We Are Now into Controlled Demolition-Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Renowned financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts warns there is not much time left for the current system. Fitts contends, “We have built an infrastructure that doesn’t make economic sense, and we are going to have to change.  What’s happening in state and local budgets is the same thing that is happening in health care.  It’s the same thing happening in all these different areas, which is we have engineered government investment to prop up the stock market. . . . Washington, D.C., is basically run for the political campaign contributions generated from capital gains in the stock market.  The problem is, to get that rise in the equity markets, we’ve ended up pumping out enormous amounts of government debt and government money that has a negative return for taxpayers.  It’s not sustainable, and the game is up. . . . I’ve been telling you for 15 years we were going to have a slow burn.  I am telling you that’s over, and we are now into controlled demolition.”

Don’t expect the mainstream propaganda media to give you any warning or real information about what’s happening. Fitts contends, “The conundrum for a CNN is how do we get ratings?  How do we get attention without talking about the real news?  The real news is, since fiscal 1995, we have disappeared or bailed out or stolen over $40 trillion of our money.  If we are going to balance the budget, we need that $40 trillion or the assets thereon or the liabilities of the people who stole it back on the table, or else we’re toast.  If we can give $27 trillion to the banks, I can assure you we can afford $4 trillion of a pension fund bailout.  Mr. Global doesn’t want us to do the algebra.  This is like fourth grade math.  $27 trillion to bail out the banks, and we are not going to bail out the pension funds?  Where does that come from?”

There is no argument for a big crash, the only question is when. Fitts says, “I think it’s more likely to happen in 2018.  If you look at the stock market, we are way, and I am tired of saying this, we are way, way overdue for a major correction.  If we do get this major correction, and that is perfectly natural, you don’t want to misinterpret that as a major crisis or event.  I think we are way overdue for a major correction, and I give that a reasonable chance between now and November.  If it doesn’t happen this year, it’s definitely going to happen next year.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts, Publisher of The Solari Report at Solari.com.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

There is some free information and articles on Solari.com. For a deeper dive with more original analysis and material, you can become a subscriber by clicking here.

By the way Catherine Austin Fits cdan back up her charge the $40 trillion was stolen.  Here’s an article that proves part of the theft:  https://solari.com/blog/dod-and-hud-missing-money-supporting-documentation/


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  1. Fatima Boydenson

    What Just Happened Over Australia? 7/18/17

    • Bill

      Fatima: Come on, don’t you know russian collusion caused this!

    • Paul ...

      A CME from the Sun will kill dead “all electronic currency” (Coronal Mass Ejection’s will ensure electronic bitcoins become “crypto”) … but have no fear … even if your computers melt and your cell phones fry your gold and silver coins will be safe and unaffected!

    • robert howell


      Federal Indictment & Charges For Using SSN & Secret Trust TDA Account – Heather & Randall

      this is not on mainstream

  2. J. Bullocks

    Michigan’s next Senator; KID ROCK
    By Kaitlyn Schallhorn Published July 18, 2017 Fox News

    Kid Rock – The Big Interview with Dan Rather

  3. Neil

    Greg, as much as I like to hear from CAF it frustrates me to keep hearing of this national tragedy in the making, re-described to no better purpose or in complacent softened terms. Historically when leaders have screwed up their county badly millions have paid the price with their lives. I have no doubt the US is destined to experience a similar outcome. 10 -20 million dead in the streets wouldn’t seem unlikely. Unfortunately I don’t believe there can be any meaningful turnaround in fortunes in the very short time left and I don’t think a functional replacement or alternative will be put together for years afterward either. If Americans are honest about it they have had getting on 10 years to make a difference in the destiny of their country and done nothing useful. Even those who have a good idea as to the seriousness of it all haven’t stood up and told simple truth. Indeed most of the time has been spent pretending the situation did not exist or could be papered over and therefore by default worsening the outcome. I am not even sure Americans really understand what the cause of the predicament is and why this crisis will repeat even if the world restarts itself. Many Americans seem to think they can just become more efficient or be smarter and they can re-establish industry and hence have the economy of old again. People still think in terms of being no.1, leading the world, being a chosen country etc. People want to sound off, posture and debate and hold ideological positions or call on God to deliver them somewhere else. These things are of no importance when the pending crisis is off such proportions. This is an emergency and it calls for urgent measures for the common good. The onset of the neglected reality is going to be brutal and disturbing when it arrives. Rather than obsessing about socialism, communism or whatever it has to be seen that the national bankruptcy is exactly that and day by day there is less wiggle room to do anything about it. The US is very much jammed in a corner now. In the end Americans may have to endure the indignity of seeing their country reduced to ruin and carved up like after Nazi Germany’s failed experiment. There is actually a lot that could be done to limit the damage and restructure but Americans will never agree among themselves to actually do so. We must expect a very bad outcome now I am sorry to say. I could give you my outsiders perspective on how to fix things but it would be very challenging for your audience to read and largely futile to present. It is all said and done for Americans to consider and fix their own country or suffer the consequences. I only wish they would realise it is a vital and urgent mission and idle talk and opinion is of no help.

    • Charles H


      The trajectory of the USA is out of the hands of the few here, and the many living within the borders. Solutions and alternatives there are – but no will to impliment exists. Man is dancing to an other-worldly tune – where men are mice; and the pied piper is one people won’t believe.
      Great comment and well written. Kudos, Neil.

      • Claudeeyah

        In the end Americans may have to endure the indignity of seeing their country reduced to ruin and carved up like after Nazi Germany’s failed experiment.

        Sadly, it may well come to that. If that is our fate, I only wish that we will be able to section off and return to the era of freedom of association, which was in effect in this country until 1948. There is no reason to force people who do not like each other, do not share the same values, and would rather the other just go away should be forced to live with one another.

    • betterchetter

      To Neil – CAF had been telling us her plan – take back, county-by-county, spending going out of county, to both employ in-county workers, & to increase local tax picture. Sadly, like your ideas, they drift in the ethers … we are a planet of thinkers, but ONLY Actions define us (criminals known for lowest acts of creation/destruction, while artists known for highest acts) – & while thoughts inspire, even affirm, us – they lead nowhere w/o arms’ & legs’ actions.
      All we’re left with is MainStreamMedia, steering us like lemmings, over a cliff – like Greece, Italy, Great Britain all had their currencies devalued – ours will too, & likely, as you note, taking us down like 20’s or 40’s Germany (unless the mass meditators & prayer warriors can offset things, somewhat … kick the doom/can down the road)

    • Cuzca

      One problem is we’ve got fake capitalism, although, many people live life pretending we have real capitalism. In real capitalism, entities would have to save money to buy something costly or borrow from another who had saved. Government could be funded by printing an additional (2%?) to the money supply every year. Fractional banking would be a thing of the past (and future?) It seems the development in America for the past 100 years has been so distorted away from capitalism that millions would starve and riot if a true capitalistic society were introduced today.

      The world is supposedly drowning in debt. Currently, the only way to circulate new money in order to have money to pay down old debt is to issue a greater amount of new debt. This is at odds with (or balances out?) the cost of production for most goods declining over time. Why not cut taxes for small/new businesses in America and begin funding some government expenditure with debtfree treasury money, which will disappear when it eventually gets spent cancelling out old debt?

