Using Disaster Capitalism to Control All Humans – Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Post)

Investment advisor and former Assistant Secretary of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts contends CV19 and vaccines to cure it are all part of the “Going Direct Reset.”  Fitts explains, “This is so simple at the root.  The central bankers are using the government to shut down the main street economy, and then they are going direct and injecting money into the private equity firms and Wall Street who are running around the country buying things.  Think of this as a leverage buyout of the world.  We are being purchased with our own money.  Also, we are liable.  If you look at all the debt the government is issuing, our assets are liable for that debt.  This is a continuation and consolidation of the financial coup that we have been taking about.”

Fitts goes on to say, “We have had a small group of people who have gotten away with crime, and crime that pays is crime that stays.  Now, they are in full blossom.  We have been talking about this, and many people have tried to stay in the middle of the road.  Now, the message in 2021 is there is no middle of the road.  You’ve got to pick sides. . . . This is freedom or tyranny, and tyranny is slavery.  We are talking about very invasive slavery because they are planning on installing the smart grid into our bodies.  There will be 24/7 surveillance and control of your money.  If you don’t behave, they will turn off your money.  If they don’t want you to go more than five miles, your money won’t work further than five miles.”

Fitts says the entire CV19 virus and vaccines to fix the problem is simply part of the cruel and brutal plan.  Fitts says, “There is no legal basis for an ‘emergency authorization’ even though they have done that.  More important, if you look at what we know about the vaccine injuries, the type of vaccine injuries and the extent of them, it is shocking that these have not been shut down.  We are talking about serious physical harm coming to the people who are taking them. . . . There is recent information that has come out of the Japanese health agency, and one of the indications is we are seeing toxicity in the female organs.  If you look at the damage that is being done, I am told it’s impossible to not know this before they started giving these injections.  We may be looking at a full blown sterilization program.”

Fitts has much more to say in this 36 min interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts, publisher of The Solari Report.

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After the Interview: 

There is much free information on, including the free report called “Family Financial Disclosure form for Covid-19 Injection.”

Other free forms to fight the CV19 jabs:

Notice and Declaration of Parental Authority Requirement of Disclosure and Safety of Medical Treatments

Employer & School Disclosure Forms for Covid-19 Injections

Another free resource from is the “Silver and Gold Payment Calculator.”  Yes, you can pay your bills with metals!

See BIS General Manager Agustin Carstens talking about total central bank control over all humans and  also learn about “Cash Fridays” by clicking here.

On the subscription side:  2020 Annual Wrap Up: The Going Direct Reset – PDF Now Available!

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  1. JC

    What did she say at 9:33?

    “What are we going to do about the….”

    About the what? Listened several times, help please.

    • JC

      Now I got, she is referring to the show Yellowstone.

      “What are we going to do about the Beck Brothers?”

      Interesting analogy!

      • Paul ...

        JC … All the criminals in Government (out to sterilize our children for a hefty bribe from Bill Gates and Big Pharma) ) should all pick up a nail gun and commit suicide for their crimes against humanity … they need to be taken down by their own hands or immediately arrested by us … and then we need to “impose term limits and wealth limits” on their replacements … Harry Truman had it right when he said: “You can’t get rich in politics unless you’re a crook” … so lets look at the chart below to see who got rich in Congress “to identify the most egregious crooks who need to be immediately removed from our government” !! …

        • Paul ...

          Take Note: On the chart above there are only two(2) Demons (blue bars) … the rest are Rats (red bars) … they all belong “behind bars” if they don’t suicide themselves!!

          • Paul ...

            People (like McAfee, Popescu, etc.) “who get on the wrong side of the Deep State” always seem to commit suicide … when will this be reversed??

        • JMRPete

          And what we have to do is something massive and final. And it had better be soon. Because it’s us or them, right now, no accommodation possible, no middle ground.

      • Attila Ann

        How often are these scenarios below taking place across the US? When considering these issues, think of Bill Gates buying up American farmland and BlackRock buying entire streets of residential houses and bidding 10-20% over asking prices

        1. Conservation Easement
        Lots of land is being bought right now all across the country This land is then enrolled in a Conservation Easement which cuts taxes by 2/3 thereby, leaving the tax burden on the middle class.
        2. CRP Land.

        This land is then enrolled into a Dept of Agriculture program where the owner agrees to take the land out of production for a specified period, usually for 7-12 years , paying $250-400 dollars an acre per year to produce nothing, no cows and no veggies. (That gives the government control of the supply, veggies or cows.)

        While the land value may be decreased in the short term, the value over time will depend on the use at the end of the contract. If it can be put back into production, (no trees planted) the value will return to tillable farmland or grazing value at the end of the contract period.

        • JungianINTP

          Attila Ann,

          Root Cause of Planned and
          Effected Cognitive Dissonance
          Applied Everywhere :

          “Cloward-Piven is a political strategy of calculated chaos first described in 1966, by two Columbia University sociologists, Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven. Their theory was published appropriately in the far left The Nation, the oldest continuously published news magazine in the country. Cloward-Piven’s goal was the creation of chaos so that: ‘A political crisis would result that could lead to legislation for a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty.’” :


    • Michael

      Help needed is the booster shot the second jab.

      • Paul ...


      • gino

        rosa koire just died recently too. she authored ‘behind the green mask agenda 21’.
        hhhmmm? supposedly it was not covid.

    • Attila Ann

      Been watching the series, Yellowstone. It is indicative of what is happening around us. Just like Catherine Austin FITTS and many other financial advisers are saying., the elites are buying up everything, from farm land, to commercial and residential property, often bidding 10-20% above asking price. Gates owns more farmlands than anyone else in the US? BlackRock is buying up whole streets of houses- all on cheap FED money that the tax payers are on the hook for.

      How does this affect you or me? In a word, taxes! When property values go up all around you, your property taxes will go up too.

      Remember, the World Economic Forum prediction from Klaus Schwab, “You will own nothing and you will be happy.” He was referring to your kids and grandkids.

    • bill

      I agree! We need Closed Caption to verify what was said!

      • Andrew Maggard

        Thank you Bill for commenting on the need for close captions as I am a dedicated fan of USA Watchdog and unfortunately I have a hearing loss that involves understanding the voices of women. Captions would be of real benefit. While this is my problem there might be others out there who would also benefit by the use of captions in Greg’s stunning interviews.

  2. James Foster

    Great show Greg 👏

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you James.

    • Beverly

      I totally agree! Great Show! And, when Greg says, “you are probably one of the most favorite of people in the whole world,” she kind of laughs at that idea. But, the fact is, IT’S TRUE! She IS one of the most favorite and popular people in the world and I love her because she is always calm and very factual. You ARE WONERFUL CATHERINE!!
      THANK YOU!!

  3. JC

    USA WATCHDOGGERS, will we all be declared obsolete?

    Twilight Zone Season 2 Episode 29

    “The Obsolete Man”

    In a futuristic totalitarian world, meek and mild-mannered librarian Romney Wordsworth finds himself on trial for being obsolete. This future society has decided on everything people need to know. There is no God and there are no books. Society doesn’t need librarians. Romney makes an impassioned plea about his rights and free will but the judge in the case, the Chancellor, will have nothing of it. The jury finds Romney obsolete and orders him to be executed.

    • Mark Heuer

      The good part was when Burgedest Meredith made a coward of him, just like these elite cowards of today, reminds me a little bit of those yellow belly politicians
      running to the underground facilities on January 6.
      Sorry for the spelling of Mr. Meredith’s first name, it’s the wee hours of the morning.

    • Paul ...

      That may happen “to librarians” in the future JC … but today … “in the present” … our politicians “consider our children obsolete” (who need to be vaccinated to death) … and they also want to be sure any obsolete child who manages to survive … becomes sterile (so they can never give birth or have children of their own)!!

      • JC


        Besides that, get ready for more “suicides.”

        A Vatican judge on Saturday ordered 10 people, including an Italian cardinal, to stand trial for alleged financial crimes including embezzlement, money laundering, fraud, extortion and abuse of office.

        • Paul ...

          JC … As Klaus Schwab says: When we are finally “all dead” due to his vaccine and cyber attacks … “we will own nothing … and will be very happy about it” !!

          • Paul ...

            Bribe’n and Boris Johnson are also doing their part “to get us all dead” by starting a Nuclear War with Russia (as the “jab” is being rejected) … … Russia says: (Alzheimer demented) “Bribe’n engineered” June’s Black Sea provocation by Britain … and that next time “We Will Sink” any threat to our National Sovereignty … Boris Johnson said: “The deployment of our ship into Russian waters was wholly appropriate” … likely because it is in accordance with Globalist plans to start a Disastrous Nuclear War (if their Disaster Capitalism has not worked sufficiently to shut down the world economy to bring about the re-set they so desperately want)! …

    • JC

      There are variants of concern, and there are variants of interest, blah, blah, blah. It’s a never ending story.

      There’s Delta, Alpha, Gamma, etc.

      • AndrewB

        Hi JC,
        The ‘Delta’ variant used to be called the ‘Indian’ variant. India complained to the WHO, claiming that there was no such variant in India. Oops! My wife was pointing out on Twitter how stupid the whole variant story has become. An angry respondent then challenged her, “So clever clogs, what would you have called the Indian / Delta variant?” My wife took a leaf out of Saul Alynski’s (spelling??) ‘Rules For Radicals’ – use ridicule – and replied thus. “I’d call it ‘Bob'”. Must have hit a nerve because Twitter took the comment down in less than 30 seconds and cancelled my wife’s account.

        They can dish it out, but they can’t take it!

      • AndrewB

        Saul Alinsky

      • Thomas Guitarman

        No we have to be prepared for the mutations /variants no being created in the bodies of those who took the treatments this was always the plan, thats why now those people are like broadcasting antennas through human resonance to everyone , thats why they only need 30 percent to take the treatment and then expose and transmit to the rest in this manner it would not be figured out by the larger population too quickly Catherine is awesome as usual

      • Elliott

        Thanks for the links! Will share widely here in California and elsewhere. Best!

    • Helen

      The memoranda from Ferguson needs to spread,. Terrible!

  4. Lynn Scott

    Thank you Greg. I love Catherine Austin Fitts.
    What can we do to stop the swamp from robbing people. I pray but it sure doesn’t feel like it’s enough. I do believe we are headed very fast to the NWO and antichrist. It’s all laid out in the Bible happening at breakneck speed. I don’t want people to go to hell. This world and Satan are ramping up.
    Bless you Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Lynn for all your blessings & support.

    • Paul ...

      We have a choice Lynn … we can Pray … or … we can take the r (rope) out … and make them Pay!!


      There’s few who are willing to fight, they’d rather stand in line for handouts, even when they know there’s nothing left to hand out, they’ll still be in line like good little followers of gov rhetoric.

      You are your own Saviour, no one is coming to save you. So will you show up? Or cower in fear?

    • Elliott

      Absolutely! I’m spreading the link here like wide fire.👍

  5. Geir Roald Hodne

    The Movie. CHILD OF MAN from 2006.
    The symbolisem in the movies are just sickening, its what they want.
    Break the eggs and we die out.

  6. tim mcgraw

    Always good to see CAF. The beginning of the interview is great… then CAF goes off into forms and Covid vaccines. I’m done with all that. Either people decide to kill the bad guys or not. There is no middle path.
    I’ve had a bad case of shingles for three weeks. The pain is excruciating. I’m sure I caught it from stressing out over all this Covid/banker/government bullshit! I’ve come to hate my small town of idiots here in Sonoma County. (Should be called “Stupida County”).
    Do I care if these former and current vaccine takers die or get sick? No I do not.
    It is up to God to forgive them, if they ask for forgiveness. I know the bureaucrats never apologize.
    I fear not. It will take Divine Intervention to save us. Pray.

    • JC

      Tim M,

      Open Range,”killing the bad guys” scene.

