Vicious Out of Control Downturn Coming-Chris Martenson

4By Greg Hunter’s (Earl Sunday Release)

Economic researcher and co-founder of Peak Prosperity, Dr. Chris Martenson, says, “Here’s where we are in the larger story. World economies can’t grow anymore, at least not like they used to. We are not going to see 3, 4 or 5 percent real growth. The pie is no longer expanding like it used to, and here’s the problem. The banking overlords got used to a certain take or lifestyle. . . . They became addicted to a certain amount of skim, and when everything is expanding, the banks can skim, and there is enough left over for things like middle class and 401ks to go up and pensions to be funded. When the economy is not growing fast enough, and the skimming continues, then there is not enough left over for other people. That’s where we are in the story. That’s step one. Step two is will the banks convert all of their loans into physical hard assets, and the answer is yes.”

The economy and banks are more debt filled than ever, and Dr. Martenson goes on to point out, “There is one thing we have a lot less of, and that’s trust. I don’t know anybody who loves these markets. Everybody is highly distrustful of them. All of the big money people that I talk with, all them have one foot right next to the exit. Everybody is convinced they will be able to get out just a little faster than the next guy. I think they are mistaken in that regard.   Without that trust, and without that ability that the authorities are going to be able to contain it, I think we could see a very vicious downturn, something that gets out of control of the central planners. . . . Markets have a way of winning out in the end.”

According to Dr. Martenson, watching the Fed to see when or if it will raise interest rates is not what people should be focusing on. Dr. Martenson explains, “Here’s what they should be focusing on. After 6 years of pumping trillions of dollars into the market, do we have the organic growth we need to pay off the loans that are already in circulation? The answer is no, we are not getting the growth. If we are not getting the growth and we have all these structural problems, that’s what people need to be focused on. That’s called reality. . . . You can smell the fear, and they are afraid of this market going down. This is a Franken market of the Fed’s own creation.”

Chris Martenson, who also holds an earned PhD in Toxicology, says watch China because the recent signs are not good. Martenson contends, “You get your early signals from the place that is closest to the true economic action, and China is the center of that. So, to me, watching commodities tank first, gyrations in the Chinese stock market second, says third, you better be prepared for a big deflationary event or a big crash. . . . This is the mother of all crashes because the crash of 2008 was actually a side show. . . . We are going to discover that, like all bubbles, you return from where you started. . . . That means $40 trillion will have to get wiped out in the U.S. market alone.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on One with Dr. Chris Martenson of

(There is much, much more in the in-depth interview.)

After the Interview:  

Most of the information on is free. There is also a detailed subscription service that you can buy by the month, quarter or the year. The monthly subscription is $30 and the yearly is $300.  To subscribe click here.  Dr. Martenson is coming out with a new book about how to prosper in the coming economy. The book is due out in November, and will have Dr. Martenson back then.


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  1. David

    Another powerful interview Greg. I often wonder how the collapse will start, how exactly it plays out, and how it will end. I am pretty sure the little guy will be at the end of the line.

    We are watching a train wreck play out in slow motion. Dr. Martenson lays it all out. Thank you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you David. Dr. Martenson is a very smart guy and he is coming to the same conclusion of many very smart people.

      • T.

        Greg I was a little taken aback in your interview with Mortenson, when he stated early own that the Largest landlord in America is the Federal Reserve at $1.3 Trillion and that When the next Collapse happens and owners cannot pay their mortgage – They will default(my word) to the Fed as the new owner. You passed right over that comment like it was Nothin.

        Most Americans do not understand that TODAY, if they have a mortgage on their house or business – The Federal Reserve is the Owner of that mortgage. That is absolutely huge in context and perspective for the next Collapse. In order for present homeowners to stay in their present home if they default on their Mortgage payment – They will then have to become Renters to the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK who will OWN their present house

        Great interview otherwise Greg with a smart and honest American.

        • JC

          T a friend just ask me should he pay his home off or invest his left over money. People just don’t know how conniving the money loan was when they borrowed it. They will take all property that has a loan period. Banks are first people are last. Pay it off folks .. PAY IT OFF !

          • Greg Hunter

            I am with you. The banks are going to go crazy looking for real assets when this blows up.

            • T.

              Amen Greg. Hope you will pursue this issue more with some of your guests as to the danger we are in here in America. The Fed will own everything tangible with money They have printed out of thin air. You are doing a great service in alerting Americans. God bless you.

          • T.

            Amen. Pay it off if you can now or sell it quickly and buy PM quickly and rent.

        • A. Hall

          T. I haven’t even listened to this interview yet, and yet from the first few comments and just reading Greg write-up this is old news to me. When the fed’s were pumping $85 billion per month into the economy- $45 billion was used to buy up mortgages of all properties in America. Month after month- money created out of thin air bought up property-real assets with fake money. Genius!! JC is correct- they will own all mortgaged properties including business. This was planned decades ago by the elite’s/banksters.
          Also- Pastor Lindsey Williams told us this years ago and more importantly- Pastor Williams was told by his elite friend- “China is the big one” – ” keep your eyes on China”.= The Dr. is saying this also as China collapses.
          As I say often, get out of the banksters system now- get out of anything paper- collapse is coming soon!


    • Michael Tollen

      Hi Greg,

      I love your site and the great macro analysis from your guests, like Dr. Chris Martenson. I find myself thirsting for MORE DETAILS on how we, your listeners, can prepare for the coming crash. Many of us may already have a position in precious metals, and fear buying more due to the commodity slump. Please remember to ask your guests for details on how individual investors can do to protect their investments and deposits. How do we position ourselves specifically? What specific moves can one take to avoid potential bail-ins to our bank accounts and 401(k)’s? What do we do with that money? There tends to be a lot of macro analysis and little information at the individual level.

      Thanks for all you do. I really enjoy your site and guests.

      Mike Tollen

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Mike. We are talking about gold next and the market signs flashing now.

        • dl dambo

          Greg, your statement is “we are talking about gold next and the market signs flashing now”
          You lost me as to the meaning of that statement, are you talking about a GOLD Collapse” next?? And the warning signs are flashing?

          • Greg Hunter

            You will have to watch the latest interview with James Turk.

      • Galaxy 500

        You wrote,”What specific moves can one take to avoid potential bail-ins to our bank accounts and 401(k)’s? ”
        Not have any more than its necessary in the bank.

        • Paul from Indiana

          Brother Galaxy, With my creditors consolidating and my clients vanishing in the middle class squeeze, I have no problem following your advice! Best always. PM

      • diane s.

        Mike….I think Mr. Martinson has a book coming out in November addressing your good questions.
        I think everyone reading this blog is interested in just what strategy to take.

        • A. Hall

          Diane: November will be to late to do any good. The New World Order starts Sept.15 and New world currency is in place Oct. 20th by IMF.
          Get out of the banksters system- get out of paper assets. Gold and silver is the only money of the elite’s! I keep saying this-
          you’ll find out very soon now. 401’s and IRA”s etc will be stolen by the banksters- count on it- get out now or loose it all!


      • Tommy

        You’ll have to wait till Chris’s book comes out to get the secret formula. This was just a sample bite.

    • paul

      What Dr. Martenson says is all true … yet I still “feel” QE4 in the air … as the gathering hurricane force winds of deflation (see the copper and oil price) are starting to wreak havoc on the world economy (look at China) … I think “it is time” for the Fed to do some “weather modification” and seed the economic clouds with a mountain of toxic sulfuric QE4 … by spewing another $10 to $100 trillion into the economic clouds it can greatly reduce the force of the hurricane winds of deflation … and thus keep the Fed’s “house” of cards from blowing down. Although the debt mountain volcano will grow even larger as it spews more toxic QE4 lava into the air … the Fed will likely force a volcanic eruption by aiming its HARP weapon (the US dollar) at the problem … as long as people are still willing to purchase hot lava (US dollars) … the debt bubble still has a way to grow … before all debt is finally be purged … “in a currency re-set”.

      The Fed is not interested in doing what is right (behaving with monetary restraint and not doing QE4) because if they were … they would have never allowed our debt to get out of control in the first place … “short-term expediency” is the watch word at the Fed … and from what I see they will continue to extend and pretend for as long a the US dollar remains strong.

    • Grafique

      Gertrude, don’t forget what God says about the fourth horseman –
      – And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.
      – Revelation 6:8
      That’s right – 1/4 of the earth’s population will be killed in the days of the four horsemen.
      The phrase “beasts of the earth” actually translates to “diminutive” beasts, or bacteria/viruses.

    • Cryptic Little Sister

      Neither do men put new wine into old bottles, but they put new wine into new bottles, and both are preserved (Matt. 9:17; Luke 5:37).

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      David, Greg, Chris
      My 2 cents worth on this interview….….

      Once again I heard this same inane thread that so many of you regularly default back to on WD. It has got to the point now that I rarely bother to comment anymore. No doubt that will please some of the WD regulars.

      You won’t want to hear this but I will list what I see as the overwhelming rotting elephant carcasses that lie right under your noses in the US domain;

      #1 A common belief that Washington should have a big influence on how all other countries conduct their affairs even when your own economy and social structure is a looming chaotic train wreck. Furthermore you have this extraordinary situation where you openly discuss the fact that your leaders are either psychopaths or highly paid liars and cronies and yet still consider that they should be taken seriously in global affairs treaties and the like.
      NB this first point is off subject for this interview but I included because it too needs to be said. Sadly it is a recurring and absurd assumption often made on WD.

      #2 Your country’s refusal for over a century to address the monumental conflict of interest that is your central bank ownership model. This has had an overwhelming and disastrous affect on your domestic economy and ultimately the global situation as well. This will be a bit like socialism… you will think it is working until you finally realise that you have run out of everybody else’s money. After the inevitable financial crash much of the world will spend the rest of their lives wanting to throw rocks at anyone that even remotely looks or sounds like an American.

      #3 Your stubborn refusal to see that this evil banking cabal is intertwined with and forms the funding base for the vast majority of the global military industry and activity.

      #4 The US refusal to accept that this evil monster that has been created actually sets out to cause chaos and bloodshed around the world for its own profit and to justify its war machine’s very existence. The perpetual war and chaos that your system creates, spawns everlasting blowback that in your minds somehow justifies your support and acceptance of this monumental industry of bloodshed and mayhem.

      Now before I hear some of you cry out… “it is not just us” as you have done in the past, I will say this:
      You are right, it is not just you, the US. It is much of the western world and a most pathetic group of vassal followers of this disgraceful behaviour. This group includes the EU, Australia and even small fry like my own NZ to name but a few. Most of this group pathetically don’t have any real independent foreign policy regarding many of the most important global issues and as such support and underwrite Washington’s vicious global hegemony.
      However IT IS ‘you’ who persists with this disastrous central bank model.
      And IT IS ‘you’ who are too lily livered to even discuss this model, let alone work on dismantling it and replacing it with something sensible and sustainable that is not owned and run by banksters and crooks.

      If intelligent ‘informed’ people like Greg and Chris can’t grasp and discuss these concepts then there is little hope that even one percent of the rest of the US population is likely to either. As such your country’s economic and social outlook is very bleak indeed. Normally I say “cheers” at the end of my posts, but not this time.


      • Galaxy 500

        Cheers, Colin

      • T.

