Trump is the Winter Coat – Charles Nenner

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner has been warning of a huge war cycle that happens every 120 years or so.  With Tiawan/China and Russia/Ukraine and Israel and the Middle East conflicts, we are clearly in this huge war cycle.  Nenner also says we are simultaneously entering a huge financial down cycle that could easily turn into the Greatest Depression–ever.  Neither of these cycles can be stopped. Nenner explains, “The problem is everywhere.  You may remember we said 10 years ago that the biggest problem for the United States is going to be internal.  There is a huge problem.  Nobody knows what to do anymore, and people are afraid to speak up. . . . History says if you are not allowed to say certain things, then you stop thinking certain things.  This is what is written in the book ‘1984.’ . . . . So, this is the end of what is going on in the United States.  I think America is lost, but it is not a surprise.  The Dutch ruled for 250 years, and then the Spanish, Portuguese came, and then the English came.  Every big society ends, more or less, after 250 years, and now it’s the United States. . . . People are talking about new systems.  They think Marxism is good, but it did not work because the people who did it before made mistakes.  If you don’t wake up, this is what you are going to get, and that is a communist Marxist situation.”

So, is there nothing that can be done to save America?  Nenner says, “The cycle is turning down, and people ask is there anything you can do?  You cannot do anything about it.  The question is what can you do?  You have summer and then you have winter . . . if you know winter comes after summer, you can buy a coat.  I have predicted all these war situations, and out of the blue they are here.  There is nothing you can do about it.”

Where does Donald Trump fit in?  Nenner says, “Trump is going to be the winter coat.  I think he can make it less bad.  If this continues the way it is, then we are going downhill very fast.  I think Trump is coming back.”

Nenner says interest rates are not going down until summer.  He likes gold longer term, but it has not bottomed yet.  The stock market is in for at least a 30% fall in the next few months, and the country will fall into a deep recession after the halfway point in 2024.  Yes, it could turn into the greatest depression ever because there is astronomical debt.  Nenner thinks the wild card is a multifront war that has already started.  Be warned as Nenner thinks it can spin out of control at any time.  War gets much worse before it gets better.  Nenner also is warning about a huge wave of terrorism coming to America with the wide-open southern border.

There is much more in the 45-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with renowned cycle analyst and financial expert Charles Nenner for 1.06.24.

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  1. Paul from Indiana

    Dr. Nenner is correct: there are simply too many things, most of them brought on by ourselves, that can go wrong, and it is impossible that we get out of these various problems scot-free. Worse, what if ALL of them go kablooey at once or sequentially? The fatal days of the USA are at hand, and the only way out is through. You can already see what the border disaster is doing to us. Mr. Biden did exactly what he was installed to do. It’s going to be a mess. Best always. PM

  2. Poochiwoo

    Always one of my favorite guests. I appreciate his candidness. Thank you.

    • Trinacria

      I agree, it is interesting listening to Nenner. However, I must say, I was completely shocked when he spoke highly of Nikki Haley, this really gave me pause…Nenner can’t possibly be this “near-sighted”. He says Americans don’t understand other nations’ mentalities…I am Italian born and I agree with that. But also, other nations don’t understand America. That is a two way street my friend. Back to Haley: she is pure unbridled ambition and hubris on steroids, just like Hillary Clinton. Only, Clinton is more dangerous as she is more cunning and devious, whereas Haley is a bull moose in a china shop, and does damage in a different way because she is compromised and dumb to boot and only wants to please her masters!!! Hubris and stupidity are indeed a highly toxic combination that will result is massive damage. This reminds me of the great quote by Dirty Harry (Eastwood)…a man, or a woman in this case, needs to know his(her) limitations. Haley does not!!!!!!! Psychopaths and sociopaths and pedophiles are in power. God help us.
      I subscribed to Nenner’s newsletter for a couple of years. It is really geared to hard core traders, NOT buy and hold investment folks. The data he sends can be somewhat difficult to interpret at times and, he even has many typos in it. I now follow other technical indicators like RSI, MACD, and various moving averages as I find these easier to follow in order to understand the trends/cycles. Nenner did introduce me to commodities, and in 2023 made over $20K realized profits, but you have to be on it everyday!!! As an example, I sold significant natural gas futures on Halloween day as they were up big, then the next day they dropped big. My wife and I were visiting friends out of town, so you have to travel with your laptop. The futures had been going up, so I believed a reversal would happen, as it always does in commodities, and knew to have my laptop. I lucked out on that one!!! I am still waiting on Dow 15,000 – let alone Dow 5,000. Eventually, will probably happen and we will have a serious depression, but tough to put a stop watch on it. Yes, the insane debt levels will add serious fuel to that fire!!! I am a believer in cycles, all based on the initial work of Russian economist Nikolai Kondratiev in the late 1920’s to 1930″s. Also, important to watch big institutional trading, and whether they are long or short. Much of the movement is short covering. Much of the market goes up over short periods of time in what are essentially buying stampedes to cover shorts. Also, since 2012 corporate stock buy backs (term in finance and accounting is Treasury Stock) have accounted for massive up movement in a relatively small amount of companies that have distorted the indices. I think that if the “magnificent 7” stocks are removed, markets are down. During the low interest rate environment, companies were borrowing large amounts to buy back their own stock. So, in the long run this debt on many corporate balance sheets will cause problems without a doubt.
      Thank you Greg for your great show that is such a service to humanity. It is up to us to take in all in and try to be a discerning as possible by sifting through all the data and opinions. And, as you say, most importantly stay close to God the Father, who is Jehovah (english for Yahweh) , who is the God of Israel and His only son Jesus the Christ. This is so important as evil powers try to continue to preserve globalism, which is the new cornucopia of bad “isms”, and it is a Godless political system of control and oppression. As a cradle Catholic it saddens me to say that this Pope is globalist /open border guy. This pope seems to be the “chaplain” for the UN and the World Econ. Forum. I will always resist and spread the word and boycott certain companies, but I don’t worry and I know in my heart that I am in God’s hands.

  3. Lynn Scott

    Hi Greg
    My 2 cents worth. Read the books of Isaiah and Ezekiel. The Bible speaks of nations that have been favored by God and turn away. America is going through everything went through right down to an invasion and a takeover. Some where in this those who belong to God will be taken out of here I’m a child of the king. Jesus is my savior. Once you trust in him and receive Jesus as your savior your heart will have peace.

    • tim mcgraw

      Lynn Scott: Why would God favor nations? Christianity is about individuals, not groups. Why do you think the commies and the devil want to destroy Christianity? They believe in the collective. Jesus believes in the individual.

      • David Gordon Dunne

        If you are speaking of The Rapture. Not in the Bible. A young girl in her dreams spoke of Flying Away and it was 1832 and two Pastors took it and speak it far and wide. Who comes first the AntiChrist ie Satan, Lucifer, Dvvil, snake dragon The Morning Star all the same. I think 666 comes before 777 so don’t be deceived.