    • Jeff

      “Do I care if these former and current vaccine takers die or get sick? No I do not.
      It is up to God to forgive them, if they ask for forgiveness.”
      I know exactly how you feel Tim. But truth be told WE are the ones commanded to forgive them. And if WE don’t forgive them He will not forgive US. Jesus’s words, not mine. He also told the parable about the king forgiving the slave (us) and then the slave did not forgive his fellow slave (your brother). The king threw the first slave in hell.
      His words, not mine. He also might say ” I never knew you”.

      • Self Exiled

        Except for the Grace of God there go you or I.

      • tim mcgraw

        Why must I forgive someone who never repents?

    • Paula Davis

      Tim, upon finishing the end of this great interview with CAF & reading your comment, a notification from Dr. Berg U-tube video entitled “Why Is Everyone Getting Shingles” gives info that could help U as well as inform others who see it how to prevent the virus from attacking their immune system as well as what do do after the fact.

      St. Michael defend us…

      • tim mcgraw

        The shingles come and go in intensity. I use shingles cream and many supplements. Thank you for your concern.

        • Freebrezer

          Tim – Ask your doctor to give you the anti herpes medicine , Aclyclovir. … if you get shingles once, you have a good chance of getting again, and Acylovir stops it dead in it tracks. The earlier you take it, when you first start feeling the symptoms (i.e. tingle and kind of heat blister), the better it stops it cold. My doctor just said if you feel like it might be coming on, just take the aclyclovir … it is just a one day dose. Your kidneys get rid of it in less then 12 hours. Secret is to take it early … And it is no big deal if it isn’t … but if taken early you will never know if it was or wasn’t – A good thing!. Like the herpes virus, shingles is in the same family and only present on one side of the body with the exact symptoms. Again – If it is not shingles or herpes, no big deal …

          • Thomas Guitarman

            a much better natural treatment is calcium magnesium bentonite clay , mixed with Palo Santo oil into paste apply on shingles stops them immediately. best if you catch it as soon as they start

        • Freebrezer

          And if you go to the CDC web sit, you’ll see that aclycovir is 9X safer (adverse events) then birth control pills … By the way this is a bit less safe then hydroxychloroquine at 12X safer then common birth control pills.

        • Bob

          Vitamin D might work. Take 20,000 IU a day for a couple of months to build up levels.
          Vitamin D destroys all viruses. Everyone is deficient.

          Lysine is very powerful too, and plentiful and cheap. Get that too. It even kills herpes.

    • Lynn

      Tim: Please look at the study released on Ivermectin and the relation to shingles. It has been shown to help shingles, you may want to take it and see if that helps you. Also, Oil of Oregano, put directly on the sores, I did it, just had shingles, they were gone in a few days. Hope that helps you. Shingles is a virus, chicken pox, Oil of Oregano is known to actually “kill” that virus if used consistently.

      • Reidy

        Some more minerals, zinc ,silver hydrosol and D. This countrys’ soil is depleated


        Viruses are theory and have never be found or seen. All theory. However, when cells are weakened and under attack, they release exosomes. The criminals renamed exosomes as viruses.

        Ivermectin helps detox.

      • tim mcgraw

        Lynn, I tried Ivermectin. No help. Will try oil of oregano. Thanks!

      • Jeff Robbins

        We have used a little oregano oil in olive oil for our kids and us when ever there’s any ear infections or other upper respiratory illness. Just use a Q-tip in the ear, if it burns you mixed it to hot (to much oregano). Saved us lots of doctors visits.

      • bill

        Viruses are strange, because I have read and heard others say, viruses are not really alive. So, I guess they are like little robots?

        • sk

          No. Viruses HAVE to use the host’s cellular machinery to make more viruses – in THAT sense they “are not alive”.

      • Elliott

        Covid Assumptions Are Based On Fear
        Not Fact – Viruses Come From Inside The Body,
        Not From Outside The Body

        The biggest assumption of this entire scamdemic is that viruses are indiscriminate
        killers which can cross species and jump bodies through the
        air to infect people. In fact, the nature of the humble virus has been totally
        misunderstood by mainstream science, fueled by the Medical Industry
        which promotes germ theory and the myth of contagion to keep you
        in fear and to raise demand for its toxic products (Big Pharma petrochemical
        drugs and vaccines).
        If You Tell A Lie Big Enough, Often Enough, Many Will Come To Believe It.
        You May Know The latest Lie As Covid19. Viruses Are Not Alive, Viruses
        Are Not Contagious. Viruses Cannot Be Transmitted Between People.

        – Viruses are created from within your cells; they do not come from outside the body
        – They arise as a result of systemic toxicity, not because the body has been invaded
        by an external threat
        – Viruses dissolve toxic matter when body tissue is too toxic for living bacteria or microbes
        to feed upon without being poisoned to death. Without viruses, the human
        body couldn’t achieve homeostasis and sustain itself in the face of systemic toxicity
        – Viruses are very specific. They dissolve specific tissues in the body. They do this
        with the assistance of antibodies
        – The more toxicity you have in your body, the more viral activity you will have
        – The only vector transmission of a virus is through blood transfusion or vaccines;
        otherwise, viruses cannot infect you by jumping from one body to another
        – Viruses are discriminatory by nature, made by the body for a specific purpose.
        They are not indiscriminatory killers
        – The RT-PCR test (PCR test for short) observes genetic material left over by the
        virus, not the virus itself

    • Jim

      Do check out lysine + vitamin c. works wonders on the herpes virus. the earlier the better.

  7. Lynn Scott

    How can I share this? Again what can we do? Where do I start?

    • Marie+Joy

      Lynn. Send Greg’s email to one and all.

    • regaleagle

      Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, then all(things) will be added unto you. In other words, your empowerment starts within, given to you by the Holy Spirit who is God Almighty in spiritual form that enhances (adds to) you in many different ways. You must develop a personal relationship with God Almighty thru your advocate Jesus Christ to grow in truth, knowledge, empowerment, and discernment. This is where to start……the only place to start.

    • Paul ...

      Lynn … You could go down to your local school board … and let them know they have no right to forcibly “jab” children with “an experimental sterilizing vaccine” … and that they will all be held personally accountable for their crime against humanity!!

    • Mark Heuer

      I know your question was directed to Greg, but let me just say, what will be will be. God will take care of his children. Everyone has a choice to accept Christ as their Savior or not. The only thing to do is give people information, what they do with that info is entirely up to them, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink.

    • Hannah Loveanna

      Go to the above search bar, click down & hold it then slide to the end of the link, once highlighted right click for menu bar & choose: copy. It’ll remain copied until you want to right click again & paste it.

    • Michael

      Lyn, just copy and send via your email.

    • Barbara McIntosh

      Sorry to hear about your shingles Dr. Eric Berg put up a video today about them on YT…feel better!!

    • Joe

      We need an economy where people are financially independent, where they don’t have to depend on companies for jobs or the gooberment for welfare or any other “benefits.”

      We need independent, financially self-sustaining people. This would mean teaching people from very early in their lives how to have their own businesses.

      But our rulers will never allow that. They want the bulk of the population dependent on corporations or the gummit.

      • bill

        Most people are not independent enough to work 14 hours a day in their own business. When I was growing up,most of the men in my family worked 40 years in the Steel Mill across the street, so that they could get their Gold Watch when they retired.

        • Paul ...

          And people years ago saved their money in US government bonds … now with inflation increasing higher yield on bonds are coming … but the Fed figured a new way to keep rates down on Treasuries that could hurt the markets if allowed to rise … what they are doing is… printing money out of thin air and putting it into the reverse REPO market at a higher yield then Treasuries offer … seems in a few weeks the Fed will have printed up Two(2) Trillion new dollars out of thin air (to keep Treasury yields down)!! … … remember for “every” Trillion the Fed prints “the gold price should rise by $200 dollars” … so this recent $2 Trillion dollars the Fed created and threw into the reverse Repo market should boost the gold price to at least $2200 dollars per ounce in short order!!

          • Paul ...

            By “short order” I mean about six months … or about the time the BIS rules go into effect in London (Jan 1, 2022)!!

  8. Jennifer

    Hi Greg,
    It’s always nice to see Catherine A. Fitts. She does a great job and service with her work and website.

    These top doctors that she refers to are doing phenomenal work at informing and educating the public on the nature, risks and dark agenda behind these vaccines. They are not afraid to speak the truth. They are working tirelessly to help save humanity and are remarkable humanitarians…true hero’s and heroins. I am now spending about half my time learning from them and sharing their knowledge, resources, videos and websites with as many people as I can as this is really the most pressing issue of our time.

    I know that most if not all of these doctors are seeking platforms like yours to get their word out as MSM is censoring them. They, you and your audience would benefit greatly if you interviewed them directly. I know you’re limited in you time …so I would be more than happy to make some connections for you if you’d like. I have been speaking with Dr. Lee Merritt, who was a former President of Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, and have been communicating with a few others, including Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, a leading vaccine expert. I expect to be communicating with both of them next week. I’d be glad to give them your contact information. Please let me know.

    Thank you for all your good work and dedication in helping people. You help people in many, many areas, as well as informing them on this very important subject of the vaccines.
    You are a great humanitarian, too!! Thanks again.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jennifer to the kind words of support and adding your analysis.

    • Melving

      Bullion Banks are exempted so the Paper price can still be manipulated to trade in a desired price pattern. Rinse , repeat

  9. David Gordon Dunne

    What the Elite who own the banks and the FED is a crime but these experimental jabs are crimes also. Katherine is so smart. Greg, you are so smart too. If we are ever allowed back to visit, I would love to buy you a few beers/lunch. Getting run out by OBs immigration in 2016, my heart aches but it aches more to see what these Satanists are being allowed to do. My biggest concern is there must be a ground swell of Americans and really all over the world to stand up to these Tyrants before it is to late like it was in Germany in 1937 or so. I watch Dr Tenpenny a lot and she is having a big Webinar on July 10th that is open to the public and not just to Doctors and Nurses. I always played cards once a month with 10 of my long time friends. All are patriots and some super rich and kind too BUT all but 3 of us went on and took the shots and I put all the data out in front of them but they have Stockholm Syndrome and fear is all they think about so they are all closed off to facts and truths now. Shocking. God Bless you and Katherine. I don’t have much money but I live in Thailand and if my credit card works there, I would like to send you some money Greg?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you David for your blessings & support. So sad about your friends. Some people just don’t want to hear the truth. Here is the direct Donations link: We appreciate you!

  10. Robert Coleman

    Have spoken to a Facilities Manager at a Health Facility in Texas this past week who was told to get the Jab if she wanted to continue to have a job – explained to her it is against the Nuremberg Code 1947 that they cannot force you to take an Experimental Shot – sent her the Legal Form CAF provided and explained to the worker that this puts the liability on the employer because if you have difficulty you have no recourse – she was happy to get the form and planned to share it with others even though she already had both shots. This Form is fantastic legal help to those who are being forced to get the experimental shot. Keep up the great work – both of you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Robert for passing on a good news story.

    • Bill

      I have run into several Dictators(2 surgeons and 1 scheduling nurse), too at my local V.A. Big Government attracts these critters!

  11. David Jones


    Please interview Dr. Lee Merritt. She has done a few interviews on the covid vaccine as it relates to national security. They are forcing the military to take this vax even though they know it’s injuring people. She is of the opinion that it’s a bioweapon and can’t figure out why the military is so eager to inject it’s troops. If you do the history of the Rockefellers and other international bankers funding the CCP in the 40’s and the 70’s with Kissinger it might be that cabal of bankers who is behind this. Also, if you look at some of the key names of the CDC, FDA and the CEO’s of the pharma companies the past few years, you’ll notice some connections. Listen to Dr. Merritt s interview on The sons of liberty on bitchute.

  12. Louis


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Louis!

