Financial Crash will be Put On Little People-Ellen Brown

back cover photo 4th ed 2010 - Copy (2)By Greg Hunter’s

Public banking expert Ellen Brown thinks big banks will be saved from a coming calamity at the expense of the little people. Brown explains, “I think the big banks won’t go down. They are protected by the bail-ins, which we haven’t yet seen in the U.S., but we’ve seen them in Europe starting in Italy. They did them starting last year. There were four small banks that got bailed-in . . . they took deposit accounts where they got some interest, and they were called bond holders. So, they took the bond holders’ money. They were really just ordinary depositors that thought they were making a little interest. There was one man who committed suicide because he lost his whole 100,000 euros. He pinned a sign to his chest and blamed it on his bank. The effect of the bail-ins in Italy was, rather than stabilize the banks, it destabilized the banks. Depositors in Italy were pulling their money out. It seems to me that the way things are playing out, the banks will be kept in place by governments because of this fear of the collapse of this derivatives scheme. Who will be hurt? It will be the little people. So, we will see a crash, but it will be a crash on us. We will lose our deposits or we will have to do a bail-in. The big banks, under the current law, are pretty much safe.”

Countries are up to their necks in debt that cannot not be paid, and the derivatives propping the debt up are hundreds of trillions of dollars.   Brown contends, “The concern is this $500 trillion of derivatives just on sovereign debt.  There is $100 trillion in sovereign debt globally, which is a huge bill, and then you have all these derivatives betting against it with credit default swaps that would pay off in the event of a default.  So, they can’t let any of these governments go bankrupt.  They can’t write down the debt, and they can’t write off the debt as they should.  These are impossible debts in Europe, particularly like in Greece.  They are impossible debts to pay, but the central banks, for example in the EU, will not let any of these countries go bankrupt because the fear is it would trigger a cascade of defaults among the derivatives players, which would bring everything down.”

Brown, who is also an attorney, goes on to explain, “I have researched heavily on what the real problem is here. It’s the ‘Safe Harbor’ status that is granted to derivatives, repos and asset backed securities.  All those things can jump in ahead of a bankruptcy and grab their collateral.  As soon as things start to look shaky, they can grab their collateral, so, they are basically outside the bankruptcy system.  There is no such thing as bankruptcy for big banks right now.  We saw this with Lehman Brothers where JPMorgan triggered the whole collapse (in 2008) by jumping in and grabbing their collateral.”

Brown, who was a Green Party candidate in California in the last election, says many Bernie Sanders supporters she sees are angry with how the DNC rigged the Primary.  Brown says, “A lot of people are not happy with the Democrats and Hillary. . . . A lot are flocking to Jill Stein, and that is the party I am most familiar with because I am on the Green Party’s cabinet as the Treasury Secretary.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Ellen Brown, creator of The-Web-of-Debt Blog at

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Ellen Brown is working on her 13th book.  It’s about how to end Too-Big-To-Fail banks.  She should have it finished and published before the end of 2017.  Brown is a prolific writer, and you can find her work free of charge at

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  1. WD

    There are more and more leaks coming out about Hillary’s health and that she is much “sicker”than we are being told…

    What do your sources say…..Thanks

    • Greg Hunter

      The problems are piling up for her and more than a year ago I said she would never be President. I just know what is reported.

      • al H.

        Greg: Ellen is a smart women- but has no real clue. The bankster have set-up the corrupt system in their favor. They own Congress and have them set the rules/laws in their favor. For Ellen to think for a minute they will start being “good citizens”-WRONG! They will pull the plug at some point, per my insider friend. And he said he was told it will start in the derivatives markets- probably something to do with interest rates. The bankster will come out on the sweet side of any collapse- they are protected. We the people will have to put them away in jails and take the money(trillions) they have stolen from the people! They are just as corrupt as
        Killary – and maybe more so- as they have people like her do the dirty work for them.
        I love the info, but she must be thinking way ahead of what she is saying- I find her hard to follow? Probably just me.

      • ross

        I’m a bit worried about Ellen Brown’s health. She does not look well. Ellen needs to get into organic foods, garlic, turmeric, oregano, ginger coconut oil etc. I know people who have had miracle results from these natural foods.

        • Donna Gilio

          I agree with Al H.
          wishful thinking. Federal Reerve has had 100 years to buy up the world with funny money, now they own it. There is no turning back. We are slaves to them, face it. The time for a real money system was in 1913, but that generation blew it, so here we are, stuck with whatever they are gonna give us. Sorry folks for being a killjoy, but, all you can do at this point is be your own central bank: dont have alot in paper money, own everything outright, do not have any debt, live within your means, or under and most importantly, develop a daily relationship with the most high GOD, Yahweh. Read his word and trust in Him.

          • Charles H

            I’ m afraid you are right – funny money and a rigged system: it’s like at a Casino – the House wins.

  2. MCasey

    If only on behalf of his defrauded supporters, Bernie Sanders should have pushed back harder against the DNC/Hillary Clinton conspiracy. After all, it’s not like Sander’s a Democrat any longer. Instead, within two (2) weeks of the exposed DNC’s double-cross, he leaves the Democrat Party after he encourages his supporters to stay and buys a $600,000 vacation home with 500 feet of Lake Champlain Island beachfront property.

    Another Clinton quid pro quo?

    His 2014 tax return reported income of $205,617. Sander’s reported net worth is between $750,000 and $1.2 million. And Politico reported credit card debt, from Congressional and Senate credit unions, of between $25,002 and $65,000 with interest rates of 8.5 and 10.25 percent. He also has a joint rental property in Burlington and a condo in Washington, D.C. (since 2000) with a 30-year mortgage of $50,001 to $100,000.

    But, “official word” is his wife sold her inherited family home in Maine which allowed them to purchase the $600,000 vacation lake home. (One of three homes they now own.)

    I wonder if Bernie’s supporters feel that “burn”? I hope Trump fights harder for us.

    More DNC conspiracy evidence:

    • Greg Hunter

      The DNC is acting like committing fraud on half your party is no big deal. I think it is a huge deal and I cannot see how she keeps much more than 10% of his voters. These people campaigned form more than a year to get punked?? Not funny.

  3. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Your guest got at least 2 things got wrong:
    The FED and the US respectively is “borrowing” from the whole world through the reserve status of the US Dollar. It is more an extortion racket then an actual borrowing.
    Another thing she got wrong:
    The corporations effectively took over the world long time ago (the Swiss study) but the US corporations will be left out of this because the owners of other corporations don’t want be fleeced by them. Thus Hillary (a sad joke for a human being) won’t be a president and the TTIP never will be implemented.

  4. Anthony

    Power to the people!

    John Lennon sang it and we have not listened. IMAGINE!

  5. Anthony Australia

    Power to the people!

    John Lennon sang it and we have not listened. IMAGINE!

    1% have controlled 99% for too long.

  6. allen ols

    quote……”Still don’t believe that elections are rigged, and that the whole thing is a sham?….Why? Because it is all just a big joke, and everyone knows it. It is that we are being forced to love our servitude and participate in the farce that Hillary Clinton was elected – as in, by the will of the people. We are made to pretend this is legitimate.

    At least the people in other nations, who lack our democratic processes, do not live under the illusion that they are free.”

    Sooo telling as the 2 headed snake, ie rnc/dnc will spend billions to ENSURE THE ILLUSION AS MONEY IS NO OPTION WHEN IT COMES TO POWER.

    Only in America will people still pretend this sh*t is real.

