Up to Our Necks In Syria

Syrian Rebel Fires RPG Over the WeekendBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

You might think the U.S. is only helping out the people of Syria with humanitarian aide.  In reality, the U.S. has been doing a lot more than that.  It has now been officially reported the U.S. is supplying weapons (through surrogates) to the Syrian rebels in a bloody civil war.  Congressman Ron Paul spelled out what has been happening on the floor of the House yesterday.  This is just one of several battle fronts shaping up in the Middle East.  I do not see how this plays out without all out war at some point.  Some of the weapons are being given to members of al-Qaeda.  I thought these folks were our enemies?   Please listen to Dr. Paul’s speech that few in the mainstream media are even bothering to report.

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  1. Davis

    It’s all to reminicent of 1914 when each new round of belicose rhetoric got worse than the last and Europe stumbled its way into a war they never thought would happen and when it did they were sure it would be over in a matter of weeks if not months.

    Thus nearly an entire generation of European youth got plowed into the fields of Flanders and Verdun. And then learning nothing from their grievous errors they did all over again but 20 years later.

    Problem now is the bomb, and nobody knows who has them and if or when or where they will use them.

    • Greg

      Thank you Davis, Steve and Miguel.

  2. Steve

    What Ron Paul just did, was take Congress to class, a shame it will probably fall on deaf ears.

    War is all most people know, Mr Paul has the most common sense politician I have ever seen. And yes, I don’t agree with everything he says, but he has the most common sense of any of them.

    Thanks Greg, for sharing the video.

    • Greg

      Thank you Steve. You are correct sir!!

  3. Miguel

    Unfortunately, USA has huge difficulties to learn with recent errors committed in Muslim countries.

  4. jay

    We the people can not unite because we are being pulled in so many directions. With more troops away then home were sitting ducks clacking in the pond at the hunters.Saying im gona kill you hunter.
    Distraction is the devils no.1 tool.
    Reading you articals. I now realize how willfull ignorance realy is as we swollow the elephant,and chock on the fly.

  5. AndyB

    The true facts of the uprisings in the ME have been obscured by purposeful disinformation and propaganda. The reality is that the dark forces want all ME regimes subservient to the coming totalitarian global government debt enslavement agenda, using NATO as the enforcer. (BTW: why, after the dissolution of the cold war threat, do we still need NATO?). If the region can be destabilized and puppet governments installed, the question of peak oil will not be a problem for the elites, only for the masses. The “rebels” in all cases (whether in Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Somalia, etc) are most likely CIA (together with Mossad and MI) aided and controlled, even, as reported, to include members of AQ and the Taliban, our supposed “enemies”.

    The greatest “spin” is that these interventions are all “humanitarian”.

  6. Henry

    Greg says:
    “U.S. is supplying weapons (through surrogates) to the Syrian rebels in a bloody civil war.”

    Why are the forces that are going against the prevailing State of Syria labeled as “rebels” vs. “terrorists”?

    Are not “rebels” creating, using “terror” as a weapon?

    Might it be that America supports them, so a “rebellion” is at hand? (Samuel Adams was a “rebel”, not a “terrorist”, with WMD in Lexington, remember?)

    Considering that America would NEVER, NEVER, EVER create or associate with “terrorism” (wink, wink), so “rebellion” is the appropriate code?

    Why has the word “rebel” replaced “terror” since Libya?

    Do “rebels” do not create “terror” too?

    The world has been bonkerfied ever since that evil bogyman called the SOVIET UNION curled up and went to sleep. “What are going to do next next”, was pondered with great concern.

    Because war, death, destruction, has a direct and rabid PERSONAL PROFIT MOTIVE, it seems THE PROFITEER is automatically compelled to just keep killing, killing, killing …

  7. Jim

    Unfortunately, war is the only possible outcome for the economic situation the world now finds itself in.
    The US and Europe have indebted themselves to a degree that any solution to their insolvency would require austerity to a degree that is politically unrealistic.
    As in the last worldwide depression, the final solution to this economic calamity is war.

    • Greg

      I am afraid I totally agree with you. War is coming, the only questions are who starts it and when.

    • frosty

      A less violent solution to fix the unsustainable and guaranteed-to-break usury system would be to

      a) nationalize the banks and outlaw interest
      b) Convert all previous interest payments made so that they are applied against the principal.
      d) If necessary, bail out the debtor (it’s their money being used in the bailouts anyway)and stop bailing out the creditors.

  8. frosty

    Ron Paul notes that the Obama administration is substantially supporting the rebel effort to overthrow of the Syrian government and that al Queda is a component of those rebel forces.

    Take this bit of information allong with the fact that the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act, under section 1021, affirms that the President has the authority to use the U.S. Armed Forces to arrest and indefinitely detain “covered persons “. A “covered person” is defined as any person, including a US citizen, who ..”substantially supported al Qaeda, the Taliban, or associated forces that are engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners.”

    I suppose this means that the President can now send in the U S troops to arrest and indefinitely detain both himself and all of the members of Congress who voted to support the rebel forces in Syria.

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