Trump Trafficking EO, Voter Fraud, CNN Pot New Year

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 316 1.5.18) 

The Trump Executive Order (EO) on “human rights or corruption” may get some use in 2018. Anonymous sources and Washington insiders think this EO will be used to mount a counter attack against the so-called Washington Swamp and the Deep State who are trying to kick President Trump out of office.  The order allows the Treasury Department to block and take assets of anyone involved in human trafficking or corruption, and this means any corruption.  In short, Trump is going to war against globalists who have been selling out and ripping off America for decades.  Some Intel experts say this is one of the most pivotal times in American history.

President Trump has disbanded his voter fraud commission because of heavy resistance from some very blue states such as New York and California. Trump has charged that he will not get bogged down in legal action and, instead, has turned the investigation over to Homeland Security.  Is voter fraud a national security issue?  According to this move by the White House—yes, it is.

On New Year’s Eve, CNN promoted drug use in the form of pot smoking to ring in the New Year. Pot became legal in the state of Colorado, and CNN was not only covering the implementation of the new law, but promoting it as a good thing.  The Christian community and people like Reverend Franklin Graham think the coverage by CNN was “shameless.”  It shows a morally sinking mainstream media.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up:

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  1. Porter T. House
    Whom do we believe? Which 60 minutes? You be da Judge!
    60 Minutes Australia: No winners (2017) part one
    It be nice if our 60 minutes US., or any of our mockingbird brained media would cover something as serious as ending life on earth as we knew it!

  2. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Fabulous work!

  3. Porter T. House

    America’s dirty little secret? It’s only dirty because it’s not taught in school. Thats what makes it sham-full!
    America get your convict gene’s together and drain the swamp!

  4. G. Berky

    WashPost Throws Cold Water on Michael Wolff’s Book as Potentially Unsubstantiated Palace Intrigue
    By Todd Beamon | Wednesday, 03 Jan 2018

  5. G. Berky
    January 3, 2018
    Settled science hates pot
    By James Lewis

  6. Peter Westberg Sr

    Greg great job have to say though the report about cannabis is relying on old fake news it’s been known to avert people from opioids it’s been known for medicine since beginning please recommend greater depth on the whole cannabis hey SHUE thanks

  7. Caroline

    When this country is saved from its own destruction from within… this will be the first time in the history of the work that a nation has come back from so much corruption. Most failed countries have lasted two hundred years AND THEN FAILED from due to the governing elite destroying…first the currency of the country, and then the people.

    History in the making here folks. An amazing time to be alive. Living the dream with a President that is a most unusual man. No matter your thoughts about the person…this is a stunning accomplishment for man to take on the job of saving a country that he loves virtually for free, and handing the proceeds to the people.

    Say what you want, but, when this country returns to a sound fiscal budget after having looked into the abyss of total and complete mayhem you will be pleased that you lived in these difficult times…and survived.

    • Madi

      Your comment is so true.
      Mr Trump is an « American » who has pledge everything for our amazing country.
      From JFK assasination, Vietnam, 911,irak, Lybbia and Syria there is finally a non scripted real American standing up against the replubicandemocrat swamp.
      The last pResident revealed us how much trouble our country is in because the enemy within.
      Our military, money and generosity have been used all over the world for our own destruction. FBI, CIA are corrupted at the top.
      Building the wall and then remove all illegal out is one of the utmost important thing before « another Las Vegas or Orlando event » is stage again.

  8. Neil

    I am finding only a few cryptic snippets of #QAnon info and so many people giving opinions about these apparent covert developments its a little hard to decide what is real or imagined. It certainly would be nice if a big round up of crooks was in progress. Coming off the election however Trump seems to have spiralled in to be in line with the globalist agenda so I would be a little surprised if he is suddenly making independent headway. The Bannon turn is quite a strange development however you look at it…

    What ever the case I think this is a crunch year for the economy. A lot of the market intervention is looking very untidy now – i.e. bordering on desperate or barely controlled. I don’t think this goes on much longer regardless. Rather than the arrest of crooks the probability of a very ugly chaotic widespread breakdown in global financial affairs is what bothers me most.

    Re CNN Pot New Year > Aldous Huxley : A Brave New World
    > Wikipedia entry – ..’society’s methods of keeping its citizens peaceful, which includes their constant consumption of a soothing drug called soma.’..
    Alarming how far along we are. Fluoride for everyone. Anti-depressants and Pot for ‘adults’, Ritalin for children and Fentanyl for the too far gone to be useful work units. Chemically dependant and compliant. Thoughtless ,obedient gammas zoned out on synthetic happiness…
    With feminism and transgender blurring of roles the normal relationships of male and female and family will have broken down and we will soon see the Hatchery and Conditioning Centres.

    Will this be the year we see a return to civilisation, a fundamental split in or an end to civilisation?

  9. Alan`

    Yes! This is such a complicated time we live and you did one of the finest wrap ups i have ever heard. You laid it out so well.
    The main characteristic I liked in the President was his ability to fight. In the campaign it was mostly defensive and seemingly now he is on the offense. He now may know the Rules of the Game and playing like a champion for our future sake.
    Greg I thank you for the work you do.
    “fear not”

  10. AndrewB

    Hi Greg and Happy New Year! Brilliant WNW. I earnestly hope that justice will – at last – come to bear on all the hypocrites who legislate for the ‘common man’ but side-step the law themselves. There is a good chance that the slumbering masses will finally awaken when prominent names are held to account. Having been disappointed for many years, I’ll not hold my breath but I will be purchasing the best bottle of bubbly I can afford to toast the day when the swamp creatures finally get to go to jail.

  11. Solomon

    I have been banded from political parties for asking questions and telling the truth. I have been worn out by the corruption on the federal, state, and local levels of so call ‘governments’ that have stolen hundreds of thousands of $USDs from me and my family. I want to see the entire lot of them chained and wearing orange jump suits being “perp walked” in public. I want to see most of them working in chain gangs on the sides of roads for the remained of the evil lives “for the public good”. I want to see any of these corrupt and evil miscreants involved with the abuse of children swing in the breeze from a rope for at least three days for all the world to see and remember.

    I want to see JUSTICE DONE and individual liberty returned to the land!

    I want to see our borders secured.

    I want to see honest money and honest markets.

    If you want to be a Communist, then go somewhere else.