    • allen ols

      A professor from Princeton University and a graduate student just proved electronic voting machines in the U.S. remain astonishingly vulnerable to hackers — and they did it in under eight minutes.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Good Grief!
      Allen you speak as if we were the first generation of citizens in the U.S. that the Government has tried to fleece or snow. Freedom has never been free and the Government has never been there to help you! The generations that came before us knew this as an undeniable fact drummed into them by the teachings of our founding fathers! Even kids were taught this concept in their comic books. All you need to do is look at the first villains “The Shadow” (as in “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men..) went up against–not organized crime but the corrupt, greedy players within our Government! As the Bible so aptly states, “There is nothing new under the sun”.

      • allen ols

        not much good grief this year at all, only bad grief. I see trump has switched out his campaign managers AGAIN, as I guess the others gave him bad advice and these new ones are to save the day. I just don’t feel trump takes advice well except from yes men.

        • Shadow of Doubt

          You may be right. As in all things, time will tell. Be blessed!

      • Paul ...

        Satan right now is in control of the Democratic Party … with God now having been officially taken out of our schools and government offices … their next objective is to remove all our American flags and dilute our population with people who don’t believe in “God and Country” … with crooked lying Hillary leading the charge they want to totally destroy this Nation and its Constitution … so as to make it easier for us to “accept evil” and Lucifer as head of the New World Order!

        • pete

          You have been watching waaaaaaaaaaay too much Fox “News”.

  7. NH Watcher

    Thank you, Greg, for having Ellen Brown back on. While I disagree with some of her prescriptions, her diagnosis of the problem is pretty well spot on. If the Georgia Guidestones are correct, and I have no reason to believe otherwise at this point, the “Elite” truly want a new world of only 500 million people. That means upwards of 7 billion people MUST be eliminated, through wars, camps, suicides, rapture, etc.

    If all one’s life savings is gone in a matter of days, the “shell shock” effect will kick in, and those not prone to suicide, will simply do whatever the authorities tell them to do. Has society truly learned to resist another Hitler, propped up by an extensive and deceptive propaganda machine?

    One’s faith does become critical at this point in history. What is it that you are preparing for? A world war? Universal peace? Survival of the fittest? The return of Christ? Between all the extreme positions, one has to really determine what you truly believe.

    I for one know that I am not one of the “500 million” so chosen. My only hope is in the One who created me, and chose me before the foundation of the world.

  8. JC Davis

    Greg when Ellen said we should control the printing of our money is she suggesting congress ? As I see it the banking system is so corrupt only a equally corrupt congress could hold it together yet without changing it. Fair, and honest banking would collapse this present system. If the system fails it will not recover for many years, and likely never. Another would take its place under a different country’s control. I must add just as corrupt.

  9. David

    Great guest. Great Interview. Thank you.

  10. mike m

    Hi Greg, Can you tell us about Judge Anna Von Reitz, who claims to be working with numerous top level honest people to restore the Republic and your freedom. Is she for real or a nutcase? Please can you get her on your show. Read about her here

  11. Jerry

    The G20 countdown has begun. Some are saying September will be the month to “Remember”. I’m not the one that has said circle September 30th on your calendar, but it could make a whole lot of sense.

    We will officially learn if the dollar can go up against a gold backed Yuan and win in a basket of currencies. If the U.S. volleyball team losing last night for the first time was any indication of what might be in store, then by all means circle September 3oth on your calendar.

    • Jerry

      More hidden tricks and clever plans leading up to the G20 meeting in September. “Alternate Approach” needed.

      • Greg Hunter

        You don’t have to read too far to figure out where this is going. The article says right off the top “. . . strong dollar is not being regulated by exchange and interest rates and new elements should be incorporated into the analysis of the strong dollar.” In other words, the dollar is way overvalued if you use normal metrics. This means the value will be cut. I say everything is on sale now. Thank you Jerry!!!

        • Jerry

          These are indeed the times that try men’s souls. We will see what the western oligarchs will do, once the BRICS and the G20 bend them over the proverbial barrel in September. They’ll carry out this deception as long as they can, and then the sky will be filled with black swans just in time for Halloween.

          • Charles H

            You are a great presence, Jerry. Reading your comments makes such comforting sense, in a bad way.

    • Paul ...

      Jerry … there was a currency crisis in 1914 (when WWI began) … there was a currency crisis in 1934 (just before WWII began) … there was a currency crisis in 1974 (in the mist of the Vietnam war) … now there will be a currency crisis Sept 30, 2016 so look for a big war to start either at the same time (under Obama) or a few years from now (under Hillary) … if Trump gets elected the big war will probably be to eliminate ISIS … the “war” will be used as the excuse to justify the massive price increases in everything we buy (while the true cause will actually be the devaluation of the dollar scheduled to take place on 30 Sept 2016)!

    • allen ols

      I see erdogran from turkey is getting chummy with Russia. I have thoughts that the bear from the north along with Persia and surrounding arab nations will be ready for an attack on Israel soon. Since I am a post tribulation kinda guy, the pre trib people could send me their gold and silver in case they get raptured out soon.

    • Jerry

      More writing on the wall for the end of the petrodollar.

      I think its pretty clear by now what the IMF and the world bank have in mind . A new world currency, with the introduction of “GOLD” into the IMF basket. Now it makes perfect sense why the Chinese and Russians have been hoarding gold. Behind closed doors the IMF cut a deal with the Chinese in order to save their skins from the imploding ECB.

  12. mike m

    Hi Greg, Can you tell us about Judge Anna Von Reitz, who claims to be working with numerous top level honest people to restore the Republic, fair markets and your freedom. Is she for real or a nutcase? Please can you get her on your show. Read about her here

  13. Robert Lykens

    For those who claim that islam is a “religion of peace”:

    Britain’s ‘most hated man’ Anjem Choudary convicted of supporting terrorists
    “The Koran says, ‘Whatever the prophet did, do it; whatever the prophet forbade, forbid it … the prophet himself sent many people to assassinate others,’ ” he told CNN.

    Sounds like a Koran thumper to me.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Koran thumper” too funny but this guy is a serious threat. Thank you for the comment and the link. I heard Anjem Choudary say “Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a religion od submission.” I heard him say it on Hannity.

    • Paul ...

      “The Koran says, ‘Whatever the prophet did, do it; whatever the prophet forbade, forbid it … The Bible says, “Whatever Christ did, do it; whatever God forbade, forbid it … now lets look at the actions of the believers in the Koran … and look at the actions of the believers in the Bible … and we will be able to clearly see who is morally superior!!

      • Paul ...

        Jesus said “forgive your enemies” and “turn the other cheek” (not chop off the heads of Christians) … God said “Thou Shall Not Kill” (not kill the women and children of your enemies)!

        • Paul ...

          Of course if those who believe in Jesus then go ahead and chop off the heads of neocons and their ISIS puppets and kill Palestinian women and children we won’t be able to claim to be “morally superior” … but simply “morally equal” to those who believe in the Koran!

          • Paul ...

            We can’t reject morality to further a political goal as it will turn against us … look at what the neocons in Israel have done by supporting ISIS … they have the Russian bear surrounding the nation of Israel with allies Syria, Iran, now perhaps Turkey and likely soon Iraq … sadly the Israeli neocons insane policy of rejecting morality to embrace chaos and destruction is going to destroy Israel … how can “God’s people” have allow this to happen?

  14. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Ms. Brown is a very smart lady. I wish we had more people in Congress on par with this lady, unfortunately we do not. Keep up the great work. Have you talked to Rob Kirby lately? What is his outlook?

  15. Deanna Johnston Clark

    I agree, Greg. The DNC has acted with such hubris they can’t see the woods for the trees.

  16. Doug

    I disagree with Ellen. Yes, I’m sure the banks will try to stick it to their depositors but there isn’t enough money in the entire world to cover their derivative exposure. These banks are leveraged a hundred to one or more considering their exposure. If the derivative bets go sour even if they confiscate 100% of their depositors money they can’t hope to cover their losses. The world has never seen this before. Too big to fail has really now become too big to bail!!!

