We Are Facing Overthrow of United States – Steve Quayle

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Steve Quayle, filmmaker, author and 25 year radio personality, says America is under attack from the left. Quayle contends, “You have to understand, we are not just facing turmoil, we are facing the dedicated and very well positioned and financed overthrow of the United States government by former federal officers and by those in the military.  I want to read the 13th rule of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”  They are doing this to President Trump.  It’s character   assassination.  This is what people have to understand.  The 13th rule is what Hillary Clinton, the Marxists and what all of the Obama Administration believe in, and they are following this blueprint.  Saul Alinsky dedicated his book “Rules for Radicals” to Lucifer.  He said at least he got his own kingdom. . . . So, here it is:  ‘Pick the target (President Trump).  Freeze it.  Personalize it.  Polarize it.  Cut out the support network, and isolate the target from sympathy.  Go after the people and any of the support, any of the institutions that support him.’  The point being is that is what we are watching.  And this is the killer statement:  ‘People hurt faster than institutions.’  The fact that these monsters, and that’s what they are, these media monsters, those mongrels from hell . . . going after the President’s son and going after his wife. . . . I am concerned with the treason, the treachery and total assault upon the military.  When you see these people turning their backs on the President, former NSA, CIA, DIA, military commanders . . .    kick their sorry butts out.  I would also say this to anybody that has political clout.  Call President Trump and tell him to bring back the commanders that Obama fired.  Then, fire the ones that are there now.”

On the mainstream media propaganda, Quayle says, “I can’t believe that people cannot see beyond the BS, but you’re fed it in the news by the vomit brokers. I want to make this clear that you are considered by the mainstream media (MSM) to be stupid.  You are considered basically zombies.  So, all they are (MSM) are channeling you to their position.  They will bring you to the point that you will say it’s better for everybody if I just die of starvation, or it’s good for the world if 90% of the world’s population is destroyed.  When you have the richest people in the world believing that, believe me, you have got a problem.  This is a spiritual war, and Lucifer is the ultimate rebel. . . . Even Hollywood has become more outspoken with its love affair with Lucifer and his plan to rule the world.  So, we are seeing every single day the vilification that is a traditional moral, or anything that has to do with our borders, culture, our heritage, our monuments, our statues and everything, everything is being defaced.  That’s what the Romans did.  When one Roman conqueror came in, he wanted to obliterate the other ones.  Same thing with the pharaohs in Egypt. . . . This is exactly what they are doing to our nation. . . . This is a spiritual war.  What do they hate about Donald Trump?  I’ll tell you.  You see the President of the United States, a very powerful man, brilliant man, and he is surrounded, but his head is bowed as people pray for him.  He knows that God put him in there against all odds.  That’s God’s odds.  There is a Bible verse that says the whole world be gathered against thee.  The whole world has been, if you will, summoned to battle that man.  Is he a King Cyrus or a Nebuchadnezzar?  One destroyed the Jews, and one released the Jews.  Cyrus was given a command by the living God to free the Jews and allow them to go back and build.  They hate Trump because he believes in God and he is acknowledging him.  Remember this, in the new age, you can be your own god.  Donald Trump bows his head to God.  The most important thing people can say is Mr. President I am praying for you.  Prayer changes history. . . . This is a spiritual battle.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Steve Quayle of SteveQuayle.com.

(There is much, much more in the video interview.)

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After the Interview: 

Steve Quayle also told me he is praying God will send and angel to tell Donald Trump who in his Administration is for him and who is working against him. Lots of free information on SteveQuayle.com.  You can also buy his books and videos there.  Quayle also reminds us all to pray because history has been changed with prayer, and Trump needs it more now than ever.


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  1. Jennifer Crowther

    Greg, I just listened to this interview and I just have to tell you it’s crap. I consider myself a liberal and the last thing I am after is to “overthrow the government.” As a Liberal, I want responsible government. I want a government that responds to the needs of the people. After all, we are a democracy. At least I hope we are. If Hillary were elected, we still would be, but somehow we elected a President hell bent on sending the blacks back onto the plantations to pick cotton and determined to take away all sexual rights except middle aged rich white men to have concubines on demand. Not only this, we have a president hell bent on rubbing the noses of African Americans in the feces excreted by the confederacy more than 150 years after the conclusion of the civil war. Its time for American people to stand up and say enough ! Enough of monuments to white imperialist rogues like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Robert E Lee., Stonewall Jackson, Abraham Lincoln and many many others. African Americans are completely justified in pissing on the statues of these traitors and pummeling their monuments with feces ! In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the real patriots of the United states have awaken and are saying NO MORE !!! NO MORE !!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      You want a “responsible government”????? The candidate you ran in 16 had unprotected private servers while Secretary of State to cover the fact she was taking treasonous bribes to a global charity fraud. Oh and the DNC cheated the real winner of the Dem primary to get her in. “Responsible government”–That’s rich. You want to erase America’s history just like the Nazis did when they burned books in the 1930’s. Go play in the street with your communist/Nazi/Antifa buddies. You are a paid troll loser and a product of “common stupid” education. You are incapable of critical thinking. NO MORE STUPID COMMIE COMMENTS FROM YOU. The only reason why I posted your comment is for the people here to see what kind of ignorance and evil we are up against.

      Oh, and by the way I must be directly over the target to have an idiot paid troll like you to come on this early and spew your incoherent vomit. I guess I should be flattered. Now back to the street and make sure you cover your treasonous ugly face with a mask.

      • This sceptred Isle

        Greg, good point. You have to be very lucky or very vigilant to get the first comment on this site. You are keeping the trolls up working hard!

        • This sceptred Isle

          I can’t access the video

          • This sceptred Isle

            Christopher Colombus is the next target:

            I guess we have been given an overly sanitised history of these ‘heroes’. However, where does it stop?

            • laura ann

              This country is being trashed by ultra leftists well funded and conservatives , Christians must prepare for civil war. With high tech weapons used by the UN/military for a false flag agenda, many will hide out knowing we are outnumbered. Ref to: leaderless resistance by Louis Bean (online one page article). Not a time to start a family, get house in order and needed supplies.

              • JC

                I like that ann

              • Frederick

                I’m starting to agree that civil war may be their agenda

            • Flattop

              Sceptered Isle: Don’t forget those evil men on Mt Rushmore

      • Better Chetter

        I think Jennifer is not a troll, but a symbol for the dumbed-down society we live in. She could be a kind-hearted person, wanting to help those disenfranchised – w/o knowing that the liberals are only giving that lip-service, are putting up a front, had done (per Cath Fitts) massive lock-ups on African Americans in private prisons, & have white-washed the media to make DT seem to be truly superficial. He is not – he bullshits a lot – maybe ‘country dumb’ as is said in ‘Ray’ [autobio movie of Ray Charles life) – but folks who have little spiritual discernment, cannot see the mess the US is in, & what is truly needed to right the ship of US Gov’t (if its not too late – & I’m sorta thinking it is).
        Jennifer is also unaware of her transference of her respect for elders being put upon liberal politicians, who are wolves in sheeps’ clothing (@ least the front running Dems are).

      • Get Real

        Alright for you to kills natives and steal land. What does the Bible have to say about that!

        • Greg Hunter

          I looked it up and it says “Get Real” is an “idiot, snowflake, paid troll.” The Bible is an amazing book!!! Just kidding, even God has a sense of humor.

          • Pristine Pierro

            I’m not a liberal thank God, but just wondering how do you see the gay community agenda fitting into this scenario? Especially since elementary text books are teaching homosexual instruction to our children in many schools?

            • Greg Hunter

              The Bible says it’s sinful and wrong. That said, we are all sinners.

        • Paul ...

          Get Real … if you read the Bible it speaks of people killing the natives and stealing land all the time … it is nothing new … the “white men” didn’t invent it!

          • Paul ...

            And if you need to be told … it was Satan who invented it!

          • Frederick

            Hey Paul The dollar is selling off big Gold is now 1327 and Silver is 17.56 Let’s hope TPTB don’t crush prices down

            • Paul ...

              Fred … The US dollar is now at its most debased it has ever been over the last 100 years (relative to silver and gold) … with all the excess fiat debt dollars out there the market is now seeking equilibrium … if silver relative to the US monetary base returns to the same ratio as it had in the late 70’s silver should now be selling for $1500 dollars per ounce … so buying at $17.50 means a potential 85 times your initial investment (those buying bit coin at $4000 would need to see it go to $340,000 per coin just to stay even)!!

              • Paul ...

                And as we were recently reminded by Paul from Indiana … “possession is 9/10ths of the law” … so you bit coiners out there … you may want to begin diversifying into “physical” silver!!

                • William Lyons


      • James Stamulis

        Outstanding reply Greg! Absolutely spot on.

      • Sandy Linville

        👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Greg !!

      • Joanna

        Spot on Greg. I wish there was a like button!
        It’s amazing how successful the deep state has been in brain washing the masses! I see it daily and it’s mind blowing!
        Common sense should be considered a super power because it’s extremely rare!

      • Charles


        “The only reason why I posted your comment is for the people here to see what kind of ignorance and evil we are up against.”

        God bless you, sir. We are indeed up against it these days.

        I live in a strongly Republican County in a State which recently transitioned from purple to deep blue. This spring, I had a neighbor ambush me in my own rural front yard to inform me that the Holy Bible was a work of fiction, and that the Constitution is an outmoded document with no more value than toilet paper.

        I informed this “person” (demon would be more accurate) that not only had they furthered the divide ripping our society asunder, but that they could COUNT on me being on the opposite side of the fence when it eventually / inevitably turned violent!

        If this sort of thing is happening in conservative strongholds across the country, I can only assume that we are so far down the drain that recovery is not an option…barring Divine intervention. I don’t consider that likely for a nation that has murdered 50 million + unborn children, sanctified sodomy, and rejected Christ at every turn.

        Again, may God bless you, and may He protect His Own through the coming unpleasantness.

        • Bill

          Charles: That’s what happens when you get your news from cnn.

      • John

        Hi Greg,
        How did “Psycho” Jennifer even listen to the interview? I can’t, it says ***Video will be up shortly***

        • Frederick

          John The video was available on YouTube earlier

      • Robert

        She.must be reading the Huffington Post. I agree that all dems and liberals arent the problem but the antifas, Black Lives Matter and the radical left msm are now the face of the democratic party and even some republican political figures who pander and placate to ride the fence.

        I dont know anybody who supports the white supremacists on either side, but I have spoken with people on both sides who are very concerned with this destruction of our countries history and the belief espoused by the far left that speech they don’t approve of and label as hate, can be responded to with violence, is quite disturbing.

        Out of control political correctness and identity politics has replaced any common bonds we all had by first calling ourselves Americans. There’s nothing wrong with American nationalism.

        PS – how did you view the video? It wasnt posted yet or at least by when I started typing this response.

        • Greg Hunter

          It’s up now Robert.

      • freebrezer

        Greg – great reply! A couple of points: 1st the troll CAN NOT call them self a liberal but is clearly part of the hard alt-left (i.e. a Maoist-style cultural revolutionist that want to overthrow the USA). Very scary in that BOTH the KKK and the Antifa/Black lives matter both want to control everything – they want absolute power. Which is worse? … there are only about 6000 KKK vs. tens of thousands antifa?! … and per Jennifer above, please explain the difference in that the anitfa cover their faces with black masks and the KKK use to cover their faces in white? Seems to me to be absolutely no difference between the two groups except the color of the face cover. Both preach hate, intolerance, violence and desecration of others. Sad were some Americans have degenerated to. ALL marxist revolutions have ended in millions and millions dead – and that will be the end result of Antifa and Black lives mater. Jennifer you should really think hard on these few words – “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.— That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed … the consent of the governed elected D. Trump per the rules of our constitution!

      • Lucas Doolin

        She is a product of what America has become. From the government schools to the corporate owned news media to manipulated popular culture, they have changed tens of millions of people into her. Quayle is right about what could have done this to America and what we are up against.

        Thanks for being there Greg.

      • john duffy

        Good one Greg! Jennifer, it must really suck to be you!

      • Gwendolyn Phillips

        Greg, You need to be careful. You talk about God’s justice and his wrath on this channel, but the fact is the price of being wrong for 400 years is going to catch up to all the middle aged white men such as yourself. Your generation is going to pay the debt my friend that is long overdue. Just last night Floyd Mayweather beat the piss out of your white supremacist hope Conor McGregor. God allowed it because the law of reciprocity requires that the white race make proper and complete restitution for all the wrongs done over the centuries. To put it in the language of the inner city …., Niggaz is rizin’ up and they gonna freak dis mutha$%$# down. If I were you, I would recommend all you white middle aged men to get down on your knees and beg forgiveness to the world for your transgressions.

