Super Bull Market in Gold About to Start -Charles Nenner

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner has been warning of a huge war and financial cycle, and it is clear both continue to build.  The war cycle will continue to amplify until World War III breaks out.  Meanwhile, unpayable debt will continue to explode until another Great Depression hits America again.  Standing in the gap is gold, and the wait for a bull market is about over.  Nenner explains, “The dollar’s buying power could possibly  be cut in half. . . . That’s the reason why we expect a super bull market in gold and silver when the cycle bottoms.  You remember I came on and said coming, coming, but not yet?  I say it was too early . . . but, now, we are getting very close to a bull market.  . . . Gold could still have one more down move because the cycles are still down.”

On Bitcoin, Nenner says, “We had a high of $54,000, and we said if it hit $52,000, we would sell.  I do not believe this story that Bitcoin will hit $100,000 based on my work.  It has been proven that NASDAQ and Bitcoin go up and down together because it is based on nothing, and people are buying out of greed.  Because we think we are at a top in the NASDAQ, then we don’t think the outlook for Bitcoin is too positive.”

Nenner thinks the DOW is also topping, and he is telling clients to lighten up on the risk. Nenner sees a second Great Depression playing out again in 2026 or 2027.

Nenner thinks the “War Cycle” will continue to build in 2024, but all bets are off in 2025.

Nenner says his wealthy clients see dark days ahead for the world and have actual bunkers to go along with a bunker mentality.  Nenner think domestic terror and even war is coming to America in a big way.  Nenner is still forecasting “2 billion will die in the next global war, and the only way we get a body count that high is with nuclear weapons.”

Nenner sees an election coming in 2024 and still thinks Trump can win.  Nenner warns that problems in America are too big for any one person to actually fix.  Nenner still thinks if you know winter is coming, you cannot stop it, but you can get a winter coat.  Again, Nenner thinks “Trump is the winter coat.”

There is much more in the 32-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with renowned cycle analyst and financial expert Charles Nenner for 2.24.24.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Have no fear!
    Thanks for the Sunday Arvo interview Greg.

    • Lori

      Charles’ cycles fit this timeline perfectly unfortunately America is going to be hit by nuclear weapons by the fall of 2028!:

      • Anthony Australia

        The third seal will be opened soon.✊

        • Trinacria

          Anthony, with all due respect and I mean that sincerely as we are all brothers and sisters in Christ whether folks want to believe it or not!!! A 3rd seal or a 10th seal really does not matter. We all need to put our faith in God, no matter how bad things may get, because if we are with God then we are in HIS hands for eternity and no one can be against us!!! This has all been foretold and is very foreseeable if only one observes carefully. It is the unfortunate fallen nature of man. But if it weren’t this way, then choosing God the Father (YES, that would be Jehovah as Greg had mentioned many times!!) as well as believing that ONLY through Christ do we go the the FATHER…that would not then mean anything. Because, there is NO heaven without hell. God gave us free will, HE cannot force us to love him. I was born a cradle Roman Catholic in a traditional immigrant Italian family and I will die a cradle Roman Catholic! This current pope who occupies the chair of St. Peter when he says “I would like to believe that hell is empty”….I believe he is leading souls astray. Again, there is no heaven without hell; if there were no hell it would negate the free will that God gave each and everyone of us. The secular powers will use this knowledge that humans are fearful and easily manipulated get many people to accept the mark of the beast…they will promise a better life. St. Peter denied Christ 3 times! Remember the fear they spread with the bogus inoculations. I will quote wonderful Bishop Joseph Strickland, who says something to the effect of “we need to live our faith similar to 1st century Christians. We need to be martyrs for the faith…not necessarily with our lives, but to simply say NOOOOO to all the garbage that is being promoted in order to harvest our souls at the altars of degeneracy and consumption!!! I don’t know if what is coming sooner or later… or could be hundreds of years or next year… No one knows, so there is no point in worrying; best only to prepare in accordance with HIS Word…the true Word of God, not all these man-made fake religions that were all spin offs of the one and ONLY Church founded by Jesus the Christ HIMSELL !!! Not the one world religion that so many want to promote. I pray that all folks reading this post will work hard to NOT allow this corrupt system to harvest their eternal souls. Yes, it will get tough, but the “bad” guys are losing. Never, never, never give up hope or faith no matter how bad you may think it is.
          We are all burdened with patterns of sin and weakness, of fear as well as societal sin; however, we are invited not to go at all this alone and to live in the freedom of Christ. Not “freedom from”… but “freedom to”… freedom to abandon unhealthy attachments (as St. Paul admonishes in 1 Timothy 6:10), freedom to make solid and spiritually healthy choices, freedom to move toward virtue, freedom to live in dignity and gratitude, freedom to thoroughly know and love God. We put our hope and our faith in Christ the King, Christ the Shephard King who safely brings us back to God the Father for all of eternity.
          O come, O come Emmanuel! Peace on earth and goodwill to all people!

          • Greg Gatherer

            dear Trinacria,

            besides exorcist Fr Ripperger –who every Evanglical should get his book on liberating demons, because Evangelicals go willy nilly laying on hands are putting themselves and their family in grave danger—two other interesting Catholics on social media are: Christine Watkins (author of The Warning, illumination of conscience as mercy prior to Tribulation) AND Jewish convert Roy Schoeman .. .Roy has fascinating testimony about meeting Virgin Mary, and explains why because of Jewish law she is the spouse of the Holy Spirit to this very day, which makes her the mediatrix of all graces).

        • Ray

          Hi mate,
          Hope you and yours are well.
          You might be right about the third seal.
          A couple of weeks ago, I downloaded one of my favorite movies from the 80’s…….The Seventh Sign.
          Have you seen it?
          A really good movie about the second coming of Christ.
          Demi Moore is such a beautiful woman!!!
          Here is the trailer mate:

          Suggest you watch the full movie if you haven’t seen it.
          I know you’ll like it.

          Take care Brother.
          Ray, Canberra, Australia

          • Anthony Australia

            Thank you so much my friend and brother.

          • Scott Fusiliers

            Hey Raymond,
            THE SEVENTH SIGN – Lets take a look at director Carl Schultz ‘s THE SEVENTH SIGN, starring Demi Moore, Michael Biehn, and Jürgen Prochnow. With Easter just around the Coroner, excuse the pun and the world going through quite the ordeal, it’s a great time to revisit this often forgotten Biblical thriller. Between a dismal box office and scathing reviews, THE SEVENTH SIGN is ripe for re-discovery. Join us as we attempt to defend this misunderstood late ’80s thriller

            • Ray

              Thanks for that Scott.
              Take care mate.
              Ray, Canberra, Australia 🦘

      • Anthony Australia

        This is one well informed source.

        Explore the latest stories on hot topics: Border Wall | Immigration | Migrant Centers | Border Crime

        See live views from along the U.S.-Mexico border.

