Trump Raid Deathblow to Democracy – Martin Armstrong

By Greg Hunter’s 

Last month, legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong said the time to prepare is now for the chaos that is coming in 2023.  The destabilization of America has been kicked into high gear early with the FBI raid on President Trump’s Florida home this week.  Armstrong explains, “This really is unprecedented . . . . In the United States, we are supposed to have civilized transfer of power.  That’s all coming to an end.  I am not being dramatic here.  From a legal perspective, this is completely unprecedented.  The danger of this is once they have done this, if the Republicans are ever allowed to get back into power, they would only end up doing the same thing to the Democrats. . . . It’s striking a real deathblow to the very idea of a democracy.  We are not, at least we were not until today, someplace like Guatemala where you throw the opposition in jail, kill them or whatever you do.  This is what’s going on.  They are so afraid of Trump running in 2024 that this is just over the top.  Once they did this, there is no end.”

Armstrong says the Democrats are in “dire straits” at the polls–and they know it.  Armstrong thinks the Trump raid by the FBI is an act of desperation, and it will “backfire,” but that’s not the only play in the Democrat playbook for the midterms in November.  Armstrong says, “I have been warned that the Democrats have been maneuvering, and the reason they are allowing all the illegal aliens to come in is they intend to allow them to vote.  You already had the Justice Department go after one state that said you had to prove you are an American to vote, and they filed a suit against them saying that they violated their civil rights.  At that stage of the game, hey, all of Europe, Australia, everybody should just send in a vote.”

Armstrong’s says forget what the mainstream polls are saying about voter support for Democrats and Joe Biden because the real numbers are much lower than the public is told.  Armstrong’s “Socrates” computer program shows Joe Biden has just 12% of support in America.  Maybe this is why Democrats are desperate and realize they have to cheat and break the law to stay in power.  It’s not going to get any better, and the entire world is in the same sinking boat.  Armstrong says, “We basically are sitting here in the middle of the collapse of Western civilization.  It’s socialism that is collapsing because these people have done nothing but borrow money to bribe them to vote for them . . . There is no way to pay it back, and they had no intention of paying it back. . . . Europe is, just forget it.  You have emerging markets collapsing around the world because to sell their debt, they had to put it into dollars.  Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Pakistan, Argentina are falling apart on a global scale.”

Armstrong thinks the dollar will be strong for now and not to expect a collapse in the USA anytime soon because America will be the last man standing.  That said, Armstrong does see the possibility of a “stock market collapse in September.”  Armstrong is also “worried about civil war or extreme civil unrest in 2023 in America.”  Armstrong is seeing a “world war coming in 2024 or after.”

Armstrong also said, “My computer warns that there may not even be an election in America in 2024.  It’s reaching that critical period.  So, this raid on Trump is like throwing down the gauntlet.  Everything is gone.”

There is much more in the nearly 53-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Martin Armstrong, cycle expert and author of the upcoming new book “The Plot to Seize Russia, Manufacturing World War III” for 8.9.22.

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  1. z

    The Saudi ambassador, Muhammad al-Qahtani, fell and died during a
    speech at a conference in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

    Sadly doctors confirmed it was caused by Sudden Adult Death Syndrome(SADS), and totally unrelated to all his COVID vaccines.

    video of the sad in link

    • Mary Lou Longworth

      Like all the other people who have the same syndrome. Very sad indeed and a great loss to his family and country. Very shocking and sad.

    • Janet

      His doctors say his Sudden Death (SADS) is totally unrelated to all the COVID vaccines they gave him?? – now how dumb do these doctors think the Saudi Royalty is (who also took the “jab”) – these doctors are probably hoping and praying the Saudi Royalty are dumb enough not to cut off the hands of those who administered the Clot Shots???

    • eddiemd

      Break out the AED and shock him.

  2. Richard Love

    The USA is going to have to use its second amendment rights to get rid of the Democrats and the cancer they are spreading. If they don’t do it NOW it’s going to be too late for not only America…but to the rest of the western civilisation.

    • Ray

      Put that up for contender for Comment Of The Year.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

      • Major Payne

        Indeed. Civil war is the only way out of this tyranny.

        • Wayne Scott

          War against the government traitors,
          not against each other.

      • kc

        when do we get to use the guns

      • Paul in oz

        Good call mate … hope all is well … fully stocked here, hope you also are well prepared!

        • Ray

          Hey Paulo,
          Good to hear from you mate.
          Yes……all stocked up…..hopefully ready.
          I don’t think anyone can be “100% prepared”, but I think I have provision to see me and those I love through some hard times, which are right on the horizon as you know.
          A few mates were having a joke at my expense over a few beers last year.
          They said…..”So Ray…’ve got 4 months worth of food and water stored up. But what will you do in month number 5? (Guffaw, Guffaw”)
          I said to them…..”Haven’t had to think about it much actually boys……you and 98% of the population will unfortunately all be gone within 4 weeks, when the supermarkets are closed, the taps don’t work and the toilets no longer flush. I’ll take whatever I please after that……I figure there won’t be many people around to stop me either”!
          You should have heard the silence that came over them!!!
          I am missing Anthony mate.
          Hope he returns here to USAWD soon.
          Nice to hear from you Paul.
          Take care Brother.
          Ray, Canberra.

    • AL HALL


      • Janet

        Humm?? … Obama’s IRS auditors with AK47’s – against retired war Veterans with AK47’s – I wonder who would win such a fight???

        • Janet

          But a “key requirement” for IRS applicants is that they have to be “legally allowed to carry a firearm” – major duties besides carrying such firearm must be the willingness “to use deadly force”?? -against whom?? Trump terrorists???

          • Free_Loader

            Interesting. My mind is on gold/silver confiscation, possibly door-to-door type, not an “army” for tax-collecting purposes. Something else very sinister is going on here…

            • Janet

              Here is an interesting blurb from Jim Stone (Freelance Journalist):
              “Following is the job description for the 87,000 new IRS agents. Notice they are not hiring auditors, they are hiring ‘criminal investigators'” (to go after Trump supporters)??

              IRS Criminal Investigation Special Agent
              Who are we?
              Criminal Investigation (CI) is the law enforcement branch of the IRS. Our mission is to serve the American public by investigating potential criminal violations of the Internal Revenue Code, and related financial crimes, in a manner that fosters confidence in the tax system and compliance with the law.

              As a Special Agent you will combine your accounting skills with law enforcement skills to investigate financial crimes. Special Agents are duly sworn law enforcement officers who are trained to “follow the money.” No matter what the source, all income earned, both legal and illegal, has the potential of becoming involved in crimes which fall within the investigative jurisdiction of the IRS Criminal Investigation. Because of the expertise required to conduct these complex financial investigations, IRS Special Agents are considered the premier financial investigators for the Federal government.

      • DTG

        Point 1: The United States is NOT a democracy. It is a Constitutional Republic.

        Point 2: The Founders abhorred “democracy.”

        Point 3: Every single time a conservative talks or writes about, “our democacy,” instead of, “our REPUBLIC,” the writer or speaker validates the position of the left.

        Point 4: The left, aka, communists, are using democracy to abrogate the limitations on government intrusion on our rights using the catch phrase, “the week of the people. ”

        Sloppy language results from sloppy thinking that has given the initiative to the Communist Left

    • Tin foil hat

      Finally, I get to see my enemies up close. Sadly, they don’t look Russian or Chinese.

    • John Wesley

      I said this after the 2020 election and the Democrats/CCP took control of our America. Interesting that 12% back Biden/CCP. Wake-up America.

    • tim mcgraw

      Richard Love; When Roman Emperor Valerius declared war on Christians, the Bishop of Rome, Lawrence, gave away all of the church’s wealth to the poor. When the Romans demanded the money from Lawrence, he showed the Roman his poor faithful who were the wealth of the church. Our souls are our wealth.
      Of course, St. Lawrence was executed, but his soul was free.
      Perhaps because I am 70 I care not for earthly wealth. I fix my eyes on God.
      But of course, I’m not going to just give my money to the Emperor either.

    • Laura McDonough

      R. Love: Problem now is 90% Americans functionally illiterate, unable to use left brain for critical thinking skills and solving problems. These are the scoffers that trust gov. and crop. news completely. Few understand globalism and takedown of nationalism in all countries incl agenda 2030 and depopulation, green agendas, ruined economies, and dividing people everywhere (wars, rioting, etc) ongoing. It is really too late now, there are so few patriots and men w/ spines now days. We need younger generations of men to take the lead who are physically able to fight for our rights and demand justice for traitors (tried and jailed) in office ( Trump failed to have those arrested for treason and drain the swamp) The U.S. should never have joined the UN, NATO or any other foreign org. pushing globalism. Folks, time has come and gone no one is waking up, only small groups mostly elderly know what is going on. Majority scoff at truth, and are nihilists.

      • Bryant Fraser

        Yep..Bingo…the young are useless as they have been corrupted by the DEA…for over 70 years and counting..infiltrated with Communist and Fascist brainwashing…without real historical facts…They are physically and psychological broken to the point of no fixing…who will take up the reigns now for an aging American population? There is no one…I seen and known all this for well over 50 years now…my time has come and gone even though I’ve been calling out in the desert like a horse with No Name…the black pill will be for all of us…when it should have been given out long ago to the Administrative State.

  3. Rodster

    Thanks Greg for bringing on , Martin Armstrong !

    • Greg Hunter

      I called Armstrong last night right when I heard about the FBI Trump Raid. I could not believe he was open and said yes!! Happy he did.

      • Rodster

        Thanks Greg for the awesome interview. Sobering news and trends heading our way.

        • Aaron

          Well, it seems they think to reduce the Earth’s population down to a point that driving electric won’t tax the grid…

          • Janet

            And Japan is currently building the Artificial Intelligence Robots to do the job of exterminating humanity!! –
            Note: It seems like some big changes are going on in Japan when the Japanese leader is assassinated and the whole government is asked to resign!!!

            • Alex

              In terms of robots, simply remove their “D” batteries, pull out their plugs, and thrown away their oil cans. Problem solved!

              • Janet

                Alex – They will more then likely be nuclear powered with titanium armor and be able to out wit 99% of humans like they beat us at chess!!

            • Laura McDonough

              Janet: our military is doing likewise. Gov will use drones and robots on enemies overseas and resistors here.

          • Richard Longacre

            Aaron,. I think you nailed it.

            • Paul

              Merrick not Merrill
              Auto spell

        • Paul

          Now its known
          Merrill Garland set trumps raid up.

          Also known Merrill’s family name of Garfinkel was changed to garland, and his grandparents are from Pale of Settlement Ukraine area.
          Making sense?

          Paul from arkansas

      • Brooklyn

        God Bless and Keep You Safe, Greg Hunter, and trust you have made the necessary preparations because as you are well aware, these are unprecedented times, where everything has now changed. The lawless deep state care not! And, they have now proven that they will retain their ill-gotten-power by any and all means necessary.

        As Martin Armstrong has said, “My computer warns that there may not even be an election in America in 2024.” (which we have been warning since the DS stole the 2020 election. Hell, there is little to no chance of a fair-and-free election in 2022..) Armstrong continued, “It’s reaching that critical period. So, this raid on Trump is like throwing down the gauntlet. Everything is gone.” … No! Everything is not “gone.” Everything, meaning all options, are now on the table and we should all be preparing accordingly for the coming onslaught.

        Mike Adams offered these thoughts:
        “The Democrats now believe they have so much power that they no longer need to even pretend to be the good guys. Now, they are just brazenly carrying out acts of terrorism against the American people, with no regard for any blow back because, they do not believe they will ever have to answer to voters ever again (because there will never be fair and free elections in America as long as they remain in power).”

        “It is now perfectly clear that America is going to be plunged into a horrific scenario of strife and collapse, and only those who are prepared and determined will survive the onslaught.”

        Jesus is Real! Pray to Him for guidance. God Speed, Greg Hunter.

        • Greg Hunter

          These Deep State weasels are not in control. Trump raid is a sign this is desperation and it’s not going well for them. Think about it. This is the best they can come up with? You give them too much credit. That said they are desperate and dangerous because you do not know what they will try next. The cheating is going to have be so large it will not be stealth. Cheating only works if you can cover it up so it will not work.

          • Ed Sorrentino

            You are absolutely right. All of this has to play out in order for the people of this country to see and feel the pain. As Nino Rodriquez and Mark Taylor has always stated that we need to be brought to the precipice. That is when change will take place. However, this is just getting started. The next few months are going to be hotter than what it is now.

          • Gary Allison

            Absolutely correct Greg. Deep State is going down. And they know it. But cornered rats don’t just roll over and die. In fact, I think the good guys set them up on this raid. And they took it hook-line-and-sinker.