    • Arthur Barnes

      You are not alone my friend, many of us out here want the same thing! I had to stop a illegal immigrant the other day who decided just to cut in line as the grocery store, I told him in this Country we wait our turns, he pretended he didn’t understand the English but he knew what he was doing, he simply just didn’t care. Three people behind me said thanks for standing up. Small things to be sure, but we can all do our part. By understanding that our politicians for the most part are narcissistic greedy traitors and to let them know they don’t fool all the people all the time can help the situation as well. Two letters a month or so is not a lot of time to let the elite’s puppets know not everyone is a stupid beer drinking couch sitting sport watching fool out here in the motherland. Sure you will get on various list like the FBI’s list of infidels, but it is still legal to let the swamp people know there is resistance to their dirty deeds and that that there are eyes out here watching their traitorous acts. a b

      • Madi

        Call on radio talk show too.
        I have a sticker « don’t tread on me ».
        I have a thick accent and every time someone asked :where I am from: I tell them I came here legally 27 years ago…some laugh at times and total silent at times. You can tell those who are citizen of the world rather than Americans!

  12. Carl Durk

    Thank you Greg . I read the Executive order and went Wow this is
    Huge . Great to hear you talking about this . Thanks for all you do .

  13. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Truly brilliant new year summing up Greg. Your time will come my friend. Keep praying everyone while giving thanks to God.

  14. Nick de la Gaume

    Hoping and praying.
    God Bless

  15. Tad

    Someone tells me Jeff Zucker should fear a legal indictment. Give it about a month.

    Resigning from CNN probably won’t mitigate an already tarnished reputation: NBC, MSNBC, his questionable involvement in overseeing NBC’s previous Olympic games biding.

  16. Mike Buchan

    Mr Hunter,
    I have enjoyed your ‘Weekly wrap-up the most of all your broadcasts. Many of these Friday programs I would like to forward to friends. However, I do not have any other media program other than facebook. I would like to email these broadcasts also – but no tab for email forwarding.

    Would you and could you have these services added to your site?

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s going to take some time and a lot of work but maybe in the future. It is a good idea.

      • Brian Vaci

        Mike; may I suggest the following solution. Simply go to YouTube and select the USAWatchdog video you want to share. To the lower right of the video you will see the word “SHARE”. Click on “SHARE and a box will open. There are eleven icons; email being on the far right. Click on the icon, and your email program should open with a link to the video. I have done this many times to share USAWatchdog videos via email. Cheers

    • Russ

      Why not just email the url link to this web page: Your friends can watch it with any browser they have and won’t be limited by Facebook (which I never ever use).

      Emailing the video itself takes a lot of bandwidth.

  17. K in Maryland

    Best news I’ve heard in years, Greg… renewed hope for America and the start of the return to truth & justice, thank God.

    Now if we can just stop the aggression overseas, balance the books, return to honest money (END THE FED / CENTRAL BANKING) and concentrate on truly making America great again… wouldn’t that be beautiful? – yes!

  18. Chip

    Great WNW Greg! One of the best ever. I so hope that things are happening the way you’ve laid them out. I’ve been pondering many of the same scenario’s. It just feels like something is right around the corner. God bless… Chip

  19. Dr Darryl Jewett

    By “Corruption,” does this law target anyone involved in our unlawful systems of family law and child support?

  20. James Hastings - "Cherokee center of the world"

    Your Friday wrap up has blown my mind….I truly hope, all these things come to pass.
    Praise GOD and pass the ammo….

  21. fan in Japan

    truly a masterpiece of a WNW.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you “fan.”

  22. Southern Girl

    Greg, You sure made my morning!!! I have been praying for so long that evil would be restrained. What a great report for the first of this year 2018. Cannot wait to see what happens. Thanks for this report. I’m going to have to listen to this again. I am also going to tell more friends to watch this report. Whoo Hooo!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SG!!

  23. Tommy

    Just Wow! What a wrap-up to begin the new year. Thanks Greg. Your work is greatly appreciated by us, the great unwashed, out here in flyover land.

  24. Kerry

    This WNW was a barn burner Greg. Just awesome Sir! Very informative and I rejoice in it’s truthfulness. The only way I can say “thank you” more effectively is with my wallet. Again, The True News Source for liberty loving citizens.

  25. Doug C.

    Absolutely awesome wrap up Gregg.
    You are the best site for bringing out all that is going on. Keep up the great work.
    I cannot wait to see the perp walks of all the treasonous Politicians, actors and Pedophiles.
    Doug C.

  26. Russ

    Thanks Greg, you knocked it out of the park with this wrap-up — as dot’s are being connected, the picture becomes clearer. There are a lot of dots.

    Remember when candidate Trump spoke about not giving the enemy a warning? That applied to terrorist groups (ISIS, al Queda…) in the M.E. and it applies to his domestic enemies here too. Get your enemy in a kill box before you start shooting; when you do start shooting, use overwhelming force, get it over quickly ‘cause anything else is just playing with your food.

    Looks like the second half of January could be interesting times. Happy New Year!

  27. donna s.

    That was a terrific wrap up and maybe one of your best ever. It gives me some peace knowing that things may actually be happening behind closed doors to turn America around and to get us away from so much evil and corruption. I am sure if some of the “big players” get brought down and sent to prison that others in the future may think twice before selling Americans out for their own personnel gain,
    Thanks again Greg for all you do and may God bless you and your family.

  28. flattop

    ” Franklin Graham, ” it shows a morally sinking main stream media.” Sorry to disagree, but I believe they have already sunk to an unredeemable level. The msm is a black hole.

  29. Madi

    Healthy and prosperous 2018.
    This weekly wrap up was so well done. As most American, working hard, supporting my family and taking care of aging parents unfortunately I have not followed the « real news » by real journalists like you. You deserved the utmost respect.
    What is really scary is that everything is upside down. Corrupted doctors , corrupted investigator , corrupted CPA and corrupted lawyers /journalists that give bad names to real professional physicians and attorneys. Abuse of power in medical boards that cost a fortune to honest physicians and taxpayers who have no idea what is true or not .
    Non profit organizations that paid themselves huge salaries and bonuses.

    I heard you first on Trunews couple of years ago. You were great. You always said: Fear Not, I do. It is an unbelievable time to be not only alive but honest and intelligent,
    Sedition comes to mind…
    Stay safe
    Thank you

  30. Mohammad


    Is it possible the surge in bitcoin is those crooks parking their money away from confiscation ahead of trump’s next big move?


  31. Independent

    Hi Greg,
    busy Friday…

    FBI Chief FOIA Officer: “Every Single Memo Comey Leaked Was Classified”
    “Hardy says that all of Comey’s memos – all of them, were classified at the time they were written, and they remain classified.” -Chris Farrell, Judicial Watch

    FBI Launches New Investigation Into The Clinton Foundation
    The probe will focus on pay-for-play schemes and tax code violations.

    Judge Rules Fusion GPS Must Turn Over Bank Records
    It’s been a bad week for Democrats.

  32. Paul Anthony

    THIS! IS! INCREDIBLE! Whoooah!!!!! #TrumpPence

    2018 is for sure going to be interesting to say the least.

    THANK YOU Greg!

