We are Living with Maximum Uncertainty – Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts has said for years that the economy was not going to crash, but be on a “slow burn.” How long can they make this heavily indebted game last? Fitts says, “Our problem as investors is we don’t know. If you look at all the information we need to make an intelligent assessment, we don’t have access to that information. I have said many times this is a military question. Who has the biggest weapons and who has the ability to deliver force and control? So, we are living with maximum uncertainty. . . . Clearly, we are headed into a new currency world that’s part of a new control system, but the answer is we don’t know when. My fear with many, many commentators is they are underestimating the power and endurance of the system. I am always getting yelled at because people think I am pro-empire. I am not saying I am pro-empire or I am for the things they are doing to keep it going.”

Fits adds that things are so uncertain that “the old system could go five years or five months.”

On introducing a new dollar, Fitts says, “Even if they do introduce a dollar backed by gold, it’s going to start off with a small market share. They are very unlikely to do a big bang thing. These guys are prototypers.”

There is no doubt wealthy people around the world are buying gold. Why? Fitts says, “The reality is . . . in the worst case scenario, gold is a store of value because it is respected globally as a currency or money without the backing of a sovereign government. What is the global currency that has backing without a sovereign government, and gold and silver are one of the few. I think it is one of the reasons I think wealthy people need to have a store of value for the worst case. It is central bank insurance. A core position in gold is not an investment, it is central bank insurance. . . . We continue to see people have a core position in precious metals for the worst case.”

What is the worst case scenario? Fitts says, “The worst case scenario is we are dealing with very serious geophysical risk. Throughout history, we have had things like Noah and the flood where civilization has almost gotten wiped out. . . . There have been radical changes in policy to coalesce huge amounts of money under central control and do secret projects. Why? What is that about? . . . . I don’t know how the governance system on planet earth works. I don’t know why the government is shifting massive amounts of money out of the U.S. government and out of the U.S. economy and taking it dark.”

Fitts says, “Right now, we are choking on secrecy as a society. If you look at all the people who got it wrong about the collapse, the reason they got it wrong is because all the information they needed to determine whether or not it was going to collapse was being kept secret even though they, as taxpayers, were financing it. . . . If we had transparency and we stopped with the secrecy, we could turn the red button green. . . . The cost of secrecy is enormous . . . . The cost of tyranny, the cost of oppression, the cost of Americans having lousy education and all this control, it destroys so much wealth.”

You cannot have a successful civilization with this kind of secrecy.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts, Publisher of “The Solari Report.”

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After the Interview: 

Catherine Austin Fitts says some of her favorite investments right now are land, precious metals and income producing real estate.

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  2. Tim McGraw

    Looks like Catherine Austin Fitts has finally headed for her bunker in New Zealand. LOL. Just kidding. Thanks for the interview.

    • Scott

      Wish there was some/any way to just get the quarterly hard copy. I was a subscriber of Ms. Fitts for two quarters but when the published newsletter repeatedly failed to appear, I requested a refund. Bummer…

      • Greg Hunter

        She has said,on this show a while back, Solari had problems with big tech blocking her emails. My emails end up in people’s spam files all the time. Try it again.

        • Scott

          Thanks, Greg. I’ll give it a go, thanks for the reply…

  3. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Austin Fitts,as ever demanding and thought provoking.
    China,China,China and its middle class of spenders who are desperate to flee Mr Xi Jingping’s utopia.Why?China’s most important export today and tomorrow will be repression
    Imagine trying to gain access to University whilst your father or mother languishes in jail under this type of regime.
    Are China’s people more smart than those in the West ,if they are why do they tolerate this there again why are we tolerating the repressions since 9/11?
    Today in China banners that had been history are making a come back and the hordes of spies are out in force.
    Here in the UK our Universities are prostrating themselves at the feet of compliant Chinese students and their wealth,yeah their intellect is higher,so expect a cure for old age soon at the end of a needle-oh wait we already have that here in the UK.
    Do Americans still have the money to buy China’s dross we in the UK have so little choice as we peasants have so little money,we scour the internet looking for deals to survive ?.We drool at American thrift store prices for quality goods which our high streets cannot match in quality for a lot more money.
    Depressing really!The UK economy sucks for us peasants whilst the elite gallop by surrounded by a fawning thug squad.Our demise is not coming its here.

    • Cool Jerk Mulberry Malone, that old Yankee Doodle dandy

      I never knew we had it so good here in the states. I only shop at the best Salvo’s, that’s Aussie slang, for the Salvation Army.
      Here we just call it Salvation.
      ” Hey, mate (Buddie) you wanna go to Salvation?”
      Salvo’s catching on though, we don’t have to use that last vowel and then we save some breath. Gettin long in the tooth here.
      We got to thank your country Marie for sending them our way. Thank you!
      Much better than when you sent all those ‘s salvo’s into Boston harbor during our war for Independence! Just saying, we’ve buried the hatchet long ago.
      Now we’re best, bud’s, mate. Three cheers and all that rot!

  4. Anthony Australia

    I respect CAF so much.
    Thanks again as always Greg.
    10 years up and now 10 years down; to a slow, painful, grinding halt.

  5. mal

    Hi Greg,
    When I listen to Katherine I always think of Eisenhower’s famous valedictory speech warning about the military industrial complex. We’ve all heard it quoted ad nauseam , usually preceded by something like “Eisenhower, who was no flaming liberal said…”. Few have ever watched the entire 17 minute long speech. He also warned about the dangers of government funded research. He warned about the government contract becoming the holy grail of academia. He even prophetically warned that colleges and universities could cease to be places for the free exchange of thoughts and ideas. Secret space programs? Breakaway civilizations? Twenty one trillion dollars missing? I suspect you and most of your readers have heard of the spider goats. What kind of black budget funded research is going on in classified laboratories around the world? What kind of genetic engineering and manipulation of the human species and other life forms is underway? What are the implications of such research in a world where AI is already well on the way to making us obsolete. Katherine suggested rightly that the general population is culpable. I just saw a recent university study that estimated that America has killed over a million people in Iraq and Afghanistan since Desert Storm. I suspect that half of that “culpable general population” probably couldn’t find Iraq or Afghanistan on a map. Katherine said she doesn’t really know who the powers behind the scene are but are suspect they are more powerful than we can imagine and I’m pretty sure they are accountable to no one.

    • paul ...

      Accountable to no one?? … aren’t they accountable to Satan? … and Satan is accountable to God the Father!!

      • paul ...

        The breakaway civilization CAF speaks about … seems to be a Cabal of German SS military and top German scientists who retreated from Germany near the end of WWII with all their advanced weapons and set up a base in Antarctica … when Admiral Byrd went down to finish them off … his armada was attacked by German flying disks and he had to retreat … the Germans sent an armada of flying disks over the White House to subtly tell the Americans to back off … so it seems we did not win WWII as everyone believes after all … so we started a secret crash program to build our own flying disks (in order to catch up with the Germans) … problem is the Germans continued their scientific efforts and became capable of flying to the Moon and Mars to set up bases that would be untouchable by the Americans … but Trumps proposed Space Force seems to suggest we are advancing our off world capabilities also … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwUrbhMH0xY

        • sk

          Look out, Paul!!! I thought I saw Angela sneak under your bed….with a swastika in her teeth….

  6. Mark James

    What a treat to have C.A.F. on! Really amazing interview. I wish I had just a small portion of her knowledge. Amazing how she puts things together. Thank you Greg for having her a regular quest. I think I look forward to her interviews the most.

    Excellent interview and fascinating information. Yes, I would love to have an hour of her explaining HUD fraud. I think it would be very enlightening.

    Thanks! Great job!

  7. Constance Ford

    Rescue made on the fly during Woolsey Fire 9th November 2018

  8. Jack

    Japan has lived the farce of money created as debt since 1990. The BOJ is the largest stock holder in 90% of the NIKKI. The only thing that kept them afloat were huge production and exports. We have reached the point of our economies living in an alternate reality of digital debt created on the whim of a computer mouse , used to plug any holes in a sinking Titanic. I think Catherine is alluding to , is that this alternate financial fake economy has surpassed the real one and now has a life of its own , not affected by people that make the wheels turn. However, there comes a point when even their most ardent supporters will lose faith in the system.
    The bankers bought into cryptos in 2017 and sent Bitcoin to $20,000 and now is $3,500. All markets are manipulated by this infinite money and eventually vertical growth causes its’ own collapse.

  9. Arizona

    THERE is a mini solar system coming,THE NIBIRU mini solar system,I think Isiah 24 makes it pretty clear whats going on,and ALL these rich elite know it too…..

  10. Jerry

    I’ve posted it a thousand times. The transition to the new currency system is happening real time. Here’s how it’s done.

    There is a reason dollars “ dark or otherwise” are being transferred into RMB. The globalist are doing the reset inside the exchange system itself. You and I and CAF will be the last to know when it’s complete. Do I think it will work? Who knows? But what choice do they have? The old system is on life support now. The money velocity chart is evidence of that. At the end of the day Donald Trump knows what’s coming and is trying to position the United States for the reset by trying to hack out a new trade deal with China. Let’s hope it works.

  11. plainspeaking

    All patriots should watch the Lobby USA

  12. Laureen McMullan

    I am so glad you had this interview with Catherine. She is the only sane person with a level head. I felt some hope listening to her.
    It is difficult sometimes to discern what’s going on with all the crazies out there.

  13. Jim Summers

    Fitts is one of your best guests. I really enjoy her interviews. She seems to indicate that we can come back from all this corruption. I wish she was right. But, I have to disagree.

    Once the pentagon started spraying us with aluminum, barium and other compounds, the paradigm changed. This contamination is destroying our breathable air column, our surface water and our soil. Alzheimers is going thru the roof as well as other ailments. This, and other disasters (aka Fukushima, etc) are going to result in a massive die off of the civilian population.

    We failed to constrain this regime many years ago and force transparency. Now we will pay the price for a ruling caste gone rabid.

  14. paul ...

    As CAF says: “We are living with maximum uncertainty.” … but we can be “certain of one thing” … Bitcoin will soon be worth less then the Cabbage Patch Doll in our closet and less then the Tulip Bulb in our garden … at least a Cabbage Patch Doll and Tulip Bulb are more of a “real thing” then a “fleeting electron inside a computer that costs $3,800 dollars” … the Bitcoin chart shows the next “solid support level” “at zero”!! … https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitcoin/

    • paul ...