      • Jeb Smothers Brothers

        Abraham Lincoln to Tim McGraw
        “Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.” —
        Good On Ya Timbo!

        • tim mcgraw

          Jeb Smothers Brothers: Abraham Lincoln was an atheist. He was also a tyrannical murdering bastard. Lincoln liked to pretend he was a good Christian, but everyone in the town where he grew up in Illinois knew that Abe was an asshole. They didn’t vote for him.
          I grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska. The Lincoln Cult was strong there.
          Thanks for the “Good On Ya Timbo!” Appreciated.

      • Julia

        Tim, because God has a time table and is working His plan. Do not forget about the parable of the sheep and the goats. Mt 25:31-46.

      • Chris in Arkansas

        The character of God does not change. He calls us his children due to our faith in Jesus Christ, but He always has and will continue to judge nations.

        • tim mcgraw

          Chris in Arkansas: Why? Why would “He …continue to judge nations?” Are you responsible for the actions of the national government of the United States? Are you responsible for what a majority of people do in the country where you live?
          Do you believe that God practices collective punishment like the Nazis and Zionists?
          Jesus saves us one soul at a time.

      • Loise de Monfort

        you forget that St. Paul speaks of the body of Christ, i.e., the Church. And Jesus preached that whatsoever you do unto others, you do to Him.

      • Lynda S

        Yet, respectfully Mr McGraw, in John 17, the Lord’s Prayer prior to His death and resurrection, He said: “Make them One, as we are One, Father; I in You, and You in I.”

        The most beautiful secret is uncovering the fact that we are One with Jesus and Father through the Holy Spirit (when Jesus is Lord of our heart).

        We bring peace to this atmosphere as a child of God in Christ—collectively as a family in Christ. Not our will, but His will be done; not our strength or power, but by His Spirit. amen 🙂

        • Greg Hunter

          In the road to Damascus Jesus met Saul/Paul and asked, “Why do you persecute me.” Backs up what you are saying.

          • Lynda S

            Yes, Greg, thank you…I’m getting goose bumps and tears b/c you are speaking the Truth!

            It was I too that persecuted His Majesty. He saw that and gave His life for me anyway.

            So much prayer is needed right now for our people here on earth.

            I hear Him calling…
            …and will read the Hebrews 4, Psalms, Daniel, Job, 1John and the Gospels OUT LOUD and pummel the evil that has crossed over my red line.

            Forever grateful <3

        • tim mcgraw

          Lynda S: “When Jesus is Lord of our heart.” You prove my point. Jesus won’t force his way into anyone’s heart (or nation).
          Every individual has to accept Jesus into their heart. Not nations, not states, not cities, not families…individuals.

      • Phillip

        The judgment of the nations (Matthew 25:32) was prophesied. Isaiah 34:1-2. Joel 3:1-2; Joel 3:11-12. The Bible does not say, “And the Lord doth not care about the nations.” Nations are spoken about all over the Bible. Do a word search for “nations” in the Bible. Many may be shocked.

        Psalms 9:17 The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.

      • Mike

        You are right on Tim
        Ephesians chapter 2 , especially verse 14 on, Paul sets it straight on individuals, and Galatians 3:16, 28,29
        And Galatians 5:16. Cement what you said perfectly.
        The Church…Body of Christ, is Christ finished Bride.
        No more Jew or Gentile. ( above verses. Eph chapt 2 sets this in stone.

        • tim mcgraw

          Mike: Thanks. We are always in this war of individuals versus the collective. Jesus is on the side of individuals. Our souls are individual, not collective, not national. Communists hate Christians, and so do Nazis and socialists.
          But I repeat myself.

    • Wayne C. Scott

      Hi Lynn,
      ‘nations are as nothing, a drop in the bucket, as dust on the scales’
      The 1972 US Navy Earth photograph confirms other Earths, other distant suns, giants not in feet, but thousands of miles tall, and more.
      Yeah, Dion’s old song ‘Still in the Spirit I’m Free’, regardless of what happens.

  4. Jeffrobbins

    Another great interview. I am going to fight that too. And i can help one person at a time. If they don’t know Jesus, i might be, and some of you might be the hands and feet of hope. One thing to ponder; a big downturn here in the US will have to happen before we can have an honest Christian revival. This woke and esg and dei craziness has to die off. We won’t know we are morally bankrupt until after we are financially bankrupt.

  5. Cytek

    Thanks Greg and Charles. I just saw this study. DNA fragments detected in monovalent and bivalent Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna modRNA COVID-19 vaccines from Ontario, Canada. Department of Pathobiology, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada More Proof there is DNA in the Vaccines. Here is the study. Now i know why the cancer rates have skyrocketed.

  6. Frank S.

    Charles Nenner errs when he says Taiwan has always been part of China. The island was ceded to Japan in 1895. In 1945, Japan surrendered all claims to Taiwan. It has been independent ever since.

    • JL

      Hi Frank S. You beat me to it. Absolutely agree on your point. No basis to PRC’s claims on Taiwan. PRC is not party to Cairo Declaration, Potsdam Proclamation, Japanese Instrument of Surrender, etc, which settled (and reaffirmed) the issue of Taiwan’s sovereignty.

    • Chris

      Sorry Frank but your history is a bit faulty. Taiwan was loosely a part of the south east part of China since the Ming Dynasty (14th to 16th century) but was not very well integrated until the Manchu (Qing) dynasty in the 17th. It was populated mostly by aboriginal (Malay-Indonesian) tribes of head hunters and settlements of Chinese people from Fujian province just across the Taiwan Straits. It was also a famous pirate base for the Japanese Wako pirates and their Chinese and Korean colleges. The Dutch and Portuguese fought over it (thus the name Formosa given by the latter) but neither lasted long there. It was incorporated into the Japanese empire after China was forced to cede it following their defeat in the First Sino-Japanese war of 1894 (but the Japanese had been conspiring to grab it since the 1870s). Following the end of WW2 it reverted back to Nationalist China (it was never an independent country). With the establishment of the Peoples Republic of China in 1949 the Nationalist leader Jiang Kaishek fled there with his government and followers and it became known as the ROC and survived only with US military aid. The Nationalists there still regard Taiwan as part of China and also see themselves as the alternative government of all of China, however absurd that idea is today. The independence movement for sovereignty is about a generation old and is not universal on Taiwan. Don’t believe everything you read in the US media or the government shills spew out. A war there would be good for the military industrial espionage complex and a disaster for the people. They don’t want to be Asia’s Ukraine so a bunch of evil American psychopaths can make squillions and pretend to be the “indispensable nation”.

  7. Neil

    Why the boarders are open?
    Not many people have heard of the The Kalergi plan.
    In the 1920s, Free Mason Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi wrote a book which set out his views on how he believed the abolition of the right of self-determination and the elimination of European nations should be accomplished.
    What the Kalergi plan specifically calls out for is the deliberate use of enforced and disproportionate mass immigration, especially from non-European countries, in order to bring in a Pan European single state dictatorship and destroy the indigenous white nationalities.
    Coudenhove-Kalergi wrote the plan. The Rothschild’s funded it. It is being executed by the United Nations, who call it ‘Replacement Migration.