  33. Harvey

    ***Dear President Trump*** I think it is safe to say that your staff follows You sir are on a roll! And I am tremendously optimistic about the real progress and improvements you will make in 2018. Now, it is said that if you want something done, give it to a busy man. Therefore, I am asking that you please take up this cause: Throw down on those telephone scammers that ignore Do NOT Call lists and spoof their number to appear as though their call is coming from one’s own area code and exchange. If you tackle this, many, many of us will never forget it–we will hold you in even higher esteem. Furthermore, I should think that this legendary achievement will be forever associated with your administration and appreciated among even the low-information voters.

    Greg, I cannot read everything Jerry writes every time, but fortunately, you do. I think there may be something to his point because gold, silver, the US stock market, and cryptocurrencies are all generally on the rise now. It seems like people are moving their money away from dollars and into whatever. Thanks for pointing this out. (Because of a pending purchase, I have to keep my money mostly in cash, but it is tempting to play one of these markets in here.)

    I really enjoyed WNW316 as it was essentially a rally cry. And your General Studies degree, to me, suggests that you see the big picture and are the ultimate multi tasker. You have set the standard!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Harvey!!

  34. Rob

    Hi Greg! Awesome Wrap up!

    Please remember even Hillary’s indictment will be a distraction as she is an expendable asset that will be used to keep the sheeple looking over there as the lawless bankers fully implement their cashless system:
    Please remember as Judas Iscariot sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver so too these bankers are selling us all for the same greed!
    Prepare accordingly!
    Love in CHRIST! Rob

    • JC Davis

      Thanks Rob.
      SOP = Son Of Perdition
      Stands to reason pride and greed operate one and the same.
      The time is now that people will not endure sound doctrine.

      • allen ols


        i have run in to someone who believes god created jesus, like he created angels, go figure

  35. Matt Jaymes

    From your lips to God’s ear………I pray that you are correct. This is going to sound shameful, but I can’t help the way I feel: I think executions should follow. I can “forgive” the lying, theft, conspiracy, thought shaping etc. etc.

    What I can’t forgive (at least not yet) is hurting children and the death, destruction or displacement of millions of people (including children) for the sake of – money? power? influence? No, I’m not that good. Die you bastards!!



  36. andyb

    Greg: One of your very best wrap ups. Several points to consider:
    1. I agree that we should go back to paper ballots; but they are not the definite panacea. I remember the video of the Scottish referendum that showed a sleight-of-hand paper ballot counter purposely increasing the “no” pile.
    2. I think that the general theme of this wrap up holds much hope for the future, although I still feel that Trump has been “captured” by the deep state in one form or another. Following neocon foreign policy is a big clue, as is the love affair with all things Israel. Both are connected as we are doing Israel’s bidding to assume its hegemony in MENA, regardless of the war crimes committed and the cost of weaponry and military lives. Plus there is definitive proof that the Mossad was instrumental in 9/11. Then there’s the presence of Red Shield puppets in the Administration; notably Cohn and Muenchin.
    3. The designation of DHS to handle the voter irregularity issue was a brilliant move, as it eliminates interference from the globalists in the Congress (notably Dems but too many bought and paid for Repubs as well). No US citizen can properly function without some form of ID; whether banking, plane travel, employment, etc.
    4. Surprisingly, you did not mention the Awan Brothers, perhaps the most egregious case of treason and corruption. DWS is my Representative and I live for the day that this reputed undercover Mossad agent is hung by the neck, guillotined, or in front of a firing squad. As a Christian, I know that I should forgive, but in her case, I will never. BTW, I use her picture as a target when I go to the range.

    • tin foil hat

      You had me until you stated there is definitive proof that the Mossad was instrumental in 9/11 and DWS is a reputed undercover Mossad agent.
      Where are the proofs? I do suspect the Mossad had something to do 9/11 but it’s irresponsible to make that assertion without proof.
      Btw, following neocon foreign policy is Trump’s greatest leverage in negotiation with Russia and China

  37. Sue Patterson

    WOW, just wow.

    • Frederick

      Sue Wake the heck up girlfriend

  38. Mario

    Very good news wrap up. My hope is that these policies from Donald Trump have repercussions to other corrupt individuals in other countries around the world including Canada since they are probably all connected.

  39. Charles Turner

    I wonder whether Donald Trump was aware in advance what the Saudis planned to do prior to the mass arrests of the Saudi Princes and confiscation of wealth. It is certainly a test case for seizing money from corrupt people in America.
    I also wonder whether these 27 quacks that question Trumps mental stability would care to comment on Hillary Clinton laughing when Gadaffi was killed. It’s worth taking a look at that clip again.

  40. Jerry

    As I have stated all along I firmly believe that China is preparing to break away from the petrodollar system and establish its own trade system.

    I believe that that launch of the Petro Yuan on the 17th is the first step towards a total economic realignment of the global banking system. This launch is a nothing more than a toe dip. If my sources are correct, should things go smoothly a major economic reset inside the global banking system should occur sometime during the end of February.

    But lets not get ahead of ourselves. The Bretton Woods system has been corrupt for quite sometime. In fact, if you read the “Grace Report” put out by Ronald Reagans commission you will see just how deep the corruption goes. In short I’m hoping for the best , but this thing could end a thousand different ways. Either way. the global debt is unsustainable. Donald Trump knows it. And so do the Chinese.

      • freebrezer

        Good article – though sad that we give billions and billions to Pakistan, this to enable them to stab us in the back! Glad Trump stopped funding them! I believe some competition in world currency will be a good thing!

      • tin foil hat

        You missed this one.
        I may have gone way too deep down the rabbit hole but I infer that is a message that Xi would push forward the petroyuan agenda no matter what the deep state may or may not do.

        • Silence is Golden

          OR……NOKO… …….HOT !!!!

      • Greg Hunter

        You have been all over this and it IS very important. Stay on it!

    • Stan

      Jerry: I can’t believe you are still peddling this fairy tale. How many times must you be wrong to realize that you are wrong!

      • JMiller


        What “fairy tale” is Jerry still “peddling” based in his comments above? The fact that China is planning on having a Yuan denominated oil futures contract? The fact that there is a move away from the U.S. dollar to some degree and will one day lose it’s status as THE reserve currency of the world? The fact that global debt is unsustainable. Please be a little more specific.

      • Frederick

        Stan Why is the eneviteable dethroning of the dollar as the sole reserve currency a fairytale You are making yourself more troll like with every absurd comment you make Give it up already

      • jim c

        Hay Stan, When this all comes true, I am going to be laughing at people like you, instead of feeling sorry for you, because you are to ignorant and stubborn to read the writing on the wall.

      • Jerry

        You are correct. Short term I have been wrong on a few dates. Long term I will be proven to be correct, because the Chinese have a plan going forward.

