Uncovered Government Docs Prove Chemtrails Real-Dane Wigington

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 6 22 41 PM (2)By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com   (Early Sunday Release)

Lead researcher Dane Wigington for the global climate engineering informational website, GeoengineeringWatch.org, says newly discovered U.S. government documents prove global climate manipulation, commonly referred to as chemtrails, is real. Not only that, but the document, that originated in the U.S. Senate, also proves weather manipulation has been going on around the world for decades. The exponential damage it is doing continues today, and Wigington explains, “With the 750 page document, how much proof do people need? In this document, it describes the need for global cooperation between nations. There are some 50 or 60 countries named in the document involved with the programs, as well, even between nations that would otherwise have hostilities between them. . . . The document also names about 10 federal agencies, about 12 major universities, and it describes the need for complete immunity from liabilities created for all those involved in these programs. They have complete immunity for the damage they have done, basically. It is an extremely damning document. How big does the elephant in the room have to be? . . . There is no question these programs are real and ongoing.”

Wigington goes on to say, “In this 750 page document, the express goal is for those in power to decide who should get more rain and who should get less rain. . . . Even though you have the damage by these programs, the desire to play God with the weather was not suppressed at all. In the 1978 document, they talk about further expanding the programs to a wider scope and scale. These people think they have a right to play God with the weather, with no regard for the consequences what-so-ever.”

So, why is geoengineering or weather modification harmful to the planet? Wigington explains, “They have basically straight-jacketed the planet from being able to respond. In spite of a warming planet, which geoengineering can deflect and cause large areas of temporary cooling by blocking the sun, it comes with the cost of a worsened overall warming. They shred the ozone layer, they disrupt the rain cycle horribly. We have drought expanding around the globe, boreal forests are dying. So, the forests can’t absorb carbon that they otherwise would. The UV is cooking the trees. We have toxic metals raining down on us from what they are spraying with these programs. Aluminum, barium and strontium is poisoning the root system of these trees. They are trying to use the oceans, as well, to get them to absorb more carbon, and that is killing the oceans, as well. There are 400 dead zones around the planet. This is the ‘cure’ that is worse than the disease, and that is saying a lot. Climate engineering is the epitome, the absolute epitome, of human insanity and the quest for power and control. Ultimately, that’s what these programs are about—power and control.”

Wigington also claims to have new information on government suppression of whistleblowers and gag orders given to NOAA and the National Weather Service. Wigington says climate engineering is a known secret in the highest offices of state and federal government. Wigington contends, “I was told by a Congressional aid off the record about 90 days ago, we all know what is going on and we don’t know what to do. This is the biggest elephant in the room. Everybody is afraid to step out of the shadows, but in the meantime, the ship is sinking, the entire ship, and we’re all on it.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dane Wigington, founder of GeoEngineeringWatch.org.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Wigington adds that the California drought situation is “far beyond dire.”  As he said in the interview, the state is down more than 250 inches of rain. He says it is amazing to him how people can “keep their heads in the sand, but they’re not going to be able to do that much longer.”  If you would like to donate to Wigington and his site GeoEngineeringWatch.org, the donation button is located on the top upper right hand side of the home page.   (GeoEngineeringWatch.org is not a tax deductible charity.)

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  1. DAVID

    Thanks for having Dane Wigington on again.
    The timing could not have been better as the planes
    were out in full force on Thursday 10/22. The tic
    tack toe over Lake Michigan was a sight to behold
    as many were outside enjoying the unseasonable
    warm weather. I spoke to a number of people looking
    up at the sky and explained what was going on. I also
    directed these people to Dane wiggington via you tube.
    Thanks for having this very important guest on again.
    I.N.H.O. the environment and our personal health is
    more important then gold or silver.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you David for your reporting from your area!!

      • WD


        I have to echo what David said…. I was in Oxford, MS Saturday visiting an army buddy and take in the Ole Miss Game….

        Tic Tac Toe across the sky…..I am a believer.

      • Ray

        I have to ask, where are all the support teams, are there secret airports, where or who is supplying the chems? I would think that the word would all be out on the street if this was all being done at our home town airports? It must take thousands of workers to install, maintain and fill the tanks, what about the company that make all the hardware and fit it all to the planes? I think there is a need to look in to the before and not after. Even if this was full on miltary Id think some one would spill the beans, unless its not our miltary? I sure dont know. With all that said I do think somethings going on.

        • paul

          The aluminium might just be mixed into the jet fuel of passenger planes (like they used to do when they put lead in our gasoline) … as for the dedicated “tanker planes” … they are probably filled at military bases out of sight of public eyes!


      David, I’m from the Detroit area, it was truly unbelievable Friday the 22nd. I had read on Dane’s site so many people getting sick, always thought it was in their mind. I’ve never been sick on a heavy spray days but Friday night the 22nd and all day Saturday, balance was horrific I was all over the place, stepping left or right total loss of control. This has never happen to me before. I’m late middle age but I exercise regularly and was very athletic my entire life. Friday night I was very worried, I sincerely thought it might be my time. Acting like a drunk a feeling of very drunk, I’m a rational person but It had to be from a all day outside clean up. As Sunday came I felt much better ands still do. This spraying crap won’t end its a death nail.

  2. Faith

    I don’t understand the goal. Do these folks want to annihilate people? Starve them into submission? Poison them with chemicals? Is this all about money and power?

    I have a photo I took several years ago of two contrails that were veritical compared to the skyline. The sky was absolutely blue. I took a photograph of two vertical plumes in the sky. I knew from that day forward that this was real. I come from a family of pilots. I grew up flying. I grew up going to watch touch-and-go landings for fun! Contrails used to just disappear. They didn’t last. They would fade away after a few minutes!

    So it is true. Their is no rule of law now. You are either an elite and connected or not.

    • dbcooper

      Dr. Ted Broer had an interesting perspective w/ Hagmann & Hagmann and that is that these evil scum are fallen angels jealous of our human immortality so they do not mind killing the planet to extinguish the human race … as we endeavor to connect the dots this makes some sense and we pray for Devine Intervention. We have been subjected to the effect of this spraying on many occasions and will testify to the debilitating physical effects and the crushing psychological effects .

      Tomorrow we harvest the feed corn and the mangles… starting to frost .

      Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

      • Faith

        @dbcooper: Good for you for harvesting feed corn. What are mangles? I don’t know what that means. I hope your corn is good, old-fashioned corn raised on land that has been rotated and you have not used Monsanto seeds nor any type of Roundup (or variations).

        I remember hearing about how natives in the desert southwest used to grow corn: they would combine it with squash, beans, and corn. A trifecta. The legumes (beans) add nitrogen to the soil and incorporate nitrogen fixation. The corn ends up being a support for the beans. The squash covers the ground and prevents soil evaporation and holds in moisture in the soil. Of course this is not useful if you are growing crops on a large scale. However this is a very useful method for a family or small organic farmer. Nitrogen fixation occurs when you grow most types of beans or legumes and is an alternative to chemical fertilizers.

        I did an organic farm internship in the San Juan Islands many years ago. It was the best summer of my life.

        • dbcooper

          Faith, When I see your name written I think of Faith/Hope/and Charity … three beautiful words.
          Mangles are a beet similar to a sugar beet and a hundred years ago were a mainstay fodder crop in the northern climes and as we move into this colder era mangles are a good choice for the homestead . We feed these beets to most all the animals and should be chopped for the cows but are probably ok for the horses whole . They can be hung in the coop for the chickens to pick at. We have feasted on greens all summer and no reason we humans cannot eat these beets as well.
          We are thankful that the fire season is past and it is painfully obvious that the enviro-mental/communist strategy for forest management (No management is good management) is a dangerous and costly waste of resource.

          Your in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

          • Faith

            @dbcooper: Thank you for the clarification on mangles! I am able to buy organic beets with the tops attached at this time of year. I like the beet greens as much as the beets themselves. I saute the tops and use those right away. The bottoms, or actual beets, are amazing roasted. I leave a little bit of the green top on and slice the beets into wedges with olive oil, sea salt, pepper, honey and some balsamic vinegar. Even kids would eat beats that are cooked this way!

            Good to know that there are alternatives to the commercial feed crops that are sold most often.

    • Revolution Now

      Here is the (sad) goal.
      Get an apple. Cut it in half. Leave one half on your window sill for 10 days.
      What you will see is nature working. That is, bacteria will populate the apple, and consume it.
      Those that create chemtrails / modify the weather, see their FELLOW HUMANS as the bacteria, and our beautiful planet as the apple.
      They believe…..WRONGLY….. that by reducing the number of “bacteria” by a factor of 90%, they can keep this planet for the “chosen Elites”.
      Here is wisdom: Nature has been the mover and shaker of EVERYTHING since everything started. If these imbeciles believe that after a mere 200 years of “science” they can gain the upper hand over Nature……well…..they are BEYOND HELP and belong in a mental asylum.
      I am in Australia….we have it here, and I am ashamed that very little people are aware.
      Let’s all work together to remove this cancer……The NWO from our future.

      • JDawg

        Excellent post and metaphor!

      • Sandy Beach

        Any ideas HOW to get rid of them?
        The states could have gone sovereign with airspace, but are too afraid now. The Congress sold us out, the House too. The military is afraid to say NO, we won’t do it. We could do a no-pay-tax revolt, but most people won’t act. We could stop patronizing Walmart, and all chains. Ready for that one?

      • Sandy Beach

        Any ideas HOW to get rid of them?
        The states could have gone sovereign with airspace, but are too afraid now. The Congress sold us out, the House too. The military is afraid to say NO, we won’t do it. We could do a no-pay-tax revolt, but most people won’t act. We could stop patronizing Walmart, and all chains. Ready for that one?

      • aqua

        Yes we can rid ourselves….
        I think this may help the situation….
        Too Big to Fail? The Dinosaurs are Now Extinct!!!
        Don’t Like What the Banks are doing??
        MONEY out of banks into CREDIT UNIONS….
        What if everyone didn’t do business with a bank, no accounts or loans?
        In part;
        Tension has always existed between member-owned cooperative credit unions and for-profit banks in the United States. When credit unions were first organizing in the US in the early 20th century, the banking industry was opposed, remaining so ever since.
        The FDIC does not provide deposit insurance for credit unions, which are insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).
        The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) is the independent federal agency created by the U.S. Congress to regulate, charter, and supervise federal credit unions
        A credit union is a member-owned financial cooperative, democratically controlled by its members, and operated for the purpose of promoting thrift, providing credit at competitive rates, and providing other financial services to its members.[1][2][3]….
        Not-for-profit status
        In the credit union context, “not-for-profit” should not be confused with “non-profit” charities or similar organizations.[20] Credit unions are “not-for-profit” because they operate to serve their members rather than to maximize profits.[21][22][23]
        and don’t forget, there is no law that requires an individual to pay income tax…there is a reward it you can find it, even irs agents can’t find it!!
        There is no law that requires a person to have a social security number to work in America…
        StartPage it!

  3. paul

    OK … you pilots out there … don’t try to cover up your crimes against humanity! … come clean and confess your sins … and tell us the purpose for your actions … you realize these poisonous chemicals are falling on your children’s heads too … don’t you?

    Proof the chem-trail is not a con-trail coming form the engine …

    Proof the the chem-trail is not a con-trail “as it is turned off … then on again” (probably after changing to a new chemical tank)!



    The only thing that may save your evil souls … is if the Sun is really burning hotter and more intensely … and you are heroically doing this to block the Sun’s rays … to save humanity!

    • paul

      Here is “what they are spraying” and the “amount they are spraying” … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFQ2_0QNiks

      From the looks of the toxicity readings of just the aluminium they are spraying … it does not look like they are concerned about “saving humanity” … just the opposite … aluminium oxide once it gets into the body creates a “plaque in the arteries and capillaries” that is very hard for the body to wash out … this aluminium oxide plaque once lodged in the brain causes Alzheimer’s and causes other neurological damage throughout the body like numb toes, cold hands, etc., etc. … so “what is” the ultimate purpose of this spraying … if it is actually “killing humanity” not saving it … if they wanted to really save humanity … they would be spraying gold and silver nano-particles in the air instead (not aluminium)!

    • woody188

      Contrails don’t have to come from an engine. They are simply condensation (the CON of contrails) from aircraft moving across different temperature and pressure zones/pockets that occur naturally in the atmosphere. This also explains the on/off appearance. The plane is just passing through different air pockets, usually ascending or descending.

      • paul

        Right … and the aluminum oxide falling from your “natural” con-trails poisoning the trees, plants and humanity must just be some powder that flaked off the moon … try your “troll explanation” on people who can’t think for themselves!

        • paul

          And another thing Woody … there were jet planes in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s … and for “some strange reason” why was the sky not chis-crossed then with your naturally produced con-trails??

          • Diane D

            Yes Paul, until that question and ‘Where are the pilots?’ are answered, I am going to believe Dane Wigington.

        • Freebreezer

          Paul I love geology and given that Aluminum makes up over 8% of the top layer of the earth’s crust and is the third most prevalent material in it (Oxygen and Silicon are 1 and 2), this would not surprise me in the least that Aluminum (along with silicon) is raining down on all of us. Every storm that blows across the western US deserts are going to kick up huge amounts of dust particles and some are going to contain aluminum … it is a given because it is prevalent in most rocks … And the erosion of these rocks will eventually become some of those dust particles. Per covert actions by internal government agencies, I can not discount that.