        Great comments Colin and I say amen. I’m from Georgia here in the U.S. and it’s good read an honest and truthful perspective from a person half a world away. That said, I would like to put forth a little commentary on the 4 points that you make.
        On point 1, sadly, the “genie” is out of the bottle. The Devils (my word) that have Captured our country are truly beyond control of the American people. They control the monetary system, the Government (including military), the Media (Using propaganda mind control of the masses) and they control the secretive CIA here which work with covert ops of other countries. That is why Greg & WD are on the internet and are but a flea on an elephant’s arse. So, what are Greg and Chris supposed to DO?
        On point #2, the Fed is Institutionalized at 101 years old. They are part of an Evil international Banking Cabal that is bigger than any individual country in terms of power and influence. Please try and just think about THAT.
        On point #3, I believe they see it and understand it. Greg has interviewed Dr. Paul Craig Roberts several times, who has written Extensively on this subject here in point #3. Again, What do you want them and us to DO?
        On point #4, I too wish that more Americans (by the Millions) would awaken to the Death and Destruction that we the U.S. have wreaked upon numerous nations of the world over the last 50 years, but alas, They are asleep (see my answer to point 1). Since the end of WWII, Americans have been dumbed down, bought off, plundered, lost their rights & freedoms, and been rocked-to-sleep while wrapped in the America flag of patriotism by an insidious Evil, so vile and depraved only God Almighty knows. Their aim is world Conquest and domination of every man, woman and child on God’s earth. Sadly, the wealth and power of the United States of America was but their most powerful tool in Their wicked hands on Their march toward this Goal.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you T, we are trying our best to inform people. I have no bosses and no paymasters other than Google adds and one (very good) sponsor.

      • Rich


        I was born and have lived in the US most of my life. You are correct on all accounts. My question to you is: what is it that you think I as an individual can do to change the situation. I had a manager once, when in a previous live I did Financial Analysis for some of the top US Corporations, that had a standing rule: do not bring me a problem without also bringing me some possible solutions. I am asking you, what can we individuals do? You seem to have the answers. What are they?
        BTW, I always enjoy your comments 🙂


        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          Hi Rich

          Greetins from lil old NZ
          I have said all of this before on WD but I will say it again.

          #1 Study what is going on in your midst. We are all blessed with the perfect tool to do this if we have eyes and ears and half a brain and if we are connected to the internet. We no longer need to rely on the lame stream media and political propaganda.
          Educate yourself. Don’t rely on academia. Challenge the narrative of the establishment. Indulge in some independent thought for gods sake. Knowledge is power and we live in absolutely fascinating times. Current events are far more intriguing than any fiction could ever hope to be. It is surprisingly easy to learn in these circumstances. Learn and share your knowledge with your friends and family and anyone that might care enough to listen.

          #2 Spread the word. Expose and discuss the nonsense that is the FED, the US military machine and the banksters of this world. One person can’t singlehandedly change the situation but we can achieve an almost bloodless revolution. Remember….there is no such word as can’t.

          #3 A few solutions and models have already been put forward on WD, though in my view nowhere near enough, given the amount of grey matter that frequents this site. This is why I admire the likes of G Edward Griffin so much. He has the courage and the conviction to call it like it is. Sadly most of us are either to thick or too busy to listen.
          I absolutely take your point;
          ‘do not bring me a problem without also bringing me some possible solutions’

          Read up on what Iceland did in the last few years when they kicked out their bankers.
          Read up on your state banking model in South Dakota which clearly shows how to disenfranchise your banksters.
          These recent events and models are right under our noses we just don’t see them and embrace them.
          We most certainly not publicise them enough.


      • Paul from Indiana

        Colin, I’m sure you’ll enjoy being a Chinese colony when the evil, despicable USA tanks and all the brakes are off. Please quit chiding Americans as if none of us have any sense. We who know the score are a political minority! And the British Commonwealth certainly didn’t seem to mind when the USA singlehandedly saved the “empire’s” bacon for the 2nd time in a half-century. I always close with “best always”, and though we disagree, I still wish you the best. PM

        • JC

          I agree PFI . What can a had full carrying garden tools do to world oligarchs. Take away one fiat currency and another will take its place as long as corporations have banks, and politicians in there pockets. Chances are the new currency will come with more control over the common man then the present one.

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            What a pathetic and defeatist comment. This is precisely why we are in this current crises!

            • J C Davis

              Colin Obama is bringing terrorist over every day. Free plane ride. If you think your better or have a better plan knock yourself out. As for me I will not even think of taking on a well trained USA soldier even if he is unarmed.

        • Galaxy 500

          Right well said Dude

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          So you know the score do you?
          Just me but I am not at all sure that you do.
          In fact I think you just proved to many of us that you don’t know jack-shite. You said, and I quote;
          “USA singlehandedly saved the “empire’s” bacon for the 2nd time in a half-century”
          What complete and utter bollocks!
          Scuse my French.

          Indeed you knee-jerked back to the mindless type of reaction that is typical of so much of your nations monumental arrogance and self indulgence in the way you view world affairs and history.
          You immediately reverted to the ‘default’ reaction/response that I just have only just finished trying to describe in my above post.

          Apparently Paul, you didn’t hear about the 26 million Russians that perished in WW2.
          Are you not aware that Russia was even involved in WW2.
          Do you live in a cave in Indiana?

          Sadly you too have been brainwashed by the US narrative of events and that you won these wars as you said it…. ‘single handedly’.

          I rest my case on this one disgraceful comment that you just made.
          No on second thought I will quote your very own dribble again;
          ‘ We who know the score’
          Paul, Paul, Paul….. ‘if you know the score’ then god help those that don’t.
          In fact god help WD, the US and in fact the whole world.


      • brian

        Colin, this notion of allowing any institution to simply fabricate money out of thin air is fraudulent on its face and leads to a debasement of the value of human toil and life. I think the central bank issued currency should be replaced with a currency that is directly backed by gold and silver, with the supply, value and availability of money being controlled directly by a free market that is required to work within a framework of law. When more currency is needed by the economy prices will simply have to fall until more metal is made available, which it will be as the value of the metal will rise to the point it will be worth looking for and getting. Once brought out, the gold and silver would be authenticated and minted into a reserve bar or coin which could be either circulated directly or used to issue its weight and purity in the form of electronic or paper credit. Banks and other institutions can issue credit so long as it is issued directly from a reserve of real money in the form of money entrusted to the lending party for the explicit purpose of lending such money out for a gain in a manner clearly stated to all parties involved. Some people say such an idea is poppycock and would result in chaotic prices and an unstable supply of money…but since when is an economy not supposed to be dynamic and full of movement?

        So long as you have the rule of law, whereby everyone is accountable to clear, just and moral law there is no reason what so ever to fear letting the free market determine and respond to the supply of money.

      • Galaxy 500

        Doesn’t New Zealand have a central bank printing money out of thin air? What are you doing to throw off the central bank down there? I agree we have many problems here in the U.S. but I refuse to cede the point that the world would be better off with out us. We are not the sole source of the evil in the world.

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


          #1 Our central bank is not privately owned by banksters. It is wholly owned by the NZ Government.
          However we do have a fiat currency and we are silly enough to borrow off the US FED. And yes, these are loans created out of thin air and backed by nothing!
          Also because we are obviously not the reserve currency of the world, we cannot endlessly sell our debt overseas. As such we cannot live totally beyond our means and at other countries expense.
          We are dumb enough however, to believe that we need to pay interest and principle on these loans, just as Greece tries to with theirs. These are in reality, loans created out of thin air. They are created by banksters and backed by… guessed it….. absolutely nothing.
          We borrow off fraudulent loan sharks!

          #2 I don’t remember saying;
          ‘that the world would be better off with out us’
          Could you show me where I said that please G500.

          #3 Your comment
          ‘not the sole source of the evil in the world’
          Yes I concede this point.
          However the US outranks all other countries and entities in the world put together when it comes to killing people and causing chaos.
          In fact, correct me if I am wrong, but one comprehensive study showed that the US global involvement in terror and war 1945-2009 had cost the lives of some 35 million people and maimed a further 350 million. Reflect too on the fact that much of this killing was due to hegemonic greed and sold to the world by using false flag events and all manner of lies and intrigue.

          If this was a competition and thankfully it is not, then all other contenders combined would come a very distant second.


    • test

      Thank you for having this guest on!

  2. Charles H.


    Chris Martenson is pure gold. Conjuring money out of nothing and turning it , through Debt, into real assets… put the Bottom-Line out for all to see. “The rich ruleth over the poor; and the borrower is servant to the lender.” “The hand that gives is above the hand that takes…”
    My parents kept out of Debt all their lives, building the house, buying cars by cash or check. They treated Debt like poison; then left us kids something when they died. Out of my other brothers – one is dead broke, and the other is questionable as to what he will have. I followed my parents example and built my house with my own hands, and stayed out of Debt at all times – I did without. But now what I have is my own, debt-free.
    When the crash comes, the notes will be due: and the government and courts will help take anything and everything that people owe money on.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Charles, there was a popular hit back in the ’30’s, one of Benny Goodman’s (Helen Ward vocal) first big hits, called “You Turned the Tables on Me”. Despite your virtue and admirable discipline, that’s what the government is getting ready to do. I fear there will be no such thing as “title” or “free and clear” if the government thinks it needs what you have to survive. No reward in this life. Best always. PM

      • Charles H.


        In fact, I live in Mexico – “old” Mexico, south of the border. You get stories of the Federal Police ‘raiding’ some house, supposedly looking for drugs, but carrying away appliances, computers, whatever isn’t nailed down. Evidence, ya know. But declaring houses in some ‘nationalized’ form – doesn’t seem very likely.
        I just refinished a dental-type hydraulic chair for a dentist friend – for consideration toward work done and future prices. Also a pledge to do dental work for my wife. And I’m setting-up supply with distributors of produce.
        You do what you can – but my heart and treasures are not on earth.
        The best to you. CH

        • aussie jeff

          We do what we can, however standing up for Christ will mean losing everything on earth, owning your own home will mean zip,when satan’s cavalry come knocking on your door to sign you up for the NWO and you refuse,their go’s your property to the state,the beast would let you keep it if you would just come on board and take that pretty little mark on your hand or forehead??

          Mark 8:35-36
          “For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and the gospel’s will save it. 36″For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?…

          • Charles H.

            a j – If, it happens that the Rapture is Pre-Tribulational: then Christians won’t have to worry about taking the Mark of the Beast. If otherwise – I’m not taking any mark, or chip, or ID – whatsoever. I don’t ‘push-around’ easily, and would rather fight than switch.
            I don’t have very much to leave behind – and to be absent from the body will be presence with the Lord.
            The Mark 8: 35,36 verses sets the true context for life – service in Truth that has value. I’m into that heavily.

  3. SWRichmond

    I have heard this idea often which states that debt saturation is the reason that the “marginal productivity of debt” has fallen as far as it has. I wonder if, rather, it is because of the number of people who now have their hand out to skim productivity has reached a critical point? It also used to be true that borrowing was often for productive purposes. Now, borrowing is for leveraging (margin), stock buybacks, and consuming, plus any excess productivity (which used to get reinvested in more productivity enhancements) is quickly siphoned off by all of the parasites who have attached themselves to Western society.

  4. Southern Girl

    Wonderful and easy to understand what C. Martenson is saying. I don’t know how you do it, but you top yourself over and over again. You get the smartest people to interview.

    What he said about the mortgages on peoples home is true. Lindsey Williams has said for a long time to get out of debt. Thank God! my house and car are paid off. I pay my credit cards off every time. I pulled my money out of a IRA and switched to paper gold and silver and made $30,000 in 4 months. Took that and turned it into the real stuff. Eventually took possession and have it stored in a secure place. I know the banks can confiscate anything in your safe deposit box so nothing in there. I keep as little in the bank as possible.