        You, like most Americans have a choice. You can either choose to live in normalcy bias and pay the price for your ignorance when the global shift comes, or you can take the proper steps to position yourself for a positive outcome by accepting reality. Most Americans have forgotten that the Chinese loaned us close to 3 trillion dollars during the last bailout. It won’t happen again.

      • Mike Mc

        He is not wrong. You are not paying attention or don’t yet understand the implications of the moves being made. It will be a macro two stage process. Stage 1, monopolization of the USD for trade broken. Stage 2, warehousing of capital in non USD denominated terms. Stage two will take longer but the effects will be felt at the margins.

      • Charles H

        How many times can you come on, just to diss Jerry? At least Jerry lists sources. In comparison – you are a broken record, with nothing but opinion. At least Jerry is following current developments; all you do is repeat denial in the face of the course of events.

    • tin foil hat

      Everybody, except most Americans, knows the dollar hegemony is coming to an end. The problem is that nobody knows for sure how to go from point A to point B.
      Since the deep state reneged on its promise made in 2010 to transform the global reserve currency from an unipolar to a multipolar monetary system, we have taken a detour from point A to point B. It’s up to Trump now to bring us back on track.

      The following, starting 19:00, is a comprehensive discussion on the gold and oil for Yuan plan. They look at demographics, deflation, lower rates and the new multi-polar FX world.

    • JC Davis

      Jerry I was thinking if I had corporation’s in China, and had to get rid of my dollars because they don’t use them anymore I would invest them wherever they will take them. In the stock market. Could this be a part reason for the all time highs ?

  41. The Ogs

    “The Clinton Foundation is the greatest charity fraud in the history of the world.”
    Hey Charles Ortel’s words, not mine…
    Yes Greg, interesting times indeed! And thank you for all your fine work.

  42. Roger Good

    Greg! You have eclipsed all your other Fri reports! No one else can even touch the importance of all this info that you are putting forth! Wow! Great job!
    Roger Good
    The Warriors of Harvey House

  43. Ward

    Thank you Greg Hunter.

  44. Better Chetter

    the more I hear your prognostications, the ‘wants’ of Jesus’ cohorts prior to Maundy Thursday filter in … folks wanting Jesus to overthrow the temple money harlots, the ruling class, but He laying down his life, and not bringing to justice those oppressors … so I sense the prosecutions we all would relish, may not truly come, but are just extensions of our idealized righteousness

    • Charles H

      Jesus Christ came not to present justice; but deliver the few. Those who received Him – needed not to enter the temple again; only obey laws within their conscience. This amounts to only a few on the sidelines. Real justice won’t come in this world.

  45. H. Craig Bradley


    Colorado legalized marijuana in 2013, but Calif. followed suit five years later, legalizing recreational pot smoking on New Year’s Day, 2018. AG Jeff Sessions is said to be about to reverse President Obama’s tolerance of Marijuana in various states. Once again, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) may begin to arrest various large dispensary operators and confiscate their pot ( in California).
    Despite all the (happy) talk, the Controlled Substances Act remains the Law of the Land. Marijuana is still classified by Federal Statute as a Controlled Substance. This means its illegal to possess without a proper Rx from an M.D. Violators can be arrested and imprisoned for a term of up to 10 years for each violation.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      I didn’t think there were any “medical” or other exceptions in the federal law.

    • Deb

      Just like sanctuary states. It has to be done in congress not states.

  46. Kim

    Excellent reporting! Especially liked the (CNN) Cannibus News Network ha ha!
    We live in interesting and transitional times!
    Thank you!

  47. Dr Darryl Jewett

    “Serious human rights abuses…” You mean like feminists and feminism?

    This is a great weekly wrap-up… thanks, Greg.

    • Charles H

      It’s hard to separate an ingredient, once it is baked into the cake.

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        Separating ingredients once they’re baked into a cake IS hard. BUT not impossible. As an accomplished analytical and synthetic organic chemist, extracting or separating organic compounds from one another and their natural sources takes time and patience to learn how to do and then to do it. But it can be done. That being written, the solution to separating ingredients once they’re baked into a cake is not to add more ingredients (at least not usually). When you’ve got too many laws that confound the lives and livelihoods of conscientious and hard-working men, the solution to the problem isn’t more laws. The solution is repealing laws. It’s like debt (or rather usury). Our gov’t has way too much debt. For much of the past decade (and actually thirty years or more), the solution of our gov’t to too much debt has been more debt. That hasn’t worked out too well. Separating ingredients once they’re baked into a cake is hard. But that’s THE solution. So economists, politicians, legislators, scholars, etc… need to figure out how to separate the ingredients of our catastrophic laws and the economy which redistributes wealth from the demographic that works to demographics that don’t. And eliminate those from our system. It’s not easy. But it’s possible. Man made these ridiculous laws. Man can unmake them. (And actually it is pretty easy – the problem is that it’s not politically or bureaucratically expedient.)

  48. Dr Darryl Jewett

    You said it right, Greg, the first time: “Psychic”… not “Psychiatric.” LOL

  49. Rainwaterrunningdog

    A great discussion as usual, thank you! I have a real concern on how the PetroYuan is going to effect the US. Additionally, what is the general census of the deal that possibly Trump made? I have a hard time seeing American, the highest indebted country in history, shift into a gold/commodity currency and loosing the world currency power with ease. Although I am personally happy with a lot of Trumps moves in the White House, I’m lost a bit with how this country is going to handle it. Could you bring someone on that would be beneficial to how America is going deal with the PetroYuan impact. Thank you again!

    • tin foil hat


      ” I have a hard time seeing American, the highest indebted country in history, shift into a gold/commodity currency and loosing the world currency power with ease.”

      You’re right. We will not be shifted into it with ease. To me, prepping the American mindsets for the post petrodollar reality would be the toughest task which Trump will have to deal with.
      We will need to be able to compete with the Germans and Japanese in terms of qualities or the third world in terms of wages.

      Most Americans, including his supporters, will blame Trump for whatever may happen.

  50. Beligerent

    Now this is one weekly wrap-up I’ll listen too a couple times. Just Wow! Wow! Wow!

    This falls in line with Clif High’s predictions about some type of major event unfolding near term and gold spiking.

    Anyone that follows the gold market knows the suppression to cap the metals started around April 2011. Any guess on who was the president in 2011? LOL If this starts to unwind with everyone trying to get out of Dodge and clean their hands this could be a very interesting 2018.

    • tin foil hat

      Arab Spring started in December 2010, the president in 2011 decided to go rogue with the deep state’s blessing.
      The Egyptian revolution began on 25 January 2011. The president in 2011 put his Muslim Brotherhood or Al Qaeda minions in charge.
      Libyan Civil War started in February 2011 as Gaddafi screamed through the TV screen that he was fighting Al Qaeda.
      The Venezuelan gold repatriation began on 25 November 2011, a month or two after we confiscated Gaddafi’s gold in Tripoli, and came to completion on 30 January 2012.
      The German Federal Court of Auditors asked for an inspection of foreign gold reserves in 2012.