      • Lana

        Who needs that gold then,
        buy pork bellies and frozen concentrated orange juice
        for your bunker!

      • Gadfly


        If you go to Zero Hedge, there’s an article about Wendy’s starting to test-market something known as “surge pricing.” Getting ready for hyperinflation, maybe?

  2. Joyce Hargrove

    The Deep State Is the 4th Branch Of Gov’t Controlling Us All! – Mel K
    The Jimmy Dore Show 1.31M 52,978 views 7 hours ago Feb 24, 2024
    Podcaster Mel K came on The Jimmy Dore Show to light into the Deep State, which she refers to as either the “fourth branch of government” or the “fifth estate.” The oligarchy is squeezing its grip ever-tighter on American society while pitting us against one another in a drive toward genuine civil war!
    Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger talk to Mel K about just who the “they” is when we talk about how they are trying to control every aspect of our lives.

    • Judy

      Thank you.

  3. Gert Forber

    After TRT World failed to post my interview on the death of Navalny….
    Alexei Navalny’s Death And Curious Well-Timed Coincidences
    ZeroHedge BY TYLER DURDEN & Edward Curtin via
    There is propaganda by commission and propaganda by omission, the former often serve to conceal the latter. Timing is crucial.

  4. DeepState Run Amok!

    CBS faces uproar after seizing investigative journalist’s files
    “Anyone who isn’t confused really doesn’t understand the situation.”

  5. Prospector

    A very good information roundtable with Navy Seal Matt Bracken & LTC. Steven Murray. Feb. 21 . 2024
    @Matt_Bracken even comments on recent Greg Hunter – reporting.
    Topics cover preparedness , communications , local contact building and Bug IN vs. Bug Out thinking. LTC. Murray suggests all out nuke war to him , seems less likely than false flag attacks , cyber-attack or infrastructure attack in retaliation for any strikes on Iran. Neo-Con talk about Putin marching across Europe or invading Warsaw , Poland is just more fearmongering to keep the gravy $$$$ train funding going to Ukraine.

    I like talks like this as they cut trough the hype and ask you to THINK about your situation and how to handle a variety of disruptive events.
    Gab . com /Matt_Bracken

  6. Michael McCammack in Indiana

    Armstrong, Holter, and Nenner with Mr. Hunter!
    It doesn’t get any better than that.
    Thanks Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks MM!!

    • Karl

      Really surely it’s sooner ?
      Will the truth of death jabs ever be aired on msm.
      Will.thrre ever be justice before christ returns ?
      It’s a sick world.
      We don’t need trump we need Christ .

    • sam

      Armstrong, Holter, and Nenner with Mr. Hunter!
      It doesn’t get any better than that.

      How about??

      Armstrong, Holter, Alex Neuman and Nenner with Mr. Hunter!

      • Anthony Australia

        Morgan next.

  7. Dez Bensson

    American Senator Attacks Biden, Says U.S. President Doesn’t Want Ukraine War To End

  8. Jeffrobbins

    Another great interview. There is a second way to get to 2 billion deaths. All the other issues- que- Bill Holter.

  9. Brent

    The bull run will be in Bitcoin…

    • Randy Best

      Bitcoins is fool’s gold.

    • Tin foil hat

      The bull run in Bitcoin is because it’s back by the dollar/ETFs.

      The lack luster performance in PMs is because it’s sabotaged by the dollar/ETFs.

      What will happen after the dollar and the Wall St ETFs collapses?

      • Ray

        Tin Foil Hat,…… respected old friend 😎
        It’s so good to see your additions to the comments here, where you have placed your wise and considered embellishments over so many years.
        You rightfully ask the pertinent question,
        “What will happen after the dollar and the Wall St ETFs collapses” in regard to BTC and other so called crypto currencies.
        My view is they will most likely all disappear like a fart in the wind.
        The fact that Bitcoin has recently been LEGALLY intertwined with the insidious BANKSTSER CONTROLLED market gearing mechanisms, is proof that cryptocurrencies have become the latest form of fiat currency.
        Those who think they will retire on a sunny beach, buying a little home close to the shore line with their crypto gains, (XRP etc……absolute fart in the wind currency) have both my HONEST BEST WISHES, and my RESPECTFUL, CONSIDERED warning to make provision and consideration thereof …….
        A “Crypt” is where a rotting body is hidden away when it is pronounced dead.
        Crypto currencies…… in my view……are where rotting, arse hole bastard governments herd good intentioned people to coral them into digital slavery.
        “Gold & Silver are money………everything else is credit”: J.P. Morgan.
        Of course……I could be wrong, and my old mate Sam, who I would love to meet one day and drink a frosty beer with, might add his rightful comments here in defence of his opinion, which I will consider and respect.
        Tin…….lovely to see your comments mate. I have missed them of late.
        My best wishes be with you and yours always,
        Ray, Canberra, Australia.

        • Tin foil hat

          Right before Calvi, who was known as “God’s banker” because of his close association with the Vatican, was found hanging from beneath Blackfriars Bridge in 1982, Epstein left Bear Stern and started his offshore financial business.

          By the times Epstein was found hanging in his jail cell, BTC was legally traded in this BANKSTSER CONTROLLED market gearing mechanisms. Have cryptocurrencies become the latest Deep State money laundering mechanism?

          I suspect BTC may likely keep going to the moon until either Russia or China cries uncle and submits to the Deep State. After that, we may have a few months before the Greatest Depression/hyperinflation hits America and the world. The NWO and its CBDC (back by digital 1984 air)will follow as we will own nothing and be happy – neither gold nor BTC can save us.

          Methinks the only way out of this nightmarish scenario is if Trump were elected again and he could somehow work openly with Russia and China. Perhaps a new global reserve CBDC back by real gold and real GDP; if they could work together.

          I’m glad that somebody actually read my rambling embellishments 🥹

          Most respectfully,

  10. Poochiwoo

    Love Charles. Thank you for sharing your insights.

  11. James Asquith

    Russia’s recent statements, have sent shock-waves across the global defence world and caught the US off guard and has formally showcased four new advanced weapons systems, demonstrating substantial technological advances and geopolitical capabilities that have the potential to shift the global power balance, to our detriment.

    Russia Announces 4 New Weapons & SHOCKS The US!
    Tech Beat 2,218 views 4 hours ago
    We must cut out the graft and corruption, in how our military industrial complex does business! Or Russia and the BRIC’S, will break the back’s of the U.S. taxpayers and there will not be any future competition, in this new arms race, that the BRIC’S leader has gained an edge. On a decadent LGBQRSTV+ hijacked west, found wanting!

  12. Lili

    Dear Greg,
    Thank you again! I find Mr Nenner fascinating articulate , interesting and highly credible. He views from a very wide lens and speaks what he sees.