    Also I heard that when ever they have a big/fake cyber war it will hit the banks and they will tell you that everything is lost or they cannot remember how much you had in your account. I am preparing for a bank holiday. Friday I print my statement at the bank and my credit cards. I have already been warned that you will have to prove to the banks that you made say your house payment or your car payment. If you cannot well, pony up more money or they will own it that way.

    I am prepared so I hope I will not panic. I was taught to have plan A,B,C, and backup D. Remember FEAR shuts the brain down, that is why they keep trying to instill fear.

    Greg, side note in our communist , Gannett owned paper front page about our state PP. It states we have no tissue donation in Arkansas (Yeah). Then it states, “Over the past few weeks, the conservative anti-abortion group Center for Medical Progress as released EDITED clips of conversation with PP executives, doctors, and staff member in other states…. A whole lot of BS! I’m not buying it but how many sheeple do you think will…95% probably. There is now going to be an investigation at our state level to see if we are really not involved or whether it is just another lie.

    • Greg Hunter

      They know full well that the unedited versions are on the Center for Medical Progress You Tube Channel and you can hear the doctors haggling over baby parts. Outrageous they are doing this. Omission for news people is a form of lying. Missing this is “too stupid to be stupid.” (Quote from Jim Sinclair)

  5. OutLookingIn

    “The greatest wealth transfer in history”

    First rule of economics: ‘All Debt Will Be Paid’.
    Either with dollars worth pennies, or with pennies worth dollars. It will be paid.

    As Chris says, those who have positioned themselves to take advantage of the coming major deflation event, with accompanying crash, will not only survive but thrive.

    Have no or very little debt. Own real assets free of any financial (or third party) attachments. Be in possession of physical cash and most importantly, that of physical gold and/or silver. Have none or low, manageable liabilities. Including of course, the means and resources to protect your wealth.

  6. Anne Elliott

    Chicago is SO BROKE, that Illinois Governor Rauner agreed to have the State take over the Chicago Teacher’s pensions. At least that’s one liability that Chicago won’t be on the hook for…

  7. paul

    While scientists for centuries tried to turn lead into gold … non-scientist bankers have been turning debt (conjured up out of thin air) into gold … plus countries like China, Russia and India are turning paper into gold … the Annunaki came to Earth to mine gold … Cortez slaughtered the Inca to steal gold … and Americans flocked to California to find gold … etc. … etc. … so what is the overriding theme derived from all of this chemistry, conjuring, papering, mining, stealing and searching for gold … like maybe perhaps gold is something valuable we should own?

    No say the bankers … gold has no value … it is simply a valueless “pet rock”!

    • paul

      I you don’t believe the bankers (that gold is simply a pet rock) and believe otherwise (that gold is something very valuable to own) … here is a Treasure Map for all Watchdoger’s.

      No it is not a treasure map of “Treasure Island” fame … that made pirates of old fight and die for … but a more modern electronic treasure map that continually changes with time!

      Look at the treasure map (chart) attached below … see where the RSI and MACD arrows (indicators) were pointing back on March 16 through 20 … and where gold was found soon after … now see where the treasure map arrows (the RSI and MACD indicators) are pointing … it suggests we could “find gold” at a higher elevations (about $1200 dollars per ounce) over the next few weeks.

      Disclaimer: Not all treasure maps will lead to gold … but hey … at least it gives me some personal joy while waiting for the Agenda 21 guillotine to drop … the immoral elite’s (to protect the world’s limited material resources) feel chopping off heads will save the world … they don’t understand that a mind is “a more valuable resource” that should not be wasted … many beautiful minds exist that if given the power can make this world a Paradise!

      • paul

        Manipulated global stock markets and municipal bond markets offer no sanctuary … neither do bank accounts … nor does Bitcoin (which falsely promised one could preserve one’s capital in the clouds) but which offers no safety from hackers … yet people “without brains” refuse to see the value of “physical precious metals” because the bankers call these metals useless relics and pet rocks … these people with “totally useless brains” are making it bad for all the rest of us … because the elite “puts everyone” into the useless brain category to justify their Agenda 21 program to totally eliminate humanity as their “final solution” … during WWII there was another elitist who had “a final solution” (and tested it out on the Jews) … these same elitists in power “learned some lessons” by their Holocaust against the Jews … and now plan an even grander immoral act “to perpetrate the annihilation of all of humanity”.
        To stop these insane idiots everyone should be buying some gold and silver (even if you won’t do it for investment reasons) do it just to “screw up” their minds!

    • Michael Harvey

      Hi Paul
      Love the comment, do I have your permission to use it on my Facebook page
      Mike Harvey, Kilkeel

      • paul

        Go right ahead Michael … lots of people need to be woken up out of their current stupor!

        • Michael Harvey

          Thanks Paul
          I would wish to accredit the article to your name – which country, I assume the US but I cannot be sure?

  8. Tom

    Thanks for interviewing Chris Martenson on your site. He’s got to be one of the most articulate voices in the realm of economic commentators. I read his PeakProsterity site every day along with Martin Armstrong’s blog. It also goes without saying I am hooked on USAWatchdog too! Thanks for your “dogged” determination to deliver truth in a world of lie-upon-lie. (First-time commenting)

  9. Donna

    We are definitely not Iceland. The average American will wise up only when SS, disability, EBT, and all other payouts vaporize or take a mortal hit.

    Locally, this month, the voters will likely go for a 32 billion dollar add-on package for the existing light rail that starts nowhere, goes nowhere, and services mainly politicians, lawyers and some bankers downtown. Oh yes, and you have to get in your car and drive to where the rail line is, which virtually no one does. Stupid is as stupid does.

    I went into a major funk after the 2014 congressional election when the voters rewarded all the mobster politicians who had a hand in creating the nightmare that is looming.

    How do you create growth when the politicians facilitated offshoring all of our factories and businesses? Future growth based on what?

    We will see what we are made of when this house of cards becomes a funeral pyre. At least there will be no money to buy the votes of stupidos who vote “D” like Pavlov’s dogs. When the smoke settles, it will hopefully be a hands on country where the grifters and the guilt artists will need an actual trade.

    One more thing — the quip about Ivana Trump. The Trump haters always get their insults in. At least Ivana worked, her children are productive. Nothing ever said about Hillary, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein — all grifters, all extremely well off producing nothing.

    Ivana is a class act, still loves The Donald. Savage refers to Hillary as America’s ex-wife. You know, the type who just continues to chew on you ankle.

  10. mushroom

    Nice interview – Martenson sounds much like Carroll Quigley did…

  11. RadarNJ

    Love your show Greg! Your questions for every guest brings out their best. Do you feed them questions via e mails ahead of time? lol You know I am joking. Just a guess (as a mere minnow in the very large pond) with Greece and the banksters wanting assets is it a chess move to keep Russia and China at bay? China has for years loaned money and backed their loans with assets. China has tons and tons of gold. Of course they lied about the amount of their gold reserves. Does our Federal Reserve lie? China is the largest producer of gold and owns most mines worldwide. Most strategic metals are controlled by China and rarely mentioned. Once the true market value of precious metals is allowed to stabilize then the east including Russia will be fine. No growth for the west…. we are buried in debt and suffocating in governmental fees and regulations. Skimming is taking it too lightly for the banksters. It has been massively growing corruption across the boardroom with the corpricktists, gubberment thieves and professional polickticians. It is their evil and greed that is bringing us to the mother of all crashes. I do fear the chaos that the unprepared will be swept up in. As a Christian, like you Greg, we have the promise of Jesus returning and ruling this world finally justly for all. Until that time comes may we the prepared ones that survive and build upon that promise.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you RadarNJ. You asked “Do you feed them questions via e mails ahead of time?” No I do not. I do tell them the subject matter.

  12. andyb

    Excellent guest Greg; Chris should be an on-line professor of a free Economics Reality course for all those who still cannot connect the dots and are mesmerized and misinformed by the incessant government propaganda in the MSM. Watch a typical MSM news broadcast and I will bet that you will find at least 3 major lies, 3 attempts at obfuscation, and 3 outright attempts at misinformation. A Presidential presser is even more outrageous.
    Thanks Greg for changing many of the cognitively dissonant to novice critical thinkers.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for saying “Thanks Greg for changing many of the cognitively dissonant to novice critical thinkers.” You made my day–heck, week!!



    Excellent, excellent, excellent! When the dust settles, all of us watching will remember that Hunter prepared us for the future. Who else has brought countless numbers of financial experts together all saying the same thing? The reality is staring all of us in the face. 2001 and 2008 were just tremors … blips on the screen showing the results of personal and governmental financial imprudence. What is about to occur is not just a major collapse, it is a world depression. I think it is hard for most of us to accept it because it is an unpleasant thought, we are being distracted every day by manipulated economic reports or news-fluffery, and most of us have never lived through a depression. But history repeats itself. 1929 was a depression for the U.S and the world over the spending of money its masses did not have and could not hope to ever pay back. When I was a kid, people only bought things with money they had earnestly saved. Now everybody buys things with money that they have borrowed. When you cannot pay back your loans, the bank knocks on your door. When a bank cannot pay back its loans, the government knocks on its door. But when the government cannot pay back its loans, fate knocks on the People’s door. A few months ago I was given change at the grocery store including a $1 bill that had about 1/2″ torn off the right side. After repeated vendor rejections when attempting to use it for subsequent purchases, I taped it on my wall as a reminder of what “Full Faith and Credit” will mean when the wolves of economic reality start pounding on everyone’s door demanding payment in real assets. Would you suggest that I save said bill for my contribution to “The Great Bail-In”?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rock!! Use every day to put you and your family in the best position possible. Then brace for impact. Maybe they can stretch it out for another year and maybe it crashed Monday morning–who knows, but it will crash and that is for certain.


    • paul

      Roger Rock … just bring that torn bill to the bank and they will give you “a brand new one” as long as the tear on the bill your turning in is not more then half of the bill!

    • Paul from Indiana

      If the serial numbers on both sides of the bill are legible and intact, the bill will be exchanged at any bank. The bill can be torn in half, and if the serial numbers can be matched, it is still OK. But I get the writer’s point.

      There is a saying that the military always prepares to fight the last war, and then they find out the new war is different. I hope I am wrong, but this dogged insistence on the part of many that the old rules of the game (be debt free, have title, etc.) will apply in the new emergency and therefore they who have prepared according to past best wisdom shall be saved needs to be thoroughly evaluated. If the government sees its survival threatened, there will be no rules. Do not let yourselves fall into complacency thinking disaster shall only be visited upon the debtors and the unfortunates who have spent their lives grinding day to day with zero prospects. If the crash is severe enough, and social instability results, your assets will not save you from distress. This is the Big One, folks. Best always. PM

  14. Jerry

    Simply brilliant interview Greg.
    From the information I’ve found, the Banking Overlords are not going to let the system collapse under its own weight. They’re going to take it down on their own with some sort of false flag event (possibly a banking cyber attack) and use the event to install a totally new exchange system sometime before the G20 meeting in November.

    After reading documents from the Financial Stability Board (which is composed of all of the ECB and members of the FED), I am convinced they understand that they are trapped in the derivative market and have no other way out. Truth be told they are the primary backers of the RMB as reserve currency, which means they are planning on the U.S. taxpayers and the dollar taking the hit. The IMF is simply the errand boy for the World Bank.

    Like Chris said, they can create money out of thin air. They can also make it disappear by using a sacrificial goat. Us.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jerry.

    • Jerry

      Oddly enough I found this information after my last post. It seems to support my last statement if you consider who really deposits money into Swiss Banks.