    • Tin foil hat

      I neglected to mention the event which initiated the aforementioned chain of reactions.

      – November 5, 2010. The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) approved proposals that will lead to a major overhaul of the Fund’s quotas and governance …

  51. Ben Rolfes

    Great Job Greg!

  52. Bobd

    Your my best site, In your early days l would post your site around. The best thing I ,did on getting the truth out. You have a gift,Greg ,now you will need to explain this last 30 years of lies in a simple book . Many people need a simple time line .

  53. Mucci

    Awesome wrap-up!! To see all of this corruption come to light would be amazing. Hard to believe it will really happen, but hopeful.

  54. c spokane

    Awesome wrap up and extremely disappointing that msm has gone off the deep end in a rapid pace. I am holding out for Trump to bring us back to the foundations America was founded on. And absolutely God and Jesus are in charge. Thank you for holding true to your beliefs and integrity as it is rare these days. God bless you and the work you do. Thank you

  55. eddiemd

    The medical takedown of President Trump.

    The resistance is resorting to old school communist tactics of declaring someone mentally unstable or unfit.

    The lead psychiatrist on this is a globalist medical doctor named Dr. Bandy Lee from Yale medical school.

    Hard push.

    Medical doctors such as this one are the most dangerous. The inside perspective on MD’s in the psychiatric field is that they are typically mentally unstable themselves and are not “real” doctors. Basically they have no insight or knowledge about clinical internal medicine and are limited to being pawns of Big Pharma.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not going to work EddieMD!

    • Charles H

      I have felt that this is the avenue that guns will be taken from citizens: a medical/psychiatric declaration.

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        I agree, Charles H. Remember ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder). Basically anything you say or do that challenges, contradicts or simply questions the authoritarian regime that our federal gov’t is a mental illness. And therefore grounds for taking away your rights. (I’m listening to the Jefferson Airplane version of Wooden Ships at Woodstock as I write this.)

    • Occasnltrvlr

      “Trump is going to get worse and will become uncontainable with the pressures of the presidency.”

      Somehow, she doesn’t see lying, for the purpose of using state power to implement her own agenda, as being violent. (And, does she really think WWE shenanigans represent violence? If so, I guess she’s never heard of Chicago, or Baltimore.)

      Kinda cute, but a classic, over-educated libtard.

    • Madi

      Eddie MD,
      Robert Van Bowen MD on you tube
      His speech a AAPS how life of real goods doctors are destroyed by abuse of power medical boards in secret…
      « Light kill mealdew »
      Could not agree more with you Eddie

  56. DBCooper

    Dad-gum Greg … This has to be the single BEST presentation that you have given us all and for good reason … we actually have a real President !!! I pray for President Trump’s safety daily and he is not disappointing us. I did not buy into the Bannon Fued deal from the git-go and while we cannot believe everything on the internet there is enough credible material out there to know that what is going on is HUGE! I used to think that I should have been alive a hundred or two hundred years ago when you could pollute with impunity and have a good time doing it!! But it sure seems like Happy-Days are here again! So Greg Thanks again; God Bless and keep the Faith.
    Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

  57. Stuart Lanson

    Wow, best commentary ever on your show. Renews my faith in goodness over evil. If these events come to pass we will witness a second revolution in this country. Again, thank you, Greg, for your hard investigative reporting. Your news commentary is the best. Period.

  58. eddiemd

    Paper ballots only. Computerized voting can be rigged and “hacked”. Certainly we want to avoid another “hacked” election?

    The democrats want computerized voting. This has been their goal since the “hanging chad” debacle in 2000.

    2018. Lock and load. Enemy in the wire.

  59. Rock

    Great wrap up Greg! There is no way the normal guy on the street can decipher what is going on in the news without you. Many, many thanks from all of us.

  60. Julia

    That was a pretty good report for the New Year. I can not wait to watch this as all these people have caused tremendous harm to our country, people around the world and our own soldiers. What will happen with the currency reset if President Trump is able to reduce the deficit through confiscation of assets and audit of the Pentagon? How will this affect the reset? The price of gold/silver?

    I wanted to provide this article as I think you will find it encouraging:

  61. Local Yokel Bloke

    Did Steve Bannon betray President Trump? The president wouldn’t answer that question at the White House earlier, but he did offer these words about his former aide now persona non grata.
    We the people are in, like Flynn. Where? In the White House and that’s Errol Flynn not Michael!
    See the video, they nail it!

  62. eddiemd

    Military freak show.

    As a former military physician, I wonder what the HIV prevalence is in the ranks. Homosexual vs. heterosexual, active duty vs. reserve/NG, racial differences. This is certainly top secret information.

    As a battalion surgeon for a SF group I had to keep tabs on immunizations, HIV testing, dental readiness, hearing testing, annual flu vaccs, and DNA records. I wonder what the battalion surgeons keep records of for the commander in the present environment. Hormone replacement therapy?

    • Frederick

      Annual flu vacs Why on earth would any good doctor give his/ her patient that rubbish?

      • eddiemd

        Army regulations.

        Nothing to do with what the doc believes or wants to do.

  63. Biff Trumbull

    January 4, 2018
    The Bloodless War against American Exceptionalism
    By Susan Stanton
    Unprecedented social and political conflict was laid bare in 2017, the likes of which have seldom been seen before. Our American social fabric is in tatters. We are looking less enlightened and more divided than at any time since the Civil War. Progressives on both seaboards are in a battle for political supremacy over old-school thinkers. Boundaries are analogous to a resurrection of the Mason-Dixon line, except it’s now the East and West Coasts versus the rest of America. Comparing more recent history, we look even less unified than we did in the 1960s – which says something painful about our current political climate. What’s it all about?
    (Excerpt)

  64. Tim McGraw

    Great report! Anyone (“Doctor” Lee) who uses a “word” like “dangerousness” needs to go back to writing class.
    My wife and I were just talking and wondering why Trump and Bannon are going after each other. If it is a smoke screen as Dr. Janda says, that would be interesting. If Trump is going after these criminals Trump needs to fire Jeff Sessions and get a strong Attorney General at his side.
    Thanks for all the insights during our interesting times.

  65. $3.oo dollar Bill
    Burning Evidence?

  66. Alan Paul

    What a report. What a start to the year
    You are the man. This is what has earned my loyalty and attention to you and your program even from “Down Under”
    I wish I could afford more donations to aide your efforts, you’ve earned it
    Clif High will want to interview you when this all starts

  67. Larry G Carter

    What can I say Greg? This was one of your top Friday reports. Everything is now coming into focus and the days of never ending fake and untruthful story’s is coming to a close.
    The banksters , Oligarchs, and Elites will be whistling a different tune. Fakery will not be in vogue anymore. Great job Greg!

