Is the TSA Out of Line?

By Greg Hunter’s

When I Google the phrase “TSA outrage,” I find 2 million search results.  I can only view this as a black eye for the Transportation Security Administration.  I know these folks have a tough job trying to keep the country safe from terrorists, but who reins them in when they go too far?  What do I mean by too far? Some examples include being arrested by the TSA over applesauce, a bladder cancer survivor being left covered in urine after an aggressive pat-down at the airport and TSA child molestation – children being strip searched and fondled in public by agents.   If you do not submit to the radiation of full body TSA scanner images then you get the pat-down check from the TSA. One of the best videos I found that documents some of the malfeasance at the hands of TSA agents was done recently on CBS.  (Click here to check it out.)
When it comes to child pat-downs at the airport for security reasons, plenty of websites are running an Op-Ed piece called “It’s Sick – Plain and Simple.”  The post says in part, “Did not the TSA, Homeland Security, and the White House (and the jackals in Congress that fund this insanity) anticipate this as an outcome? There are two possibilities here: either this is official idiocy and arrogance of the highest order or this outcome was anticipated and deemed acceptable.  I don’t know the answer…but I do know that as a government agency that works closely with the CIA and FBI, Homeland Security and the TSA have access to hundreds of psychologists and psychiatrists, in their employ, under contract, and available at the drop of a dime.” The post goes on to quote child advocate and author Kenneth Wooden, “How can experts working at the TSA be so incredibly misinformed and misguided to suggest that full body pat downs for children be portrayed as a game?!  To do so is completely contrary to what we in the sexual abuse prevention field have been trying to accomplish for the past thirty years. Such policy could essentially desensitize children to inappropriate touch and ultimately make it easier for sexual offenders to prey on our children.” (Click here to see one of the several websites that ran this post.)

Some are saying what the TSA is doing is more ominous than trying to keep Americans safe—it is a control issue.  Simon Black from recently wrote, “I’m convinced that what we’re seeing right now from the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is the tip of the spear in the government’s battle for increased control of the public.  The groundwork has been laid for years– legislation empowering the TSA has gradually eroded civil liberties to the point that airports in the United States have now become ‘no rights’ zones. . . . These tactics are not about security… they’re about submission, obedience, and cultivating the slave mentality– that people should be afraid of their government and happily yield to authority without question or hesitation.” (Click here to read more from

Do you think Mr. Black is over the top?  You might think differently if you watched CNBC on Monday.  The business network reported that the Pentagon is actively engaged in planning responsive action to large scale economic breakdown and civil unrest.  Check out the video below and see it for yourself:

These are all just little arrows that point to a new normal in America.  It is looking like we are in the process of getting poorer and having less civil rights.   The Reagan era slogan, “Morning in America,” is turning into lights out for liberty.

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  1. Hognutz

    I agree with Simon Black! I wonder what little surprise our Tyrannical leaders in D.C. have in store for us next? Does it matter? TPTB are clearly showing their hand now.

    And yea the Pentagon is correct in getting ready for civil unrest, but I envision that they believe it will be rioting in the streets……but I honestly believe it might just be more along the lines of another Revolution. Only time and the sheeple’s patience will tell.

    • Greg

      Thank you Hog!

  2. Mariposa de Oro

    Hope-N-Change = Lights Out for Liberty. Should be a t-shirt

    • Greg

      Thank you for the idea.

  3. John Bernard

    This situation is more serious than one would think; essentially it is population training for acceptance of authoritarian behavior by government officials. The simple fact that one can be fined up to 11,000 dollars for simply refusing the search/scan and attempting to return home proves this.

    I have not traveled for a few years but at one time I put in more than 500,000 air miles annually for business purposes. I did this for many years but would not do it today.

    How much radiation is too much? Are travelers subjected to this type of screening when coming here? Are we being trained for reeducation camps?

    I, for one, am not going camping.

    • Greg

      No tents for me either!! Thank you.

  4. Stephen Clifton

    Scary is the first thing that comes to mind. This reminds me of the Joker’s line in “The Dark Knight”. “If things get bad enough people will eat each other.”

    Sounds like they are preparing for just that.


    • Greg

      Stephen,George and Art,
      Good points from all. Thank you guys for adding to the post.