        • Greg Hunter

          Gwen = paid troll,
          You are a pathetic snowflake and hate is all you got now. Not a single good idea to help people make their lives better from the Communist/Marxist/Nazi Left–NOT one. You just have hate and lies–lots of lies. Your snowflake generation is going to come for us??? Really??? Please stop me from laughing in your face. I must be over the target because George is paying for more and more trolls to come here and vomit and lies.

          • Robert

            Gwen and Jennifer both show that the black lives matter and those that stand with them, dont stand for equality, they want revenge and black supremacy. Equality isnt the issue. They want revenge, violent revenge. I don’t believe all black citizens feel this way though. Just the snowflakes that follow the likes of Tanesi Coates and others like him that tell these professional victims that reparations is the answer to all the ills in the black community. Reparations will never fix the self hatred that consumes professional victims that blame every one else for their own failures and bad decisions.

            • Deanna Johnston Clark

              Then they can start reparations to all the 3rd world slaves of all races who have worked for them for years now….
              Anybody can play that game….had any innocent chocolate lately? or yoga pants? pr smart phones?
              The world is so full of bs now it’s reached a high water mark more than poor Houston.

          • Shadow of Doubt

            This is the type of tripe that is making the rounds on most American college campuses–its called “white shaming”. In case you haven’t heard some institutions of higher learning have now decided to ban military vets from their hallowed halls as they are considered dangerous and highly undesirable elements in today’s academic milieu. I am sure our “Indoctrination Centers” find it difficult to cow these vets into accepting their world view, con them with their revisionist’s take on history, or deride the soundness of those quaint ideas found within the US Constitution. SOD

        • JEB

          Jennifer Crowther, Gwendolyn Phillips and numerous other aliases ,
          Sir what is your real name ?
          Now don’t be shy !!!

        • Frederick

          Gwendolyn huh NO Not gonna happen sweetheart

        • FC

          Gwen, so you are saying we are faced with Niggaism?

          • Greg Hunter

            Gwen is a paid trill and I am taking her comment down.

            • FC

              Greg, even though posts like that infuriate me I’m glad you posted it as this shows us what we are up against nothing but idiotic, imbecile, brain dead, oxygen thieves.

        • Wayne Cox

          What do any of us have to do with any of that? I was born in 1970. I’m not paying any debt for something I wasn’t alive to participate in. Go see a Dr. for goodness sakes. You clearly need treatment from someone trained in treating mental illness.

          • Frederick

            Wayne You are wrong unfortunately If you are a US citizen you have liability for part of the debt I was born in 1954 and there was already debt at that point It may not be fair but it’s reality son

          • Linda L.

            The radical left use people like Jennifer to incite violence for a cause much beyond racism (NWO). It is too bad that most people don’t seem to understand this, and if they did, maybe all the discord would stop. Read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, or take a look at the 10 goals engraved at the site of the Georgia Guidestones Monument. When the elite have managed to reduce our world population to 500,000,000, they’ll use people like Jennifer as slaves because people like Jennifer do their bidding without question.

        • Bobby Dale Marcum

          I have a hard time taking people seriously when they basically cut off the branch they stand on, which they need to stay in the tree which they have been “rizin’ up”–and can do it in a paragraph . And be unaware of it. I mean, aren’t these people paid to be convincing of…something favoring their masters’ agendas?

      • Jennifer Crowther

        Ha Ha,
        Got you going.

        • sk

          Cheap shot. I gave your earlier comment some thought….until now. Go away. Play your games elsewhere. In a sandbox maybe?

      • Tim McGraw

        Hi Greg, That was a very good reply to Jennifer. I’m surprised that she lumped in Abe Lincoln with the other “white imperialist rogues.” Abe Lincoln is the hero of the central government control freaks like Jennifer. She went off script there. Jennifer will no doubt be chastised for her mistake and going off message by her handlers.
        Folks are starving in Venezuela because of this socialist/liberal bullshit. My Dad told me that the Daughters of the Confederacy asked for their monument dedicated to the women (Scarlet O’Hara and her maids and sisters, etc. e.g.) of the Confederacy be removed from Ward Parkway in Kansas City because some dumb ass sprayed a hammer and cycle on it. That is rich that the left would actually use their communist symbol to show who they are.
        A private donor paid for the removal of the monument to a safe location.
        This is Kansas City! IMO the most livable city in the USA with the most level headed population. And yet it’s going mad.
        Very sad.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Tim.

      • Pieter

        Greg you might investigate too what kind of books the Nazi,s burned
        as what you state is exactly the opposite what happened in Germany
        in the 30,s last century. Mayby you forget the national socialist were anti commie and for a good reason


        • Greg Hunter

          Even your link says is was way more than just anti-communist. It was mono thinking and mono cultural.

      • Sam a Morgan

        Greg Hunter – Over target and taking flack.

        Yes Greg, you’ve rubbed a nerve. Bravo!!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Sam.

        • Frederick

          Sam it’s ” flak” but hey what the heck we get it

      • Mike Massey

        Greg: I guess that was a woman whom spewed all that crap from her mouth. I have said it over and over. I will build the biggest boat for all these satanic communists to load their sorry Kristen’s on and send it on a one way ticket to hell. I served in the military for these sorry Communists to have their free speech. God will destroy and send the satanist to hell for a thousand years. Glory be to God, Hallelujah. Give Jesus Christ the praise, Amen.

    • Zak

      Liar! The video has not even been posted yet. You could not have possibly even watched it yet. Liar! liar! Pants on fire! Troll!!

      • Greg Hunter

        Good point Zak.!!!

      • Gwendolyn Phillips

        The video has been on Youtube since last night.

      • Frederick

        Not true Zak sorry I watched it on YouTube while Gregs site said ” Video will be up shortly” even though I disagree with her

    • youth

      Jennifer, please tell us why blacks keep leaving their happy safe space in Africa for the oppression zones in Europe and America.

      • susan

        Jennifer, answer youth’s question. I really do want to hear it.

    • Julia

      Jennifer, Im really sorry to burst your bubble but there was a training meeting in San Fransisco which concerned training for the type of activity Mr. Quayle us speaking of. There will be something similar to the James Okeefe undercover videos covering this.
      As for your comments regarding Blacks that is really quite sad to see you believe this given President Trumps involvement with the Civil Rights movement. Black unemployment is at a 17 year low. It is the Clinton’s who built the private prison system by dropping operatives into Black neighborhoods and entrapping them selling drugs. As for reproductive rights, I dont see anyone stopping you from paying for your right.

    • Saul Alinsky

      Keep up the propaganda !!!
      As ever, The depth of your socialism is directly proportional to your contempt for fellow man,

    • Charles

      ” After all, we are a democracy.”

      No, Jennifer. We are NOT a Democracy, nor have we EVER BEEN a Democracy. The USA was founded as a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, and it remains so today.

      Anyone so educationally deprived should refrain from political discourse entirely.

      Additionally, your educational penury seems rivaled only by your moral bankruptcy.

      WOE UNTO THOSE WHO PUT GOOD FOR EVIL, AND EVIL FOR GOOD…which is exactly what you have done. Whether done through base ignorance or conscious intent, the result is the same…as is the “reward” you are earning for it.

      • Diane

        It’s called the LUCIFERIC INVERSION.

    • Frank Brady

      No, you don’t want a “responsible” government. You want a socialist government. Stop parroting propaganda and read Thomas J. DiLorenzo’s seminal work, “The Real Lincoln”. DeLorenzo lays out irrefutable facts that prove the Establishment has been brainwashing Americans for generations.

    • Chip

      Jennifer, you’re a troll, be gone Satin worshiper…

    • Eagleye


      How many years do you think the Philippines was under foreign colonization? Let me tell you, we were under Spanish rule for over 300 years, then there were the Japanese, then there were the Americans. Now I have to ask you, when you ask any Filipino if that recent history has bothered or has identified with your movement, the answer is a big fat NO! If you bother to know why, it is because your “cause” is a weaponized issue to polarize and to create chaos in society. Only paid and utterly corrupt libtards like you are buying in to this. Go get a job so you can contribute to responsible government that you say you want.

    • Len Penzo

      No, Jennifer … America is NOT a democracy, it is a Constitutional Republic — and thank God for that.

    • al Hall


    • Paul ...

      Jennifer … pissing and throwing feces on inanimate statues is not going to save black people from their true enemy … you want responsible government that meets the needs of the people … start going after the ones making HIV virus and injecting all of us with many other deadly viruses in vaccines … you have to wake up “just a little bit more” … then say NO MORE!!! … NO MORE!!!

      • William Stanley

        Paul …
        Whatever you’re getting paid, it’s too much: your marginal product is negative. The problem is your underestimation of your enemy and your complete ignorance of the nature of the battlefield on which you are operating. A truly competent professional would recognize that mockery on a site like this is an extremely poor tactic because there is no one in your target audience that shares your worldview and would be, therefore, persuadable by such mockery. Moreover, there is no outside audience to laugh at or shame your targets. Yes, your vandalism is annoying. Unfortunately, it also reveals your motives and agendas. As a result, your chosen enemy better understands the nature of his enemy, and can better defend himself. Underestimating your enemy is a classic mode of failure and defeat.

        • Paul ...

          William … my enemy is Satan … I don’t underestimate him … he is much more powerful then I … if I’m annoying him and his warmongering followers because “I’m a hot head” and they can’t take the heat … perhaps they should all just pack up and leave planet Earth for someplace cooler!

          • William Stanley

            Love is very powerful. Much more powerful than hate. As for the “hothead” part: well, greater self discipline will make you more effective. BYTW, I share the shortcoming, but I am working on it.
            William Stanley

            • Paul ...

              Love Bill … but don’t work on the “hothead” part just yet … as brother’s in arms against Satan … we have to make it “so hot” for Satan and his minions … that like performing an exorcism … we force the evil ones to pack up and leave Earth looking for “a cooler place” … like the center of the Sun!!

    • Mr.Lee

      Time for a history lesson. The slaves provided to the South were facilitated by Africa and Arab slaves dealers in North Africa. You speak as though some European ventured into Africa and kidnapped these people to be put into servitude, they did not. Yes, Europeans used slave labor and enslaved the black man. So did the slave’s fellow black man as well as provide slaves to European’s.
      Second, explain how the President is, “rubbing the noses of African Americans in the feces excreted by the confederacy more than 150 years after the conclusion of the civil war.” ? Is it because he equates these KKK/Nazi lunatics to the same level as these Antifa anarchists? By the way, the President is correct.
      Finally, what is your proposition then in all of this. Deny our history good, bad and ugly? Replace it with what? Let me guess, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist re-education? For those that do not comply, re-education and in the gulags?
      As contemptible a person as Hitler and his ilk were, he blushes with envy as to the body count amassed by your political champions in the Communist camp. If I was to venture a guess, my conclusion is that you and your bunch of “liberals” have the same plan for the US and the West as a whole. So please refer to yourself as what you are, a communist-collectivist.

      • Steve Twitchell

        Took the words right out of my mouth. The country really needs to know the history of slavery for the past 2000 years . . . not just in US. Surprising that whites have been slaves and other whites were the ones that have tried to stop it. (AND they weren’t Democrats,)

      • Paul ...

        Mr. Lee … you may want to add another letter to your name before the snowflakes start to harass you … Leeb, Leed, Leef, Leeh … etc. !

    • Tin foil hat

      Jennifer Crowther,

      Don Lemon Debates Confederate History Month W/ Another Black Man
      It starts at 1:00

      Btw, America is the second nation, after England, which forced the rest of the world (including warring tribes in Africa) to stop the slave trade. The main culprits in the slave trade were not the white Europeans, the Arabs and the Africans were the ones whom did the hard works. Most Europeans were just the customers. For the Barbary pirates, “White Gold” meant white slaves. I highly recommend this book for your own good.

      • freebrezer

        TFH – what is really great is that they (“the Man”) are converting the statues in to statues wearing burkas ! Who would of thunck?

        • Tin foil hat

          Come to think of it, why haven’t the Antifa and BLM gone after the mosques? Prophet Momhanmad did capture thousand of slaves and sold them for profit. As the matter of fact, I believe he killed the husband of two of his slaves before he married/raped them.
          The Muslims were racists too. They sold the black at a much lower price than the white slaves. I infer there weren’t any “Black Gold” until they struck oil.

    • Allhuran

      Liberlism is not what the left is peddling. True liberalism, and you can look this up , is government intervention when markets fail. Markets fail when goods are not produced in capitalist economies due to economies of scale or prohibitive governmental regulations which prevent entrée by suppliers who are otherwise ready, willing and able to do so because the cost of doing business exceeds the profit margin. And by the way, how has the Great Society liberalism of the 60’s done anything positive to help those in need. Inner city poverty, fatherless homes and high school drop out rates are higher than ever. Your version of liberalism does nothing long term to help anyone. Band aids on festering sores that never heal because the root causes are never addressed.

    • Jack

      Go away you are a nutcase like the rest of these whacked out people. You are NOT a liberal but a psycho who drank too much koolaide.