        • Don Wohlers

          Brooklyn, you are right on as the controlling gets worse with each day and thing they do. Letting the boarder be open so they have way more voters, pushing to get the Supreme Court changed, declaring war so they can declare that we can not hold an election right now, they have a lot of things they will keep trying to make sure they stay in power. They also have most of the worlds wealth.
          And you last paragraph is also right on. Jesus is Real and so is His Word. We need to Pray and Read His Word.

      • Kathleen McKeon

        Hi Greg,
        Thank you for the great timely interview, I like Martin Armstrong and have listened to and read as much as I can of what he does, the only thing that bugs me about him is He defends the Fed as if they are these poor helpless babies with no hand in the damage being done and they Have a huge hand in the damage being done as well.
        Your the best,

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Kathleen!!

      • No Retreat

        I was really hoping to hear talk about the Diesel engine oil and DEF shortages that are happening now, and also complete supply to take place about the end of this month. The status of the dollar is one thing when comparing against the other currencies, but if you can’t transport goods across the nation which are ESSENTIAL for the economy to function, you WILL have total collapse which could include the power grid. Interestingly enough, diesels coming offline because they have no oil to do an oil change, should begin around the time mr Armstrong is expecting a market crash, the first week of next month. Coincidence? I think not. I would have loved to hear his thoughts on that

      • Russ McMeans

        Bravo Sir Hunter! You scored. We’re in dire times folks. Please prepare if you’re not already. Remember: major civil unrest and then world war. What you need everyday will get expensive. May Trump prevail in 2024. He knows the score now.

      • Bob Neverett

        Awesome with Brother!!
        I really appreciate your diligence!
        United Under our Creator we will not fall. To God be the Glory.

    • Janet

      Trump better check his house for hidden microphones that were probably planted all around his house to listen in on his campaign tactics – in fact – bugging his house was probably the whole purpose of the raid (not looking for some documents)!!!

      • Rodster

        Good point about the FBI planting, listening devices in Trump’s home.

      • eddiemd

        This is true.

        He probably has a SCIF inside the residence.

        Way back in 1985 I went to a briefing when I was a commo man on a SF team in 10th group. It was given by DIA people and was about clandestine commo, detecting bugs, methods of eavesdropping, etc.

      • Johnny Cool

        G.A. STEWART: I am getting some great Emails this morning on the latest Donald J. Trump news. My thanks to those readers. As I explained in one reply, here is one simplified thought to help readers understand what is going on within the U.S. government.

        The Old Insider Republican Guard is fighting the Obama communists, who are in turn controlled by the British and German Soros Fascists, and the Banker Gnomes of Davos. It is not a simple equation. The Republicans are corrupt and tainted, and that is why they are being led around by the DOJ like bulls with rings through their noses.

        At this point the only thing that can save the United States and the West is an Epstein File Dump. If Trump has the goods, and that is what the FBI may be looking for; he needs to just release it all, as he should have done with the sealed files on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

        • Johnny Cool

          At 7:41 Armstrong says…

          “We are basically sitting here in the middle of the collapse of Western civilization.”

          Think hard about what that means!

        • Janet

          It is hard to imagine Trump doing an Epstein File Dump (in the same way Assange and Snowden did with their Vault 7 data dump) – when he was against pardoning such men when he had the chance to do it!!

        • Johnny Cool

          “If there were any question as to whether or not the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago residence was rife with corruption, details from the search warrant authorizing it should clear any doubt. Although information is sparse given that the warrant remains under seal, one piece of information that couldn’t be kept confidential sheds new light on the motives behind the raid.”

          “The judge who signed off on the search warrant was Bruce E. Reinhart, United States Magistrate Judge for the Southern District of Florida. Before assuming his office as a federal judge, Reinhart was an attorney who represented associates of Jeffrey Epstein implicated in his human trafficking conspiracy, namely; Sarah Kellen and Nadia Marcinkova.”

          • eddiemd

            I would like to see the footage of the hidden cameras inside Mar Lago. There are no doubts that Trump has the entire place under surveillance with real time cloud connections. He was watching them search.

            He might have been setting them up.

      • Russ McMeans

        You are correct Janet!

      • John Wesley

        President Trump should FIRE the Secret Service Agent In Charge at the time of the raid for allowing the FBI on the site.

    • Daddy Mac

      You’d think after the many interviews GREG has done w/Marty, MA would know his name’s Greg, not Craig…🤣-😵‍💫👈

    • Tracy Brown

      Laura McDonough – well said. I couldn’t agree more.

  4. David

    “Carnival” indeed!

  5. Mike G

    No thing to see here, ate a poison date. FJB

  6. Dan Baron

    I don’t think that today, any computer program, especially one programmed by just a few people, can predict better than people can. Neil Ferguson agrees with me. Also, do you remember The Turk? 🙂​

  7. Beverly

    It was mentioned today in a political meeting, that it was done to anger Americans and start a Civil War, so they can have martial law. People need to be civil so the media doesn’t have so much to put on TV

    • Johnny Cool

      Correct, Beverly!

      “Readers should keep in mind that Trump’s arrest must happen on the cusp of a Real War with Russia and China. That way, he can be kept in jail, because Due Process will be consumed by Martial Law.”

      • Janet

        Trump will be turned into another Assange!!

    • Major Payne

      Well, of course. People are going to be civil during a civil war.

      • Greg Hunter

        That was not the case in the last Civil War.

        • Major Payne

          Hi Greg – Just a hint of irony in my comment. lol

      • Shiloh1

        In terms of civilians and random savagery Bosnia 30 years ago was worse.

    • No Retreat

      Remember that the first country that the German nazis conquered was…. Germany. And they were very brutal to their own people, not just Jews and others. For all intents and purposes, this country has already been conquered, but we do still have some semblance left of our republic. Every step they take, which the raid on trumps home was a huge step, turns up just a bit the water temperature in the analogy of the boiled frog. They have turned it up enough at this point, that we are faced with just letting the country go, and being completely pacifist about it, OR actually engaging in direct conflict with “the other side”. Keep in mind, I am not advocating a civil war, and hope it doesn’t have to come to that… but look at the options, and you will see there aren’t many left.

      Even IF there are midterm elections that take place, can you even say you know of more than just a small handful of people running, that would amount to enough to override the RINOs already in, or likely to get re-elected?? There very well may be a huge “red tide” if the elections occur, it does appear that is exactly what would happen… but if it is just more RINOs, then we gain nothing. Still zero accountability for any of these evildoers who got us to this point. I personally think they are going to crash the economy soon, and find some way to prevent the elections from taking place to begin with.

      I am just wondering how much the “collective” conservative right will put up with, before we actually say enough is enough. If we keep drawing new lines in the sand, but never do anything when those lines get crossed a thousand times over, we are already defeated.

      In the New Testament of the Bible, before Jesus returns, you can read that things will be in a bad state, and I truly believe those are the things we are looking at and heading into. I do believe not much time left, I think definitely less than 10 years.

      • saeed

        I also feel it is less than 10 years to Jesus’ (peace be upon him). As a Muslim we are also awaiting the return of Jesus (peace be upon him and his Blessed Mother, Maryam) as a (Son of God –Greg Hunter changed this) who will Rule the world with Divine Justice from the Holy City of Jerusalem, and arrest all these corruptors on Earth…homosexuals as LGBTQ+++ and whatever dementedness, commies, international bankster (like he turned the table and threw them out of the temple). God-Willing!

        Like the Chinese word (weigi) means crisis and opportunity at the same time. I pray that I live to see and live with Prophet Jesus (Peace be upon him and his Blessed Mother, Maryam).

        God protect and bless the believers.

        • AnnetteMarie

          Jesus is the Son of the Living God. He shall return in power and great glory and sit upon David’s throne in Jerusalem and rule the nations in righteous.
          Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess, Jesus is Lord.
          Jesus came into the world as God’s Sacrificial Lamb to save sinners from eternal judgment.
          Whoever denies Jesus if the Son of God cannot enter the Kingdom of God.

      • Michael Lee Shirey

        And it certainly won’t be in the next war. There’s ALWAYS a next war with Humanity. Jesus will straighten it all out pretty soon ( afterr satan arrives). GOD bless your Ministry Brother Greg. You are my Spirit Animal!

  8. Alan Darfco

    The Trump raid is the catalyst for a third party to rise and it is the end of the fake 2 party system, the child murders, the totally corrupt alphabet agencies and the END of the central banksters. 85% of America is totally sick of what is and has been going on.

    • Janet

      Just like in Japan – the entire US Government should be asked to hand in their resignations and “vetted” Patriots assigned to those positions until fair elections can be held once again!!

  9. Janet


  10. Shirley Thompson

    Interesting interview. Beyond conjecture and junk conspiracies, people need to remember things are NEVER as they seem. The raid did take place and it was purposefully choreographed, heavy handed- with 40+ armed agents. It did involve documents. However the narrative is deflecting us from the real quest in the form of documents. The shock and awe nature of the raid is meant to instill fear, form a basis for the new narrative against Trump, as well as kinetic engagement of the two sides. I’m looking at dots that associate with events in the last days of the Trump administration. They may not connect but on the other hand may be a part of a larger and darker reason for keeping Trump out of the oval office permanently. Recall Trump attempted declassification of JFK documents but restrained by the Intel Comm. He also wanted to disclose UFO files (which include much more than photographs – there’s Nixon’s time capsule, that elusive alternative power energy capability, etc as disclosed by Nixon’s private CIA courier on his deathbed). Why did Jack Prosobiec 1/4/21 tweet suggest Trump may declassify UFO file, JFK docs and more? From an inside source? Or just speculation? Then we learned recently about Schedule F – Trump’s plan for second term to take control of Fed employees both GS classifications and the SES (Sr Exec Service – Obama appointed 7000 his last days in office) and Schedule C positions (confidential assistants/advisors) and Senior Foreign Service (believed to include State Dept operatives), Civil Service and other policy and advisor roles into a new single employment classification that would allow immediate terminations based on cause. Just recently at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit Trump stated in his speech “To drain the swamp, we need to fire the swamp.” Was he trolling the 4th Branch with his Schedule F? Is the raid because of that? Do they believe he took ALL that info with him mixed into Presidential papers. Is it possible those docs name names and cite wrongdoing serving as basis for termination and/or prosecutions of thousands of Agency leadership and key operatives? Do those docs also include NSA meta data chronicling the 2020 election fraud? Why would the FBI rifle through only Melania’s closets and clothing? Docs sewn into garments? Lots of dots and lots of questions, but certainly not what we’re being led to believe…what we’re being shown is pure theater. Something is scaring the hell out of the Cabal.

    • Judy

      Distraction and Diversion from Russian reporting has to be with a BIG STORY.
      Russian release of Ukrainian Bioweapons Lab info exposing Clinton, Obama, Biden, Dem Party + Biden, Pelosi, Kerry and Romney sons Oil Company Grift. Growing awareness in the media re: Ukraine as money laundering central for all forms of trafficking. Ukraine lab documents indicating the Big C originated there and sent to Wuhan. Way too many Trump endorsed candidates winning some key primaries and election oversite positions. Creepiness factor for the family following the death of wife #1. “We can touch you where you felt most safe.”
      Biden is becoming, The Great Provoker, Russia, China, Trump, Maga Country.

      • Janet

        Russia just like Snowden (who leaked highly classified information from the National Security Agency) and are leaking info about bio-weapon labs in Ukraine – and the Demon-rats with their Gestapo Raid on Trumps Florida Home are probably trying to prevent Trump from becoming another Assange!!

    • Cheryl

      The commotion about schedule F is interesting. Schedule F is not new. Fed employees have whispered about it since at least the second Bush Admin. I understand the mechanics of it, ostensibly, but does it have some deeper significance?

  11. John Pick

    Martin Armstrong is a great guest.
    Thank you Greg and Martin.

  12. Janet

    Like common thieves forcing entry into a private residence and breaking into a private safe to steal what they consider valuable the FBI has exposed itself as being our Nations … “GESTAPO”!!

    • Greg Hunter

      This has hurt the Deep State more than helped them and it has woken more people up. Remember this is happening in a week where the Dems just put 87,000 more IRS agents on the pay role. It’s a wakeup call even for the bluest Dems.

  13. eddiemd

    Almost time for a huge false flag. This Trump raid is a cover for something else that is going on. Who knows what is on the horizon.

    Stay focused on Jesus Christ of Nazareth. You can’t go wrong if you do this.

    • regaleagle

      That is the ONLY focus I have now…….this world is now officially “out of control” by the human race. The Satanists (The Harlot) are now in full view and moving forward with their agendas as quickly as possible. But actually God is in control……these things must happen in order to separate the wheat from the tares and to usher in the all the events of the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ. The signs are all around us.

      • No Retreat


      • Self Exiled


      • eddiemd

        The second coming, what about the first when He comes for His church?

        The second coming is at the end of the tribulation. That is in the distant future.