      • Cryptic Little Sister

        Jerry, we have had our disagreements, but events are moving quickly. I am hearing that this “slide” will be manufactured, in order to monetize more debt, on the down side, in order to run down the currency to debt ratio in a short time. They do not plan on losing the currency altogether.

        A complex series of events, and not a single crash at first. It will look like a crash to the average American. But it will be manufactured.

        There is money to be made on the dollar, but it is not something that can be done without knowledge of the timing.

        • Greg Hunter

          What are your sources saying about gold and silver?

          • WD

            Please take this with a grain of salt and ask for more specifics.


          • WD

            This is the same person putting up those silly little video ( You tube ) links. Please beware.

        • JC

          Really ClS. That is the first for me. In the mean time they are scrambling to understand what a derivate is, and how it matters to there pockets. Please do tell.

        • dill mann


          The best laid plans always go awry. I cant see how this does not erupt into complete chaos. Where we are fighting our own neighbors, gangs etc.

          The pressure point has to blow,it is the basic law of physics/energy etc.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Jerry, either way, whether by being made scapegoats or by the markets simply re-asserting themselves (the collapse under its own weight scenario), the result is bad, maybe even catastrophic. For me, the key will be how society at large reacts. Back in the ’30’s, the culture was different. Hard times were hard times, not an excuse for rioting, murder, and lawlessness. There were no “grievances”, no “righteous expression”, no “entitlement”. I am expecting society, at least a significant section, to react violently and massively, overwhelming our current social construct. That will be the difference, and it’s why I think the existence/survival of the government will come into question. At this point, government exists solely to perpetuate itself; therefore nothing will be taboo: rights, property, law, due process, whatever stands in Big Government’s way will be eclipsed. “The arm of flesh will fail you; ye dare not trust your own.” Best always. PM

      • Jerry

        You are correct. Katina was a beta test by the elites. You see how that worked out. Thousands in a FEMA camp. Camp Saints dome, and thousands more fending for themselves in the street. The globalist will extract what they want, and let the rest rot and fall off the vine. They will not have the resources to implement their plan to the degree they think they can. Full scale civil war will be the result. Prepare to defend yourselves.

        • WD


          I implore you to read “The Second Coming American Civil War”

          Chaos will multiply as control is lost…..

          These Elites are getting way too much credit….

  15. George Mubarek

    But , But, But, Dr Roberts is a “Real Smart Guy” and he said last week that the “Game” will not be over because of Money Printing. Can anyone really predict the future? So far not so well.

    • Galaxy 500

      Uncharted territory. We are living that ancient Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.”

  16. frederic

    greg, thanks for the interview.
    i cannot rectify in mind why in the world m. armstrong is so contrary to
    these other hundreds of so-called “experts.” could you help me out on
    that one? thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      I found this interesting. Please keep in mind Kirby has 15 years as an international derivatives broker at a major bank and now delivers gold in tonnage. Enjoy.


      • markp

        Yes GH, a fascinating interview with one of my favourites. I came across this last week via SGTReport and have listened to it multiple times. I just wish I knew what RK was saying at 4:42 – its garbled for two seconds just at a critical time. Hmmmm. Keep up the great work GH, you are a treasure.

    • Galaxy 500

      Could out be that the world passed Armstrong by during his stint in jail?

  17. By Design, Over Time


    It was yet another superb guest and an excellent interview. The quality of your guests demonstrates the respect you are receiving in financial/political/geopolitical community. Congratulations are well deserved even though I know that is not why you are doing this work.

    I so appreciated the fact that you asked the “right” questions and let Chris go to town. I learned a great deal even though I subscribe to Peak Prosperity.

    I’d like to make one point if I may. At 29:48 in the interview the discussion turned to “bail ins” and Dr. Martinson rhetorically asked why people were not more aware of the process/procedure? I believe it is because the topic has been surreptitiously removed from any national and/or international conversation. No one knows about it and when they do, they are incredulous and somehow think you are “pulling their leg”.

    I’ve spoken with quite a few professionals with valuable financial portfolios and somehow they do not know about the topic. It is absolutely incredible.

    Geo-engineering continues to be the most egregious practice of the power elite who continue to play God. There is no doubt in my mind that the practice is to make people sick, to create weather wars and destroy our food producing capabilities.

    It is both a political and a military statement. It is certainly an attack on the American People and yet, we are clueless for the most part.

    Today on the Central Coast of California, they were once again “spraying” like madmen. Dane Wigington is a courageous man to point out this threat to mankind and to planet.

    I would have liked to know what Chris’s comments would have been on the subject.
    Please keep that question in mind in some of your future interviews with some of your interviewees. I for one would be interested in their responses.

    After all, what does any of it really mean if we don’t have a planet that will sustain us. The question is much bigger than colossal debt or “planet debt” as Catherine Austin Fitts has written about. The question becomes can we curtail the greed, can we control the growth of the human population without resorting to wars and genocides, and can we truly create a political process that is representative of what the majority of a well educated populace desire.

    Again, job one is population control in a reasonable and educated fashion. There are only so many are resources on this earth and that is why we discover the global predicament we now face.

    This is all interconnected. The debt, the wars, the geo-engineering (, the position of America, and the dollar in the overall scheme of things will soon come to light and it will not be a pretty sight.

    Martinson is correct in his assumptions on so many different levels.

    We’ve been thinking about shorting the market but I wonder if you would ever collect if you made a substantial “bet” and won on the short side. Look at the premiums on the “at the money” SPX put options for September 2015. They are astronomical which tells me the market makers are feeling the heat. They are not stupid.

    Again, great job Greg. Now we all have to follow your lead and tell one or two other people about this interview and what you do.

    “Take it to Heart!”, “United We Will Stand”, and finally, “Let Your Light Shine through”.

    All the Best,
    D. Stewart

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you D. the bail-ins are coming and they will come abruptly.

      • Calgirl

        ANOTHER GREAT interview, Greg!
        It seems prudent to not let your bank deposits linger in the bank. It seems reasonable that a bail-in would occur when the banks have the most money, which is “probably” just after the first of the month. As soon as your deposit clears (no matter which day of the month), get that money out of there in the form of bills paid and cash withdrawn. When a bank holiday occurs, we will not have access to safety deposit boxes for an indefinite period, so get your valuable papers out of there too. Recent legislation makes it illegal to store PM’s there anyway, unless they are classified as “collectible”.

        Another topic I am considering is how to not become a “target” during the ensuing chaos. Best to move your Jaguar out of site!
        Get a BIG dog, or at minimum a “barking doorbell”….ha, ha. I have my NRA stickers plastered on entry points. It may be a little extreme, but I am planning in my mind how I would create a “garden” on my trailer that I can hide inside the garage during the night when those who would steal are wandering about. Plant thorny bushes at critical spots….things like that may protect you and your belongings if the worst comes to those of us who do not own property in Wyoming.

        This is what America, the “shining light on the hill” has come to. I can remember what it was like to be proud of my country and to be free………I wonder if we will ever feel pride and see freedom again. What will America be in twenty or thirty years. Will we rise up or be complacent?

        • susan

          calgirl, The “shining light on the hill” has become a “candle in a cave”.

          • Greg Hunter

            Good one. The light will shine again. “Fear Not.”

        • Galaxy 500

          I can not find any federal legislation barring cash or PMs in safety deposit boxes. Can you provide the Federal Statues? It be against bank policy but as far as I can ascertain, it is not illegal.
          It is unwise to do so

          • Calgirl

            Galaxy 500
            Illegal was the wrong word in my statement, but:


            “But when times get really bad, many may find that the funds they have placed on deposit and the property they thought was secured in the safe deposit box now belong to the bank, not to them. Although this was probably not explained to them when they signed their signature card, this is what they were agreeing to.”

      • Cryptic Little Sister

        Actually, Greg, that is off the table. Right now, Washington prefers devaluation. All controls are tuned to further losses against the Euro, which is extremely weak. I cannot stress that enough: The Euro is going to re-align.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you for the info. Do you think they can continue to control it and dodge the black swans?


        • Silence is Golden

          Actually “Bail In” is not off the table as far as the EUR Zone is concerned. BIS has insisted that the remaining member States enact “Bail In provisions” before the end of this month (refer G20 meeting).
          The US may in fact be operating under its own agenda to purposely “Devalue” the USD. A deliberate attempt to do that ……is an act of Default. How do other countries react to that ???…the consequence is the immediate hair cut to the debtor nations (CHINA/JAPAN).

  18. Donna

    CHARLES H: Sounds like you got the formula down — pay cash, do it yourself whenever possible, do without. You were taught well and understood the point of it all.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Sure, so long as the old rules obtain. What if the game changes? Since 1970, The American Way is “screw the good guy.” Best always. PM

      • Charles H.

        It’ll be a hot time, in the old town – when the SHTF !

    • JC

      Donna. Point well made do without. I for one am already tired of eating weeds, and wild mushrooms that I am sure are safe. This collapse is dragging out too long. It has not even started for most folks.

  19. Edward Ulysses Cate

    The really sad part of all this economic mess is that myself and others had been pointing out the coming trainwreck for over ten years. We just wasn’t aware of all the illegal tricks, so we couldn’t tell how slow the trains were coming at each other. But now we’re freaked out because the trainwreck has happened, and our children and grandchildren are still inside the trains. We’re doing the best we can to get them out before the smoke fills the train and economically suffocates them.

  20. Cryptic Little Sister

    From what I’m hearing you will see some coverage of AIDS/HIV in the coming weeks. It will sound like the terrorism of diseases. That is how the feds are spinning it.

    Things start happening financially in September. But not a collapse or currency event. Keep an ear out for Obama raising the budget limit without congressional approval. A proposal is circulating, not something he has written. This will involve military aid for Ukraine. Action is beginning on this story. It will be the big story in September.

    • Greg Hunter

      Now that what I am talking about. This is something we can sink our teeth into. Thank you.

    • brian

      Where do you hear these things?

    • JC

      There are some with antibodies that can carry HIV and never develop the AIDS virus. Has something to do with a German flue year back.

  21. Coalburner

    Great interview.
    Brings to mind statements in “When Money Dies”: The Weimar Hyper-Inflation by Adam Fergusson. The farmer traded a sack of potatoes for a Grand piano for his son. Everything moved from the towns middle and upper classe houses to the farmers houses. Hard to picture that it was that extreme but it was.
    Second reminder to me is there is no going back the easy way, only by nashing of teeth to cleanse the debt and the stupidity. I mean about mid interview he touched slightly on the tip of a pensenulia of regulation of the likes of EPA. One can hardly turn a shovel of dirt in this country now because of the EPA and the overlording of Environmental Control. Yes some wiil say nay but remember the humilation of Obama on the “shovel ready job” deal. I laughed when I heard the phrase. Someone took that from pre 2000 time frame and got humbled for being late to the 2008 party. I already knew it was a dead subject. The Democrats who offered that one did not know that they had already shutdown all new construction except what the government was willing to pay for and get its own permission to move. Private interprise was done. No money and no permitabilty. That over-regulation system must be purged with the debt.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Coalburner, what you have cited with the EPA and other, even local, government agencies ( I recall the guy who was sentenced for either digging a lake on his place, moving it or whatever and Big Government took offense) is exactly the kind of “game changing” to which I constantly refer. Many thanks and best always. PM

  22. Melvin Udall

    Dr. Martenson is clearly a gifted speaker. He has the ability to distill information to its essence, present it clearly and concisely, and hold one’s rapt attention.
    I’m an old man. I’ve seen much and am not easily impressed.
    I found this interview mesmerizing; certainly one of your best Greg. Thank you.