    • R Scott


    • ScottL

      Poor Jennifer. A paid troll or a clueless useful idiot in the service of the nomenklatura.

    • Jackie Puppet

      Jennifer, America never has been a democracy; it’s a republic, if we can keep it. People like you are hell-bent on making sure we lose it. The only people Hillary cares about is herself, Chelsea, her grandkids, and Huma Abedin – probably in that order, too.

      I agree with you that real patriots are waking up – however, they’re not on the left, since they have no idea what made America great in the first place – they’re on the right, as in Tea Party-types – which is why Trump was elected.

      @ Greg – You know you’re right over the target when you’re catching flak.

    • Dan

      What has Trump said that would indicate he wants black people on hate plantation picking cotton? I have only heard him say that the black community is suffering from lack of jobs which he wants to bring back. Is having a job mean being on a slave plantation to you?
      Then you talk about “sexual rights” That is code word for homosexual rights. I don’t think trump or any other republican gives a hoot in hades what you do sexually as long as you leave others out of it. I think you want special rights that force others to agree with your lifestyle. Many of us don’t agree with you and we want nothing to do with the homosexual union of perversion.
      African americans do not have the right to destroy property of others period. That is lawlessness. How would you like it if everyone who disagreed with liberalism destroyed statues of FDR or any other number of socialist communist ilk? How would you like it if people attacked and destroyed symbols and property of homosexuals? I find you to be a revolting communist LGBT and find your statements repugnant. But you do have the right to be as moronic as you wish.

      • William Stanley

        Hi, excellent comment! Please allow me one tiny criticism: It would have been even better without the last sentence. I hope to see more of your excellent commentary.

    • Scott

      Your mindless rage brings to mind a term that Ann Barnhardt used earlier this year, to describe the S.E.D. Left: diabolical disorientation.

      It’s a mentality characterized by the violent rejection of any and all objective truth (to wit, that a baby boy is born a boy, as opposed to “gender X”), and it’s the calling card of the willfully self-deluded, neo-Jacobin, New Age radical.

      Individuals like you, for example.

    • Keith wilson

      Jennifer, in Memphis Tennessee the theaters are stopping the showing of Gone with the wind. The local communist party considers this movie racially insensitive. Clark gable who was a great actor,left Hollywood and took part in bombing missions over Nazi Germany. He flew missions without a parachute. He was awarded medals for heroism. Today in LA LA LA land Memphis he is seen as a racist and his movie is banned. They didn’t ban Clark from flying combat missions over Germany. They didn’t ban him from serving his country in WW2. Your comments regarding american history are vile and un-american. Your kind make me physically sick with your left wing communist comments. If you don’t like my comments about you and your kind, frankly my dear, I couldn’t give a damn ?

    • FC

      Jennifer, it’s a proven fact that African Blacks despise the American Blacks because of their constant cries of being down trodden, saying they should come to Africa to truly experience what down trodden really feels like.

      • FC

        Democrats are the ones who have failed the American Blacks, look at every Democratic controlled inner city like Oakland, Baltimore, Chicago and like and you will see the 5 features of a slave plantation pointed out in Kenneth Stampp book The Peculiar Institution.
        1. Substandard Housing.
        2. Broken Families.
        3. High Degree of Violence.
        4. Basic Provisions but no one gets ahead.
        5. Nihilism and Despair.
        And the Democrats have been given trillions of dollars to fix the problem since the 60’s………so who’s rubbing who’s nose in it.

    • Gordon Carpenter

      I’m from liberal Canada with Emperor Justin Trudeau as the reining monarch and even I can see that your country has a President that is for ALL the people not like the leftist we have here.
      What you say is just unbelievable. You need to do some research on the Clinton clan and on Trump. He was not and is not a perfect person but he is your only mortal hope. Stop looking at the MSM and get the other side of the story.

      • Sharon

        Mr.Carpenter, I for one, and i know there are many, would like to thank you!!! Yes…we certainly do have the right man in the white house!! President Donald Trump is definitely whom the people wanted for president!! Praise the Lord !!!!! We have a man that loves and fears the True Living God that this Nation, at one time, loved and believed in!!!!
        I pray that people like you, Jennifer, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!!! Because President Trump maybe YOUR last HOPE, let alone AMERICA’S!!!!! Can’t you and all the rest of you poor fools like her see what has become of our Country?????!! If Killary had become our, “Madam Clinton” we would already be in the FEMA camps that are coming!!! Oh….forgive me….I am just a…@#%&^£€¥μ#%! and whatever. Believe me there would be all colors there!! Yes i am white! I am a mother of a child whose father is Inca Indian, three children whom are white, two grandchildren whom are half African American, an aunt to three half Vietmanese children, and an aunt to one half Chineese child. With that being said, i certainly am not racist!
        What has to happen for you people to wake up??? Yes…President Trump has a past, as do you, i and all else. That does not say that he cannot be a good president!
        Our Country needs to all seriously stand behind our president and pray to our God that this country was founded upon!!! Because Jennifer…..we are so close to being another Germany/Nazis it seriously scares the Hell out of me!!!
        Great job Greg!

    • Linda L.

      “somehow we elected a President hell bent on sending the blacks back onto the plantations to pick cotton”.
      Jennifer, you got your history ALL WRONG and you need to do some research. It’s a fact that slave plantations were owned/operated as a majority by Democrats. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share the truth: https://youtu.be/TPv2Gk-8FVM

    • Francis Peter

      Jennifer-You are a certified idiot! Way too many people like you are creating lots of other idiots. The US is supposed to be a Republic but people like you have ruined a once great country. Why don’t you learn AND DIGEST THE FACTS about things you know nothing about. JENNIFER YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!!!

    • danimal

      We are not suppose to be a democracy. We are suppose to be a free constitutional republic. When we salute to our flag we pledge allegiance to the Republic for which it stands, not the democracy. Calling this country a democracy is what the media has done by repeating this over and over so it becomes set in your mind. And most people are never taught the difference. Democracy is majority rules compared to a free Republic which is individual rights. If you are unaware of these facts how do you know that what the liberal left is feeding you isn’t also full of false narratives.

    • Chuck

      Jennifer, we are N O T a “democracy”, this nation was created as a Constitutional REPUBLIC – a vast difference. I still thank God, every day, that Mrs Clinton was “retired”. She has proven herself to be a Marxist a Lucifarian and someone totally untrustworthy, that train was derailed nearly a year ago, get over it. I am personally apolitical, but I am firmly in the camp of righteous people standing with our Lord against the evil this woman advocates. Unlike you, I completely REJECT political correctness and the Alinsky tenants. You want to call me a racist? Have a party. You wouldn’t know a real patriot if one introduced him or her self to you, NO MORE Marxist blather from you Fascist “Progressive” Oligarchs.

    • Linda

      Jennifer, you don’t know your own history. WE ARE NOT a democracy!!! We are “THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.” Just because weak people have been brainwashed and swallowed their lies doesn’t make them so.

  2. Paul ...

    Just like evil Herod (who chopped off the head of John the Baptist) … the Obamanuts, Killary lovers and Soros sympathizers (who have created this Totalitarian Utopia we are now living in) think they should do the same to Trump and offer his head on a silver platter to the Deep State neocons who created ISIS … so they can bury his head at the Damascus Umayyad Mosque along side John the Baptist!! … well get this you followers of Satan … we Christians won’t allow it to happen again!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s the spirit!! Amen Brother Paul. “Fear Not.”
      Brother Greg

      • Get Real

        Like the natives had no fear but lost anyway.

        • Paul ...

          Get Real … I think God gave the American Indians “some very choice land with lots of gold and oil on it” to sort of atone for the horrible sins of the white man … and to be “a separate nation” outside the control of the Washington DC crooks is a blessing in itself!

      • freebrezer

        Greg/Paul … and their means is by following Saul Alinsky (Dedicated to Satin!). A great read but important via the federalist: http://thefederalist.com/2017/08/25/americas-post-charlottesville-nervous-breakdown-deliberately-induced/ … what is coming is no less a gambit/ploy/action to bring down the constitution of America!

      • JungianINTP

        There’s a fundamental psychology underpinning all conflicts, personal and public. // I began my pursuit of the root cause of human conflicts at the age of 13, in 1961. // I’ve many essays on the “Underlying Psychology of Political Affiliation and Human Conflict.” // I’ve coined a term to describe LEFTISM: Utopipsychosis (( or BRAIN-BLINDNESS )); that is leftists (( FEMALE minds )) are right-hemisphere EMOTIONAL and have little or no access to the left-hemisphere RATIONAL side of the brain (( MALE minds )). And keep in mind the left/right hemispheres’ cross-lateralization, where the left brain is the political RIGHT and the right brain is the political LEFT. Send a note and I’ll mail a few of my essays to you.

        • Charles

          If the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body, then only left handed people are in their right minds.

          Even as a left hander, I have to say I believe the issue is both more, and less, complicated than that.

          It’s time for us all to admit that higher dimensions exist, are inhabited, and those inhabitants interact with our dimension on a regular basis.

          They call it “spiritual warfare” for a reason.

    • Charles


      Islam did not appear on the world stage until 700 years AFTER Christ’s resurrection, so I seriously doubt that John the Baptist’s head was buried by a Mosque.

      That having been said…I admire your spirit.

      One final thought: It’s not a matter of what Christians will or will not allow. It’s entirely a matter of what God Almighty will allow. A cursory reading of The Book of Revelation will reveal that God intends to let this play out to its conclusion.

      • Spec

        He didn’t actually say that. He said they want to bury Trump’s head at a mosque, alongside John the Baptist. That is possible.

        • Paul ...

          Spec … Actually what Charles says is true … for the head of John the Baptist to be currently buried at a mosque in Damascus (that didn’t exist at the time of Jesus) … he must have been moved there at a later date or is not there at all … however as you say my point was to emphasize what the Deep State “wants to do to Trump”!

        • Charles

          Building a mosque by a grave is NOT equivalent to placing a grave by a mosque. And as you can see by Paul’s reply to me…I understood him perfectly.

          You should really learn the art of letting people speak for themselves…instead of twisting the words of others to suit your own ends. It’s called “intellectual honesty”.

      • Paul ...

        Good point Charles … Mosque’s were not built at the time of Jesus!

        • Paul ...

          Many of the “Johnny come latelies” Islamist’s have been radicalized (namely ISIS) by the neocons … encouraged by psychopaths (my undocumented diagnosis) like McCain (based upon his public actions) to chop off the heads of the Christians and Jews … yet these radicalized Islamist’s believe in the return of a higher being “with moral values”?? … seems to me the God of ISIS is Satan!

          • Francis Peter

            Yes the characteristics of “allah’ the god of the muslims match the Biblical statements of Satan. You think the average muslim would understand that they are serving a demon like being, as their
            ‘allah’ is a sadistic and arbitrary being. Muhammad’s immediate successor actually said that if he had one foot in Paradise he couldn’t be sure ‘allah’ would even let him in because he implied ‘allah’ wasn’t trustworthy!

          • Frederick

            Paul those so-called “Muslims” in ISIS are in it for the money They are very well paid by US taxpayers via criminal traitors like Johnny ” wetstart” MCCain who should by all rights be tried for his Treasonous acts that flagrantly violate the constitution

    • Better Chetter

      Paul – didn’t Jesus prove, on Maundy Thursday, that his kingdom was not of this world? We Christians have been too fractionated ourselves, between Protestants, Baptists, Lutherans, Catholics (yes, Catholics), Methodists, etc. In my humble opinion, we are meant to turn over/surrender our need to fight holy wars … away from Masculine (temperament, not gender) towards Feminine (powers of nurturance/receptivity [to spirit/love/forgiveness/compassion]). Its good to still work for change, but using God/Jesus to support a political position is taking us back to climbing the Pharisee ladder ourselves. That’s a dangerous climb ~
      Love you, though – & this awesome website that allows free speech (even trolls) – & has great spell-check feature in comment section (thanks Greg Hunter) 🙂

      • Paul ...

        Better C … God’s Kingdom is not of this world … yet!
        We have to keep working at it … unless being surrounded by Satanists is no problem for most people!?

        • Paul ...

          Can’t wait for Trump to counterattack … and release the long list of pedophiles he has compiled currently working in government positions of power … and using that power against Trump to make him look crazy to save their sorry asses … when it is the sexually perverted ones that are truly crazy!!

      • Charles

        I’d like to share an epiphany with you.

        Human Government serves the same function as Mosaic Law. It’s purpose is to drive Man to despair by the weight of our own inadequacy, so that in our desperation, we turn to our Creator in repentance for the Hope of salvation.

        God originally intended that Adam and his descendants be governed directly by Him. Adam rejected God’s authority (Free Will), sealing our fate and tying God’s Hands, So God said, “Fine. Govern yourselves. See how that works for you!”