          • paul

            Freebreezer … you are correct about aluminium being in the ordinary dust we breathe … but it is usually combined with silicate … this aluminum silicate (Al2O3-SiO2) dust “although dangerous” if too much is accumulated in the lungs is not as dangerous as the “aluminium oxide powder” being sprayed … which gets directly into the blood stream and forms “a plaque” in the capillaries and arteries that can’t be easily washed out of the body (causing Alzheimer’s and damage to the neurological system) … most of the “aluminium silicate dust” we breath blowing in the wind … the body tries to capture in the mucus lining of the lungs (so it can be coughed out and expelled from the body) … and yes … it is very dangerous also (as it can cause pulmonary fibrosis, bladder cancer, etc.) … but in general the particulate size of the aluminium compounds in “common dust” has a larger size then the “fine powder” aluminium oxide spray rainning down on us which is smaller then (0.8 um) … thus the aluminium oxide powder in the chem-trails is “more easily absorbed into the blood stream” and does very serious damage to our bodies! … http://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/toxprofiles/tp22-c3.pdf

      • Faith

        @WOODY188: You are correct. I am from a family of pilots. But it used to be the case that contrails simply disappeared after a few minutes and faded out. How do you explain the cross-hatches of contrails? Commercial pilots, even military pilots fly on normal flight patterns that are regulated by the FAA. Those patterns rarely change.

        What is your explanation for the cross-hatched contrails? Or for contrails that linger for hours rather than minutes?

        • woody188

          Air currents and humidity, same as it always was.

          • RTW

            That’s the problem. It’s not the same as it always was. They were not there 30 years ago. CON trails dissapated.

        • woody188

          Pretty decent explanation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltg4tQoYh0g

          • paul

            So according to you Woody… all the criss-cross patterns over California are due to “persistent” con-trails (mostly ice crystals) … where this “persistence” is due to cold air along with an “abundance of moisture” at the “extremely high altitudes” where con-trails “usually form” … so why do we see these con-trails at lower altitudes? … you might say if a con-trail forms at “lower altitudes” the con-trail is composed of water droplets … but for lower altitude con-trails “to persist” they would need “high humidity” (to prevent the con-trail from evaporating and disappearing quickly) … so tell me Woody why is there no rain (or snow) coming down over California? …  with all these frozen particles of ice and droplets of moisture “that don’t dissipate” would they not tend “to combine” to form larger ice crystals or rain drops … it has been shown that a dense field of con-trail “condensation nuclei” actually “induces precipitation” (this is the way scientists seed clouds to produce rain) … so with all the criss-crossing con-trails over California … why is there is no snow and no rain?? … the measurements at ground level show “only aluminium” is raining down!

            • woody188

              No Paul, I would say they do dissipate over time, and the aluminum readings are due to Al being the most abundant metal on the planet. It’s literally everywhere.

              • paul

                See my reply to Freebreezer above!

      • Mike1201

        Woody: you are either a shill or blind. Perhaps you should do a bit more research… As Dane said… How much more proof do you need?! Folks like yourself are part of the problem.

        • woody188

          I’ve a long history on this site as neither.

          • aussie jeff

            To be fair to woody h e has a right to disagree and not fall into line with other posters if that is how he is understanding this subject.
            Its one thing to disagree,its another to start circling a contributor like a pack of sharks brow beating him into submission.
            I’m personally not convinced of chemtrails,having said that would i be surprised if it were apart of the agenda? NO!!!
            If my view in your eyes makes me ignorant,im happy to wear that label.
            I value free speech,and to those who believe in chemtrails i completely respect your right to take that position.i think woody deserves that same respect.

      • Sandy Beach

        tic tac toe patterns?
        or here in New Mexico, all over the place?
        Troll, maybe, you are?

  4. David B.


    Unfortunately, whistleblowers may pay the ultimate price. Malcolm Turnbull defeated Tony Abbott in last month’s Australian election for prime minister.

    The UN is a shill for Obama, so what leader with any power is left to fight climate change?

    • dbcooper

      IMHO, Barry is a SHILL for the UN/ Illuminati… DB

  5. Chris

    As soon as anything gets posted on chemtrails, I just shut the site down and go away. This is truly unsubstantiated conspiracy theory stuff with no trail of proof (no pun intended). I’ve yet to hear one shred of irrefutable proof that hundreds or thousands of airplanes are crisscrossing our skies dumping harmful metals with the intent on changing our national weather or killing off substantial portions of our population. Giving this guy a place to share his ideas just irks the heck out of me – but it is your site Greg. Regardless of my extreme skepticism on this topic, I am still impressed with your other guests and the discussion.

    • Greg Hunter

      What about the 750 page Senate document and all the other proof? You just turn it off? Head in sand, go back top sleep and dream nice thoughts. Everything will be OK.

      • dbcooper

        Chris, Two days ago we had LOTS of trails that did not go away… Yesterday and today I am suffering severe headache and body aches … any connection?? Nah!! it just a coincidence … AGAIN … DB.

        • TL2

          Week of June 13, 2013. Massive chemtrailing over Southern Alberta. June 19, 2013 weird roll clouds move in, huge and ominous. The bizzare weather system stalled over Southern Alberta. The biggest flood in Alberta’s history unfolds. Alberta Environment was blamed for faulty water level monitoring. Don’t believe it. This writer worked with Alberta Environment personnel during a career in the oil and gas industry. Alberta Environment people are dedicated workers. The personnel responsible for monitoring the water levels WERE, COINCIDENTALLY, SENT ON A COURSE DURING THE FIRST DAYS OF THE FLOOD. Mysteriously, the monitors themselves which were working fine before, suddenly weren’t.

          The town of High River was flooded, and then evacuated (part of the town which has never been flooded, nor prone to flooding, was “sacrificed” to save the town. That part, along with parts of its downtown, was razed to the ground). After evacuation, the RCMP, with no warrants, no informing the homeowners, broke in and confiscated guns, adding more damage to the houses. The gunowners had to show up at the RCMP office, in person, in order to receive them back. Whether or not the owners had to sign for them, it’s not remembered. High River is a known pro gun community. FEMA-type camps were set up to house the displaced families. The media showed how wonderful they were going to be. They were not what was advertised. The occupants weren’t allowed to talk to the media, and the media weren’t allowed to talk with the occupants or take pictures/videos. High River has yet to fully recover.

          Calgary was also badly affected. Did the city prioritize helping its citizens? No, efforts were instead diverted towards getting the Stampede grounds and the Saddledome ready, just in time for the Calgary Stampede, during which infidelity and all kinds of filth is glorified.

          Not only is this writer a former High Riverite, but also a former Calgarian.

          Chemtrailing is real. Weather manipulation is real. This writer will let the reader draw any other conclusions on their own.

          • Anne Elliott

            High river sounds a bit like Texas… Weird how they have been hit by floods too.

            • TL2

              Funny you should say that. Alberta is known as Texas of the North. High River floods almost every year, hence its name, but that year was not normal.

              Alberta is prone to seasonal flooding due to the amount run off from the spring snow pack melt coming off the Rockies, and if this happens just when the spring rains occurs, it can get very, very soggy. 2013 had an exceptionally long winter, and had a heavy snow pack. It stayed cold right up until this storm came, and then it got super hot. People weren’t allowed into their homes for weeks, and you know what that means. Mould. Many, many people were financially ruined because the government insisted that homeowners reclaim their homes, even though Alberta Health had condemned their homes. Talk about insanity. Oh, and in High River, no one gets flood insurance, they can’t. From what this author has gathered from talking with others still living there, there are people who are still suffering from health issues related to the event.

              There have been so many things that have happened to Canada, not just Alberta, after this flood.

      • frederick

        Greg the malady that Chris suffers from is a very common one with Americans as of late İts called denial where a person doesnt allow himself to believe that ones govt could do anything so evil Pure human nature and nothing else obviously for as you say there is plenty of proof for one who wishes to see it God bless

      • George T. (Formerly George)

        I am with Chris and I think this report is being pushed as proof is incorrect. Just my two cents and no disrespect meant.

        • Greg Hunter

          This Senate report is but one report. If you want to ignore the evidence then I simply cannot do anything else to help you.

          • Jeremy

            Check this out:

            According to the World Meteorological Organization, more than 52 countries have active cloud-seeding operations—up from 42 four years ago. In the U.S. last year, 55 cloud-seeding projects were reported to NOAA. There’s even a luxury cloud-seeding market emerging—one European company, for instance, charges a minimum of $150,000 to guarantee good wedding weather by forcing clouds to rain in the days before the event.

      • sealman

        If Mr. Wigington has a 760 page Senate document, perhaps he can post it on a site for all to read. Otherwise, it is all BS.

    • Jerry

      Well next time one of these planes lands why don’t you go and inspect it … Maybe then you will have your proof one way or another , However I come from a time when there were plenty of airplanes , but nothing like that in the sky .

      • Robert

        DB, try food grade diatomaceous earth. It’s a natural detox; pulls metals, bacteria, viruses, fungus, parasites, and supposedly even radiation out of the body. It can be obtained online, or at some health food stores, or feed stores (farmers use it to kill parasites in farm animals). Does an AMAZING job of cleaning the respiratory tract, intestinal tract, kidneys, etc. Very inexpensive, easy to use. Start out with only 1 tsp per day in a glass of water or juice for 3 days; increase to 2 tsp per day for 3 more days, then maintenance dose of 1 tbsp. Info can be found by searching for food grade diatomaceous earth human use testimonials. We CAN fight the effects of these chemtrails.

        • Calgirl


          Only FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth should be ingested by humans!

        • dbcooper

          RBT, Thank you, we have DE and use it in the garden and for parasites in the chickens. We have been monitoring the
          ” Chem-trail” situation for years now and I have experienced many symptoms which I am sure are related to this aerial assault. It will not surprise me if this leads to some nasty illness later on.. Yours, DB

        • Sandy Beach

          Good stuff….I use it myself and give to my pets.

      • Jerry

        Wrong Jerry, Jerry.
        It doesn’t take much investigative research to see that the globalist biggest agenda besides a one world government is, global warming. I’ve sat with these idiots back in the 60’s in multiple college lounges and debated this issue countless times. Their bottom line is, earth first, animals second, human beings don’t count. In that order.

      • George T. (Formerly George)

        and I recall seeing tonnes and tonnes of them in my childhood that lasted longer than i could keep up with.

    • paul

      Chris … how old are you? … if you are at least 20 years old … all you have to do is look at the sky … and see that it isn’t as “deep blue” as it was years ago … it is now a “hazy pale blue” … before you know it … it will be a hazy white … now think about who would profit from blocking the sun that provides “free energy to mankind” … follow the money … electric cars powered by solar charging systems … electric homes powered by solar charging systems … takes away a lot of profits from the oil and electric utility industries!

      • Jim H

        And where are you from George. I’m 62 years old and never saw anything but a mile or 5 behind the jet contrails until 25 to 30 years ago.

    • Barney

      Dear Chris
      How long have you been working for the enemy?

    • jim chudzinski

      Chris , go somewhere else and preach to the sheeple that might believe you, as for all of us on this sight, you can not make us change our minds, We know what is really going on in the world. We are not stupid.

    • brian

      Yeah, you know Chris, there was a time where I would pat you on the back for expressing sentiments such as that. But that was a long time ago when I was a young naive idiot. As far as I’m concerned, when it comes to the glob of institutions, special interests and criminal syndicates we now call a government they do not get the benefit of the doubt for ANYTHING. If I ask my government for the time of day and it matches my watch…guess what, my watch is going to the repair shop. I wouldn’t trust anything that comes from anyone the government puts out there to talk to us…unless they do their talking after days and weeks of “enhanced” interrogation, inquisition style.

  6. Charles H


    Advancing (MAD) Science; reinforcing Global Warming, through environmental destruction; and the ancillary benefit of Population Reduction in looking forward to the NWO – what’s not to like?
    After an article where scientists found a rare Kingfisher – they killed the bird in order to do studies which are supposed to benefit those and other like birds – my reply was that ‘nothing is safe’. Not even humans.

  7. Gary Pennington

    Thank you again, Greg, for your willingness to to spread this truth, as devastating as it may be. Dane Wigington is the most creditable witness to this ongoing crime against us all. There can be no denying what we are faced with. I am feeling the effects of the relentless spraying we’ve experienced here in Sonoma County, CA. over the last several days. Thanks again to you both for raising awareness.

  8. woody188

    Read the document. It speaks about the lack of federal policy and/or coordination of any weather modification program. 40 years later maybe there is some program or at least coordination between researchers but I’ve never seen any evidence of one.

    • paul

      You never heard of operation Popeye? … where have you been?? … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weather_warfare

      • George T. (Formerly George)

        Do you believe that the Chinese and Russians could somehow miss America spraying all this stuff into the air to effect the weather? Do you think they could not do the same? China is really doing cutting edge research in the area and they are still spraying dry ice and silver iodide.
        Don’t ever point to Wikipedia for proof of something if you wish to be taken serious. That doesn’t past muster in the real world as a source.

        • paul

          Operation “Popeye” was the weaponized weather modification program the US “was capable of doing” way back in 1967 thru 1972 during the Vietnam war … see the declassified US Senate, Subcommittee on Oceans and International Environment Report; 20 March 1974; p. 88 as a reference … and now after 43 years … you don’t believe the US is capable of spraying aluminium instead of “silver iodide” to achieve their goals ?

    • Robert

      Youtube: Pilots, Doctors, and Scientists Tell Truth About Chemtrails.
      Are they all wrong?????

      • George T. (Formerly George)

        So now if something is on youtube its true. I am going to have to buy some stock in that company breeding sing cats. They are the bomb

    • George T. (Formerly George)

      Thanks for pointing out the obvious facts. I know you are going to catch hell from those that want to believe and reality be damned. I spent two hours reading this and it doesn’t offer one iota of proof of weather control.

