Two Parties No Difference

By Greg Hunter’s 

The political season is well underway, and the real problems of the country and how to fix them are not being talked about.  Instead, we get lengthy discussions on things like contraception or religion.  The banking system is being propped up by phony accounting and is insolvent if it were audited using the same accounting methods as the IRS.  Neither party is talking about real issues and real solutions for the country.  The only exception is Ron Paul, but he is underplayed and under-reported on at every turn.  This is not an endorsement but a fact.  So, what is the point of the 2012 election?  Is it to make us all think we have a choice?  Does our vote really count?  Judge Andrew Napolitano recently lost his show “Freedom Watch” on FOX Business.  The network brass cancelled the entire primetime line up.  They should have saved his show, but they did not.  It was the only one that attempted to educate the public with a different point of view from the Republicans and Democrats.  Below is one of Napolitano’s last commentaries that comes in the form of multiple questions.  I have never seen this type of technique, but I thought it was very effective in getting his points across.  This video has gotten more than 1 million views on You Tube, and when you watch it, you will understand why.  Enjoy.

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  1. Art Barnes

    What if the psychopaths are running the asylums.

    • Greg

      Good question in a long line of good questions.

    • g. johnson


      what if!!? really?

  2. Jan

    The “red herring” issues are all they can talk about. All the canidates are wearing the same strips as the President. It really does not matter which candidate wins, they are all owned by the bankers and special interest. All except Ron Paul and I am very angry at the way the press portrays him as unelectable. They are the ones making him unelectable.

  3. Sean S

    Nicely stated and well thought out commentary by Mr Napolitano.

    He is probably listed now as a threat to US “national security”.

    What is particularly relevant about the commentary is that a great deal of it could be applied to just about every western Government democracy – not just the US.

  4. Sean

    I’ve always called the two parties a form of Trojan horse. The corporate media promotes both of them at the national level by focusing their attention on the candidates who are aligned with the goals of the finance globalists. Then, regardless of which party is elected, the congressional or Presidential representative moves forward to implement globalist policies and appoint senior officials from within the ranks of globalist corporations and organizations, who go on to hire senior department officials who align with their world view and will continue in their roles long after the appointed official moves on.

    It’s a defacto coup d’etat by the globalist elites, kept quiet and protected by corporate media. Exposing this paradigm was one of the original goals of the Occupy Wall Street movement before it was quickly hijacked and promoted by corporate media as an organization of modern hippies who oppose capitalism.
    The two parties are opposite sides of the same coin. Part of corporate media’s job is to present both faces and obscure the fact.that both represent the same coin.

  5. Mitch Bupp

    There is no doubt that the party system is corrupt and bought by the highest bidder. This has become even more blantant with the current POTUS. As you watch the Republican caucuses you can see the “system/party favorite being groomed. another “systemic A/B candidate”

  6. Ambrose


    “Two Parties No Difference” – very well said!

    I always believe that the final goals of the two parties are the same – profit sharing with big banks and big corporations. The two parties control our government and Wall Street controls our financial system. Political Power and Money is a perfect match in heaven.

    Public opinions are worthless when the job approval rating of Congress is at a record-low 10% ( Eighty-six percent of Americans disapprove Congress, yet there is no sign that the so-called Do Nothing Congress is going to change anything.

    Ron Paul could be the black sheep of the Republican family and the crazy old guy in the eyes of Democrats, but he is our only hope who can change the government and improve the life of Americans.


    • Greg

      Love this line for its accuracy and simplicity: “I always believe that the final goals of the two parties are the same – profit sharing with big banks and big corporations.” Thank you for this excellent comment.

  7. Bandini

    Democrats = Pepsi
    Republicans = Coke

    • Greg

      Sort funny on-target comment!

  8. norcar survivor

    A great watch that if viewed through to the end will show exactly what Nepolitano was talking about.

    • Greg

      Loved it NC!!! 1989. . . brilliant!

      • norcar survivor

        That’s exactly how I posted it on Facebook, Brilliant.