  5. George

    Dusk in America
    A Husk is America
    Insides eaten away
    By politicians that play
    Parasites freedom & Liberty

    Greg, All we can do is protect our selves. The Nazi and Communists didn’t take over in one day…they did it over time. Just like the people taking over our country

  6. Art Barnes

    Yes, Mr. Black is over the top, its not about submission, etc. What it is about is the governments stupid, liberal, political correctness policy of not wanting to appear to be profiling muslims. Frankly, because not all muslims are terrorist but all terrorist seem to be muslim you must profile; simple as that. Take a lesson from the Israel, they have the safest airline in the world and are surrounded by terrorist from without and within their own borders; they profile. When you see a young single male from Yemen with a one way ticket to Washington DC sweating profusly it might be time to take that person to the side and search them, allowing the 85 year old white, blue eyed, nun from Swizerland to pass on through with miminum observation. America has simply lost its mind in todays world trying to appear to be so unbiased to all. Our government has become over the top!

  7. George

    Great, The government is training the army to take out Americans and holding hearings to confiscate 401-k’s and IRAs. How is this any different than Hitler, Stalin or Mao?
    Buy gold and silver while you can to preserve what little you have and buy guns, ammo and storable food from the coming storm. It looks like that we are going to have to fight off the bad guys which will be the ner’do well and the military (armed deserters, officers wanting to have their own fiefdoms,etc)

    And we can defend against these minions of satan just as we defend against the British. But you need to prepare now.

  8. Jim in GA

    Some are suggesting the “pat downs” were designed to force everyone into the scanners. Both procedures are knee jerk reactions and the Homeland Security/TSA should be looking for terrorists, not explosives. But Obama doesn’t want to offend any religious groups except for Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and Hindus.

    • Greg

      Jim in GA and Red,
      I think you both are on to something. Thank you.

  9. Red

    Yes, we are now in USPS Day 5

    (US Police State)…

    A tipping point occurred this week.

    Keep doing great work greg by spreading the word.

  10. Sam

    Spot on, Greg!

    Judge Andrew Napolitano loves quoting the following from Jefferson: “When the government fears the people there is liberty. When the people fear government there is tyranny.” Whether we like it or not, we live in tyranny. Now the Pentagon is planning for civil unrest when the economy breaks down (very soon, given that Russia and China are now no longer using dollars). Oh yes, we’re the enemy at the airports, and soon will be the enemy in our own country.

    All I can do here is quote my French forebears:
    “To arms, citizens!
    Form your battalions!
    Let us march, let us march!

    • Greg

      Great stuff Sam,
      Thank you for adding to this article.

  11. Bob

    It must stop are the kids growing up now will think being pat down is normal.

    • Greg

      I am with you man. Thank you for the comment.

  12. Ron

    This sums up what I and many think of the full body TSA scanner images and full body pat downs…New Yorker strips to underwear for LaGuardia airport security, wanted pat down to ‘stand up’ for Americans:

    • Greg

      Thank you Ron,
      I loved the picture!!

  13. AgentX


    The AITs can be defeated and are really nothing more than “feel good” technology. While TSA is its own worse enemy. TSA Regional policies are all over the board. Meaning, that security procedures can differ from airport to airport in the different TSA regions. So the way a persons enters the check points at LAX, may not be the same procedure they enter at Reagan or other airports.

    Let me give you an example. Bud of mine who fly’s a lot, was going through the check point at MSY the other day and expected to go through the AIT. As he approached the AIT, he was waived around and bypassed it. Why? No one was available to operate the AIT because they were all on lunch break. Seems like there is a very limited few who are supposedly certified to operate the AIT at MSY. So I guess if your a terrorist, just target the airports who have limited AIT Operators and hit at lunch time.

    Here’s another, you can take five, three ounce bottles, that will fit in a quart bag, on board an aircraft without even having TSA flicker. What can you do with five , 3ounce bottles? And one more, the AITs will not pick up clothing that is saturated or lined with a explosive power. So much for the AITs and the sniffer’s are also hit and miss. I agree with some of my peers, this is bogus technology as a primary screening technique.

    Those of us who have been there know, that there is no reliable technology in place at passenger screening checkpoints to prevent an explosive from being carried on board an airplane, foreign or domestic. Yes checked baggage is something different. Checked baggage as you know goes through a CAT Scan. Moreover, these CTX systems are far from perfect and have a high false positive ratio. But they do increase the protection and are better than nothing. But that is “domestic” checked baggage. International is another entirely different issue.

