. Please stay out of America when we get this fixed. Oh, and cowards post with some anonymous name like “Jim G.”

          • South Mouth

            Greg, he is irritating but I’m worried he may be right in that it’s true we are dumbed down and almost 50% are clamoring for forgiveness of their irresponsible debts. Couple that with 70% can’t come up with $400 in an emergency and I can’t see much resistance from them. It sure looks like a planned complete sacking of the country to me.
            We may get lucky and the whole system of their free fiat money may make them fight for their survival too. That’s not the way to bet it though.
            I don’t think we should dismiss Jim G so flippantly, if we prep for his eventualities it can’t hurt. If Trump is what I supported so strongly, why is Kushner sucking up to Soros with his $250 million letter of credit?
            Both parties must be destroyed for this to survive, even then it may never get back to our sacred Constitutional Republic.

          • Frederick

            But Greg You are calling him a coward for posting as “Jim G” but you heap praise on your fellow Christian extremist DB Cooper who uses an absurd pseudonym That’s very hypocritical of you Greg

            • Greg Hunter

              “Christian extremist”?? I can do what I like, and by the way it’s not the Christians that are blow people up. It’s the Islamist extremists. You did see what happened in the UK? By the way Frederick, you now have (basically) a dictator in Turkey. Can you post on the internet any criticism of President Erdoğan?? I mean go on line, use your full name like I do, and criticize you President? Can you condemn radical Islam? Who is hypocritical??

              • Greg Hunter

                Everything is a false flag and you know this how? Your opinion is fact? Got to love the Internet.

        • Mark Maples

          Jim G,

          If the most important thing in my life at the age of 50 was survival then I would agree with you. I would rather stand for something and live a life a character and stand for something than run like a rabbit as if one more day trumps everything.

          I will move on as I don’t know you. I hope you are content with your life and wish you well.

        • Tracy Welborn

          Okay! Now you’ve brought the Alamo into it. I’m a fifth generation Texan, my family came here in 1897. I can tell you are a man without an ethos. Nothing guides you except your own survival. Please! stay in whatever country you now live in.

  4. Jon Bradley Abrahamson

    I want to thank you very much, and how I appreciate your efforts. I follow a couple dozen people such as your self since I lost 42% of my retirement in 2008! LOL Housing bubble my ass! I’m tight on money and what extra I do have I’ve put into Judicial Watch. I’m a member of there “The Amicus Society” and pretty damn proud of it and what JW has done. They did what the over sight committee couldn’t do. I love it when you send them kudos.
    You were one of many that helped me change my way of thinking, plus broke me out of the box for my personal investments. I respect your principles when you left the “very fake news”.
    I usually just google you on screwtube for your weekend wrap up. Your interviews are top shelf! Your guests are the best. Literally a who’s who that’s not on the Lame Stream Media.
    Keep up the good work! When I have an extra buck, I’ll throw it our way. I’m sure you know JW is swamped. The Kenyon and HitLIARy just about broke there back. But many patriots dug deep and kept the boat afloat. Some day the people will know what we, all of us have done to turn the tide in this cesspool of corruption.
    Your efforts in this endeavor has been noteworthy at least.
    Jon Bradley Abrahamson
    Waconia Minnesota

    PS if you ever want to interview regular Joe Shit the Ragman let me know. I’ve done some surprising things for a regular guy. You sound real easy to talk too! Below was a game changer!

    Genetically Engineered Crops, Glyphosate and the Deterioration of Health in the United States of America

    Nancy L. Swanson, Andre Leu, Jon Abrahamson, Bradley Wallet
    Journal of Organic Systems, 9(2), 2014

  5. James

    There is an answer to Trump’s impotence because of resistance from within the government. He could declare an national emergency and institute martial law. This would remove the roadblocks that were designed to keep the criminal status quo in place. Bush and obama made it easy for a sitting president to declare this emergency based on just about anything that he sees is a threat to the US and this criminality would certainly qualify. It would also give him all the time he needs to restore the rule of law since the national emergency would only stop when he says it stops.

    • Flattop

      Just as soon a our Prez declared martial law, the ninth circus court would issue a stop order and tie everything up for several months so all the rats could desert the sinking ship

  6. paul ...

    As for defeating the deep state … Trump as Commander and Chief should hire back all the Generals that were fired by Bush and Obama because they refused to shoot American citizens if given such an order … Trump should make these good guys “Six Star Generals” and put them back at the top of our military chain of command … we need these good men back working to make America great again … and who were “selectively weeded out” of the US Military by “civilian neocon traitors”!!

  7. Frederick

    Absolutely spellbinding stuff Greg BRAVO to both you guys And now what the heck are we going to do to solve this problem? It sure feels insurmountable at this point

  8. charles Turner

    Great interview.
    I cant get the Comey memo out of my head. If Comey was a prolific memo writer he would have also recorded meetings with Loretta Lynch at the time Hillary was let of the hook. It is simply not possible that this was not discussed. Can we also really believe that Lorreta Lynch did not comment on the investigation at all and Comey did not question the meeting with Bill Clinton? Has this question ever been asked in the Senate or Congress?

    It is very easy to create a false story of collusion. We all know the theory of seven degrees of separation. Anyone in public life will find that it often comes down to two to three degrees of separation. I am sure Greg you will know someone in the media who has met with a senior Russian, who has met with Putin. Or one of your guests has business with a Russian company, that then have links with someone high up in Russia.. So if a fake investigation is set up across a large team of Trump people of course they are going to hundreds of links

  9. Jan Nielsen

    Hej Greg Hunter.
    A big fan of you news site .
    An idea for you in the meaning of financial repression , Former press officer Greece .
    Extreme important person to lissen to.
    Dimitris Yannopoulos .

  10. Dennis Rehrig

    What was the name of the book referenced by Mr. Pollack?

  11. Larry Hansen

    WP is a man of tremendous wisdom, insight, knowledge and experience. He extremely well adept at separating the wheat from the chaff, as well as the fact(s) from opinions(s). In is my opinion his explanations of our current ge0-political and financial conundrums are spot on. I tremendously enjoyed your interview with him Greg.

    Thank You Both So Very Much!


