Trump Will Win in Supreme Court – Gerald Celente

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Gerald Celente, a top trends researcher and publisher of The Trends Journal, predicted Trump would win the November election, and he was well on his way to victory when the massive voter fraud and cheating was enacted by the Democrats. Celente also predicted in early September here on, “Trump is a fighter. He’s not going to go down, and he will use the power of the Presidency to extend this thing as much as he can proving fraud and not leaving because of that. . . .” Fighting is exactly what team Trump is doing now. Does Celente still stand by his prediction? Celente says, “Yes, I do. When we made the forecast, we said election night will be too close to call, and he will win. . . .They knew they were not going to win. So, they started putting out all this information that Trump didn’t have a chance. Then, you are seeing the election is too close to call, and all of a sudden it’s called two or three days later? And who called it? Oh, the AP (Associated Press). Who the hell are you to call it? Who the hell are you one of you little press-titutes to call the election and everybody accepts it? This election wasn’t called by anybody but the media, the same media that had Trump losing by 10%. . . . I think this will ultimately be decided in the Supreme Court.”

The Trends Journal is giving its annual top trends for 2021 soon. Celente has one very ominous trend coming for the global economy. Celente predicts, “One of our top trends is the ‘Greatest Depression.’ Lives have been destroyed around the world. This is unprecedented. There is something bigger than politics about what is going on. . . . To me, this is satanic. What they are doing to people’s lives and destroying their businesses is unprecedented in world history, and it’s not only in the United States, it’s worldwide, except China where the virus allegedly began. They are wide open.”

So, are the dark powers wanting to destroy the global economy on purpose? Celente says, “We are living in hell on earth. This is the ‘Great Reset.’ It’s in black and white. The guy who wrote the book, that Davos creep, it’s there. The multi-nationals are taking over. . . .They want to destroy small business and raise up the corporations. You got it, it’s right in front of your eyes. How much more proof do you need? They are putting the mom and pops out of business. They are gone. The streets are dead. At 10 o’clock at night, it’s a ghost town up here. New York City, it’s dead. Mid-town is gone. There are no neon lights shining bright on Broadway.”

In closing, Celente says, “They are selling fear. . . . Look at the freak show in front of you. When are the people going to stand up for freedom, peace and justice? That’s our only way out of this. If you are going to listen to these little slimy lowlife bureaucrats . . . then all aboard the next train to Auschwitz, and don’t forget to put on your mask.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente, publisher of The Trends Journal.

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  1. H.Craig Bradley

    I am a subscriber to the Trends Journal and like and agree with most of what Gerald Celente says or reports. However, I disagree that the Supreme Court is going to want to intervene in this Presidential Election and for a number of reasons. Sure, the Democrats were cheating and even doing it way better than the Russians ever could.

    Nobody knows the precise extent of this voter fraud and herein lies the problem: the legal system requires a lot of evidence to even get a case before the Supreme Court and there is not enough time between now and Dec. 14 to conduct a thorough investigation before the Electoral College finalizes their vote ( for Joe Biden). This is, by the way, the consensus (conventional) view amongst nearly everyone. So, Gerald, bless his heart, is wrong here.

    I sure wish he was right but fear he is being way too optimistic. I trust my gut and Gerald is not confronting reality: The political elite want Donald Trump out. He is not strong enough to win this fight. Best to come back later and fight another time on your terms. Let Americans suffer the fate of fools for four years. Trump got the job done!!

    • AndrewB

      H. Craig Bradley
      “Better to come back later and fight another time on your terms.”
      The fight was fought and, by all honest accounts, won overwhelmingly. To deny victory to the winner, massive premeditated fraud was employed. If successful, the fraudsters will rule for the next four years. Since the fraudsters were able to deny the electorate a fair vote while out of office, what hope is there that they will permit a fair election in 2024 while in office? IMO, if the fraud is allowed to stand in 2020, then this marks the end of democracy in the US for many decades to come. That’s why the time is NOW for all decent law abiding men and women to become indignant and to awaken their rebellious hearts!

      • Paul ...

        Look into the evil eyes of the “heartless” Demon spawn who want to make humans “seedless” (like grapes and watermelon) … they are very likely artificially inseminated clones that have no conscience (no soul) … so they find it “easy” to kill “both children and adults” (people like Cuomo, Gates, Fauci, Bozo, etc., etc. act like “human hybrids of Demon aliens”) … the Bible tells us exactly who these people are … they are the evil spawn of aliens who came to Earth many years ago and had children with human women!! … [Genesis 6:1-5]!!

        • Paul ...

          We can “easily defeat” these Demons from Hell … “if we simply use our God given brains” and all it will cost “is one postage stamp” … everyone who voted for Trump this November simply has to mail a letter to their Representatives in Congress … do it tonight … simply state : “I VOTED FOR TRUMP” … think about the power “we” hold when 80 million letters hit Washington “like paper ballots” … there is no way the evil “commie” Demon-rats can switch “these votes for Trump” over to Bribe’n … it is time for the meek to inherit the Earth!!!

          • FC

            Wonderful idea Paul, but the only way to be noticed and have guaranteed effectiveness is for 80 million Conservatives to march through Washington DC, then you will truly see evil scatter like rats, anything else is just a token.


            • Paul ...

              FC … Those 78 million who can’t make it to Washington “physically” … should “at least” mail a “Confirmation of their Vote” to Washington … to add their huge 78 million man voice to the 2 million man chorus that will be physically protesting the “commie” Bribe’ns steal of our election process in Washington DC!!

      • Tin foil hat

        I concur 100%. It’s now or never.

        • Paul ...

          All Trump needs to do to win … is to go on TV and ask all those Americans who voted for him … to send a confirmation letter to the White House confirming how they voted … simply stating: “I VOTED FOR DONALD TRUMP ON ELECTION DAY 2020 TO BE THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” … sign the letter with your signature (include your return address) and mail it out tonight … that is how easy it is to beat the evil Demons!!

          • JC

            Better certified mail, return receipt requested.

          • Chuck

            Paul, do you actually think that the corrupt postal service would deliver those letters? All Trump voters should just ignore any law or executive order that comes out of that slime balls mouth.

            • Paul ...

              I disagree … 80 million letters flooding the Halls of Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court “will move the Court … just on the preponderance of the evidence” and the Supreme Court would have to say: “Trump is President” based upon the overwhelming evidence that he was who the American people voted for … just like in that Christmas movie (I forget the name) the Court ruled that: “There was a Santa Clause” when piles and piles of letters sent by Post Office mail to Santa … were delivered “as evidence” into the Court room!!

      • KIRK ALLEY

        The elections have been fraudulent since the invention of the secret ballot that the king’s men count. By the way do you think it was an accident that epstein was put in a jail cell with an out of control cop monster? Do you think trump would ever get an elite perp walked for child rape, graft and fraud when some of his fortune came from his dad over charging on goobermint housing contracts? Do you think trump is pro second ammendment while the atf is raiding 80% gun makers now and banning worthless bump stocks? Do you think trump is against marrying young girls when he helped run beauty pageants of virgin women that then married rich men after the show? Hmmmm? Do you think trump is pro america since he is happy about foreign communists owning and buying usa property with fake printed money? Rediculous.

    • William+Stanley

      There is a tide in the affairs of men.
      Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
      Omitted, all the voyage of their life
      Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
      On such a full sea are we now afloat,
      And we must take the current when it serves,
      Or lose our ventures.
      JULIUS CAESAR ACT 4, SCENE 3, 218–224 (Brutus).

      IMO, the flood is now.

    • andyb

      We cannot let this criminality slide. With the puppet in charge we will see forced vaccinations (i.e. incremental genocide) and UN troops on every corner paid by the Chicoms. If you think todays lockdowns are bad, you aint seen nothing yet.

    • Jeff Lane

      That’s why God will take care of it. He loves the impossible. Watch and see.

    • Impale Communists

      You’re a propaganda agent. If Biden is inaugurated, there is no more “next time” for Trump or America. You’re trying to get Americans to concede to the greatest election fraud in world history. If Biden is inaugurated, then citizens must insure that 1776 that commences, again.

      • Stu


    • Brooklyn

      No, H.Craig Bradley, it is you who is wrong.

      The courts may prohibit secretaries of state or governors, or whoever is identified in state law, from declaring a winner until all legal issues are addressed. This creates the possibility that some states may not have a duly certified batch of electors who are eligible to vote on Dec. 14. But the law requires the Electoral College to meet on that day, and choose a president. That date is fixed. Ready or not, the Electoral College will vote on that day. But….

      Now a majority is required for a president to be elected by the College. But what if all the certified, authorized electors vote and no candidate receives a majority? The Founders in their wisdom anticipated this possibility and crafted an elegant solution. In such a case, the 12th Amendment sends the election of a president to the House of Representatives where a vote by ballot is to be held “immediately.” That means immediately, which means one way or another a president will be elected on December 14.

      In this Dec. 14 election, each state delegation of House members gets one vote – California gets just one vote, and so does Montana. So 50 votes will be cast. Here’s the kicker: Republicans have a majority in the House delegations in 26 states, while the Democrats have a majority in just 22 (two delegations are essentially tied).

      The bottom line: if all the current legal challenges cannot be satisfactorily resolved by December 14, Donald Trump will be reelected on that day to a second term by a vote of 26-22, and he – not Joe Biden will be the president-elect.

      • H.Craig Bradley


        Trump’s ONLY chance at retaining the Presidency for another term is Supreme Court intervention and throwing the final determination into the House of Representatives. This is VERY rare, and the last time the House of Representatives decided a Presidential election was in 1824, ruling in-favor of John Quincy Adams. Its Trump’s best chance and its a LONG SHOT for sure.

        Otherwise, Joe Biden is President, and as you suggest, free and fair elections in 2024 and thereafter would be questionable at best. We could easily become a one party (Democratic) country by 2024 just like California is today. Then, all are California. It won’t matter which State in the Union you reside in at that point.

        • Greg Hunter

          “Oh Ye of little faith” comes to mind reading this.

        • K. Wayne

          Electoral College votes …in a weeks time. Then the fun begins.
          O come, All ye faithful.
          I’ve got a front seat reservation for the entire season.

          • Paul ...

            K. … Get out the pop corn, potato chips and cracker jacks … has any Demon-rat even considered the possibility that Bribe’n could be arrested by Trump for Treason and sent to GITMO for colluding with the Chinese “commie” enemy (that used a bio-weapon on us to help Bribe’n get elected)… and that Bribe’n gets hung or put before a firing squad “before he can be sworn in” as President of the United Commie States of America!!!

    • Patrick Sims

      If we don’t win this and Biden gets into the White House, there will be no next time. The Democrats will ensure that no Republican ever wins another national election.

      • Paul ...

        Patrick … just put a letter in the mail to the White House stating you voted for Trump … and you along with 80 million other Americans can ensure “no Demon-rat ever wins another election by fraud” … all it takes is one postage stamp and one minute of your time … and like “the Minute Men of Old” we can save our Constitutional Republic from the “Evil Commies”!!

    • Jeff Lane

      You are all going to be surprised when God steps in and COMPLETELY shocks everyone with the truth. Watch and you will see when God shows His hand. There will be no denying it and the people will be SHOCKED at what comes out.
      Get out of your head and have some faith.

      • Dave

        Watch and pray. Dutch Sheets has a daily podcast “Give Him 15” that encourages us to appeal to heaven.

      • Paul ...

        When 80 million letters arrive in Washington from God’s people “stating they voted for Trump” … what can the evil Demons do???

        • JC

          They will burn them, in a Satanic ritual.

          • Paul ...

            JC … So do we continue to sit on the couch eating potato chips? … and allow the lovers of “alien” Demons (like Satan) to burn the life out of all women with their sterilizing vaccines?? … Gates (unlike Hitler who killed only six “million”) doesn’t need to build Shoah ovens which are bad for global warming … to achieve his “alien goal” of total human extermination … vaccinations is a “zero carbon” Final Solution he and his Big Pharma Demons have carefully chosen (to achieve a nine “billion” people Holocaust) … and they tell us we will be happy with their “commie” plan to exterminate us … and “rebuild the world” … for a few evil perverted trans-gender/trans-human Satanists !!!

        • Bob

          They would order 80 large dumpsters.

          • Paul ...

            Yeah … and like they saluted “Heil Hitler” in the 1940’s … they will salute “Hell Schwab” in the 2020’s … and “be happy” about their enslavement by a new Demon!!

    • Russ McMeans

      Damn it H. Craig: you’re pretty much correct. The deep state and my parents just want the old status quo to return. Trump was never invited to their party. Alas. I’m bullish on gold, silver but more importantly canned foods from Costco or Walmart. A bit of lead since we can’t hire our own private security company.

      • Paul ...

        Russ … How would the “commies” like it if we forced lead “vaccine” injections into both arms of all the Demons trying to inject their “RNA adjuvants” into our arms (to sterilize us under the pretext that their vaccine will provide herd immunity from Covid-19 … when “simply not wearing masks” provides herd immunity to Covid-19)!!

    • Russ McMeans

      The much more conservative Supreme Court now is just fine and dandy; but they’re looking out for themselves and their reputation. I doubt any much help from them because, unfortunately, they are part of the deep state too. Washington DC is like a giant money laundering operation. Even Mexican cartels are involved in our lobbying and banking system. Nothing will change and things will get worse until God returns and judgement day is set. ( no attorneys will be allowed because they’re sitting in the defendant seats along with their clients)….. I hope I’m right. Russ. That’s all.

    • Dave

      This is treason. No statute of limitations apply. December 14 is not a hard deadline.

    • Frank+D

      HCB, the Texas case before the USSC (joined by 18 other states now) doesn’t have to prove fraud. It’s strictly about how the sued states violated the US Constitution by allowing NON-LEGISLATORS to change their state election laws. The US Constitution clearly gives this power solely to state legislators….not to bureaucrats/Governors/State AGs. That’s why the case is so brilliant. It the USSC doesn’t back the US Constitution, Trump will call for Martial Law, invoke the Insurrection Act and NDAA, and bring in the troops and military tribunals. Count on it. He didn’t fire SecDef Espers (swamp) and replace him with ally Chris Miller for nothing. Nor did Chris Miller realign ALL the SpecOps forces to report directly to him for nothing. Hang in there.

    • Clint

      Well it looks like this trend may not have been called incorrectly. There was massive fraud and scotus should have stepped up. At some point we are all going to realize that there is no rule of law and we will stop playing by their double set of rules. I predict Rules for thee but not for me will end poorly.


      They have been steeling all elections since the advent of the “secret ballots.” Where would we be if George Washington snuck into a voting booth or mailed in his ballot for the king’s men to count. Let us not be rediculous here. Election stolen once again, the only difference here is it is obvious to even idiots that the popular bankster was not chosen by the elite since he was trying to reduce graft a little.


      I guess da “white shoe boyz over there” are not to be underestimated.

  2. Paul ...

    You know … everyone needs to Knock on their wooden heads to bring some luck … and understand that “Demons are running this world behind a human veneer” … God foretold “that the meek would inherit the Earth” from these Alien Demons who came down from Heaven to rule us (lead by Satan) … but we must make a conscious decision to get off our couch potato asses … and begin to do what needs to be done … Understand!!!

    • JC

      The people have been programmed to “obey.”

      “They Live.” (Obey)

      • Paul ...

        JC … Too bad Christopher Columbus bumped into “couch potato” America instead of India (where 250 million people are currently protesting against tyranny) … the protests in India are huge (almost the size of the entire population of the United States) when tyranny is imposed upon them … but here in “couch potato” America … we are lucky if we can get 1 million to protest in Washington DC against “commie” Briben’s election fraud tyranny!!

    • A+von+WALTHERR


    • Dennis

      Right you are Paul…get off the couch NOW and fight or live under the NWOs new Communistic slave system! The bolsheviks are at the door!

    • Paul ...

      This worldwide virus deception is a “test run” (with a non-lethal cold virus designed by Fauci to be very infectious) before they release the “real killer virus” (that reduces the world population by billions according to their plans as outlined on the Georgia Guidestones) … and we need to derail their plans now (before it results in massive deaths and enslavement of humanity on a biblical scale) … we are dealing with ruthless “alien” forces (led by a Demon called Satan) who came to Earth from outer space … all his followers have the same remorseless lack of empathy for human beings and are intent on creating a global totalitarian regime that will annihilate us while telling us we’ll be happy about it … the “elite” Demon followers (unlike Jesus in the Garden) have sold their souls for the promise of wealth beyond their wildest dreams … they have been conned by Satan and his fallen angels (who are few in number) who feel they need to reduce all the good people in Earth’s population … once the “Vichy allies of Satan” achieve his goals “they too will be exterminated and their special rights and freedoms will be eliminated (just like they took away our God given and Constitutional rights and freedoms) … we good people can’t wait for all this evil to play out “we need to move now” …start by eliminating evil companies (i.e. like Google, Facebook, Twitter, the Main Stream Media, etc., etc., etc. from your stock portfolios) … put them into the ground the same way they have put Mom and Pop businesses into the ground … take away their power to bribe Demon-rats … for without cash to bribe Bribe’n … many of the commie programs they have planned can be overturned and we can begin to “build back” America as it should be (a Constitutional Republic) not Commielandia!!