  68. Tad

    This is way off topic Greg, but a reminder of vaccine dangers.

    • Southern Girl

      Thanks for the video. I’m not sure why any parent would let their child take this vaccine or any other. I for one refuse to be ever vaccinated for any reason.

      • Frederick

        Smart Southern girl

    • This sceptred Isle

      High levels of aluminium found in the brains of people who had been diagnosed with autism.

      • Tad

        Mercury and Aluminum have been implicated in Alzheimers also.

  69. James P

    It’s cold

  70. Cyril

    Greg, what video software do you use for you shows?

  71. Jodyp

    Ironic timing, Greg. All the old heads I knew said, you gotta cough to get off! Ha! Great wrap-up!

  72. freebrezer

    Greg – your optimism is great, but until I see an actual indictment for the Hildabeast …. count me skeptical. The day the nation sees Hilary perp walk with handcuffs on is the day that the rule of is reestablished FOR EVERY ONE. Right now, the rule of law only applies to the common man ( you and me), but not to Hilary and all her cronies .. . most of the high Democratic leaders!

  73. Matties

    I hope the good news also reaches the shores of europe

    • Greg Hunter

      Me too!!

  74. Jennifer Ohman

    Hello Greg,
    THANK YOU! What can I say, but THAT was the best I have seen on USA Watchdog…including interviews with guests!!
    EXCELLENT! Thank you1
    Jennifer Ohman

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you very much for your support and kind words. I worked on this for awhile and the info from Dr. Janda was critical. I talked to him for an hour.

      • Charles H

        I’ll have to agree with Jennifer – you ARE standing toe-to-toe with your guests. It is how you tie it all in.

  75. Jeannette Rowden

    Wow, what a wrap-up for the first week in January! Thanks so much for the heads-up.
    I have long thought the Mueller investigation and, now, the Bannon fight were smoke screens. The Trump presidency has been a whirlwind for a year now, and it looks like a tornado is fast approaching. It is amazing how clueless the main-stream media appears to be, or are they just too frightened to report on the Dec. 21st E.O.? This should be huge news.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jeannette!

  76. Jerry Rahm

    Happy New Year Greg! I’ve seen some things in life after 24 years in the military, But hang on for 2018. It would appear this year is going to be a really wild ride. Stay Safe my friend and thank you for what you do. May God Bless America.

  77. anonymous

    Greg, 21 December 2017 is the date of the winter solstice. When you are hunting down Satanists who use black magic as a matter of course, solstice and equinox dates are really significant dates. You need to get the energies to support your action you are implementing. It’s obvious that Trump is being advised by people who have a deep understanding of the occult

  78. R.J.

    greg you are my source for the truth. happy new year.

  79. Silence is Golden

    To me the critical part of this EO is…..
    …..”engage in corruption……and protect the financial system of the United States from abuse by these same persons”…
    You made the point about timing of the Tax Cut Bill….relevant…to an extent perhaps Yes.
    But to me there are some other chilling occurrences on or around the same time.

    1) Consider what occurred in the House of Saud as recent as early November 2017.
    Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) commenced a widespread anti-corruption campaign. A purge that targeted top princes, officials, military officers and businessmen.
    A consequence of the campaign was an estimated 1,700 bank accounts that were frozen.
    For years, Saudis have complained of rampant corruption and misuse of public funds by top officials in a system where nepotism (keeping it in the family) is also widespread.
    Royal family members were said to receive payments from government funds accumulated over the years (of high oil prices) only to face cutbacks owing to lower oil prices of recent times.
    Does all this sound familiar. Does it ring any bells. What is the real motive…the driving force?
    Some may argue that his actions were to remove any threat to the Throne (Ruling the Kingdom). What better way to “legally” achieve this than by making it an unlawful practice. There were, as I understand it ….some collateral losses however… way of Princes coming to an untimely death.
    Comparisons can be made with what has also taken place in China.
    Anti-corruption = Power grabs….Consolidation of power….enabling reforms.
    A common theme throughout China, Saudi Arabia….and now the USA… SYSTEMIC CORRUPTION.
    The following is a very good article which interrogates the MBS actions of recent times and makes startling comparisons to that which occurred in China.
    All that is now occurring in the US, is to me ….is a case of deja-vu…..we’ve seen it before on the global picture.
    this quote from the above article is the essence of anti-corruption enforcement…
    “leaders have succeeded when they had unconstrained authority to challenge the corrupt status quo and could count on strong state capacity to implement and enforce reforms”
    To add insult to wounds…..consider what MBS did back in early Dec 2017….
    he was identified as the buyer of the Da Vinci portrait of Jesus Christ. He did so by paying a record $450MLN.
    If that doesn’t smack of being everything “other than” which he supposedly was working on eliminating through his anti-corruption campaign….then I’m missing the link.
    Consider also (as a side thought)….why would a known Muslim acquire a Christian artefact. Something is wrong with that equation. Something VERY wrong.

    As to the other remarkable coincidence on or around the 12/21/2017……
    Bitcoin…BTC…..achieved its zenith in price. Did some insiders get the scoop on the EO about corruption / threats to the financial system…..and act accordingly? For all intents and purposes…there was absolutely NO NEWS….that could have affected BTC’s price….ZERO NEWS. The price action (40 % crash) was unprecedented, unexplained and remains a mystery other than the “bursting bubble theory”.
    Once again I draw inferences from the coincidences here…..making the claim that the corruption was manifest in Cryptocurrencies…those that were most exposed have taken leave (with their pocket money)…..elsewhere….out of harms way.

    Brilliant work Greg. One of the best WNW …you have set the bar very high for 2018.

  80. Dave

    I’m not impressed by much that I see and hear and read online. I’m sick of the doom-and gloomers, too. But this report just blew me away. Tank you, Greg!

  81. Hank Hellman

    WOW what great news. A pox on all of their houses..!

  82. David L.

    Hello Greg,
    Best Newscast Ever! On the subject of marijuana, I truly believe hemp was outlawed because it was a competitor for Rockefeller “diesel”; just as alcohol was a competitor for Rockefeller “gasoline”. The government could care less about the health and well being of Americans. The CDC introduced AIDS with their Hepatitus B vaccines. Autism has increased something like 19,000% since vaccinations began. However, I agree with you, Greg; marijuana is making a come back in a Big Way, and why now? Because the Deep State “knows” they need to Dumb Down America, and Fast! The Deep State is Going Down! God Bless America! God Bless You, Greg Hunter! Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Go Trump ! ! !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you!

