Gold & Silver Fight Tyranny – Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF), Publisher of The Solari Report, financial expert and former Assistant Secretary of Housing (Bush 41 Admin.), says, “The federal government is being run as a criminal enterprise. . . .not just a little criminal, but a lot criminal.”  CAF thinks now is the time for state governments to act to protect their citizens from the dangers of a falling dollar and increasing central control over “We the People.”  CAF explains, “One of the things we are talking with the states about is Sovereign State Banks, so they can protect their transactions in dollars.  We are also talking about State Bullion Depositories.  This is so states can protect their rainy-day reserve and, ultimately, their transaction ability with gold and silver.  Under the Constitution, the states have those powers.  This is very important if we are going to have sovereignty as individuals and not wake up one day and find ourselves in the same spot as the Canadian truckers who had their bank accounts shut down for protesting the CV19 lockdowns and mandates.  More and more, we are seeing people say the ‘wrong things,’ and suddenly they find their bank account is shut down.  So, if we are going to have individual sovereignty, we need governments that can provide sovereignty. . . . . The states have the power to implement financial transaction arraignments to protect our financial transaction freedom.  Without our financial transaction freedom, we are literally going to lose all of our freedoms.”

CAF says there are many reasons to be concerned for the dollar as the world reserve currency system.  Fewer and fewer countries are paying for oil trade in dollars.  The US now has record debt and likely it cannot be paid back—ever.  CAF also points out, “We are seeing a serious loss of confidence for the US federal government to keep its word.  As we see this erosion of confidence,  we see the US government and central banks assert more and more control in a way which is nothing but tryanny. . . . The challenge in the dollar system is that the dollar system has been managed in a very corrupt way.  That corruption has made the dollar system much more expensive and much less efficient than it could be.  The corruption is destroying the productivity of the dollar system.  That is telling people all over the world that this is a system you cannot rely on and you can’t trust.  It is also devastating to the brand of the dollar system for the military not to look strong. . . . What you are watching is a diminishing of trust all around the world. . . . People are wondering how we are going to survive if the dollar system is going to continue to erode?”

CAF also talks about the CV19 murder and disability program and how that is going to affect the economy and the November 2024 Election.  CAF says, “A lot can happen before November. . . .I had a preacher who once told me, ‘If we can face it, God can fix it.’”

There is much more in the 1-hour and 5-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with the Publisher of The Solari Report,  Catherine Austin Fitts.  CAF does a deep dive into “US State Bullion Depositories” for 2.3.24.

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After the Interview:

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  1. Saved by Grace


    Scientists know only what love does. Love properly applied, could virtually empty asylums, our prisons, our hospitals. Love is the touchstone of psychiatric treatment. Love can be fostered, extended, used to subjugate hate and thus diseases. More and more clearly every day, out of biology, anthropology, sociology, history, economics, psychology, the plain common sense, the necessary mandate of survival – that we love our neighbor as ourself – is being confirmed and reaffirmed. Christ gave us only one commandment – Love . . . Now to the laboratory with love!

    Where love is, there is God.

    To love is virtually to know; to know is not virtually to love.

    Real friends are those who, when you’re made a fool of yourself, don’t feel that you’ve done a permanent job.

    It’s ok with EOJ

    Battle Ready

    “Your generation will surely witness interesting days. My advice; don’t quit . . . just live ready. Conduct your studies with diligence, your work with perseverance, in your relationships with grace. Seek authenticity at the highest level, for one of the greatest gifts of authenticity is that it leaves us constantly ready for “what ever comes next.”

    – Dr. Richard A. Swenson M D
    a Slave of Jesus Christ

    Ephesians 6
    The Whole Armor of God

    • Shirl

      “I had a joke about Covid but, there’s a 99.98% chance you won’t get it.” Don’t believe Them Lying SCUMBAGS Ever Again.


        Shirl Amen 🙌🙏 to that. 😢

        • Shirl

          Linda J Crean, thanks and BTW, your posts are awesome though I rarely add comment to them.

      • Anthony Australia

        Vaccine Trials – Full Measure

        • Greg Hunter

          Sharyl Attkisson is doing the CV19 bioweapon story now????? She is about 3 years too late. I call bull crap on this. She ner warned a single person not to take the shots. A pretty face on the Lying Legacy Media. Sharyl Attkisson is reporting what is not painfully obvious. Coward!! Her show is called “Full Measure.” It might as well be called “Fill Bullcrap.”

          • Anthony Australia

            Sorry Greg, I don’t know who she is. Just posting something I found surprising on the propaganda network.

            • Greg Hunter

              You are OK AA. I was making a point. Look for the Lying legacy media to start covering the CV19 vax death and disabilities now that there is overwhelming evidence it is a disaster and a genocide. The have to LOOK like they give a crap.

              AA, you are a good man and I did not mean to make you feel bad. It was a good catch, but for a different reason than to simply inform.

              • Anthony Australia

                God Bless You My Brother

                • Greg Hunter

                  You too Brother Anthony!!
                  Brother Greg

                  • Ray

                    My heart is overflowing……at this healing of a real friendship, which recently was disturbed.
                    The Lord blesses us all with this…..a revealing of His word and His teaching, put into practice for all to witness by two that hear Him, and obey Him.
                    I love you both.
                    My smiles are perhaps beyond your knowing tonight, and my heart, in this troubled epoch, is surely gladdened.
                    Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘

        • Anthony Australia

          At least the US are over the Americas Cup loss back in 83’
          Can’t believe it was over 40 years ago.
          Just kidding but something that’s not funny.

          US Establishes New Stockpile In Australia To Prepare For War Over Taiwan

        • Grover Buckner

          Anthony thanks,
          The mRNA/DNA phospholipid/nanoparticle/PEG “vaccine” has been causing coag thrombotic problems. It is not surprising. Almost all physicians have been taught these basic principles. Granted the dermatologist or psychiatrist may have forgotten everything they learned in medical school, but the rest should recognize what is happening.
          And now they are still giving this experimental emergency approved poison to children 12-16. Right in the middle of puberty and exponential growth. Insanity. Not insanity, when there is a dark side to this madness.

          • Katy Bar

            It is not that Doctors may have forgotten everything they learned in Medical School – it is more like “they never learned anything to begin with” – ask a Doctor about vitamin supplements and they can’t think of anything but to simply prescribe Big Pharma’s Drugs and Vaccines!!!

      • Anthony Australia

        Slovakia’s Prime Minister Announces Investigation into the “Covid Circus” and the “Died Suddenly” phenomenon.

      • Saved by Grace

        Shirl, I told a joke one time to a friend who owned China Kitchen for many years. I was a pearl diver for his restaurant and we ate together, at the end of day of work. Jimmy, told me that was the best Chinese joke he had ever heard. Last one Jimmy I am turning a new leaf, no more chinese jokes. Jim, said ok no more pee in your tea ! I said what ! He said, yes us Chinese Joke different.

        • Shirl


        • Katy Bar

          The real joke is that as John Kerry goes around telling us “to save the Polar Bears” his buddy Klaus Schwab is telling us “to Eat the Bugs”!! It is a “Schizophrenic Message” these Evil Globalists expound, “it is not really about doing things “To Save Life On Our Planet” it is really about “Killing All Life On Our Planet”. We have Bill Gates working “to Kill all the Trees” and “kill all the Humans” (by releasing deadly viruses in mosquitoes). We have Pfizer injecting almost the entire world population with an unknown “Witches Potion” that contains deadly ingredients that cause heart attacks, cancer and many disabilities. Then they have Trudeau trying to suicide “and clean up all the disabled” (who may have barely survived the Kill Shot). It’s like we are living in a Weird Psycho Movie (where we humans simply want to live the good life and enjoy any money we manage to get) but instead we have Crazy Psycho WEF Globalists putting Queers into positions of power around the world (as men dressed like women look less threatening) but then they stab us (multiple times like in the Movie Psycho) when we are most vulnerable and unprotected. These WEF wolves will lie through their teeth (like we are Little Red Riding Hoods). The joke is they tell us “they will not kill a fly or polar bear” as they outright in broad daylight continue to proceed with their plans to Exterminate 99% of the Human Race!!

    • David

      Can you please do a report on the debt clock, the secret window with the secret messages
      Thank you sir

      • Saved by Grace

        Psalms 118:8

        David, pray, seek counsel, pray and expect God to answer in time. Because He will.

        You are Loved

    • Art Simpson

      Do a program about God’s schedule. Aloha Michael,
      Have tried to think how to word my reply.
      Gates, Schwab, Hariri, Soros, et al the frogs, are worshippers of Satan.

      It kinda starts here; Daniel 2:33 “His legs of iron, his feet part of iron and part of clay.”
      Legs of iron = Satan = 4th and final World Kingdom of men.

      Iron of the feet = Ge 3:15; Re 9:11 = seed/son of Satan, beast from the bottomless pit. He is an angel. He murdered Jesus. He is the anti-Christ. He rises day 794 from hell, Habakkuk 3:16; 2 Thes 2:8; Re 9:11; Re 17:8.

      Clay of the feet = Re 13:18; This is the man false prophet.

      Revelation 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

      Genesis 3:15 And I (Father God) will put enmity between thee (Satan) and the woman (Mary, Jews, nation Israel, all believers), and between thy seed (his son, angel like his father, anti-Christ, Apollyon/Abaddon, Re 9:11) and her seed (Jesus); it (assignment of responsibility “it” isthe LAW, by the sword of Jesus, as executioner, the mortal head wound, Habakkuk 3:13; Re 13:14) shall bruise thy head, and thou (assignment of responsibility to the person of anti-Christ, son of Satan,) shalt bruise (crucify) his heel.

      Habakkuk 3:13 Thou wentest forth for the salvation of thy people, even for salvation with thine anointed (Jesus); thou (Jesus) woundedst the head out of the house of the wicked, by discovering the foundation unto the neck. Selah. (Jesus split his head down to his shoulders with a sword.)
      Re 13:14 “…..that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.”

      Habakkuk 3:16 When I heard, my belly trembled; my lips quivered at the voice: rottenness entered into my bones, and I trembled in myself, that I might rest in the day of trouble: when he cometh up unto the people, he will invade them with his troops.

      2 Thessalonians 2:8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:

      Revelation 9:11And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

      Revelation 17:8 The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.

      Clay of the feet. Da 9:26; Da 9:27; 2 Thes 2:3; Re 13:18
      Daniel 9:26 And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people (Romans) of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.

      Daniel 9:27 And he (a Roman, the prince, a man, false prophet, 666, Re 13:18) shall confirm the covenant) (authorize, not write, the covenant is the New World Order) with many (U.N.) for one week: (Daniel’s 70th week, Book in God’s right hand Re 5:1 = 2520 days = 7 lunar 360 day years)and in the midst of the week (Da 12:11; day 1230. 2520 – 1290 = 1230) he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

      Revelation 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

      2 Thessalonians 2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin (man false prophet, NOT the angel anti-Christ) be revealed, the son of perdition; ………………keep reading…
      2 Thessalonians 2:6 And now ye know what withholdeth (Hell) that he (anti-Christ) might be revealed in his time.
      2 Thessalonians 2:7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he (Father God who authored the book and the seals; Re 5:1ff)) who now letteth will let, (anti-Christ rot in hell until the 5th trumpet) until he (Jesus) be taken out of the way. (Jesus is the jailor).
      2 Thessalonians 2:8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: (This “Wicked” is the anti-Christ. He is destroyed at Armageddon).

      Only Jesus has the keys to hell and death (Re 1:18) and Jesus is keeping the angel who killed Him locked up in hell until the Father says to release him and sends an angel to get the key from Jesus to unlock the bottomless pit. Revelation 5:1

      At the same time the image goes into the temple, the Great Tribulation begins, but for a shortened time. Read in order; Mt 24:15,21,22. then Daniel 12:11,12. Days 2520-1290=1230. 1335-1230=105 shortened days of Great Tribulation. = 3 1/2 30 day months. 1290 days, includes the worldly time of anti-Christs 42 month reign 1260 to 2520, and the great tribulation ending day 1335, the day of the Rapture the 7th trumpet.

      1 Corinthians 15:51 Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed,
      1 Corinthians 15:52 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.
      Revelation 11:15 And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.

      We are in the time of the seals which is the time of CHAOS which shall precede the time of ORDER. Namely, the New World Order beginning at the sounding of the first trumpet of Daniel’s 70th week. The book in God’s r5ight hand. Re 5:1.
      Seal 1 = Covid
      Seal 2 = Uk war
      Seal 3 = famine/lawfare
      Seal 4 = Ez:38; Re 6:8 war; 1/4th earth killed, very likely this year. It has begun, 10/7/2023 and Russia nukes the continental U.S. before they nuke Israel who is saved by God. China invades the U.S. Russian and Chinese armies with weapons already in the U.S.
      Seal 5 = Christian persecution with/by mark of the beast.
      Seal 6 = Planet X; world wide destruction.
      Seal 7 = fire from heaven, may be debris field from Planet X.

      1st Trumpet = 3rd temple begins construction day 1 for 220 days. Those who took the mark get sores.
      2nd Trumpet = Giant meteorite hits an ocean. Kills all life and ships in that ocean. Tidal wave immense on all shores.
      3rd Trumpet = Meteorites/comet like falls on lands, make the water bitter and kills many.
      4th Trumpet = Skies darkened. By this time the earth does not produce food. Habakkuk 3:17.
      (Trumpets 1-4 likely 6 months apart as earth goes through incoming and outgoing debris fields from Planet X.)
      5th Trumpet = anti-Christ rises from hell as king of the locusts who sting those with the mark for 150 days, = 5 months. This brings retribution to Christians who did not take the mark and escaped torment.
      6th Trumpet = 200,000,000 man army from the east crosses Euphrates and kills 1/3 left alive on earth. Great Tribulation begins day 1230 for 105 days, 3 1/2 months.
      7th Trumpet = 2 witnesses resurrected, Re 11:12, Jews praise God fulfilling Mt 23:39. Re 11:13, 2nd woe, 6th Trumpet war and Great Tribulation end Re 11:14, and Jesus returns for the Rapture (day 1335 Da 12:12), Re 11:15.
      This is not all, but Art’s tired!
      Friend Art

      • Katy Bar

        Revelation 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding “count the number of the beasts”!!
        For it is the number of illegals that have already crossed our border that is important (which is now about 22 million)!!
        Knowing the number of beasts that will attack America upon the election of Trump is important if we want to be victorious – and that number is 666 x 666 in every State of the Union (or 666 x 666 x 50 = 22,177,800) this is the number of illegal terrorists we will need to deal with – and how do we deal with them? – hand to hand combat? – NO -what we need to do Now (before the Demon Rats give orders for a Color Revolution to oust Trump and install a Queer like they did in Ukraine) is to Seize All The Ammo Obama stored at IRS, Social Security and other “unsecured government buildings which was purposely pre-planted by the Demonrats for use by the illegals to overthrow our elected leader (Trump)!! Without ammo the illegals can be easily taken out by our “Funded Police” (or if necessary by Trump ordering the Military to restore order)!!

