We Are Now into Controlled Demolition-Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Renowned financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts warns there is not much time left for the current system. Fitts contends, “We have built an infrastructure that doesn’t make economic sense, and we are going to have to change.  What’s happening in state and local budgets is the same thing that is happening in health care.  It’s the same thing happening in all these different areas, which is we have engineered government investment to prop up the stock market. . . . Washington, D.C., is basically run for the political campaign contributions generated from capital gains in the stock market.  The problem is, to get that rise in the equity markets, we’ve ended up pumping out enormous amounts of government debt and government money that has a negative return for taxpayers.  It’s not sustainable, and the game is up. . . . I’ve been telling you for 15 years we were going to have a slow burn.  I am telling you that’s over, and we are now into controlled demolition.”

Don’t expect the mainstream propaganda media to give you any warning or real information about what’s happening. Fitts contends, “The conundrum for a CNN is how do we get ratings?  How do we get attention without talking about the real news?  The real news is, since fiscal 1995, we have disappeared or bailed out or stolen over $40 trillion of our money.  If we are going to balance the budget, we need that $40 trillion or the assets thereon or the liabilities of the people who stole it back on the table, or else we’re toast.  If we can give $27 trillion to the banks, I can assure you we can afford $4 trillion of a pension fund bailout.  Mr. Global doesn’t want us to do the algebra.  This is like fourth grade math.  $27 trillion to bail out the banks, and we are not going to bail out the pension funds?  Where does that come from?”

There is no argument for a big crash, the only question is when. Fitts says, “I think it’s more likely to happen in 2018.  If you look at the stock market, we are way, and I am tired of saying this, we are way, way overdue for a major correction.  If we do get this major correction, and that is perfectly natural, you don’t want to misinterpret that as a major crisis or event.  I think we are way overdue for a major correction, and I give that a reasonable chance between now and November.  If it doesn’t happen this year, it’s definitely going to happen next year.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts, Publisher of The Solari Report at Solari.com.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

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By the way Catherine Austin Fits cdan back up her charge the $40 trillion was stolen.  Here’s an article that proves part of the theft:  https://solari.com/blog/dod-and-hud-missing-money-supporting-documentation/


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  1. Fatima Boydenson

    What Just Happened Over Australia? 7/18/17

    • Bill

      Fatima: Come on, don’t you know russian collusion caused this!

    • Paul ...

      A CME from the Sun will kill dead “all electronic currency” (Coronal Mass Ejection’s will ensure electronic bitcoins become “crypto”) … but have no fear … even if your computers melt and your cell phones fry your gold and silver coins will be safe and unaffected!

    • robert howell


      Federal Indictment & Charges For Using SSN & Secret Trust TDA Account – Heather & Randall

      this is not on mainstream

  2. J. Bullocks

    Michigan’s next Senator; KID ROCK
    By Kaitlyn Schallhorn Published July 18, 2017 Fox News

    Kid Rock – The Big Interview with Dan Rather

  3. Neil

    Greg, as much as I like to hear from CAF it frustrates me to keep hearing of this national tragedy in the making, re-described to no better purpose or in complacent softened terms. Historically when leaders have screwed up their county badly millions have paid the price with their lives. I have no doubt the US is destined to experience a similar outcome. 10 -20 million dead in the streets wouldn’t seem unlikely. Unfortunately I don’t believe there can be any meaningful turnaround in fortunes in the very short time left and I don’t think a functional replacement or alternative will be put together for years afterward either. If Americans are honest about it they have had getting on 10 years to make a difference in the destiny of their country and done nothing useful. Even those who have a good idea as to the seriousness of it all haven’t stood up and told simple truth. Indeed most of the time has been spent pretending the situation did not exist or could be papered over and therefore by default worsening the outcome. I am not even sure Americans really understand what the cause of the predicament is and why this crisis will repeat even if the world restarts itself. Many Americans seem to think they can just become more efficient or be smarter and they can re-establish industry and hence have the economy of old again. People still think in terms of being no.1, leading the world, being a chosen country etc. People want to sound off, posture and debate and hold ideological positions or call on God to deliver them somewhere else. These things are of no importance when the pending crisis is off such proportions. This is an emergency and it calls for urgent measures for the common good. The onset of the neglected reality is going to be brutal and disturbing when it arrives. Rather than obsessing about socialism, communism or whatever it has to be seen that the national bankruptcy is exactly that and day by day there is less wiggle room to do anything about it. The US is very much jammed in a corner now. In the end Americans may have to endure the indignity of seeing their country reduced to ruin and carved up like after Nazi Germany’s failed experiment. There is actually a lot that could be done to limit the damage and restructure but Americans will never agree among themselves to actually do so. We must expect a very bad outcome now I am sorry to say. I could give you my outsiders perspective on how to fix things but it would be very challenging for your audience to read and largely futile to present. It is all said and done for Americans to consider and fix their own country or suffer the consequences. I only wish they would realise it is a vital and urgent mission and idle talk and opinion is of no help.

    • Charles H


      The trajectory of the USA is out of the hands of the few here, and the many living within the borders. Solutions and alternatives there are – but no will to impliment exists. Man is dancing to an other-worldly tune – where men are mice; and the pied piper is one people won’t believe.
      Great comment and well written. Kudos, Neil.

      • Claudeeyah

        In the end Americans may have to endure the indignity of seeing their country reduced to ruin and carved up like after Nazi Germany’s failed experiment.

        Sadly, it may well come to that. If that is our fate, I only wish that we will be able to section off and return to the era of freedom of association, which was in effect in this country until 1948. There is no reason to force people who do not like each other, do not share the same values, and would rather the other just go away should be forced to live with one another.

    • betterchetter

      To Neil – CAF had been telling us her plan – take back, county-by-county, spending going out of county, to both employ in-county workers, & to increase local tax picture. Sadly, like your ideas, they drift in the ethers … we are a planet of thinkers, but ONLY Actions define us (criminals known for lowest acts of creation/destruction, while artists known for highest acts) – & while thoughts inspire, even affirm, us – they lead nowhere w/o arms’ & legs’ actions.
      All we’re left with is MainStreamMedia, steering us like lemmings, over a cliff – like Greece, Italy, Great Britain all had their currencies devalued – ours will too, & likely, as you note, taking us down like 20’s or 40’s Germany (unless the mass meditators & prayer warriors can offset things, somewhat … kick the doom/can down the road)