      • Sandy Beach

        Why are you on this website?
        You should be watching CNN. That’s your level.

  9. David

    …..Thank you for helping to keep this struggle out in the open. I am in Jamestown , CA. Our skies are covered with lattice work chemtrails most of the time. I stopped taking pictures and documenting them. It is so obvious and well documented I just stopped. It is almost impossible to get the topic on any county board of supervisors’ meeting agenda. Imagine that. My particular county district supervisor is a retired Air Force officer. I want to know why the public can not have access to the MSDS on the chemicals that are being used over our heads. In the USA it is the law to provide them to those who ask for them.

  10. LoneWolf

    Gregg Hunter, you are awesome. Your love for country and your fellow man is commendable. I’m a truck driver who’s been driving for about 30 years. I’ve seen the “chemtrail” (geo-engineering) spraying since I got into trucking. It hasn’t mattered where I drove/drive – California, Washington state, Illinois, KY, IN, TN, GA, FL. It’s going on, and ANYONE who can’t see this is blind beyond belief. When the spraying is heavy, and after the ground level fallout – I can literally taste it in my mouth, smell it, feel it on my skin and burning in my eyes and lungs. Everything we consume has the residual of these toxic chemicals being sprayed. The evil is almost surreal. We, and everything that surrounds us is being poisoned, not to mention the weather control and weather warfare. I’m sure population control has a lot to do with the madness. Dave Wigington – what a terrific, knowledgeable advocate for God’s creations and the future of our planet and humanity.
    Thanks so much for the work you do Mr. Hunter – May God continue to Bless and protect you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you LoneWolf for your on the road reporting and feedback!!

  11. Cryptic Little Sister

    A little while back I gave you an acronym for a type of human tracking intitiative. It is called NAIP. The National Adult Immunization Program. This will sound crazy, but this weather modification is not really about the weather. It is about controlling everyone and everything. It will turn out that it has something to do with vaccines. All of this has something to do with the fact that they put aluminum into the sky and into your veins. There are people in government and corporations who are religious, but not in the way you might think. They look forward to a time when you will need a small implant to verify your immunization schedule. They want it to be tied to artificial intelligence and digital technology. Driving, health, you name it. California is a testing ground. They want to track you through your DNA. It started with prisoners and SB277 for mandatory vaccines.


    Also, hurricane Patrica never made it to land. I don’t care what anyone tells you. People will call me a liar, but I will keep speaking out.

    You are being lied to.

    • jc


    • BluBird

      Was this also in your prophecy? Or is it insider information this time?

      • Cryptic Little Sister

        I left a post on the previous article, telling readers that the hurricane would not come.

        The rain you are seeing now in Texas is from a different storm.

        There never was a hurricane. The government and the media are lying to you.

        • jc

          Sister you will have to have some evidence on this statement. You can slide on the spiritual stuff only so far. We live in a world of information that is provable facts.

          • jc

            Greg would not be able to post all the hand held phone recordings that have been recorded.

          • TL2

            Yes, there was a hurricane. There has been much damage, but little loss of life. Count that as mercy. There are two fronts hitting Texas, one that just left Central America, going up the Yucatan peninsula, and also the remnants of Patricia.

          • Grafique

            It’s been my experience in life that those who truly have access to important secrets never say anything about them. It’s always those who want to appear important who come up with crazy-sounding claims.

        • brian

          Well you would know, since you say you are in the media, what else are we being lied to about? Other than everything of course.

        • Macray

          Sorry CLS, RE: your post “The word that I have seen concerning next year’s elections is “suspended” not cancelled”.
          I am afraid that your source provided you with incorrect information on this one. I have been told the the election for November will take place as scheduled.
          Do your source know if it will be the KC Royals this year or the NY Mets? Thanks

    • TL2

      Thank you. Will spread the word. By the way, you might find this interesting, if you aren’t familiar with this already. https://www.infoway-inforoute.ca/en/

      On November 11, 2011, an event took place that gave birth to something ugly. According to the ancient Mayan calendar, December 2012 was supposed to bring about the end of an age, and the beginning of a new one. That new age, into which we have now entered, is the Age of Transhumanism. The LGBT-whatever-floats-your-boat movement, abortion, vaccines, all the culmination of sin that is happening now is all part of this new age. This writer needs not to get into details, there is plenty enough information out there if anybody takes the time to do a little digging.

    • MikeMM

      Why would they lie to us about this?

      • TL2

        To control the masses. We’ve been numbed out and dumbed down by the elites. Many people are beginning to wake up. Satan is the father of lies, and now that his time is up, the deception is at an all time high. Stay close to the Father of Truth. Shalom.

        • TL2

          By the way, they are not hiding anything. The creed of the elites is to warn the public before doing anything. People just need to know where to look. The scriptures are a great place to start, as according to Ecclesiates, there is nothing new under the sun, whatever is to happen has already been done.

          “What has been is what shall be, what has been done is what shall be done, and there is no new matter under the sun.”
          ‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭1:9‬ ‭ISR98‬‬


      • brian

        To lay the ground work for more and more lies. Every lie we accept makes the next lie even easier. And its not just the lies, its everything that goes along with our acceptance of those lies; its the poison we eat and drink, its the toxins we breath and get injected with, its the way in which we allow ourselves to be pillaged, manipulated, confined, abused and led around, its the future we allow others to shred, its the past that we allow others to fabricate, its our dollars we hand over to be burned so others may reap profits counted in pennies, its the blood that we spill in buckets on the whims of those that pretend to be our masters, its our acquiescence to the filthy demands of criminals, its our submission to the pathetic claims of authority made by narrow sighted charlatans and hustlers, its our abdication of anything that gives us true worth and taking in trade a pile of stinking shit all while we are savagely trampled on by the wild and unguided footfalls of some of the most vile, wretched and ignorant excuses for human beings I have ever had the misfortune of laying eyes upon. Its a world being filled with the stink and rot of our own dying spirit.

        May God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

      • Cryptic Little Sister


        I am trying to help you. But no one can help you, as long as you believe their lies.

    • George T. (Formerly George)

      Sooooo. The hurricane didn’t touch land. Was it a cover story for extra terrestrials landing?

  12. Chris

    No Greg, I did not go through the document word for word. I skimmed it, looking for something new. I see nothing in that document that indicates something nefarious is going on. Cloud seeding experiments were very well known from after WWII to the early 1980’s; after that, I stopped paying attention. Why is this document specifically special? Almost every reference made in the document seems to be public knowledge. Some of the highlighted stuff, along with bickering noted at the state level is available via other sources. We need a smoking gun and proof/evidence, not more conspiracy theory and conjecture. I’m willing to admit some limited experimentation goes on today, but to say there is some sort of widespread program intent on dumping harmful chemicals or compounds on populations and it’s been going on for years demands proof. This is something we have all wished for from our modern journalists, and get very little of.

    • Greg Hunter

      There is increasing information about this. Check the other links form GeoEngineeringWatch.org I posted on Whistle blowers and gage orders ar NOAA and NWS.

      • Sandy Beach

        Greg, I read online that geo-engineering was intended to make regular agriculture impossible and force the food to be GMO, under Monsanto. World-wide, countries are rejecting GMO, so it isn’t going well out there. Americans would benefit from refusing corn, soy and other GMO products. Wear hats to protect your head from aluminum, etc. They will continue all this until they are BROKE; perhaps we need to let China break the dollar.

    • paul

      Chris … you say: “to say there is some sort of widespread program intent on dumping harmful chemicals or compounds on populations and it’s been going on for years demands proof” … well that’s simple … the proof you want Chris is as close as your kitchen sink … turn on the faucet and what comes out with the H2O ? … harmful chemicals … fluoride … chlorine … is that proof enough!

  13. Cryptic Little Sister

    Greg, weather manipulation is connected to the economy and financial markets.

  14. paul

    This is interesting … look at the extraordinary pop in the US dollar Index Fund … http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=UUP&p=D&b=5&g=0&id=p58285248363

    and then note that the extraordinary rise is taking place on “low volume” … a tell tale sign of “manipulation” … so this strength in the US dollar is most likely a “fake out” … don’t be fooled by it!

    • jc

      Something broke in September.
      The PPT is awake every night planning how to save the next day.

      • Greg Hunter

        I agree JC. We had something go seriously wrong and they are holding it together with lies, fraud and money printing for the moment.

        • paul

          Correct … and just a s Moses provided to his people we must provide to our families … unlevered bread (silver)!

  15. Mike from the North

    There are people that make things happen.
    Their are people that watch things happen.
    There are people who wonder what happened.

    and finally there are the people that are so corrupt or simply truly believe that they are above everyone else. It is these people that have propelled us in the direction that will undermine the world for decades to come.

    Some of us see the chaos that is coming and others cannot see the forest never mind the dying trees.

    All of us here simply need to prepare meanwhile those responsible are already in panic mode trying to extend and pretend just a little longer.

    Critical mass of knowledge is building quickly.

    Truth will shock the world of the sheeple soon.

  16. Captn Jack

    I live near Whiting Field Navy training base in NW FL. we have been getting sprayed for the past 5 days ,now it is raining.I have saved important articles on geoengineering for the past several years.I have two trainee pilots living next door.The day of the worst spraying I showed them the “chemtrails” and loaned them the articles to read. The next day one of them brought back the papers and told me that it is only contrails and the articles are BS. So there you have it,even the Navy pilots don’t understand what’s going on even when they fly through the stuff.

    • George T. (Formerly George)

      Or, it really is BS.

      • paul

        George … get with the times … even the Indians on the plains were able to make it rain simply by doing “a rain dance” when they saw a big cloud … the dust they generated doing the “rain dance” provided a localized site for moisture to collect … and as the small particles of moisture coalesced into larger heavier drops “it rained” … although it didn’t work every time (as some clouds just didn’t contain enough moisture) it work often enough to make the Indians dance … ask any Indian historian about Chief Big Cloud!

  17. Mary Casey

    Hello Greg,
    The link below is of a random picture taken to accompany an article on the California drought. Unbelievably, the sky, above the skier, is filled with chemtrails. THAT is the cause of the drought.

    And, this may add to why people are afraid to speak out:

    (London Telegraph) A Cambridge Professor has made the astonishing claim that three scientists investigating the melting of Arctic ice may have been assassinated within the space of a few months.

  18. rick dubov

    Hi Greg…great show! The world needs to know all about what I call the 800 billion pound gorilla in the room..GEOENGINEERING. I describe it this way-carbon emissions and other standard pollutants are a high school championship baseball game..geoengineering is like the 7th game of the world series bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded. It is definitely that urgent. Once again thank you so much!
    Rick Dubov

  19. Mikkel Jacobsen

    Excellent ,,,, god interview ,,, important stuff,,
    Not much reporting on ,,, that we have BOTH ,,, CLIMATE- CHANGE ,,AND GEOENGINEERING,,, AT THE SAME TIME,,,,
    ,,,I fully agree with that statement,,,,,,,

    We should all donate ,,,to help spread this important information,,,,,



    Greg, thank you for covering. I’m from Detroit and just last Friday Oct 22, I was out for 5 or 6 hours for end of the year lawn and all around clean up. In that time frame at least 25 passes were made overhead West to East mainly, It doesn’t need to be a grid pattern . Dane’s site is excellent. However, if you want a 50 minute breakdown go here (Google) .. THE CALIFORNIA DROUGHT IS BEING CAUSED BY WEATHER MANIPULATION. Amazing breakdown on AIRCRAFT aerosol spray, HAARP, and much, much more. Thank you again Greg, and if there’s still any deniers spend more than 10 minutes on the subject and begin to look up. The sad thing is this, It’s not going to be stopped as well its everywhere all over the world. Google Chemtrails over Europe, over Russia even over China. Though, its huge in all NATO countries and its even more noticeable and blatant as of late. I assure anyone no matter where you may live, you will see this crap if you give it just 4 to 5 days of looking up. If you get out of your car look up, on a walk look up, train yourself to look up. I’m past hop but, if thousands or tens of thousands hit Washington DC and UN meetings, we may have a chance.

    • Sandy Beach

      you’d think Californians would be protesting like crazy over this….but the people are too sedated. Russia isn’t sedated, though.

  21. Silence is Golden

    Commendable interview.
    Although….I see some major issues here.
    What is now presented as clear evidence…… that supports the Geo-Engineering concept- is the 750 page document.
    We have insiders knowing about the programs and unable to speak about them (gag orders).
    We have Government Agencies fully involved in weather manipulation.
    What hasn’t been discussed is the REASON(S) . Why the intentional manipulation/poisoning/ irreversible damage?
    Yes it may well be about the Power & Control but there is something more sinister to the covert nature of the program. Whilst there may be a growing number of persons who may be aware of the secrecy …the population at large are still in denial. How do you convert the masses ? How do you raise awareness ?
    Identification of the issue is what Dane has spent considerable time and money on.
    How do you then go from identification to testing/confirming …..STOPPING the processes ? Surely to have any chance of success in bringing about a reversal of the madness of “Playing God with the Weather”….one would require the services of the Government Agencies and the Political/Judicial System to bring these psychopaths to account !!! How is that achievable when all and sundry are in on the game ? There is no viable process that can be followed to allow neutralisation of this abominable behaviour. The Government Agencies are all internally bereft of Morals, Standards, Intellect, Sympathy or Capacity to uphold justice…..not the least to bring about change that benefits the human race. They are all hostage to a greater power…one that has desires to de-populate the planet and turn the productive land into baron wasteland and our oceans into cesspools of radioactive material.
    I suggest this process is unstoppable in its current form. To witness the consummation and participation by no less than 50 sovereign nations is the game changer.
    If one wonders what our future holds….one can simply look back at history and to the heavenly skies……to the Planet Mars ….to evidence what Geoengineering/Terraforming/ Planetary Environment Manufacture…. did to that planet. One can see full well the repercussions of interfering with mother nature.
    Note: She has the LAST say !!