      • Neil

        Consider at this point it would not matter if there was capitalism, socialism or communism in the US. What matters is that the system in place works reasonably well. While capitalism and self determination is the more productive and obviously more desirable for individual liberty if it is swamped by blind self interest, rampant dishonesty and fraud and further paralysed by bad and corrupt government then the society employing it cannot be viable. A well run socialist America functioning in mediocrity would be better off than a badly run capitalist America collapsed into greed and starvation. At this time it is worth setting aside large labelled boxes and philosophies and asking what is best in these circumstance. For instance health care organised as a national service seems to work fairly well in some countries yet cost half as much or probably a third as much after the insurance scam called Obamacare. If the US acknowledges the pressing need is to rebalance the budget and provide assistance to the poorest section of the population and that we anticipate still worse hardship for them then it might nominate to adopt that system for the next 25 years and to have people pay their own way as the economy recovers. Eventually there would be a return to a system where people are as independent and self reliance as could be managed in keeping with American values. It works because it is known that the system is a temporary measure and people are forewarned that they will need to look to become self sufficient in the future rather than permanent recipients of welfare. The danger is that people immediately balk at the idea of national health because it sounds like an inadmissible evil – socialism – and cut off their nose despite their face. The US faces a situation where it has limited money and time and fewer and fewer choices by the day . Its time to get serious about doing something to be effective. I think the most degrading part of this circumstance for the US is to be bickering about the colour of the lifeboats and whether you consider them acceptable status to use. At some point you just have to get aboard or go under. It would be appropriate if the US did not embarrass itself any more with the spectacle of blame and self obstruction and made haste to reach solid ground.

        • Paul ...

          We are bombarded each night with fake news and governed by fake capitalism … brain dead Americans do nothing about it … but the people in the rest of the world are doing something … they are moving to an “alternative system” from the “crony crap-italism” the Satan worshiping, pedophile, warmongering, drug running neocons are trying to impose on the entire world … i.e. SWIFT is being replaced with CIPS, the World Bank by the BRICS Bank, the IMF by the AIIB, the US Dollar by Gold, etc., etc. … the crony crap-italists think that by re-setting things using SDR’s on Oct 15, 2017 the phony debt based US Dollar fiat monetary system will be given more life because they will back the SDR’s with some gold … they are mistaken … the world is well along to an “alternative system” that doesn’t use US Dollars at all … there will be no need for the world’s people to hold US Dollars to buy oil or anything else … without the need for “petro-dollar” or a “euro-dollar” the world will flush all these “excess dollars” back to American shores which will more then double all the “domestic dollars” floating around within the US … this will cause a “massive inflation” of our domestic money supply and thus increased prices for the things we need to buy …such is the “payback” we will have to endure because we did nothing to get the Satan worshiping, pedophile, warmongering, drug running neocons imposing crony- crap-italism out of power until now with Trump … and using the Constitution to “claw back” the 40 Trillion dollars the bankers stole from us will help to save our private pensions and Social Security from total annihilation and give us a viable Health Care System … “unlimited greed” by Satanistic crony crap-italist bankers and the military-industrial pedophile neocons has stolen away the golden goose God the Father placed into our hands … now we will atone for our sins with mountains of worth-less fiat paper dollars … but God in his mercy has lowered the price of silver for us to only $16 US dollars which will eventually be worth $600 to $1000 “inflated dollars” once the world sends their US dollars back to us … and the greedy immoral Americans who knew how to prey so well … better begin to learn to pray when they are forced by Trump to give up the 40 Trillion they stole!!

    • william lesieur

      You’ve pegged it.

    • Hawkeye Lockhart

      Well, of course the average American (or any other ‘Western’ society) does not see the forest for the trees. They/we have been indoctrinated and ‘under the influence’ of the Bernays affect/effect for nearly a century. The consolidation of literally thousands of once-independent newspapers, magazines, radio stations, tv stations, film studios into mega-behemoth corporate conglomerates have sufficiently bolted the door on critical thinking. Add to that the intentional poisoning of water and food, and what you have population with a severely diminished ability to see through the lies, deceit, and obfuscation.

  4. D. D. Canavan

    Fear not! Lets prepare ourselves mentally, physically and above all spiritually! Have you heard that somewhere before?
     Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Matthew 28:18 (NIV)
    Jesus assures us that “with God all things are possible.” (Matt. 19:25, 26) But if we expect to live in a new world, even beyond Christ’s Thousand Year Reign—we must act now to “get a firm hold” on everlasting life. (1 Tim. 6:19) We must live in expectation of the end of this present wicked world, and we need to take positive steps right now to prepare for life in the new one.

  5. Jim C

    Hi Greg. I always watch your podcast and enjoy your show. I like this interview with Catherine Austin Fitts but I could not watch the entirety of the video due to the fact that recently the youtube is censoring almost everything and some of the programs I am watching is being blocked. I hope that you post your videos in bitchute.com to be more accessible. More power to you and your guest Ms. Fitts.

    • susan

      Instead of utube, go to USAwatchdog.com. Easy.

  6. Ray

    Catherine made some fine points today.
    Just imagine the possibilities if the USA shut down all of its 900+ Military Bases around the world. Took the Jackboot off the throat of Humanity, and brought the troops home to work on US infrastructure!
    Why, those roadsides along Kentucky would be like putting greens, would they not?
    And even better, millions of innocent people across the planet would avoid continual, unjustified slaughter as well!!!
    America’s main business is war, so the bases will stay.
    The financial looting of her people will GO ON AND ON AND ON until the good people of the US remember why their Founding Fathers placed the 2nd Ammendment into law.
    Until Americans pick up their guns and MARCH ON WASHINGTON TOGETHER IN THEIR MILLIONS, this world will continue to suffer the horror of Planet America.
    It’s the only way things will change. THE ONLY WAY.
    Best wishes to all you Watchdogs out there xxx
    East Coast, Australia.

  7. Jerry

    The “WHEN” is happening now. CAF is right. The central planners are doing it in stages right in front of us in broad daylight. The problem is we’re so programmed to believe that if its not in the magic box (television) its not real. Can you say patsy?

    Every sting requires a fall guy. A “patsy”. And the central planners have picked Donald Trump to fit the bill for what they have planned. Read the headline. His policies will be blamed for the collapse, instead of the theft by the central bankers. No one will be the wiser since the main stream media have been setting the narrative for the past six months to build their straw man. The only thing any of us have left is time, and not much of it. Once liquidity seizes up inside the banking system (look at money velocity) what purpose do the central bankers have to continue the scam when they’re losing money? The truth is, they’ve already taken everything they could have, and have left the rest of us on the hook to pay for it.

    • Jerry

      I can’t confirm any of this information, but apparently the central planners are ready to pull the trigger on a currency reset. We’ll see?
      Deep Source :
      “All fund types are ready and available. New rates are present on back screens and have been for some time. Waiting on NPTB go ahead.”

      • Linda L.

        All branches of B of A are off line today (7-19-17) in Phoenix, Arizona, and I was told that this bank won’t be back in full service until sometime tomorrow. I had wanted to make a small business deposit and was told that they could take my deposit and in return provide me a hand written receipt (NO!). This is the second or third time that this has happened in recent past. Makes me wonder if they’re preparing their back burners.

    • Jerry

      Still don’t think they’ll be an economic reset? China just registered a 6.5% GDP while the United States can’t even get a whiff of 1%.

      Greg it should be apparent by now for anyone paying attention that the deep state is so entrenched in our government that they will never allow Donald Trump to accomplish anything. Do you want to know the real truth why they can’t pass a bill to replace Obama Care? Answer: With the economic collapse at the door no one wants to leave their fingerprints on anything. Besides they need all those deep state favors to keep printing money.

  8. Chip

    Greg and CAF what an awesome interview. One of your best EVER… Chip

  9. Tad


    Perhaps another reason to maintain a long term supply of food.