    When one bank such as Deutschebank has exposure that is more than the entire GDP of Germany how is a bail in going to keep the bank afloat? What Ellen seems to be suggesting is only rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic I’m afraid.

  17. Md4

    There is NO WAY American depositors (larger or small) will EVER allow so-called “bail-in’s” to occur.

    Will. Not. Happen.

    What HAS happened was pretty much an experiment in Cyprus. That’s all. You won’t see that again, and the Italian case was another extremely limited test. The situation in Greece has just begun (asset declarations), and I’m confident you won’t see much compliance there. They’re fed up, and like Italy, may soon demand an exit from the EU…long overdue.

    Your guest fails to appreciate the level of hate an anger towards banks in general, the Fed, and a considerable part of the federal government.

    People WANT banks to fail.

    They’ve HAD it.

    You will NOT see ordinary folks bailed-in. Will not be tolerated, period.


    • Paul ...

      Md4 … the people WILL PAY … not by forfeiting their fiat savings in bank accounts … but by paying $40 dollars for a pack of chop meat to make four to six hamburgers … $10 dollars for a package of hamburger rolls … $10 for a jar of pickles … $10 for a jar of ketchup … $1 for an onion … and $5 dollars for a can of soda! … because the Fed is going to print and print whatever money is necessary to bail out the derivative holders! … however a $20 dollar silver dollar will rise to $125 dollars at a minimum … but remember you need to purchase enough silver dollar coins now to buy you hamburgers for the rest of your life because as soon as you run out of those silver coins PRICE INFLATION will hit you like a ton of bricks! … all to help out the evil multi-billionaire banksters who won’t follow God’s Command “Thou Shall Not Steal”!!

    • JMiller


      You state, “There is NO WAY American depositors (larger or small) will EVER allow so-called “bail-in’s” to occur.” I would like to think that but I believe that some uninsured deposits are at real risk of being used in a bail-in for those that are in the larger banks. I know that the FDIC does not want to see any depositor lose money unfortunately sometimes that can’t be helped. In the case of the failure of IndyMac Bank in 2008, uninsured depositors lost about half of their uninsured deposits. While I can see uninsured deposits being used in a bail-in if need, I think it will be just a small amount, something like 10-25% of ones uninsured deposits. I think most depositors would be happy it was only that much and not more. After shareholders, bondholders and uninsured depositors take a hit then I believe we would see a taxpayer bailout. Just my opinion.

      • Robert G

        19 billion or 95 % of IndyMac bank deposits were protected by FDIC. Of one billion Not covered by FDIC 50% was lost. All accounts up to $100,000 were safe because of FDIC. To my knowledge no one has ever lost money in an FDIC bank account, since 1933 when it started after all the bank runs during the depression.

      • Md4

        To you an Pau, respectfully, and based on my many blog reads and chats…I’m sure of it.

        If you’re living what’s left of working-class life today, the anger and exasperation is palpable. A great majority of Main Street would sooner see banksters, much of Wall Street, and more than a few corporate chieftains (past and present who caused our mess with reckless bonsai outsourcing for more than four decades) swinging from lampposts than they would participate in any bail-in.

        It will NOT happen.

        Should the warping Fed continue to conjure up excuses for not raising rate, or should we see what I’m confident will be lousy job reports into next year, the public will continue to grow angrier and more restless than they already are. People are fed up beyond belief, and huge numbers are finally realizing that recovery was never possible.

        How could it be? There never was any basis for it, in the absence of real wealth producing middle class jobs actually making things.

        No job lost will ever return paying what it paid before it originally left either. As long as cheap Asian labor remains available, it’s not possible.

        We are done.

        Any banksters who’d dare attempt a bail-in under those circumstances would be risking they’re lives literally.

        It’s going to come undone soon. When really is the only question.

        PS: I also do Not see war either; in the age of the internet, and given our long history of lies and misdeeds abroad, manufacturing a basis for hostilities–especially on the heels of Iraq and Afghanistan–are just not going to happen.

        People are watching with wryly…


  18. al banano

    Greg, as you know bail-ins are for people who don’t listen. The MSM is responsible for warning the public (laughing out loud, rolling on the floor laughing) LOL ROFL!
    I suggest you add the word RADICAL to MSM from now on, that will plant the seed. The Radical MSM, the Radical media has to be identified properly. They are radical and complicit to this crime of the millennium!
    The word Radical should be added to any establishment entity, Radical Media, Radical Government, Radical Federal Reserve, Radical Banks, etc… RADICAL!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      “RADICAL MSM” I like it! Thank you.

    • Paul ...

      How about adding 4 words to these entities … Evil Radical Lying Crooked Fed, Evil Radical Lying Crooked MSM, etc., etc.!

  19. Tad

    A bail-in would mean the game is over, and a deflationary depression has taken hold. Since that is unlikely, and the powerful want us all happy. . .it all comes down to exposure to precious metals.

    Greg Mannarino has said their’s either $1.4 or 11.5 trillion in US bank deposits. Not remotely enough to cover derivatives losses.

    • Paul ...

      It will be more like an “inflationary price explosion” creating conditions whereby people won’t have enough money to buy anything thus causing an economic depression!! … Get a few gold coins now … remember the kid with a single gold coin during the Great Depression was able to buy an entire hotel!

  20. Just'n Observer

    Wonder what part of this – if true – that Ellen Brown missed or does not get?

  21. Larry W. Bryant

    == Look behind the Curtain of U. S. Fascism! ==

    yes, B. J. Clinton
    was the best REPUBLICAN
    president we’ve had;
    he burdened us with NAFTA —
    the bane of the middle class
    — Larry W. Bryant (17 Aug 16)

  22. Robert Lykens

    American flags removed from Arlington fire trucks after board order

    American flags were removed from three Arlington Fire District trucks Tuesday, sparking heated discussion on social media and disappointment ***from union members.***

    If the union members are so patriotic, why do they consistently vote leftist/socialist Democrat?
    I doubt their “patriotism”.

    • Paul ...

      This is just the start … Hey Democrats … get Hillary in … and American flags will be removed From Every Flag Pole in America … our American flag will be replaced with a “Devil red commie New World Order flag” (having skulls and bones instead of stars and stripes)!!

      • Paul ...

        Obama has already started the process …

        • Paul ...

          Vote for Trump to make America great again … otherwise there will be no America at all … doing away with the American flag is one additional step in the process of destroying America … Gena and the rest of the Democratic dumb bells are going to kill us all if we split our vote and thus give Hillary a shot at beating Trump … this is one year when we don’t want to vote for a third party candidate as it will be our doom!!

      • aussie jeff

        Trump or Hillary getting into office does not determine whether we get the NWO or not!
        The NWO is a given as God’s word prophecies it’s coming. Revelation chapter 13.
        The exact timing of the NWO becoming a reality is unknown,however our Lord and Saviour has given us “markers” to help all those who seek Him to remain awake,on the watch,and prepared!
        We should keep in mind the world political system is owned and operated by the “Dragon” satan,he is the ruler of this world John12:31
        Our allegiance is to our Holy Father and His Blessed Son,Trump or Hillary is irrelevant,the Divine Plan of God moves forward regardless,it’s timing impeccable,it’s reward inconceivable. ……..keep the faith my friends.

  23. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great interview — excellent information on both the banking situation and the election.

    Regarding the finacial system, Bill Holter has mentioned the “reset” term a few times in his past interviews and I agree with that train of thought. But I sometimes wonder how a reset would manifest, how exactly does that reset work. Ellen Brown’s idea of removing the “safe harbor” provision is interesting and might force the derivatives to unwind on their own, but with the big money invested in those derivatives and the prospect of safe harbor being removed near nil — again, how does that work? Humpty Dumpty is going to fall and no amount of duct tape will put HD back together.