  13. Robert Olin

    The best and the brightest. The problem with the human condition is that high functioning psychopaths and sociopaths run the world instead of people like Ms Fitts.
    Isn’t it the Hindus that believe that if you finally live a good enough life you won’t have to come back to his jungle.

  14. Jane Reynolds

    Thanks Greg and Catherine. Great video. A message to my son who stated that anti faxera are not the smartest tool in the box! God help him. He is so excited about getting his second shot. At 38yrs old and a straight A student he seems to be deaf, dumb and blind to the dangers the jab poses. And all because he wants to go into Tokyo and travel. I pray his travel ticket isn’t to the undertaker. God bless you all. Resistance armed with facts is the only way out of this hell.

  15. Nancy B.

    Friends Romans, countryman and USAwatchdogers. Things look bad, BUT!

    33 I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have [perfect] peace and confidence. In the world you have tribulation and trials and distress and frustration; but be of good cheer [take courage; be confident, certain, undaunted]! For I have overcome the world. [I have deprived it of power to harm you and have conquered it for you.] John 16:33
    Amplified Bible, Classic Edition

    Simile for the Devil: Paradise Regained and the Secularization of Satan
    Published online by Cambridge University Press: 16 April 2021
    The old world, always seeking but never finding?
    New International Version
    always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth.
    ◄ 2 Timothy 3:7 ►
    “Finally, brothers, carry on prayer for us, that the word of God may keep moving speedily [or, ‘may be running’] and being glorified just as it is in fact with you.”—2 Thess. 3:1
    WITH those words the apostle Paul asked his fellow believers in Thessalonica to pray that he and his companions might be successful in proclaiming God’s word without hindrance. God answered that prayer. But this does not mean that the apostle did not have to deal with problems. He faced severe opposition from the world and had to reckon with false brothers who dealt deceitfully. (2 Cor. 11:23-27; Gal. 2:4, 5) Yet, in spite of this, after about ten years, Paul could write that as a result of God’s blessing, the good news was “bearing fruit and increasing in all the world.”—Col. 1:6.
    In a similar way in our day—but on a scale never before experienced—the good news is bearing fruit. More people are being reached with the good news and are embracing it than at any time in the past. The accomplishment of what God’s Word foretold is moving speedily, like a runner in a race.—Isa. 60:22.
    We must expect to be hated by the world. (1 John 3:13) John reminds us that “the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.” (1 John 5:19) As this system draws to an end, Satan’s anger grows hotter. (Rev. 12:12) He uses more than subtle forms of attack, such as the lure of immorality or the lies of apostates. He will also use brute force. Satan knows that he has only a short period of time left to try to stop our preaching work or to break our faith. It is no surprise, then, that our work is restricted or banned in a number of countries. Even so, our brothers and sisters in those lands are enduring. They are proving that no matter what the wicked one throws at us, we can be victorious!
    Let us be determined to walk in the truth, obeying God in all aspects of our life. Study his Word, and put your trust in it. Build strong faith in Jesus. Reject human philosophies and apostate teachings. Resist the pressure to live a double life and to give in to sin. Live by God’s high moral standards. And let us help our brothers & sisters remain strong by forgiving those who hurt us and helping those in need. Then, despite the struggles we face, we will keep walking in the truth.

  16. regaleagle

    Very important guest, Greg. I can see how these 4 forms that CAF and her cohorts have painstakingly created would go far in developing a groundswell of education, support, and fight against these mandates for “vaccination”. These documents become the legal grounds for personal protections for all individuals against those entities that wish to force vaccinations upon an uneducated public. This includes especially those people that work in the public domain…….like the health care industry and related trades, our school systems both public and private, and just about every other work-related category where income is the basis. Perhaps only the self-employed without children or with grown children are not YET affected……but will soon be in some other way IF this fight for rejection of these so-called “vaccines” is not carried forward by at least 5-10% of the population. Using these forms is VERY IMPORTANT!!!

  17. Bill

    Wow! Awesome interview! Thank you Catherine & Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bill for your support!

  18. Roger Stamper

    tks for post

  19. Andrew Cox

    Greg – A friend of mine (who is totally mind-controlled) had the two injections earlier this year – and shortly afterwards had a heart attack. He sat and told me that he didn’t know why he had the heart attack.

    In the UK we have official stats (the Yellow Card reporting data from doctors) which shows that over 1300 people have died after the injections and hundreds of thousands of people have rported side effects – but this is only a small percentage of the total number of people who have been ill.
    Our hospitals in the UK have a growing number of people who are seriously ill with side effects.

    Here in the UK we hear about “booster” injections planned for this autumn. I fear that these will exacerbate a large wave of deaths and serious injuries.
    But the mainstream media and the national health service are lying every day telling everyone to have the injections.
    I have grave misgivings about the future. I fear large-scale depopulation and sterilisations are underway or planned.

    • Keith Wilson

      Well I went to holy communion service the other week. During prayers the vicar thanked God for giving the scientists the knowledge to invent the covid-19 vaccine. Without God’s intervention the scientists would never have developed the vaccine and saved us from the sickness ? Then the vicar read out the names of 5 people who had died in the last few days. All had been vaccinated and where perfectly healthy before they had the jab .

      • Greg Hunter

        Wow, you can’t make this stuff up.

      • Self Exiled

        Amazing. Adds reality to the blindness Christ spoke of.

      • John

        I’m Catholic. What is Holy Communion “service”?

        • susan

          Communion is basically your Mass. The celebration of the last supper.

        • Occasnltrvlr

          Many schismatics believe in the True Presence, but among schismatics only the Orthodox faiths have valid power to consecrate.

      • Steve+Twitchell

        but even with the five deaths evidence in front of his very eyes, he does not see. he may say he seeks truth . . . but does he?

        • Keith Wilson

          Well it reminds me of the Great War 1914-1918. Military chaplains used to bless the big artillery guns and the mustard gas and machine guns before a big attack. The German Chaplains used to bless there artillery also. When the infantry attacked across no man’s land they where obliterated by the artillery which was blessed by the hand of god. Covid vaccination is just like the big artillery guns of the Great war. Sadly the powers that control the church of England are satanic. They know the vaccine is killing people but they need to blame God and be able to sleep at night.

  20. Kevin R. Roberts

    Central Banks are killing western civilization per their agenda. Time to learn about the religious cult who runs the world banks. Fight Back Now! Pick a side.

    • Self Exiled

      Cliff High in his last Woo discourse high lites (pun intended) the history of mass genocides. He references the 1494 meeting of the Kings of Spain and Portugal with the Pope; when they claimed the Americas as their own dominion. The reason for the vast structures and cities in in Central and South America is that there were in probability millions of Incas and Aztec citizens. Where did they disappears to? Extermination with the use of small pox and bubonic plage. Those who survived became miners of gold and precious stones. My history teachers in (1968) college taught this also.

  21. DJW

    Big thanks to USAWD for this one, Catherine is simply the best, I wish this interview could have been an hour – heck I’d listen to her for two hours.
    Pray for the vaccinated people.

  22. Mark Heuer

    Gee Greg, why didn’t you play that 56 second video from the BIS Ms. Fitts was referring too?

    • Greg Hunter

      Gee Mark, maybe you should pay closer attention before you comment. It’s the “Cash Fridays” link:

      • AndrewB

        Chilling! These guys are sociopathic megalomaniacs!

        Makes you wonder, who really won WWII? Then again, all wars are bankers’ wars. The BIS is the central bank for the central banks. Switzerland is home to the BIS. No mystery then that Switzerland, a central European country with only a small standing army, managed to escape the ravages of WWII.

  23. Jerry5

    Everything CAF is 100% correct.

    I now have ironclad proof that the vaccines are a scam. Yesterday I had three people I personally know admitted to the hospital with COVID. Guess what? All three had received the vaccine. How is that possible? The mRNA was supposed to trigger your immune system to protect you. It didn’t. So now you know that the vaccine has another deeper, darker purpose. Listen to what CAF is telling you.

    Side note: July 9th is cyber polygon. The next phase of the plan will be linked with linkage from star link to 5G.

      • JC


        G.A. STEWART:
        From the foundation that I laid above, I can now show readers how I came upon the idea that the COVID-19 Vaccine may affect the physical body’s connection to the spirit. It is the proper conclusion to something unique that I wrote over fourteen-years ago.

        When The COVID-19 Magnet Test went viral on the Internet last month, the one possible purpose of the vaccine hit me in an instant.

        I reference Chapter Sixteen in my 2010 book, The Age of Desolation.

        Revelation 9:4 (King James)
        And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads.
        Revelation 13:8 (King James)
        And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.
        The Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, 2010, Page 369
        Could the “seal of God in their foreheads” refer to alien implants, allegedly inserted into the foreheads of abductees through their nasal cavity? Abductees also have reported seeing praying mantis-like or locust-like beings.

        Perhaps the chip is the material version of an individual’s karmic record. Metaphysical lore has long reported that the Akashic Record is the entire record of a person’s spiritual life.

        Those recent reports of magnets sticking to the arms of those who have received the COVID-19 Vaccine, and the Internet rumors and fears of the infamous Mark of The Beast that I am now contributing to with this Post may have a basis in reality.

  24. Mark Heuer

    Ms. Fitts is a very sharp lady, she has been talking about Rothschild and these criminal central banks for the past two years, I wish she would of went into more detail about BIS and the reset, that’s what her great knowledge is about. I think we are all up to date on this covid BS, I know I didn’t hear anything new, 10 to 15 podcast a day on what’s going on with these vaccines.

  25. Steve Carter

    This is great content while we wait for things to play out in our world. I can’t believe the folks that are still asleep and have no idea what is going on right in front of them. If Trump is going to return he better make it fast. Otherwise we can assume he was controlled opposition all along ! Only thing left for us then is to do it ourselves……….

    • Paul ...

      Steve … We may be able to do it ourselves this coming September (when 40% of the US Military goes AWOL rather then take the “jab” … Note: [A report published by the Army Times over the weekend detailed an executive order sent by the Department of the Army Headquarters … that all Commands should be prepared to administer mandatory COVID-19 vaccines “starting as early as Sept. 1” … (this is the date the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is expected to issue its full approval of the “experimental sterilizing/killing jabs”)]

      • Paul ...

        It will be a big boost to us Patriots … if we can get 40% of the US Military to go AWOL this September … and join the awake American people in this “fight to the death” against the evil globalist eugenicists!!

  26. Mark Heuer

    The way Ms. Fitts was talking early on about NWO reset did not sound to promising. I know Christians are getting prepared to meet Our Maker, and I also know that THEY are not prepared, because THEY are luciferians, that is the god they worship. Our time is short in our current bodies, but THEIR time is miniscule in their current and eternal bodies, I know I shouldn’t be happy about their eternal demise, but i’m sorry, I just can’t help having a smile inside.

  27. lightning


    Great interview! KAF is an amazingly smart lady. Just to add a bit of information , that I think support her assertions and your discussion.

    Biden , Trudeau, BLM , Marxist teachers , Transgender extremists, etc. are doing what they are doing, to create confusion , social pressure and mass chaos. Chaos provides cover to distract people from focusing on other observable actions not wanting to be noticed. And people make bad decisions under duress. Ask any combat veteran. These organizations are useful idiots to be exploited and then discarded and destroyed once they serve their purpose. All of them can be controlled with money , ideology and standard extortion techniques. None of them need to be coordinated or even aware of their role. It is probable, these idiots believe in their “cause”. Their controllers have no such illusions. They will be rapidly disposed of once the goal of the globalists is achieved.

    This is critically important for people to internalize. Spending a lot of time trying to have rational conversations with useful idiots is unproductive and distracts from fighting the bigger issue, which is the collapse of our Democratic Republic and with it, personal autonomy and rights guaranteed under the Constitution.