      The “pumpers and dumpers” are now pushing the US dollar up the same way they pushed up Bitcoin … be smart … and use the strong dollar now to buy something “real” like gold, silver, etc. … the way the owners of Bitcoin “when it was strong” should have loaded up on silver … remember a fiat paper debt note printed out of thin air by banksters and a fiat electronic bit created out of thin air inside a computer have the same intrinsic value as a grain of sand in the Sahara Dessert!

      • paul ...

        If and when the US dollar is backed by gold as CAF suggests may happen in the future … holding some dollars under your mattress would then be OK (but only if that gold backed US dollar is really allowed to be “convertible into gold” at your local bank)!!

        • paul ...

          It is said that every American should be his own Central Bank … but look at what the Central Bank of Canada did (they sold all their gold) … better that every American become their own Pawn Shop (put up a sign saying: “I buy gold”) and give away your “fake” un-backed paper Fed currency notes for “real gold money” that needs no sovereign backing!

          • paul ...

            Why go crazy trying to figure out the power and endurance of a fiat currency that needs military might to back it up … when gold (God’s universal money) needs no such sovereign backing!!

            • paul ...

              Look at the Euro … it’s fate is in doubt because they have no European Army to back it up … why don’t these idiots just make the Euro convertible into gold? … too simple a solution?? … they now have to print up trillions more fiat Euro’s to build a European Army to back up the Euro??? … don’t these dumb bells have enough problems with Italy????

              • Cool Jerk Mulberry Malone

                What would we have done without Europe? They took America from the Indians for us their prodigy. But we get their prodigy let’s the blame. Shame on you Europeans. Look what you did to Oz. The indigenous peoples of the world can’t wait till us white folk are raptured. Come to think of it, do you blame them. Or just Columbus and Cook? A lot of the whites did get cooked, come to think about it.

  15. Jeannette Rowden

    Catherine Austin Fitts is always so interesting. But today, more so than ever. The idea that the “missing” $21 trillion actually has been funding a secret second government, so to speak, that is preparing for some future calamity by building all the underground systems was a new thought for me. It makes me think something like Planet X (or some other danger) is actually coming our way and some people in power are preparing for it big time.

    • Eric

      And to think they (underground tunnels) will all be useless when our country becomes flooded as prophesied.

    • paul ...

      Those underground bunkers must be sealed “air tight” with bottled oxygen tanks inside … because if a giant Coronal Mass Ejection from the Sun blows away Earth’s atmosphere for a half hour or so (before gravity pulls the atmosphere back) … those in air tight bunkers with an independent oxygen supply will survive the catastrophe … the only problem is that all the moral people on Earth’s surface will be flash frozen … and the evil crooked Demons in the underground bunkers will repopulate the Earth with their immoral genetic code (but only if they can get to their bunker in time) … I suggest all you evil Devils lock yourselves up under the ground immediately … and stay there … as you never know when God will make the Sun explode to suffocate and freeze you!!

  16. kathy helms

    I enjoyed the report with Catherine but made me a little anxious when she said the Federal reserve was beginning stronger. I thought this administration was putting that entity under the Treasury. Will the commoners ever get the deep state under control?

  17. Diane


  18. Hoosier river rat

    Another great interview , In reference to local currencies , I have a few depression notes that were issued by the city of Hammond Indiana to facilitate commerce during the depression . They have a grid on the back of them to apply a stamp for each transaction.When the grid was filled ,the business owner would redeem these notes for dollars at the city hall .It was a way of providing currency to transact business . I know that the cities of Cleveland and Milwaukee did the same. It was a way of stretching currency ,because if you talk to someone who lived during the depression ,there was little money out there.

  19. Jallen

    Greg and Watchdogs,
    Let us get real! The Federal Reserve makes Monopoly money at will!!! All todays forecasting is making educated guesses as to what the Fed will do with interest rates.
    Since the dollar is no longer backed by gold and has become nothing more than electronic entry in a computer you no longer have real money! Americans did you ever stop to think what would happen if someone hacked the Feds computers or the banking systems computers? In the past physical counterfeit dollars were created, today a computer can be hacked and counterfeit money can be created by a few keystrokes.
    America is twenty plus TRILLION DOLLARS in debt to who? Who lent them the twenty plus trillion dollars? Let me see, the Fed can put a twenty plus million dollar entry in their computer, call it money and lend it to the United States Government and collect the interest on the twenty plus million from the American Tax payers.
    America, you are victims of THE GREATEST SCAM KNOWN TO MANKIND and it is called The Federal Reserve and its FIAT money.
    Former President Richard Nixon must be rolling over in his grave for for eliminating THE DOLLAR BACKED BY GOLD as he opened the door to FINANCIAL HELL for America and the financial world!
    The world became a victim of the Federal Reserve when Henry Kissinger and the Arabs created THE PETRO DOLLAR, which meant you could only buy oil in DOLLARS!!! Maybe you can now understand the only time Jesus lost hist temper was with the Bankers (Money Changers) in Israels Temple.


    • paul ...

      Trump must nationalize the Fed Jallen and abolish the IRS!!

      • Jallen

        How about disbanding the FED and returning the US treasury to power.
        We should put the pictures of the Federal Reserve leaders in the post office.
        The Book titled ‘ The Creature from Jekyll Island’ must be read by all citizens running for public office and be able to pass a quiz on said book!!!


  20. Rob

    The reason Catherine doesn’t see the reset happening soon is because the reset will not be overnight but a phase in period of 3 1/2 years of the first half of the tribulation. First there will be another crisis that will begin this phase in period that will culminate in the midst with this control on the masses:

    Revelation 13:16-17 And he causeth all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, that there be given them a mark on their right hand, or upon their forehead; (17) and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name.

    The reason the radicals are trying to warehouse seed, build underground bunkers, and/or get off the planet is because they know our sun(star) is a binary system meaning there is another star that is inbound and due back in our solar system within the next decade:


    The Chinese have economic plans for the silk road, but our Father will use it to move 200 million west to the valley of Megiddo during the “day of the Lord” which is a distinct year immediately following the 7 years of tribulation:


  21. al

    I can’t handle 5 more years of this, I don’t think anyone can. I have to disagree with the length of time, this slow burn has snuffed out! The fire is no longer there.
    I agree with KAF about people watching USA Watchdog as opposed to the fake news Enemy Media.
    I really hope Trump puts together a truth network and have Greg Hunter in charge.
    This video interface called TV has to be replaced by an easy to use smart TV platform, once that’s done, the remote control surfers will be happy and will tend to watch alternative news, the real news.

  22. BDS

    I am not sure Catherine got the name of Norm Bergland’s book. Just checked it out , Ringmakers of Saturn, by Norman Bergland. Sale price $5,000 !!!!! Is that correct or wrong book title?
    Great interview as usual. Keep up the great work.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      BDS, you mean Norman Bergrun. Amazon lists it at $990. It’s not unusual for rare out of print books to reach extremely high prices like that.

  23. gregd

    I believe her but I’m very disappointed. What I heard is that every market is manipulated and as we know they know who is in what investments and so far they are there to make the 1% richer and richer. Remember when Henry Paulson had a secret meeting in Russia with the select few to let them know they were bailing out which banks,AIG, GM, Chrysler, Fanny Mae, and Freddy Mac. Paulson also bailed out himself from Goldman Sacks for 200 million! One of the richest people on the planet Warren Buffett was bailed out the most! HE can’t take a loss but they had no problem throwing people out of their houses onto the streets and turning their former houses into section 8 houses and killing the prices of those neighborhood. So what I hear her saying it’s going to continue. They distract and destroy with migration. They attempt to put the whites against the blacks. What’s their next trick? What I know is, no one who should go to jail is in jail. Bankers politicians none of them. Just us regular people.
    So we may be looking at a crumble, not a collapse. A bit worse every year every decade till all the people who are alive have just gotten used to it. They become surfs. Plato’s cave. As George Carlin said many years ago, “get used to it folks, it ain’t gonna get any better”, “the real owners of this Country don’t want that”, “it’s a big club and you ain’t in it”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsL6mKxtOlQ
    Greg to be honest, to hear her say this could go on for years longer is very very depressing. It’s a death by a 1,000 cuts. And as you said the most corrupt political party in our time will only be prosecuted IF Trump releases some well-known info and the most corrupt FBI and DOJ do their jobs. Not likely! From what I see they will talk about it but nothing will be done in a serious way. The Dems will stop all investigations on them and continue to look for a crime on Trump and anyone who opposes the New World Order. Trump SHOULD have released the info BEFORE the election but he didn’t, WHY?? They know that at some time the NWO will have the President, the house and the Senate. The 1st and 2nt amendments will be gone. The devil seems to be patient. They are shutting down opposing views on youtube yet nothing is done. I worry about you and your well being. You are our voice, we think the same ways.
    It’s over Greg if this keeps going on the way it has. We have faith and we are positive but let’s face it. Slowly and incrementally it’s happening now. With Trump it’s slowed down but it’s still happening.
    Greg you say have faith and fear not. I like that.
    But it won’t happen in my eyes till those in power truly fear for their lives and their families lives as many of us do right now. It’s not supposed to be this way.

    • Angelo


      It is going down the way it is supposed to be. Scripture is very specific in presenting this to us. The hopeless feeling that you are getting is created by the illusion that the PTB are in control. They are not. While the GMOs, weather warfare, energy-directed weapons, hoarding gold, military industrial complex, health care industrial complex, pharmaceutical industry, DNA manipulation, AI, talks of breakout civilization, threats of nuclear war, false teachers, political and ideological divide and everything else man conjures may all be overwhelming, just know that we are called to action in Jude 1:17. This is the hope that we should hold on to and not let anyone steal our joy. Keep up the independent thinking and your eyes fixed on our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ.



      • Cool Jerk Mulberry Malone

        Very encouraging! But what of those, of little faith? I know trust the Lord!
        I don’t trust my land lord. He looks too much like Hugh Loire! Thanks

      • gregd

        That’s quite a list but what bothers me the most I believe it’s the turncoat media. A journalist job description still calls for hard work, ethics, quality writing, and, at its heart, the desire to tell the truth. They have failed miserably.
        I thank you for taking the time and replying to my comments. It’s comforting to know this is the way it’s supposed to be as much as I don’t like it. And your advise was right on the money.