    I feel all is not lost, having said that we have a bumpy road ahead. Not for the faint of heart!

    We as humans have had everything but the kitchen sink thrown our way, and best believe the sink is airborne and just over the horizon.

    Thanks again for bringing truth, knowledge and good information .

    Buckle up & stay prayed up the storm is coming.

  13. Akdave

    Thanks again Greg and thanks for not letting the clot shot issue get swept under the rug. We still have clowns requiring it and I won’t forget my niece who died at age 16. I’m also seeing cancer EVERYWHERE I look. Keep up the fight.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s a sad story to report Dave, but it has to be done. 700 million injections in USA alone. It will get much worse. I went to dinner last night and I was shown a picture of a 20-year-old girl with her harm freshly amputated. She had 4 shots in her right arm and cancer started around the injection point and moved down her arm. It got bad quickly and they had to cut off her arm to save her.

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        Nenner is predicting 2 billion dead. I think this will be from the death jab. A nuclear war will kill a lot more than that (maybe kill all of us)

        Only God knows, but what are your thoughts.


      • Thomas Malthaus

        The world may sustain nearly a billion deaths from COVID-19 vaccinations before the war cycle heats up. We’ll never be apprised of an accurate number.

        How many will die from economic impoverishment before the war cycle fully kicks in?

        It’s possible Charles Nenner borrowed some items from the Deagle Report’s late proprietor, who ironically was a former US government employee. He estimated 500 million global denizens left standing by 2025.

        Predictions are just that. There worthy of listening to, but I wouldn’t pay for them.

      • Mike

        Greg, my sis in law got colon cancer, both brother in laws have blood clot and heart issues and one brother in law died in the hospital on a ventilator . My wife and I tried to warn them to no avail . You have had on some mighty guest . Love your show. Great questions on your show also. Look forward to each episode.

      • Tin foil hat

        A nurse asked my sister which side she got her shots after she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at MSK.

      • Jerry

        Hi Greg, this is just so sad. This is pure evil and murder.

  14. Erick

    Greg… Cliff_High back on along with the man last year who reported china organ harvesting? I talked a while back to a man who owns a diner here he and his family escaped china in the 90s said it still goes on and (much much more).

  15. WERE F****D!

    Putin touts Russia’s new nuclear bomber, Zelensky pleads for ammo | Has NATO lost Ukraine war?
    WION 58,965 views Feb 23, 2024 GRAVITAS
    As the Ukraine war enters its third year, Russia has gained the upper hand with recent victories on the battlefield. Outnumbered and outgunned, Ukraine has been pleading for more arms from the West. How long can the U.S.-led bloc sustain Ukraine’s war efforts? What is the realistic step ahead?

  16. Bonnie Robinson

    Thanks for the good guest and update.
    No WWIII or billions of souls lost. Remember Trump keeps saying he could have peace in 24 hours.
    No 2nd Great Depression during Trump’s next term (and he will be elected this year). Also remember Trump said that in his new administration, he will fix everything within 6 months. He said we will have a year long celebration of America’s 250th birthday from 2025 – 2026.
    The Dems will likely have a “change of batter”, maybe late summer or early autumn. Will it be Michelle Obama? Remember Trump said, “The 25th Amendment is of zero risk to me but will come back to haunt Joe Biden and the Biden administration. As the expression goes, be careful what you wish for…”
    You see billionaires like Bezos, Zuckerberg, and JP Morgan’s Dimon selling off stock? They know something’s coming.

    • Judy

      Agree with you Bonnie. We must vote for peace. The best is yet to come!

    • Julian Arrange

      supposedly the Antichrist will at first provide immediate peace and solving of many intractable problems. That is what catapults him on the world stage. . . . But then follows the tribulations.

      not at all saying Trump is that, but just remember the other side of the coin.

    • Anita

      A lot of surprises coming to many in the years ahead.

    • Jabberwol

      Through blasphemy and fortune telling, Clif High has been laying the groundwork for the arrival of the Antichrist. The military wing of the Bible burners are practicing their Antichrist welcoming parade:

  17. Vincent Mc Cooey

    Hi Greg, I just wanted to let your UK listeners know that Atkinsons Gold Bullion here in they UK are doing a special on Silver 1oz 2024. It is a one time offer to buy a tube of ten for £181.10 plus VAT= £217.00. They are selling it at spot for a limited time only and the offer is open to UK residents only. Go onto Backyard Bullion on You Tube and click on the link and it takes you straight to Atkinsons website. I enjoyed listening to Mr Nenner. As always Greg, God Bless and take care of youself best wishes Vince in London.

    • Tom

      The VAT is higher than the price? UNBELIEVABLE

      • Vincent Mc Cooey

        Hi Tom, that £217.00 was the total price, so £36.00 VAT, off that’s the government taking their cut as usual, like the bunch of thieves they are.

  18. Tom C.

    Thank you Greg.
    I do not think we’ll have elections because of chaos on steroids by November. The Evil ones know that even with cheating they will lose so they are going to go all out. And if the Sleeper Cells are activated, look out.

    • Rodney

      Concerning the elections whether they take place or not will be interesting to watch.
      If they do in fact take place one has to consider a landside was stolen last go round, a huge landside. Throw into the mix the same corrupt systems are still basically in place, so nothing more or less has changed.
      Can another landside be stolen? Will there even be an election?, so called, who knows.
      Will be interesting to watch no doubt.

    • Anita

      I do not think it matters if we have elections or not. Either way we will get a Pharoah who does not know Joseph. In other words more tyranny, lawlessness & corruption. That is what God says in His word & I believe God.

      • Greg Hunter

        Pray. Don’t sell Jehovah and Jesus short.

  19. Fred Daake

    America will probably have to split into two or more smaller countries in order to break away from the debilitating central debt. This would be the only viable temporary solution to surviving. But it plays into the goals of the globalists, who want to see several smaller, less powerful countries that can be toppled much more easily.

    • Ken Yu

      Yeah – The Globalists are yearning for a Banana Split!!

  20. Barb

    The legal system is failing Americans.
    It’s heartbreaking to see rogue judges, corrupt DA’s, compromised law enforcement and no respect for the Constitution, Bill of Rights or other laws on the books.
    KeepPreparingPeople. And FEAR NOT!

  21. Jeff Bethel

    El Salvador President Nayib Bukele Warns Of ‘Dark Forces’ In Anti-Crime Speech At CPAC Forbes Breaking News 1,173,256 views Feb 22, 2024
    At CPAC, El Salvador President Nayib Bukele decried “globalism” and warned about social and civilizational decline.

  22. Roger Stamper

    tks charles greg

  23. carranicki

    Hi Greg,
    Love your show. Thank you.

    Didn’t Charles Nenner say a year or so ago the stock market was going to drop 90%? or could drop 90% regardless he said it was going to crash. Here we are at all time highs.
    In my opinion no one knows. Reports of the market collapsing and people listening to these reports have missed a huge run up in the markets.