        • George K

          Removing the pre-planted ammo before Trumps election is a good idea. Let’s not make Obama succeed in destroying America the way he succeeded in destroying the world economy by ordering SWIFT be used as an economic weapon! People who delight in killing people whether in wedding parties or elsewhere are not to be trusted just look at what that queer Zelinsky has done to the Ukrainian people!!


      Grace 🙏♥️ LOVE has a name, JESUS. THE name that is above every name.
      John 3:16 For God SO LOVED the world 🌎🌍 that HE gave HIS only begotten SON, that “whosoever” believes in Him should have everlasting life. I’m a whosoever. 😊

  2. Neville

    AAcrime jailed the Mafia for all their criminal activity . Seeing how profitable the mafia
    operated the politicians of the day adapted they way they administered AAcrime to the model layed out for them by the crooked, corrupt, fraudulent Mafia words which accurately describe modern day AAcrime.
    Think of the protection racket ,WE ARE HERE TO PROTECT YOU words uttered by the military and other so- law enforcing agencies(what a joke)
    Then there were the mafia DRUG CARTELS…….THINK AFGHANISTAN AND THEIR POPPIES all that opium killed millions of people.
    Racketeering is a set of illegal activities aimed at commercial profit that may be disguised as legitimate business deals. Racketeering is defined by a coordinated effort by multiple people to repeatedly earn a profit. Typically, by fraud, extortion, bribery, threats, violence, or other illegal means. (

    This is what you the citizens of the usa and by extention the rest of the world are up against.
    We are in the Age of Aquarius which heralds the advent of the CITIZEN TAKING CHARGE OF HIS AFFAIRS BY WHATEVER MEANS….

    Enough of the rant sufficed as to say we all await the return of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST TO TAKE AWAY THE POWERS OF EVERY GOVERNMENT AROUND THE WORLD AS SATAN IS IN CONTROL.


      Dear Katy, I saw that you put 22,000,000’s illegals coming into Our Country. Pastor Joseph Prince once said the number 22 in Hebrew means enlightenment. That is also the day Pres Kennedy was killed 11/22 maybe 🤔 the Lord Jesus Christ is louring the illegals in so the light of the Glorious Gospel will shine upon them and they might see THE LIGHT
      “Christ JESUS”. Ephesians 1-3:21
      Eph 1:18 the eyes of their understanding may be enlightened that you(they) may know what is the hope of His calling,….
      ❤️ Those who walk in darkness will see a GREAT LIGHT. No greater🕯️ than Lord Jesus Christ ❤️🙏
      A great light ☄️ took out Sodom and Gomorrah maybe this time The Great light will save millions, billions. ❤️ The fields are WHITE unto harvest.😊 It’s a big job but somebody’s got to do it, so Almighty God had ALL ALL of us born for His purpose His glory for such a time as this.

  3. Harve Pell

    Tucker Carlson RangoMC February 2, 2024, 60,780 views
    Bret Weinstein traveled to the Darien Gap to understand who’s behind the invasion of our country. His conclusion: “it’s not a friendly migration.”
    But cover for invasion from CHINA! Courtesy of a bought and paid for Washington, Hollywood and Langly, by CHINA. They now want what they think they own and is owed them! Hey, if we can’t pay our bill. Afghanistan and Bagram were not enough, so? Welcome to the once united states of north Americano! Don’t forget your chopsticks!

  4. Marshall Joffre

    ‘VERY SCARY’: China has placed ‘Trojan horses’ inside the US, expert Warns’ Heritage Foundation senior fellow Michael Pillsbury.
    Pillsbury highlights the threat posed by China to the U.S. on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’

    • Tin foil hat

      ‘VERY SCARY’: Deep State has placed ‘Trojan horses’ inside the US, these terrorists had demoralized our police forces, allowed anarchists ransacked our cities, empowered criminals to operated without a smidgen of fear in board daylight, kept our border wild open for the illegals to come and go freely ……

      Personally, I’m not worried about these military age men from China. I’m confident we can take care of them in weeks if we had a real government. I’m more worried about those real terrorists reside in Washington DC.

      • Katy Bar

        And lets also be more worried about the terrorists controlling Canada. Seems Dictator Trudeau had to temporarily back down on his plans to exterminate all the mentally ill and the infirm older people with his Government Assisted Suicide Program when Doctors refused to go along with his genocidal plans – that is until – Trudeau seizes the Doctors bank accounts or simply stops paying them a bounty for injecting everyone with Big Pharma’s bio-weapons!!

  5. Anthony Australia

    God Bless CAF & Greg Hunter!

    • Chris

      Pillsbury’s book called “The Hundred-Year Marathon: China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower” (2015) is worth a read. I was working in China at the time and thought it a bit hyperbolic but kind of got the thesis i.e. Chinese have long memories and remember the century of humiliation by the west, including America, where they went from world’s largest economy in the early nineteenth century to a basket case by 1900 – and they want pay back. By the way, just as the UK and US turned nineteenth and twentieth century China into a land full of opium addicts, ask yourself where a lot of the worst opioids are made that come into the US porous borders. Maybe his thesis is closer to the truth than I thought at the time.

      • Tin foil hat

        The worse opioids were made by Purdue Pharma which is inextricably linked with the opioid crisis. Owned by the Sackler family, the company is known for aggressively and deceptively marketing opioids —OxyContin in particular — to prescribing doctors.

        Btw, we didn’t have that opioid crisis until we took over Afghanistan. The clear and present danger is from within.

        • LINDA J CREAN

          Tin remember Poppy 🌺 Bush. Ages ago I thought that Poppy was a name their family used for him lovingly, I didn’t know back then about him and the CIA and the POPPY 🌺🌺🌺 flowers and drugs not being a pill popper. Thank God 🙏

    • Ray

      +1 old mate 😎
      Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺🦘

    • Capt Jack

      Although I agree with CAF on her comments about precious metals- she has spent too much time in the deep state concerning her political views. Her support of RFK is troubling. He is correct on vaccinations but he does not believe in any other personal freedoms included in the Bill of Rights. RFK has called for the assassination of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck for excercising their right of free speech.

      • Earth Angel

        Capt Jack, Where can you back up your claims about RFK jr. “he does not believe in any other personal freedoms included in the Bill of Rights?” I strongly doubt those claims. RFK jr is the ONLY Presidential candidate who has had the courage to publicly discuss the problem of geoengineering the climate with expert Dane Wigington. I also viewed a zoom meeting with RFK jr. and several successful independent farmers speaking about what they needed to continue to flourish. He mostly asked questions, listened, and took notes on what the participants said. Again, something I haven’t seen ANY OTHER presidential candidate do YET. I seriously doubt he has called for the assassination of ANYONE- given what happened to his FATHER and his UNCLE in the early 1960’s. Where do you come up with this kind of crap?.. have you been drinking or smoking something in your basement?!

  6. SecretSensitive

    ‘U.S. Will Fall Into…’: China Passes Iran’s ‘Message’; Warned Against Jordan Attack Retaliation Hindustan Times 329,484 views Jan 30, 2024
    The U.S. was in a difficult spot over how to retaliate in the attack on its forces in Jordan. And to add to its worries, China had issued a warning against the retaliatory strike. Cautioning the U.S., Beijing said that Washington’s action could push it into a vicious cycle. China also mentioned that Iran had clearly stated that it had nothing to do with the attack and that any U.S. action against Tehran could be dangerous. China’s warning came amid reports of a U.S. mulling a covert operation against Iran after the three American troops were killed in Jordan on January 28.
    China said it Cat, don’t touch Iran,
    Washinton knows who butters they’re bread!

  7. Bill

    I think states should coin their own money out of gold and silver. States could accept others state’s money or US minted coins, maybe even other countries. People could exchange gold and silver for coins minus some charge to run the mint. Isn’t this in line with the Constitution?

    • Mark in OKC

      Excellent point Bill. I know Oklahoma’s constitution authorizes the state to issue gold and silver coins and I believe every state authorizes the same.

      • Katy Bar

        As stated in Haggai 2:8-10 (King James Version. 8):
        “The Silver is mine, and the Gold is mine, saith the Lord of hosts”!! Effectively the Lord is stating that: “The glory of a Government using my money (Silver and Gold) shall be greater than a Government using fiat and it will give you peace of mind.”!!

    • Ken

      Yes. The federal government declares legal tender that must be accepted within all states. However each individual state can also declare anything they want as legal tender within that state. So they can declare gold/silver and even, dare I say it bitcoin, to be legal tender if they want. If enough states declare such things legal tender then there could eventually be two tier economy within the US, one based on dollars and one on precious metals (and maybe eventually bitcoin). That would hasten the transition to a new , better and fairer monetary system.

      • kev, jaegli

        you are forgetting. wuhan was funded by darpa. wuhan bug has wiped 6 trillion dollars off the chinese stock exchange and collapsed the chinese economy. mission accomplished no nukes dropped. this was always the plan. when left without a motive but a gigantic outcome is observed the motive likely is the outcome folks. the illness was to knock down china. but china has an end run opportunity to rapidly re-balance after their elderly are erased.

  8. Paul from Indiana

    Greg, this business about stand-alone state banks echoes a little bit of what some nice lady you used to have on maybe 10 years ago who advocated that the citizens set up their own bank, the Peoples’ Bank, maybe she called it. At the time, it didn’t really strike a chord with the Watchdoggers, because it might have been a concept a little ahead of its time. If you think I have this right, and if you think it helpful, maybe you remember this lady and those interviews and could post the links? I think it’s a concept whose time has come. We Watchdoggers need to lobby our state houses and introduce this concept. It should be a no-brainer, slam-dunk proposition in Red states (such as Indiana and Florida) with Repub super-majorities and Repub governors. Many thanks and best always. PM

    • helot

      Perhaps, you mean, Ellen Brown? Her ideas seem like good ones, but Oh boy, years ago, Gary North made her ideas look foolish.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Gary North also recommended stoning as capital punishment, but I get your drift. Thank you for your response. Very helpful. Best always. PM

      • Tod Mills

        Ellen Brown’s ideas seem like good ones in the same way that Socialism seems like a good idea. It is not. That is exactly what she promotes with her banking beliefs.

        I’d really like to see Greg bring on Javier Milei (if he could find a good translator and could, by some miracle, get him on), more doable, Michael Malice, and probably quite doable, Larken Rose.

        • Colin Maxwell

          Tod – you appear to equate Ellen’s PBS (Public Banking Solution) with socialism.

          What you are missing is the fact that some essential utilities need to be left in public ownership – the banking industry, by definition the creation of money, is at the absolute top of that list.

          The PBS is not ‘socialism’ it is plain garden variety common sense.

          The US status quo is the most obscene example of ‘reverse socialism’ on the planet. The 1% parasitic kleptocracy at the head of the human feeding chain reaps the benefit whilst the most valuable resource of all, human labour, is eviscerated. This is why the current system is a slow-motion trainwreck and why the few countries on the planet that deploy the PBS are by comparison economic miracles.

          In fact, these countries are not doing anything novel – it is simply a matter of copying other historical blueprints of banking deployment as a public utility.

          public = of concerning or affecting the community or the people – “the public good”

          utility = the quality or condition of being useful; usefulness

          The key to implementing the PBS is to begin at the central bank level and national infrastructure bank and then on down through the regional, community, cooperative, postal and savings banks as well.

          In the 1940s Wright Patman explained this simple truth in a Congressional hearing – 70+ years on and 99% of Americans still don’t get it.

          Here are just two of his quotes…

          “I have never yet had anyone who could, through the use of logic and reason, justify the Federal Government borrowing the use of its own money.

          I believe the time will come when people will demand that this be changed.

          I believe the time will come in this country when they will actually blame you and me and everyone else connected with the Congress for sitting idly by and permitting such an idiotic system to continue.


          “The dollar represents a one dollar debt to the Federal Reserve System. The Federal Reserve Banks create money out of thin air to buy Government Bonds from the U.S. Treasury…and has created out of nothing a … debt which the American people are obliged to pay with interest.”

          … end quote…

          I would politely suggest that you buy yourself a copy of Ellen Brown’s epic book ‘The Public Bank Solution’.

          I regard it as the most important book ever written on this subject. It references working models and solutions through the centuries and would save any reader thousands of hours of painstaking research to even begin to comprehend how these solutions have been proven in so many countries around the world.

        • Colin Maxwell

          And as for suggesting a Milei interview – well, great if you want to air the views of a rabid neoliberal lunatic who wants to throw his country under the bus, just to further enrich his domestic comprador paymasters, the IMF and Wall Street.

          The BRICS+ bloc offered Argentina the chance of an economic lifeline to enable them to escape the Western-imposed eternal debt trap that has eviscerated their productive economy for generations and this idiot squandered it.

      • Colin Maxwell

        Gary North made HIMSELF look like a complete idiot by cheerleading the disastrous status quo.

        The last time Greg had Ellen Brown on was August 2017 and she predicted the exact train wreck that is unfolding right now.

        In fact in her epic 2013 book ‘The Public Bank Solution’ she delivered the blueprint that could have completely saved the U$ economy from becoming a burning train wreck.

        … quoted…

        Here is a quote from the intro from the interview in Greg’s own words…

        “Who will be hurt? It will be the little people. So, we will see a crash, but it will be a crash on us. We will lose our deposits or we will have to do a bail-in. The big banks, under the current law, are pretty much safe.”

        “Countries are up to their necks in debt that can not be paid, and the derivatives propping the debt up are hundreds of trillions of dollars. Brown contends, “The concern is this $500 trillion of derivatives just on sovereign debt.

        There is $100 trillion in sovereign debt globally, which is a huge bill, and then you have all these derivatives betting against it with credit default swaps that would pay off in the event of a default.

        So, they can’t let any of these governments go bankrupt. They can’t write down the debt, and they can’t write off the debt as they should. These are impossible debts in Europe, particularly like in Greece. They are impossible debts to pay, but the central banks, for example in the EU, will not let any of these countries go bankrupt because the fear is it would trigger a cascade of defaults among the derivatives players, which would bring everything down.”

        … end quote…

        In fact, I wrote a piece on this article which was endorsed by the planet’s #1 geopolitical analyst Pepe Escobar as an “absolute must-read”.

        My piece was virtually 100% in agreement with CAF’s views in this fabulous interview…

      • Robert Chase

        Gary North ended up looking foolish over Y2K.

        • helot

          It’s a bit odd how all you guys took issue with subjects related to Gary North – except – the issue at hand.

          His work on Ellen Brown speaks for itself, I hope you guys at least read it before condemning it.

          If her ideas are sound, they should be able to withstand the criticism leveled at them.

  9. Anthony Australia

    World Shock, King Charles III Last King of England? Plutos Return & Parallels of 1939, John Hogue

    • sam

      Whats up with you and that Inbred Joker?….he’s Your King……not ours!…..we got our own Corrupt Senile ice cream eating Traitor, Fake doctor jilly, and Son to contend with…

      • Anthony Australia

        My King is the King of Kings.

