We Are Headed For War-Paul Craig Roberts

paul_craig_roberts-323x346By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary (in the Reagan Administration) Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has a stark warning for the world. Dr. Roberts says, “We changed our nuclear doctrine.  It used to be we used nuclear weapons only in retaliation.  There was no first use, but the George W. Bush regime, the Neocons, changed our nuclear doctrine.  It’s now a preemptive first strike.  So, this tells both the Russians and Chinese they could get a preemptive first strike.  Then, we tell the Russians we are putting missiles right on your border.  You won’t have two minutes’ notice.  They can’t accept that.  It’s too much risk from a crazy country (U.S.) that won’t negotiate with them. . . . So, we’re headed for war. I think the only thing that would block it is if one or two of the European governments realize that they have nothing whatsoever to gain with a conflict with Russia. . . . The only thing they could do to prevent a nuclear war is to pull out of NATO.”

Dr. Roberts also contends, “The tensions now between the United States and Russia are higher than they ever were during the cold war. For this reason, it is very dangerous.  It is dangerous for another reason.  In all of my life, every President worked to reduce tensions with Russia.  Kennedy worked with Khrushchev to defuse the Cuban missile crisis, and part of the deal was Kennedy pulled American missiles out of Turkey.  We know Richard Nixon worked . . . very hard to get a strategic arms limitation treaty. . . . Now, we have NATO right on Russia’s border.  This is a massive violation of commitments that the United States made.  We now have extremely high amounts of tensions, and I think with this recent attack by the United States on Syrian troops, it has made it perfectly clear to the Russian government that diplomacy is useless, and they cannot reach a diplomatic understanding with the United States.  Therefore, we have reached the point where force confronts force.”

Why are American so in the dark about the dire global risks of nuclear war? Dr. Roberts, who is an award winning journalist and former editor and columnist at the Wall Street Journal, says, “There are no longer any independent networks.  ABC, NBC and CBS are all cogs in huge conglomerates.  The media companies are not run by journalists.  They are run by former government officials and corporate advertising executives who have no interest whatsoever in telling the truth. . . . So, essentially, there is no longer any media.  It’s a ministry of propaganda.”

On the economy, with around 94 million people out of the workforce and the near record low Labor Force Participation rate, Dr. Roberts says, “The Labor Force Participation rate never falls during a recovery. It rises because people are entering the labor force to take advantage of the strong economy and jobs.  So, there isn’t any economy.  There is a house of cards that is held together by central bank money creation.  The money flows into financial assets.  That’s what keeps the stock market up, and it flows into bonds, which is why we have essentially 0% interest rates. . . . So, the economy is essentially a hoax.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with economic expert and award winning journalist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

(There is much more in the in-depth 50 minute video interview.)

After the Interview:

Dr. Roberts also pointed out that only 32% of the public trusts the mainstream media (MSM) according to a new Gallup poll. Roberts contends it will only fall further from here.

If you would like to buy any of Dr. Roberts’ 13 books, please click here. His newest book “The Neoconservative Threat To World Order” is at the bottom of the page.  There is also free information on the homepage of PaulCraigRoberts.org.

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  1. Paul ...

    Afghan heroin is sold to our children making them into “zombies” and the money collected is used to keep the bankrupt “zombie” Banks from failing … the labor force participation rate continues to fall, etc., etc. … and Obama (the Nobel Peace Prize winner) after 8 years in office has not put a stop to the Afghan war and has thus brought “zombie economics” to a whole new level!

    • Deanna Clark

      Thank you!
      At K-Mart (yes, some here do shop there) I asked why the fall clothes weren’t out. The older lady working told me, “They ARE here…boxes of them. But we can’t get help…nobody who applies passes the drug test these days.”
      Blog after blog online with all the brilliant answers…and nobody mentions the giant elephant in the room. Some even insist low wages are the reason many won’t work. So how are they eating…and buying pills and pot?
      I know it’s unusual for anyone here to bring up the social problems regarding the economy….it’s all the bank’s fault!! But really, it’s everybody’s fault….somehow we need a great revival!

      • GreenRock

        Sobriety is a revolutionary act today. The feds won’t leave Afghanistan since it’s their revenue source. All people must act to move away from drugs. Congratulations to Duterte for his courageous acts to eliminate drug use.

        Paul Craig Roberts gives us the big picture. Thanks, Greg!

  2. Anthony Australia

    Sad but true.
    History repeats.
    Brilliant interview Greg, many thanks !

  3. Anthony Australia

    We are already at War

    • Anthony Australia

      We are already at war

      • Shadow of Doubt

        Consider the next step in war against you:
        In, Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: “We will eliminate Your Cash”
        found on the http://www.mcalvanyweeklycommentary.com you will see what will be coming our way
        1. Financial Repression (think theft) requires a captive audience.
        2. Never underestimate the Government’s ability to change the rules of the game to create a “captive audience”.
        3. Negative Interest Rates and Cash Control will be used to get you to pay down the debt.
        Think of yourself sitting at a game of cards knowing its “fixed”. If you have to wonder who the “patsy” is — its in all probability you!(This was a W. Buffett analogy) Ponder the future implications these tyrannical strategies may have on you and plan accordingly.

        • GreenRock

          Ha, ha….they LOVE the idea they totally control us.
          NOT SO……there’s always another way.

  4. Gina M Mancarella


    Fear Not. Hillary has all of our backs and will come to our rescue. Americans all over the country are tired of our current state of affairs. We need to build a society where the repressive cost of education can be brought in line with the means of all Americans. Tim and Hillary will create 10 million jobs in the first 100 days in office basically eliminating unemployment ! The New dawning of America is at hand. Lets stand up together and worship Hillary !

    • Greg Hunter

      Hillary = Satan. You worship that lying, treasonous, bribe taking weasel I won’t. You am I both know you are a troll.

      • ross

        Yes Greg. I don’t really understand all this Satan worship at Bohemian Grove or this Skull and Bones perversion of which the Bush family is involved. So many of our elites seemed to be involved in these perversions that are not only anti-human but against the participants own well being.

        These lunatics seem to be hell bent on nuclear war so they can control the planet with a much reduced population.

      • Doug

        I think “Gina” isn’t for Killary at all. I think he/she is just playing with you and everyone else on this site. I think he/she is actually going to vote for Trump but for some sick reason likes to stir the pot with the stupidity he/she writes. 10 million jobs in the first 100 days, please…………..She may not even be alive for 100 more days, once they stop shooting her up with what ever is keeping her walking. At least we can get a laugh out of Gina for another 47 days and then he/she will crawl out of their parents basement once again.

        • Tracy Welborn

          I get what you’re saying Doug but I actually think she is real. Those moveon, Soros types are really like that. I’ve met couple of them, they are kinda scary.

      • eddiemd

        If this person is a troll, why allow them to post?

        It reflects poorly that you allow them to continue to post. Most of us recognize that this person is here to distract with ridiculous posts. Shut them down.

        • Greg Hunter

          I allow it because it reveals how they think. We need to know what we are up against.

          • Denis Parsons Burkitt

            Thank you Greg! Keep USAWatchdog relevant and above all interesting.
            Ed, expand your horizon’s. Try visiting a health food store sometime. Get a glimpse of the future!

            • eddiemd

              Go way Gina clone.

            • eddiemd

              Is this the JW person writing under different false names again?

          • Tracy Welborn

            I agree Greg. Continue to post her comments. We need to see how “they” think. It is cultish huh?

          • Da Yooper

            Keep your friends close

            & your enemies closer

          • Peter Starr

            Hi, a message from London.The only paper to show us updates on the Russian/Nato situation is THE INDEPENDENT on-line.The other papers including THE TIMES,GURADIAN AND THE TELEGRAPH are extremely frugal with the truth but with THE INDEPENDENT much is getting through and this would one hopes will please you and your readers.You do a fine job with your work.I learn that there is nothing in the news media in the US.Complete media and news blackout in the UK as well in all the papers.Sometimes Alex Jones quotes from UK papers like THE MAIL,THE EXPRESS,SUN AND STAR.I urge your readers and viewers caution with these papers as they are the gutter press in the UK and THE EXPRESS is one of the worst and is the most sensationlist.They tend to make it up as they go along.THE MAIL is little better and only appeals to the middle aged and pretentious middle class folk and scandal hunters.
            Indeed news is hard to find everywhere of what is really going on in the world and geopolitics in general and of course in particular the US and the UK and not forgetting the European press.One or two German newspapers are more forthcoming and you can use the Google translator for that or at least to get the gist of what is happening.
            Sincere Regards
            Peter London UK

          • Peter Starr

            Hi Greg,
            these links may interest you and your readers.
            Sincere Regards
            Peter Starr



      • d


      • Diane S

        Wow Greg…..great interview.
        We always know when you hit on out of the park….Gina the troll shows up with am absurd comment.:)

        • Greg Hunter

          Diane S.
          I am laughing but I think you are spot on!!! Thank you.

        • Grod


        • allen ols

          e md
          ‘ the bombardier knows when he is over the target in Germany, as he starts receiving FLAK

      • Chris madore

        Why take the bait from Gina.
        This is to derail genuine conversation with a meaningless side track.

        • eddiemd

          Agreed. I have my suspicions that Gina may be part of the JW cult since the JW’s posting on this board readily support the postings. Maybe Ms. Clinton is their long awaited savior. Quite possible.

      • Island

        Brilliant interview!!!

      • Peter Starr

        Hi Greg,greetings from North London UK.I could not believe the comment from this silly bovine creature who calls herself Gina.Either she is being cleverly sardonic or she truly represents the stupid Americans who are many of low integrity and intellect.Her comments begged belief.If she is as bovine as she seems and purports then she should be a field with the rest the herd.
        My Sincere Regards from
        Peter Starr North London UK

    • FC

      Sing it with me Gina.


      • Denis Parsons Burkitt

        W O W FC! Our slave-master wannabe’s aren’t going to be happy when they see this and it will spread. This is grass roots stuff you can not stop! Interesting times. . . A rising of the people and the sheeple cant be far behind. True Peace & Security anyone?

        Is it LOGICAL to put our trust in governments? What is that trust based on? History shows the truth of Solomon’s words, “…man has dominated man to his injury.” It is beyond doubt that God, the father, has things totally under control and is soon to replace all human governments with his Kingdom under the king of HIS choice, Jesus Christ (Daniel 2:44)

        • eddiemd

          More JW thought processes.

          • Greg Hunter

            So far he has not crossed the line. Please help me keep an eye on this as I do NOT want JW material or thoughts on this site.

            • Mark

              Hey Greg,

              Been reading your site for some time. Your comment here about JWs is the first to compel me to post.

              Your comment is without logical basis, and illustrates a lack of understanding of JW thinking. This is especially sad as your site seems to carry a Christian tone.

              Let me just point out a few facts: JWs believe Jesus is the son of God and made the ultimate sacrifice for us all. JWs believe intensely in the Bible and probably know it better that most. No organization preaches more or publishes more about the Bible than JWs…..in short, you will not find better organization that believes in and promotes the truth reveled in the Bible. So where does your bias come from? Do tell Greg, what in JW teaching do you find contrary to scripture?