    As for the election — if I weren’t fairly conservative, I’d vote for Jill Stein in a heartbeat over crooked Hillary. Hillary and her peeps rig everything, as in everything. At least with Stein and the green party there would be a reset in the Oval Office. We definitely need a reset in the White House.

  24. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    I can’t forget the image of Bernie standing on the stage about to throw his supporters under the bus with Hillary behind him looking like she was about to have a root canal. Remember what Bernie said? “We got the votes but she got the delegates”. ….That’s an endorsement???

  25. BLT

    This looks more and more like a situation that will only improve through a collapse at some time. If you just do the simple math, there are 100+ million out of work, record food stamps, record illegal immigration and as for the election, if no one cares that dead people vote Democrat (every time… coincidence?) and that George Soros own Spanish company counts the votes, the best thing would be a collapse that would unfortunately leave the same people chanting racism in the streets to tear each other apart for food. Maybe that is the only way. That would make Greg one of the most important voices out there as all I’ve heard from the man is “prepare and fear not.” Let’s hope we don’t have to witness what we all for see coming for inner city Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore etc.

    • Robert G

      Of the 100 million (so called out of work) How many millions are 16 years and older that are in school and college, that are counted. How many millions of retired 65 and above. ( I realize some have to work till older but the vast majority are retired.) How many are stay at home moms, disabled , on and on. That statement is so misleading. Does everybody from the age of 16 have to work until their dead? 6 or 7 years ago during the depths of the great recession, I knew lots of people out of work. Now everyone I know is working. Sky cranes everywhere. I realize that a lot of jobs aren’t great and robotics will take over most jobs within a few years, but that’s another story. Other fact checking sites as well.

      • JMiller

        Robert G,

        Just to give some info that backs what you have said, of the 94 million categorized as “Not In The Labor Force” about 15 million are in school, about 10 million stay-at-home to take care of children or an elderly person, about 24 million are disabled and about 40 million are retired. The remaining 5 million or so are long-term discouraged workers (LTDW) who want a job but have not looked for one in the past year. They are not counted in the government’s broadest measure of unemployment that being the U-6 unemployment rate which is currently at 9.7%.

        However those 5 million long-term discouraged workers should be counted as being unemployed since they are still people who want a full-time job and are available and able too work. So the real unemployment rate should be at least 13%. John Williams of ShadowStats says the unemployment rate is 23%. I used to think that number was fairly close but I no longer do since I believe John Williams estimate of long-term discouraged workers is too high based on the numbers I looked at. I would say the unemployment rate is around 15-18%.

  26. Hatemail

    The whole world controlled by corporations, I pledge allegiance to Walmart of America.

    • Charles H

      It’s more like… “I pledge allegiance to the Bank of America, and the once Republic it now controls. On nation, under the Bansters, with slavery, and debt-laden-ness for all.” (Shortened for attention spans.)

      • Paul ...

        You nailed it Charles … first they remove God from our pledge … then they entirely remove our American flag … so now we have no God or Country to pledge our allegiance to (except the Lucifer worshiping evil bankers)!

        • Paul ...

          When we say the pledge (if the Satanists don’t outright ban it at all important functions) … we should say out loud and clear … “One Nation Under God” … for all to hear … and spread that message throughout all the land … to spite the Luciferian controllers who think they have us neatly under their evil control!!

  27. Mike Mc

    Ms. Brown is incorrect in her assessment “they” (the Fed) can buy all the debt and prop it up indefinitely. The final check and balance is the currency. Eventual rejection of the USD is the the stopping/collapse point. Of course we will be taken to war before that point to cover it up.

  28. Jallen

    Greg and Watchdogs, a Jallen Wakeup Call follows,
    When the Petro dollar fails, the Federal Reserve will not be able to stuff the dollar down the world’s throats. The Clintons strike again, Bill eliminated the Glass Stegall Act, which allows Commercial Banks to become Investment Banks and they will self destruct.
    Paul Volker saved and built some credibility for the Federal Reserve and Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke and now Janet Yellen are in the process of destroying the dollar along with the Federal Reseve and the USA economy.
    To all Hillary voters out there, you are about to be Pied Pipered over an economic hell cliff followed by Government imposed serfdom. I hold out little hope for the Gina (Hillary voters) out there. How stupid can you be, Americans will vote themselves freevbies (Read Democrat Party), until Saul Alinsky (read Hillary Clinton, Obummer, Socialist / Communist) destroy our economy and our way of life. Berrnie Sanders sure put the BERN to his followers, enjoy your new lake front home Bernie, thank you Capitalism and not Socialism for $600,000 to buy it and maybe Hillary too! The Big Banksters, TV networks and Major Corporations bribe and control politicians to assure the destruction of our / Republic / Democracy as we know it. Beware, when there is no rule of law, you know Evil rules.
    This ends the Jallen Wake Up Call.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jallen for the comment and the “call.”

  29. matt lusk

    I believe the cabal is going to fabricate a new shell in the shell game instead of going deeper into neg. rates. The new shell will be a gold “backed” international trading currency with it’s own clearing house with multiple Nation reps working it. This will alleviate the race to the bottom distrust between crime syndicates. The after affect will be gradual devaluation of all sovereign currency in proportion to their local mismanagement and a strengthening of the “gold backed” currency to the point of one bank issuing the new leveraged CREDIT to the entire world.

  30. Bill

    GREG; Ms Brown says when things become shaky, the derivatives will jump in ahead of everyone else and draw their collateral. First, aren’t things already shaky? Second, if the derivatives jump in, would there be enough money to meet the demand??

    • JMiller


      I am not a derivatives expert (very few people are). Derivatives are very complex and does nothing but gives me headaches when I read about them so I only want to know the basics. However from what I know most derivatives contracts have provisions which allows one of the counterparties to terminate the contract early and take any collateral that was posted if certain things happen such as if the other counterparty become insolvent. A bank starting to look shaky is not grounds to legally terminate a derivatives contract early and take the collateral as Ellen Brown first said. Ellen Brown did say a little later that more collateral may be required if one of the counterparties looks to be shaky. I believe that may be true. And that this may put a counterparty in a bind and perhaps may cause them to become insolvent. Also I think that if the collateral posted declines too much in value, more collateral may be required.

  31. andyb

    Greg: Cannot emphasize enough that people should remove themselves from any of the TBTF banks. It won’t be the local credit unions or the community banks that will bail in customers; it will be Citi, WF, JPM, BofA, TD, etc. Even regional banks such as Sun Trust, Regions, et al are at risk. I know it’s a bitch to change everything over, but it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.
    The next few months will be interesting. September will disclose (perhaps) the percentage that the Yuan will have in SDRs; a significant canary for the death of the USD. The run up to the election, including the debates, will certainly show us what little, if any, true democracy is left. It looks like the elites would be happy if either of the VP candidates manage to take power should Hillary withdraw, or Trump gets taken out. That’s scary. The polls, from all that I read, are purposely biased to dissuade Trump voters, even though there are many indications that Trump could win in a landslide. Notice how more and more stories are appearing about voter fraud or voting machine manipulation. Yes, we live in interesting, but very dangerous times.

    • JMiller


      I agree with you that people should avoid having accounts with the too-big-to-fail banks which are official known as the global systemically important banks (G-SIB). You are correct in that regional banks such as Sun Trust, Regions, etc… are also subject to bail-ins since they are considered domestic systemically important banks (D-SIB).

      You are also correct to say that bail-ins will not happen with smaller banks such as community banks and credit unions. Many of these institutions do not have shareholders or bondholders and only a small percentage of the deposits are uninsured so there is really nothing much to be used in a bail-in. If these smaller banks or credit unions become insolvent they will either be acquired be another institution or they will be liquidated which is what happens today if they become insolvent.