        Charlie heads up the WHO & WEF.

        • Earth Angel

          No- Charlie is not the ‘king of kings’ (however he may think of himself) The REAL ‘king of kings’ is Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. The king of England- (or any other for that matter, including those who may hide in the catacombs of the vatican)- I hardly think so.

          • Ray

            Anthony was speaking of Jesus.
            Respectfully Earth Angel, you have misunderstood his post, and if you are indeed a Christian, which I believe you are, given your intelligent posts over many months, then I suggest you offer up your apologies to Anthony without further delay.
            Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺 🦘

            • Earth Angel

              Thank you Ray for so graciously correcting my misunderstanding of Anthony Austrailia’s post above. His meaning went right over my head.. DUH! Apologies all around. ; )

              • Ray

                All good Earth Angel…….as we would say here in Australia, “No worries”.
                You are one of THE finest posters here at USAWATCHDOG, and I for one seek out and read your wise and intelligent posts regularly.
                Keep the good stuff coming……God bless you and yours x
                Ray, Canberra, Australia

                • Earth Angel

                  Thank you for your very kind words. I have always wanted to visit your amazing continent ‘down under’. We love to watch the show ‘Aussie Gold Hunters’ and see the beauty of the outback, the quaint little towns and the nuggets the hunters find. 20 yrs. ago I had a Queensland Blue Aussie cattle dog, purebred. (the only papered dog I’ve ever had- all others rescues) Beautiful, loyal and smart, he could streak across the fields as fast as a jack rabbit. He was fearless & tough as nails. ‘Rocky’ was once kicked by a horse and knocked unconscious. 10 min. later(while I was panicked on the phone with the vet) he was up and staggering back to the house from the barn. That same evening he crunched up a rib or two off the ‘barby’ with us. Some years later, hit by a car he suffered a cracked pelvis, spent 10 days at the vet’s resting and made a full recovery. He lived 14 yrs. We had many great hikes & swims in the river. I’d tell people, “Queensland Blue’s- you can’t hardly kill ’em!” Great dogs with great heart. ; )

                  • Ray

                    Hey EA,
                    Whenever you’re ready, get yourself over here……you are most welcome. Let me know when you’re coming!
                    Yes……those Queensland Blue Cattle Dogs are an excellent breed, and as you say, tough as teak.
                    One of my mates has one, a female, about four years old, her name is Sadie.
                    My dog is of the same age, a Staffordshire Terrier X Labrador, called Sooty, and when they get together down at the local park, it is a sight to behold.
                    Endless energy as they bolt around together!
                    Dogs are such a blessing to humans.
                    Speaking of such things, see if you can watch a movie made about 6 years ago, called “Alpha”.
                    It’s set around 20,000 years ago, and tells the story (fictional, but quite good), of the first encounters between humans and dogs.
                    As a dog lover, you will really enjoy it, trust me.
                    Take care EA x
                    Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺

        • Earth Angel

          A thank you to Ray for correcting my misunderstanding of this post from A.A. I now see the meaning is the same as mine. Pardon my misreading of the message. No hard feelings I hope, mates. I love your posts- we are all in the same camp!

      • George K

        The New York Post claims that the “child hair sniffing pervert” Bribe’n will step down in May and give the nomination to former “First Trans-Lady” Mike Obama. Supposedly the Demon Rats plan to have Bribe’n announce in May that he is not running and simply hand “Michelle” the nomination “without a primary vote” during the Democratic National Convention in August.


        Sam you forgot our lovely Assistant secretary of Health
        Dr Rachel Levine from Pennsylvania a pediatrician 😲
        who used to be a man and what a head of hair that one has.

        • sam

          SQUIRMING with REVULSION……That sodomite belongs in a Insane Asylum…..50 years age he would be in one!….goes to show ya how far they have fallen

  10. James Rowland

    Greg, please consider inviting Margaret Byfield, director of American Stewards of Liberty. I think she has an important message for private land owners. The brilliant Ms. Fitts has her number.

  11. Anthony Australia


    • Jerry

      Anthony, I watched this about a week ago. Horrible!

  12. Daniel 9:27

    Andrew Jackson vetoed the renewal of the 2nd US Bank Charter in 1832 and said the following, “The progress of our gold coinage is creditable to the officers of the Mint, and promises in a short period to furnish the country with a sound and portable currency,… If the several States shall be induced gradually to reform their banking systems and prohibit the issue of all small notes, we shall in a few years have a currency as sound and as little liable to fluctuations as any other commercial country.” CAF isn’t wrong about what gold and silver could do but the will of the people isn’t represented by the Elected, that ship has sailed. Elections aren’t real people…Voting harder isn’t gonna do a thing, time to wake up.

  13. Randy

    They will put on sackcloth, and terror will overwhelm them. Shame will cover all their faces, and all their heads will be shaved. 19They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will seem unclean. Their silver and gold cannot save them in the day of the wrath of the LORD.AAA> No silver or gold will save you!! ARE YOU RAPTURE READY!

    • Carly Comstock

      Clif High seems to be saying that the Evangelicals will throw Jesus into the streets beginning this year:

    • Katy Bar

      We all need to be Rapture Ready (as the Globalists are fully intent on exterminating humanity)!! The Globalists are progressing rapidly with an “alien agenda” (that is so anti-human) it logically imply’s that these Globalists are more then likely “Demons” (likely from some other dimension)!! If humanity is to survive the 180 different alien species out to get us and take our planet for themselves we need to follow the principle of “An Eye For An Eye and A Tooth For A Tooth” and do exactly to these Demon-Rats what they are currently doing to us!!! Are we simply going to allow these Demons to inject live Ebola virus’s into us???

      • sam

        Rapture Ready……poor baby….you fell for this “rapture” LIE!

        • George K

          Sam – Who is to say mankind is not being “rustled like a herd of cattle” by these greedy Globalist Demons because the price of human meat happens to be high right now in the inter-galactic market!!!

          • Katy Bar

            The people of Earth are now in great despair realizing the truth that they are “currently being Raptured” using both bio-weapons and war. The Demons (as they always do) warned us beforehand (probably because it increases their sadistic pleasure) by making a nightmarish movie back in 1973 showing how the herd in 2022 would remain “Silent” as they were made “Green” by the Evil Big Corporation Globalists!! The movie was called “Soylent Green” (Charlton Heston played the homicide detective “Thorn” who stumbles upon their Secret (a Rapture so terrifying no one would dare believe him).

  14. Pam calhoun

    Disappointed that she is supporting Kennedy. Kennedy has some good qualities, but he’s all in on the green new scam. That is a deal breaker for me.

    • Greg Hunter

      CAF said she is not endorsing him. That said they are friends from way back. CAF is a republican and always has been.

      • sam

        ” CAF is a republican and always has been.”………Mr. Hunter….so are most of the CORRUPT RINO’s in this Farce we are witnessing…….I’m in with the Thoughts of…LINDA J CREAN….she opened my EYES!

      • Kay

        It’s just worth noting. CAF did a campaign commercial for Kennedy on YouTube, in addition to giving him money. That is an endorsement in my book. She has the right to endorse whoever she wants, but I think she is making a mistake. Trump supporters have turned on DeSantis, saying he has betrayed the base.
        I like some of the ideas that RFK JR has discussed, but he believes in the climate hoax. He also believes that big government will solve my problems but that he will manage big government better. That is insane. Libertarians won’t endorse that nonsense. RFK JR brings a sense of nostalgia to politics. He seems to be a saner Democrat, and voting for him might be perceived as righting the wrongs of the past.
        I applaud him for going third-party because the two-party system is obviously corrupt and broken. Some are saying Kennedy wanted to gum up the works so the President would then be voted in by Congress. I sure hope that is not true because that takes away my vote and voice in my government. I am sick and tired of not getting my voice heard in my country. I am hoping Trump cleans house on both sides of the aisle. It is overdue. Time to pray in earnest!!

        • Katy Bar

          Now I hear Bribe’n is moving to give “the flood to the border illegals” the right to vote in the coming Presidential election and the UN and Soros Open Society Foundations are giving $1,000 to $2,000 dollar gift cards to the illegals “if they cast their ballet (or ballets) for Bribe’n” and are also allowing them to steal $2,000 to $3,000 dollars in merchandise from Walmart, Target, Costco, etc., etc. without fear of arrest or jail time. Now that’s a huge incentive “to make sure the Globalists stay in power” (these Demons want to take no chances that some illegals may vote for Kennedy). As for Trump (he is not trying to get the illegal vote) he is instead promising “to round up all the illegals and ship them all back from where they came”!!

    • Tim

      I agree with you Pam plus there are many other problems with RFK junior Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai has an excellent video on him.

    • Capt Jack

      Absolutely agree with Pam. Can you say deep state?

  15. Country Codger

    Shalom Greg,
    CAF is still the best and is incredible. This was an excellent interview. Keep up the great work. Texas stands with Tennessee because Tennessee stood with Texas in the battle for Independence. Not far from me is a town known as the Tennessee Colony because land grants were given to fighters from Tennessee in the Battle for Texas Independence. Texans have a long, loong, loooong memory. Crockett County is only one county east from me.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

    • margo

      Dr Shiva had an excellent interview (On SGT Report if I am allowed to say that) where he gave his opinions/experiences on RFK (and Trump). It was pretty eye opening, but made sense. I am still disturbed by Trump giving positive press to the vax waaaaaay after the horrible effects were quite public, but I favor him in many other ways. I too ultimately don’t trust RFK as he did NOT come out against the vax immediately. From what I understand he was not allowing untaxed in his home at the beginning. There’s many statements uses made about Left leaning topics which I deeply disagree with. Anyway, I love CAF and she obviously knows ‘Bobby’ better than I, but I still won’t vote for him.

  16. Chase Church

    3 or 4 years ago I read the depository agreement at The Texas State Depository. In the worst case you won’t get your gold back and they have the right to settle in fiat currency.

    • Greg Hunter

      So, change the terms, Chase.

    • sdmule

      That is a very important item to bring up. DO NOT assume that ANYONE has YOUR best interests at heart. History has shown, time and again, that everyone has a price… and me included. Always read the fine print when it comes to your health and your life(which you traded to get the fiat currency). Before you jump into putting your money in a bank or your bullion in a depository, know the details. Also, “never put all your eggs in one basket”. There are reasons for all of the “old sayings”. They are derived from experience.

  17. EH Foundation

    Thanks Greg for inspired interviews with those that have opinions Worth Listening to to form ones own objective observations Problem so much GOV crime corruption coverups of malfeasance mismanagement of everything No fool would trust any of them

  18. Fred Daake

    As CAF says, each state should create its own bullion depository and state controlled payment system, independent of the federal reserve.

    But I would not stop there.

    After each state gives its citizens control of their money, they should exit from the bloated, lawless, evil American empire. In its current application, the Federal Constitution is no longer valid and no longer enforced per its original intent. Walking away from this mess is the only way possible to repudiate the deep state debt and escape its consequences. It will take a lot of work to rebuild everything but the end result will be freedom and preservation of private property.

  19. EasyEnergy

    What would a prudent man do? Great question. As one who tried to donate twice to the Canadian Truckers Freedom Convoy (thank you, Catherine, for bringing up this recent example of tyranny), it was quite terrifying to hear our Communist Trudeau gov’t say they were going to freeze the bank accounts of all those involved including the donors. Well, ever since, I’ve been slowly but surely minimizing my risk to that threat ever coming my way again. Gold and silver are a big part of that strategy. Catherine is about 3 steps ahead of everyone else.

  20. Fred Daake

    If Trump could not run in the general, I would vote for Bobbie Kennedy as the only viable alternative. But Bobbie Kennedy has no solution to this lawless government. He has already exposed pharma and has no viable workable solution to fix it. His fascist idealism would cause the tyranny of corporatism to increase, not decrease. After having volunteered to work in dozens of GOP and other third party campaigns since the 1970’s, I can also say that he would have zero chance of becoming President on a third party. But, if he were were elected by some quirk of fate, Congress would not listen to him because they would be obliged to support their own parties. In short, the days of America would be over because there is not much left now.

    • Earth Angel

      I’m with you Fred. I could be happy with either Trump or Kennedy in the WH (I’d like to see what Kennedy could do) and I did like DeSantis as a 3rd choice. Clearly, the liberal Dem’s did not want Kennedy in there and the talking heads have worked very hard to minimize his campaign (so that tells me right away he is a good and decent man who might make a positive difference ) The rest of the field- red or blue – isn’t worth wasting a sneeze on, imo.

  21. Joe

    Trumpster needs to come clean on the death shots.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree.

      • Kay

        Trump Jr. has talked about his dad and jabs on the Tim Pool show. Everyone should watch it!! Jeffery Tucker at Epoch also wrote a long article about what he thinks happened. I think Americans are naive about what a politician goes through. I love CAF, but she didn’t change HUD and experienced lawfare when she became a whistleblower. A politician has tons of spinning plates thrown at them within our country and without. Some plates will hit the person no matter how hard they try. Every American needs to stay engaged and help. One person can’t do it all. Humans are not perfect, unfortunately, and when one is up against the US government, which has unlimited resources…the odds are not in our favor. Americans need to downsize the government and reign it in. The biggest employer in America now is government. We are top-heavy.

        • LINDA J CREAN

          Kay Amen 🙌🙏

    • sam

      02/04/2024 •
      “Greg President Trump can’t come out yet about the shots he’s dealing with all the Law fare NY, Georgia etc against him give him a chance to get out of the courts until he can explain it properly about the 💉💉 Catherine just can’t stand Pres Trump “he’s responsible” that’s not what Karen Kingston said..”….
      ………………..SMART LADY LINDA J CREAN is…….She ain’t gonna let nobody blow smoke up HER assets!

      • Greg Hunter

        You may be right Sam. The lawfare has frozen Trump and trapped him for the time being.

  22. Tom

    Greg…been listening to you for years and never miss an episode, it is the highlight of my week. I do have to disagree with Catherine’s ” what a prudent man would do statement. A prudent man would never allow a Goverment entity to hold any of it assets…I live behind enemy lines in the cheat by mail state of Oregon. There is no way that you could trust a State like this to protect you. Has she actually thought this through. This sounds like a recipe for disaster for your assets. Buy metals and hold yourself…..I appreciate the information she has brought to light over the years, but allowing states to control this with the corruption we have witnessed over the years does not sound like prudent financial advice.

    • Greg Hunter

      Then you will fight alone?

      • X

        Greg are you no longer interviewing Clif High and if not why?

        • Greg Hunter

          I have asked and he has not accepted.

        • barb

          Clif High has stated in his own substack that he is really busy; has to build a new house so his current house can be repaired, amongst other projects.

          Lots of updates on his substack.

    • Diana

      I agree Tom and it isn’t just your state. If you pay close attention most states, even red states swing which ever way the wind is blowing depending on election cycles. I don’t see that as making good decisions or creating trustworthiness. No I don’t trust any level of government to make sound decisions for me. They do, it is our system and we see how that system has worked out for us. They have been stealing everything that is not nailed down for decades and now we are basically broke and they are willing to go directly to WW III to cover up their theft and default. So no thanks.