    KAF is spot on wrt everyone having to choose sides. Here is a quote from Walter Lippman that speaks to that eloquently: “Unless Democracy is to commit suicide by consenting to its own destruction, it will have to find some formidable answer to those who come to it saying : I demand from you in the name of your principles the rights which I will deny to you later in the name of my principles”

    Sorry for the length of this post but it should be noted that there are uncertain legal outcomes from taking these “vaccines”. The U.S Supreme Court ruled that “naturally occurring” human genes cannot be patented because they are a “product of nature,” meaning that they cannot be claimed as a human invention. But it also permitted patents based on laboratory reconstructions of human DNA, known as complementary DNAs, or cDNAs. I am not a lawyer , but it is clear that the mRNA is synthetic (man made) and the resultant proteins produced are themselves new to the world and are the result of a synthetic process….hence people will have potentially patented materials being fabricated by their own bodies. As absurd as this sounds, it may confer rights to the assignees of these patents over your person….i.e. Pfizer and/or Moderna.

    So, these vaccines may confer legal “rights” to your biometric data or to your actual person , as they may contain biometric sensors present in the initial injections or as part of future “Boosters”…to repeat…you may be losing legal, personal and/or physical autonomy by consenting to these vaccines. Even if these are passive monitors, the implications of having a person’s biometrics constantly recorded are enormous. For example, biometric feedback is already used in lie detector testing, used for healthcare insurance including the actuarial data that sets a person’s healthcare costs, and could easily be used for “security”. For example, the police could use the data to understand who is agitated or extremely nervous in a crowd . It is not inconceivable that your physical proximity info and biometric readings could be used as circumstantial evidence in committing a “crime”. The use of DNA alone has been used to send people to death row for decades already.

    Lastly, it should be clear to everyone that the vast majority of elected and unelected officials are compromised and that our election system has been corrupted, probably for decades. This corruption includes an overwhelming percentage of government employees , senior military commanders and western intelligence organizations . The current batch of politicians (both Democrat and Republican) owe their election or re-election to these rigged elections….hence they all have reason to keep the corrupted election systems going. That’s why the Republican leaders always talk a good game but never really act. The Party structure is a Deep State organization… be careful in supporting them with money as I firmly believe they are not on “our” side.

  28. Kim

    Catherine is one of the smartest women in history! Her track record is consistently correct and over the target. What an inspiration for us all, thanks so much Mr. Hunter.

    • John

      I don’t remember any guest other than KAF that predicted the stock market will keep going up.

  29. lightning

    Just to add to my last post, Catherine Austin Fitts repeated emphasis on engaging at the local and county level is probably the level least likely, in the main, to be where corrupted election officials reside.
    It is most likely that the greatest focus of control and corruption is at the Federal level and at key state levels(Governors, AG’s etc)….the weakness in their plan is to the emergence of 3100 counties pushing back at the State and Federal level..

  30. Jerry5

    I’ve shown this a thousand times and people still don’t get it.

    In the realms of history there are countless examples of genocide inflicted upon the human population, when a handful of evil men gain to much power. I would venture to say it is happening all over again with The World Economic Forum joining forces with The United Nations under agenda 25. News flash! My family did not spill blood in three major wars for me to be a global citizen. Unlike other countries, America was built by people fleeing tyranny and seeking freedom so this is not going to end well for the globalist who think they’re in control. How do I know? History. Eventually they all wind up at the end of noose. It’s just a matter of time.

    • Jerry5

      Do not open this link unless you really want to see what the globalist have planned for those they deem a threat.

      Thanks to some courageous alternate media patriots this information has come to light. Who might be resettled you say? Eventually those of us who refuse to take the jab must be dealt with by the globalist. When you consider only have the population has given in, that leaves the numbers of the unvaccinated in the millions that the globalist must deal with. But how? That’s the question. In my mind should the courts fail to uphold the people’s rights to not take the jab, the door will be wide open for alternative methods to be used to subject everyone to their will, as all who refuse to take the jab will then be labeled as domestic terrorist. Once that happens, Katie bar the door, because then the gloves will come off, and the guns will come out. America will spiral into the deep black hole of unbridled tyranny.
      Pray that doesn’t happen.

      • Charles H.

        Read it. Sickening.

    • Self Exiled

      I understand it. Unless I’m young and producing at a certain economic and physically active level of data activity being recorded through their technological monitoring insulin; I’m a useless eater. If I can produce the desired amount of crypto currency by the readings of my bodily activity I’m a productive citizen. I find it interesting that Duarte here in the Philippines sold the telecom system to China right after he was installed. Barely any news coverage. The CCP and the Chinese in general are always many steps ahead. Now they have installed new underground lines and as near as I can count 5 new towers in this Numancia area.

      • Jerry5

        Self Exiled,
        You are spot on. Read this report.

        Graphene oxide ( nanotechnology ) laced in swabs, vaccines, and mask. All to link you with 5G. Forget the vaccines preventing COVID . They are nothing more than an excuse to get the hydrogel in your body.

        • Self Exiled

          I took a flu shot in 1976 —- first and last one. Never again. No energy for 6 months.

          • Charles H.

            I conceded to a Tdap booster two years ago at the VA. It has never stopped hurting. NEVER AGAIN. If they ask about the Covid 19 – I say the last one already injured me.

            • Carol

              Whoever gave that to you Charles must have hit a nerve. Must be very annoying.

              • Charles H.

                It is, Carol. The pain tends to weaken this arm, and it is the stronger of the two.

        • travis moss

          Have you heard about some spanish researchers that put the pfiizer vaccine under an electron microscope and found that it contains 99% graphene oxide and hardly anything else.

          • Paul ...

            tm … This is very interesting … because … “Graphene Oxide” nanoparticles “ACTS LIKE A KNIFE” … and cuts through cell membranes … effectively killing living cells!!!

  31. Bob the Blessed

    Most excellent job again Greg. Thank you.
    A question I’m pondering that I would be very appreciative if you ask your guests like Catherine.
    *** Globalist firms are buying up homes and even entire new housing developments. However, mass sterilization/debilitation/deaths/depopulation from the mass murder jab program will cause decrease housing demand with less people, and less healthy people, to buy houses. So–won’t housing prices start reversing lower in about a year when the impact of the globalist mass genocide jab program kicks in even further?
    If you could share your views on this Greg and asks your guests would be very much appreciated.
    Jesus Bless You!

  32. Mark Heuer

    Last Post, I promise. Going off topic, but everything relates, especially what I will share right now.
    I gave up watching professional sports last year, and it was hard, I loved football season, well I liked it a lot, and I was a bit of a fanatic. When the NFL, MLB and others went along with with this covid BS hook, line and sinker along with that kneeling and BLM garbage, I reached my boiling point, so that was that.
    I started wondering how they were going to fill the stands, because if your a Christian or a patriot, or your on the non vaxer bandwagon, you would have to be an idiot to support these traitors. Well, I just found out how they plan to fill those seats, they are reaching out to the gays, from what I am hearing they have a commercial touting football is for gays. KC has a pic of Hunt and their star tight end kissing on the lips, I don’t know if this is part of the commercial or not.
    How many Christians will support this blatant promotion of sodomy? They are not going to come out and say sodomy, but that is exactly what they are promoting. This goes way past enough is enough!
    Will any of you Christians out there promote this homosexual agenda by tuning in? I pray not!

  33. Joe Wong

    The Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine just killed another person today as we speak, a 47 year old Ukrainian man from Virginia loses consciousness and died hours after taking the 1st dose Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

    Like I said earlier, these vaccines were NOT thoroughly tested, and were rushed out too quickly for political reasons. The policy should be for only if you have tested POSITIVE for Covid-19, you should receive this jab. But if you tested NEGATIVE for Covid-19, they should just tell you to GO HOME or GET LOST !!! Too many people are taking these vaccines, even when they have tested NEGATIVE, and did not need it in the first place is your problem here, and the consequences are proving tragic for same.

    • Self Exiled

      You missed the point ——– the vaccine is the bio weapon.

      • Paul ...

        Right SE … the Covid-19 virus was simply a Trojan Horse … used to get “jab bio-weapon” into our bodies … which could easily kill off more then half the human population within 4 years and completely prevent future pregnancies in any women who manage to survive!!

  34. William Wilhelm

    I recently taped an episode of The Outer Limits. It caught my attention because twelve quarantined survivors of a genetically engineered virus have only three vaccines between them. Three choose violence to save themselves, and as it turned out they died from the vaccines because they had natural immunity. Taped released on 4/3/98. Seems humans will never learn!

  35. jw

    Very simple we are not in contol of the printing press . If you own commodity’s and your age is in the 60/70 you are running out of time. The banker thief stole your future and money. That is the outcome which will never be compensated for again

  36. Michael

    Just my thoughts.
    Bitcoin etc are let to trade by most world governments to give people the taste of Crypto’s. (What government would tolerate this competing currency)
    Governments have only two ways out of this debt mess. default or inflate.
    They will hyperinflate so the debt is sort of wiped out and then bring in (because the local currency is worthless) the central bank digital currency this will fuxk everone including precious metal stackers unless a black market can come about.
    I’ve been stacking for over 45 years.
    Everyone stay safe.

  37. Melinda Henson

    I refuse to have a virus injected into my God-Given Operating System! I now know of 4 people suffering adverse reactions to the jab. However, they refuse to admit that it was from the experimental drug! God is Bigger than this jab. A Pastor said the other day: even if you have gotten the jab, God will Save you, if you call on Jesus! However, you may still suffer the consequences, ie, getting sick or having adverse reactions! God Bless you and Katherine Austin Fitts!

    • Self Exiled

      God-Given Operating System —– Love it.

  38. caroline schloss

    Greg please get some local honey and put a dab on the side of your mouth throughout the day. I can hear it.
    Thank you for these wonderful, informative uploads!
    Kind regards for a grateful 4th!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Caroline.

  39. Lynn

    There are heros in this life, many go without notice, but they are there. Catherine is a hero in this life, a guiding light to be followed. If we all had each other and worked as one, this would stop, and stop now. As you say Greg, “fear not”, for we are larger and stronger than they are, we just need to “fear not” and stop the madness through education and prayer. She said.the hudge funds have cash, are buying up all properties, my question to her is when are the asset prices going to collapse? They are buying high? Why not wait til the pricing collapse? I guess with free money, who cares, but at some point, they will do that because that will keep all of us at “serf” status. I would like to know her opinion on this if possible. Thank you for all you do.

  40. Diana Brown

    Thank you Greg for your insight to deliver the most relevant information to all of us CONSISTENTLY. Catherine Austin Fitts is a wonderful resource for all of us.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Diana.

  41. Jim

    Aided and abetted by Traitor Trump…

  42. Jim

    Trump enabled this to happen…

    • Rich

      yes he did and he continues to promote it. To believe he has bad information at this point is to stupid to be stupid.

    • Mark Heuer

      Nobody wants to talk about that (elephant in the room) vaccine pushing Trump, they are all in that Trump trance! People need to open their eyes and ears.

  43. Slide Bitterman

    Unprecedented overreach by government and police here in the soviet socialist gulag formerly known as Canada. This treason has finally galvanized the citizenry to action. I no longer feel like a lone voice in the wilderness. Further proof to me that God is real and we each have a divine spark within us that is activating to fight this evil force. I am somewhat elated at this time, Greg and Catherine.

  44. Art Barnes

    Greg, if what CAF is saying is true, and I believe it may well be, this is surly Revelation & the Mark of the Beast at our doorstep.