    • Faith

      AB: I agree. Anyone that keeps any amount of money in a bank is a gambler. I keep a minimum balance and only enough funds to make regular payments with regard to funding my household expenses. Nothing extra stays in the bank. If those funds were confiscated or, bailed in, it wouldn’t hurt me one bit. I am not going to say how much cash I keep at home but more than most people is my guess. I also keep a variety of smaller bills in case the system is disrupted and options for change are limited. I can see a scenario where if you want to buy that $1 item and you only have $10 the only way to procure that item will be to pay $10. Why? No way for the seller to give you change.

      My main reason for having cash is so that I can buy food and fuel. With regard to making my mortgage payment or paying regular monthly bills for utilities, if the system collapses, freezes, or is taken off line I will not be the only one not making my regular payments. But food and fuel are daily necessities for life and anyone that expects their credit or debit card to function may find out (the hard way) that plastic will be worthless.

      Also people need to stay smart and aware. Just make your plans and keep those plans to yourself and only to family members that you completely trust. There was a sad incident yesterday with a grandmother that was trying to assist her grandchildren in their 20s. She ended up assaulted and her car was stolen. Those ungrateful grandchildren are now in jail, where they belong.

      I was taught that trust was something you earn. I still have that same attitude. I don’t care who you are, family or not. Trust is earned over time and not an entitlement.

  32. Adam

    Jill Stein is hugely anti second amendment, and that’s a BIG negative for a lot of people. And I haven’t heard Gary Johnson say anything intelligent addressing the real issues, and the only thing Trump seems capable of doing is pointing out everything that’s wrong with America without putting forth any intelligent solutions. And Hillary (along with Bill) are part of the largest criminal enterprise the world has ever seen. So we have arrived at this point, and like it or not, collectively, Americans have gotten what they’ve voted for. The Republicans and Democrats have brought us to this point, yet people are still voting for them! Even if you hold your nose when you vote for these people, your vote is still a vote in support of a corrupt political system run by big banks and corporations. Remember what the Republicans did to Ron Paul in 2012? They wouldn’t even let him participate in the Convention even though he had plenty of delegates. Yet a lot of Ron Paul supporters went ahead and voted for Mitt Romney. Even though this was a vote against Obama, it was still a vote in support of that party! And the Democrats fall for it too! Like I said, we as Americans have gotten what we’ve voted for! The system is NOT broken, it’s a machine that’s well greased with slick propaganda and it’s working beautifully!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Adam,
      I’d never have Jill Stein or Gary Johnson. I just wanted to find out about Bernie voters and it appears to me that many are not voting for Hillary. I think the Democrats know this with internal pols and this is why Hill is no on the campaign trail saying she is going to pay for all her socialism by “going where the money is” and she is promising to “go after” the rich, corporations and Wall Street so they can “Pay their fair share.” Hillary and the DNC know they committed fraud on about half of their voters and now Hill is turning full on socialist “Sanders” to get those voters back. It ain’t going to work because nobody trust’s her or the DNC. Thank you for your comment.

      • Westcoaster

        Hi Greg,
        Maybe you should have Jill Stein on and ask her about her views on the 2nd amendment. I’d sure like to learn how taking away guns works so well to reduce the murder rate, since guns are virtually outlawed in Chicago. Death toll last week 110 shot/27 killed.
        BTW I was a Bernie supporter and I like a lot of what Jill Stein is all about w/exception to the 2nd amendment and immigration issues. I’ll probably vote for Trump just to keep Hilliary away from the nuke codes.

    • JC Davis

      Adam well said.
      However I find a bigger dilemma. I did not vote in the last election, and don’t see this as a real election (for the same reasons you stated.) Now if Trump is a outsider to the people that discounted Ron Paul who am I to discard him solely on his lack of political experience. We know what we will get with Hillary, but Trump may expose more of the corruption if nothing else. Only one of the two stand a chance. A vote for Trump is a vote against oligarchy rule over our republic. Loved your comment.

  33. Robbie41

    Thank You Greg, for having Ellen Brown on your show. It’s been about a year or so, since I have seen her here, with you talking about the G20 Meeting in Brisbane Australia, & the coming Bank Bail-ins. Please continue to stock-up on food & Water & supplies, cause your going to need it for the next two year’s. Yes, you are going to need it..(And I know you know why now, for what I have shown you & said).. Keep looking up & you’ll have your answer.. Be well, & God Bless..

  34. Russ

    FDIC will be totally spent on derivatives. FDIC cold maybe handle it if it were only one bank going under, but with derivatives all the banks go under together, FDIC is not big enough. There will be nothing left of FDIC funds for the “little people”.

    • Russ

      correction: …FDIC “could” maybe…

      • Charles H

        Rescuing Fiat with another contrived kind of fiat is just a shell game. Value has to be tied to something tangible. Otherwise – the biggest liar is the greatest profiteer.

    • JMiller


      The FDIC insurance only covers deposit accounts up to $250,000. It does not cover derivatives losses.

      When a bank becomes insolvent, the FDIC is appointed receiver and tries to find another bank to acquire the deposits of the insolvent bank. If no buyer is found the FDIC pays the insured depositors within a few days. The FDIC then stands in the insured depositors place as an unsecured creditor in the bankruptcy proceedings.

      • Faith

        JM: it was my understanding that derivatives will be covered first due to special legislation written last year, or the year before. Bank depositors are considered to be bond holders, as Ms. Brown explained with regard to Europe, and after a bank is bailed-in the depositor receives a notice that they are being compensated with so many shares of the (now failed) bank.

        FDIC insurance is inadequate if the US banking system blows up. People will get nothing. I suspect there are people waiting for the system to blow up so that they can go in and confiscate 401Ks, IRAs, and anything else they can get their hands on in order to make everything “fair.” There are already various pension funds around the country that have been slashed and people woke up to the news that their benefits were being cut in half. I see that happening on an even wider scale if Trump is not elected. Even if Trump is elected it is going to hard to turn this economy around.

        • JMiller


          I am pretty sure that I know what you are referring to. Briefly, in the bankruptcy of a bank, derivatives creditors have “super-priority” status. They are first in line before other creditors. This would include secured and unsecured bondholders and uninsured depositors, who are unsecured creditors. Insured depositors however do not go through the bankruptcy. The FDIC pays off insured depositors almost right away after the bank closing and then the FDIC stands in the insured depositors place in the bankruptcy as an unsecured creditor hoping to get back some of the money that they paid out to the insured depositors. Unfortunately none of the ALT media articles that I have seen tells you this. They make it sound as if all depositors are just unsecured creditors and that they get paid last in a bankruptcy. This is not true. The insured depositor is the most protected of any creditor and they get their money before the bankruptcy process even begins.

          As far as bail-ins, uninsured deposits could be used in a bail-in in which the uninsured depositor would in return get shares of stock of the recapitalized bank. Insured depositors however are not part of any bail-in and are clearly exempt.

          You said that the FDIC insurance is inadequate if the US banking system blows up. I would agree with that. The FDIC insurance fund is underfunded. They do have a couple of credit lines if needed. One is with the Treasury to borrow, according from what I have read, up to $500 billion dollars. Please note that the FDIC insurance fund does not have to have any where near the $6 trillion of insured deposits that are covered to be adequate.

          As far as retirement plans, pension funds are more at risk than IRA’s of being “confiscated”. Pension funds are the lowest hanging fruit of all the retirement plans. A few months back Bill Holter stated that he can see something like 50% of ones 401K plan being required to be in Treasuries. That was also my thinking.

      • JC Davis

        JMiller. Under the NDRP act is the accounts still covered up to 250 k ?