      • Tin foil hat

        I concur literately with every single word you said. You took the words right off my lips.


      Great report. Storing your private property wealth with the STATE OF EXTORTION regime is not a prudent idea. Those are the same public pretenders that are engaged in rampant fraud, they are in fact of out of trust. I agree with the part about Donald Trump, he authorized “operation warp speed” and has never come clean on that. He also ran on a campaign of draining the swamp and when he was seated he hired the entire swamp to operate his administration. He is popular but those are two flashing red lights that people should look at before they bail in. A lot of people suffered under operation warp speed.

      • Tin foil hat

        I agree but what choice do we have other than Trump?

  23. Paul B.

    Here’s my concern: The State institutions all followed federal “directives” during the COVID plandemic. So how can we trust State run depositories not to follow fed directives when it comes to restricting asset holders to their bullion or, even worse, confiscation of bullion by the feds?

    This is the beef I have with having to put your bullion into an “approved” depository for self-directed IRAs where you can have physical bullion for your assets, but you can’t hold them personally. As the saying goes, “If you can’t stand in front of it and protect it with a 12 gauge, it ain’t yours.”

    • Katy Bar

      How can we trust a government “Intentionally Organizing the Total Replacement of the White American Population” to take good care of our bullion when the government is fully involved in getting rid of us?? Bottom line we must take matters (like our bullion) into our own hands!!

      • Tin foil hat

        I don’t think they are organizing the Total Replacement of the White American Population. I believe they are organizing the Total Replacement of the White Judeo-Christian values or culture.

        I’m not white but I believe I will be replaced too just because I worship Judeo-Christian values.

        Btw, I don’t think the deep state puppet masters are black, brown or yellow. I’m pretty sure they are white or mostly white.

        • Katy Bar

          These Demonic Deep State Reptilians can change their color like salamanders to suit the situation but their camouflage won’t help them if we freeze them solid in liquid oxygen and then break them into pieces before they come back to life to eat the bugs the way they want us to.

          • Tin foil hat

            ” ….. Reptilians …… eat the bugs the way they want us to.”


  24. jay

    If they don’t fix 2020 election, your vote won’t count, might as well write in a ham sandwich for president!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Many Dems are abandoning the Dem party. The Dems are going to have a hard time finding former fellow Dems to help them cheat in 2024.

      Snoop Dog also turning on Dem Plantation party:

      Don’t give up man!! Get involved with your local elections board.

      • Tom

        Greg can you please point to an example where depositing all your precious metals with a government has worked out well for the people so that I might research this further. During covid I refused the shot, I watched every member of my family take it except one. They threatened to destroy our business if we didn’t except and we still refused. In the end they relented and we continued with our business. So in answer to your ? Yes. I think ending Government corruption and the Federal Reserve Central bank system should be done first before we can move forward with something like this.

        • Greg Hunter

          Not exactly what she said. The state needs to have its own bullion depository for collateral also it’s own banking system to make transactions happen in case of the Fed imploding. Some people may deposit their gold there too. (I would not.) Here is a paper on what she is talking about: If the State does not step in to provide a system to conduct business all you have is the FED:

          Did you even listen to the interview?


          • Tom

            Thank you for the reply. I will read the paper and look into this further. I always listen to all your interviews. I will admit I missed the last 20 minutes of this one due to bad internet connection. I have
            A good connection now and will listen again in its entirety. Thanks again for the reply and keep up the good work.👍

  25. Jerry Mabie Sr

    I am getting ready to liquidate all my gold and silver so I will contact your sponsor about the sale. Thanks…

    • Greg Hunter

      You are a fool, and the Central Banks will be buyers of it.

    • Jeffrobbins

      I would caution you about selling. Have you seen a chart of the national debt? Of course, there are always extreme circumstances. An interesting thought experiment is to consider a gold to real estate ratio. Or real thing compared to real thing- could be tractors or livestock. It’s not always buy one and sell the other, sometimes we just need to wait.

    • sdmule

      Can I ask your reason for taking this step?

      • Peter

        I’ll take a stab at Jerry’s reasoning – he’s being paid by some political PR company to troll truth tellers.

      • Tin foil hat

        Jerry is probably over 90 and childless.

  26. Joe

    I agree with CALF on the shots. She is right.

  27. Clive

    Catherine is 100% correct to advocate ‘State Sovereign Banking’ in the context of States taking control of the financial system from Federal abuse. She is also completely correct on the point of the federal government’s unconstitutional implementation of the ‘Fed’.

    She isn’t advocating right now for a National Bank ie. ‘National Sovereign Banking’ in the ‘American System’ as created by Alexander Hamilton, but she is implementing this principle for the States.

    A return to the ‘American System’, NOT the British System in disguise of “Austrian Economics”. She is an irreplaceable Patriot.

    • Pete+only

      Clive, you bring up good points regarding the incompetence of the Federal Government balancing the books.
      The 2023 Federal Deficit has almost doubled over the 2022 numbers.
      In 2022, the Feds collected $5 trillion or $15,098 per citizen, while it had spent $6.5, (a deficit of $1.5 trillion) or $19,433 per citizen.
      In 2023, the Feds deficit rose to $2.7 trillion.
      It seems prudent for states to start taking matters into their own hands.
      Mainstream media continues to spout everything is well.


    Greg President Trump can’t come out yet about the shots he’s dealing with all the Law fare NY, Georgia etc against him give him a chance to get out of the courts until he can explain it properly about the 💉💉 Catherine just can’t stand Pres Trump “he’s responsible” that’s not what Karen Kingston said.Bobby is responsible for his second wife hanging herself because of his 2nd adulterous and flaunting his affair with the movie⭐.If we can face it, God can fix it really? Where is the scripture for that? How is God going to fix those little riped apart babies sew them back together? If she is helping finances Bobby Kennedy then she’s backing abortion and Almighty God is not backing abortion SO GOD IS NOT BACKING Bobby and if she is against people being injected and dieing abortion kills them faster just rip them out. Bobby is also for Climate Change and 15 min cities Catherine mentioned the 15 min cities there putting them up by me Bobby will keep us in the Climate Accord. She’s RICH GREG she won’t have to eat bugs & she’s voting for ONE OF THEM. You know what they say about birds , birds of a feather flock together. She said what side she’s on and it’s NOT “WE THE PEOPLE IT’S LIVES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS” . And she says it every time 🪙
    ” I LOVE 🪙🪙🪙 GOLD Or making 💰💰 money”. Ahh😞 She didn’t look to good kinda disheveled so maybe she’s under pressure or God’s dealing with her about her Climate/abortion Presidential choice 😔 🙏♥️ I hope she sees the 🚨🕯️ danger ⚡ and doesn’t vote against God’s choice because Almighty God & Lord Jesus Christ are not schizophrenic they have one choice Donald John Trump Sr.
    “Choose you this day whom you will serve
    LIFE or DEATH choose LIFE” Jehovah/God
    💰💰💰💰💰💰 or 👶👶🧑‍🤝‍🧑👭👬👫 ? ❤️
    WWGOWGA Q Trust the Plan. Peace🕊️🇺🇸 He might be a Kennedy but he’s not Pres John F Kennedy who was killed on my birthday 11/22/1963 his uncle wouldn’t be killing babies Jackie had 4 children 2 died.
    😢 💕 Love isn’t selfish 💔 their selfish.💰

    • sam

      wow….Honest and from the Heart… for thought!

    • sam

      LINDA J CREAN……It would be nice to have Mr. Hunter interview YOU…You have some remarkable Insight.

    • catherine

      I agree with your wise words….excellent

    • Julia

      Linda, you are kidding right? A question for you. If Trump wins and then once in office proceeds to go after his detractors will you support that as God’s will? A book for you, Rulers of Evil by F. Tupper Saussey. Available in online as pdf or a book.



        Julia No thanks. I already have a wonderful Book 📖.. Before Pres Trump left office he put the military in authority so I’ll be trusting God to work through them to clean out the traitors. Maybe you could look up Derek Johnson on Rumble he is excellent in explaining all the Laws and Orders the White Hats have been operating under. But thanks for the offer about the book 📚📖
        Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ with all your heart ❤️ lean not on your OWN understanding but in all your ways acknowledge HIM and he will direct your path.

      • sam

        julia………”If Trump wins and then once in office proceeds to go after his detractors”…….are you Serious….Detractors???……..How bout TRAITORS…I just Love you Commie Fruitcakes!….actually…I DON’T!

    • Layana

      After all these years of admiring CAF, her endorsement that she says isn’t an endorsement and her non-valid attack on Trump causes me to no longer trust her anymore. That whole spiel about RFK Jr and then the attack on Trump WAS an endorsement….of a man who is pro-abortion and pro a lot of other leftist agendas. I no longer trust her because it was conniving and I saw right through it. I had already shared the link on around 10 social media sites before hearing it all and went back and deleted all my posts. I wonder if she even knows the Pfizer (and probably the others) had a contract with Trump to produce a safe and effective vaccine in accordance with FDA laws and they violated it (per Karen Kingston) and that Birx admitted lying to Trump in her book. Also, he was told it would be impossible for him to fire Fauci, like he wanted to. That was even reported in all the news. I’m done with CAF. She’s dead to me unless she stops her propaganda attack on Trump. You can’t convince me it wasn’t planned to do it on Greg’s show. She spoke very deliberately. Very disappointing.


      Linda to Linda the more I think about it the more it concerns me of a person who wants to set up how we will and what we will use as currency 💵 🪙 💰 in our 50 states. Bad mouthing and saying our real president is either criminal or stupid
      ( TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED she touched Pres DJT with her words on a large platform) and having a BEST FRIEND BOBBY who was a drug addict, alcoholic,adulterer, lier, cheat, always a Democrat he said so ) Hillary lover, climate change enthusiast, hob nobs with the Hollywood gang SHOWS SHE doesn’t have DISCERNMENT concerning
      good or bad people IF she is a Christian
      ( we are supposed to look at their fruit)
      and if she really likes these people it speaks volumes about her real personality and what she is really attempting to accomplish is that why she came back to the USA? An opportunist as someone else said , with a lot of unsavory characters who are 💰 💰💰 RICH & FAMOUS ✨⭐⭐✨ Who will never have to eat bugs 🪲🪲 and don’t have to concern themselves with useless eaters
      ( Henry Kissinger) or sick husbands or wives, sick children and grandchildren like many of us do. She better check her heart and repent ALMIGHTY GOD, JEHOVAH is not putting up with this behavior/sin. He’s making His list and checking it twice. Time ⏰ is up for those who are corrupt. 🙏 🙏 ⏰

  29. Cathie

    I like Catherine Austin Fitts. However, can someone explain to me how the US has a Constitution written on a one page document, but anything presented today as an idea has to be stated in 17 pages. What has happened to straightforward and to the point? Cut the fluff. I think difficult and convoluted is what got us into this mess. IMO.

    • Justn Observer

      Declaration of Independence if that is what you are alluding to is NOT the Constitution with the follow-on Amendments which are certainly more than one page…

  30. Frank Cooper

    US ‘delayed response’ allowed Iranian soldiers to ‘safely evacuate’ from Iraq, Syria/Sky News Australia 43,108 views Feb 2, 2024
    ASPI Senior Analyst Dr Malcolm Davis had misgivings about the United States’ “delay in responding” to the drone attack which killed three soldiers in Jordan as it allowed Iranian commanders and personnel to “safely evacuate” from Iraq and Syria.
    The US has launched retaliatory airstrikes against Iran-backed targets in Iraq and Syria in response to the drone attack.
    US President Joe Biden had previously warned of a ‘tiered response’ over time, so it is this airstrike is unlikely to be the last.
    The US Central Command says the military struck more than 85 targets, using more than 125 precision munitions.
    “I think it was pretty much what I expected,” Dr Davis told Sky News Australia.
    “I did have some misgivings about the delay in responding, and also the way the Biden administration telegraphed its intent to the Iranians to the point whereby the senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps commanders and personnel and the militias could essentially safely evacuate from Iraq and Syria into Iran.
    “So, in the sense by telegraphing that attack, that reduced the effectiveness of that attack in our sense.”

    • Chris

      Why would you want to listen to/watch/read anything coming out of ASPI and its shills? Check out its pedigree. It is a CIA funded front in Australia, and its so-called “experts”, like the one you reference, are all paid for shills for the CIA and deep state US policy. By the way, Biden and co couldn’t claim any high ground because the bases in Iraq, Jordan and Syria are illegal. They are there against the will of the sovereign governments of those countries. You can’t call “foul” when you’re an international law breaker. Thus, they soft peddled to avoid the obvious question. “What are you doing there in the first place? By the way, why anyone would take anything on “deep state” Murdoch’s Australian Sky News” seriously (other than for entertainment) is beyond me.

  31. tim mcgraw

    So the local state thieves in the state capitals want to protect their loot from the federal thieves in Washington DC. Great. That will solve everything.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not every state is like CA.

      • tim mcgraw

        Greg, I agree with you. The states like Tennessee, Texas, and others (gee, these states were part of the Confederacy) had better be ready for the Feds to come looking for that gold. Reminds me of Smaug being attracted to the gold in the Lonely Mountain.
        FDR stole the gold in 1933.
        I’m all for states, counties, and towns having their own gold depositories. That’s how it was in the 1800s in America. No income tax either. No sales taxes. Money backed by gold and silver.
        Go all the way.

      • sam

        You know what they say, Mr Hunter…..California, the State of FRUITS and NUTS……..they sure do have ’em.

        • tim mcgraw

          Sam: And you eat those fruits and nuts from California every day.

          • sam

            not what I meant!……

  32. tim mcgraw

    PS: The last time the states tried to withhold loot (Morrill Tariff Act) from the Federal Government, President Lincoln invaded the Confederacy. 600,000-800,000 Americans died and the South was destroyed.

  33. Gale Strohm

    Did Iranian Agent Serving as Pentagon Chief of Staff Cause Death Of 3 Soldiers? / By AFP Staff February 3, 2024, Views: 6627
    How were terrorists able to perfectly time their drone attack without inside information?

  34. tim mcgraw

    Fiat currency never works! EVERY fiat currency in world history has gone to zero. The fiat currency in the world today will as well.
    The British Pound and American Dollar lasted a long time because it was backed by gold. Now they are losing value fast.
    Half-way measures (Laodicea) will not work.
    Sound currency rewards the worker. Fiat currency rewards the bankers and the government.
    CAF is wrong on this issue.


    Once again Mr Hunter you have presented a stellar interview with CAF ! Thank you !
    I always enjoy her insight and am especially overjoyed to see her pushing Gold and Silver as legal tender … Here in Florida I understand legislation was introduced last December to get the ball rolling in that direction but I haven’t heard where that stands at the moment…I am certainly going to attempt to pass her report along to the Reps that introduced this issue…
    On another note I believe President Trump being surrounded by traitors was hoodwinked into fast tracking the SHOT and will eventually come clean about the entire mess and how it went down at the appropriate time…
    Thanks again and look forward to your next show !