      • JC


        • Impale Communists

          “JC”, that link is run by propagandists, and that book is a deflection from who is really collecting our DNA and engineering “bioweapons that target specific genotypes” (a direct quote from PNAC report, circa 2000, titled “Building America’s Defenses” which was written not by Chinese Americans but rather by another group of people who have more loyalty to another nation than they do the USA. That nation was created in 1948 by the UN. They attacked the USS Liberty and planned the Lavon Affair. Their fingerprints are all over 9/11. Hint: many of them wear little circular hats.) These same people own the DNA collection services such as 23andMe, Family Tree, et al. The Chinese don’t own them. Do your research.

          • JC

            I understand perfectly.
            Brother Nathaniel covers this topic extensively.

      • Paul ...

        God gave us brains for a reason … we need to also sell our shares in Pfizer and the other Big Pharma companies … now trying to do to humans with their Covid-19 vaccine “what Monsanto did to our grapes and watermelons” (remove the seeds of life) and make us all sterile!! … if you own mutual funds in your 401K that have invested in Big Pharma … sell them now immediately … if you need to make money “buy gold and silver” … but get your brain thinking folks … if you “invest in the death of mankind” … who are you are going to sell your drug stocks stock to … when the population has been reduced from 9 billion to 500 thousand???

        • JC

          Paul… are you asking the same question?,
          The Covid-19 Vaccine; Is the Goal Immunity or Depopulation?

          • K. Wayne

            Thank you for posting this.
            In my mind the Virus (and Vaccine) ….were always all about achieving the Elitists Depopulation Agenda. This comprehensively written piece supports that theory in spades. I highly recommend it to others to read and pass on.
            If not by infection of the disease and consequential permanent injury or death… will be through any number of concurrent actions ….achieved either through Vaccination, Loss of Employment, Loss of Business, Deprivation of Liberty, Deprivation of Freedom, Starvation, Oppression through Medical Martial Law….each potentially causing physical or psychological damage. The old saying…”What doesn’t kill you…only makes you stronger” … isn’t applicable … as we are being slowly boiled like a frog. Incrementally they are killing us all…..and through the FEAR that they have instilled in the masses …. we have rejected common sense in favor of THEM providing a solution to bring back normality. The solution will be in every humans’ DNA being altered. There is not an alternative here. No escape. No free passes. Every day that expires brings us closer to that dystopian world that we believed could never exist.

          • K. Wayne

            *****Like minded people will enjoy this.*****
            Those who are weak (brainwashed) … proceed with caution.
            Richard Rothschild patented the Covid-19 Biometric Test … BACK IN 2015.
            Just to be clear…that’s 4 YEARS before the VIRUS existed. Let that sink in.
            PROOF ?…I’m glad you asked…!!
            This is direct from the Netherlands Patent Registry
            “System and Method for Testing for COVID-19″….WTF !!!
            As for the WHO renaming the WUHAN SARS -COV2 VIRUS to “Covid -19” …well its become more than obvious that they were all in on the grand scheme and planned it well in advance.
            Take particular note of the methods used as described at the bottom of the page.
            Clicking on a link within that patent we find this
            The date of first filing is 2015-10-13 …..UNDISPUTED.
            If you think that the Netherlands patent was inadequate evidence…then go here….
            Provisional application No. 62 / 240,783 , filed on Oct. 13 , 2015
            CAUGHT RED HANDED!!!
            “Intended for release on Pub . Date : Sep. 3 , 2020

          • K. Wayne


            Millions of the Covid-19 Test Kits were SOLD in 2017 & 2018.
            How is that even remotely possible given the existence of the Virus in late 2019 ?

            100’s of millions of test kits were distributed WORLDWIDE…including …… exports from .. GERMANY, EU, UK, JAPAN, CHINA ….and … USA.
            here is the EVIDENCE…

            What does that tell you about COVID-19?
            What are the Diagnostic Test Kits actually testing?
            They didn’t even have the sequence for the Virus back then….OR DID THEY ?
            Testing for Covid Virus — is more likely the purpose/agenda. The reason why we have seen so many false + ves?
            Covid-19 is the name given to a manufactured Virus (Bioweapon).
            This now brings greater clarity to the GRAND HOAX AGAINST HUMANITY.
            It is a means to an END….of the lives of 7BLN humans.

          • eddiemd

            Good post.

            This is a good summary. Taken from the article.

            “Keep in mind, the most enthusiastic proponents of these experimental vaccines (media) are the same people:
            1.Who lied about Trump-Russia for 3 years nonstop.
            2.Who aggressively censored any information on Hunter Biden’s massive influence peddling operation.
            3.Who covered up any information related to last month’s stolen presidential election.

            The media are the enemy of the people, and they have proved that many times over.”

            The “first” peoples in the USA to get the vaccine are supposed to be health care workers and nursing home residents. It makes me laugh. Many physicians, nurses, and health care workers should know better than to take an unproven potentially dangerous injection given that it has not been proven to be safe in the long term. Nursing home residents are a target population to get rid of. No surprise there being a part of a depopulation agenda.
            They will link the vaccine to your ability to buy, sell, travel, bank…you have a very important decision to make in the next few months. Rebellion or take the vaccine.

            Your best alternative is to get right with the Creator. He will protect His children. Now you may be forced to give up your life for your belief but it will be well worth it. A persecution is coming. You need to get your Bible, read it, memorize Scripture, pray everyday for mercy, wisdom, knowledge with understanding, discernment, grace, love…give thanks, glorify the Lord, praise and worship the King of Kings, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He is the Way, the Truth, the Light. He is your Mediator, High Priest, Sanctifier, Atonement, Salvation, Shield, Stronghold, Fortress, Rock, Strength…He is your God. There is none else. No one comes to the Father except through Him. Listen to what He says. He is the Captain of the host. The Captain of your Salvation.

            His sheep hear His voice. Repent and believe upon Him.

            If you don’t want to listen to me…listen to what Jerry has been saying, Not your patsy, JC, and many others…

            Things are moving faster than expected. Especially in the middle east. The USA elections are a distraction to the Biblical events occurring in the MENA.

            • K. Wayne

              “The “first” peoples in the USA to get the vaccine are supposed to be health care workers and nursing home residents”….
              As I understand …those amongst the first to receive the Vaccine will be the MIC and all Government Officials. If true then the impending Military Martial Law that DJT is expected to invoke….may not come to fruition. Based on what I have researched, there will be many casualties and the Military will be rendered impotent. They are not following protocol with “NEW” vaccines…in term of only allowing 10% of the Military to be Vaccinated …. with the delayed administration to the remainder (several months) to allow time to observe any negative reactions.
              Hmmmm….. an impotent Military …now that creates a “WINDOW” of opportunity.

              This is very alarming….”…After that comes strategic forces like cyber operators and troops on missile submarines. Then troops who will deploy in the next three months will get the shot”. These are the very same personnel that form our Strategic Defenses.

              How can this happen without the normal rigorous testing? Who is behind the advanced promotion of Vaccine Manufacture and Distribution…….and for what purpose?

              There is no doubt in my mind that they have engineered a protein within the mRNA for the Vaccine….that will promote a “Cytokine Storm” . This will invariably lead to Inflammation, Infertility and Neuro disorders. Look at the initial targets for Vaccination and then consider the impact of a resultant MANUFACTURED PANDEMIC.
              This should be seen for what it truly is… A MASS EXTERMINATION EVENT.
              As you say and I have said…..ITS COMING FASTER THAN MOST REALIZE.

              • eddiemd

                Great observation on the military angle.

                I wonder where the vaccine is produced. If it is Pfizer it may be produced in the EU. Potential for stealth contamination with unknowns.

                Moderna is producing stateside from what I gather.

                If the DOD intends to mass vaccinate with this vaccine, it could be a major potential problem.

                Always remember that there are 375,000 Chinese “students” inside the wire…already. I would believe that these CCP insiders could have tampered with the election in various states. Certainly they have accessed infrastructure, comms, POL, air traffic control sites,…etc

                Trump needs to invoke the insurrection act and get ready for a potential Chinese surprise attack.

                I am sure that they have already programmed the sub launched nukes for major Chinese targets.

                • notyourpatsy

                  EddieMD, As Wayne posted, and you expanded upon…..*if* our military is not given a placebo, as well as front line workers, ems, etc, then THAT move is to setup/ get the general public’s acceptance of the vaccine’s ‘safety’. THIS then WILL lead to the sheep lining up in droves to get an unknown vaccine, thinking it will *allow* them to go back to their ‘normal/deviant lives’. GOD’s ok with weak minded people of no faith deviants/liberals/ alphabet soup nuts being taken as Satan’s slaves. GOD HAS WARNED HIS CHRISTIAN FLOCK NOT TO PARTICIPATE IN ‘THE MARK OF THE BEAST’, knowing full well it WILL cost a person their SOUL FOR ETERNITY!

                  Now, if this vaccination of OUR military goes forth, and it causes them physical harm, THEN we all know it IS A SETUP BY THE UN/NWO/POLITICIANS who are being blackmailed by CHINA to *deliver* America to China without a war. Then, as I have repeatedly said here, ‘every chinatown in America WILL burn to the ground without aid being rendered’, as soon as the American people realize the WAR WITH CHINA STARTED ON 7DEC2019 WHEN THEY RELEASED THE CHINA VIRUS UPON THE WORLD, AND MORE SPECIFICALLY, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!
                  As you mentioned we have 375,000 KNOWN targets across America. NONE of them are to be trusted, not even if they are your *neighbor*. A spy is a spy by any other name, and as you have said EddieMD, they have done serious harm to OUR REPUBLIC!

                  And idfissreal ‘s in ny (and other states)*may* have some trump fans, but THEY are’nt the ones that will die in a M’E’ war! OUR young men and women have been sent to the M’E’ for the past 20 YEARS to be killed, injured and maimed in order to protect who again? Certainly NOT the us homeland! Because they could never get into this Country in the numbers to do the damage, unlike all those chinese *students*!!

                • K. Wayne

                  Pfizer has a problem…but that wont stop them.
                  None of our media covered this – taken an Israeli media outlet to break the news.
                  ” ….The FDA also said on Tuesday that the data they’re presented with is in line with emergency use authorization”…..meaning “DEATHS ” are acceptable and tolerable… allow the bringing forward of the rushed vaccine. In essence …the FDA is looking past the protocols (human safety) ….. liability be gone….to allow this untested and DEADLY vaccine to find its way into the unsuspecting American citizenry. Based on the 2 recent deaths we would expect to see a replication in magnitude of vaccine casualties over the next few weeks and months.
                  REFUSE THE VACCINE.

          • Paul ...

            Big Pharma has a potent weapon … a sterilizing vaccine they want to administer with a needle to US Patriots to reduce our numbers … but we also have a vaccine to reduce the number of “Commies” in the world … and it’s administered with a Colt 45 … when Big Pharma rolls out their big guns in 2021 to start their vaccine war against us … Big Pharma won’t be immune to our “gain of function” Commie-19 vaccinations we can administer to them (like the Africans are administering a vaccine “with lead adjutants” to the Red Cross workers trying to inject and sterilize their children)!!

            • JC

              Warning… Escape from New York… Escape from New York…
              This is not a drill… this is not a drill…



              • notyourpatsy

                Paul, And the NY FD members are REFUSING TO GET THE VACCINE! Ask your relatives in Bklyn to verify EddieMD. At least we are able to see the liberal commiecrat dictators from mayors on up who are trying to dictate in their VERY temporary fifedoms! Targets a’plenty! Remember, it’s ok to wound the bastards if you’re a Christian and let them die a slow painful death. It’s not ok to go for a k’shot lol! Like groundhog shooting in PA!

        • Paul ...

          Both gold and silver are moving up nicely today and will continue to move up “for the next 10 years” … get out of your Big Pharma stocks now … before the general public becomes aware that Big Pharma is trying to make humanity as sterile as the seedless grapes and watermelons you now find on grocery shelves everywhere!! …

  3. eddiemd

    The Arizona races for Senator and President were both compromised.

    Coconino, Pima, and Maricopa counties all compromised. Run by leftist recorders who allowed for tampering of the votes. Followed up by the leftist secretary of state Katie Hobgoblin.

    Mark Kelly is a traitor. Benedict Arnold. He calls himself a patriot astronaut. He is a compromised CCP subversive. They control him. Who knows what dirt they have on him.

    An old friend runs a pizza joint here in Phoenix for the past 25 years. His takeout and delivery are booming. In my neighborhood many small time businesses shut down. Commercial real estate must be hurting with all the vacant space (even prior to coronavirus). I see “for lease” signs all over Phoenix in front of commercial buildings.

    Unleash the Kracken

    Old school Gabriel team demo. About 84-85 before warrant officers.

  4. Adrian

    Mr. Celente is a good Italian American Roman Catholic ; who has kept his Faith in spite of the Infiltration of Satanists and their Talmudic Acolytes into the Vatican…including Bergoglio. Viganno is really clarifying the conflict at hand. Believe it to not ; Melania may have a strong part in Trump’s “Triumph” since she is an Eastern European who was inoculated from Communist { Talmudic } influence. Look to the overwhelming influence in Banking, Pharmaceuticals and the Media by the same International Group who use ” Thin Air Currency” to buy influence all over the world. Who did Jesus Christ take the whip to ?.

  5. Marie+Joy

    WE are not organized.
    THEY are very organized.

    • AndrewB

      Wow! Eight words that explain everything – well said!

      • K. Wayne

        We are complicit … because we are complacent.

        • Gordon Sinclair

          No Kay,
          Were not organized crime, because the big guy. The man, or it upstairs calls the shots. You don’t believe, but will one day. Don’t wait till Arma gettin outa here!

    • Self+Exiled

      Agreed: They have hijacked/abducted the present governmental infrastructure of the functioning government institutions; therefore time is the element necessary to work through the system to retake the organized infrastructure; which I believe they understand and will not allow. As far as the bureaucrats and politicians they own, they could not organize a picnic, balance a checkbook, or run a successful business.

    • Richard Jones

      You are 1000% correct! Enough of the b.s. talking heads pointing out how the left, lead by Satan, is at war with humanity. We need ACTION! We need to pray for some Gidians to be raised up, to lead, organize and inspire people to actually remove these corrupt governors, mayors, police chiefs, heads of local health authorities and media outlets. Lone wolves are what the left wants so that they can justify all their draconian actions. If an army can be raised up, then you have an entity that will be recognized and regarded as a power to listen to and hede.

      I don’t know, maybe just a useless rant?. Please, again, consider praying for some Gidians. Time is running out. If America can be saved, American can save the world.

    • Paul ...

      Women better get organized “before they are sterilized” by Demons (who will make sure you have “no choice”)!! …

    • Jeff Lane

      All this worry about nothing because you believe not that God has a say.
      Trump is in, period. The swamp we have grieved over is drained.
      Everyone gives the evil side too much credit. Watch and see.

  6. Vernon Tart

    Gotta love the truth and passion.

  7. Russ+F

    Gerald Celente is an inspiration to all of us; this is our country, our freedoms, and our rights. We should all not roll over and just accept the BS they are trying to force on us. I hope the younger generation does rise up as Gerald is forecasting; I hope to be right there with them….I see far too many Americans just accepting what they are being told and told to do. Thank you Greg for everything you do to enlighten us.

    • Impale Communists

      Boomers gave our country over to communists, perverts against nature (sodomites), feminists, globalists, foreigners and atheists so you could have the “good life” and not be bothered. When the younger generation does rise up, don’t expect that you Boomers will be pardoned for your selling out the USA. The chicken will come home to roost for you Boomers, save a few like real patriots such as Greg Hunter and Celente.

      • Bob

        Senator McCarthy tried to stop it, but even back then he didn’t realize how many there were and they overwhelmed him.

  8. TJZ


    I am 100% with you. Thank you for firing me back up. God bless you!

    • Mike

      I can see it clearly. If Donald Trump and his team of patriots make their move many proud God fearing patriots will stand shoulder to shoulder with them and take back America. This is a fight between good and evil and the head of the snake must be severed. My prayers are with you all. The next few months will determine the fate of America and maybe the whole western world.

  9. William+Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Kudos to you and Mr. Celente!

  10. Country Codger

    Shalom Greg and Gerald,
    Gerald, please don’t be so shy, say what you really mean. LOL, LOL, LOL.
    Greg, I will send you an email of something you need to see. May be tomorrow or the next day, my wife and I have a lot to do and we are short on time.
    ((I know you know what I mean.))
    Lo Iyrah!!!

  11. Katharine Wingate (KW)

    Smash hit interview!

    • a drink before the war


  12. eddiemd

    Billy Graham from 1973. Sounds familiar.

    Daniel 5:22-23
    And you have lifted yourself up against the Lord of heaven….And you have praised the gods of silver and gold, bronze and iron, wood and stone, which do not see or hear or know; and the God who holds your breath in His hand and owns all your ways, you have not glorified.