        • regaleagle

          True story…….I am ready for the first and want to be included in that first group of believers in Heaven.

    • Self Exiled


  14. Gene

    Fear is stalking the Deep State and the Democrat Party. They have tried just about everything they can think of the destroy Donald Trump. Still he remains as popular as ever.
    Extraordinary evidence will now be required to justify the unprecedented FBI raid on the former president’s home. Given the failure of his enemies to produce any evidence supporting the expanding collection of fictitious claims against him by the Democrats in Congress, the existence of evidence sufficient to justify the raid seems very unlikely.
    These people have already tried unsuccessfully to pin an allegation of insurrection on President Trump, by inducing his supporters to enter the Capitol illegally. Could this latest outrage be designed to provoke a violent reaction by President Trump’s supporters? Why would they expect such an obvious ploy to succeed? Perhaps because the Hillary-ites despise them as supposed “deplorables” who lack sufficient awareness to avoid such a trap. President Trump’s supporters are not that gullible, especially since the Jan. 6 set-up. Still, it will be necessary to maintain such awareness in order to deny our Country’s internal enemies a cheap victory.

    • Shirl

      Hi Gene,

      Heard it said “from reliable sources” no less, that inside of the safe was another tiny safe and inside it was a note that read:

      ” LET’S GO BRANDON!!!!”

      {Trying to lighten up the atmosphere a bit} 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • susan

        Thanks Shirl!

    • Janet

      We Americans have the right to ask the FBI: “Why have you not broken into and invaded the White House, the Senate and House to get the Biden, Schumer and Pelosi documents showing their dirty dealings with the enemy”?? – and don’t answer saying “it is because Trump has these documents”!!!

    • John Wesley

      Right! The German Jews peacefully marched into the gas chambers. We happily line up for our poison shot. What do you suggest we do? If we do not fight we are going to die. I prefer to die fighting.

      • Gene

        In 1861 some of us tried civil war. How did it work out for them?

  15. Roy madison

    Martin Armstrong and or cliff high for after events like mara largo.

  16. Marie Joy

    Decisions have to be made. It’s do or die.

  17. Jerry

    Can we not say that we are at war with the deep state,
    and that they are weaponizing everything against us?

    Meanwhile while the DOJ is after Donald Trump, the IRS is planning on coming after us. None of us are safe now. Camden county where I live is now a target because of our stance on second amendment rights declaring our country a second amendment sanctuary. I watched the deep state rig our local elections in the primary first hand. Vote rigging by moving county lines days before the election was not enough. They even changed vote totals once again in the dead of night in order to make sure their plant was ushered into office. That’s how much trouble we’re in. The deep state is so freaked out about losing power that they view our little county as threat. I can’t predict the future, but I can tell you this. The moment they come into our county to disarm the citizens of their second amendment rights they will be met with resistance they can’t even begin to imagine. People have had enough of government overreach.

    Greg, once again you have outdone yourself with your interview of
    Martin Armstrong. I plan to make a big donation soon so you can continue your work and keep us informed as real news will become increasingly hard to get, once the IRS surveillance starts. All of us should take these threats very serious, because you know what they
    about desperate people? Thank you. Thank you. Greg for having the courage to state the truth. God bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jerry. You have already made a big donation by all you good comments, analysis and links over many years!! I am so proud to have you here.

      • Patsy Danovsky

        The latest news I heard that a NATO Commander has overtaken our naval base in Virginia. Handed over by administration with a ribbon cutting.

        • Janet

          Unbeknownst to most Americans the Norfolk Base reports directly to NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander – greatly impacting the sovereignty of the United States of America!!! – – remember the words of George Washington about “entangling alliances” where others (like Klaus Schwab and the WEF/UN/NATO) can now send our children to fight their wars!!! – THE NEXT PRESIDENT WE VOTE FOR “MUST TELL US HE WILL GET US OUT OF THE UN AND NATO”!!

      • Jerry

        Thank you Greg,
        Your site is really the last bastion of free speech
        there is. Where else can you post important information without it being taken down.? We are very close to a tyrannical state whenever this happen outside the rule of law,

        Not being able to see and read the search warrant ?
        What country am I living in? And then Fox News post stories about 30,000 threats to attorney general Garland off of social media. Really? Why not cover the death of the constitution by an attorney general who just shredded it?

    • ProudlyUnaffiliated

      Hi Jerry, welcome to world war 3 !

  18. James

    Maybe they don’t want Civil War! But they do want enough disruption nation wide to declare Martial Law! With martial Law our Constitution, Bill of Rights & laws can be swept aside! Then they can install the socialist dystopia for us they want! Socialist dystopia not for THEM!

  19. Not So Free

    I saw an interesting comment on another site about the raid. To the effect that we shouldn’t worry about what the FBI finds at Trumps place, but what they might plant.

    • Janet

      Lets cut off their fertilizer (money) like they did to the farmers who plant vegetables (not documents)!!

  20. Jaun Valdez

    The Long Parade of Human Governments.
    Men have tried them all; none have succeeded. Can we now add the once great United States of America? What hope remains for righteous rule?

    MONARCHIES, empires, democracies, republics, dictatorships and socialistic governments​—all forms of human rule have been tried many times over during the past 6,000 years. All ultimately fail, though each new one tried is proclaimed to be the one that will succeed.
    Present efforts at human rule are no exceptions. They have blazed no new trails, have ushered in no glowing successes. The same systems of government are in existence, with the same records of failure. The work ethic is fading, morals are collapsing, old values are giving way to “me-first” philosophies. Poverty and hunger, inequality and special privilege, oppression and corruption, crime and terrorism, powerful nations dominating weaker ones, arms races and greedy wars​—all these evils are products of present-day human governments. If any one thing sets this generation apart, it is the surge ahead in scientific knowledge, but this has been prostituted to the corrupting of the military industrial complex and development of hypersonic missiles with no advance warning with their use and the pharmaceutical industry producing terrible clot shots and weaponized virus bioweapons, for stealth mass sickness and death on innocent populations.
    After 6,000 years of human experimentation with governments of all kinds, in this area also it can be said that “there is nothing new under the sun.” (Ecclesiastes 1:9) Neither are the causes of failure in human government new. It is still true, as Jehovah declared through his prophet Jeremiah: “It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his own steps.” (Jeremiah 10:23) In addition to there being human imperfection, “the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.” “The god of this system of things has blinded the minds” of millions. Satanic influences are maneuvering “the kings of the entire inhabited earth.”​—2 Corinthians 4:4; 1 John 5:19; Revelation 16:14.
    When we look at the parade of human governments, at their rise to power and later their decline and fall, a pattern seems to run through them all. This has caused scholars to speak of history as repeating itself. World powers rise to their zenith through purposeful dedication and sacrifice. But, once entrenched, they slowly relax in spirit and ultimately dissipate into materialistic excesses and fleshly immoralities. Once this has happened, collapse is not far off.
    Historian Will Durant recognized this pattern of internal decay, saying: “We have tried to show that the essential cause of the Roman conquest of Greece was the disintegration of Greek civilization from within. No great nation is ever conquered until it has destroyed itself.” (Part II of The Story of Civilization, p. 659) The World Book Encyclopedia (1978 ed.) pinpoints one forerunner of collapse that should give our generation special cause for concern: “Family is the oldest human institution. In many ways it is the most important. It is society’s most basic unit. Entire civilizations have survived or disappeared, depending on whether family life was strong or weak.”​—Vol. 7, p. 24.
    It can be said of history repeating itself: A survey of the historical landscape in the light of our existing knowledge shows that up to date, history has repeated itself about twenty times in producing human societies of the species to which our Western society belongs, all these representatives of the species of society called civilizations are already dead or moribund as in Europe, as Martin pointed out. Moreover, when we study the histories of these dead and moribund civilizations in detail, and compare them with one another, we find indications of what looks like a recurring pattern in the process of their breakdowns, declines and falls. We are naturally asking ourselves, this very day, today. Whether this particular chapter of history is repeating itself in our case. Is that pattern of decline and fall our turn now as the Trump boom, turned into the Biden gloom and now turning to the doom of the grubby bullies of a national socialist administrative deep state swamp scheme, from which the American dream of modern civilization cannot now hope to escape?
    In this writer’s opinion, the answer to this question is emphatically in the negative. . . . There is nothing to prevent our Western civilization from following historical precedent, if it chooses, by committing social suicide. But we are not doomed to make history repeat itself; it is open to us, through our own efforts, to give history, in our case, some new and unprecedented turn. . . . What shall we do to be saved? In politics, establish a constitutional co-operative system of world government. In economics, find working compromises (varying according to the practical requirements of different places and times) between free enterprise and socialism. In the life of the spirit, put the secular super-structure back onto religious foundations. . . . Of the three tasks, the religious one is, of course in the long run, by far the most important! —Civilization is now on trial, in the court of public opinion.
    Typically, I’m emphatic in thinking that our civilization can be different and can escape the repetition of the history of human governments. Basing my hope politically on the United Nations, economically on compromise between capitalism and socialism, and, most important of all, on a return to religious freedom as the foundation of our civilization. Today we see failure on all three fronts. The United Nations has proved corrupt and ineffective, compromise between capitalism and socialism is farther off than ever, and religion is weaker than ever.
    So, history seems on the verge of repeating itself. But will it?
    There is a writer of history that has expressed himself on human government. He has, in fact, written in advance a history of it. He has also written in advance of a righteous rule that will come to the earth. An alien invader considers his expressions on government.

    • Tom Grier

      Family and heterosexuality are the source of the population explosion. US population 1950 census 152 million, 2020 census 330 million . The “spawn ’til you die” meme of Pisces seems to fit.

      • Janet

        We are not inside a wine bottle where we will die on our own excrement – God gave us a vast expanding universe to populate – these Globalist eugenicists with their population control agenda probably still believe the Earth is flat and that the stars in heaven don’t exist!!

        • Janet

          And how do you think God takes care of all the shit create in the ocean by the fish? – crabs and snails keep the ocean “crystal clear” – just like God’s trees (that the Globalists are cutting down) removes the CO2 from our atmosphere!!!

  21. Graham Leadbeatter

    “I Was Just Following Orders” will not wash during the treason trials. These FBI agents are in deep, deep trouble. They have pledged to serve the constitution, and so they can rightly refuse to obey politically motivated and unlawful orders. No excuses. Jail time for these traitors please.

    • Janet

      What I would like to know is: Did the FBI come fully armed with AK47’s to Trump’s private home expecting to get into a gun fight with the Secret Service charged with protecting President Trump and his family??? – and if they knew Trump was not there: Why All The Guns?? (to put “fear” into the mind of the American People)???

  22. The Rev.'s wife

    Our prayer could be the verse of the day on my day-by-day calendar. Amos 5:24 “But let justice run down like water, And righteousness like a mighty stream.” May it be so, oh Lord God Almighty.

    • Cry Me a Ruble

      Mrs. Reverent,
      Your verse is most apt. However, and I am not wishing for nothing but peace, a lot of We the People would relate to this verse.

      The righteous shall rejoice when he seeth the vengeance: He shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked;
      Do these Jackasses (communists democrats) know anything they won’t do to retain their hold on the throat of this country?
      They are evil. Therefore my verse fits.

  23. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Armstrong the man is a total treasure for us mere plebs, he clarifies the actions of the political actors and the effects on our lives and our MONEY.
    The FBI and DOJ found a moronic judge with connections to Epstein and no doubt the Clintons to sign documentation that leads to a civil war. Armed agents turned up at Mr Trumps home , would they have shot Mr Trump or any of his household? So much for security that is supplied by the state for the previous president. No explanation.
    Speaking from here in the UK even wealthy foreigners are leaving here for they see the corruption here that will seize their property and the communist/fascist regimes in control will not be in a hurry to return their property. Artworks and jewellery are being quietly seized for “taxes” as you move out of the country.
    Thank you both again for a sobering interview and allowing Mr Armstrong to speak and bring his thesis to light,such a rarity.
    Without the America we think we know we are totally destroyed here in the West. The Trump raid is now a siren call to us all to arm ourselves against the state physically and intellectually and most assuredly a civil war is brewing here in the UK, civility has gone and the rogues have guns and explosives and weapons only seen in the Donbass a few weeks ago. Even the royal family are preparing to flee they just don’t know it yet,though where they intend to flee to is beyond me as the cancer of the WEF is endemic and they are part of that cancer.
    My bosses are and have been in US Dollars for some time.

    • Greg Hunter

      Your bosses have already started to think about a transfer into Gold–physical Gold.

    • David Brownallen

      They’ll probably flee to the WEF”s home country, Switzerland.

    • Janet

      Many people have been in US dollars for a long time – but with confidence in the American Government’s President at 12% (and only a 7% confidence level for Congress) it is time for everyone to move into a more secure and safer store of value “G5” (no not the Globalists Microwave Extermination Machines) but God, Gold, Guns, Grub and Guts!!!