  22. Calgirl

    We can’t stop them in the voting booth……it’s rigged.
    We can’t stop them by starving their funding, less we go to jail.
    How is it that this “spraying” is going on all over the world? Isn’t ANYONE with the heft to stop this worried about their own families and themselves? Or is there some “anti-spraying” medication to which “they” and only “they” have access? We can’t trust the food we eat due to FDA corruption. We can’t trust our military to do the right thing (whatever that is), or even our local police. We can’t trust our government representatives. We can’t trust the WHO. We can’t trust our judges…….or the economy and the laws governing what I can do with my own money.. Come January we will not be able to fly unless we have Federally approved ID. In California they hand out voting rights along with their driving licenses to illegal aliens, but in Florida I have to prove my citizenship to get a license! We are importing all kinds of people who outwardly state they wish to do us harm while Obama releases millions of felons on our streets! We can’t trust our MSM or most people to be capable of discerning truth vs fiction. Even though some are awakening to the threat, most are complacent. Some in Europe are awakening, but I have little faith that the world is redeemable except thru God.
    Your papers please!

    The Western Alliance Is Crumbling: EU Is Abandoning U.S. on Overthrowing Assad
    Obama Cannot Defeat Assad without EU’s Help. EU Also Rejects Obama’s TTIP & TISA Demands. Obama’s Presidential ‘Legacy’ Heads to Failure


    Windows 10 Is Full Blown Electronic Tyranny

  23. Benjamin F

    My only real plan to lifeline this economy is to have the federal government print up $20 thousand debt free to be deposited into every citizens account (on their 18th birthday) beginning with those turning 18 starting jan 1, 2017. All new businesses created in the USA from now on will be tax free for the first 10 years. Businesses will begin being taxed after their tenth year of business. To everyone over 18 already, you get NOTHING for now.

  24. jc

    Greg. I pulled this from the liberty mill. US Senate Report:
    I have a question about methane. With so much in the air can it be captured and used as a useful gas ?

    • Greg Hunter

      This is the same document Wigington has posted and is talking about in the interview. Thank you for posting it.

      • jc D

        Greg in my mind I can see a plane made to run off the methane it collects at the right altitude. Could stay in the air until the methane is all used up..LOL
        If one can think it up sitting in a garage it is likely to already exist.

  25. Jerry

    German Banks preparing to join RMB exchange system.

    It seems quite clear with Angela Merkel heading back to China to finalize the recent trade deals with China, that Germany is making final preparations to join the RMB exchange system once the IMF grants Reserve Currency status to China next month. I anticipate that the announcement will come just prior to the G20 meeting on the 15th.

    China is preparing to fire up its economic engine just prior to that event, with several rounds of currency devaluation in order to draw in other countries still using dollars for trade, with lower interest rates. Once that happens, you will begin to see massive amount of U.S. currency being dumped back into the market. Do you want to guess where they’re all going to?

    P.S. Greg. I consumed a can of armor chili last night that’s been in my food storage for over 15 years. I was amazed that not only did I NOT get sick, but that I actually felt more nourished after eating it. My prognosis is that the food we eat now is devoid of nutrients due to al the aluminum oxide being sprayed in the atmosphere finding its way into our soil. Anyone who thinks that a checkerboard pattern in the sky is a normal occurrence is either in denial or an idiot.

    • Jerry

      As I said China is setting the table to compete with the dollar for trade currency. Here’s more proof.

      I’m no economist, but why would you use the dollar to exchange goods with, if you can do it cheaper with the Yuan? Americans have become so socialistic, that they have forgotten that free enterprise is the driving force of any economic trade. The Fed QE program has stagnated the worlds economic system so much that when the Chinese get Reserve Currency Status for the Yuan, and back it with gold, it will cause the dollar to collapse. The timing is hard to predict, but the infection point will be when the Shanghai Gold Price Fix goes active before the end of the year.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Jerry for all your links and comments. You are adding content to the site, and I and many others appreciate you doing this!!!

        • Jerry

          Thanks Greg.
          I am focused on the BRIC Alliance like a lazier. Here is more proof of a November inflection.

          I’m thinking that this is going to take place sometime before the G20 meeting on November 15th. Events are moving much faster than most people realize that are not paying attention. Greg I have talked with my contacts and we have come to the conclusion that the central planners are planning on taking down the system in stages. This is stage #1. The real collapse (as we define it) may not happen until the first part of next year (which is stage #2) after they determine that the RMB system is fully functional. We’ll see.

      • WD


        BRICS has to deliver the next crushing blow. We are beiing schooled by the Russians and Chinese. The American economic engine is running on 2 cylinders and not 8 anymore. BRICS has to put an end to our foolishness and destruction and that is how you do it.

        Either they do it or they become slaves to the West. Also China still had a GDP at 6.8 % that may not be double digits but it is still a good clip.

        • Jerry

          I’ve been watching the dots align for the past 18 months. This is not prophecy, or some type of theory. Its a carefully planned economic shift that is being orchestrated right under our nose. The BRIC Alliance will either control the old system with new rules, or break completely free from it. The IMF caved because the EU is broke and about to collapse.

      • Jerry

        China thumbing its nose at the ECB.

      • Jerry

        Those of you looking for a coming false flag event may want to look at this. It seems a bit to coincidental that just about the time the IMF is about to give China reserve currency status this happens.

        Yes its definitely on! The Bankster’s are poking the 1000 pound dragon sitting in the corner, at the same time their puppet president vetoed the NDAA bill.

  26. Rodster

    I’ve been following Dane’s work for a little over 1.5 years and he’s got me to look up at the sky a lot more over the past year, LOL.

    What I see now is a silverish blue hazy sky where I live in SW Florida 3 blocks from the beach. I also notice these freaky square clouds with a grid pattern to them. I also find clouds are NO longer white puffy clouds on a bright blue backdrop as I used to see in SW Florida dating back to the late 70’s-early 80’s. Now what I see are SMEARED clouds.

    Most recently I noticed several planes with chemtrails and they most certainly not 30K feet in the air. They were much much lower than that. Also in my area my doctor has told me that allergies are way up as well as cases of Alzheimer and Dementia. I doubt my Doctor has any knowledge of Dane’s work.

  27. Worth Austin

    Greg, thanks so much for this exposure. I am sharing your interview with my many CA friends. I am astounded by some of the deniers–their attitude reflects what is destroying our country–ignorance. I’m 67 and remember the post WWII 50s; what a great life we had. I cannot adequately express my sadness here. Keep up your good deeds!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Worth for the viral promotion and support.

  28. clark

    The so-called “expert” pilots and those in denial or from ignorance focus on the contrail/chemtrail distinction when instead maybe they should try coming to grips with simple numbers first.

    On a previous Thanksgiving Day – the busiest travel time of the year – and on the three days on either side of Thanksgiving Day the sky here was clear and blue. Not a cloud in the sky. Over the course of those seven days there were perhaps a dozen aircraft flying overhead (I work outside) but over the months later, on odd travel days like say March 18th or June 12th and such, the sky is filled with hundreds of aircraft all day long. How do they explain that discrepancy in the number of aircraft?

    It’s not from aircraft being diverted due to weather in other parts of the country, the national weather map was clear many times when the large number of aircraft appeared.
    It’s not due to low visibility, either. The other aircraft are plainly visible.

    Then maybe explain why an aircraft makes a forty-five to ninety degree turn in the middle of fly-over county and over 300 miles from the nearest large airport? Why does this happen on a regular basis for half the year (but not at set times) and not at all for most of the rest of the year? And, these sudden turns Only happen when there are hundreds of aircraft in the air, Never when there are only a few dozen throughout the day. Why is that?

  29. Barn Cat

    I don’t believe humans can control the weather. The biggest factors that affect weather are solar output, ocean currents, and the jet stream. None of which can be changed by mankind.

    I don’t believe in chem trails either. There certainly hasn’t been a decline in life expectancy. Or epidemics.

    • Greg Hunter

      Read the Senate document–they believe they can control the weather.

    • paul

      Barn Cat … where were you?? … when the US extended the Monsoon rains over Vietnam for more than “30 extra days” way back in the late sixties early seventy’s … of course that was 43 years ago … were you alive back then? … if not … you need to review your history books! … and some significant advances in weather control have been made since then … you need to do some research!

  30. Jason

    If you would like to see what chemtrails look like from space check out this NOAA site. Daily sat. images in true colour that prove not only what is going on but the shear scale of it, some days more than half of the states are grid locked with chemtrails, in the SAG, SRM, terraforming, climate remediation, weather modification, AKA chemtrails. You can go to utube and search for time elapse chemtrials, the take that date and location and verify it with the sat image for that day in the archives. Very simple to do, and it takes to separate sources that ae independent of each other to irrefutably prove this is real to anyone! Contrails that go on for thousands of miles from coast to coast some times.

    Check it out for your self, far better than any weather forecast !
    For eg. today the rockies are getting chemed out completely! you can click on the region and zoom in to 250m size fo the closest look and also switch from the Aqua and Terra sat. images tha are about 1h40m apart to look at the progression of the weather modification, It is easy to extrapolate alot of data, using the images and some basic math.

    And thanks once again for all your informative video’s
    God bless you Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for this Jason!

  31. Benjamin F

    So what is the plan, to fake global warming and get everyone to move into “concentration cities” to save the planet? This just seems really dumb. I wanted a fake alien invasion.

  32. Paul

    What I find interesting is all one needs to do is look up in the sky and you’ll see with your own eyes something is wrong. I also found this article on zerohedge that if you read thru until the last paragraph, Goldman Sachs owns the patent on the trading desk for “CARBON CREDITS”. I’m sure Goldman Sachs has out best interest at heart.

  33. Pierre Bernier

    Hi Greg,

    I really dont know if this chemtrail stuff is really going on. One thing I know is that if it is and the powers that be are trying to manage the climate change, they are doublely ignorant. First they are poisonning our planet and second, what ever they do to try to change the climate is futile. Climate change is natural and has nothing to do with CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Climate change is the result of the planets going around the sun causing tides in the sun’s plasma, just like the moon causes tides in our earth’s oceans. Please look at the works of M. A. Vukcevic, R. J. Salvador and most importantly Nicola Scafetta from Duke University. I would really appreciate you invite one of those people.




    Surely if your theory is correct how come scientists, universities etc have not confirmed your suspicions by random air sampling throughout the globe, For example comparing ice samples for the last ten years with samples from twenty to forty years ago.
    Sounds simple to me and confirms your theory or disproves it.

    • Calgirl

      Do you really expect scientists and universities are going to put their government grants, not to mention their lives, at risk to tell the truth? Follow the money.

    • BetterChetter

      probably the same reason that universities are not exposing the medical cartel (which bring in billions in drug studies/pharmaceuticals for diseases which have known cures)

  35. Diane D

    Greg, this is an important topic. Thank you for continuing to follow it. The views of Dane Wigington have that ‘ring of truth’ to them.

    • Greg Hunter

      Diane D,
      You simply cannot be a liar quoting that many source-able facts. I think Wigington is the real deal and would not take the chance of putting him on if I doubted him even a little. Thank you form all your comments on this site!

  36. FC

    Climate engineering is a fact, China openly did before the Beijing Olympics to clear the smog by making it rain.

    And I wouldn’t be surprised if TPTB are creating the drought over California…………..because of large quantities of Helium 3 leaking from the Newport-Inglewood fault

    Helium 3 is highly sought after for the use in nuclear fusion and this may solve the world’s growing energy needs and will eliminate the use of fossil fuels.

    Helium 3 is extremely rare and is only found at the earth’s mantle, but there’s an abundant of it on the moon and there are talks about mining it on the moon.

    Even at $3 billion a ton, it’s worth going to the moon, but why, when we have it leaking from the ground…………the only problem they need to solve is to move 30 million people and what better way is by creating a drought in California, while the the rest of the country is wet under foot.

  37. NC Gal

    Greg, thanks for having Dane on again. I have absolutely no doubt that this is real and ongoing.However, I had no idea it had been going on for so long, and it raises a very big question for me because of the timing.

    In 1945, the US used atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan. In June, 1947, Kenneth Arnold made history by reporting seeing “flying saucers” (his term) near Mt. Rainier, WA and our modern UFO “flap” began. It has been theorized by many that extraterrestrials became more actively involved with humanity once we showed we would use atomic weapons. The 750-page document Dane put up on his site says that geoengineering has been going on since 1947. The question in my mind is whether there is an ET connection to that timing. 1947 was also the UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico, leading to a wealth of reverse engineering documented in Colonel Philip J. Corso’s book, “The Day After Roswell.” (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/067101756X)

    Extraterrestrials range from benevolent to malevolent, with many different species scattered across that spectrum. There has lately been a surge of interest in malevolent beings called archons, who are alleged to be running their own agenda and are so highly placed that they control many layers of existence beneath them. The Nag Hammadi scriptures describe them and their intervention (see summary at http://www.metahistory.org/gnostique/archonfiles/AlienIntrusion.php). The significance of the Nag Hammadi scriptures became evident in 1947, the same year as Arnold’s sighting.