              • Greg Hunter

                If wish to directly quote the Bible, please do. Do not inject JW teachings here when you do so.

              • Charles H


                It isn’t where you begin that counts: it is where you end-up. JWs begin with the “Bible”, using various versions – which permit various interpretations because of word changes (modernization/relevancy). This is to engage and involve exposure to their ‘so called expertise’. Once acceptance or trust is established: they change to THEIR OWN version of a bible – the New World Translation (NWT) which is the worst chopped, changed and (entire verses) omitted bible out there. On top of that they begin spoon-feeding material on par with the bible, from their apostles or elders or prophets in their Watchtower and Awake magazines. And this is where you end up: studying from a ‘bible’ that is so changed that it no longer supports “sound doctrine”, but JW interpretation; and extra-biblical material and teachings. It also tries to maintain a cult-like control over it’s adherents. (Refuse blood transfusions to save a life?)
                BEYOND this continuation of Charles Taze Russell’s unique eschatology and doctrine – there are two damnable heresies which they promulgate: 1) their Jesus Christ is “a god”, not THE God. They refute and refuse Jehovah God in Three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This makes the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Jesus a false Christ; a lesser than Jehovah deity. In effect, at the Great White Throne Judgment – where Hell gives up her dead (which they don’t believe in either) the true Jesus Christ will be compelled to say ‘ whoever you believe in was not me; so depart because I never knew you’. The other is to COMPEL believers to OBEDIENCE, or ‘good works’ to mix with faith to ‘gain the Kingdom’ or be saved. This diverts from the REAL Biblical doctrine of Salvation by Grace through Faith. Sincerity in itself is not a basis for being right: and they are very sincere – but utterly WRONG on multiple spiritual levels. Being bigger or more active is also no proof of being correct.
                They may preach and promote more than any other ‘religious’ “organization” (not “church”): but they are off into their own thing, with their own doctrine-specific bible and extra-biblical materials – and can in NO WAY be can be considered “Christian”. So in their own way – they find no conflict or “teaching… contrary to scripture” – because they use their “OWN” scripture.
                I suppose they think they are doing a great work by converting those not like them to become like them, and removing the ‘error’ of true Christianity’s ways: but the great weight of historical evidence and doctrinal consistency is against them. True Christianity has the Third Person of God, the Holy Spirit – who witnesses with our spirit what is His Word and what is Truth; whereas to the JWs, the Holy Spirit is only a power or influence – which, again allows for an illegitimate substitution.

                What someone believes makes all the difference in the world: and makes the supreme difference in Eternity. Follow Jehovah’s Witnesses’ at your own, eternal peril.

              • eddiemd

                You and Denis Parsons Burkitt are both JW followers. It is obvious.

                You don’t believe that Jesus is God.

                We can look to the first chapter of John in the Gospel.

                ” In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
                The same was in the beginning with God.” John 1:1-2

                ” And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, the glory as the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.” John 1:14

                This is where the JW’s changed the Bible. You as a JW do not believe these verses and have denied the truth.

                In the JW bible you have twisted the scripture as follows: you have reduced the Word of God to being “a God” (see below). The words from your bible are below. You are condemned by changing the scripture when you founded your cult in 1914. Get out while you can.

                In the beginning was the Word,+ and the Word was with God,+ and the Word was a god.*+ 2 This one was in the beginning with God. 3 All things came into existence through him,+ and apart from him not even one thing came into existence.

                • Greg Hunter

                  Thank you EddieMD for helping me here. I will not knowing post JW material on the site and I DO NOT WANT IT HERE.(This part of the comment is for JW posters.) Thank you for the comment Eddie and backstop.

                • Mark

                  Hi Eddie,

                  You are correct JWs believe that Jesus is the Son of God and not God, or Jehovah, if you accept that he does actually have a name. So what always struck me about the use of the book of John to validate the Trinity is the lack of inclusion of the account of Lazarus. Not that I find any of the scripture you quoted as being support for the Trinity. Recall that in the Lazarus account a few very significant things. Jesus knew Lazauras was “asleep in death” and was not in either hell or heaven, for why would he resurrect him if he was in either place…think man. Further, Jesus makes it perfectly clear, the resurrection was to demonstrate the glory of God…not himself. Jesus always gave the glory to God for his works. Was he just playing with us? “I’m here, but I’m gonna make you think I’m talking to myself up there.” And who exactly was it that was speaking after Jesus bapisism? Did Jesus use vantriquilism and project his voice into the sky…”I approve of him”. For what reason Eddie? To fool us? And who was Jesus praying to in the Garden, himself? The scriptures you quoted are the usual ones to support the Trinity, but really, if you study the historical originals of the Trinity and closely read the scriptures, you will discover the Trinity is a man made idea. Now open your spiritual mind Eddie and see how well the Bible harmonizes without the Trinity smoke and mirrors. I am not a Jehovah Witness, but I do believe that they have it mostly right. Peace be with you.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    You are welcome to believe what you want but you are not welcome to post JW material on the site. This is you last comment on this subject.

                  • Charles H

                    Until the Resurrection/Ascension- “Abraham’s Bosom” existed compartmentalized in Hell; which is WHY the rich man could see Abraham afar off. This was the temporary place for the Old Testament saints until Jesus Christ preached the good news of His Redemption- which all believed, and were translated into Heaven in the Ascension. So your explanation has one big hole in it already.
                    Then – Jesus Christ’s earthly ministry was miraculously and completely effected by the Holy Spirit: His subjection to humanity and weakness was perfect. He was resurrected by the Holy Spirit: so all the credit or glory to be correctly assigned was to the supernaturally active parts of the Godhead.
                    At the Baptism there is the demonstration of all Three Persons of the Godhead: Jesus Christ in the flesh; the Holy Spirit in the likeness of a dove; and the Father in ‘the Approving Voice’. Here you show that you can see things just as I : but still come to the wrong conclusion.
                    Then, you claim, something of “historical originals” which assert that the “Trinity” is a man-made idea. Again: you cannot draw extra-Biblical material in to disprove the Bible. The Bible is Divinely Inspired and Divinely Preserved: it is self-defining, and progressive – not needing ANYTHING to explain it or define it. Languages change over time – and the ONLY way to gain benefit from the original language would be to have grown-up and learned them in their original purity and context – which isn’t humanly possible. In absence – all you can do is learn language in lexicons and commentaries: which then, is a source of error. The right Bible is sufficient in itself: you don’t need to be or to become a scholar to understand it. A King James Bible will teach you English, define all the terms, and introduce you to the Standard of Truth. The JWs are far, FAR removed from the truth or getting anything right. In fact: what they teach amounts to damnable heresy.
                    How can you spout their doctrines and not believe them? And how can you believe them and not be a JW? This doesn’t add up.

            • Charles H


              It revolves around ‘the coming establishment of God’s kingdom’ – so they substitute words here to distance a bit – “government”. The kicker is God “choosing” Jesus. This significantly varies from the Biblical term of “ordained” (from the foundation of the world). Their eschatology is reduced and specific – away from Biblical criteria. This is something of testing the waters of whether comments can float. You get this on a religious note as well as Liberal/Conservative ideology. – because your work has become THAT important.

          • Mark

            You seem to be able to easily identify JW thought processes. Do you though have the intellect and courage to actually point out through scripture where JWs have it wrong? I doubt it.

            • dchayden

              I can point them out, and I have on many occasions, and I would again, if this were another forum…And I would start with the incorrect use of the word “J”ehovah. But this is a news website (and a damned good one) , and the owner requested you play by his rules. Perhaps you should think about that… Bless

              • Mark


                Greg allows and actually encourages religious comment. After all, there is a connection to worldly events, or news as you refer to it. Further Greg’s rule is to disallow specifically JW though processes. I am not a JW and my comments are directed at the scriptures, and in the case of my post, Greg’s seemingly censorship of a religious though that he himself cannot scripturally support. Sorry, I find that disturbing. But, you are correct that I do find that JWs got it mostly right.

            • Charles H


              This isn’t my site, and I don’t want to take up much more space. But do you really want me to source all the definitive anti-JW sites and material easily accessible on the Internet?
              Why doesn’t the NWT have 1 John 5:7 (KJV) in it? (Because it refutes JW doctrine.) Why don’t they believe in Hell? The list goes on…

              • Greg Hunter

                Thank you Charles. Your comment and rebuttal is welcome here.

            • eddiemd

              The JW’s who come to my door always reference Daniel 2:44 as one of the foundation of their beliefs. In fact, a JW nurse at work today mentioned the same Daniel verse when discussing the JW beliefs. Sorry, you as a JW are not going to rule or work in some rehab project on planet earth.

              The mormons are just like the JW’s going door to door deceiving their followers. Satan believes and knows that Jesus is God; Jesus is not only the Son of God, he is God in the flesh. That is where you as a JW are wrong, Jesus is Lord and God in the flesh. I have never in my lifetime heard someone curse your jehovah by name or buddha, or mohammed, or allah; but I have heard people curse Jesus. No other name is given under heaven other than the name of Jesus.

              And by the way…the 4 horsemen have yet to arrive. They are coming soon.

              Go away with your JW false doctrine. Get out of that organization while you can.

              • Charles H


                I am encouraged by your stand on sound doctrine. Really encouraged. And I wish I had a Doctor like you.

    • Kiwi joe

      Worship Hillary? Are you mad? Their is only one worthy of worship and he died for us just over 2000yrs ago. Hillary is a hick lady, saith my 7 year old son.
      Seems he has more wisdom than you. Love from New Zealand to all turthtellers everywere (watchdoggers)

      • Tracy Welborn

        Amen Kiwi:-)

    • Frederick

      Gina first of all the woman you want us to worship is a grifter Hillbilly crook so thanks but no thanks Not to mention the fact that her health both physical and mental is compromised Certainly NOT the person who should be the leader of the socalled free world And the thought of Huma and Slick Willy roaming around the halls of the Whitehouse is just too sickening to contemplate

    • Nick-dog

      Lol Gina. What do you do for an encore? Comedy must be a new profession for you in the zombie economy. If you keep up the hardwork, maybe you can work for the Hilary campaign…oh wait, never mind.

      Tim Kaine…the guy who had to close 16 rest areas on the interstates in Virginia in the name of fiscal conservatism, turning Virginias highways into an image of Gary, Indiana. Kaine, the same chap who somehow missed 2 billion in revenue on the books. Yah, I trust that jack wagon alright and his incompetent new boss who ran the department of state, but doesn’t know the definition of a classified email.


    • Sayonara

      You are an extremely sick, mentally disordered and intellectually illiterate human being. Hillary Clinton is the most criminally corrupt person to ever run for the POTUS in history. Your Hillary is a serial liar and has stated that she believes that 1/2 of Americans are deplorable and irredeemable. And she going to What?

    • Paul ...

      Gina … you are right … Americans all over the country are tired of our current state of affairs … increased drug trafficking … bringing more third world children into our school system (creating repressive school education costs) … taking people off unemployment insurance to improve the job numbers … etc. … all the things the Demon rats will continue to foster upon us Americans under Hillary’s leadership!