        • paul ...

          Angelo … The Evil Deep State has now developed a flue vaccine (the VMAT2) that when dispersed in the air over a city population center “will suppress the religious gene in humans” and make everyone into “immoral commie atheists” who will reject all religious teachings and accept the killing of women and children as normal behavior like the Hillary Demon-rat Cabal!! … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piELyx5gaUI

  24. George Eddleston

    Greg: Hamiltonian credit system, low interest long term credit, issued by a national bank or a Resolution Trust as FDR did, Lincoln used Green Back Currency to win the civil war. All have in common a credit system for the people, wall st. does not get their cut right off the top as is happening now. A good possibility is nationalize the fed. turning it into a National Bank; Funds in a credit system would go into industrial production, agriculture, science and rebuilding the country NOT speculation. George E

  25. john

    Why did we globalize? What is better that 300 million people in debt – 3 billion people going into debt. Sorry, there is no plan here other than greed and looking for a plan to extend a debt based system. Also, our military can’t stop the collapse of the dollar. Although the Chinese have their issues, they have a military that can resist ours on a regional basis. China does not need a “blue water” navy as their means for economic dominance will be via land bridges. We could never win a land war with China so it just absurd to place any faith in the dollar being propped up by our military. The Chinese are just being smart – devalue their currency to fight our tariffs, accumulate gold as a means of a trade policy/currency support in Asia, encourage us to defend the dollar and suppress gold prices so they can garner more gold at a lower price which at the same time makes our products hard to export as the dollar is too high and allow us to increase funding the military for solutions on a problem that does not have a military fix as there is parity between the US, China and Russia.

    • sk

      …and that is why the parasite will migrate from $$$ to RMB…

      • Frederick

        Which (((parasite))) is that ?

        • sk

          Whaaaat? You some kind of Antisemipalatinskite or somepin’?

      • john

        yep..and the migration will not be a symbiotic relationship when gold enters the arena in Asia.

  26. paul ...

    Has anyone ever tried to play chess against a computer? … if not … I’ll tell you a computer is hard to beat … so why would people invest in the stock market, etc. when they are playing against computers?? … as of September 2018 the NASDAQ 100, S&P 500, and Dow Averages have been in their longest equity bull markets in American history … do you think the recent big down days over the last two months merely represents a pull back presenting you with an opportunity to buy??? … look at the all-time highs in the Chinese and German stocks in January … the all-time highs in Canada and Australia in July … what are all these highs telling us???? … what do you think $20,000 dollars for one Bitcoin “electron” told the computers to do????? … a similar bust of this stock buying mania is likely here upon us right now but people caught up in a mania always think they are smart enough to out-think a computer trading against them!!!

    • JOhn

      Yes I have and have beaten it several times. The way you beat a computer in chess is by being unconventional in your approach to the game. The issue with investing today is that yield is more important than safety – this is the new convention that investors have accepted as normal – until rates start to rise. Sometimes you just have to be in the background letting your position develop – taking control of the center 4 squares of the board, having open diagonal and horizontal runs in order to attack, being ready to castle when danger lurks and knowing when to sacrifice a position. Investing has become momentum based – fundamental do not matter. The unconventional approach to investing: lower debt, Ag/Au as a hedge, dollar cost average into blue chips, have some cash, get boring exposure to utilities and reduce leverage.

      • paul ...

        JOhn … here is this weeks data the banksters are going to input into their quantum computers … good luck trying to outwit their AI machines!! …
        Monday Nov 26: It’s a fairly quiet start to the week for data on Monday. Overnight, we’ll get Japan’s preliminary November manufacturing PMI. In Europe, we get Germany’s November IFO survey, while in the US, we get the Chicago Fed’s October National activity index and the Dallas Fed’s November manufacturing activity index. Away from the data, it’s a busy day for central bank speak, with the ECB’s Draghi, Praet, Nowotny and Coeure all speaking at different times along with the BoE’s Carney and former Fed Governor Greenspan.

        Tuesday Nov 27: Overnight on Tuesday, we get China’s October industrial profits data. In Europe, we get France’s November consumer confidence reading and the UK’s November CBI retail sales release. In the US, we get the September FHFA house price index, Q3 house price purchase index and September S&P CoreLogic index in addition to the November consumer confidence print. There’s also more central bank speak with the Fed’s Clardia, Bostic, Evans and George all due to speak along with the ECB’s Nouy and Costa. Chinese Vice Premier Liu He is also due to address a Germany-China investment and trade forum.

        Wednesday Nov28: The main highlights on Wednesday are Fed Chair Powell’s speech at the Economic Club of New York, and the second reading of Q3 GDP in the US. Prior to this we get the UK’s November BRC shop price index reading followed by the BoE’s financial stability report and stress test results. Following that, we get Euro Area October M3 money supply and Germany’s December GfK consumer confidence release. In the US, we get the latest weekly MBA mortgage applications, October advance goods trade balance, preliminary October wholesale inventories, October retail inventories, October new home sales and Richmond Fed’s November manufacturing index.

        Thursday Nov 29: It’s a busy day for data on Thursday with the key highlights being the release of the October PCE report and latest FOMC minutes in the US, and preliminary November CPI releases for Germany and Spain. Elsewhere, we’ll get France’s preliminary Q3 GDP report, November unemployment in Germany, UK’s November money and credit aggregates data, and Euro Area’s November confidence indicators. In the US, we get October personal income and real personal spending data along with the latest weekly initial jobless and continuing claims data, and October pending home sales. Away from that, ECB President Draghi and the Fed’s Evans and Mester are due to speak. The Bank of England will also make its independent assessment of Brexit’s impact on the financial system and broader UK economy to the Treasury Committee.

        Friday Nov 30: All eyes will be on the G-20 Summit on Friday which continues into the weekend. Away from this, the main data highlight is the preliminary November CPI report for the Euro Area. Prior to this, overnight we get China’s November official PMIs and UK’s November GfK consumer confidence data. We’ll also get France’s October PPI and preliminary November CPI along with Italy’s preliminary November CPI and final Q3 GDP, and Euro Area’s October unemployment report. In the US, the only data due is the November Chicago PMI. The Fed’s Williams is also due to speak.

        • Cool Jerk Mulberry Malone

          I’m sorry I even saw it your way. After that spiel I’m putting my gold in my mouth and my silver in my drinking water.
          Wake me up when it’s over in case I’m dead!

    • gregd

      Great point Paul! I never thought of it that way.

  27. ed

    Re-energizing via the rings of Saturn?

    • paul ...

      ED … What if those alien ships are really “giant food producing agricultural machines” where by they use sunlight (like giant chloroplasts) and convert the water and carbon dioxide breathed out by the aliens aboard the ship into food and oxygen … thus these ships could be giant agricultural plants using the energy of sunlight to convert carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates (food) and oxygen by the simple process of photosynthesis … now we often think of plants as breathing in carbon dioxide and breathing out oxygen … however the process is not exactly this simple … plants (just like animals) need to break down carbohydrates into energy “when sunlight is not readily available” … and oxygen is required to do this … so plants don’t get rid of all the oxygen they produce during photosynthesis … they actually hold on to a small amount of the oxygen they produce in photosynthesis and use that oxygen to break down some of the carbohydrates they produced “to give them energy” … and in the process of releasing water and carbon dioxide from the ship (which freezes in space behind the ship) creates the rings about Saturn … the aliens aboard ship that breathe oxygen “don’t have to worry about the use of oxygen by the ship during periods of low sunlight” as plants produce approximately ten times more oxygen during the day then what they consume at night!!

    • Tin foil hat

      I know that sounds kind of way out there but the rest of what she has said were on the mark.

    • wondrouscat

      I think she just threw that in there to see if we were paying attention.

      • paul ...

        Not so wondrouscat … if CAF really wanted to get your attention she would have named the “hostile insect aliens” visiting our planet (to abduct people for experimentation and kill us) … they are named “Trantaloids” by the US Military … we captured one of these Hostile Alien Visitors (HAV’s) a few years back but it died in captivity … our President at the time (Regan) was told they come from a solar system named Epsilon Eridani 10.5 light years away from Earth and that they live on the third planet from their orange colored star which is dimmer and smaller then our Sun … these “insect aliens” are “very hostile toward humans” and desire the total destruction of our civilization and our way of life … seems they have advanced holographic technology that allows them to shape shift and “look human” … I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the Demon-rats right within our government and Deep State (trying to destroy our Constitution) are these evil Trantaloids (cloaked to look human)!! … https://www.truthcontrol.com/forum/alien-type-summary-%E2%80%93-trantaloids

  28. Mellowbird

    Very informative interview. This provides the best explanation I have heard about the movement of manufacturing to China, displacement of jobs in the USA, the Chinese appetite for US debt (which is now heavily weighted on the short term issues), and the importation of deflation. This has some striking similarities to the deal that was struck with the Saudis in the 70s where they were told to use their oil revenues to buy US debt. Now AI and technology is disrupting the job market and the Asians have recognized this. With Trump now trying to reverse the gambit it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  29. Loren Hoover

    Your best interview ever! Wow! Catherine nailed it!
    For what it’s worth the day after Obama won (or how ever) his second term I said that Donald Trump would run for president and win. Told the young crowd I work with and they all laughed .
    No prophet here and I didn’t graduate from eight grade.
    I have a good piece of information how you could receive a birth certificate from Hawaii in the 1950’s from a federal officer that is retired .
    Also on the space programs an incident in the China Sea in the early 1950’s with the seventh fleet.

    Your heard of the Crazy Czech I was with him in west Texas for a short time.
    Told another bunny trail to go down into the briar patch on JFK .
    Brother Hoover

    • Tin foil hat

      Loren Hoover,
      I think Obama was most likely born in Hawaii but the birth certificate which he posted on the internet is definitely a fake certificate.

  30. Thomas Blow


    ref. https://usawatchdog.com/we-are-living-with-maximum-uncertainty-catherine-austin-fitts/


    In this interview much good information is discussed but CAF sums up by saying “Everyone needs to understand the Asian Consumer.” What? Do you think that sounds like a rallying cry? What is disturbing to me is you BOTH appear to understand that the information provided, while illuminating, has no traction. This comes from the philosophy that everyone votes their pocketbook, or, it’s the economy, stupid; that economic information by itself will win an “information war”, What I am saying is, while your information is very good and this speaks well of your powers of discernment, the rate at which people are being persuaded is not telling. This message does NOT have the necessary traction, you are SPINNING YOUR WHEELS.