    • Greg Hunter

      Did you watch the interview?

    • Randy Best

      Run ups in the stock markets are still based on worthless Government/FED fiat money.

  24. Bill Wood

    Always a great external view of a great analyst.

  25. Steve Carter

    Always good feedback from Charles Nenner. Thanks for keeping the shot/murder scheme in front of the public. We need some public executions

    • Ray

      100% agree Steve…….
      Public executions, streamed globally.
      The scale of this government sponsored murder program is unprecedented in human history.
      Ray, Canberra, Australia.

  26. Linda

    Well, I find myself stunned like a dear in the headlights. I am not “sophisticated” and was unable to really understand Nenner’s cycles. Previously, I did take the free trial, but it was just gobbledy-gook to me. Nenner is clearly smart, but he seem so aloof. I’ve done what I am able to do, but buiding bunkers, moving to the midwest, active trading of gold, silver (which isn’t the same as investing) does not seem to be in the cards for me. Praying and hoping to survive this is all I can do, I suppose.

    • Greg Hunter

      What Nenner does is not for everybody. Stay close to Christ and concentrate on being the Elect Jesus will “cut the days short” for.

  27. Andrew

    Great interview, and the 2 billion dead he is talking about, could be connected to those who took the kill shot.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are correct. Some are not factoring that in. Nearly 14 billion injections globally and 700 million in USA alone.

      • Morris

        Hello Greg,
        The injections may cause catastrophic loss of life as suggested, nuclear war of course, but perhaps it will also be biowarfare as well but not via the cv19 ruse. Chinese have been working on gene related, DNA targeted biowarfare, ie everyone else but sparing those of Chinese ethnicity. Great show, one of the few sources of truth these days. Take care.

    • Anita

      Maybe but those death may just be the cartoon before the movie. Read Rev. 6:7, there is where you get the 2 billion and we are not there yet. So the current deaths from jab are not to be factored in in the 1/4 (2 billion)

  28. Teddy

    Christopher Gardner–a man of many talents, including astrological expertise (which isn’t all that different from reading market charts like Nenner)–has said to watch out for the Ides of March timeframe this year.

    His “read of the the heavens” indicates to him a major naval battle and/or a major disruption in the currency/banking system.

    All-around interesting guy who was a high-end kicker who played under Nich Saban at Michigan State in the mid-1990’s.

  29. Glen Breckinridge

    JOHN MEARSHEIMER: Ukraine Can’t Win – But Can it Avoid Defeat?
    Daniel Davis / Deep Dive
    THE $64,000 Dollar Question/ ?/ ?/

  30. Don Ho Howe

    Pepe Escobar: Putin and China Send DEVASTATING Warning as Yemen Sinks US-UK Ships in Red Sea
    Danny Haiphong 134,535 views Feb 22, 2024
    Geopolitical analyst and journalist Pepe Escobar discusses Yemen’s ongoing Red Sea campaign and how Russia and China have sent a warning to the neocons by way of their exemption from the blockade. This video breaks down why Yemen has allowed Russia and China to pass through the Red Sea as well as Putin and Xi Jingping’s view on this critical geopolitical flash point.

  31. Randy L Avera

    Chinese Holdings…Not 40%…
    Peak China Holdings 10 Years Ago ~1.3 Trillion (8%UST)
    United Sates Debt 10 Years Ago ~16.7 Trillion
    China Holdings Now ~0.75 Trillion (2.2% UST)
    United Sates Debt Now ~34 Trillion

    US Nat’l Debt…
    End of May 2023 31.464T
    End of Jan 2024 34.152T
    Growth 8 Months 2.678T
    Looks to me that the Chinese know what is happening.

  32. Biff Stroganov

    St Petersburg, Russia: Putin’s Hometown TWO Years After SANCTIONS! Terrible Consequences? Baklykov. Live / Russia 899 watching Now
    Started streaming 80 minutes ago
    Live from St Petersburg, Russia, the hometown of Russian President Vladimir Putin after exactly two years of unprecedented sanctions, imposed on the country which made Russia the most sanctioned country in the world. Are there terrible consequences now?
    St Petersburg, Russia: city, streets, people, atmosphere and vibe two years after sanctions.

  33. Julian Arrange

    Nenner is still forecasting “2 billion will die in the next global war, and the only way we get a body count that high is with nuclear weapons.” — USAW opening commentary (above).

    “Pray, children, pray for the leaders of the nations; the arrogance of those who possess nuclear weapons will make them use them, destroying part of humanity.”
    ~ message to Luz de Maria, 13 Feb 2024 (this is private revelation, not official Church approved revelation)

    “Children of the Most Holy Trinity and of Our Queen and Mother, war is not far away; war will unleash the greatest torture for humanity.”
    “NONETHELESS, NOT EVERYTHING IS PAIN FOR THE MYSTICAL BODY OF CHRIST: Food from Heaven [during these dark times, Christians to receive manna like the Israelites did?] awaits you, the fullness of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, the unconditional love of Our Queen and Mother; the satisfaction awaits you of having fulfilled your duties as children of the Most Holy Trinity, of having believed and kept the faith.”
    ~ message by the Archangel Michael to Luz de Maria, 09 Feb 2024 (this is private revelation, not official Church approved revelation)

    Evangelical Watchwoman talks about lunar eclipse on Palm Sunday (two weeks before the epic solar eclipse across American heartland) and threats for “explosion”

    • Anita

      Did not read through all your comment. I read God’s word. And He states: The Fourth Seal: Death
      7 When the Lamb broke the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come!” 8 I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and the one who sat on it had the name Death, and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, and famine, and plague, and by the wild animals of the earth .
      Rev.6 note 1/4 in todays population rate is 2 billion .

  34. carranicki

    Yes, I watched the interview. I am referring to his interviews maybe a year or so ago where he was predicting a crash and thought the stock market could fall as low as 90%. Many of these experts have been wrong with their predictions. There is no doubt we all need to be cautious but Nenner Bo Poney and a few others are saying a lot of the same things over and over year over year.

    Anyway, any chance Ed Dowd will be coming on soon?

    • Greg Hunter

      Nenner was not predicting a 90% fall in any interview a year ago. He is predicting a Great Depression replay in 2026 to 2027. That’s when you will see Nenner’s 90% prediction. He’s been clear about this.

      • sam

        Mr.Greg Hunter….You sure do have all your “ducks in a row” when it comes time to defend/explain what happens in you’re previous Podcast Shows when you and or guest get Challenged by a listener having “Issues with auditory processing”…..I just LOVE how you “put them in their Place” (explain their Error) )….Puts you on a different level….Well Above…..the average joe/jill/tim/ wannabee internet intellectual….

      • carranicki

        Hi Greg,
        Ok. Apologies I guess I remembered wrong.
        Thank You for clearing it up.