        • JMiller


          What you are asking is like asking will your accounts still covered by the FDIC if some remote catastrophic event happens like the U.S. getting nuked. And the answer is I do not know.

      • Russ

        from the summary above:
        “Brown, who is also an attorney, goes on to explain, …“I have researched heavily on what the real problem is here. It’s the ‘Safe Harbor’ status that is granted to derivatives, repos and asset backed securities. All those things can jump in ahead of a bankruptcy and grab their collateral.”… As I understand, that means the depositors in a bank get their money from FDIC after the derivatives, repos and asset backed securities are satisfied. $500Trillion? in derivatives tells me FDIC isn’t big enough.

        • JMiller


          You are little confused. The FDIC insurance fund has nothing to do with derivatives. All that the derivatives counterparties can do before bankruptcy, if they are allowed, is to grab the collateral that was posted which is usually cash and government securities. The FDIC fund is not touched. It is only to be used to cover deposit accounts. If a bank becomes insolvent and another bank acquires the insolvent bank then insured depositors have access to their money right away however if the insolvent bank is not acquired by another bank then the insured depositors are paid usually within a few days of the bank closing and way before any bankruptcy. Any depositors having any uninsured deposits would need to file a claim.

      • Russ

        There’s a good read at: titled FDIC slams biggest US banks, says capital reserves “inadequate”

        • JC Davis

          Russ The #2 executive at the FDIC Hoenig is telling us our money in banks are not safe. Anyone thinking the are protected up to 250 k should read this.
          Thanks .

        • JMiller


          Here is the actual commentary by Thomas Hoenig which is much more informative than that article by Simon Black.

          • Greg Hunter

            Black is a very smart guy from everything I have read. I would trust his analysis that that od someone who has something to protect. The truth is not a hallmark of government these days.

  35. DBCooper

    Greg, Thank you for the forum and the guests that you provide.
    Thank you Charles H for the Blessing … Blessed are the Truth Tellers …
    E. Brown is not my favorite guest but we endeavor to glean nuggets where we may … buying in to the ‘green’ party is in our opinion akin to buying into the ‘watermelon party’ !! That is green on the outside and red on the inside. She seems very smart and also naïve … with that said we wish her no ill will and in fact pray that she experiences an epiphany and finds her way out of the woods.
    In regard to food storage we recommend everyone able gets set up to can and dry food. Now is the canning season and the process is not limited to veggies … we also can meats that will last a long time. The canner we recommend is the All-American … not cheap but metal to metal fit w/ no gasket (just don’t drop it); also we recommend Tattler lids and seals as they are reusable.
    Think in terms of years of food storage, not weeks/months … heard Bob Griswold talk about freeze-dried foods and the fact that you need to supplement enzymes w/ them and sprouts are a good source and easy to grow.
    From the redoubt … Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

    • helot

      RE: ‘Greg, Thank you for the forum and the guests that you provide.’

      No doubt about that! I just tried to make a comment at The Des Moines Register, The Iowa City Press Citizen, and The Quad-City Times (all with no such guests, ever!) and I could not do so. Perhaps it’s due to me running an old OS, but I did notice there were very few comments (1-3) on all the headlines they had.

      Dinosaurs! They are. May they rot in compost.

  36. Bill

    GREG: Of the three branches of government, which one has the responsibility of protecting from voter fraud>

    • Greg Hunter

      That is a law enforcement issue and the President is at the top of the heap. So, Executive Branch is responsible.

  37. Dave

    we have met the enemy and he is us,

    inflate or die is the example set these last eight years. inflate and die is what awaits us because the USA is a banana land without the rule of law. banana bucks for the world’s reserve currency? the center of power is moving east. follow the gold. he who has the gold makes the rules.

    be prepared

    • Paul ...

      Vote for Trump and we can stop the enemy within that is methodically moving to cut our ties to God and Country … once we have been torn apart and divided it will be easy for “the enemy” to subjugate the population (but they need to take away our guns) … if we are armed it will be messy … so they bring ISIS here (to create terror) and will use every terrorist incident to call for gun control!

    • Pinocchio

      Prepare for the Great Secession.

      Secede !!!!

  38. Bill

    GREG: Might you know of a website where I can gain information on the condition of Israeli banks, and the value of the Israeli shekel for possible investment

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not. So sorry.

  39. Faith

    I don’t know where to start. Did this woman just roll out of bed? Was she on some type of medication? She seems out it. On top of that she lives in communist-run California and is supporting the Green Party? Wow!

    Oh and this was the kicker, for me, she advocates changing out one bad shell game run by private banks for an even worse shell game by having state-run banks! Oh sure, as if exchanging one bad system run by the private sector for the same system run by the public system is an improvement! That is this crazy woman’s solution? Sure lady. Move to Cuba or Venezuala and get back to us on how successful government control of the banking system works out under a socialist system. The answer? It doesn’t.

    I am familiar with this woman and have read some of her articles. She needs to stick to advising people about personal finance. I don’t need to hear her Marxist ideology with regard to central banks and central banking reform. Absolutely clueless.

  40. Kim

    Here is a funny YouTube video of George Carlin who passed away in 2008. The language is rough. The concept of blue collar, white collar, it doesn’t matter what color of shirt you have on, it’s the rich elite who want to preserve their wealth and power by suppressing people. They do not want a population of well informed, well educated people that are capable of critical thinking. They sell the American dream, the only problem is , you have to be asleep to believe it!

    • Frederick

      George Carlin was way ahead of his time and great Thanks Kim

  41. your fan in Japan

    FWIW, I just returned to Japan after two weeks in the PNW/Canada. The economy there seems to be functioning. We went shopping/ eating/ etc. and paid with dollars. Everybody accepted them- even the Canadians. I didn’t see the doom and gloom that we usually discuss here. One other thing I DID NOT SEE- Hillary Placards- Lots for Trump though. FWIW. Thanks for all you do Greg.

    • Frederick

      You wouldnt see the true condition of the economy on the surface due to all the debt being used to camoflage reality fan Take a look at the US Debt clock and you will understand better

      • your fan in Japan

        Don’t get me wrong- I am a watchdogger. (big smiles) But the debt clock- what is it anyway- that is debt (i.e. dollars) that we (holders of dollars) owe to the fed res. To eliminate this debt, you would have to eliminate federal reserve issued dollars. No one (aside from us watchdoggers ) will do this. Everybody is using and accepting these fed res issued notes. The dollars are not going to go away and thus neither is the debt. Again, the only way to eliminate the national debt is to eliminate fed res dollars.

  42. Kraig

    One thing I don’t understand regarding derivatives, etc is that economists or pundits reason the liquidation of these instruments must follow the law(jack before jill) when it seems the law is simply disregarded for everything else these entities and/or government does

  43. Donna

    The looting of America has to stop.No bid gov contracts fill pockets of politicians

  44. David S

    Hi Greg

    I still think Celente hit the nail on the head when he said the election is a choice between hitler and hitlery. Trump keeps rabbiting on about iran and I wouldnt be at all surprised if he went full neocon mode against them if he became president. The one major plus for trump is all the msm are against him, in europe as well. Its beyond a joke how all the British newspapers all carry negative articles on Trump every day.

    Hitlery must have 666 on her head, if she wins i think WWIII is a dead cert.

    It would be great if you could have Stephen Cohen on to talk about russia.

  45. Peter

    Dr. Jill Stein’s VP pick called Bernie Sanders a racist and appears to be a racist himself. He writes and speaks very poorly about white people in general. To support Jill Stein would be totally foolish, but supporting Hillary Clinton is even worse.

    Donald Trump is the logical option for America at this point. He is a proven success and really plans to improve the county. He is self funded attempting to change things, not continue the current failed Obama policies.