        It is no coincidence that there has NEVER been a government that has withstood the test of Time. It is a testament to Intelligent Design and the eternal wisdom, mercy and Love of Almighty God.

        The takeaway from this is that no matter how much the world seems to turn to crap, God still loves us, has a plan for us, and will redeem us IF we seek His face!

        Praise God!

      • William Stanley

        Better Chetter:
        After much reflection, I now think you came here out of hate rather than love, and cynically cloak yourself in Christianity to hide your your true agenda. Your misandry is almost completely uncloaked, and your sneak attack on Greg (using God/Jesus to support a political position) is hyper hypocritical in the same vein as Crooked Hillary (admirer of Saul Alinsky) supposedly becoming a Methodist minister.

        Greg sincerely believes, informed by his Christian faith, that what is involved here is a fight between good and evil (personified as Satan). I sense that your core believe is in cultural Marxism. From my vantage point as a non-believer, for you as for Hillary, acquaintance with Christian doctrine is merely a tool to be used to further your political goal, which actually involves the destruction of Christianity (and America).

  3. dlc

    Steve gave an excellent summation of what’s on the horizon. If nothing else, Trump’s presidency brought to the surface who the players are, good and bad. It is daunting and I’ve have no set sleep patterns as a result.

    I was raised in a baseball town about 90 miles north of Gettysburg. From age 7 onward, my dad’s business was successful enough that he could take the whole summer off and we would travel (camp mostly) all over the country. That would have been starting in 1957. He took us to see every battlefield, fort, national park, cavern, mission, cliff dwelling, museum, world’s fair, major city, route 66, Eisenhower’s new highways, all with the purpose of instilling an appreciation of this country.

    Terror plays out on all levels. My dad was devoutly religious, outspoken, self made and very successful at it. If you try to buck the structure though, a price will be paid. He thought big and refused to buckle under. Every city and state has its feudal system and power families.

    I spent as little time as possible at home during dad’s political career, went to Atlanta and California, anywhere but home. To go home at night was to sit on the kitchen floor clutching a phone in the dark until a detective or the police could arrive to check the house and grounds. Someone would stay on the phone with me until their arrival. My mother moved out finally, too afraid to stay there, tired of living with detectives and the police in order to feel safe, the press a constant annoyance. Threats were a constant.

    That was small potatoes compared to what Trump is up against. I have not been home since 1984. That is how bad it affected me. Big ideas and big plans will always hit a wall with whatever powers you’re dealing with. Those types of people do not accumulate through hard work.

    Today, add the infestation of fascists/commies, an army of the idle who finally found a purpose — abusing others for money and out of sheer meanness. The defacing and erasing of our history is profoundly disturbing. Being only second-generation, I never dreamed we would slam into everything my grandparents ran from.

    • Spec

      There are survivor testimonies in movies from the Ukraine about the Holodomor.

      One thing that struck me was that the removal of food from the people was in large part conducted by the unemployed, drifters, street thugs, and others with no money or land. They were motivated by jealousy. It was the power of the have nots over the haves, and they used that power to its fullest extent.
      Many were overzealous and exceeded Stalins instructions, taking everything including family pets in case someone would eat them. In the war between the ants and the grasshoppers, the grasshoppers won because they had the Soviets behind them.

  4. This sceptred Isle

    on the issue on mainstream media – My dad said the other day that he did not believe in conspiracy theories about 9/11. I said “what about building 7”? He said “What’s that?” My dad only gets his information from the mainstream media which keeps you ignorant deliberately.

    • Frederick

      Your dad is no different than 90 percent or more of the populace So sad to see the power those creeps have over us Of course we all know the insanity of the official story Those of us who dare to examine it anyway Cheers TSIsle

    • Arthur Barnes

      Screptred, must agree, over the last 15 years or so I have ran into about 20 people and discuss 911, when the building 7 was ask about not one of those people ever heard of it. This is why bucking the MSM is not that easy and why our President needs our support. The MSM, American’s Pravda, is well entrenched in deciding who gets elected and who doesn’t, Trump bothered them to no end and now they are out to castrate him! Our only hope is Trump and the “alternate media” such as this blog, otherwise, the MSM & their elite criminal friends will steal our election and put in their radicals who want to and will destroy this country. Enjoy reading your post, best regards, a b

      • Paul from Indiana

        Brother Art! How many times have you watched the Zapruder film? I can’t count how many viewings of it I have taken in over the years. Every time I watch it, it’s plain to me the last shot on Kennedy comes from the front, the grassy knoll area. Yet, the “establishment” continues to put out the “lone gunman” story. Do you think Jack Ruby was some “lone wolf”? This kind of disinformation is nothing new. The “establishment” cannot afford to let out the truth, so we have these patently unbelievable things, which contradict our own view and logic, to pass as official truth. The Kennedy murder/rub-out went down in 1963, nearly 40 years before 2001. What else has been perpetrated in that time? Building 7 is irrelevant. We are in the fight for our lives. People need to understand that and not get sidetracked in these pointless debates about “truth”. The TRUTH is right in front of us: The Left is trying to destroy us and and everything about us. Best always to you and yours. PM

        • freebrezer

          Paul … but, but, but Jack Ruby confessed that he was in love with “Jackie” Kennedy and he did it solely to remove Oswald, this so Jackie did not have to endure Oswald’s trail – Who would of thunck that a strip joint owner would be so passionate and considerate? Or if you are going to lie, go big! My favorite JFK analysis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJ0zLoy9FKM&t=2863s

    • Paul ...

      TsI … Get your dad up to speed … on 9-11 NORAD picked up the signature of an ICBM headed for the Pentagon … from the lack of plane wreckage and the fact that it is impossible for an aluminum nose and fuselage of a passenger plane to penetrate three(3) sectors of the Pentagon building … the good guys have pieced together that the Deep State neocons wanted to blame the 9-11 attack on Russia … seems the bad guys rammed and sank a Soviet nuclear sub (the Kersk) … then Dick Cheney’s Halliburton was given the contract to recover it … Russia claimed two(2) of its twenty-two(22) P-700 Granite ICBM missiles were missing … missiles that were designed to penetrate reinforced concrete buildings … these missiles fly fast and below radar which make them hard to shoot down … the only reason NORAD picked it up was because it was using sophisticated “energy displacement radar” … so it seems the neocon “back up plan” was to blame 9-11 on the Russians if somehow the terrorist story didn’t work … the 9-11 truth community should do a calculation as to how fast the “thing” that hit the Pentagon was moving using the few frames of film we have available (the P700 Soviet era Granite ICBM missile travels at Mach 2.5) … and remember this … the Deep State neocons still have one more of these Russian P700 Granite ICBM missiles in their possession … notice all the talk and provocations against Russia recently … what false flag are these evil neocons planning next???

      • William Stanley

        Now THIS is what I consider competent trolling; not great, but at least competent.

        • Paul ...

          Thanks for the complement William … just trolling for God the Father and Jesus over the evil doers in this world!

        • Frederick

          William Why is it trolling? He’s stating his opinion on what happened Better than most sheep who never think outside their boxes wouldn’t you say?

          • William Stanley

            Thanks for your criticism. My only defense, slim as it is, is that his admittedly minor mistakes and unsupported speculation (with which I actually agree) weakens his argument. We (myself included) need to be better, more careful, and more disciplined than our enemies.
            William Stanley

            • Paul ...

              And let me correct my error … when I called the Russian P700 Granite missile an ICBM … it is actually better defined as a “cruise missile”!!

    • Tin foil hat

      This sceptred Isle,
      To convince your dad, you have to give him the real motive behind the attack. I didn’t bother to look further with mountain of evidences staring right at me in the face. I stopped the moment I asked,” why would we do that to ourselves?”, and got a blank stare from whoever trying to sell me the conspiracy theories – I rejected the stupid ones like W. Bush needed a reason to attack Iraq because Saddam wanted to kill H.Bush.
      I didn’t wake up until I figured out the motive behind the attack by chance.

  5. AndrewB

    Hi Greg, Thanks for your rebuttal of ‘Jennifer Crother’ – I enjoyed that!

    More importantly, your Steve Quayle video is not available (03:57 EST) – has it been taken down. When are you going on Steemit like Gregory Mannerino?

  6. Get Real

    White man stole the Americas, they were not settlers.

    Talk about hypocrisy & karma!

    • This sceptred Isle

      makes you realise why Israel gets all that support!

    • Paul ...

      But at least the people living within “independent” Indian Nation’s own and share equally all the “real gold” on their land outright through the generations … we poor “white men” are the ones screwed as we only inherit “fiat debt paper” for a lifetime of labor to leave to our children!

    • Charles

      What have we here? Fallible man bemoaning the fallibility of Man…and blaming it all on skin color? I sense that irony is a concept lost on you.

      My only question is who are you trying to convince? White people, or yourself?

      Your understanding of Creation is shallower than the color of your skin.

  7. Corleone

    Nibiru Leak (August 2017 edition):

    – The second step of the balkanization of USA will start in November 2017.

    – Mike Pence will be the new POTUSA in August 2018.

    – Most of tent cities will be equiped with transgender bathrooms (courtesy of Clinton Foundation).

    – Jeb Bush and Hillary will establish a youth centre for refugees, immigrants, and terrorists from the middle east. It will be named “Crown of Thorn”.

  8. Tim McGraw

    HI Greg, I read the overview of the interview. I’ll watch it later today. I supported Trump until he fired Bannon and Gorka resigned and Trump gave his Afghanistan speech. Trump is not my guy anymore (if he ever was). I think Tom Woods is right when he says that, “It doesn’t matter who we vote for. We always end up with John McCain.”
    And that’s damned sad.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tim,
      I is up now. I had some sort of glitch and the video did not post so I reposted it.

  9. Andrew Maggard

    Thank you Greg for your foresight in posting the vile comments from Jennifer, your rebuttal was factual with the truth of the matter, however your decision to post this, as you accurately described her rant, vomit, provided much insight into the character of the enemy. In spite of my many years of military service to this country and the experiences that service involved I have not witnessed such hatred since I encountered a cordon of Viet Cong held prisoner by ARVN, Upon their recognition of my presence there arose from those prisoners a serpent like hissing such as I have never thought possible from a human form. Reading the scurrilous comment posted by Jennifer brought that experience to mind as her rant prompted my recollection of that event. Make no mistake about it, we are dealing with serpents of pure hatred and evil. The references to Lucifer as described by Mr. Quail are prescient and reflects the character of the enemy of America.

  10. Jerry

    In my view we have entered the tribulation period spoken about in the Holy Scriptures.
    According to Dispensationalists who hold the futurist view, the Tribulation is thought to occur before the Second Coming of Jesus and during the End Times. In this view, the Tribulation will last seven prophetic Hebrew years (lasting 360 days each) in all but the Great Tribulation will be the second half of the Tribulation period (see Matt 24:15 and Matt 24:21 showing the Great Tribulation is after the Abomination of Desolation, which marks the midpoint of the Tribulation).

    The bad news is, things are about to get really bad globally (probably by an economic collapse). The good news is, it will lead to a thousand year reign by Jesus Christ on earth putting an end to the Luciferian Empire that has been maintained through the banks. Don’t you get it? We are all bond slaves to Lucifer through the central banks. I for one would rather live free under the rule of Jesus Christ than continue to continue to live as a slave under the Luciferians.

    The plan that was laid down at the foundation of the world is going fourth (as spoken by Daniel the prophet) and there is no unhallowed hand that can stop it. The globalist may try all they like to establish a one world government through the banks, with Lucifer at the head, but in the end they will fail. Put no trust in man but prepare spiritually. The signs in the heavens are announcing the approach of the King of Kings!

    Thank you Greg, for having the backbone to tell the truth.

    • Jerry

      If you need further convincing that we are on the doorstep of a global currency reset, then this next article is for you.https://www.reuters.com/article/us-saudi-china-idUSKCN1B413R
      I ask you, would the Saudis borrow money from the Chinese and continue to use the dollar for trade? If you answered yes, I have some scrub land in the Ozarks I would love to sell you. This is the end of line for the dollar. Only twelve months ago the Chinese set up a Yuan clearing house in Dubai. Two months ago they did they did the same thing in Qatar. Economically the Saudis are corned and have no other choice but to do business with China. Without the dollar being pegged to oil, the bottom is about to fall out.

      By the way, factor in that Saudi oil tankers will most likely be sitting in the gulf until the mess in the Texas refinery’s can be cleaned up and put back on line. How long? It could be months.

      • Paul ...

        Whoever is controlling the weather is doing a real number on Texas (with Harvey being kept stationary on top of them spewing torrential rain and tornado’s) … follow the money … who needs the oil price higher?

        • Paul ...

          The only problem is the banksters are also moving the precious metal prices higher (along with oil) … we need to see gold break above $1375 to “confirm” a new bull is born!! … http://www.kitco.com/market/

      • Charles

        You overlook the fact that the U.S. is sitting on vast reserves of its own. If tapped to capacity, it would breath new life into the Dollar and make possible a totally isolationist sovereignty.