  36. Tony

    “if you don’t hold it you don’t own it” You don’t have the key to the depositories same as the banks…

  37. Felix Lietner

    BREAKING: Tucker Carlson reportedly spotted in Moscow, Russia as speculation swirls that he will be interviewing Vladimir Putin. Carlson said he previously planned on interviewing Putin until he found out the U.S. government was spying on him. “The NSA broke into my signal account, which I didn’t know they could do,” he previously said. ‘”I got a call from somebody in Washington. This person said: ‘Are you gonna come to Washington anytime soon?’ Yeah. Actually, I’m gonna be up in a week, meet me Sunday morning.” “So I go, and this person’s like: ‘Are you planning a trip to go see Putin?’ And I was like, ‘how would you know that?’ I haven’t told anybody. I mean anybody. Not my brother. Not my wife, nobody.” “How would you know that? ‘Because NSA pulled your text with this other person you were texting.’” Good for him. – Collin Rugg
    Democrats and their propagandists in the media are spasaming at the prospect of Tucker Carlson interviewing Putin. They feel entitled to the position of gatekeeper and believe they are the ones who tell you what to think and believe. They HATE when someone like Tucker goes “off script”. We have a free press in this country and its people like Tucker Carlson who we depend on to speak the truth! – Marjorie Taylor Greene

    Tucker DEFIES Federal Government, Spotted in MOSCOW to Interview Putin!? Internet set ABLAZE 🔥 WOWSER!

  38. Candy Nast

    ‘Unlabeled And Unregulated’: Synthetic Milk Protein With 92 Unknown Compounds Used By More Than A Dozen Food Brands
    By CDM Staff January 4, 2024

    • Felix

      Good info thank you for forwarding this info,we know these Luciferian corporations are slowly poisoning us with their gmo and synthetic garbage food.GOD bless

  39. Ian Hamilton

    BREAKING:::?Duh?:Ya Think Mike? Where you been? LOL! . . . . .Ha, he, he!
    Speaker Mike Johnson Drops Bomb: Biden Is Not the One in Charge
    Story by George C. Upper III • 13h
    THE REST of the STORY! Paul Harvey
    Biden Resting After Surgery For Second Brain Aneurysm
    Share free access AP May 4, 1988

  40. sam

    “I LOVE GOLD” (quote CAF)…….isn’t the “love of money,…the root of ALL EVIL?”…..or am I being too literal?….Than again….”I LOVE RIBEYE, Rare+Thick”…

    • Greg Hunter


      CAF was a former investment advisor with a global client base. She loves gold as an investment and a core asset.


    • Tod Mills

      I suspect that she meant that she prefers gold over other so-called “money” because of the impossibility of creating it out of thin air, its long history of use as money, and the considerable utilitarian value.

  41. Robert Dziok

    Blue states are too broke and in debt to protect citizens from anything. They only look to milk those who work with more taxes to give “Free Stuff” to Illegal Aliens and “Entitled Ones” who never worked a day in their lives. Such will be in for a very bad financial “Reality Check” soon reaping what they sowed.

  42. James Macareo

    Ivermection is available over the counter in Tennessee but you can only get 3mg tablets and they are charging 26 dollars a pill.
    The 12 MG tablets need a prescription.
    According 12 MG is needed for 90 pounds of body weight so a 200 pound adult need at least 2 12 MG tablets.
    So Tennessee pharmacy are ripping people off and yo a CAF telling people that Tennessee has Ivermection over the counter is a scam and needs to be exposed and shut down.
    I took a chance and ordered Ivermection and HCQ directly from India 🇮🇳 and it took 30 days to receive it because it had to go through several countries to get past US Customs and 500 12mg pills was 150 USD.
    Rd vision was the pharmacy. Please don’t remove this post because this is a life and death situation and people need this information to stay alive because being a pure blood I am getting sick from being exposed to shedding at least once a week If not more.

  43. Roger Stamper

    tks catherine greg

  44. James Macareo

    You sell sat phones and think they are full proof against emp or cme.
    I am a electronics engineer and the sat phones need a LES land earth 🌎 station to operate which requires power to work.
    People who have these phones think that the antenna 📡 is connected directly to the low earth orbit sat for iridium and geosynchronous sat for I Sat .This is incorrect, all communications are sent to the LES and then the LES sends the communication to the satellite.
    So in conclusion if the LES loses power or in worse case scenario the satellite is taken out you will not have any communications at all.
    I am a HAM radio operator and have portable HAM radio equipment that is protected from emp and cme’s that are 12vdc that can be charged by simple power supply devices and all my cars,house and generators are all protected by EMP shield and go dark devices.
    Even my CB in my truck is protected with a device connected to the antenna 📡 to prevent any damage from the input to the antenna
    Please don’t remove this post because people need this information including yourself to help people find out the truth and make the right decision to be a prudent man.
    I am a senior affiliate of EMP Shield and know what I am talking about.
    Do your own research and just don’t believe what I am telling you and be diligent with what you find and be honest with the information to your viewers.

    • Jasmine Tai

      thanks for the info, but have you checked it out with Clif High because he knows about everything, from cell phones to small arms rail-guns, from grannies in EVs to college dropouts riding around in anti-grav space ships.

      • James Macareo

        I think it’s a good idea to change your water in your bong and when you take your anti psychotic medication try breaking the pill in half.

        • LINDA J CREAN

          James I think Jasmine was 😂 kidding, I hope she was?

  45. Agnes

    As an aside, your skin glows like the sunshine in green.
    I felt healthy watching you.

  46. Sammy

    Someone needs to tell Catherine Austin Fitts that President Trump won the 2020 election in a MASSIVE historical landslide. Anyone who opposes President Trump is working for the communists who couped our nation, and that includes climate alarmist RFK. As for President Trump pushing the vaccine, he had to do it this way, or we would still be locked down. As Greg said, it’s in the contract that the vaccine had to be safe and effective. Be patient and wait for Trump to throw down the Trump card. Big Pharma is not going to be so big when this is all said and done; they are being exposed on a grand scale to massive genocide/ domocide. Thank you, Greg, for all you do. You’re the best news source. The end of this podcast turned my stomach when CAF threw down on Our President and still CIC. God bless you, Greg; you’re a lone warrior of truth. 

  47. Charles


    Can we replace Yellen with Fitts?

    • Greg Hunter

      That would be a fantastic trade.

  48. Dan Fournier

    In your next talk with Catherine, how about asking her if she would consider running for Governor in Tennessee?

  49. Rod Brumley Sr Lt. Colonel USMC (ret.)

    The key is to have a significant amount of Silver and gold to protect your ability to survive what is coming – actually what is already here just disguised. Cash will be needed in the shorter term also so make sure you have your powder dry. As Greg mentions repeatedly make sure you have the title of your vehicle and house and both are in great shape. Food and water along with generators and weapons. Of course weapons are no good without ammo.
    In God I Trust

  50. Jared

    Please Catherine,

    Come to Virginia and help us set up a Bullion Depository. It will probably be difficult because we have so many democrats, but we have made some inroads on the conservative side!

  51. John

    I always scratch my head when (smart) people take the opportunity to promote their agenda. I for one who could never stand RFK jr. gave him praise for his stance on vaccines. It’s because he said “his voice is a result of vaccine injury. Other than that he has supported central control and everyone on the left who campaigned for it. His campaign manager is Denise kooksentich who held out for Obama to promise him in a closed deal to support Obama care. And he got it, the controll of your health freedom. Remember VP Joe saying “ this is a big f****** deal. And what did RFK jr. think of the dossier of Russia against trump? The the destruction of cell phone evidence. What did RFK jr. think of Hillary? He thought she would make a good president and campaigned for her. Katherine has a short term memory, but after all in my opinion she is an opportunist. She is back In Tennessee, I thought she left the country because of threats on her life! Smart woman but if you listen long enough you see an opportunist capitalizing on a new opportunity and promoting her political agenda. Just my perspective.

  52. G. Cracker

    Syria Drops ISIS Bombshell After U.S. Airstrikes On Iran-Linked Targets; ‘USA Targeted Those…’Hindustan Times 30,487 views Feb 3, 24
    [We’re Back Supporting ISIS? Putin’s fighter Jet’s incoming? Where’s Lindsey in all this?] John McCain rest his soul.
    Syria made a big charge on the US after its forces targeted several strikes and towns in the eastern region on February 2. The Syrian Defence Ministry said that the US is trying to revive the Islamic State in the Middle East. It added that “the area targeted by the American attacks in eastern Syria is the same area where the Syrian Arab army fights the remnants of the ISIL [ISIS] terrorist organisation.”

    Russia SHOCKS The US By Developing 3 New Advanced Weapons!
    Tech Beat 11,296 views Feb 1, 2024

  53. Jeff M

    I believe there is a lack of trust about most things these days, particularly when it comes to government. I think CAF’s idea about state banks and bullion depositories are a great one. Unfortunately, with the way things are, we could have Chinese tanks rolling down American streets soon. I’m for a depository and state banks, but not until the mess in this country gets straightened out. Meanwhile, any “assets” I may have are going to remain “buried in an undisclosed location.”

    The sheriff in my county has always been a democrat. The last election for sheriff we had three choices in the general election – Democrat, Democrat, and Democrat- even though it’s supposed to be a “non-partisan” position.

    Banks are in a bad way. They can’t make money through loans. Why? Businesses are laying off. Business is slowing. The consumer is tapped out and broke. How are the banks going to make money? The banks that have gold and silver bullion, you know the ones that control LIBOR and manipulate the price of bullion DOWNWARD. They are going to take their foot off the brake on the spot price of bullion SOON. The price of bullion will surge, increasing the asset values of the banks (the big banks, anyway), keeping the banks solvent… for a while. Expect many banks to go under in 2024.

  54. Mike

    Well, big Bobby fan huh?
    She supports the guy who believes in global warming, Black Lives Matter, and big government who has called for removing from society people like Glenn Beck. He will fix America!
    Umm, no.
    She also denied a third avenue of Donald Trumps choice for the clot shots. That he as a former business man, not a lifelong politician, trusted the elite health folks who pulled the wool over his eyes as they did the rest of America. I do believe his one failing is to admit that he was wrong and take the hit to his ego. Poor guy was surrounded by the deep state and trying to figure out who he could trust on the fly without much backup?

  55. Susan R

    The hounds of Hell are already surrounding US and just waiting for the horns to blare. I have heard we will be required to house migrants in our own homes and now the state I live in has made a declaration. Furthering conversations on any other topic is a waste of time, it is all over if we are forced to NOT barricade ourselves from this invasion but open our doors to it. The governor of my state just said that we should support Texas keeping the border wall strong. It is almost election time, an event I doubt will happen, and Dems are rushing to get on the right side after the event has been going on for years. Watch Tucker’s interview of Bret Weinstein who was down in the Darien Gap. This mayhem will progress to an all-out WWIII, not civil war. We are already funding the beginning of it with the war on Iran. Our long and tired attempt to forgo gold for fiat is at an end and Catherine knows we need to return to sound money, but I think it is too late in the game, the gates of Hell have been open for too long and nobody seems to notice. This is gasping for the last remnants of oxygen.

    • Sue Cook

      I concur. Bret a biologist, bravely did what any so-called journalist should be doing. Covering the Darian nightmare, where these people are goaded to desperation from our own U.S. government and are forced through the gauntlet, between North and South America and the only people, that are the Chinese, are building a road and bridge across the Gap, to stop the slaughter of these innocents and stop the Biden administration plans of letting the weak die off in the jungle and getting what they think, the cream of the crop, to invade our country!
      When the American people find out what’s going on down there, there will be Hell to pay! Mark my words Dr. Jill!

      Tucker Carlson RangoMC February 2, 2024, 60,780 views
      Bret Weinstein traveled to the Darien Gap to understand who’s behind the invasion of our country. His conclusion: “it’s not a friendly migration.”

  56. Carol Stream

    Has anybody noticed, Angels no longer appear to God’s people on earth, as they did when they delivered the apostles of Jesus from prison. (Acts 5:18, 19) Nevertheless, if we worship God according to his Word, the Bible, we can rest assured that God’s invisible, powerful angelic forces will protect us. The Bible says: “The angel of Jehovah is camping all around those fearing him, and he rescues them.” (Psalm 34:7; 91:11) Why should this comfort us? Because there are dangerous enemies in the spirit realm who want to destroy us!
    Did you know, not all of God’s angels stayed faithful to God. Some rebelled against him. They made themselves enemies of God and enemies of people on earth. How did this come about? All the angelic creatures that God created were righteous and good. However, one of these perfect spirit sons wanted people to worship him and acted on this wicked desire. That spirit creature was given the name Satan, which means “Resister [of God].” He is also called Devil, which means “Slanderer,” since he speaks wicked lies about God.
    Satan pressures humans to join him in rebellion against God. Consider what he did to God’s faithful servant Job. Job was a very rich man. He owned 7,000 sheep, 3,000 camels, 1,000 cows and bulls, plus 500 she-asses. He also had ten children and many servants. First, Satan killed Job’s animals and servants. Next, he caused “a great wind” to wreck a house, killing all of Job’s children. After that, Satan tormented Job with “a malignant boil from the sole of his foot to the crown of his head.”​—Job 1:3-19; 2:7.
    Despite this bitter trial, Job remained faithful to God. So Jehovah healed him and “began to give in addition all that had been Job’s, in double amount.” (Job 42:10) Satan failed to break Job’s integrity, but he has succeeded in turning many other people from God. The Bible says: “The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.”​—1 John 5:19. Have you noticed that lately?
    Satan wants us to worship him. This was made clear in his temptation of Jesus 2,000 years ago. The Bible relates: “The Devil took [Jesus] along to an unusually high mountain, and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory, and he said to him: ‘All these things I will give you if you fall down and do an act of worship to me.’” Jesus refused, saying: “Go away, Satan! For it is written, ‘It is the Lord your God you must worship, and it is to him alone you must render sacred service.’” (Matthew 4:8-10) Jesus clearly knew God’s law, and he did not do what Satan wanted.
    Other angels joined Satan in rebellion against God. These demon angels are enemies of people on earth. They are cruel and vicious. In the past, they made some people speechless and blind. (Matthew 9:32, 33; 12:22) Others they made sick or caused to act insane. (Matthew 17:15, 18; Mark 5:2-5) They even tormented children.​—Luke 9:42.
    Like Satan, these wicked spirits want to be worshiped. Instead of rejecting worship from humans​—recognizing that worship belongs only to God—​they crave it, they seek it, and they promote it. Through trickery, lies, and fear, Satan and the demons have made people worship them. Of course, not many people know that they worship Satan and his demons. Most people would be shocked to learn that maybe their religion honors Satan. Yet, the Bible warns: “The things which the nations sacrifice they sacrifice to demons, and not to God.”​—1 Corinthians 10:20.
    One way Satan and his demons mislead people into worshiping them is by spreading wrong ideas about those who have died. Let’s see what the Koran teaches about Jesus.

