Somebody is Still Trying to Kill You, Don’t Let Them – Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

The data is out on the CV19 bioweapon vax, and it is crystal clear it did not help a single person.  In fact, the CV19 vax is causing massive death and disability, and it will continue for years to come.  Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF), Publisher of The Solari Report, financial expert and former Assistant Secretary of Housing (Bush 41 Admin.), says, “I said literally on the first day way before they had a vaccine, I said don’t worry about Covid, worry about the injection.  I said that immediately because I could see it coming.  The goal of this thing was to get people injected.  The other goal was to steal a huge amount of assets, which they did quite successfully.  The reality is you can’t navigate this unless you can face what it is.  It’s not a mistake, and it’s not betrayal.  Somebody is trying to kill you, and your job is to figure out how to make sure they don’t.  You have to reorganize how you manage your time and how you manage your money where you have disaster capitalists coming at you and can make money from killing you.”

The latest plan by these evil demons to separate you from your life and cash is something CAF calls “Pharma Food.”  CAF and company has done a deep dive on corporations putting “biotech on your plate.”  Spoiler alert — this has nothing to do with the benevolent job of feeding the masses, it’s about using food to control the masses.  CAF explains, “I am always telling people to invest in their local fresh food not because you want to make money, you do it because you don’t want to eat insects.  You don’t want to eat lab grown meat.  “Pharma Food” is one of the most frightening reports we have ever written.  We don’t like to scare people, but you need to see how much money is going into creating the capacity to feed you things in a million years you would not want to eat.  This is serious.  They are trying to build complete control of the food system.  This includes delivering you food out of a manufacturing plant and not out of a farm.”

CAF goes on to say “If we can sustain ourselves with barter ,the financial transaction control won’t work.  That is why food is so critical.  You have to control food because if you control food, you can get financial transaction control. . . .  If you look at the venture capital investments, it is absolutely illogical for them to spend this kind of money for a consumer product nobody wants.”  CAF says what could happen is the demonic powers might mandate you eat their factory made “Pharma Food.”  This is why CAF is pushing everybody to get serious about growing and procuring real food without corporations and Big Pharma getting between you and your table.

CAF also talks about the Fed, Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), the Fed meeting in Jackson Hole, the razor accurate destruction in Maui and how to fight back and stay alive in a world where people are dreaming up ways to kill you for cash.

There is much more in the 1-hour and 3-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with the Publisher of The Solari Report, Catherine Austin Fitts, for 9.23.23.

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  1. Doris

    To Patagonia
    09/22/2023 •
    Who asked:
    Doris Where can I find Nenner referring to 2300 or 2400 for gold. Has he an opinion also for Crude Oil? Thanks
    Not sure what Nenner is currently predicting for crude oil but he did predict $30,000 dollar gold “right here on Greg’s site” –

    • Anthony Australia

      An Australian national treasure.

      Your Soul Is ‘Owned’ By The Vatican
      Santos Bonacci

      • Anthony Australia

        Can’t believe what we are going through in this country😳

        Funniest backfire on mainstream media. Live TV is so unpredictable. Kamahl, was brought on to plug the “Yes” Voice to Parliament vote, even having the phrase “Kamahl-Mentum” coined by Anthony Albanese, and he ended up making his strong case for the “No” vote.

      • Harry

        Edward Dowd is a “National Treasure” also – he says that in his professional opinion, the Globalists are going to have to pull off some kind of “A Massive-World-Changing Event” to Cover-Up the massive death numbers from their COVID kill shots – Dowd effectively says: “These globalists cannot relinquish power, because if they do, they’ll all be put in jail or prosecuted so they have to win the 2024 election by any means necessary – either by creating a distraction like escalating the war in Ukraine by using American troops (or creating a Taiwan incident) or perhaps a Nationwide Cyber Shutdown, or a Massive Financial Crisis, or they might even try to claim the Aliens Are Attacking Us With Directed Energy Weapons (using Hawaii and California as examples)!! –

      • Justn Observer

        AA, agree with that…he has been put thru much for his research…and of course few know the roots of the FONDI…and how ‘they’ established the ‘banking houses’ and control over world economies via ‘their’ Central banking system which they are in the process of ‘re-setting’ to further concentrate ‘their’ power, control, and surveillance over their conquests….ie. nations of which they stripped the sovereignty…and have as the quote goes,,, Meyer [sic] Amschel Rothschild, who founded the great international banking house of Rothschild which, through its affiliation with the European Central Banks, still dominates the financial policies of practically every country in the world, said: ‘Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.’
        ALONG with controlling the printing and letting/credit of money ‘their’ system investments via hedge funds, trusts, foundations =
        IN ENGLISH =

        have been perfected across the world thru ‘their’ system which it appears is being challenged today? OR is that a ruse to create the chaos needed to collapse and recreate the need for a ‘re-set’?

    • Robert Sharpe

      You are correct on the jab causes turbo cancer,
      We have family members injured after taking the jabs.
      An uncle came down with heart issues.
      An aunt with cancer that has progressed very fast.
      Another aunt who has been chronically ill since her booster and is now on hospis.
      The brain fog and snap anger I see everyday is not a coincidence.
      The doctors and nurses are silent on the obvious up tick of illness.
      Truly a mass mind control hypnotic spell cast on the world.
      Keep reporting as long as you can .


      • Shirl

        The insane glo-ballists are planning something to cover up their horrendous crimes against humanity…Infowars interviewes frequent guest Edward Dowd with the latest:

        • Doris

          The “Glow-balists” are pushing for Nuclear War with Russia – but – they have run out of Ukrainian men (and are now throwing Ukrainian women into the Russian meat grinder) – this “human sacrifice” by the Satanic Demons can’t go on to much longer – so Biden and his American Military Neocons are getting ready to “Re-impose the Draft on the American People” so it seems slaughtering American boys and girls will soon begin (to help address the recruiting shortfalls in the Ukraine)!! – But – to re-instate the draft in the US – “Biden needs a National Emergency of some sort” (most Americans are not aware that “all men and likely all women aged 18 to 25 “have a legal obligation to register when a draft is implemented” or they go to jail!! –

        • Harry

          When American boys sign up to help the Nazis in Ukraine – must they give the Nazi Salute??

        • Harry

          Russia needs to increase their military “by at least one million men” seeing that the Biden Regime “is preparing to draft” American boys (and girls) to fight the Russians – so Putin recently announced that anyone wishing to fight on Russia’s side “would receive fast-track naturalization to become a Russian citizen” – now Cuban and North Korean men are flocking to join Russia’s armed forces to fight against the American boys and girls Biden will send to their slaughter!!

    • Doris

      Patagonia – Also take note that Nenner predicting $2400 to $30,000 per ounce gold pales in comparison to the $80,000 gold price Jim Rickards has mentioned and the $87,000 gold price Bill Holter has mentioned – a move by gold to just Nenner’s $30,000 an ounce prediction (15 times its current price) would not be unprecedented – as gold was trading at around $36.60 in mid-1970 and peaked at around $678 in early 1980 ( a rise of 18 times)!!

      • Harry

        With such price predictions for Gold “by very knowledgeable people in the know” can mean only one thing – “Massive Inflation is Coming Folks” (which will be a Debt Jubilee for the Bankers, the US Government and the few wise people who purchased physical gold and silver) – massive inflation means interest rates are destined to rise dramatically over the longer term just as Greg is saying – we are in the mist of a reversal in globalization (and we are having to manufacture things at home) – which will lead to higher costs of production and higher prices (as countries like Japan, China and the other BRIC’s nations, will no longer simply accept US Treasuries (printed out of thin air by the US Government for their products) – add to this – the insane anti-energy, climate change and food processing plant destruction policies of Biden and his Globalist handlers and America will be inevitably pushed into the massive inflation they so much desire – currently equity markets are skating on thin ice (probably thinking that massive inflation “will drive up nominal stock prices”) – but – any “black swan” panic reversal out of stocks into higher yielding bonds will lead to a monstrously massive crash of the entire financial system (including trillions of dollars of losses in the derivative markets) – all leading to “The Economic Destruction of the United States of America” that the Globalists want and desire “in order to provide them the exact excuse they need to “Zero Out Their Debt Obligations” and “Bring in Their Central Bank Digital Currency”!!

        • Doris

          Take notice of this Fed chart and what it did before the 2009 financial crisis – – and see what it was doing right before “the Fed discontinued publishing this chart any longer” – the chart above only shows the Fed reported data series from October 2, 1996 to March 30, 2022 – and then – “Poof ” – It Was Gone!! (no longer published by the Fed for some unknown reason (that we can easily decipher)!! – And what happened during the 2009 financial crisis was a panic out of everything (including gold initially) then monstrous money printing that pushed gold higher – seems another opportunity to pick up some gold (and silver) “cheap” is here again!!


      Doris 📰🗞️ Alex Newman on an Armstrong Economics article “Georgia and the Rino State” Its great they caught the Rino governor Brian Kemp in an interview saying the machines don’t work then they tell him there videoing the conversation and Kemp HIGH TAILS IT OUT OF THERE. 🐀 🐀 CAUGHT

      • Earth Angel

        Could you provide the link to that article? I’d like to read that. I knew Kemp was compromised when he was invited to speak at the WEF. That’s when the shoe really dropped for me. It’s very sad, because Georgia has always traditionally held conservative values and been a staunch red state. I should know because born & reared in Georgia I’ve lived here for over 60 yrs. I used to like Brian Kemp, but his failure to stand up and admit to the 2020 election fraud in this state was the first clue and his subsequent appearance at WEF has sealed it for me. He’s just another traitor to globalist interests. Its a sad day in the south. The burning of Atlanta (and now the whole state) has not only occurred once- but twice. Yes, it’s finally come down to each of us. The cowardly & compromised politicians will not help us.

  2. A Day


    • PersonaNonGrata

      My thoughts exactly!

      P.S. CAF did say, and I paraphrase, ‘Fact (the News – sic) is fiction, and fiction (the movies – sic) is fact.

    • Rodster

      Yup, I remember Soylent Green. I saw that movie in 1973. It was a dystopian take on a future world. How ironic that Der Klaus Schwab is trying to make it come true. Thankfully no matter how hard these demons want to control the world, it will always end the same for them. It always ends with pitchforks and torches, storming the castle gates because that what recorded human history has showed.

      • Ray

        Soylent Green…….
        One of THE GREAT movies Rodster.
        Always in my top 5 all time favs.
        Enjoy the opening titles below.

        Ray, Canberra, Australia.

      • Doris

        If Human History does not show that (when monstrously evil people deliberately killed Two(2) Billion people with their Clot Shot, Nuclear War, Economic Meltdown and Famine) the people rose up and stormed the Globalists hideouts with pitchforks and torches and killed them dead – then there won’t be any Human History “as we will have All Been Exterminated”!!

    • Don Grabove

      Seriously, fast regularly instead, In other words, eat yourself often. The source is known and reliable science says there are many health benefits from occasional and regular participation. Also, it will make your other verified external sources go further, saving resources. This is Nobel Prize material from when that meant something.

  3. Barb

    Pure Catherine Austin Fitts! NO bug meal!
    Thanks Greg!

    • Katen

      Truth is the U.S. no longer has the infrastructure or institutions to support the population. Allow 8 million illegal aliens into the country and you have a recipe for collapse. Get the hell out while you still can.

      • Sara

        yes, correct. We haven’t even taken a realistic look at the diseases that ensue. Diseases that we have worked hard to eradicate from our society. The bank is broke, all the $$ spent on the priceless last few years. Run while you can. Por Fin!

    • Edward Ulysses Cate

      Interesting change at WEF web site. They used to list this company:
      Today, I noticed it has been removed. Perhaps we’re making headway against the WEF.

      • Harry

        We are also making headway against the UN and WHO (Alex Newman and other Patriots are working to DE-FUND the UN and the WHO)!!

    • Trinacria

      Well said Barb, Catherine Austin Fitts never disappoints. She is a wealth of info.
      Greg, you have a wonderful lineup of great guests.
      I believe the 9% Biden (Briben) approval rating; in fact, like Catherine, I was wondering how it was that high.
      Amazing – in a disgusting way of course – how they rig the polls to show a higher backing for evil clown Biden and, that polls running only now as a small advantage for Trump. Trump should be ahead in a literal landslide.
      People in this country cannot possibly enjoy what Biden and the Demon-rats have caused:
      1. War in Ukraine and endless funds waisted not to mention all the lives lost and destruction of so much property.
      2. Inflation, bad economy which they go to great lengths to hide.
      3. Open border bringing down systems, increasing crime, homelessness and more.
      4. Restrictions for phony pandemics.
      5. No opportunities for young people starting out.
      ETC, etc., etc…….