    If you want to interview a person on the power of persuasion and how that is accomplished you should interview Scott Adams. Scott contends that the progress of the Awakening has slowed to a stall. He says basically the leaders of both narratives/camps/”movies” are now talking to their own people. I think you should do this before you go back to any of your “sum-up” moralists you have been interviewing who provide context but lately VERY LITTLE new intel. BUT interviewing Scott while a MISSING PIECE of the puzzle which YOU NEED to structure DISCERNMENT, will not reach the Solution.

    It should be a clue that the greatest efforts we have had to win this WAR have NOT been economic. The empty seats in NFL stadiums are one clue. The CROWDS at Trump rallies are another clue. The common fuel of these phenomena is Patriotism. But, to be clear, it was not just nationalistic Patriotism that kept the America First movement alive for decades and brought it to fruition. It was The American Idea. If you want to know what The American Idea is, you should interview Dinesh D’Souza. This is also a MISSING PIECE from your work.

    BUT interviewing Dinesh leads to the third missing piece which is the basis of the American Idea. This is something you and many others seem to take for granted but it is the essential Brushfire Of Freedom. This is the idea of Liberty. It is the goal of the US Constitution. This is a galvanizing, powerful element of a political movement which MUST be employed to win this war. Ask yourself, WHY would there be a poitical plot in France to build a collossal statue in America, what was the purpose? The reason is it was just as hard in the nineteenth century as it is today to visualize, understand, and embrace this idea, to value it, to live for it, to die for it. The Statue stands as an icon, but what it represents is resolution to resist Tyranny while applying the Light of Truth and the Energy of Wisdom.

    For the historical perspective on Liberty and The Statue I would suggest our historian friend Newt Gingrich or our judge friend Andrew Napolitano. But what is really needed right now is a motivational speaker who has a grip on the power of Liberty to push this forward. I cannot claim to have this capability as I spend much more time writing, you must understand, it is taking me two hours to write this letter, but I would be glad to take your call. I would hope for a spokesman who has the fire of InTruthByGrace, who has waved the bloody shirt of the California fires, or “Betsy and Thomas” on American Intelligence Media, or the editor of StateoftheNation2012, or the wife of Bill Still, or Trey Gowdy, or Judge Jeannine. These are people who reflect the fire and Resolve of the Statue, the fire and resolve of Liberty. I think you reflect this resolve also, Greg, but you as I said before have been frustrated that you are spinning your wheels. Time to move forward!
    Greg, I wish you the best over the Holidays but I sincerely request you contact those I have mentioned and persuade them to join you on your platform.

    • Tin foil hat

      “the idea of Liberty. It is the goal of the US Constitution. This is a galvanizing, powerful element of a political movement which MUST be employed to win this war.”

      I concur 110%. However, I suspect the deep state doesn’t believe in the Constitution or in the idea of Liberty.

    • JungianINTP

      Thomas Blow: Please consider using this term whenever writing of “liberty”:
      M O R A L L I B E R T Y–for effecting an essential clarification, about what the Founders/Framers meant when stating how their “if you can keep it” republic required a M O R A L I T Y – S T E E P E D / M O R A L I T Y – C E N T E R E D citizenry. // If the Founders/Framers had had a clue that their NEW NATION (( btw, the anthropological definition of N A T I O N is: “a people of common ancestry,” to nix your false claim that America is an IDEA–not a WHITE! and WESTERN! and CHRISTIAN! construct )) WOULD DEVOLVE into this VD-filthy, vulgar-language-steeped , kill-a-wombed-baby-on-a-whim, savagery-at-every-turn SEWER of a culture: “AmeriKa,” then Thomas Jefferson would more wisely have written of a M O R A L L I F E and a M O R A L L I B E R T Y and a M O R A L P U R S U I T O F P R O P E R T Y (( MORAL pursuit of happiness! )). -Rick

  31. Charley

    Catherine raised the most important question of all, where’d the money go? It would appear there are only a couple of possibilities. War prep or the coming of something like Planet X are about the only thing one could imagine building such a waste network of underground facilities for, or maybe both.

    • Tin foil hat

      Ancient underground tunnels and networks are found all over Europe, especially in Ukraine, Malta and Turkey. I wonder if these underground networks were wasted efforts some 12,000 years ago.

  32. andyb

    Greg: CAF is spot on with the timing issue; there are still many tricks up the globalist sleeve. But the future is quite clear and the momentum is there given the many instances of USD repudiation in the past two years. At some point, the global confidence in the USD will reach a tipping point. My only question is on the ability of the elites to have a ready-to-go alternative. Doubtful. Crypto won’t be the answer; the power requirements are unbelievably enormous. I believe that there will be some sort, some ratio of gold backing. This would fit the globalist agenda of destroying the US, unless we suddenly found 1000s of tons somewhere. Because we have no quality of gold in any depository. We would have to cede, or sell assets. If so, the Chinese can have California. s/

  33. Matt

    Wonderful interview Greg. Thanks. Always love Catherine.

  34. Bob from mo.

    Greg!! Catherine austin fitts. Wow!!! one of the best interviews ever!!! How can I get 10 minutes of her time!!! Greg your the Best!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Bob go to Solari.com and contact her there.

  35. H. Craig Bradley

    The Secrecy Issue is really hard to manage, since we know little of what goes on. It makes planning difficult, at best. Look at the Stock Market since last December, as one perfect example. I don’t know of very many fund or investment managers who bucked the trend (herd) and went to cash after the first of January this year.

    They were just too bullish to want to face the growing risks. Well, not having sufficient background information did not help anybody. All-in is characteristic of most market tops and it happens every time. I think the days of double digit stock returns are behind us now and a long period of modest or slow single digit growth ahead. No asset booms.

    So, it makes plenty of sense to me that the very wealthy are putting their monies into income generating businesses, particularly land (farmland ?) and operating businesses that provide essential products of services. These kinds of small businesses have staying power and provide dependable cash-flow, a real advantage if we are in a deflationary asset cycle. These companies will be the “last man standing”, while the high fliers like Tesla or Goldman Sacks will eventually be gone.

    The mention of a possible correlation between California fires and mortgage fraud needed further elaboration to back it up. I noticed The Hidden Hills fire in Southern California and the fire in Paradise, Calif. both were in areas with a concentration of wealthy individuals and Jewish residents. However, I think all these links to acts of nature such as brush fires are weakly supported. Next time maybe ?

  36. iwitness02

    I would dearly love to see the lame stream weasel corps go bankrupt. It would be a joy to live in a country that was free of propaganda. Instead of choking on secrecy.
    I have spent time considering the potential prosperity of human life, if we had honest money and honest policy makers. Alas, we have neither. Rape and pillage is the reality.
    Catherine brought up a point I have never really considered much. That is; what is the motivation that drives this black budget? I always figured it was pure greed. But it may be much worse. If space force is the next frontier, then we get screwed again, because we haven’t even conquered poverty yet. Talk about putting the cart before the horse. Just plain backwards. However, backwards rules the planet. If it hurts the common people of the land, then full steam ahead. Keeping a small fraction of people stupidly rich and powerful, while the rest struggle. Backwards and evil. A grim reality, but a great interview.
    Greg and Catherine are a wonderful example of how people can disagree and still have a civil and productive conversation. That is an important lesson that needs to be re learned in this country. Thank you both.

  37. Hill

    I am glad to hear CAF mention concerns re: geophysical changes of our planet. Presently the sun is inactive, i.e.: highly reduced sun spots. Some astronomers/solar scientists are referring to this as the beginning of a possible super solar minimum. What history has shown dating back to the Maunder Minimum, also known as the “prolonged sunspot minimum” around 1645 to 1715 , sunspots became exceedingly rare. There were severely cold winters, major crop losses (hence starvation), floods, fires and seismic events.
    What we know today from scientific research is such minimums reduce the suns magnetic fields which shield earth from increased cosmic rays. Now we are experiencing an increase in seismic activity, volcanic eruptions, floods, fires and even crop losses (wheat crops with early snowfalls globally are an example). By the beginning of November 70% of Canada had snow on the ground. The NW passage in the arctic has some of the thickest ice in recent memory.
    Are we now entering a planetary glacial period from an interglacial (warming) period?
    What if in the next few years we do have colder springs & falls, increased floods and droughts and some major crop losses?

    • paul ...

      Al Gore better get on the ball … and come up with a plan to counteract the new ice age that is coming … the global elite will have to institute a carbon (non-use) tax … that is … anyone who does not create their fair share of carbon dioxide to warm the planet will be taxed … people who switched to using efficient clean gas to heat their homes will now have to pay a “carbon penalty” … those who are using coal will be given “carbon credits” (so China and India will be OK) … but pity those who have switched to solar … they will have to pay some “very high extra taxes” to the elite as they are producing “zero carbon dioxide” which is vitally needed to warm our planet and prevent the coming ice age!

      • paul ...

        God the Father sure has a wonderful sense of humor … just when the evil Demon-rats planned on making a fortune on global warming … he creates an ice age!!

      • Mike R

        LOL. “Al Gore Causes ICE AGE”… the new headlines that will be forthcoming. All that CO2 was actually helping to keep us warm. Al certainly Blew it. either way, the man is a scam artist.

  38. Open Eyes

    Speaking of Noah… Evidence for Adam and Eve, as well as Noah. I also saw an article for evidence of Sodom and Gomorrah but I didn’t keep it. Some large towns in that area were destroyed by a meteor strike.


    • paul ...

      So according to this article we are just a bunch of turkey’s? … is Earth a “turkey farm” for those aliens in their space ships around Saturn?? … what I want to know is … what day do they celebrate their Thanksgiving??

    • Dads

      Throwing into doubt the patterns of human evolution.

      Very interesting Open Eye’s!

  39. JC

    Wow. I’m blown away. Great information. Many thanks to both of you.

  40. Independent

    Hi Greg,

    this video will explain a lot about the dark money Catherine Fitts is talking about.