  83. John M.

    Greg, you sure started the new year with some thought-provoking analysis and great info.
    When I first heard that Pres. Trump and Steve Bannon were having a verbal slugfest like jealous sorority sisters, I couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of their petty pillow fight. It had to be a distraction, even though Fox and the more mainstream liars were taking it seriously.
    This hunch of mine makes me feel better, as now I am more confident than ever that Pres. Trump has been using Mueller and Flynn as clever diversions as well. Buying time to get more evidence for burying the enemy, something I have entertained in my mind from the very beginning. I must admit that it could have been wishful thinking on my part, as I was truly grasping at straws.
    But we must never underestimate the Deep State and Globalists as they have been rather successfully destroying America for at least the last four presidents (excluding Trump of course) and probably a lot longer with the intro of the Fed Reserve, income tax, expanded gov’t, influence of big banking, etc. These sick megalomaniacs will start wars and detonate false-flag nukes if they have to, and the good guys must know that too.
    In this light, I must logically conclude that Trump is only play-acting and blustering about regime change in Iran in these most recent days, but I don’t follow the logic of presuming to know how to politically manage other countries like the neo-cons and neo-libs always like to do (i.e. Bush in Iraq, Hillary in Libya, and Obama in Syria). This is probably not a good Sun Tzu tactic of deception, as Trump must also appear to be more honest and different from his predecessors. The same can also be said about the bad-haircut dude in N. Korea, as America must fix corruption and punish criminals at home FIRST, before becoming policeman and head judge to the rest of the world. This distraction disturbs me more than a little, as it has been the threat of military force that historically supports the hegemony of the US dollar while other monetary platforms from the East will soon be replacing it because the US dollar has become the epitome of fraud in the monetary and economic realm.
    I sure hope that Trump’s pre-Christmas Executive Order and all the buzz about future military tribunals at Gitmo will head in that direction of starting to clean the swamp. We can only hope and pray for that outcome, as this is all very clearly a spiritual battle that is being waged on American soil. We still must bear all the economic consequences and pain for maintaining a fraudulent and soon-to-be worthless dollar. He’s got to have a good plan for America’s survival through this big monetary mess of highest proportions.
    Then again, this might all be too good to be true.

  84. Pete

    I believe that the President has sat back and watched the relentless attacks against him and never expected the level of treason that has been put forth before us. Having said that, I also believe that he has systematically been setting the deep state up, literally giving them enough rope to hang themselves. Just watch a boardroom of “The Apprentice” and you’ll know the shrewdness you’re dealing with. He made a lot of hot shot people look pretty stupid.
    If these traitors are arrested and sent to military tribunals does that mean they will face firing squads or hanging? If all this becomes true, this will be the best show that you have done Mr. Hunter… and one can only hope.

  85. Marty

    Hey Greg,

    After watching your show… I was so excited about it – I actually went to and read the entire Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption… afterward you can imagine my disappointment. You referred to this order and inferred it would be used to go after Soros and Clintons and even inferred Obama and Clinton and perhaps even Bush(s) would be in deep water because of this. However, Greg I have to say… “fake news” … as this order is specific to the people listed in the ANNEX and none of the people you referred to are listed in the annex as you can see below.

    C’mon man! please! please! please! don’t join the ranks of the fake news!!


    1. Mukhtar Hamid Shah; Date of Birth (DOB) August 11, 1939; alt. DOB November 8, 1939; nationality, Pakistan

    2. Angel Rondon Rijo; DOB July 16, 1950; nationality, Dominican Republic

    3. Dan Gertler; DOB December 23, 1973; nationality, Israel; alt. nationality, Democratic Republic of the Congo

    4. Maung Maung Soe; DOB March 1964; nationality, Burma

    5. Yahya Jammeh; DOB May 25, 1965; nationality, The Gambia

    6. Sergey Kusiuk; DOB December 1, 1966; nationality, Ukraine; alt. nationality, Russia

    7. Benjamin Bol Mel; DOB January 3, 1978; alt. DOB December 24, 1978; nationality, South Sudan; alt. nationality, Sudan

    8. Julio Antonio Juárez Ramírez; DOB December 1, 1980; nationality, Guatemala

    9. Goulnora Islamovna Karimova; DOB July 8, 1972; nationality, Uzbekistan

    10. Slobodan Tesic; DOB December 21, 1958; nationality, Serbia

    11. Artem Yuryevich Chayka; DOB September 25, 1975; nationality, Russia

    12. Gao Yan; DOB April 1963; nationality, China

    13. Roberto Jose Rivas Reyes; DOB July 6, 1954; nationality, Nicaragua

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey “Marty,”
      You need to read this again. It says, “(iii) any person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Attorney General:

      (A) to have materially assisted, sponsored, or provided financial, material, or technological support for, or goods or services to or in support of:
      That means anyone who helped these people. Got it? I wish I could just stop the fake commenters and paid trolls.

      • Marty

        Not a fake commenter or paid troll… and yes I read that part as well and think it is quite a stretch to think that multiple presidents assisted one or more of these 13 people… but, certainly without a shred of proof of assistance (as of yet) …inferring that multiple past presidents could go to jail … is in fact… “fake news”.

        I want the swamp to be drained as well. I also want fair and honest news.

        • Greg Hunter

          You might think it is a “stretch” but so is 13 people that the President would feel he had to stop to “protect the financial system.” Just these 13 people can take the financial system down???
          Did you not read this part or can’t you understand this:
          (A) to be responsible for or complicit in, or to have directly or indirectly engaged in, serious human rights abuse;

          (B) to be a current or former government official, or a person acting for or on behalf of such an official, who is responsible for or complicit in, or has directly or indirectly engaged in:

          (1) corruption, including the misappropriation of state assets, the expropriation of private assets for personal gain, corruption related to government contracts or the extraction of natural resources, or bribery; or

          I said I did back up sourcing for “Q Anon” with another source I trusted. I was clear about this. You can’t even post a verifiable full name. What is honest about you?? Don’t bother to comment again.

  86. Bob the Blessed

    Dear Greg,
    You were particularly strongly anointed for this edition.
    It was stellar!
    Wishing you and yours a very blessed, healthy, prosperous, and joyous 2018!
    Thank you.

  87. jim umble

    Make me sad make me laugh good job Greg. your grate!

  88. Tad

    Some comments around the debt ceiling showdown, which may include some ironic takes on Democrats.

    While not a single House or Senate Democrat could be convinced to support the tax bill’s recent passage, these political lemmings are about to gift the country with a deflationary collapse re the debt ceiling and amnesty for illegals.

    The perception is that Mr. Trump will knuckle under, and amnesty will be obtained before extending the debt ceiling.

    I could drone on about the sheer number of illegals and their liabilities with regard to government benefits; the uneducated and morally deprived; the criminal imports and their value added aspects; their political organizations destroying the “white America” few white really perceived as true; job acquisitions that destroyed hopes of white and black Americans.