  4. Doris

    CAF effectively states: If we can sustain ourselves with barter (which includes owning physical gold and silver coins) – the globalists financial transaction control system (their Central Bank Digital Currencies) “won’t work” as they won’t be able to completely control us – what is immediately imperative is that we make sure right now that we are able to feed ourselves and our families with locally grown food – “this is critical” in order to remain free of the demon globalists control!! – if you are going to be a chicken and not fight for your economic and physical freedom you will eat bugs (just like a chicken) – whereas free men eat eggs for breakfast and chickens for dinner!!

    • Anthony Australia

      CAF on the mark here. Home run Greg!
      I was only watching this yesterday and found it quite disturbing that Amazon has infiltrated the food industry and gets their modelling from China.

    • batman

      if you think they have not thought about that and have a plan in place for are wishful thinking

  5. GreenPeas

    and now Argentina DEW attacted just like Maui

    Clif High is wondering if the big thing that’s coming will be numerous attacks like this simultaneously.

  6. Diana Brown

    Catherine Austin Fitts is by far my most respected financial analyst. Her direct communication makes information easy to understand. I so appreciate you Greg recognizing her gift and making her available to us.

    • Edd

      Couldn’t agree with you more. And Ms.Fitts also has a great ability to apply critical thinking, logic, and good ole common sense to whatever she investigates. I’ll pay attention to her over before any ” prophet” or cycles guy everyday.

  7. Harry

    Interesting comment by CAF – that the Globalist Bankers need to destroy our American Government in order to relieve them of their debt obligations (to pay Social Security, Government Pensions, etc., etc., etc.) with massive inflation – but they require “total control over our lives” with their CBDC’s and “total control over food production” so they can proceed more easily with their plan to monetize away their debt obligations “To Zero”!!! – and as the “strong” US dollar “gets stronger and stronger as seen in this chart” – – (as they are printing a trillion more US dollars every 3 months) – it will eventually get “so strong” it will go “PUFF” (like Rob Kirby told us) – and everyone will own nothing (except for the hard assets like gold and silver coins grudgingly bought thinking “this is totally foolish – as the US dollar just gets stronger and stronger the more they print”!!!

    • RichZ

      Rick Ackerman: I’ve been bullish on the dollar since…forever, always rationalizing my bias with a deflation-based argument. However, Tom Luongo’s latest newsletter provides a simpler answer, at least for the near term, to wit: Fed chairman Powell and Eurobank President Christine LaGarde are in a policy battle that the latter can’t win. Although Power undoubtedly is serious about staying tight, LaGarde has gone wobbly out of fear that Europe’s already faltering economy could go down the tubes with another turn of the screw. We’ll be betting aggressively on Powell, and therefore a strengthening dollar, in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned to the chat room (and to your Rick’s Picks email ‘Notifications’) for timely strategic guidance.

  8. Doris

    As CAF says: Criminality “is endemic among the general population” (it is not just the Globalists who want to kill us for our property in Maui, etc., etc.)”!! –

    • sam

      Criminality “is endemic among the general population”…….I Totally Disagree!
      the General Population is I Believe 88-90% of European Descent….the “CRIMINALITY” is from the small 10-13%…..Mostly in the ….”Big Cities”….

      • Doris

        Wherever these criminals reside they have taken part in the mass murder of their fellow countrymen – “The US Now Has The Highest Number of Corona Virus Cases and Deaths in the World” – the latest report is a Total of 108,602,110 cases – with around 1,176,150 Deaths!!!

  9. MJS

    CAF is a joy, a blessing! Thank you both!



  10. Paul Samuel

    CAF is right on target! Thank you Greg for having her on. She is truly doing Gods work as are you Greg. Truly… Thank you Greg for all that you do.
    Its true, throughout history evil people have been killing the innocent to gain power over them for thousands of years. Just read your bibles! its in the bible. And that is pointed out here in chapter 3 . Here is the reference.

    “Remember then, Pharaoh ordered the children to be killed, so that he would remain in power.
    Evil cares not about that life it destroys or causes to suffer, but cares only for his own gain, for his own pleasure and authority. See then, how the wicked plot, even to kill the innocent child, only to remain in power.

    Here is the link to that chapter.
    Its starts in the second paragraph but the reference above is the third and fourth paragraph.

    Evil has and will ALWAYS plot to have control over the innocent children of God.
    Jesus said so when he talked about the wheat growing with the tares until the end when they are separated and the good wheat is put into the barn and the tares are burned up. THATS why Jesus gave us his doctrine…. So we could be prepared to rebuke satan and his hateful lies designed to make Gods children bow down to him.
    We are NOT to bow down to evil people but we are to REBUKE evil, just as Jesus did in the wilderness.

    Thank you CAF and Greg!

    Paul Samuel

  11. Tim K

    Hi Greg,

    I think I am a victim of shedding. I traveled on a flight from Phoenix to Philadelphia. I am almost 60 but stay in great shape (can do 80 push-ups and have no problem climbing mountains). I did a set of pushups about 4 weeks ago and could not catch my breath. I then got sick and could not get better (after three weeks). My doctors office (against the vaxx) had me immediately take a cat scan with contrast. My lungs were riddled with blood clots. The doctors office checked my legs for clots and they were perplexed that they could not find any clots (usually originates from the legs). I was doubling up on the quercetin and zinc while traveling. Will now take Ivermectin before and during You were right.

    God bless You


    • Greg Hunter

      Dr. Kory and Dr. McCullough also use Nattokinase. It is supposed to dissolve spike proteins. You can book an appointment with Dr. Kory here:

    • Southern Girl

      Tim K.
      I’m one of the ones that reacts very quickly to being shed on. That is why I cannot go to my Church they are God’s sheep, but sheep the same and all got the Jab. I will not go to my Senior Center either. I take my CarryIon with me when I eat out. I cannot go to any Bingo games, fund raisers, etc. Anything where I am around a lot of people. Also, if I begin to get tired that is the first sign for me. I take an Ivermectin.
      A site on Rumble very informative was offering Ivermectin, BUT they wanted $7.00 a pill.
      I buy mine from: It is $80.00 for 100 tablets of 12mg. It is $30.00 for shipping as it is coming from Singapore. It usually takes 2 weeks. I have ordered three times. Sooooo much cheaper than those made here in the USA

      • Tim K


        I just ordered a bunch from


    • Coal Burner

      Tim, I have first used “Vitamin I” for the same reason. I realized I was fighting COVID from being shedd on by a close relative. I had bought Vitamin”I” for protection when I needed it.” As soon as you have symptoms or are going to expose yourself, I take a dose, wait 48 hours and take a second dose. It has worked for me. Flying on an airplane definitely ranks high on the exposure list. I avoid that as much as possible.

      • Tim K

        Thanks Coal Burner


      • Wanda

        What is ““Vitamin I” ?” I read the post by a woman before yours, $80 for 100 tablets and $30 shipping cost. For two adults like me and my husband that.s a 50 day supply, $110 We cant afford that, retired and just trying to prepare for every thing here. We learned from CAF that Ivermectin in the horse paste is easily obtainable in TN where she lives. She also stated its quite affordable. We have a contact/family member ho lives there and we are going to ask them to purchase and send us some. Thing is? Its been a long time now since this was first recommended, who is to know it has not been compromised by now by the manufacturer? Its very hard to find in our State up here in the North, Midwest. Please some one tell me what Vitamin Coal Burner is referring to so I can look into it. Ty

        • Doris

          The term “Vitamin I” is slang for Ibuprofen – a non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (or NSAID) – instead of using an over-the-counter Big Pharma medicine like Advil (ibuprofen), etc., etc. why not take “a more natural anti-inflammatory food and herb approach that God the Father provided for us” like eating a pineapple for desert or sprinkling some cinnamon or ginger on your apple pie and washing it down with some cows milk or green tea, put some cayenne pepper on your tuna fish and mix in some raw onion (fish oils are high in vitamin D), etc., etc. !!!

  12. Dave Scrimshaw

    SPECTRE —- S pecial E xecutive for C ounter-intelligence, T errorism, R evenge and E xtortion, a global terrorist organization. Yup, sounds familiar.

  13. Jeffrobbins

    She is awesome! That was indeed a lot to chew on, I’m not sure to be scared or hopeful. Sooo, it would sound as if as many as possible need to have some food production in their back yard, go full on homestead, get involved in the farmers market, or marry into a farm- i have two daughters. / still say grain changed to corn in the KJ supernaturally sometime in 2020- is there a 7 year clock? I don’t know for sure.

    Note About the shedding; i know a married couple- wife got the first two shots with the daughter who wanted to go to college. The husband and son did not. No ill effects for anyone until recently. The hubby has spent the last three weeks at home with a really bad case of shingles.

    • Mike Monterrey

      Some people have noticed that a few of the Scriptures in the Bible are not as they remembered them to be. The passage you refer to can be found in Matthew 12:1 and again in Luke 6:1. In the NRSV the words ‘grain’ and ‘grainfields’ are used in those passages. You might be interested to read that the word ‘bottles’ is used in the KJV in Mark 2:22 whereas the word ‘wineskin’ is used in the NRSV, and ‘leather bags’ and ‘bags’ are used in the New Century Version. My personal suggestion is to take note of the word for ‘bottle’ that is used in your own Bible; if that word is not ‘bottle,’ maybe write that word in the margin of the page. With your own eyes, you will be able to determine if the word ‘wineskins’ changes in your Bible at a later time (assuming that you are using a version other than the KJV).

      Some people remember the word ‘sparrows’ rather than the word ‘ravens’ in Luke 12:24. And for the curious, use your memory before referring to the Scripture passage in your version of the Holy Bible, fill in the blank(s). [I’ll use the KJV for the two passages below.]

      Matthew 18:20 “For where two or ________ are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

      Isaiah 11:6 {abridged} “The ________ also shall dwell with the lamb.”

      Jeffrobins, you mentioned the word ‘supernaturally.’ There are people that believe there are supernatural or higher forces now at work in our world that shape our current reality from the reality that we remember. -Blessing to you and all.

      • Doris

        Speaking of Matthew – “He Did Not Lie” that Jesus was born of a Virgin (Maiden) – Tovia Singer is trying to make that false claim and is Seeking to Destroy the Entire Christian Religion – The Truth Is – Matthew wrote in Hebrew (not Greek) and he specifically said “Maiden” (Virgin) in Hebrew!!! –
        Note: This squabbling over words in the Bible does not invalidate what science today can easily prove “That A Virgin Can Give Birth” (by Means Other Than Sexual Intercourse) – it is called “Artificial Insemination”!!!

      • Jeffrobbins

        Glad to know I’m not the only one to see these things. I’ve been telling folks to get ready for something really big/ biblical portions/ because in Amos God tells us He will tell the prophets what’s going to happen before it takes place. It’s possible to say we(believers) are priests and prophets, but the word changes are for the whole English speaking world to see. If they look and remember? And speaking about words in question- the Lord’s Prayer in Luke changed in all of them. I remember ‘Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us” – i even looked up the definition of trespass when i gave my life to Jesus at 30. when i was a kid i would go to a Methodist church with my grandparents and the Lord’s Prayer was recited every Sunday. Any Methodist should be able to concur.-Is it possible the word changes also indicate some aspect of the coming storm issues?? Lots of trespassing going on at the border. Now food is going to be a big deal for some reason i dont know yet, but the Lord really blessed us in a number of ways for showing kindness to a preachers widow. We rented her a place for real cheap and it was for what’s right cause i knew she was of high importance- actually i was very upset no one would give her what she wanted. Anyway, we picked up a modest place on 10 acres, sort of a rarity around most parts, and we are planting and building a homestead. Another time, i had a windfall financial blessing and told about it at a church service and Fay says later “I told you God was going to bless you- I pray for you every day”.-WOW- Somehow we have to trust and obey in these difficult days.

