Trump Trafficking EO, Voter Fraud, CNN Pot New Year

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 316 1.5.18) 

The Trump Executive Order (EO) on “human rights or corruption” may get some use in 2018. Anonymous sources and Washington insiders think this EO will be used to mount a counter attack against the so-called Washington Swamp and the Deep State who are trying to kick President Trump out of office.  The order allows the Treasury Department to block and take assets of anyone involved in human trafficking or corruption, and this means any corruption.  In short, Trump is going to war against globalists who have been selling out and ripping off America for decades.  Some Intel experts say this is one of the most pivotal times in American history.

President Trump has disbanded his voter fraud commission because of heavy resistance from some very blue states such as New York and California. Trump has charged that he will not get bogged down in legal action and, instead, has turned the investigation over to Homeland Security.  Is voter fraud a national security issue?  According to this move by the White House—yes, it is.

On New Year’s Eve, CNN promoted drug use in the form of pot smoking to ring in the New Year. Pot became legal in the state of Colorado, and CNN was not only covering the implementation of the new law, but promoting it as a good thing.  The Christian community and people like Reverend Franklin Graham think the coverage by CNN was “shameless.”  It shows a morally sinking mainstream media.

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  1. Porter T. House
    Whom do we believe? Which 60 minutes? You be da Judge!
    60 Minutes Australia: No winners (2017) part one
    It be nice if our 60 minutes US., or any of our mockingbird brained media would cover something as serious as ending life on earth as we knew it!

  2. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Fabulous work!

  3. Porter T. House

    America’s dirty little secret? It’s only dirty because it’s not taught in school. Thats what makes it sham-full!
    America get your convict gene’s together and drain the swamp!

  4. G. Berky

    WashPost Throws Cold Water on Michael Wolff’s Book as Potentially Unsubstantiated Palace Intrigue
    By Todd Beamon | Wednesday, 03 Jan 2018

  5. G. Berky
    January 3, 2018
    Settled science hates pot
    By James Lewis

  6. Peter Westberg Sr

    Greg great job have to say though the report about cannabis is relying on old fake news it’s been known to avert people from opioids it’s been known for medicine since beginning please recommend greater depth on the whole cannabis hey SHUE thanks

  7. Caroline

    When this country is saved from its own destruction from within… this will be the first time in the history of the work that a nation has come back from so much corruption. Most failed countries have lasted two hundred years AND THEN FAILED from due to the governing elite destroying…first the currency of the country, and then the people.

    History in the making here folks. An amazing time to be alive. Living the dream with a President that is a most unusual man. No matter your thoughts about the person…this is a stunning accomplishment for man to take on the job of saving a country that he loves virtually for free, and handing the proceeds to the people.

    Say what you want, but, when this country returns to a sound fiscal budget after having looked into the abyss of total and complete mayhem you will be pleased that you lived in these difficult times…and survived.

    • Madi

      Your comment is so true.
      Mr Trump is an « American » who has pledge everything for our amazing country.
      From JFK assasination, Vietnam, 911,irak, Lybbia and Syria there is finally a non scripted real American standing up against the replubicandemocrat swamp.
      The last pResident revealed us how much trouble our country is in because the enemy within.
      Our military, money and generosity have been used all over the world for our own destruction. FBI, CIA are corrupted at the top.
      Building the wall and then remove all illegal out is one of the utmost important thing before « another Las Vegas or Orlando event » is stage again.