    • John

      Until the 1700s there were virtually no ethnic Chinese in Taiwan. The native population was Polynesian and the remnants of the Ming dynasty sought refuge on the island to create a beachhead to resist the Manchu empire in the 1700s. During the entire Manchu empire and until the island was taken by Japan in the late 1800s, Taiwan was in a constant state of rebellion against the mainland.

      • Florence

        Yes, the Chinese killed off the native Taiwanese and believe it or not, they will do the same in the UK, US, Australia.

        The biggest signal was starting thee Wuhan pandemic and manufacturing the GRAPHENE for thee “vaccines.”

        There’s a video of them discussing how easy it will be because thee military have taken the poison.

        Thank you.

    • John

      Chris I think you are incorrect regarding Taiwan being a part of the territory of the Ming dynasty. Dutch traders were expelled from islands in the Taiwan straights by the Ming and set up their operations unmolested on the island of Formosa because it was considered beyond the territorial limits of the Ming empire. There was no significant population of ethnic Chinese on the Island of For osa until after the fall of the Ming dynasty.

  8. Sara

    Mr. Nenner, Just 3 minutes into the discussion, gives a clear synopsis of the events that are to unfold. Prepare accordingly. It’s only going to be hard, on every front. Thank you Mr. Hunter for having Mr. Nenner speak!

  9. Bobby Anderson

    You know Greg… everything they have done this election cycle has driven people to Trump… the narrative is that every single thing they have done is looking like they are attacking him and trying to knock him out, but its having the opposite effect and making people want to vote for him even the more. PERHAPS, they are doing this secretly on purpose, to ensure Trump is voted in… and thus be blamed for the great depression which is unavoidable, he would be ‘President” but it would be the ultimate ‘get you’ card.

    • JOL

      Exactly my thoughts as well, about Trump. Thank you.

    • Tom C.

      “You know Greg… everything they have done this election cycle has driven people to Trump…”

      You make an excellent point. The Evil ones know they can’t win so we’ll see if we even have elections.

  10. Vincent Mc Cooey

    Hi Greg, Mr Nenner is totally asleep at the wheel if he thinks Nicki Hailey is a good running mate in the coming election. This is the same Nicki Hailey that wants every single American to have a digital ID, no thank you. There are no political solutions to what’s coming down the line, no way at all. 2024 is going to be interesting to say the least. God Bless you Greg and look after yourself, Vince in London.

    • Greg Hunter

      We both know trump would never pick Nikki. He was just making fun of her being a globalist.

      • Solar Melt

        I’m with ya, pal. Nicki Hailey is a Corrupt, Deep State, Globalist Traitor in league with pedophiles and mass murderers.
        Did I miss anything?

    • Boswell

      She an Vivek are both ineligible… Not natural born citizens in the classic definition… Two citizen parents, born in USA!

  11. joe plummer

    Greg you nailed it by stuffing Niki Haley right back up Nenner’s rear end. Haley is not just a globalist but a zionist and has dual citizenship , ( Israel and US) her parents were not born in the US so that leaves the question , if she can even be the President, If she is forced on the ticket with Trump I will not vote for that garbage. wanna see a nuclear war? just make Haley the president and we are all dead+ she is a babbling idiot . I like what the hindu guy has to say, but is he genuine,? but by far the best and smartest of all candidates . I like RFK well but he misses Israel’s ‘ ass too much

    • Mike D

      I’m a proud Zionist! You talk as if that’s something bad. Since when does Niki Haley have Israeli citizenship as well as American? That’s hogwash that you were naive enough to believe. How could she be “forced” on the ticket with Trump? That’s ridiculous. She’ll never be Trump’s choice for VP regardless. BTW, no true conservative would ever “like” RFK Jr. He’s a liberal.

    • Trixie C

      Trump has been considering Haley, but Don Jr has been speaking out publicly against it. Trump likes to beat around the bush.

      Trump is once again floating the idea of releasing the JFK information. He didn’t do it the first time. Trump never can straightforwardly say what he is going to do. He likes to twirl around like a young gay deciding what new outfit to get at Target.

      Since “prophet” Mark Taylor said Trump is anointed, it is clear that Mark Taylor does NOT worship the holy Jesus Christ, but instead the space aliens of Clif High.

      • Your favorite PRESSTITUTE

        Trixie, that Trump Derangement is stronger in you than you know. Turn off your Boob Tube. Get a grip. Put down your Vodka bottle. Take in deep Breaths.

  12. Illya Kuryakin Jr.

    Petrodollar Collapse Accelerating in 2024, The Fuse Has Been Lit – Andy Schectman Kitco NEWS 83,539 views Jan 5, 2024
    Michelle Makori, Lead Anchor and Editor-in-Chief at Kitco News, interviews Andy Schectman, President and Owner of Miles Franklin, who discusses the official addition of five new members to the BRICS bloc as of January 1st. Schectman warns that the expanded alliance, which includes Saudi Arabia, accelerates the collapse of the petrodollar and ultimately leads to the demise of the dollar as the global reserve currency. He explores why countries are dumping U.S. debt and stockpiling gold. Schectman also gives his outlook on the BRICS common currency and shares his forecasts on gold and Bitcoin.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Illya,
      Great interview with Andy Schectman. Thanks for the link.

    • robert messina

      Thank you Illya for the link to Andy Schectman educating us on BRICS (+plus+) . . . I am a humble Bible student . . and as such I want to keep aware of forces and evils against us . . . and it is almost too much for me to know, . . but at least I can understand enough for what I NEED to know . . also note to Greg, ; this guy seems to be a master on BRICS (+plus+) need to know

      • Katy Bar

        Back in 1934 one US dollar bought you about 0.03 ounces of gold. Currently (after all the Feds printing) the US dollar can now only buy you 0.0005 ounces of gold. So any paper dollars your family may have saved under the mattress or in US Bonds for a rainy day has actually lost 60 times its purchasing power over the last 90 years!! The BRIC’s+ countries (now holding tons of ever worthless US dollars) have finally said: “enough is enough” – are shunning and disposing of their US dollars and Treasury bonds and are buying physical gold instead (before the US paper dollar will only buy them 0.00005 ounces of gold)!!! So the BRIC’s+ nations have set up the Shanghai Exchange where gold (and silver) prices are purposely kept a few dollars higher then the manipulated London Exchange price (in order to keep physical gold and silver flowing into their hands) and thus take advantage of the manipulation. Paying a few extra dollars an ounce “in order to accumulate real money” (like the BRIC’s+ nations are now doing) is something all Americans should also be doing – but alas – most Americans simply choose to buy chocolate bars they can eat – saying: “when a famine or depression hits you can’t eat your gold or silver coins”!! But (however good that may sound to some people) it may pay to review what really happens during a severe depression (like from 1929 to 1933 when the Dow crashed losing 73% of its value) the shares of Homestake Mining in the US shot up 474% and Dome Mines in Canada went up 558%!!!

