US/UK Syrian Airstrike Stalled, Ryan Retires, Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 330 4.13.18)

Not many people anywhere actually believe the chemical weapon attack was done by the Assad regime in Syria, but some do. The timing is extremely suspect when on one week, you hear President Trump say he wants to leave Syria, and the next week, there is a gas attack.  Why would Assad want the U.S. to stay?  The UK has given the green light for an attack, while Russia is warning of a counter attack if Syrian or Russian troops are fired upon.  At the moment, it looks like an attack has been stalled.  Hopefully, everyone will figure out a way to save face without starting a wider conflict.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has announced he will not run for re-election in November.  Many in the GOP want him to step down now and not wait until his term ends early next year.  Ryan is only 48 years old and is number 3 in line to succeed the President if both the President and Vice President cannot fulfill their terms.  Ryan says he’s not running because he wants to to spend more time with the family.

The economy is sending out mixed signals. The stock market is at near all-time highs, the unemployment rate is near record lows and shipping is tight because of the good economy.  On the other hand, bankruptcies are up and earnings for workers are down.  Are things good or bad?  It looks like the answer is both, depending on what you do and where you live.

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  1. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter.
    Here in the UK our Prime Minister,Mrs May,is facing local elections on 3rd May 2018.If this is a disaster for her then she must face her 1922 committee who are the rats who run the Conservative Party,who are just Commies with Oxbridge voices.The corruption of our politics and beyond is endemic and deep controlled by the paedophile mafia.This government is hell bent in sending the troops to die for the glory of Mrs May and its a price she is willing to bear!
    Our economy still sucks for the average “deplorable”here in the UK and certainly the anger in populace is bubbling nicely,so nicely that tours of wealthy areas on buses are now being touted to see where oligarchs live and their business discussed.The organisers hide behind “open interest”but the slant is deep resentment and a masking of the real oiks.
    We “deplorables”can only hope that Mr Trump really does drain the swamp and soon,many are suggesting otherwise.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Maria for your comment and dedication to USAW!!

    • Paul ...

      You know … when the actions of governments can get “the entire world” into a nuclear war … all citizens of the world have the duty to write and call not only their own government officials … but the government officials of all foreign governments who want to start a war … and protest their crazy actions!!! … so not only should Maria be writing and calling the Prime Minister of England … but all us Americans should also be doing so … the world is now too small and the weapons too big … not to protest the crazy actions of all foreign governments hell bent on leading the world to nuclear war!!!

      • Paul ...

        World public opinion can be a powerful force to keep the crazies of the world in control … we must do it … because it matters not whether we are nuked because of the actions of our own government … or the actions of some other government … the result will be the same … our children’s bones will burn and smoke to ash no matter which government presses the red button! … we must call them all … and give them all Hell … before their crazy actions incinerate our precious children … and destroy this beautiful planet given to us by God the Father (and which these crazies don’t have the right to destroy)!!

      • Jodyp

        Watching Trump announcing air strikes. Ok, Paul, I’ll scream with you now.

        • Jodyp

          We police the world while OUR criminals roam free. Go figure.