  10. frank reps

    Thank you for having Ms. Fitts on your program. If there was some wy to rotate interviews between Mr. Mannarino….Ms Fitt….and mr. Hugo /salinas Price ; your viewers would be exposed to the finest minds…and analysis available today. Many of your other guests make contributes….and some are even entertaining and funny ; but these three arenthen ” Real Deal “.

  11. David John Williams

    Catherine always has the most clear and sober-minded advice both big and little picture.
    Amazing how many smart people are recognizing that crypto’s are too widely adopted to be stopped. Where are the gold backed cryptos? Think decentralized vaulting…international transfer of ownership with the ability to withdraw gold locally. I’d be thinking that’s when Mr Global’s fangs come out.

  12. Paul Anthony

    Could be wrong but here’s my thought on “them” ripping up the Constitution. My liberal friends do not want that. Many of them may not be “awake” however my immediate familyy circle and friends, whom are mostly liberal, do not want the Constitution thrown out. They may be delusional on what the document actually says ….. (In Illinois we have to pass the constitution test in 8th grade and in high school to graduate…. I don’t know how any of them passed)

    But would it not bring a civil war us against them if they chucked the Constitution? Because I don’t think hardly ANY of the citizens want that. – I don’t see them winning that fight … not in this generation … yet

    maybe I am wrong … but that’s my initial thought on it

  13. Press Play

    doesn’t like cryptos, doesn’t like gold. but sees equities as a good investment.
    I’m surprised she does not sense the worldwide economy is heading for a reset, that when all the chits are counted up it will be a reset against gold.

    • Beligarant

      @Press Play: My thoughts exactly! Any country that did a reset or went into hyperinflation their stock market, crypto’s and precious metals seemed to always spike or go parabolic.

  14. Tad

    I wonder what she mean by “major correction?” Thirty or forty percent drop in DJIA.
    When, not if that occurs, I would anticipate a a hockey stick increase in helicopter money and free money programs. Equal to or exceeding that would be similar patterns in gold and silver prices–upward.

    • Scott Miller

      Not necessarily. Stop correlating money printing and the price of gold.

      • Greg Hunter

        Sorry Scott, there is a direct correlation to the price of gold and money printing. You don’t see it because, as I have stated in the past many times, everything in the financial world is manipulated. There was yet another round of fines at a major EU bank recently for rigging and manipulating the FOREX market: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-07-17/bnp-fined-246mm-after-its-traders-were-found-still-use-chat-rooms-rig-fx-trading If they are rigging FOREX trading, they are rigging the gold market and the bankers have admitted and paid fines for that as well: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-04-14/first-silver-now-gold-deutsche-bank-admits-it-also-rigged-gold-prices-legal-settleme (By the way, DB admitted to rigging the silver market too, and fingered at least two other global banks that are also Primary Dealers of treasuries.) Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts noted a few years back, “The debt (money printing in the shape of bonds) was going up and the price of gold should be going up. That’s how you know the gold price it totally manipulated.” He told me this in one of my many interviews with Dr. Roberts. So, please stop thinking there is any kind of a true “market” in anything. There’s NOT and there is lots of proof.

  15. Diane

    Bravo Greg and Catherine!
    Love this interview

  16. Scott Miller

    And put Catherine Austin Fitts down for 2018 as well!

    Lately, I’ve been consistently writing this in the comments section. Marking the calendar, so to speak. Moreover, on the heels of the Greg Squared interview, which had an extraordinary amount and volume of comments, comes as no surprise.

    So far, Wednesday, it has been a relatively quiet week. Wonder what Greg does for the WNW Friday?

    Obamacare, the Affordable Healthcare Act, ACA, is the law of the land. I feel the DEMs celebrating Trump’s failure to repeal. His rhetoric has been repetitive concerning let the healthcare implode, then they will have to negotiate. IMO, this is ONE of the strategies playing out for the 2018 election at the end of the year. I think it’s a good strategy. It is time for even more DEMs to lose as a result of this issue. At its heart they did not replace a welfare health program. Instead, they added a new one. If it keeps liberals losing elections, then the ends justify the means. I realize how hard healthcare costs are. This is the consequence of the law of the law. There is a lesson to be learned here, for both sides.

    After all, the DEMs got it passed based of REPs political failures. The pendulum swings both ways.

    And the blade is always sharp.

  17. Hanomy

    I agree that the system is about to end. It is either end badly for all or just for common people. Wars could spread worldwide and powers are consolidated to even fewer hands.

    Can we do something about it? YES. But it needs the mass population worldwide to aware of alternatives then demand it.

    I like to offer a solution that I believe will solve most of the major problems worldwide. In fact, it will change the world for a much better world. It has answers to the common threat coming, the AI age.

    I am the author of Hanomy Manifesto which can be reviewed/downloaded for free at Hanomy.com a non-commercial site. I consider this piece of work to be my life work leaving for the humanity. I am not making money on this, just expenses. I also have no budget to spread the word but through blogs. I hope that one day this can become a movement, worldwide. I need your help to help me achieve such goal. The world needs this. It needs to get to the right ears and eyes to get the ball rolling.

    Hanomy is a new social, financial, and political system for the whole world. It turns the concept of money upside down. Society will change significantly for the better.

    I am working on 2nd revision and FAQs now.
    Highlights of Hanomy:

    • Fundamental human needs met throughout life’s existence
    • Basic human rights observed everywhere
    • Sovereign debts worldwide are settled and eliminated
    • Upheld liberty and freedom
    • Financial contributions drawn from a portion of idle/unutilized money
    • No taxes on income, profit or spending
    • Interest charges and usury practices abolished
    • Power of money creation where it belongs – the people
    • An end to the fractional reserve system
    • Upheld free market principles (true capitalism but with social responsibility)
    • Decreased or dissolved inflation and hyperinflation
    • Reduced income inequality
    • An end to corporate welfare
    • Advanced technology benefiting humanity
    • Freedom of time for quality of life and caregiving
    • Prohibited conditions for authoritarianism
    • Preserved sovereignty and respected borders
    • An end to “modern day slavery” (this includes you)
    • Improved care of the environment and world resources
    • A world we’re proud to claim and pass along

    • This sceptred Isle

      “Interest charges and usury practices abolished”
      Interest and usury has been used to exploit the masses and keep them in servitude. However, used properly it encourages investors to lend money for constructive projects. Interest payments compensate lenders for lack of access to their capital for a given period of time as well as the risk taken on.

      • Derkong

        You lost me at Fundamental human needs met throughout life’s existence. So you can sit on your behind and soak off the labors of others? Why not each persons fundamental human needs met throughout life by the sweat of your brow and the reward of your efforts…

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          I don’t think that was the meaning of “FUNDAMENTAL NEEDS” The need for fulfillment at a calling suited to one’s personal talents is a major human need. The problem is, the greatest human need…for personal love…can’t be provided by any government or law.
          What can be guaranteed, as Jefferson wrote, is the opportunity to live, to be free, and to pursue happiness….defined as finding one’s personal niche in the universe. Look it up…lovely word.

  18. andyb

    $4 trillion to bail out pension plans? Those that have been artificially increased through political corruption that are as much as 50 times greater than what a private pension holder could achieve? Far too many public servants (?) will retire with benefits exceeding $5 million over their remaining lives. This is insanity!!!

    Otherwise, I think Catherine is correct that the debt ceiling argument could be THE Black Swan event, not withstanding the numerous little black swans circling overhead like vultures awaiting the flat lining of the economy.