    • Self+Exiled

      When God speaks through his preachers who have truly given themselves to HIM, there is no mistaking the message. Billy Graham was the armless hand writing on the wall, warning the US people, warning the US Government plotters and the United Nations Deep State Authors and Corporate Elites. Above it all HE is calling, always calling, to us everyday to come closer, ever closer to Him; to welcome HIS Presence everyday and to sit in That [HIS] Presence quietly, absorbing HIS Light, praying ,asking for forgiveness, guidance to be in HIS Will. And to those who answer that call——————

      “And all your spiritual children will be disciples [taught by the LORD and obedient to His will], and great will be the peace and undisturbed composure of your children. Isaiah 54:13 Thank You Eddiemd

    • JC

      Willie Mays introduced to standing ovation in Game 1 of the 1973 World Series …

  13. Myrna

    Thank you, Greg, for your excellent interview with Gerald Celente. Celente is always spot on with his analysis.
    God Bless

  14. Anthony Australia

    Hope springs eternal

    35 days of no COVID cases in Melbourne, yet the Victorian government have decided to extend emergency state powers.

    • Paul ...

      AA … One good thing the Demons are unwittingly doing “by forcing us to wear masks” is … they are conditioning us for the day we will all wear “Iron Masks” to block out their 5G waves to keep our thoughts private … brains free of the cloud and “commie thought control” can better fight against these Satanic Demons!!

    • Paul ...

      AA … The emergency powers are not to protect … “but to sterilize” … they tell us the vaccine produces antibodies against the spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2 … but these spike proteins also contain syncytin-homologous proteins (which are essential for the formation of the placenta in mammals such as humans) … thus … the vaccine these Demons sneakily designed “has a gain of function” (such that “it can trigger an immune reaction creating infertility” in vaccinated women)!!

      • JC

        “We” are being “tolerated” but perhaps not for long!

        We are getting in reports from around the world that people are getting sick from the vaccine. Pfizer has issued a warning now itself. I have heard from health workers who had to quit or take the vaccine. Both Pfizer and Moderna are producing separate vaccines that use messenger RNA, or mRNA, to trigger the immune system to produce protective antibodies without using actual bits of the virus. This experimental coronavirus vaccine is the first-ever authorized vaccines that use mRNA. In reality, there are no long-term studies and this whole thing has been pushed for political purposes – not health. Nobody in government cares about us – EVER! We are the great unwashed who are tolerated – but perhaps not for long.

  15. Anthony Australia

    I’ve been cheeky Greg, I connected you to Bluetooth in a function room with many people and left this interview on in the background 😆😆😆

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks AA!!

      • Anthony Australia

        Pleasure Greg,

        Better than the bandstand tunes.

        Brilliant, the sound tech has left for the day and the interview is still connected to the PA via Bluetooth.

        Plenty are listening 😉

  16. Mohammad


    Supreme Court will not be the path.
    Either the military will stand for US or the wild card , the trump card, pun intended…
    keep in mind Greg what is happening now:
    1- the alliance between Australia, Japan, India…Hmmmm
    2- the purge in the DoD/Pentagon
    3- the Alliance between Turkey, Azerbejan and confiscating the gold mine in Armenia
    4- the build up of the forces in gulf region with the withdrawal from Somalia, Syria , Iraq , Afghanistan ( so we are not sitting ducks when the shooting war starts.
    5- a major question:
    If we hit Iran on January 19th 2021, do you think Biden will attend the inauguration on the 20th next day…??????????????


  17. neville

    Remember David vs Goliath folks with GOD on your side who do you need to fear???
    Gerald is one hell of a guy who has always told it like it is and in a country like
    AAcrime it ain’t easy. The world is under siege from evil force like the underworld in
    AAcrime to rogue governments elsewhere around the globe.These evil sods are like Gerald
    says ….destroying everything in their paths, economies ,families,communities and entire
    nations in many cases.
    As for so-called democracy !!! It simply does not exist anywhere in the world ….Period.
    The only place you that you can find it is in the dictionary.
    We are at the end of THE AGE as our Lord JESUS CHRIST said.Everything you see
    happening to day was forecast by JESUS one good example is where JESUS speaks
    about “Mother against daughter ,father against son and members of your family
    might even be your worst enemies…….JESUS was of course referring to the governments of the day…….See exactly who are creating all the discontent,enforcing
    unnatural things like wear face masks,social distancing and destruction of everything
    we cherish. Worst of all is the closure of our places of Worship.THIS IS THE SINGLE MOST CRIME AGAINST OUR LORD GOD ALMIGHTY AND WILL NOT GO UNPUNISHED……So when you see your monuments and entire cities being wiped out
    do not be surprised.The Book of Daniel and Revelations tell us all what to be prepared for and it is not for anyone to think that it is not going to happen as GOD HAS NEVER EVER FAILED IN HIS PROMISES……YOU CAN TAKE IT TO THE BANK.
    So the underworld which controls AAcrime had better take note their days are numbered
    Thank you once again Greg and also Gerald……Know your history and you will know your future.
    PS Karma does not have a menu BUT it does have an address

  18. Mike R

    What they are doing to people’s lives and destroying their businesses is unprecedented in world history.
    Truer words have never been spoken. The tragedy of wrecked lives, suicides, business destruction, long term psychological damage to those locked down, even more child abuse that stays hidden, is going down as the worst event that has ever occurred in civilization.

    Many more lives will be affected, and businesses and economies destroyed than in any world war, before this pandemic is over. There is no vaccine that is going to prevent any deaths from Covid.

    The massive problem is they are using worthless testing procedures, and they are not using tests for IgG or antibody presence, so it makes ZERO sense to give a vaccine to someone who already has antibodies, and been exposed to Covid. The problem is many people have been exposed and dont know it, and they have never had any symptoms. Tests they are using are estimated to be giving off more than 50% FALSE positives, meaning 50% of those who THINK they had Covid, did not.

    These vaccines for Covid need to be tested for AT LEAST another 5 years, and more likely 10 years to determine whether they are truly safe. This is INDUSTRY standard practice, and you HAVE To test that long, and across way more people and follow them for years. Its costly, yes. But at what price, is it worth sacrificing human lives, if say more than 1 billion who have taken the vaccine have super poor health outcomes 1 year, 3 years, or 10 years down the road, DUE to taking this vaccine ???

    We HAVE to get these politicians out of making these critical and life alterating health decisions for us. Politics and medicine are a highly toxic mix. Its like mixing heat with nitroglycerine, or exploding it via hard contact. Its extremely unstable. Just like politicians are extremely unstable, and should never be dictating anything relating to anyone’s health. Period.

  19. Rural Mailman

    Thanks Greg,
    Gerald has great passion! I wish more Americans would have this same passion! But, they have Americans in survival mode. And many will say Americans are waking up! But, most are lost in what comes through their TV, magazines, and papers. Media influence on citizens is huge, massive. And all this nano aluminum oxide raining down upon us is not helping brighten up our intellects either. At least we gain the manufactured green house effect of these chem trails, during this great solar minimum, for the northern hemisphere. Trump is our last bastion of hope really for the people of Planet Earth. Alright, Trump is no saint, thank God! We need someone who can kick some ass from the White House for Americans if it is possible this one last opportunity! I hope Trump can hang all these treasonous bastard presstitutes of the new world order and the Davos Devil Trillionaires that have stolen this planet from the humans!

  20. tim+mcgraw

    A very good interview. Thanks! The viral video here in CA is the one done by the owner of the Pineapple Bar and Grill in the San Fernando Valley in LA. She was very emotional and upset as her outdoor dining was closed down by the mayor, but fifty feet away in the parking lot tents and outdoor seating had been set up for a film production crew. The power of Hollywood. It’s a great video. When the working women get mad, watch out!

  21. Maria+das+Santos

    A great thank you to you Mr Hunter and Mr Celente, they are brave voices in the wilderness warning us plebs that what is about to befall us is a horror show of Bolsheviks.Reality they are putting their necks on the line for us who steadfastly refuse to get up off our collective knees. Thank you for your bravery.
    Here in the UK in the Holy Season of Advent our security services and government have gone insane,happily from my home town, we have acidic irony,
    dripping with contempt for the rectal sphincters that are our elite. Ulster Fry have got up and did a little roasting. Watch them roast Alexa.
    God Bless America and her people for COMMUNISTS are out to kill you as well as us in the UK and Europe.

  22. Eileen

    Dear Greg,
    I love this interview with Gerald Celente. I listened to the interview twice, only because I love when Mr. Celente gets on a roll and shows his temper.
    I live in PA. and I felt exactly as he does about our Health Minister in PA. Its terrible to have witnessed and experienced what he/she has dictated to PA citizens. It is abominable to me have to listen to the commands and dictates of ANYONE who is probably not far from needing life support to dictate to me what I need to do to maintain my health. And her master the Wolfe, sure has been hiding in his lair lately. He got caught, and so did the PA “Supreme” Court. What a bunch of LOSERS.
    Keep up your good works Greg! Thank you for the interview with Mr. Celente.

  23. W.T. Ford

    It’s here, Trumpster in GEORGIA!

  24. JC

    The freaks have worked their way into a lot of positions of power…
    Live in fear, stay home, don’t go out…

    Yesterday I went to check out a new supermarket, just to observe. All the shoppers wearing masks, blank dead looking eyes, stumbling around like zombies. A woman rammed her shopping cart directly into my leg/knee and it hurt. She didn’t make eye contact with me, she didn’t say I’m sorry, or excuse me, she just redirected her cart and moved on.

    What is happening? Are masks dehumanizing us? Is everybody nuts?

    • Paul ...

      JC … It is time we the people produce a “gain of function” government … where our representatives work for us (and not have the machinery of government manufacture profits for alien “virus” demons like Gates and Fauci that are completely under Satan’s control)!!

  25. JC

    Here’s something to cheer us up, and put us in the Christmas spirit.
    Howard Beach, NY. Incredible.

  26. al

    I saw this movie already, it has a happy ending. Trump wins and the crooks get punished once and for all.
    I don’t know about NY but here in NE Florida Mom and Pop shops are doing well, some even better than before. Last week I went to lunch with Friends at a local small sports bar, no masks on us, no one else had masks, not the waitresses, not the management and not the patrons, and we dined inside where 90% of the patrons were. This goes for all the other places I visit. Don’t believe me? Come check it out.

    A waterfront restaurant not far from me is always packed. Again. No masks for the most part, the very few that wear them are looked at like they are crazy as I hear mumbling like “they must be New Yorkers”.
    I’m not making fun of NYers, unfortunately all of my Family lives in the frozen tundra of doom (thank you Killer Kuomo), I’m just making a point. Besides dividing us politically, now they divide us “medically” as well.

    It’s a tale of two Countries, America and Maskmerica. (yes, you can use that Gerald, it’s on me).

  27. Nick de la Gaume

    I steeled my self to watch Gerald this time.
    Been doing Freedom, Peace and Justice since 1964. Better extremely late than never, eh folks! The Almighty Lord planted COURAGE in the nature of every single person on this planet. May I humbly request everybody to beg the Almighty for access to your Divine heritage.
    What a terrible time to be a teenager or an older party person.
    God Blesses everybody with every single breath that enters and leaves the body. Perhaps it is time to acknowledge that.

  28. Matt

    Similar to gain of functioning testing, the American citizenry (the subject) is being exposed to systematic depletion of their rights, some of which are ordained by God, to see how it responds. The latest test by Globalists is to see how the subject would react to the nullification of the majorities vote. The subject is perturbed but not lashing out through violence. Therefore, more rights will be brazenly revoked within the up and coming year.

  29. Heinrich

    Already in summer Trump warned of electorial fraud with fake mail-in ballots. Consequently, the Trump team should have been prepared for what was coming. Allegedly, Trump has been strongly supported by military intelligence. Whilst a lot of allegations for voter fraud has been presented during the hearings, the smoking gun is still missing. And this is what trouble me. He should have everything he needs ! Shouldn‘t team Trump bring up real evidence shortly, I would tend to beleive that large scale fraud DID NOT occur and there is not much to prove. Now, you might say that there is plenty of „evidence“ around, but I think that none of the „evidence“ we have seen so far has any potential to win the case in a court. I am shocked about the weakness of the allegations provided so far.We need people plead gulity, arrests, (more convincing) video or phone recordings, records of fraudulent voting machine data transfer, servers, hard disks etc.

    • Dave

      Trump and his team are saving their “powder” for the Supreme Court. He does have all he needs to overturn the election. Have a little faith.

  30. Virginia Conway

    Thank you, Greg, for all your great reporting….. I use Roku to stream all my TV and I sat alone in my darkened living room and watched the Trump rally, with my arms raised in cheers. Trump has a plan, he will not go quietly in the night. This is an election like no other and timelines do not apply, Everything may go down to the wire and maybe just beyond. Trump loves our country too much to submit. I thank all those great patriots who are working tirelessly to expose the corruption that is rampant in our lives. There is nowhere to hide nowhere to go, this is IT! God in all that is divine give us the fortitude to prevail in God’s name I pray. Be aware opinions can be contagious & this is just mine. Trump 2021.

    • Greg Hunter

      I watched it all too Virginia on OANN. Trump did not look like a beaten man!!

  31. roger+stamper

    tks for post

  32. donna+s.

    Just wondering if anyone else is having problems sending a email to the representatives , senators and President Trump. I think we should all be letting him know we are behind him and every link I have found and tried to use says it is a invalid email address? I have gone the etc. any suggestions. I have become so suspicious of these people trying to take over our country and our very minds I am suspicious of this. lol

    • Paul ...

      All e-mails to Trump are automatically forwarded to Bribe’n by the “Dominion” internet machine’s run by Google (who then also transfers copies to China for future reference) … but only until we take Google down … by boycotting their services and selling their stock … use “a paper letter” to contact your representatives and Trump … avoid e-mail letters (that can be easily stolen electronically)!!

  33. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, waking up to you and Gerald Celente talking about “nipple-rings” Cuomo was great. Election fraud and Covid shutdowns are serious subjects and he had us laughing. Tearing these little dictators apart with humor — excellent.

    Watching Staten Island LE perp walk the owner of Mac’s Public House was a sad day in America. Arresting a small business owner for trying to keep his livelihood viable. — watching from SOCAL and that was just sad.

    It looks as though at least some LE in California are pushing back — “ Every sheriff in Los Angeles region refusing to enforce Gavin Newsom’s COVID curfew”
    and then I read in a local online news story that San Diego’s mayor is pushing back a little. “’The rules are changing once again’ Mayor Kevin Faulconer responds to Newsom’s new shutdowns”

    Faulconer is a Republican and probably has his eyes on Sacramento so him taking an opposing stand to Newsom’s small-business killing edict is probably just good politics, but it’s a start.

    So what is causing this latest surge in Covid cases? How about the PCR test with a Cycle Threshold (CT) value set at 45 — total garbage, but that’s in the WHO guidelines. Chris Martenson has a great presentation on Covid PCR tests which indicates that this latest “surge” is based on BS…
    “Tested ‘Positive’ For COVID-19? Be Sure To Ask This Question

  34. James Hastings in NE Georgia

    I enjoy Mr Celente’s Trends Journal. Great overview of the current situation. Might I suggest viewers also seek their news on “Bongino Report”, “Censored News” and “Whatfinger”. I don’t watch the mainstream news.

    Thank you Mr. Hunter. Always look forward to your program. Really love the Friday rap-up.

  35. Jerry

    It’s time to wake up. Short of the insurrection act and martial law there is no way to stop Lucifer and his technocrat puppets.

    Google has taken down all of my saved information links they’ve deemed as misinformation, and anything I post on Facebook gets rubbed out. Gerald is right about one thing. The death camps are just a shadows throw away. It’s decision time people! What will you do when the technocrats running this show tell you that you need to get inline for your shot or have your finances and power shut off? Have you prepared? Have you payed off your debts and set money aside to buy last minute essentials? Do you have food and water, and more importantly a source of heat, once operation dark winter starts? Are you ready spiritually to die, should the technocrats decide to drone you, rather than put global troops at risk trying to storm your house?
    Don’t think that’s possible? Think again. What do you think that tracking device called an iPhone is used for? G5? Forget hiding in the woods. Short of going underground, they can locate you anywhere now. Guns and bullets? Useless. The military industrial complex has close to 100,000 predator drones that are linked to sky net, that can be programmed to take out thousands of would targets considered to be a threat ( like a virus ) to the new global governance. Do you get the picture? You’re either going to roll up your sleeve and become biologically linked to the government cloud, or face eradication. As for me, the choice is simple? I will never…….never…knell before Lucifer and his technocrat puppets. If they want to rube me out. Fine. Im spiritually ready. By killing me, they will make me an immortal being no longer subject to death. And then what? What else can they do to me? Take my soul? Sorry. That belongs to Jesus Christ. These technocrat idiots have no idea, what they’re about to unleash on the world. No I’m not talking about the mythological kraken Sydney Powell mentioned. I’m talking about Armageddon and the second coming of Jesus Christ. Friends do you really believe that God our eternal father would allow Lucifer to destroy his plan of free agency and get away with it? If you do, you need to reread your scriptures.
    This is going to end in only one way. The return of Jesus Christ and his thousand year reign on earth. And….you know what they say about paybacks? I have a personal score to settle with Lucifer, so I pray I am worthy to be in that number. Get ready friends.

    • Jerry

      Don’t worry. Everything is under control.