        Will that happen? Probably not, with all the forces arrayed against us for our destruction. But the possibility exists.

        • Jerry

          I have relatives in Oklahoma who lease land to the oil companies. The pumps have been dormant for years. They get paid just the same. In my mind its one of two things.
          – either they want to conserve our reserves. Or
          – they have a deal with the house of Saud not to pump.
          According to my relatives there are vast amounts of oil just sitting in the ground waiting to be pumped.

      • Jerry

        More trial runs in preparation of “Ice #9”-
        From a bankers point of view, your money is always their money once you put your money in “Their” bank. A lesson learned. My grandfather who lived through the depression, once told me that when he went to the bank to get documents from his bank box, a bank regulator always accompanied him into the vault to inspect the contents of said box. Confiscation of gold and silver was not out of the question. Some would question the argument of who really controls your money. History says otherwise.

        • Paul from Indiana

          Jerry, Always consider the old saying: possession is 9/10ths of the law! It may be yours, but if someone else has it, it’s dicey. Best always. PM

        • JMiller


          I tend to agree with what you said, “From a bankers point of view, your money is always their money once you put your money in “Their” bank”. Many bankers, mostly in the larger banks, probably have that mindset. They are of course wrong. I have heard it often said that when you deposit money in the bank you no longer own it, the bank owns it. That is not really true. At least not how they make it sound. When you deposit money in a bank or credit union, you are loaning your money to that financial institution. Their is a debtor-creditor relationship. And the depositor has the legal right to get their money back. The same is true when a bank makes a loan to you. Ownership of that money really does not change. What really changes is control.

  11. Lee Rosenberry

    Greg excellent report, I have been a Steve Quayle fan for many years he has many articles on his web page everyday about what is really going on and why. You are correct Sir, you ARE right over the target ! So Bombs away and don’t stop. I Love Jennifer’s use of the word Democracy, that is the exact opposite of what we are, this country is a” Democratic Republic” Huuuuge difference, a Democracy is mob rule and that is just we are seeing in the streets now days. A lynch mob is a Democracy; in a Republic everyone gets a fair trial in a court of law by a jury of their peers.
    She is nothing more than a Communist, and if they continue with this insanity they will soon cross the Red line that many Patriots like myself will not put up with.
    Our Founding Fathers would already be shooting, if they keep this up they will find out first hand what a Revolution looks like, it isn’t pretty and it will have no mercy! The average useful idiot from ANTIFA and BLM really have no clue what they are messing with they will simply be the cannon fodder that gets pushed aside while the real problems are dealt with swiftly. Yes the real problems, the moneymen and women and the turncoats in congress and local governments there will be no safe place to hide.
    Along with rule #13 it should also be pointed out that Alinsky’s rules 1 thru 8 are the steps for a Communist over throw so here they are and “Sadly” we are well on our way it’s a shame that the people of this country haven’t stood up to this much earlier but they just can’t seem to get their heads and face out of the Lame Stream Media, smart phones, and all the so called “Reality TV” It’s to Wake Up America, Revolution is on your door step and it’s time to choose a side.
    These are the eight levels of controls by Saul Alinsky to transform a nation through socialism into communism.
    1. Healthcare – control healthcare and you control the people.
    2. Poverty – Increase the poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you provide everything for them to live.
    3. Debt – Increase the debt level to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes and this will produce more poverty.
    4. Gun control – Remove the ability to defend themselves from government. That way you are able to create a police state.
    5. Welfare – Take control of every aspect (food, housing, income) of their lives because that will make them fully dependent on the government.
    6. Education – Take control of what people read and listen to and take control or what children learn in school.
    7. Religion – Remove belief in God from the government and schools because the people need to believe in only the government knowing what is best for the people.
    8. Class warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. Eliminate the middle class. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to tax the wealthy with the support of the poor.

  12. marco

    I find it sad and kind of funny at the same time that when Obama-a black president was in office for 8 years,that the issue of confederate statues and flags never seemed to bother
    the left. Why were they not up in arms about tearing them down then? Only after Trump
    got elected that now all his supporters are supposedly racist. Gimme a break! It doesn’t
    matter to these people-they will always find a reason to hate the opposition whether
    real or not. If Clinton had got elected the same thing would happen and worse-except the
    radicals would be pro-president for her instead of anti-president against Trump.

  13. Dennis

    I had the same thing with a customer lady of mine a month ago. She only gets her ”news’ from Rush Limbaugh and the likes. I mentioned Building 7 to her and she had never heard of it, and obviously thought I was a wack job! And I know without a doubt, she never went home and looked it up either. Why don’t these people ask themselves one simple question. “Why hasn’t Rush Limbaugh and the likes talked about this?”

    It isn’t what these people say that is so wrong. It’s what they don’t say that is so wrong.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Exactly – lying by omission. Very often the media omit crucial details. It may be true that ‘x’ attacked ‘y’ but they will forget to mention that ‘y’ attacked ‘x’ previously!
      Regarding 9/11, the fact that they never mention building 7 is a dead giveaway. It was a large building in its own right.
      Are people going to be passive consumers of news or active researchers?

      • Frederick

        TSI I watched a video on SGT report with a guy named Patrick Dillon who said he won’t stop until he gets to the truth about who murdered his good friend who was a NYFD in the south tower that day

    • jodyp

      Being a part time Rush listener,I’ve heard him get off his normal message a time or two.He’s a political commentator,liberal slayer,and highly entertaining to most.But I agree the subject needs to be brought up more.

    • Robert

      Dennis, Rush and all the others know what you expressed but the business of selling inside jobs has built into it the label ” conspiracy theorist” , to destroy the credibility of anybody who challenges the official story. When I showed my relatives the video of bldg 7, they believed what they saw. Most people prefer to think that only our enemies could be so evil…they never want to believe factions from the deep state of our own political system could be so motivated by financial gain …that level of greed is difficult to believe but we have many examples…the lies that began our venture into Vietnam is one of them.

  14. Robert M. Stockmann

    Good Analysis by Steve Quale. Here another matter : Why would the ranking Senate Congress men from Arizona, United States Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) come out and publicly lecture President Trump about his pardon for Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Maricopa County, Arizona, who was found guilty of criminal contempt by U.S. District Court based in Phoenix? The ruling was that the six-term sheriff showed “flagrant disregard” for a court order telling his agency to stop racially profiling Latinos. What most people, even in Arizona, don’t know is that Sheriff Joe was contacted by councilors seeking a safe place for a CIA Whistleblower. Sheriff Arpaio together with Deputy Mike Zulo were the only law enforcement officers who actually tried to unveil the secrets behind Obama’s Birth Certificate and Social Security registration. In this light its rather odd for Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) to say this : “Regarding the Arpaio pardon, I would have preferred that the President honor the judicial process and let it take its course.” If that would have happened , I can say with most certainty that Sheriff Joe Arpaio would have died in prison. Most certainly as Arpaio is involved in a high profile CIA Whistleblower case, where Obama’s four musketeers, James Comey (FBI), James Clapper (DNI), John Brennan (CIA) and Michael Rogers (NSA) all had a personal interest to see Arpaio get behind bars :
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeIwzo-yU4g http://www.newsmax.com/LarryKlayman/dennis-montgomery-cia-nsa-whistleblower/2017/02/16/id/773999/ http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-03-22/bombshell-cia-whistleblower-leaked-proof-trump-under-systematic-illegal-government-s http://dragnetbrief.blogspot.nl/2017/03/us-intelligence-buries-47-cia-hard.html
    Listen to Tim Blixeth and Sheriff Joe Arpaio discuss Dennis Montgomery’s hacks where its mentioned that the matter was on top of FOX CEO Roger Ailes’ priority list and intended to take action immediately : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9i_kFtlbHU

    Best regards,

    Robert M. Stockmann
    PS. Sometimes my comments, like the one shown above, fail to appear on your youtube channel

    • Frederick

      Robert that’s because youtube censors the comments and Greg doesn’t

  15. Paul ...

    It is important that we shine a light on the Saudi’s using bio-weapons in Yemen against international treaty and law … because if we don’t … the evil neocons without a sense of morality will begin to drop aerosolized Ebola virus on us (the way they are dropping the cholera virus in Yemen) to shut down our cities and bring in Marshal Law … why Ebola virus? … because Ebola spreads more easily in cool dry air (the weather most common in the US) … to protect against such Ebola virus (if released in chem-trails over US cities) is to elevate the temperature in your home and then put a pot of boiling water on the stove to increase the humidity of the air … doing this will reduce the aerosol stability of the virus and its effectiveness … evil scientists working on these deadly viruses “are Satan’s spawn” and are being stopped!! … https://socioecohistory.wordpress.com/2014/10/29/steve-quayle-ebola-is-an-aerosolized-weapon/

    • Paul ...

      And remember … besides keeping your doors closed and taking your bitter herbs, garlic, etc. to boost your immune system … also sanitize surfaces using bleach or methyl alcohol as part of your defense against Ebola infections … as this virus will kill more then your first born!

    • William Stanley

      Paul …
      My apologies. You are a better, harder-working troll than I at first gave you credit. With more effort, I believe you could become even better.

      • Paul ...

        Thanks Bill … your not that bad a troll yourself!

        • William Stanley

          Paul …
          ‘Thanks Paul. Humor is particularly effective.

  16. carroll price

    Sorry Greg, but the real coup occurred in 1860, followed by hundreds of other minor coups (like the one you’re referring to ) to mop-up any residual opposition to Marxist rule.

  17. H. Craig Bradley


    People I talk to don’t think its a national threat, only a limited local issue when a riot breaks out or a Confederate Statute is defaced or taken down. Only a tiny minority are directly involved. Generally, there is widespread Middle Class rejection of all conspiracy theories. Its not to be taken serious say others. Besides, Its happened before, said one 79 year old. So, It won’t last.

    Its the Democrats again, still sore they lost the election stirring-up some more trouble for President Trump, that’s all. Very complacent attitudes in Middle America, perhaps too complacent for their own good. Nobody wants to really be involved or think about it. Ignore it and it will go away eventually ? Maybe, Maybe not if Steve Quayle is correct.

  18. Mungo

    This screptes isle,
    BUilding 7? Really? Still after that silly theory? Ever see a building fall from being shaken by an earthquake? I’m sure you have. Ever consider two giant buildings falling created an earthquake like shaking that destabilized building 7? As an engineer, I can tell it should have fallen even sooner than it did. Try adding a little science and common sense you your line of thinking.

    • Spec

      BS. As an engineer I can tell you it was controlled demolition.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Spec. I know you will enjoy this video. I have in it in the “favorites” section on the left j=had side of the home page. Oh and Mungo there are some really, really smart people here and I am not talking about myself. If you put stupid arguments on this site expect to get burned to the ground. Not that building #7 vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6s0Gam54mk&feature=youtu.be

    • Mary Casey

      Mungo, there is no way you are an engineer.

    • jodyp

      Wouldn’t all the videos show the shakin’? And wouldn’t other,older buildings in the area suffer the same fate? Just askin’.

      • Greg Hunter

        Watch this Jody: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6s0Gam54mk&feature=youtu.be

        • jodyp

          Have seen this many a time,Greg.My point exactly! This building droppin’ like it did was obviously controlled demo.

          • JC

            Jodyp it is a very old argument that was clear to see the first day, yet I for one did not see it for many years. Building 7 is not to be looked at.
            I call that oligarchy10539 rule.

      • freebrezer

        J – in addition, with all that shaking going on at least a few window would/should have broken. The building looks to be in pretty good shape be for demolition, oops I mean before falling down.

    • This sceptred Isle

      1) Lol. Try spelling my name correctly. That will convince me you have a good eye for detail.
      2) The official narrative claims that building 7 collapsed due to fires. There is no mention of earthquakes. WHY? Did this ‘earthquake’ register on the richter scale? Did any witnesses report shaking ground?

      “The long-awaited report from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) conclusively rebuts those claims. FIRE ALONE brought down the building, the report concludes, pointing to thermal expansion of key structural members as the culprit.”

      No mention of an earthquake.

      “The final report describes how debris from the collapse of WTC 1 ignited fires on at least 10 floors of WTC 7”

      Again, no mention of an earthquake. Why did everyone (including the official investigators) except the great genius and guardian of the truth ‘Mungo’ miss this obvious explanation as to why building 7 collapsed ?


      3) Did this shock-wave cause damage to any other buildings in the vicinity?

      By the way, just writing ‘as an engineer’ doesn’t mean your argument is correct or even that you are an engineer. Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (who are verifiable engineers) are clearly as unscientific and lacking in common sense as I am. Maybe if you had written that Godzilla’s stomping had caused the tremors I might have fallen for it though… lolololol

    • Robert

      Mungo, you’re a damn fool. Ive seen bldgs fall in an earthquake. They shake into chunks. Bldg 7 came straight down just like a controlled demolition. I hope Greg bans your IP address. Stop defending evil.