    The Koran refers to the miraculous birth of Jesus at Surah 19 (Mary). It says: “We sent to [Mary] Our spirit in the semblance of a full-grown man. And when she saw him she said: ‘May the Merciful defend me from you! If you fear the Lord, leave me and go your way.’ ‘I am the messenger of your Lord,’ he replied, ‘and have come to give you a holy son.’ ‘How shall I bear a child,’ she answered, ‘when I am a virgin, untouched by man?’ ‘Such is the will of your Lord,’ he replied. ‘That is no difficult thing for Him. “He shall be a sign to mankind,” says the Lord, “and a blessing from Ourself. This is Our decree.”’”
    Now you know the rest of the story!

  57. Betsy Wroth

    this techie guy abandoned the golden parachute — aka Jesus Christ — and took up the newage parachute offered by Clif & Company:
    (1 min clip)

  58. Foggy Bottoms

    “Fog of War” – The Scary Truth About Ukraine and Russia
    Valuetainment 394,486 views Jan 31, 2024
    Patrick Bet-David explains what is really happening between Ukraine and Russia. Additionally, how the missile shortage is threatening the security of European members of NATO.

  59. Russ McMeans

    Greetings Sir Greg; awesome interview with our favorite lady! I moved to Nevada and licensed my truck there from California, but Nevada has been liberalized by Calitopians – especially Clark County where Las Vegas is, so they override the wishes of most Nevadans.
    So my plan B is to move to Arizona or Southern Utah. They’re much more conservative. The bonus is I’ll be moving there w Nevada license plates. Californians are frowned upon in most states. I’ve prepared as much as is possible, everything is paid off and I store food and cash- etc. It’s really sad to see the corruption and horrible foreign policy our woke federal government is stewing in. Then they blame us or the Russians but never themselves. Meanwhile China and Iran are left to continue their evil ways.

  60. Russ McMeans

    I’m predicting that corrupt California will try to seize their citizen’s wealth including any bullion they may own. I don’t put it past them to do anything evil.

    • Greg Hunter

      Move to Tennessee.

      • Jerry

        Easier said than done! I was very fortunate to get out of CA about a year and half prior to convid 19.

  61. Bill

    Col. Macgregor was interviewed on recently.
    Colonel MacGregor seems to be, a reliable source of information about the War in GAZA. He says, there is “No Evidence”, that Iran is trying to start a War with the U.S. Col. MacGregor says, the War Hawks in D.C, keeping on pushing for a War with Iran. Col. Macgregor is of the opinion, if we start a War with Iran, that would create a 3 Front War, that we would, have to fight. The U.S would have a lot of Stress, fighting 3 Wars. If we start a War with Iran, then the 3,000-5,000 Hezbollah and Hamas (already in the U.S (due to the Open Southern Border) would start to Destroy our infrastructure internally. So, we really don’t need a War with Iran. Greg, please bring on Colonel MacGregor and interview him!

    • Greg Hunter

      Macgregor makes some good points, and he is a smart military man, but Iran FUNDS HAMAS. Iran also funds Hezbollah. How do you miss this fact? Is Col. Macgregor biased? Why does he leave out the other very important side of the story. I agree there is genocide, but it comes from Hamas. Hamas conducts war operations from civilian areas such as hospitals, schools, universities and refugee camps. This is well reported and well documented. If Hamas was so worried about protecting lives of civilians, they should go out in the rural areas (you can see this on Google Maps) outside of the cities and take on the IDF with the civilian population at their backs. They do not do this because Hamas has stated many times, on the record, they want a high civilian body count to garner sympathy from the world. The collateral damage it simply part of the plan to destroy Israel. How do you leave out a war strategy this dark and evil? When the IDF drops leaflets warning civilians of a coming battle and tell civilians to evacuate, Hamas tells them to stay and sometimes are told this at gunpoint. This is a well reported and established fact. Why is this ignored by Col. Macgregor?

      It was also well reported the Hamas on October 7th raped Israeli women outside in a circle, and when the last rapist was finishing up, he either blew her brain s out or slit her throat. There are many civilian reports witnessing this, and I think there is video as well because the Hamas monsters had Go Pro cameras on their heads, so they could record all the gruesome details.

      So, Col. Macgregor is with Hamas?

      I have lots more to add about the other side of the story, but I go to go.

      Oh yeah, and one question you should ask Col. Macgregor. “Does Israel have right to exist?” The answer is a simple YES or NO.

      This way we know where everybody is coming from.

      I say YES because it is in the Bible and it is God’s word. (Isaiah 56 1)


      • Bill Holder

        Greg you said… “but Iran FUNDS HAMAS. Iran also funds Hezbollah.”

        To be honest, we are. Get your thinking cap. Why they receive pallets full of cash from “US”?

        Iran is going to be a huge surprise when the truth comes out. Who do you think ISIS is, it “IS ISrael”. It is a dark opperation from you know who. Trump cut the funding and they went away, right?

        Gen Wesley Clark said 7 middle eastern countries. Lebanon, Syria, Egipt, Jordan… They are all around who?

        People will loose it when the real truth comes out. The ones you call allies, will be the darkest enemies. I am just going to sit and wait, sipping my coffee and saying…. ” I told you so.”

        Count Richard Cunderhover-Kalergi; check on that piece of art. Want to know the plan for mass migration? Find his quotes are about. A total Globalist A-Hole and you can see that plan is in motion today.

        “The key to Coudenhove-Kalergi’s Pan-Europe was democracy; Pan-Europe would be open to liberal democratic states. Interestingly, Pan-Europe excluded both Russia and Britain. The former country had opted for another political system while Britain “had grown out of Europe” and had become an entity in its own right.”

        • Greg Hunter

          Iran still FUNDS HAMAS. Iran also funds Hezbollah.”

          • Bill Holder

            Follow the $$$ 😉

      • Bill

        Thanks Greg for your comments. Yes, I have heard, it reported that Iran funds Hamas, maybe on your show and some other show. Col. MacGregor seems truthful, as far as I can tell. However, I’m sure you have better News sources, than I do! Yes, I am open, to hear how MacGregor sides with Hamas/Hezbollah when you get around to it. Thank you, for broadcasting the Real News!

        • Greg Hunter


          The question for the Col. is “Does Israel have a right to exist. Yes or NO.

          I say Yes, and the Bible says YES too. Be careful what side you pick, (Genisis 12:3)

          Thanks for being civil.


          • Tin foil hat

            Wounded ISIS fighters were treated in Israel.

            How did ISIS sell the stolen oil from Syria? The answer is Israel.

            How did the four dancing Israelis know about 9/11 before the attack?

            Iran funds Hamas but so do we. Come to think of it, didn’t we fund Iran too when Obama gave them billions in cash bills.

            With that said, I still side with Israel for now. I don’t blame them (for now) for doing all the dirty works on behalf of the Deep State. Surviving could be a dirty business and I believe Israel have a right to exist.

          • LINDA J CREAN

            Hi Greg I read 2/3 of Israel will be destroyed and 1/3 will run for the mountains and cry out for Jesus and get saved. Maybe this is what will finally bring them to Messiah our Lord Jesus Christ 🙏
            Also my husband Bob’s doctor just called half an hour ago we saw him yesterday at Asplundh Cancer Pavilion Bob has been fighting it for 7 years with 2 💉💉 midway the cancer just showed up again in his thorax and lumbar more Pet scans and treatments if anyone wants to pray 🙏♥️ for him he made a lot of mistakes he had a LIBERAL
            mother but needn’t die like this this is not God’s will for anyone. For the LORD JESUS CHRIST is GOOD and FULL OF Compassion TENDER HEARTED AND FULL OF MERCY THE LORD JESUS IS GOOD TO ALL AND HIS
            Thank you. Linda

          • Katy Bar

            Doesn’t anyone ever learn from history?? I too believe “Israel Has The Right To Exist” but by the current Great King of Judea using the evil tactics of Herod (as found in Matthew 2:16 – 18 (just because “he was outwitted by Hamas on the battlefield”) may in fact lead to Israel “not being allowed to exist”!! Does anyone remember when Hezbollah outwitted Israel on the battlefield in 2000 (and forced Israel to end its occupation of South Lebanon) Israel did not respond by killing all their first born!! So what makes Hamas an exception?? Netanyahu is acting like some “Prince of Peace” will arise from Palestine and must be stopped “at any cost” (but it didn’t work for Herod and most likely won’t work to Israel’s advantage this time around)!!! We Who Want Israel To Survive don’t need Bribe’n making matters worse by now sending American troops to the Middle East (which can only inflame things even more)!! Perhaps even to the point where “All Of America’s First Born Are Annihilated In A Nuclear Holocaust” (which would make Klaus Schwab at WEF jump for joy)!!! But it seems the Deep State thinks (like Madeleine Albright did) that risking such Nuclear Annihilation to get Bribe’n elected is well worth it!!!

  62. Russ McMeans

    I don’t want to get off topic here with wonderful Catherine; but I think Kamala Harris would make a perfect candidate for president because she will do what she’s told to do and Obama is really in charge- it’s obvious because his policies bleed through Biden and Washington DC. If they can just keep Biden alive till Election Day then Biden can hand over the presidency to Kamala.

  63. Russ McMeans

    I remember Mark Levin warning about how dangerous Obama was in 2007. People were so stupid to vote for that Marxist. And now here we are. A complete S Show!

  64. M.L.Haldane

    White people dream of going south to the tropics and more sunshine vitamin D3. Brown people dream of going north and less free vitamin D3.
    Whites getting tanner and Browns getting lighter and never the twain shall meet, except maybe in the Darian? Go west young man, CHINA!

    Illegal immigrants are ‘everywhere,’ multiple Americans warn
    Fox News 43 minutes ago

  65. Belt & Road

    I Visited World’s Largest Tech Show…What I Saw Shocked Me!
    Cyrus Janssen 21,459 views Feb 4, 2024
    CES is the World’s Largest Tech Show and incredibly over 1/3 of the companies come directly from China. China is the 2nd largest economy in the world and a leading producer in tech. To be honest it’s impossible to host a tech show and not have China involved, so join me as we experience CES 2024 and explore how China is influencing the future of tech!

  66. George

    Great interview.. she is one smart lady. The corruption of state officials is known already and will be coming to light along with the Federal corruption.
    The liberal woke states will be a challenge to turn around..

  67. Tod Mills

    Normally, I like most of what Catherine Austin-Fitts says, but listen to this bit early on in the video a few times and ask yourself if it makes any sense at all: “If we’re going to have individual sovereignty, we need governments that can provide sovereignty.” (2:14)

    Catherine, if one is governed, one cannot be sovereign, by definition. I recommend that you watch an old video on You Tube called “The Philosophy of Liberty” to help clear away such inconsistencies of thought.

    • Greg Hunter

      You totally missed the point. Did you even listen to the interview?

  68. tomas Dowight

    NATO is collapsing like the Soviet Union, by the same mistake.
    Thinkers Forum 74K views

    • Saved by Grace

      Shirl, I told a joke one time to a friend who owned China Kitchen for many years. I was a pearl diver for his restaurant and we ate together, at the end of day of work. Jimmy, told me that was the best Chinese joke he had ever heard. Last one Jimmy I am turning a new leaf, no more chinese jokes. Jim, said ok no more pee in your tea ! I said what ! He said, yes us Chinese Joke different.

  69. Kyle

    Has DJT disavowed the ClotShot?

    If not why not?

    If he doesn’t why should I or anyone else vote for him?

    3 simple questions…will I be answered or censored by Mr. Free Speech Greg Hunter???

    • Greg Hunter

      Has Joe Biden disavowed the clot shot? HE was the one that mandated it 3 years ago. You are not worried about that troll boy????
      Don’t come back.

    • Cliff Lemmings

      Kyle, Donald and Melania are both, shot and boostered! So he’s human and was snookered like the majority of ignorant Americans. Blame Rachel Madcow for that ignorance!

  70. Robert Reid

    Russia Demilitarizing NATO | Larry C. Johnson
    Dialogue works 6 hours ago
    Larry C. Johnson is a veteran of the CIA and the State Department’s Office of Counter Terrorism. S.D.O.C.T.

    • Shiloh1

      I liked ‘when Larry said Mayor Clown In Chicago’ and comparing the delusional European elites to ‘mange poodles at a dog show’ halfway through.

  71. danknight

    Well, we love Catherine, but …

    We will never support RFK, Jr. … Not in a thousand years.

    Mr. Trump is surrounded by weasels, and he’s made many mistakes, but some of us understand these mistakes quite well. In fact, it’s hard to imagine any situation in which Mr. Trump could be both a candidate for POTUS, and pro-American, and not fall for these errors.

    Someone like myself can understand his situation because me and mine and people like us have been destroyed by the anti-American nightmare we’ve been living through since the Vietnam era or Jimmy Carter era.

    As for Mr. RFK Jr., we live in the world he wanted. I do not doubt his sincerity and honesty, and I applaud his good intentions …

    But I lived through BLEEP ALL American scientists and engineers. And besides my own experience, I’ve reviewed literally hundreds of government files covering the entire history of environmental, health, and safety regulation in this country.

    And I’ve personally dealt with it many times as both a corporate engineer and a government engineer. The story is always the same – more or less … It begins with SCARY SCIENCE! We’re ALL going to DIE! … And the cause was always business …

    And when the laws are written, and the regulations are promulgated … surprise, surprise, surprise … to channel Gomer Pyle … small American business is the ROOT of ALL EVIL (Whether they’re an advanced manufacturer like no other on Earth, or a bakery making pet treats.) … but amazingly …

    International corporations with armies of lawyers, accountants, and, of course, lobbyists … PURE, PERFECT, and INFALLIBLE. And actual science and engineering be damned. Much less any of the other numerous crimes these criminals and traitors are involved in.

    This is the inevitable result of Government Uber Alles politics. Regardless of party labels or so-called ideologies. It’s just corruption, bribes, and cheating.

    The GOPe has a lot to answer for, and they barely allow anyone to have enough oxygen to discuss any pro-American activity in public. But behind the scenes, the Democrats have been supporting anything anti-American for decades. Often with our money.

    I won’t go into the details; as any single instance would require a ‘white paper’ just to explain basic mechanics of the scams. But anyone who would place our lives in the hands of regulators must be stopped. Such power combined with the power to “fund” from the public trust creates a diabolical government-private-traitor-trust that frankly makes the military industrial complex look like patriots.

    God bless you and everyone here at USAWatchdog. Your work is much appreciated.

  72. Justn Observer

    Greg, so as to Robert Malone….first one needs to acknowledge this =
    ( FOUND ON THIS LINK within the first link of below
    …click on link =
    The ‘Malone Institute’, founded by critical mRNA researcher Dr. Robert Malone, has published a list of the approximately 3,800 graduates of the WEF’s “Global Leaders of Tomorrow” and “Young Global Leaders” cadre.