  13. Tim

    No more Necon foreign entanglements! Bring back all USA troops and focus on southern border and reducing USA debt! America First! Those who want to keep fighting, pack your bags and lead the charge! Nenner sounds like a Haley Necon….yuck! Also he treated this interview as his own personal free informercial….learned very little sorry.

    • Shiloh1

      Close every U.S. base in Europe and bring the troops- and $ subsidies- home. As history has shown those sophisticated Europeans can get along with each other just fine. That’s a joke! From my home in Hicksville, Flyover there is absolutely nothing from Europe I would ever need or care about. Thank God my grandparents left there and never looked back, before the WWI murderous quagmire. That war became orders of magnitude worse by the Niki Haley types of that era in U.S., starting with the Wall Street financiers, then to the false flags (Lusitania, Zimmerman Telegram), and entering the war itself.

    • youknowwho

      I got the same impression from Mr. Nenner…I thought he was using Greg as a springboard for more business and it seemed Greg knew it when he was voicing his frustrations over Nenner’s moving goal posts. As far as Trump being a “winter coat”? I hope he’s not just a windbreaker … if he actually manages to win the vote. And I hate to say it, but I kinda agree with Nenner that the USA is toast. Many conservatives think it’s evil to fight dirty and break the rules. I do not. I don’t live in a world the way I want it to be, I live in a world the way it is…

  14. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Hopefully you will permit a reprint from WNW615:

    I’ve listened to MANY interviews / expert opinion over the past two decades but this interview of biologist Bret Weinstein by Tucker Carlson has to rank in the top three . . .”

    Forward this link to friends and family, your doctor and political representative.

    • Mike stymest

      Excellent interview. I watched it twice

    • Steve Carter

      I must agree however Bret was very timid in revealing what he really knows.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Steve,
        ‘Timid’ is not a word I would ascribe to someone sticking their neck out as far as Bret Weinstein (and his wife) is doing! Perhaps he refrains from naming names because his expertise is biology, not – as he openly admits – investigative journalism.

    • Freedom-4-All

      This is an excellent interview. Very insightful and informative. Please listen if you can.

    • terra.laser

      Agree – one of the best interviews I have seen – pretty much summarizes the entire Covid story

  15. Mike S

    Greg fans. We are part of the awakened. But what percentage of the population is it?

    If you’re still sleeping and think we’re a bunch of Trump-loving imbeciles. Lord help you wake-up.! On many levels.

    May God Bless and protect all of us as the night approaches!

  16. Justn Observer

    Greg, Levin has the numbers on how much the ‘poison’ IVY league has been bought =

    Prison insider says AG Barr full of it…his looking into the prison sucicide/murder of Jeff Epstein is hogwash ! =

    I Was in the Same Jail as Jeffrey Epstein, I Know What Happened – John Alite Talks Epstein Jail

    Secretary Austin hospitalized and did not report it to President that he was in an ICU for 3 days, lied and said he was working from home?
    Did he have a vax attack? So who was in charge of the military if no one knew = not excusable in such a time with how many wars and ‘situations’ like Taiwan, and how many attacks on U.S. bases going on? =

  17. Katharine W.

    Very revealing interview.
    Obviously, Mr. Nenner is worried that the US is going down. And as goes the US, so goes Israel.
    Does this explain his infatuation for Nikki Haley?

  18. Neville

    Leave while you still can but go where?? Pays your money and takes your chance!!!
    Charles paints a pretty Honest picture and this is what’s putting the heebie jeebies up
    a lot of stock market investors…… GOLD has a history of Honesty and integrity so I guess
    that is good place to start with your hard earned cash…..but investing here remember
    ad astra per aspera which means through hardships to the stars and those hardships come as a result of all the DISHONESTY from the fed down rigging markets on counterfeit
    cash created out of nowhere shorting the commodities in particular the precious metals >have a look at this weeks dealing to see how rigged it was especially on Friday.
    AAcrime according to The Book of Revelations days are numbered and I think Charles’s cycles agree with that.
    No single country can behave as badly as AAcrime has over the past Century and think that they will get away with it….THEY WON’T
    The dye IS CAST!!!

  19. Naomi

    I was born in South Africa but don’t live there anymore. My late mother told me that during the Second World War, life in South Africa was not affected by the war. The only thing that was noticeable was that a few of the Afrikaners were very close to Nazis. Today, I am afraid, the Southern hemisphere is not safe if there will be a conflict. This is because Australia does everything the US/Neocons told it to do, including agreeing to host nuclear submarines.

  20. Bosco P. Horowitz

    Mr. Nenner,

    with all due respect, the Taiwan comparison to Hawai’i is not valid. Yes, the US did colonize the islands and take it over. Taiwan may have been part of China, but it too–like Hawai’i–was taken over by the Chinese and its aboriginal peoples largely wiped out by the Han. In other words, it’s not originally Chinese land, but that of another race of people (Polynesian or Polynesian-like). Maybe if they reclaim it, they should consider giving it back to the original inhabitants (what’s left of them).

    Dr. Saw Palmetto

  21. Civic Chick

    Nenner is a fool. Nikki Haley, indeed!

  22. Sheryl

    I got a laugh at what you said about Nikki Haley I agree with you and I like the fact that you will say the truth out loud

  23. judy mckee

    Taiwan is part of china, they are china land. Most people don’t know history .

  24. tim mcgraw

    Charles Nutty Netter: I’m 7:49 into the video and Mr. Netter speaks like a European. Of course, he does. The USA doesn’t need Europe or Asia or even Africa except for some elements like cobalt.
    The USA should stop going abroad for monsters to destroy as John Adams famously said.
    Who cares who runs Taiwan? or Ukraine? or Europe? I don’t.
    As for the open borders in the USA, that could end tomorrow and it will after the first terrorist attack.
    FDR put Japanese, German, and Italian Americans (Americans) into detention camps in WWII. I can see that happening again.
    It’s the financial disaster, the debt, the currency printing, the lack of morality and intelligence in the USA that will destroy it.

    • Warren B.

      Exceptionalism is a two sided coin.
      Who needs who…or doesn’t…. as you state.
      I’m sure EURO and ASIA think in the same tone.
      When speaking of Financial disasters – all of which are intentionally brought about by the FED – there is an implicit understanding that the destruction (achieved through nefarious means) is to benefit the few and devastate the majority. That is not conjecture – it is planned and they have the infrastructure in place to achieve that very goal.

      • tim mcgraw

        Warren B. I agree. The Fed is there to destroy the workers and retirees. Sound money backed by gold and silver is the worker’s friend.