  24. Ray

    This is an absolute terminus in time for the United States Of America.
    To say that the nation has stage 4 cancer is to totally under assess the situation…..the nation once known as The United States Of America is now dead…..DEAD, DEAD, DEAD.
    There is no coming back from this. No coming back……….
    I can see only few scenarios moving forward over the next couple of months:

    1) Trump sees the broader picture, and dumps masses of information to the public that destroys the Democrats / NWO…..(thanks to G.A STEWART who pointed this out at his site today). However……I find this unlikely, but it’s in the mix. I’d like Trump to do it.

    2) A massive groundswell of Americans, on both sides, begin rising up over the next 3 weeks. As the nation falls into its’ ultimate death throes, Trump is assassinated…….the nation crumbles into Mad Max territory……then……

    3) China & Russia……who have long known that the US wish to totally take them down in the long run, understand that the US is completely paralyzed with internal conflict, and strike militarily…..HARD & FAST across many theaters. WW3 gets well underway.

    4) People do nothing. They continue to stare foolishly into their I-Phones, consume rubbish and fall for the mainstream media narratives. The entire western world falls into complete subjugation, controlled by Schwab, Soros, Gates and others.

    I am not a betting man, but if I had to make a bet on which of the above will take place….it will be #4……because up until now we have been lied to, cheated upon and EVEN MANDATED TO RECEIVE DEATH SHOTS…….and NOT ONE PERSON HAS PICKED UP A GUN IN DEFIANCE.

    NOT ONE.

    Australia, the Piss Ant Nation that it is, will fall clumsily into a sniveling corner like a 3 year old child, and wonder what has happened if option 1,2 or 3 roll up…..even as the Chinese armies swarm our beautiful beaches and take that glittering prize which is our resource blessed island continent. The woke, imbecilic 85% of our nations people will demand “the government has to do something”.
    Wake up…….they’ve ALREADY DONE IT…….they sold you out with utter drivel & BS long ago……and you purchased it.

    Fair Dinkum…….I never thought I would see the complete collapse of society…..but it looks like I will.
    Good luck to all the USAWATCHDOG Family…… you all, and may God keep you in these unprecedented, momentous times.
    Ray, Canberra, Woke Imbecilic Piss Ant Nation

    • Greg Hunter

      USA is NOT dead. Don’t give up. We have only begun to fight. Evil wants you to quit. Don’t

      • Ray

        Hi Greg,
        I hope you are correct……
        Maybe the USA can be “born again”.
        What I see is a hollow shell of a once GLORIOUS nation.
        One thing is for sure……no one should EVER underestimate the grit of the American people, and their thirst for freedom.
        Perhaps they will rise up…… and re-shape their country.
        I am drawn to the words of Edgar Cayce though:
        “The hope of the world springs out of Russia”.
        Given that Hunter Biden had a job on the board of Ukraine’s largest energy company…….and Russia is currently focussed on dismantling US operations that have been fermenting away over there since 2014…….I am inclined to think that it may indeed be Russia that takes the leading role in eliminating much of the filth we see today.
        You are right of course mate……evil wants us to quit…..I shall take your advice and keep throwing out the left jab.

        • saeed

          Ray, you may be right about Russia. Their leadership (Dmitry Medvedev) keeps quoting The Bible (four horsemen of apocalypse). There is a revelation in the Majestic Quran (Chapter 3: Verse 55) “…those who follow Jesus will be given the upper hand,vand will remain dominant till the day of Judgement”.

          Perhaps this is about to come true with Russian weaponry being 2 to 3 generations ahead of the West, according to former Russian Navy intelligence analyst, Andrei Martyanov, on

          In the end God Almighty ‘s Justice will reign over the world…as the Bible says, the meek shall inherit the Earth.

          The purification of filth and rubbish has begun. May God Almighty protect and preserve all believers in The Almighty Creator to live in peace during Prophet Jesus’ (peace be upon him reign), otherwise, give us martyrdom in the struggle for truth and justice, Amen!

          • Ray

            Hi Saeed,
            Very well said mate……very well said.
            May God’s peace be upon you, Brother.
            Ray, Canberra, Australia

      • Tom

        Hi Greg, we will go through our own reset. We will prevail, one thing for sure, if we unite we will be successful at saving our country. America just needs that one catalyst to unite the majority. Who knows what that will be.

    • eddiemd

      Good analysis.

      I agree. People are given over to delusions. They will do as they are told. They are deceived by their digital devices. They love the world and the things of the world.

    • Rodster

      History has shown that all Empires do end and the USA will not be an exception. So I 100% agree with Martin Armstrong. It’s when the leaders realize that all Empires eventually do come to an end, is there hope to prolong the inevitable. However our leaders dismiss that idea.

      I was born in the late 50’s and there is no comparison between the US then vs now. It’s not even close. We now live in a woke, decadent society that’s just heading into the dust bin of failed Empires much like the Mighty Romans, Greeks, etc. The USA will not be an exemption because no one in our leadership will even admit that it is a possibility. Instead they continue to soldier on by doing a lot more of the same that got us into this mess in the first place.

      Would I like to see the US buck the trend? Sure I would but it has made all the same mistakes as past great Empires as Martin Armstrong has eluded too.

      • Ray

        Hi Rodster,
        I agree with your analysis mate.
        I was born around 10 years after you, and see the exact same thing.
        As a 12 year old boy in 1980…….I was convinced that Australia’s future, and my participation in that future, would be filled with an absolute treasure of forward looking, humanity enhancing technology, and that life would be “better and better each year going forward”.
        Sadly, I have seen the opposite: Technology has arisen to not only divide my nation and place it under a bastard government microscope, but to totally enslave it.
        I even have friends telling me get that I should “get on board with the Blockchain”.
        I tell them “No thanks……but if you want to be chained up to your block, go right ahead”.
        Your assessment regarding the parallels of empires is spot on too.
        There is however, one distinction I would make:
        In our epoch……those who control power within the Empire…..they are now playing with the very CODES OF LIFE (mRNA Vaccines……bio weaponisation of viruses)……..they are altering GOD’S CODES.
        Things didn’t go that deep in Rome / Egypt / Persia et al.
        That is why I think God will soon step in and say “ENOUGH…….IT’S TIME TO SMACK A FEW ARSES”.
        Take care Rodster…..all the best to you and yours mate.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia

      • Janet

        In Brazil it is now legal for ordinary citizens “to take out” criminals on motorbikes with their cars (if they don’t own guns) – – but here in the US “we still own our guns” – so lets elect a President (like the one in Brazil) that makes it legal for ordinary US citizens to take out the criminals “to save our Republic” – and I bet most Americans would start with the criminals in Congress who are working for China, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and Soros!!

    • Paul in oz

      Ray, great assessment … I think our mate Greg has got it right …. many contacts in America that I have, are prepared … Trump has been doing everything according to the rule of law. This has exposed that the country under the past regimes (in darkness) and the current Regime (in broad daylight) have been clearly disdaining. Australia is a disaster and without a reversal to the rule of law in America is essentially finished,

    • Shiloh1

      Ray, sadly Gonzalo Lira agrees with you on # 4 being the probable scenario here.

      I’m just astonished how many acquaintances I have who are mostly in agreement with this blog community yet are still in the Blue Zoo metro areas. “It can’t happen here.”

  25. Howie

    Greg, Martin Armstrong was partly right. There won’t be an election in 2024. President Trump will already be President . He WILL be back this year, and will have four years to serve. Martin Armstrong was wrong in saying he didn’t think Trump will be back this year. He will.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hope you are correct Howie. Hang on to Jesus!

  26. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, Thanks for having Martin Armstrong on again. Yeah, what happens if the 35 million Trump supporters decide, “No taxation without representation!” and don’t file their income tax forms next year? Is it for that eventuality that Biden and all the Democrats passed the bill doubling the size of the IRS? Is that why the IRS received millions of dollars of ammo and guns?
    This could get really ugly really fast. If I were thinking of a job as an IRS agent; I’d think twice before applying for the job.

    • eddiemd

      Tax revolt. Another reason to employ 87,000 IRS stormtroopers. I think they will be used in enforcement of the coming digital currency which will be linked to the gene therapy. Under Obamacare, the IRS was put in charge of registering people for healthcare. You had to provide evidence to them at tax time that you had some kind of healthcare or else be fined. They have access to all electronic healthcare records.

      The IRS does as they please. No due process. They bypass the courts.

      Look at the people who they have in the second video. The satanists, Biden, Samatha Power, etc

      • tim mcgraw

        eddiemd: We live in a lawless country.

  27. Graham Leadbeatter

    Can you please have Martin Armstrong on more often. He is the most reliable economic prophet I have ever heard.

  28. Doug

    Greg, phenomenal interview, as usual and as usual Martin,s info was stunning.
    You are the best at what you do and you care about humanity as do I.
    Have you heard Cliff High talk about the Kaserian Mafia as the most powerful
    group on earth having infiltrated all power centers and having the characteristics
    of hiding their true ID and identity shape shifting into any nationality, Rolle,
    and being above the law and totally ruthless in their methods of control and power.
    They are the richest group on earth and the wealthiest as well. They are peobably behind all of this chaos that exists. I also think non humans are in the mix somewhere.
    The Kaserians originate in Ukraine and the Dems are part of it. Funny Martin
    does not mention them. Martin seems very compassionate and into the realms
    of the Kaserians. He lives and that is probably because he has their blessing.
    I have lived my life and at 75 my fondest wish is for all mankind to regain it’s senses and bring a planet sized bunch of the power of love to fix all this.
    On that note I will take my leave but enjoy hearing those you interview. I do not have AI or psychic powers but have a 75 year resevor of knowledge and experience and no one to share it with. Thanks again for all you do for all of us and of course thanks for all the splendid human beings you bring to the interviews in this time of need and truth.


  29. John Forgione

    I watch a bulletin of TVE daily. I think the reference was 26C. But stop and think! How will they know? They’ve installed smart metres!

  30. Johnny Cool

    What exactly were the Secret Service agents doing during thisTrump raid? Standing around with their hands in their pockets? Why were they not protecting the property of an ex-president?

  31. Johnny Cool

    It’s all a distraction.

    Why hasn’t Hunter Biden been arrested?

    Why has his home not been raided?

    • Janet

      And how about raiding Hillary’s private residence? – Why not raid the private residences of the New York Slimes reporters and other Fake News Organizations?? – Why not raid the Stock Brokerage Houses to get evidence on the criminal insider dealings our Congressmen and women are doing in violation of the law???

  32. Johnny Cool

    Martin Armstrong: Stay liquid.

    That’s a very gentle and calm way of saying…


    • Ratty

      The last time I heard that was with the Fibonacci guy who said the same thing some 20 years ago. Said the market was going to tank for the next decade or something. Instead, the OPPPOSITE happened. Thanks for the tip.

  33. stanley skrzypek

    I think that President Trumps Son-in-law…Kushner is a Political Brutus….never Trusted him…..Threre isn’t a Peaceful way out……there can’t be….if anyone thinks so…..go watch Leave it to Beaver, Ozzie and Harriet,and Hogans Hero’s……..this ain’t America any more……it is a Banana Turd World nation…and HRC, FJB..the Bush Crime family, the Republicans etc etc PROVE IT!

    • jim

      Stanley – do you live or have ever lived in MA.

  34. john beasley

    Ok, if the activity supporting the US dollar is international loans and debt denominated in US dollars, is there a way to track the outstanding debt in US dollars over the next 5, 10, 0r 20 years? As the international debt in dollars declines, is there a direct relationship to inflation and the “death of the dollar” so to speak?

  35. Linda Majors


    Thanks for inviting Martin Armstrong on the show. I respect his opinion.

    FBI. Obviously, the FBI is out of control. They need to be disbanned. No longer legitimate. The Democrats are out of control also. In my opinion, they are Communists, and are forcing Commnunism on America. (Ref. interview with Terry Turchie, Retired FBI Asst. Director, Counter Intelligence, on Brannon Howse, 8.8.22. Book: In Their Own Words.)

    Agenda 2030. When Martin was talking about the world leaders being incompetent. I’m not so sure it is incompetence. Appears to me that they are following the Agenda 2030. When President Trump came along and threw a wrench in the works, and they were unable to continue with Agenda 2030 Plan. President Trump disrupted many of the things they had in place to bring America down. They are hopping mad! They prevented him from getting back into office in 2020, and are determined keep him out of office so they can continue their scheme to destroy Western Civilization, including religion.