        Blessings to all and stay safe.

        • Greg Hunter

          Nenner has never been much of a gold guy in the past, but now he is talking “Super Bull Market,” for both gold and silver. Pay attention. Nenner said a year ago interest rates would be going up NOT down. This was when we kept hearing that the Fed was going to cut rates any day now. Armstrong and Nenner have pretty much of a consensus on this.

  35. David Bagley

    Rapture very soon… everyone ignores the bible

    • Jeff

      There is no rapture. There is a second coming. Too many will be mislead believing that lie.

    • sam

      Not Everyone ignores the bible!…..some are confused and downright Ignorant about the “RAPTURE HOAX”…Perpetrated circa 1833 by a mentally unstable girl….with issues!

  36. Ned Skeltonski

    Former Panama Border Chief: UN Is Behind The Chaos At U.S.–Mexico Border/ Tyler Durden Saturday, Feb 24, 2024
    Authored by Darlene McCormick Sanchez via The Epoch Times
    The former director of Panama’s border patrol told The Epoch Times that the United Nations’ migration agenda is behind the chaos at the U.S. southern border and that U.N. partners are making things worse instead of better.
    W.H.O. runs the U.N., ALEX SOROS? Dave Axelrod, or Larry David?

    • ned Kelly

      Mitch Albom! LOL

  37. Randy L Avera

    CCP Holdings…
    Peak China Holdings 10 Years Ago ~1.3 Trillion (8%UST)
    United Sates Debt 10 Years Ago ~16.7 Trillion
    China Holdings Now ~0.75 Trillion (2.2% UST)
    United Sates Debt Now ~34 Trillion

    US Nat’l Debt…
    End of May 2023 31.464T
    End of Jan 2024 34.152T
    Growth 8 Months 2.678T
    As dysfunctional as the CCP are, they are not delusional about US debt.
    Thanks, (I think I didn’t make my original post go through)

  38. Bonnie Robinson

    Just one more comment. Greg, you’re a fellow believer, so I know you can understand this. God chose Trump for a reason, and God is going to finish what He started. He didn’t bring us this far so we could be wiped out by nuclear war. God will see His purpose to the end. Trump never said it would be easy, the road to victory this year will be rough, it will look bad, but we will have the victory. It’s the reason Trump finishes every rally with these words:
    “Together, We will make America strong again. We will make America wealthy again. We will make America proud again. We will make America safe again. And yes, together, we will make America great again. Thank you. God bless you. And God bless America.”
    This isn’t just something to say, he really means it, and I believe that is the way it’s going to be.

    • Anita

      dream on

      • sam

        “dream on”……words of a pseudo intellectual who is all knowing about the forces that drive “good v evil”……you obviously are a student of Hillary Rotten and Victoria Neulandia…..Bonnie Robinson is “NOT DREAMING”….but You Are…..

  39. rob marks

    I maybe bias, but I don’t think Mr. Nenner is right. This could go two ways. Biden can cause WWIII or Trump could get in and stabilize things. Trump just needs to get his people from outside Washington.

  40. Susan R

    Charles got to the point of the migrants at the end. I saw they are larger in number than the population of 36 states. Our northern border is now seeing a swell in crossings also. Of all the highlights of current trouble I believe this is the one that will tip the hat. Everything else will facilitate this direction.

  41. Mark

    Polny, Nenner, Armstrong…all had war and stock market down by the end of 2023 to the end of February to May. Now they’re pushing it back. The good news is that it gives us more time to get ready. The Really Good News is what you always say Greg. God and his son Jesus are firmly in control. I believe it’s all his time table and we should prepare for the worst. Always keeping watch for His return.

  42. Lesley

    Only two billion people😩 die in the next cycle
    I was hoping for more.
    I’m sorry but to me this planet is grossly overpopulated

    • Greg Hunter

      You should be the first to go. Step off a 10-story building and lead the way.

      • sam

        LOVE IT..Mr.Greg Hunter….. I just LOVE IT!

    • steve

      The planet is NOT overpopulated, you have been brainwashed. Yes as Greg said , lead by example.

  43. Nina

    Hey Greg,
    Did you see the Chris Martenson video?
    I sent the below email to my reps.


    I am very concerned about the USA financial situation. The current laws favoring big banks over their “unsecured creditor” customers or financial management firms as “share not asset holders” is un-American. There is no concern for the common good. I see what these international banks, hedge funds and monopolies are doing. The current laws give all the financial assets to them to preserve the institution and force the consumer to eat the loss in the name of stability. They are financializing everything through vehicles like Natural Asset Companies, crash the system, and in place of our assets set up CBDC accounts with the Fed for consumers so the government can use the same model they used during Covid with the Tech companies with terms of service. Then the government can impose restrictions they can not legally impose through a private company. If I can see that as a retired prison nurse living in a rural town, so can they. Laws need to change. ”

    Good NAC website’s copy of email below:
    “American Stewards of Liberty

    Wed, Feb 21, 4:30 AM (4 days ago)

    to me
    Can we count on you? View in browser


    Have you heard about our latest victory in the fight to keep our lands out of the hands of global elites and foreign adversaries?

    If not, let me catch you up to speed.

    A billionaire-backed investment firm and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) partnered together to form Natural Asset Companies (NACs). NACs are designed to monetize natural processes and ecosystem services. If things went according to their plan, control of America’s natural resources would be transferred from the hands of private citizens to global elites and the government.

    In fact, these would have been approved through a stealth 45-day process on November 18th of last year, had we not been watching.

    Fortunately, we have been tracking this issue since September of 2021 and had strategically briefed key leaders who were poised to expose the agenda. Thanks to the support of our members, we were able to broadcast the land-grab scheme to the rest of the country and warn the media, politicians, and other organizations of the dangers of NACs. After launching our campaign, the NYSE withdrew the proposal, stopping NACs dead in their tracks!

    This landmark victory represents the great resolve of American landowners across the country.

    While we may have won the battle, the war is far from over. The same investment group is now meeting with agricultural lobbyists in D.C. to muster support and masquerade as a new company.

    We need your support so we can keep exposing these con artists for who they really are!
    Give NOW!

    If you commit to a monthly donation of $50, $25, or even $10, we can stay on the trail of these NACs and keep uncovering their underhanded attempts to steal from American landowners.

    Your support is crucial for American Stewards in 2024.

    As Biden and his Leftist supporters smell the end coming, they will try even harder to get NACs finalized before the November election. If they are successful, our lands will be pried from our grasp by global elites and foreign investors backed by the Biden administration.

    STOP the Land Grab!

    Thank you for standing with us in our fight for Liberty. The war is not over!