        • Rose Mont Sellicka

          YES Jeff! As related to Linda Crean,
          Where can you find continual real peace? The source of peace is our Creator, he is the “God who gives peace.” (Romans 15:33) Under the rule of his Kingdom that is soon to come, there will be an “abundance of peace.” (Psalm 72:7; Matthew 6:9, 10) This is far more than just a feeble peace settlement, hammered out by mere mortals. Such accords often herald little more than a brief interruption in the carnage of hostilities. But God’s peace will eliminate all causes of war, strife, grief and inhuman suffering. In fact, no one will learn war anymore. (Psalm 46:8, 9) Real peace for all at last!
          As beautiful as this hope is, you might nevertheless yearn for a measure of peace right now. Is there a way to find inner peace that can carry you through our troubled times? Happily, the Bible shows us the way. Consider some guidelines in the 4th chapter of the apostle Paul’s letter to the Philippians. You are invited to read verses 4 to 13 in your own Bible.
          In verse 7 we read: “The peace of God that excels all thought will guard your hearts and your mental powers by means of Christ Jesus.” This peace does not come through mere meditation or character development. Rather, it comes from God. This peace is so powerful that it “excels all thought.” It surely surpasses all our anxieties, knowledge, and reasoning. We might see no way out of our problems, but God’s peace can fill us with the well-founded hope that one day all our troubles and the wicked will be gone.

  14. Jeffrobbins

    One question for CAF, i would be curious of her opinion about all the illegal migrants flooding the border. I have likened them to some kind of pawn army. If the US was a chess board and Europe was a chess board, you send in the pawns first.

  15. James Hascomb

    I love listening to CAF. She’s like Thomas Ferebee of World War 2 nuclear bomb fame, always right over the target, ready for a precision strike. And you, Greg, are just like Col. Paul Tibbets, keeping the discussion flying on schedule and right on course, aiming directly for the intended target.

    Greg, I try to follow the advice I hear spoken of during your discussions with the best and the brightest. So, in May of this year, roughly 4 to 5 months ago, I sought out and found a local farmer. And I found out something very sobering. That is, I don’t stand a chance. Let me tell you, this local farmer was great, the meat was awesome and the vegetables were out of this world in terms of quality in taste and nutrition. But, one small variable did me in and that was the cost. Here are the prices I experienced by dealing with my local farmer. 1/2 gallons of milk were $11. Full gallons of milk were $18. They had goose eggs for $3 each or $36 a dozen. Duck eggs were $11 a dozen. Regular ol’ chicken eggs were $9 a dozen. A pound of bacon was $14, a pound of hamburger was $13, they sold chicken wings in packages of 4 for $12. Chicken thighs were in packages of 4 for $17.

    In short, I saw my food budget become my largest monthly expense, and I’m paying $2,200 a month premium for my family’s health dental and vision through UHC, thank you O’bama (loser). Though I gross $130k a year and have a mortgage around 1k a month ($2,400 sf) in a rural new development setting, and though my state taxes are less than 3k a year, and though I have the titles to both of my cars, and though I have zero revolving or adjustable debt, I simply could not afford the cost of dealing with my local farmer.

    God bless those of you where money is no object. To you I say definitely find your local farmer as their product is fantastic. Me? Count me and my family of four out. We are back down to penny pinching our groceries at the local three grocery stores and this week our total grocery bill is around $220. I’ll take it. I can now, once again, afford to spend the $90 needed to fill up each of my vehicles again with a smile on my face.

    And I have to say, getting a dozen eggs now for 99 cents when they are on sale just makes me so darn excited I can barely contain myself. And I just smile when my two teenagers go to town on a meal. We certainly have plenty to go around now.

    Keep up the great work Greg, and to everyone else, do what you need to do to survive, for survival, coupled with following the will of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit is what life is all about! It’s all temporary, so make the best of today.

    • Michael

      James, you really should grow your own fruits and vegetables. You will be amazed at how much you can produce in a small area, esp with crops such as carrots and potatoes. You don’t need lots of land, and the return on investment is huge. Growing your own is not expensive, it just takes hard work and a willingness to give up the manicured back yard for something a bit less orthodox. Relying completely on the grocery store not only exposes you to very poor quality food that is often laced with unacceptable levels of pesticides (this is true for commercial ‘organics’ as well) but also leaves you vulnerable to inflation and to shocks in the supply chain. A huge proportion of the food in the grocery store travels great distances from the point of production to the shelf, leaving it highly vulnerable to external shocks. Solari subscribers have heard the mantra from CAF for years: either develop a strong relationship with a local farmer or grow a significant proportion of your food yourself. She is absolutely right. Like you, I can’t afford buying high quality food at inflated prices. I grow my own. It means that I work outside a lot on weekends but the quality of the food and the low cost makes it an excellent investment of time

    • Fred Daake

      You will hate me for this – but your problem is not the bloated prices of buying from a local farmer. Your problem is money management. First of all, if you live almost anywhere in the mainland of USA, the premium of local farmer supplied food is NOT 9 to 1. If you can buy eggs for one dollar in a local store, how could a farmer charge nine times more for that same dozen and stay in business? Your task is to get a map and draw a fifty mile radius around you home. Visit each farmer in the area and find the farmers whose pricing are more inline with local food store prices. Also, why not take a look at paying $2,200 for insurance that only provides you with dangerous allopathic care? You would rather pay for allopathic insurance than improve your health with better food? So, if there is a major crash, you will have no sources of food because you failed to find affordable local farmers? What good will your allopathic insurance do for you when the insurance company goes out of business during the big crash?

      Your budget priority should begin with current health and future health security in the event of a crash. Food is a major part of health. Shopping around for health and becoming actively involved with maintaining it will provide you with a more Godly life than concentrating with keeping up with the Jones. If you have too pay such huge premiums for decent food, perhaps it would be best to move to a location where you could grow your own food. A family of four has a lot of garden power. Only after you fund your health and health security – only then can you look at how much money that you have left over and create a budget from there.

      • Earth Angel

        Yes, @James, perhaps you should look at medical sharing plans such as Medishare, Liberty Health Share or others. I am single and pay under $300.00 per month for a Health Sharing Ministry option. They have family plans available for much less than you are currently paying to a ‘traditional’ health insurance policy likely provided by one of the companies on the list that we don’t want to help finance. For example, I NEVER shop at Amazon. Back to the insurance thing, I use Liberty Health Share, a christian health sharing ministry, and they have been decent to deal with. I first joined when O’bummer’s ‘Un’ Affordable Health Care Act more than tripled my premium for an existing policy with a premium of about $133.00 per month. It jumped to somewhere around $460.00 and I decided then that they would find me dead in a ditch somewhere before I’d pay that or go on a govt. health plan. Searching around for options I found the Health Sharing Ministries. It would be worth looking into for your family to compare what you currently have. I am in good health and rarely use it but it is affordable and good to know its there if needed. We also grow a garden each year and it is so nice to go pick your vegetables and eat them that day. Home grown everything tastes SO MUCH better and saves us a bit on grocery bills. (which are so high now anyway) But the real value is eating fresh food that we know where it came from. I will add that growing food HAS become more difficult in the past several years because of environmental degradation largely due to the aerosol spray programs & climate engineering Dane Wigington discusses. I see radiation damage from the ozone depletion to plants & their produce; vegetables disfigured- and sometimes discolored with a purple hue. I think this odd coloration may be from one of the the ingredients in the mix, the barium perhaps? We do not eat those affected. I also see this same odd magenta/purple affecting grasses in the fields which has only appeared in the last 10 yrs. This was NEVER observed by me in the 20 yrs. previously and I have lived and worked on this same farm since 1993. Definately observed profound changes in the health of this piece of rural property and sadly NOT for the better. But still worth the effort of trying to grow some of your own food. Like CAF says we are being poisoned in so many ways and we must have a strategy for staying alive and as healthy as possible under this shocking and unprescidented assault against ALL life on Earth. Good Luck to you and your family. I hope this info. helps and may God watch over all of us.

    • Chris in Arkansas

      James Hascomb – to bottom line it your local farmer is very overpriced. Yes, he has costs to cover plus profit but the reality is he is charging VERY high prices for their product. Shop around. Look for food cooperatives that may be operating in your area. How much would that farmer get selling their products into at wholesale prices? About 60-70% less than what you see it selling for on the shelves at grocery stores. Most local farmers around here are happy to get prices slightly above what they grocery stores charge because they earn pretty good margins on their sales that way. I think the big lesson we’ve learned is that just because a farmer is raising GMO free and organic crops and livestock doesn’t mean they are fairly pricing it. Let the buyer beware.

    • Cassie

      You can pay now or you can pay later.
      Pay now in food prices/paying what they really are worth.
      Pay later in doctor visits and poor health.
      Either way, you’re gonna pay.

    • Southern Girl

      Grow your own food and can it. I have grown Potatoes, tomatoes, onions, zucchini, squash, make your own strawberry jam. Store food and buy freeze dried meat, and veggies.
      Also, I can buy fresh eggs from a friend for $4.00 a dozen. If they are fresh unwashed put in the fridge and they will last for months. If you find other eggs say at the grocery store that are the closest to farm raised. Put a pair of gloves on and re-blossom the eggs with mineral oil. They will last in the fridge for up to a year. I always have around 6 dozen in my fridge in the garage.

  16. Toni Geren

    I’m 69 years old and have been gardening since 2010. I study all aspects and this year on a tenth of an acre of space, harvested 400+Lbs of potatoes, 100 onions, 60 bulbs of garlic, several bushel of Green beans and various other beans, cannellis, lima, kidney. Amazing harvest of peas, 75 + bell peppers, 110 cucumbers. many bushel of tomatoes and still producing, Had lettuces and greens all summer, carrots, beets and a herb garden also. I have had chickens, egg layers, since 2012 and in summer months get about 10 doz eggs a week. Chickens are the best entertainment there is! Is this a lot of work? You bet it is. Is it worth it? YOU BET IT IS! Winter is coming and no matter what, I will have food and the grocery store won’t see my dollars.
    I also buy all my meat from a local regenerative farmer (that ships nationwide so what’s the excuse?” and dairy also locally. I’m not special and believe others can do this also. If you live in a big city, it’s harder and i understand that but i also have micro greens and sprouts growing in my kitchen windowsill all year long and so could you. People that live in urban areas could easily give up some of their flower beds and plan some food plants. People need to realize the government is NOT here to help you. They are only interested in enslaving you.

    • GreenPeas

      I agree with you on chickens. They will eat grass like goats. And they are in some ways highly intelligent creatures and definitely have personality. I had a clique of them that had a language comprised of what, in English grammar, are called “interjectives”, word-sounds like ‘ouch!”, “oh!”, “aah” amd a trumpet like sound “da da da, dah!” and a few others. ……. But the latest clique of them make almost no sounds. They are quiet, but have plenty of motion. Humans nowadays, corrupted by liberalism, could gain so much from learning from chickens and observing their society which is very structured (pecking order).

      I would add a large supply of aged liquor for barter and influence and medicinal. Some people can make moonshine, but that is like gasoline. Whereas, even mediocre bourbon (eg Old Crow, Benchmark) will be of great use in the days ahead. And bourbon has sweetness so it can be sipped without a mixer such as cola (which likely un-available or expensive).

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Great post Toni,

    • Julia

      Toni, I live in the City. I have tried repeatedly to move with no avail. I am doing the same thing you are. I feel like I am in Vocational School. There is lots to learn and gardening is a skill to have. Will be apprenticing with Bees the coming year. Congratulations on your haul of vegetables. May I ask the name of the farmer for meat? Thank you! Julia

    • ItsTooStupidToBeStupid

      Curious where you reside or which part of the country, assuming you live in the States? In the south, our crops didn’t grow at all, and we had a warm spell in early March with 80+ degrees for a few weeks, starting the bloom process early, and then a cold a freezing snap the following week of 25-30 degrees that killed everything. (By design) I can attest, we RARELY, if ever see temperatures that low.

      This combined with geoengineering the likes of solar radiation management, earth radiation management, & carbon dioxide removal, our crops never stood a chance. Our fruit trees didn’t produce a single fruit, and the leaves were covered in yellow and brown spotted toxic chemicals from all the aerial spraying 24/7. Curious if others also experience abnormally spotted leaves with what I can only describe as “man made” from all the heavy metal spraying each day. It is NOT changing of the seasons colors on the leaves, its clearly from the crap they spray in skies all day.

      The weather was either pouring rain when we needed it not to rain, or was 105 degrees and humid when we needed rain. Weather modification on all fronts killed any chance we had to produce our own food, and I’ve been farming and gardening for three decades. It has progressively gotten worse year over year, and not by coincidence.