    • Jerry

      Gina this is who you support.
      This women would sell her soul to the devil if she could make a profit. And this is your savior? The woman is nothing more than a paid whore for the globalist, and you dear Gina are helping pimp her.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Not if those jobs require drug tests, Gina… get real.

    • Charles H

      There certainly WILL be a ‘new dawning in America’, different from our current state of affairs, “Gina” – but it will NOT resemble your HACK LINE of regurgitated propaganda. Madison Avenue advertising gave us the sales-pitch of “new”, or “improved”, or even “revolutionary” for simply repackaged products: and that’s all you supply here – those tired and old Campaign Promising of ‘Jobs and Prosperity’ – PUH-LEEEEEZE… give it a rest!
      Then – your “over-the-top” injunction of ‘standing up and worshipping Hillary’ truly frosts the cow-pie cake. I get it – Hillary isn’t making speeches – so you are bored and come here to practice! What a waste, except to antagonize and stir the pot some.
      Let me clue you into an actual fact. Worship is an act which bows, or kneels, or prostrates in a forward direction; not standing, which draws man to full-height and shows self. Poor atheist/agnostics who only learned to believe there is no God, and thereby don’t know what to do with their capacity for worship – so they mis-place and mis-use it in attaching it to humanity. That’s claiming enlightenment: but practicing Stone-Age . Greg was right: this is real insight.

    • dchayden

      Male or female (AKA Gina), whom ever you are, you need to realize that today’s video is about 11th hours issues. Do you see anyone smiling? Do you have any mental faculties that can extrapolate the concept of what a nuclear holocaust will look like?… and what it means ? I’m serious. Do you understand how serious this stuff is, or do you perceive your trolling as the usual circus? You need to take a long hard look at the existence that you see in the mirror each morning, and try an grasp at least a partial understanding of how serious these times really are. You are from a generation that has come from a forced peace, brought to you by the blood of millions, and that peace is coming to an end. Do you understand what road these people you support are leading us down? If you have any semblance of a sense of self, or dignity, or value attached to your being…then you need to understand that the games are coming to an end. If you are payed some measly amount to do this, you need to look at your priorities ( if you have any). I am not feeding you as a troll this time, I am speaking to you as a fellow human being. This is really serious my friend, satire, trolling, and games will soon end. We all need to get right with our maker, and pray. May God help us all, as we walk this road as quiet enablers of these handful of Neocon psychopaths, whom we are allowing to dictate to us, and end our peaceful existence. I sure hope we are all wrong…but what if we are not?…


      • Paul ...

        Gina doesn’t know it but the neocons she is helping will put her at the head of the firing squad line once she fulfills her assigned task … she has no concept of history and how those who rise to power behave once they take full control … the neocons always promise to take care of all the “intellectuals” who aid and abet them with positions of power in the coming New World Order … what they get is … a bullet in the head!!

      • Ned Kelly

        DC and Gina, It’s our turn, in the west!

    • Daniel Song

      Gina, I hope you have a lot of faith in Tim Kaine. If Hillary gets elected there is a good chance that he will be our next President.

    • Benjamin Frank

      Are you for Real! If Hillary get’s elected it’s thru tampering with the election process. That what Barry did to get elected! All of that nonsense about voter’s staying home in my opinion was a smoke screen for the real reason millions of votes where not counted! They were altered shredded or flushed down the toilet! Let’s put purple ink on everyone thumb after they voted! Your a nut job Gina!

    • Mike from the North

      Desperate people do desperate things.

      Gina=a paid troll. Bet on it.

      Logic says that people always do things for a reason.
      The arguments she makes here make no sense. Her statements made here are contrary to the general opinion. Contrary to the facts in the opinion of many.

      BTW..I see no reason to trust any electronic vote.

      I see even less reason to believe that Governments always state facts and always tell the truth.

      America..The Land of what was and what no longer is…..

      Maybe in time we can help it find its way.

      With honesty and God’s help it may be possible.

    • Donna from AR

      Hillary and Bill Clinton are EVIL to their very beings!!!!!!

    • Scott Roberts

      I guess u want war u #$$#@##$##@! I got kids and I do not want hittlery in the White House , she will push harder for war and that is there plan.. She belongs in the big house ” Hillary for prison” you troll!!

  5. Paul ...

    Germany will be caught in the middle of a US instigated nuclear war with Russia … what are they doing about it? … they have told NATO they will not supply fighter jets to bomb Russian positions in the Ukraine … they have been supplying mercenary troops to fight against Ukrainian government forces … so if things get hot in Syria … expect Germany to pull out of NATO to save their country from a Russian counterattack against NATO! … France and other NATO members will likely follow … if the neocons want to have America nuked from New York to San Francisco that is their business but Europe will likely abandon the NATO ship before all hell breaks loose! … the only thing that will save American lives will be a Trump victory in November!! … don’t vote … or vote for Hillary … and American’s will be signing their own death warrant!!!

    • Apollo

      Greg, If you have not realized by now, Gina is just teasing you!! Pay no attention to her writings in the future. Cheers

      • 8Ball

        Agreed… she is just here as a distraction to waste other people’s time and serves no other purpose.

    • Frederick

      Europe does understand the devastation of war with Russia ALL too well so I would agree with Paul that they really dont want to go there again Lets hope so anyway

      • 8Ball


        Things are heating up. This guy is not stupid… he knows the US will use his country as a pawn to confront China. He does not want to have his country destroyed… over a couple of islands out in the S. China Sea.

        • Paul ...

          And so over a couple of extremely small and insignificant sand dune islands China is dredging out of the sea … the US loses the Philippine Islands as a US Military Base of Operations … these neocons have the smarts of the stupidest dumbbell immoral moron drug snorting cocaine pipe smoking addict we all knew in high school as kids!!

  6. Frederick

    I didnt realize that Dr Roberts had such a large worldwide audience but when I think about it actually its not that surprising I think people who live outside the US see things alittle clearer unless of course they waste their time watching CNN and FOX on TV

    • 8Ball

      PCR is a highly honored individual in many nations. He has been ostracized by the establishment because he is not a “team player” and tells the unvarnished truth. You will not go wrong listening to him…


  7. Rod[Cant We Just All Get Along]King War? Not!

    Has God allowed corrupt, inept leaders – in our cities / provinces or states – in North America/ Australia, as His form of payback for most people spurning the Lord and His righteous ways. As posted recently, a pattern of adverse events precedes final destruction of a nation: abnormal weather conditions; loss of prosperity; growing hostility from other nations. Final “nail in the coffin”, so-to-speak: corrupt / inept leaders that are architects of their nations’ demise: Kingdom of Israel in 723/22 BCE; Kingdom of Judah in 587/86 BCE; and soon the US. and Commonwealth? – ALL professed to be nations under God. This article seems to address that final “nail in the coffin” so-to-speak and pause for sober or drunk [pissed] reflection. . .

    Vladimir Putin to George Soros: Thank God we kicked your fat Arse out of Russia;
    [May the Donald take note!]
    By Jonas E. Alexis on August 17, 2016
    F. William Engdahl: “George Soros, the hedge fund speculator turned self-proclaimed philanthropist, and his tax-exempt foundations, are an integral part of that pre-emptive war machine.” [Not just Russia but flyover country USA!]

    Excellent article, so frustrating it makes me want to ball for what this country should’ah would’ah, could’ah, still be.
    VT’s right up there and takes the truth where it has never been, with tenacity and verve,just like USAWatchdog.com and Coast to Coast!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Is it true that Soros collaborated with the Nazi regime in Hungary in the looting of Jewish assets? What did he do in the war?

  8. dslarsen

    Hey! Two of my favorite truth advocates in one great package!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you DsLarsen!

      • Kiwi joe

        Thank you 4 what you do greg, you are a beacon of light in an ever darking world. Stand strong.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Joe,

          • allen ols

            I went to the regions bank in my area and a guy named marlon asked me, so whats new in the world events. lol
            I told him about aiib and Canada joining, and sept 28 imf/china/sdr’s u see marlon always ignors me, BUT NOT NOW. LOL

    • Kevin

      Yep God did it……he wants to punish us because we don’t worship him off bad evidence. Seems.rather petty don’t you think? God has the power to create everything we see but cant create a better world? Wake up!!! The world would be a much better place if we dropped the superstitious nonsense.

      • DBCooper

        Why don’t you tell that to some 60 million dead babies in heaven who by the hand of man and satan were ripped out and murdered? God gives man the ability to do right and wrong and we get to answer for our actions. I have faith and believe in the Lord Jesus because I am only flesh and blood and cannot believe that we humans are the top of the heap. You sir are one I pray for.
        Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

      • Charles H


        There is no way other than to tell you other than you are being totally shallow in both your knowledge and thinking here. It doesn’t matter how clever you try to package “blaming God” for how this world is and what happens in it: as it is the very first mistake you can and do make.
        Then, secondly, you have proceeded to a false conclusion that – “he wants to punish us”. Is this not a jaded, or completely pessimistic attitude? You don’t find any joy in a good meal, or beautiful day, or finding a cheap but valuable buy?
        God isn’t micro-managing this world. It is set-up between Good and Evil as a great Moral Play: and everybody has to figure where they fit in. Unfortunately, there is lots of “superstitious nonsense” – just as there are counterfeits to those things of true value: only Christianity isn’t one of them. You look from the outside in, and declare what’s inside a bunch of hooey: but you don’t know it, and have already, automatically disqualified yourself from any basis of judging it – except from ignorance.
        The Ten Commandments, used as a documented basis for most of all Western Civilization’s Law – in itself, if it were universally obeyed: would solve nine-tenths of the world’s problems. (And I doubt we are even solving HALF, under our own steam, or lights.) It’s just that pride and rebellion inclines us to decide we are not going to be under authority, except we decide so.
        You say – let’s ‘drop’ anything from a source that works. I’d say – it makes no sense at all to ‘double-down’ smack upon the very source of the problem: man’s (sinful) inclination to do evil. It is easier to blame God, I suppose – than to address the problem, right? You see – there sure is a problem; and God has given THE Answer: it’s just that He’s not forcing it on people who don’t want it. He set it all up, and then solved it: don’t blame Him – because you don’t want the answer. The singularity of God has made a singularity of answer. You can stay mad; but now, at least you are informed. (See, I did good!)

        • Kevin

          I enjoy numerous emotions every single day….and they happen with or without a magic being in the sky.

          God creates us sick and demands us to be well….think about that for a second.

          • Greg Hunter

            Make sure you hold that thought tightly at the moment of your death. I am sure it will be a big help to you. Now please go away into your nothingness. and don’t come back to insult my folks!

            • DBCooper

              Greg, I am happy to be “One of your folks!!” DB

              • Greg Hunter

                Very happy to have you here!!!