  12. David John Williams

    Fantastic interview!..At the 25:30 mark, I agree with you…Trump HAS to step up his game and go on the offensive…if he doesn’t get the public rallying behind him, he’s dead in the water. Warren (and you) make abundantly clear the scale of the criminality….there is no politicking or behind the scenes maneuvering that will defeat the establishment….what Trump needs is a public disclosure that leaves the populace gobsmacked and enraged about the actual state of affairs and the hypnosis they’ve been subjected to…and I mean full disclosure…911, black budgets, proxy wars, false flags, pedophilia, alien technology etc. Whatever it takes…what does Trump have to lose? The Deep State is controlling the dialogue and the public perception and they WILL destroy him otherwise. The fact that he HAS NOT stepped up his fight is exactly why I began to suspect allegiance with the Deep State and it is why he’s losing support. When Trump calls the msm fake news, he does it ‘off the cuff’ in a way that makes him sound bombastic….he needs to make the truth of it factually clear to the public. He needs to invoke a tone of alarming importance and seriousness. THIS IS IT…THERE IS NO ‘NEXT TIME’! The system’s about to roll over, who’s going to do it? Listen to a few minutes at the 33:50 mark…

  13. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Mr. Warren Pollock, you have told the truth….thank you. Music!!
    I agree completely. Donald Trump stepped up to the plate at a very dangerous intersection in American history. Yes, he’s inexperienced, yes, he’s quirky…but those are things he can correct with effort.
    If we have to become more Jeffersonian and less cocky it will be a small price to pay for our survival as a democracy. And for many another, simply survival unmolested by our war machine. However, one thing at a time…for now let’s be thankful the likes of Ryan and Clinton and Schumer are not getting a turn at bat. Amen!! Mad or not, may they just go away! And their bosses too!!

    • Flattop

      Deanna Clark; So you accept the words of WP that everyone from the dog catcher to the Vice President are criminal/corrupt???

      • Greg Hunter

        It is really a figure of speech. Pollock is saying that crime and fraud id rampant in the economy.

  14. Thomas

    I feel like I am watching a re-run of the D-Day Normandy invasion gone horribly wrong. Trump is on the beach. We put him there. He is under relentless enemy fire, pinned down, can’t get any traction. He calls for republican reinforcements. From the radio comes only static. From off shore, guns of the ships fire. But their elevation is mysteriously wrong and his party’s shells land on the beach all around him. Under fire from both sides, if he stays on the beach he is doomed.
    Trump has three choices. Stay put and wait for the fatal shell to find him. Decide that the enemy, the coalition of the corrupt, is too well dug in, their interlocking defense too impenetrable, and wave the white flag of surrender. Or Trump can summon help from the people who understand the nature of the enemy, the brave soldiers who have been fighting corruption for years. Bill Black, Catherine Austin Fitts, Andrew Napolitano, Dr. Ron Paul, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, maybe even Alex Jones. Give them battlefield commissions and advance by prosecuting the enemy.

    • BetterChetter

      US movies promote the lone hero (as elitist promote lone gunman) – someone to ride in to save the day (or, in Tarzan movies, someone to swing in & rescue Jane from tribesmen). This perhaps follows Christianity’s belief that Jesus will return & set things straight.

      Well, the last time JC was here, & folks expected him to bring legions of angels to overturn Rome’s dictatorship, he showed that his kingdom was of another realm – not of matter, but of spirit/heart. – I hate to hear Greg Hunter say that he thinks JC/God is on ‘our’ side – the side of Trump – as that is what all Holy Wars have said throughout time – – but I digress.

      Catherine Austin Fitts provided the model – a county-by-county revision of expenses to employ folks locally (end out-sourcing of jobs & dollars) & increase local revenues. We cannot expect a POTUS to do this for us – CAF notes that it is up to us – to me, you & fellow USA WD’ers. If we don’t act for good, good will not win, in our lifetimes. We are to be pillars of light, & if only in our hearts, then we will be saved, but not the US as we’ve known it. We must apply hands & feet (w/ heart), to be the change we want to see.

      The other analogy is that the US will collapse as have other economies of Europe, & another country/group (BRIC, if not China) will have the world’s reserve currency.

      Still another future could be that the US will merely correct & slow-burn, as CAF notes, to where the US will stay atop the financial compost pile – as the money-changers need the middle class, & will allow it to continue, for the parasite to have its host live longer still.

  15. David

    Trump’s unforced errors are morphing into opportunity costs. Please, stop the petty diatribe and focus on policy!

    It’s not just Trump. The Republicans have had eight years to get their house in order, hammer out key legislation initiatives, and become true change agents. Five months after the starting pistol has fired, they’re still standing at the starting line with their running shorts pulled up to their armpits, shoes untied, and bickering like a dysfunctional family. Republicans control every policy lever in WDC and they’re blowing it! Meanwhile, Schumer, Pelosi, and the press are running away with the messaging.

    Stupid is as stupid does. If the Republicans trash this opportunity, it will be of their own doing. In November 2016, the fog of stalemate was pushed out into the Atlantic Ocean, but it will move back into Washington, D.C. if they don’t act… and quickly!

  16. Dan

    Live in the “Red State” .
    Moderation must be key to survival. Refrain from eating meat on a consistent basis. Fruits and veggies to the max. Catch your own fish , and check their gills for good health. Have plenty of fresh water . Have a stockpile of Oil of Oregano . Get a steady amount of rest/ sleep . Throw fear out the door. Resort periodically to whisky , beer , and good wine , boutique preferably. Stay away from white flour and sugar ( even honey ) as much as possible. Use sun screen and stay in the shade when you can. Don’t sit on a couch and waste the day away – you’ll die in no time. And above all get yourself off of the meds. ….they’re killing you in the long run.

  17. pat the rat

    The government will exchange paper dollars for silver dollars in a heartbeat, buy only 1 oz silver bars. The same goes for $20.00 dollars gold coins. Soon the government will have no choice.

  18. Rick Hester

    Never go down without a fight. Expose, charge, and hopefully convict the corrupt people….follow the money. The Clinton’s, George Soros, Fake News, The Fed, Pizza Gate, etc. and anyone caught in the middle. Take the offense.
    Put the criminals on the defense. Keep them busy dodging the full strength of the law….Keep them so distracted that they can’t find time to attack Trump.
    And remember: 2 Chronicles 7:14

  19. al

    Awesome and insightful as usual Greg. The very fact that I’m commenting opens me up to Stalin’s wet dream (the Internet spy machine) called social media. It’s a matter of cyber situational awareness, always think twice when you comment because it is a matter of public record now. Something to think about.
    By the way, Katherine Austin Fitts points to control files which are very real, those people have to be neutered of this control mechanism. Trump is getting close with his large hand of justice, it’s like catching a lizard, you approach it slowly, ever so slowly then when you’re in range… SNAP! You got him. Trump is there, they know it and that’s why you hear their loud cries.

  20. Independent

    Jason Chaffetz Plays Video About IRS Crimes to Congress!

  21. paul ...

    Trump is tough … he is not going to be swayed by all the current neocon shenanigans … all the commotion by neocons … just shows how scared they are of Trump …

  22. Independent

    ER Doc Who Operated on Seth Rich Says He Was OK Until … , The Still Report 1639

    Synopsis: This is an anonymous source alert – and at least that’s more than either the Wash Post or the NYT has given you.

  23. Tad

    The last opportunity to save America rests with a declared default–across all entities.
    Probably no precedence for this, and if Trump would broach the subject two or three times within a given week, we may attain that without executive action.