      Greg, any chance you can have Dane Wiginton on to discuss the correlation between all the geoengineering and the devastating impact on crops to include anomalies of leaves on fruit trees, crops, weird insects suddenly appearing and destroying crops, etc.?

      • Agnes

        We had a growing collapse here in Maine, also. I’ve gardened for ~40 years, and I’ve worked hard at it, but got nothing because of the serious drought last year and continuous rain this year. Our farm markets open in early July, but all were delayed this year until mid July. Those farms have been in operation for several generations. Warm weather in January caused fruit trees to begin to bloom, then, of course, they froze. The trees that weren’t affected had heavy freeze mid spring. There are no peaches or plums this year. Apples have brown patches. They are mostly OK, but few, and the farmers are embarrassed and apologetic about their crop shortages and ugly fruit. With all due respects, I doubt CAF has ever tried to grow food.

        • William Wilhelm

          We live in eastern Tennessee and have developed a relationship with a local farmer. This was our second year gardening and now have a full freezer with green beans, corn, tomatoes, sauce’s, broccoli, and cabbage. His wife taught us how to water bath tomatoes and make sauce’s. We actually gave all store bought veggies to our local senior center for Thursday dinners. We had cucumbers, four varieties of corn, multiple varieties of tomatoes and learned so much from these wonderful folks. They even asked us to do another garden with them next year. We helped weed the garden and just listened to the knowledge being passed on to us. Try bartering with a local farmer for your labor. You will probably find beautiful folks wanting to pass on their knowledge.

      • Earth Angel

        TSTBS, Yes I completely concur with your observations. Though we did get vegetables and a few figs this growing season. Our other fruit trees produced very little fruit and most were eaten by birds or insects. We tried valiently to cover them during the manufactured spring freezes you mentioned and did save some blossoms but to no avail for our eating pleasure. Glad at least the wild birds did benefit though. The leaves of ALL the trees here have been spotted and discolored as you cite since 2012, when a low flying dark colored military type jet sprayed over our area of farms and land. Leaves burnt, discolored and shriveled from the toxic cocktail dumped over us. I got sick with flu like symptoms (and more) within 2 days and 2 of my horses lost patches of hair. All horses had loose stools that summer. I was sweeping leaves- brown, yellow and black off my deck all SUMMER long- and to this day still see and experience the effects of this unprovoked attack upon my farm. This is now IN OUR FACE air raid attacks and was my ‘wake up call’ to the geoengineering aerosol crimes going on over our heads every day. Despite hundreds of photographs, documentation, soil, bark & leaf tests analyzed showing high concentrations of aluminum, barium & other metals (which should not be there at all) and trying to alert local sheriff, agriculture agent, commission members, state representatives and even the Governor of Georgia at the time in 2013- NOTHING. No meaningful response whatsoever from ANY of these clowns. We’re on our OWN folks, and we’re under assault. Make your plans accordingly.

  17. Dave

    This frankenfoood scenario recalls a movie I saw at a film club, called Barbarella. In that film an evil queen fed the masses on the flowers of a plant that was extremely hard to grow and had a very low food value. Why? Because she could, made life hard for everyone, and kept the people weak. Sounds like the hymn book for globalist food control.

  18. Paul Hogan

    I agree that going to your local farm is probably a lot healthier than stuff from your regular supermarket but the problem is with all the geo engineering crap going on, as Dane’s talked about so often, all that garbage sprayed into our atmosphere is filtering down onto all of us and everyone’s crops. So even from your local farmer who can’t say that the soil isn’t contaminated by all the crap they’re spraying?

    • Fred Daake

      @Paul –
      That is a good reason to begin today looking for the good guys. You’ll need to spend your free days visiting local farmers – if you have local farmers markets, you can get to know all of them. If you draw a circle for 50 miles around your home, there will be a lot of farmers and maybe several farmers markets. At some point, you will find the farmers who grow food in a manner that you need. But you suggested another issue. Even if you identify trustworthy farmers who are meticulous about keeping the chemicals away and keeping the animals naturally healthy, there is usually no way to prevent seepage from adjacent farms. From adjacent farms, there could be crop dusting, ground spraying, chemicals in the ground that run off, contaminated water sources from these adjacent farms and GMO pollination. You can ask the farmers about this and you will get a sense of their trustworthiness and honesty.

      However, we will eventually have to accept that we do not live in a perfect world. For that reason, we should do the best we can with the gifts that God gave us. If you work hard to find the type of food and lifestyle that you need, your active search will bring you a much better life than if you just waited to see what will happen next.

  19. Trini Lopez

    If spike sheading is as detrimental to your health as Dr. Tenpenny says it is, how are those that mandated this VAXX holocaust, immune to the spike shedding?

    • Wanda

      I agree with you. I have often thought the same. I left comments starting about 4 years ago, on many of the prepper site, that have a lot of followers, advising all to build a green house on their property. I said you can no longer grow food out in the open, for the same reason In fact, look also for ways to gather the soil you plan to use in this greenhouse. One can still buy organic soil, I just started recycling my potting soil years ago as well. Its difficult to maintain soil not contaminated from the rain that has the chemtrail ingredients in it. Within a few months all those preppers started building awesome green houses. I must not have been the only one advising on it.

  20. stanley skrzypek

    Greg Hunter and Catherine Austin Fitts…are…..GENUINE American PATRIOTS….both left the CORRUPTION, at Great Financial Loss, and In-House Prestige because of their HIGH MORAL. and CHRISTIAN STANDARDS……That Tells You EVERYTHING one needs to know about them… Their Future Rewards will be Above the Standard……My Respect is over the Top…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Stanley!

  21. Marie Joy

    Youtube is becoming more and more anti Trump.
    I will vote for Trump a third time!
    Whatever the American government says, it’s a lie meant to harm.
    Hitler put fluoride in POW’s food to make them compliant.
    It’s them or us.
    There is no punishment for crime, unless patriots are patriotic.
    Punishment will not come from a corrupt justice system.
    They want us all dead.
    I have seen long term HyperBaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) improve the health of an autistic toddler.
    Don’t go into the hospital. Think of an alternative.
    Dominion, 200o Mules, Traitors
    People with their heads in the sand will not survive.

  22. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Watchdoggers,
    Regarding the Lahaina Incident, in the interview CAF mentions a video by an arborist who has been studying ‘unnatural’ fires for many years. Her is a link to the video CAF refers to:

  23. RichZ


    Ed Dowd Makes Chilling Prediction on How the COVID Conspirators Will Cover Up Their Crimes…

    …They need to declare war footing in order to assume war powers in order to win [the election]…

  24. sam

    TED BUTLER……Long Time Respected SILVER (Ag) ANALYST ..would be nice to hear from.

    • Harry

      Listen to what Butler has to say here: – in summary Butler says: the Comex Criminals have just about covered all their short positions in Silver and gone long – so if the Silver price rises from here “they will make out like bandits” – and knowing how greedy these criminals are “they will likely want to see a Very Big Up Move in the Silver Price” (and “they know just how to do it “as they are Experts at Manipulation”)!!

      • sam

        I knew that!..:)

    • Harry

      Here are some comments from David Morgan on silver –

      • Doris

        Also listen to what the Daily Sentiment Indicator (DSI) is saying: [When the DSI goes above 90 you are near a major top] –
        [When the DSI goes below 10 you are near a major bottom]
        As of today September 28, 2023 :
        The DSI for Gold is 8
        The DSI for Silver is 8
        I will be using any weakness over the next month to accumulate more of both!!

  25. Red

    Yep Catherine nails it. The Chinese, Indian and Russian CB’s love the fake money as much as the west. But people will continue with the joo bashing.
    People they are criminals all shapes all nations all sizes BOTH sexes. Dishonesty seems to cover the span of humanity. Until we all stop using their system we deserve what we get. Its funny but reading ecclesiastes and leviticus….it seems maybe we have been here before? nothing new under the sun….a time to live a time to die……a time to kill a time to heal……and yet the fool will suffer only the same death as i.? matter my great wisdom,works and creations my lord? We all must choose. All conflict is choice. On this sunday remember watchdoggers our 4th commandment and rejoice in the love of our God for the blood of Jesus is yet still not dry. We must all now become laborers for the Lord “the harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few” Matthew 9-27
    May God bless you Greg ,Catherine and all watchdoggers

  26. Terry Garrett

    BIG thank you Greg and C.A. Fitts. Ms. Fitts always is a dynamic catalyst for getting out of the slumber and recognizing the need for responsible action to face the truth, the reality.

  27. Brian Stewart Johnston

    It appears some people on USAW do not trust opinion polls or don’t believe they are credible because they are contrary to the views within their personal beliefs.

    A reliable poll is one based on one of a number of wildely accepted scientific methodologies of sampling a population and being a sample there is a statistical error associated with the sample . The less the sampling error the more reliable the results are!

    This is not say the findings of poll conducted today will necessarily be the same on election day. Opinions can and do change over time, and respondents who say they intend to vote during the period the poll was conducted may not turn up on election day.

    The recent poll conducted in New Hampshire and reported by CNN had an overall sampling error of only 2.1 percent and, as polls go, it is a low sample error.

    The New Hampshire poll was conducted online September 14-18 by the University of New Hampshire Survey Centre. Results among the full sample of 2,107 New Hampshire adults drawn from a probability-based panel have a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 2.1 percentage points. Likely Democratic primary voters and potential 2024 general election voters were identified through survey questions about their intention to vote. Results among 953 likely Democratic primary voters have an error margin of plus or minus 3.2 percentage points; it is 2.2 points for results among the 2,060 people in the potential 2024 electorate.

    If you think you the truth is different then present the source of your truth and the evidence for public scrutiny. It’s not simply good enough to hide behind private or anonymous sources.

    Likewise, if you disagree with someone, please have the dignity of mind not to resort to ad hominem attacks!

  28. Lisa

    I love CAF. What is to stop “them” from targeting, outlawing, zapping, vaxing, spraying any who are not following their plan? We can’t hide from chem trails, nukes, and laser beams. Without a way to put these demons behind bars, I don’t know how we survive – farm or not, like-minded community or not. I guess we just have to do what we can, have faith in God, and watch it all unfold.

  29. bert trim

    Great program and an outstanding guest. Thanks for mentioning Rob Kirby who I miss so much. Keep up the good work Greg. God Bless.

  30. Bobby G


  31. George MUBAREK

    I use to grow Fantastic vegetables in my organic garden. Now with Geoengineering of the weather, I Cannot even plant a Garden! It’s too cold and wet in the Spring, too dry, then too wet all in the same season. My friend is a dairy farmer and lost a whole field of corn this year! How does KAF propose to combat this? Only God’s Kingdom can solve this! Thank you! PS. I really enjoy your guest KAF. Thank you Greg!

    • Southern Girl

      Maybe you can grow your veggies inside your house. In the winter the sun comes in the back of my house. I have grown potatoes and tomatoes for years. You can control the bugs, weeds, and no geo-engineering and temp.

  32. David Gordon Dunne

    Thank you Greg. Ms. Fitts is so smart and gives sound advice. I just want to know if these Globalists are few in number, by now so many see what they are doing, killing us all, why can’t we find and take them down before they cull us down to 0. Have we become like sheep just waiting to be slaughtered? There has to be a way. I know we are waiting for Jesus to return but will have to endure the AC/Satan coming first. God is great and will win in the end but it would be so nice seeing these basta00s hang from trees on TV.


    Get cliff high and Jim sinclair back

  34. JOL

    The first person to be arrested, locked up forever is Joe biden, never forgetting his words concerning the poisonous shots. He said, “If you fail to get these vaccinations, we will come to your house and force them on you”. well, that did it for me. It was so obvious that their intentions were to poison us. He gave gifts first, trips, money, lottery tickets. Then, if they didn’t work, he gave the above statement. Now, they want to poison our food. Isn’t this all obvious what is going on, people? How people can line up to get boosters is beyond me. No masks, no lockdowns, no shots, no eating bugs and fake food.

  35. RichZ

    Check out this comment at Urban Survival.

    September 23, 2023 at 11:45
    I had a very interesting conversation with someone who left big pharma after running analysis on covid 19 when it started. they worked for big pharma for 17 years.

