War with Syria and Iran will be Hell on Earth-Gerald Celente

Gerald Celente: War with Syria and Iran will be Hell on EarthGreg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Trends researcher Gerald Celente says President Obama’s handling of the Syrian conflict deeply damaged his credibility.  Celente says, “It was the presidential amateur hour and reality show all rolled into one.  I have never seen such poor performance as illustrated by our Commander in Chief and Secretary of State.”  War is Celente’s top trend, and when it comes, it will be ugly and unpredictable.  Celente predicts, “If America goes to war with Syria and Iran, it’s the beginning of WWIII–dirty bombs, suitcase size nukes, weapons of mass destruction.  It’s hell on earth.”  How likely is a Syrian or Middle East war?  Celente contends, “They are bound and determined to have war.  The sarin gas had nothing to do with this.”  What does Celente see coming with the Federal Reserve’s $85 billion a month of money printing?  Celente says, “I believe they are going to start tapering because they are turning our currency into confetti. . . . This can’t go on forever.”  My best forecast is they are going to start tapering, but in 2014.”  When they do cut back on the money printing, what happens to the market?  Celente predicts, “You are going to see a market crash.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente of TrendsResearch.com.

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  1. mohammad

    Yes, Israel is going to kick the chess board.

  2. J C Davis

    Greg, Celente is the practical man,s dream come true. You seem to have a way of keeping him from going into a full rage and rant. I don’t think Celente hates Israel, or our government.. He hates there actions that are clearly seen by most informed people world wide.
    One thing I would add. The future troubles will not be exactly as the 30,s because America produces the world currency, and G.M.O. foods can keep many people from starvation. Many things are different then they were when FDR was around. Thanks for having Gerald Celente back on.

    • Kevin2

      I tried not to get upset with your post, but, gmo is not will save the world but destroy it… We grow 2 gardens and then save the seeds, from one year to the next..It’s not hard… gmo seeds, you can’t grow anything the next year unless you buy them, get it?

      If you don’t understand this, I have no respect for you…


      • jc Davis

        Kevin. Oh how much i agree concerning GMO. My piont is the system is much different then the 30s.

      • Charles

        Kevin – so harsh on your fellow man. No respect for him if he doesnt understand??? His point was clear – just that people wont starve. They will die lol yes, but not starve. If you wish to help open peoples minds, you won’t do it by condemning them from thinking differently than you.

        • Charles

          *by condemning them FOR thinking differently than you.

  3. Anne Elliott

    Great interview, Greg! Gerald always calls it like he sees it, and speaks the truth as he knows it. Good info he was giving about March and what the banks might do. Good lesson he gave about the CD’s too; like he says – unless you’ve got actual possession of your money and assets – you don’t really have them.

  4. Jerry

    Greg, Gerald is one of my favorite economic forecasters. He does seem at times to be all over the map with his predictions. But at the end of the day you can’t argue with his accuracy in the past.

    I still believe the Britton Woods meeting in October will decide the timing of the collapse. To many counties have already lost confidence in the dollar, and may not wait until March to make their move into a new exchange system. The Debt ceiling being raised yet “again” by Congress will signal to them that we have no intention of getting our financial house in order.

    The truth is, many counties have caught onto the fact that our markets are being manipulated by insider globalist, and are tired of getting hosed.

    Greg I hope you and Gerald are right about the timing. Its a tough one to call with so many variables involved. Obamacare, war in the middle east, tapering…take your pick. Any one of them could be the trigger. I have another one that you probably won’t hear much about. Its called “humbled to repentance”. It usually happens to a nations that reject Gods laws. And usually in a very short order.

    Greg I’m so impressed with your interviews that I going to hit the donate button with my next check. Keep it going.

    • Greg

      Thank you in advance. That helps us out.

  5. Brian

    It really is panic time, given what Celente and others are saying we only have a few months before things really start to happen at a head spinning pace and we will have no choice but to react and duck our heads and hope we as individuals are lucky enough to thread the needle of whatever shit storm is brewing.

    If we want to do something proactive and try to dampen the blunt force trauma blow coming right for our jawline we have to do something now. We must make vigorous and unrelenting and even disruptive calls for those committing crimes in office and elsewhere to be tried in a court of law and punished for the crimes being committed, people need to start being arrested and removed from the levers of power because if they are allowed to continue what they are doing unabated than inevitability will run its course and a very very short year from now anyone of us still alive would give just about ANYTHING just to have a few days or weeks now to have done SOMETHING!