  19. jodyp

    When CAF says,”the slow burn is over”,its time for even naysayers to pay attention.Greg,i haven’t ‘preached’ to any family or friends about what i believe is coming,but most think iv’e lost my mind. There are smart commenters on this site and i’m curious if anyone has had much success at getting through to any of theirs.Some type of poll maybe?

    • This sceptred isle

      Most people I know do not invest in the stock market and so I do not have to listen to them bragging about their gains. So even though precious metals price has dropped it works out about even with the losses my friends have experienced saving it pounds post brexit and with QE on the go.

    • Todd

      Same problem here. Family and friends eyes glaze over whenever the topic comes up. They won’t wake up till Weimar inflation or a bail in on their pension funds leaves them with pennies on the dollar.

    • Ross Herman

      Hello Jodyp, I recommend not trying, they will not tolerate any contradiction with what their “friends” on TV tell them. if someone asks do your best answer, But don’t worry no one will ask.

    • Derkong

      Rolled eyes and glazed looks here… I have tried to warn my own adult kids with no luck…

      • Hatemail

        My adult son is in denial over Fukushima. He lives in Illinois and is in denial about that too. There is no reasoning with Millennials because they have no memory of the America we grew up in, and they don’t like to read history.

    • nick in UK

      I have had very little success getting through to the TV and mobile phone addicted zombies over here. Most people are just too focused on the single pixels in their day to day struggles, such as working, paying bills, mortgages, rent, pensions, etc etc to step back and take a look at the much much larger picture. The main stream media is just way too powerful and is able to shape public opinion and thought to such an extent that most of the fluoride drinkers are probably beyond saving.
      It feels like I am the “black sheep conspiracy theory guy” running inland and against the flow whilst the vast majority of sheeple are herded towards the cliff to the bottomless pit.
      I have not given up trying but I am a lot more careful in picking who I am offering the red pill option.

      • Keith wilson

        Nick,I have the same problem.People are ignorant sheep.You are wasting your time trying to educate them.Concern yourself with looking after number one and your family.Stock some supplies of food,medicine,toilet rolls,and bottled water also keep a bit of money in your home for emergencies.The first rule during a economic collapse is tell no one you have any supplies in your home.Don’t waste your money on rubbish comfort foods.All the best in 2017.

    • JMiller

      I never had a problem with telling my family and friends. It all depends on what you tell them and how. Many people do not do it the right way which is why they get negative results. For one thing I would never recommend most of the ALT media sites to people I know.

    • william lesieur

      Generally it doesn’t matter to my friends or family members either. Even believing in a coming calamity inspires very little if any action from what I can see. Just an “Oh well” attitude. I guess it’s convenient denial.

    • Mark Maples

      There are things you can do that are common sense rather the world as we know it is ending or not. Weapons to defend family and home, water for any emergency. Staying out of debt (we owe 60pct of current real estate value, not ideal but working on it.) We have no car notes, no credit card debt, no loans whatsoever. We don’t invest in gold or silver but have been collecting it for 30 years, rings, coins, bracelets ect. I do have a 401k, I also have cash as well as some real estate free and clear. We know how to purify water and have a few days supply of water and food as well as antibiotics and basic first aid items.

      I don’t believe in a mad max collapse scenario but as a former marine if it does come to that I believe water, mobility, and self defense will be vital. You won’t be able to hunker down with food no matter how well armed you are. Can’t store enough bullets to beat back the Katrina crowd once word gets out that you have and they don’t.

      So you don’t have to have that conversation you can prepare under the guise of common sense. I hope this helps

  20. Ross Herman

    Who could enforce the constitution? It will never happen! We can’t even discuss the fact that our country/courts have been placed under the law of the sea (admiralty law) which is corporate trust law where no constitution exists.
    Turn off our TVs? I estimate a 0% chance to get 30% of the population to turn off their programing! She may be smart but do you think that is possible?

    It’s nice to get some real news, thanks Greg.

  21. Alannon

    At $700 gold might just be a good buying oportunity, I hope she is correct, which she usually is. Smart Lady!

    • Paul ...

      At $700 gold … bit coin might be a good selling opportunity (giving three(3) gold coins for one(1) bit coin … although even now … one(1) bit coin buys two(2) ounces of gold or 100 ounces of silver which is not bad at all if one is looking for downside protection … it’s not too likely gold and silver will fall as fast as bit coin can!!

      • Paul ...

        The Dark Web drug cartel tried to hide their money in “cold storage” bit coin to no avail … it was seized by Sessions and International Police crime units … their real estate properties, four Lamborghinis, and millions of dollars’ worth of bitcoin representing the proceeds of the site’s illegal activities are now in the good guys hands!

        • Paul ...

          Bitcoin surges over $2500 on news that Dark Web’s bitcoins were seized by the Government? … I guess when gold is finally seized by the Government it too will shoot up to $2500 per ounce!

  22. John M.

    Who really cares about where the paper price of gold goes, as paper gold is completely manipulated? I don’t bother to check the gold price. It means nothing to me except that you can buy physical gold and silver at cheap prices — for now at least.
    The “market” gold price is even more fake than all that manure-news churned out by CNN and MSNBC. I want to laugh hard, except it’s not funny that Americans will pay dearly for the enormous lies and fraud created by its own government and the elites.
    Do you really think the elites are going to give back the trillions they have stolen from America? Fat chance of that, I want to laugh again.
    Nope, our really deep deep govt and elites are planning to steal what wealth still remains, and turn America into Venezuela. They will not hesitate to bring forth widespread war, famine, and economic destruction.

    • Hatemail

      The plan is to depopulate the globe of all the deplorables, that includes me.

  23. Roger Carpenter

    Thanks Mr. Hunter.

    • Alannon

      If the paper price of gold is still manipulated when you need to sell it that won’t be good.

      • Paul ...

        Definitely not good for those who need to sell their gold before the manipulation ends … all gold sales should be delayed (if at all possible) until after the manipulation has ended … which is not to far away!!

    • Mike from the North

      Same here…I COULD Care less what the price of gold is right now because it is only playing into their game.

      In time we will glad we kept strong in our belief that eventually all that is not real will be faced with REALITY.

      If you have a pulse and do an honest assessment of history and currencies you know what is likely just around the corner.

  24. betterchetter

    Gave a shout out to this article, on FB page of CoasttoCoastam – CAFitts is one of the better financial prognosticators, not succumbing to the gloom & doom(porn) the last few yrs. Thanks, Greg, for the diversity of your guests – and of your listeners/readers/responders (even Gina)

    • Paul ...

      Did Gina ever say she owned some gold??

  25. Wiliam Bissell


  26. pat the rat

    Always learn something when C.A.F. is on I now understand between a slow burn and controlled demolition. When it comes to North Korea if nuclear weapons are exchange for atomic weapons a lot people are going to die!

  27. Country Codger

    Well done Greg,
    Ms. Fitts is as sharp as a Samurai sword. Also, this video is listed in John Rubino’s Top 10 videos of the week at dollarcollapse.com. I think it is number 3. I sure hope CAF is right about the timing, I still have a couple of things to upgrade and complete and I can use the winter to further improve things. For all of you who think you have everytning completed and are ready to hunker down, have you gotten new eyeglasses? Have your teeth cleaned, filled or otherwise repaired? New tires on your vehicles? Rotated your fuel and treated it? For all those with high blood pressure, do you have plenty of blood pressure medicines, for heart valve patients, lots of coumadin and a way to check your PT/INR levels reliably? For folks like me, do you have enough nitroglycerin tablets? ((I live a healthy lifestyle it was the Agent Orange that ruined my heart.)) These are just a few of the things you need to be doing RIGHT NOW!!!