    I also believe that smart profiling, not racial profiling needs to be implemented along with a sound R&D Program for the detection of explosives. We seem to let electronic strip searching go as a matter of security, but, smart profiling? On my that’s the third rail! I muse over the PETN bomb attempt that by the way, blew through security check points as well as knowing that the devise as constructed was poorly made and had a snowballs chance in hell of going off.

    That Greg, is a compliment to our special operations folk who have terminated much of AQ senior leadership and experts. Though the event that was really discovered by Yemeni Intelligence not Saudi ( that’s a joke) intelligence, was indeed a valid threat. AQ knows we overreact and knows that our civil liberties are being diminished. Either way, they win.

    • Greg

      Agent X,
      I am afraid you are right, AQ is winning with every aggressive pat-down. Thank you for adding your perspective on this post.


    The TSA Policy is disguised under the war on terror, it is demonic and it will deceive America. This policy is bringing oppression to all at the airports, including our babies and children. It is a violation of the 4th amendment, but the government does not care , they want to keep you safe. This is corruption at the highest level. Sexual molestation of our children at the airports. This is evil. This is morally wrong, we are suppose to protect our innocent children from this!! If we don’t stand against this evil, what is next? Listen to Nathan Leal talk about the TSA insanity & Nazi America,, click Q news, click listen to Archives under Survie2Thrive, 11-23-2010 ………….Nathan Leal

    • Greg

      Thank you S. Bond.

  15. joe

    This government is clearly out of control. The government is supposed to work for us, but now it seems they rule over us. They tell us what we can and can’t do and how we can or can’t do it. Where we can go, who can go, how we can get there, what we can eat, what papers and identification is required, who has to go through the radioactive naked porno body scanners, who has to be felt up, who needs to be stripped, who bought or sold something for $600 or more, how can we tax all of this, what countries should we occupy, which wars should we start and not finish, what kind of food can they eat, what drugs are they allowed to have, who owns the water that falls from the sky, what will be the effects of the chemicals we spray on them, how can we control the population, what can the mainstream media report on, who is allowed to debate for presidential elections, how much salt is allowed in the food, how much water can come out of the shower head, are professional athletes allowed to take steroids, how should we force everyone to buy health insurance from our companies.

    Well anyway, it’s hard to believe the American people have given up most of their liberties and let the constitution get trampled on so badly. All governments ultimately abuse their power and become corrupt. And here we are at that point in the cycle. So how are we as a society going to get control of our government again to restore law, order, freedom of choice and expression, sound money, property rights and all things that men are given as unalienable rights?

    Make sure you have silver coins, google the term “crash jp morgan buy silver”, speak to all those you come into contact with to let them know how you feel about all of this. Good luck.

    • Greg

      Thank you Joe and Jan for the good comments!

  16. Jan

    The elimination of rights and liberty is big business. Do a Google search on the American Cancer Society Behavioral Science. Do another one on Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Behaviroal Science. The ACS spends big bucks on this as does RWJF. They are both very, very dangerous. Dangerous, tax exempt and tax funded. What a gig.

    Many supported Mayor Bloomberg banning NY citizens on public assistance from purchasing sugary beverages with their food stamps. He is only looking our for their health, right? Wrong. He is supporting Johnson & Johnson (he’s a big investor, the big pharma company that owns the sugar chemical crap called Splenda. Sugary beverages are being removed from public building vending machines. The day will come when you will be be able to find a soda made with sugar. RWJF funds the “grassroots” groups who in turn lobby for rent seeking legislation that benefits J&J. Think smoking bans. Who owned the nicotine replacement drugs? Who sold those ineffective drugs to the states? Johnson & Johnson. They own Splenda and one of the lap ban surgery techniques. RWJF is busy funding more “grassroots” groups to lobby for bans and I am certain they have a diet pill in the pipe line that will be sold to the states to fight obesity.

    People are being programed for profits for big business. Big business buys laws and lawmakers for the public good. The public good for our own safety are the outrageous full body scan or getting felt up by the TSA. Are we tired of it yet?

    I have no intention of flying and subjecting myself or my family to this insanity.

  17. hoppe

    It’s all part of the building blocks of George H Bush’s “New World Order”.

    • Greg

      You are correct my friend!

  18. Ron

    I commented to a friend if I were flying I would put on a bathing suit, then sweats. When I got to the line I would take off the sweats and go through security. No reason for image or pat down. Well it happened yesterday and was shown on TMZ, not sure if others reported. Young lady had on bikini with long floor length coat. Took off coat and proceeded through security without more than a look by TSA. Once through security, put the coat back on and boarded plane. Guess if it is good enough for the beach, its good enough for the airport.