    • William Stanley

      Mungo: You’re an engineer? No way. Hundreds and hundreds of real engineers, architects, and material scientists have actually looked at the evidence and concluded that Building 7 was brought down by controlled demolition. Your, earthquake theory didn’t even get endorsed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and neither you no they have accounted for the fact that Building 7 fell at near free fall acceleration. However, the controlled demolition theory accounts for it quite well, as does analysis of the dust, which exhibits evidence of the use of nano-thermite. Much other evidence points in that direction as well.
      As a low-level troll, I doubt you’ve even bothered to look at the many videos showing the fall of Building 7, much less examine the voluminous evidence concerning 9/11 generally, and Building 7 in particular. Man, you have really got to do a better job. Some of the other trolls are putting you to shame and I imagine even they are embarrassed by your amateurism.

      • This sceptred Isle

        Exactly, Mungo is basically admitting that fires are not an adequate explanation for the collapse of building 7 otherwise he/she would have no need to expand the theory to include shock-waves.

    • Frederick

      Mungo As an Architect and builder for 40 years I’m calling BS on you being an engineer That building was demolished PERIOD You are a govt troll

  19. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview. Paradise Lost, John Milton’s excellent book that we had to read in high school back in the dark ages, the Devil says, “It is better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.” That is the attitude of the leaders of the left.

    And, Jennifer Crowther,
    We are not a democracy we are a Constitutional Republic. If you know it, put your right hand over your heart and say the pledge of allegiance to the flag of these United States of America.

    We come out of the super cycle @ Oct. 20th, plus or minus a couple of days. That doesn’t mean something will not happen after that it just means that the greatest propensity for something to happen will have waned. Stay prayerful, stay vigilant.

  20. dlc

    Biden’s back: “Battle for the soul of the nation.”

    Joe Biden, humble servant from Scranton, is your typical bloodsucker politician. He’s right up there with the worst of them. Is his son still milking a buck from the trumped up Ukraine fiasco?

    Joe Arpaio is in debt to the tune of millions. No surprise to me. Do you really think Biden is cleaner and more deserving, and he produced what enrichment for this country exactly?

    I’m thinking that Trump’s election put the fear screws to the corrupt in DC. They are used to perks, multiple homes, more power than Stalin, a greased future with multiple millions in bribes yet to come. Soros is just the ticket, rabble in the streets to distract the people.

    Now Biden, he sees an opportunity (for himself), an American color revolution for this cynical rodent. Ukraine worked out so well if you don’t factor in the population.

    I listened to George Webb last night reciting a litany of political felons and offenses. Where is justice? Some people want an inquisition for Trump and Arpaio. Where is justice for those who robbed our families and country to enrich themselves, those who sold secrets, took payoffs, and overthrew leaders in order to pilfer?

    I do not worship at the feet of Sheriff Joe or Trump. I saw what came before them and, in Joe’s case, what came afterward. I look at results, quality of life. Joe was toppled with the help of Soros. Guess why. Trump is all we have right now standing between us and the political pimps.

    Why does anyone still watch TV? Savage describes it as an open sewer pipe that runs through the living room.

  21. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    This was an awesome interview Greg. THANK YOU! Over here in the UK I find myself oscillating between deep loneliness if not of despair only to have my spirits revived by guests such as Steve Quayle. For here in Britain it seems that most churches have little or no inkling as to just how perilous our world is right now. As often as not President Trump gets demonised as a figure of ridicule, while only a few it seems can perceive that we’re embroiled in a life and death spiritual battle. But of course the signs are all there: A Kafkaesque disregard for truth as for example now being shown towards those held in prison. Terrorist threats gathering apace even as our politicians lose their bearings over other pressing concerns. Then again ours is a largely God-forsaken media where any devotion towards God does greater abeyance to endless sporting events, game shows, foodie programmes and and music festivals – more so over this our current August bank-holiday weekend. Families too are increasingly atomised by a cold love-less-ness while being enslaved to technology and where credit card debts are now reaching astronomical heights, etc, etc.
    While it seems empty to cry – Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, we’re reminded that Trump’s appointment is a miracle meaning we must never lose heart or fail to keep faith with our Father in heaven as we plead for Him to deliver us from evil.

  22. Frederick

    Just watched a fantastic video on SGT Report A guy named Patrick Dillon who was at ground zero on 911 Paul you need to watch this guy Amazing information on 911

    • Spec

      If you want people to watch your stuff, provide a link.

      • Frederick

        Spec I’m not sure how to attach that video to be honest Sorry

        • Paul ...

          Spec … do you have any info on what happened to Bldg 6? … unlike Bldg 7 taken down by explosive demolition all that remained of Bldg 6 was a big hole in the ground!

          • William Stanley

            Paul …
            Dr. Judy Woods has a book, “Where Did The Towers Go?” She’s done some fascinating research on the subject, pointing toward evidence of use directed “Free-Energy”technology which, essentially, turned even the steel into dust. She can also be found on YouTube giving a lecture (more than an hour long on the topic, as I recall. I hope it’s not too speculative for your tastes, but she has appropriate credentials and provides support for her theory. Sorry for the lack of the exact reference. But somehow, I think you’ll find it anyway. Good hunting! (and if you don’t find it soon, let me know).

          • William Stanley

            Building 6 was not completely destroyed on 9/11, it was fully demolished later. However, after the collapse of one of the twin towers, it did have an anomalous, large square hole in its middle.
            I’m also of the suspicion that the Pentagon was, in fact, hit with a cruise missile (the hole in the wall was too small for an airliner to fit through), but the missile was not a P700 going 2500 mph. That would have produced a sonic boom, which eyewitnesses don’t report.
            The “let’s roll” “crash” in Pennsylvania also doesn’t add up.
            Rebecca Roth has looked into 9/11 in some detail. You might enjoy, as I did, her three novels which incorporate much of the information that never made it into the official narrative: “Methodical Deception,” “Methodical Illusion,” and “Methodical Conclusion.” Strangely enough, those novels make far more sense than the official report, which concludes that the only three “steel structured” skyscrapers in the history of the world to collapse due to fire did so on 9/11.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Did he mention anything about an earthquake? Just asking on behalf of Mungo.

      • Frederick

        Of course not because there wasn’t any It was nanothermite

        • JC

          Frederick it did cause register on the scale when the towers fell. No other signs of a earthquake nearby.

          • Frederick

            JC Couldn’t a huge explosion underneath the towers register as a small earthquake I’m not geologist but I think it could And the maintenance guy ” Hernandez” I believe is on the record stating an explosion beneath him while in the basement Actually was so huge it lifted him off the floor

    • Paul ...

      Thanks Frederick!

      • Frederick

        Anytime brother Paul

  23. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Liberals are the first to lose their heads when a communist dictatorship secures its power…useful idiots they call them.
    Really, the terms are impossible to sort out anymore. I’d call Paul Ryan anything but conservative….reactionary NWO houseboy better. Labels mean nothing anymore.

  24. al

    It doesn’t matter if people in general believe in Satan or the like. What matters is that THEY DO AND IT’S PROVEN! The evidence is overwhelming. Taking it one step further, that entity we are speaking of is all for global dominance and genocide. Period!
    It’s the age old divide and conquer.
    Bionically speaking, Satan showed Jesus all the kingdoms in the World and all Jesus had to do is DIVIDE himself from God. Divide and conquer. It’s an age old Satanic mantra played out by the very people who compose the “laws” in this Nation.
    Remember, legality and justice can be diametrically opposite.

    • al

      Correction.. Biblically speaking not bionically. I should wear my glasses when I type.

  25. Nicolas

    Someone shoulsd mention to the snow flakes who voted for Hillary that the pilot who overheard Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch was assassinated while in hiding and protected custody. He overheard Clinton say he killed Vince Foster.

    • Frederick

      Nicolas which most of us who despise the Clintons knew all along

  26. R Martin

    Aloha Greg, looks like your a “You Tube” victim…..no video here in paradise….we can still read your thoughts and Mahalo for the Truth…….

    • Greg Hunter

      It was my mistake and it is up now.

  27. H. Craig Bradley

    Steve Quayle Video:

  28. Rob Schaaf

    The video is not up yet, my computer says!Ro

    • Greg Hunter

      So sorry, I made a mistake and it is up now!!

  29. Peter

    The guest is correct. I’ve watched Obama hacks like Jame Clapper, John Brennan badmouth Trump for no good reasons and call for his removal. Trump has the ability to help America but hacks, politicians from both political parties are attempting to destroy him. It’s very sad, but lets pray Trump succeeds in making America great again. God is on Donald Trump’s side.

    • Justn Observer

      Peter, Did you view this… https://youtu.be/XHbrOg092GA – whistleblower Kevin Shipp on the Shadow Government and their less minion the Deep State …both the matrix of the UNCONSTITUTIONAL STRUCTURE RUNNING THE U.S. GOVERNMENT….

  30. R Scott


  31. C

    Greg, can you please find out more about the Deagle report Dan speaks of at 14 min. ? I looked at it, and was puzzled. How do they get to these figures? What is this site?
    Second, I hear so much garbage from people talking about Trump which shows me how much propaganda/programming is being pushed. One of the ladies I heard today at a café, stated at one point: “I have become a Trump junkie”, which means they have to have their daily dose of Trump smearing.

  32. C

    It feels like we are now in a herd mentality, and when mob/herd mentality begins to take over, we are reminded of Hitler and other powerful tyrants taking over. We are losing a balanced, logical approach to life due to the media hate mongering.

  33. Independent


    according to Robert David Steele, a pedophile name dump is just around the corner. The names are going to be quite stunning.

    Operation Freedom Podcast: August 27
    Former CIA Clandestine Service Officer Robert David Steele

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Indy!!!

    • Frederick

      Independent We already know quite a few on that list from Wikileaks

  34. John M.

    Greg, I sure love your wide variety of guests which makes your show even more unique and valuable.
    I surely don’t want to tell you what to do as you are doing very well all by yourself.
    But if this new “Trump is Crazy” meme really starts taking hold just like the silly Russian collusion fairy tale did, you may want to consider booking Steve Pieczenik on your show. I was looking into his resume and it sure looks impressive, especially as he seems to be a psychiatric expert and have an understanding of the inner workings of government. I think the public would learn a lot from him, and it’s especially timely.
    You may need to do some vetting on him, but Pieczenik seems to be the real deal and sounds very knowledgeable to me.

    • William Stanley

      John M: I, too, would love to see that!

  35. Walter Baumgarten

    Holy cow Greg, I was did not realize that Mr. Quail was a Lucifer and his work believer and was surprised to see you go in this direction, but now that you have done so, you are committed. This is absolutely the bare-bones, “what it is all about’ truth and those of us that understand it will soon be under assault for having seen through the deception. You will find yourself attacked for exposing the Fallen one and his plans against The Creator now but have no fear, we shall be saved by our faith in Jesus for Satan holds no power over Him. In this plane of existence there is always one clear way to determine who it is that calls you to action. God gives us Free Will and we are judged according to how we proceed under our own choices. Lucifer demands control and with the advent of modern technologies, he has been able to introduce methods of total control over humanity to his will.

    You often ask your guests about timelines and “when”. Though it is indeed written that “no man shall know exactly when” I can assure you that it will be SOON. Consider Matthew 24:10 from the King James when you ask when…”And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another”. It is upon us my friend. God Bless

    • Greg Hunter

      You give satan (Yes, I know I spelled satan lower case s because this is all this weasel liar gets from me.) way too much credit. satan is a pretended that is why he has to lie and cheat. he really has zero power and Matthew 28:18 proves it. Please take special note in the word “ALL.” Thank you for your comment and “Fear Not.”

      • Frederick

        That’s the spirit Greg Go get em brother

      • Walter Baumgarten

        You raise an interesting point Greg for I have always done the same thing and not capitalized the “s”. I do not know why I failed to follow my own rule here, but yes indeed you are correct he deserves to be minimalized. Jesus is our Master and our strength and the Lord God, well He is the First and the Last, praise be His Holy name!

      • Tracy Welborn

        You are exactly right Greg. Never give the devil his due. He is nothing more than a “lapdog” to God, our father. God is not struggling to contain him in the least. satan is part of creation – GOD IS NOT.
        After having been thrown in a well by his brothers, Joseph said it best when he claimed that, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives”.
        God WILL use the coming collapse as a way to make himself known by many. I think we will see more people come to Christ than you can imagine. You wait and see – His grace and love will pour out to those that seek and want Him.

  36. Anthony Australia

    Hi Greg,

    Admittedly I skipped this clip; I know all it’s good to take all points of view in, but it needs to work both ways.
    Catch you on the next take.