      “Suuuuch…”.Donald Trump has a secret plan to take down the deep state and take back the election. Sloppy Joe and his global puppet masters don’t stand a chance. ( sarcasm ) I guess that’s why he used Facebook last week to deliver his one hour speech. Operation Warp Speed is on track. Everything is under control.

    • JC

      Jerry, what you are describing brings to mind the opening scene of “The Terminator.”

      • Jerry

        Yes, it’s pretty scary. About as scary as China hooking up with Klaus and the technocrats over at the WEF.

        What Greg and Gerald don’t get is, China rigged the election to put the WEF in play for the reset. The outcome was predetermined. Want proof? Where’s Hunter Biden’s laptop? Where’s the dominion server that was supposedly retrieved from Germany? The news media…..crickets. Congress…..looking the other way. And now we’re supposed to believe the Supreme Court will overturn the election? Brace yourself. The last major decision they made was the affordable care act. How did that work out?

        • JC

          The mystery of Hunter Biden’s laptop…

          G.A. STEWART:
          The fix in modern society is in and the Mainstream Media proved itself to be an enemy of The Constitution of The United States when it ignored The Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal and blamed it on the Russians. This must be the most juvenile and dangerous moment in American journalism.

    • Jerry

      Here’s your timeline.

      Greg, why not have KAF back on? I’d like to hear her take on where this is all going. We are well past politics and banks.

      • Tin foil hat

        I guess we are being herd back into the Garden of Eden. Don’t worry, be happy!

        • Paul ...

          In the Garden of Eden … Satan told Eve “she had the right to choose” (any apple in the Garden) … today Satan’s spawn are telling women again “you have the right to choose” … yet in Hillary’s book “It Takes a Village” … is clear women “don’t have the right to the children they already have” … “nor the right to refuse being sterilized” by Big Pharma to make them “seedless” and deny them the right to have any children at all … so these transgender queers like Gates can eventually say “women are not needed anymore” … because the Demons have convinced women “to give up their birth right” … thus nore easily achieving their Georgia Guidestone goals … to depopulate Earth … so that only 500,000 perverted trans-gender and trans-human queers remain in a the New World “Sodom and Gomorrah” Utopia … God knew what needed to be done … and so do we!!

          • Tin foil hat

            Freedom derives from knowledge, knowledge derives from an apple and the apple came from the Garden of Eden.

    • Jerry

      Here you go folks,
      Proof of what’s ahead when you take the biometric vaccine.

      That leash is getting shorter all the time. The bad news is, it’s not Billy Gates at the end of it. It’s Lucifer jerking your chain. The good news is, there’s a chain around his neck, and it’s about to get jerked too. Pick who you’re gonna serve. It’s just that simple.

    • notyourpatsy

      Jerry, Your post’s second paragraph is what I have been saying for the past year here. Mr Hunter is about to verify that I have the background I have been claiming all along. Shortly he’ll see it in his hands and hopefully those of you who have not heeded my posts will…until I stop posting.
      I do hope everyone here at UWD is dug in and can defend their ground until it is their time to go. Do not go meekly in front of these political savages! Rather, everyone should already have acknowledged Our Lord Jesus Christ is coming back! Sing His praises everyday in all places for all to hear!

      • Jerry

        No offense, but I’ve been posting for years, that China has been stealing this country one piece at a time. First through the gold industry, then the banks ( Who could forget “ The Working Group” )
        and now our politicians who rigged this election for China.

        Follow the money. All roads lead to China and the WEF.

        • wayne hardin

          China has been stealing this country one piece at a time ???????
          Sadly just as the slaves own people sold them into slavery .
          Our people sold america to china .
          And are still doing it as we speak .
          fellow the money .
          like the song says you aint seen nothing yet .
          And most do not care as long as they have a chicken in the pot .

          SAD AINT IT > esau all over again .

          • Paul ...

            China definitely already owns California and New York State … so we are down to 48 States or less right now … if the Supreme Court allows “commie” Bribe’n to win … China will own every State in the Union … this invasion of our Nation “cannot be allowed” … we put a lot of money into our Military to defend our Nation … so where are they?? … and where were they on 9-11??? … if they can’t defend our Nation and our Constitution lets cut the defense budget to zero!!!!!

        • notyourpatsy

          Jerry, None taken friend! Every awake American has witnessed the wholesale selling of OUR COUNTRY by politicians and corporate America since JFK WAS MURDERED! It is OUR Country to lose or keep by WHATEVER MEANS NEEDED! Don’t think for a minute that ANY veteran who wore a uniform and is still breathing would not join in this fight. Not only do we still know the where’s, and how to’s of operating mil equipment, but also the private ownership thereof!

    • JC

      What used to be just a “telephone” is now a sophisticated electronic leash and tracking device.

      ‘According to an NBC News analysis of cellphone location data provided by the analytics and marketing company Cuebiq, Americans in more than 1,900 counties saw increased rates of closeness during Thanksgiving travel, compared to the previous week.’

      ‘Cuebiq has analyzed detailed location data from more than 15 million mobile devices in the contiguous U.S. since March to determine how often people lingered within 50 feet of someone else for at least five minutes while outside of their homes.’

    • Mario

      Hey Jerry

      Good post….
      I agree

      Blessings my brother,


  36. paul Anthony

    Love and appreciate everytime you have Celente on

    thank you Greg and Gerald


    Paul Anthony

  37. Mike

    I believe Trump should activate the 1807 Insurrection Act, proclaiming foreign and domestic cyber and agent attacks on our election systems.
    Seize all electronic voting systems to obtain a forensic analysis.
    Delay the Electorial College vote for up to 90 days to obtain an honest voter count
    Hold military tribunal court hearings for those convicted of voter fraud and mass manipulation.

  38. Lora

    This needs to be shared:

  39. JimH

    Trump needs to have a “ come to Jesus talk” with the DOJ / FBI to secure solid evidence sufficient to invoke the insurrection act, arrest the officials responsible for directing voter fraud in all states involved, and take them to trial for treason.

  40. Lora

    This needs to be shared:

  41. Keith+Wilson

    Let’s look who is behind the the democratic party and who contributed the most during the election. Top of the list was Michael bloomberg.Tom Steyer.George Soros. Dustin Moskovitz.Donald sussman. Then you have Rahn Emanuel collecting billions from the rich and powerful families from Aipac. So basically you have a party which is completely controlled by Jewish interests and big Jewish money. No Russian money. No Chinese money. Call them communists if you want but they have stolen the 2020 election . Also Israel is supposedly the greatest friend America has ?

    • notyourpatsy

      Keith, And folks here have wondered why I opened up THAT can of worms pointing out the couple who *thinks* and *acts* like they ARE royals! No, not prince and meeagian….jareed and the commie liberal daughter eevanka, a closet kardashian wannabe! THOSE two have always been *the leak* in the W’H’ from day one. Who benefited none other than idfissreeal! THEY want and need the mic to back them in THEIR war THEY want to start now in the M’East! Only THEY want more Americans to do it and die for them…..P’ Trump did the best job he could for being a businessman and not a *seasoned* (corrupt) politician. ALL POLITICIANS FROM MAYORS TO THE PRESIDENT HAVE ALWAYS BEEN CORRUPT AND *ONLY* HAD THEIR OWN INTERESTS AT HEART……NEVER THE AMERICAN PUBLIC’S!! THEY railroaded Our Country to Hell, literally, but now WE ARE GOING TO START OUR REPUBLIC OVER AGAIN…..OR DIE TRYING! When I say, ‘we’, I mean every Patriotic American, this does’nt include liberals, alphabet soup screwed up types, etc…..I have repeatedly warned about the un/nwo monolith in nyc being on American soil, and for it to be gone off the face of the Earth, during P’ Trump’s past 4 years to no avail.

    • Tin foil hat

      I hope you are referring to the American Jewish financiers, the kind who didn’t lift a finger for the european Jews running from the Nazi, rather than the Jewish people.
      Israeli Jews love Trump and many in NYC voted for him.

      • notyourpatsy

        TFH, No, *they* voted for their ‘inside man’ jarreed and his lefty wife to give them insider info on which to get richer by at the expense of REAL AMERICANS. I’m standing by that, because ALL of you holding ‘dual citizenship’ are cowards who need a Country to ‘escape to’ when the fighting that your people (corporate issreaals) started begins yet again. Not one enlisted American in uniform started ANY of that BS in the M’E’ that has cost thousands of AMERICAN LIVES, and MAIMED FOR LIFE thousands more! No, that has ALWAYS BEEN issreall’s doing kicking the beast, and then hiding behind the us mic, also run by your people.

        • Tin foil hat

          I don’t have dual citizenship and am not Jewish. I’m not too crazy about the Hassidic Jews but have no problem with the secular Jews even if they held dual citizenship.

        • Tin foil hat

          How do you feel about Mark Levine?

          Do you know how many of those creatures from Jekyll Island were Jewish?

  42. Self+Exiled

    Pentagon blocks visits to military spy agencies by Biden transition team—————-The Trump administration has refused to allow members of President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team to meet with officials at U.S. intelligence agencies that are controlled by the Pentagon,————-The Defense Department rejected or did not approve requests from the Biden team this week.

  43. George

    Sadly, Americans have been lulled to sleep. Distractions galore fill their days. Hollywood Celebrities and Rock Stars instill children’s values. Parents work at the office or whichever job, while Porn Stars like Kim Kardashian teaches the girls how to be……well you know.
    And, Marilyn Manson teaches the boys…..well you know. Cell phones fill their eyes and ears with the above nonsense mentioned already.

    I don’t see anyone of the young people today even having a clue about what is really happening.

    The “Controllers” did the simplest task and won.
    They divided the country, and it worked like a charm.

    Our Forefathers would be so ashamed of what the People have allowed the Bankers to accomplish without even a fight.

  44. George+Eddleston

    Greg; Who did we fight a revolutionary war, the war of 1812, supported the south slaveholders in the civil war, killed more than six or so American Patriot Presidents, roped us into world war one and two, installed off shoring of labor, out sourcing of production, supported radical free trade, originated the invisible hand on one side and Carl Marx on the other. Who in the house of lords in 2017 said, ” the special relationship will not last if another Trump administration occurs”? Gave us drug, sex counter culture which has become our culture; drugs, sex and rock and roll and don’t forget “chipped, tagged, and vaccinated like farm animals”. Who is anti technology, anti fusion energy, anti space program and anti human progress….. my blood pressure is rising here so I will stop. KNOW YOUR ENEMY

    • Tin foil hat

      The City of London?

      • K. Wayne

        There are 3 Heads of the Serpent….
        Washington DC
        Vatican City
        City of London
        Can you identify how each one influences the Global Population.

        • notyourpatsy

          K wayne, By control of MONEY! Of course *they* are all controlled by Satan! Not any of those named serves a legit purpose in this world.

        • Tin foil hat

          I haven’t a slightest idea.

  45. Anthony Owen

    the republicans and democrats are complicit in this fraud, from the very beginning, in 2016 they both concluded, that the only way to put in another democrat, was to put someone against Hillary who was to assure there victory. They underestimated the American people. They knew this election was a given for president Trump. All hands were on deck, big tech, 99 percent of all politicians, and the un elected fourth branch of Government, the military industrial complex, They knew he was going to win, they just underestimated (AGAIN) by how much. The amount of fraud they had to engage in to pull ahead was just a special kind of stupid. we all know there caught. The question is will we allow it to happen.

    • Tin foil hat

      Special kind of stupid (lol), I think it’s more a special kind of my shit don’t stink arrogance.

  46. Self+Exiled

    JOE SIXPACK12/05/2020 •
    If you are a professional I believe that depending which state you are licensed to practice in, your license could be revoked. If u were a professional you likely would know that. If you are not a profesional why are you wasting your time?

    You need to consider what offends you concerning my statement content. Something hit close to home [relationships]. Professionalism is an issue you need to resolve for yourself. I suspect your professionalism has been questioned or your profession has no licensure. I also suspect your perfectionist tendencies and extremely biased viewpoints have created a mind set that understanding and /or any resolution for you is questionable. Your statements and question reflect to many assumptions.

  47. Bonnie Grainger

    Grainger Bonnie

  48. FreeOregon

    De-covid them so we can breed back better.

    De-louse them so we can breed back better. Then, blond and blue eyed Aryans.

    Eugenics, alive and well.

  49. Grainger Bonnie

    Scare crow Joe slips. he’s gonna get disease and resign Shadow gov. panics, Sends Message, Everything Is About To Change.

    • Paul ...

      People need to use their God given brains … the virus “does not affect young people” … so that is why the “commie” Demons have to vaccinate all children (without the need for parental consent)?? … with a vaccine that sterilizes them???

  50. Chuck Norris'ta

    It Begins And Ends With The Keystone, deep state Battle Plan Known, Military Control
    1 hr 4 min
    The economy continues to improve, the central bank/deep state plan has failed, the economy did not implode on itself. The US is going to come out as the shining star. Trump gets one of this nominees into position, Shelton is standing by, everything is going according to the plan. Trump and the patriots know the playbook of the deep cree0ps, they are using their plan against them. The [e] fraud is off the charts and now the evidence is being produced. We are now seeing video evidence and other evidence. This is just the beginning. The [DS] plan lets us know they will be trying to create delays in the electoral counting, they are trying to make it so nobody becomes President! Then call on the military. Trump and the patriots know the playbook, it begun in with the keystone state and will end there, military control, constitution is the only way forward.

  51. Norris'ta Chuck

    TRAITORS EXPOSED. PATRIOTS ARE SAVING THE REPUBLIC. — Claudio Grass discusses the attempted coup of the Republic of the United States of America, the Covid vaccine agenda, and the evil intentions of the “Great Reset”.

    8 hours ago
    EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Telecom CEO & Pioneer Blasts FBI, DOJ, NSA — ‘They’re the Largest Organized Crime Family in America’

  52. Dave

    I follow and enjoy Mr. Celente. That said, he is wrong this time. TPTB both Democrat and Republican are working to make sure Trump does not win and that the GOP looses control of the Senate. Why else did Kemp of Georgia refuse to ask for a recount of the Senate race? Purdue would almost certainly go above 50% and win the sat outright. Giving the GOP control of the Senate. The Republicans’ in Georgia are at each others’ throats with Wood and Powell asking conservatives not to vote in the Senate runoffs while other conservatives urge Republicans to vote. The GOP itself? It is running a poor campaign in Georgia. Jay Sekulow said the Dems are going all out there and he hopes the GOP is too. Sekulow knows the GOP and that he “hopes” that the GOP runs as hard a campaign as the Democrats is telling. The race is all but over. The Democrats will take both seats and control of the Senate. Rush criticized Georgia conservatives who are not going to vote as being “purists” and that now is not the time to be a purist. At a practical level true but Rush was not a purist when it comes to Trump and the GOP and their massive spending/deficits prior to Covid. It’s always next time we’ll be purists. For those conservatives who don’t vote in January it is a rejection of not just the Georgia voter fraud in which the GOP was complicit, it is a rejection of the establishment GOP. Some of these conservatives would just as well see the GOP crash and burn hoping that a conservative party emerges from it all.

    As to fraud in the election, it would have taken a massive conspiracy across state lines and yet no one has fessed up or significant proof been found. That strains credulity if one assumes there was a massive conspiracy. . The argument that 80 million people would not have voted for Biden is somewhat true. But as Shapiro says, they did not vote for Biden – they voted against Trump. Shapiro has said for a year now if the election is a referendum on Trump then Trump looses.

    Finally, Justice Alito has charge of the Pa. cases in terms of moving to the SCOYUS. He did issue an injunction weeks ago but no follow-up. Why? He seems to be letting the clock run out on the case. Alito is a man of integrity and, if he is doing that, it is because he does not find enough fraud to impact the election.

  53. Paul ...

    See this “commie” controlled by the Deep State … … he is now saying that the Hillary and Bribe’n stealing of his votes is perfectly fine with him (I guess his $10 million dollar “stimulus check” has finally been deposited into his Swiss Bank Account while the Moms and Pops who voted for him get their businesses closed down)!!

  54. Paul ...

    You know … at the current rate … whereby the globalists kill a quarter of a billion people each year … … by 2050 (thirty years from now) they can reduce the Earth’s population by 8,100,000,000 million people (just about meeting the 9 billion Georgia Guidestones extermination quota) … so far so good … their plan is right on track … unless … we stop them “dead” using the Military (we spent so much money on to defend us)!!

    • Paul ...

      If the US Military can’t defend us … cut their budget to zero and hand out all the billions to the local Patriot Militia’s to better arm themselves … someone has to fight the coming battle with the Blue Helmet “foreign” UN troops (that will be sent to take control of the USA) by the globalists!!