    Keep up the great work Greg.

    • Don Snotts

      Instead of the Nitro, try the #1 CARDIOLOGIST RECOMMENDED form of CO-Q10, Qunol MEGA CoQ10, the active form of CoQ10. 27 bucks after in store rebate available throughout the year at Costco, and unlike Nitro it’s all natural and much more effective. CC, you have a CoQ10 defficiency not a Nitro. Also don’t forget a Bio E TOCOPHEROL COMPLEX WITH TOCOTRIENOLS AND Nature’s Answer Plant Based Magnesium, seawater derived Red Algae from the clean, pristine Icelandic waters, enjoy! We love ya man, your a survivor! You follow the three P’s, prepare yourself physically, mentally and spiritually! Good on ya mate.

      • Country Codger

        Hi Don,
        Thanks for the info. In 20 years I have taken less than a couple of dozen tablets. I have taken COQ10 in the past but have not been faithful about it. I do take E, garlic and fish oil faithfully, along with a mineral supplement that has 90 minerals. I have even taken agricultural Azomite (1 Tsp/day) to get necessary minerals. The discoverer of Azomite ate 2 tablespoon per day and lived to somewhere in his 90’s.
        Thanks again for the info.

  28. John D

    Yea, Catherine Austin Fitts. Always makes my day when I see her on your show

  29. Flattop

    With Goldman Sachs implementing their own Crypto currency, is this going to be a game changer for Bitcoin??

    • Paul ...

      Would you buy a bit-coffin from a vampire who will likely put you in it “before your dead” so he will have a steady supply of blood to suck??

      • Paul ...

        Will the game changer for gold be to have Goldman Sachs endorse it and the government confiscate it at the same time? … guess putting your gold in “cold storage” in the crypt with your coffin won’t do any good either!

  30. Scott Miller

    Between 24:00 and 27:10, I found Catherine’s and Greg’s discussion about gold quite interesting. The G7, war, Libya, 700, even the 1100 line, counterintuitive, core, base, NOT online, was all spoken and clarified. It wasn’t the normal take, but she did not have confidence in gold as an investment, to rise in price, only as a physical position, meaning to hold the metal instead of digital. No mention of silver. Catherine sounded almost dismissive. And she loves gold.

    She also warned about digital currencies, a la bitcoin, but stated clearly only invest what you can afford to lose. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. I admit, I don’t hear anyone who is making a ringing endorsement of crypto currencies. I find them boring, like how many people were in the room with Trump Jr.

    She likes equities. Very strong, and therefore, don’t worry about the debt ceiling, or the Fall issues financially with the stagnated government. Trump does not want a strong dollar.

    Neither do the bankers. Interesting to hear Catherine “correct” Greg about the banks money. 27 trillion? Yes. It is somewhere. Wonder if Greg will ask future guests where they think the money used to bail out the banks is being kept?

    Fascinating question. Greg and I believe it is all organic, but you have to wonder where all those trillions are.


    • This sceptred Isle

      she wasn’t asked about silver

  31. JC Davis

    Greg. I fell to see why CAF likes equities if the stocks are in a bubble, and crash will that not take equities with it ?

    • Scott Miller

      Bubble is inflating. That’s why.


    • Paul ...

      It is sad day indeed when worthless stocks are more valuable then fiat … that is what CAF seems to be implying!

    • JC Davis

      Yeah I get it Scott and Paul. If the stock market is inflated so is the equities market. Why would equities be any better?
      CAF said she recommends equities. My question is why ?
      When S. H. T. F. equities will be non existing.

  32. Mike R

    SEEMS like everyone is now reading from the same script. (i.e ” If no crash, or ‘correction’ this year, then certainly one next year.”)

    I’m pretty sure we’ve actually heard this now for just about every year, since the bottom in 2009. I used to even bookmark all of the different pundits out there who said ‘crash’ next year, but I got so many bookmarks, I stopped doing it in 2015. I know, I know, the market is even way more over-priced, than it was back then. But everyone has been singing this same tune ad nauseum for years. Every says all of this QE has to end badly.

    I think right now, I’d be a lot more scared if all the CAF’s, Greg M’s, Bill H’s, Cliff H’s, Gerald C’s of the world, started saying ‘you know folks, the economy actually looks really good right now, and despite all of the QE, we’ve managed to turn the corner, and while we aren’t clipping along at 3% GDP growth, we do have very low unemployment, we are re-attracting manufacturing back, we have suffered but survived expensive Obamacare, and robots and AI haven’t done us in yet.’

    That is when I would actually be scared that we were headed for a crash. That is when I’d starting to load up on Puts like nobody’s tomorrow.

    So in summary, when this many people, and I’m talking there are a lot more than just the guests that Greg interviews, calling for a correction and even major market crashes, I suspect we have a long long long way to run in the equity markets running up much much higher than they are now.

    In fact, do you all know that AAII survey (American Association of Investors Intelligence) is only at 28% bulls ? After 8 years of a major market run higher, more tha doubling the Dow, can you believe how few bulls there actually are ??? Talk about climbing that wall of worry. We’ve been doing it 8 years now and counting, and yet we still have super low level of bulls. The market has NEVER topped with AAII at this low of level, and usually its well up over 60% when it does. Check this out if you don’t believe me. http://www.schaeffersresearch.com/content/analysis/2017/07/13/4-signs-stocks-are-climbing-a-wall-of-worry

    • Kim

      Always like to read your insights Mike R.

      Thank you for having CAF on Greg! I always learn from her.

  33. Phillip Ferreira

    I find CAF’s comments on the price of gold during crisis strange. She speaks as though only the G7 bullion banks determine the price of gold. And some questions come to mind: If there is, indeed, war, how will this war be financed by the G7 powers? Certainly, by ‘borrowing’ (printing) money. How attractive will that make (for example) their currencies? If , through naked shorts, the price of gold is driven down on the futures markets controlled by G7 nations (UK and US), will not many buyers come into this market place? And will not many ask for *delivery*–delivery that cannot be met? Perhaps someone more knowledgeable than myself about these matters can explain CAF’s logic here. I would think that during a time of war there would be widespread effort to get out of the deteriorating currencies and purchase something tangible. And I would think that such a scenario would find the price of gold sky-rocketing.

    • Scott Miller

      Printing money and the price of gold are not correlated.

      Rigged system.


      • Greg Hunter

        Again “Sorry Scott, there is a direct correlation to the price of gold and money printing. You don’t see it because, as I have stated in the past many times, everything in the financial world is manipulated. There was yet another round of fines at a major EU bank recently for rigging and manipulating the FOREX market: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-07-17/bnp-fined-246mm-after-its-traders-were-found-still-use-chat-rooms-rig-fx-trading If they are rigging FOREX trading, they are rigging the gold market and the bankers have admitted and paid fines for that as well: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-04-14/first-silver-now-gold-deutsche-bank-admits-it-also-rigged-gold-prices-legal-settleme (By the way, DB admitted to rigging the silver market too, and fingered at least two other global banks that are also Primary Dealers of treasuries.) Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts noted a few years back, “The debt (money printing in the shape of bonds) was going up and the price of gold should be going up. That’s how you know the gold price it totally manipulated.” He told me this in one of my many interviews with Dr. Roberts. So, please stop thinking there is any kind of a true “market” in anything. There’s NOT and there is lots of proof.”

        • JC Davis

          Greg so why did CAF recommend getting into equities ? This puzzled me.