    With you,
    Margaret Byfield
    Executive Director, American Stewards of Liberty

    P.S. Give to American Stewards of Liberty today to let the elitists know we will not allow them to sell us out to foreign Adversaries!
    linkedin x instagram
    American Stewards of Liberty

    PO Box 801, Georgetown

    Texas, United States of America

    You received this email because you are a member of American Stewards of Liberty, or have subscribed to our news service, attended an event, or purchased one of our products. We appreciate your support.”

  44. Mark Sumner

    AUSSIE’S UP YONDERRRRR! Baby it’s Code Outside!
    Why Conservative Families Move To Russia Despite War & Sanctions w/ @Siberian_Freedom Real Reporter 81K views 1 day ago

  45. semiramis

    the great depression is already here for centuries for the poors the uselless people :the slave class labor
    but the elite and the little elite and the so call ballers and the orders followers (their dogs)don’t care
    for us there are only two class :the winners and the losers the farmers and the cattle
    is nenner can eat gold , transform it in car, gazoline ,house , water ect
    if more chaos came gold will be no value to survive
    let search how the inhabitants in Siege of Sarajevo had survived

  46. Jack Phillips

    Two more years, two more years, it’s always two more years. For the last 12 years, it’s been two more years. Take a good look at the MAX Dow and S&P 500 chart and you see the biggest double top in history. I will stick with Bo Polny’s prediction at this point. The biggest stock market crash in history could start any day, maybe tomorrow. We can only Hope this bubble pops before we are all bankrupt due to inflation.


    Protestors interrupt AOC during town hall meeting:
    “All you care about is illegals and their votes”

    Turkey Receives Nuclear Weapons From Russia & STUNS Israel!
    Tech Beat 595 views 35 minutes ago Feb 25, 2024
    In today’s stunning video, we look at the seismic shift in the global power balance as Turkey acquires nuclear weapons from Russia, shocking Israel and the international community. This ground-breaking discovery not only reshapes geopolitical alliances in the Middle East, but it also sends shockwaves through the world’s power networks. The ramifications of this historic event for global security, diplomacy, and the delicate balance of power in the area.

  48. Anita

    Even though I do nothing in or with the markets, Nenner is still one of my favorite guests. What I do do is read God’s word & He says in the 4seal horsemen judgments 2 billion will die. That will be in an about 4 yr time frame the 2 billion die. Thank you both.

  49. Bill

    Tulsi Gabbard, possible VP pick is visitng Mara-Lago Soon
    Someone asked Trump recently, who would be his VP pick? I remember, Trump replying, it was someone, that “used to be in Politics!” Sounds like to me, that someone, could be Tulsi Gabbard? Since, she is no longer in Congress, then she is no longer in Politics, could that be, how Trump thinks about the subject?

  50. Eileen

    Mr Greg Hunter:
    What is todays poll numbers on V-Pres Biden? Any change noted from your sources?

    • Greg Hunter

      Both sources say NO MORE than 9%. Top People in power know this.

  51. Dirk Kirk

    Ex-CIA: US Pentagon TERRIFIED Over New Russia Strike Plan On Ukraine
    Stephen Gardner Feb 25, 2024
    See a FREE RFK Jr movie thanks to past guest – Russia Ukraine war news update with Stephen Gardner and former CIA Ray McGovern. The Russia Ukraine war is now a humanitarian crisis. Obama warned Biden about a war between Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine is running out of fighters. Zelensky is hoping US forces and Polish forces will enter he war. Colonel Douglas Macgregor and Tony Shaffer and Scott Ritter and Ray McGovern all believe Ukraine is heading for a devastating defeat from Putin and Russia. Russia can put out 7 times as much ammunition and weapons of war as Ukraine and the west.

  52. TerryTowelette

    someting for the numinous numbers devotee Bo Polny

    sitting at @ .666 the Yen is at multi-decade lows

  53. Figures

    Sunday Live: Deep State in Full Panic Mode After Trump Receives Twice the Number of Votes Ever Recorded in S.C., Signaling Biggest Landslide in U.S. History
    Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino received WikiLeaks-level documents showing not only illegal spying against Trump, Alex Jones, Roger Stone & others, but also illegal campaign of harassment and persecution.
    Meanwhile, Democrats and mainstream media are melting down hilariously dismissing the unprecedented migrant invasion as a “conspiracy theory” as Biden’s polls collapse —

    • Greg Hunter

      This might be the reason why Armstrong’s Socrates program keeps flashing “landslide” and “Trump” in 2024. The Deep Stare Left and RINOs know it’s bad. Biden is at NO MORE than 9% approval rating. That’s the real number not 38% Biden Approval.

      • Marie Joy

        Dominion, Traitors and 2000 Mules. WE have to destroy their cheating mechanism but I don’t know how.

      • Figures

        You nailed it Greg and the votes prove it. But the ballot box stuffing in all the hijacked inner city urban centers are a real threat to voter fraud free elections. In any other country the national guard would be down there keeping everything on the up and up!

  54. John Duffy



  55. Cytek

    Great interview Greg, This could also be the cause of the great depression coming.
    A Whisleblower that works in a Cath lab has come forward with pictures of fibrin clots coming out of living people. This is not from the coroners or funeral homes. The guy says people were coming in 1 or 2 every two months with these clots, now it’s 2-10 people a week. Things are indeed escalating.

  56. Shiloh1

    I would be running away from Illinois before the asteroid hits –

    The sponsoring rep appears to be from DuPage County. The whole Chicago metro area is a den of iniquity.

    • Jerry

      This filth is never ending and it’s getting worse by the moment, literally!

  57. H. Craig Bradley


    My Prediction: 2024

    Stock AND Bond (Junk Bonds) Crash for May 7

    Afterwards, a Powell Pivot or Initial Rate Cut in-Reaction.
    Not in-time to save President Biden or the Democrats in Nov. Trump wins!

  58. billy tampa

    Newage dream-visionary jsnip4 foresaw a HUGE crash of everything to levels beyond belief. He saw levels Harry Dent and Nenner have spoken of in their darkest moments. And it happening rapidly (like how Rick Ackerman told us that when banks and money-markets finally give way it will be damn swift).

    jsnip4 got excoriated by guru Clif High because jsnip4 got out at 38000; because that was his dream target, and he kept to it. You are not allowed to think for yourself in a cult.

    History Repeats

  59. Jeffrobbins

    Idea to share. I’m thinking about getting a new exterior steel door- where we normally go in and out. The difference is I want to put it in backwards. You see with a steel frame, you can’t kick it in, or smash it down. The threshold space will look odd and it will swing out, but it’s worth thinking on potential home safety. All these foreigners are going to be desperate for what ever they can get when the money is cut off. I never did understand why commercial swings out and residential swings in?

    • michael kelly

      hinges! pull the pins and walk rite in!