                • jay scott

                  Greg, u are a great guy spreading awareness and truth and I believe in u and not the Foxaganda , or CON (cnn) or any of the paid whores in bed with the corrupt neocons and the deep state of the gov, anyway I live in the US and on the east coast ” Boston area” listen this shit is getting scary with Nuke war with Russia as the corrupt Alite are provoking it for many reasons like to hide the economy crash or in some way they think war fixes that shit but u can’t fix anything once a nuke is dropped ” we need trump in there to be the Man of reason like JFK was and was assassinated for wanting change just as trump does and I worry if if he gets in they will kill him anyway but I dobt that will happen because this election is being stolen by the puppet media and even shows like Samantha B, I think maybe someone stick something big in her mouth and shut her up too.. What’s wrong with the sheeple? Can’t they see what’s happening ? They want war? Then if they do the Hitley is the one for them but not me.. I have children that need a future and to me that’s most important and I don’t care about myself, it’s them that I only care about and I will lay down my life for them when it comes down to it, my question is this greg.. Is there a safer place to go live to bring my son and family when the nukes start falling on America or marshall law starts? I want out of here and my wife does not know the things I know and is one of the blind sheeple but I have to convince her to get off of Facebook and the kardashians and get on the same page with me and start planning and figure out what to do before this shit happens, would Canada be any better of a solution when war breaks out on our American soil? I believe that seems to be the only option I can think about that is even remotely drivable from here? Please tell me what u would do to protect your son from this? I will do anything and whatever it takes because I know what is comming and I don’t even think at this point a trump win will work because they will make him have a accident some how if he even got elected and even before that if these neocons think he is too much ahead they will pull a false flag and there will be no election if they think there puppet ” Hillary for prison” is going to lose , so I don’t see a back door out of this and starting to feel helpless to help my son and wife the only things important to me aswell as our dog, I want to just pack them up and leave everything behind even if everyone that can’t see this thinks that I’m crazy and some conspiracy nut.. I’m not!! They are the crazy ones and what I live by is ” if u fail to plan then plan to fail” ! So greg will running to Canada and taking my family there even help or are we all dead anyway when they unleash there hell on us or provoke Russia to unleash hell on us? Please let me know what to do because I just can’t look at my son without fearing for his young life and lately I can’t even smile but only sadness and tears at night knowing that as a father I can not protect him!!! Please shed some light or hope my way or a way out if any????thank you Greg, jay

          • Paul ...

            Hey Kevin … use your independent mind to think about this hypothetical for a second … say you were a monkey and the Gods came down and made you in “their image” … wouldn’t you be grateful to those “magic beings in the sky”? … and all those numerous emotions you enjoy every single day (other then eating bananas and termites) is considered by you as being “created sick”? … the only thing demanded by our creators (see Genesis 1:1) is that we not revert back to our monkey heritage (like the murdering neocons) and be “well” to one another!!

          • Deanna Johnston Clark

            God creates us…first…to share His happiness in being alive at all. Our “independence” is a very blessed illusion so that we can enjoy life as if it came from ourselves alone.
            The “sick” is inherited bad emotions and weaknesses we must fight everyday of our lives. Being a human being is not for sissies. The reward is an eternity of joy, which can begin here and now, Kevin,if you wish.

      • don ho

        Kev, “Is it shocking to you—that the world’s religions bear the principal guilt for all the slaughter of world history? Yet the influence they wield and the lead they have set in supporting war, as well as carrying on violent crusades and religious persecution, bring exactly that responsibility upon them.”
        “When is Christ going to be given power to rule as king and to proceed with the separating of the people of all nations? The facts show that these are things that God has already started in the twentieth century and continued in the 21st. The time left in which you can identify yourself as being on God’s side of the issue of universal sovereignty is very short. The ‘great tribulation’ is at hand, if not here already! “We are therefore glad to make public expression of our faith in God … One way is right here and if you don’t like it, just keep scrolling!
        Thanks Greg;

        stay free

      • Tracy Welborn

        I was mad at God for a long time Kevin. Hang in there.

      • JC Davis

        Kevin, we reap what we sow. Barber shops are all around us yet some still have long nappy hair. If your child shot you a bird will you congratulate him or correct him ? If your 16 yr old son try’s to kills 10 kids on a playground will you stop him even if you have to kill him. Have a little faith in God.

      • aussie jeff

        Kevin,you enjoy numerous emotions everyday because your Father in heaven allows you to,you just dont happen to know Him yet,so therefore your unable to thank Him.
        Your simplistic approach to discount God by one’s personal perception,as you put it, “being created sick” by God is based on a false premise.
        If you think i’m wrong,please prove otherwise.
        Life is short Kevin,we can die either with or without God,the choice is ours no one is forced to worship God!
        Having said that,it has always amazed me how non believers suddenly find God when they are confronted with their own mortality,does that not tell you something?
        I will pray for you.


    EXECUTE these Rothchild/Jesuit satanist bankers at the heart of this so-called New World Order, who are waging these antagonisms to divide and destroy. Execute them for their subversion, robbery and murder of countless innocents and powerless the world over, for much too long. There are now millions of “witnesses” to the fact of WHO is the source of the oppression of mankind. It is either them or us.

  10. Spurr

    I reetirate… there will be no nuclear war. Neocons or not… you’d have to be uterly insane to start a nuclear attack on Russia! Barry’s bosses the globalist, elites or shadow government, even if they disagree within each other, are all in agreement on one thing… NO NUCLEAR WAR! It’s a no brainer!

    BTW… I am now fairly convinved Killery has a body double… the real Killery is obviously quite sick. What on earth is the dnc thinking to try and elect a POTUS that is dying! This is bound to get out and the msm will have no choice but to report this sham! My big question is how the hell will the neocons explain the fact that they tried to ELECT A CORPSE… !

    • Paul ...

      Rumor has it that Jeb Bush has bought a blond wig and will be filling in as Hillarys double in the upcoming Presidential debates!

  11. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Whilst I hold PCR in very high regard I am still minded to pray for and believe in peace. Of course the whole world is in a perilous place and Washington instilled wars are an un-abating and vile reality. However I am beginning to believe that ‘cometh the hour and cometh the man’ or should I say ‘the men’. For I believe that both Putin and Trump are demonstrating themselves to be God’s anointed ones to save us from the Satanic tyranny of the NWO.
    Reality says that Dr Roberts is completely correct. Reality says we are all destined for an unspeakable world, unrecognisable from anything known before. But FAITH says that despite all the horrendous suffering being experienced just about everywhere, the great and wonderful Almighty will according to His Shemitah timetable twitch His little finger to enable peace and prosperity to become the eventual outcome.
    I love Dr Roberts for his courage – he’s a brave and wonderful human being. But we need to resist getting ahead of ourselves in forecasting nothing but inevitable doom and terror. I believe we in the west especially are being brought to our senses in a terrifying divine purge. For so many have lost any faith in God that we need desperately to become ‘God fearing’ (in the best sense of that phrase). Only then will true sanity be restored.
    So rather for folks to be paralysed by fear and dread it’s time for us all to pray our socks off, even if it’s to simply repeat over and over again – Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy!
    So thanks Greg for all that you do, and may the Lord and Father of humankind bless each and every one of us, while delivering us from evil A

    • don ho

      Bravo! Rev. Andy ~

  12. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Your guest got 1 thing wrong. Russians very well aware that the current establishment of US won’t respect any deal thus making a diplomatic solution is not their goal. Their goal is show the naked truth about the current US establishment for the world.
    And they are doing a great job, because the rest of the world (especially the elites) is now aware how rabid the current establishment is and thus can stop the war efforts of the neocons by other means.
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • Charles H

      Oracle – your comments are worth silver dimes.

    • Truth

      Oracle 911,

      I think that Russia has truly made all the concessions to the US that any reasonable person could expect them to make. The neocons do not care about America and have no allegiance to it. The neocons do not care about Europe, either. The neocons’ plan is to simply use Europe and America as cannon fodder.

      I pray someone does have a plan, as to how to stop them.

  13. Charles Turner

    An interesting dynamic has happened in the UK and has accelerated since the Brexit debate first started in March of this year. A journalist would write a highly biased and flimsy report in a national newspaper and then get torn to shreds in the comment section. The Daily Telegraph one of the longest standing newspapers in the UK closed all its comments sections in May. I suspect it was because some of the journalists were having a nervous breakdown. . They would have been ordered to write a spin story on Syria, Brexit or Saudi and then within minutes were torn to bits by people that knew the real facts and could separate spin from facts.
    I don’t know if anyone has seen the appalling reports on how this week You Tube ( google owned) threatened a French journalists with what would happen to here if she didn’t give a favorable interview to Jean Claude Juncker the President of the European Commission. In May Jean Claude Juncker said the British should be treated as deserters if they voted for Brexit. ( The Brits lost many lives helping his country in the second world war and have also been the largest European contributor to NATO and provided over 10% of the EU budget for 28 countries). Deserters used to get shot in war time. One should not be shot for voting for democracy.
    It is shameful that Your Tube and Google are in on the Propaganda act now.
    Is it just me or are Google not ranking Zero Hedge articles about Hillary? Given that Zero Hedge has a massive daily readership one would have thought that it’s articles on Hillary would be near the top of the natural searches.
    If the search engines are now in on the act, we can expect that the next stage will be ‘selective results’, reducing or heavy monitoring of comments on newspaper pages and strategies to undermine free reporting, such as this site.

  14. Dan


    Loved your question about the Chinese perhaps using the “Financial Card” as their own possible preemptive measure. Sadly, he didn’t answer this one as to how the Chinese may use financial means. But overall, one of your all-time best interviews with him. Love the way you get the best out of your guests.

    Keep up the outstanding work!

    • Tin foil hat

      It’s actually quit simple. All the Chinese have to do is create an arbitrage between COMEX and SGE. Gold will flow eastward if the spot price were consistently higher in SGE whenever the paper spot price is suppressed in the COMEX.
      When COMEX is squeezed dry, IMF would add real money (gold) into the existing currency basket of SDR. The weighting of the currencies in the SDR would be readjusted daily in accordance with the respective nation’s GDPs and gold reserves.
      Jim Rickards played the Chinese in a Financial War Game orchestrated by the CIA. He won by using gold.

      • Truth

        Tin foil hat,

        I have long wondered why China hasn’t pulled the rug, financially, on the U.S. to slow down the warmongering. Your scenario sounds reasonable and I can recall Bill Holter offering a similar idea, that one of the other major powers could place a large order/request delivery from the COMEX (knowing we have no metal to back up the paper) and that would trigger a default.

        I just assumed that they were afraid to do so (literally) because the neocons would destroy a whole country (and everyone in it) for far less. So, I gather that China and Russia are hoping the US collapses by its own hands (i.e., the banksters) and that way they cannot be blamed for the US economic collapse. Thus, the warmongering would be reduced and WWIII would be delayed, for as long as possible.

        Both Russia and China have shown far more care and concern for the lives of Americans, than the neocons ever would.

  15. Jerry

    While many are touting October 1st as the date to watch, I say October “7th” will be the date that will live in infamy.

    I find it very curious that the IMF and the World Bank decided to meet in Washington exactly “SEVEN” days from the time the Yuan is placed in the IMF basket of currencies and the SDR is implemented. And guess what? It just happens to be on a Friday.