    Otherwise, he’s playing a cog along the road to hyperinflation and hundreds of millions of US lives lost.

    I feel reasonably assured, Greg, that at least more than few few angry citizens will take down a few sitting Washington politicians when it all its. At some point, “a” system will function.

    Until that moment-or because of its anticipation-everyone should encourage their idiot friends to spend their free change on gold and silver.

  24. Ron Spoon

    Anybody with an ounce of brains, knows the US Government has become a criminal organization. The natural evolution of any great society is to destroy itself from within.

  25. Cspokane

    Thank you again. This interview validates CAF and Mr. Mannarino’s messages. We are defenitely living perilous times. Mr. Hunter you are a God send. Thank you

  26. James Hastings - Cherokee center of the world

    That was a good interview. It’s a rainy day in the center of the world, I’ll probably listen again after lunch.
    I think along the same lines….get small, be as self reliant as possible. Reduce your lifestyle footprint. Learn to be content with less. Withdraw into your personal little community.

    “Remove far from me vanity and lies, give me neither poverty nor riches, feed me food convenient for me”…..

    Vote what’s…..most right and ignore the media. “Can two walk together unless they agree?.

  27. Don't Care

    You voters or Political/Trump believers won’t learn will you. Anybody watching Trump lick the feet of that horrific so called country of Saudi Arabia as we speak?? They stand against everything we should be for and support all the Terror around the world.

    • Greg Hunter

      Troll?? Don’t care.

    • Flattop

      Don’t Care
      If you listened to the Presidents speech in Saudi Arabia, and you come away with your opinion, you are in a different world than i.

  28. A.J.

    Trump as Khrushchev?

    • Greg Hunter

      Khrushchev with a Constitution??

      • A.J.

        The (laconic) thought came when Warren used the analogy of the Soviet Union. My reading of history sees Khrushchev as a reformer and he was overthrown by the apparatchiks/nomenclature because of this. Backing down from the Cuban Missile Crisis was the excuse. He probably had more power at his disposal than President Trump at present. (And, the Soviet Union did have a constitution.)

        It is difficult to see how President Trump’s agenda proceeds for reasons Warren grimly detailed. The one thing he can still do is prosecute the *obvious* criminality of key members.

        IMHO, President Trump’s key accomplishment so far is exposing the *utter* collapse of integrity (“rule of law”) of the political establishment, especially the media. My pro-Trump friends are shocked by the depths of it. The others (both sides are upper-middle class professionals) cannot (or will not) see this. This is also something Warren emphasizes, and this is more worrisome than the state of the political establishment.

        I am ambivalent about President Trump. At the same time, I’d love my doubts proven wrong and for my pro-Trump friends to be able to “talk smack” at me!

        Keep up the good work, Greg!

      • OfGrace

        Greg, have you explored the issue of the alleged legal subversion of our Constitution by the Federal Reserve bankers (?) through business laws enacted in 1917 and in 1930-something that effectively make the 50 states and their citizens (through their SSNs) legal “corporations” subservient to the D.C. USA corporate entity?, which is in turn subservient to the British Crown, which is subservient to the Vatican? I would love to see some research done corroborating or disproving this information, which I found listening to and reading alternative sources of news such as yours (see link below for one example). If it is true, it would seem our original Republic of USA Constitution is not truly the basis the powers that be in our present DC government have to operate under (given there is no longer anyone with any power to enforce that who would want to) and that it won’t be until the majority of citizens wake up to this reality and are ready once again to lay our lives down to take our rights and freedoms back and stand behind those in our military, judiciary and legislative wings who are willing to do the same. I’m skeptical we will find any of the latter left in positions of power. All the whistleblowers and people of integrity seem to manage to get themselves thrown out or knocked off by the criminal globalists who seem to have us and most of the world in their death grip.

  29. Russ McMeans

    Thanks Greg for mentioning God. The situation for the Israelites looked pretty bleak throughout their long history, but time and time again the odds changed in their favor- baffling and ruining their enemies.
    God bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      By the numbers the Israelis should have lost in 1967 and 1973 but God proved h=]He is in total control!! Matthew 28:18 Jesus said, “”All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.”

  30. James

    What’s ironic about the ability of President Trump to initiate a state of emergency, is that the Deep State never envisioned that someone outside the Deep State would ever come to power and that this tool would only be available to them. How wrong they were and now it’s time to unleash this power against the criminal class that put it in place. The dictatorial power Trump would have is about the only way to rid Washington of all those trying to destroy America.

    • paul ...

      Your right James … Trump is a fly in their ointment … and Trump should wipe some ointment on CNN, the Washington Post, etc., etc. by taking away their news license which was not meant to be used to spread “fake news”!!!

  31. Tad

    A syndrome that disregards borders. Just ask a desperate Canadian.

  32. The Seer

    Thanks Greg.
    WP I disagree with on:
    1. Trump didn’t do enough early on. WP – people were and are not in place to
    after the darkside.
    2. There is great health care if one searches for it. You do not have to be a victim.
    Look at or instance and after 65 can combine with Medicare.
    If one was smart, would have purchased long term health care.
    3. Cossacks take it all. This is more “state of fear” propaganda. World collapse etc.
    N. Korea is another tool for “state of fear”.
    4. Airline Chinese American “attacked” acted like a 5 year tantrum child. All he had to do was get up and walk off.
    5. Science facts and truth are valid. Actually, science keeps changing their facts and truths and replace them over and over while ignoring metaphysics.
    I agree with WP on:
    1. Can’t reason with nuts.
    2. Stay away from bitcoin electronic “money” – poof gone!

  33. Robert

    Hey Greg, it would be great if you could get someone on about Bitcoin. Someone like Sgt. Jim Ramm.

    Just a thought!


  34. Tee

    You can liquidate your bitcoin often through Coinbase. If you want to do so anonymously you can go to and buy things off of or use Liquidity isn’t a problem, and the risk you mention is bullocks.

    • Greg Hunter

      Pollock said “large” transactions. Not pocket change.

  35. Freebreezer

    Hi Greg – Great guest. I am sure that many of your listeners have seen this, but this article from zero hedge just furthers Warren P. argument … the deep state took control of the media and they control the narrative … “# 7. Mainstream media is the propaganda branch of the State Department ” deals specifically per your broadcast. # 4 sickens me in how low the deepstate will go … Stay Free!

  36. john duffy

    You have to wonder where all this will lead to? The government, wall street, school system and church are all corrupt. When the Us capitulated to abortion and porn it relinquished its moral leadership in the world. Unless it returns to its roots, we are doomed.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not” John Christ said, “”All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.” “ALL”

  37. BobT

    Amen Greg.
    Trump is protected by God, because he has been chosen by God for such a time as this.