  45. Andrew Maggard

    Thank you Mr. Hunter for your dedication in providing an expose’ of the current lies that pass for news within the main stream media. This interview was especially revealing as it exposed the fraud that is behind the COVID imposed panic. Catherine Austin Fitts is not only brilliant but courageous in her efforts to bring truth to the matter.
    Unfortunately, I have a hearing loss that prevents me from properly hearing much of what Catherine is imparting thus I go back numerous times in an effort to read lips to grasp her words and meanings. Yes, my hearing impediment involves a lack of ability to hear the voices of women and small children. While my hearing aids help somewhat, however, I miss much of what is being spoken. While I have no trouble hearing you or your gentlemen guests I have difficulty with women’s voices. Thankfully your brief of the interview provides me with the highlights being discussed.
    I miss the captions, subtitles that are available elsewhere and were once available on Is it possible to provide this benefit to the current format of USA Watchdog?
    While the hearing loss is my problem I suspect that there might be other fans of USAWATCHDOG that have a similar condition. In spite of my hearing loss I never miss a single edition of USAWATCHDOG. Thanking you for the excellent service that you provide.

  46. Joe

    Just an FYI, Greg, I go to to watch the videos and it is working fine. can’t recall having any problems. Maybe I’m just lucky. Anyway, I don’t go to rumble or where ever else you post them. I always go to

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Joe. That is exactly what I want viewers to do.

  47. Donna t

    ANOTHER FABULOUS INTERVIEW!!! Thank you MS Austin Fitts!
    It may just SAVE YOUR LIFE or a LOVED ONE”S!
    Cheers! Happy 4th of July Patriots!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Donna t for all your support!

  48. Edwin Meyer

    Give it a few weeks…(month at the most)…We all know that Biden will not make it to re-election…as was the plan from the very beginning…But, Before Biden can be ousted the dims need to expel Harris…That is being worked on as we speak…Once Harris is ousted, THEN and only then, they will start working on getting rid of Biden..The picture was made clear when Pelosi managed to retain the position of House Speaker… All along the intention was to have Pelosi installed as president.

  49. James Hastings

    Hello from Georgia – USA….

    The whole system is corrupt. Her reference to Sicilian poverty, forewarns of our nations collapse.

    “And he who earns wages, Earns wages to put into a bag with holes”…Haggai 1:6

    Thank you. Very nice interview.

  50. Carol

    One of the best ways to counter all of this is to “exit and build”. Join us at We believe in non violence and resist what is happening by creating the world we want. We are building communities of like-minded people, growing our own food, trading amongst ourselves and replacing our ever diminishing dollars with crypto currency. Some of us still participate in politics but more important is exiting this corrupt system and creating something vastly better.

    • Paul ...

      Carol … Bribe’n recently stated: “The Second Amendment is not going to keep a Tyrannical Government in check … people are mistaken (trying to keep their guns) … because they would need nukes and F-15’s to fight back against us” … Bribe’n should read some history … what did the Vietnamese do “with simple hand guns” (to a nuclear power trying to subjugate them in the 60’s ) … and what did the Afghanistan people just recently achieve “with simple hand guns” (to nuclear powers trying to subjugate them for over 20 years) … we Americans just have to prepare “for a long battle” (to get this current nuclear armed globalist tyrant monkey off our back) … Mike Adam’s explains it well in the following post at the 1:50:21 mark …

  51. Lightning

    Worthwhile video interview with Reiner Fullmach. One of best I’ve seen.

  52. Rainer Bauxdrexl

    Everything Ms. Fitts has said is absolutely true ; and easily verified. The singular omission in this presentation centers on not identifying the ” Non Christian” Group that happens to follow a code which supersedes National Boundaries ; and traditional family values ; and is at the core of our difficulties. Mr. Benjamin Freedman ; Alexandr Solzhenitsyn ; our own Henry Ford ; as well as others had already alerted us to this situation.

  53. Frank Hoffman

    Great video Greg,
    Catherine Austin Fitts is marvellous, professional, intellectual, brilliant and wonderful.
    Thanks for all of this Greg, I am in Alabama, but I sent it to UK and Europe! John (in UK) will send it all around Europe also. You have a great show, i’m always with you my friend.

    Best to you and family,

    Frank Hoffman

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Frank for all your support & for spreading this around to everyone!

  54. Tim Emery

    Thanks Greg & Catherine – Always my favorite guest. I wanted to share that the Malaysian government has begun testing people for antibodies (people who have already been exposed to COVID19 and have recovered naturally). Those who already possess the antibodies are not considered eligible for the vaccine, that is reserved for people who do not have the antibodies. However, it appears that the FDA has instructed US healthcare providers to stop testing for antibodies as the vaccines may not actually confer the protection which it is suppose to be providing. God protect us against the “officials”.

  55. R. Patrick

    Resist the inoculation at all costs! Prepare yourself for ridicule and the possibility of being shunned. Have provisions set aside to take you into the next year at a minimum. Do not give in to this lunacy! It’s going to get very strange very soon, it’s already clearly in overdrive. Don’t hesitate to pray for goodness sakes, because there is a higher court of appeal! His name is Jesus.

  56. Richard

    Always great info Greg. Thanks!

  57. Rodney

    I absolutely agree with Catherine, these Satanic Crooks need to be put to death, NO OTHER WAY is possible with them,

  58. Rodney

    I saw an interview where one of these so called ”scientists” with that mental look in his eye said , We are going after illiminating 3 generations of the population, 1,the generation old enough to produce children, 2,the aborted children forn 1, and 3, the pre pubescent children who will be sterilised by these Jabs.
    And they pretend they have no idea of what these Jabs will do,WHAT UTTER RUBBISH, they have been perfecting this ever since these satanic evil creatures brought out AIDS and those H1N1 Zirka Swine Flu on and on, until todays farce where its NOT the Cold Flu, but the Jabs that ARE the Worlds Destroyer, that way the top lot feel safe as they wont allow any of their kids to have jabs…. THEY MUST GO THESE CREATURES FRON HELL.


      People on the west underestimate just how pissed off the Chinese are about the opium wars. Now we’re finding out

  59. JungianINTP


    N A C Protects Against Graphene Oxide—to Cure ‘Covid-19’ :

    “You will now understand why countless studies in practice have shown that treatment with N-acetylcysteine (which is a precursor of glutathione in the body), or glutathione administered directly, cured COVID-19 disease very quickly in patients. Plain and simple because the glutathione levels were raised to cope with the administered toxicant called graphene oxide. “


  60. jim

    one of your best interviews mr hunter!
    pls continue getting the facts out.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jim for supporting USAW!

  61. Sam Spadaro

    Hi Greg,
    Another GREAT wide-ranging interview with Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF). In fact, we LOVE her (and you too Greg).
    In earlier interviews, she has stated, if we want to be involved it MUST be in our OWN County. (America has 3,100 counties). What can we do? Here’s 3 ideas:
    – Serve on the County election committee/organization.
    – Go to the County Registrar of Voters and find out what needs to be done to REMOVE ALL voting machines and return to PAPER BALLOTS
    – Support and work for a CONSERVATIVE candidate

    Greg, keep up the wonderful work! You have many, many supporters!
    God bless, protect & prosper you and your Family !

  62. Lo

    Thank you for having Catherine Austin Fitts on, Greg. She is an AWESOME woman and Patriot. Thank you, also for posting the forms she spoke about. We will be printing many of them out and distributing them to family and friends.
    God is in charge,…. do not fear.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Lo for helping to get the information out.

  63. Patricia

    Excellent interview and content. If it isn’t in writing, it didn’t happen. Thank you Catherine and Greg — two of my favorite truthful, caring professionals.

  64. Erika Miller

    Catherine, my most favorite guest. After listening to Catherine, the world starts to make sense again. May God bless her with a very long life because we need her.
    Thank you for having her again, Greg. Great interview.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Erika.

  65. Harry Mintzer

    Thanks Greg. Great guest, Great interview.

  66. ken

    “We are being purchased with our own money.”

    Actually it belongs to the Federal Reserve. Says so right on the bill.

    That aside,,, History shows that destroying economies, buying everything at fire sale prices is what central banks do!

    I find it hilarious that most do not understand this. Of course, soon the con won’t be so hilarious. People will be screaming for their heads but too little and too late. They already got the wealth and could care less if you hang some of the enablers.

    Catherine is one of the very few I listen to. A smart cookie, she is.

  67. Carter

    Oh my, people who got the Jab are worse than Lepers to me. They should wear masks and announce themselves in public; It is more than shedding, this will become a tsunami and immunity will not help you. Can you say “plague”?

  68. nick contorno

    You can give your employer the form to fill out about the conjob vaccine but they don’t have to sign it? What good will the forms do if your employer refuses to sing it and terminates you for not taking the injection?

    • Greg Hunter

      You are not thinking about this correctly. You might want to brush up on the Nuremberg code of 1947 and actually take the time to read the forms.

  69. Poochiman

    She is right as usual. Neo-serfdom, or the early stages of the second dark-ages.

  70. Maria+das+Santos

    Happy 4th July Mr Hunter and the American people who love freedom.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Maria!!

    • susan

      God bless you, Maria!

  71. Carter

    You promised to post the link for the 56 second explanation……….

  72. ken

    Poor audio,,, could not understand half of what Catherine was saying,,, you however came in 5 by 5.

  73. Ain't No Senator's Aon

    Build more caskets, you are fixing to need them. Global depopulation is upon the world.
    Who will BIG pharma sell to in 2025?

  74. Donnie W Clyma

    Dear Greg, Mrs. Fitts is a deep thinker and hits nail on the head. The central banks of the world and BIS, and IMF, are globalist and NWO banking cabal members. The US fed. and Draci of Europe are major players. The NWO network of bankers controlling central banks, as well as Black Rock and many more in their network, all get currency funneled to them for the purchasing of default assets anywhere in the world. Black Rock is now the second largest owner of single family homes, and Gates in focusing on prime US farm land to control food supply. The bankers and their bought politicians will make favorable conditions through their policies for the take over to be thorough. We are in the biggest asset grab in history, and its all free to the central network members who play their game. The politicians that support their take over will be rewarded abundantly, and Biden and Harris, have their dream team of federal reserve chairmen in both the fed. and treasury secretary. Our hope is Christ, and He alone will deal with these wicked individuals. We have to follow his plan for our life, because the deck has always been stacked against us. I’m nearing 70 now, and my concern for my descendance is more than I can express in words. I’ve done what the Lord told me to do, and I’m waiting his return. It will be very soon, by all the signs I’m seeing. The closer we get to the prophesied global government and the false prophet rising the closer we are to the kingdom of God and the 7 year tribulation. Keep your head up, your doing what your gifted at, and always remember, we’re here to point people to Christ our Lord. Farewell friend.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Donnie!

  75. iwitness02

    I was reading that food prices for this years fourth of July BBQ is 16 cents cheaper than last year. This years fourth of July celebration will be especially sweet! Thanks Joe!
    Now if I only had enough gas to get to the grocery store, I would have made.
    Maybe next year.

    Thanks to both of you for a shot of truth, Catherine and Greg.


    So I’m not alone in arguing with healthcare professionals who are in a trance and unwilling to think or even reason. Only money can smother reason and fact so easily. Everyone is better off firing their doctor and not hiring another. Clear up your diet and your need for doctors will disappear. drink only distilled water and don’t eat packaged foods ever.

  77. Jo

    My best friend is dead because of the jab. After the first she had neurological symptoms similar to Parkinson’s. She was cleared as they couldn’t find the cause of her tremors and they told her she was clear to get her second shot. I BEGGED her not to, but she was afraid. She got her 2nd shot. She died 12 hrs later— lungs FULL of clots. Her doctor said he didn’t see a connection to the jab. This world is list—THANK YOU JESUS for the sacrifice you made for the next.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jo for the information. We are so sorry about your friend.

  78. Bonita

    I’ve adapted the employer form and am about to submit my waiver form for the vax which my employer has made a requirement just a few days ago. I work for a large medical system. This is beyond outrageous.
    One thing that I haven’t been hearing much is how a healthcare employer requires treatment for employees, yet they will honor a patient’s free will and medical autonomy & advanced directives?? This is a double standard that I cannot reconcile. I am not livestock.
    So, we’ll see how it goes I guess .. it’s absolute madness.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good luck Bonita.