  41. Jughead

    Greg….great interview and guest, as always……3 things that come to mind that CAF doesn’t lay out, at least in this interview…are:
    1. The probability of war…possible she opines, but if the Chinese continue to expand their military excellence,….our trade war footing could push the potential into probable….and remember, …all wars are economic at their origin….
    2. The resources needed for a massive expansion of middle class Asians will likely overwhelm the availability…at any price….check some of Chris Martenson’s work…..energy in particular…to support widespread growth with finite and decreasing resource availablity at a cost to enable the growth anticipated….
    3. Complexity…..Jim Rickards is the expert on this topic….what effect any changes we make as a society….or the Chinese society…will have on related industries and actions taken to deal with the reset, trade wars, military actions, resource scarcity…..the “butterfly effect”….hard as hell to anticipate…..
    ……..would be great to have CAF, Martenson, Rickards in a round table interview on USA Watchdog…….would have to probably be broken into multiple segments…..but Greg Hunter could do it!
    It would be an interview in the alternative news community that would blow the windows out of the USA mansion…..
    USA Watchdog, already notable,…would be THE premiere alternative site to go to….

    • Cool Jerk Mulberry Malone

      Yaba Daba do, Jughead! Greg can nail it!

  42. JohnF

    “The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweigh the dangers which are cited to justify it. JFK

  43. angiemn3


    While I respect Fitts, there is no way China is going to take the lead.China becoming a growing viable economy with a growing middle class consumption base does not make a lot of sense or al the least lacks many fundamentals. First of all China has been relevant in the global economy due to cheep labor and low overhead costs. Then there is the issue of the lack of imagination as they copy well. Lastly, stability is non-existent in China as government is an ominous force and has the ability to act on any whim.

    While it is true they have built a modern infrastructure, the lack of stability and freedoms will hinder the growth of any and all nations. There is so much more going on here and it is difficult to put into words but we are entering into a period of time that things are not as they appear.

    One thought that Fits hit upon was the complicit nature of people in general. IMO it is the lack of acting on principles today and acting only on personal gains or fulfillment that has been our downfall as a society. We are guilty of this complicit behavior for economic survival , social acceptance, and lack of moral values for the most part.

  44. pat00donnelly

    The USA has been plundering ancient items.
    Their freemasons have had access to the unpublished old testaments.
    ElectroMagnetic Force is the basis for the Universe and all things within it. Gravity is merely the aether aka quantum foam pressure. The solar system is a powered assembly and the filament supplying that power, like all others, continues to grow making the star tighter and brighter. From Red to orange to yellow to green. Constricting the star may mean ejection of planet(s). We may find that we were the last planet to have surviving life on it, or else we may have strange new allies.

  45. john duffy

    She makes a good point about the public being complicit in corruption. After all where would the drug and prostitution trade be without participation by the public.

    • paul ...

      If one third of the people are complicit in corruption we should round them all up the same way God the Father did … and banish them from Earth … the same way God the Father got rid of 1/3rd of the rotten angels from Heaven!!

      • Occasnltrvlr

        It was the dragon’s tail, not God, and they were drawn, not thrown.

  46. paul ...

    Trump has to answer 12 questions under oath … but Hillary only has to answer 2 questions under oath? … Why? … and why is the Justice Department still protecting Hillary? … and why is it that the House can get away with unconstitutionally protecting Meuller’s “illegal probe” from being stopped? … and why is it that someone who tried to illegally overthrow our Government … gets to run for President in 2020? … Judicial Watch is still of the opinion that Hillary can be prosecuted!! … https://www.judicialwatch.org/video-update/doj-and-statedept-continue-to-protect-hillary-clinton/

    • angiemn3

      I forget who put this out there right after Trump won but someone said that if Hillary would go down in a plane crash a lot of people wold be relieved. Because she is still around and things have have gone this far too many have too much to loose if she goes down. IMO, if we could see the total picture we would be shocked at how far this goes into our government and in all levels.

      • paul ...

        anglemn3 … you are probably right … there must be very many corrupt Republicans who will go down if Hillary does!! … all the more reason to push for her indictment … so we can get all the crooks!!

  47. Hairy Herry

    Excellent interview as usual! This Hairy Guy notes the Marshall Islanders want to create their own cryptocurrency to handle their affairs. Of course there’s a single bank, trading ONLY the Dollar, and these officials are threatening to pull away their banking services. If I knew she was going to mention local currencies, I’d have gotten you to interject and have asked her for her input on what I mentioned.

  48. Mark James

    I was thinking more about this interview. I don’t 100% understand how local currencies would work. I guess it would be somewhat like how Europe functioned before they adopted the Euro. It might help with areas with a large disparity in income and expenses (such as San Francisco, CA vs. a smaller city). I wish C.A.F. had expanded on this point further. If it “makes a larger pie” rather than cheating rural areas, I would be for it.

    One failure of the EU was that it seemed to be (excuse my US ignorance if I am wrong) that they only unified under the currency with countries with totally different core values. Besides not having an EU Military, they also didn’t integrate with Expressways, languages or really anything else. If you think of the US Government, it doesn’t even compare to the EU, and the individual states as the countries in the EU. The all just moved to the Euro and that was that! UK was smart to keep their Pound Sterling. Remember too, the architects of the Euro was Goldman-Sachs. It was doomed from the start, really if you think about it. One of Greg’s other guests also commented on this and how the values in Greece and Italy differ so much from those in say Germany.

  49. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Fantastic CAF interview as always! Thank you for bringing her back. She’s coming back again soon, right??

  50. Mohammad

    What uncertainties Catherine are you talking about?
    It is as clear as the sun in a shiny midsummer day.
    It is the rise of Israel on the ashes of the rest.
    Once they are done cleaning the Middle East , you will see the civil wars breaking in the west and east alike to ashes, but they will not break that huge club (US) until they finish business with it.



    • Jallen

      Israel will do what the United States tells it to do!!!

      Who do you think funds Israel?
      Israel military planes do not fly unless the United States Military allows it!
      Bibi Netanyahu grew up in Cheltenham Pennsylvania.
      Do you not think America has spies in Israel?
      America uses Israel for its interests in oil / gas in the middle east.
      Russia uses Syria for its interests in oil / gas in the middle east.
      The Petro Dollar is at stake, do you really think America will allow Israel
      to interfere with it?

      Mohammad, the ultimate question; is this The Almighty G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacobs Israel or is it the creation of the Theodor Herzl and the Zionist movement?
      Mohammad, this we can agree on; we live in interesting times, the Petro Dollar is at stake and the United States will protect it at all costs !!!
      There are Torah Jews who await the Messiah to gather them from around the world
      and lead them back to Israel.
      When the Petro Dollar dies all hell will break loose in America and Israel.
      The IMF International Monetary Fund is attempting to create a new currency called (SDR) Special Drawing Rights to replace the dollar and you can be sure THE FEDERAL RESERVE IS IN THE PROCESS OF DESTROYING THE DOLLAR through

      Mohammad, you are a smart cookie and are very knowledgeable….
      I enjoy reading your comments.


      • Mohammad

        Trust me Jallen, it is the other way around .
        WWI was for one reason, getting the Ottomans hands off Jerusalem. Herzl tried to buy it from the ottoman Khalifa but to no avail what happened next? WWI
        WWII was for only one reason, to get the jews to settle in Jerusalem, if you are a jew and you are living in France, Germany, Italy,…etc for generations nothing will make you leave your memories heritage business home and go to danger zone unless if you are subjected to calamity…that calamity was WWII.
        WWIII will happen for one reason, and that is to smash all the super powers to ashes and to give the rise of Israel as a super power at the expense of the rest, and then pave the way for the false messiah to claim the thrown only to destroy that kingdom …Once Again…!
        I am sad for the jews mislead by this trap, I feel sorry for them, they are as victims again as they were before and they have been used and abused by the Babylonians that destroyed the kingdom of Israel once and now settled in London/New York/ Paris/Moscow/.etc…and gathering the jews again to do the same to them like what they did thousands of years ago.
        So sad that no one reads history, no one cares where the financial decision makers originated from, if Nimrod is one of the sons of Rothschild that claims to be jewish and who reads history knows what Nimrod did to the jews, how can any one squares off that.
        Jallen, Ignorance is one’s worst enemies…


        • Jallen

          Much gold left the United States to fund Hitler’s war machine as Germany was broke from World War I and paying war reparations. You are right about the German Jews left no choice but to go to Israel. I must remind you, Satan took Jesus to a high mountain in Israel and offered all he could see, if Jesus would worship him. Of course Jesus declined. So, we know who is running Israel. The term Jew is an interesting one, Biblically speaking a true Jew is one from the tribe of Judah. Look in Bible Book of Genesis to know what is to happen to the tribes of Israel.
          World War two was more than to get the Jews out of Germany, it was to stop Russia. Mohammad, Are you aware of OPERATION PAPERCLIP? The best of German Scientist were sent to America and some made it to Russia.
          It was the German Rocket Scientist Werner Von Braun who put the First American Satellite into orbit.
          Mohammad, you have part of the puzzle, you need the other half to solve the puzzle.
          Please read the Bible Book of Genesis starting with Chapter 48 (Pay special attention to the writings about Ephraim and Manasseh) Read all of Chapter 48 and 49 and you will have a big piece of the puzzle.


          • Mohammad


            Operation paper clip I know, and also I know operation HighJump by captain Byrd to chase nazis in Antarctica only to come back with his tail in between his legs with a testimony in front of the congress that he faced something that is beyond his military capability. And yes I have the second half of the puzzle and I talked about it here many many times in the past.
            When Jesus comes back he will set the records straight, That I am certain of.


  51. Donald

    “The greatest threat to American journalism is the loss of neutral reporting”

    I don’t know if I should laugh or cry over that statement or both. Is this a recent revelation to some??? When has America ever had extensive neutral reporting? From research I did a while back (that is available to all on the internet), it looks like America’s media has maintained a corrupt bias for at least 150 years. This was even mentioned in the 1880’s. Then there is Britain’s media, which paints itself as some kind of bastion of righteousness and in reality is no better than a psychopathic / pathological liar. This is proven out again and again in history such as WWI. When it comes to media, follow the money and who is in control.

    Then there is all this talk about the deep state as though its something new. And while for many people (and to some extent myself) the realization of this “entity” is relatively new, its been around for centuries – as I am finding out in the historical record that is available.