  25. Harry Mercer

    Biden Scared of Houthi Vs U.S. War? Pentagon Mum on Counterstrike Despite Big Push by Forces
    Hindustan Times65,617 views Jan 5, 2024
    U.S. President Joe Biden seems to be perplexed over Washington’s response to Houthis. Despite mounting pressure, the Pentagon is mum on plans to carry out a counterstrike. A Pentagon spokesman said he can’t say whether any military action is in the offing. However, he repeated the U.S. statement, saying attacks “will have consequences” again. Biden is non-committal on plans to attack Houthis, even as U.S. commanders push for it. According to reports, U.S. forces are ready for a counterstrike and are just waiting for a nod.

    Houthi Leader Says, ‘New Battle With USA’ Has Begun, Hours After Drone Attack Bid on American Warship
    Hindustan Times 162,990 views Jan 7, 2024
    Hours after launching a fresh attack on a US warship in the Red Sea, the Houthis of Yemen issued a fresh warning, claiming that a new battle with “American enemy” had begun after the “martyrdom” of naval troops in a US attack. President of the Houthi Supreme Political Council said that if the US was committed to helping Israel, then the Houthis were committed to helping Gaza, and the nation of “40 million fighters” was ready for the battle. Earlier, the US military claimed Houthis launched a drone towards its warship USS Laboon, which shot it down.

    • Coal Burner

      People, for the tenth time, lets get one thing clear, Biden is in a home hidden away in the swamp sitting in a dirty Depends babbling for his ice cream. He is not running the country, remember Nenner ‘s Florida Democrat buddys know it too. Those beat down actors they are running out to act like Biden are told what to say by Obama and Rice and that extra-ordinary idiot Sullivan that speaks for the cabal all the time.

      No one is running the country and it even sounds like Austin has been struck by his own vaccine jab. Sounds like they got him too.

  26. Broadsided & Blinded

    Douglas McGregor: Millions of Jordanians & Egyptians ready to arm up cross the river & fight Israel.
    Goat Haven 47,177 views 11 hours ago

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Broadsided
      Tried the link. Black screen with white text; “This video has been removed by the uploader”

  27. TheSpy WhoCameIn FromTheCold

    Greg, Charles Nenner’s right!
    Amid Houthi Attacks, Donald Trump Warns of Global War, Mocks NATO Ally France
    Hindustan Times 6,929 views 20 minutes ago Jan 7, 2024
    Former US President Donald Trump hit out at President Joe Biden during a campaign trail in Iowa on the third anniversary of the Capitol riots. Addressing his supporters, Trump said, ‘You can end up in World War III with this (Biden) character.’ Trump also added that he wants to help other countries keep them out of war. He further described those in jail for riot in the capitol as ‘hostages.’ [Greg, hope it’s a Goose Down winter coat!’]

  28. Jeff

    The absence of America in the Revelatiom should be a real eye opener for everyone. Could it be they’re letting in all these migrants so they can take
    Them out when they take down America? The elite know the one world government can’t be successful until America is reduce to third world nation status. Kissinger himself said so many years ago. We’re seeing it unfolding before our eyes. Out of control spending, open borders, encourage racial division, defunding police, blm, lgbtq, and a host of other agendas are all working to weaken America from the inside out so at some point China and Russia can invade. Watch dimitru dudumens dream in 1984 on YT. Pastors have convinced people we’ll be raptured before persecution but I just don’t see that.

  29. Roger Stamper

    tks charles greg

  30. Dan

    Donald Trump is The Lord’s Anointed “Jehu” to destroy modern day “Baal”, which is today known as the deep state or ca”baal”.
    Even Trump’s personality is like Jehu… “subtilty” (2nd Kings 10:19).
    It’s imperative to read 2nd Kings Chapter 10 for one understanding of how The Lord is operating in the natural realm at this particular time.
    Many things have been happening behind the scenes, especially since 2015, for this counter-attack against Baal.
    “Thus Jehu destroyed Baal out of Israel” (2nd Kings 10:28).
    We are watching a perfect type and shadow example of this modern day biblical situation being “nothing new under the sun”.
    And thank you, Jonathan Cahn, for much of this information.

  31. Ward Flanderson

    Trump’s Edge? New Poll Shows Public Opinion Shifting Over Ex-President’s Role on Jan. 6 Capitol Riots: ‘They Were Whipped into A Frenzy by FBI’/ By Shanthi Rexaline, Benzinga Editor
    January 3, 2024, 2:54 AM | 2 min read.

    Here’s What Really Happened on January 6th.
    Tucker Carlson 587,778 views Jan 6, 2024
    This the smartest, best-informed account of what actually happened on January 6th. Tucker Carlson interviews Congressman Clay Higgins. As well as being an elected official, Higgins continues to hold a law enforcement commission in a reserve capacity with the Louisiana Attorney General’s office.

    There seems to be a cottage industry in misquoting Thomas Jefferson. He didn’t say, “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” Nor, “My reading of history convinces me that worst government has grown out of too much government,” nor any variations of those or dozens of other pithy phrases wrongly attributed to our illustrious third president.
    But one-time Republican presidential candidate and former pizza franchise executive Herman Cain was at least in the ballpark when he cited Jefferson. Cain was explaining the reasons Obamacare was failing on a Web video broadcast.
    “As Thomas Jefferson said, ‘You might be able to fool the people for a while, and they may go astray, but sooner or later the American people are going to wake up and they will correct the course’,” Cain said.
    Peter Onuf, historian at the University of Virginia and author of Jefferson’s Empire: The Language of American Nationhood, recognizes Jefferson’s spirit in Cain’s rendition. But not Jefferson’s words.
    “It’s a Jeffersonian sentiment, but I can pretty confidently say those are not his words,” Onuf said.
    So, the question is, if Cain did not quote Jefferson word for word, how close did he come?
    Well, he captured the key words ‘the people,’ ‘astray’ and ‘correct.’ He tacked on the part about fooling the people; that might have come from Lincoln’s line about fooling all of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time. He also added a phrase about waking up.
    In sum, he captured Jefferson’s meaning and some of the key words but embellished freely.
    Result? The quote Cain provided (not the one he said in his Web video) is indeed Jefferson.
    Quotations should be relatively word-for-word accurate. If someone went to the trouble to leave their thoughts for posterity, the least we should do is honor what they actually said.
    And then there are the believable quotes and stories that are just too funny to forget. Given Donald Trumps storied irascible nature, it’s hard not to believe that his exchanges with Chris Wray [such as “If I were your president, instead of you mine, I’d put poison in your drink,” answered by, “Trump, if you were our president, I’d drink it.”] weren’t true. Even if we really, really want them to be.
    Yup, funny, but dead serious fact. From the lips of the author of the Declaration of Independence “The good sense of the people will always be found to be the best army. They may be led astray for a moment but will soon correct themselves.” Don’t let that correction bury you.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Ward,
      Great interview!!! Many thanks for the link.
      “Here’s What Really Happened on January 6th.
      Tucker Carlson 587,778 views Jan 6, 2024
      This the smartest, best-informed account of what actually happened on January 6th. Tucker Carlson interviews Congressman Clay Higgins.”