    • Anthony Australia

      Hi Greg,

      Admittedly I skipped this clip; I know it’s good to take all points of view in, but it needs to work both ways.
      Catch you on the next take.

  37. Middle East East Middle

    People of any Faith should never bash other Faiths.

    I don’t think God made different religions. He set the rules of the land and of life in Revelations given to his Prophets. All of us are of the same Religion under God, but Politicians have called them different names so people fight each other until the end of time. Find something to disagree on and you get a fight. I’m right, you’re wrong mentality. Christians, Muslims, and Jews who follow the Original Scriptures worship the same God, but some think they do not, since a lot follow scriptures written by men who were not Prophets, but who state they studied the original scriptures. Politicians lie all the time now, do you think they didn’t lie a thousand years ago?

    How arrogantly some people speak about others when they have no proof of their own fate.

    • Greg Hunter

      Middle East, East Middle,
      The fact you say “Christians, Muslims, and Jews who follow the Original Scriptures worship the same God,” Means you have no earthly idea what you are talking about. Muslims believe in Allah. Islam also believes that anyone that believes in God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ should “burn in hell.” The is not arrogance, but pure religious fact. I think you are a paid troll, and are out of your league. Now go play in the street please and do not come back with your thought shaping and propaganda.

  38. Tim McGraw

    A good video, but I feel that Trump is surrounded by enemies and he doesn’t know it. How can he be so naive? Does it go back to being a real estate guy in NYC where eventually you have to deal with everyone, so you make enemies of no one?
    That’s not how politics work.
    Go to Breitbart and read the article by Brent Bozell on the slow death of the GOP. The GOP has betrayed us all.

    • Greg Hunter

      The GOP may have betrayed us but Christ has NOT. Please real Matthew 28:18 and take special note of the word “ALL.” “Fear Not” and never give up. You did not think it was going to be easy did you?

    • Flattop

      Tim McGraw: Right on Bro, a new party is needed for those of us who no longer trust the dems and reps.

  39. William Stanley

    Greg: Thanks for everything you do. I apologize if, once again, I have been unfair to one of your sincere commentators. Maybe I’m the snowflake, but the comment about a low-flying ICBM flying at Mach 2.5 triggered me. (ICBMs don’t fly “low”). I know it’s no excuse for rudeness, but if he had said “cruise missile” instead of ICBM I believe I could have better maintained my composure. Furthermore, I should know that you don’t have to be a “troll” to get it wrong. Sincere people can get it wrong as well. I hope I’m not making a habit of misreading people’s sincerity, but even merely competent paid trolls are good at blending in and just nibbling at the edges — and filling up the comment space with a mix of the true, the false, and the absurd in order to distract your readers from the otherwise excellent and sincere commentary.

    • Paul ...

      William … I’m not perfect … you are right … I should have called the P-700 a “cruise missile” … just so you know I’m not a troll for the Deep State (however you can call me a “troll for God”)!

      • William Stanley

        Paul …
        Thank you for the tone of your reply, it is very disarming. Whatever you are, you are very bright and I respect that.

        I wish this wouldn’t come across as patronizing as it will (I also am imperfect, at best): Your helpfulness to several other commenters was more convincing and helpful than your fleshing out (and/or) introduction of certain “conspiracy theories/facts” without providing much in the way of proof. Also, try to lessen the emotional content of your posts. That will increase your credibility. Feel free to offer me advice as well.
        William Stanley

    • Charles H


      Thank you for this comment. It reveals so much that is good – I could not refuse to recognize it.

      First of all – it is such a “stand-up” measure to apologise publicly: that you are to be commended. This not only reflects upon your own character; but illustrates a behavior that others can learn from. Good on you, sir.
      The other is – a razor-sharp attention to detail which reveals a little approached issue: those who would “just nibble at the edges”. Few incline themselves to discern the importance or danger of NOT drawing a line and defending it. It is a hard position, which is often judged harshly: but is completely necessary to maintain integrity. And without integrity – nothing can stand.
      It is certain, due to the character of this site – that not only the obvious detractors will ‘throw-down’ in frustrated attack; but that “wolves in sheep’s clothing” will also dance about the edges in order to deviate and deter (put an Hitchcockian tilt on) as much as possible. It is the first step of removal from fact (or Truth) – that is the most dangerous. And it is the purposeful intent to detract – which is the most insidious.
      One can only deal with the words and statements supplied. Your introspection is admirable.

      The contents and composure of your comments are better than good; and deserve superlatives I will not supply. If you will receive it from a nobody – you are one of the best ‘new’ commentors here. CH

  40. Robert

    Greg, sometimes I wonder how you make money doing this.

  41. U. Smith

    Ulysses Smith
    Ulysses Smith2 hours ago
    Steve Quayle, you are the preeminent blow hard. You are the preeminent self-righteous commentator. You never allow your listeners to even catch a breath nor allow themselves to digest what you have just said because you continue to relentlessly shove your ideas down their throats. Greg Hunter, you are the pre-eminent ass-kisser. You continuously flatter your guests and kiss their asses to gain their appreciation for you as their host. Anyone with any understanding of human psychology immediately understands that both of you are evil manipulators of human psychology to gain applause and aggrandizement of yourselves. You are not principally interested in sharing ideas of truth and understanding. Rather you are interested in manipulating your viewers into putting both of you on pedestals. You are both believers in and evangelists and promoters for a lie of manipulation and control that has existed down thru the centuries. Yet you think yourselves so superior to rational thinkers. Steve Quayle, you are not a realist. You are a true believer who wants to shove his belief onto everyone else. Your mouth and your rear end, Steve, are in total synchronicty. Basically you are totally anal in your approach and understanding. Anyone with the slightlest understanding can see thru your shit. Greg Hunter, I no longer respect you as a host and commentator after this interview. Disrespectfully yours, U.S.>

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey why don’t you man up and use a verifiable real name when you trash talk someone?? You will not be missed.

      • JC

        journalist bio of u smith Idk Idk Idk Idk/// ? Greg what is wrong with scared Americans that they cant stand by what they believe with their name attached. We either stand for our opinion or we stand for our faith eitherway… Put a real person to it. I hope you ban those that don’t stand with a real name. Junk mail don’t get a read. Drop the fakes. Answer a fool according to his foolishness less he become proud in his conceit.

      • Ulysses Smith

        Thank you. Greg, for your kind, Christian response to my comment. The Love of Christ shines thru in your response. Sorry to offend you, but Ulysses Smith is my real name. I make no claims to be or not to be a real man but it is apparent from your response that you are indeed a real man who can man up. Thank you again for your loving response. You are a true Christian. Ulysses Smith

        • Greg Hunter

          U Smith,
          I don’t have to “love” your lies and I do not have to give a warm response to propaganda. I am a sinner and no better than anyone else by the way. I just believe in Christ.

          • Ulysses Smith

            Greg, I apologize for the comments that I made about you and Steve Quayle. My comments were rude, abrasive and judgmental. This is the first time that I have ever left comments on a website or youtube. I see now that comments such as mine, made in the tone in which I made them, are not helpful. Instead, such comments just add to the antagonism, conflict and suffering that exists in our world today. Please accept my apology. Ulysses Smith

            • JC

              Ulysses Smith My apology to you also. I see so many (unlike ) you that don’t stand for anything except the next feel good wind.

              • Ulysses Smith

                Thank you, JC, but you need not apologize to me. I was wrong in making the comments that I made and in the manner in which I made them. It is a little funny, though, that my name must be so unlikely or absurd that people might not believe that it is a real name. I am not offended by that. Your reply, however, is healing and is helping me get past this misadventure upon which I embarked. Thank you. Ulysses

    • Diane

      U. SMITH
      What a hateful sad person you are.
      Or maybe just hateful.
      Why do you have to insult a man like Greg?
      If you don’t like his website…….go elsewhere.
      It’s not like you paid to read it.
      Get a life.

      • Ulysses Smith

        Thank you for your response to my comments, Diane. My comments were rude and abrasive. I apologize for making them and for offending anyone. You are right and I will take your advice. Ulysses Smith

    • Charles H


      1. You never respected Greg Hunter to begin with – so you are an abject liar. And trying to use a LIE to shame someone is complete absurdity. This is true, LOW-LIFE manipulation, wrapped in pseudo-intellectual garb.
      2. Anyone with any understanding of human psychology – understands that your simple, baseless criticism is both inaccurate and childish. “Pedestals”?!? Really?!?
      3. Stating – ” You are a true believer who wants to shove his belief onto everyone else. ” – only demonstrates that there are longstanding grievance issues: which is WHY my point #1 is accurate. It also shadows a snowflake, inclined to perpetual victimhood. Poor baby!
      4. Your indulgence in vulgarity completely strips away any inkling to intellectual accomplishment. Either you are a poser; or you should demand a refund for your education. (On second thought – a refund is definitely in order.)

      Don’t these kids understand that “Science” is only a couple hundred years old; and that Sacred Knowledge is thousands of years old? Madison Ave would be proud: “New!” and “Improved!” It is the SAME Creation, being ‘discovered’; but under different “terms” which purposefully exclude God; and who blind themselves to all that it cannot explain away through far-fetched “theories”. Science CANNOT explain the scope and balance of organization in this world. That doesn’t stop them from trying to agrandize themselves of “knowledge” – as if they were the authors of it all.
      Science tries to disregard and disallow Sacred Knowledge as false – simply because it is the newest thing; and tries to make a claim to supercede. If anything at all: Science is only the continuance of Sacred Knowledge, and would have no legitimacy whatsoever without the basis of Sacred Knowledge. It is like a child saying his parent doesn’t exist solely because he is the only one who is right.

      • Ulysses Smith

        Charles, I agree with you and apologize. I should not have indulged in vulgarity. I was wrong. U.

        • Charles H


          Thank you for the apology – as partial as it is. In the Navy, aboard ship, when fire or explosion occurred – we mounted “Damage Control”, to save the ship. I view your apologies and partial retractions as damage control; trying to salvage what is possible.
          It is well to understand that not only First Impressions last; but that the whole of all contributions are judged. You have done damage by the violence of the attack on Greg Hunter; which will put a pile of salt to further commenting on your part. Fare well.

  42. G. Easley

    Hi Greg,
    Great show today! Thanks for being a great patriot. As I mentioned in my email to you, there is a new WH Petition that we need some help with. The Title is: “Declare George Soros a terrorist and seize all of his related organizations’ assets under RICO and NDAA law.” Here’s the link to it: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/declare-george-soros-terrorist-and-seize-all-his-related-organizations-assets-under-rico-and-ndaa-law
    We need 100,000 signatures to get it President Trump. We have 39,000+ so far. Could you post it on your blog and include in your next video interview. Also pass to SQ. Thanks so much! All for one and one for all!

  43. IseeClearly

    An organisation, a site, an individual etc has no business proclaiming they are a journalist or news-what ever and constantly invoke such mystical figures like Gods, Giants, Devils etc etc….those belong to the people long before the medieval times who made all this stuff up to control people. I do not know what is the bigger fraud….ANY religion or the invention of private central and fractional banking. Both are the reason for the violence and murderous rampages crossing the globe. That could never have happened if dim people had been enlightened enough to see through this fraud. To me….(US) Americans are for the most part on par with the level of the Taliban.

    • Greg Hunter

      ISEE (Badly),
      You are an idiot and the only thing you can see is the fraud of the Federal Reserve. Everywhere else is pitch black blindness. Read the Bible and believe in Christ. Both are true and will open you eyes.

  44. Deanna Johnston Clark

    The self righteousness here is dangerous….we are all sinners who have fallen short in living holy lives. Sorry, Greg, too much preening, and it doesn’t help anybody.

    • Tracy Welborn

      What?? Where was the preening? “Jesus is the way and all other ways are not the way”. If that’s preening, then sign me up. Was John the Baptist preening? Was Paul preening? Speaking the truth boldly is NOT preening.

    • William Stanley

      Deanna: You didn’t even watch the video did you? If you believed a word of what you wrote, you wouldn’t have. Ergo, you’re a troll, if only one in training. You still have a chance to find the happiness you seek. I know they pay you and you need the money but, in my opinion you are not irredeemably evil — yet. Try practicing what you “preach.” Let a little love enter your heart. If you can’t do that, fake it until you make it. But first of all, run away from the evil surrounding you.

      • Charles H

        William –

        Deanna has been around quite a long time. In no way would the term “troll” come close to applying. I hate to ask anything of you, except to hold back that term – troll; and use it sparingly, ALL of us would – sadly- qualify ourselves as trolls, under the right viewpoint.

      • William Stanley

        It looks like you are another sincere commenter whom I’ve unfairly labeled as a “troll.” My apologies. I was attracted to this site, in part, because of the quality of the comments. Now I’ve been guilty twice in two days of overprotectiveness of Greg, who is quite capable of defending himself when warranted. I’ll try to be more discerning in the future.