  6. Bob

    I really like Mr. Celente. Guys like him just don’t get born anymore. Instead, we get fence riding little girly boys in “white shoes” with no moral personalities. Try drinking a glass of luke warm water sometime. Sickens a person. John Wayne would have been in damned good company with Gerald Celente. Thank you Greg Hunter for having this guy on your show——get Gerald a cowboy hat during the “holidays”—[A white one]

  7. Rodster

    Epic interview Greg!! Love Senor Celente and yes if we go to War in Syria it will spill over into Iran because the Israeli’s want that and then all HELL breaks loose.

    • Rodster

      Please consider interviewing Charlie McGrath from wideawakenews.com and Michael T. Synder, both have a really good grasp of the current state of the world.

  8. George Silver

    Great interview Greg (as usual). Most interviewers try to take over but you do the right thing by letting your guest talk.

    Gerald Celente says about Gold “If you don’t have it in your hand then you don’t own it”. I should imagine though that Celente has quite a bit of Gold stored outside the country with people such as GoldMoney or BullionVault.

    One other thing Greg. How about trying to get Jim Stone of “jimstonefreelance.com” for an interview. That would certainly be some “mad” interview.

    • Galaxy 500

      I bet he.doesn’t have any outside his control. You don’t own it if some one else has custody of it

  9. Charles H.


    Colorful, humorous, insightful, smart, and as direct as an orthopedic surgeon. Gerald Celente is a jewel in the crown of humanity. Thanks again, Greg, for refreshing us with a glimpse through his eyes. Good form!

  10. Larry W. Bryant

    == Celente as Economic Medical Examiner ==

    From the microcosmic level here in the Commonwealth of Virginia, I can report two recent events in my own life that bear on Mr. Celente’s outlook on the dollar’s devaluation:

    No. 1: Two days ago, in one of Virginia’s largest cities, I was leaving the parking lot of a brand-new Wal-Mart store when I noticed a man lingering at a corner of the public roadway. He was dressed in military fatigues; his cardboard sign read, ”HOMELESS . . . PLEASE HELP.” Maybe the Wal-Mart CEO could toss a few dimes to this ironic emblem of our “recovering economy”?

    No. 2: Yesterday, my occasional insider source in that same large city told me that the land-records section of the circuit court had logged six home-mortgage foreclosures — which, over the past few years, is twice the daily average number for this pulse of real estate health. — Larry W. Bryant (25 Sep 13)

  11. Ugly

    I’m curious about this money printing. According to the Treasury, about $2T was printed in 2010. Yet, I have not seen a paper currency with a date past 2009 (as a yet). If $2T was printed in 2010, then where did it go?

    On war with Syria and Iran. Its time to send just the Democrats. Adios. We don’t need your help anymore.

    • lastmanstanding

      It is all digital ugly…or just another lie. A few of us have been looking at currency dates for several years. Nothing newer that 2009.

      I talked to a guy the other day who is very well read.

      He thinks that the population is decreasing worldwide…

      All that I can believe anymore is that I better be ready for anything.

  12. Paul from Indiana

    Celente’s line, politics is show business for the ugly people, says it all. I’m not as convinced about the war angle as I am about the shenanigans regarding the coming bail-in, either through confiscation, devaluation or a combination of the two. Of that, I am completely convinced. And it won’t be show business when it happens; it will be very real.

  13. bob d

    Putin and Obama= good cop bad cop. They have sideline Israel and support for never ending wars. Sometimes you got to play the fool,it’s all a show.

    • Oracle 911

      Wrong, Putin and Obama=god cop and mobsters puppet. Question: Who is the mobster?

  14. Rick up north

    Greg Good show. Gee Gerald tell us how you really think.Glad you let er rip on the war mongers thanks.

  15. John

    I often watch Celente and like his brash forthright manner but the trouble with Gerald, he does repeat a lot of stuff. He is just a bit better than most and is able to see trends developing, but he is not someone in the know and gathers his info just like the rest of us, then reacts to it. After saying that i still like watching Gerald.