    Agenda 2030 lists all the changes they are bringing about. Starving people and destroying Western Civilization is all on the Agenda. First on the list is total dependence upon the State. No genders. Which explains all this grooming and indoctrination of our children in schools. That madness didn’t appear out of no where. It is all part of Agenda 2030. Little kids are being indoctrinated, and in some instances mutilated. The insanity never ends. However, it is all part of the Agenda 2030. (Note: For anyone who wants to see the entire list, you can find it on Dr. Robert W. Malone’s gettr page. rwmalonemd gettr) The list is truly frightening. Everyone will be dependent upon the State. No genders. Those people who came up with Agenda 2030 are maniacs. The post was on 8.1.22. You will have to scroll down for quite a while to find it, but it is there. I attempted to paste the image of the list, but it didn’t engage. )

    Republicans. I believe the Republicans need to get tougher. In my opinion, they compromise with the Democrats and their spending orgies too much. It may not be civilized, but something has got to turn things around or we are doomed. Cooperating and appeasing the Democrats has not accomplished anything except Communism and wrecking our economy.

    Seceding from California. When Martin mentioned the area in California that wants to secede from California, that is San Bernardino County, where I reside. Many counties in California want to secede and establish a 51st State. We are sick of the West Coast Communists destroying our state. California was beautiful and prosperous when the Conservatives were in power. Now the large cities along the coast are hell holes. People who live inland, as well as San Diego, want to break away. We have had it with the madness. Wish us luck! It isn’t easy living in California under the Communist Democrat rule.


    Aug 1

  36. john beasley

    To Stanley Skrzypek, just my opinion, As for the 1950’s and 1960’s. We did not have enough employment so the deep state, secret societies, went to Asia to kill unneeded young American men, and to collect and market drugs. The paperclip Nazi’s started spreading LSD in the USA, again to get rid of young people who were not needed. Ho Chi Min went to college in Harvard or Yale. The people in southeast Asia did not want an industrial – Catholic society. The war in Vietnam bankrupted the USA but gave jobs to people through the military industrial complex, the Pentagon, the street drug trade. The people who benefited from the “fallout” of the Vietnam war were patriots because their financial lives depended upon the military industrial complex. Many people who were “targeted” as unnecessary eaters to American Society became preppers.

  37. Jarrett Rice

    Is Our Rule of Law Civilization Facing a Fall?
    THE remarkable materialistic advancements made during the last 100 years have catapulted our civilization from an era of horses and buggies to an era of jet planes and flaming rockets, that can land back on Earth like in the old science fiction movies. The transformation has been astounding, especially for such a short period in human history. But now that we have reached a great height of technical achievement is their danger of our civilization falling as past civilizations did when they reached a certain point of glory? Will it crumble because of moral degeneration from within? There are many people who fear that it may. They see disturbing similarities between our civilization and those that fell.
    Materialism—the trap that extinguished past civilizations—is endangering Western society’s future. There is a ‘frightening parallel’ between today’s society and extinct civilizations that ‘grew rich, soft, indifferent and apathetic—and died. Look at the cradle of western civilization today, Europe. In this country, the US., the good life does not just consist of things. The good life involves character, decision, fortitude, the willingness to sacrifice when sacrifice is needed in the common cause. No matter how rich a nation may become, if its people fall into the pit of lazy complacency, if their values are restricted more and more to the purely material, then that nation is doomed to ultimate destruction.
    The fact that our politicians no longer represent we the people becoming more interested in easy living, material possessions, soft jobs and a “fast buck” than it is in ethics shows that its values are degenerating. How much income a person has, regardless of how he gets it, seems to be the basis for Washington D.C. social status. The same was true in ancient materialistic Rome before its fall. The politician today with lots of bribe monies from China, Ukraine, or even Moscow’s mayor. Is the man that is admired, that is highly respected in polite society, that generally is elected to political office, greasing palms with taxpayer’s money. The material goods he has impress people more than the moral virtues of a poor man. It is the car a person drives, the home he lives in, the clothing he wears and the company he keeps that give him status in this materialistic civilization. These are not the important values in life. Only a degenerating dope smoking society would think they are.
    Although many people may speak highly of moral values, few actually live by them. This is evident from the occasional revelations of even graft among political leaders of seemingly impeccable morals, like the Jeff Epstein bought and paid for judge allowing the FBI Search of Trump property prompted by concerns over secret sensitive documents Trump was about to redact and release concerning the three letter agencies and burglary among FBI law-enforcement officers, of “kick-backs” in the business world and 17 months into U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s tenure—and in one of the biggest disappointments of the Biden administration—the Justice Department is back to operating as a branch of the Democratic National Committee, well, that didn’t take long. The Merrick Garland Justice Department finally satisfied some of its critics by sending the FBI in search of something, anything, to pin on Donald Trump, though Monday’s raid reportedly had more to do with Mr. Trump’s possible possession of classified documents from his presidency he was about to redact implicating FBI higher ups, in announcing his candidacy for president once again than with Jan. 6. This is the end my friend.
    Mr. Garland plays with fire here given that Americans of both parties have reason to distrust the political meddling of the FBI (ask Hillary Clinton).so says Kimberley A. Strassel in a recent opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal.
    Former Attorney General William Barr spent two years trying to clean up a department that under President Barack Obama had become a weapon for a partisan agenda. Mr. Obama’s Justice Department brought America punishing lawsuits against financial firms, “disparate impact” cases, slush funds for liberal activist groups, litigation against school voucher programs, investigations of journalists and Hillary Clinton’s great Russia-collusion hoax, WSJ’S Strassel says and now with Obomber in his third illegal term illegally using poor old but rich, slow Joe Beijing Biden as hostage!
    Mr. Garland’s appointment offered hope that a respected veteran judge would continue this effort, but instead, the Garland Justice Department is on track to surpass the politicized Eric Holder regime, Strassel says and of the thievery by government employees of seemingly good reputation and of seeking personal advancement at the expense of other people. Do not these practices indicate a morally sick civilization?
    Our values, our ideals, are upside down, we pay lip service to spiritual values, but we give top priority to mink coats and Chinese wives and girlfriends. The upside-down moral values of this world often justify stealing when it is done from the masses from taxation without representation. Because a great number of American employees reason this way, employers have a total annual loss of some one billion dollars to employee stealing. This is about twice what the public loses to professional criminals. Is not stealing as morally wrong when a rich corporation is the victim as when a poor man is? How can morals have a sliding standard?
    Since US. political society has allowed moral and spiritual values to degenerate, it should not be surprising when delinquency and cheating are seen to be on the increase among today’s youth. Are not their morals a reflection of the society in which they live? Adults can hardly expect children to live by a moral standard that they themselves do not live by.
    Too often is it the case that the schools are being asked to teach things by the people at large which they themselves do not generally practice. There are increasing evidence of deterioration of the social and moral fabric.
    More than materialistic advancement is needed to make a civilization great and enduring. High moral values and love for a Supreme Sovereign, are needed as well. Because technical advancement has caused modern society to become wise in its own eyes, it has turned its back on God. Its materialistic values pull it toward atheism, and its thinkers stretch their imagination to great lengths in an effort to find an explanation for the existence of man without having to acknowledge a Creator. Such atheistic thinking does not build up respect for godly principles of morality. It tears them down. It encourages people to set up degenerating materialistic standards, creating a condition where none can trust his neighbor.
    Since our civilization is following the same materialistic and dissolute course taken by civilizations that have perished, how can it expect to endure? As God brought an end to the civilization that existed before the Flood and as he brought an end to the civilization in Sodom and Gomorrah because of moral corruption so he will bring an end to the present degenerate deep administrative state civilization of swamp creatures. He has weighed it in the scales and found it wanting. It will fall in the coming “war of the great day of God the Almighty.” (Rev. 16:14; 2 Pet. 3:5-7) The increasing disregard for moral standards is a foretold indication that its end is near. People who love righteousness can hope to see after its fall the rising of a new civilization with high moral and spiritual values. With God’s blessing upon it, it will endure to time indefinite.

    • J. Loughran

      “Because a great number of American employees reason this way, employers have a total annual loss of some one billion dollars to employee stealing. This is about twice what the public loses to professional criminals.” Your comment but this quote resonate.
      A society led by the corrupt can continue but not through Trotskyism but through Good Will (Trust in God). There is nothing worse than civil war and my hope is that before we entertain revolution we will first stand for Truth where we are called, in prayer, in the home, at church, at work, in community .
      PS Great time to lime, manure, and prepare the next garden.

      • Clare Doll

        West of the Mississippi, lime will kill whatever it touches.

  38. Peter James

    Hi Greg, I think you will find this interesting,
    It’s about fact checking climate change, Ben would be a good interview.

  39. Robert Messina

    Martin mentioned their PLAN is to rule the world out of the United Nations . . . YEP . . . There are about five major signs mentioned in the link above that have to happen before the first seal opens . . A strengthening and restructure of UN is one of them . . IE . Germany and Japan will be added as permanent members of the Security Council

  40. Paul

    An attack on one is an attack on all.

    When someone is attacking you, they are coming to you for advice. How you react advises them.

    New Big sign going up today on heavily traveled highway. 2nd busiest road in state

    Impeach joe Biden

    I had a new guest check in to my Airbnb
    He remarked this is trump country. I saw a sign impeach joe Biden. My wife said that’s my husbands. That’s one is on less traveled road

    Do something today

    Paul from arkansas

    • eddiemd

      Billboards along the roadway are an effective means of getting a message to the public. Old school.

      Not too expensive.

      • Ray

        Couldn’t agree more mate…….couldn’t agree more.
        They are not that expensive, especially if you can divide the cost with a few friends.
        I have often thought of putting something up on a roadway billboard……and “hang the expense….I’m just gonna do it”!!!
        Once again Ed……as is your way…….you inspire me forward.
        Thank you mate.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia

        • regaleagle

          Here’s a good one: “Better to be Right than left”. Or how about ” Right is Might, but Left is Theft” ? Right is Right all day long, but Left is Theft until it’s all gone”.

          • Ray

            They sound good R.E
            Here’s my billboard (and would get A LOT of Australian’s attention)

            S. Warne: Caught & Bowled Pfizer…….52

            Ray, Canberra, Australia

  41. Rodster

    One thing Trump needs to be aware of is an assassination attempt on his life. I was reading yesterday where a Washington insider (I can’t remember if it was on ZeroHedge) said that could be the next step if Trump is not put in jail and refuses to back down from running for office in 2024. I would not put it past his enemies. They are that crazed and desperate.

    Yup, it was ZH:

    • Rodster

      Correction, it was not a Washington insider but the former NYC Police Commish.

  42. Roger Stamper

    tks for post martin greg

  43. Neville

    Democracy does not exist in AAcrime and as far as I am aware never has.The only place you will find democracy is in the dictionary.The fbi behaved like a bunch of dem paid thugs ……No surprises as the the whitehouse has been under the strict supervision of the mob whom Eliot Ness spent his life trying to rid the streets of AAcrime.
    Ever wondered about the PLUNGE PROTECTION TEAM ??
    GO HERE>>>

  44. Tim McOieVie

    Eric Holder: the Teflon Gatekeeper
    By Johnny Cirucci the Sun, 12 February 2012, 3 Comments
    Now you’ll know why Eric Holder’over wants Trumps ass. Because if he doesn’t stop Trump from running again, Holder’over’s ass will be grass!

    The Clinton Years: When Traitors In Government Perfected The False Flag On Americans
    By Johnny Cirucci the Sun, 4 May 2014, 4 Comments

    Perestroika Deceived
    By Johnny Cirucci Fri, 11 July 2014 No Comments
    In my previous column, I gave you key issues that would indicate to you who really cares about America and who is part of the subversive plot to tear her asunder. Those who mock or avoid issues like false flags, fluoride and toxic particulate falling from the sky are in on it and that includes a shocking list of so-called “Conservatives” and supposedly Right-wing organizations.
    But the damage to our nation is so insidious, so complete that it begs the question; is this an organized, complex plot? Overwhelming circumstantial evidence would have us say, “Yes!”

  45. Amielia Earheart🛩

    A woman on a long-haul flight ‘fell into a breathless sleep’ and died in front of her husband and two children
    [email protected] (Mia Jankowicz) – Yesterday 9:00 AM
    Don’t fall asleep, you may never awake! Sweet dreams. . . ..
    At least not on a jet plane, maybe a prop. They take longer.

  46. GERRY

    One of the advantages of knowing history is that it gives a broader sweep of the human condition. All countries and civilizations fail because people fail. Greed, hate, jealousy and hubris makes for Shakespearean andsoap opera entertainment, but, in the real world they destroy- individuals, marriages, countries. Martin illustrated the problem in America by referencing Rome. The Rubicon, being a river, was a signal to the Roman senate that things were going to change. The Imperator was moving in. Biden crossed the Rubicon last night by invading a former presidents home. Things are not going to stay the same. These elitists in all parties and through out the world have rolled the dice hoping to scare the citizens of the world. Why are they so afraid. Because their deeds are evil! Their monies are garnered by hidden, dark means and they do not want to be exposed. Trump was the one who was going to expose them. His incompetence in understanding the”swamp” and the snakes that lurked there- in lead to monumental , foolish decisions of trust. It took Rome a few hundred years to finally collapse to the German tribes, but , in this case, I don’t see America or the West lasting that long. German tribes didn’t have our weaponry, German tribes didn’t betray Christ as the West has,; German tribes became followers of Christ and were baptized. I don’t see that happening. Corruption, optimi, pessimi. Corruption of the best is the worst. Does anyone really believe that the elites in all counties will voluntarily fall on their knees and do a mea culpa. Their hatred shows in their faces, and they will fight to their death as any animal would.