    They said i knew from looking at the data right after the pandemic started this is an enginered bio weapon. like there is absolutely no way this was a natural occuring disease.

    the entire design of covid 19 was to put a “brain fog” on people cognitive abilities and decision processes. that is its primary function.

    they said when i looked at the data and i sat back in my office i said to myself this is engined to use an analogy, its like taking vasoline and rubbing all over someones glasess. its designed to do that to a person cognitive decision making. its like their decision make is like have vasoline in your glasess. that is the primary purpose of Covid 19s design. its a designer enginered bio weapon.

    i said you are talking about covid 19? not the vax. they said yeah im talking about covid 19. they said the entire purpouse of the Mrna vax is to distort and eventually stop amino acid sythasis within the body.

    when that happens what happens. they long term studies show that peoples bodies become brittle. over a long period of time the bones become like glass. she not only that the bones will stop producing white blood cells. that is the biggest problem
    skin and hair fall out. imune system break down. lathargic and extreme fatgue.

    they said, fuck after 17 years in the field of science, i sat back in my chair. i looked at the news and i said they are lying to the entire world. whoever orcastrated this has gotten all the worlds goverments and media outlets on board.

    looked on line. found a place off grid somewhere warm. bought it, sent my letter of resignation, went home, packed up the family and moved 4 states away within a month. i do uber eats for extra money. i never renewed my license. i didnt say anything to anyone. because whoever released a designer bioweapon on the entire planet and got all the worlds religions, governments, media all on board. i thought it best to just leave and prepare and make my presence as anonomous as possible. drive a non flashy car, etc etc. blend in.

    they said because at some point. and they said its not if. its a matter of when. all those people who got the vax, their bodys will stop amino acid sythesis. when that moment comes. it will be in waves. and it will not be good.

    they asked if i was vaxxed. i said no i was told i cant get covid from the CDC in a phone call outside the hospital in palm desert and the VA in Seattle told me i couldnt get it.

    they said, i wont even allow a vaccinated person in my house.

    hmmm interesting 3am conversation.

  36. Victor sperandeo

    Dear Greg :thank you for your great show. However let me stress I’m not a fan of Ms Fitts. She cant wait to interrupt your questions ,and filibuster the conversation . This is THE WORST PROTOCOL OF conversation i have seen by a non politician . I a phrase she talks too much and listens to nothing. You worst guest -by far- from a conversation educational perspective. Please tell her to listen more and hold her verbal thoughts and be polite.

    • Shiloh1

      I agree on the point. Some people I follow, like Dave Collum and Whitney Webb, best to let them monologue/muse/ramble for 2 -3 hours at a time, as it leads down some interesting rabbit holes. . I like Tom Luongo, however I know he talks at the pace of a 45 RPM record. When he is on the same panel as Kunstler, the latter can’t get a word in.

      • Harry

        Speaking of people with different ideas – Editor Ron Unz believes that Covid-19 was a US-created bio-weapon that was specifically designed to be used “in a deliberate attack by the Deep State upon China” to sabotage the Chinese economy as China was beginning to pull away from the Deep State’s “Globalist Population Reduction Goals” and were actually telling their people to have 3 children (Russia too was pulling away – telling its people “to have more children” – which ultimately resulted in the Ukraine War (where Russia felt the urgent necessity to destroy all the Bio- Weapon Labs in the Ukraine “that were diligently working on targeting only Slavic peoples for extinction”) – the evil eugenicists in the Deep State (by using biological weapons under the cover of an endemic or natural disease occurrence) figured it would provide them foolproof “plausible deniability” while inflicting significant economic loss and possible subsequent political instability upon both the Chinese and Russian Governments “to effect Regime Change” and get those country’s back in line with the Globalist’s Population Reduction Goals which calls for the total extermination of 99% of the Human Race!!!

    • The Seer

      Agree and nothing new here. Need better and different guests.
      Remember even Dowd worked for Blackrock.

  37. Kathy

    A great place to start to find clean food in your area is to go to Click on local chapters. You will see a menu by state. I would also encourage people to join and you will receive their publication.

    • JayJay

      You know, all citizens aren’t able to do this. A run over by another driver totaled my car as it was rolled and I was cut out of it.
      My new used car increased my auto ins. premiums and I got rid of emergency cell (20 a month) and garbage pickup (15 a month) to pay the ins. increase.
      There is nothing more I can do to budget my SS check and I am looking forward to the $38 addition after Jan, 2024.
      I live in a very rural area and can’t pay the farmer’s prices—$1 for a green pepper?
      Some of us have to go to the grocery although I must say, I do well and mostly because i have food bought in 2008 on till 2013.
      I just restocked a freezer with slaughter house ground beef @ 3.33 a lb. and Tyson’s chicken breasts @ $5 a pkg on sale.
      That beef is now $4.70 a lb unless you buy 25 lbs. for $100 which is what I did.
      I got canned chicken from Amazon when it was 25 cans for $25 for small can.
      I pray for the families with children. God help them.

    • Cassie

      Amen to, Kathy! Been a member since 2015. Saved my granddaughter with their nutritional advice. They also sponsor for raw milk. And the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

    • Doris

      Here is their Shopping Guide –

  38. geo

    I recently bought a loaf of bread and it didn’t taste right so i gave it to the birds and they just ignored it. The bugs aren’t interested with it and mold is extremely slow to take hold. I suspect that the nutitional value of that loaf is zero.
    Bought a water distiller a couple of years ago and the residue extracted from the water smell absolutely toxic. Put some in a sealed jar for a month and it then smelt strongly of solvent.
    It appears now that almost everything is polluted, even the soaps we use to clean everything. It’s now time to start using natural things for everything.

  39. CJ

    Me sitting here pondering on fiat money vs. precious metal: In Haggai 2:8, it says, “The silver is mine and the gold is mine,’ declares the LORD Almighty.”
    They are God’s because He owns everything and because He created them.
    Man created fiat.
    Ezekel 7:19 says, “’They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will be treated as a thing unclean. Their silver and gold will not be able to deliver them in the day of the LORD’s wrath. It will not satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs, for it has caused them to stumble into sin.
    Does those “theirs” in this verse mean ownership, that we created it or both? God did not create what we call money, we did.
    Several verses mention unfair, or unequal weights and measures, Proverbs 11:1, Proverbs 20:10 and Proverbs 20:23 are just a few. If we work a day to earn enough money to purchase an item, but in just a few months the money we earned will not purchase the same item because of money printing/inflation, is that fair? If others can get that same item for free because of programs created by men to buy votes is that equal? When they steal what we have earn via money printing, aren’t they actually stealing our time? If they are stealing our time, are they not stealing our lives? If they are stealing our lives are we not already slaves?
    Is our financial system just? Will we throw our money into the streets when God tires of our corruption and allows bad things to happen to it? Will we recognize that we have fallen into sin because of it’s unfairness and inequality?
    1 Timothy 6:10
    I have no answers. But I know where to go find truth.

    • Cassie

      Brother or Sister CJ– Yes, truth is a Person. And you obviously know His name. :)cc

  40. Da Yooper

    Good interview Greg & Catherine

    “How do you win an election when you are killing your voters”

    Easy answer Greg

    IMPORT THEM from south of the border. Clueless low IQ voters who will do as they are told for a perceived better life.

  41. liber8tor

    I have been using cash at grocery store since CAF told us to use ‘cash only’ to combat Social Credit Score and CBDC. I also refuse to use self-checkout machines. Many are unaware that self-checkout machines charge you double on certain items (on purpose, no accident) They hope shoppers will not check their receipt. If you do catch their “mistake”, you have to wait in customer service line for 45 minutes to retrieve your money. Most people will forget about the error and move on. Cha-Ching…Walmart steals your money. I have caught both Walmart and Target doing this criminal act.

    Next week, Sept 28th, marks the 1-year anniversary of Hurricane IAN , which was steered into Florida using Geo Engineering. Ask Dan Whittington, HAARP is ancient technology. DEW is their new weapon of choice.

    I have found that ALL contractors offer a 4% discount if you pay cash. (roof, A/C, Drywall). I always pay cash or use a check for my 4% discount, plus, it leaves a paper trail.

    More than once I have caught my electric and water company claim they never received their electronic payment, while they tried to charge me late fees and penalty. When I produce the cancelled check, they get so angry! Again, this is no accident, it’s SOP for government.

    CAF is correct, we are surrounded by criminals at every turn. This week I am going to contact Discount Gold and Silver and pick up a few coins.

  42. Larry Serflaten

    While it is good to be prepared, the bible indicates the Lord will be helping us:

    Mark 13:17-20
    But woe to them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days! And pray ye that your flight be not in the winter. For in those days shall be affliction, such as was not from the beginning of the creation which God created unto this time, neither shall be. And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect’s sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days.

    Mark 13:24-26
    But in those days, after that tribulation, the sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, And the stars of heaven shall fall, and the powers that are in heaven shall be shaken. And then shall they see the Son of man coming in the clouds with great power and glory.

    Never before had we a vaccine that alters our DNA, and, it has been found that the mRNA contaminates breast milk:

    Dr. John Campbell (~20 min)

    Could it be our government is soon to eliminate natural gas such that we would not have gas to heat our homes (in the winter)?

    So, again, it is good to be prepared, but it may be the Lord will be fed up with the globalists who want us all to eat bugs, and will clean the earth of man’s pollution in preparation for his new world age.

    Out with the old…

    Isaiah 13:9
    Behold, the day of the Lord cometh, cruel both with wrath and fierce anger, to lay the land desolate: and he shall destroy the sinners thereof out of it. For the stars of heaven and the constellations thereof shall not give their light: the sun shall be darkened in his going forth, and the moon shall not cause her light to shine. And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.

    In with the new…

    Isaiah 65:17-19
    For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind. But be ye glad and rejoice for ever in that which I create: for, behold, I create Jerusalem a rejoicing, and her people a joy. And I will rejoice in Jerusalem, and joy in my people: and the voice of weeping shall be no more heard in her, nor the voice of crying.

    So while the globalist (AKA Satan) may attempt to control the population, here is hoping God will cut their dreams short by ending this world age. And while those times could really be challenging (be prepared!) do hold on to this fact:

    Romans 8:28
    And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

    That is what we pray for: God’s ‘…will be done on earth as it is in heaven…’

    So let it be!

    • Michelle

      Wow! Thanks so much for the encouragement! Sometimes this world is overwhelming, and we need to be reminded of HIS promises! Praise be to God!

    • Cassie

      Amen and Amen to your comment, Brother Larry.
      And remember Matthew 24:22. It will get worse before it gets better. Claim Psalm 91 every night on your knees.

  43. Linda

    Yes, Greg & Catherine, I do chuckle when you mention “poisoning/killing their (Dem) voters”….
    What makes you think they need actual voters????

  44. William Bissell

    They have knocked out BURNED, Blew Up, about 120 Food Processing Plants up, blaming it on Propane Tanks) They have DeRailed Trains Stock Full of Terrible poisonous Chemicals. THEY Fill the air with Biologicals or Heavy Metals, Aluminum, Barium, Strontium Oxide Powders. THEY manipulate the Weather with 30,000 patented systems of weather modification. They CLAIM that CO2 is out of control when it is really historically low. THEY cause Earthquakes and manufacture Hurricanes, Droughts and Floods. All this while THEY stock their underground bunkers filled with 30 Years of fresh foods and push us to hate each other while allowing Criminals to go free.. What Could Possibly Go Wrong??

    • Doris

      Never in history has such a move into Tyranny been fronted by such an embarrassingly un-American empty vessel called “The Deep State” which it it seems can only be dislodged by a counter-coup (the same way they took over by shooting JFK) – our Constitutional Government was completely broken in 1963 when the Deep State shot JFK – and it has been on financial life-support since then from the Traitors within the CIA and DARPA (along with private sector Traitors like Soros, etc., etc. who are good at laundering money through our now broken system) all without one word from the now dishonorable Traitors (who once used to protect our freedoms) “the US News Media”!! – the Traitors in the News Media have sunk so low that they now willingly cover-up all the horrible crimes (committed deliberately) by the Deep State with incredibly malicious intent as seen by the way they killed and injured large numbers of American people with their “deadly jabs” – while simultaneously contriving to deprive any survivors their basic God given Freedoms and Liberties (and their property like in Maui) – and destroying America’s food and energy production infrastructure (while opening our borders) to create such a burden on our system – as to bring it down – and thus bring in their New World Order!!!