  79. Walt Myers

    A failure to plan is a plan to fail. History shows that America’s patriots have ignored this fact. I suggest they look at and

  80. Sue Patterson

    CAF is always worth hearing. Although I don’t personally need her legal forms I truly appreciate her generosity in creating and providing them freely. God bless you, Catherine.
    Greg, you sound a wee bit hoarse. Please, take care of yourself and rest up during the 4th of July weekend. We can’t have you getting sick. God bless you for all the work you do for all of us.

  81. Albert Day

    Greg, I’ve been feeling controlled a lot lately. There’s no end to the madness. These people are control freaks and will not stop until they have us all doing back-flips and tumblesaults for them.

  82. Paul

    CAF is a brillant woman and a true patriot. Great interview.

  83. Terri

    I love your show Mr Hunter. Thank for bringing us such intelligent and insightful interviews. It gives me some hope for the future to see we have proactive freedom fighters out there. I’m so disappointed in our local leaders, such as Drs and clergy. Not speaking out about the evils surrounding our communities right now. Not questioning procedure, just basically they’ve all lost their critical thinking skills, or common sense!

  84. Mark Snyder

    Thank you Greg, excellent interview. Catherine is incredibly smart. In the end it is good against evil. Like you say Greg, fear not…

  85. Alison

    “I cut his ass to pieces!” Hahaha! God love you, Greg!

  86. Bob

    greg , my wife is scheduled to undergo a couple of medical procedures at a hospital in Orlando, FL next week. She has NOT been vaccinated for Covid, nor will she. They did ask her if she had received the vaccine, and when she said no, they scheduled a Covid test for her the day before the procedures. I feel it is only a matter of time before they change their policy, and require vaccination before being admitted for a medical procedure. And, this is in Florida, a Red state. Do you think that CAF and her team should put together a form covering this situation in addition to the excellent forms she has designed for employees and students? I think it only appropriate!! Thank you Greg, and keep up your invaluable service to us plebs out here.

    • Greg Hunter

      DO NOT let her get the shot. Get the forms from and put them on notice they are liable.

  87. Not So Free

    Thanks Greg.
    At least I know I’m not the only one having trouble understanding her.
    I’ll go back and listen again to see if I missed anything.

  88. Terri

    Saw on a video today that in the military, all whites are Given the Pfizer vax, and the others are given the Moderna. Haven’t had a chance to compare the two but I wonder what their goal is.

    • Bob

      Link or it didn’t happen.



  90. Warren B.

    No CAF….we don’t have to wait 5 years from now to see how this plays out.
    Pfizer states categorically that they are in Phase 3 clinical trials which end after 2 years from administering 2nd dose. Wr already have sufficient PROOF how this is panning out.
    Additionally , the COVID crisis is not being used to extend the life of this dying economic system through the so-called Great Reset. It is effectively digging the hole and burying it.
    The Deagel forecast for 2025 is very much on point to support this.

  91. Warren B.

    You mentioned Dr Mike Yeadon towards the end of this interview.
    Here is a link to a fabulous presentation from the same brave man (at great personal and professional expense to him) warning us all about this sinister scheme.
    https://www stop bitchute stop com/video/eEHz1TX3WXxb/

  92. Warren B.

    I want to share the following article as it substantially covers what the COVID-19 Crisis is and how it functions. Essentially we are fighting a battle against effectively all of Earth’s known armies on a collective armed forces basis. Once you understand this concept you can come to terms with reality and what needs to be done in the near term on a personal / emotional/ spiritual level.

  93. Frank Badial

    Thanks Greg. Once again great interview you have so many great Guest. Catherine is one of your best. Thanks for all the hard work and effort you put in to help people thank you again sir.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you so much Frank for all your support!

  94. WD


    I have followed you for the last 7 years….And I have to ask Where are the White Hats!?

    1. Cities burning
    2. PAtriots being rounded up while antifa and BLM goes free after burning city blocks
    3. Broken borders
    4. Our military turning more LGBT
    5. Our military branches run by 4 star suck ups and hard core left wingers.
    6. Veterans like myself being branded as terrorists,
    7. A war on white people
    8. War on Christians
    9. War on conservatives
    10. War on black conservatives.
    11. Mega Hollywood left wing enterprise that hates us.

    Have the white hats lost???

    I have come to realize the only way we win is with a United States collapse.
    So we can start our own territorial nation and finally live free.

    • Paul ...

      WD … Sad to say … but it seems the only White Hats that can be found today … are on mannequins in Macy’s window!! …–kentucky-derby-hats-fashion-accessories.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

      • Paul ...

        Now I hear that by October 2021 … the “commies” in the US Military will “mandate” that all US troops take the deadly experimental “jab” … good idea … if you are a “commie” and need to destroy America’s military personnel so the Chinese troops now massing in Canada and Mexico will have an easier time invading American soil (once all the guns are removed from the American population by their CCP puppet Bribe’n)!!

        • Paul ...

          The “commies” in the Military are simply waiting for the FDA (the Food and Drug Administration) to grant full approval for “the experimental sterilizing, crippling and deadly” vaccines … … if the “commies” at the FDA are not stopped from approving the “lethal experimental jab” … expect storm troopers to go house to house (like the Nazi’s did under Hitler) and forcibly remove those who refuse the jab and send them to FEMA concentration camps for their lethal injections!!

          • Paul ...

            The “final solution” planned for All Americans (after the mandatory jabbing to disable us) is approved by the FDA … “will be a bullet to the head” … no American will be left alive (as Chinese troops take control of America from sea to shining sea) … and they will use “our land” to grow the food China needs … and Bill Gates (probably thinking owning as much farmland as possible will put him in a good bargaining position with China) may find out there is a bullet with his name on it too!! …

            • Self Exiled

              Not may: will find out. The Chinese are bargain hunters. White arrogance is not accepted well in Asia.

      • WD

        What a sad state we are in

    • Nick Reynolds

      Right you are. The federal government of the USA, Rockefeller’s power base, needs to join an equally corrupt USSR on the pages of history.

  95. Bill

    Thanks Greg, for all your videos. I have watched 95% of all your videos in the past 9 months. Keep up, the great reporting!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bill!

  96. Jerry5

    Wow Greg!
    They’re really doing it.

    Imagine that. In this trial run, 800 food stores were targeted. Gee I wonder why? According to our buddy Klaus, the next phase of the pandemic will involve the use of cyber attacks to steer the installation of the new world order. It all starts July 9th, with the cyber polygon exercise.

    • Jerry5

      Friends you’d better be paying attention. This is the tuneup for the cyber polygon exercise. Same script. Blame the Russians.

      Now imagine an attack on the power grid, or the banking systems.
      No power. No money. Credit cards don’t work. Cash registers won’t open for cash. No cash. No food. No electricity when it’s a 100 degrees outside.

      No they wouldn’t do that Jerry. It would kill to many people. Kinda like the beer bug virus? Isn’t it.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Whew! Finally! At least now we know a date.

  97. Brian Vaci

    Thank You for standing for the truth and coming against the forces of darkness. I truly appreciate the interviews with CAF, and the anti-“vax” forms she has prepared. We need to resist this evil at all costs. The following link is to another form to refuse the COVID -19 “vaccine”. It is based on authority of the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation.

  98. Virginia

    Greg, Thanks again for your great reporting. I would be lost in a sea of lies & corruption if not for your weekly reports.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Virginia for tuning in each week!

  99. Nick Reynolds

    Finally! It’s either the ultra-rich or us. And the sooner we all realize that, the better it’ll be for us. This isn’t insanity; it’s intentionally criminal. Today is Independence Day. Great idea! Become independent of the world-wide criminal,”government.” And prepare. This isn’t going to be easy. They’ve got nukes as well as drone robots to boot. All that needs is 5G to work. Remember who the real enemy is. It’s not the usual scapegoats or distractions. It’s Rockefeller and his ilk. Dr. Yeadon may have toned back his message lately. But originally, he surmised this is de-population, 90 to 95 percent of the world’s population.

  100. Stan

    Happy 4th of July! Today Ill be celebrating how great our country is and how magnificent our currency is! God bless the US Dollar!!

    • JC

      Stan, where are you? At Coney Island with your friend Theodore, for Nathan’s hot dog eating contest? Defending champ Joey Chestnut ate 75 hot dogs last year. Will he retain the title?

      • Stan

        JC: No, I’m in the Hamptons today.

    • Paul ...

      I’ll toast with you Stan … “To America … May it Remain the Land of the Free” … but … I’ll take my champagne in a golden goblet (rather then a paper cup) Stan … as it won’t smash to pieces or burn when thrown into a “fire” place !!

      • Paul ...

        Hey Stan … what is going on? … I’ve been waiting in cash for you and your bankster buddies to push the gold price lower so I could buy it cheap and it goes up over $1800 instead?? …

  101. Rick Hayle

    Would MEDI-CARE cover it ????? My wife let someone talk her into getting the jabs ! Without me knowing .

  102. Rick Hayle

    Greg , I thank GOD ALMIGHTY that you are a more than willing PATRIOT who is determined to get the words of truth out to folks . I can’t say thank you enough to you & CAF . She is exactly like the best teacher I ever had . She does it out of love . You do also. GOD bless the “work of your hands.” Stay safe . ALL THE BEST !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rick for all your blessings & support!

  103. tjz


    In the days of Noah…transhumanism! Sounds familiar. How did that time turn out? Best wishes.

    • Greg Hunter

      We got a flood last time. This time God is bringing the fire.

      • Self Exiled

        I wonder if the LGBT will be able to corrupt the symbol of fire like they corrupted the symbol of the rainbow. I think such nonsense will be long forgotten.

  104. Steve Starr

    Thanks, Greg. Hope you are feeling ok.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steve, I’m getting better.

  105. david rodgers

    Jesus was born to a virgin, turned water to wine, taught, healed the sick, raised the dead, casted out demons, walked on water, and calmed the storm, among many other things. He was killed, and three days later He rose from the dead. Forty days later He ascended into heaven where He sits at the right hand of the Father. He is returning very soon, but before He does, Satan, the devil, is coming to pretend to be Jesus. Satan is an angel, and he will have certain supernatural powers with which to try to fool everyone. He will, for example, be able to make fire come down from heaven in the sight of men. He will only be on earth a short time before the real King of Kings, Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, returns. When the real Jesus comes we will all be transformed into our spiritual bodies at the same moment. Jesus came to offer forgiveness of sins and eternal life to anyone who believes and calls on His precious name.

    For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; – Romans 3:23

    For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. – Romans 6:23

    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. – John 3:16-18

    Now when Jesus was in Bethany, in the house of Simon the leper, There came unto him a woman having an alabaster box of very precious ointment, and poured it on his head, as he sat at meat. But when his disciples saw it, they had indignation, saying, To what purpose is this waste? For this ointment might have been sold for much, and given to the poor. When Jesus understood it, he said unto them, Why trouble ye the woman? for she hath wrought a good work upon me. For ye have the poor always with you; but me ye have not always. For in that she hath poured this ointment on my body, she did it for my burial. Verily I say unto you, Wheresoever this gospel shall be preached in the whole world, there shall also this, that this woman hath done, be told for a memorial of her. – Matthew 26:6-13

    The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it. – Proverbs 10:22

    • Self Exiled

      I find it interesting this lady; an unknown, was spiritually and insight fully ahead of the disciples concerning his mission on earth as God’s Son for seeing his death. I suspect there are others presently walking this earth who are fully more aware than I concerning pending events. I have found God’s individuals in the most unlikely places, sleeping on cardboard (Manila), sitting on a pile of refrigerators at a city dump (South Dakota). I witnessed to them to find out they were more knowledgable of HIM than me. Praise HIS Holy Name.