  47. Laz

    In a GENOCIDE, they’re never going to tell you that you’re being GENOCIDED. You actually have to figure it out for yourself. No small task after decades of Program: American DUMB DOWN. I AM rooting for you, Humanity. Now, Wakey wakey.

  48. Michele

    Please ask Mr. Armstrong if he has been threatened.
    Remember this, our nation was founded by a ragtag group of farmers and merchants with NO experience in military tactics.
    We will defend our home.
    God bless you Sir.

  49. Joseph Boudreau

    This interview and all your others help me to connect the dots and see the bigger picture in this crazy puzzle. As a Canadian, I can see how WEF shill Trudeau is screwing over our oil and gas and farming industries. I continue to work hard in my garden to produce as much of my own food as possible. My ‘victory garden’ is coming along nicely!
    My latest blog article is about dehydrating food for winter storage. I just started using this method and so far, I’ve dried 4 shopping bags full of green and red kale, celery leaves and basil and there’s more to come. Please share my link with your viewers.
    Thanks Greg, for all you do!

  50. Paul

    Timely geopolitical interview with Martin
    Thanks Greg

    Rules are for children. This is war, and in war the only crime is to lose. And fighting for freedom and family is not a crime

    Paul from arkansas

  51. leo

    Zerohedge has a picture of this maggot federal judge, take a look at this bozo, one look is all it takes. I wonder if they are trying to connect Trump to Alex Jones and that kangaroo court and tag it to the scumbags of the Jan 6 committee

  52. Don Wohlers

    Thank you Greg for a real up to date thinking person Martin Armstrong is and really knows what he is talking about. I have written about how the Council on Foreign Relations was formed by the Rockefellers years ago in New York City where they have their headquarters and it covers a whole city block of one building and a number of stories high. Then they were involved in forming the Trilateral Commission about 50 years ago that was the real start of the ONE WORLD GOV. Today we now have the WEF. Yes, I fully agree with Mr. Armstrong of another WWIII that will be soon and I fully agree we may not have another vote in the US. He is so right on and there are NOT enough people that have a clue about all of this going on and it is interviews like this that you need out there because people need to really start preparing for a new way of life. Just read in the Bible in REV:6 about the opening of the first 6 seals. It is happening today and people are NOT aware of it.
    Get ready people of this nation and around the world for the END days are coming and you need to know it and you need to KNOW JESUS.

  53. Sally

    Heard DeSantos is a member of the Pilgrim society…loyal to England only.

  54. z

    Top Israeli Scientist: “Monkeypox Outbreak is Linked to mRNA Vaccines” – Twitter Censors Tweet

    Editor, Health Impact News

    Pro-vaccine and pro-pharma scientists and medical doctors around the world continue to sound the alarm about the devastating effects of the COVID-19 vaccines.

    Israeli Professor Shmuel Shapira, MD, MPH, served as director general of the Israel Institute for Biological Research (“IIBR”) between 2013 and 2021, where he sought to develop an Israeli-made COVID-19 vaccine so that the country would not be dependent upon the American Pfizer-made shots.

    Dr. Shapira is also the founder and head of the Military Medicine Department of the Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine and the IDF Medical Corps. In addition, he is a Senior Research Fellow at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) at Reichman University in Israel.

    Shapira was previously deputy director general of the Hadassah Medical Organization and director of the Hadassah School of Public Health at Hebrew University.

    Professor Shapira used Twitter last week to announce that he was “physically injured” after his third Pfizer vaccine, and that “Monkeypox cases were rare for years. During the last years a single case was documented in Israel. It is well established the mRNA vaccines affect the natural immune system. A monkeypox outbreak following massive covid vaccination: *Is not a coincidence.”

    Twitter has reportedly forced him to remove these tweets.

    We have previously reported how The Exposé discovered that “Monkeypox” is only circulating in countries where the Pfizer Vaccine has been distributed.

    • Janet

      Pfizer disavows claims that Monkey-pox is only circulating in countries where their Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine has been distributed – stating that “it falsely implies a causal link between the two which just isn’t true” – although reports continue to come in that people who took the Pfizer “jab” have an overwhelming urge to go to the zoo, eat bananas and fling poo at people – Pfizer believes “these side effects are unrelated to their vaccine” (the true side effects of the Pfizer jab are listed in their Confidential Report in the thousands and actually kill and maim people)!!

  55. wayne reeves

    I am astounded that these characters think the average citizen is dumbed down enough not realize what is going on. These guys are thinking by what they are presenting to us that we are the frog being put in warm water only to be boiled and destroyed unaware, getting us used to our demise slowly. Everything in this show is a method to do just that, to get us used to the things they are saying that is going to happen planting the seeds of expectancy and complacency if these things do happen, but will they, nobody really knows but the almighty, so hang on but be ready for the worst starting now, jump out of the water before it boils. This guys computer “socrates” is a convenient way to blame something other than themselves.

  56. Gypo O'leary

    Uh…when people shut down six key urban voting centers in the middle of the night in an unprecedented fashion, with Trump winning by over 50,000 votes in each of those locations, and then when you wake up in the morning you find out that they kicked Republicans out of the counting rooms (using Covid panic, blocking the windows with boards in Cobo Hall, lying that there was a watermain break in Atlanta), counted Mail in Ballots with no watchers and the rejection rate, normally 4% is near zero, and Trump just lost in all six spots where the shut down happened…..YOU DON’T HAVE A DEMOCRACY NO MORE.

    And when the government committee to investigate what happened doesn’t have Republicans picked by the Republican leadership and a minority counsel….and this fake committee rolls out hearsay witnesses making insane claims that the President tried to hijack his motorcade….YOU DONT HAVE A DEMOCRACY NO MORE.

    You need to wake up…the people that brazenly and openly rigged the election and create Stasi-like fake committees to conduct fake hearings didn’t do all this so they can just give your country back and let you have a democracy.

    I guarantee you…THEY HAVE ALREADY COMMITTED TO CHARING DONALD TRUMP WITH SEDITION. Evidence is irrelevant to the entire thing at this point because you ain’t in a Democracy no more, junior.

    I mean you need to wake up to what the hell is going on.

    • Janet

      Now if we lived in Brazil we could run over the criminal mules fixing our elections!!

  57. Thomas Blow

    The only reform mentioned in this discussion was term limits. Please, Greg, when you hear a suggested reform, can you ask, what other reforms can you recommend, do you have a list, who has a good list of reforms? We readers are besieged by complaints about government, but what can we do to fix things? Without a way to fix government, it all seems so hopeless. I really don’t like individual (preparedness) solutions. Charles Hugh Smith wrote a book on fixing America, his book is good but non-specific. He has read my book (free at and I ask you to read it also. How about asking CHS about speculating on specific reforms? Thanks.

  58. Ewiak Ryszard

    Armstrong is seeing a “world war coming in 2024 or after”. The world is indeed heading for world war. In the Book of Daniel, we read, “And both these kings [Great Britain and Russia. In 1882 British troops occupied Egypt. Great Britain then took the role of “the king of the south”. Around the same time, Russia expanded its influence in the region, which previously belonged to Seleucus I Nicator, and took the role of “the king of the north”], their hearts (will be) to do mischief, and at one table (they) will speak a lie; but it will not succeed. Indeed yet (the) completion to (the) appointed time [then a nuclear war happen]. And [the king of the north] will go back (to) his land with great wealth [1945. This detail indicated that after the previous victories Hitler will attack the Soviet Union and will fight to the bitter end]; and his heart (will be) against the holy covenant [Soviet Union introduced state atheism and believers were repressed]; and will act; and go back to his own land [1991-1993. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. The troops from the Soviet military bases returned to their country]. At the appointed time [he] will return back [Russian troops will return to where they were previously stationed. It also means military actions, a major crisis. Not only the eurozone will break up, but also the European Union and NATO], and come into the south [this will be the beginning of the nuclear war], but won’t be as before and as afterwards [these military actions will not lead to a global nuclear war. This will only happen after the return of the king of the north, (but it won’t be immediately after his return). This war will begin as a result of ethnic conflict, “for nation will rise against nation”, like as in 2008 in Georgia (Matthew 24:7)], then the dwellers of coastlands of Kittim [the distant West] will come against him, and (he) will break down [mentally], and will go back.” (11:29, 30a) This will be a mutual slaughter and the sword of great power will be used. (Revelation 6:4) Jesus characterized it in this way: “A frightening things both and extraordinary (related to unusual phenomena) from sky powerful will be.” Because of the use of these terrible weapons there will be significant tremors along the length and breadth of the regions [of strategic importance] and famines, and pestilences. Some ancient manuscripts contain the words “and frosts”. The Aramaic Peshitta: “and will be great frosts”. (Luke 21:11) We call this today “nuclear winter”. In Mark 13:8 there are also words of Jesus: “and disorders” (in the sense of confusion and chaos). The Aramaic Peshitta: “and confusion” (on the state of public order). It won’t be Armageddon. “But all these things are a beginning of birth-pains.” (Matthew 24:8, DLNT)

  59. Justn Observer


  60. Pamela Hankins

    The result of their seeming ‘idiocy’ betrays the intent. It is not idiocy…that’s a sheild…a diversion. They are working both ends…kicking at the foundations and pounding the ideologies. They are working overtime to bring down this nation by hook or crook. None of the reasonable measures we could take to stop them matter in the least…it’s all talk and nothing more. God is the One Who is judging. He does all these things to the intent that people will begin to call on His Name, and for the Salvation of many, according to the OT template. As this nation has rejected God, He has rejected the nation. His blessings we took for granted, our freedom we used as an occasion to the flesh. And as we go out from under His grace, we are returned to the Law, where we see what He will do to a nation that is willfully disobedient. Deut 29:26-28, “For they went and served other gods, and worshipped them, gods whom they knew not, and whom he had not given unto them: And the anger of the LORD was kindled against this land, to bring upon it all the curses that are written in this book: And the LORD rooted them out of their land in anger, and in wrath, and in great indignation, and cast them into another land, as it is this day.”

  61. ProudlyUnaffiliated

    The Democratic party is now — openly and brazenly — the Fascist party.

    • Janet

      All Demonrats should be wearing brown shirts!!

  62. Mike

    Trump betrayed America (initiated the Plandemic & Warpspeed), caved-in to the Left & DS in nearly every case, and set-up & sold-out his most loyal supporters on 1/6 as he snuck out of DC—after having thrown the election to Biden.

    Zero sympathy for Traitor Trump!

  63. Rich R

    I vote Greg Hunter for Speaker of the House.

  64. JOSEPH Aiello

    Will they pump the markets for distractions and keep people content before the elections?

    • Janet

      With everything else failing Biden will probably order the Fed to print up some more money out of thin air and send a $2,000 dollar check to everyone right before the election – but – then after the election have his IRS workers audit only Republicans and take their $2,000 back!! – so obviously – people should register as a Democrat (but vote Republican)!!

  65. ron martin

    Greg, you are a good, moral man who always says that Jesus is real and I thank you for that. However, you, like most optimistic conservatives are hoping against hope that humans can rescue our nation from our spiritual morass. Like lemmings we have already leaped off the cliff and will never be able to climb back up. Voting is not the reason for all the western nations being flooded with immigrants. Chaos, crime & confusion are the reasons. The upcoming midterms & 2024 elections are meaningless since the two parties have become one even if rampant fraud allows a few good republicans to squeak out a few wins. You, me and millions of good Americans can’t comprehend that our 256 year old empire could actually end like this. I was born under FDR, killed our enemies on foreign soil, raised four children and fought against our domestic foes for 60 of my 79 years but I’m still amazed daily at the warp speed of the events happening all around me. Believe me, this is just the beginning of our sorrows and the only one who can put humpty dumpty back on the wall is our Messiah.

    • Greg Hunter

      Jesus = Hope.

  66. Dan

    Shemitah is September 24th.

    • Janet

      Late September is also the time the Annunaki’s “blue home planet” (the blue kachina) re-enters our Solar System according to the Reptilian cousins of these “gods” who are supposedly working with the Deep State – and who as the Bible says: “Once came to Earth and took human wives and mined gold” (to spray into their home planet’s atmosphere giving it a blue glow) – like we don’t have enough of our own problems right now!! – – the good news is that supposedly “the passing will affect China the most” (in terms of not being able to grow food) – if this story is all true no wonder Gates is buying all the US farmland he can get his hands on (as it seems the US will be less affected by “the passing”) – and we also own a lot of gold at Fort Knox that can be used for barter with the Annunaki (who need gold to inject into their atmosphere to keep the infra-red radiation of their dwarf star (Nemesis) under control)!!