    • Greg Hunter

      The so-called “deep state” has a rude awakening coming for them. Their private secret evil party is over. After the Resurrection Christ said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.” Please Note the word “ALL.” They should give up now but they are too stupid and arrogant. Thank you for your support Bob. This is a battle between good and evil. It is that simple.

      • Charles H


        “Don’t fight the FED”; or the Deep State. If Trump is going to improve his position, and possibilities: he will have to ACT, almost unilaterally, to organize and staff EVERY PART of government where it is possible. Mr. Pollock is correct: it is late in the game; and very little political capital is left. He, basically, would have to act as badly as those who are acting against him. But will he?
        As to – ‘Divine protection’ for Trump? I can’t go THAT far. Hope is a good thing; but false hope is pernicious – because it removes foundation one stands on, and moves from positive to negative in one swoop. To presume upon the Divine Counsels: is never wise. Prayer can’t be made out a list which God is obligated to answer. God’s Hand can be attributed to Trumps election: but the specifics of purpose cannot be – properly – assumed. He could as much be a feint, as a proper strike – in the grand scheme of things.
        See y’all in the funny papers. CH

        • Greg Hunter

          It’s not “hope” Charles. God the Father and Jesus Christ are the king makers and they made him king. Watch. Don’t believe the MSM propaganda and hype. Powerful forces are backing Trump. Let’s not give up so easily and pray for Trump!! This one is perfect it’s Psalm 140:

          Rescue me, Lord, from evildoers;
          protect me from the violent,

          who devise evil plans in their hearts
          and stir up war every day.

          They make their tongues as sharp as a serpent’s;
          the poison of vipers is on their lips.[b]

          Keep me safe, Lord, from the hands of the wicked;
          protect me from the violent,
          who devise ways to trip my feet.

          The arrogant have hidden a snare for me;
          they have spread out the cords of their net
          and have set traps for me along my path.

          I say to the Lord, “You are my God.”
          Hear, Lord, my cry for mercy.

          Sovereign Lord, my strong deliverer,
          you shield my head in the day of battle.

          Do not grant the wicked their desires, Lord;
          do not let their plans succeed.

          Those who surround me proudly rear their heads;
          may the mischief of their lips engulf them.

          May burning coals fall on them;
          may they be thrown into the fire,
          into miry pits, never to rise.

          May slanderers not be established in the land;
          may disaster hunt down the violent.

          I know that the Lord secures justice for the poor
          and upholds the cause of the needy.

          Surely the righteous will praise your name,
          and the upright will live in your presence.

          This is fight between good and evil. It is really that simple. I will “never, never, never give up”!


          • mark

            Thank you Greg for your testimony of faith in the faithfulness of God the Father in raising His Son Jesus from among the dead and bestowing upon Him the Name which is above every name, high above all rule and authority and power and lordship and every name which is named not only in this age but in that which is to come, Amen. Who by the way, was left without any support in His final hours before being crucified, yet it in the wisdom of God, which wisdom, Paul writes, none of the rulers of this age had known, for had they known they would not have crucified the Lord of glory, that through death He might destroy (bring to naught) him who has the might of death, that is the devil and might release those who because of the fear of death through all their life were held in slavery. For, as Peter writes, (him who wept bitterly after seeing the Lord Jesus looking at him as the cock crowed upon betraying the Lord the third time as prophesied), it was not with little coins of gold or silver that you were redeemed out from your vain manner of life handed down to you from your fathers, but with precious blood as of a lamb without spot and without blemish, the precious blood of Christ. So that is why I say to you Greg and to all who receive the testimony which God has testified concerning His Son, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit, for “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” (2Tim.1:7) FEAR NOT! “I am the First and the Last and the Living One; and I became dead, and behold I am living forever and ever; and I have the keys of death and of Hades.” (Rev.1:17-18), see also (1 Tim.2:1-7). Fear Not and Never Give Up!, Pray! Praise and Give Thanks! Never Give Up!

        • dbcooper

          Brother Charles, I found your comment about ‘crass’ to be very germane; appropriate and timely. I have long believed that the hardest thing that we humans have to do is to simply be nice to each other … doesn’t mean that we do not agree to disagree. Some while back I made a controversial comment that I thought that Mecca and Medina should be turned to glass, this elicited some back lash and while I do not now and did not then advocate murder; and the prospect of this ever happening are slim to none it is in the spirit of civility and discussion that it was proposed in the first place. That said I find it interesting that the response was not discussion but condemnation and name calling … reminds me of going back to kindergarten!!
          Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

        • JimH

          Charles and Everyone please check out the two videos from Kim Clement before he died. It will bless everyone.
          I agree with Greg. The Deep State cannot box with the Holy Spirit. Seems very specific from 2007 and 2014 years before the election. If you are not a Christian the two videos are still edifying and informative.

          The second video is interesting also saying they will call for his impeachment and he will be president for a 2nd term!!!! Yet no impeachment. Just embarrassment for the
          deep state.

          Kim Clement prophesying about Donald Trump in 2007

          That he would become president of the United States.
          That Newsweek and Time and CNN shall be put to shame.


          UNSEEN Prophecy from Kim Clement of Donald Trump Feb 2014

          “This man stood in Jerusalem”
          A shaking upon the democrats in upcoming election
          I am dissatisfied with the Republics
          Impeach Impeach they say
          Another Snowden comes again !!!

          Prayer and faith is the key. The Lord revealed this to Kim in dreams and visions after prayer. If the deep State tries to kill trump they will martyr Trump with many Angry Voters. The funny papers are the papers Kim Clemente talked about in the first video.

          • Greg Hunter

            Chilling really considering this was Feb 2014.

  38. ShadowMaddow Gov'ment DeepDoDoState New's

    Bold Move To Save U.S. From Enemies Within!
    President Donald Trump’s shocking dismissal of FBI director James Comey, short-circuited a plan by the intell community to seize control of the White House_and the country! The real reason for the treason and sacking of home boy Comey, so say top intell patriots still putting America first, still upholding the constitution and their pledge to defend it both foreign and domestic. According to those patriot sources, Trump had been the subject of surveillance/new version [wiretapping] and dirty tricksters, intell officials, including the notorious [code name Jocko] former intell chief who conspired to stage a coup de grâce, coup.

    “These rogue officials were deliberately undermining president Trump and his cabinet members!”

    These agents in the FBI, CIA and National Security Agency planned to remove Trump by any means possible and install their own hand-picked man in the job!

    When Trump Deputies caught wind of their planned coup, the president simply removed the head of the snake_James Comey!
    The scheming by these traitors was even worse than the acts committed by late president Richard Nixon, who resigned after trying to cover the tracks of operatives who orchestrated break-ins and smear campaigns.

    Their scheme started with sources leaking outrageous lies about Trump’s ties to Russia_prompting the president to consider purging the nations top security agencies.

    The anonymous leaks were part of a broader campaign to undermine the president and erode his public support [which by the way is not working] in hopes the coming coup would be met favorably. Which it is absolutely not and i’m talking the American people here, not fat-cats, just real American, lean and not mean, cats!