  16. Oracle 911


    War with Syria, Iran or with any big country in ME automatically means hell on Earth, in this case i must Give a lot of credit to Mr Celente’s words.

    Amateur hour, more likely amateur second term.

    He forgot one more type of warfare, the economical warfare, Syria has powerful allies (BRICS and Iran) and crafty hackers, for them if Syria get attacked Syria electronic army will mess up the entire banking system, stock market and the USD by BRICS.

    And if the BRICS don’t mess up the dollar, the the FED/US government will mess it up, but before that the EU and Japan will sank, because there is a mentality: ‘You shall die today, and I can live a day longer.’
    Yes, I’m saying, they will destroy EU and Japan economically, just because they want continue this charade with US dollar as reserve currency bit longer.
    And yes they will taper at least 3-6 months(in February, March) after the European an Japanese collapse in 2014, just because all the money from EU and Japan will be in US economy. I’m implying they won’t do th QE or other fancy named money printing for a while, because lot of money will be in US assets (bonds, stocks etc.). And after that they can do anything, even devaluating the US dollar.

    About gold, silver and money (and MF global), He is right, about real estate bubble in China, I don’t think so.

    About the 2nd American revolution, there will be a lot of violence in USA, because lot of people in power won’t want accept the changes in ways of thinking and in status quo. I’m just stating the facts.

    What do you think Greg?

  17. ilya

    Another great reality check with Getrald. Interestingly enough, the newly predicted tapering date is corresponding with the next US “doomsday” falling on April 20 2014 (that is according to Mitchel Scott Lewis, you can find it in his “newsletters” section “issue 1308&1309” on his website “Jupiter Rising”).
    And Greg, thanks for all your efforts to keep this country informed and free.

  18. Derrick Michael Reid

    “Never I have I seen such a poor performance” I wonder if there was ever a war GC liked. The earth is finite, and with that, its a close loop system. Negative feedback keep systems from “blowing” up.
    Would GC approved war with the Nazi, commies in Indochina,
    russians deploying newks in Cuba, or even the barbary coast,
    or for that matter, the revolutionary war. Probably not even the civil war, freeing millions from bondage. GC is great with the rant, as most can easily be. GC is great with the doomsday, and complaining, the endless complaining. What is conspicously absent from his rants, are the negative feedback solutions that have real long stable solutions. Anyone, I mean anyone can complain, and throw themselves on the ground, and meek minded people have difficulty making tough decisions. It is far more easier to project perceived failed policies, rant about possible bad outcomes, to shock jock new subscribers, than to suggest and teach real negative feedback closed loop long term solutions. Just saying.

    But as far a ranters goes, GC is one of the best.

    • frosty

      Celente understands that war is not simply an natural or necessary function that operates in a closed loop, finite system to keep it from blowing up. He agrees with general Smedley Butler who informed us that war is a racket perpetuated by a small group of men who gain power and wealth by convincing a large group of others of the necessity to attack,destroy and kill. The small group,of course,risks nothing while the large group risks all.

      War is not a necessary condition of life on earth. To the extent it is natural at all, it is merely a reflection of an insane, suicidal psychopathy based in an obsessive lust for power and the control of resources through destruction. It is psychological disease gone pandemic.

      Furthermore, Mr. Celente does more than simply rant. His suggestion for, as you say, a “real negative feedback closed loop long term solution” was articulated at the end of the interview…(paraphrased here)… “I would like to see a revolution, not one of violence, but a spiritual, moral and intellectual revolution”.

      He gets it!

  19. Mickey Smith

    Greg, it seems the more things seem to change they seem to remain the same! That means we have been no where fast as things we don’t know about have already happen but the news sites will not show it, even now web sites are shot down when they produce the ugly facts of reality, thanks to the NSA & good old boys working for the higher ups in DC & Wall Street! These are some evil SOB’s! Do you agree? Any one who would not warn their Nation about the Radiation from Fukushima are some sick SOB’s! Japan’s will fall with Europe right behind, then what happens next who the heck knows, I hope my grand children forgive me for not doing more!

  20. Enda

    Thanks again, Greg, for asking the questions I’d ask if I could talk to Celente for half an hour. Great interview.