  67. GE

    Greg, Niemoller as quoted by Lyndon H. LaRouche, “First they came for thr gypsies, then they came for the social democrats, then they came for the Jews, and then when they come for you, there is nobody left to defend you.” The deep state plays the same old fiddle, in 1986 the FBI raided Presidential candidate LaRouche’s compound and railroaded him and associates off to jail, defaming them in public as jail birds and criminals. Mike Billington was one of the LaRouche’s associates who spent years in jail, railroaded just as the deep state is attemting to railroad Donald Trump. Mike Billington should be your next guest contact at The LaRouche Organization

  68. Teresa

    Believe everything being done is because they want us to go to war. Nancy’s trip was in hopes to start one, she is not dumb, she knew exactly what she was doing. Powers in charge of our country want to destroy the USA.

    • Janet

      You know – something doesn’t make sense to me – if we know from Deep State sources that the reptilians are saying that China will be hurt the most “in the passing” – and they will be unable to grow food (and will be looking to take over America as their new home) – why in the hell would American Corporations transfer all their manufacturing capability to China?? – were we previously lied to “that America would be the most affected”??? – and thus all our Corporations ran to China – only to find out now – that supposedly new calculations show it will be China that will be hurt the most??? – or could this be another lie to get a good war started between the US and China? – perhaps the Corporations were right to get out of the US???

  69. Country Codger

    Great interview!!!
    I still believe that a bi financial event will take place Sept. 26-30, probably the 28th, of course, I do not have a fancy computer program, just paper and pencil.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

  70. Susan R

    We do have to now visualize the world wholely, connected, no matter the illusion of separate parts. Martin makes me aware that this is so. No one can exist safely alone with the rise of interconnected everything. The battle is on for control by those who will never allow peace as long as the illusion that this brief life is worth the price of one’s soul.

  71. Slvrwllwn

    When someone uses the same word in several sentences there is something very real about the warning that they are conveying;
    Having no previous example.
    Having no precedent or example; not preceded by a like case; not having the authority of prior example; novel; new; unexampled.
    Never before seen or done, without precedent.

    We all better take heed!

    • Janet

      UNPRECEDENTED: New (world order), Novel (viruses), Strange (deaths), Unaccustomed (home break-ins), Unfamiliar (famine), Unheard-of (frozen bank accounts) – now all very real and a clear warning to all!!

  72. Mark

    Of all your guests, I listen to each of your Martin Armstrong interviews 5 to 6 times. Highly credible and packed with facts. Thanks.

  73. Really Awake

    Much thanks to USA WatchDog and Marty Armstrong for this interview… Really, really good information. Every word of the interview was worth listening to attentively. Really, USA WatchDog has become one of the top alternative media websites out there… And the very top one for its integrity.

    At times I’ve been a little critical of Marty’s soft ball approach when discussing China, but I understand why Marty doesn’t openly lampoon the CCP like he does Washington D.C… I don’t agree, but I understand. Marty is a top of the line guy and really a brave man to stand up to Washington and the European and British collectivists. Thanks again for the interview.

  74. Becky

    Martin was the perfect guest for this moment in our country’s history! Clif High would be wonderful to hear from next! Thank you for your integrity and commitment to outstanding journalism!

  75. Kay

    Dear Mr. Hunter, will you please ask your guests questions about the real estate market? Many of us would appreciate their thoughts on this hard asset. Thanks.

    • Janet

      Hard asset?? – your home can be taken away from you by criminal politicians simply raising your property taxes!!

  76. Bill Bradshaw

    Its my opinion that we stop supporting the democrat and republican parties. SEND THEM NO MORE MONEY. If a candidate running for office does not clearly state that they will support AND defend the Constitution, DO NOT give them your vote.

  77. BigE


  78. Bill Bradshaw

    Maybe its time to stop supporting the democrat and republican parties. sending them NO MORE MONEY. Both parties are only interested in how much money they can raise

  79. Ratty

    Why do you guys always talk like LOSERS? Why is this not a SIGN of the death of them up there??? Why it is always WE GOTS TO DIE???

  80. Keith Wilson

    Well ever since mossad caught Bill Clinton with his pants down with jewess Monica Lewinsky back in the 1990s the mafia tribe has slowly taken over every department of government in washington. Today you can not expect to get anywhere in government unless it is with the permission from AIPAC or the Goldman Sachs banking cabal. Look at all the dual Israeli passport holders who run Washington while moron Joe biden is making a fool of himself in front of all the western world. They have taken over your country , your government,and your justice department. Sadly they have no intention of giving up there power without a major civil war in america. Has the American patriots got the balls to take them on and rid your country of this cabal which is destroying your America ? With the mid-terms only months away what false flag plan have they got lined up ? Nuclear bomb in New York? Assassination of Trump ?They will not go quietly so expect anything in the weeks ahead .

  81. Paul Flannigan

    We are seeing the convergence of unprecedented, insuperable problems that will leave the world clamoring for a man that can come save humanity. The Bible points to this coming anti-christ and we can see the end time days described therein quickly approaching us. Put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ. He came to earth, was born of a virgin, led a sinless life and was crucified on the cross at Calvary so that His blood would cover your sins. All of us have sinned and broken God’s perfect standard. We can do nothing to save ourselves. Faith in Jesus Christ is the only way we can go to our Father in heaven and live eternally with Him. (John 14:6) Manage your money as best you can, but do not trust in the dollar, gold or silver. In the end, the physical assets you may have squirreled away do not matter one bit. In fact, the Bible speaks of a coming time when people will throw their silver and gold in the streets because they realize it will not save them. (Ezekiel 7:19) All that matters for eternity is whether you believed in Jesus Christ and trusted Him for your salvation. (Ephesians 2:8-9)

  82. Pam

    Can you believe THIS…………………You just can’t keep up with these devils……….Makes one wonder if there’s anybody working on the side of good…………..HEART BREAKING.

  83. Anita

    Thank you both, very interesting as Martin always is.

  84. Linda Majors

    AGENDA 2030
    Total Dependence on State
    Social Credit System
    Carbon Footprint Survailance System
    Universal Basic Income for Compliant Citizens
    Programmable Central Banking Digital Currency
    Mandatory vaccines for all ages.
    Controlled Fertility and Reproduction
    Radical Assisted Abortion and Suicide Laws
    100% Genetically Manipulated Food and Soil
    Robot Workforce
    Internet of Things and Internet of Bodies
    Microchip and Implantable Brain Interface Technologies
    Constant Exposure to Non-Native EMFs and RFs (5G, 6G, 7G)
    Destruction of Genders
    Destruction of Motherhood and Fatherhood
    Ration of Energy and All Natural Resources
    Restriction on Non-Essential Air Travel
    Smart Cities
    Drones, Facial Recognition Cameras and Movement Sensors
    Abolishment of Private Property
    Control and Survailance of Natural and Wild Life
    Restricted access to Wilderness (Human Free Zones)
    Sustainable Development of New World Order

  85. Jeffersonian

    Gotta like Marti and Socrates. They said market would go 36k or higher-and they were right

    Nonetheless Trump raid pure reality TV SHOW
    distraction Why? Distract from inflation bill, further divide us, take our minds of inflation and possibly to show the world not to mess with the global reset agenda

    The deep state is deeper and more powerful than you know. They have Trump by the Kahunas and when they say jump he jumps. Prove me wrong. Did he pardon or personally fight for those that got arrested and jailed for 1-6—-No! Disgraceful just like he dodged the draft and used bankruptcy to screw his lenders in the 80s. He’s a coward. Not to mention declaring state of emergency that led to covid lockdowns and warp speed eua jabs—he takes total credit for the jabs and their efficacy—criminal. And he piled on more debt than Barack did in two terms —-where are your brains at people?

    This country is run by the deep state and fed
    Nothing major gets done without their permission nothing. Remember goon Powell calling Dr McCullough and asking why more people hadn’t got jabbed and how to get everyone to take it hmmmm why should he care if I get it. That’s my business not his unless he wants me dead or disabled which I’m sure he does so I’ll never collect my social

    If Socrates is right civil unrest is coming to a town near you soon, equity markets ready for a haircut, food shortages happening in real time, and large scale global conflict on the horizon. What could go wrong?

    So put your faith in God not in politicians

    Have lots of storable food on hand

    Load up the defenses

    Establish good relationships with neighbors and community including your sheriff

    Have cash, gold and silver within your reach

    Have the tools, materials and skill set to fix anything

    Obtain comprehensive medical kits including dental and have a easy to read manual on how yo use it

    And lots of fresh replenish-able water at your disposal
    And shut out all the white noise and focus on what you can control

    Interestingly haven’t seen the military spraying our skies lately maybe fuel is too expensive in fact skies are actually clear without haze

    Cheers from down on the farm

  86. Linda Majors

    Follow-up to my previous email on this date (8.10.22). I left one out.

    Agenda 2030:
    Ban on All Natural Treatments and Remedies.


  87. Linda Majors

    Follow-up to my previous email on this date (8.10.22). I left one out.
    Ban on All Natural Treatments and Remedies. (This was left out. I DID NOT SEND IT ALREADY.)


  88. M

    Joe Biden has 12% support in America? That sounds very high…maybe more like 1.2%, which is generous.

  89. Bob the Blessed

    Greg Hunter for Speaker of the House!

  90. Joe

    Greg for Speaker of the House! (It is possible…don’t have to be a sitting congress critter.)

  91. Hawaii guy

    Yeah, that’s the death blow? Not the undeniable facts that American citizens have been constantly punched in the face, over and over again since 9/11 scam. Politicians must be absolutely dumbfounded we keep letting them punch us in the face, we turn our cheek, forget it happened, then get accused we punched them in the face, then we turn our cheek back, get punched again and repeat. So who’s the real death blow to democracy, the ones who’ve been doing it for decades, or the ones who keep forgetting it happens to them 3 times a day?

  92. Moray

    Maybe Trump staged the raid,, he is the king of marketing. Brings on attention and sympathy. He said he would jail Hilary, but he never had the balls to do it, or just was all talk and no bite. So they are doing actually what he said he would do. It is all a show.

  93. R Lee

    We are all painfully aware of the corruption and outright lying coming from our federal government and the alphabet agencies. The institutions that are supposed to protect “we the people” are now nothing more than criminals and thugs doing the bidding of the “swamp” which includes both sides of the aisle, big pharma, multinational corporations and the military industrial complex. Unfortunately, the hope that people will wake up and demand better is in short supply. Here in Georgia our most corrupt secretary of state has been re-elected in the primary without even a run off. Stacey Abrams, a pathetic prop from the democrats (connected to ballot stuffing aka 2000 mules) could possibly win the Governors race and the US senate will likely see Warnock re-elected from Georgia. I try to wake folks up but am astounded at the total ignorance and lack of intelligence in the average voter today. It does not look promising for us patriots. Thank you Greg for all your efforts!!

  94. Sean

    The F be I was created to take down organized crime like mafia families. When was the last time this has occurred?! This about that. Now they seem to be in cohoots with them

  95. ken

    Vote all you want,,, won’t change a thing. It’s over. It’s fight or flight….

  96. Jeffrobbins

    Always a treat to listen to Mr. Armstrong. Greg, you are wrong about one thing- there are already people getting medieval- but on us. And then i think about the song ‘a slow fade’.

  97. Shiloh1

    Listening to this podcast tonight. Nice job getting Martin Armstrong on short notice, Greg.

    Heard The Duran podcast today with Robert Barnes interview by Alexander Mercouris.

    This country is on the precipice.

    As long as I live I will never forget listening live to you and Gerald Celente election night 2020 when the 6 states went off the radar.

  98. Mike R

    Invasion of Trump’s residence is truly the end of America as we once knew it. Its the nail in the coffin.

    If you aren’t heavily armed, and willing to just all out defend your home, then might as well move out of this country. It is no longer safe to live here in ANY neighborhood, rural area, or extreme hideout. Basically everyone needs to be prepared for a fight to the death. Everyone needs to be willing to take out all and any ‘government’ predators. No one else is going to protect you. the President has SS agents protecting him. NOT !

    A treasonous coup occurred on the night of the 2020 Presidential Election. The ambush on ALL Americans has been plain as day, ever since. Americans have no rights anymore. There is no longer a constitution that will be upheld. All liberties are completely gone ! Whether you are willing to acknowledge that fact or not, does not matter. Maybe your God will help you, but he wont prevent 87,000 armed IRS agents from ripping into your house. If God cannot keep the President safe and protected, then surely no one can expect the little guy to be protected. The diseases, the viruses, the deadly vaxxes, are being intentionally unleased, and becoming more rapid and widespread. They dont need guns to do this, yet if they do, every government staff member, even the IRS will be armed.