    My own understanding of these times (which is reinforced by the financial manipulations described by many of the speakers on this site, in addition to the data Dane presents) is that the current power struggles we can observe are literally a battle for who will emerge as “top dog” in total control of the planet. There appears to be an extraterrestrial element involved in directing the actions of those I term the elites (aka the Illuminati, etc.) and there is another extraterrestrial element that is attempting to restore the planet to its original destiny path (see material posted at http://www.operationterra.com/). Operation Terra is all about the planet and supporting her emergence as the “new earth” referred to in Rev. 21:1.

    The archons (and the greys and reptilians associated with them) do not want this to happen. The geoengineerng program does not appear to be designed to benefit humans, so who does it serve? Is it possible that these ETs are doing these things as a way to create/terraform an environment more hospitable to their own species? Simon Parkes alleges that government leaders such as Obama and Putin are each receiving guidance from different ET groups.

    As hard as it is for some to believe that geoengineering is real, it may be even harder to believe that archons and malevolent ETs are behind what we can observe in the actions of the elites, but there is some evidence that is thousands of years old, and even older, strongly suggesting this as an explanation of behaviors that otherwise seem incomprehensibly insane and monstrous. Perhaps the reason the elites seem so monstrous is because they are obeying orders from being who are truly not human at all.

    • NC Gal

      P.S. In addition to a comprehensive listing of the various reverse-engineered technological advances parceled out to different US corporations for development, Corso also gives details about how the compartmentalization of information is carried out in such a way that the various letter agencies compete with each other for turf. This compartmentalization permeates all levels such that only a very few people know the whole picture (probably no more than a dozen in total). Even the various ET groups do not have the whole story, so there is an element of mystery threaded through it all. Probably only God knows the whole story and we only get pieces of it from whatever sources we use.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      “It’s…it’s a COOKBOOK!!”

      (Sorry…somebody had to.)

      • NC Gal

        That was pretty funny! It helped me start off my day with a laugh. Thanks for having a sense of humor about what is otherwise a serious subject.

        That being said, I do not believe that we are the only forms of intelligent life in the universe. I have had way too many actual experiences at this point in time to believe that. You can fall back on whatever theories you have that make you feel safer in your world. It has taken me decades to sort out where I stand on all of this and I do not expect anyone else to share my views. If YOU had experienced those experiences, you wouldn’t toss them out so casually, but you haven’t, so it’s just words and a story to you, whereas to me, it’s my own version of truth.

        Experiencers and contactees have been relegated to the tinfoil hat crowd long before those sounding the financial alarms were. Attribute it however you want, it doesn’t change the facts.

    • Bob

      Thank you for your reply and explanation! This forum needs at least some information on that aspect of things. Although, missing would be the role of satanist persuasions that permeate many of these groups (Illuminate, reptilians, etc.). Demons are abundant, look up the role they play in music/acting careers such as Jay Z, Jim Carrey, etc. particularly child sacrifices. Documented by many in those industries.

      Also, if a person is to look up shapes in radar weather maps you will see that the Haarp arrays around the world bounce frequencies off the ionosphere and project those into a sphere of heat or squares as well. Documented now are studies on these heat signatures present days before the fukushima quake, haiti, etc. in the epicenter region.

      There is also a sphere present, pushing the jet stream north at northern california for approx. a year during the drought.

      Watch for dark energy, and pray to the universe to defeat chemtrails, it IS in progress.

  38. farmer dave

    @CLS, There never was a hurricane. Lol, that’s pretty funny, guess all those radar and satellite images I was looking at from various govt. and private weather sites were mirages….

    • sk

      Nope. The archons gave you an optical illusion. LOLOL. Actually, many years ago I had a calculus professor who – I am convinced – was an archon. Not just any archon, but an archarchon! He said his home town was in Iowa, but I am sure it was in alpha Centauri, and that he came through the Large Hadron Collider/CERN wormhole. Tried to bring (his local) Blood Moon along, but Moon was busy causing a Centaurian shemitah and refused to come. Oi vey. My head hurts.

      • Charles H


        Many consider the ‘alien life-forms’, in various manifestations, as being the higher ranks of fallen angels; or their work with earth-bound demons. God-less scientific knowledge is a big carrot to lead humanity toward power and becoming Masters of the Universe little gods. Moses threw down a staff and it became a live snake. The Egyptian sorcerers did the SAME. Man has loosed terrible power in Atomic Energy. Higher-order spiritual beings could possess undreamed of abilities.

        • sk

          That was tongue-in-cheek, Charles! A spoof. A jerk-your-tail joke. A push-your-buttons tale. Like I said, oi vey. My head hurts even worse.

  39. Calgirl

    How is this for a theory……..(or have I been breathing too much contaminated air)

    The release of thousands of felons from prisons all over America by Obama is the best way to continue holding citizens in a state of fear. These felons will commit untold atrocities in our communities which will allow the government to continue existing freedom stealing programs. “Never let a crisis go to waste”. There is much talk of “false flags” so the government needs some real crime waves to elevate the “fear level” and to promote their agenda, such as taking our guns.

    On a lighter note:
    Putin plays the piano and then sings “Blueberry Hill” in English at a cancer benefit:

  40. Lake M

    “We will own the weather by 2025” is a well known quote uttered by some US general.
    It is likely many in the government have been working towards that goal over the last decades.

    It is obvious we are being sprayed. With what? We guess aluminum and barium. Perhaps other elements at times. Let’s not forget all the cesium and other elements being discharged into the Pacific air and ocean from Fukushima. A very serious environmental problem.

    Lets also consider HAARP, the magnetic array located in Alaska and other locations around the globe. HAARP likely plays a significant role in this geo-engineering debate. It is said pulses from the magnetic array bend the magnetosphere and can alter a storms strength and direction. It is also possible earthquakes may be induced with these devices.

    When I saw the photo of Hurricane Pat, I was reminded of Katrina. Pat had a record dropping barometer as recorded by our Hurricane Hunter during its last run through the storm. The storm quickly blew up to Cat 5, very similar to Katrina. Then, just as if someone turned the key off, Pat quickly broke up at landfall. Surely the mountains helped dissipate the storm but perhaps nature had some help.We can only speculate.
    Note the fragmented nature of the hurricane as it came ashore north of Manzanillo.
    see photo: https://twitter.com/Ray_Olivares/status/657710788015095808/photo/1

    • Cryptic Little Sister

      Ah, but there never was a category five hurricane. What did you see in the photo? Think! What is it you saw?

      Use your mind. Nothing just broke up at landfall. There was nothing to break up at landfall.


  41. Calgirl

    OK I’m on a roll here with my theories…….
    What is the answer to the rampant destruction of our world? I’m thinking out of the box here, and maybe some of you think that I belong IN that box! Please don’t be too harsh……..

    Many of us trust in God to help right the wrongs. But the “wrongs” are so pervasive that nothing short of another flood will fix them, except maybe…….a financial collapse! Could this be His remedy to save His planet?

  42. Cryptic Little Sister

    Someone asked me about proof that there never was a hurricane. I found the following:
    this man is telling you the truth.

    • Beligarant

      CLS : My understanding is this area that was hit by the hurricane consisted of a mountain range. Mountains disrupt large circular weather patterns which is why it’s rare for tornado’s to form in these areas. Sure they can form but usually the weakest F1 Tornado’s and don’t last but a short period of time. This mountain range disrupted the outside edge of the hurricane before it made landfall.
      I’ve seen similar effects with large F4 / F5 tornado’s that rapidly fell apart when they got within 5 to 10 miles of a large mountain range. The mountains interfere with the lower level rotation motion and rapidly break up storm masses.

      • Cryptic Little Sister

        You have the wrong kind of storm: not tornado, hurricane.

        The damage on shore is not consistent with what you are trying to believe.

        The government is claiming that there was a hurricane of at least category 5, if not 6. What I am revealing to you is that there never was a hurricane. A tropical storm broke up on shore, not a cat 5 hurricane. A hurricane would have caused much more damage than what you have been shown.

        You must keep using your mind. Do not be lulled by the images and the stories. The only real thing that some people saw was an image of a tropical depression, and that was scrubbed from Mexican television and the internet. There was a concerted effort to spread the belief in a hurricane that never existed.

        What was the only other hurricane to make landfall in that exact part of Mexico? It happened in 1959, in the same mountain range, in the same month, on the 27 of October.


    • brian

      You know lil’ sis, you are right that many of the images of this storm are indeed not photos of what they are purported to represent, but that does not mean the storm did not exist, just that our perception of it is being affected…its like the lunar landing; mankind did set foot on the moon, but the evidence we were given showing to us that it happened is a fabricated falsehood. Its like the war on terror; there is terror, there is a war on it, but you can bet your butt that nothing we are shown about it and guided to believe about it is accurate. There is a God, but the church does not offer any viable or truthful route to that God. Life has a purpose; but that purpose is not derived from serving those who defile it. There is such a thing as wealth; but the federal reserve does not issue it.

      You see lil’ sis, there is an undiluted reality right at our nose, we can see, we can taste it and we can smell it, we can hear it; its just that we must learn to do so despite the best efforts of those who gain satisfaction from making what is plain to be arcane, what is palatable to seem rancid, what is trustworthy and dependable to seem caustic and cauterizing.

      Have you asked yourself what side you are really on…have you gotten an answer yet? Are you a slave of your beliefs or do you live by your Faith? Do you know the difference?

      • Cryptic Little Sister

        Brian, none of the images that have been presented of a hurricane are real. People in Mexico saw as it happened a tropical storm off the coast broadcast on Sunday night. That is what was shown and then scrubbed. Who do you think downloaded those images of past hurricanes, the ones shown on Snopes? Might it have been the same people who told you that there were babies in incubators before the Gulf War? Look up a PR firm called Hill and Knowlton. You may be surprised at what you find out about who they worked with during the months leading up to the Gulf War.

        Look up something called fourth generation warfare.

        The media you read–Zerohedge, Wall Street Journal, Global Research–these are all a type of psychological operations. Stories are planted there in order to confuse and disrupt the planning sessions of foreign governments. These stories are meant to confuse and create distrust among upper level politicians in countries like Russia.

        • Greg Hunter

          We would never ever use Snopes as a legit source at ABC or CNN. I worked there when there were good standards. Not trying to offend or discredit just adding some perspective. Let’s move back to the economy and let us know what you are hearing from your sources about the debt ceiling and budget. Is that OK with you?

        • brian

          It does not surprise me that the media would be used to make people believe a small storm was a large storm, it does not surprise me at all. What would surprise me is if there was something we could do to stop such willful misrepresentations from continuing.

    • truthalways

      CLS, I follow this site constantly. He is always correct.

  43. Bob

    The day will come when UV radiation will be so high that crops will not grow. Methane ydrates [as they boil out of the oceans] will cause ten times more heat trapping problems than CO-2. As plant life dies and oxygen levels drop—so will WE———————–This IS the end of days–Revelations

  44. Cryptic Little SIster


    • jc D

      Ok I will ask. What would any Mexican have to gain by lying about being hit by a hurricane ?

    • NC Gal


      That Snopes article doesn’t say that there wasn’t a Hurricane Patricia. It says that those PHOTOS were not of Hurricane Patricia, as represented by those who circulated them on social media; they were of a typhoon totally unrelated to Patricia. Patricia is/was real and we are getting soaked today here in North Carolina by what remains of her.

      • paul

        Yes … it was a hurricane … but not “as strong” as claimed … now why would they “fake the magnitude” of this hurricane? … because it will be listed in the record books as a “category 6” to further a political goal? … so they can use the “fake records” to push their climate change agenda? … and provide support to their “carbon tax” energy policy?

      • Cryptic Little Sister

        Actually, no, the rain that you are receiving is from a different weather system.

  45. Mike R

    Sounds like its high past time to really dig in and prepare. On an unsettled feeling, I quit my corp job earlier this year. Since leaving, my priorities have been as follows:
    1) Stockpiling tons of good will, with all the local connections, neighbors, community and even several remote communities that are far away in the ‘stix’ from urban areas. I’m helping everyone and anyone who seems to be decent and true. While I have been doing that for years with clients in the corp world, and it earned me a lot of business, and also always helping neighbors by fixing anything and everything, or even snowblowing, or leaf raking, I’ve upped this to a major portion of my time.
    2) Doing things to improve family resilience, and medical resilience. Connecting with better doctors, and focusing on better health for my family.
    3) Getting as much money out of 401’s and bank accounts, and converting to assets that will be of high value, especially energy based that don’t rely on the grid, or gasoline.
    4) Implementing new business models with a great degree of flexibility, and very low overhead (no brick and mortar) with heavy advertising via multiple social media outlets. Basically emulating what big businesses do as a single member LLC. No employees. Multiple revenue streams.
    5)Creating my own supply chain(s), direct to foreign countries, and leveraging cost differences between here and there. This is everything from actual goods, to engineering, design, etc.
    6) Creating client agreements, with long term perpetual income streams. (repeat business locked in, via subscriptions, while providing unparalleled value and expertise)

    • Silence is Golden

      Self reliance, motivation, networked, mobility and self sufficiency.
      Congratulations …you have created the 21st Century Survival Playbook.
      Words of caution….stay out of harms way. Dont break the law and dont attract too much attention. Small incremental steps.
      I suspect You WILL become a target because TPTB dont want us to be self employed. They want us to be controllable, traceable and accountable.
      I wish you well nonetheless.

  46. jc D

    Site. Has there ever been a vise president to not run for president? Biden dropped out so I question his motive.

    • Silence is Golden

      He was told to get out of the way. 😉

    • Occasnltrlvr

      The sitting Vice President doesn’t want to be President, and no one wants to be Speaker of the House.

      Whatever “it” is, it’s coming soon.

      • Cfyptic Little Sister

        “Have I missed the mark, or, like true archer, do I strike my quarry? Or am I prophet of lies, a babbler from door to door?”