    PS. The US stock market is looking strong right now!

  46. G. Berkshire

    Russia Takes Swipe at State Dept: Check Your Maps

    NBC News Abigail Williams and Alexey Eremenko and Alastair Jamieson

    8 hrs ago

    MOSCOW — Russia took a scornful swipe at the United States on Wednesday, defending its use of Iranian air bases to launch air strikes on Syria and suggesting State Department officials should “check their logic and knowledge” over the issue.

  47. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Swiss central bank is buying US stocks? I don’t recall other guests talking about this. Did I miss something? If the Fed does have a swap agreement with them, it would be interesting to have more details.

  48. Daphne Lamb

    Imagine this situation: You are in court serving as a witness against a very intelligent and powerful man. He is a cruel liar and a murderer, and he has people all over the world working for him. How would you feel when you left the courtroom at the end of the day? Would you feel safe? Not at all! You would have good reason to ask for protection. In a similar way, as God’s servants we are witnesses against his evil enemy, Satan. (Read Revelation 12:17.) Satan has tried to stop God’s people. But has he been able to do that? No! In fact, the word continues to be preached to more and more people all over the world. How is this possible? There can only be one explanation: Our heavenly father is “a real dwelling” for us. He is protecting and blessing his people more than ever during these last days. (Read Isaiah 54:14, 17.) But he can continue to be “a real dwelling” for us only if we do not allow Satan to deceive us.

    Remember Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Although they lived in the land of Canaan, [as Jews] they stayed separate from the people of the land and hated the bad things those people did. (Genesis 27:46) They did not need a long list of rules to know what was right or what was wrong. They knew what Yahweh/Jehovah loves and what he hates. So they did all they could not to become part of that world. What a fine example they are for us here at USAW! Do you try to imitate those loyal servants of God? Do you show that you do not want to be part of this crafty world by carefully choosing your friends and even entertainment? Sadly, some in the Christian congregation are more concerned with Pokemon, or at least in some ways, feel at home in Satan’s world. If you feel that way even a little, pray for God’s help. Remember, this world belongs to Satan, and he is selfish and does not care about us.—2 Corinthians 4:4; Ephesians 2:1, 2.

    If we do not want Satan to deceive us, we must benefit from all the help we can get! From family, our worship, and elders who give us comfort and support so that we can endure problems in life. [Mark 10:28-30] 28 Peter began to say to Him, “Look, we have left everything and followed You.” 29“Truly I tell you, said Jesus, “- no one who has left home or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or fields for My sake and for the gospel 30 will fail to receive a hundredfold in the present age—houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and fields, along with persecutions—and to receive eternal life in the age to come.…Berean Study Bible · “When I am among those who love God and truth, yes even here, I feel at home, as with my family.” Do you feel the same way?

    Another important lesson we learn from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is that we should not be afraid of being different from the people around us. Those faithful men “publicly declared that they were strangers and temporary residents in the land.” (Hebrews 11:13) Do you show that you are different from people in the world? This can sometimes be difficult. But you can do this with help from God and from your faithful brothers and sisters. Remember, you are not alone. All who want to serve God have a fight against Satan and this world! (Ephesians 6:12) But we can win this fight if we trust in God and make him our secure dwelling.

    Problems in this world will continue to get worse before the end. (Matthew 24:7, 8) And during the great tribulation, life will definitely become even harder. All over the world, there will be destruction and confusion, and people will be terrified. (Habakkuk 3:16, 17) The Bible says that they will be so desperate that they will look for protection “in the caves and in the rock-masses of the mountains.” (Revelation 6:15-17) But no cave will protect them, nor will any big business or political organization.

    Our God will keep us safe during the great tribulation. Like the prophet Habakkuk, we will be joyful in the God of salvation. (Habakkuk 3:18) How will he protect us during that difficult time? We will have to wait and see. But we can be sure that God’s people will be organized and receive instructions from him, like the Israelites who left Egypt during the Exodus. (Read Exodus 13:18; Revelation 7:9) How will he give us these instructions? He will probably use the christian congregation to tell us what to do. Isaiah 26:20 mentions “interior rooms” that will give protection to God’s people. These may refer to congregations around the world. (Read Isaiah 26:20.) —Hebrews 13:17.

    Yup God is “a real dwelling place” even for faithful ones who might die before the great tribulation. How? He will resurrect them. A long time after Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob had died, Jehovah told Moses that he was still their God. (Exodus 3:6) Jesus repeated those words and added: “He is a God, not of the dead, but of the living, for they are all living to him.” (Luke 20:38) The resurrection of loyal servants of God is so sure to happen that to him, it is as if they are already alive.—Ecclesiastes 7:1.

    In the new world, not the old world disorder! God will become “a real dwelling” for his people in a special way. Revelation 21:3 says: “Look! The tabernacle [tent] of God is with mankind, and he will dwell with them.” Our father, who art in heaven, will use his only begotten son Jesus Christ to rule over the earth for the first thousand years. At the end of the thousand years, Jesus will have completed his Father’s purpose for the earth, and he will give the Kingdom back to him. (1 Corinthians 15:28) Then God will rule perfect humans directly. What a wonderful future we have ahead of us! Let us imitate faithful servants of the past by making our father in the heavens, our “real dwelling” even now.

    Abraham waited for a city just as were waiting. . . We should imitate Abraham and keep the reward in mind. (2 Corinthians 4:18) The apostle Paul wrote that Abraham
    “looked for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God.” (Hebrews 11:10) That “city” is God’s Kingdom. Abraham had to wait for that “city” to come. In a way, we do not. The Kingdom is ruling in heaven. And Bible prophecy clearly shows that soon it will rule the whole earth. Does the way you live your life show that you really believe in that Kingdom? Do you put the Kingdom first and try to stay separate from this confusing and soon to be replaced world?—Read 2 Peter 3:11, 12.


    American King James Version
    Lord, you have been our “dwelling place” in all generations. (Psalm 90:1): The best home is a place where there is love, peace, and protection. God is compared to a home because he is love, he is the God of peace, and he protects his servants

    P.S. Sorry if I got carried away here!

  49. helot

    For as long as I live, every time I see the name Ellen Brown, I will always associate her banking ideas with what’s going on in Venezuela. What she wants, is playing out there.

    Anyway, I posted this on another site and thought of USWD when I wrote it, I hope you’ll find some measure of agreement in it:

    I was just thinking about how about 5,000+ people have read this article as of now. Even if it was two freakin Million – in the big scheme of things – it wouldn’t make a wit of difference in the outcome of how things worked out politically, for us, and for everyone who isn’t on the inside.

    ‘Politically’ is a funny word. It means a bunch of things. Like for instance: who gets to step on your neck, and take your stuff, and tax and regulate the sheet out of you and I.

    Imho, a whole lotta people are hoping this election changes things – one way or another. Problem is: no matter who gets elected, the government wins.

    You may disagree. Time will tell. However; so far (and this is a historical Fact for the last 100 or so years in America) the government Always wins.

    Que: Brandon Smith. Because, it seems that few want to listen to Etienne de la Boétie. What a shame that is.

    Color me, Freedomista.

    Yah, This ship is driving through the iceberg, because there is no iceberg, because f– you.

    And, tell me again what it means to be an American? Because, watching the TeeVee shows or listening to the bigmouths how they justify torture and worse makes me not understand what it means to be an American. Asset forfeiture, war on some drugs, tax the heck out of you, etc…

    Life, Liberty…. are they just meaningless words? Nevermind the concept of, ‘property’ or Due Process.

    There is no, ‘America’. It’s not a concept to, ‘give up’ on, … it simply, never was! [Insert, Whiskey Rebellion, here x] Regrettably, it was a hopeful illusion to sucker people in. I wish it weren’t so. I do very Much like the concept. The same way I like the concept of ‘Christianity’, a.k.a. love your enemies.