    But in all this analysis of what is wrong and what’s behind it, one thing is seriously lacking and that is the most reliable source of information you will ever get on this world, and that’s what’s in the Bible. I will tell you this – what is happening right now was foretold in the Bible several thousand years ago and is being fulfilled in spades. What king of power does it take to foretell today’s developments so exactly and do so with such exacting timing? And yet what the Bible says is being missed in spades. What does one say to that? An no, there is no such thing as UFOs or space aliens behind all of the problems on earth, but there is a power behind this.

    • Pete Pope

      The CIA black ops division undertakes dangerous and usually what would be considered illegal missions that are not officially sanctioned by the US administration, so that the administration, which usually benefits from such missions, can safely disavow any knowledge of them in the event of their publicly uncovered success or failure. The administration is in the position of plausible deniability towards the CIA’s actions.
      Just as the Saudi prince, disavowed any knowledge, wether he does or not, of the former arm’s dealers murder, and writer for the Wahington Post, Adnan Khashoggi’s, untimely murder. So our house of representatives, hide under the cloak of plausible deniability, towards our intelligence communities actions, in trying to destroy our Presidency of we the people.
      This is our un-intelligent, shadow deep state mockingbird-brained media government, our President is up against! The creepy, deep state, shadow Maddow, government.
      It’s undermining our only real representative, we sent to Washington, to clean up the corruption, President Donald J. Trump!

  52. Mike R

    Bitcoin sliced right through the $4000 level today, and got as low as around $3500, and now trading around $3946 as of 8:17 PM CST on 11/25.

    That breach of $4000 in such a quick fashion, means $3000 should come pretty quickly.

    $3000 is next critical support level. If that gets breached, then $1000 is totally in play before year end. It seriously needs to stabalize at $1000, or truly the entire crypto market is going to collapse to near zero. Hundreds of coins have failed, and more than $700 billion wiped out.

    If Bitcoin gets to $1000 this year, then I think we are going to see the major stock market indexes collapse right into year end.

    Remember when all sorts of prominent people were claiming that Bitcoin was this ‘wonderful store of value’, and that very rich people were flooding into to stash their wealth, rather than going to gold ????? That was around this time last year as a matter of fact. Schills were out there proclaiming Bitcoin $100,000 ! Ha. What a crock of crap. This crypto scheme has been the biggest scam of ALL TIME, and in my opinion it is marking the top of these stock markets right as we are witnessing last month in October, and going forward. Yet everyone is still thinking this is a bull market.

    Everyone is still skeptical the markets are crashing. Despite FANG stocks alone losing over $1.5 trillion since their peaks. And over 40% of the SNP having corrected more than 20%. And about 480 NYSE stocks having fallen 40 to 90%.

    When you have Trump blaming Munchkin for the current crash, and blaming Powell at the Fed, I’m pretty sure Trump’s worst nightmare is playing out in front of his own eyes with the stock market crashing right into next year. As a result, He probably wont run in 2020. He hates losing. I bet he even feels this market is toast. He’s rooting for significantly lower oil prices (tail wind), and for the Fed to place its ‘put’ below this market right now, to stop it in its tracks from going lower. Too bad it doesn’t work that way. If the Fed suddenly flipped to loosening, and added QE, the dollar would literally crash overnight, and stocks would follow suit.

    Even if the Fed only holds in December, that will reek havoc on the dollar.

    If they have been ‘losing’ dollars, its probably bc they are being ‘evaporated’ and sent to other foreign banks to stave off those banks collapse. (try DB for one, but there many be many many more).

    Bitcoin and all cryptos crashing, oil crashing, stocks down hard in Oct and again in Nov, GE getting crushed, and even FANGMAN getting nailed, looks to me like we are now witnessing a massive liquidity problem coming home to roost here in the US. We could see stocks go no bid.

    Flash crashes the likes we have never seen. And massive bond market sell offs. If this all happens at once, there will be NO dollars for people to go into, which would reek untold havoc. The financial system would simply freeze up. Think about it this way, if someone sells off oil, they are going into dollars. The oil market is huge, so where do they place those dollars after they sell the oil ? Same thing with stocks, and same thing with bonds, and wala, same thing with Bitcoin. (albeit Bitcoin and crypto’s are teeny tiny market amounts). Ironically, the Fed should be printing money hand over fist, and flooding the market again (somehow) with liquidity. All that QE, and then the ‘taper’ has created this unbelievable sh*t storm of problems. Its all coming to a head, here and now.

    • paul ...

      Mike … there may be a “pump and dump” rally coming … as the Ohio State Treasurer (Josh Mandel who is likely a big Bitcoin holder losing a fortune) “decided on his own” before his term ends in January 2019 to accept digital currency for the payment of taxes in Ohio “without the approval of the Ohio Legislature or the approval of the Ohio Governor” … looks to me like this guy is trying to “pump Bitcoin up on his own” so he can get out even or make a profit when he dumps “all the electrons he owns” on the Ohio people who get sucked into his private scam!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-11-26/ohio-set-be-first-us-state-accept-bitcoin-taxes-wsj-report

      • paul ...

        You know … this guy Josh Mandel has the same mindset as Hillary … using his official government position for “private gain” … he should be locked up right along with Hillary!!

        • paul ...

          All the people riding the Bitcoin mania hope to be billionaires … selling an “electron” for $20,000 dollars was not enough for them … that is why they are now scooping up these Bitcoin “electrons” at the incredible low bargain price of only $3,800 dollars each!! … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UG7zLhEWanc

  53. Open Eyes

    That Sodom and Gomorrah article I mentioned.


  54. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    A great interview ignited a great comment section. Well done!

  55. H. Craig Bradley


    All this political and financial drama is not a reality show by any means, instead, its a global or Universal “Squeeze” PLAY. You are all invited to participate.

    The end of free markets was affected by collusion between the G-7 Central Banks globally regarding historically low interest rates. The coming end of your individual freedom will come when each sovereign nation adopts its own official bitcoin and completely converts from paper money (banknotes) over to digital money ( A “reset “). Just to be clear, Its not the same as just using your credit card, as some want to think. In fact, the transition over to centralized blockchains (digital ledger) has just begun with WalMart. Others will follow in the next 5 years. At that point, everything you do, every single transaction will be tracked and recorded in real time digitally. Brave New World.

    Its not all bad, as even the Trust Deed on Your Property is (lastly) going to be transferred over to blockchain technology in each County Clerk’s Office, probably in ten more years. Its more secure than the old system of Paper Deed Recordings issued with each sale of real estate. All records will eventually be converted to a digital ledger, including brokerage statements and stock positions, as well. No paper. Paperless, as they say.

    However, you can be easily investigated and have no clue about it. Warrantless searches are becoming commonplace already, due to the ongoing development of our security state, post 9-11 (Patriot Act) and the gradual breakdown of Constitutional Law. Taken altogether, this is part of the global infrastructure of what I see as an evolving merging of separate reporting systems, a.k.a. One World Government, brick by brick. Believe it !

    If the following articles detailing the progressive adoption of blockchain technology and the obvious implications are not convincing enough, then I am speechless.


    https://www.ft.com/content/b5b13a5e-b847-11e5-b151-8e15c9a029fb “China, When Big Data Meets Big Brother ”


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcJJY0U80no ( Venezuela’s New Fatherland Card )

    The Global Economic Context:


    States to Impose an “Exit Tax” on ex-residents who sell and move to another state or jurisdiction:


    Note: Kathrine A. Fitts is a former high level Federal government insider, so her research and publications are worth the time. Its not just an “opinion”. Notice use of the term “control mechanism”. If you put the pieces together yourself, this is the logical conclusion here.

    We are going to be controlled. Better just resign yourself to the reality of being regarded as the State’s property with a I.D. Number to go along with. Of course, the government will encourage the illusion of Freedom and Choice. For example, “Have it Your Way at Burger King”. Most will buy it, as presented. Come, follow along.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      H. Craig Bradley,
      Historians can point to hundreds, if not thousands of examples of what happens to a country or people who pin their hopes on a tone deaf, corrupt or unhinged ruling class. Suffering under the boot of tyranny, one comes to learn; In dangerous times, there is no sin greater than inaction. SOD

      • H. Craig Bradley


        Most people gripe about this or that or their neighbor(s), usually BEHIND their backs. The more unhappy they are with their own lives or business, the more they tend to complain. Thus, America is divided, weak, and lacks the necessary (political) consensus to get much done or changed regarding government. Its just a continuation of the status quo. Attitudes, like people seldom change. So, we actually expect MAGA? Go figure.

  56. Constance Ford

    Adams/North: Who Will Stop “The Elites” From Printing $100 Trillion

    Deflation or Inflatio, Depresion or stagflatio. Which is it?
    From Oz.
    Specifically, will the central banks simply try to print their way out of a crisis as they did a decade ago, and what are the potential consequences?

    See https://youtu.be/AJC3g67Zea4 for my recent conversation with Harry on Central Banks.
    The John Adams And Martin North DFA Page: http://digitalfinanceanalytics.com/bl

    Interesting comment from this post that seems to say it all and sort of sums it up:

    Jester123ish 1 day ago (edited)
    “No one has ever printed a $100 Trillion dollars so we don’t know what will happen”
    Well, I beg to differ, I just happen to own $100 Trillion dollars myself. From the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe!

  57. DJW

    You really should do two hours when you talk to Catherine.
    Very grateful for one.

  58. Don Barlow


  59. Bridges Over TROUBLED Waters

    The Hidden effects of bush wildfires

  60. Frank Thomas

    Brilliant article !

  61. Constance Ford

    The Dumbing Down of The Worker Bee’s
    The US. has gone to pot?
    Moves Are Not Telegraphed, What Happens Next Will Change Everything –

    The Dumbing Down of The Worker Bee’s

    Moves Are Not Telegraphed, What Happens Next Will Change Everything –

    The US. is going to pot! Thank the dope heads [media]
    and all the left, with their pipe dreams, dream on.
    You better have a large store of that wackey tobaccky, cause your gonna need it! LOL!

  62. Robin Hapenstance

    EXCLUSIVE • Trump Set to Indict Hillary Clinton & Other Deep Staters In Coming Months

    • paul ...

      Robin … your site was taken down … but the site below is still up … explaining how Trump is getting the Deep Staters (and how Rothschild’s have surrendered to Trump)!! … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPYxkLMmL8g

  63. Hockey Puck

    Hi Greg. Thanks for having Ms. Fitts on again. We always travel to unknown places when she comes on. Very enlightening!