  19. slingshot

    I really do not understand why you all are getting so upset about being searched at the airports. After all it is all about security?
    Security? That word has been in the news alot. Security of our water and food supply. Oh, and are country’s borders. Security of our harbors and shipping lanes. Security at our football and baseball games and every function that comes to mind. There is a camera on every street corner. Metal detectors in every court house. Home security, store security and I think we have more security than any given time in history. So why this need for civil unrest. If everything is covered by security there is no need for civil unrest. No need for Martial Law. In the end they will feed you, clothe you and give you a place to sleep. Might be a little crowded.

    People who give up liberty for the sake of security deserve neither!
    The only security you can depend on is the security you provide for yourself.
    Rational world? Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao, Saddam, Hitler, Mugabe, Idi Amin. Did they not have their own form of security too?

    • Greg

      Thank you for the pithy comment Slingshot.

  20. Jan

    I looks like I am not alone in my belief that big business is behind legislation that exerts more and more control over our freedom and liberty:

    • Greg

      Thank you for the comment and link Jan.

  21. Mark

    All of you entrepeneurs out there may want to invest in guillotines…

  22. MarkM

    Hey Greg,

    I wish I wasn’t late to this party! This was a good article and good thread!

    Civil rights are “clearly established” and must conform to RAS (reasonable articulable suspicion) or PC (probable cause for arrest). Since when did flying become a no-civil-rights activity?

    Since SCOTUS has ruled that the possession of a gun does not negate 4th A rights–would SCOTUS rule that airports are no-civil-rights zones? 42 USC, section 1983 applies in airports, IMHO.

    I think that the old screening process was OK. It needed a profiling tactic added to it. El Al type screening was the next logical step.

    We are being conditioned for cattle-like treatment by our gubmint.

    Footnotes: Terry vs. Ohio, JL vs. Florida, Esquebito (SP), St. John v. Alamagordo Police Officers, Hibel v. Nevada, et allia.


    • Greg

      Mark M,
      Good stuff man!! Thank you.

  23. Peter G

    Sites like this are a symptom of the overall problem of the spread of fear and hate via misinformation, disinformation, and false statements. If you did any research at all, you would know that people who choose to fly on an airplane are exposed to massive amounts of cosmic radiation. In fact, for every 6,000 feet of altitude an airplane climbs, the amount of cosmic radiation its occupants are exposed to DOUBLES. People are exposed to more radiation from standing near their microwave oven than these scanners emit. Look it up. There is a reason why flight attendants have the highest rate of miscarriage in any industry. And it’s not because they have to walk through a scanner in the airport. Next, I’m wondering if any of you actually know what a “strip search” is. It requires that the person undergoing the search BE NAKED. They have their clothes “stripped” off before the search begins. I’m not aware of any passengers having their clothes removed prior to this pat-down. Passing through a scanner that sends an outline of your body to an officer who isn’t even in the same room as the person being searched isn’t a “strip-search”. The officer can’t even see who is being searched. People love to complain, and this issue more than satisfies their need. If you don’t want to be searched, you are free to travel by train or bus. You would save a lot of money, although I’m sure you would all find something to complain about with trains and buses. Bottom line: I’d rather be safe while flying. The first year after the TSA was formed, they seized more than 4.5 million prohibited items. Terrorists and other criminals are getting smarter and figuring out ways to bypass security. This scanner and pat-down is an attempt at staying one step ahead. If you have a better alternative that will produce the same results, speak up.

    • Greg

      You are an idiot if you think this post was simply about radiation.

  24. Jim

    This has nothing to do with National Security and everything to do with training the public to endure the indignities of martial law. The people who do not learn to accept the loss of rights and to kowtow to government tyranny, will be labeled as domestic extremists. This is simply the next step in what you have been being conditioned to accept for years.

    • Greg

      I think you are correct.

  25. concerned citizen

    Thank you Greg for such wonderful work. The beauty of it is that you can appeal to those who have been asleep so far and those who have fully gotten it all along…each alike. This is a gift, and we thank you.