  32. fred bannon

    Hi Greg, Ant chance of getting Geral Celente on, you haven;t had him on in a while

    • stanley skrzypek

      You Like that “DRAFT DODGER HuH?……While 56,000 of his Fellow Americans Died on the Battlefield…..His Disdain for the America that gave him everything is nothing less than Traitorous…..Unpopular war or not….Fifty Years ago was a completely different time…… Why should the Patriotic Americans who did what was expected let the few COWARDS “off the Hook” who went and Hid?……American Values were to be Proud of…not like today’s Tyranny’s Twisted Time…attack yesterdays Values to your own Peril.

  33. Ray

    Christ says that those who follow His teachings will be saved from what is coming.
    Nenner says that those who make monetary profits will be saved from what is coming.
    I will go with the teachings of Christ.
    Fair Dinkum…….
    I hope that this is the last time Nenner is invited here, after he has laid his spiritual cards down for all to see.
    I thought I could even see Greg squirm at times as Nenner laid out his vision..…….profit before community.
    Nenner is intelligent……no doubt…..but his gaze seems to be firmly fixed on survival in this world…..not the next.
    Ray, Canberra, Australia 🇦🇺

    • markp

      Ray, you are being a tad hard on Charles. USAWD is not a theological discussion blog, although GH, to his credit, is not shy of stating his Christian beliefs, and to this I say God bless him and his news site. We live in two kingdoms at the same time – God’s invisible Kingdom, and the worldly kingdom. We are part of God’s Kingdom but we physically live in the worldly kingdom. We are not to succumb to it by placing God in second or third place, or whatever. I go to work to earn currency on which to live; I took a loan for my car, the only way I could afford one; I took a loan for my home for the same reason; Thanks be to God that over the decades of working, I have been blessed enough to discharge both loans. I invest what excess I have hoping to squirrel away enough to live on when I finally pull the pin on working due to age issues. Greg’s interviews cover all aspects of life, but mostly of the worldly kingdom and what’s going on in it. And Charles is one of these interviews. Charles doesn’t discuss theology, I guess mostly because Greg doesn’t ask. What Greg does ask is about markets, bonds, interest rates, price of gold and silver, war cycles, political cycles, you know the stuff; I don’t need to lecture you. We shouldn’t judge Charles; we don’t know what he does outside his investment life. For all we know, he may be a generous benefactor to the poor and needy. I’ve been a listener and financial supporter of USAWD for almost a dozen years. Greg started red pilling me and I finished it by trying to seek out the truth the best I could. I’ve listened to multiple dozens of people being interviewed and Greg has indicated Bill Holter as a brother in Christ. I can’t think of others pointed out this openly, but I could be wrong. Anyway, as much as I live in the worldly kingdom, I am not batting for the other side; it just is what it is, we all live in this kingdom and need to survive it the best we can while following the Gospel of Christ. That’s why GH is trying his best to get us up to speed. If you are fair dinkum about your faith the last thing you should be saying is I never want to hear from Charles again. markp, Melbourne.

      • Ray

        Hi Mark,
        Happy New Year mate.
        Your make fair points in your post.
        Perhaps I am being overly harsh on Nenner.
        Take care Mark, and thanks for your thoughtful input which I appreciate.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia.

        • markp

          Condolences on the loss of your mother, I can understand what you are experiencing as I went through this twenty four years ago.
          Thank you for your considered reply. Blessing for 2024.

          • Ray

            Hi Mark,
            All good mate…..thank you for your kind thoughts.
            Keep throwing out the left jab.
            Ray, Canberra, Australia

      • Jerry

        Mark P, that was refreshing. Thank you

        • markp

          Thanks Jerry. MarkP.

    • S. Revere

      Ray, I am following up with you since your recent loss.
      How are you getting along?

      • Ray

        Hi S.R,
        Thanks for your kind thoughts…… very appreciated.
        It has been just over 3 weeks since Mum passed on…….seems like double that.
        There has been much to do…..organising her funeral etc.
        I am in the process of going through her belongings and taking some of them to charity.
        It all feels like a bit of a blur…….not a great deal of celebration of Christmas / New Year, however, that is to be expected.
        It was her time (89), and she would want me to celebrate her long life, and get along with living the rest of mine.
        Thanks again for your kind concern S.R, and please keep the excellent comments you bring to this place coming.
        Wishing you and yours all the best for 2024 and beyond.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia.

    • sam

      “I hope that this is the last time Nenner is invited here, after he has laid his spiritual cards down for all to see.”…………LETS BURN ALL of HIS BOOKS TOO, while we are dreaming of BOYCOTTING “Free Expression”!…..I can tell you are from commie down under!…..No wonder Max Igan left!

      • Ray

        Hi Sam,
        Happy New Year to you.
        Hope things go well for you and yours in 2024.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia.

    • tim mcgraw

      Hi Ray, I agree that only Jesus Christ can save our souls. We all need redemption. But at the same time “Poverty Sucks!” My Dad had that classic poster on the wall of his garage. My parents knew all about poverty. So do I.
      Money is better.
      Nenner’s soul is his problem, not mine.
      As for “profit before community”, that is the free market/Libertarian way. People get it backward.
      Individuals working towards their self-interest (profit) create a community of interwoven voluntary transactions. It is not an either this or that question.
      By working for ourselves we work for the betterment of our community.

  34. Rob

    Lost all credibility when he said he likes Nikki.

  35. Lee Centner

    Get out of debt as soon as you can. Pay off those credit card balances. Resist the urge to buy a new house or a car/truck. Put any savings into a local, trusted bank. Purchase some nitrogen packed food and have a water supply. Buy your meat, eggs and vegetables at your local farmer’s market. Above all attend your local church, become a Christian, accept that Jesus Christ is your savior and pray to God to help you decide what to do as conditions arise. And remember, there is safety in numbers so get together with like minded neighbors or friends to tackle problems that occur.

  36. Jack Keaner

    Douglas Macgregor Reveals The War In Ukraine Is Over & Russia Has Won!
    Tesla Tech Central 3,835 views Jan 6, 2024
    This video delves deeply into the shocking disclosure made by military strategist Douglas Macgregor, who said that Russia has emerged victorious from the protracted conflict in Ukraine. We’ll offer a thorough critique of Macgregor’s viewpoint on the matter, looking at the geopolitical ramifications, the function of international mediation, and Ukraine’s future.
    Since it started in 2014, the conflict in Ukraine has involved several parties, including Russia, Ukraine, the US, the EU, and others. We’ll discuss the major elements that have shaped the current problem as we examine Macgregor’s point of view, such as the annexation of Crimea, Western sanctions, and US involvement in the area.
    R.I.P. Ukraine…Slava Ukraini’ah & Russian young men, how many American and Australian girls will lose out too? One million dead soldiers!