      • notyourpatsy

        Paul, I’ve said this since P’Trump got into office 4 years ago. Not to worry, anyone who considers themselves an American Patriot took precautions wayyy back before the sheep saw this coming. Now we’re not here to save any of ‘those sheep’, just ourselves and OUR REPUBLIC. If you’re rushing out to gear up now, well, we’ll be glad to let you run point because if you waited this late you’re considered a pfc within state militias today. Do what is asked of you within your own state by leaders of your *genuine* state militia, NOT a group of wannabe hotheads. Those will be easy to spot as they don’t understand the art of warfare….never let your enemy see you coming.
        Self defense from here on out consists of you returning fire if the govt sends goons for you, or your neighbor, who has been ratted out by your other liberal neighbor! Using someone else to fight your battles constitutes the state being the enemy, because they write the paychecks for those goons coming to restrict your Constitutional rights! If you have a problem with this then you’re either THE problem or a liberal, and as such just another moving target at the duck shoot!
        Remember, when your local militia sends out the call for more volunteers and YOU don’t show up YOU become a target! Name and address of cowards will be known.

  55. dave

    For WEEKS I’ve been hearing and reading optimistic AND pessimistic viewpoints on Trumps chances of getting 2nd term. And I am CERTAIN he won the election. Probably in a LANDSLIDE !!! But, the Dems, the G.D corrupt, EVIL Commies, American BOLSHEVICKS just may succeed at STEALING the White House. At this point, I just can’t predict what’s goona happen. God HELP this nation if Joe BITE ME gets his Sorry, Corrupt butt in the Oval Office, but, again, I just can’t predict with ANY certainty.

    • Utter B. Chaos

      Dave you just can’t predict with ANY soytainty?
      What kind of un-intell psyop’s cyclops are you anyways?
      Get your bT buddies together and kick some booty!👁

  56. KK

    Trump or Biden?
    It doesn’t matter ….. Wall Street rules the world

  57. KhmerRouge

    Justice With Judge Jeanine 12/05/20 FULL | Jeanine Pirro Dec 05, 2020 346,743 views•Dec 5, 2020

    Collins tears into Pelosi: She ‘played politics’ with people’s lives
    56,230 views•Dec 6, 2020

    Joe Biden spoke of Kamala Harris as though ‘she was president’
    76,833 views•Dec 6, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Sky News host Paul Murray says Joe Biden, in a recent interview, spoke of his relationship with Kamala Harris “as if she was the president and he was the vice president.”
    Discussing his relationship with Kamala Harris, Mr Biden said, “when we disagree, so far, it’s just been like when Barak and I did. It’s in private and she’ll say I think we should do A, B, C or D, and I’ll say I like A, don’t like B and C.”
    “I told Barak, if I reach something where’s there’s a fundamental disagreement we have based on a moral principle, I’ll develop some disease and say I have to resign,” Mr Biden said.
    “Remember he’s in charge, she’s is there just in case he dies, as all vice-presidents are,” Mr Murray said.
    “If anyone has the fundamental disagreement with you, Mr President elect, potential Mr President, they are the ones who have to invent the reason to leave, not you.” VIDEO;

    43,196 views•Dec 6, 2020 Black Conservative Patriot

    Why I “Threw TRUMP Under The BUS” | My 2 Cents | Huckabee
    16,664 views•Dec 6, 2020 Huckabee
    A viewer accused Gov. Mike Huckabee of throwing President Trump under the bus. Why? Here’s the latest on Trump’s legal battles, voter fraud, and more. Watch His 2 Cents now!

    Election witness responds after senator asks why others haven’t come forward, draws applause | NTD
    923,264 views•Premiered Dec 5, 2020

    Michigan Hearing: Dem. Senator Jeff Irwin GETS DESTROYED by Witness for trying to lie
    69,583 views•Dec 6, 2020

  58. K.Rouge

    Dem Rep says the left wants to take America in the ‘wrong direction’
    46,980 views•Dec 6, 2020

    Out of The Mouths of BABES?
    BREAKING: Sidney Powell Releases The Kraken; ‘Trump Has Won!’ _20,597 views•Dec 6, 2020
    Sorry LGBQRSTUVWXYZ leftist un-intell traitors, your toast!

    A potential Biden administration ‘should be troubling’ the public
    58,925 views•Dec 6, 2020 Sky News Australia
    The promises and initial policies of a Joe Biden administration should be “troubling the public,” according to Sky News host Rowan Dean. VIDEO;
    Boiler Tech 13 hours ago
    So pathetic. Already preparing us for his resignation. He didn’t want this. He was put up to it. It’s elder abuse.

    One America News Today Dec 05, 2020 | BREAKING NEWS TRUMP 10AM 12/05/20
    54,720 views•Dec 6, 2020 American Breaking News
    Victor Mawhinney 1 hour ago (edited)
    Those Dominion VOTING machines should be outlawed in every state .
    Vote in person with ( PROPER ) identification,,, it’s the only way to have an honest election .
    John Ryan 1 hour ago
    roger waters 58 minutes ago
    When Trump is declared the winner of the 2020 election the CIA and FBI need to be completely purged. The CIA needs to be disbanded.
    I YAM what I YAM uk uk uk uk 55 minutes ago
    At this point, ANY Georgia “Official” who disregards this and does nothing about it, is specifically and personally complicit and must be removed and imprisoned IMMEDIATELY!
    Mischa Fellner 1 hour ago
    The entire 🌎 knows election fraud( s) plural occurred. The corruption is visible to the people. Drain the swamp
    Koen GO 1 hour ago
    Whistleblowers MUST BE PROTECTED …. Please !!

  59. JC

    Celente is so right, sit down in the restaurant, “mask off”, stand up, “mask on.”
    Outdoor market, extreme winds, but “maintain 6 ft social distancing.”
    It’s all insanity!

  60. M Bek

    I urge ALL real Americans to turn off the fake news. Why would anyone sit down and obediently listen to lies being spit out of the mouth of communists/satanists/pedophiles/wanna-be-slavers?
    Turn off the fake news and I promise you you will sleep better and be less anxious!
    Remember. These satanists/perverts NEED us. We don’t need them. If half of the country turned off the propaganda machine- it would not only hit them in their pockets, it would dilute a lot of their satanic sway!!
    Let’s all boycott these devil worshippers. Call friends and family to encourage them to do the same and tell them how much better you feel by not listening to some hateful pervert vomit forth lies…

    • Russ+F

      We canceled cable over year ago; we save $75/month and miss nothing!

    • notyourpatsy

      M Bek, I posted as much here months ago…and it still holds true. STOP WATCHING *THEIR* ‘programming’, and cost them ad dollars.
      I just finished viewing a Formula 1 race……Pirelli electronic billboard ad, ” power is nothing, without CONTROL”! It hit me like a ton of bricks, It’s EXACTLY what the TPTB are attempting to do to Americans with the mask issue! DO NOT WEAR A MASK IN NON PUBLIC ENCLOSED AREAS! Pull out a lighter when you exit such a mask required zone and BURN IT! Let the demonrat liberals shriek in horror as you laugh all the way back to your vehicle LOL! They almost stroke out I tell you!

  61. Lady Au Stackers United

    I’m visiting Las Vegas. I’m driving my big beautiful diesel truck and park at Lowes, you know, one of those big corporate essential businesses. Then a beat up old little car drives up to me and the man motions me to roll down my window. He asks me if I could spare a 20 dollar bill for gas. I tell him, “sorry, I don’t carry cash, I only have a credit card.” An hour later, I drive back to my place and on the way back, stop to top off fuel at a convenience store. While I’m filling the fuel tank, a scruffy man approaches me and asks me if I could spare him some cash because he lost his bus pass. I say, “I’m sorry sir, I only have a credit card, I do not carry cash.” My point is ever since the Covid Lockdowns, the homeless are getting more aggressive. I’m a 63 year old lady, and this creeps me out! So we’ve got the chronic homeless, and now we’ve got the newly homeless due to Covid Lockdowns. As per Mr Celente says, “when you’ve lost everything, and got nothing left to lose, then you lose it.” So we’ve got more and more desperados on the streets, businesses lost, jobs lost, homes and apartments lost for those who no longer have the revenue to pay for housing. I deliberately dress down so I don’t look like a an old lady target for some money hungry down-and-outer. The streets are predominantly sparse, public transportation still operates, the homeless have been corralled into a Covid Safe Place, and I see none begging with a sign, but rather they approach me instead because they’re desperate. And Covid lockdowns have created a larger backlog of homeless on the streets of LA. Just go look at the video posts. This is pathetic what’s happening in our country! Could We The People be experiencing a great economical financial reset using Covid as the tail wagging the dog?

    • notyourpatsy

      Lady AU, Keep on stacking and don’t forget to carbon out that liberal in the prius behind you at a stoplight LOL! YOU should be carrying then, because you live in NV and can only protect yourself! You CANNOT *depend* upon the cops to do what Our Constitution says WE MUST DO FOR OURSELVES! Being a victim only enriches the cops, lawyers, judges, etc. NEVER does it allow you your Constitutional Birth Right in Our Republic to defend yourself!

      It’s going to be real Hell on Earth in Our Country from here on out. Carry and use whatever means you can to protect yourself and family. Do not be afraid to aid someone in distress…BE the Good Samaritan!

    • Bob+Lamb

      Error on the side of being generous!

  62. Self+Exiled

    Trump surprised me with this rally, as you know by my posts I do not have much faith in mankind and it filters down into individuals members of our political collective. Please president Trump prove me wrong about your stamina to hold the line.

  63. Self+Exiled

    WATCH Trump supporters hit Antifa protesters with American flags during clashes in Washington state capital—-

    • notyourpatsy

      SE, What those guys really needed were 2 hwy snowplows side by side to clear the antifa crap out of the way!
      Think about all of the liberals who’ve moved out of the usa over the past years, and sit in some third world craphole collecting their S’ Security checks living like kings amongst the locals. Now sit back and laugh when those same checks stop being ‘deposited’ into their accounts! Now all those liberals will be able to live like the locals for REAL! LOL!

      • Self+Exiled

        Sounds like your talking about me. Altho I don’t receive my SS check, it goes to a loved one. ”LOL” I don’t think I could survive like my neighbors do, even if were in good health. I’ve gone as low as I can go in my present physical condition. Now if I had done this 50 years ago I would be up in the hills; altho I was running a trapline when I was 13 in Lakota Territory. I have followed snowplows, after heavy blizzards, my uncle ran the blade on one of the big ones [two man crew], there like a tank when loaded.

  64. James+sullivan

    Greg, why the upset? Do you think the rest of thr world didn’t see Amrican Exceptionalism as hubris? Did you not think the rest of the world saw the USA as a bully?
    Are you surprised the rest of the world would give thanks for the decline of empire?
    With all your discussions with smart hard thinking people, you didn’t pick up that 800 military bases is empire, pure nd simple. …funnily enuf, they aren’t the problem …..the problem is that you guys aren’t very good at empire. You’ve stomped your way around the globe , with no greater justification than ‘We are exceptional’, but as you are and will increasingly be finding out, you are not exceptional…… just thugs.
    (Surely, i’m not the first messenger of this…)

    • Bob+Lamb

      The US has done more good than any other country and saved numerous others from starvation etc..

      • Greg Hunter

        I agree Bob!!!!!!!

  65. Robert+Dziok

    In the excellent 12/4/2020 WNW Greg mentions where the Bible mentions “Reversals” in a number of places. Well, here is one BIG one currently going on and why a lot is not openly seen. Seems the Desperate Dems/Deep State walked right into the front door of National Security violation trap set up in 2018 by Trump/Patriots for their 2020 election fraud. There are even “rendition flights” where deep state traitors are now interrogated for their roles in the cyber warfare election rigging attack that the United States just endured.

    Mike Adams at his site lays this all out in his Dec 3rd “Situation Update” entitled “Trump invokes foreign interference provision of his 2018 executive order, authorizing military response to cyber warfare, see NSPM 13” and his Dec 4th “Situation Update” entitled “Offensive cyber warfare mechanisms activated, election outcome now bending toward national defense scenario”. In addition, “rendition flights” are discussed in his Nov 28th interview with an aerospace industry analyst (Code name “Monkey Werx” ) who monitors real-time flight data of military aircraft in order to identify geopolitical events that are taking place.

    As an aside Mike Adams mentions in his “Situation Update” that God took RBG at the particular time she passed. This was because Amy Coney Barrett was needed on SCOTUS after the election to uphold the Constitution and Rule of Law. This struck me as I had thought that myself also at times. So there would be at least 5 to 4 to uphold as Roberts is likely compromised. In light of this Greg is shown correct that God will intervene at the right time for “Reversal” as Greg mentions often cited in the Bible.

  66. robert rude

    Military tribunal intervention and martial law will be the course of action should SCOTUS pass on fraud. Sidney is a military lawyer and a tribunal judge.

  67. Judy

    For cryin’ out loud, Greg, stop erasing my comments just because they don’t fit your reality! Come January 20,2021, Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President. Just move on, stop cryin’ in your beer and vote again in four years! Remember…United we stand, divided we fall!

    • Greg Hunter

      We will see. The treasonous fraud RICO coup is being revealed more and more every day.

    • Tin foil hat

      If our votes were meaningless, what are we standing for?

      If we refused to turn a blind eye or our cheeks, how can we not be divided?

      Personally, I’m willing to pay whatever price and take my chance to not stand with evil.

      • notyourpatsy

        Here let me fix that for everyone >”If our votes did not count what are we standing for?”


        Again, all state militias are responsible for their own state’s govt leadership. WE THE PEOPLE shall decide who is the gov’nr, mayor, senators representing US outside of OUR individual states! WE out number THEM, and it is OUR will that determines the fate of OUR COUNTRY THE REPUBLIC OF AMERICA! TPTB are ruling over the people of America under *THEIR* ‘construct’, the United States (Corp) of America. THIS is how THEY have been/are circumventing OUR Republic’s Constitution. TPTB/THEY have ‘created’, to use against the people, their own set of *laws*. These are applied on a case by case basis, depending upon whether the cited individual can afford legal representation, which is tantamount to extortion by the courts meaning they are ILLEGAL! All of the corporate money that has created these *laws* through *donations* or outright cash payoffs to ALL politicians by lobbyists for the past 100 years, has indentured the American people to slavery to the govt! That all ends in January 2021!

        • Tin foil hat

          I don’t know about you but I’m waiting for Trump to give the order.

  68. David Hughes

    Greg, is it mu computer? I love your interviews, but the audio is always out of sync with the video. What is going on?
    David H

  69. Jerry

    For those awake,
    Pay close attention. Is this not medical martial law?

    The actual stay at home order by the mayor of L.A. Let me give you the layman’s term for what it’s actually saying. Shut your mouth, and stay in your home. Can you say “house arrest”? What is it that they don’t want you to see? I thought mask and social distancing worked?
    B.F. Skinner would be so proud.

    • JC

      Jerry, it sure seems to be what you describe.
      Twelve pages of insanity.

      Imagine if this was a Twilight Zone episode, what would Rod Serling’s intro be?
      I don’t know… maybe we really have crossed over into the Twilight Zone.

  70. Marie+Joy

    I am very concerned for the health of conservatives/ pro Trumpers, should communists prevail. Communists will NOT let pro Trumpers live and they will come to get us, in the middle of the night. They do things fast and notify no one. Should communists prevail, you have no idea how much danger Greg, you and I are in.

    IF biden prevails, we should move, quickly. Very quickly.

  71. Jerry

    Can you explain to me what the dominion voting system manual means when it says on page 129 it can reopen a ballot?

    I thought this system was secure?

  72. William

    150 comments so far. Your popularity is growing. Just keep on keeping on.

    We now know why Biden stayed in the basement so much of the time. Not necessary to campaign when your election has already been determined.

  73. JC

    33 million Californians face COVID-19 stay-at-home order that will restrict movements and business.


    • Jerry

      Check this out. Water is worth more than gold in California.

      America has truly become a banana republic. First a rigged election, and now water rationing. I can see it now. Women carting cans of water on their head, from government water trucks. FYI have your gutters drain into 275 gallon concealed water crates. Then buy a burkey water filter.

      • eddiemd

        Clean water is liquid gold.

        We are in extreme drought here in Arizona. Add in contaminated aquifers in and around Maricopa county. It will be Biblical when the wells run dry and the canals from the Colorado stop flowing.

        • JC

          eddie md,
          Brings to mind this desert scene at 50:20 from
          ‘Abbott & Costello in The Foreign Legion’ of what’s coming.

        • notyourpatsy

          EddieMD, I recall back in the day when I was driving west to cali on I-10 back in 1990’s and hit my brakes HARD! I then backed up on the shoulder to the sign on east side of the hwy overpass and RE-READ the sign….’RIO GRANDE RIVER’ it looked like a freakin’ dry wash! There was no ‘river’ only some water flowing in a sheet about 10 ft wide and 1-2ft deep!
          Water wars all over again coming to NM, AZ, and the S’W’.

      • JC

        Ken Lay and the Enron boys would have been drooling over this investment “opportunity.” This is bad. Ominous.

  74. Dave

    Georgia GOP officials pushed back this weekend against charges of fraud. The story was debunked about the suitcases of ballots. The Secretary of State’s office said these are standard ballot containers. Another story about a Dominion voting machine in a Georgia county came out this weekend and it was debunked. These stories are grabbed onto by Trump supporters and it is hard to know if progressives are planting the stories to make Trump supporters look foolish or what. Bottom line, Georgia GOP officials, the FBI, the DOJ. They are not pursuing any of this as they are finding no indications of blatant fraud and or fraud that would overturn the results.