  60. John

    Maybe disease X is what will kill 2 billion people worldwide aerosol spray or in the food supply

  61. Jul's Welcome to USA!

    Feb 25, 2024 #TheJimmyDoreShow
    During a recent segment on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, guest Katty Kay insisted not only that the Biden economy is booming and outpacing much of the rest of the globe in terms of employment and low inflation, but also that Biden — unlike Vladimir Putin — does not imprison journalists. Someone really ought to tell Kay about a guy by the name of Julian Assange.
    Jimmy Door and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger talk to podcaster Mel K about the gaslighting coming from the virtual state-run media that is MSNBC.

  62. Rick

    Dark Ages are Great Resets designed to happen throughout history when the peasants start to figure out the game.

  63. Mel Cooley

    Actual case study: 10 years for my physically delivered gold and silver.
    Gold up 5.2% per year
    Silver up 0.4% per year

  64. BradBracken

    Warning to Moscow: Washington Now Wants the World to Know Deep Intell Relationship Concealed Over Past Decade!
    CIA Built “12 Secret Spy Bases” In Ukraine & Waged Shadow War For Last Decade, Bombshell NYT Report Confirms
    by Zero Hedge February 26th 2024, 5:30 am
    Clearly, Kiev and Washington now want the world to know of the deep intelligence relationship they tried to conceal for over the past decade. It is perhaps a kind of warning to Moscow at the moment Ukraine’s forces are in retreat: the US is fighting hand in glove with the Ukrainians.
    The revelations contained in the NY Slimes report also confirms what President Putin has precisely accused Washington/BUTTERFINGERS! Of all along, with 11 Bio-Weapon’s Lab’s too. Revealed early in the war by Torie Nuland when questioned, just before overtaken by the Russki’s.
    Tucker: The Pentagon is lying about bio labs in Ukraine?

    Vermont resident sounds alarm on border: ‘Don’t know what’s lurking outside’
    Fox News 100,573 views Feb 20, 2024
    Highgate resident Kristy Brow joined ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss why she worries for her safety after finding migrant clothes outside her home as border crossings soar at the northern border.

  65. Gunderson

    ‘Ronald And Donald’: Kari Lake Invokes Reagan, Trump In Fiery CPAC Remarks
    Forbes Breaking News 234K views 1 day ago
    Arizona Republican Senate candidate Kari Lake speaks to CPAC 2024.

  66. Geo-Politics

    🔴SCOTT RITTER LIVE | Russia Will Take Ukraine In Days, US And NATO can’t SAVE it. Reporterfy Media & Travel 1,263 watching now streaming starting 13 minutes ago
    Started streaming 13 minutes ago NEW YORK Finland, Sweden & Slovenian Suicide PACT?

    The Truth About Julian Assange, Jimmy Lai, Ai WeiWei, Free Speech and Geopolitics Today! Cyrus Janssen 38,222 views Streamed live on Feb 24, 2024
    The US is involved in many complicated geopolitical events around the world. The war in Ukraine, the war in Gaza, a new potential war brewing in Asia. Meanwhile we have the case of Julian Assange and Jimmy Lai, one who is fighting extradition requests to the US and the other having his court case in Hong Kong. There is a lot of complicated details behind both of these stories and the events around the world. Let’s break them all down in today’s livestream

  67. Justn Observer

    Greg, ” If wars can be created with lies, then they can be ended with truth ”

    As is said, for evil to win all good people have to do is nothing.
    What good is ‘freedom of speech’ if people do not use it?
    Where ARE the protests, the marches, the getting in the faces of those casting lies…
    Free Julian Assange, he did nothing but expose inhuman acts. deceit, and lies. He has suffered enough, let him go home to his family in peace.
    End the War in Ukraine
    Stop draining the wealth of the nations for endless wars of profit for bankers, and ‘their’ stakeholder, elites, and hedge funds.

  68. Bill

    “Before Joe, James, & Hunter, There Was Great-Great-Grandpa Moses”
    Authored by Jonathan Turley,
    Joe Biden’s Great-Great Grandfather, Moses Robinette, was sentenced to 2 years jail time for the attempted murder of another Government Contractor named John Alexanader. Moses Robinette was talking about John Alexander, behind his back. John Alexander, overheard the conversation that Robinette had with a female cook. That, was when Alexander, confronted Robinette. At that point, Robinette pulled out his knife. Robinette cut Alexander in several places on his body. The judge sentenced Robinette to 2 years jail time for the attempted murder on his part.
    However, Robinette’s Politcial friends, interceded, delayed and delayed on his part. Finally, President Lincoln gave Robinette a pardon, with no jail time served at the end!

  69. Thomas Esher

    Scott Ritter: The TRUTH is Out on Alexei Navalny and Putin Wins it. Andrei Martyanov
    Danny Haiphong 162K subscribers 186,124 views Feb 21, 2024
    Former US Marine Corps Intelligence Officer and UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter discusses his latest work on Alexei Navalny following reports of him passing away in Russian prison. Then, Andrei Martyanov gives his assessment of what this means for the broader conflict between NATO and Russia.

  70. Shiloh1

    For the last 500 years, wherever some s- is going down anywhere in the world, first look for the Brit hiding behind a bush:

    The BRITISH Killed Alexei Navalny And Here’s Why | Redacted

    Greg, are you going to have Luongo on again anytime soon?

  71. Expat

    Great video, I notice a vast improvement since the first Interview with Charles till today, videos seem to be more precise, shorter and better now. There seems to have been sort of learning curve, Charles is relaxed and Greg knows him now very well, a good interview team. Contrarily Martin Armstrong still uses sort of repetitive elements for first time listeners too. That is understandable too as not all listeners might have basic knowledge.

  72. Freedom Isn't FREE!

    Russia delivers 200,000 tonnes of free grain to African nations | World Business
    Russia has delivered 200,000 tonnes of free grain to six African countries. This follows President Putin’s promise in July, made after Russia withdrew from an un-brokered deal allowing Ukrainian grain exports.

    Ex-NATO Official REVEALS The Lies Of Neocon Warmongers To German Public
    Listen to Former German General Harald Kujat at a public lecture in Germany how he destroys the false pro-war narrative of the neocons. This talk was held in German and is dubbed into English thanks to the brilliant work of Andreas Voss who makes these translations possible.

  73. Bondage Is FREE

    Blinken Admires ‘Friend Jai’ As Indian EAM Gets Savage In Munich; ‘I’m Smart Enough…’
    Hindustan Times 1,093,354 views
    S Jaishankar gave savage responses as he was grilled about India’s multipolarity, Russia-India ties while he was seated besides U.S. Secretary Of State Antony Blinken and German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock during a panel discussion at the Munich Security Conference. Jaishankar said that he is smart enough to have multiple options and that people should be admiring him and not criticising him. He also lauded the BRICS and said that it was started in an era where Western dominance was strong. He clarified that India was non-West and not anti-West.
    —— ——===== =_==================_____+++++BLINKIN BLINKEN
    Blinken Blink’s On Cam: Jaishankar, Wang Yi’s Mysterious Chat At Munich Conference Amid India-China Border Tension
    Hindustan Times 443,546 views
    Indian External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar, bumped into his Chinese Counterpart, Wang Yi, at the Munich Security Conference. They did small talk during panel discussion sessions at the conference. What did they talk about? When was the last India-China meeting? Watch the full video to know more.