    To me, this meeting is nothing more than a strategic smokescreen for the World Bank to decide how the ESF plans to handle the wave of dollars that will be coming to our shores when the BRIC alliance clears its balance sheets of dollars in order to trade in SDR currency. The pressure inside this massive fiat debt bubble MUST be released slowly or there will be a MASSIVE explosion globally. (see attached link)

    In my mind, with Deutsche Bank imploding, and US Oil companies defaulting on 50 Billion dollars in loans, the timing couldn’t be worse for the World Bank to try and shift gears by implementing the SDR currency . PCR is absolutely correct. If the World Bank fails to pull this off, the central banks will no choice but to go to plan B. WAR!

    • Jerry

      Addendum to my last post. This is only the beginning.

    • Jerry

      The Chinese are definitely preparing to take on the dollar on its home turf by opening a RMB Branch Bank in New York. I might want to remind you that they recently purchased the J.P Morgan Chase Bank building which just happens to house the worlds largest Gold Vaults.http://www.scmp.com/news/china/diplomacy-defence/article/2021222/china-designates-first-renminbi-clearing-bank-new-york

      • MCasey

        Jerry, About the number “7”.

        After Sept 2015 came and went, some reader’s emotions showed a sense of frustration, betrayal, anger and promises of tossing it all and moving on with a ‘real life’.

        So, I really hate to bring this up again, BUT………

        One WatchDogger commented, “Jim Rickards has predicted the dollar gets destroyed on [Friday] September 30th at 4pm.” and another responded, “….that is when the government will run out of the budget money…”

        Adding some of Po Polny’s comments, we should be aware that 2015 was a Shemitah Year (last year of a 7 year cycle); but 2016 is a ‘Super Shemitah’ year, a Jubilee Year (the year which follows 7 cycles of 7 years; or the 50th year).

        This “Super Shemitah” began Sept 23, 2015 and ends at sundown, Sunday, Oct 2, 2016 which is the last day of the Jewish year 5776, the 29th of Elul, 5776.

        Monday, Oct 3rd is the 1st day of the Jewish New Year, 5777.

        Saturday, Oct 1, 2016, the yuan is to be added to the IMF currency basket which some believe will be the beginning of the end of the U.S. dollar and its role as the world’s reserve currency.

        The Shemitah balances the scales…..corrects the imbalances. This type of correction occurred on Elul 29, 2001, in 2008 and years prior. Each time God enforced the Shemitah (for us) and America was given a clean slate to begin another seven year cycle, with the same sad results. But no such clean slate was given in 2015, nor did we correct our course; circumstances only worsened and our debt only increased and remains outstanding.

        Now Elul 29, 2016 (Oct 2, 2016) may be the Judgement instead of a correction. And this time there may be a permanent slide down.

        • Jerry

          I don’t know about the timing of the Shemitah but I do know that George Soros has been planning on replacing the dollar for quite some time. ( go to the 9:20 mark)

          • Paul ...

            The good guys (God’s people) seem to be winning the war against the Satanists (Soro’s and the Rothschild’s are buying gold and the Rockefeller’s are selling their oil holdings … oil being the basis for the dollar means the Rockefeller’s are probably also putting their money into gold) … so if God’s money (gold) is being accumulated by the followers of Satan the battle of good over evil is just about won … all that is left is for the zombie banks to fail … and Putin is doing his part in shutting down their heroin life lines … once the heroin trafficking stops and the Afgan poppy fields burned down by “Patriotic” military men doing their part … America’s children will finally have the neocon monkey’s off their backs!

  16. Dan

    PCR in Chinese (Mandarin):

    Firstly, his name is: 保罗·克雷格·罗伯茨
    bao luo (Paul) ke lei ge (Craig) luo bo ci (Roberts).

    In Mandarin, they usually translate names phonetically (which usually “butchers” the pronunciation of the names).

    An example of a book of his for sale here in China in Mandarin language:


    快乐阅读 (Happy Reading!)

    非常感谢保罗·克雷格·罗伯茨 !

    • Colin

      Bo Boloney has been repeatedly wrong this year. Its amazing that anyone listens to that guy anymore.

      • Greg Hunter

        You are incorrect. Nobody is 100% but Polny said (when he first interviewed on USAW) that gold would rise and not back below $1050 per ounce. He did admit that his stock market top was re-broken after more than a year.

        • Colin

          Greg, since this past spring, he has been saying not months, not weeks but days. He continues to say this every time, lol!

    • Mohammad

      And they did not.
      Am not sure where is that pin that will pop the bubble and who is holding it?


  17. Matt Jaymes

    PCR is the most intrepid social/economic/political commentator on the planet, he is a national treasure. Thanks for bringing him into my home, Greg. Well done.


  18. Jerry

    Deutsche Bank is getting ready to blow. Check out the adjustable tangible ratio listed by the FDIC. 0.39%

    • Greg Hunter

      There is a reason the Fed and IMF declared DB the most systemically dangerous bank in the world. Hey it has knocked down it’s derivative exposure a few trillion $.

    • Truth

      Jerry and fellow watchdogs (smile),

      Andy Hoffman agrees with you, Jerry…he says DB is on the final countdown to go under…he says – quote: “…the mass breakdown of financial markets, monetary stability, and even political and social order. And not, “in the future,” but NOW.”

      That’s kind of an emotional statement from a very level-headed guy, who avoids making predictions (like it was a plague) and anything conspiracy-looking, so it makes me wonder what has him reacting, in an emotional way.

      He also concurs with today’s excellent PCR interview about the current geopolitics.

      Do the bombings in NY/NJ look like false flags to you?

      When DB goes down, how long do you think we have before the US banks go down (until they can beg for another bail-out)? (Thanks for the chart, Jerry…excellent info.)

      • Jerry

        That’s a good question. The ESF has many shock absorbers built into the system that could delay it. In my mind the deciding factor will be determined by when the Chinese reset the gold prices. That could happen rather quickly if they determine the Yuan is in trouble once it goes into the IMF basket of currencies on October 1st. From what I’ m reading, the Yuan is already stressed now.

        • Truth

          Thanks, Jerry…that’s something to consider. Bix Weir thinks that once DB goes down, we in the US have from a couple weeks to a couple months to exit the US banks, before they completely shut down. He and Andy did an “emergency podcast” on Friday, 9/16 when the $14 billion DOJ decision came out, against DB.

  19. Jerry

    Chinese weapons are already inside the United States. When the Chinese purchased the Port of Long Beach they were given a beachhead. (see nest link)

  20. Klaus Svenson

    How about interviewing Charles Savoie from silverstealers.net? He’s the only one out there identifying the Pilgrims Society, the British-American cartel of oligarchs founded in 1902/1903. So far, the only big coverage he’s received is from David Morgan (a guest on usawatchdog). The Pilgrims Society is the who’s who list and created a bunch of subsidiaries, such as the Bilderbergers.

    According to Charles, these people do not want private ownership of silver or gold.

  21. David John Williams

    Dr Roberts writing has been cathartic for me. Best wishes for him and I hope he stays safe.

  22. Mohammad

    So much for a “freeze” talk:



  23. Alan Raicer

    Mr. Hunter it deserves to be said that you are on a roll with your most recent guests, each of whom is a major thought leader in his own right! Dr. Roberts is one of my most admired figures today, a truth teller in the tradition of the best America has ever produced, starting with Thomas Paine.

    Great interview and a terrific idea to have focused initially on the sad state of journalism today. PCR tells it like it is, not everyone can embrace the truth he illuminates like a neon sign however.

    So many of us truly & greatly value your work Greg and your own impeccable journalistic ethic. Bravo and thank you once again…

    Alan R

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Alan for your kind comment and support.

    • Mike from the North

      When you think about it.

      USA Watchdog is one of the most well respected venues for the truth out there.

      With the quality of the guests that come here one has to realize that this site awakens many and may also help bring some back to GOD.

      We have much to worry about out there and YES I believe that it is a POSITIVE ACTION to be aware. Too many of my friends and family tell me I am worrying about things I can do nothing about.

      If you act like a Ostrich and stick your head in the sand the only thing sticking up is your A$$.

      Do not be an A$$ be aware and take steps to prepare. Your family will love you and thank you for it soon enough.

      That you GREG. You are a shinning star in a sky full of dark clouds.

  24. William J Greene

    Listened to the podcast twice. Very sober and truthful view of our situation IMO.

    Greg, Do You know anyone who has any ideas on how to avoid what we all know is coming?

    Where do you go? What do you do? We are all too smart to just sit here and wait for all this Shit to hit us head-on, aren’t we?

    If anyone knows where to go…..I mean literally pack your stuff and get the hell out of the Country and resettle somewhere else or what to do….I ain’t hearing it.

    Are we just screwed? Is it just that simple?

  25. Chip

    Simply sobering… Chip

  26. liz

    Thank you Greg for all your hard work. God is still Sovereign! Some people will never get it like Gina. So sad we are at this point with Russia. They say never awake a sleeping bear.

  27. Mohammad

    Russia is sending a flagship carrier to Syria:


    Not so good news.


  28. Mohammad


    It is developing quick,
    Today the UN security council is holding a crucial meeting to discuss the collapse in the “cease fire” (they want the Syrian army halt activity while the terrorists are on the loose):

    It is in Arabic and since it is a breaking news i put it there but translation is what the headline is, a crucial meeting today in UN security council:

    UN chief to the world: ‘Make or break’ Syria:

    Am not sure how many think that it will “make”, vs it will “break”


  29. mushroom

    Thanks Greg for this commentary. Brilliant comments by Dr. Roberts. The breadth and depth of his analyses are unmatched .

  30. USAF Airman Rich Treadway

    Trust me folks. If the Russians want a war, we will give them a war. And we will beat them down. And they will run begging us for peace. We have some seriously brutal shit to put on them that they haven’t even had a nightmare of ……. YET. If they even think to attack su, they will rue the day they were born.

    • Paul ...

      Hey Rich … has as the US Military checked all the computer chips in their advanced weaponry to make sure there are no back doors that can shut them down? … from what happened to the USS Cook in the Black Sea it seems to me the Russians have us dead cold in the water … so much for the neocons “outsourcing all our critical military work” to foreigners … they are now finding payback to be a real bitch!! … right on you united neocon snakes of America … you have put us loyal Americans out of work and outsourced the safety of our once Great Nation to foreign corporations … the nightmare you talk about seems more likely to await the United Snakes of America!

    • Frederick

      Hey Treadway hows the weather there in Northern Virginia

      • USAF Airman Rich Treadway

        Its just fine Thank You

    • Dirk Denhartog

      Airman Basic Rich
      I hate to tell you this but Russia is 3 times the size of the USA and Russians are not cowards like YOU.

    • Dirk Denhartog

      Airman one striper Rich

      I am retired flight engineer and USAF Vietnam Veteran.
      You are clueless, and a legend in your own mind.
      We expat vets in Europe already have plans for Ramstein and other installations if the USA attacks Russia. Long live Putin.
      Want to see my DD214??