    One should at least memorize the names of Schwab students in one’s own country – because to what extent these politicians, media professionals, entrepreneurs, and co. act for the interests of the citizens is highly questionable.

    The institute’s website reads:

    The Malone Institute (primarily Dr. Jill Glasspool-Malone and Anita Hasbury-Snogles), in collaboration with the Pharos foundation and Pharos Media Productions in Sweden, has invested months and hundreds of labor hours to mine existing and historic publicly available data sources to develop a detailed summary of graduates from two WEF training programs; the World Economic Forum’s Global Leaders of Tomorrow (a one-year program that ran from 1993 to 2003) and Young Global Leaders (a five-year program started 2004/2005 and still running).

    These people have been intentionally and internationally deployed as foreign agents representing the interests of the WEF members to “penetrate the global cabinets of countries” as well as a wide range of key business sectors, including banking/finance, other business sectors (including health and biotechnology), academia and health, media, technology, logistics, arts and culture, sports, politics, and government, think tanks, telecommunications, real estate, financial investment/holding companies, a variety of non-governmental organizations, energy, aerospace, and military, food and agriculture.

    The document with all names can be downloaded = here.

    The list goes far beyond big names like Bill Gates, Angela Merkel, Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, or Mark Zuckerberg. It includes people from all the sectors mentioned above in pretty much every country.

    FOR U.S. Politicians click on LINK of the MALONE INSTITUTE LINK =

    elise stefanik? BEING CONSIDERED FOR A VP SLOT?
    Gavin Newsom CONSIDERED TO REPLACE BIDEN if he does not run?
    George P. Bush, didn’t he try to kneecap AG PAXTON OF TEXAS?
    Samantha Power, Wasn’t she along with Susan Rice to get informantion on TRUMP AND his picks for cabinet positions…wife of Obama buddy Cass Sustein and his book called, NUDGE?

    This list is open to corrections and additions, should anyone spot an error or have more information. Please write to us at [email protected] if you have additional information, details, or corrections.

    CLICKING ON THE Global Leaders of Tomorrow LINK =


  73. FreeBirdJohnny

    There’s No need to poison off Americans (to stop Government payouts) with prescription Drugs and Vaxxes. Americans have become way too obese, sedentary and lazy which will kill us off quick enough.
    Our next Pres’ should maybe research the killing foods (ex, corn-Fructose, etc) AND killing drugs and with accompanying proof, legislate them away…Unless they Do want us Dead.

  74. J Harper

    Ft Knox is near Louisville Kentucky. Ft Cambell is in between Tennessee (Clarksville) and Kentucky (Paducah). The base has 2 addresses on both states,it sit right on the border.

  75. Colin Maxwell

    Congrats Greg – what an extraordinary interview with CAF – so many gems in here, and great to see her ‘Back in the USA’!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Colin.

  76. Forrest Byers

    For your information, Check out Glint, a gold backed MasterCard Debit Card ! Simple, clean and efficient. stops inflation right at your front door! A real primer for honesty and God’s people, thank you Jesus, our Redeemer, amen .

  77. Margo Detken

    Not sure what some of the consternation is about with what CAF has to say regarding banks. Sovereign and State?!? Say no more! Its how it should be, whether we are talking state assets in dollars or metals being held outside the FED banks and their control. You know, way back in them olden days states were in charge of their own banks. And, yes I am familiar with all the historical issues and uncertainties of this financial system our country has experienced, but the point still remains. Each STATE needs to begin acting as the Constitutionally sovereign entity it was intended to be in all the capacities it has under the Constitution. Personally I don’t think I would ever aquire enough metals to necessitate holding it in ANY depository (esp after having 50K in assets stolen from a required IRA depository). But if I had a business with cash assets or large wealth….try holding 500k in silver in your basement! I think this is a good idea overall. Would I trust MY current corrupt blue state with a depository? Heck no! But, I’d move to TN. ; )

  78. Martha Edin

    Greg, I am wondering, since Ivermectin can be purchased “over the counter” in Tennessee, does that mean that it is on the shelf and one can just pick up a bottle or two? Or does it have to be purchased through the pharmacist? I will be in Tennessee in June and would like to pick up some. If you don’t know the answer, do you know how I could find out?

    Thank you. Love your interviews.

  79. John

    Mr. Hunter, what happens to the states position on making gold silver money if the feds make holding gold/silver illegal?

    • Greg Hunter

      Civil War.

  80. Vivian Beckingham

    Mr. Hunter, my 3rd request.
    President Trumps Warp speed does not have anything to do with the speed this killer Vax was given to people. Believe it or not, it was about putting a monkey wrench into the deepstate/cabal agenda. I am not sure if I found out this truth from Derek Johnson, but I am very sure he knows the Warp speed truth. It is said that, if you ask a question, the love based higher power (whatever your name is for It, will provide an answer), since It loves divine truth. A lot of my questions were answered by Mr. Johnson. If you could interview him before the Super Bowl that would be helpful in helping people to deal with what is on it’s way.

  81. Vivian Beckingham

    Mr. Hunter,
    If for some reason you are not a Derek Johnson fan, I have another alternative. Mr. Pascal Najadi recently did an interview with Christopher James on his website, A Warrior Pascal Najadi — Our World Must Know He is a friend of Mr. Johnson. He is sharing his own and Derek Johnson’s information, although I did not hear him mention Warp speed. I might have found out about Warp speed on the Restored Republic site. Derek Johnson and others are often link to in this site.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t know who he is. Not against any patriot.


      • sam

        Derek Johnson……is a walking constitutionalist……and Patriotic Military Vet

        • LINDA J CREAN

          Sam Yes Derek Johnson is such a blessing he’s so smart I have to go back and listen to his posts 3 or 4 times he speaks of our government Laws & Orders nothing to debate it’s all in black and white . He’s so pleasant and positive about our country and the future and Pres Trump really likes him and has had him to his house in Florida. Dr Jan Halper Haise who worked for Pres Trump and shares about what is happening with Derek on different shows she has a Sub stack she leaves up her best posts that I reread regularly. I have been watching them both for over a year on Rumble on Elijah Stream.

  82. SkeptiSchism

    I’m glad more people are coming on board with this idea. It’s entirely possible for state treasuries to build repositories and then issue claims on the gold, or silver which would be encrypted on a blockchain. And also fully fungible, so that you could make a deposit of say 20 ounces of silver you’d get a claim for 19.5 digital ounces of silver (0.5 ounces seigniorage for the state) or exchange digital back for physical metal.

    I think states should lay down some laws though in that it should always be legal to exchange your metal for a digital equivalent in weight or it should also be legal to make any purchase/exchange in person as physical metal keeping your identity secret. Because mostly this system they want is all about control. Without it, no one would use their notes now.

    Also, gold wire can be spun down to micrometers in width and then the threads printed into a plastic node. Special ATMs could distribute fractional ounces of gold embedded in the notes, weight specified on the bill.

    Then the gold crypto ounce can compete directly with bitcoin in price and we’ll see how it performs. But the important thing is that the economy has a back-up system in case the dollar system goes bankrupt and it will.

  83. SkeptiSchism

    Sorry wanted to add that you might check out Keith Weiner over at Monetary Metals, they have a system that you invest your physical gold and you get physical interest return on the metal you invested. No exchange back into dollars at all, other than the initial purchase.

    Also, state banks can issue gold bills of credit which the system was using before the civil war and it made global trade highly efficient. High efficiency lower prices. So really when you see that encrypted blockchains can be what banks used to be when this current money system was invented are obsolete.

  84. Jeffrobbins

    I wonder if a shortcut to her approach would be litigation by a number of states suing the federal government over Nixon’s “temporary” separation of gold from the dollar. 50 years is hardly temporary. There is no amendment that does away with gold and silver coin for payment. Im not a lawyer, but it seems like plain text to me- in the constitution. It’s possible that the real goal (her goal) is power returning to the states which i whole heartily agree with. But, if we can’t return to the constitution then the country is done- maybe we’re already there. We’re going to need hard times before we can find our way- maybe a generation or two. I think she is spot on about a steady erosion- take a look at Argentina folks- been sliding down for 80 years. I have given a lot of thought to leaving some piece of real estate and/or gold to each of my 4 kids. —- We really need to keep an ear open to city and state budgets being busted due to the migrants coming in. This looks like a receipt for martial law- maybe in time for the fall election?.

  85. charles Bennett

    What about
    Should we support these Goldbacks that have the actual gold inside the bill they are paying you with.
    This is the future of money!

  86. Paul

    All of our politicians, state and federal, need to be drug and alcohol tested. There are too many bad things going on for this to not be a factor.

  87. Stephanie in Fayette County, TN.

    I will always be indebted to Catherine Austin Fitts & Greg Hunter for having Catherine on as a guest years ago talking about the shots as a bio-weapon. There also is a financial advisor on another website named Chris Martenson who has a Pd.D. in Pathology from Duke. Catherine Austin Fitts, Greg Hunter & Chris Martenson were all very brave very early on taking every opportunity to inform the public of the truth. We were riveted by what we learned from them then & listened. I am so grateful for the impact their integrity & love has had on our health. THANK YOU!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Stephanie, for the very kind words!

  88. Riverman

    All great concepts to do on the state level. WHY DO WE NOT DO THE SIMPLE LEGAL PROTESTS.
    1) Fill out a W-4 stop letting the government hold your money for the tax year.
    2) File your income taxes on paper by mail. Less than 5% do at this time. If 40% would files by paper the system would seize up. If you owed your check would not be cashed for 6 months. Now you have turned the tables
    3) Use cash as much as possible.
    4) All are legal and within your rights.
    Boycott the system!!!! We had no problem boycotting Bud Light.

  89. Justn Observer

    Greg, for those that question DJT and his motives….at ,,,least,,, consider these?
    @ 42:00 thru 1:18:00

    and a dive into what Gen. Flynn knew and why ‘THEY’ had to take him out to keep him from being DJT advisor as ‘he knew where and who the bodies were buried’ so to speak= short version and then DJT to stop him from upsetting ‘their’ plans = SHORT VERSION of why Obama and crew turned on Flynn, 11 minutes = “He Didn’t Know” – General Michael Flynn Describes the Powerful Forces Trump Was Up Against =

    LONG VERSION with much the public never heard YA SIGH but how will people learn if they do not spend the time…and SHARE so others know as well!= 2 hr 20 min =General Michael Flynn | PBD Podcast | Ep. 300 =


    • Justn Observer

      if one thinks the LONG VERSION is to LONG …MIGHT at least consider @1:28:00 to 2:18:00 … at tad less than 50 min. so people understand not just the people DJT had to deal with…but those still there….and how and why they are…
      As for DJT ‘picks’, once one is aware how and how many …how anyone can ‘blame’ DJT for some of ‘his picks’ and who makes up the ‘list he gets to pick FROM, as many have to be vetted, some voted on, and others referred since the Administrative staff of agencies , Directors, assist director, cabinet officials and their assistants number over 3000 to 4000 peoplein some admins, at times…so IMHO, Pence and the GOP vetting crew let DJT down….NO WAY DJT even knew most of the people ‘chosen’ to surround him…let alone ‘those’ the Congress vetted and voted and ‘allowed’ DJT to pick from to fill key positions…
      What is interesting is that when Gen Flynn was asked about Pence, his answer was, FAKE FAKE FAKE….and when asked about military leaders he had to pause and could not recommend one…not one! Is that because the military leaders at the highest level were culled of any conservative non-leftist thinking since Obama? He was not asked…

  90. goat

    Whatever you do, never think or talk about copper, which has been used as money since even before gold and silver, and continuously in the usA since the start and before. Don’t think or talk about our current coin, which is a predominantly nickel copper based spicie system of currency. Nobody should hoard it which has no overhead to do, and anybody can, because prudent people aren’t interested in preserving a functional currency in case of a collapse, especially something that is already in place. A prudent person would instead buy gold and silver so they can use it all up to buy things they need, when a copper based coin would do just as well.

  91. Cliff Lemmings

    The Delicate Balance 0f Power has Shifted!
    Iran SHOCKS Israel & The US With 2 Hypersonic Weapons!
    Tech Beat 45,345 views Feb 4, 2024
    In this video, we delve into the latest disclosure that has captivated the entire community: Iran’s unveiling of two cutting-edge hypersonic missiles. These hypersonic missiles, the Soumar-X Hypersonic Cruise Missile and the Zafar-2 Hypersonic Glide Vehicle, have sent shockwaves around the world, especially in Israel and the United States.
    Hypersonic weapons, with speeds more than Mach 5, are a game changer in modern combat. Their extraordinary speed and manoeuvrability make them nearly hard to intercept using current missile defence systems. Iran’s involvement into this sector demonstrates its dedication to improving its defensive and offensive capabilities, all while causing alarm among regional actors and global powers.
    A cheap missile vs. an expensive aircraft carrier?

  92. J.P.Madoff

    Col Douglas Macgregor tells TRUTH about Texas Border Crisis! Send Troops to Texas border NOW!
    Stephen Gardner 461,104 views Feb 4, 2024
    Colonel Douglas Macgregor speaks out about the need to send the US military to the Texas border now. He goes against Scott Ritters opinion on US military defending border. We must protect the Texas border crisis from Biden. Douglas Macgregor says world war 3 is now building as war and rumors of war are all over Europe and the Middle East. Sadly, Biden and the military industrial complex are behind many of these moves.

  93. Fay Way

    New White House Cover-up BACKFIRES Instantly
    Stephen Gardner Download 387,039 views Feb 3, 2024
    In this eye-opening interview, former FBI agent turned whistleblower, Kyle Seraphin, dives deep into the hidden truths behind some of today’s most pressing issues. Join us as we uncover the real motives behind the Treasury Department and FBI’s focus on monitoring Donald Trump supporters. Is it about national security or career advancement?

    ‘U.S. Looted Our Oil After Airstrikes’: Syria’s Shocking Theft Charge On Pentagon | Hindustan Times 10,741 2 hours ago
    Syria has accused US forces of looting oil days after Washington conducted aerial strikes in the country in response to the Jordan attack. Sana news outlet reported that US occupation troops looted 60 crude oil tankers in the northeastern Jazira region. Syrian media also claimed that US troops transported the oil to Iraqi military bases through illegal border crossings.

  94. helot

    This seems worth passing along: The National Weather Service made a video in 2019 where they admitted the U.S. puts 500 tons of aluminum coated glass particles into the atmosphere. (How many truck loads is that?) They said it was chaff, is that just another way of distraction from geoengineering? Is this a crack? This is just what they admit to now, what else is there? Doug shows the video here:
    ‘What she just said IS ALARMING! Now you have SOLID PROOF!!’

  95. helot

    Also, this was an incredible video of about 10 jet aircraft flying side-by-side laying out their geoengineering trails. I have never seen something like this before, have you?