  37. Bill Holder

    How funny that Nener likes Nikki Hailey. I bet he finds her attractive.

    I get what he said; does not matter who wins, Globalism is dead. I am more incline to believe Armstrong, he seems to have a better grasp on what will happen to the US.

  38. Frank Cooper

    Europe Absolutely Rocked by Growing Citizen REVOLT
    Michael Heaver 46,490 views Jan 6, 2024
    “German government backtracks on tax hikes for farmers following protests”

  39. Clem Dowling

    Vivek RIPS PATRIOT ACT PUPPET Nikki Haley After MILQUETOAST CNN Town Hall Performance: Rising
    The Hill 51K views 1 day ago
    Jessica Burbank and Amber Duke react to new polling in 2024 presidential candidate Nikki Haley.

  40. Linda

    Nenner like Nikki Haley a lot? OOOooohhhh no, Say it ain’t sooooo!

  41. CJ

    The U.S. may not be the same as it is today, but I believe that God will protect those who still submit in obedience to Him. We’re seeing a migration of citizens within the country. People who do not want to live under tyranny surrounded by rampant sin are moving to areas where the majority seem to be still following traditional values. He allowed Israel to be divided because of sin and disobedience. Could He be allowing the U.S. to be divided also? Parts falling to her enemies while parts still protected by God. Or, maybe He is going to allow us to go back to the founding that He established. Will we once again be seen as THESE United States instead of THE United States? Would either of those be a bad thing if He should rescue our children and grandchildren from the influence of evil that is surrounding them? Just pondering. No answers, just questions…

  42. Belogical

    Cycles and analysis are great until reality sets in. Granted it only occurs occasionally but when it does man has no control.
    I suspect we are at that point and so I take my lead from the scriptures. Zach 5 is likely telling us that the financial system is burning from the inside out and there is likely no where to hide but in CHRIST. The system is collapsing in the west and heading east. In that system war with the strong taking from the weak become the economy of the day.
    I do not think as most do that some digital system will be implemented but a much cruder system where a physical mark on a persons body will allow for a person to get the essentials of life. No luxuries, it will be that bad.
    My advise is to examine the scriptures and take an honest look at yourself and choose TRUTH!. Jesus said to Pilot, I came to bear witness of the truth. Jesus is the way, truth and life. No more time to waste, you won’t regret it.

  43. Linda

    Nenner, thinks we have gone too far and can’t do anything except hope we have/make money? I almost wish I hadn’t listened to this video, but I did.
    By the way, I subscribed to Nenner’s 30 day free subscribtion a while back….I found that I wasnt sophisticated enough to get much out of it. Maybe others will get more out of it.

  44. Martin Coombs

    Good shout Sara & Lynn . One way , it’s been written , get right with God in Jesus’s name 🙏🕊❤️

  45. Mike D

    God forbid the United States was nuked, the president does not have to go to Congress and spend days, weeks, or months getting a majority in order to retaliate (contrary to what Charles Nenner said). That’s why the nuclear “football” follows the president around. Tragically, the Commander-In-Chief in 2024 is a senile old man who’s a puppet for the radical left and CCP. God help us.
    ***TRUMP 2024***

  46. Paul Anders

    Not a big secret why we do not do anything as a group anymore.
    Last time we did something as a group, the group ended up in prison. J6

    • PersonaNonGrata

      That’s exactly the attitude / reaction that TPTB anticipated.

  47. JPB

    If he thinks. NH is good, how good are his other assessments?

  48. Steve Lowery

    One word that was glazed over , geographical !
    Someplace we can wear these tin foil hats without having a nuke melt them . This biblical 2 billion dead, has got my attention front and center ! These demons will black out the sun in a New York second. So, where do we ride out the storm ? Greg, we are on our game , but , this time there’s no escape. You cannot stop the prophecies of almighty God. So the question remains where do we ride out the storm ? You’re getting into the habit of making me want a nap . 🖖

  49. Peter

    It’s always puzzling to me that someone like Nenner who seems to have a good analytical brain regarding economic forecasting but is so blind to the globalist / freedom issues the US is confronted with. I see normalcy bias, especially when he claims money buys freedom, did he not go through the covid psych-op too or have any understanding of the digital concentration camp being built? So what if he has millions of dollars, what good is that money if he has to take the beast mark in order to access that capital? So glad Greg pushed back on Haley although I doubt any of what he said even registered with Nenner. As many on this site know, we are in spiritual war, not only now but since the fall of the first Adam.

  50. Michele Anderson

    Good morning Greg,
    I recently watched an interview with Bill Holter, Andy Schectman and Bix Weir. It was OUTSTANDING. Bill Holter mentioned a gentleman by the name of David Rogers Webb who wrote a Book called, THE GREAT TAKING. This book is a must read. Folks can do a search of the title or author and be directed to a site where the book can be purchased outright OR can be downloaded as a pdf for free.
    Please consider having Bill Holter and/or the other gentlemen above on your show.
    Thank you for continuing to educate us and helping to save what is left of the US

  51. Mike D

    I don’t believe the Israelis, especially under Benjamin Netanyahu, will allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon. Israel will use as many bunker busters as needed to prevent that from happening, regardless of what the regime of demented Beijing Biden thinks. It’s an existential risk to Israel.

  52. Douglas Blair

    Douglas Blair

  53. Harold Gold

    I too listened to the Tucker Carlson interview of Bret Weinstein and 2nd what “PersonaNonGrata has said. Bret Weinstein gave nothing but the truth.

    Another subject but a must hear is a great interview conducted by Tucker Carlson about the J6 investigation is the interview with Rep. Clay Higgins LA who is on the investigation committee. This is a stunning interview and well worth listening to and considering the information when trying to understand what is happening and being done by those who are running the show, at least today.

    Our “Come to Jesus” moment as a country appears in my opinion to be much closer than Mr. Nenner suggest.

  54. NBF

    Please forgive me. I am stupid. Please explain the metaphor of the winter coat.

    • Coal Burner

      The coat is something to keep you alive when the hard core ugly settles on you.

  55. Rod Brumley, Sr Lt. Colonel USMC (ret.)

    The key is to have assets out of the eye of the government – including a cash reserve not in the banking system. Food for at least 90 days and the same with water and fuel. Be Prepared
    In God I Trust

  56. Paul

    Hello Greg,

    What do you think consumer prices will do in 2024? I assume oil & gas will rise. What about consumer goods like tooling, equipment, etc?

    Thank you for everything you do.

    • Greg Hunter

      If the Fed cuts rates to try to save Obama/Biden Admin. inflation will take off like a rocket. It’s going up from here anyway. How fast do you want the dollar to inflate is the only question?

      • Bill Holder

        Greg, I think we are going to have Frankenstein economy. Some items will be stupid expensive, others stupid cheap.

        The reasons might be different by locations and population density.

        For example, in a rural area, eggs will be cheap, not so in a city. However, TV and internet might be down in rural areas, while the city might be fully operational.