      • Truth


        I must admit that I had to chuckle when a Vietnam veteran stepped in to handle that disinfo (smile). Reminds me of the late, great, Vietnam veteran William Cooper. As USMC Major General Butler so aptly put it, “War is a racket.” The neocons and banksters are using the US military to protect their interests and their interests only. They couldn’t care less about America. Thank you for countering disinfo with the truth.

    • Jallen

      Rich Treadway,
      You don’t have a clue, do you! You are making a fool of yourself.
      Blessed are the peacemakers.
      Those with true power do not look for trouble!
      You are truly a lost soul.

    • Pinocchio

      Anyone among BRICS members who dares to question American Exceptionalism will be bombarded with astonishing high tech weapons: ZIRP, HFT, T-bonds, T-bills, paper gold, paper silver, paper zinc, paper aluminum, paper iron, paper oil, paper coal, paper drinking water, paper wheat, and FedCoin (Federal Reserve cryptocurrency designed by Al Nusra).

    • Bill

      USAF Treadway: consider this scenario. We get nuked with an EMP, then china invades the west coast, Russia invades the east coast. We don’t now have enough army to fight 2 wars, so what do we do? Nuke our own coasts?

    • Mike from the North

      Rich Treadway…you need to look into your heart and ask yourself..what has my country done that I should be ashamed of????

      An attitude like yours only serves the M.I.C.

      Try thinking for yourself while putting the propaganda aside.

    • eddiemd

      He is/was actually a colonel in the Air Force. Maybe retired now.

      • Dirk Denhartog

        Retarded not Retired. There are many officers that don’t know their azz from their elbow.

    • Robert Lykens

      Greg, I can’t believe you allowed this post. This isn’t what I’ve come to expect from your usually fine site.

      • Greg Hunter

        Which one are you referring to? I’ll take a second look.

        • Robert Lykens

          Dirk’s comment four above yours: “Listen up, punk. I have world wide flight benefits as part of my retirement package. I will meet you any place anytime to give you a good lesson. I may be 70 but still could take out a punk like you with one hand tied behind my back.”
          I’m not trying to cause trouble, Greg, but your site is different from the typical public-comment site.

          • Greg Hunter

            I just killed that comment. Sorry it got past me. I got a lot to look at and try to catch that stuff. Thank you

  31. Jay I'd

    What will trigger all out war between Jews and Muslims is the building ot the Jews temple on the Temple Mount this is what satan wants so he satan can sit there and pretend to be God so satan want war to destroy the Muslim s so the Jews can be free to build temple it satan who is causing all this war it seems strange that both Jews and satan want the temple built

    • Mohammad

      How did this fly under Greg’s radar?….Must be tired from two mega interviews recently?


    • aussie jeff

      Jay,the Jews want the temple rebuilt to once again offer sacrifice on the altar,this is why Paul offered these words
      “14But their minds were made dull, for to this day the same veil remains when the old covenant is read. It has not been removed, because only in Christ is it taken away. 15Even to this day when Moses is read, a veil covers their hearts”.
      While God has given Israel a homeland,the nation as a whole has not accepted Jesus as their Saviour,they continue to follow the law of Moses.
      As we know the law of Moses included all types of sacrifices to be performed on the altar,which Israel is now wanting to once again instigate.

      To this day however Israel is blind to Christ, their spiritual blindness can only be taken away by accepting the “new covenant”which is Jesus, yet they continue to live by the old covenant that God gave to Moses.
      A time will come when they will accept Jesus,
      however as bible history dictates and prophecy predicts,Israel must first face the jaws of defeat for her disobedience in not accepting Christ, it is only then that she will see and accept Jesus as her Saviour,thus removing the veil, in turn Christ will act on the Fathers behalf delivering Israel from her enemies while the whole world looks on and realizes that just as scripture foretold, Israel is indeed God’s chosen people.

      • Charles H

        When the anti-Christ sacrifices abomination on the alter of the New Temple – then ALL the Jews will know he was not their Messiah; and that Jesus Christ was the true Messiah. The nation’s heart will turn in one day. This is described in 2 Thessalonians 4: 3,4. “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of perdition be revealed, the son of perdition; Who opposeth and exalteth above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.” It is here that the veil is taken away from the eyes of Israel.

  32. Colin

    God the Father is in control!
    This is not a joke! The Revelation 12 “Sign in the Heavens” actually occurs next year. 1 day after the Feast of Trumpets. I highly encourage every Bible believing Chrisitan to research this yourselves. The Micah Prophecy:

  33. MCasey

    Interesting Real Time Chart From Website:
    http://didthesystemcollapse.com/ Did the System Collapse?

    “On April 19th 2016, China locked in the dollar’s death by launching their own gold price fix. For the first time in modern history, there are now two prices of gold, one in the Chinese yuan and the other in the dying dollar.

    If the West were to raise the price of gold, it would kill the dollar completely as it would prematurely instigate the inevitable mother of all safe haven panics.

    If the East were to raise the price of gold, it would drain the West’s gold reserves due to arbitrage. This would expose the West’s fake gold market and kill the dollar. Doing this prematurely means the East could no longer buy gold for themselves at heavily undervalued prices for their post-collapse monetary dominance.”

  34. Mohammad

    Moscow has provided all the data it has on the attack on a humanitarian convoy in Aleppo, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at a UN Security Council meeting. Lavrov also called for a full and impartial investigation into the incident.
    “There was another unacceptable provocation on September 19 – the shelling of a humanitarian convoy near Aleppo,” Lavrov said.


    And there was a “coincidental” presence of a US drone close to the envoy just prior to the attack:




  35. Ron Andersen

    First time reader, thanks to my cousin sending me a link. I do believe I’m a fan! It’s been hard for me to find a home, since I can readily see through the bias, rhetoric and hypocrisy of both sides and have no problem whatsover callingbthem all out! Thanks Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Tank you Ron and welcome to the “red pill” Train!!

  36. Bill

    GREG: Along with USA Watchdog, Drudge report, Breitbart and zerohedge, people are learning the truth despite the msm efforts to suppress. Please keep on keepin on. There is an increasing number gaining confidence in you and appreciate you diligence. God Bless

  37. Eric From Raleigh

    Great interview. – Dr Roberts knows his stuff, and I read his blog daily.

    Few items:
    Gina – she may be a troll, but her thinking is consistent with those in her group. Those that have partaken of the kool-aid will never change their minds regardless of the change in situation.
    So, by all means – keep showing her posts – but don’t let these posts distract this group from the topics of the interview.

    A Free Press – I was at a Security conference last week in Orlando, and Ted Koppel was a key-note speaker. He wrote a book about the frailty of the US Power Grid (very scary) called ‘Lights Out’. He made a comment, in passing, that he was ashamed of what has happened to ‘Journalism’ in the last 20 years. After the ‘Ashamed’ comment, the crowd applauded. Loudly. Personally, I watch the news in the morning because they are happy and bubbly. Make no mistake – it’s not the news, but more of a program that covers a few pre-digested concepts, and promotes the narrative of the current administration.

    I have to wonder what will happen to the MSM if/when Hillary is appointed. I feel they will become the official mouthpieces of the empire, and will feed us all the good news we can stand. Very scary.. It’s almost like a bad movie but there is no happy ending here.

    Anyway, Greg – keep up the great work!

  38. John

    Thanks Greg, for all your work to inform the public about the true state of the world economy. I have had numerous conversations over the years with friends, relatives and work colleagues and failed to convince any of them of what is happening around them. What has made a difference is advising them to watch your weekly interviews which has resulted in my partner for instance selling her house and investing in gold and silver. A number of my work colleagues have also bought silver as a hedge. You have a strong following in New Zealand, keep up the fantastic work.

    • your fan in Japan

      Glad to hear that Greg has a following in NZ. He has a following of at least one in Japan. Don’t know about others. People around me think I have gone off the deep end. Time will tell. But these same people are all drinking nuclear powered electric kool-aid (Kuroda-aid) .

      • Frederick

        Nuclear contaminted koolaide if youre in Japan

  39. Faith

    I always enjoy hearing Mr. Roberts speak. He is a true patriot and an honest intellectual.

    I served in the former West Germany during the Cold War but I have never felt as though I lived in such perilous times, until this last six months. It wouldn’t surprise me to wake up and hear that there had been multiple nuclear strikes in the Middle East or that EMPs have disrupted the electrical grid in parts of the US.

  40. Mohammad

    US Government Mistakenly Grants Citizenship to Hundreds of Immigrants:



    • Paul ...

      You see … Obama tells us he is going to vet all the Christian head chopping ISIS terrorists he is shipping into our country … then when the U.S. Government weeds out 858 of them for deportation … they are then “mistakenly” granted US Citizenship!! … right … it was just a simple mistake! (likely the additional 858 terrorist bombers will now be sent to critical cities in the United States where Trump has a huge lead to blow up those election polling stations!!)

      • Paul ...

        The evil of these Satanic neocons is beyond belief … a mistake of 1 or 2 might be believable but 858??? … we must completely destroy this immoral Demon rat Party this November who’s motto is “The End Justifies The Means”!!

        • Mohammad

          Worse Paul,

          180000 finger print files “lost” from Their database, so they have no way for verifying who they claim to be. those 800+ plus are the caught ones.


        • Mohammad

          Seems the article i linked to on Yahoo has been edited when i first read it the number of lost finger prints was there .


        • Paul ...

          I wouldn’t put it passed the neocons to have given these 858 deportee’s US citizenship on condition that they cut off the head of every 70 year old grandmother they see walking down the street … so the neocons can declare Marshall Law and round up all the terrorist Christians, Constitutionalists and Veterans!

  41. Dan S.

    I think you had a typo in your after the interview statement. I think it should be only 3.2% of the people trust the MSM.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dan S.
      One day in the not too distant future it will be.

  42. mike

    i’m pissed!
    you allow posts from trolls but twice i commented and they we’re deleted.
    i’ve had it with all the internet sites and the supposed “free” speech! yet every body moderates and censors… And I’m sure it will only get worse after oct with the UN censoring…. i’m not a troll.. just Canadian and also fed up with everything…

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey mike, I got an idea. Start you own site and say what you want. All you have to do is put up tens up thousands of your dollars, work for nothing for about 5 years, hire a top NYC consultant to guide you while you are working day and night for nothing, and learn all kinds of new things because you cannot afford a staff, continually pay big bucks for constantly upgrading your systems and security, and you too can do the exact same thing I am doing. It’s easy man.

      • asmith

        Reading your response is like watching “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” A thinking person can see all the negativity, but there are still people out there trying to make a difference and don’t give up hope. I’m close to, giving up hope that is, but haven’t and applaud your work. My parents grew up in the Depression and WW2 era and they embodied the ideal of my aforementioned movie. My grandparents, however, lived through the ideal of the Belle Epoque era in Europe into the destruction of WW1 and were cynic’s of the first degree. I tend to side w/them as they, like me, were older when the wheels came off. The wheels haven’t come off yet in this country that one, who has any means, needs to leave, but it’s close. Thanks again for doing what you’re doing.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Asmith.