    A) Background, reported by the ACLU: Prior to these nude body scans and pat-downs (felonies, I might add), there was the unconstitutional law CAPPS II, the airline passenger profiling matter. This was struck down by airliners, internationally. Next, the ACLU again reported that the Feds proposed that US travelers wear a remote-controlled electronic stun bracelet. No kidding, no fibbing. This too “did not fly” so now they are doing the drumroll….sexual assault. Irradiating vulnerable bodies. And calling it “Safe” to be so assaulted (and gawked at, maybe stalked later? Who knows. Irony). So….

    B) My personal conclusion, having lived next door to the former Iron Curtain and known exactly what goes on in dictatorships (it gets worse than this) I know exactly what I am talking about. This whole matter has nothing whatsoever to do with so-called safety, that’s just a big brainwash. Instead, it’ s about closing down the borders and restricting freedom of travel.

    Am I nuts? Paranoid? SOrry to say no way. I have studied the text of some of the post-911 bills and they are designed to crack down on belief systems, let alone actions, to install a police state, the judiciary is being systematically disarmed as a fundamental “check” on government power and judges have already complained about it, arrests without warrant or probable cause in the Patriot Act, etc….

    One fundamental part of dictatorship is to close down the free flow of intercultural exchange and thought. This makes it easier to brainwash and control the masses. The internet will enable a lot of such exchange but they even tried to shut that down too under the so-called “Homegrown Terrorism and Violent Radicalization PRevention Act” that would be an article in itself, I will spare details for now. The point is, they tried to curtail free thought and expression thereof on the Internet, under the guise of protecting us from terrorists (college students, otherwise known as the most internet savvy and politically vocal cross-sector in our country).

    C) Anyone who says that all terrorists are Muslim has not read up on the facts other than those falsely alleged by our mainstream media. In fact, the Center for Constitutional Rights, People for the American Way, Amnesty International, BRuce Fein former deputy US Atty Gen’l under Ronald Reagan, and the ACLU all agree….more than 75% of the Guantanamo “terrorists” were PROVEN innocent yet not released! They are being slandered and tortured into false confessions which hold up in a so-called kangaroo “Court” as valid. NOT SO! This is a lie folks, and it is one more big brainwash!

    D) Therfore I beg to differ with anybody above who posted that this airport scandal is all about hiding the profiling of Muslims from obvious view. Nonsense! YOu kidding? In fact, reports to the ACLU are pouring in….of those AMERICANS who complain and invoke their rights at the airports, THESE are the people who are being threatened with jail and $10,000 fines and the likes!

    E) Let’s not mince any words.
    We are being virtually gunpointed. Either it’s submit to a nude body scan (yes the small levels of xrays are medically harmful, that’s another story) or submit to being sexually molested. No, you may not walk out of the airport or you are fined $10K. Mind you, if you speak up or complain you WILL be queried and threatened with jail and fined.

    This is a) virtual gunpointing, let’s not call it anything less than that! That is a crime in itself. b) Sexual molesting of people, and children, is a felony last I knew of (I am not an attorney). c) What better way to curtail free travel? d) The purpose in such curtailing: Profiteering and personal gain. Where there is not a peep, profits are steep. Where people are controlled and corralled, brainwashing is more easily accomplished and therefore agendas may be upheld. Usually, money-based agendas. And the love of money leads to a drunken love of power.

    Can this be any more clear??
    If it isn’t, not only do we have our heads in the sand, but we are begging for very serious matters which lie ahead. Let’s not even go there, but trust me, dictatorships get murderous. YOu dare to speak up, you dare to travel without government permission (in a dictatorship) and either you get Tianenmen Square (the norm, not the exception) or you get family members held hostage if you are not available to be gunned down yourself.

    You think I am kidding? You think I am paranoid? Repeat: I know what I am talking about. I have lived next door to such a government and talked to people who escaped. It’s not funny. And what is going on right here, right now in post-911 USA is a carbon copy thereof. The legislation mimics it all, the facts are bearing themselves out now. Anybody who thinks I am nuts had better not wait until later, when our action will be impossible because it will be too late. The time to act is NOW!!!

    A) Class Action Lawsuits ahoy!Much more effective than solo.
    B) Press criminal charges against TSA agents individually and the TSA itself
    C) Letters to the editor
    D) CHain emails
    E) Leave the country and pay your taxes elsewhere
    F) Ask for state government nullification of this oppressive government policy at the airports in your state
    Spread word widely about what we can do, above and add your own ideas. Thank you all!

  26. concerned citizen

    PS I think that to “strike” from flying is short-sighted and will not stop the ball from rolling. Here is why:

    A) As above, airlines struck down previous government attempts to make flying miserable to and from America: What happened now that they are silent? We should be querying and concerned.