  23. Aurele

    A really great interview Greg. Thanks !

  24. Frank

    Hi Greg
    Dr Martenson explained it “Spot On’,so many others can’t explain the all the problems like did .
    Many thanks for another great interview.

  25. Ken Russell

    Great to see Chris Martenson interview Greg. He’s definitely one of my faves. I would highly encourage everyone to watch Chris’ “Crash Course.” The whole thing takes over three hours but it is broken into several small-ish lessons. It is all based on facts and Chris provides all the data to back up his course. Take the time to watch them all. You’ll be very glad you did.

  26. Robert E. Salt

    One of your best videos! The bankers theme song is “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles”.

  27. Rob

    In a world where up is down and down is up… it certainly could be possible, legal, and apropos, that the American people should be propagandized into believing that the debt to China should be settled by forfeiting the Fed Reserve to the Chinese. The Fed Reserve is a private entity and those who supposedly provide oversight of it are beholden to the highest bidder and NOT the American people.

    Beware, the Privatization of America’s assets enables a future fire sale. It is similar to the private business practice of cutting a large company into smaller pieces so that it could be sold to vultures. Damned instigating Debt merchants!

  28. Galaxy 500

    Here is an article from USA TODAY
    They have room for a story about an year old black beating and robbing a ten year old but they don’t have room for a story that shows the dastardly vile deeds done by Planned Parenthood. It’s too stupid to be stupid. It’s called being a political hack and the propaganda arm of the DNC. These guys stopped being a news organizations years ago

  29. WK Swanson

    Thanks, Greg for the interview. Chris seems like a pretty level-headed, non-hysterical guy. I just can’t figure out why it is such a mystery which “…fortune 300 company…” he was a VP of…he keeps that one pretty well hidden for some reason.

  30. Mark


    Chris M. is one of the best economists I’ve listened to! He’s articulates very well on the financial maelstrom we find ourselves in on many levels. His Peak Prosperity site is very detailed and I read his non-premium articles when I can. His podcasts are enlightening as well and he interviews some of the guests who appear on your site.

    His prediction of $40 trillion in possible credit debt loss is actually lower than the $60 trillion to evaporate due to the expanding credit bubble per Bill Bonner. His “Crash Course” video series is free and a must-see for all concerned. Chris M. is one of your guests everyone on this site should follow to get educated and prepare for the reset ahead. Here’s the link to the “Crash Course” part of his site for all to view.

  31. Scott Wolford

    Great job, Greg. Thank you for playing it straight (asking questions and letting the guest answer without arguing).

    • Galaxy 500

      So you oppose Greg calling out blatant bs when a guest shovels it? Greg will always call a spade a shovel.

  32. Diane D

    Greg, excellent interview. Thank you.

    Dr. Martenson predicts that banks will convert their digital money to hard assets. They don’t want to eat their own cooking and neither should we. I believe hard assets are the way to go with one caution. Collapse implies chaos. Quoting James Wesley Rawles of SurvivalBlog, “Only after you have your key logistics squared away, anything extra should be invested in silver and gold.” I could be wrong, but too me ‘key logistics’ are means of survival for my loved ones.

    Greg, speaking of Mr. Rawles, I’d love to hear you interview him.

  33. Don

    Dear Greg, if 9 dollars out of 10 loaned out by banks, is in fact created out of thin air then what legal right should a bank have to foreclose on a mortgage. The fractional reserve banking system is a fraud in principle. I seen an article, a couple of years ago, where this was argue in a court case, an won by a home owner, because 9 dollars out of 10, the bank had loaned was a created asset, and didn’t belong to the bank. If I remember right, the homeowner got to keep the house. All of us would be wealthy if we got to do this sort of thing, to buy real assets. Always enjoy the interviews you do, good job.

    • Galaxy 500

      I cant find where someone successful defended a foreclosure by saying the bank created money. Everyone that lends money does this. Can you provide a link?
      The only things I can find are cases where the bank is accused of fraud or can not provide original signed documentation of the loan.

  34. brian

    I looked at the 8 steps in the “What should I do” section of peak prosperity webpage and think that step 8 should be moved to the step 1 position. I think this based on the reality that most of us are not going anywhere, most of us are going to have to weather this thing out where we are.

    Anything we can do from this moment forward in the way of getting to know our neighbors better, setting up the ability to trust and rely upon those living around us and laying the foundation of a solid community that we can contribute and belong to is really the key.

    Last spring I went from not knowing our giving two shits about my neighbors to now knowing who they are and communicating with them on a regular basis (and even talking a few into storing a few dozen gallons of water and some canned foods away). This all happened because of a large vegetable garden that I started in the backyard of the condo I live in. The existence of the garden is a flagrant violation of the association bylaws and as such before I ripped out even a single square foot of sod I felt compelled to float the idea to the other 7 residents in my building. As it turned out many of the residents openly offered to pitch in in the form of buying plants, offering to water and weed or helping to tear out grass…none of the residents objected to the idea. There is now roughly 1200 sqft of dense food crops and fruit trees, and the balance of the back yard is now host to regular bbq’s and conversation. Other bldgs in the community are looking to do something similar and several board members want to amend the bylaws to allow for this type of landscaping.

  35. NC Yankee

    I enjoyed your interview with Chris M. Most of the dialogue is what I am thinking. However, There was no discussion of Gold/Silver by either of you. Has Chris or you changed your mind(s) about the PM’s? Also in getting out of the system where do you put your money for business and personal needs to avoid the bail ins or other means of confiscation. In reality under the mattress, is not very practical or safe.
    Other guests I would enjoy seeing you interview are Andrew Maguire, Rob Kirby (again), Jim Rickard and John Williams. Thank you for all that you do and your integrity. If my cash flow improves I will send another contribution in Sept. as I urge others who enjoy your site to do.

    All the Best
    NC Yankee

  36. NC Gal

    An absolutely great interview! Thank you both for the clarity and detail outlining the predicament in such clear terms. I was glad to finally hear the “law of diminishing returns” identified and explained, as I have perceived that as central to the process for a very long time.

    The only problem I have with the plan put forth for thriving is the lack of means to carry it out. I paid off my car a year ago. I just paid $500 (on a credit card) to do the 90,000 mile service and got the news that the car needs another $2800 in repairs (timing belt, head gasket, axle, and a sensor) to keep it running, which I would also have to put on a credit card. We both need extensive dental work done by the end of the year, and will have to go into debt for that, too, even with dental insurance that pays half of the bill. Our income simply is not enough to keep going from month to month without going further into debt.

    We do not leave any money in the bank over and above the $100 needed to avoid service fees. As soon as it comes in, we “throw it” at the bills coming due and try to keep paying down the debt with anything left over, but right now, we simply can’t do more.

    We won’t lose money from a bail-in because we don’t have any in the bank. However, if my Social Security or my husband’s paycheck stop coming, we would be out on the streets and joining the ranks of those on welfare (I am entitled to $65 a month of EBT right now, but don’t take it). Chris also doesn’t mention the Agenda 21 plans and the fact that even if people technically “own” their homes, free and clear, they will not be able to keep them by the year 2050, which is when America 2050 (Agenda 21 in this country) is scheduled to be fully implemented.

    The transfer of wealth is going on right now by stealth. Later, it will be done in the open, by force. Those who resist will die.

    • Southern Girl

      NC Gal,

      I hear you about your car. When ever I go to take my car in they play me for a dumb blond. Also suggest you take the car to another place. Every time I take mine to the Toyota place they give me an estimate of at least $1,000. It’s a game to them. They make money on how much business they bring in. Think about it, not many people are taking their cars in because they just don’t have the money. They tell me, your brakes need to be fixed, your car is out of alignment, etc. When I asked them the last time what was the number it was out of alignment and the dumb guy just kept quoting me $69.99. I said no what is the number. He replied, well we just ran our hands over your tire. WHAT????

      Suggestion, my car was leaking in the garage from the head gasket. Go down to Wally World , O’Reilly auto parts or Autozone, or any car place and buy a sealer for the gasket. I did mine and it has not leaked since.

      I did spend about $50. to take mine and have them do a computer test on the car. They also came back with almost $2,000. worth of work. I said thank you and decided I would do some of them when I had the money. I had to replace an O2 sensor in my engine because I was getting crappy mileage. Did that but am waiting on the others.

      Also I use to be the one to take my car in every so many miles…not with this car. I have 189,000 miles…still the same brakes, same head gasket, just changed the oil though. It had been 14 months since the last time. I usually do it about every 10,000 miles. They can put different oil in for older cars…costs pennies on the dollar. Also I will put Lucas injector cleaner about 4-5 times when I fill up with gas. You can buy this at Wally World, or any car place. It is not expensive. You will need to have the timing belt done though. Just check around and have someone else look at the car before paying them something your car may not need. Are you blond like me??? Don’t let the buggers take advantage of you. It makes me so damn mad when they think I don’t have any brains.

      • Galaxy 500

        You got 189,000 miles on one set of brakes? Wow

      • Calgirl

        I experience the “she’s a dumb blond” all the time also. PepBoys told me that I needed a new clutch on my Toyota 4Runner…..turned out to be a master cylinder which my gardener and I replaced for the cost of the new cylinder and some brake fluid. I replaced the cylinder myself but am too old to crawl under the vehicle to bleed the line or under the dash to adjust the pedal. It’s not only deception on the retailers part, but inability to diagnose correctly. They make more money replacing the whole thing rather than tightening the bolt! There are honest, capable mechanics out there but most of them don’t work for the big companies IMO.

    • Galaxy 500

      Colony Tire is reputable for auto repair. If you are in NC, look them up

    • JC

      NC Gal these newer cars (with air pollution control) emitions control is just a scam to keep the money moving. I felt your pain last year. Now I don’t drive as much. Check engine light is still on. Hundreds of dollars wasted. We are in bad times not seen by most.

    • Galaxy 500

      Definitely get the timing belt replaced. Most cars should have the water pump replaced at this juncture as you have to take off the timing belt to get to it.
      I just did this on my 2000 Honda with 200K+ miles. If the timing belt fails, it usually leads to engine replacement.

    • Southern Girl

      NC Gal,

      One last thought…take the EBT card and use the money to stock up of food and water. Use every last bit of it and every month, because eventually at some point and time it will be gone….that’s when the riots begin. You can buy canned meat that is not all that bad. Stock up girlfriend.

  37. Galaxy 500

    My water and sanitation bill just increased over twenty percent. I called. Increased regulatory and health care costs. We are on for a wild ride. People are poor in this country and this huge increase has people up in arms. Thank you Obama

    • JC

      G man my property taxes has gone up and thieves are stealing my work tools. I am lucky my renter has not moved or I would be thinking of moving to my bug out ahead of time. No one is looking at just how bad it is for the average honest man.

      • Galaxy 500

        My friend, keep your head down and keep plugging away. Our children have been taught to cheat and steal but the gov’t. That only stupid people are honest.
        I am not smart enough to cheat and steal so like you, I just keep plodding along . Good luck and God Bless

    • Calgirl

      I live in a gated community far enough out of the city (but still within city limits) that we have our own water wells and those big mounds where the sewerage is processed in the yard of each house. The city wanted to install water and sewer pipes in our community but the community voted “NO”. I have my water & sewer pump hooked up to the emergency generator and feel so blessed and lucky that I need not worry about prepping for those two items. When the chaos arrives I’ll be able to share water off site if my personal safety is not an issue. There are areas of my property where I can shovel easily to the water table which is amazing to me as I moved here from California where you needed a pick-ax to dig a 6″ hole! I’m in the process now of planting thorny bushes around some of the perimeter of my property as a level of protection from intrusion. There is always work to be done in this prepping thing!