    Origins of the United States Constitution

    No wonder people don’t want to, ‘wake Up’! Waking up is F-ing madness for a modern person!

    Yah, This ship is driving through the iceberg, because there is no iceberg, because f– you.

    There is only one hope, and that is: Jesus, the Christ.
    Disbelievers (imperfect human that I am) I’ll pray for you. [Pray for me too.]

    In the meantime, let us all Prep, believers and disbelievers alike, and try to get along.

    Keyword: ‘non-aggression principle’.

    I think you’ll all agree on that, look it up. If you don’t agree, there’s something crossed in your hardwire, and maybe you’re a liberal, or a neocon-warmonger, or something to which I hope you find an out that does not involve stepping on necks and such.

    – Don’t be a neck stepper. –

    And, look at the facts on to get a feel for your position in the universe.

    Look at The Facts, and love your neighbor. How hard is that?
    Yah, i know, it’s not easy. …Nothing worth having, is easy.

    • Faith

      Helot, I agree! That was my thinking about her too! I am still shaking my head! She actually thinks that allowing the state to control the banking system will be an improvement? Maybe Ms. Brown prefers totalitarian regimes to the messy business of capitalism.

  50. Bob

    Back in 1967 when I was in my first year university in an economics degree program I had a professor who made two predictions which, at the time, seemed insane. At the time the world was still on the gold standard. His predictions were as follows:
    1. The world would go off the gold standard !
    2. He also predicted that, if not in the students lifetime, surely in the life time of our children – geographic boundaries would disappear and people would be born into a corporation.
    Prediction one came true in 1971 when Nixon decoupled the US dollar from gold.
    Prediction two seemed insane and yet this evolution has been unfolding over the subsequent decades. What seemed insane now seems assured to take place as predicted. In 2016 it seems that there is a push to erase political borders and through such proposals as TPP, corporations will be put firmly in charge of life as we will become to know it. It seems we are an unstoppable path to servitude and this and all future generations will live in servitude of debt owed to banks.
    Currently it would seem that the common person is awakening to this new reality and a world wide populist movement is growing. It will take such movements to reshape the world economic and political systems that now are totally scewed in favour of banks, multinationals , and th 1%. The rise in public interest of people like Trump, Sanders , the Green and Libertarian Parties are proof of this and an indication that ‘the people’ are no longer satisfied with the staus quo of increasing economic enslavement !
    The voices of this new ‘Populist World Order’ are people like you Greg, with your factual reports of what is actually happening out there. May God guide you and may God bless you and your important work !

  51. MCasey

    Trump may in fact be “pivoting”. His selection of Breitbart’s Stephen Bannon, (who has made a career of going after the “Republican Establishment”), may signal Trump’s pivot to a 3rd party candidate!

    • MCasey

      ……but still under the Republican banner. May explain why he didn’t care about various establishment Republican endorsements and why he constantly withheld the option of a 3rd party candidate, if it became necessary. “Let Trump, be Trump” may really translate as a 3rd party “republican” candidate….

  52. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Paddy Chayevsky’s movie, “Network” was so prescient. “Don’t you understand? THERE IS NO AMERICA . There is only corporations…” I wonder if he got cancered for his wonderful, patriotic scripts like ” The Hospital”. I wish he were her to write “The Internet”. Nobody comes close…not the muckrakers and comics, not even Carlin…for the humanity, brilliance, and patriotic goodness of Paddy. R.I.P. and pray for us. Lord, could we use him now!!

    • Charles H

      Wow, Deanna – what a call, and pulling in such insight! Sharp, sharp, sharp.

  53. Linda L.

    So much to consider these days, but it all boils down to two possible/final outcomes that are going to determine the future for all of us very soon. The next election will either steer the world towards globalism/One World Order in its final formation stages, or support the concept of individual countries having the right to maintain their sovereignty (at varying levels). With this awareness, it isn’t difficult to understand why borders are being dissolved, currencies are falling apart and social/political unrest and corruption are occurring at levels never seen before in modern society. It’s unbelievable to me that so many folks out there still don’t get it.

  54. Mike

    A hair over two weeks Greg, and things begin a changin’. By this time next year…it will be a different world. (I am not sure the dollar will fall on Sept 4th, like Rickards says–but the period of big change does begin in early September. (it might be a natural disaster that sparks the economic downturn.)

    The period is Aug 28th, 2016 to June of 2017.

  55. Sparky#1

    Thanks to both Ms. Ellen Brown and you for another very informative and thought-provoking interview Greg. Would you please consider interviewing someone who can provide informed insight and perspective on the various trade partnership agreements coming into play? Specifically, Trans-Pacific Partnership; Trans-Atlantic Trade & Investment Partnership; and “Silk Road”–maybe others? Given geo-political events, pending financial collapse (reset, correction, chaos), I would like to better understand the known–and unknown–aspects surrounding these initiatives. Thanks, and thanks for all you do! 🙂

  56. Robert Lykens

    US “folding its tents in Middle East”

    In an earthshaking Middle East development, the United States has begun secretly evacuating the tactical nuclear weapons it had stockpiled at the southern Turkish air base of Incirlik and is transporting them to US bases in Romania.
    The Obama administration has thus taken another step towards folding its tents in the Middle East.
    In contrast, Moscow is rapidly expanding its air force footprint in the region with a new base in Iran following its facility in Syria. Advanced bombers and fighters are stepping up operations in both countries, while Russian warships carrying Kalibr cruise missiles gather in the Mediterranean and Caspian Seas.
    debkafile’s military and intelligence sources report that Washington decided to remove the nuclear arsenal to safety after talks between American and Turkish talks on release 1,500 US airmen serving at the base from the siege clamped down a month ago broke down. The airmen were running the US air campaign against ISIS in in Syria just 112km away.
    The talks ground to a halt over Turkish insistence on assuming control of the nuclear arsenal and America’s rejection of this demand.
    The 50-70 B61 tactical gravity nuclear bombs were stored in underground bunkers close to the US bombers’ air strips. Although this was not fully admitted by Washington, the US air and ground crews were held intermittently in lockdown since the President Tayyip Erdogan suppressed a military coup against him a month ago.
    The deteriorations of relations between Ankara and Washington contrasted strongly with the Turkish-
    Russian rapprochement, which Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin sealed in St. Petersburg on Aug.8. Since then, there have been calls for the Russian Air Force to be allowed to displace the US warplanes at Incirlik. This process has now begun.

    Further diminishing of the US by the muslim illegal alien Hussein Obama.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Here’s a perfect example of where rhetoric and Middle East strategy collide.
      Putin recently stated that playing a chess game with Obama was much like playing a pigeon. The pigeon knocks over all the pieces on the board, then struts around like he won the game.

  57. stephen Haskell

    Extraordinary deceptive article, implying people had their deposits taken from them. This is not correct, they were bond holders. As with any investment there is risk. Corporate, municipal even US government bonds hold risk. In fact anyone holding a US savings bond now is at great risk due to the incredible amount of dept this country is in.

    • Greg Hunter

      She said bondholders, but these were not typical bondholders just savers and depositors by another name. Thank you for your comment.

  58. Sparky#1

    Update on class-action lawsuit against D. Wasserman-Schultz and DNC. Sanders’ supporters are pissed!

  59. Silverado

    If you think the people would be pissed off about taking their guns about the only thing I could think of that would be worse would be to take their money deposited in a bank for a bail-in which is nothing but a bank welfare program. Though I would predict the same result and that’s riots in the streets. This will not end well – for anyone but especially the banks.

  60. David

    Ellen gives clear definitions of derivatives and the banker financial shell games. More importantly she offers solutions to our financial system fallacies .

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