  9. jay

    In 4 minutes 27 saconds the judge performed a 12 hour documentary only to get canned for it. Sounds like a good vise president to me.

    • Greg

      I can think of a few other posts for the Judge. Supreme Court and Attorney General also come to mind!!! Thank you for the comment.

  10. Samantha in Tucson

    Does anyone think that Ron Paul will make a sudden switch in becoming an Independent candidate? I truly believe that in order to “beat the machine”, he may need to seriously consider the option of running as a third party candidate.

    I heard a comment that Ron would not break way from the “Republicons” as he’s pretty much figured if he did that it would hurt Rand’s future political goals.

    Now more than ever, we need a Presidential candidate that can beat Obama and I think Ron Paul is the one who can do that.

    Personally, if the choices are Obama and “Mittens”, I plan to sit this one out. I refuse to be a hypocrite and vote for the most likely to succeed of the two; both are non-choices for me at this point.

    We are at a very vulnerable crossroad in the history of our once-great country. Ron could lead the way if he becomes an Independent!

    • jay

      No good card player reveals his cards before its time..No one knows what the future holds,but if you feel this strong for Ron, and hes not in the race. Do what i plan to do= write his name in anyway.

  11. Paul

    As always, many unanswerable questions, too many questionable answers.

  12. LFDjr

    Maybe there is no difference because the issues and challenges as seen from the dashboard of our politicians are the same. Step into their moccasins and see how the world appears. Maybe there is a weakened quality of journalism in our country’s fourth estate. Are we getting distorted perceptions from the media, radio talkers, and pundits who are competing for position and power.

  13. Peter Wagner

    “I have never seen this type of technique”

    Just go to youtube and search for: ron paul what if. Napolitano’s speech is a flattering copy-cat of Dr. Paul’s speech to congress almost (I think) exactly 3 years ago.

    • Greg

      Peter Wagner,
      Thank you. Dr. Paul is a very bright man!!!

  14. Baja Bryan


    This is definitely a timely piece. The whole right/left issue is a false paradigm. What we have is a government that continues to get BIGGER and BIGGER regardless of party control while accountability continues to play a vanishing Houdini act. Each party points the finger at the other and perpetuates the scam over and over again the MSM dumbed down public.

  15. droidX-G

    Fannie needs another 5 billion to the other 185 billion Fannie and Freddie have gotten so far. SEC waited until end of 2011 to realize that the executives committed fraud.
    I liked the Judge’s show. It was thought provoking. I can see why the FOX people would not like that.
    Keep up the good work

  16. john moore

    Perhaps Judge Napolitano should be the perrson the media is whispering about, thte savior on a white horse who rides in and takes the GOP nomination away from romney. He could have Pat Buchannan as VP, Dr. paul as secretary of state and Greg Hunter as Sec of Treasury or Commerce or perhaps both!

    • Greg

      john moore,
      Thank you for including me in the company of Napolitano and Dr. Paul.

  17. George Too

    I plan to vote for Paul. I disagree with him on some issues but he is an honest man.

    • Greg

      George Too,
      Many from left right and middle would also vote for him. I think that’s why in a new Rasmussen poll Dr. Paul had the best chance of beating Obama. Thank you for the comment.

  18. Baja Bryan


    This is definitely a timely piece. The whole right/left issue is a false paradigm. What we have is a government that continues to get BIGGER and BIGGER regardless of party control while accountability continues to play a vanishing Houdini act. Each party points the finger at the other and perpetuates the scam over and over again to the MSM dumbed down public.

  19. Luis Chavez

    Bravo for Judge Andrew Napolitano!

  20. D. Smith

    I hope the Judge just keeps making YouTube presentations then, because his message is worth hearing – as much as Ron Paul’s message is worth hearing and yet the MSM does all they can to try to ignore the message as well as the messengers. At first I was surprised no other network picked up the Judge’s show, but then again I’m glad they didn’t. I think he’ll do better on his own and be able to get his ideas across to the people.

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