  38. Paul from Indiana

    What this man is predicting is exactly what we need. If I could be assured that a huge social upheaval would not take place concurrent to the reset, I would be advocating the biggest, meanest, nastiest reset available to get us purged of this dreadful state and give us a chance at a restart, which we desperately need. But I fear that the scope and scale of the reset needed will be more than many in society can bear, and in their limited understanding will resort to the basest of behaviors, bringing society to the brink. Or beyond. Would that I am wrong. Best always. PM

  39. USAF Airman Rich Treadway

    What we really need is to engage our enemies around the globe that flout the International rule of law. We can get the American train moving again if we take the Iranians and the Russians to task. Placating either rogue nation threatens the future of every American. I believe after Congress really sits down and digests the deal with Iran, then they will take seriously the situation we are in. Attack orders should have been issued long ago, but its never to late. If Obama wont pull the trigger, the next commander in chief will. Once commenced, the American economy will also recover. There’s nothing that greases the skids like a good military conflict.

    • dill mann

      And that has worked so well in the past. Korea, Vietnam etc etc etc

    • Calgirl

      Mr. Airman Rich Treadway,
      WOW! You ought to get along just fine with Lindsy Graham and John McCain! What exactly has Russia done that you want to kill the Russian people? When did you stop beating your wife?

    • Diane D

      Foreign entanglements and perpetual wars. We talk about waging war against sovereign nations as casually as sports zombies banter about ‘their Fantasy Team’ beating opponents. How did America become so blood thirsty? What happened to the America that believed in the ‘Golden Rule’? (Matthew 7:12).

      I pose a question for all Americans, ‘What is arguably the greatest speech ever given on US soil?’

      If we truly value history, many (especially US military soldiers who take an oath to support and defend our Constitution) would reply, ‘George Washington’s Farewell Address of 1796’. They would know that Washington clearly warned Americans, “The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible…. It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world.”

      But sadly we abandoned God and the Constitution. America now have two secular generations which know nothing but war and wicked ways. How sad…

    • paul

      USAF … better rethink what you are proposing … attack Iran and no one will be able to visit the Holy Land ever again … as it will be contaminated with radioactive plutonium for the next one thousand years … we can’t go around slapping people in the face and expect them to always turn the other cheek … one day our bullying will be answered … an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and a nuclear weapon with a dirty bomb! … wake up and smell the roses that bring beauty to the world before everything is radiated to death … that dentist who killed Cecil … could have just as easily shot a picture of the lion’s head and mounted that picture on the wall of his dentist office … but the thrill of killing those you think you can easily beat for personal glory and power (like Iran for instance) can bring untold trouble … your suggested actions could unleash dirty bombs that you were not counting on and we don’t want to see Israel trying to deal with this truly unacceptable problem by flying off the handle with military action to solve things when diplomacy is the safer option!

    • brian

      haha Airman Treadway, that is a good one, thanks for that.

  40. Steven R

    If you owe on your home don’t keep your savings in the bank or in your retirement accounts, or any place the government/banks can see it. In a collapse you would lose your home and your savings. After draining every account you have they will still take the house to satisfy any remaining balance, leaving your homeless and broke.

  41. Benyamin

    The elephant in the sitting room that the mainstream media still isn’t talking about is the agenda of a cashless economy.Following the Hegelian dialectic of problem-reaction-solution,the super- power elite have deliberately planted time-bombs within the mainstream economic system because they are planning to replace the current system with a cashless economy that uses the microchip implant instead of credit cards and greenbacks.
    Of course,the over-riding goal of the microchip agenda is control of society and it is the reason why the Dollar ,which is World’s reserve currency ,was unhooked from the gold standard in 1971 and why the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933,that had prevented banks from speculating with depositors’ funds,was repealed in 1999.since then,not just the US but the World economy has lurched back to the bad old days of speculative bubbles and market crashes.The global economy is more exposed to the consequences of these economic ‘time-bombs’ ,part of the deliberate agenda of ‘re-destabilisation’ at the behest of the super elite who want us all microchipped!
    Gold and silver create a firm foundation for locally-based economies to function,using an independent currency to the electronic,microchip implant system.Remember,the actual logistics for the microchip implant are already in place: smart phones can scan RFID chips and product barcodes,”Obamacare’ machines in at least one famous supermarket chain supermarket have scanners for reading implanted devices and most shops and businesses in the developed world that actual serve customers in person have machines to read microchipped cards.All that remains to close the circle of complete government control is a simple injection of an RFID chip.
    We have to think completely outside of the box of conventional economic theory to really grapple with what is ahead and possibly about to happen in the ver near future.The apostle John in the Revelations,the last book in the New testament of the Bible,gives us the warning of how the ‘Antichrist’or ‘Beast’ would enforce the implant of a ”mark ‘ bearing his number 666 in the right hand or forehead in order to buy and sell goods.For anyone doubting this just check the barcode on the back of a book or any product for that matter:there are three pairs of lines that are longer than the rest of the code at the start ,middle and end of every code-these pairs represent the number 6.Find a bar-code where the number 6 is par of the product code(ISBN) and you will see that the width and thickness of the two lines above the number 6 are exactly the same width and thickness of the three pairs of lines that are longer than the rest.
    We who believe in the words of Yeshuah ha messiah must warn people about the coming cashless economy,for we know that there can be no salvation for those who receive the ”mark” that is undoubtably the RFID microchip implant.The greek letters that are used for the ‘mark’ describe exactly a sharp ,subcutaneous incision.Every RFID Verichip has its own barcode and ,like the product ISBN number,it also has the three 6’s encoded into it as well. The warning is that ‘the smoke of the torment of those with the mark will rise up forever and ever’ but those who refuse to renounce Jesus and who refuse the mark/microchip-implant will share in his authority after his return as ruler and judge.Those who receive the implants will have lost their free-will and will in effect have ceased to be truly human, as our creator Yahuweh has made us!
    Greg Hunter is right in suggesting that market forces will decide when the inbuilt errors or ”economic time-bombs” cause a systemic failure,just like the pre-planted thermite explosive had been secreted into the World Trade Centre weeks in advance of 9-11-up until the fateful moment ,everything appeared to be fine and then suddenly the buildings were detonated-the airplanes flying into the buildings were part of the stage-managed deception .
    The very same individuals,groups and organisations that organised the most atrocious single act of mass murder in peacetime 0n 9/11/01 are also the same forces that have rigged the financial system to collapse very soon ,because they already have their ‘solution’ready and prepared:millions of stockpiled microchips,manufactured by IBM ,the same company that created the first proto-computer that the Nazis used to keep a tally of every single victim of the concentration camps where 6 million Jews and millions more were exterminated because of their genetics ,politics or sexual persuasion .
    Pray in the name of Yeshua ha Messiah for his spiritual protection,healing ,courage,determination and above all ,Love.
    Whether or not we survive the coming Apocalypse is less important than our firm decision NOW to make a commitment to Jesus and know that we will NEVER receive the microchip implant,EVER!!
    The victorious who overcome the threats and temptations of the system of this World will rule with son of the creator of the Universe while all those who accept the ‘mark’ will; be lost forever.We will all have to make the decision sooner or later.

  42. Osled

    Spot on! Boom! Home run! The real game exposed, in simple terms anyone with half-brain could understand. Thank you, Greg. Thank you, Chris. Now what are we we gonna do about it?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Osled!

    • Thomas

      Sorry, pure fear porn on the microchip conspiracy, not buying into this one. Slowly but surely a collapse, reset, recession, depression, downturn, or loss of reserve currency is going to happen , we like Greece, Porto Ricco, Italy, Spain,Chicago, Detroit, can’t kick the can down the road much longer without serious repercussions. Get ur house in order, adjust accordingly, change for the worse is coming.

  43. michael

    Very good interview . One comment : What helps the US in a way, is that most of the the developed economies did the same mistakes of becoming over indebted and therefore there is no risk that the US dollar drops dramatically as there is n good alternative . And Economies in emerging markets are export driven , therefore dependent on the growth of China and Western countries. As there is no growth in China and the West , Emerging markets are in trouble also … (Most E.M. currencies have depreciated in July versus the USD) . Based on this , it is not sure where the next crisis will start … It may come from elsewhere than the US..

    • Calgirl

      Jim Willie says that there will be no crash of the dollar but that it will just disappear. First it will become stronger and stronger and at the same time, more and more countries will refuse to trade using the dollar or treasury bills. Many emerging markets are already signed up with the BRICS and the AIIB and trading in their own currencies. As more and more trade is done outside of the dollar the trust and faith in the dollar will diminish. Willie says that Saudi Arabia is about to sell its oil in currencies other than the dollar, and that will severely hurt the dollars dominance.

  44. Hilde

    Interesting article by Julian E Barnes and Gordon Lubold “Pentagon prepares to send better radar to Ukraine” . In WSJ , for whatever that is worth, interesting nevertheless. Some comments there are a bit illuminating.

  45. JC

    Greg this interview sparked a lot of debate in the garage meetings today. I got me fired up so to speak. I really liked the explanation of saturation, and the effect it will have on growth. good work man.

  46. don

    I expect a coup by the Greek military at some point, taking their country back and telling Brussels to take a hike.

    • Charles H.

      That would be good.

  47. jimha

    You have a good site which would be made better if you screened the Jesus Freaks from the comments section.

    • Greg Hunter

      Maybe I should just screen the atheists. After all, according to them, we both believe in nothing.

      • jimha

        Atheists don’t reference dogma. I suspect that many others also skip over the comment as soon as a biblical reference is mentioned. Incidentally I am a “deist” and not an atheist.

        • Greg Hunter

          Check ” the deist god is entirely removed from involvement, he has neither need nor want of worship.” We don’t believe in the same God as in God the Father. You are welcome to start you own site and put whatever you believe on it. I promise I won’t come on to you site and be a disrespectful jerk.

        • JC

          Jimha. As we say in the bible belt God love him. You said Atheists don’t reference dogma. I need Gerald Celente’s button for that one. Every Single Person serves some form of belief even those who deny it serve there denial.

        • paul

          jimha … as a deist I assume you are disenchanted with organized religion and notions such as the Trinity or the supernatural interpretation of events such as Miracles … yet this Trinity (creating protons and electrons from the vacuum) is as real as the Miracle of genetically engineering you back to life after your death from just one cell containing your DNA (if some governing agency deems you worthy of resurrection) … by you wanting to exclude people form WD who believe in such Dogma you are in effect excluding the whole scientific age we live in … open your mind to the reality written in books (even old books) by men of wisdom for the benefit of all human kind!

  48. Keith

    Good guest Greg.

    Very interesting perspective on deflation first, then significant inflation as the Fed tries (unsuccessfully) to keep the air in the balloon. You wouldn’t have thought things were going great in June 2015, but look at these copper and crude oil charts.

    I think crude oil could lose another 30-40% before we’re done.
    Deflation crushes all commodity prices including silver and gold for a while, right? Anybody think we’re headed to $10/oz silver and $700/oz gold ?

  49. jimha

    “disrespectful jerk”. Harsh words but I am sorry I don’t understand what you are in a huff about.

    • Greg Hunter

      You don’t? Here, try this: Please start your own site. Work for free for years and years using your own money. Get your site built up and make it a community of like minded smart people. Then, when you get condescending comments from, anonymous people who may be trolls, that insult most of your community, I guess you will understand.