  74. Lawrence H.

    Oop’s, important video on Ukraine | Prof. John Mearsheimer

  75. Barney Whiteoak

    Is this available anywhere else other than Rumble, I’m in Brazil and the government here is “protecting” its citizens from “disinformation” by banning Rumble 😒

  76. Chastity L

    does Clif High realize this forecast of his is now manifesting, or is he too busy supporting the LGBTQP by attacking the Bible. ??

    This Post Is Blowing Up With Hundreds Of Thousands Of Likes Saying Stop Paying Taxes Because We’re Being Replaced With Illegal Immigrants

  77. Marie Joy

    Buy food that does NOT have to be refrigerated and hide it.

  78. Marie Joy

    Current Norovirus would be dangerous to the elderly and very young children.

    • Marie Joy

      Norovirus lasts 1 to 3 days and you don’t want to have it.

  79. Stacia Amante

    remember in Mel Gibson’s space alien movie, Signs (2002), the aliens are defeated by a splash of water. (movie clip)

    Clif High today has an audioblog about the arrival of space aliens in a few months.

    Since many Christians believe space aliens are demons and part of the 2 Thesalonians 2 great deception, . . . putting these together it would be a good idea to contact a traditional Catholic priest about getting gallons of water blessed into Holy Water. You would need to bring jugs of water to them; do not offer to pay for Holy Water or you maybe stricken by the Holy Spirit.

    Holy Water is a sacramental, as defined by the Church. The Biblical reference is found in Acts 19:11-12 so Evangelicals should not be shy about talking to a priest and securing a supply of Holy Water.

    When things get chaotic, your chances decrease of getting a large amount of water properly blessed. To some this might all sound strange, but it probably won’t sound strange sometime this year.

  80. Gordon Gekko

    Mr. Greg Hunter thanks for the
    interview with Charles Nenner.

    My personal strategy:
    gold is # 4 (important BIG MONEY )
    silver is # 3 (is the MOST important small money)
    silver miners are # 2 (the BEST investments, could 20x)
    Fresnillo Plc is # 1 (my ONLY investment, should 10x)

    The # 1 will be “the NVIDIA” for gold and silver.

    Additional: Charles Nenner is from Amsterdam.
    Amsterdam implements WEF policies, like the 15
    minute city, without consulting the Amsterdam

    Ask Charles opinion about it. No doubt he knows it.

  81. Jerry

    This is insane! What is happening to our country?

  82. Justn Observer

    Greg, Food sovereignty at risk = a court case to watch=

  83. Tam Thibodeau

    Emergency Tuesday Broadcast! President Macron Prepares French Population for Direct War With Russia, Says NATO Readying Invasion of Ukraine!
    The Alex Jones Show February 27th 2024
    Meanwhile, Canada is pressuring vaccine-injured citizens to be euthanized by the state! Jones will also cover the bombs detonating outside Republican lawmakers’ homes, white powder and death threats to Donald Trump Jr. and more!
    Also, eccentric journalist/investor Max Keiser joins today’s broadcast to cover the many angles of our rapidly deteriorating world as well as the silver lining of The Great Awakening!
    Don’t be woke, don’t be broke, busted or disgusted. When you read this news you’ll knoww.

  84. Bill

    Watch as President Javier Milei of Angentina rushes to Donald Trump, and gives him a “Bro-Hug”, behind the stage, at the CPAC Meeting!

  85. Kathryn H.

    This is an expert from Trump appointee Dr. Paul Alexander on his Substack dated June 30, 2022: ” I was told by these officials (FDA, CDC, NIH, Moderna, & Pfizer), in confidential secret discussions, that in about 6 to 6.5 years from roll-out, in those who take the injections, they feared mass auto-immune disease and deaths, they feared viral immune escape and very problematic variants, and they anticipated constant deaths from the injections but a major number of deaths to emerge. I could not even understand exactly what they did for it was so haphazard, but these were officials. And they wanted to talk to me. To tell me ‘their truths’.
    They said based on all they knew, that the COVID injections could never work, especially the mRNA platform. It never worked in the animal model and was pathological. They told me that in about 6 to 6.5 years, there will be a surge in deaths in persons who take the injections (then about 1 year ago). This was their projection. They advised me they nor their families will never (especially their children) take any of the COVID injections. ”

    Greg, does this time frame match what some of your other guests have been predicting?

    • Greg Hunter

      Katheryn, H,
      Please post a link for this and Yes.

  86. Led Skeletor

    2024-02-27. Emmanuel Macron has faced criticism from France’s Nato and EU partners and a warning of conflict from Russia after he suggested it might be necessary to send ground troops to Ukraine.

    Macron resets the doomsday clock to half past the moneys ass, and with leaders like that we’re screwed!

  87. Moon Base Alfa

    Avdiivka Residents Expose Russia’s Frontline Battle
    Patrick Lancaster 69,698 views Feb 27, 2024
    I met with Avdeevka / Avdiivka / Avdeyevka Residents / refugees and they exposed many war crimes commeted by the Ukraine forces during the battle where Russia captured the city. As these people state, the Ukraine forces used resident as human shields, targeted civilians and even performed mass exicutions. They all said how they have been waiting for Russian forces to come help them.

  88. Dannlopar

    Charles Nanner is a great guy, great comments, this year would be ok, but we are into a war cycle. I disagree in the money market because usa is a great place to live on, so money from europe will go to usa because the war will be on europe, so the people in europe will put their money in usa.

  89. Drew Cave

    Greg, would be great to have someone on that knows more about the history of Bitcoin and how it has evolved in the last several years. No longer is Larry Fink and others calling it a tool of money launderers and criminals as they did several years ago. But rather they have learned the technology and recently convinced the SEC to approve 11 spot ETF’s to include Fidelity, Ark, Blackrock etc. In the first few days over 3 Billion flowed into these funds. BTC is now the 10th largest asset on the planet and larger than some countries combined. Like it or not people are realizing their dollar denominated assets are inflating away and they are seeking to diversify into an asset that is not inflationary, has a limited supply and cannot be printed to infinity. Billionaire Michael Saylor from MicroStrategy has spent hundreds of hours researching BTC to have a full understanding of the technology and since 2020 has accumulated over 190,000 BTC. These Billionaires don’t invest Billions for failure. Love your show as always.

    • Greg Hunter

      I tease this in the newscast. Bo Polny says the signs are there for a big upside in Bitcoin and a big downside in the USD.
      Polny is also the guest for the Saturday Night Post.

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