          • Greg Hunter

            I felt she gave conflicting views on that. I think she is underselling how bad the next meltdown will be. The markets cannot be rigged and be viable.

      • This sceptred Isle

        What was the price of gold in 1913 then?

    • This sceptred Isle

      I didn’t follow CAF’s logic on war = gold going down either. How would that increase their ability to suppress the price?

      • JC Davis

        Me also TSI. In hard times gold goes up.

  34. Don

    CAF is either dumb or just doesn’t understand gold or has a dog in the fight. I don’t think she is dumb so that leaves us with the last two options. I have never really trusted people like her & Jim Rickards who present themselves as the people’s friend but have deep insider ties to Washington. Gold going to $700 C’mon man give us a break you sound like a banker. Also it looks like the “gold is weak because of a strong dollar” was also BS as we watch gold do nothing and the dollar gets smoked. The ESF Goons are trying to mitigate any damage from a falling dollar by fading gold with Mini-crashes and the rolling fade we have been in. Pretend & Extend still rules but bankers are in trouble and gold & silver are the Cornerstones that will collapse the fiat House of Cards. God is still in charge and see’s all the lies and dishonest weights and measures and we will all stand before him to give an account.

    • Beligarant

      @Don: There have been some hard core gold bugs that believe gold will fall to some number like $700 or $400 before it goes “no bid”. That’s when the fireworks begin.

  35. Lynne Mariie

    Always like to hear what Catherine Austin Fitts has to say. Great interview, Greg!

    • Don


      Maybe it will become free before it goes no bid.

  36. Flattop

    Might there be someone who can explain what ” Blockchain” is, or a definition of it.

    • Paul ...

      Flattop … A blockchain is what you put around block heads to keep them slaves on your plantation … in a similar way it is used to secure “digital relationships” … http://www.coindesk.com/information/what-is-blockchain-technology/

      • JC Davis

        LOL your killing me Paul. your last dozen post have proven your in the zone.

      • JC Davis

        I wish my renter could act like they are my block chain. LOL so good Thank you.

    • Mark Maples

      Blockchain is an incorruptible technology originally designed for Bitcoin that can be used to store digital currency or in theory anything of value

  37. frank reps

    CAF suggests returning to Constitutional principles. Back in the early thirties FDR violated the primary constitutional mandate for sound money. All that followed was the inevitable outcome . let’s just watch the train wreck as it unfolds. My issue with people like Ms. Fitts is that she continues { trying to make money for herself } in a career as an investment advisor and money manager when she knows darn well that there is no escape from the inevitable financial and social collapse on our horizon. Study the work of Pitirim Sorokin if you want an idea of what our { so called } civilization is facing.

    • Flattop

      Frank reps: Congresswoman Cyntha McKenney has been trying to move us back to Constitution law, but the msm and Congress members ignore her efforts

  38. Jerry

    Well ……this should be interesting.
    Ah…….try George Soros. What a nest of rattlesnakes!

  39. bob

    J mccain is finished – brain cancer

    • Bill

      bob: Or is he trying to avoid the 2 lawsuits against him which he is sure to lose !!

      • This sceptred Isle

        maybe he is about to do a Kenneth Lay

  40. Derkong

    Unfortunately the pensions will get bailed out with more printed money. It will be politically impossible not do do so. And as with SS it wont be you dont get a check but it will be how little you can buy with that check that will matter….

  41. Anthony Australia

    Thank you Greg

  42. Don Snotts

    Donald Trump Ends Obummers Covert CIA Program To Arm so called “Moderate” Syrian Rebels
    by William Craddick Jul 19, 2017 4:25 PM
    The “moderate” Syrian rebel groups operating in Syria have long been criticized for their close ties to jihadist groups such as ISIS and al-Nusra. In 2015, Western media finally admitted that there were no longer any “moderate” rebel groups operating in Syria. In January 2017, Representative Tusli Gabbard returned from a visit to Syria to confirm these reports, as well as to reveal that U.S. support was effectively delivering arms to jihadist groups such as al-Nusra, al-Qaida, Ahrar al-Sham and ISIS who are operating inside Syria. The Guardian has also reported that even the “anti-ISIS” force attempting to seize the group’s regional capital in Raqqa, Syria is mainly comprised of mercenaries who have and will fight for jihadist groups if the price is right.
    The Donald has fullfilled his promise of ending this Deep State Department leftest/fascist neo-con man&woman Obummer puppet psychopathic nightmarish scourge off the face of the earth! Next; their handlers in Washington D.C.! Draining the swamp. Complicated business. B R A V O! PIP PIP HURRAY! Long live theTrumpster! We the sheeple/people love ya baby!


  43. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Yayyy CAF is back! Boooo 30 minutes is too short. 🙁 Would have liked to hear more about war pushing price of gold down and other problems if G7 loses.

    • Paul ...

      Crisis and inflation “defines war” … and gold is not going to rise during crisis and inflation?? … perhaps these “continual wars” the neocons create is part of their mind control strategy to show war is not a crisis that has to be worried about and with their mind control CPI numbers inflation is not to be worried about … a war with N. Korea with a couple of nukes or a war with Iran (who made a deal to bury their nuclear facilities in tons of concrete) is not a war gold will worry about … however a war with Russia or China or both “is a crisis” gold will worry about and in “a real war” the buying of commodities (with paper fiat printed out out of thin air) will push the price of commodities upward no matter how much the CPI figures are manipulated … get “a real war” started and “gold will rise” in conjunction with such a crisis and the ensuing inflation!!

  44. Elderlearner

    Greg: I get it – Trump the guy that is going to save the USA, doesn’t lie (won’t touch health programs and SS), honest person (tax returns, school to defraud, didn’t pay the small guy what was owed) and save money because the USA is in deep financial trouble so he will just take from the poor and give to the billionaires because they need it for sure (only group that quite a few of them have said “tax us” more, which I haven’t heard from less fortunate people). CAF tells it like it is but what I have noticed you do a pretty good job of screening the parts you don’t want to talk about. It’s true, people KNEW what CAF was talking about that the crooks were robbing this country blind for years. Wasn’t it just a recent news story that 400 medical people were robbing medicaid out of billions, but all I hear is the people that are on food stamps buying cigarettes – you really need to report all the real news about fraud in this country. I believe in Jesus but faith is only there with works, or you don’t have faith. (James Chapter 2) So I should trust in Trump and Pence whose works are promoting billionaires at the health expense of the poor? (My Jesus wouldn’t do that, he fed over 5000 people that didn’t have food, brought fish to the right side of a fisherman boat, even made water come from the ground). You need to get with the total program Greg, you seem like a nice guy but you have selective news thoughts and your talk doesn’t match your walk. I’m not for any party, I vote issues and for the person but you could have fooled me that you claim not to be republican. I was a republican most of my voting life but I stopped on the second term of “W” who promised and did sign a bankrupcy law that even Bill C. wouldn’t sign because it would hurt the average family. But “W” signed it within the first couple of days of his second term. And don’t forget Bill had the last deficit that was in the black and left his term with $10 Trillion surplus.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t know where to start but let’s start here: “I believe in Jesus but faith is only there with works, or you don’t have faith.” You are 100% wrong and look not further that the “good Thief on the cross next to Christ. Christ did not tell the Good Thief to get off the cross and start helping people to make it into heaven. He got there by his belief in Christ and admission of sin. If the Ten Commandments could have saved us we would not have needed Christ.

      There certainly was NOT a $10 trillion surplus when Bill Clinton left office. It was a $5.6 “projection” and you know how government projections go.