  106. Paula D.

    Love Catherine Austin-Fitz. Always a favorite interview when she’s on.
    Thank you Greg Hunter. ❤

  107. Paul ...

    France definitely needs it’s “Statue of Liberty” back … if the criminal French Government is now going to violate the Nuremberg Code (by forcing mandatory vaccinations upon young to middle-aged adults)!! … … perhaps … we should also send them a few of those guillotines we have stockpiled at our FEMA camps!!

  108. Greg

    Greg, can’t find that 56 second interview she was talking about. Where BIS guy tells us what they’re doing……… no link that I can find.

  109. Stan

    My friend from Citi just got a new Bertram 61 so he decided to invite me and some people from JPM and the NY Fed to see the NYC fireworks tonight! We’re going to get a great spot in the East River and crack open a bottle of Château Lafite Rothschild – Pauillac 2000 and enjoy the night!

    • Heinrich

      Enjoy, a####### !

    • Self Exiled

      Ya know Stan that’s the same tiny boat you showed us 3 – 4 years ago when you came to this forum. Seems you run in 3 t0 4 year cycles, that’s when gold was also 1200 per once. You don’t get out much Stan and you seem to be stuck. Chateau Lafite Rothschild Premier Cru Classe, Pauillac 2000; I’ve found the best price to be in Hong Kong. Oh that’s right, you won’t talk wines with some one like me. Sorry; I prefer Thailand, has an exotic feel to it, St Martin doesn’t appeal. Taiwan has excellent tea and South Korea has the best doctors. No matter who you are or try to be; you do have an eternal soul and your world is crumbing around you.

      All that My Father gives Me will come to Me; and the one who comes to Me I will most certainly not cast out [I will never, never reject anyone who follows Me]. John 6:37

    • Paul ...

      Stan … Open this bottle of “Paulie Accurate 2021” … … shows Gold breaking out to the upside … and once Gold gets up over $1832 we will have “a Golden Cross” (where the 50 day moving average crosses above the 200 day moving average) … that’s when … we will see some spectacular moves to the upside! Stan (hope you are out of your short position by then)!!

  110. Heinrich

    At schoollwe had to read Ira Levin‘s novel „this perfect day“.

    It is a story abount technocratic dystopia. We are getting there.

  111. Marie+Joy has an article called, “Floridians told to prepare for long outages”.

  112. tim mcgraw

    I skimmed through the end of the video. Vaccines, Covid Vaccines…. we all know they are there to kill us and make the children infertile. We all know this.
    We also know all about how the elites are killing main street to buy it up cheap when the businesses fail.
    What I want to know is WHY? Don’t the elites know that all wealth comes from human action? Don’t the elites know that without humans, they have no wealth?
    Slavery is the most profitable enterprise. But if humans don’t exist, there are no slaves.
    Do the elites really think robots can take our place?
    Why are these “smart” elites committing suicide?

    • Roger Hubbard

      Ha! I agree, I’m in San Rafael, same thing here! I’m heading up to El Dorado Hills it seems to be a bit less crazy!
      Good luck Tim


      • tim mcgraw

        Hi Roger,
        Good old “Saint Ralph”. My wife and I catered there often. Saul Zaentz, the movie producer I worked for and owner of Fantasy Records (CCR) used to live in San Raphael. I have never been to the El Dorado Hills. I suppose they have windmills there.
        I’m up here in Healdsburg, tourist town. Some people, even children, still wear masks here. Very sad. Safe journeys.

  113. Bible Reader

    More Evidence Reveals DC Police Attacked Trump Protesters on Jan. 6, Hurled Flash Bombs at Crowd, and Now Dirtbag Chris Wray, Democrats, Media and DC Police Refuse to Release the Evidence

    By Jim Hoft
    Published July 4, 2021 at 12:06pm

    On Jan. 6 Capitol Police started firing flash grenades and rubber bullets at peaceful protesters with US and MAGA flags.

    From the video you can see the protesters are NOT on the Capitol steps and were behind barriers.

    There were children, veterans and seniors in the crowd.

    The protesters were packed tightly together and the Capitol Police started firing on them.

    Last month a reader sent The Gateway Pundit a second video of the Capitol Police firing on the Jan. 6 crowd of men, women, children and seniors.

    In this video you can see in slow motion the flash grenade fired out over the crowd and into the crowd.

    The Trump supporters had nowhere to move to and many had NO IDEA what was about to hit them!….

  114. Coal Burner

    Who are the world’s Beck brothers?
    Really? We know there are more than a couple but just who are the critical ones. Rockefellars, Soros, Rothchilds. Gates, ??? Who are the closer ones? Some of our politicians, their minions? Ask and then let an unidentified list appear.

  115. Rachel

    Happy 4 th July Greg, & everyone else!

  116. Karl Krupt

    “Reports published Wednesday morning claimed EU leaders including Germany’s Angela Merkel and France’s Emmanuel Macron were planning to hold a call to discuss more potential travel restrictions.”

    The world is facing a unprecedented catastrophe should it further ignore the facts & truth because of for decades suggested false memories and historical manipulation & lies to emotionally blind every judgement and censure every attempt to question the role of a specific community in the matter. “In 1616, the church banned Nicholas Copernicus’ book “On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres,” published in 1543, which contained the theory that the Earth revolved around the sun…*” In analogy, but far worst : TODAY, we are neither allowed to say “there is light”, much less to name its source, i. e., the sun”

    Surprise? What they won´t tell you… Just consider the following FACTS:

    France : Emmanuel Macron´mother, Ms. Francoise Noguès :
    Germany : Angela Kaźmierczak alias Kasner-Merkel.. from Póznan, one of the most ancient, and most prominent, J**sh communities of Poland-Lithuania.
    Ukraine : Volodymyr Zelensky[a] is an Ukrainian comedian and politician who is serving as the 6th and current president of Ukraine since 20 May 2019. Zelensky was born to J***sh parents.
    UK: Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson…
    USA: Douglas Emhoff, first “Second Gentleman”, Kamala´s husband…
    All the J++s Biden has tapped for top roles in his new administration (CIA Deputy Director, FBI, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Director of National Intelligence, Chief of Staff, Office of Science and Technology Policy director, Secretary of Homeland Security, National Security Agency cybersecurity director, deputy secretary of state, Treasury secretary, etc., etc.). Biden´s speech 2013 :

    August 2020, Protocols of Zion – FBI Vault
    What is it all about? The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a text to describe a J***sh plan for global domination… MUST READ !.

    Murdoch: Press ‘J****h Owned’

    California governor vetoes bill requiring ethnic studies in high school. Here’s why.

    “Now, the public health Nazis are transferring their first big lie about what happened in India back to the Western world…” You said “Nazis”? Ashke.Nazi?

    * The truth about Galileo and his conflict with the Catholic Church – AGAIN, A LIE (as many others) TO DISCREDIT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH!!!!
    “In sum, the 1616 event was not the beginning of a 17-year-long trial, as is often said, but a non-trial,” Kelly said. “Galileo’s actual trial lasted for only a fraction of a single day, with no fanfare at all.”…

  117. Paul ...

    Uh-oh!! … The crypto bone-heads on Wall Street “should logically eat the bone they already have” rather then dreaming of bigger bones … especially now that George Soros just got into their market (who is a premier expert at scamming billions from unsuspecting investors) … just look at his past record … of course many believe they can simply front-run this expert at the “pump and dump” … and will try to ride the Soros pump “before the dump” … but better not get too greedy … as the bone you presently have may disappear while your mind is dreaming of bigger and bigger bones!! …

  118. JC

    June 5, 2021
    Polny also says, “The stock market cycles show the markets start to plunge next week, and they plunge for weeks. That is a Third Seal moment where we have a complete financial shift of the economy as we know it. . . . Celebration will happen on the 4th of July. Evil is taken down. The ‘wow’ moment happened, and between now and July 4th, we got ‘wow.’ God’s people will be celebrating because God moved his hand.”

    Any update from Bo?

    • Carol

      I suppose you know better then so do tell .. what will happen next JC

      • JC

        What will happen next?

        The truth about the “vaccine” will be revealed. There is alien DNA being injected into the unsuspecting, and a simple blood test has been devised that will force the aliens to reveal themselves.

  119. regaleagle

    A “One World Order” government…….an ideal fostered in the hearts of the very elite wealthy families on this planet, driven by the lust for unquenching power and greed to control all things and become rulers over all that man is capable to harness……even into the far reaches of space and the universe. But pathetically and to the entire detriment of human life in this ever-evolving evil brought forth to today’s world……that ideal has ensnared the very Elitists and all of their workers of iniquity all of these decades to finally culminate in their own demise as they have fallen prey to Satan and his demons in the process. They have become so corrupted in thought and deeds that they can no longer function, feel, or think as human beings or even understand that everything about mankind and life is God’s Great Creation and for a higher purpose than the human intellect is capable of understanding or even envisioning. Their eternal damnation in Hell will be the fruits of their deceit, greed, lust, and pervertedness in all their heinous crimes against mankind thru the decades of their delusional discourse for one government rule. The only one-government rule has already been in the works for over 2000 yrs. as God Almighty made provision for man to be higher than all other beings in Creation so that together with Jesus Christ we can one day in the future learn the ways of God Almighty and live in total and complete justice, harmony, and love for not only everything of and in this Earth…….but the entire Universe!! But for ONLY those that have been given the gift of eternal life in the spirit. May God Almighty in His Infinite Wisdom, Authority, and Sovereignty extend to all who would believe in Him and His Son Jesus Christ that will come to be King of the whole Earth and Mankind……the free gifts of joy, love, forgiveness and everlasting eternal life. AMEN.

  120. edwin knouse

    She’s right all this talk is cheap.

  121. eddiemd

    More promotion of the coronavirus mRNA poison.

    Orthodox and Rome doing heavy promotion. They say the pope dope had some intestinal surgery this last week. Wonder if he had some side effects from the mRNA or even had the coronavirus.

    Then there is GAVI promoting “vaccines” and in particular children.

    And look who is featured…Bill Gates the antichrist spirit.

    And then there is “COVAX”. Worldwide genocide effort by the satan worshippers to take out the poor peoples of Africa, South/Central America, Asia, and elsewhere.

    Don’t be confused. They are targeting children. And the poorest countries of the world.

    End time genocide with Bill Gates, Soros George, Clintons, Fauci Mengele, Macron, Merkel, Obama, Boris the Spider Johnson, pope dope, EU/NATO, Modi, CCP/PLA, Bin Salman, Klaus/WEF, central bankers…and the new leadership of Israel.

    Antichrist system. Totalitarian control. Coronavirus, mRNA/nanoparticle, cyberploygon….noahide laws.

    • JC

      G.A. STEWART :
      In writing this Post and updating what I published fourteen-years ago, the spiritual aspects of the times are even more apparent. A great moral decay of social values and the disappearance of True Justice has led to the beginning of societal collapse in major American cities.

      George Soros is the front man for The Globalists; by trying to erase borders, ethnic identities, and all religion, The Globalists are creating Meat Machines; there will be only one model.

    • eddiemd

      Where is anti Trumper action Jay Jackson when you need him?

      Your pope dope antichrist and his merry men of the vatican city make the mRNA injection mandatory.

      And in Pakistan…

      “it will block the mobile phones of people refusing to get jabs.”

      This is coming everywhere. The mRNA is a part of the mark of the beast. You will take it or not be allowed to buy, sell, work, participate in society. You will eventually worship the beast system. Or you will be decapitated. Be ready.

      • Bob

        I’m waiting for the part in Revelations where it says everyone with the mark breaks out it horrible big sores all over them.

        • eddiemd

          Already discussed this Revelation prophesy months ago and the relation to the mRNA injections. It will manifest as a delayed Graft v Host reaction. Posted references to the science behind it also.

    • eddiemd

      Interesting study from USAMRIID. The US Army ID bioweapon lab in Maryland.