    As to the Georgia Senate races, there are many in the GOP that would like to see the Democrats win as that will put the nail in the coffin of MAGA and Trump as a force in the GOP. The Black conservative linked to in a previous post notes how Purdue said it will be easier for he (assuming reelected) and a GOP controlled Senate to work with Biden than it was for Pelosi to work with Trump. That is telling and it tells too why some conservatives will sit out the race. As Mark Steyn asked – so you vote for Purdue and Loeffler and what do you get? Basically nothing. They will cross the aisle, work with Biden and the Democrats and vote for most of Biden’s court appointees. The GOPis itching to go back to being the loyal opposition and add to the mix that Senators like Cotton and Hawley are subdued in their support of Trump’s efforts. Maybe because both are gearing up to run for the GOP nomination in 2024 and would just as soon se Trump out of the equation. All kinds of political machinations among GOP PTB. Shadows on the wall.

  75. Marie+Joy

    I cannot say enough, how dangerous communists will be, if they prevail.

    Christians and Pro Trumpers, like Greg, will be in extreme danger, should communists take power. Greg, and his peers, should have a place to go to, that government officials would not know about.
    I’m dead body serious, about this.

  76. Stan

    Trump needs to start dealing with this election issue Tony Soprano style, if you know what I mean. He’s got plenty of friends in New Jersey who can get the job done.

  77. eddiemd

    December 3rd NEJM Review Article on Cytokine Storm. Very good review. Technical for the lay person but there is good information.

    It explains that this storm also occurs with influenza infections. Last Friday I mentioned many similarities between coronavirus and influenza infections.

    As a side note I brought up a potential side effect of the mRNA vaccine a couple of weeks back…graft versus host reactions. This article makes mention of cytokine storms having a clinical picture similar to GvsH disease.

    “Cytokine storm and cytokine release syndrome are life-threatening systemic inflammatory syndromes involving elevated levels of circulating cytokines and immune-cell hyperactivation that can be triggered by various therapies, pathogens, cancers, autoimmune conditions, and monogenic disorders.”

    I would add mRNA vaccines to the list of triggers. Potentially acute but more likely delayed.

    • JC

      But how could we all forget? Forget about… “common sense?”

      At a press conference, optometrist Robert Zoellner said:

      “…the fear factor has got to step back. This idea that I don’t want to give you something that I don’t even know that I have is almost at the point of ridiculous. Let’s use some common sense.”

      Dr. James Meehan, MD followed by warning that mask wearing has “well-known risks that have been well-studied and they’re not being discussed in the risk analysis.

      “I’m seeing patients that have facial rashes, fungal infections, bacterial infections. Reports coming from my colleagues, all over the world, are suggesting that the bacterial pneumonias are on the rise.”

      “Why might that be? Because untrained members of the public are wearing medical masks, repeatedly… in a non-sterile fashion… They’re becoming contaminated. They’re pulling them off of their car seat, off the rearview mirror, out of their pocket, from their countertop, and they’re reapplying a mask that should be worn fresh and sterile every single time.”

      • eddiemd

        I see people everyday driving alone in their car wearing a mask.

        People are brainwashed. Mind control is real.

        Thanks to the nonstop propaganda.

        Even churchgoers are affected. I have spoken with people at the church that are ready to roll up their sleeves tomorrow to take the vaccine. Supposedly educated people…and believers in Jesus Christ. That is disturbing to me.

        • notyourpatsy

          EddieMD, WE all know that those in the cars ARE already braindead/washed liberals, so best to avoid driving near lest they pass out from lack of o2 and crash into you. I see plenty up here in N’E’ doing the same.
          TPTB only locked US down until the weak minded could not take it any more, and now are begging for the ‘mark of the beast’! Even church goers as you said just want it to be over….but at what cost?
          Stay strong Patriots, WE WILL PREVAIL! Let’s show the rest of the World who’s NOT afraid of COMMUNIST CHINA AND THEIR COUNTRYMEN!

        • JC

          “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

        • Glenn

          I drove a few times alone with my mask on. I had a good reason to. May be some of those you saw also had a good reason. Stop judging everyone without knowing the facts.

        • eddiemd

          Hemorrhagic fever virus.

          When I was downrange in 96 at the NAMRID in Lima Peru we were studying hantavirus, Machupo, and Mayaro for potential use.

          Hantavirus makes for a good bioweapon. Aerosolize the virus and spray it over certain populations.

          Excellent research article on Lassa fever vaccine research shows the probable Materials and Methods used to develop the coronavirus vaccine.

          The coronavirus vaccine is a secret patent. What it contains, how developed, etc is closely guarded.

          “The sources and growing conditions of human adenocarcinoma alveolar basal epithelial A549, human embryonic kidney epithelial HEK293T/17, and grivet (Chlorocebus aethiops) kidney epithelial Vero cells and Vero E6 cells (BEI Resources, Manassas, VA, USA; catalog no. BR596) were previously described (65).”

          Another potential bioweapon….being developed at Fort Deitrich.

          “All experiments associated with LASV were performed under conditions of maximum containment (biosafety level 4 [BSL-4]) at the Integrated Research Facility at Fort Detrick (IRF-Frederick) following approved standard operating procedures.”

          I believe that the same experimental genetic methodology used to develop this Lassa virus vaccine was used to develop the coronavirus vaccine. Same cast of characters at Ft Dietrich working at Novavax and Moderna.

      • Glenn

        Correct. Any health concerns has to do to with not wearing a clean mask.

  78. James+sulliva

    Gotta hand it to you Greg, you walk your talk …and i apologize if i was impolite in my banter about ‘American Exceptionalism’ . It’s tough having to listen to that tripe all my life, when it was obvious the US was just another empire. Regardless of the american people, the gov is Rome on the potomac All the noise about elections is a tempest in a teacup. The oligarchy buys off both parties, thats all you can trust them to be: Bought. Excuse my depreciation of all things political /economical in the US ….everyone but the little people are bought ….and the only redason the little people aren’t bought is that they have nothing to sell. scotus ? Are we referring to the same scotus who decided a company was just like a citizen? Wll excuse me! How does joe blow and facebook come up even in their anility to affect the outcome of an election?
    Absolute power corrupts absolutely . There is no saving this patient…. the rot is too deep… best we bury it in a lead lined coffin, and start again.

    • notyourpatsy

      James S, Look up above and read my post on this topic I just posted today. We agree!

  79. Mohammad

    Please Greg bring Mark Taylor, what he said a while back is still ringing in my head seeing how things are unfolding now:

    I think martial laws are coming
    I think tribunals are coming

    This is going to be very rough Greg.

    Bring him on so he may shed a light on what is going on.


  80. Linda

    Biden, Dominion voting machines, security risks, this is a giant sting operation as all the corrupt judges, poll workers, government officials and politicians are being exposed big time now.

  81. PCP

    GC great stuff

  82. Covert Baily

    Sidney Powell – Georgia lawsuit 07.12.2020
    20,688 views•Dec 7, 2020
    Check out comments too while there!

    684,967 views•Dec 7, 2020 VIDEO;
    Great comments too!

    Georgia lawmakers push for special session; Analysis: taking profits vs. cashing out | NTD Business
    143,011 views•Dec 7, 2020 NTD
    00:51 GA. Lawmakers Push For Special Session
    03:16 Georgia County Can’t Find Ballot Records
    05:00 Trump Team Examines Michigan Voting Machines

    Cubbies Edits 54K views 15 hours ago

    AZ Hearing: Former Michigan Senator EXPLAINS FRAUD In-depth
    Cubbies Edits 41K views 4 hours ago

    Rep. Jim Jordan on Newsmax 12.6.2020
    444,775 views•Dec 6, 2020 Video;
    Priceless comments….

    Rep. Jim Jordan on The Story with Martha MacCallum 12.7.2020
    14,141 views•Dec 7, 2020 FoxNews VIDE;

    WATCH: OAN’s Chanel Rion on massive Georgia voting fraud!
    124,310 views•Dec 8, 2020 Video;

    BREAKING: Georgia Poll Worker Incriminating Herself To Prison For Stuffing Ballots!
    286,394 views•Dec 7, 2020
    She just incriminated herself by her own action, not only does she need to take some accountability but the person in charge as well.

    BREAKING: USPS Workers Facing Prison Sentence For Dumping Mail in Ballots!
    47,667 views•Dec 7, 2020

    Where is our operation Mockingbird brained media in all this, millionaire’s cricketland?

  83. BailyCovert

    Oopsy Daisy!,
    Don’t wanna miss this one, it’s incriminating.
    BREAKING: Georgia Poll Worker Incriminating Herself To Prison For Stuffing Ballots
    286,394 views•Dec 7, 2020
    She just incriminated herself by her own action, not only does she need to take some accountability but the person in charge as well.

  84. Nigel Rivard

    Military ballots all for Biden: witness; GOP poll workers harassed: Michigan hearing witnesses | NTD
    373,821 views•Dec 6, 2020 NTD
    00:00 Michigan Hearing: GOP Workers Harassed
    A long list of witnesses testified at Michigan’s Senate Committee on Tuesday. Witnesses included Republicans and Independent poll workers and poll challengers, who said they were prevented from fully doing their jobs and were treated with hostility.

    03:17 Identical Biden Military Ballots: Witness
    During the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee Hearing, one witness testified that republican poll challengers were locked out while military ballots were counted. She said when she did get into the counting room, all of the ballots were identical, for Biden, and none were from registered voters.

    05:55 Witness: Paper Jams Improperly Dealt With
    A woman who worked on servicing Dominion voting systems testified at the Michigan Senate hearing. She says she saw fraud at Detroit’s TCF Center, like the same ballots being scanned multiple times.

    08:04 Detroit Poll Challenger: Tabulators Online
    A poll challenger in Detroit said in a sworn affidavit that the voting machines appeared to be illegally connected to the internet. He said he noticed an unusual error message on the tabulators’ computers—and that error message may indicate the tabulators were trying to connect to a remote database.
    Dramatic Stuff!

  85. Joe SoOld & SoldOut

    Chinese academic admits Beijing had people in US’ ‘inner circle of power’
    1,940 views•Dec 8, 2020 Sky News Australia
    ADMITS: Now whom could that possibly be? Hmmmm…….

    Sky News contributor Lauren Southern says all China must do to become the “number one superpower” in the world is wait, because “we are capitulating at every turn”.
    Footage from Tucker Carlson on Fox News showed a Chinese academic telling a room full of people the reason China and the US – between 1992 and 2016 – were able to settle all kinds of issues was because China had people at the “top of America’s core inner circle of power and influence”.
    “They’re doing all of this in the open, they’re mocking us in the open, they are using our own tactics against us like progressive politics, we are in a trade war with them, they are in grey zone warfare at the moment making moves against us,” Ms Southern said.
    “This is going to be a waiting game.
    “All China has to do to become the number one superpower in the world is wait, because we are capitulating at every turn.
    “They have people within our government making decisions for us, apparently, and we have people in our government who aren’t Chinese or aren’t sold out who are supporting China.”
    Maepa E 25 minutes ago
    And if they’re in US politics, then you can be assured they’re inside Australian political/educational/banking circles too.
    Ivan Rios 20 minutes ago
    Then even admitted Trump wouldn’t do what they wanted and that they’ve been bribing US officials since the 70s.
    Dov Jacobs 25 minutes ago
    China is Waging Multilateral Asymmetric Warfare and is the Greatest Threat to Freedom Truth and Justice since Hitler.
    Cindy Atkinson 24 minutes ago
    Trump will win. Get ready for his pounce
    Tom Hamilton 25 minutes ago (edited)
    Beijing Biden is the inside man. 😡 Thank you Sky News and Lauren Southern for real reporting. Video;

    Thank You For Your Service? Yes thank you for keeping the USA free and not to be under a Sillyconman valley big tech China social credit score system, rammed down our throat’s and up our assets!

    • notyourpatsy

      Joe, Your last line is INCORRECT! The American people since about the 1980’s HAVE HAD A CHINESE ‘CREDIT SCORE SYSTEM’ BEING USED AGAINST THEM FOR ALL THINGS FINANCIAL! One could not get ‘credit’ cards, bank loans, buy new car, college admins, etc UNLESS they were *approved* by our chinese masters the politicians!

  86. Don Ho

    Trump to spoil a Biden inauguration with even bigger rally in Florida
    49,713 views•Dec 7, 2020 Sky News Australia
    President Donald Trump is reportedly planning to spoil a potential Biden inauguration by flying to Florida on Air Force One where he will announce he is running for President in 2024 at a massive MAGA rally.
    According to Fox News, the president is planning to shirk tradition and skip Joe Biden’s inauguration should Mr Trump’s legal fight fail.
    President Trump will instead hold a MAGA rally in Florida where he will announce he is running for president again in 2024.
    Sky News host Rita Panahi said while President Trump running again sounds far-fetched, “don’t count it out”.
    “I’ve been predicting this for over a month now, Trump will run again. The Constitution allows it and Trump’s demands it.”

    This ones for you traitor’s Psyop’s Dave & K.Wayn’ing anomalure Kay.
    Cobb County Republican Breakfast with Newt Gingrich
    248 views•Dec 6, 2020
    Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich joins the Cobb County, Georgia Republican Breakfast to speak and take Q&A about the 2020 Presidential Election, election integrity, and the importance of Georgia’s senate runoff on January 5, 2021

    • notyourpatsy

      Don, If that rally occurs you can assure yourselves in ‘Stralya, that that is THE DAY the next Civil War in America begins. Not one person in America who voted for P’ Trump will stand idly by and allow byebyeden to assume the seat of power. Not only that, but by 2024 Trump will be too old to hold office. let alone no one in their right mind would vote for him again if he does not take command of what’s occurring NOW. You’re either a leader or you’re not! If not then get thet heck out of the way for a LEADER to LEAD! Rangers lead the way…Patriots WILL follow them to the ends of the Earth!

  87. Fusion Gyped you, YES!

    ‘Frightening’: Chinese academic gloats over China’s ‘deals’ around Hunter Biden
    17,310 views•Dec 8, 2020 Sky News Australia
    It is “frightening” to see a Chinese academic gloating to a room full of people about China’s deals in relation to Hunter Biden’s “global foundation” – which gives them a connection to the incoming president, says Sky News host Paul Murray.
    Footage from Tucker Carlson on Fox News showed a Chinese academic talking to a room full of laughing people about the election of Joe Biden as President of the United States and drawing attention to his son, Hunter, whom China helped to build a “global foundation”.
    The academic said, “Trump has been saying that Biden’s son has some sort of global foundation. Who helped him (Biden’s son) build the foundations?”
    “There are a lot of deals in all these,” he said.
    Mr Murray commented, “this is how confident China is that they’re going to get the world to dance to their drumbeat”.
    “That somebody would be willing to say that in front of not only a packed room, but a room that was filmed,” he said.
    “The relationship between the incoming president of the United States and his son matters, it is not a conspiracy theory.
    “That’s frightening.” VIDEO;

    Tom Brown 2 hours ago
    Trump has to win

    Yes Mr. President, in four years we’ll all be speaking fluent Chinese or be dead!

    Mr. President please read the comments on this link, see what the American people want you to do. God’s speed, Sir!


    Former diplomat to China explains the ‘weaponisation of COVID’ | 60 Minutes Australia
    325,097 views•Dec 1, 2020 60 Minutes Australia
    Former British Diplomat to China, Matthew Henderson, co-authored a report for a legal class action against the Chinese Communist Party, for the massive economic damage caused by COVID-19. In an extended interview with reporter Tara Brown, he says the most appalling part of the cover up was quashing early concerns about a new frightening virus raised by Chinese doctors and scientists in Wuhan.

    • notyourpatsy

      Scam, See my posts above in this thread from a doctor who witnessed it happening first hand while flying internationally!

  89. Thad McGillacutty

    Mark Levin on how left-wing Pennsylvania leaders CHEATED and FIXED the system to help Democrats
    361,446 views•Dec 6, 2020 Donald J Trump
    Mark Levin on how left-wing #Pennsylvania leaders CHEATED and FIXED the system to help Joe Biden and the Democrats

    • Bob+Lamb

      He is good! Wish he would have discussed taking it to the US Supreme Court.

  90. Vernon Locke

    China reportedly trying to make super soldiers; Gen Keane reacts
    7,353 views•Dec 8, 2020 Fox Business
    Fox News Contributor and Retired General Jack Keane reacts to China reportedly using gene editing tools to change the nature of soldiers.

  91. Lock Tite

    Burgess Owens blasts article on ‘deprogramming’ Trump supporters
    100,472 views•Dec 7, 2020 Fox Business
    Rep.-elect Burgess Owens, R-UT, on divisions in the U.S. following the election, coronavirus shutdowns, protecting American freedoms and being a part of the ‘Freedom Force.’

  92. TiteLock


  93. Steve

    Masks, frauds, vaccines, deep fakes…
    1.5 million people dead worldwide, 300,000 in the US, really? 20% of covid deaths are here when we have 4% of the population.
    More accurately it would he 20-25,000 similar to other years. Conversly if the deaths are really as hi as the media says the world death toll from covid would be 30 million dead, but the world deths for 2020 are winding up at 60million from all causes, as predicted for the last 10+ years. Its a big scam, and not even well hidden

  94. Alannon

    question on the dollar to gold ratio and dollar to silver ratio are calculated with the yearly world production of gold/silver with the US M2 money supply? Wouldn’t if we wanted to calculate the actual value of gold/silver in USD divide all US $ in creation with the number of oz of gold/silver in US possession?