      Finally, You should start your own site and show us all how it is done in terms of reporting and analyzing the news. I worked for nothing for more than 5 years and used my savings to fund this free site. Please start you own–it’s easy.

      • Elderlearner

        Greg: James chapter 2 vs 26 “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also”. However everyone can interpret the Bible in many different ways that’s why I consider myself still learning in my older years. And I certainly respect anyone and everyone that honestly makes their own path as I believe you do. I’m glad that you had the funds to do what you wanted. I haven’t seen the future as yet but as for me and as some of your guests suggest – we have seen nothing yet.

        • Greg Hunter

          It would have been much worse with Hillary and I think Trump was out in there by God. By the way I didn’t do what I wanted. I did what I had to do. ( I wanted to stay at the networks and have a staff and support.) I did what I was inspired to do. This is why the site is free.

          • Ray

            Well said Greg……here, here.

  45. Judy Kay

    Catherine and Greg, it is VERY EASY to reform health care. IF you aren’t a Congressman beholding to insurance company and pharma companies, you would simply look at the most successful health care system operating in other nations and COPY that health system. You don’t see any countries with universal health care in place trying to undo their plans, do you!?! That’s because they work, and work well!

  46. Judy Kay

    P.S. – Tennessee is ranked #39 of 50 states (that is, in the BOTTOM 20%) according to a number of studies, lije this one… https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/tennessee
    Honestly, can’t y’all base your statements on facts?

  47. David Stanley

    1) gold and silver will never back money again
    2) The dollar will die due to over printing and a loss of faith in it
    3) a digital currency will replace the dollar not one that it is in existence today but one from the banking community .

    • John


      1) Gold and silver will never back money again – tell that to the Chinese

      2) The dollar will die due to over printing and a loss of faith in it – agree

      3) A digital currency will replace the dollar not one that it is in existence today but one from the banking community – what makes you think when the dollar crashes along with pension funds, 401K plans, bonds and real estate that the people will allow the banks to continue on as if nothing ever happened? If the world and Americans repudiate our paper why on earth would they accept our digital 0’s and 1’s?

      IMHO – you are going to see Au and Ag, in some form, backing our currency. Instead of trying to make digital work (its very slow apparently) why not just back the currency with silver and gold and use the existing clearing systems which are very efficient. Digital currencies seem really cool until the grid goes down. I don’t see cash being outlawed but I do see the FR charter being revoked and the issuance of money being controlled by the Treasury and not based on debt. When people are wiped out financially it seems naive to think that the system will go to version 2.0. Rickards offers the only realistic scenario – dollar crash leads to the IMF and SDR’s which then leads to the Chinese yuan as the reserve currency of the world. Guys – they are not buying all that gold for nothing!

  48. Chip

    Greg, I ran across a bit of historical trivia I thought you and fellow watch doggers would appreciate. This bit of history from the 1800’s reads like it could be spoken today without modification… Chip

    True story. Former Chief Editorial Writer for the New York Times in the 1860’s. Trump should give this quote in a National Address to the US Public…

    John Swinton’s address to fellow journalists in 1883 …..

    ‘There is no such thing, at this date of the world’s history, in America, as
    an independent press. You know it and I know it.

    There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you
    did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid
    weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with.
    Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you
    who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the
    streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear
    in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be

    The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to
    pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country
    and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly
    is this toasting an independent press?

    We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the
    jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our
    possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are
    intellectual prostitutes.’


  49. Son Won Seong

    Is very intelligence and knowledgeable but right now Mannarino correct. Lot of making money and happy right now. Charts positive in grow and trendline up for long time. Maybe in October November change. See when happening this time. Now I am bull.

  50. gregd

    I really liked the interview it was very thought provoking. I disagree with just about everything she had to say though. The idea that cryptos are going to be our form of money is ludicrous. It’s a pyramid scheme if there ever was one. At best it’s a computer game or now a super computer game. The 1%ers have by far the most of these virtual digital coins. They got them for pennies and will be happy to sell you some for an enormous profit. I could go on but I assure you the flaws are there. This is the great reason for the cryptos take over? A blockchain – originally block chain – is a distributed database that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks. Each block contains a timestamp and a link to a previous block.
    As for the price of PM’s going down to $700 in times of war. Wow, they are doing everything to keep the price of gold and silver down by selling the most amount of it at the worst time and all at one time. If she was right about this then all the mines would shut down all at one time. Where would they get the silver to make the bombs? Do you think perhaps large corporations may have to stock pile silver to keep their companies going and the people employed?
    The Chinese government is actively encouraging their citizenry to buy as much silver and gold as they can. After decades of it being illegal for them to buy. Do you think they can send their Country of peasants into the middle class instantly by re-evaluating the price of gold and silver?
    I’m not even going to talk about the ever increasing debt and the money it’ll cost to service it or the over promised pensions that should never be paid because bribes are illegal. Let’s also skip the Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare disaster that Karl Denninger can fix in a minute with the enforcement of laws already on the books.
    These as*holes are no better than the last as*holes in that they can’t manage crap.
    I’m sorry for the rant.

  51. Terry Reps

    As an aside ; CAF is brilliant ….and a bit too optimistic about the tidal wave heading our way. On another point. Say a prayer or two for McCain. He will be called for his actions in due course in another world…….Right now ; we should do the Christian thing and offer him some solace by our prayers. Is this not what Jesus would want us to do ?.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think what we face is daunting and a total wipeout disaster for the uninformed and unprepared. It will be challenging enough for the prepared. “Fear Not” the best protection is the armor of Christ.

  52. oneno

    Wish could get CAF to respond to the NAME GAME (fraud) and that no one has an identifying name as no one has the TITLE document to the NAME appearing on the Certificate of Birth issued for them by Crown Agent.

    Certificate of Anything is only Proof that Title exists and is NOT TITLE. See Its NOT the LAW.

    All the criminals who offer signatures do so in such a way that the man does not attach himself to the NAME via legal maxim accessio cedit principali making him outside the law.

    Remember that all legislation only applies to person(s) and SLAVES (those that are voluntarily attached to the legal fiction Crown-owned NAME by way of legal maxim accessio cedit principali).

    How is it possible that someone with so much Goverenment experience does not know this? Same question can be asked of the Scribe for Cinthia Mckinney.

    This question about the NAME came about after watching CAF and CM discuss about going after the NAMES in this presentation about enforcing the Constitution.

    • Greg Hunter

      These first two documents came from an unknown blog and unknown writer. I would never use them as a source. On the other hand, Fitts and McKinney totally different story. That is interesting and a solid source for discussion and analysis.

      • oneno

        The NAME GAME file is from the DetaxCanada.org site presented by Eldon G. Warman who claims ownership to all content on the website.

        Drilling into his site will lead to the history behind the NAME GAME that leads through the Crown as vassals of the Bankers that are in-turn vassals of the Pontif of Rome.

        Any doubts on the true owner of the NAME appearing on a Certificate of Birth can be laid to rest by referencing the bottom of page 29 of Crown Copyright in the Information Age:

        “Documents which contain information relating to a particular person or persons and which, if copied, could be open to fraudulent use. (Birth, death and marriage certificates, driving licences, and passports, land certificates and office copies of registers or title sheets.)”

        The same information can be found on page 32 of the print version of same Crown document.

        The second link to It’s NOT the LAW is authored by Wayne Frank Barbuto.