    The plot also included illegal surveillance/new-way wiretapping of Trump and many of his aides and associates in a bid to find compromising information.

    One such surveil/surveillance/wiretap involved former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s phone call to the Russian ambassador on Dec. 29, which was secretly recorded by the NSA.

    The Trumpster forced Flynn to resign after it was revealed to him that Flynn had assured vice president Mike Pence he’d had no contact with the Russians.

    Homey Comey, meanwhile, continued to press his agency’s investigation into Russkie ties to the administration.

    Trump knows there’s nothing there and considers these investigations to be a huge waste of time and money, two things he and the American people hate the most and have been taking down our country since Nixon closed the gold window. Stop the damn presses [money printing] and we’ll stop the fraud and corruption. Too much money following too many politicians! The real intent, bring Trump down and continue the corruption without interruption. But the Trumpster doesn’t want us, we the people, me and you, the American sheeple in the dumpster! Thats why he fired the crook Comey!

    We the American people owe president Donald J. Trump one huge debt of gratitude, for not allowing a rogue intelligence community to usurp our democracy of we the people by the people and for the people. Me and you, the little sheeple. We fight the wars, build the cars, hit the bar’s, grow the crops, bless our cop’s.
    So help us, almighty God.
    Praise the lord and pass the ammo!

  39. charles peden

    Dear Greg:

    I was in Greensboro last week with a friend who had actually grown up there. His father was the chef at the old King Cotton Hotel. We ate at Stamey’s barbeque. good times.

    • Greg Hunter

      Cool Charles. Thank you.

  40. Justn Observer

    So what President Trump just may have done in Saudi Arabia in one day… ‘TRUMPing’ everything Obama did not do in his entire time in office… If all unfolds as planned…THE DONALD will return home with = A $1 Trillion total package deal of mutual investments including over $100 Billion in Defense contracts… Will this help with jobs and lead a path towards restoring U.S. industry… Will this all be more than more window dressing to quell the appetite for terrorism in the world? Well – Obama did say to stop ‘terrorism’ they needed jobs and a reason to stay home did he not? But now that POTUS Trump might have accomplished the ‘start’ of that…do you think the left will give him ‘credit’ for doing it….or critical of him for ‘colluding’ with the Saudi King! lol
    Now if only the FCC would pull the licenses of CNN AND MSNBC AND YES- FOX NEWS …and we could return to the days of ‘sourced’ news…and less opinion and thought shaping propaganda… along with some IZ music…a bright Sunday eh?

    • Frederick

      Yeah great Maintain the military industrial complex for another day I’m not cheering that one sorry Observer Better open your eyes

    • Mike R

      Well the Saudi’s just needed a place they could recycle all of their US dollars, as they still keep raking in the cash from their oil sales, but are no longer buying US T bills. So its really no big deal how much money they send back to the US, just so long as they can get something of ‘value’ in return. Guns and ammo is usually a good one.

  41. Jeannette

    When you mentioned President Trump’s ally is God, I had been thinking the exact same thing. Trump doesn’t need to worry about all these criminals and their plots; he needs to seek out what God wants him to do because God put him into his high office for a purpose.
    We will all be amazed one day when we see the final outcome of this most amazing presidency.
    Thanks for all you do.

    • Flattop

      Jeanette; There are witches and warlocks who hold all nite prayer meeting to put evil influences on our Prez. That’s why we need to pray a lot for our President. Ask our Lord to turn back on them, whatever they attempt to put on our Prez

  42. This sceptred Isle

    The irony is Russia intervenes to prop up the recognised Syrian leader and is demonised, whilst Saudi Arabia intervenes to restore the Yemen President and is actively armed and no media coverage.

  43. Larry Galearis

    Great interview, Greg!
    One comment: How does Trump drain the swamp if in doing so he finds all the upper echelon people have to be jailed – essentially most of your government? So I for one just wait for the collapse. With the hope that one of those sociopaths doesn’t find the means to take the rest of the world with him.
    It is likely that hopeless.

    • Corleone

      Do you expect somekind of civil war ?

  44. Everett

    There will be no greetings this time,
    I have a friend who is a blind democrat, I love him, but his blindness is beyond imagining as I watched him celebrate everything Obama did in his horrific 8 years. Nothing that was said to the contrary could persuade him, and you Greg have no more sight than my friend. Donald Trump just called Islam a great faith, asked God to bless their nation and even danced with the people who are the enemies of Jesus Christ and His church. I could unload a massive amount of Scripture that clearly condemns what Trump just did, but it wouldn’t matter because you are blind to the truth. Obama could have pushed for legalization of pedophilia and my friend would have found some excuse to protect the rotten bastard and I believe you would do the same for Trump. I will no longer visit your site, ever; which I am certain doesn’t bother you one bit. So go ahead and take your slams at me and call me a troll or an idiot; but at the end of the day this poor ole farm boy told you the truth. So long Greg, I hope you repent and come to your senses.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s a complicated world out there. I am not the president. The whole Middle East is a tinder box. Would you light it on fire? Trump is doing what he thinks will do the most good. Trump did call out radical Islam in the same country that Mecca is in. That took some balls. So sorry you are leaving. You have to ask yourself, where in the Bible did Jesus condemn someone?? Do you have a massive amount of scripture to unload on me about condemnation? You do make valid points about what trump just said, but I do not control that. I am doing my very best and I think it’s what I am supposed to do.

      • Eric

        Jesus explicitly tells us how to live. The Bible and the Constitution explicitly state we have no business selling weapons to a nation with the worse humanitarian record in the world. The Constitution clearly states we have no business blowing up people outside of our borders. Jesus would agree.
        You want a “new” America ? Then get back to honoring God. Follow His precepts. Stop abortions and immorality. Allowing gay marriage and blowing up any country we choose is NOT a sign of godliness.
        This is basically where we disagree. Everyone here believes we are on a new path directed by God (thru Trump). Has anyone changed their mindset since the election ? Have we turned from our idols ? Do any even know what true repentance is ?
        No. We just expect our new “king” to change everything for us.
        The prophecies coming down on this great country (because we were given so much and then turned our backs on Him) our innumerable. This country has already been judged.
        We will be attacked and utterly destroyed. Of course no one will believe it could happen to us. Rev chapter 18 “in one hour”

        • Tracy Welborn

          Let it begin with you Eric. Don’t worry about other people. I guarantee your judgement of others is wrong. Why do you hate people that are struggling with sin so much? Were you yourself saved by your own actions? Was it not grace given to you?

        • Hatemail

          Repentance requires the payment of a penance as a demonstration of sincerity for the forgiveness of sin.
          That is unlikely ever to happen, or even a simple and empty apology.