    • JC Davis

      I think Biden (may ) know there will not be a election.

      • Greg Hunter

        Or things are going to get very, very bad.

        • paul

          Bad … as in like … the powers that be will put Hillary in? … but how do you suppose they will “remove” Trump???

          • JC Davis

            Don’t say that Paul. The very thought is repulsive.
            Speaks volumes that something is wrong in our system.

            • JC Davis

              I can handle nuclear war easier then knowing Hillary is running America. Well they would be one and the same.

  47. Anne Elliott

    We live on a property with lots of timber; this year so far 3 massive oaks and one massive walnut tree toppled over at the roots, all fully leafed out, dead for no apparent reason. Another massive oak nearby aged to be in the mid-1800’s also just died this summer, but at least it’s leaves turned brown before it went.

    • Sandy Beach

      That’s really sad. It tells me that the chem trails are eating into the tree’s root system to kill the tree.
      We’re in trouble.

  48. Matt

    The US will have a destroyer within 12 nautical miles of the dreaded up reefs in south china Sea. Could get interesting. Also i see the debt limit to go for 2 years down the road as per zerohedge.

    • Macray

      Supposedly leaving Tuesday 10-27 in the AM
      It may take a week to get to the South China Sea. China will not lose face. Will the US back down? Will be very interesting once the destroyer departs on its mission. The PPT along with allies will be working overtime before any possible confrontation.
      Very interesting indeed, Matt

  49. Your fan in Japan

    Don’t know much about chem trails but here are few related items.
    1. My local newspaper this morning, 10/27 carries the story that the governor of the next prefecture OK’d the restarting of the Iikata Nuclear Power Plant- (located on the island of Shikoku,Japan) We have been told that the plant meets all the stress tests set up after Fukushima, and that the locals support the start-up. RIGGHHT. Brace for Fukushima part 2.
    2. I farm a small plot near my place. The neighbor, an elderly lady, told me that if I don’t want to have tons of weeds, I need to put down a herbicide called Lasso. I bought this and looked at the active ingredient- chloro-benzene. This triggered something in my memory and I did a search on the net. di-chlorobenzene is used in making DDT. Yikes.
    3. DB and Faith. Last summer I was in Bellingham, WA. A store owner had put up the following on his streetside sign. Hope is still alive. Stop for a minute and think what that means and then, chuckle.

    • paul

      Yes … brace for Fukushima part 2 … but only if they “sign a security contract” with the “same people” who installed a virus into the computers controlling the valves at Fukushima part 1 … and placed a bomb at reactor 4 (which was completely dissembled at the time) and therefore was unable to “explode” the way it did!

      • frederick

        Paul have you been reading “Jim Stones” website about the camerabombs?

  50. George T. (Formerly George)

    so a 37 year old document at a University covering a Congressional Committee that wants to control weather is proof its being done? Back when the entire computation power of the USA was less than my current lap top. I don’t read this the same as the interviewee does. And this is written at the height of the cold war and you people act like it has some significance. Really? When they were classifying anything that was hearsay like telekinesis. OHHH, that is a scientific word, too, but as far as I can ascertain, its make believe too.
    IF we were doing this and i will tell anyone that listens that I am embarrassed for people that want to believe these fairy tales, the Russians and the Chinese, plus the Indians and anyone else with decent satellites would see what we were spraying. This would be an act of war and then everyone with planes would be spraying this stuff. That is why I find conspiracy theories so laughable, people will ignore facts and reason so they can believe in make believe.
    And we are waging economic war against Russia and they know about this and wont be messing us up with it? Oh, I know. Its a “global” conspiracy.
    I as sure there is a gag order to keep the loons at NOA from pushing make believe . They are the guys that are pushing global warming are they not? Do you think that the government issues gag orders to stop the leakage of national security info?
    What you people that believe in this make believe fail to understand is the sheer size of the planet. How many tones of CO2 do you think are produced in a year? 1.7 BILLION TONES. Think about that. This much CO2 and no effect and we have been doing this for nearly a hundred years. But they have this magic pixie dust and it is a game changer? The further out from the surface of the earth, the bigger the sphere gets. ergo, the further up, the more you would need, a tremendous amount more at fifty or hundred thousand feet than you would at thousand feet. (Why, yes, I did get an A in geometry. Thank you for noticing.)
    I also have friends flying in the military, some with high level classified clearance and they say its make believe too. I had dinner with one as he flew threw into Goldsboro on way to parts unknown.
    And forgetting facts and logic lets go with base human nature. Bradley Manning, Snowden and dozens of other PROVEN whistleblowers, and not a peep. Lets face it, if we were doing this, it would be evil and no one of the tens of thousands needed to do an operation on this scale and no one outs them? Sure, that sounds reasonable. And no I dont buy the so called whistle blowers listed by the interviewee. Even the MSM reported on Snowden and Bradley. And none of this is on Wikileakes?

    • Greg Hunter

      Add it to the pile of documents. I guess the world is still flat?

      • clark

        RE: Bradley Manning, Snowden and dozens of other PROVEN whistleblowers.

        There are some people who would disagree with this characterization and say that these people are actually a part of the controlled opposition.

        Food for thought.

      • paul

        Actually … the ancient peoples who were told the world was flat were not lied to … when they spoke of the “world” being flat they did not mean “the Earth” … they were speaking of “the universe” … and indeed astrophysicists today have found that “the universe is flat.”

    • Mary Casey

      Hello George T, It is “global”…..all major countries are spraying the same as the U.S. btw, what do you expect your military friends to say?

    • Occasnltrlvr

      So, the absurdly high concentrations of aluminum don’t exist, trees and foliage aren’t inexplicably dying, the incidence of Alzheimer’s isn’t rising, and skies aren’t a silvery haze, but are in fact clear, and bright blue.

      Congratulations on your “A” in geometry.


      Sir, all you need to do is start looking up. As you get out of your car look up, when you get into your car look up, if you take a walk look up, cut the lawn look up, walk the dog look up, if you begins to look up you will see the trail. Otherwise, just YouTube Chemtrails, in any state or even city. BUT START BY LOOKING UP………

    • brian

      Well George, what were you saying to folks a few decades ago when they were saying that health care would be nationalized, that the government would sponsor the selling of baby parts and that your tax dollars would be used to prop up banks and other institutions that flaunt the law as a matter of due course?

      Keep paying your taxes, and go vote, everything will be just dandy. As for me, if I hear so much as a hushed whisper from the cracked lips of a stark raving mad man that my government is in league with little green men from outer space to hatch some plot to populate the earth with talking pumpkin seeds…well I am going to need to see some good goddamned evidence refuting that before I dismiss such an allegation.

      Guilty until proven innocent when it comes to the government.

      • paul

        Not sure Monsanto would be favor of “talking pumpkin seeds” … but would be 100% behind “seedless pumpkins” … so that the common man can’t grow his own to make pumpkin pie! … we can’t even grow grapes (to make our own wine) anymore as almost every grape is now “seedless”! … farmer organizations in California are “against” Genetically Modified Foods … and wonder upon wonder … they are now reaping the “whirlwind” of 8 years of drought!

        • Silence is Golden

          What would we do without GM Seeds ?????
          Let alone GM Seedless Pumpkin…seedless Grapes …seedless Watermelon!!!
          They have a lot to answer for especially that diabolical herbicide ROUNDUP. Glyphosate the known constituent of that product, finds its way into the food chain….plants and animals. Sure it kills weeds….as for the effects on humans….WHO says its carcinogenic.
          Little do we know that glyphosate ends up in numerous end products used for sanitary purposes/ medicinal purposes. If we are not ingesting it…we are exposing our bodies 24/7 to this stuff by simply using one of the myriad of products that are manufactured from grown crops treated with this herbicide/pesticide.
          If you try to go the organic food route ….you still get exposure …because unless you never require the use of medical/sanitary products ….you probably have no clue that innocuous every day routines are doing the job.

  51. BeeBee

    Good food for thought.I live on the south coast of England which is one if not the busiest places for air traffic in the world.I regularly observe the trails left by jet craft coming in over the coast and going out but not always for sometimes there are no trails other times the trails are short and disappear very quickly.For the most part however we get the trails which spread over the entire sky leaving the milky blue instead of the deep azure which we used to get in yesteryear.
    I grow fruit and vegetables for my own use because I have a problem with the chemicalised crap sold as food . But I have noticed that although the weather is warmer there is less radiated sunlight than there used to be and the fruits in particular are not ripening as one might expect.
    Now this is where it gets interesting.Soot and sulphates are posited in the atmosphere due to industrial activity which filters out sunlight and now we are being informed that our nutjobs as pass for governments are putting particles of aluminium into the same for more of the same.If this is the case and it seems to be,are we being placed in a situation where there is no remedy but disaster.The CO2/methane blanket we have on is causing us to slow cook as in an oven through the lessened radiative heat the soot,sulphates and aluminium allows us and if we somehow were to remove that we get spit roasted.What a future we have to look forward to!
    The Bible has somewhat to say on this matter in the book of Revelation,it says at the last trump that is the time of divine intervention,judgement will come on those that destroy the earth and the sun was given power to scorch people with fire.The good news is humankind gets to survive,lousy government is removed,the planets healed and paradise arrives.
    I like happy endings.

  52. Ross Herman

    What Dane Wigington fails to grasp is that of the many sinister intentions of geo engineering, solar radiation management, is NOT one of them! If solar radiation was of concern they would spray in the equatorial region at the perpetual noon position, end of story!
    Love you Greg

    • paul

      Yeah! … but what if the powers that be want to block solar radiation from powering solar cells on peoples roof tops?

  53. Art Barnes

    Greg, earlier this spring I saw for about a 3 week period spider like clouds, they were squares of almost equal size sort of like cotton candy holding each other together in square patterns. I might add that it didn’t rain after that period. Looked like they were floating about 7,000 feet or so, +-, not sure exactly about the elevation, they also covered most of the south western/eastern sky from my position to about straight up. They also didn’t appear to be moving with the upper level winds like regular clouds, they stayed in tack, weird to say the least. I could sketch it but its hard to explain, just imagine cotton candy pulled apart and made locked together in squares like little sticks.

  54. farmer dave

    Scroll down a bit on this link and take a look at some of the videos of the hurricane patricia damage. I wonder if the guy driving the truck that blew over didn’t think it was a hurricane either CLS?? Get outa here, If I were Greg I’d ban you from his site.

    If you don’t like the UK telegraph go to a million other sites that show the same sort of damage.

    • Cryptic Little Sister

      You are gullible beyond belief. If I were not stronger, I would weep for you.

      Do you even know what a hurricane is?

      Those photos actually include one of the faked photos supposedly from NASA. This one was pointed out on Snopes.

  55. Sayonara

    Up until this point, I have been extremely skeptical of the chemtrail and geoengineering theories. Dane Widington presents some pretty irrefutable evidence on this matter. Further, I fully realize that our government is one the most evil and corrupt political institutions to have ever evolved. The controlling elite members of our government will stop at Nothing to achieve the goals of their special interest overlords. I have always said that I believe in climate change in that the climate has been changing since the creation of the earth. I now believe that the climate change propaganda is to condition the masses that the climate is changing due to manmade manipulation by our presence. What the masses are not being told that what is really happening is that intentional manmade climate change is occurring due to the climate manipulation by the government. This is super horrifying stuff. Great interview.

    • Mark_BC

      I also agree that our governments are completely corrupt. However, I do not believe in conspiracies that are 1) physically impossible (it’s no not possible to inject anywhere near even a small percentage of the contaminants into the atmosphere that is being alleged by conspiracy theorists — there isn’t that much mining in the whole world), 2) economically impossible (there isn’t that much material available on world markets to spray), and 3) lack any concrete evidence (cloud seeding is not evidence of the chemtrails theory)

      Yes, climate changes as it always has. It changes according to a number of variables including solar changes, atmospheric changes, and Earth orbit changes, among others. What I find humorous is the theorists who purport that the government is engaging in massive geo-engineering projects (I’ve even heard them suggest that the governemnt is changing the Earth’s orbit to make us eventually fall into the Sun — I’M SERIOUS!! Did they even pass grade 8 science?) when in fact all you have to do is look at Google Earth to see a massive geo-engineering project going on right now — its called agriculture, forestry, and human urbanbization. We have dramatically altered the surface of the planet and its chemical flows. Humanity now harvests for its own uses about 1/3 of every plant leaf that grows in the world and we have dramatically altered the composition of greenhouse gases. I don’t know how any sane person could look at Google Earth and argue that humans are NOT altering the planet simply by our very own actions that are needed to sustain 7 billion people.

      Come on people, use some introspection and admit that maybe, just maybe, we humans at the individual level and then collective levels, are the ones changing our environments. And that maybe it’s not some government conspiracy to do these things under our noses, despite how evil the government is, because as mentioned above, it is not possible for the government to engage in the programs that so many of these chemtrail conspiracy theorists insist.

  56. clark

    There was an Air Force guy speaking out about Geo Engineering on a national morning TV show a few years back, he said he would likely face court martial for doing so. Haven’t heard about him since. As with other whistle-blowers who get punished, others notice and shut up.
    Many people act as if there never was such a thing as The Manhatten Project, nope, thousands of people can’t keep a secret, never been done before. Psft.

    Anyway, here’s a PhD scientist for you people who write things in denial in the exact same manner as those back in 2004 who said there wasn’t a housing bubble, they all thought prices would Never come down and anyone who said otherwise, well: they. just. don’t. believe it.