    • notyourpatsy

      Alannon, Correct! And if it gets posted then folks will get onboard the pm train!

  95. Marie+Joy

    TheModernSurvivalist, on YouTube, interviews Matt Bracken. Always excellent.

  96. eddiemd

    Supermax prison in the Azores. CIA rendition facility hidden in plain sight.,+Portugal/@38.6728857,-27.244791,383m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0xb467f1e11e43b05:0xe2911b674bce0c1d!8m2!3d37.7412488!4d-25.6755944

    Monkey Werks Utube channel reports increased suspicious air traffic to the Lajes AFB nearby to the north. I have been to this AFB many years ago enroute to Europe.

    Perhaps this prison will be used to house the coming purge of traitors within the ranks and in DC.

    GITMO google photo has not been updated since nearly 1BN dollars spent.,-75.1057746,1844m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x8ecec8f2dd63e567:0xb7490134c43a2558!8m2!3d20.011737!4d-75.1216254

    Check out monkey werks utube site.

  97. Linda

    Two different insiders, important info – this is a national security issue

    ..And freaky video to show these evil deeds are planned –


  98. WholeTruth& NothingButt

    Snopes: Fmr Pfizer VP Did Not Say CV Vaccine Causes ‘Female Sterilization,’ Only That It’s ‘Possible’
    by Chris Menahan | Information Liberation
    December 8th 2020, 2:47 am
    How reassuring!

    CNN: ‘Don’t Be Alarmed’ if People Start Dying After Taking the Vaccine
    by Paul Joseph Watson
    December 8th 2020, 12:18 pm
    “That won’t necessarily have anything to do with the vaccine.”
    Now that’s most reassuring!

    Official UK COVID Vaccine Guidance Tells Women To “Avoid Pregnancy”
    by Daniel Taylor | Old-Thinker News
    December 8th 2020, 11:20 am
    .Reinforcing warnings from a top EU scientist, an official document providing guidance to UK health care workers administering the “COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2” makes clear that the shot is not to be given to pregnant women. Additionally, “…women of childbearing age should be advised to avoid pregnancy for at least 2 months after their second dose.”

    Full Transcript of “Smoking Gun” Bombshell Interview: Prof. Frances Boyle Exposes the Bioweapons Origins of the CoVid-19 Coronavirus
    Tuesday, December 8, 2020
    Historic interview reveals groundbreaking research hiding in plain view!
    What follows is one of the most important interviews of the year.

  99. Little Lord Flortleroy

    Missing the Russki collusion delusion? Here’s a fix to tide you over, over there

    Alabama supports Texas case before US Supreme Court alleging ‘unconstitutional’ election in four states
    8 Dec, 2020 23:09
    Minutes after Louisiana backed Texas in challenging the presidential election results in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin, Alabama signaled support for the case before the US Supreme Court as well.
    USA USA USA, NOT USSRA! No Way A.O.C. Jose!
    The answer to 1984 is 1776!

  100. Brian Donleavy

    Georgia governor under fire over relationship with China;
    NTD Evening News- 12/08/2020
    1. Trump: ‘America First’ Vaccine Exec. Order
    2. Texas AG Sues Pa, Wis., Mich., and Ga
    3. Choosing Electors Could Overturn Results
    4. Georgia Governor’s Relationship With China
    5. Lawmaker to CEO: Appear or Be Subpoenaed
    6. Pa. Supreme Court Denies Trump Appeal
    7. Committee Rejects Biden Inauguration Prep
    8. Arizona GOP Want to Decertify Results

  101. Gina-M-Mancarella

    Soon we will have complete control over the government !!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Do you want to be on my mission to Mars team?

    • Simon Bullyvar

      Gina your ilk fell for our trap here, on and bit off more than you con fraud! Never forget Macaronski, you didn’t vote soon enough and had to faked vote, to late at night and way too often. Yup voted late, took the bait and dumped em to late and now must face the fine, of da fight of ah sloppy fate that’s not to late to seal the steal of your and Andrews unwise fate!
      FRAUD, FRAUD and FRAUD Maud. We want our 45 mill. back with interest!
      We will teach you to be fine up-standing citizens and give you a job. Like a badge of honor you can even help design the plates.
      Reprograming free enterprise and the truth you’ll see what set’s you free, eventually.
      AZ Chair EXPOSES HUGE Duplicate Ballots Case!
      16,348 views•Dec 8, 2020
      jasonjjj27 11 minutes ago
      When AZ has a 1/3 of 1 percent difference in who will win, and you find a 3% “error rate” <—in quotes of a sample batch, then there is warrant to look into it further. These kangaroo courts are fair dink-um rubbish.
      TIME< TIME <TIME is on the Trumpster's side

  102. Ivan Vanest

    Busted! Witness Says Dominion Remotely Accessed Georgia Voting Machines
    by Kelen McBreen
    December 8th 2020, 6:02 pm
    Company previously claimed the machines cannot connect to the internet
    During a December 3rd Georgia Senate hearing on the 2020 election, a poll manager detailed how Dominion workers remotely accessed her poll pad and ballot marking devices.

  103. mohammad

    After Supreme Court did not pick up a screaming case of unjust and stinky fraud, it is the military the last defense of this nation, if they buckle, USA NO MORE…


  104. Ed

    The Mouth that Roared. Ordinarily I’m against behavioral med’s, but this runty wop definitely needs to be on med’s. Bad case of cascading rages syndrome. And it’s the same every time. Cuomo on third base, sack of gahbage blah blah blah.

    • notyourpatsy

      Ed, being of that persuasion myself I had to laugh as it brought me back to hearing it growing up in the 60’s! Nothing like a big mouth like cuummo who’s mouth writes checks his ass can’t cash! He’s so out of it he ‘thinks’ people are listening. The ones that AREaren’t the ones he wants to be pissing off! He’s damaging the bottom line of lots of ‘families’ that are’nt taking kindly to his crap.

  105. BullyvarSimon

    Hannity: GOP calls for special counsel on ‘zero experience’ Hunter Biden
    178,425 views•Premiered 4 hours ago Fox News
    Rep. Jim Jordan, R-OH, and Rep. Ken Buck, R-CO, discuss their call for a special investigation on Hunter Biden. #FoxNews #Hannity
    Of 2,080 Comments
    fordtechlife 4 hours ago
    Its about time they have been dragging their feet on this Lock Them Up 👊🇺🇸🔴💯
    Eric Polansky 3 hours ago
    When are we going to see the FBI’s okay never mind I got to stop what I’m saying when are we going to see somebody go after Hunter for bobalinsky’s cell phones???
    Don’t think we forgot!!!!
    Michael Goodman 3 hours ago (edited)
    If this is all true, that man needs to be arrested.
    Pins for anyone in the company.
    Julio & Maria 3 hours ago
    Biden’s are a National Security Risk, CCP operatives

    Don Jr. makes emotional plea in exclusive interview with Tucker Carlson
    408,956 views•Premiered 5 hours ago Fox News
    Donald Trump Jr. makes a case for the importance of the Georgia Senate run-off race.

    We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.
    Abraham Lincoln
    mssn316 1 hour ago
    From Tucker’s face, he is scared to lose his job if he doesn’t listen to what Fox News wants his to say.
    Mark T 3 hours ago
    It’s 2020! The truth is a conspiracy theory while it’s politically correct to believe a lie.
    Bill Mewes 5 hours ago
    People who aren’t allowed to make laws are implementing laws? One would think a court would find that compelling yet they do not? Hmmmm.
    Andy T 4 hours ago
    People are so willing to demand their rights, but deny other people their rights. Blind.
    Daniel Raymond 4 hours ago
    seems like Tuckers daddy at fox told him to tone it down, I used to love to watch Tucker
    Scott C 3 hours ago
    Thought I’d watch then when I saw tuckers face I couldn’t do it. You lost me Tucker with your handling of Sidney Powell.

    Elon Musk leaving California for Texas is a ‘big warning’: James Freeman
    117,169 views•Dec 8, 2020 Fox Business
    The Wall Street Journal editorial page assistant editor James Freeman weighs in on Tesla chief Elon Musk leaving California for Texas and taking his businesses with him, stimulus negotiations and New Yorkers’ access to the coming coronavirus vaccine.

    Sen. Marsha Blackburn reacts to the Loeffler, Warnock debate
    14,268 views•Dec 8, 2020 Fox Business 1.29M subscribers

    House Freedom Caucus hold presser slamming House Democrats
    440,709 views•Streamed live 11 hours ago Fox News

    At least 30,000 ballots scanned numerous times in Dominion machines: contractor witness | NTD
    596,452 views•Premiered Dec 6, 2020
    A Dominion Voting Systems contractor who worked at Detroit’s TCF Center on Election Day testified before the Michigan House Oversight Committee on Dec. 2 that she witnessed at least 30,000 ballots being counted numerous times in Dominion machines.

    Melissa Carone, a freelance IT worker who assisted Dominion at Detroit’s ballot-counting site from 6:15 a.m. on Nov. 3 to 4 a.m. the next day, before returning later for several more hours on Nov. 4, said in an affidavit on Nov. 10 that she “witnessed nothing but fraudulent actions take place.”

    The affidavit was submitted as a supplement to a lawsuit in Michigan.

    “I observed numerous employees, city workers, running batches of ballots through the tabulators countless times, without discarding them first,” Carone said Wednesday, responding to a question from President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani about what she observed while working at the center.

    Carone said that the tabulating machines would jam two to three times an hour. She explained that the proper way to scan ballots when there’s a paper jam is to reset the count on the machine, or in other words discard the count, and rescan all of them with the jammed paper on top.

    “Instead of discarding, they were just rescanning, rescanning, rescanning,” Carone said. “Counting ballots nine to 10 times.”

    Carone noted that there were approximately 22 to 24 tabulating machines where she was working, and that she observed the malpractice “thousands of times” while she was at the site.

  106. Simon B.

    RAW: Full Hima Kolanagireddy testimony before Michigan House alleging election fraud | Diya TV
    1,019,553 views•Dec 3, 2020 diyatvusa
    This is the full testimony of Indian American Hima Kolanagireddy, who before the Michigan House Oversight Committee, alleged witnessing fraud during the election as a representative observer of the Michigan GOP. She was brought as a witness to testify by President Trump’s attorneys Rudy Giuliani & Jenna Ellis.

    Diya TV ® is America’s first South Asian broadcast television network airing to more than 50 million Americans 24/7 in more than a dozen markets over-the-air, online and over-the-top.
    Watch Diya TV live on your connected TV and on other devices and stay engaged with America’s fastest-growing and most affluent community!

    Diya TV ®

  107. S. Bullyvar

    Oop’s, Video.
    Hima Kolanagireddy testimony before Michigan House

  108. Paul ...

    It could be all over tomorrow for Bribe’n and Herass … Thursday December 10, 2020 at 3 PM will be “a day that lives in infamy” for all the criminal globalist Demons including China … as the Supreme Court makes it’s decision tomorrow at 3 PM on the case filed by Texas (against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin) calling for the election results to be overturned in those States (as their election criminality has deprived other States voters their rights to a fair election) … Texas is asking for the Constitutional remedy to be: “The selection of electors be done by the State Legislatures” (the Texas case is being supported by many other States (i.e. Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, etc.) … basically the Supreme Court has to decide “whether all the other States in the Union “were unfairly discriminated against” by the election fraud of a few criminal States!! …

  109. Simon Templer

    Australia’s relationship with China is ‘fundamentally and permanently damaged’
    4,884 views•Dec 9, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Professor Wesley, Trump is not a wimp! Get out of your gilded Melbourne Uni cage and visit New York and see where Donald J. Trump and Rudy Julianne spent lifetimes fighting fraud and corruption and still being true to themselves and still having a love and conscience for the little guy’s, like yourself, little man!
    Australia’s relationship with China is now “pretty fundamentally and permanently damaged,” according to Melbourne University Professor Michael Wesley.

    “It’s not going to be like in the past when we’ve had our differences with China,” Mr Wesley told Sky News.

    He said in the past Australia has had “periods of difficulty with China – then that process of cordial relations, high level visits and booming unfettered trade and investment returned soon after”.

    “I don’t think we can expect a return to anything like that.

    “We have to realise that our relationship with China has shifted from an attitude of relative comfort with each other, to one of deep distrust with each other.

    “We have to realise that the relationship has moved to a completely different footing.”

    Realistic 10 hours ago
    China can’t be trusted, and now the whole world knows it.
    ALMARC 10 hours ago
    Dude, there’s fraud. Get over yourself

    Megan McKenzie 10 hours ago
    It’s too late for Australian Citizens. Their lives and livelihoods will never be the same. Every single Government employee who sold their influence should be sacked and jailed for life. EVERY LAST ONE.
    bacon get scammed 10 hours ago

    Jimmy Falling addresses Trump supporters starting to gather in Washington, D.C., to protest the 2020 election.
    Now read your tonight shoe comments Jim, or are you afraid of the dark, still?
    Jim’s still in high school and afraid of the bully’s.
    Mark Dice 2 years ago
    And Jimmy Failing is still apologizing for this two years later. 😆

  110. Paul Anthony

    one person one boom everything changes

    Bobby %#^}*}^ Pitton ! Yes!!!!! 👊👊👊👊

    • Robin Williams

      Anthony, your a kindred spirit! I feel the same. This man is a hero! I thought I was watching the Patch Adams of a mathematics’ genius! This man is real, sincere and honest. Bobby %#^}*}^ Pitton ! Yes!!!!! 👊👊👊👊 There is hope!

  111. Paul ...

    Isn’t it interesting how the duplicitous Main Stream Media was so very concerned about Trumps tax returns … but never bothered to check to see if Hunter Bribe’n paid taxes on his bribes from the Ukraine, China, etc., etc., etc.!! …

  112. Paul ...

    That’s the way to beat the “commie” Blue States enslaving our people … do as Moses did when he said: “Let My People Go” … and exodus the Blue States (where your vote doesn’t count) … and starve the “commie” State governments of the tax revenues working people and corporations now pay … let the “commies” bring in more illegal aliens (who won’t be able to find work) it will put a greater toll on their welfare budgets … the “commies” think they can pass an Unconstitutional Law to tax the people who are leaving their State in a great exodus … let the “commies” try to come after you and enforce it (like Pharaoh did) … and a Red Sea of Debt will enclose, engulf and annihilate them … for this is the Promised Land of our Fathers (where there is no such thing as “taxation without representation”)!!! …

  113. Mohammad

    Nope, not zero ….
    I am convinced day after day that there is a huge surprise he has under his sleeve.
    His composure tells me he is relaxed and under no pressure, building the case and tightening the noose.

    Listen carefully and replay it to your heart content:

    Play it over and over.

    Explanation and a warning shot of what is coming from the past….


    Add to it bringing back the firing squad to execute ON NOVEMBER 27th. 2020:


    There is a very very very long time between now and Jan 20th 2021…..!!!!!


  114. Paul ...

    Like a Great Tsunami … a Giant Wave of Patriotic Americans (who were disenfranchised of their votes by evil criminal “commies”) will wash the Bribe’n “China Stooge” (and his henchmen) from our shores “tomorrow” … as of right now … a total of seventeen(17) US States have filed a brief at the US Supreme Court in support of Texas’s bid to overturn the fraudulent election results … the Tsunami Wave is growing ever higher … and is slated to hit the “commie” Demons with full force at 3 PM tomorrow afternoon!!! …

    • Paul ...

      By 3 PM tomorrow or before expect the globalist “commies “to do something drastic … like for instance shut down the electric grid and the internet worldwide (likely until Jan 20, 2021) blaming it on say “a Solar Flare” … figuring that if people don’t hear the news (that the election of Bribe’n has been effectively overturned by the Supreme Court) … Bribe’n can step into the Oval Office and pretend he is officially the President of the United States of America!!

  115. wayne hardin

    Greg .
    There isn’t much funny about what is going on .
    But your buddy greg m . Gives me a chuckle .
    Over on his sight begging people too comment .
    And get everybody you know to watch me .
    Is he trying to catch you numbers ?????????????
    Tell him to throw in the towel .
    God doesn’t like back stabbers . Which he is one.
    He is probably thinking when he told everybody to go to your
    web . sight / that is the reason you are getting the number you are .
    After all you do know he is Gods gift to the world . [sarc ]
    He thinks he is . Greg G Look out below .
    He has got everybody running after the world .
    While you are pointing people to Jesus .
    Get ready you aint seen nothing yet .

  116. Self+Exiled

    My my my; how many political theaters they have taken over———– A suspected Chinese spy was linked to at least two anonymous Midwestern mayors,——–

    I have herd accounts of Filipina ladies actually phyycially attacking Chineese women especially among the bar crowd. They have zero tolerence for them.