    B) It won’t stop here. Next the government will crack down on train stations, bus stations, and maybe even install border checkpoints state-for-state.

    C) How would the latter be feasible? Consider that already, Mike German (former FBI agent) reports via the ACLU that there are highly sophisticated FBI spy centers known as “Fusion centers”, town-for-town, spying on Americans. In fact, they have recruited citizens to do the dirty deed and report back to the FBI. Nice eh? So the funding is already there to do such border checkpoints. Sorry to say. Go to the ACLU’s website and put “FBI Fusion Centers” or “Mike German” into the search box and see what comes up

    I base this assertion, that the government is interested in cracking down on free travel, on having studied post-911 legal texts, and on the history I wrote in my post above of the various ways in which they tried to make traveling very difficult and oppressive to and from the USA. There is a pattern which becomes evident and it is one of tyranny and dictatorship, and no other conclusion becomes possible after you read the texts of the bills and study the history.

    I recommend the ACLU’s website as one of the prime sources of REAL civil liberties news, and the Center for Constitutional Rights as a very reliable entity which is really “on our side”, also has some news on their site.

  27. concerned citizen

    PS Greg et al
    Sorry that came out sounding wrong. When I said I recommend the ACLU’s site as a source of real news, I was awkward in my wording. Your site looks like an impressive source of information and you are clearly very up on things and on the cutting edge. It makes me so grateful to see you and others posting here as people who really “get it” and are being proactive as you are. Thank you Greg!

    If anybody is interested, what is interesting on teh ACLU’s website is that you can download FBI documents that have been declassified et al. They also have their attornies’ analyses of matters and they are very sharply insightful. There is a Congressional voting score card and recent news (including the revisited Obama claim that he may unilaterally designate anyone of his own choosing to be “enemy combattant” and have them killed, off the battlefield. Tianenmen Square in the works? Let’s hope not).

    • Greg

      Thank you Concerned Citizen.

      • Concerned Citizen

        Thank you too Greg!
        And I am going to make your site my new “favorites” to come and read frequently. I am impressed with your work and your balanced thinking. Thank you for such great and courageous work, Greg! We appreciate people like you.
        I will also try to keep my comments more short from here on too:-)

  28. RFBurns

    The TSA should be re-named to TFISA….Touchy Feel InSane Agency.

    Who exactly allowed this to happen anyway?

    I suggest everyone go look into a mirror for that answer.

    Now who exactly can stop all this T-in-SA-nity?

    Again….go look in a mirror.

    Its quite funny to see all the outrage and anger taking place…and so little action by the public. People DO have a choice…and to choose not to stand up against this nonsense is why they are doing it. For over 9 years people have been conditioned to think they can do nothing except be submissive for the sake of safety.

    Safe from what exactly? Does anyone really believe that a body scan or pat down prevents terrorism? How exactly? Does anyone actually think that a terrorist is going to bring onto a plane some sort of bomb when for the last several years tighter security measures were put into place that deters that act?

    Oh..was it that so called “underwear bomber” that brought all this about? Did no one pay attention to the fact that it was all a setup?

    A sniff sniff pooch can detect bombs and drugs buried in welded shut metal box…and does not need to sniff anyone’s groin to do so.

    And what about child molesters deciding to pretend to be a TSA agent by simply making a look-alike uniform and finding prey walking to or from school or playing in a playground or walking the dog?

    Why dont we all just go on flights wearing nothing but our birthday suits? Or better yet….DON’T FLY!!

    There is a choice people…its a matter of which choice you make.

    So…..what will your next choice be?

    And don’t complain if you make the wrong choice about being touched and felt down so you can assure yourself that your flight will be safe…..hopefully during take off or landing, the MOST vulnerable points to ANY airplane to attack..wont be by some skilled sniper taking out the tires on the landing gear or introducing a foreign metal object into the engine intake.

    But at least you got to FEEL safe……pfft!

  29. Gregory Foussell

    Tritium emits BETA, not alpha. And while beta is also blocked by the walls of the vial containing the tritium, the glass walls then emit secondary radiation (bremsstrahlung x-rays). The end result is that radiation from those little tritium keychain lights available on ebay are quite easily detected even through their glass walls and thick plastic cases.

  30. Beware!

    Speaking Without the Authority – The Watchman’s Cry: Nathan Leal

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