      Coronavirus targets the CNS and cardiovascular systems in transgenic mice models.

      This coronavirus out of China is a bioweapon. The mRNA injection is the add on false narrative “vaccine” to be a part of a worldwide genocide. I believe that our own .gov conspired to release the bioweapon to take down Trump, bring on the NWO antichrist system, and to kill off millions when the second phase bioweapon is released. Perhaps a hantavirus variant, hemorrhagic viral variant, or even a more lethal form of the coronavirus. Anything is possible.

      Be prepared. Watch, pray, read your Bible. Witness to your family, friends, even enemies. Every believer has the ministry of reconciliation. Every believer is an ambassador for Christ Jesus.

      • eddiemd

        A study showing the inflammatory effects of the coronavirus on small vessels of the heart. No small wonder that there have been cases of myocarditis.

        Published in January 2021. They have known for at least 6 months and have continued to give the injections to young people and children.

      • Bob

        Trump’s gone and the virus agenda is getting worse.
        They didn’t do this to get rid of Trump.

    • eddiemd

      Ivermectin targets helicase activity in flavivirus. Known since 2012. Although coronavirus is not a flavivirus, ivermectin was already known to work against virus.

      Perhaps this covid 19 coronavirus has been altered to have components of the flavivirus genome spliced into it by the CRISPR technology. Could that be why ivermectin is effective? The covid 19 is an engineered bioweapon. It would be simple to alter its genome.

      Interesting to note a very recent study makes no mention of the anti helicase activity of ivermectin against flavivirus. Granted that coronavirus is not a flavivirus, this mechanism should warrant mention.

      Now the full on assault against the “anto vaxxers” is beginning.

      • eddiemd

        “anti vaxxers”

        When you read these studies, read the introduction and discussion. (For the non scientist/non MD peoples). Then follow the references.

    • eddiemd

      Check into the propaganda Drudge Report to see where the thought control is going.

      It is becoming obvious where this is going. Even the church leaders are onboard with getting the mRNA experimental injections. Very soon they will declare it is no longer experimental although the makers themselves have the experiment ongoing into late 2022.

      They want to inject the entire DOD/military also. At some point the military leaders need to become leaders. The welfare of the troops. Long forgotten.

      The new military.

      • Bob

        Yes people need to stop with the “it’s experimental” and “experimenting is against Nuremberg”.

        All that means is that once it’s not experimental anymore, you’ve got no argument left.

  122. eddiemd

    Some interesting insight in the biophysics of nanoparticle access across the blood brain barrier.

    Skip down to this caption. “Overcoming the CNS drug delivery challenges with nanoparticles”.

    It makes you wonder what the top secret ingredients are inside the injections.

    There was a church leader at the church I used to attend. She was so adamant in traveling back to Brasil that she went and took the injection. She developed severe headaches after the injection that have not ceased. A few months back I posted a powerpoint slide show from 203 on meningoencephalitis and such.

    Noticing many cases of CNS related s/s in people getting the injections. Avoid at all costs.

    • eddiemd

      Viral encephalitis…also seen as a side effect of the “vaccine”.

      • JC


        I was walking down the street yesterday, and there was a young lady coming toward me from the other direction, talking on her cell phone. She had a very euphoric/demented look on her face as I heard her say… “You did the vaccine, yes!?”

  123. donnas

    I just read where Biden is going to make the “SHOT” mandatory for all military by sept 1 , 2021.. He isn’t requiring the Federal employees to take the shot but wants all military personnel to take it? I am reading stories on how the military that do not take the shot are being punished for their choice. The CDC isn’t even requiring their employees to take it. How many of our men and women will be injured, sterile or worse dead? We have to speak out for them , this is horrid. Please everyone , Write your senators and representatives to stop this horror.

  124. Tom+from+VB

    You’ll love this…..
    About 2.5 hours ago, my wife and I were floating in our pool enjoying some adult beverages. Suddenly, a WW2 vintage Navy plane flew over our subdivision towing a large “TRUMP WON…save America” banner. We immediately started yelling USA, USA! Less than 1 minute later, some neighbors were lighting off firecrackers.
    Really enjoyed the CAF interview. Hope you had a good 4th. Have a safe trip back from MO and have a good week!

  125. Jay Jackson

    Now the US Military is being systematically destroyed :

    “I hope that everyone remembers when they’re getting the COVID-19 (often referred to as the China Virus) Vaccine, that if I wasn’t president, you wouldn’t be getting that beautiful ‘shot’ for 5 years, at best, and probably wouldn’t be getting it at all. I hope everyone remembers!”
    ~ Office of DJT March 10, 2021.

    Surely the CCP thanks Trump for destroying the US Military with his vax.

  126. Marie+Joy

    Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, says 96% of democrats, either, have take the jab or plan to take it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Clif High said much the same thing on USAW a few weeks ago. His data said 19 of 20 Dems took the Jab or or gong to take it.

      • Paul ...

        Greg … It doesn’t matter if all the Demoncrats die … they can still vote!!

        • Rachel

          Oh, you’re right,… send me some forms and I’ll get some aussies to vote as well and help swing things around. We may as well join in, everyone else is!

    • Rachel

      That will solve your election woes in the future.

  127. Jerry5

    I’ve been posting this for quite some time.

    Anytime Klaus Schwab is involved, I pay attention. We may not be tracking him but you can rest assured he and the WEF are tracking us. The globalist are in no hurry to install the NWO. Every move is measured according to data gathered by various sources. Just recently I received a text wanting me to complete a COVID census, and whether I have received the vaccine. I find these text interesting because in my industry these are referred to as PII. Personal identifiable information which under HIPPA is supposed to protected by law? But when it comes to the government personal protection gets tossed aside for some type of greater good.

    So do I think cyber polygon will go live on July 9th? Jerry’s rule number #8. The globalist only let you know what they want you to know, when they want you to know it. They control everything you read, see or hear. So the answer is: it doesn’t matter when it goes live because they are psychologically prompting us to accept it when it does. They are charting our reactions and building a response matrix as we go along. That will determine the timing.

  128. H.L. Mencken Jr.

    Catherine Austin Fitts mentioned a 56 second video segment where one of the B.I.S. plutocrats makes a confession concerning their decades-long, globalist criminal plan. Where can one view this segment? I’d like to see it.
    Greg, where can I find that link?
    Thank you and keep doing what you’re doing!
    God bless!

  129. Old Rancher

    “Yellowstone”. My all-time favorite series. The writer for that series, who appears often in the scenes, has his finger on the pulse of our nation as this series is Art imitating Life in ways I haven’t seen in decades.
    My favorite scene is the last scene of the final episode of Season 1 where Rip has the real estate developer strung up and tells him to tell Casey how he makes his money. He replies (paraphrased):
    “Raise taxes so no one can pay them,
    Come in and buy up the land for pennies on the dollar,
    Turn around and sell it for millions with hardly any improvements.”
    Casey subsequently swats the horse. You can’t find that scene anywhere on YouTube but I have that first season and love it all!

    This is what was attempted in our community but we put a stop to it and it hasn’t been tried again but we keep an eye on all the new people coming in to our rural area with money who are here to make money off of our town, not be part of the community unless they can change it to suit themselves. They have no concept of humanity.

  130. eddiemd

    GPS jamming by the US military. No doubts that the CP/PLA and the Russians have similar capabilities.

    Then we have these capabilities. Wonder if he nanoparticle injections can be integrated into a similar system of electronic warfare.

    Cyberwarfare is the front line. Along with the coming war in space.

  131. eddiemd

    Natural infection. IgG antibodies detected upwards of 2 years post infection in MERS. Probably the same in covid.

    “It was reported that long-lasting neutralizing and some specific IgG antibodies were even detectable after 2 years since the infection time.”

    Not much information on cellular immunity. It appears that the covid depletes Th CD4 positive cells.

    From 2002. Similarities between the HIV receptor binding protein and SARS. Perhaps Fauci Mengele the HIV guru helped to engineer the current covid with genetic material from HIV to target CD4 cells.

  132. Robert

    Please interview Irish researcher Tracey northern on covid

  133. Margaret OKeefe

    Greg and Catherine,
    This was the best interview you’ve ever done. The links to these documents is just so helpful. Trying to stay respectful of others in your workplace, and school district is very difficult, considering that those people do not have the same understanding of this vaccine. These forms are perfect, and I gave them to my adult children, and grandchildren. I am so grateful for what you both do to help us. Thank you.

  134. eddiemd

    Oh no! The Lambda variant emerges from Peru.

    Is that the same location of the US DOD infectious disease lab? You know where they actively search for new potential bioweapons.

  135. eddiemd

    Don’t answer the door. Put up a “No solicitors” sign in the front yard. Include a “No Trespassing” sign. Get a big dog.

    They know who has taken the mRNA injections. You needed .gov ID and a SSN to get the injection. They can run the AI on electronic medical records and/or SSN database and figure it out quickly. Forget about HIPAA. This was in the planning since the late 1990s when the push for EHR (electronic health records) was being pushed.

  136. Paul ...

    America’s finances looks just like “the legendary iceberg of old” … that this time is going to sink the “Unsinkable Titanic USS Dollar”!!…

  137. Rick Smith

    Baloney. The American People are NOT liable for the debts incurred by the US Federal Government AT ALL. The Constitution gives the Congress the POWER to TAX the people to discharge the government’s debts, but if the Congress decided to levy a tax on every INDIVIDUAL American, you would see politicians dropping like flies in the streets. There would be NO PLACE in America where they could run and hide. Civil War would break out for certain, and that would devolve into the END of America.

  138. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report. Catherine is right on the money.

  139. southernpatriot

    Hello Greg.
    Another great interview. This interviewed kept me glued to my monitor! Your news, is the only news fit to watch!
    So who’s going to come to our rescue and save us from ourselves? The very government we elected has put a price on our heads and body’s. At every turn, this great country and her legal citizens are getting beaten down.
    I believe that many of our politician’s who took an oath to defend the Constitution of these her United State, have been compromised by the deep state!
    I often wondered how a bill can be voted down or tabled, when one political party holds a majority of the votes?
    The TV is no longer turned on in our house! An old re-run is better to watch then the news?
    With “Rush’s” passing, you are the only news we hear, that we can trust! Our country is in one hello of a pickle and that’s a matter of fact!.
    And another thing I want to say while I can. Seems that so many Americans are having to play “duck-in-cover”, when it comes to knowing and supporting or saying good things about their country, the bible, the flag ,God and his son Jesus Christ. And of course President Donald J. Trump.
    My neighborhood is no different! Flying the American flag might be ok today, but they are already taking swipes at “Old Glory” ,wanting to pull her down.
    I can clearly say today, that the country I grew up in the 50’s,60’s and 70’s is dead ! My point is this, we’ve all just about talked ourselves to death and now it’s time for the good guy’s and gales to “WIN” one for the “Gipper”! All we need to know is who , what, when and where.
    Then again, this is just a bad dream and all is well with America! Light’s out, time for bed.


    With Biden now readying Gestapo volunteers to go door to door to coerce people into become lab rats to big pharma with these experimental shots; is there any way to prevail on Katherine Ausin Fitts and her team at Solari to come up with a form that we could give to the ‘Brown Shirt’ volunteers like the ones on the Solari web site to employers and universities to force them & the Administration to accept financial responsibility for anything that goes wrong?

    If I could give such a form to the team that comes to my door and tell them to fill it out, have it notarized and then return it to me when they come back, I’ll listen then to what they have to say. I Think that’d put a quick end to the Nazi tactics without anyone revealing political affiliation.
    Thanx for the forum!

  141. 123

    Catherine is literally the most brilliant woman I’ve ever heard – no joke. She’s insightful, well-researched, and hihghly articulate –always sad when inteview ends.

  142. Guzman

    Have a look at “V for vendetta” movie.
    Quite prophetic I believe.

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