    • Tracy Welborn

      I know you won’t understand this, but, you are suffering from spiritual pride. That is, what I think, the worst side effect from eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Trust me, Jesus has no use for a man who tells one of his children to “repent and come to your senses”. The Pharisees found this out the hard way.
      Everett, a head full of religion and a heart full of hate are worthless.
      Hope you find your way.

  45. Larry Galearis

    Re Turkey. Turkey in NATO means that NATO is hamstrung. At some point the US will call for the expulsion. Guaranteed someone will do something stupid in this area.

  46. Larry Galearis

    Gold or especially silver will not return to the mean – or fair value? If the stock market that is supported corrects down, the “markets” that are suppressed will rise for the same reason….I think that is more logical – and expected….

  47. Larry Galearis

    Mr. Pollack is correct about the debt load of China, but he may not know that it likely has the currency situation stabilized with the 20,000 tonnes of gold it has bought from the US et al. But the US probably has no gold – and the crash that is coming is both a product of the looting of the criminals in government, and the dishoarding (theft really) of treasury gold. The bankruptcy is going to a total failure for the US – which Mr. Pollack also predicted as did Mr. Mannarino.

  48. francis m reps

    turned his back on his base by refusingto appoint a special prosecutor to let the Deep State know that Elected Criminals would be held accountable. Mr. Ortel could have provided him with all the facts and evidence necessary for a criminal indictment { ask Rudy Juliani }. As tough as Trump sounds….he is really a Show Biz Softie ,who likes the additional POTUS perks and lots more publicity. Murdering innocent Syrians while eating ” lovely chocolate cake” with the Chinese Leader is an atrocity. The follow up by attacking Assad’s convoys IN SYRIA is another outrageous action. Lets all of us Pray that Mr. Putin continues to exercise patience. In the past ; Russia knocked off the unbeatable Napoleon….then not too long ago also destroyed Hitler’s Armies . What makes a gaggle of multi generation …inbred., and very mediocre..”Ivy League graduates.; think that they can prevail over the Russians ??. Get Mr. Holter , { a clear headed realist } and especially Dane Wigington on your very worthwhile program. A Genocide from the skies might do us in before the morons in DC unleash the coming Nuclear War.

  49. Jerry

    Following is a list of the top ten largest banks of the world.

    From this list, six of them are redeeming dollars for gold backed currencies and securities through AIIB’s exchange instrument’s. In reality the RESET has already begun. Even though a few thousand private investors snapping up cheap gold backed currencies is considered a tiny ripple by todays standards, it is merely setting the stage for the massive tsunami that is about to come in.

    Question? What would be better than owning gold? Answer: Owning currencies backed by gold. Especially if you knew that gold would be the new benchmark for the worlds trade mechanisms. Its happening folks. There is a reason why Dubai just opened a gold exchange platform backed by Chinese gold. And there’s a reason why Donald Trump just made a beeline to Saudi Arabia with hat in hand. And No its not to discuss oil. They all know what’s coming. Its on like Donkey Kong.

    • Jerry

      If you’re looking for a possible inflection point for when the new exchange system might pick up speed in its transition, this would be it. The annual board of governors meeting held June 17th.

      • Greg Hunter

        Stay on this AIIB thing. I think you are on the right rack big-time!!! Thank you!!!

        • Jerry

          This thing seems to be picking up speed. Everyday AIIB is adding new membership.

          My hunch is once AIIB feels they have enough membership to break away from the World Bank, and enough country’s have cashed in U.S. treasuries for gold backed currency, they will reset the gold prices.
          Its a natural progression. At that point the curtain will be pulled back and we will find out exactly what assets the U.S. treasury really has.

  50. Walter Baumgarten

    Get small, be stolen from less…never, NEVER underestimate the value of these words of great wisdom. There is only one group of people that the lawyer scum who rule over America never feed on and that is those who do not have enough to make it worth the effort is takes to rob them. I love Warren Pollock, he is a great mind and you are a great man for bringing this all to us Greg, thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Walter for understanding what is going on. Let’s starve the weasels.

    • dbcooper

      WB, Makes me think of the time in my life when I had a Martin guitar; a dog and my thumb!! We traveled across the US for some good while with not much of material value like Woody Guthrie and that was as close to freedom without stress that I have ever experienced. Today we have our homestead held in allodial title/Certified Patent and everything else (land included) is held in Contract trust. The goal is asset protection and reducing our taxable exposure to as little as possible so I agree w/ WP on this subject and alot else that he stated as well. Yours, DB.

  51. Brad

    I am very pleased you had him as a guest. I was curious about his take on current events. He is an articulate, original thinker. I would very much like to meet him in person.

  52. Lansing

    Is history repeating itself?

  53. tom anderson

    was very pleased to here you say (testify) your belief of gods intervention in our potus election. i too,firmly believe this. tea n kc

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Brother Tom.

  54. J marty

    Hi Greg, great interview. I find it curious that you ask many of your guests about bitcoin in passing, but you have never done a program about the subject (as far as I know). Why is that? I understand that bitcoin is a very polarizing subject, but many of us would like a show about it. What does Gregory Mannarino think? I know you talk to him frequently. I can’t believe this subject has not come up between the two of you. I think a good person to interview would be Andreas Antonopoulos.

  55. BJ

    I’d let Iran take over Isreal!

    • Greg Hunter

      And you would be an idiot that does not know the Bible. Don’t come back.

      • Frederick

        So let me understand your assertion here Greg Hunter You are saying that anyone who doesn’t study the Bible is an “idiot” is that correct? Pretty seriously deluded stuff Greg

        • Greg Hunter

          No Frederick. Read what I said again.

          • Frederick

            You’re biased towards anyone who is likeminded which I understand as it’s normal “human” nature Nonetheless it’s the truth and very obvious By the way I didn’t ” run away” like Jim seems to be promoting I left because my wife wasn’t happy in America and wanted to be closer to her family

            • Greg Hunter

              I did not bring up your wife. I brought up a freedom issue in the country you are living in now. My point is simply there is no real freedom where you live when you cannot criticize the government. You criticize the U.S. and Israel but NOT Turkey, not Radical Islam. You can criticize the government in America, and makes it a pretty good place to live.

    • South Mouth

      Gee, I didn’t know that I was signing up for a Bible study group, I think I will leave with you, I owe no allegiance to any country that was propagated by the poisonous seed of Abraham, including Israel, Arabs, and hand-me-down Christians.
      Sorry to interrupt, Greg.

      • Greg Hunter

        Then don’t.

  56. coalburner

    Not sure if anyone has posted this article but the ring of truth and the masterfulness of the President rings true. What we are jut finding about how the President dropped the Hammer on Comey. If half true it is what we all been waiting for. This article puts the whole thing together and now the rats are going to shutup and some will jump the sinking ship of the Deep State and the RiNO gang. Trump now has many of them where he wants them. Great article. lead from

    • dbcooper

      CB, I was in the process of posting the same link from Jim/Bill …
      … and all I can say is WOW !! … plus I have to go back to what WP said in reference to the President and his tweets … I am going to give the President the benefit of the doubt and figure he is playing a wicked game of chess/risk/poker and I would not want to be a swamp dweller in the days to come. God Bless President Donald J. Trump. Yours, DB.