  21. Coalburner9

    No 0ne has mentioned the new 100 dollar bill coming out in October. Bretton Woods, October? Good time for a sneak devaluation when the 100 comes out. October my favorite month but when much havoc happens in the monetary system, often as attacks in April.

    • Kevin2

      Do you want to know what woke me up to much… Is when they changed to old $100 dollar bill to the new one? The cashier look at that “and said
      is for real”. and then it was just a game… I learned alot that day..


  22. Liquid Motion

    Hey Greg,

    Nice Job. You have tempered your interviewing style of late Greg. I kinda like the new You. More kudos to the Man.

    I must say though, that I almost choked on my popcorn when GC mentioned “2014” as the start of the tapering…….????

    Why is it that everyone expects the FED to formally announce the official commencement of tapering ??? WHY ???

    When we know that the FED/central planners (et all) are lying to our faces 24/7 why should be believe anything that comes out of their mouths or their mouthpieces (for that matter)?

    Tapering talk is akin to Mario Draghi’s ” We will do whatever it takes” speech on July 26 2012 (what a fabulous day to remember) !!
    Just the mention of the act…did exactly what to markets and interest rates. Its called management of market psychology. Same applies to “Tapering”.
    If one considers the act…and then follows through with action (walk the walk…not just talk the talk )…what pray tell, would be the markets response? Hell hath no fury like a HFT scorned.

    I honestly believe that if they did taper (officially) then they would very quickly follow through with an exponential increase ….to counter the destruction, chaos and mayhem that would ensue.

    Eric Sprott believes the Fed has lost control of the Bond Market. 100 % affirmative.

    AND yet GC contends that “they must taper..this cant go on forever” !!
    I agree it can’t, bcos forever is a very long time.

    Again I come back to an earlier point (last post)I made about the monetary system. A devaluation of one fiat currency implies a beggar thy neighbour strategy (coincidentally another characteristic of the Great Depression). We know full well what the repercussions are.
    That is why those that are party to the fiat money system , don’t want to play anymore. The difficulty is exiting their positions in USD/UST.
    Crafty devils who constructed the system to allow the USD to be so entrenched in all the world’s trade/balances/settlement. A privately owned monetary system crafted by the geniuses that benefit from and control it. Now that’s what I call power.
    The FED can create more zeros than we can fathom. They, along with the phony government, cannot be held accountable for their actions. They will ensure that the USD survives whatever economic circumstance arrives, albeit at a fraction of whatever value is left now.
    Devaluation of a nations currency is very dramatic (or at least it was during the Great Depression). It leads to instant INFLATION. It also warrants other nations to devalue simultaneously. Outright policy of devaluation is but one alternative. Hyperinflation achieves the same end game.
    Whatever may come through the untidy behaviour of the gangsters parading as central planners, we can refer to history and see full well the path that lays ahead.
    -Currency wars
    -Dramatic Inflation
    -Trade Wars
    -Capital Wars
    -World Wars
    We get our wars because of a very unsatisfactory and inadequate monetary system that permits and rewards inequity and injustice. A Capitalist system that encourages and supports theft through misallocated capital.

  23. Mighty Mike on My Motorbike

    Thanks for the laugh Mr. Celente – (talking about M.F. Global) – “Yeah MF Global, you know what MF stands for.”

    Thanks Greg for a good interview!

    • Greg

      Thank you Mighty Mike. I thought that was good humor as well. I am happy he kept it clean.

  24. Jerry

    Liquid Motion.
    Good points. Back in July you will recall that Karl Denninger said that Ben Bernanke had lost control of the bond market. Since that time Russia, China, and India and a few of the Bric nations have come to terms on a new exchange system to replace the dollar. Its just a matter of time before the QE printing will have little or no effect when they dump the dollar as exchange. Donald Trump stated a few years ago that we were in a trade war with China and everyone thought he was a crackpot. Turns out he was right the whole time. The fact is the Chinese are losing money big time, and they are not going to wait until the shoe drops here to do something about it.
    Like you’ve stated. We have a short window of time to prepare. Its getting late.

  25. Jim

    Syria should be left alone. They are not homicidal maniacs like the USAA. Putin has a cool head but he will not let Syria be invaded. Today’s America sickens me but these false flags and BS has been going on since Vietnam or really as far back to the Civil War and Mexican-American War.

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