    You are all on your own.

  99. Jerry

    Well Greg,
    The cats out of the bag. IRS agents are now allowed to carry a weapon. What? I thought they were auditors using pen and paper.

    It’s all out in the open now. It’s not enough they want to take your property, if you pose a threat, they’ll take your life. Boys and girls brace yourself, things are about to get real.

    • Jerry

      A dot has now been connected. A few weeks ago our sheriff wrote a letter to the FBI turning down a request to turn over a list of CCW our county.

      It is now apparent that the FBI and the IRS have been weaponized to work together against the American people to overturn our second amendment rights. During an audit they can ask to see records regarding licensing, purchasing, and concealed to carry weapons licenses. It makes perfect sense now why they would need to be armed.
      I have every belief that whatever information the IRS can pull up during an audit will be turned over to the FBI and their partners in the DOJ. Never mind the ruling the Supreme Court handed down recently regarding second amendment rights. They just went around it and swerved into full blown tyranny. It’s all on the table now.

  100. TheObsoleteMan

    Short memories I guess. Back in 1963 they blew a sitting president’s brains out in broad daylight in full view of thousands of people, and blamed it on a patsy who couldn’t even pass his marksman course in basic infantry school. This has been going on ALLOT longer than most would like to admit. It’s called: Normalcy Bias. It’s a psychological defense mechanism that deploys in a person’s mind whenever they are confronted with something unpleasant and/or outside of what they believe. So people believed the Warren Report, even though there were things in it that defied the laws of physics. People went to their “safe place”. The perps told them what to believe and they did. Now we have this. Just a continuation of deep state policy and procedures when it/they feel threatened. What people should be worried about is this: They have our voting records. They know where we live. You don’t think they won’t send out the US Stasi agents to question and harass us? Of course they will! Why else do you think they wanted 87k more IRS agents for, to go after Gates, Bezos, Buffet and Musk? Wake up sleepwalkers, it’s allot later than you think.

  101. M.D.

    Of course the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s residence occurred under the regime of corrupt, incompetent, and demented clown Beijing Biden, a senile buffoon. As 0bama said, “never underestimate the ability of Joe’s ability to F* things up.”

    • M.D.

      As 0bama said, “never underestimate the ability of Joe to F* things up.”

  102. Hesh Rabkin

    It don’t make any sense at all to arm the IRS and give them a license to kill.
    Biben is making the IRS into the judge, jury and executioners.

    Just screw up your EZ1040 form and watch your houses, automobiles, boats, yachts, vacation properties, preppings, guns and ammo, boxes of papers… the Biden SS will be seizing them all.

    Beware of men in black on a boat named Stu-Gots.

    Be the first one on your block to be executed by the IRS and dumped into the Indian Ocean.

    The IRS are suppose to be evidence/fact checkers/auditors, just your basic fat ass office chair bunghole over-paid, redundant office employee.

    The IRS has become THE MAFIA. They will show up at your business each week and you’d better have a full envelope of cash ready for an IRS agent named Tony.

  103. Jeffrobbins

    Two things: this past winter i took a bold coarse and dug out a half acre pond- placed a liner and have been slowly been filling it with a garden hose- we bought 300- 1” catfish from a farm in Florida about 2 months ago and i was concerned with how they would grow. I just caught one today and can happily report it’s about triple the size. Pure and simple it’s God’s blessing. I am still being blessing from what i believe was the opportunity to be a blessing to an elderly woman who actually was a pastors widow. To be honest, it was a great joy in making sure she was provided for, and a good example for my kids.-she passed away last year.
    The second thing is i would encourage everyone to consider this decline of our nation part of the end times. No mention of any new world nations.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good plan jeff and catfish are good!

  104. M.D.

    FBI = Gestapo

  105. Jerry

    If this is true it pretty well sums up where we are.

    Destroying baby formula? You can add that to the list of crimes against humanity along with covid19. How evil is it to kill innocent babies by robbing them of precious nutrition they need? But then again you have to know who we’re dealing with.

    • jr

      it forces some to die of starvation and some who are getting milk from a woman tainted with whatever gets in her milk to be harmed from however many jabs she took – a plan worthy of the Josef Mengele “Angel of Death” award – what a clever group of ahole satanists we have in our generation

  106. Michal

    Greg i dont think russia, china, india and few other countries are brain dead.
    The rest of the world leaders are only puppets.
    Great interview

  107. Mark

    Mr Armstrong mentioned 1999 in the interview as a year that everything g changed. Here is a similar claim around 2007 where the financial world changed. See Jeff Snider on this video. It all is connected.

  108. John Wardell

    He said before when people lose confidence in the government the currency will fail

  109. Hill Rodham

    Martin Armstrong’s interview stops abruptly at 37:22 and jumps to the end …
    I tried 3 times to set it at 37:33 and it just stops and ends!

    • Greg Hunter

      Unplug your browser and plug it back after 30 sec and/or try a different browser.

  110. John

    The globalist’s favor the Democrats because socialism is a stepping stone to totalitarianism. With rampant election fraud, how can anyone other than a Democrat win?

  111. LondonCenter

    Thursday LIVE: DOJ, FBI Now In FULL PANIC MODE as Raid Against Trump Awakens Nation /Posted 2 hours ago
    DON’T FORGET HOLDER, he has the most to lose. His budship with bomber! Eric will be the fall GUY. /
    Deep State Infighting: Embedded globalists in DC scramble for damage control and an official explanation for the unprecedented raid against a former president that has now galvanized America!
    Learn what you can do to STOP the NWO! Pre-order Alex Jones’ new book about The Great Reset before it’s too late! Link in this article!
    Alert! Deep State Planning Trump Assassination Ahead of America’s Destruction
    New Orleans School District Will Require COVID Jabs for Students Aged Five and Up
    Good News
    Fauci Booed By Crowds While Throwing First Pitch At Seattle Mariners Game

    ‘Bulls**t!’: Megyn Kelly Goes Ballistic Over FBI’s Raid Against Trump, Says ‘It’s About Jan. 6’
    Rand Paul Suggests FBI May Have Planted Evidence at Mar-A-Lago

  112. John

    Martin Armstrong favorite of all guests

    • Timothy

      Me too.

  113. jr

    they were in trump’s place for 5 hrs -gee, wonder if they turned the place into their own private “radio station” – these new irs hires who will be armed and knocking on doors can under an obscure banking law confiscate your guns in lieu of money – figure it out -evidently they intend use that ammo they bought with your tax $

    • Janet

      Melania Trump better buy all new dresses and shoes – seems the FBI were in her closet “likely planting bugs”!!!

  114. Jennifer

    For an “Expert Extra-Ordinaire” as Mr. Armstrong allegedly is, he shows a remarkable ignorance to the value and function of gold. There is no need, I hope, to go into great detail here…as to both the value of gold and to its proven historic hedge against inflation, but I will say this…as a gold trader for one of the Princes of Saudi Arabia and as a gold trader now for over 40 years, gold IS a hedge against the inflation that is created by fiat, fradelent shit paper currencies. All of them!!!
    Mr. Armstrong needs to do his homework in order to see that gold has appreciated against the depreciating fiat dollar (currency) now for over 100+ years, in the inverse, due to the creation of the dollar’s inflationary nature.

    Armstrong leads one to believe that this appreciation in gold against the dollar over this time period was due to a continuous and constant 100+ year “loss in confidence” in our country’s management, as he postulated that this is the ONLY reason for gold to appreciate! How absurd!!

    I understand that this gentleman is knowledgeable and well informed on geopolitics and is very well connected, so I value what he has to say, but I ask myself, “Is he that ignorant that he does NOT understand the real relationship of gold to fiat currencies or is he really just controlled opposition to some degree ?”

    I operate by my husband’s ( who is Jewish and far less trusting than me) philosophy…and it is this… Distrust, then verify and after you verify…keep distrusting. I apply this philosophy to Armstrong in spades. He simply does not pass the smell test for me. As such, I do not trust him.

    • Greg Hunter

      Actually, Jennifer, Charles Nenner (another renowned cycle expert) says much the same thing. Gold historically does better under deflation which is debt destruction/bonds defaulting. That said, it also holds its buying power with inflation over time too. It works well in extremes I guess you would say. I disagree with your appraisal of Armstrong, but I will post your comment anyway.

  115. Caroline

    I think the United States Government has become a soap opera we all just watch and don’t do anything about! Just tune in tomorrow to another day of crazy antics brought to you by the Republicans and those zany Democrats. And guess who is paying for the show.. the American middle class. So sad. My country is falling to pieces and Obama, Pelosi, Killary, Bill, Bill Gates, and the Bush’s profit and walk away scott free. BY THE WAY… DID ANYONE NOTICE THAT IVANKA TRUMP IS A RECENT GRADUATE OF THE WEF… SHE’s IN ON IT! For all we know… Trump is too. And we just watch and pass the popcorn.

    • Caroline

      if you search for Trump and WEF you will find a link that lists Trump as a Agenda Contributor…

      Now I don’t know what to think!

      • Greg Hunter

        So what??? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. If he was with them he’d still be in office.

  116. Bradley

    “Nothing Matters anymore….Nothing” Martin Armstrong (in this interview). Fully agree with Martin. It is over. Go local in everything. Ali with your neighbors. Become local leaders. Arm Up and fight when the mafia comes. It is not getting better. Lessons will be learned.

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not agree with Martin. We are just getting started. Don’t be a quitter. Evil wants you to qui–don’t.

  117. Steve Boyd

    My question, what comes next? They’re running out of time, if you consider the midterms a hedge against Biden. They will have to make even greater moves in the coming months.

  118. Nick Reynolds

    Thanks Greg. I read Mr. Armstrong’s blogs daily, but he seems to me to be clueless about the big picture. These “stupid” politicians are not that stupid. They are simply taking calculated orders. This is intentional, it is genocidal, it is totally evil. Perhaps it’s AI directed. However, the American people, or about half of them, are that stupid like none before in their history. That’s because they hated Trump and took the jab way too early. Because of that, this is going to be really difficult. I agree with Martin when he says get ready, have some cash, food, tools. Plan to grow your own food. Stay away from cities. Get ready. Support your local sheriff. This is not going to be easy. We are on what Sun Tzu called “desperate ground.” Our hope lies in giving up all hope of being rescued. Pray and work to save yourself and those you love. Don’t be distracted.

  119. Bryant Fraser

    This how Roman Republic was destroyed and made ready for Imperial Rule…by the Administrative State..using a sole emperor pick you Caesar… Joe Biden and more to follow…as they get sacked at the behest of the Senate and Congress…and the Pretorian Guard…FBI/CIA…Starving the people of the Republic is the first step…and commitment to foreign useless wars…bye bye America…your populous has been dumb down to a fare-the-Well. Welcome the Salve World Govt. Agenda.

  120. Jo

    The EffBeeEye was doctoring 322s way back in 1997 during the TWA800 “investigation”, if one could seriously call it that. The EffBeeEye has been dirty since J. Edgar Hoover. Who’s kidding whom? This thing with Trump is just the latest outrage. BUT, they want the regular folk to know who is in charge. Trump isn’t going to run. Ivana was a warning.

  121. Jo

    FYI: Look into Leader Technologies and Michael McKibben and aim4truth. DeSantis is not a “savior”.

  122. Kathryn A

    Hi Greg, Thanks for your optimism and standing in God’s word. At about 2:20, Armstrong says that Republicans would end up “doing the same thing” to the Dems– i.e. taking legal action and trying to send them to prison (mentioning Hunter Biden). But that would NOT be the SAME thing at all, because it appears high crimes have been committed by the “other side” while J-6ers saundered into the Capitol and took selfies or gave speeches like Dr. Gold who now sits in jail. I have to agree with Jennifer on 8/11 who wrote that Armstrong doesn’t always pass the smell test, because he sprinkles in some very bad ideas and zingers during his otherwise good commentary (like the point above). His biz is touting the AI machine and he’s made erroneous comments previously on your show dissing our “democracy” when we’re a constitutional republic etc. Nevertheless, he’s a noteworthy guest and you’re one of the top journalist in our nation today. Thanks again for all you do!

  123. littlewing

    The FBI was set up to be a temporary organization to go after the mafia. Once they got took them down they didn’t want to leave.

  124. Brandon

    It’s not looking as though Socrates is going to be correct. It’s September 7th and the market hasn’t crashed. Technically the first week September is over. Highly unlikely to witness the crash tomorrow or Friday. However, there are others calling for the crash to occur on or before 09/24/2022. I wish people would stop giving dates because when the date comes and passes, the person making the prediction loses all credibility.

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