    ‘Imagine Still Thinking Chemtrails Are Just Conspiracy “Theories”‘

    • Shiloh1

      Thank you. Saw a very similar site around 7 am parallel to US-30 northern Indiana by Merrillville, going from east to west. No way were they commercial aircraft. No way were they going to Midway or Ohare.

      Last Wednesday and Friday mornings saw similar aircraft making tic-tac-toe boxes. Same high altitude, between Lowell Indiana and Beecher Illinois.

  96. Jay Jordan Cordone

    George Stephanopoulos Shuts Down Interview With Sen. J.D. Vance
    Story by Paige Skinner • 23h
    Whats George afraid of? The truth? Losing the narrative? Lies, psyop’s, gaslighting
    and losing the ignorance of his audience! The truth George, keeps marching on!

    Zelensky Tells Biden He’s Chosen A Scapegoat For Losing The War!
    Feb 5, 2024 TheJimmyDoreShow
    With the Ukraine War rapidly heading south, President Volodymyr Zelensky has informed Joe Biden that he plans to fire his top general, Valerii Zaluzhny. Zaluzhny remains popular among the sizable far-right militia communmity in Ukraine, and the rift could threaten the Zelensky regime if he turns against the president.
    Guest host Russell Dobular is joined by Due Dissidence’s Keaton Weiss and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger to discuss who will take the blame for the loss of the Ukraine War.

    Larry Johnson: Does the DoD Know What It Is Bombing?
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom
    Streamed live 4 hours ago
    Larry Johnson: Does the DoD Know What It Is Bombing?

    Col. Douglas Macgregor: To Bomb or Not to Bomb Iran
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom
    Streamed live 100 minutes ago
    Curious about the perspectives on Iran relations? Join us as we unravel the complexities surrounding this issue, touching upon Syria, Iraq, and the broader implications for regional stability.

    The Truth Keep’s Marching On?

  97. Dirk Bogartner

    MONEY WATCH YT 6 views Premiered 4 hours ago

    Kurt Russell DESTROYS Woke Insanity in EPIC Video – Hollywood Goes CRAZY!
    JosiahRises 902,961 views Jan 30, 2024

  98. Angie

    I is amazing that Fitts is willing to overlook all of RFK’s shortcomings and yet holds Trump to all his “mistakes”. Keep in mind that RFK was extremely vocal against Trump’s climate changes policies and was a cheerleader for Obama’s. RFK was a climate alarmist from way back helping the globalists. Fitts was also a John Kerry cheerleader from her time in the UN — now that is a poster child for ethics and the Republic (sarcasm there). Fitts is just another Judas Goat so beware!

    I know Greg will dispute this and defend her but look at the company she keeps and as for her background, anyone who supports the UN in any way is not to be trusted IMO… but that is just me.

  99. Clive Cussler

    ‘Turning into a red light district:’ School kids pass brothels on Roosevelt Avenue every day PIX11 News 473,559 views Nov 2, 2023
    When Jalene Lugo started taking the 7 train from high school, the 14-year-old didn’t expect to encounter sex workers on virtually every block of the walk home near the Jackson Heights-Corona border.

    The 3rd. World Border Catastrophe Coming to a Big City near you SOON!
    He did it with executive orders and can undo it with executive orders
    THE REALITY of WHAT Joe Bidens Handlers have done!
    Queens sure has changed! It has become a hybrid of Tijuana and Bangkok, mixed together. Haven’t been to Roosevelt Ave NYC., for so many years , its unrecognizable!
    Tons of massage girls, seen in front of literally every other bldg around Jackson heights part of Roosevelt, handing out cards and flyers
    Jeez, parts of it look like it’s right off the Suhkumvit in Bangkok
    It’s natural and expected. Asian and Latina women are some of the most beautiful women on the planet and gotta eat! But Suhkumvit in Bangkok is much safer than this hell hole! !
    (SCARY STREETS) Philadelphia’s Kensington Avenue

    Mandatory Military Service to Return to Serbia | Vantage with Palki Sharma
    Firstpost 64,427 views Jan 31, 2024
    Mandatory Military Service to Return to Serbia | Vantage with Palki Sharma
    Serbian President Aleksander Vucic has hinted that mandatory military service will return to Serbia. Serbia scrapped mandatory service in 2011. But tensions in neighbouring Bosnia and Kosovo have been on the rise. Is Serbia’s military build-up a warning?

  100. Tonie Corleonie

    Liberal Media Shocked Over Trump Surging In The Polls Once Again!
    Doc Rich 3 hours ago

  101. Justn Observer

    Greg, Possible help for people that have has their CANCER triggered by the current situation?
    @ 16:10 = FLCC provided Ivermectin =

    Ivermectin and Colon Cancer =

    #1 Cancer Expert: The WORST Food That Feeds Cancer Cells =

    Ivermectin for Cancer: 2023 Update =
    Ivermectin inhibits tumor metastasis by regulating the Wnt/β-catenin/integrin β1/FAK signaling pathway

    Ivermectin suppresses pancreatic cancer via mitochondria dysfunction
    Pancreatic cancer is an aggressive cancer characterized by high mortality and poor prognosis with survival of less than 5 years when advanced. Several studies showed that the ivermectin has antitumor effects on a variety of cancer cells. The present study represents the first study evaluating the anticancer efficacy of ivermectin in pancreatic cancer. We found that the anticancer effect of ivermectin in combination with gemcitabine on pancreatic cancer is more effective than gemcitabine alone. Ivermectin-gemcitabine combination inhibited cell proliferation via G1 arrest of the cell cycle, as evidenced by down-regulated cyclin D1 expression through mTOR/STAT3 signaling pathway. In addition, ivermectin-gemcitabine induced apoptosis by ROS generation and reduction of mitochondrial membrane potential (MMP), and blocked mitophagy. In vivo experiments also confirmed that ivermectin-gemcitabine groups significantly suppressed the tumor growth of pancreatic cancer compared with gemcitabine alone groups. These results indicate that ivermectin has a synergistic effect with gemcitabine in preventing cancer progression and could be a potential antitumor drug for the treatment of pancreatic cancer. Key words: Pancreatic cancer, Gemcitabine, Ivermectin, apoptosis, ROS, mitochondria dysfunction =


      Justin thank you so much for this information my husband Bob and I went to his cancer doctor today and the doctor was saying because my husband had Stage 4 cancer when we discovered it on his back it had already spread to the bone and prostate he would be on cancer medication until he died he has lost 60
      lbs. It was 7 years ago when we
      discovered the cancer he went through the infusion, radiation other meds that come hand delivered from a pharmacy in Pa we live in NJ everything was going pretty good then Covid hit and Bob got two shots (our daughter picked Bob up and took him for them) in Spring 2021 the following month I rushed him to U of P emergency room Bob had Miocardites and 1/4 kidney function he was in the
      hospital for a week the following month I took him to his cancer doctor Asplundh Cancer Pavilion, Willow Grove, Pa Bob’s doctor Melanie N she said ” I don’t know what happened the cancer is back !” I said I know what happened it’s the 2 Covid injections. She said ” don’t be silly I got them too”. I said ” I’m not being silly that’s what did it”. So since earlier summer 2021 Bob has endured 2 1/2 years of torment. I’ll ask Bob and our sons Daniel and James to please research 🙏 this information and I’ll order some Iver from one of the two places that two people put on Greg’s sight where to buy it they say it takes a month to get it from India. I have only been able to get the horse paste for myself my family haven’t believed me in what is happening 💔.
      I pray that they will listen to me this time it’s been 4 years. 🙏 Thank you, Linda 🕊️
      Seven years.

  102. Bueford Soundstone

    Get Ready for What Satan’s System WANTS!
    The Jimmy Dore Show 4 hours ago

  103. Vector Vectorovich SlavaUkriana!

    Al Sharpton refers to migrant crisis as an ‘invasion’
    MSNBC host Al Sharpton said that Americans “every day” are witnessing the “invasion” of migrants into America.
    for millions

  104. Eli

    Bill Gates of Hell and Fraudster Fauci wanted to lock us down for YEARS until the vid went away. Trump did what he had to do. There is no way he could have known the poison swill Pfizer would deliver! The onus was on the pharmaceutical companies to deliver a “safe and effective (emphasis on “safe”) vaccine. Trump’s not a scientist, idk why he’s complicit. I dearly love Catherine, but respectfully, she’s tripping on this one. Still an amazing show, Greg! Thank you Catherine, as well.


    Sam you forgot our lovely Assistant secretary of Health
    Dr Rachel Levine from Pennsylvania a pediatrician 😲
    who used to be a man and what a head of hair that one has.

    • sam

      Everytime Isee a pic of that REPULSIVE INSANE CREATURE….my stomach turns……tells us how far this country has fell for the CORRUPTION!

      • Katy Bar

        Now if Levine could play the piano with his penis (like Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy) Victoria Nuland (our real US President) would have “queer” Levine installed as the new Ukrainian President. The US and European Globalists approach to modern warfare focuses on creating destabilizing “Color Revolutions” and then putting “a queer or trans-gender” in charge. Soon (if Trump is elected) the Globalists will create a “Black Revolution in America” just like these Globalists created Color Revolutions in other countries (i.e. The 2003 Rose Revolution in Georgia, the 2004 Orange Revolution in Ukraine, the 2005 Tulip Revolution in Kyrgyzstan, etc., etc., etc.)!!!


    Greg, Thank you so much for letting us Odd Balls text with our opinions on your Website where like minds meet.
    God bless you or if you prefer Jehovah bless you. 😊

  107. Paula D.

    Love it when you have CAF on as a guest. She is amazing. And, now that she is talking precious metals as a base for our economy, restructured from our current debt based system, what can I add but 👍👍 way up.

    My only disagreement and it is a minor one was her assessment that President Trump was either incompetent or criminal in regards to the shots. I think there is at least one other explanation: I believe there was much more going on behind the scenes than we know. President Trump was (and has been) waging war on the Deep State, that extends way overseas. He may have had to make a difficult decision to allow the shot farce to move forward because his plan to take down the psychopaths and criminals in the EU and WEF wouldn’t have made it otherwise. So, as Commander in Chief, he was forced into a decision he didn’t want to do and was going to create “collateral damage” in the US. Not a good decision. Not a happy decision. But, if winning the war required it, he made that decision and hoped that people would pick up on some of his messaging, which I recall was “You aren’t required to take it, but it’s there for you if you want to take it.” It was Biden’s administration that tried to mandate it. Not President Trump. And, Trump did take the shot himself. Perhaps he knew that in making such a deal with that devil, he knew he is responsible for what is taking place with those who have been injured.

    • Greg Hunter


      Fair enough. Thank you for weighing in!!


    • Katy Bar

      By Trump taking the shot shows he is “not as bright as we would like” and will be in for some health problems down the road, but compared to Bribe’n, “Trump is a genius”!! We should take what we can get because the US is in very very dire straights right now!!

  108. Eli

    RFK jr. wrote a forward to an anti Trump book that’s out there, so I don’t think they will be collaborating anytime soon. Tbh, the guy is too much of a lib, and I don’t see him handling the economy very well.

  109. War Monger

    Having gold and silver doesn’t stop an invasion of your country…

    Dr. Phil to Hannity: Tens of Thousands of Military-Age Chinese Male Illegals Pouring Through Border

    “Sophisticated” Gang of Illegals Arrested for Robbing Dozens of Victims in NYC Crime Spree

    Infowars At The Border: Man Aiding Military-Aged Illegals In CA Says ‘F*** America This Is A Mexican Territory’

  110. Rick

    I agree with her assessment of Trump but RFK is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  111. Ken G Dom

    Putin told Tucker “we believe marriage is between a man and a woman”

    you will never ever hear Biden or Trump say that.

  112. John B.

    Great Interview. Two notable quotes from the interview: “All I can tell you is Trump authorized a ten billion dollar military operation to poison Americans. He’s libel. He’s accountable. So there are two possibilities: either he’s incompetent or he’s guilty, but neither one is a great argument to say he should be reelected.” -Catherine Austin Fitts Also, “RFK is the only one of the 3 candidates that had tried to stop the mass atrocity. Kennedy from the very beginning warned everyone about the covid injections and tried to stop the mask mandates all all the abuses throughout the pandemic.” -Catherine Austin Fitts

    • Greg Hunter

      The most notable quotes were left out. This s what I wrote to another commenter about the Trump and the CV19 vax psyop:

      This is not totally fair as Catherine leaves out the Pfizer contract Trump got Pfizer to sign. Read it for yourself here: The Trump/Pfizer contract removed the Pfizer liability shield. Let that sink in. Again, removed the Pfizer liability shield. It required Pfizer to basically to follow the rules and produce a “safe and effective” CV19 vaccine.
      I have sent this to Catherine to read this contract. Pfizer had 63% of the CV19 global market and Trump’s goal was not have a mass murder and injure people with a contract like this.

      The story above is totally unfair and unobjective.

      I would like to know where Catherine gets the $10 billion number? If there is a contract for this, let’s see it. Who signed it? How much treason do you think was in our Deep State Government under the Trump administration? General Mark Millie said he would warn China if the US was going to attack. How many other examples of treason could you dig up? I say you can document many!

      We have also been told you cannot sue Pfizer. Really??? Tell that to Ken Paxton the AG or Texas: This is one of many stories you are not hearing on the Lying legacy Media. This is straight from the Texas AG’s office:
      This story you posted makes Trump out to be a murder with NO Evidence of this. At the very least, it is not as simple as Trump is a murderer or an idiot. You must factor in the treason and criminal nature of the swamp. Catherine Austin Fitts said in a recent USAW interview, “The US government is being run as a criminal organization, and not just a little, but a lot.” As I said, there were lots of Deep State Traitors and criminals behind this. Was President Trump supposed to catch and oversee millions of Deep State traitors?? Do you think this is unreasonable for one man to do with an operation/psyop this intense and complicated??????? You can’t say the government is a “criminal operation” and turn around blame it all on ONE MAN.

      Trump did push the CV19 injections, and I told everybody to IGNORE Trump’s recommendation. Maybe he thought the CV19 shots were safe and would not think Pfizer would disregard the contract this radically after it signed it removing its NO LIABILITY SHIELD.

      I don’t know and you and anyone else does not know either. That is the rest of the story.


  113. Tracy

    If we want sovereignty we have to remove the Continuity of Government (COG) default system of tyrannical control, created using the bogeyman of nuclear war, nationally, back in the day and totally weaponized by Bush in every single state since 911. That is what facilitated the Covid lockdowns and the tyrannical powers that every single governor fully embraced in 2020. If they can take full control after a manufactured crisis, they can take all assets and we still have no lasting sovereignty. They have been working hard to redefine, move the line in the sand, what a crisis is.

  114. Tracy

    Greg, what is it about Trump that makes you so certain that his character is so pristine and powerful that he would not betray us? After everything we have seen and all of the people in power that have been exposed as corrupt? He has never been known as a person of strong integrity until the weird Q cult popped up anonymously out of a corrupt Asian discussion board online. His actual behavior does not support that fantasy. Mind blowing to me!

    • Greg Hunter

      Why don’t you question Biden?

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