        • Charles H

          The sharper the tool; the more careful the work…

  45. Jerry

    I’m going to post this under the “Who’s Running The Show” title.

    Right on cue the United Nations issues an “early warning” for a civil war in the United States. Apparently the globalist have gone to plan B (letting us kill each other) since they couldn’t pry Donald Trump loose from the presidency. I think its just a matter of time before the clubs and shields give way to AR-15’s, and then its Katy bar the door.

    Political Anarchy and mind numb correctness has even found its way to my home town, as a measure to change the name of my grade school ( Lee School) to something else has been presented to school board. All of this is just one great big distraction from the main event that is coming in October. Stay tuned.

    • JC

      Jerry is running the best show in America. Said it, don’t regret it. Thanks brother.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Hot damn! We finally agree. If we don’t get the fake news media and destroy them utterly in the coming fight, it shall have all been for naught. Most of our civil institutions need to be rebuilt from scratch. Reform is a chimera. Best always. PM

      • Charles H

        Forget MasterCard – you guys are priceless!

      • Jerry

        We agree on a lot . Rugger, Mossberg, Bushmaster….etc.

    • William Stanley

      Charles H:
      Thank you for setting me straight.

      • Charles H

        Not at all, William. I am no abitor for this site: it is YOUR willingness to listen that makes the difference here. Live and learn; and hopefully mature – for I am not convinced age guarantees maturity at all.

  46. A Realist

    The fact that their are numerous religions and differing beliefs exposes the reality that there is no super being, aka God. Start living your life and stop trying to match circumstances to fictitious scriptures – the brain is an excellent pattern matching computer. Suggest having Richard Dawkins as a guest and see how you cope with some scientific sense 😁

    • William Stanley

      A Realist: Blood on your hands? What does that signify? Have you pondered the irrationality of your statement that differing opinions “exposes” the non-existence of God? Not even Dawkins (whom I enjoy) would make such a logical error. Moreover, Dawkins doesn’t seem to embrace hate as a lifestyle, neither should you. It’s not good for you.

  47. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, so glad you had Mr. Quayle on again, keep them coming. The God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob will let them play their hand then He will cut it off! Thank you Greg for what you have done at Wachtdog,

  48. Daniel Barr

    “Writing the truth is no way to succeed as an author. Only a small percentage of readers are interested in the truth. Most want their biases or brainwashing vindicated. They want to read what they already believe. It is comforting, reassuring. When their ignorance is confronted, they become angry. The way to be successful as a writer is to pick a group and give them what they want. There is always a market for romance novels and for histories that uphold a country’s myths.

    On the Internet successful sites are those that play to one ideology or another, to one emotion or the other, or to one interest group or another. The single rule for success is to confine truth to what the readership group you serve believes.”


    • Charles H

      True dat. Perhaps, then, Greg Hunter is not interested in being “successful”.

  49. Russ

    Thanks Greg. I don’t follow Steve Quayle, but he’s right on with his comments regarding the attacks on President Trump, and through him, the United States itself. What many of these useful idiots tearing down statues don’t realize that their own existence is on the line. There they are tearing down the legacy of what made this nation what it is (great) and they think it’s a good thing. Sad, but they are still in the minority. They get a lot of press coverage due to the MSM also pushing that agenda, but press coverage doesn’t put them on the right side of history.

    On the topic of the MSM, what’s with the ongoing poll on your website? “Yes, I think the MSM polls are accurate. (66%, 1,120 Votes)”
    I find it hard to believe that 66% of the people visiting this site believe the MSM’s polling. How ironic… Goes to show that you can’t trust polls anywhere these days.

  50. Gordon Carpenter

    I”m from liberal, brain-washed, deceived, Canada that elected a hyper leftist Emperor named Trudeau so I can spot skunks when I see them.
    Jennifer above has no idea how “no nothing” she is. As Greg said about Clinton, Jennifer needs to do a little research about the Clinton clan. No one is stating that Donald is perfect but he is the only “mortal ” hope for the U.S and the free world. GOD is ultimately the only eternal hope of course even if the battle here is lost.
    Church, now is the time to shine. It seems battle lines so to speak have been drawn in the sand!

  51. Sherrie

    Why isn’t Trump going after Soros, when asked about him by a tea party supporter he said “leave George alone, he has enough problems”. As someone who voted for Trump this makes me question him.

    Trump’s son in law has business dealings with Soros as well as a loan for his building at 666 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, NY.

    It appears the people of the United States are the only ones who are going to be able to make a real difference by rising up as we are no longer able to rely on those in government. We have been usurped, abetted by traitors in our own government.

    • Frederick

      Sherrie I think the reason is money Soros and his associates the Rothshilds can make or break any country including the US by financial means and Trump is very aware of this fact Therefore They along with the Clintoons are ” untouchable” That’s my take on it anyway

  52. Southern Girl

    I remember the images of all these people screaming at the top of their lungs when Trump on. I mean you can probably still find these online somewhere. I was struck with what was this happening. I don’t think I have ever seen it to that extent. Then it dawned on me these were the people who had given themselves over to satan and realized they were not really I charge. God WAS in charge.

    I pray for Trump ever day that God protect him. And that the Holy Spirit give him wisdom. And for St. Michael to guard him.

    • Flattop

      Southern Girl: Allow me to remind you of George Bushes election. Hanging chads in Florida, the liberal media attacking his military record, his medical records, and all he msm saying he was not intelligent enough to be president. Nothing new here.

  53. Hatemail

    Gold has busted through the $1300 wall!
    Time to pass the debt ceiling and smash gold down with more fiat.

  54. Tommy

    People, please don’t respond to trolls like Jennifer. You are arguing with an idiot and wasting valuable time when we have to scroll through the crap to get to the cream. We risk overlooking valuable content by giving “Jennifer” so much attention. The times are too perilous to waste on Jennifer or any other nut.

    • jodyp

      Agree 100% Tommy!

  55. Mike R

    Gold finally cracking back above $1300, could be just the indicator that Quayle is right. PM’s always sense bad stuff in government, so if Gold keeps rising from here, and gets back over $1500, the over-throw of Trump will probably be obvious to even MSM. (in fact, you could say that its what the MSM actually wants, so if they start appearing gleeful at the Trump’s demise, don’t say you didn’t hear it from here.)

    Gold will rise, and the dollar will weaken coincidentally, not one because of the other, but a weakening dollar will be reflecting Trump’s waning power. Now that he wants to dump Tillerson too, the entire world is going to lose faith in Trump, and by virtue the US and the USD. I mean, he hasn’t been satisfied with anyone, in any meaningful cabinet position, and so at some point you have to ask ‘when is the guy going to actually make a good decision on staffing, that he won’t later reneg on ? He can’t possibly run the government by himself, and he’s lost both parties, so what is left that he can actually do, or ‘accomplish’ besides press the codes for a nuke button that doesn’t require another person to approve it ? The man has to be beyond frustrated by the swamp.

    • Frederick

      1322.50 gold price now 11.32 PM EST

    • Paul ...

      Mike … it is not frustration … ever tinker around building something? … you try this … you try that … until you get it right … and are satisfied with the result … that is what Trump is doing … in order to re-build what has been destroyed … he is tinkering around shuffling his Cabinet … building America into a great nation again!!

  56. Billy Roberts

    Excellent interview Greg. The bible says woe to the inhabitants of the world for the devils and his demons are on earth with short time left.Thats is the real story not democrats etc.

    All this crazy stuff happening now is from the invisible power of the world and his demon friends.

    Civil war is coming and then the German led EU will attack America and its allies. That is what is coming.

  57. Frederick

    Wednesday morning the 29th DOW futures down 130 points Let’s get this party rolling Gold presently 1332 Silver 17.65 looking good folks

  58. Happy

    What is really astounding is Trump has allowed himself to be cordoned off by Kelly and his cabal of confederates opposed to seeing the USA economically independent.

    One matter that most people overlook is the US dollar is the underlying currency upon which every other currency is based. Even if the US was another $1 trillion dollars in debt, the only people who would suffer are those living outside of the US, because printing more $US dilutes the rest of the currencies of their true purchasing power. Talk of the $US collapsing is either ignorance or agenda driven. When sufficient number of the world economies are beginning to show negative growth in GDP, then this contraction of economies will produce the conditions to bring in a New World Order by introducing a new currency under the pretense that this will rectify economic downturns and facilitate commercial transactions and economic growth.

    A key criterion of this new fix will be the concept of a living wage paid to everybody on Earth to under gird economic growth. The living wage will be distributed to recipients upon their willingness to participate as part of the global economy by accepting the requisite chip that will enable them to become a UN citizen; one who can travel anywhere across the globe without the need of a passport or having to apply for visas. The chip will replace all other means of identification and, with the distribution of a living income, will be an instrumental factor in implementing global economic growth.

    • William Stanley

      Happy: Yes, that is the new orthodoxy. IMHO it will undercut the basic human happiness and satisfaction in being productive and will, eventually, lead to despair and further disfunction.

    • Flattop

      HAPPY: Don’t think the Chinese, Russian and Indian currency will collapse with all their gold backing their currency

    • Frederick

      NO Gold is the underlying currency on which all others rely

  59. Tad

    I would say after yesterday’s launch of a DPRK missile over Japan, that the Chinese either have little to no influence with Kim Jong-Un, or they’re jointly planning a strategy with ill effects toward Japan, and probably South Korea. Knowing the Chinese don’t like to leave fingerprints or get their hands dirty, one can see almost everyone adversely affected but the Chinese.

    To extend that thinking, it seems doubtful the Chinese will cooperate with Pakistan on the harboring-of-terrorists issue.

    With suspected Chinese involvement of US military ship collisions in recent months, the Chinese talk about a multi-polar world seems like a cover for a growing self-indulgence or uni-polar ambitions.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Turn the tables on the Chicoms really quickly by bringing Russia into NATO and moving the missiles to Siberia. Best always. PM

      • Frederick

        Why do you believe Russia would turn on their Chinese allies to join with Satan

    • Hatemail

      China and NK are two sides of the same coin.

    • FC

      China will never directly tell North Korea to stop because it’s an indirect pay back on Trump wanting to place tariffs on their products.

  60. Flattop

    Brent Musberger, a has been sportscaster, is screaming and hollering about USCs mascot horse whose name is Traveler, because Robt E Lee had a horse named, traveler. Our nation has sunken into STUPIDITY. Political correctness gone crazy.

  61. Ron Vaillant

    Love your work Greg. Steve’s as well, but I believe Steve has a big misunderstanding regarding the giants of the Bible. He contends that fallen angels have procreated with women on earth from Genesis 6:4 “…sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them,…the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. ”

    The assumption is that the sons of God are the fallen angels, but the Bible states in different places such as Romans 8:14 that only those who are lead by God’s spirit are sons of God. “For as many as re led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. ” You don’t find fallen angels being called the sons of God, nor are they led by God’s spirit, including Job. 2:1.

    The daughters of men are only described twice in the Bible in Genesis 6, so it’s difficult to do a study on the term. But using logic, if the sons of God are those humans who follow God, the daughters of men would those women who are earthly, carnal, not believers.

    So the proper interpretation for Genesis 6, for lack of a better term, is that Christian men were marrying non Christian women and having children. Not fallen angels marrying women, since Jesus said that there is no marriage with angels in Mark 12:25. Marriage and procreation seem to be an exclusive ability to our human population.

    Steve contends that this hybrid race of fallen angels and humans is what caused the giants of the earth, but the giants come right from Adam and Eve as they were much larger, stronger, smarter than us. The degradation of humans has made us smaller, weaker, and dumber over time. The opposite of Darwin’s evolution.

    I bring this up since it’s such a key point to the whole Nephilim misunderstanding. No doubt fallen angels appear is seances, as spirits of the dead, reptilians, etc., but there is not a hybrid race of fallen angels and humans. Thanks

  62. Curtis

    Just reading the comments, I can tell that many of you are RINO’s. Face it, if many of you were handed a golden platter stuffed with traditional American morality, liberty, and freedom existing at the founding of this country… many of you would scream and shout, flush the platter down the toilet… and vomit.

    • Greg Hunter

      Many people are NOT RINO’s. Got that wrong. This looks like a paid troll comment.

  63. Barclay

    i identify left, but agree with trump in some important areas, especially rapprochement with Russia, and i don’t support impeachment, mostly because i’m terrified by the idea of pence in the wh.

    i’d sure like to hear less violent-sounding talk here. you know, there are a lot of sensible progressives who don’t buy the media spin and who think SHillary would be a lousy prez, Paul Street, for instance. and if we talked things through, we might get something workable started……

    I also know plenty of progressives who support the individual interpretation of the 2d amendment — look what happened to Occupy and DAPL. Anyone who wants popular gun prohibition now is not seeing things clearly.

    i think there’s a lot of potential in positive conversation about our shared american values, including peace and prosperity for all. Here’s what I believe in:

    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

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