    Dr. J. Marvin Herndon, Ph.D. degree in nuclear chemistry June 2015 article, “Aluminum poisoning of humanity and Earth’s biota by clandestine geoengineering activity: implications for India,” [Current Science, Vol. 108, No. 12, 25 June 2015, 2173-2176]
    His website is NuclearPlanet.

    He says a major component of Geo Engineering is coal fly ash. But according to some people, I guess volcanoes do not affect the weather, either. Just the Sun and the moon? And never-mind all those U.S. patents filed for the equipment to do just that, they were filed just for fun.

    See also: Dr. Vermeeren, Delft University of Technology and his 300 page report from 2010, CASE ORANGE: Contrail Science, Its Impact on Climate and Weather Manipulation Programs Conducted by the United States and Its Allies.

    Don’t think for a minute there is only one aspect or purpose to Geo Engineering, they never let a crisis go to waste, they utilize it to its maximum potential in as many ways as they can. That’s how they roll.

  57. Cryptic Little Sister

    If the Snopes website doesn’t link up from the DNS server, know that people in power do not want you to know the truth. They don’t respect you enough to allow you to know the truth.

    To those people who are keeping th esite down, just knwo that I will not back down. I have a power and I am using it against you.


  58. Mary Casey

    Apparently, our government knows something “pilots” don’t:

    H.R.2977 — Space Preservation Act of 2001 (Introduced in House – IH)
    107th CONGRESS 1st Session

    (B) Such terms include exotic weapons systems such as–
    (i) electronic, psychotronic, or information weapons;
    (ii) chemtrails;
    (iii) high altitude ultra low frequency weapons systems;
    (iv) plasma, electromagnetic, sonic, or ultrasonic weapons;
    (v) laser weapons systems;
    (vi) strategic, theater, tactical, or extraterrestrial weapons; and
    (vii) chemical, biological, environmental, climate, or tectonic weapons.


  59. G.Berkshire

    Man’s Tyranny Over Man

    THE course of history confirms the truth of Ecclesiastes 8:9: “Man has dominated man to his injury.” Or as the Catholic Jerusalem Bible expresses it, “man tyrannises over man to his hurt.” Millions of people have suffered injustice, and this has been so under nearly all the different forms of government that man has experienced. A reminder of this suffering came in a speech by the assistant secretary for Indian Affairs of the U.S. Department of the Interior on the occasion of the 175th anniversary of the establishment of the Office of Indian Affairs.

    He said that rather than a celebration it was “a time for sorrowful truths to be spoken, a time for contrition.” He admitted that the first mission of the institution in the 1830’s was to remove the southeastern tribal nations—the Cherokee, the Creek, the Choctaw, the Chickasaw, and the Seminole—from their lands. “By threat, deceit, and force, these great tribal nations were made to march 1,000 miles [1,600 km] to the west, leaving thousands of their old, their young and their infirm in hasty graves along the Trail of Tears.”

    He continued: “Yet in these more enlightened times, it must be acknowledged that the deliberate spread of disease, the decimation of the mighty bison herds, the use of the poison alcohol to destroy mind and body, and the cowardly killing of women and children made for tragedy on a scale so ghastly that it cannot be dismissed as merely the inevitable consequence of the clash of competing ways of life.”* He admitted: “This agency set out to destroy all things Indian. This agency forbade the speaking of Indian languages . . . and made Indian people ashamed of who they were. Worst of all, the Bureau of Indian Affairs committed these acts against the children entrusted to its boarding schools, brutalizing them emotionally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually.”

    He concluded by saying: “Let us begin by expressing our profound sorrow for what this agency has done in the past. . . . Never again will we be complicit in the theft of Indian property. . . . Never again will we attack your religions, your languages, your rituals, or any of your tribal ways.” Significantly, he said: “Together, we must wipe the tears of seven generations. Together, we must allow our broken hearts to mend.”—Vital Speeches of the Day, October 1, 2000.

    The only true and lasting solution to man’s inhumanity to man, including if true, the deliberate use of chemtrails to reduce and subdue the human population [is] God’s Kingdom, which will restore justice for all and “will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”—Revelation 21:3, 4.

    So when all these things begin to happen, stand and look up, for your salvation is near! New Living Translation ◄ Luke 21:28 ►

    Signs of the times are heralding the Kingdom.

    Good news we tell for all to hear.

    Lift up your heads, and look. . . Time for deliverance is near!

    In those chemtrails despise, in your salvation they are as a sign!

    No need to fear, God’s Kingdom is near!

    For he is strong,

    sing to our God a joyous song!

    (Nehemiah 8:10, loosely)


    The history of the American Indians confirms that the tribes were often in conflict among themselves, so that fighting “for territory, horses, and buffalo became constant.”— [Like Europe] The People Called Apache.

    The LORD will mediate between nations and will settle international disputes. They will hammer their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will no longer fight against nation, nor train for war anymore.
    New Living Translation ◄ Isaiah 2:4 ► [Scripture on Statue; U.N., in N.Y.]

  60. G.Berkshire

    If not enough? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ARTfn4UDjg

    • susan

      thanks for the song!

  61. JC Davis

    Ok site. Question of the day is If the Yuan priced gold what would the price be in dollars?
    The price changes every minute in China. This minute price is 7412.24 Yuan. Help me out Paul.

    • JC Davis

      Forgot to add. The Dollar being equal value to the Yuan.

      • Occasnltrlvr

        Okay, Mr. Davis, I’ll bite.

        If the US dollar has equal value to the yuan, and the price of gold is 7412.24 yuan per ounce, then the cost of an ounce of gold, in US dollars, would be $7,412.24.

        Somehow, I think this is not what you meant, unless your subtle point is that you believe the USD and CNY will someday be at par.

        I tend to side with Peter Schiff, in contradiction to the mainstream, that the yuan is undervalued relative to the USD, but, boy, is that ever a crap-shoot.

        • JC Davis

          Right Occasnltrlvr in a reset with a basket of paper they would all be equal. The one holding real money would be able to set the price.

    • paul

      JC … the yuan conversion to the dollar is 0.16 (so 7412.24 x 0.16 = $1185.96) … however … a time will come when people will “all of a sudden” wake up … and at that instant … “no one” will take dollars for gold … gold at that point in time will then “instantly” be worth “infinite dollars” … I don’t expect hyperinflation to be “a gradual process” … it will occur “suddenly” … perhaps in just “one” day … the day when “everyone wakes up” and finally realizes what “we” have known all along!

      • JC Davis

        Got you Paul. I knew you would do the math. If the dollar were equal to the Yuan the answer would equal the same 7412 dollars. I see and agree when this happens there will be no dollars to buy gold. Interesting to consider what the real value of gold really is. The math changes by the minute in Yuan. Then we must ask our self what could happen if China opens gold trade values to market goods traded. They did lead the world in GDP last year.

        • paul

          Actually Occasnltrlvr did the math I think you really wanted … I just hypothesized and projected what the gold price should eventually be (in terms of fiat) … whether that fiat is US or Chinese paper!

  62. Matt

    Now Iran set to join the BRICS. http://www.zerohedge.com

    • Greg Hunter

      Dollar negative. Thanks for posting the link.

    • Anna

      Iran also just formerly signed onto the UN 2030 Agenda which calls for eliminating fossil fuel dependency by 2030, a mere 15 years away. Oil is Iran’s main source of revenue. It isn’t only Iran either, Saudi Arabia and other major oil producing nations have agreed to do the same. In a 2009 Forbes article on the UN greenhouse gas emissions conference in Bangkok it was reported the Saudis asked the UN for assurances of financial assistance when the UN mandate on sharply rationed oil consumption takes effect in 2030.

      Global governance in the form of Technocratic micromanagement of an energy credit system is a runaway train at this point and most Americans are oblivious. The middle east is already organizing under a regional government system (GCC) formed in 2011 with the stated aim of harmonization of laws, customs, and a single currency. Smart Grid and Smart Cities employing Agenda 21 language are the norm. Qatar has been described as a Smart Country and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) a Smart Society.

      • Occasnltrlvr

        Thank you for this input, Anna.

        The Chaplain warned us of myriad rumors and speculations to divert us from the core agenda, “Agenda 2030.”

        An asteroid MIGHT destroy parts of Puerto Rico (or, insert your favorite internet hubbub here), but, Agenda 2030, if successfully implemented, WILL enslave us.

  63. Pierre Bernier

    Hi Greg,

    Some 15 years ago I was touring Nova Scotia camping. One night in Cap North, on the very north-eastern tip on Cap Breton island, I saw planes flying north east to Europe. They were all flying the same route in a row of ducks, maybe 20 to the hour, from before dusk to well into late evening. We could not keep up with the count. It really was hilarious. Now look at this route map…


    and it’s only United Airline routes. All planes from one origin going to an other specific destination, take the same route. So, if any number of planes go north east and some others go north west and have their paths cross each other at some point, given enough planes, you will have a criss crossing of condensation trails. With the Wind displacing these trails, it will look like in your picture.



    • clark

      RE: “All planes from one origin going to an other specific destination, take the same route.”

      So if during one week there are hundreds of planes passing overhead everyday (everyday!) not contrails in the sky, actual visible aircraft, and then for three weeks in a row there are maybe a couple of dozen (for three weeks!) but certainly not anywhere near hundreds, doesn’t that make you pause and think for a minute? Pierre.

      One day there’s hundreds, the next day there’s a dozen. 188 daily flights get canceled all the time – for weeks on end (!) – and then resume suddenly? And on days when the national weather map shows all clear. Think, man. Think.

  64. paul

    California – zero rain … Texas – one foot of rain in 2 days

    Seems the powers that be are teaching the California farmers (who don’t want to grow GMO food) a lesson … you either grow our GMO food or you grow nothing!

    • Pierre Bernier

      No facts, no date, no data, no nothing, so… No answer. It would lead to nothing.

      Pierre M. Sc. Chemistry

      • Pierre Bernier

        Sorry, my reply is for Clark just above

        • clark

          What do you man no data? I gave you data. Name one period of time where 188 regular continental flights are canceled for a period of three weeks and then resume for one or two weeks and then are canceled for another three weeks.

          Episodes like what I described happen all the time.

          Listen. Hundreds of visible aircraft fly overhead on one day, then the next there are only a dozen all day. The national weather map shows clear skies across the nation. Explain why that would frequently happen. Pick any date.

          Forget the lines in the sky, it’s the number – or lack of – that are your first clue that something is up.

  65. Rose

    I believe the reason we never get an response as to why they even continue is because we are being terra formed.

  66. Cryptic Little Sister

    Greg asked me about what is coming for the markets, the economy.

    I have already seen that most of the readers here will not believe me, so please do not leave negative comments. Everyone ought to know that when I don’t reply to your comments, it isn’t because I don’t like you, it’s because I’ve seen that my replies don’t lead to anything for me or for you.

    I refer you again to my post on October 22, when I said to Greg that the budget would not go out to the veto override. When I said to watch the NDAA going forward, Greg replied that the schedule is to vote on whether to override the veto or not on November 5th. I said, No, watch what happens early this week. That Obama would do the one billion dollar increase without congressional input. That is what is going on right now. It is what you are hearing about with Boehner. It will come out that Obama had a direct hand in writing the budget. They are not waiting for the Novemeber 5th vote in the Congress.

    Recall my analogy to the titanic: in September the ship hit the iceberg and was puctured beneath the water line. Not to many people seem to have noticed. Stay out of stocks and the dollar. Keep watching tomorrow.

    And, no, there was no hurricane.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have to admit, you said this and we have a debt ceiling and budget deal coming together as we speak. So, do your sources still see a 30% decline in the USD and a stock market crash (of some sort) before the end of the year?

      • Cryptic LIttle Sister

        The crash happens sooner then you think. No one will see it coming. Stocks and the dollar drop very quickly.

        Shortly after this, the Euro and the Swiss Franc will vanish. The map of Europe will be redrawn. Nations will be reshaped. A new currency will arise in Europe. Nations will join a new alliance of economies.

        The central bank will prop up the dollar, but next year the dollar will vanish.

        The election next year will be suspended.

        Next year will bring many changes: people will be using silver to supplement there cash. Very shortly, many people are going to be out of work. You will not be allowed to work for yourself.

        War will break out here. The television will tell great lies about it.

        You have very little time left now.

        • Greg Hunter

          So my site (USAWatchdog.com) will be put out of business? I basically work for myself, or do I work for Google and You Tube? Please comment in the Peter Schiff Interview that will post after midnight tonight (10/28/15). When you say “war will break out here” do you mean civil war or an outside attacker? Thank you.

        • Silence is Golden

          With the timing of the sequence of events that you have painted the picture for….crash of stocks…dollar…..euro…Swiss franc…etc….I surmise that the trigger for the crash (which no one …except the insiders and a handful of analysts/financial commentators and a few of us here at USAWD…could see it coming)…
          that trigger should be home-grown…or domestic. It is clear that it is not reactionary to external influences (ME Wars…China….etc) . That being said I can think of a few possible triggers ….but the one that stands out the most….which has been put temporarily in the back of everyone’s minds….is the effect of the depressed oil price. We should begin to see the real damage of this when those that are exposed mostly….producers/explorers/support industries ….come clean with their Q3 reporting. I suspect also that those most heavily leveraged (BANKS) will take an absolute beating….because of their derivative exposure.
          CLS you have referred to the Titanic clip several times now…the markets were indeed hit very badly in late Aug/early Sept. No one is prepared….or could see it coming !!! Who could’ve seen it coming indeed.

          • Silence is Golden

            Whilst I have strong convictions that the Oil/Gas sector will create the snowflake moment I will not discount the other very important FACT……
            ..that the US will finally admit that they have violated International Law by being involved with Syrian moderates and training Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria…..aka Undeclared Act of War on that Sovereign Nation.
            That right there is the TRUTH BOMB that could tear the markets apart. Boom !!!