        Personal experience while applying for a Driver’s Licence revealed that only signatures that allow presumption and assumption of a man voluntarily attaching himself/herself to the Crown-owned NAME are accepted. Any signature that does not allow such presumption and assumption are met with coercion and threats from Crown Agents even after explaining through registered letters to authorities enforcing the code that the applicant has no TITLE document to the NAME appearing on the Certificate of Birth (receipt) that is only proof of title. In other words, the authorities are overtly inducing applicants into fraud to allow codes to be imposed on the man through the NAME.

        A man must use a fictional NAME to interact with the fictional commercial world.

        The NAME is only as agent holding and collecting in-trust assets belonging to the principal (scribe) under private contract of agency to allow that principal to sustain his/her life under the Rule of Private Necessity.

        The criminals who steal the money and assets of the people do so through the NAME without attaching themselves to the NAME in order to remain outside of legislation.

        In any case, it would be very interesting to get a response from either CAF or CM on the subject of the NAME GAME.

  53. Robespierre


    Kiss your ass goodbye because the lost $40 Trillion is not coming back any time soon. It sure won’t come back voluntarily and I don’t hear President Donald Trump Tweeting about it one little bit. He is acting like a real stooge. The “Swamp” is Winning so far, Americans (voters) are the real losers and I mean LOSERS. Ignorant too. F ’em. Goodbye and Good Luck to You.

    • Greg Hunter

      Actually, the Swamp is NOT winning. Why do you think they are so upset? By the way, what do you expect in 6 months with this many against Trump?? I think he has done remarkable considering what he is battling.

  54. oneno

    Greg, please get the following text to CAF and CM:

    Cynthia, in your “Enforcing the Constitution” podcast (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPaP8cBdukc) with Catherine Austin Fitts, you made the following statement at the 6:26 minute mark:

    “… Let me start calling names. Its very important for us to call names because if you make a charge or an attack and its not a direct hit, it goes over people’s heads…”

    That immediately reminded me about the NAME GAME fraud (http://detaxcanada.org/name%20game%20blog.rtf).

    To summarize;

    1. The NAME appearing on the Certificate of Birth issued by the Crown Agent for a child is the intellectual property right of the Crown Corporation.

    2. The Certificate of Birth is a securitized bond containing the sugnatures of one of the child’s parents (usually the father) and the Crown Agent.

    3. The Certificate of Birth is only a receipt copy given to the parent that offerred the signature as “Proof of Title”. The original Title is retained by the Crown and entered into the Crown’s Register of Births.

    Any doubts on the owner of the Title to the NAME can be put to rest by referencing “Crown Copyright in the Information Age” at the bottom of page 29 for the download version (http://opsi.gov.uk/advice/crown-copyright/crown-copyright-in-the-information-age.pdf) and on page 32 of the print version.

    4. The vast majority continue the use of that Crown-owned legal identity NAME upon entering the age of majority allowing presumption and assumption that they have “voluntarily” attached themselves as an accessory to that Crown-owned legal fiction NAME. Then by legal maxim “accessio cedit principali” (an accessory attached to a principal becomes the property of the owner of the principal), they are now deemed to be property (slaves) of the Crown. Now all codes can be imposed upon them to harvest the fruits of their labour and for confiscation of any assets in their possession.

    5. It is therefore necessary for each man (male or female) to make reference to that legal fiction NAME without allowing presumption or assumption of theft. This is done through the signature with one of the following examples:

    Scribe for JANE DOE

    I, commonly called jane of the family doe, for JANE DOE, for Her Majesty the Queen, in right of Province/State

    6. Any challenge to the signature offerred should be reflected with a three document response demanding proof of property right where you the living free will man became a slave to the Crown or State (via Freedon of Information Demand):


    If they cannot offer such proof – usually your proof is ‘no response’ – acceptance by ‘silence being acquiescence’ by them of your assertion that you are not a slave owned by the Crown or State.

    Now back to the podcast with you and Catherine Austin Fitts deciding to go after the NAMES.

    The criminals (in government) usually have Crown protection via licence to practice law and thus have the title “Honourable” as they are considered to be Squire (armour bearer of a Knight) for Her Majesty.

    Those without a licence to practice law know how to sign documents containing orders relating to matters of state so that they do not allow presumption or assumption of attachment to the NAME and thus (as Scribes) are outside the jurisdiction of any legislation (all legislation applies only to PERSONS /NAME but cannot apply to man who has not attached himself to the NAME voluntarily).

    Taking these facts into consideration, what chance of success is there in going after the NAMES?

    To compound matters further is the fact that “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” is a Corporation different from the continental “united STATES”.
    See: PUBLIC ORDER – April 3, 2015 issued by Judge Anna von Reitz

    and the same here:


    All the Senators and Congressmen are officers of the Corporation “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”. They are obligated to the code of the Corporation by the OWNERS of that Corporation to do as the OWNERS require.

    The people are completely unaware of the frauds being perpetrated against them.

    In addition the armed forces are employees of said corporation. The CIA is not to be confused with the armed forces of “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” as they are a world police force of the Bankers.

    All of these facts need to be considered and discussed carefully.

    Want to send the above text to Catherine Austine Fitts via solari.com but unable to connect to her site. Please kindly forward this to her as well.

  55. Mark

    Informative interview. Thanks.
    Greg, I would point out that mowing of roadways is largely a waste of fossil fuels. Nature does not look like a golf course, nor should it. Mowing only the first ten feet or so of road shoulders leaves much grasses and perennials for wildlife and as beneficial insect habitat. This is an intelligent choice. I’m not sure if this is the reason why Illinois doesn’t mow all the grassways, but I’m glad to hear they don’t. BTW, you ought to interview Joel Salatin. He would provide some useful perspective on how nature fits into the overall picture. The world isn’t ALL about money and politics.

  56. Just The Facts

    I too do not understand why war would drive down the price of gold. If my memory of the history of WW2 serves me right, tonnes of gold and silver were shipped across the Atlantic from Europe to protect it from Germany and much of it was used to pay North America for armaments and other war supplies. I think gold was required for payment because English Pound notes and other European currencies would be worthless if Germany won the war. Would this fact not ensure the price of gold at the time and probably cause it to rise? I’m just applying common sense here!

  57. Keith Bacon

    Hello Greg. Loved the interview. Please. The next time you have Catherine on, ask her if gold goes to $700.00 does she think there will be any physical to buy. Think she’s way smarter than me, but questioned her call on gold against everything else I read. Keep up the good work my friend.

  58. MSimon

    Catherine in her narconews piece notes that when Drug Prohibition collapses so will the economy. Money laundering makes the banks solvent (somewhat).

    If the trade is ever legalized, it will cease to be profitable from that time. The more difficulties that attend it, the better for you and us.” — Directors of Jardine-Matheson

  59. Tommy

    Nobody explains it better than CAF. She should be a professor, or better yet, in charge of the US Treasury. She points things out that no one else is talking about and yet when she explains it, it makes perfect sense and you say, “yes, it’s obvious”. Thanks so much to both of you.

  60. Joe (BJ)

    There are “Watchers & Guardians” of the Earth who have said they will help if asked.
    I hereby humbly ask them to help the innocent humanity of the Earth, the people who have had no part in the despoilment of the Earth, I ask them to help us start agin without the Elites in charge and we will affirm to them our efforts to start cleaning up and protecting our fabulous home without which almost none of us would be alive.
    On behalf of Leo Dorwarshak who the “Watchers & Guardians” befriended and he them,
    I ask for their help in a new beginning for the humbly innocents of Earth.
    If they find us worthy of help we must promise to protect & respect our wonderful Earth and do all possible to ensure its health by banning all nuclear weapons & start cleaning up the mess that has been made on the Earth.
    Joe (BJ)

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