  45. Julia

    Thank you for a wonderful interview. I also appreciate the free information on The Solari Report. Thank you.
    I listened to Jim Willie of the Golden Jackass and there were three items he said which refer to this interview. First, the BRICS. There wouldn’t be an announcement because they don’t want the Globalists to attack it. Trade is now going on in Yuan and Ruble and no $. The Countries will say one thing publicly and do a different thing privately. Second, the $ would continue to go up and up and up until it was in oblivion. Lastly, 17 States have petitioned to join the BRICS and they are all Red States.
    Only time will tell what happens.

  46. Michael J

    Thanks to both you, Greg, and to Catherine for this. While there is a lot more info available now than I can afford or absorb, I have decided that I can no longer go without access to everything Ms. Fitts has available…I’m just hoping I did not put it off too long. You and Mr. Kirby make excellent points…she provides invaluable information.

    Thanks again,

  47. Roger Wittycur

    They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon and in Greek is Apollyon (that is, Destroyer).
    Revelation 9:11 NIV

    The agent of the devil hates you and your family, like the devil. Bobama could have killed me twelve years ago, rather than starting a degrading twelve-year CIA gangstalking campaign with a big black dog attack on the beach, patricide, tenant saboteurs, lawsuits, police torture, false charges, and, finally, pet murder. How low can U go, A bad Don?

    Sick Sadistic British Freemasons enjoy the remote control sport of targeting, torturing, mocking, brainwashing, and poisoning American citizens in order to turn neighbors, families, and even church goers against each other to watch them slowly die, like the “Hunger Games.” Remember when they burned down the Whitehouse?

    Look at the Slave Market next to the Freemasonic temple police station in Mobile, Alabama! Beware of the UKKK, Freemasons, RINOs, Jesuit plantation owners, and Catholic Southern Democrats, esp. in da govmint, who are anti-abolitionist supporters of Old Testament slavery in YOUR NAME, capitalized on your driver’s license for the legal purpose of state-sanctioned slavery. They own the swamp.

  48. Steve

    The Catherine Austin Fitts interview was FANTASTIC, it was one of your best.
    I only wish I could afford to subscribe to the Solari Report.

  49. Susan R

    I am privileged to have been invited to this feast. The attacks on Catherine’s life tell the story, but it does not end there, it only begins. She transmorphed and used the hard earned knowledge of her former life to show how it works so many would not be eaten by the monstrous capital demons but flourish in spite of them. One point brought up here was the upcoming election and the Dems potentially losing many votes through the kill shots. This is being taken care of by importing votes with every body coming over our southern border being given citizenship.

    • JayJay

      And, Susan…..therein lies the question…..why??
      Why kill millions and then bring in millions?? 1) these illegals will work cheaper??2) these illegal won’t require the benefits we get??

  50. Jerry

    I was looking at the Debt Clock and was wondering what the following means. “Dollar to Silver ratio” and “Dollar to Gold ratio,” they both equal zero with a yellow arrow pointing to the current dollar supply which is in the negative.

    • Harry

      I’m reading the 5 year Dollar to Silver ratio being $1,562 dollars per ounce!
      The 10 year Dollar to Silver ratio being $1,124 dollars per ounce!
      The 5 year Dollar to Gold ratio being 12,632 dollars per ounce!
      The 10 year Dollar to Gold ratio being $9,353 dollars per ounce!
      So while Gold can go up 5 to 6 times it’s current price – Silver can go up 50 to 70 times its current price – and that is just to get even with all the paper dollars the Fed has already printed (but the Fed is currently printing an additional Trillion Dollars – Every Three(3) Months)!!

  51. JAC

    Thank you Greg for having these wonderful guests informing us with their knowledge. What an education.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jac!

  52. Skip

    Lab Grown Meat , sounds like soilent green

  53. Helen Ann Rudinsky

    Please bring on Cliff High again. It has been awhile since we heard from him.
    It would be good to get his time frame as we prepare for the hard times in the next month.
    God bless,

  54. Deano Wexford

    Greg, Thanks for making USA Watchdog a repository of interviewees who define what humanity is up against.
    If I can ever influence an unawakened relative, I would send them to this site. Will play this interview later today.
    I only ever have time to skim the comment section but I appreciate all you commenters, with explanations of your views for-and-against, and anecdotal input. These are the dots we put together in our daily lives. I saved a few interesting links for later as well.

  55. Patty

    Hi Greg
    I can attest to the fact that they are lying about the numbers of people who took the Covid shot. I got a message in text from the pharmacy nearby ( a very famous one beginning with the letter W) congratulating me on being fully vaccinated. Well what a shock that was!!! I never took a single shot !!! I am a teacher and work around kids all day. Never got covid and never took the shot although they kept encouraging it “Ad Nauseum”
    I take many supplements our great doctor heroes and you recommend and I am doing just fine. Doing my best and asking the Lord to do the rest. The truth is like the sun, it can be hidden for a time but sooner or late the “clouds dissipate ”
    Keep up the good work!!
    All your interviews are awesome!!!

  56. Wanda

    Greg awesome interview with Catherine! I am curious, if she knows they are now injecting shrimp with the mnra toxin, would she know and or have a list of the foods besides shrimp that they are adding this mrna (and other poison?) to in our foods? Sure would like to know, me and so many others!
    She says some one who is being poisoned its hard for them to think. ” Its a lot more than the shots” and she is right. My Children never had more than 3 shots when they visited their Pediatrician. Our 5 yr old Grandson gets so many now its downright scary! God Bless you and your guest Catherine Austin Fitts!

  57. Nancy Tod

    This is a clear indication of the vax program breaking down.

    Two wealthy NYC lotharios, who are both bona fide vax pushers, are now airing their laundry.

    Trump & Howard Stern luv the vax, but hate each other:

    Trump continues to plead the vax is a good thing (cf. interviews by Candace Owen then months later Megyn Kelly just in case you though he was joking) . And Trump now agrees with Stern on abortion, albeit for a much shorter term limit.

    Anyone claiming that Trump is anointed by God is a blasphemer. So called prophet Mark Taylor must have been getting visited by Clif High’s space alien god.

  58. Southern Girl

    Greg and CAF!!! Great combination. Wow! She is one smart cookie. Wish I had her as a professor in college. Thanks so much for talking about the shedding. I’m protecting myself from being around large crowds. I will not take an airplane ride even if one of my siblings who have all been jabbed passes. Only the crazy people are on board. People on the whole have become more aggressive.
    Buy a Carryion and be safe when you eat out!

  59. Marie Joy

    EVERYONE should have a family plan in case their neighborhood goes up in flames or they are attacked in another way.
    Just in case.

  60. Enrico T. from Pacific Palisades

    I believe that Rob Kirby was assassinated. He brought out the truth about the ESF.
    I had a gift subscription to Solari and downloaded an interview/report with her and Rob on the ESF. A fantastic and very eye-opening PDF.

  61. Southern Girl

    After watching your podcasts, I went an ordered the Nattokinase!. I take it every day and it is not that expensive. I get it from Amazon for $11.89. Not bad for extra protection!

  62. f reps

    Ms. Fitts is a superb analyst. She deserves recognition as a Peerless Prophet. We also need for every Sheriff in the over three thousand counties in our Nation to add an additional “thousands” of Volunteer Deputies to assist them to fight off the oncoming Federal Agencies that will seek to enslave us. They can get Deputies from the ranks of licensed male and female Hunters for a start. The speech patterns of the Brilliant Ms. Fitts is difficult for me to absorb because her words come at such a rapid pace. A printed transcript of your interview with her would help a lot.

  63. Lady Au Stackers United

    I live in farming country. There’s also community gardeners with shared plots of land approved by city council. Folks who live in the city can petition their city council or building manager to use the rooftop of high-rise building for community gardeners. If you live in an urban neighborhood with a housing authority then get together at the next meeting and bring up the possibility of a neighborhood community garden or greenhouse. I have even bought home grown vegetables at a swap meet in rural desert Arizona – backyard growers and even backyard chicken and duck eggs. They do compete with prices at major grocery markets and, yes, the backyard gardeners prices are a little higher, but the flavor and nutritional aspects are worth it. I have shopped at local market grocery stores where the beef, chicken, pork is raised local as opposed to big chain grocery stores. It can be done. And making a weekend trip with the kids to rural areas to buy organic is also worth the learning experience as well as the family time together. Just my 2 cents worth imo.

  64. Highnail

    I use to be Paranoid. Now I’m Suspicious.

    • sam

      I used to be Suspicious…now I’m Angry.

    • Harry

      Whether Paranoid or Suspicious – it doesn’t take to much imagination to come up with this idea – Hillary is preparing to make a Run for President in 2024 – and if she wins – without a doubt – “She Will Put Trump in Jail”!!

  65. Mark D Washburn

    I love CAF and she as always is doing her best to help humanity vs the evil in this world. I disagree with her on one big point and that’s her stance against Bitcoin. Bitcoin is not crypto nor is it CBDC. It is completely decentralized and the central bankers hate it for that reason. No government can control it or print more of it. In this respect it is superior to gold, which I know she likes. Gold is more centralized. Governments can confiscate it and have before. As for the energy usage of Bitcoin mining, less energy is used then on stupid video games around the world. Let that sink in. The one form of money the bankers can’t control uses less energy then video games. Much of the mining is also using “waste” energy which is a good thing. And since when has gold mining ever been applauded for being environmentally friendly or energy efficient?

    As stated, Bitcoin it is not crypto. Crypto coins such as Cardano and Etherium are most definitely and extension of the fiat system and the bankers love them. I hope CAF educates herself on the difference between Bitcoin and the cryptos. She is a great voice on the side of good, and I’ve enjoyed listening to her for years. There is a saying in the Bitcoin world that goes, “Bitcoin fixes this”. Fix the money and you take away the power of the cabal satanist child murdering psychopaths that are attempting to enslave the world while simultaneously depopulating it. I’m also a gold and silver guy, but I do believe Bitcoin has a big place as freedom money.


  66. JENNY



  67. Rant

    Its very intro to me , it seem you take GodJesus > Out!> and all your pod casts you do. GodJesus says when you see these things >Look U^P For I come for you Right at the Door! Do not live in fear for that day the earth dwellers will run into a snare {Rapture}.

  68. Coal Burner

    Democrats are not the Democrats they once were. And Trump , a lot of people have an irrational hatred for Trump. Completely irrational. It comes through their hatred of high inflation, high taxes, job killing, nuke war monger Democrat Administration. I say Administration because Biden is in a home for the brain damaged by whatever disease. He is sitting in a dirty Depends all day and mumbling unintelligible noises. Obama, Rice, the Cabinet full of low intellect members, and criminal organizations like the fbi, and the Border organized criminal gangs collecting big money. It has to crash the economy for everyone who thinks they are living on fiat paper.

  69. Joe Wong

    I think Catherine Austin Fitts should look into FACTORY FARMS or FOOD INC. to see for herself the food they are creating to not only FEED, but to control and KILL-OFF a good portion of the population that the WEF in Davos Switzerland wants. They want to reduce the world’s population down from 7+ billion people down to 3 billion people so they can easily manage same. Then you wonder why Bio-Engineered Chickens and or GMC (aka Genetically Modified Chickens) are one of their methods they are using to reduce the human population, since chickens has no immune system to fight-off any disease they may have.

    Also, see – for further information for same.

    Thank You and God Bless you & have a nice weekend.

  70. Jay Dee

    Excess Deaths in US in 2023

  71. RichZ

    Sent CAF interview to a vaxxed friend. Reply below.

    “Everything is all f**ked up. I just had COVID for the 2nd or maybe 3rd time 2 weeks ago. COVID puts you in a fog for sure. These vaccines are a problem. This is all from the evil democrat machine. This is all part of a master plan.”

  72. GreenPeas

    shocking news: ffw 3:00 RFKjr is saying that Operation Warpspeed was from its beginning a Pentagon project they had already the vax and paid Pfizer and Moderna to put their brand upon it.

    why isn’t Trump informing us of this information?

  73. Brian Vaci

    Thank you for holding the line and being a truth teller without compromise.
    We must stand and fight tyranny.
    We can look to The Bible for guidance.
    Daniel 3
    “. . . ye fall down and worship the image which I have made; well: but if ye worship not, ye shall be cast the same hour into the midst of a burning fiery furnace; and who is that God that shall deliver you out of my hands?
    Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, answered and said to the king, O Nebuchadnezzar, we are not careful to answer thee in this matter.
    If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of thine hand, O king.
    But if not, be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up.”