  117. Self+Exiled

    Governor Kemp calls on GA SOS to conduct signature audit of ballots—————-and then this happens————Deep State Threat? Gov. Kemp Daughter’s Boyfriend Killed In Fiery, Explosive Wreck———-

  118. Self+Exiled

    YouTube says it will DELETE videos claiming 2020 election was fraudulent——

  119. notyourpatsy

    Commie media is broadcasting that Mrs T is ‘packing up the W’H’ to move back to fl.’ I hope this is a real card trick being played upon the commie media by the Donald! Imagine the look on the byebyebedens when they try to back up the moving truck and the doors are all locked LMAO!

  120. Mike R

    Hey Stan – you are purty quiet there. Cat got your tongue ? or is it because you are in sheer terror about your very wrong call on the direction of the dollar, as we are now watching it collapse in real time. Support was 91. Next stop 88.

    Gee Stan, I remember you posting here on Greg’s website, that it (the dollar) was going a lot higher, back when it was around 102.

    Basically since you said that Stan, it’s plummeted ever since, making you once again, the greatest fade ever when it comes to your calls on currencies, and bullion.

  121. Robert+Peter+Bailey

    Hello all open minded, truth loving Americans, I am not from your part of the
    World ! But I am British born and I am a
    New Zealander, who now lives in Western Australia!

    I have been studying, teaching and preaching about your wonderful and unique country now for over 42 years !

    You may say why have you done this ?
    Can the USA 🇺🇸 be found in Bible Prophecy ? And such a time as thisI have not seen any person speak about why the
    Greatest Nation in the history of this world,
    Should be put in Bible Prophecy, by any of God’s Prophets?

    The USA, is found in Revelation 13:11-18; can some person or even Greg yourself shed some light on this ? Why is the Christian world and even any person that has voted in this recent Presidential Elections been very silent on this most vital subject !

    How can the powerful and unique and God blessed nation on the earth, should not have been mentioned by an all knowing God ?

    After all His says that he knows the end of the beginning!

    Kind regards

  122. wayne hardin

    Most wants everything to return to normal .
    What has become normal in peoples eyes is a abomination in Gods eyes .
    Not no but HELL no to a return to normal .
    God said Therefore come out from among them and be separate .
    We will see who does what God said to do .
    It will not be easy but it will be worth it in the end.

    It is time to call wrong wrong no matter what people think .
    What did Jesus say / something like they hated me and they will hate you .
    I love people the way God loves people / Gods love is the truth not hugging up
    on people that are living in a way he said not to . And making them think they
    are OK .
    When God said they are going to the lake of fire for living such a life .
    He also said he tells the ones he loves when they are wrong .
    Do you love somebody enough to tell them they are wrong according to the word of
    God . Or are you to scared of losing a friend .
    Everything is upside down . But no surprise that’s what God said would happen .
    But it is sad to see how many people are falling right in line .
    1 And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.

    12 The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light.

    13 Let us walk honestly, as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying.

    14 But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof.

    No i am not saying Jesus is coming back tomorrow .
    What i am saying is we may be gone tomorrow / and if we don’t tell people
    the truth about what God said .
    They may never here it from anyone else ……. Think about that .
    Each person knows somebody that others don’t / and God put them in our lives
    for a reason . Somebody else cant do what God told use to do .
    God said do you love me / feed my sheep ….. Do we love him ??????????????

  123. Jerry

    The globalist have an agenda they are following.

    The window of opportunity to prepare is closing. Please take the opportunity to finalize your preparations NOW. “ Operation Dark Winter” is coming at us at “ Warp Speed”. Based on information from my contacts, major events will be taking place after Christmas. In January there are two major events taking place almost simultaneously. The inauguration, and a big WEF meeting in Davos.
    With the post election fraud going fourth, it’s sure to be a train wreck.
    My bet is, that if President Trump does not leave office in January , you will see an intervention by the United Nations, on behalf of sloppy Joe, and then it will be an all out street fight”……..literally.

    Greg, I hate to burst your bubble, but with the holidays coming, there simply isn’t enough time to adjudicate the election fraud through the
    courts. The judges will drag this out as long as they can through extensions. I’m sorry. But with that douche, justice Kennedy running the court, I just don’t see it.

  124. Rosa Brooks

    Audio recordings link voter fraud scheme to Dallas County Elections employee
    91,090 views•May 16, 2017

    The dead people who voted in the election
    313,035 views•Nov 16, 2020
    Brent Pella

    Deceased voting concerns in Macomb County
    3,357 views•Nov 11, 2020

    Election Challengers Protest Detroit Vote Count
    61,120 views•Nov 4, 2020
    Election challengers chant “Stop the count” at a ballot counting location at the TCF Center in Detroit, Michigan on November 4, 2020. Originally recorded as a Facebook Live. The president is attempting to temporarily stop vote counting in Michigan:
    Stan Kowalski 1 month ago
    Jerry Nadler, 2004: “Paper Ballots Are Extremely Susceptible to Fraud”

    EXCLUSIVE: Sidney Powell Suspects CIA In RIGGING Elections | Huckabee
    413,582 views•Dec 5, 2020

    Detroit poll watcher explains concerns; Protesters demand a free and fair election |
    830,995 views•Nov 9, 2020 NTD
    Rumors of voter fraud and skewed results have turned up since Election Night. One Michigan county even flipped from Biden to Trump after skewed results were spotted and corrected. The county’s officials still have not revealed what skewed the results to begin with. We spoke with a GOP poll watcher who was observing the count in Detroit on election night to see what he observed that night.
    Protesters Demand a Free and Fair Election
    As the Trump campaign files lawsuits and alleges voter fraud, supporters of the president are rallying around the country. In Atlanta, Georgia Thursday, voters gathered for a “Protect the Vote” rally outside the building where ballots were being counted. Video;

    Georgia governor under fire over relationship with China; Supreme Court denies Trump appeal | NTD
    656,624 views•Streamed live on Dec 8, 2020

    17 states back Texas SCOTUS suit; Huawei tested software to ID Uighurs, alert police | NTD Business
    755,166 views•Streamed live 11 hours ago
    NTD Business News- 12/9/2020
    1. States Back Texas in Supreme Court Suit
    2. Trump to Intervene In Texas Election Case
    3. Whistleblower Says ‘Interrogated’ By FBI
    4. Foreign Ties Behind US Voting Machines
    5. Youtube to Delete Content Alleging Fraud

    Trump supporters hold ‘Stop the Steal’ rally as Supreme Court hears election case (Dec. 8) | NTD
    177,718 views•Premiered Dec 8, 2020 NTD
    996K subscribers
    Trump supporters hold ‘Stop the Steal’ rally at noon on Tuesday as Supreme Court hears election case.

    Michigan representative removed from committee amid investigation into comments on video
    247,346 views•Dec 9, 2020
    Click On Detroit | Local 4 | WDIV
    235K subscribers
    Michigan representative removed from committee amid investigation into comments on video

    Lin Wood: “MY EQUAL PROTECTION WAS VIOLATED BY STORMIN NORMAN Eisen’s voter fraud” Discussing SC Case
    250,691 views•Dec 9, 2020

    THE DOCUMENTS for ‘Norm Eisen’s Civil War: The Left’s Revolution Playbook EXPOSED

    The Democrat-Fomented “Color Revolution”
    Written by Laurie Higgins
    Since the burning, looting, assaults, and statue-toppling began, every conservative, every right-of-center, and every left-of-center American has been asking themselves, “What the heck is happening? Ask Barry’s hatchet boy, Normie Eisen ?”

    Anti-Trump Coup Plotter Admits ‘We’re Not Out of the Woods Yet’
    Your now lost in the woods Rosa. This is the one Colour revolution that bites back. Gitmo’s in you your future’s, so you all better not blow this one. Here’s the trailer for your first lesson; The American sheeple People!
    Rosa Brooks, Norman💘Barry, meet the American people;
    Norton, the American people, try and lick that. You couldn’t in a million years!

  125. BrooksRosa

    Oop’s here it is, VIDEO below,
    17 states back Texas SCOTUS suit; Huawei tested software to ID Uighurs, alert police | NTD Business
    755,166 views•Streamed live 11 hours ago
    NTD Business News- 12/9/2020
    1. States Back Texas in Supreme Court Suit
    2. Trump to Intervene In Texas Election Case
    3. Whistleblower Says ‘Interrogated’ By FBI
    4. Foreign Ties Behind US Voting Machines
    5. Youtube to Delete Content Alleging Fraud

  126. Norman Eisen Howitzer

    19,210 views•Dec 9, 2020

    SHOCKING: ALL Michigan Kanye Votes STOLEN by Joe Biden
    269,799 views•Dec 9, 2020
    Cubbies Edits
    Robin Mifsud – Democrat Detroit Poll Challenger Says Votes Stolen From Kanye

    Georgia Counter: First Recount ‘Hard to Watch’
    448,644 views•Dec 7, 2020

    51,150 views•Dec 9, 2020

    LIVE: Pompeo delivers remarks on China and US national security at Georgia Institute of Technology
    202,381 views•Streamed live 19 hours ago
    Shoot to the 15:50 minute mark

    Supreme Court Did not Rule on the Merits of the Pennsylvania Case. An Interview with Charlie Gerow.
    59,752 views•Premiered 18 hours ago

    Russian Collusion? How’s bout Farce Fraud Book?
    Facebook has ‘become a monster’ and faces serious problems now
    5,512 views•Dec 10, 2020
    Big Tech Big Fallen GONG!

    ‘Scary stuff’: Tech giants preventing criticism of Biden family ‘indiscretions’
    3,024 views•Dec 10, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Sky News contributor Lauren Southern says tech giants preventing the Biden family from being criticised for their indiscretions is “scary stuff”.
    Ms Southern spoke of Hunter Biden’s laptop and the many things in its content which have “serious implications for America”.
    Of course you had Hunter Biden discussing issues and working for Ukrainian energy firms and telling them that he could get his father involved,” she said.
    Beyond this, just talking about indiscretions within the Biden family … this is scary stuff.
    If this (Joe Biden) is going to be our next sitting president and social media companies, outlets, Google, where we get our information and access our information aren’t allowing us to criticise him … this is Communist China stuff.”
    B Tiger 25 minutes ago
    Simple the Biden’s are not fit for the top Job of the Western World ,they are vile
    Shelby Baker 25 minutes ago
    BIDEN FAMILY has been riding the Dragon 🐉 for years.. The hole family is crooked
    SNL are liberals in name only, there liberal with out money! Nakita Khrushchev said it well, operation Mockingbird media, we will bury you. If anything good comes out of the Russian collusion delusion it’s gonna be
    your that! THANK GOD FOR AUSSIE tv>e!!!!!!!!!!! We Love You, Oz + USA👨🏿‍🤝‍👨🏼💕

  127. NormanEisen

    SNL, There liberal with our money!

    Liberal, what a joke. Liberal in name only. Liberal politician, liberal with taxpayer money, like Andrew Wiscrackman, but so tight with his own money, he squeaks! Like a mouse.

  128. D.B.Norton Ice'in

    Big tech is ‘coming after free speech’
    16,093 views•Dec 10, 2020





    Sky News Australia
    1.07M subscribers

    Sky News host Paul Murray says big tech disproportionately censored pro-Trump content as opposed to content from those who “peddled many of the craziest lies” over the past four years.

    The mainstream media was driven by the left in the United States in attempting to ensure President Trump was not re-elected, according to Mr Murray.

    The media stopped covering the president and would cut him off mid-speech throughout the campaign, he said.

    Mr Murray said big tech ignored President Trump’s achievements and brought every scandal to the “front of the queue”.

    “To avoid the alternative to Donald Trump having any negative baggage coming with him, they literally did not talk of any scandals,” he said.

    “Remember when Twitter banned any conversation and any serious reporting about Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden?

    “It is disproportionately those who led to the mistake of Donald Trump who were censored, as opposed to those who peddled many of the craziest lies of the past four years.”

    Mr Murray pointed to a recent move by YouTube to remove all videos spruiking Donald Trump’s narrative of what occurred at the recent presidential election.

    “YouTube is now going to not put a warning on videos that help explain Donald Trump’s version of what happened at this election, they are removing them, totally gone, banned,” he said.

    “When freedom of speech is in the constitution, that’s not a great move.” VIDEO;


    There seems no end to China’s ‘acts of bastardry’
    9,894 views•Dec 10, 2020 Sky News Australia
    Sky News host Rita Panahi says there seems to be no end to China’s “acts of bastardry” as the communist regime blocked Victorian lamb exports in a recent act of “economic coercion”.
    Beijing has imposed a variety of tariffs on Australian goods since Prime Minister Scott Morrison called for an independent investigation into the origins of the coronavirus.
    Ms Panahi said it was expected Australian cotton and wheat farmers would be “next in line in the firing line”.
    She said the trade bans were devastating for Australian farmers and producers who rely heavily on export trade to China and yet the communist regime’s actions should come as no surprise considering the way it treats “its own people”.
    “After all China is currently engaged in ethnic genocide of its Uighur population, runs forced labour camps, imprisons, tortures and even kills political dissidents and harvests the organs of prisoners and carries out forced abortions and sterilisations,” she said.
    “Expecting a regime like that to play fair is naïve in the extreme.”
    Ms Panahi said it would further be naïve to think China – an economic superpower – would not play an important part in Australia’s trade future, but added Australia must seek other trading partners.
    “We cannot afford to become so heavily reliant on one market, particularly when it is a market controlled by a brutal communist dictatorship,” she said. VIDEO;

    America’s “Globalist Billionaires” Are Selling Us Out to China
    83,845 views•Dec 9, 2020 China Uncensored
    Wall Street is selling out the United States to Communist China. US China policy for decades has been influenced by Wall Street lobbyists at companies like Blackrock, Blackstone, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, and pushed forward by willing politicians. And now China wants the great reset of US China relations. And their old friends in Wall Street are helping. Plus, Chinese dean Di Dongsheng was caught in a speech bragging about how China captures American elite. VIDEO;

  130. Trinacria

    I hope and pray that you (Greg) and Gerald are correct that Trump prevails in the Supreme Court. This suit by Texas and 18 other states will hopefully prevail. But I have some questions:
    1. Why aren’t Nevada and Arizona being sued along with the other 4 states? I don’t understand the difference. Although interesting that Arizona joined the suit.
    2. The suit makes perfect sense to me, but with that said, heaven only knows what strange twists of the law judges can come up with…seems they have a personal bias, and bend/twist the interpretations of laws to suit their personal bias. I would expect this of the 3 liberal (to say the least) judges. Roberts is a real strange one and a true wild card – what an embarrassment!!! The other 5 will hopefully go with the strict interpretation of the constitution. They way those 6 states acted really invalidated the other states that are suing as they did break the constitutional contract to the advantage of one candidate (basement Joe).
    Hoping that Trump then gets a second term, he should appoint an army of special prosecutors and go after to the full extent of the law all these bad actors.
    Notice how people like AOA and Michigan Rep Johnson want revenge….not sure for what, but they will make something up. So, in a second Trump term all these enemies of American must be prosecuted. It is a matter of survival now. God bless the USA !!!

  131. David Reich

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for all that you do. With the growing awareness that the CCP is attempting to conquer the USA without firing a shot, and that many of our politicians (Eric Swalwell, Pelosi, and many more) have sold us out to the Chinese, I suggest you get Warren Pollock back on your show. The last time Warren was on he totally called the Chinese communists correctly as the ultra-nazis that they are. I was good friends with a Han Chinese whose parents had fled to USA after the communist takeover there, and he explained to me that Han Chinese see themselves as the “master race.” Please consider asking Warren back on as I think it would be a very timely appearance. Thanks Greg!

  132. Trak Sutton

    Dominion voting machines: Biden 78% All other machines: Biden 48%
    228,924 views•Dec 3, 2020 LifeSiteNews
    Cybersecurity expert, Russell Ramsland, lays out the evidence his team uncovered that proves there was election fraud in Georgia and across the country.

  133. eddiemd

    December 10th Veterans Health release on coronavirus vaccine.

    “VA is well prepared and positioned to begin COVID-19 vaccinations,” said VA Secretary Robert Wilkie. “Our ultimate goal is to offer it to all Veterans and employees who want to be vaccinated.”

    Initially it will be voluntary…then it will be required to access care at the VA or to receive any benefits.

  134. eddiemd

    Black Conservative Patriot. Always on target.

    Eric Swalwell…for president of cellblock GITMO.

  135. Peter

    Pennsylvania has joined the Texas lawsuit against Pennsylvania, but I ‘m worried it will
    not matter. It will take the US people having to rise up against the corrupt democrats
    in other ways! We can not accept an obvious, fraudulent presidential election. Even in 2012 there was massive fraud in PA and MI where certain precincts voted 100% for Obama, which is almost impossible. Now we have video evidence and hundreds of eyewitnesses to the 2020 election fraud, if not thousands. We can’t keep ignoring the steal.

  136. Self+Exiled

    Sometimes that means that military personnel end up being detailed to support the CIA’s counterterrorism operation———–about time———

  137. Self+Exiled

    Chinese Military Bases in The Caribbean?

  138. Lucas Doolin

    Look into the drug Ivermectin.

    Greg call Chris Martenson on it.

  139. Mohammad

    Supporting my instinct military is fed up with CIA


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