  43. coalburner

    Deanna C, yes , Soros has openly admitted, he did as you described, looting dead Jews walking as a teenager. I have kept up on him for many years. Lately his computer servers were hacked and that is why all the new evidense is rolling out. He has been involved in all the destabilizing of counties in the Obama administration. Obama and Hillary and the Victoria Nuland, fiasco, all paid puppets on a string. They are all total screw ups. But Soros knows that, he just wants destabilization of countries so he can homogenize all countries and he doesn’t care how many die. He has become more and more evil over his lifetime. That is the untold story of why Jom Rogers parted company with him and Jim took the convient opportunity to move to Singapore. My guess is he know what Soros had in mind and that a twistet rich powerful devil like him could get it done. And he has.
    Look him up, remember Obama giving 2billion to Brazil to go extremely deep water oil drilling just after he was elected. Soros raked off a billion of that at least for his investment in that Brazillian government company. Quick Pay back and advance pay for Soros multitenticled organizations in the USA to support his re-election at any criminal cost.

    • asmith

      Reading your response is like watching “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” A thinking person can see all the negativity, but there are still people out there trying to make a difference and don’t give up hope. I’m close to, giving up hope that is, but haven’t and applaud your work. My parents grew up in the Depression and WW2 era and they embodied the ideal of my aforementioned movie. My grandparents, however, lived through the ideal of the Belle Epoque era in Europe into the destruction of WW1 and were cynic’s of the first degree. I tend to side w/them as they, like me, were older when the wheels came off. The wheels haven’t come off yet in this country that one, who has any means, needs to leave, but it’s close. Thanks again for doing what you’re doing.

      Greg, could you post this comment instead. Thanks.

      Reading your response is like watching “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” A thinking person can see all the negativity, but there are still people out there trying to make a difference and don’t give up hope. I’m close to, giving up hope that is, but haven’t and applaud your work. My parents grew up in the Depression and WW2 era and they embodied the ideal of my aforementioned movie. My grandparents, however, lived through the ideal of the Belle Epoque era, emigrated to America, and were cynic’s of the first degree after WW1. I tend to side w/them as they, like me, were older when the wheels came off. The wheels haven’t come off yet in this country that one, who has the means, needs to leave, but it’s close. The problem is where to go… Thanks again for doing what you’re doing.

  44. monty bissett

    Hi Greg

    Can you please tell me the following if possible. We hear China has 30 trillion of debt and up 29 billion last 20 years. Is that factual and why does everyone say USA is the most indebted nation on earth. Are they including pension and other obligations in the mix.
    It seems 30 trillion lot more than 20 trillion. Unfunded liabilities are probably far more in USA than China. Thanks for all you do Greg

    Monty Bissett

    • Greg Hunter

      Monty Bissett,
      According to Boston University economics professor Laurence Kotlikoff the actual total of debt and unfunded liabilities is close to $200 trillion for the U.S. He say this is simple standard accounting adding up projected revenues and tax collections against debt and liability into the future. The $20 trillion number is just the U.S. cash deficit.

  45. Dee Garmon

    Thank you for the wonderful interview.
    I loved it when he said that WP is level with National Enquirer, please do not read/watch and or click on the websites of any MSM outlet, let them drown.
    PCR commands a bigger audience than that of NY Times for very good reasons.

  46. coalburner

    Jerry and Treadway. Neither China nor Russia want a war. That is our libcons and new world order traitors talking. China is well on its way to building the biggest empire the world has ever seen without firing a shot. And our banksters(NWO types) have taught them everything they need to know about economic pressure and armtwisitng that will makes us lower class and them using the world to build a billiom person middle class at the expense of our stupidity. Russia jsut wants to ride along and is paying in advance with high tech knowledge. Our leaders were busy using the world to build their own bank accunts, now the worm has turned to China for the next 500 damned years. That is what our decendants have to look forward too because of gullible Libtards and evil banker thieves and bought out puppet politicians. Sure Treadway is right aboutour toys being bigger and better, I have said it many times. But how many balless Americans in leadership now are willing to commit suicide of the country. Thatis right Airman , zero. Jerry is right destruction is planted all overthe country by covert enemy plants. And that does not count the every Isamic believer in the Koran. The fourth wing enemy in our midst. How are you going to stop that Treadway?

  47. Diane D.

    I have to question PCR. Apparently he never recanted his take on the Orlando Pulse shooting that there was no evidence of blood or bodies. Really?

    As for the US preparing for a nuclear first-strike, the facts point to just the opposite. The US is systematically removing ICBM missiles from our 450 silos while the Russians are building at least 12 per year. The US hasn’t built a new missile in 20 years. Russia’s new multiple-head missiles are capable of outrunning US’s old solid fuel ABMs and they can be carried on rail cars. Nobody depends on ‘sitting duck’ silos anymore except the US.

    President Bill Clinton issued Presidential Decision Directive 60. Long story short: PDD-60 instructs US missile commanders wait for “actual detonations before retaliating.” The US policy is to absorb a first strike. PDD-60 removes all alternate submarine launch codes so that our subs cannot fire without direct communications with the President. Those vital communications links will assuredly not survive a massive first strike. Even if they did, would Obama (or the next ‘controlled’ President) even make the decision? Clinton also agreed to keep half of all our SLBM submarines in port at any one time “to assure our Russian friends that we are not a threat.”

    Bottom Line: All of our 450 US missile silos and half of our 12 SLBM submarines will be destroyed in a first strike. You know Russia and China have every one GPS’ed right now. What will the US have left to retaliate? A pathetic 6 SBLM submarines. History will be written by Russia and China.

    The US nuclear policy is nuclear suicide.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for adding this perspective Diane D.!

    • Jay


      The USA MIC doesn’t use or need silos; they have submarines to launch the missiles and aircraft carriers and planes to drop the missiles and bombs. With 200 bases around China and the USSR, it will be tough for them to know where we are coming from. What makes you say we haven’t built a new missile in 20 years? And the USA will not be run by the President in a nuclear war; the Crisis government in the bunkers will take over all ops, just like on 9/11. .

    • Paul ...

      But keep in mind that the neocons have tried three(3) times to detonate a nuclear weapon in the United States (to have an excuse to launch a retaliatory nuclear strike) … my house shook when the neocons nuclear bomb was diverted to go off in the Atlantic Ocean off Virginia by Patriots … the neocons have “struck out” three times already … now by baseball rules three strikes and your out … but neocons don’t abide by any rules … so expect them to try to get a nuclear detonation off here in America again so as to give them an excuse to start Armageddon … these neocons are a continuing problem for us Patriots … they must be stopped from starting WWIII … hopefully when Trump gets in he will weed out the neocons from our Military … the way Obama, Bush and Clinton have been weeding out Patriots from our military!

  48. Grod

    Hi Greg… Very interesting interview of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts… I admit that I was not familiar with him and his perspective… another piece of the puzzle… Here in Canada we are all watching, our Treasonous Federal & Provincial Politicians as well as 95% of all the worlds politicians, as they drag us all into a Debt Ridden, Godless , Lawless Freedom Stripped Slavery to the UN Globalist and Demonic Elites… So many dynamics pointing to a Revelations Type Global Event… I am not sure if all the Chaos is by Design or a Sign anymore but Natural and Unnatural Events are building… its so difficult to discern which is the main stage right hand or the distracting left hand.
    We all study the Electoral Events, the should be obvious Grassroots Landslide Victory of Mr. Trump and the Anti-Globalist Movement that he represents and watch in Awe and Disgust, the Demonicaly Rigged Lefties, Propping the Corrupt and Compromised Corpse all of HRC. Is she dead, double and cloned? Can a dead person win the presidency? Can body double or triple win the presidency? Which one sleeps in the White House? Can a clone win the Presidency? Obama? Wrong is Right and Right is Wrong? Bombs? Riots? The Bubble? UN? EU? China/Russia/Turkey? Islamatization? ISIS? Cop Killing? World War lll? The Pope & the Vatican? NWO? Earthquakes? Volcanoes? Missing Rivers and Lakes? Red Rivers and Lakes? Sink Holes? Flooding? Heatwaves? Snow in never before places ? Killer Hail? Kill Shot? Planet X/9, Nibiru, Wormwood, Nemisis?
    I am not going to reread this as I fear that after I do I will worry that you may think that I am Looney ( no not the Canadian dollar the other looney) and feel that I need to erase it all. So excuse the over use of adjectives and bad grammar ok.
    Buckle your seat belt, say your prayers and make peace with God brother… these are special times and it’s a MAD mad World!
    Stay Safe!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Grod. Never give up and “Fear Not” God the Father is in charge.

  49. coalburner

    Samantha nutjob must have been told that she only has a month or maybe 4 months to start war with the Russians and Chinese. They must think Trump will not push war. Russia is tring to hold out till the election. If Hillery is elected it will be time to start heading to the southern hemisphere or digging a hole and pouring concrete.

    • Paul ...

      Spot on coalburner!! … these next few months are extremely dangerous for us all … the Government of Germany is now warning its citizens to stockpile food and water … we Americans get no such warning from our government (we have to depend on the alternate media to give us a heads up) … the neocons will bring us Nuclear War to create their Utopia where there are no poor people (because they have all been incinerated)!!! … why can’t the neocons be a little more decent and forego nuclear war which is “very indiscriminate” in who gets killed and simply have Obama or Hillary pass a law that all those who earn less then $150,000 per year be sent to the Guillotines so as to eliminate all poverty from their NWO Utopia!! … they are normalizing the American people to get used to ISIS chopping off Christian heads so it will be easy to expand their head chopping campaign to get rid of all the poor people from their One World Communist Utopia!

  50. Michael g Turgeon

    Excellent interview

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you MGT.

  51. vincent_g

    It’s always good to hear from Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

    He’s always spot on and gives a well thought out view of today’s problems.

    I know the Clinton health thing is pretty much yesterdays news but there is still one part that bothers me.

    Why is it that no one brought out the fact that her doctor was with her when she passed out!
    Her doctor was with her that whole day and even left with her.



    Ok – you are with your doctor and you pass out.
    What would your doctor do?
    Would your doctor send you to a hospital or send you home?

    Why would the news not say her doctor is with her?
    And why would her doctor not bring her to a hospital?

    Could it be that this was expected?
    That due to her condition fainting is a norm?

    Just find this a bit strange
    Seems everything about this election news coverage is strange and at times very deceitful.


    • Charles H

      The whole Entourage is a team of Handlers?

  52. Judith

    Thank you, Greg, for bringing on Dr. Paul-Craig Roberts. He is fearless – able to tell the truth, unvarnished. I’d be surprised if he wasn’t a CIA-FBI target, frankly. He’s probably my favorite regular guest of yours. Because I live in Europe now, after moving out of the United States last year, I can tell you he’s right. Europeans just don’t know what of crazy, hyper-aggressive America right now, and will probably shift their economic alliances over to Russia and China, who have more money now to spend on European products than Americans do at the moment. America needs to get on the stick and initiate some big job-creating infrastructure improvement projects – new bridges, airports, a transcontinental electric traim (like France’s famed TGV lines).

  53. Judith

    *to make of

  54. Dirk Denhartog

    Airman Rich aka paid agent

    Bullies ALWAYS get their comeuppance,, ALWAYS

    The USA will be no exception to this rule.