    • Justn Observer

      Coalburner…. Excellent article ! Greg – Hope you and others get a chance to read it !

      • Greg Hunter

        Justn Observer. The Russia collusion story is fallen apart. Wait until the Trump counter strikes begin. They tried to impeach and have failed.

  57. Andy

    Pollock is right – the best we can hope for is exposing the criminality that is eating the heart out of this country. It is already too late to turn this ship around. We are at the end of empire. We can only salvage something if the criminals are held accountable.

    Remember Seth Rich!

    • paul ...

      Remember how Captain Kirk turned the Enterprise around when under attack by the Klingon Empire? … Trump has to put our Ship of State in “warp drive” … as for Seth Rich the gun shots did not kill him … we must get a list of the people who entered his hospital room (and pulled the plug on him)!!

  58. harryb

    I live 12,000 miles away (NZ) and appreciate your articles of updates concerning what is actually happening in the USA. Years ago ‘WW ll ‘ my step dad told me a journalist makes themselves the hero in a story and a reporter is a witness. Good report young man.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you HarryB. You made me smile from 12,000 miles away!!!

  59. MKS

    Unless laws are passes and people go to jail,Trump has not accomplished anything.

    • Greg Hunter

      The facts say you are totally wrong. Whu do you thing the dark powers and the deep state are trying to kick him out of office???

  60. antonius aquinas

    New article;


  61. Russ

    Thanks Greg, Warren Pollock’s notes arrived this morning — excellent. It’s kinda refreshing to see the way he thinks. The notes are very helpful at cutting through the daily BS to which we are all subjected. Thanks again.


    Donald J. Trump entered the presidential race clearly stating:
    “”I enter this race with the clear understanding of winning otherwise
    I need not run””, this is in essence what he said.
    And, I for one, was totally convinced that he would succeed especially
    in the last few days with 4, 5 or 6 speeches per day, never tiring and drawing enormous crowds of patriots. May GOD bless him and all the patriots.
    Let’s wake up the misguided ones.

  63. Hatemail

    The Invisible Man
    Becoming very SMALL is
    hiding under a rock, hermit, prepping, hoarding, reclusive, withdrawing from society, avoiding observation, moving in the shadows, night vision goggles, a strong defensive position. Shelter in place.
    Come up for air once in a while to shop Walmart at midnight.

  64. Flattop

    Those of us who spent time in the military learned that you saluted the rank, not the person. The rank was what you respected. Those who wish to criticize should never,
    never trash the office of the President of these United States.
    Those who complain, never add to the solution. It reminds me of the saying, ” Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way”

  65. This sceptred Isle

    Decay marks the end of every cycle. As the old structures disintegrate, the division between material and spirit becomes more porous allowing a new energy/frequency, that Clif High mentions, to enter the system and initiate a process of renewal that ultimately fuels the next cycle. Trump is most likely a consequence of this period of political, social and economic fragmentation or as Stockman put it “the great disruptor”. Therefore, he is most likely neither particularly good or evil, just a sign of the times. It takes so much effort to control and micromanage the entire globe that a dose of entropy injected into the veins of the system could prove to initiate a great unravelling.

  66. Paul Anthony


    THANK you for saying God is on Trump’s side. He beat a rigged election. It takes ALL of the deep state to attack him and they STILL STRUGGLE! The Lord put President Trump in office for a reason and it wasn’t to give up after 4 months!

    Oh and yeah — 48-50 percent of the country has our Presidents back… That’s a lot of back up if you ask me. And again… it TAKES ALL THEY HAVE to even slow him down!! God is involved here for sure and to me it’s obvious.

    God Bless the USA and Prayers for President Trump!

    Thank You Greg!!! 🙂

  67. Larry Galearis

    To Everet who is being hard on the wrong people……
    But I am sorry for your frustration…..
    Your friend is an ideologue. I grew up with a bunch of these types as friends and at our common youthful level it worked out as healthy. As a more elderly adult with a growth in perspective and education about the world around us, the first thing one should recognize is that the majority of people are ideologues with both a fixed world view and often (as well) a mind that cannot deal with certain subject areas. Ideologues tend to stagnate intellectually and most of those old friends are only more knowledgeable about the jobs they had and the work related skills learned. That is not wisdom, nor is it a view on the world.
    The tip-off that one is dealing with an ideologue is that in discussion they will never look at any solid facts that you provide – but will always encourage “information” that you can provide them to look at. At some point one also recognizes that this is an attention seeking game by these people, not any real invitation for real discussion. Essentially ideologues reject hard facts that they cannot deal with on an emotional level – and that, quite frankly suggests that they are delusional by definition. I simply do not deal with these individuals anymore and neither should you….
    The major problems for countries is the (another hard one) fact that the United States and most of the citizens of the West are too delusional or disinterested or otherwise intellectually restrained to deal with their country’s political realities either. In fact most would call Mr. Pollack delusional – or Greg Hunter, for that matter. Those ideological people are a major source of the failure of America. They allowed the freedoms granted to the evil ones to render the system a criminal enterprise, and that is why democracy is a process, not a condition. And democracies are more ephemeral forms of government. But they are worth fighting for. Unfortunately when the fighting does begin, it is generally too late.
    Again, FWIW,

    • paul ...

      It’s not that we didn’t fight a couple of world wars to save the world for “Democracy” … but look at the result of all that sacrifice on our part … a European Union that is a Dictatorship … and a United States of America that is under the control of a group of “un-elected people” … so what did we fought for? … Demon-ocracy!!

  68. Faizie

    Against all odds Trump was elected President ! Donald J Trump is President today because of a supernatural intervention from the throne of God. Dr. Lance Wallnau wrote a book prior to the election, ‘The Chaos Candidate’ in which he saw Trump as a type of Cyrus in the Old Testament. He was personally invited along with evangelical leaders to a meeting with the then candidate Trump. Dr. Wallnau has much to say about the noise to impeach Trump, that it will not happen. see link following.
    Daniel Jantzi

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Faizie.

  69. Faizie

    I would suggest that you might consider an interview With Lance Wallnau.
    Daniel Jantzi

  70. Roman

    At first I though that the interview was too negative and defeatist. I thought about Erdogan and how he was able to neuter the Deep Sate apparatus in Turkey and, I thought that Trump could achieve the same.

    But then…..I saw the BUDGET that Trump is proposing and I could not believe that it was the same budget that Ryan and his click of Koch crony-criminals tried to impose on America except they couldn’t because of Obama: it’s planned Austerity for the poor, but NOT a penny in cuts for the criminal class.