  50. Donna

    S. GIRL: When did you become a shade tree grease monkey? I’m impressed.

    I was told a year ago that my vehicle “had a leak” and needed new shocks or I’d be bobbing all over the road, wanted $800. Never changed them out. I got the same BS about changing out all the hoses, belts, whatnot for $1200. That was maybe 10 plus years ago. Never changed them.

    I was told 3 years ago to replace my heat pump (that thingy on the roof that heats and cools the homes in AZ). That would be roughly a $5000 drain. The mechanic said he could not even get a reading on his whatever gauge. Still have the same 25-year-old heat pump.

    I’m blonde too. They lie and only dumb blondes cry.

    • Southern Girl


      Thanks for giving me a great laugh this morning. You called me a Shade Tree Grease Monkey. Never heard that expression and I will have to remember that one. That was a witty one girlfriend.

      Have a sprinkler system that kept my lawn soaked. Called the water people and the guy told me it was outside the meter box in the ground and I would have to pay for it. I called them back and said not it was inside the box to come out and fix it. Well they came right on out and said, “Oh, it was the gasket.” Duh! So they replaced it and I told them I needed them to adjust the water that had been leaking for 6 weeks. He said, “Well you only used 19,000 gallons.” WHAT???????????? So they will adjust it. Maybe we should have a dark wig we put on when we deal with men.

      I have learned one more thing. If and when I go to buy another used car I always ask for the oldest gentleman …they know how to treat us as ladies ..we are just not a commodity to them. Thanks again for the laugh!

  51. WD


    I hear a lot of things, but I cant imagine that this will be an “organized event”. I am convinced about what Manarrino, Wille and others say ….that there will be blood, death and destruction on a scale we can’t imagine.

    I dare to say that many countries will not survive. Especially the Western nations.
    We will end up with a lawless society and “city-states”…. There will be no semblence of control….especially when people are not getting paid ( Govt employees).

    America will be fractured…Please read the 2nd coming American civil war. Brilliant

    • Galaxy 500

      We Southerners have had some experience in these matters. And we have agriculture, manufacturing and natural resources this time. What have they got up north these days besides liberal Yankees, Bankers and politicians?

      • WD


        As a southerner who lived up North for a few years, I can tell you that their big cities will be a bloodbath. I mean that seriously. The gangs and guns ( owned by criminals) will run rampant.

        It will be a grotesques sight. Many of those cities are powder kegs!!

  52. Sambo

    Great job Greg Hunter with Chris Martinson. He Is not only on top of the present global and economic situation but also on the sides .tops and bottoms of it all. Thanks for the wonderful guest and as usual you always do a great job for us all. Thanks my right honorable friend.


  53. Cryptic Little Sister

    Greg, I want to leave this post as a general answer to the questions raised above. Events are shaping up to unfold as a currency devaluation in September, maybe early October. This will be accompanied by a stock market crash. However, the key point to remember is that this event will be manufactured. During the Greek crisis, you heard a discussion about the need to end the sovereignty of nations. This is a clue to the coming events. Washington has always had a weapon in the economic situation: a devaluation of the dollar will satisfy the debt demand, and it will also push the Euro out. The nations of Europe will have to realign themselves as a single state, an action very beneficial to Washington.

    I am talking about a contrived slippage in the market. I cannot stress that enough: Avoid all talk of blood moons. Avoid articles giving lists of reasons for a coming collapse. They are leading you down multiple pathways to confuse you. The crime is being covered up before it even happens. You are being set up to believe that a crash is inevitable, when it is being contrived.

    There are ways of staying in the dollar and making money on the exchanges before you transfer to silver or gold, but they are very complex and time sensitive. You and your audience will do better to take what actions you think are appropriate now rather than later.

    • Greg Hunter


      This advice is you best to date: “You and your audience will do better to take what actions you think are appropriate now rather than later.” I smell urgency all over the place. Thank you.


      • Cryptic Little Sister

        Yes, a sense of urgency is what you hear. What I said above about an increase in the defense budget is very important in relation to the coming crash. It is being planned to be a large increase. And it will take place just before the slide. When you hear about that, be ready for movement. The figure that I have seen is about 30 percent loss for the dollar.

        I want to clarify for your audience, I am not saying that events will not unfold into a very bad situation, but I also want to make clear that what I have heard is that the dollar will recover some of its losses. The Euro will not. The Euro will not survive these events. There is talk of a replacement currency, which you may see as early as the end of this year.

        The changes that are coming are no longer financial as much as they are political. Europe is about to change very dramatically. There are discussions about ending national sovereignty altogether. The word CELAC has come up, this stands for the Community of Latin American Countries. The talk right now is about Venezuela, not Greece. The Greek crisis was important internally for the Troika, but Venezuela is a crisis that is important on a much broader scale. Events are going on that will increase tensions over the next month between the CELAC and the US.

        Understand, the dollar began its collapse in April of this year, and it will continue through to this coming crash.

        I will end with this (although many of your readers will think that I am insane): there will be no election next year. That has been taken off the table. This is written in stone. This is the sort of information that I could be killed for sharing with you. I don’t know why I do it now–I will be regarded as insane as you read this, and when it happens no one will remember that I said it.

        • Silence is Golden

          I want to consider some of your statements in the context of the “KING” Dollar.
          There will be a “Contrived slippage in the market”….implying a manufactured stock market crash. This according to your theory will intertwine with a 30% Devaluation of the dollar.
          Hmmmm !!!!
          Can we say that a FED announcement on Interest rates could induce a market event? Or what other trigger can there possibly be…..another BANK bankruptcy perhaps. In any event, a stock market crash does not align with a weaker Dollar. IN fact scared money retreats to the “safe haven”….aka The Dollar/UST/USGB. This process inevitably sees “STRENGTH” in the dollar.
          A devaluation in the Dollar in the order of magnitude that you suggest is not something a capitalist market can achieve precisely or on its own accord. Intervention and intention ( through Banking/Government actions) are required. A formal devaluation implies a DEBT DEFAULT. That action alone will result in unintended consequences which cannot be quarantined/measured. Debtor Nations will revolt and carry trade will unwind in a very spontaneous and combustive manner.
          I have heard rumours too of a devaluation in the order of 50% for the Dollar. This 30% you speak of …is merely the first tranche of a two step process. The second devaluation of the same magnitude equates to a 50% reduction from where we are today, in the value of the dollar and the US Government Debt.
          I will be watching the budget process very astutely in order to witness the trigger you mention.

          • Cryptic Little Sister

            Events are moving politically now, not financially. This is not planned to be a two-step process.

            • Silence is Golden

              Yes Politically.
              This site (among many) is littered with my ramblings about those ruling from behind the curtain. I know full well about their numbers, societies, clubs, agendas, motives and their plan to remove sovereignty.
              The framework and the exact blueprint for what is unfolding today was constructed some 140+ years preceding this year.
              It always has been a “Political” movement…
              WORLD WARS….REVOLUTIONS….!!
              The Money Changers/Babylonian Bankers haven’t altered the course, they have merely distorted the picture through a corrupted financial system that they themselves created and raped.

              If I may….”they (money changers)” will side with the one striving for ultimate Control …only to be left destitute and without deity…wanting.. when the East turns the table and vanquishes her to ends of the Earth.

        • Mason

          Thank you for your information! I can tell you that I WILL remember what your predictions are.

          I can tell you that – because of your words – I have added your specific scenario to the other possible scenario’s in my head (all of which include September/October as an important time frame by the way, see the ECM-model of Martin Armstrong, and for which I am preparing myself). So I would like to thank you again for that.

          I can also tell you that IF your predictions come true, I will be scanning USAWatchodog (or any site for that matter for a person that uses your name) for anything you have to say. Especially if it turns out that there is no election. But we shall have to see if this is the case. I am watching if anything you say comes true.

          I know your not insane. But I honestly don’t know if your information is true or not. It is very well possible that it is not. But what you say is specific and it is also verifiable with time. That’s why I give your words more credence than a vague prediction.

          I suspect that there are more good people reading what you are writing, but are not commenting on it. So I think your words – if true – might have more of a positive impact than you seem to think.

        • lastmanstanding

          “The changes that are coming now are no longer financial as much as they are political.”

          Warren Pollock said the same thing during his interview with Greg several months ago.

      • WD


        No offense…but I still feel like I am listening to the Riddler ? Contrived this, a head fake there. An avalanche even if its planned comes roaring down the mountain and no one can stop it.

        All your guest are very specific, can’t CLS also be?


    • aussie jeff

      CLS, …….thanks for your posts ….they are most informative, may I also make a public apology for unkind words I may have spoken to you when you first came to this forum,it was nothing more than pure ignorance on my behalf and I do sincerely apologise.

  54. Donna

    NC GAL: I have $11 in the bank, my total worth until this Friday when I get paid. I even had to call John Wells’ office to get $60 back after I realized I was charged twice. I’ve been as low as $8, so not panicking yet. Just cash poor, not contemplating the streets yet.

    Physically, I’m only 5’2″. I handle tasks that seem overwhelming — in bits and pieces if I have to. I finished work one morning and looked out my back door and almost fainted. My home was engulfed by a neighbor’s eucalyptus tree. That tree fell on my house during the night storm. I never heard it hit.

    Had to chop that tree up myself as all the tree services were tied up throughout the city, had only a pruning saw. That tree was stacked and ready to throw on the truck when I finally got help. Wouldn’t stop to think about it, just got busy.

    I’ve been on my own totally for about 15 years, lost 75% of my income since 2001, seriously. Never been late on a bill yet. Have enough skills and interests to keep life interesting. I’m nothing special. The average person is a walking goldmine if they would only go about tapping it.

  55. Rob

    Hi Greg Why didnt you ask about gold and silver?

    • Greg Hunter

      James Turk is up after midnight and you will want to watch that if interested in Au and Ag.

  56. Coalburner

    Right on Paul of Ind.

  57. Donna

    The Clintons made 4 million short of 1/4-billion dollars since 2001. DC = venality = big haul!

    Launch NAFTA, offshore everything, swamp the country to take what jobs are left, and your grandkid can wear designer clothes too.

    What did they produce or invent?

  58. ConcernedAmericanDad

    Greg, ‘just going back for a second listen on this one. Keep up the great work!
    ‘Always look forward to your next one! thank you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you CAD!!

  59. Bill

    Comment to Jimha! Just wanted to let you know that I, as well as a lot of guests on this site are God fearing Christians( which are country was founded on ) and love to correspond, not just on the financial ramifications of what are country has come to, but also share the good news that is also there for you! I give much thanks to Greg at calling you out on your narrow thinking!

    • Sam Hill

      Bill – the Founding Fathers of the US were deists; they were not fundamentalist or evangelical Christians.

      Greg – an unusually articulate synopsis by Martenson. Fear not? I say make fear your ally and motivate every listener to make preparations for the crash. An appropriate amount of fear is a good thing. Thanks for all you do.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Sam Hill. “Fear Not” is a term used over and over again in the Bible. It means God the Father is in control. Not giving you a hard time, just offering some meaning and reason behind the phrase.

        • Sam Hill

          Bill – the Founding Fathers of the US were deists; they were not fundamentalist or evangelical Christians.

          Greg – an unusually articulate synopsis by Martenson. Fear not? I say make fear your ally and motivate every listener to make preparations for the crash. An appropriate amount of fear is a good thing. Thanks for all you do.

          No problem – I got that. My intent was to look at it from another angle.

          • Greg Hunter

            Thank you Sam.