    No Greg, I won’t do that. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are articulating the position that foreigners’ concerns supersede that of ordinary Americans.

  89. Mike Mc

    Greg, assuming this plays out as you describe (I am hopeful) it will not come without a cost. The sudden imposition of justice onto a social order devoid of it for so long will shock the system. Given the division of the country, half are likely to have there confidence in all things institutional shaken so badly, it will not return for many. Analogous to those that lived through the depression and never trusted banks again for the rest of their lives.

    The preparation of ones self, mentally, spiritually, financially and physically in advance of such event(s) is paramount.

  90. Diane

    You’re the KING Greg Hunter!

    • Greg Hunter

      Just a trumpet blower and nothing more but thank you for your kind thoughts!!!

  91. AGnostic

    Hi Greg

    Love you man. But please don’t fall for Sessions’ reefer madness and insanity.

    Cannabis is nothing but a mild and natural intoxicant that most people find highly pleasurable. It is perfectly safe when used responsibly by adults. It has been used for thousands of years for recreational and medicinal purposes.

    Cannabis is one of the safest and most non-toxic substances on Earth. Show me the hospital wards full of cannabis victims. There are none. Show me the bodies of cannabis overdose victims. There are none.

    64% nationwide now support legalization. The public is sick of 700,000 arrests per year for cannabis possession. Most of these arrests target hardworking ordinary tax paying people. Prohibition is a drain on law enforcement resources which should be devoted to violent crime.

    Instead legalize and tax cannabis. If you like devote the revenue to underfunded public pensions or schools.

    Greg don’t be an unwitting dupe for the big pharma and alcohol lobbies.

    • Greg Hunter

      You missed my point. CNN was promoting Weed as something “fun” to do and it is not their place. That’s not what news organizations do. CNN is a promotion and propaganda organization now.

      • usetheforceluke

        I don’t think you and the rest of the other “libertarians” freaking out about this would be quite as worked up if they had a flute of champagne in their hands… Alcohol is a far more dangerous drug than cannabis and with ZERO medical benefit (unlike cannabis) and that’s a scientific, clinical fact. Though, people are pictured drinking alcohol all the time on the media.

        Making a hypocritical “stink” about something your enemies do that expose your frontiers to limited Liberty just erodes your own position and makes you look stupid. Liberty is a principle, not dogma to be tossed on a shelf when inconvenient. Don’t give the media ammo please Greg.


        • Greg Hunter

          Again: Please watch again. Medical use of weed is fine with me, but CNN promoting smoking weed as a fun thing to do when it is a “news organization.” This is not cool. That was my point. Maybe next year they can set up a live shot at Jack Daniels and everybody can get drunk?????? Get it???

  92. Charles H

    I’ve got something of a “Rug Theory”… Don’t be on the rug when it gets pulled.

  93. Danish

    The Dunning Kruger effect all but guarantees that the easily manipulated voters who are helping Trump destroy America democracy will never realize their complicity and how completely they were conned.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dan “paid troll” ish,
      You are an idiot and we are not going to live in your PC, communist, social justice crap world.

  94. WC

    Well done, Greg. Keep hammering away on this Nationalism vs Globalism theme. Better the devil we know than the globalist horror show lurking in the shadows.

  95. Tad

    While I examined the article that includes the PDF, One must wonder the remittance amounts leaving our shores.

    The amounts are nothing short of staggering.

  96. Will H

    Thank you for a positive message. Everyone stay cautiously optimistic. It’s hard too but we can’t live under a rock.

  97. al

    Out of all your newscasts this was one of the absolute most encouraging.
    God Bless and yes, it’s going to be a HAPPY New Year

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Al. There is going to be some bumps and the deep state and weasels will not go quietly but the war has started and the enemy is being engaged. This, according to trump’s EO is am “emergency.”

  98. Robert

    Id like to know when Cliff High’s claim that consumer fraud charges are going to be filed against many MSM outlets for all this fake news and now this new book that is obviously part hearsay part innuendo mixed with a little fact and just plain made up crap.

  99. coalburner

    Wow Greg, best ever!

    Greetings Mohammad! The answer is yes, get in front of them, it is going to be big.
    Thanks again Jerry, from another regular Dog.

  100. coalburner

    You are making sense to me. I have wondered about all the smoke screens. Almost nothing has been in the press about the EO. They missed it or are not smart enough or too frightened to touch it. It also fits with the Sessions activities including the removing of himself from the Russian investigation. He has been putting together the proof, the EO and leading investigations for a year in order to drop the hammer on the criminals. Someone had to do it and had to be out of sight and not continnually bothered with day to day DOJ leadership. I was wondering about that all year. If people are right about rooting out corruption this is going to be big as it should be. I still am mulling over the things Cliff High said. I believe there will be big changes one after another for several years. I have talked about it before so I won’t repeat all the reasons. It is fun to watch it unfold. You are doing a great job!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you “Coal”!!

  101. Dennis

    In 2013 Obama Legalized the use of Propaganda on the US public. Here’s the link:

  102. Elderlearner

    If you do the crime you can do the time – no exceptions for anyone!

  103. Billingsworth

    It’s funny that you’re so worked up about CNN smoking weed on TV. It made me laugh.

    Do you know what’s not funny though? The millions of veterans with PTSD and depression suffering and being “treated” by the VA and Big Pharma. But it isn’t just the individuals that are affected; families are destroyed, people commit suicide, become addicted to opioids and alcohol leaving a large swath of human destruction in it’s wake. The depression alone in the US loses it the effective amount of GDP equaled to that of Ireland.

    Do you know what else is not funny? The two most effective treatments in clinical studies for PTSD and depression are considered “Schedule 1 drugs” by the federal government: Cannabis and Psylocibin. Big Pharma also can’t monetize either of them because they will grow in a dirt patch, almost anywhere. Neither are addictive. But in a UK Imperial College study found >70% of a population were cured of depression and PTSD in a single dose: Psylocibin used in substance abuse treatment has the best effectiveness above any existing treatment protocol as well.

    It’s interesting that some non-psychoactive fungi like Turkey Tail, Lion’s Mane, Agarikon and others kill cancer cells, bacteria and viral invaders better than current pharmacological drugs in most cases.
    Oh, and they’ll save the bees too!

    So it’s not very funny to me how everyone keeps treating these truly sacred plants and fungi in such disrespectful ways. They are miraculous gifts from God, not just illegal substances. It makes you wonder why they were made illegal in the first place…

    • Greg Hunter

      Please watch again. Medical use of weed is fine with me, but CNN promoting smoking weed as a fun thing to do when it is a “news organization.” This is not cool. That was my point. Maybe next year they can set up a live shot at Jack Daniels and everybody can get drunk?????? Get it???

  104. Torrid

    Elect a clown, expect a Circus.

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