  74. Shaman

    I don’t think America can recover from the 1-2 punch of the Plandemic Presidents Trump-Biden…it’s crazy that Americans can’t conceive of NOT having a rematch of the Plandemic Presidents in 2024…

    I guess it’s kind of fitting that the dying nation of America will have an 80+ year old relic at the helm in its waning years…

  75. JJ Dynamite

    Health Ranger Report – Mike Adams reveals Padre Pio’s warning to his largely Evangelical audience:….html

    How to Prepare for the Three Days of Darkness? (details given near bottom of page)

  76. Justn Observer

    Greg, and Ms. Catherine with another insightful and thought provoking summary of the current situation. Thanks for sharing your views and observations abroad. Those here need to try harder to spread the awareness and truth. IMO there are still NOT enough in numbers to thwart their agenda. Their rollout is succeeding forward at a faster rate than the awareness is growing or being accepted…even when the lightbulb goes off …how much longer until those people share
    and start DOING something about it. What does it take for people to protect themselves and their loved ones and those most vulnerable ie, the children?
    So many still do not believe their governments and leaders could ever be as evil as to promote such an agenda…yet…the Holdomor, the Holocaust, and the kill offs in China, Paraguay, Cambodia, and how many other places and wars over the years occurred…since the last great World war …that was said to be a war to end all wars …yeah right !
    When one considers the juxtaposition of current events and characters of the WEFers, the loathsome images shown of Klaus Schwab, and Zelensky, and this push to align with the NAZI AZROV, to accept the bio-lab proliferation throughout the world and what seems a mad dash to war by the many evil-minded decedent and compromised..and their push against Christian beliefs, push for acceptance of immoral behavior, for control over education and the children like the Hitler youth camp mentality and gender ‘fluidity’…
    Recently, TCM aired the movie, an expose’ made by Luchino Visconti and written by him and Nicola Badalucco, Enrico Medioli
    The movie, The Damned … which likely few bothered to watch… understandable due to its content, showed the extreme, radical, perverse, decedent lifestyle and views of many NAZI SS and SA, and many of the ‘elite’ industrial, and. power class NOT unlike those today. The faux-socialist, power hungry who’s desire for control, and to push ‘their’ sexual and perverse views and extreme drug use of meth at that time was as striking then as now. The people then were gradually won over by the same use of news media, picture production, and propaganda AND the ever-expanding use of intimidation and coercion for acceptance of ‘their’ ulterior lifestyle.

    Thanks Greg and Ms. CAF….and let’s hope your efforts and work lead to greater awareness and the courage to ACT on the truths so many of those interviewed on USAWATCHDOG have brought forth.

    • Self Exiled

      Your desire for the outcome of hope you desire is a noble desire. The infrastructure for such an operation does not exist and your awareness of the speed at which the opposition is progressing is well founded. I’m of the opinion that the intensity of the evil being exposed is beyond the capability of man to deal with. My focus has been raising awareness of individuals to receive salvation using the exposure of events as a catalyst for that need individually. My comfort is that none that are HIS will be lost. My comment is not a criticism but an awareness you have raised in me also heightened by the site I posted. Your and others comments concerning that site would be appreciated.

      The Lord direct your hearts into the love of God, and into the patient waiting for Christ. II Thess. 3:5

      • Justn Observer

        the link provided a bit differential and pointy, but I get the point….but such a view in a more financially historical context as it pertains to the U.S. might be?

        In the end, the ‘targeted’ middle-class they hope to eradicate will likely, as in the French Revolution rise up and at some point, serve up just dessert.
        It appears ‘they’ chose to use an injected poison as ‘their’ vehicle which ‘they’ have now been caught at, so that might free up quite an imaginative response from those seeking justice.
        Their old concern of the 2nd Amendment might be thus outdated as ‘they’ have widened the parameters for more effective, and less noisy, less brutish, less kinetic, and stealthier ways to such people to respond in kind.
        My sense is that Clif High is right, sick and diseased then comes the deaths…and with those will come that increasing, painful, awareness that will incite a demand justice for the deaths, disablements. and financial ruin. The responses/revenge might be even more evil than those suffered… as payback can often breed rather deep hatred that can run amok.
        Adherence to the teachings of Jesus, will be ‘the test’ many Christians will face going forward. No doubt ‘they’ will be relying on that as they have in many past historical events.

        • Self Exiled

          Your summation as well as the article you referenced are in keeping with many of my views on the same subjects. The events and issues are so Biblically pronounced it is difficult for me to understand how so many people I tried to inform through the last 61 years could not fathom the results of what the article you referenced is speaking. Therefore I self exiled; also for other reasons, observations, personal and financial. Thank You for your insights.

    • Justn Observer


    • Justn Observer

      some may be waking up to who/what they have gotten themselves into?

      • Self Exiled

        Interesting, Thank You Justin

        , “How — after a lifetime of appearing in black face — does Justin Trudeau get caught applauding an SS soldier who fought with the Nazis, and then instantly starts babbling about “Russian disinformation”?

  77. JJ Dynamite

    Clif High repeatedly claims that Michael the Archangel is a space alien.

    Do you remember the movie The Exorcist (1973). The actual exorcism, upon which the movie is based, was that of a 14yr boy (played instead by Linda Blair). What is more to this story is that this boy was delivered from Satan by St. Michael the Archangel (on the authority of Jesus Christ).

    … Here is the brief account:

  78. LondonCenter

    New DISASTER Poll Shows Biden Trailing Trump By A LOT
    The Young Turks 27K views 3 hours ago
    A Washington Post-ABC News poll shows President Joe Biden trailing former President Donald Trump 51-42 in head-to-head matchup. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks.
    Panic In Detroit! They desperately want Joe unda da buss, and a new fresh face!

    New White House Cover-up BACKFIRES Immediately | Biden Humiliated
    Stephen Gardner 209,419 views Sep 25, 2023
    Keywords in this video: Ford Motors update, United Auto Union strike, Biden administration backlash, Auto workers strike, Trump’s visit, Presidential visit, Ohio train disaster, Chemical spill derailment, Power and votes, Democratic Senator Bob Menendez, Bribery investigation, Cash and gold seized, IRS agent testimony, Hunter Biden, Whistleblowers, White House poll, Washington Post poll, Inflation concerns, Southern border crisis, Gas prices, Food costs, Energy prices, Economic state, Michelle Obama speculation, Dementia concerns, Speaking events, Presidential race, Ukrainian President Zelensky, Canadian President Trudeau, Standing ovation, Former soldier, Nazi Germany service, House Speaker, Media reports, Poland Ambassador, Whitewashing controversy, Prime Minister of Poland, Poles and Jews, US tax payer money, Ukrainian workers, Small business subsidy, War impact, Taxpayer funds, Hawaii disaster, Hawaii relief, Hawaii recovery, Hawaii homes, US tax policy, Government spending, Public opinion.

  79. Good by Joe

    Joes Gone!

  80. Trans Ben Herr Der
    VEVE La Differance!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Julian Assange

    Trump Live | Trump South Carolina Rally LIVE | Donald Trump Speech | Trump Mocks Joe Biden | N18L CNN-News18 205K views Streamed 18 hours ago
    DISCLAIMER: This video may contain allegations that are factually questionable or cannot be independently confirmed by CNN News18.

  82. Liam Bartmess

    Oh SH*T, NATO just crossed the line and Putin knows it | Morris Invest
    [KING OF THE NORTH vs. KING of the SOUTH! US. vs. RUSSIA!]
    Morris Invest 386K views 1 day ago
    Over the past 48 hours NATO has made a series of big mistakes made a massive mistake launching an attack against Russia with a sophisticated attack on the Russian NAVY. This comes as the U.S. has run out of money and reached a new debt record of 33 trillion dollars. JP Morgan also out with a new report showing how the energy crisis in Western countries is about to get a whole lot worse. . . . . . ..

  83. jon

    Greg, Here is a very telling study. I hate to give a link. But it is at
    If this don’t beat all. The study was done in the late 1890’s by Alfred Wallace . Titled
    Vaccination Proved Useless and Dangerous. From the Library of the London School of Hygiene. 1951
    Seems Vaccination problems have been well known for a long time! Whether this study was accurate or not. Seems more so now than at anytime in the past.

  84. GreenPeas

    Trump says we will take the country back and defeat Biden in “less than 5 months” ?

    5mos is within Clif High’s window of something huge happening x10 > 911

    also, fits with seer Penny Kelly recently gave in her Look-See that the White-Hats would act sooner than later because the situation is deteriorating so rapidly if beyond repair

    • Harry

      Is this a warning to Biden from Trump?? – Does Trump’s statement imply that he has information Patriots are about to take our country back “by a counter-coup” in less then 5 months?? (as everyone knows our elections are totally rigged)!! – If so, then from Ancient Rome to Today it seems Shakespeare’s famous phrase “Beware the Ides of March” still carries evolving symbolism for the future and just perhaps will result in Enduring Significance (the taking back of our Nation from the Criminal Demons who stole it)!! – March 2024 is 5 months from now!! – and remember well that in the Shakespearean play (Julius Caesar) a prophet tells Caesar to “Beware The Ides of March” … and Caesar is subsequently killed on that day!!

      • Doris

        Since the US is now a Banana Republic “elections are meaningless” – to change government it must be done by “Coups – and Counter-coups”!!

  85. Wayne

    I agree with most of this but one thing. Insects are a very healthy source of food. Humans have historically eaten insects & insects are good for us to eat. We just aren’t used to it in western civilization right now.

    • Greg Hunter

      You eat it.

    • Doris

      Common bugs humans eat – While we all know the American Indians would catch a cricket and roast it over a fire “as a snack” (they got most of their nutrition from eating Buffalo steaks) – and we all know American would eat chocolate covered ants “as a snack” (but they got most of their nutrition from eating Cow steaks) – and although meal worms could be used in cookies “as a snack” or scorpions eaten “as a delicacy” – for the evil WEF Globalists to force the entire planet “to eat only bugs” (as our main source of protein) “Is Not Within Their Legal Jurisdiction” – these evil Globalists “Have No God Ordained Absolute Power” to Order People to Exclusively Eat Bugs!!

      • Harry

        The Deep State did their Coup when they shot JFK – will a counter-coup occur now on the Ides of March 2024?? – if not – people better prepare for both nuclear war and eating bugs!!

      • helot

        There’s a substance in some (all?) bugs called, Chittin.
        There’s a difference between chitin from bugs, and protein, from food which is fit for human consumption.
        “Chitin grows bugs and mushrooms, not functional, sentient humans” – Alan L.

        At the least, even pubmed recognizes Chitin is, “a potential allergy-promoting pathogen-associated molecular pattern”.

        And, my dog won’t even eat bugs. That, right there, tells ya something.

        • Doris

          Before eating any store bought or processed foods – first feed a small portion to your cat or dog and wait a while – if they refuse to eat it or drop over dead like a Covid vaccinated victim after eating it – you better throw it right in the real garbage pail (not that human garbage pail “called your mouth”)!!

        • Harry

          Soon all we’ll be allowed to eat by the Globalists is a “Chitin Smoothy” – to get our vitamins A, B, C, D and E – we will need to put an Ant, Bee, Caterpillar, Dragonfly and Earthworm in our blender – and knowing how important D is for our health – our children (after their Story Time Sex Lessons) will be taught by the Commie Teachers in grade school how to recognize all the different bugs with D in them!! –

        • Doris

          Ever wonder why the Globalists are burning down the forests in Canada?? It is probably because sea levels are not rising as they wanted (so they can impose Carbon Taxes on the world population to fund their One World Government) – according to “real scientists” the killing of trees and other vegetation means the remaining plants will take in less carbon dioxide – and as a result – more carbon dioxide will remain in the air to raise sea levels (instead of being trapped in the wood) – these same “real scientists” say: Simply planting trees on marginal agricultural lands could “sequester one-fifth of the annual fossil fuel emission of carbon” in the entire United States!!!

  86. Greg K

    I’d love to see you have Michael Pento on again.

    Kind Regards,
    Greg K.

  87. Justn Observer

    Greg, a few really good points =
    PAY ATTENTION: Something isn’t right about Ukraine…

    • Harry

      The Ukraine “is a big land grab by Blackrock and their wealthy buddies” to begin to build the first 15 minute Nation – similar to what was done in Maui so they could build their 15 minute Cities!!