  55. Dirk Denhartog

    Airman Rich won’t be back. He is a coward hit and run specialist and totally brainwashed.
    This is the level of intelligence in today’s US military.
    Its full of MORONS like him

  56. Dirk Denhartog

    Airman Rich

    Low tech beats hi tech. A mini sub and underwater cutting torch can bring the world to its knees right now. I doubt you understand what I am talking about.
    BTW I sent a 64GB micro SD card full of sensitive documents to a colleage in the USA recently, I put it UNDER a POSTAGE STAMP. Went thru easily

  57. Dirk Denhartog

    Airman Rich (poor intellectually)
    I ”lost my cherry” in Vietnam in late 60’s. Meaning I woke up to what the USA is all about.
    Ever since I have first hand experience with the total lies of the USA govt.. I flew 2 years for Libyan govt in 2002-2003. photos here, I see what”company” people do.

    • Tin foil hat

      Dirk Denhartog,
      Vietnam is probably the last just war which we had engaged in. We were fighting against the expansion of communism which I believe is evil. We are now fighting for the banksters or the dollar hedgemony which makes us the ones who are evil.

      • Paul ...

        Tin foil … You say: “Vietnam is probably the last just war” … no war is ever “just” … those who start wars are pure evil … the only “just part” of the Vietnam War or any war for that matter is the people defending their homes from foreign aggression! … just like it will be “just” when we American’s will soon have to defend our homes from UN Troops in Black Helicopters the terrorist neocons are training (in every city) to send against us!

    • Gary Canuck

      Dirk, thank you for sharing, a picture is worth a thousand words.


  58. Benjamin Frank

    One of my all time favorite group’s is the Moody Blues and one of the many songs I grew up signing to, was the song”QUESTION”! So her goes, As a legal resident of the United States of America and as a citizen in good standing and doing his best to promote tranquility and friendliness with everyone that he has had the pleasure of knowing and with malice towards no one! I “QUESTION” boldly your attempts to start WWIII!
    It appears that may leaders in this country do have “Malice towards everyone”? Tell me this is not so?
    I question, under whose authority do you have you have a right to declare a War against any nation? Someone is saying without the consent of “We the People”! No foreign entanglement!
    How dare you! How dare you! You have robb the treasures of this country without addressing the many man made issues that you have either created or not attempted to resolve!
    You have created a Cluster -flop with the economies of the world and you expect to bleed us till death, to cover your asinine decisions that have brought the economic power of this once great nation and her people to their knees! BOLDERDASH! I say again BALDERDASH!
    Those difference are no reason to wipe out the planet with weapons devolved only in the evil darkness of your minds and lost souls! As a participant promoting the sanctity of life, I suggest that you ” Stand down” Today”!
    We the People of the United States have a place at the table in this high stakes poker game! We do not support endless Wars! Indeed we are patriots who love this country! We just choose not to give a tinker’s damn anymore about the politicans who think that suicide is painless!
    So, I say to you Stand down! Let the John & Jane Does of this country exercise their rights to just say “No” to the destruction of this world that you are planning to unleash! Have a good day!

    • Bill

      Benjamin Frank: Aint goon happen as long as we have career politicians. Their number one concern—STAYING IN OFFICE. Until we adopt a policy of one term only for the politicians, we will just have the same old. Don’t need term limits, just don’t re elect them.

      • Benjamin Frank

        Yes! Yes! He’s the very first person running for political office that you can really understand ! Thanks for your feedback. Have a good evening.

      • Benjamin Frank

        Roger that! These politicans can screw up everything that they touch! Thanks for the feedback. Have a good evening.

    • Tin foil hat

      “So, I say to you Stand down! Let the John & Jane Does of this country exercise their rights to just say “No” to the destruction of this world that you are planning to unleash.”
      Say no by VOTE TRUMP!!!


    Everyone accepts DARPA algorithm wponized super secret psy-op!!!
    usa, eu, un (international community) are terrorists ISIS war criminals in a “hybrid war” also pindito Russia all to cover up for PEDERAST child raping, mass child (lol weird) murdering!!!

    Anyone can accept defeat or will be held accountable to Japan !!!

  60. DLC


    If memory serves, I believe I first heard this man on C to C (Noory). I don’t pretend to understand his method of predictions, although I’ve heard him explain it in the past. It is a computer-based model that he uses to map out events.

    He makes a few predictions about the present time frame clear through to the elections, both political and financial.

  61. Universalgeni

    Udo Ulfkotte’s book is available i English and sold from Amazon – Journalists for Hire: How the CIA Buys the News – link: https://www.amazon.com/Journalists-Hire-How-Buys-News/dp/1944505458

    It is fairly important to get this correction out. Please Greg Hunter, please mention this in your next video?

  62. Justin R Collett

    Greg i want to thank you for your honesty in reporting the news and interviewing people
    that has a understanding of our times. Dr Paul Craig Roberts made a statement in the interview this is the most dangerous time in his life i am convinced that he is correct in his assumption. Sept 21 30 Us,Israeli,turkish,saudi and qatar intelligence officers was killed by russian cruise missile attack in syria ( Israelilivenews.org). The proxy war in syria is no longer us and russia overtly targeting each other through terrorist groups it is becoming force comforting force like Dr Paul Craig Robert said. I hope and pray for peace because the only alternative is death and destruction.

  63. Julia

    Great interview! I am forwarding to every individual I know who listens to CNN or reads USA Today. Maybe just maybe they will finally wake up!

  64. BLT

    I find it amusing that out of the hundreds of Russian/Ukranian/Romanian/you name it people who come in to buy parts for their trucks at my place of business not one of them has anything bad to say about America or its people. Sure I they have bad things to say about our criminal govt and theirs but overall they are some of the coolest cats you meet in this business. We have been told to hate them by the same people that have lied to us daily and just like all govt entities they are propaganda becomes the most used tool in the shed. I would gladly take in a Russian off the streets before I would let Obama or Harry Reid into my home. We the people will see the difference between light and darkness because we choose to which is not an acquired skill but a learned one….the hard way. Much love Gregums!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you BLT! America is worth saving. It’s the “criminal crony class” that “f”ing it up here.

  65. Hatemail

    Dr. Roberts confirms my suspicion that the Fed and the US treasury are going to continue to prop up the stock market with faked money. It will not be allowed to deflate.
    I work with millennials and Gen X’ers. These poor suckers are so screwed. For the most part they are nearly broke, working for unsubstantial wages. They all drink the liberal PC Koolaid. Half of them live off Mom and Dad and use their paychecks of pittance to buy cellphones, yoga pants and put on airs of empty affluence. The other half have gone full monty into debt and have financed themselves into an unsustainable, self delusional state of respectability. When the parents die off they intend to feed off whatever is left of the estate. For now the virtual dream lives on but one day they will have to awaken.

    • Gary Canuck

      Its not about whether you can afford it, Its about “can you make the payments”
      Drives me CRAZY with my grandchildren, as I know they are being turned into debt-slaves for the rest of their lives, Apple Pay etc.
      I agree ,this market will be propped up 25K Dow no problem.

      Time for Greg to get Martin Armstrong back on, he has called this market
      better than anyone IMO for the last seven years.

  66. Robert Kimble

    Hillary died 9-4-2016. End of story!

    • Robert Lykens

      I’ve seen the same thing from others and I believe it’s a bunch of baloney. If she’s really dead then they’ll have to say so before Monday night.

    • Mohammad



  67. Joan

    I have to disagree with one aspect of Mr. Robert’s commentary. He states that the Peoples Republic of China and the USSR were not totalitarian in nature. He loses credibility with me on this point. Those two entities were among the most totalitarian nations that the world has seen. Both nations caused the deaths of millions of their own people. See “The Black Book of Communism” for details. Mr. Roberts may loathe the NeoCons, but that is no excuse for minimizing what the two leading Communist countries in history are responsible for. They were also the other actors in the proxy wars of the 20th Century in which they and the West were engaged on five continents. Mr. Roberts is not honest in this respect.

  68. Universalgeni

    I just got better idea: Make a interview with Ulfkotte. His English is very much OK as various videos on RT demonstrates. And – of cause – present the book. 🙂

  69. Laura

    Greg, Thanks for all you do!!

    I’m hearing more about the O admin. giving internet rights to the UN or ICANN. Would you please do your magic and investigate this issue and expose on the WNW? Thanks!

  70. mushroom

    Greg – I think it’s time now for a contrarian to balance the thrust of your guest list. I’d like to hear from Harry Dent. I’m frankly not sure what the future has in store for us – inflation or deflation and the time for investment decisions is getting critical.

    Thank you again….

    • Greg Hunter

      Good idea.

  71. coalburner

    Greg, I hate to keep babbling about this stuff but modern weapons are a lot cleaner than nuclear bombs. That is why Obama doesn’t care about them. An EMP over any country would be worse. Just one month for serious depopulation.

  72. Casey

    Greg, superb interview. Thanks.

    Btw Gina = MillionDollarBonus

    Not to worry

  73. Ron

    Best interview ever Greg. Thanks for letting PCR run past your normal interview time schedule. He speaks the truth and pulls no punches, but with an unsurpassed eloquence.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ron.

  74. Mohammad

    Absolutely correct..!

    Same happened in Damascus in the so called “peaceful” demonstrations in 2011 where instigators were bused to the locations and they were not local in the areas of demonstrations.


    Who funded that funded this, same criminal


  75. Silverado

    I don’t recall hearing one word about the upcoming election and what each candidate would effect in the way of world peace if they are elected. To my way of thinking the risk of war goes down with the election of Trump and increases should crooked Hillary win. It sure would have been nice to hear his opinion on the subject although he’s anti-neocon (probably hates the Clinton’s) and the reasons are obvious. But what does he think of Trump? Anyway other than that I listened to the entire thing and thought it an interesting point of view and worth the listen.

  76. Robert McCulloch

    Wow! What a fantastic interview! Greg, once again you’ve knocked one out of the park. I stopped watching television years ago as the truth is found on your site.
    Best to you from your friends north of the 48’th parallel.

  77. Bob

    The best and most important and relevant interview to date. Dr Roberts has the situation perfectly analyzed. I agree that it will be a slow painful slide into abject poverty for the 99% . There is a palpable feeling in the population that there is something terribly wrong. It would further seem that the whole world is watching and little by little truth is emerging. Hillary’s lies, deceit, greed and thirst for blood ( her current medical condition is Karma and proof that God is alive, well and watching !)
    There is the truth coming out about how the US administration is supporting ISIS – bombing Alepo and also their own humanitarian supply convoy – shameful – now that is DEPLORABLE !
    Litany of false flags in US every time there is some negative about Hillary !
    What the US needs is an Ejection and not an Ekection. Get all the corrupt, greedy puppeteers identified and jailed and start the whole system over ! I do believe Trump can be the start of this process.

  78. Austin Jones

    Dear Greg this is my first time on your site and I have to say you are incredible I’m 22 and I’ve always gone on alternative news sites because they reveal the truth I will continue to go on your site more often keep up the work

  79. Country Codger

    Hello Dr. Roberts,
    Great report.

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