    At his point, while I did vote and support Trump, Trump can go and f*ck himself.

  71. J.Bullocks
    “I Knew Seth Rich … I Was Involved.”
    American Intelligence Media

  72. J.Bullocks

    Melania Trump is reportedly at odds with the White House communications and press team, which she believes are not doing enough to protect her husband!

  73. Baregil de Gomcesval

    A link to this fantastic article appaered today at

  74. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, N. Korea continues to launch medium range missiles, as I mentioned in an earlier post, just wait until Trump gets back from overseas, that little bully is going to the woodshed for a little one on one with the U.S. Military. Also, the religion of peace is alive and well in the United Kingdom, looks like Great Britain hasn’t had enough of the Religion of Peace as of yet, probably still checking out 75 year old blue eyes, blond hair, nuns for a convent in Hamburg Germany for their radical Christian views; oh, when will be ever learn, when will we ever learn as old song goes.

  75. paul ...

    If Iran took over Yemen and Saudi Arabia it would almost immediately bring peace to the Middle East … oil is no longer the big deal it once was … as in a few years “zero point energy” will be released to humanity … Trump is talking with Russia, Iran and Syria to form “a united coalition” against an ISIS Christian head cutting terrorist organization that is backed by both Saudi money and weapons!!

  76. JimH

    The Washington Post cites The Washington Post, as a source, for The Washington Post

    Seems the Post is going Postal !!

    Glad we have Greg Hunter and Warren Pollock to break things down!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      The MSM is about to eat a crap pie with the “Comey memo” and the Russian “collusion stories.” They have destroyed any credibility they have left from the 2016 propaganda election.

  77. Ron

    I really like these more informal and long interviews because it allows your guests and you (Greg) to go into much more depth than otherwise. Perhaps you try to constrain most of your interviews to a specific time length for broadcast reasons I’m unaware of, but my time is not constrained, and since this is the Internet rather than MSM you should not be constrained regarding time either. Just let the conversations continue until the subject(s) under discussion have been exhausted. Great analysis and great guests, I wish you all the best, Even though I do not believe in divine intervention I do hope that President Trump is not assassinated by the MIC/CIA like JFK.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Ron.

  78. SamAdamsGhost

    Thank you Greg for this excellent interview with Mr Pollock.

    I haven’t been happy with some of President Trump’s actions since he was inaugurated. This interview helped me better appreciate what this president has done for the American people despite making some mistakes and missteps. For this we owe President Trump our gratitude.

    I agree that Trump needs to go on the offensive. If there is any truth to the stories of pedophilia (and worse) among those at the highest levels, now is the time to go after them. – – Most of the American people are sleepwalking. But tell any red blooded man that children are being hurt & abused, and their blood boils (justifiably)! Empower police and military at street level to go after such vermin. Don’t let upper management interfere or impede or shield perpetrators. Call out media that won’t cover the story. Yes, this is a powerful offensive move. More importantly, it’s the right thing to do. The lives of children are at stake.

    America is in deep trouble. IMO without God’s help, we won’t survive.

    • Greg Hunter

      Pray Sam and “Fear Not”! Matthew 28:18New International Version (NIV)

      18 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.” “ALL,” please let this sink in. “Never, never, never give up.”


  79. JimH

    I think President Trump is doing an outstanding job!!! He is alive and much smarter then his enemies. Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer…
    Why keep your enemies closer then a friend? Knowledge!!! Without a vision the people will perish. Trump outlined his vision. He will build a wall that Nehemiah will be proud of. Now Pence is raising a war chest. Interesting….

    As the art of war states:
    1]If you know thy enemy and know thyself you need not fear the result in 100 battles
    2] If you know your self and not your enemy … every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.

    Now Pence understands Trumps knowledge of the enemy.
    katheleen rice introduced a bill tasking a threat assement for terror using bit coin.
    How many terrorists do you know using bit coin?

    If the dollar collapses the deep state collapses and these pin heads in congress and senate have no funding. The federal Reserve realizes this and they want to take down the economy instead of Trump!!! what happens if Trump takes down the economy without the Fed rebooting the economy! The treasury steps in instead and the black budget goes away…. Who will pay CNN for propaganda. Even though on May 3rd on CSPAN Comey said he was not influenced by the Trump organization. 50 percent of an angry population is more people then the Revolutionary war.

  80. coalburner

    Greg: While watching J.Bullocks posted video on the Seth murder, the link took me also to an SGT interview about “The Fourth Turning”. I have been studying that read and the ideas there since early 2000’s. The interview consider if the cycles are guided but the powers from age old accunmulated wealth or other globalist actions and whether it can be stopped. I would say the Powers recognize it and try to glide with it but I think the real cause is just the natural cycles of humans. Yes, I mean it is just the nature of humanity that is the most powerful causitive force. Seems strange but the authors of the origional book hit the nail on the head from the beginning. Can we or Constitutional thinking people influence the final outcome, I think so. For education purposes my study of the four generation cycle led to the 500 year cycle and if Watchdogers are not familiar with that, I will say that at least some rich and powerful people are. This will get some goats: Mel Gibson directed a movie called Apocolipto. It wes on Satelite TV a few nights ago. Fun movie, I had heard people say before I watched it that it was just a bunch of running. Too some people maybe, but if you saw it think hard about the last minute or so of the movie and the history to come, that it signafide, yes, our last 500 years almost exactly. I just cannot stop rewinding that last minute. A guy named David Skarica wrote a financial book about the end of the 500 year cycle that we face. If he wasn’t a trainee of the great Sir John Templeton, inventor of mutual funds, or the forerunner. Then somewhere along the way I read that the one of the writers of The Fourth Turning was married to Templeton’s daughter. It is not like this knowledge is not available, it is that us “Deplorable” , “Little People” in “Fly Over Country” cannot pay for that knowledge or put it together very well. I suggest everyone do some reading or movie watching. I admit where I live in New Mexico, it is common in the discussion that, here 0ver 1000 miles inland, the Spanish visited in the 1600’s looking for the fabled Seven Cities of Gold, fable here, of course. But not fable in Mexico City or in Peru.

  81. DavidC

    Super intervuiew Greg, I didn’t agree with everything in it but it wouldn’t be a thought provoking interview if I did! Keep up the fantastic work and greetings and best wishes from the UK.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you and we are praying for you folks in the UK for protection against more carnage from Radical Islam.

  82. Carol Smith

    Greg, so glad you brought God into this interview. At the point you spoke the entire interview changed.
    Of course, the Lord will have His agenda during the time of this administration.
    There are Many voices.
    There are so many Christians praying for Trump. It is like an Army !!
    We began Praying before the election. We were called to pray for this major turnaround to happen in this country. Well, Trump was elected, and now we can’t stop praying for God’s agenda to continue to move forward. It is His agenda and it will happen !!

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