      • Galaxy 500

        Our founding fathers were Christians. Did you read the founding documents?

        • brian

          I am afraid that the only one who can provide an answer that is anything more than vague and steeped in speculation to the question regarding to the aggregate beliefs held by the founders of this nation regarding God would be….God.

          Given the sheer amount of writing these guys did and the way in which such a rich and varied collection of ideas were circulated around I think you would be hard pressed to honestly admit you could discern from the vast body of their collective writings any clear cut and specific creed, dogma or belief concerning their personal relationships and views of God coming anywhere near to approximating what could be considered a consensus, save for some ambiguous restatement of the obvious along the lines of:

          “Those guys believed men stand as equals before God and as such should strive to treat each other as so; making the greatest effort not to tread upon the fundamental rights and dignity that the Maker has bestowed upon each and everyone of those created, while at the same time zealously defending the very same rights from debasement, usurpation or infringement.”

        • Sam Hill

          Yes, I have read the founding documents. Have you? They were Christians of a sort but they described themselves as deists.

  60. Doug

    Greg, just an overall great interview with Chris. He was very informative and explains things in a simple yet concise and intelligent way. Well done. Doug

  61. Billy

    Greg- Thanks for getting Chris on the show. very grateful. I had asked for him so thank you.

    Do you think you should keep your money in a credit union instead of bank.

    Andy Tanner would be a good guest Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Credit union is supervised by the Federal Reserve.

      • diane s.

        I would like to know if anyone has any idea which banks will prosper during the downturn?
        What about places like Charles Schaub? How about bonds that aren’t connected to the government such as Texas Permanent school bond fund. ..I believe supported by Texas oil and natural gas?

      • Billy

        What about in Australia with the credit unions?

        Is everyone recommending gold and silver Greg?

        • Greg Hunter

          What is your currency backed with? Can they print Aussie dollars at will? How much debt and commitments does Australia have. It all come down to the currency and it you trust the paper.

  62. Galaxy 500

    Only two state have more debt than Puerto Rico: NY and CA. Mind boggling isn’t it?

  63. Casey

    Greg, as a paid subscriber of his I have followed Chris Martenson closely for a couple years now and even I had not heard his views expressed so comprehensively and yet concisely as you were able to elicit from him here. Fantastic work on your part, another home run.

  64. Benyamin

    Greg,thanks to your site we have a forum where we can discuss the serious economic,social and political implications of what your guests are telling us.I find it extraordinary how quickly otherwise serious- minded people will take offense as soon as anyone mentions the name of our Saviour.Whether I am talking to Jews,Muslims,Deists,Theists,Agnostics,Buddhists ,Zarathustians ,Hindus ,Christians or even atheists I explain why Jesus requires us to evangelise his message:because it is ONLY the Book of Revelations that explains what is happening NOW with the Global economic system.Yahuweh created us and needs us all to be fully aware of what the “mark” really is .The reason why anyone receiving it will disqualify themselves of the possibility of salvation is because the “mark” seals the recipient’s identity as being the property of the “Beast/Antichrist”.Whether or not someone believes the warning is entirely a question of free will.However,what we need to be absolutely clear about is the need to make a firm commitment NOW that we will choose martyrdom rather than fall onto line with the herd mentality that the governments and media have been cultivating in the minds of the people,so that when the time comes we will not hesitate in our resolve to remain true to our creator Yahweh.When I talk about this subject, I am often told by people that there is no way that they will allow the government to microchip them and it requires tact and a sure understanding of the relevant passage in Revelations 13,VS 18 to comprehend and explain the awful reality of the situation facing us.We will be told that either we receive the mucrochip. or we will be executed.It is a very gloomy prospect for those who do not believe in life after death and therefore we shouldn’t be surprised when people react angrily to the messenger!
    As for the means by which the New World Order intends to enforce the mass micro- chipping agenda it is no different in many respects to the Nazis’ modus operandi:Firstly it has been established legally in Congress ,mandatatory micro -chipping of the recipients of ‘Obamacare”has secreted into the bill. Secondly, the NDAA and numerous Executive Orders already passed into law give the President the legal right to detain without charge anyone that he/ the Federal Government deems to be an “enemy”..Thirdly,private property,stored food and provisions can be seized and any citizen can be detained within a government ‘facility’ without trial or due process in the eventuality of a “state of emergency”.Of course,when it came to the actual extermination of those who had been legally alienated,prevented from work and socially ostracized , not even the Nazis tried to justify murder by decree or act of government.In this respect Barack Obama is truly unique: The 44th President of the United States has given himself the right to exterminate anyone that he decides is an “enemy” without trial or due process.The FEMA concentration camps are already in place,the guillotines have already been imported from China via the state of Georgia that officially allows for beheading of death-row prisoners.
    Now that so many people ate predicting an economic crash in September the military exercise Jade Helm 15 should be viewed as a threat to the freedom and lives of the citizens of America.Of course,many have already made up their minds that either they will comply with whatever the authorities tell them to do and they also include many church -goers who have been advised by their pastors to follow Paul’s advise in his letter to the Romans to “Submit to the authorities”.It is absolutely crucial at this critical juncture that we make it quite clear that there is no salvation for those who obediantly comply with allowing themselves to be chipped.The recent move to make mandatory vaccinations obligatory in the state of California is the warning of what’s to come.
    If we want to be saved and counted worthy of salvation by our Saviour Yeshua ha Messiach,then we will have to be non-complers,even if we lose our physical lives and the promise he gives through his faithful apostle John to those of us who overcome is rulership with him in his coming Kingdom here on Earth,Halleluliah!

    • Galaxy 500

      Can you show me where in the ACA they say they are going to chip me?

      • brian

        Assuming you are not Hutterite or something one ormore of the follwoing may apply to you:

        Your credit card is “chipped”, your cell phone gives away your location to the network every half a minute or so, in public you pass by dozens of cameras without even knowing it and several dozen more fully knowing it, your car is likely blabbing in machine lingo to some electronic ear on a regular basis, your hundred dollar bills have some funky strip thing sitting in there, the nature of which is spooky at best, you probably got a few dozen keyloggers, cookie leavers and other passive tracking bits of code stuck to your internet presence, your smart tv and laptop has a built in camera….all that will certainly do until some subscalp chip is pounded into us.

  65. Galaxy 500

    The following is an op-ed written by “Mohammed,” a Syrian War Refugee.

    I am sorry it is taking me so long to post my outrage over Cecil the Lion. My village has been without electricity for the last week after the Americans bombed our power plant. I had to walk for two days — hiding from ISIS along the way — before I found this Internet cafe. But my anger over the death of Cecil is still hot as the desert sands.

    I remember exactly what I was doing when I heard what had happened.

    It started off as a normal day for my town, with the Syrian Air Force dropping barrel bombs on several neighborhoods and a local school. As I dug the bodies of several women out of the rubble, one of the other rescue workers asked if I’d heard that Cecil the Lion was killed.

    I froze in shock, dropping part of what I assume was once a human arm on the ground. “Not Cecil the Lion!” I exclaimed. “Not him! Truly, is there no innocence left in this world?” I cried harder than when we discovered my brother was gay and ISIS forced us to throw him off a building.

    The rest of the day was a numb blur: watching my neighbor getting beheaded by Sharia enforcers, foraging for food in bombed-out buildings, burying my daughter after she died of cholera, and registering my outrage that rich Americans can fly anywhere in the world and kill whatever they want.

    My entire family — the ones not gassed to death — are also in shock. My sister was beside herself with tears from the acid that was flung in her face, but I am sure her tears were meant for poor, majestic Cecil.

    It is times like this I thank Allah that my wife was kidnapped into sexual slavery last year and was spared the horror of learning what happened to this beautiful and majestic creature.

    I often wonder what is wrong with America. You do not hear stories like this in Syria, partly because we already killed all our lions but also because we killed all our dentists.

    The hardest part was explaining to my eldest son why Cecil was killed. He asked if Cecil was a Kurd or a Christian, and I said no, sometimes people and animals are killed for totally unjustifiable reasons.

    I must go now. The Shabiha have surrounded the building to either press gang us into the Army or execute us. No matter. If we die, we die knowing that the infidel dentist has been appropriately punished on Facebook.

    Hopefully I will see Cecil in the afterlife, along with my grandparents who were murdered at the massacre in Hama.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


      Thank you for posting this. This says it in another way. It is exactly what I was talking about in my earlier post!

      PFI and few others just didn’t get it and pathetically went straight into the ‘defend our great country from the big bad Chinese mode’.
      Sadly most people will never get it and this sort of mindlessness could well signal the end of mankind.

      Don’t get me wrong, I love animals but I am much more concerned about the millions of people that the US routinely slaughters. However equally alarming is the fact that this behaviour is normalised and even underwritten by much of ‘educated’ western society.
      Very sad times indeed.


    • frederick

      galaxy why do you print misinformation That gas attack was pretty much established to have been a false flag attack being blamed on the Assad regime False information is not what we need We could certainly use some truth however

  66. Donna S. from Arkansas


    CLS is saying the exact same things that Pastor Lindsey Williams is saying. He states that the elite have told him that the NWO will be impleted in September and the new currency in October. This is such a scary time in my (all our lives) life. What will people like me do if the USA goes crazy?!!! I have tried to stock up on food and supplies, but my money is limited. My question is what will happen to all the businesses in the US? I work in accounting for a company based out of Taiwan. We are a distribution center for fitness equipment. We have dealers buying thousands of dollars of equipment on terms. Will all businesses seize because of the economy downfall??? Will I have a job, home, electricity????? Or will the US just stop??????

  67. Donna S. from Arkansas

    P.S. To CLS……….all of my family think I have went off the deep end or crazy because I am talking about all of this. I have told them to stock up on foods, medicines, PM, but no one is listening. I pray to God every night to keep them all safe….I know they are Christians and have received Jesus as the savior, but from what I am told this will be hell on earth before Christ takes us…….Tribulation?

    • Crpyitc Little Sister

      I do not know much about Mr. Williams. I cannot speak to his reasoning or his arguments.

      You have the information you need to make the right choices for the near future. Know that the ecnonomy is not going to entirely collapse, at least not right away. The plan is that the US will prop up the dollar for some time after September.

  68. RD

    Great interview Greg. I have one quick question. Do you or does anyone out there know where I can find a ” Canadian Watchdog”.

  69. D

    Greg, Great website, Thank you. Would you liquidate your 401ks and take the current 10 % hit.
    For those who have move to a money market scenario via the 401k, should they just cash out and redistribute to tangible product. Thanks for any feed back.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, because 50% of something is far better than 100% of nothing. I am not a money manager and this decision is yours and yours alone. Do some research on what exactly you will do with the money and be sure to check with your family members (wife) and make sure you are in total agreement.

      • D

        Thank you Gregg!! Keep those awesome interviews coming!

  70. Izzy Doroski

    Hey Greg, great interview with Chris and I really appreciate your hard work and great journalism in getting to the important issues. Whenever you get these great and knowledgeable guests on about the coming financial deresolution please try to nail them down on which banks are safer institutions to keep our funds that we have to keep in a bank. Specifically please ask them about credit unions and other financial accounts that would offer more protection from the slime of a derivatives meltdown.
    Thanks so much for your hard work and check out my book website which features my sci-fi novel. The book tends to be anti-totalitarian and anti-military industrial complex & explores the realm of modern physics.

    • Greg Hunter

      Bill Holter will talk about what happens when the next financial crisis hits. He’s the “Early Sunday Release.” Credit unions are supervised bu the Federal Reserve and your big problem is the currency in the next crisis.

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