  67. Mark_BC

    LOL it’s a bit of a stretch to jump from the government seeding rain with ice crystals to … SPRAYING POISONS IN THE AIR AT 30,000 FEET FOR THE PURPOSES OF CONTROLLING OUR MINDS AND GIVING US CANCER, for some as yet unidentified nefarious purpose. I’ve always maintained that it was very likely, actually a proven fact, that governments engage in weather modification … I mean why wouldn’t they? If a region is experiencing a drought or too much rain and it was possible to ameliorate that then why not use what tools they have at their disposal? However, most of the chemtrail conspiracy nonsense on Youtube and the trails you see coming from planes are ice crystals, the very things that according to this document, are purported to be released on purpose by the government.

    Hey conspiracy theorists, I’d suggest the possibility that climate is changing because of the billions of tons of a known greenhouse gas (CO2) that we pump into the atmosphere ever time you turn on a light bulb or start your car.

    Next please…

    • paul

      Mark … you say: ” I’ve always maintained that it was very likely, actually a proven fact, that governments engage in weather modification” … so the only thing you disagree with then is the “type of chemical” they are using to effect the weather change … what is hitting the ground in scientifically measured quantities is “aluminum oxide” not “ice crystals” … as for CO2 it is the least of our problems … methane that “we don’t” pump into the atmosphere every time we turn on a light bulb or start our car is a more serious problem … yet the powers that be “want to tax us” for creating harmless (in comparison to methane) CO2 fertilizer for the plant life of our planet (so that they in turn can provide us with oxygen to breathe)! … which is as stupid as taxing us for watering plant life … or taxing us for owning something of value, etc., etc.!

      • Mark_BC

        paul, they actually historically seeded clouds with silver iodide; whether that is still going on due to the current silver shortage I don’t know… I actually did some calculations based on the amount of aluminum that was allegedly hitting the ground from chemtrails and it was so fantastical that it invalidates the theory that it could come from airplanes. There is no way they could possibly get anywhere near that much aluminum into the air, or even get that much aluminum from mining supply. It is actually coming from giant smog clouds drifting over from China (from burning coal with few smokestack controls). Ironically, air pollution in the US has dramatically improved over the last few decades but that was only because as we all know, manufacturing industries have been outsourced to China. So that is where the pollution comes from now (I am referring to particulate pollution, not CO2 “pollution”, which N. Americans still produce in copious amounts, but CO2 itself isn’t toxic). Everyone in N. America gleefully buys all their tech gadgets made cheaply in China, then they turn around and complain about the pollution that this causes…
        As to methane being a greater threat to climate than CO2, they are both greenhouse gases and interact with each other via various feedback loops, not the least of which being that a warming climate releases methane from the deep ocean and polar soils. Also, agriculture releases a lot more methane than a comparable natural ecosystem would (cows passing gas). Yes, methane is a more potent GHG than CO2 on a per molecule basis but it exists in lower concentrations than CO2 and actually turns into CO2 after several years floating around the atmosphere, but ultimately the majority of the problem is increased CO2. And CO2 does not stimulate plant growth in the field to any appreciable degree, this only works with C3 plants in controlled lab settings. There is a limit to how much plants can grow in the real environment outside and CO2 concentration isn’t the limiting nutrient. And the way they produce oxygen for us to breath is actually by liberating it from CO2 via photosynthesis. But this is insignificant considering that the atmosphere is 21% oxygen and 0.3% CO2, and ultimately the CO2 in the atmosphere came from burning plant material in the first place — plant material that was created before that by absorbing CO2.
        It is ironic that people now freely admit that the environment is suffering from pollution and degradation, yet somehow find a way to avoid having to lay blame on themselves. I guess that’s always going to be the human condition — blame someone else. The fact is that WE are responsible for the pollution, each and every one of us. As for “climate engineering” using cloud seeding by evil governments? Yeah, I don’t agree with it either but on the list of threats to our future, I’d rank it near the bottom.

        • Occasnltrlvr

          High quantities of aluminum from burning coal?

          Such amounts couldn’t conceivably be released from airplanes, but could drift over from coal-burning plants in China?

          These propositions, I shan’t take on faith.

    • Occasnltrlvr


      ” I’ve always maintained that it was … a proven fact, that governments engage in weather modification.”

      And, we’re experiencing record drought, and record flooding.

      Hmmm… .

    • Cryptic Little Sister

      Mark BC, can you prove to us what is coming out of the planes?

  68. truthalways

    Hi Greg, it has gone on for so long now, that the planet is in trouble. Serious trouble. The planet has five hundred years left, before the life is impossible, simple because this geoengineering climate has been bio-accumulating all these years (60) and the damage done can’t be undone. This is so sad. Life ends when it meets the midway. Global warming is caused by monopolies…….enough said.

  69. Anna

    Peter Kirby, a citizen journalist, has done some impressive research on the long documented history of geoengineering. His article is in the link below.


    Thank you for covering this issue. I live in the Denver metro area and the geoengineering has been intensifying to horrific levels. For several years now, many trees and shrubs appear to be in a slow death process. I shudder to think about long term health and environmental effects.

  70. RidgeRunner

    I live in rural Georgia and have been photographing the “chem-trails” over my home for some time. I mention this activity to local farmers and they have no interest or desire to hear the truth. When people tell me it is simply commerical aircraft, I show them pictures of the “chem-trail” turning on and off as though the aircraft is changing from one tank of chemical to another. I show them pictures of the “chem-trail” making U-turns. I have read about the nano-aluminum particles coating the roots of the trees, making it difficult for trees to absorb water, and trees in our county are dying. Thank you Greg for bringing this subject to light on your website. I am anxious to study Dane’s website. I have been saying for years, “if our planet were an apple” I would be afraid to take a bite out of it. God Bless and keep up the fight……..Rick

  71. T.Davis

    First thanks for doing your good work Greg. Second, after listening to the interview I later put a move that someone loaned me called Snowpiercer, I suggest everyone interested in this interview watch the first 4 minutes. Erie is all I can say.

  72. Northstar

    I am troubled that the 750 page report that is referenced is a document from 1978. Many decades old. So while it shows our government’s long term disposition to indeed modify the weather, it does not reflect with any accuracy the current state of affairs.

    We need vastly updated information as to the scope and intent of whatever operations someone is conducting. It is mind-boggling that in the “Snowden” days, there haven’t been persons coming forward to discuss where the aircraft are being loaded and maintained, etc., in order to conduct the purported project. This does not sound like an Air Force operation. What other agency could conduct it? Dept of Agriculture?

    It is also puzzling to consider that the reported “tic-tac-toe” patters are along the US/Canadian border. Does that mean that the Canadian’s are ignorant of some US operation? Or that they simply don’t care? And, considering that Canada is still part of the British Empire, what do the British say? Would they care if the US is poisoning their subjects? They certainly have the science to detect if something is going on, and would most likely complain about it.

    Too many unanswered questions.

    • Greg Hunter

      Add it to the huge pile of evidence already out there. Nobody basis anything on one document but this certainly lays out climate change is and international coordinate effort dating back to at least to 1978.

  73. charles turner

    I expect you never invite politicians to your show. But if you ever do or she gets booted out of the Democratic party, Tulsi Gabbard would be an excellent guest. She has stuck out her neck and explained on CNN exactly what Americas role in Syria is.

  74. ED

    I’m late to the party on this one, but for what it’s worth I will contribute this much in terms of geoengineering. As a former commercial pilot and aircraft mechanic I can tell you with certainty that if the skies are being sprayed with chemicals, it would not be to the knowledge of civilian pilots nor civilian aircraft mechanics. We would certainly know if the aircraft(s) have some sort of holding tanks, delivery systems, etc. Those systems must be inspected and serviced on a regular basis. Also, in order to have a Type Rating in each heavy aircraft the pilot in command would have to have full working knowledge of the system. The only way I can see it happening would be to incorporate the chemicals into the the Jet A fuel.

    In terms of the military aircraft…….I have no idea if they are involved in such evil actions.

    In regards to the so called chemtrails and/or patterns we are seeing. There are established roads in the sky. Above 18,000 ft MSL they are called Jet Routes. These routes are used all over the world. Many places where we see contrails crossing is because they are going over an established navigational aid (NAVAID) known as VOR’s. Many times the Jet Routes will change depending on the course the aircraft has filed a flight plan for to get to their destination. There are many different Jet Routes and NAVAIDS that are in continuous use. Aircraft cross those NAVAIDS from all different directions and different altitudes. So much of what we see are simply chemtrails/contrails from a lot of traffic.

    With that said, it certainly seems to me that whatever these trails are (contrails or chemtrails) they like to linger around much, much longer than they used to from years past. I moved from out west to the South East a few years ago and the sky here is nowhere near as clear as out west. So I chalked it up to more industrial haze for the most part. However, on clear days I have noticed those “Trails” definitely lasting longer.

    I hope this has helped clear up some of the questions that’s been asked on this subject.

    God Speed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Ed but folks can no longer deny this is happening. This is science and well established science at that.

  75. ED

    In addition to my above post; (ARTC) Air Route Traffic Control can and do issue vectors for aircraft minimum separation distance. In those events, aircraft heading and/or altitude will be issued.

    However, I have never seen such cross patterns as in some of the pictures that’s been posted on Danes web site. Those are definitely not the norm.

    Another aspect I would like to mention is if anyone suspects they have been subjected to a lot of chemicals, a blood test for heavy metals may answer your question. I had several of those done a few years ago (In search of a reason for a health issue) and they all came back negative.

    I would also venture to say that perhaps one could take a water sample somewhere, maybe a university or lab, and have it analyzed. Perhaps if high aluminum content is detected that could help solidify any doubts if one is not quite sure about the chemtrail allegations?

    • Greg Hunter

      I have seen “gross” patterns and they are not condensation trails that streach for 50 miles across the sky. Are you a paid troll?

  76. ED

    Greg, I’m somewhat disappointed that you would think I’m a troll. A couple posters asked if there were any pilots out there that could give their input. Therefore that’s what I did. I thought I did pretty good job explaining things from a professional stand point.

    I plainly stated that the cross patterns that are in some of the pictures are definitely not the normal patterns. I too am concerned about them.

    I can see how you can be on the defensive, however. There are lots of trolls out there but rest assured I’m not one of those.

    • Greg Hunter

      Fair enough, but for the record I asked “Are you a paid troll?” I have a good friend and no matter what facts or evidence I put out he does not believe chemtrails and geoengineering are real–they are.

  77. ED

    Perhaps I missed this, but what’s the true reasoning behind killing off man kind, animals, as well as the plants and trees? This falls upon the same logic as an all out nuclear exchange, would it not? Are those folks really that dumb or evil?

    In one of the videos that was provided in a link by one poster on this subject, some of the so called scientists claimed they really do not know what all the ramifications may be. Yet they are doing this in the best interest of man kind to combat global warming? Polluting our planet with aluminum, barium and whatever the other chemical or heavy metal they are spraying in our atmosphere. Surely they know the ramifications of too high of aluminum intake does to us humans, plant life, water and animals?

    IMO there has to be another underlying reason for such a pure and evil deed. Do the powers to be not realize they have families and that they themselves are being poisoned and will end up with the same fate as others?

    This goes beyond logic and reason.

    • Greg Hunter

      Geoengineering and chemtrials associated with them are real. It is established science. There are many things illogical and lied about–Obama Care comes to mind.

  78. ED

    Hello Greg. Thank you for your reply.

    Perhaps I didn’t convey my thoughts in a manner that express how I honestly feel. I never said geoengineering is not real. I actually have put in hours of research on this subject and it’s to my belief it is happening. My main objective is to inform folks that us commercial pilots, at least any that I know, have any working knowledge of any aircraft system that would carry and/or dispensing any chemicals that are being sprayed in our atmosphere. Thus my statement that it would most certainly have to be an additive to the fuel. That would make perfect sense considering many of those trails are no doubt made by commercial aircraft.

    There could be another way, however. There’s thousands of aviation contractors and contract pilots in the world. In some of those pictures that’s been posted on Danes web site with the definite cross patterns, that’s obviously a deliberate spraying. It’s to my belief that could be done by contractors or the military.

    When I wrote my first post on this I wanted to let the reader come their own conclusion as to whether geoengineering is actually happening. As for myself, it is real.

    God Speed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you ED.

  79. Truth Warrior


    I now know this comment won’t see the light of day since you moderate all comments not matter how logical and polite that don’t subscribe to your ideologies. So this comment is directed at you alone. You should be ashamed of that kind of moderation policy when you claim to speak for truth and liberty and freedom of speech. This is as bad as the players you so like to criticize with your commentary.

    I suggest you open both your mind and comments to dissenting opinion because you are loosing all credibility! Feel free to email mail me and I will be happy to discuss the scientific truth’s behind the chemtrails you are now supporting and the bad reputation you are getting in the alternative media world. If you want to grow and be heard I suggest you take my advice.

    Best Regards.

    • Greg Hunter

      OK “Truth”
      I will consider, but you have to give me a verifiable name and your credentials. That includes where you work and who pays you. Again, all this will be verified before I allow you or any other paid troll to spread disinformation on MY property. Here’s a news flash for you, the 1st Amendment is only for government suppression of speech. I am a private company, that I built with my own money. I sacrificed my retirement to do this and YOU are welcome and free to do the same. Real Name, Real Credentials, and verify where you work and who pays you and then and only then I will consider. Merry Christmas.

  80. Duane Heller

    I want to see the 750 pg document.

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