    What stood out this time was her statement at 3:25: “You can’t understand the financial system if you don’t understand the governance system. And so the governance issues are being worked out while digital currencies are being prototyped. So, clearly we are headed into a new currency world and it’s part of new control systems. But the answer is, “We don’t know” and my fear with many, many commentators is they’re underestimating the power and endurance of the System.”

    Why is this important? It’s because we, the people, have to make decisions for our lives… every day… and having a clear sense of the future is critical. The bottom line? This interview wraps up for me 6 months of inquiry that started with Martin Armstrong back in May 2018.

    My conclusion? The System will probably persist for another 10-12 years, then completely collapse. Obviously, I could be wrong, but these are the arguments I would put forth:
    1. There is $250 trillion in debt on the planet. That’s 250 trillion votes. That’s a lot of power (mostly created out of thin air). The people who control that money control the politics of most countries and want “the System” to somehow survive in one form or another. Would you want to lose $250 trillion? Probably not! Donald Trump may be an exception to this rule, and of course, that’s what we are all hoping for. But as Jim Sinclair echoed back in August, the pivotal issue will be the release of those FISA warrants. If that does not happen, then we can pretty much conclude that Mr. Trump is not his own master.
    2. I posted this chart back in August. I will do so again: (http://www.christiansurvivalnet.com/wp-content/uploads/1-ecm-2032.jpg). Why does it capture my attention? It’s part of Martin Armstrong’s Economic Confidence Model and it shows a trough in 2020 with a major peak in 2032, then a massive depression-style crash! If you plan on having Mr. Armstrong on as a guest again, Greg, I’d love it if you discussed this chart with him. Why? As humans, it’s useful to have a clear picture of where we’re going.
    3. A little known fact which is seldom discussed in this forum is 5G technology. I specifically refer to the low-orbiting satellite systems that SpaceX, OneWeb (https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/wnjyqq/onewebs-plan-to-beat-spacex-to-provide-satellite-internet-to-everyone-on-earth) and others have planned. Why is this technology an important part of the discussion? It will take about 10 years to fully implement. Once deployed, we will have 100meg/second download to every single inch on the planet, hence every single device. Only then will a 100% electronic money system work, I suspect, at which point it will be “convenient” for all of us to get chipped… the mark of the Beast as the late Aaron Russo so brilliantly pointed out more than 12 years ago. (Reflections & Warnings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGAaPjqdbgQ)
    4. Add to this ubiquitous 5G technology, we will also have AI as our constant companion watching everything we do. Also, as Forbes, the Daily mail and others reported in 2017, AI will have decimated 38% of US jobs by then (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4347630/Report-finds-38-jobs-lost-robots-2030.html). Yikes! That’s why there’s all this talk of Universal Life Income (ULI). It’s a massive placebo to seemingly take care of our bobo: no jobs! Imagine: 40% of the US population with nothing to do but watch TV? This is a very ugly world we are headed into and the Main Stream Media is selling it to us like hotcakes, not to mention how wonderful technology is and how it will always make our lives so much more convenient. Really? Seldom do we realize that technology = slavery.
    5. I fear for my children. What kind of world are we leaving them? The tragedy is that we are doing this to ourselves. In Catherine’s last interview that you did, she pointed out that it’s our pension funds that are financing this “Brave New World”. As humans we are so addicted to “the System”, to a comfortable retirement, so we just go along for the ride. Yes, we can piss and moan about the oligarchs! But it is we who want this future. Sad! Very sad! Why do we want it? Because fundamentally, the one-world-religion that has taken over the planet is consumerism. Deep down, what we all want is to be comfortable. We all want to own more and more stuff. It’s propaganda programmed into our psyche from birth. And in a democratic or republican system of government, it’s impossible for a politician to be elected if they tell us what reality is (i.e. we vote our pocketbooks). We don’t want to hear reality. Only when we are sold some fantasy on how wonderful life will be, will we elect them. And the only way to deliver on that fantasy is to create more and more debt. There is no other way. With Trump in office, we’ve already added $1.8 trillion, and it’s not his fault, it’s “the System”. If he or anyone tries to pull that plug, we are headed into a massive depression, I suspect, and no politician can survive that. So, unfortunately they all avoid it like the plague only to give us empty promises in the end.
    6. A moral person might ask at this point, “How did we get here?”. The answer, sadly, is we all allowed ourselves to be seduced by the religion of consumerism, materialism… CPI, GDP & FED being its minions, otherwise known as the Worship of Mammon. This Universe is ruled by law. It is this understanding that is the very basis of science. The tragedy is that science turned its back on the spiritual laws that govern creation, thinking itself superior, only to focus on the material laws that govern our worldly existence, which now, with quantum mechanics, we now realize is an illusion. Big Mistake! This left traditional religion across the globe to wallow in the mire of blind belief with its incessant argument, speculation and controversy (i.e. read “Divide & Conquer”), while science has pursued a purely amoral existence. Dumb! Real dumb! Man was created to be free. The human race will not live under any system based on slavery. The oligarchs are deluded in this respect and we will wake up! The future, then, will be to those who go beyond belief (including the blind, ignorant, belief of science) and REALIZE the eternal laws that govern our existence, who seek to KNOW the truth that sets us free. This is our destiny… and… we will achieve it! The long march of history, starting with the Romans, is a march to Freedom. There is no future for this beautiful Earth without it.

    • William Stanley

      As always, your comment was very thought provoking. Thanks.

  64. pat the rat

    I agree about bitcoin and computers they hard to beat, when I bid on a car and understand that I am bidden against a computer I stop bidden because I can not win. What they did with bit coin is they painted the tape with a computer and then let price crash; the same way they did it in the 1920’s.The more change the more things stay the same, computers just make it quicker.

  65. Jerry

    Whenever the U.S. begins to rattle its Sabre I begin to get a little nervous.

    Question. What is the U.S. dollar really backed by? Gold? Petrolium?
    A promise? Or a threat?

  66. gregd

    This gives us some hope. Equal justice for all, maybe?

  67. Robin Hapenstance

    The Big Three
    Intelligence Assessment with Kevin Shipp Whistleblowers Roundtable with Bill Binney & John Kiriakou
    Jason Goodman Streamed live on Nov 1, 2018
    IMPORTANT: Read the first few comments, at least!

    • paul ...

      Robin … Looks like “even with Trump in office” this Post Constitutional Government that currently exists in America (is still under control of the Deep State … they are in all branches of Government) … Trump has turned the Supreme Court … but to turn the other branches of government away from the Dark Side perhaps Trump should not run in 2020 … and instead .. we elect Kevin Shipp for President … Bill Binney for Vice-President … and make John Kiriakau Speaker of the House … to really clean up this Deep State cancer infecting our American Government!!

  68. Roger D

    Watching the economy and clinging to a political solution is like the crew of Titanic watching the iceberg and clinging to the navigation controls. Life boats anybody? Cognitive dissonance is nothing new.

    This once God-fearing republic is spiritually lost and in its last days. Morality and civility are in a free-fall. Its wealth has been systematically plundered, and now its land is being overrun by hordes of invaders. History is playing out right in front of us!

    God is in control as He was in Sodom’s time. He has given us many blessings (material and MENTAL). Now would be a good time to use them.

    “You can ignore reality but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” – -Ayn Rand

    • sk

      “Reality is that which is still there after you have stopped believing in it.” To quote ANOTHER genius: “for MAGA to happen, it has to be preceded by MAMA and MIMA”

      • Greg Hunter

        Not really SK. You have to start somewhere. When you are cut, you have to stop the bleeding not worry about your morals. That will come it the patient lives.

        • sk

          It is bleeding because amoral people have made a (mortal?) cut.

          • Greg Hunter

            Sure but you got to save the patient first and there are lots of moral people in America. How do you think Trump got elected.

  69. foggygoggles

    As a long-time subscriber to the Solari Report, I am always heartened when you interview Catherine Austin-Fitts. Sadly, many people remain stuck in an old paradigm. You should not let another imminent collapse guest get away with their dire predictions without asking them how covert monies factor into their predictions. The really is, they don’t, and which is why they have been consistently WRONG! They also seem incapable of grasping the larger view, and as a result are always behind the curve. I totally agree with Catherine in terms of the average person’s complicity in the current political and financial system that oppresses us. How many people still have accounts with the big banks? How many people still use the credit cards of these banks, or finance their homes through these banks? How many people waste their time and money consuming corporate media? How many people are getting off the couch to change how their local governments operate? I could go on, but you get the picture. My favorite all-time bumper sticker–APATHY IS CONSENT! The reality is, we have to do our part, life isn’t a spectator sport.

  70. Mark Shepard

    Hello Greg,
    I had a disturbing email sent to me. I have a document that is about 25 pages long. I would like to send it to you on a PDF. It involves an indictment issued by the State of Arkansas. It is of a nationally known figure and before I spread it, I would like to share it with you to check its veracity. Is there an email that you would prefer me to send it to.

  71. Diane

    Our wonderful Republic with the greatest constitution ever….is being brought down by Marxism/socialism/social justice.
    Too many people are voting for free lunches…NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH
    Catherine presented us with some cold hard facts. Her comment on the fact that the clueless ignorant or far left Marxists are a huge voting block.
    They will keep voting to get there free lunches…not realizing they are destroying everyon’s freedom.
    Globalism. Marxist invested Academia. MSM and corrupt politicians are cheering these idiots on as they TAX the hell out of the rest of us.
    Turn you TVs off…don’t read newspapers.
    Follow integrous patriots like Catherine and Greg..they are honest and deserve our support.

