USA Communist – China Nazi – Warren Pollock

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Geopolitical and financial analyst Warren Pollock says if you look beneath the veneer, the USA and China function much differently than their stated forms of government. Pollock explains, “Now, we have melded the organs of state that we need to run a country with our corporations. They are one in one, hand in hand. So, the FAA and Boeing are tied at the hip. Tobacco companies and the FDA are tied together. . . . Then we have technical failures because of that, and we have a big bureaucracy. That is all functional communism. . . . Communism ignores fact. It is fact resistant, and that is what communism is. The housing market is fact resistant. Bitcoin is fact resistant. The news is fact resistant, and you have people that are fact resistant people. If you confront them with a fact, they look at you like you are crazy.”

Pollock says this is why government in America and part of the society functions like it is “incompetent.” Meanwhile, China is practicing something more like the Nazis (National Socialists) of 1930’s Germany. According to Pollock, “This is way more dangerous.”

Pollock goes on to say, “We are willing to pay off our people (with goods manufactured cheaply in China) and give them these copper handcuffs where they are tied to our system of governance and enslaved by it. Their minds are enslaved by it, they’re bodies are enslaved and they are happy to be enslaved. That’s where we are in this country. Then, off in the distance, as we are being incompetent, greedy, decadent and lazy, we have a country (China) that wants to take over the world. They are going to use a blitzkrieg of 5G to do it.”

Pollock asks, “Who benefits under Nazism? Domestically in China, party members do. Here in the U.S., corporations and owners of those corporations, both foreign and domestic billionaires. It’s all temporary benefit. We have sold out our soul for something temporary. The people in the Nazi Party, they get to control their population totally. Welcome to China! Every single element of Nazism is occurring in China: crybaby bullying, being the victim of prior wars and history, accrued grievances of the past, racial imperatives, nationalistic fervor, scoffing at international law, total control of information, 1,000 year Reich, ethnic cleansing, absorption of geography on hereditary right, leadership structure, and then the Blitzkrieg using technology and other methods. There is no Churchill. So, we are the lazy incompetents like pre-WWII. Nazism in China grows. What happened to Russia during WWII? It was decimated. They lost more people than any other country during WWII.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Warren Pollock for an eye opening interview on the actual state of the USA and China that the mainstream media will not warn you about.

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After the Interview: 

Warren Pollock has no website, but he provides his analysis free of charge to viewers.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks for the upload. I’ll listen tomorrow as today we are making up box gardens to grow herbs and vegetables.
    Cool down south so it’s the perfect weather. Fires a plenty higher up the country and definitely sad to see the loss of life and homes.
    Australia is in a position that scares me to the bone, although I don’t fear anything really, spirituality and connecting to the universe is comforting.
    The influx of cashed up Chinese is what the Government wants here and trade with China something we can’t compromise. Albeit to the detriment of current citizens who are slowly becoming a impoverished minority. I see that in China there are plenty of people in poverty and they too can easily have their property, possession and even their lives confiscated. We only see the cashed up mainland Chinese arriving here in huge numbers, at the moment there are something like 10 million, millionaires trying to get in.
    On the military and defence front, we are and need to commit to our allies and hope the US have our best interests at heart.
    Part of me thinks the elite from all nations are conspiring to complete their objective of a One World Government.

    • Harvey Wallbanger

      Pray for God’s Kingdom to come, with Christ as King. So things can be done on earth as it’s done, in the unseen heavens. So the meek shall inherit the earth and the bully’s, torn away, from it! Sounds like a rapture to me, except you don’t want to be in it! LOL!
      Douay-Rheims Bible
      But the wicked shall be destroyed from the earth: and they that do unjustly shall be taken away from it.
      King James Bible
      But the wicked shall be cut off from the earth, and the transgressors shall be rooted out of it.
      Darby Bible Translation
      but the wicked shall be cut off from the land, and the unfaithful shall be plucked up out of it.
      Young’s Literal Translation
      And the wicked from the earth are cut off, And treacherous dealers plucked out of it!
      Brenton Septuagint Translation
      The paths of the ungodly shall perish out of the earth, and transgressors shall be driven away from it.
      New International Version
      but the wicked will be cut off from the land, and the unfaithful will be torn from it.

      I think you get the picture, we win. So don’t fret none!

      • Harvey Wallbanger

        Oh and by the way, Toney. You can find that verse @;
        ◄ Proverbs 2:22 ►

        • Anthony Australia

          I do Buddha Harv, be good and thanks anyway Mate.

          • Self Exiled

            So do the Chinese , and I think he’s still dead.

            • Anthony Australia

              Pardon, dead? Blasphemy Mate

      • Galaxy 500

        Do you not remember the parable of the servant that was given much and put it in the ground? He was severely punished

        • paul ...

          Millennials accumulating 100 year bonds, 50 year bonds, 30 year bonds, 20 year bonds, 10 year bonds, 2 year bonds, bills and fiat paper is like putting dead seeds in the ground … better to put gold in the ground to preserve ones wealth … but the Bible says the “One True God” wanted us “to use the wealth we were given to multiply our wealth” … what better way to multiply our wealth then by “living longer” … scientists have found that gold has such an ability to renew our body’s cells … as gold has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties … although we are constantly told by the globalists (that are accumulating tons and tons of gold for themselves) that “we can’t eat it” (likely because we deplorable humans are not yet ready to be immortal beings like the “highly moral” globalists) … however millennials should begin to put a little gold aside … at least for use as an antioxidant and for its anti-inflammatory properties … yes, the Annunaki (and their globalist stooges) may be offend “as they came to Earth to mine all the gold for themselves” … and likely not look kindly on “deplorable humans” (who they want to exterminate) trying to buy some gold to gain immortality by eating of this particular tree of life with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties … but millennials “using it sparingly” along with your chocolate bars may not offend the Annunaki too much but it’s the highly greedy globalists who will likely do everything in their power (from outright confiscation to manipulating the price downward) to stop you millennials from owning it!!

          • paul ...