  88. Emily Heelot

    Jesse Watters: This was another journalistic assassination attempt
    Fox News 547,004 views Sep 24, 2023
    Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy joins ‘Jesse Watters Primetime’ to discuss his phone conversation with a Washington Post reporter.
    Kayleigh McEnany: This Washington Post reporter just got owned!
    Emily’s a heel!

  89. Clive Crashcup

    Tu-22M3 is so powerful. Takeoff. Afterburner with blue flame.
    OKandrew ✈ Planespotting Channel 741,384 views Sep 12, 2023
    Once upon a time in Kubinka. Two years ago after the Army Forum.
    Taxiing launch and takeoff of Tu-22M3. The spectacle is indescribable.

  90. Don Ho Howe

    Douglas Macgregor – “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”
    316K subscribers 147,417 views Sep 16, 2023
    Which way America? What are the forces conspiring to bring us down and destroy our country? Former senior advisor to acting Secretary of Defense Doug Macgregor offers insights into what we can do to reclaim the Republic…
    What Are These Elites About-Alex Soros? The Big Shortist,
    When Does the Fire Sale Begin?

  91. Justn Observer

    Greg, rather interesting story line from 20 years ago?

    AND per a notice sent out =
    The Great Opt Out 5G Symposium Live Stream This Friday September 29th, 2023 Starting 11:50 AM EST /8:50AM PST

    The Kingston Report cross-posted a post from Humanity United Now – Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, Ph’d

    Karen KingstonSep 26 · The Kingston Report
    Excellent line-up of speakers to discuss the risks associated with 5G and EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) and what we can do to protect our health and our loved ones.
    The Great Opt Out 5G Symposium Live Stream This Friday September 29th, 2023 Starting 11:50 AM EST /8:50AM PST
    SEP 26
    This Event will be live streamed on Friday. America Media Periscope News will interrupt their regular programming to stream this across their platform. I will post a link to the live stream later this week. It will likely go until 6pm EST/ 3 PM PST

    The symposium will evolve around the topic of 5G.

    Humanity United Now – Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

    Upgrade to paid

    We know that 5G is a weapon system already installed and powered.
    Cell phones and communication devices that receive EMF signals are targeting devices that make people susceptible to directly focused and powered signals;

    On Oct. 4 FEMA will conduct a nation-wide test of its Emergency Broadcast System for all devices that can receive such a signal, which we understand to mean, Television, radio (all frequencies), WIFI and all wave lengths for cell phones.

    Nanotechnology from the C19 bioweapons that is now found in all people in the blood serves as a receiver for these signals.

    We want to educate people, warn them, and give them an action plan. Turn all your devices off October 4th and/ or October 11th. We will discuss these dates more in the symposium.
    We have great speakers that will be participating:
    Attorney Todd Callender, who is part of an attorney group representing hundreds of thousands of enlisted men and women against the Dept. of Defense, Health & Human Services, and Food & Drug Administration and the vaccine mandate
    Attorney Warner Mendenhall – who sued Pfizer for 3.3 Trillion Dollars
    Attorney Bobby Ann Cox, who struck down NYS “quarantine camp” regulation issued by Governor Hochul and her DOH
    Dr. Lee Vliet, President, Truth for Health Foundation
    =Dr. Theresa Long, Lt. Col, Flight Surgeon with Masters in Public Health, expert on DMED data

    Dr. Pete Chambers, Former Military Flight Surgeon and Green Beret
    Attorney David Meiswinkle, President National American Renaissance Movement
    Joseph Sansone, PhD, National ARM Board member and “Ban the Jabs Resolution” Founder
    Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD, Nanotechnology and Synthetic Biology Researcher, National ARM Board Member
    Ann Vandensteel, Investigative Journalist
    Jeffrey Prather, Retired Special Operations Soldier, former DIA Intelligence Collector, and ex-DEA Special Agent

    and more…

    I will be speaking about the technology found in the live blood.

    Do not miss this epic event to help you and your family be informed and prepared.

    Humanity United Now – Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD is a reader-supported publication.



  93. Self Exiled

    The systematic death occurrences during the 7 year tribulation are now all ready formulated.

  94. Timothy

    I like CAF, but she consistently fails to fully explain the journalistic who-is part of “Mr. Global.” As a euphemism, it is just too nebulous to be of any use.

    She might as well say that it was a conspiracy between Mr. Snuffleupagus and Big Bird with Bert & Ernie refusing to use cash when they go to to buy some trash from Oscar The Grouch.

  95. Led Skeletor

    The WEF demands massive insect farms that will produce more “food” which will be needed to feed the HUMAN population of Earth. It is like the big players are ready to control the food supply by some day soon proclaiming one law. I bet they silently have the infrastructure already in place, all they need is the law to be passed on a Friday nite when no one is watching.

    How about mass production facilities that produce insects which are converted into food FOR THE farm animals only? Instead of feeding the animals carbohydrates which make their meats more inflammatory omega 6 rich, instead feed them insect proteins, like free-range fowl already eat.

  96. Glenn

    Here is a piece of the puzzle of what the pandemic was all about. Listen to it

    Scroll down to episode :


    It now seems clear that the injections plus chemtrails are now aimed at providing our brains with chemistry – nanotechnology.

  97. 'a' simple horseman

    How interesting it would be to have KAF ‘and’ Dane in the same interview. Maybe a 2 hour special. I know you folks run in the same pack with Dane being the true realist and most willing to face the real bottom line staring us all down, “abrupt climate shift”. “You can’t eat that money”, Dane always says. FYI, I am almost finished with the 7th year of hosting my own Geo engineering awareness booth at our local farmers market. I wish there were more like me at other markets.
    Thank you for not talking over Katherine’s statement, “they’re trying to kill us”. You even gave pause, thank you for the consideration. Truth needs that sometimes, just sayin.
    Love and strength to you my friend I have not met, yet,
    ‘a’ simple horseman

  98. Led Skeletor

    Shutter Down!!

    Winner: NON-ESSENTIAL government employees
    go on furlough for weeks/months,
    not getting paid until the stoppage ends,
    and then they all get BACK PAY FOR NOT WORKING!!

    Winner: all the CORPORATIONS that stand to make millions and billions off their pork-barrels hidden deep within the UN-READ pages of the the budget.

    Winner: BOTH political parties claim victory once stoppage ends!!

    Loser: The Legal Citizen American Working Taxpayer.

    Anyone else got the feeling
    that western civilization is about to end,
    with all the city dwellers just committing anarchy in the streets all at once, non-stop until WWIII?

    NOT ENOUGH law enforcement, national guard, heck even US military or even UN military could stop such a thing!! Politicians and our legal system… Look what they have done.

    Sgt. O’Neill : Bob, I got a bad feeling on this one, all right? I mean, I got a bad feeling. I don’t think I’m gonna make it out of here. You understand what I’m saying to you?

    Sgt. Barnes : Everybody got to die sometime, Red.

  99. Commander Fraudster

    BREAKING: CIA Commanded by Fauci & Bill Gates to Spread COVID Disinfo/Hide the Deadly Truth The Alex Jones Show September 27th 2023
    The Deep State cover up of the largest crime against humanity in history

  100. Frank Cooper

    Trump FOUND GUILTY! Here’s the OTHER SIDE Of The Story!!
    Stephen Gardner 97K views 4 hours ago

    • Harry

      Since when does “a Judge” find someone guilty?? – In America it is up to “a Jury” to find someone guilty!! – a Judge simply determines the punishment “After The Jury Gives Its Verdict” – only a Commie Judge (who obviously hates Trump) would punish someone “Before a Trial” – the Warning for the rest of us living in a “Demonrat Controlled Jurisdiction is – better get out “before they come after you for some reason”!!

  101. J_C_

    Tucker Carlson Tonight & Bill O’Reilly, September 27, 2023
    ÇitlemBik TV 19K views 1 hour ago

  102. Justn Observer

    Greg, a bit of a infomercial on survival food but a review of who/.how the food supply and it’s production and shipment thereof is being systemically and rapidly taken control of. How China is using shell corporations and buying up massive amounts of U.S. and other countries farms, ranches, and processing facilities beyoud what most realize. This is a report from a , Teddy Daniels, x combat vet, x cop, x private investigator…that might be viewed and considered considering the remarks of CAF… also this survival food company might be considered for being a sponsor for USAwatchdog ? Some interesting data and info on the destruction of the food processing plant as part of the process of taking control of access to food, and how it plays into the Chinese ops to ‘control the food and supplies’ of the enemies? =

    also, wondering IF some of the AUSSIE commentors here can confirm this rising banking policy/ agenda being started there down under? = the elimination of all cash transaction starting January 2024?

    per =

  103. Tiger

    We need a T-shirt

    Farmed Food
    Pharma Foood

  104. No One

    Breaking: Election fraudster Katie Cartel Hobbs is no longer the Governor of Arizona. Republican Kimberly Yee the state treasurer is currently the Acting Governor. The reason is unknown.


    Good News: God is our comforter.

    Mr. Hunter thank you for all your efforts, You are Loved

  105. Tod Mills

    What do you think of the testimony of USC professor Dr. Phillip Buckhaults in front of the South Carolina Senate?
    I have not heard anyone else saying that the mRna “vaccines” are contaminated with DNA, let alone say that there is evidence that Pfizer knew it and, instead of removing it, made it more dangerous by breaking it up into more fragments. This is aside from the production of spike proteins.

    I think this would be good to show to some of your more medically technical guests for their insight. Interestingly, Buckhaults seems to have no issues with the “vaccine” in principle; it is the DNA contamination that concerns him. Which strikes me as odd, considering the accumulation of spike proteins throughout the body.

    Video of his testimony:

  106. JJ Dynamite

    Cardinal Vigano has warned again and again, we are in a spiritual battle against Satan and demons.
    “I use to run a fb page with 18k followers called Daily Updates on Whether or Not Ghislaine Maxwell Didn’t Kill Herself haha well this lady reaches out to me in private message and said she had concerning information about her ex bf. What she shared with me is what horror stories are made of. ”

    “Her boyfriend runs a family owned funeral home. He told her that he wants out the business because what they do. They get rid of bodies pedophiles buy on the dark web called lolita dolls. ……….. It’s missing children or children sold to the doctor or organization that get their arms and legs cut off right below the elbows and knees. Their eyes removed. Tongue removed. hearing destroyed. Teeth removed. Live sex toys basically that have no senses. Ages vary. Once they are done with them his funeral home disposes of them through cremation.”

  107. Coal Burner

    Watch this carefully , get the DOD letter or pause on each new paragraph and read carefully. Proof: This is the dynamite smoking gun for Ivermectin. They knew by May 2020 that it was “curative” at any stage for COVID. They lied, lied lied and it seems to me there are big time lawsuits coming. Fauchi paid for the Chinese research at Wuhan. CIA, knew, they all knew Trump, Jim Jordon and Senator Ron Johnson tried to tell people but they were shouted down by big media, Big Parma, Democrats, AMA, CDC, NIH. They killed people millions worldwide. The evidense is in the DOD document, obtained by Veritas!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      There is no stopping the backlash from people when they find out what was done to them. Thios will be a 1,000 foot wall of hate for THEM.

  108. Justn Observer

    Structure of the FONDO from which ‘they’ pluck ‘their’ next bite of profits for the investor/stakeholder class from those that are economically enslaved. = Some one said, ‘The best slaves are those that do not even know they are one’ Can one say, world banking cartel- where THEE World Central bank has its boot on the Central banks.

    LONDON, Sept 27 (Reuters) – Developing national digital currencies are at risk due to a lack of legal powers to issue them in most of the world, the head of the global central bank umbrella body, the Bank for International Settlements, warned on Wednesday.

    While countries generally have laws on banknotes, coins and credit balances, an IMF paper in 2020 showed that close to 80% of central banks are either not allowed to issue a digital currency under their existing laws, or the legal framework is unclear. “This needs to be rectified,” the BIS’ general manager Agustin Carstens said in a speech. “The public rightly demands forms of money that meet their needs and expectations.”

    His warning comes as central banks around the world push ahead with central bank digital currency (CBDC) development in a bid to make money more high tech and keep up with the features now offered by cryptocurrencies.

    in english =

  109. Tommy James

    Good job!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks brother Tommy!
      Brother Greg

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