  72. Pete Pope

    From Donald, above comment,
    Then there is all this talk about the deep state as though its something new. And while for many people (and to some extent myself) the realization of this “entity” is relatively new, its been around for centuries – as I am finding out in the historical record that is available.
    Donald agreed,
    But just as the US., had been able to shrug off a central bank, unlike the old country, Great Britain. We didn’t succumb too, till 1914. But we still had an honest transparent government, even with a central bank, the federal reserve. It wasn’t, till after WWII, that the USA, with the realization of the nastiness of world leadership after the war and in joining Great Britain as an equal partner of the the dual Anglo-American world super power, in which our intelligence communities were forged at the hip. Our house of representatives began the abdication, of our representation, of we the sheeple, in that hallowed house, of the congress and the senate.
    It didn’t start with the weasel Paul Ryan or John Boehner, but not long after the second world war, under The Dulles Brothers and Their Legacy of Perpetual War. It’s called plausible deniability. The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government.
    plausible deniability
    A condition in which the house can safely and believe-ably, deny knowledge of any particular truth that may exist, because the subject is deliberately made unaware of said truth, so as to benefit or shield the house from any responsibility associated through the knowledge of such truth. That abdication of their responsibility of representing us, we the people and not just the intelligence community of the Anglo-American world super power of the United Kingdom, United States and Australia. Was the end essentially, of the great American idea, some call an experiment, of , “We The People and By the People the People”, of running the government, through our representatives sent to Washington and not London, back in 1776. It was done away with in a top secrete sensitive crappy manner, to be able to run an evil world, we to had to fight evil with evil and our representative government slowly but surely was shielded from the dirty deed and business and the idea of taxation or governance without representation in all things was given up by our rep’s, but they did give up the perks and our intell community with absolute power became absolutely corrupt dishing out those perks and under the dear in the headlights President Barrack ‘Barry’ Obama, they tried to take the whole cake and enchilada too by subverting the very election process of the peoples choice for commander in chief , before and after the election, what they thought was a selection, because they knew he was gonna kick their ass!
    Now you know why the US. and the world went to hell in a hand basket. A free and moral people were no longer trusted to be running things and thats when the great experiment went totally down the missing 21 trillion dollar crapper.

    “Going to hell in a handbasket”, “going to hell in a handcart”, “going to hell in a handbag”, “go to hell in a bucket”, “sending something to hell in a handbasket” and “something being like hell in a handbasket” are variations on an American allegorical locution of unclear origin, which describes a situation headed for disaster inescapably or precipitately.

  73. Pete Pope

    At 19:30 Katherine says, [Her own words] that since world war two, we’ve had a covert governance system thats been growing and growing and doing lots of different things. Like running the planet! A different governance system than what you think the official governance system is. Where the 21 trillion is going to.

    Katherine calls it the deep state, what we all have known, since FISAgate. https://www.wnd.com/2018/02/watergate-vs-fisagate/ As the American intelligence community was weaponized under the Obama administration to destroy any political opposition which opposed it and Obama, which he is continuing to this day and planes on continuing in future. Whether through Michele Or Hillary or both, this deep state puppet has been corrupted absolutely!

    Yes my friend, this is how we got here. Our founding fathers were on the beam, we are not. But the Book those men, got these ideas from, is found now through out the whole earth today and was foretold in that such same book, where that self-proclaimed son of God, ‘the foretold Jewish Messiah?’ Said,
    And the Good News about the Kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations will hear it; and then the end will come. ◄ Matthew 24:14 ► New Living Translation https://www.biblehub.com/matthew/24-14.htm

    So all is not lost. There is hope! Your not a dope and never believe it. There are no atheists in foxholes and like your digger WWI forefathers, you know your in it and thats the start of learning the truth.
    The mind is like a parachute. If it wont open it wont work. So keep an open mind in these perilous times and tell far and wide the good news of God’s Kingdom and don’t forget where you heard it here, Greg Hunters baby, USAWatchdog.com! It could be a matter of life and death.
    “In fact, unless that time of calamity is shortened, not a single person will survive. But it will be shortened for the sake of God’s chosen ones”. ◄ Matthew 24:22 ► New Living Translation

    Our lame brained, stream media is more likely to obfuscate than enlighten!

    Be prepared for the 24/7 onslaught from the creepy, deep state, shadow Maddow COMCAST [MS]NBC/CNN/CBS\MURDOCK kid’s [and new Fox head, whats his name?] our bought and paid for government, with all our newly printed tax dollars, you’ll see it coming right back at ya in the stagflation of the nation!


  74. Mike Guymon

    Hi Greg,
    If you go to the link below and read the report on “Providing for the Common Defense” you will get a sense of why DoD had to hide the $21T. Obama was gutting the DoD with his BCA 2012 budget and it will take us 19 years to recover based on the 2018 budget rate of increases. That $21T may be the only thing that saves our nation from aggression from China and Russia.
    God Bless,

  75. Bill Bradshaw

    GREG: C AF
    I feel like she is a bullit train traveling 300 mph, and i am a diesel train going 70 mph.
    Her grasp of our current world situation is amazing.
    Through USA Watchdog we are constantly being informed and updated on whats going on. Thank you Greg for your tireless effort to keep us informed and updated in different areas.
    I ask our Lord and Savior to richly prosper you.

  76. Tim McGraw

    Okay, so “The satellite Voyager in 1980 saw some alien plasma ships in the Rings of Saturn probably fueling up with energy and this freaked out the elites who run America and that led to the ’80s mortgage crisis.” CAF
    That’s the gist of what she said.
    And then she said, “I know these folks and they do care about the future of the planet.”
    Now, I’m paraphrasing, but that is pretty much what CAF said.
    I can only speak from my own experiences as a caterer for 8 years in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve worked for the power elites. I’ve met Gov. Jerry Brown and the billionaires and millionaires that run SF and California and perhaps the world.
    I can tell you from personal experience that these people would sell their own mothers for their personal gain or survival. These people don’t give a DAMN about us or the planet.

  77. Politically correct politician

    The current riots blockades and orgainsed protests in France are very reminiscent of the same blockades in England just prior to the twin towers attack and the invasion and pillaging of Iraq

  78. U.P.

    Johnstone: Newsweek Says It’s Important For Powerful People To Be Able To Lie To Us With Impunity | Zero Hedge
    https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-11-26/johnstone-newsweek-says-its-important-powerful-people-be-able-lie-us-impunity no

  79. U.P.

    How Guccifer 2 Planted “Fake Russian Fingerprints” On ‘Leaked’ DNC Docs | Zero Hedge

  80. U.P.

    Ukraine Deploys Reservists To 10 Border Provinces As President Warns Of “Russian Invasion” | Zero Hedge
    Is this the promised war to bring in the reset? Does Ukraine get it’s gold back for starting this war? What about Australia. Maybe they could make a deal with the Falkland Islanders, to set up a false flagMocking war and refuse to release any hostages till London returns all gold. American Samoa is closer, but the Yanks have no gold too. We could ask for some of that uranium. Nope not Oz, to natural for that poop. Bad enough Fukushima’s coming!


  81. Kim

    Great interview! CAF always has an insightful perspective!

    Has anyone noticed that a few days after the chemtrails appear, there is some sort of shooting?

    Maybe we need to stop reacting and look for patterns and correlations.

    Nobody can control every little thing! Perhaps there are answers right in front of us!

  82. Justn Observer

    Greg, Ohio now accepting bit-coin for tax payments?
    Heard it on FOX NEWS then looked this up…

  83. Diane

    Best, maybe only reason to live in California:


  84. Justn Observer

    Pete Santilli about Russ Limbaugh.s warning:= GOP will help DNC take TRUMP OUT in January and installing Marxism …

    • Greg Hunter

      Not going to happen.

  85. JungianINTP

    Greg, the late Bill Cooper was a correspondent of mine (( I keep a folder of our many exchanges, as he and I were stationed at the same Marine/Navy camp, at the mouth of the Cua Viet river, Vietnam, just a few months of separation of duty there )). // A couple of days before his assassination by that Arizona Sheriff’s Deputy, we were arguing back and forth about my ongoing alarm/warning: that WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICANS faced an unfolding/impending genocide (( notice that white faces are disappearing from commercial television, and white women appear far more often with minority men–in and out of bed! )). He couldn’t see it then (( maybe because of his own mixed-race marriage: White/Asian )), but now, today, its in our face at every turn, as Caucasian men and boys comprise the largest suicide cohort! // I’ve recommended this book to you, Greg, several times (( and tried sending a copy to you!; and, still, I don’t know if you have a copy )):
    “None Dare Call It Conspiracy,”
    by Gary Allen/Larry Abraham (1971), in order to help you to FULLY grasp the WHO and WHY and HOW of “Deep State” machinations. // If CAF would take time and study that book, she’d have a far deeper knowledge. // Another book, as its make-the-picture-complete companion, presents the shadow government’s conspiracy in its terrifying entirety:
    “Behold A Pale Horse,”
    by Milton William Cooper (1991). // Would that you bring this post to CAF’s attention, then she’d possibly have an opportunity to seek out those books–and be the far wiser for studying them.

  86. H. Craig Bradley


    We are moving forward in steps to a unified, global financial reporting and tracking system, beginning with businesses and entities (organizations). As this global or one world financial architecture further develops, most remain unaware and seemingly unaffected ( ignorant bliss ). The elites love to introduce prototypes on the people, like Bitcoin and see how its received. Bitcoin is now kaput but the blockchain or digital ledger behind it is progressing fast everywhere (Walmart in 2019). Eventually, I expect it to apply in some form to ALL individuals globally, as well.

    As the saying goes, “They have your number “. Think ear tag on steer free grazing. Individuals are increasingly viewed by their respective governments as cattle or chattel, as the case may be. Nowhere to go, no place to hide. The Roman Empire reborn ? In future years and decades, there will be no escape from ever higher taxes or the means to evade them, as currently exists through various forms of financial arbitrage.


  87. William

    Catherine Austin Fitts provides a sensible and realistic assessment of what is going on financially around the globe. What we should not miss on what she said is that the central banks are as powerful as ever, and will retain control for the foreseeable future.

    Second, there is no currency substitution in the near term for the dollar, and there will not be anytime soon. My take away also was that gold is a defensive position and should not be used as a “get rich quick” scenario that everyone is turning into a fantasy world.

    If you can generate your own wealth without reliance on anyone else no matter what happens seems to be where our energies should be focused.


  88. tech daily

    Catherine Austin Fitts provides a sensible and realistic assessment of what is going on financially around the globe. What we should not miss on what she said is that the central banks are as powerful as ever, and will retain control for the foreseeable future.

    Second, there is no currency substitution in the near term for the dollar, and there will not be anytime soon. My take away also was that gold is a defensive position and should not be used as a “get rich quick” scenario that everyone is turning into a fantasy world.

    If you can generate your own wealth without reliance on anyone else no matter what happens seems to be where our energies should be focused.

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