        I say, prepare for a rough time as far food and where to go in case of a bugout. Be flexible and adapt to changes quickly. Having a good running vehicle might be more valuable than gold, silver, or cryptos. You never know what scenario will be presented.

        I wonder, how many people out there with fat Crypto wallet and fully vaxxxed? Those Cryptos might be as good as gone…

  57. rob marks

    While the future looks bleak I disagree with your guest. He says we see it as outsiders but I think it’s more like “WE HOPE” . Europe contributes NOTHING and caves to the EU. They would be speaking German if it weren’t for us and Russia. While we are at odds with ourselves we are the Mutts of the world and have more fire power then most countries in the world. The cold war still exist. Russia and China know if a nuke enters our air space we will blow them off the map.

  58. Bill

    I heard Vivek Ramasamy, say he will follow the Constitution, if he gets into Office. I find that Refreshing! I have not heard, Trump say that. I also, heard Mike Johnson say, he will follow the Constitution when he gets into Office, which is Very Good. In Youtube videos, I have seen Mike Johnson, fight off the Marxist Democrats on a Daily Basis to maintain the Constitution. Mike Johnson is Constitutionally trained Lawyer. I hope, he can continue, to maintain the Constitution, against the Anything Goes, Democrats!

  59. tim

    watch you will get out of the system

  60. dean

    Your comment about Nikki looks like your starting to understand who exactly the globalists really are.

  61. Robert Olin

    Praising Nicky Halley did it for me.

  62. Kevin Murphy

    Nenner incredibly says Nikki has a “good brain.” Trump says Nikki is a “bird brain” (a person lacking intelligence, understanding, reason, wit, or sense).

  63. Perry

    Laura Loomer was at two town hall meetings for Nikki Haley and another time for Ron DeSantis and she had a paid ticket and was asked to leave before the speakers started. What are they afraid of? She is there to ask a hard question and they do not like that. She would be a great guest for Greg.

  64. This is MADNESS!

    ‘Immivasion’ Driving Michigan’s Population Growth
    Izzy Lyman Jan 5, 2024, 3 min
    Michigan’s first population increase in five years – fueled by immigration – has the Great Lakes State’s collectivist central planners gushing … as in, you’d think Michigan was playing in a national championship college football game level of enthusiasm.
    The numbers, as deconstructed by Bridge MI: “Michigan’s population as of July 1, 2023, is estimated at 10,037,261 up from 3.980 from the year before but still down 40,431 from 2020.”
    The part that gets the open-borders crowd swooning: “Michigan gained nearly 4,000 residents in 2023,” as the pandemic waned, and immigration increased.
    So, ladies and gentlemen, the Midwest Great Replacement has officially begun!
    And it’s been launched with zero discussion about why 167,000 Michigan residents fled the state in 2022 for Texas and Florida and Indiana – likely wanting more bang for their taxpayer dollars or more distance from the harpies of Lansing who champion hairstyle rights, or perhaps looking for governors that don’t partner with the Chinese Communists to make EV battery parts that require slave labor.
    There’s also zero public discussion about the complex issue of housing for the newly arrived ‘immivasion’ migrants (that no one voted to bring to Michigan).
    Current shelters are filled to overcapacity as noted by the Detroit News, whose reporter also quoted airheads who think that repurposing abandoned buildings in Detroit to house folks from Syria, Iraq, and Venezuela is a good idea. Remember, Michigan is among the top ten states for refugee resettlement (that no one voted for); the overcrowding is going to worsen.
    Difficult conversations about culture, crime, colonization, buses transporting migrants, impact on schools and social services are limited to a dissident state senator or to a few residents. No congressman, faith leader, or academic really has anything of substance to say.
    In the meantime, the cultural enrichment and diversity is far-reaching.
    South American gangs have robbed upscale Oakland County residents. A prospective child predator from Mexico was found in northern Charlevoix County. The all-Muslim Hamtramck City Council voted to support animal sacrifice at home. A Palestinian flag appeared on a Nativity scene at a Dearborn church. And, tragically, an illegal alien drunk driver killed a 6-month-old baby in St. Joseph County. SEE MORE;

    Speaker Johnson Joins the Lead with Jake Tapper
    Speaker Mike Johnson at the Border 8,603 views 1 hour ago

  65. EH Foundation

    Thanks Greg Hunter Look Forward to Hearing Truth and Great Interviews on your Show like Nenner Very Informative Right On

  66. John

    Again Mr. Nenner demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding of the history of Taiwan. There is a stronger argument for giving Israel back to the Palestinians than there is for handing over Taiwan to the CCP. Also if we are going to contest the practicality of defending Taiwan against the CCP perhaps we should also debate the practicality of defending Israel against a billion Muslims? Mr. Nenner is a great guest but he really needs to study the history of Taiwan before criticizing Americans for not understanding history because he clearly knows very little about the history of Taiwan.

  67. Marie Joy

    IF keeping Trump off the ballot in ME and CO stands, Biden can be taken off the ballot in some states. Now is the time to start that process.

  68. Susan R

    This year we will not have a meltdown. That is good. There is always a wild card that could change that. AI is as good as the programmers and probably right a lot, but putting complete faith in them is not good.

    • Clyde F.

      Artificial Intelligence (AI) cannot protect you from stupid people – especially those who’ve been indoctrinated with Marxist-propaganda.

      Artificial Intelligence can and will be used to further dumb-down the US population and to help facilitate the continuing breakdown of this formerly great nation.

  69. Clyde F.

    Charles Nenner should understand that Nikki Haley is a shrill, Marxist-globalist-puppet who will further their agenda of this illegal alien invasion, war and the continued breakdown of this formerly great nation. This country is in deep, deep trouble. Therefore, we can’t place this feckless, woke-feminist into a position of power to emasculate and water-down Trump’s MAGA cleanup of this big-government, deep-state-cesspool that is destroying the American Citizen’s Freedom, Liberty and Sovereignty.

  70. Diana

    Nenner’s comments are why this will all happen. He and the people with money think their money is key. It will not be the case, the DS is aware of this and will do nothing till they have full control over the system that runs money then they will enlighten them. The DS wants total control not partial control. They will take out the useful idiots and use their controls to control who ever is left.

  71. Damon D

    Nenner is saying the end of Q1 the gas starts to run out. Bo Polny said December and now he’s saying January. Greg I know you like Bo because he’s been right on a couple of things but God is never wrong. Bo has been wrong too much and has never taken ownership of his misses. I trust Nenner’s analysis.

    • Greg Hunter

      Wheels started to falloff in December. Look at the liquidity crisis predicted by SOFR on 12/28/23. This is so big a few weeks one way or another will not matter in the big picture. Both of these guys reached a consensus, just as they did in early 2020. The meltdown happened in the first half of that year down 38% by the beginning of May. )Nenner said markets would go down 40% and Polny said 35%. 38% is a bullseye for both. I would not bet against either of them.

  72. Zach

    I love USAW and Nenner is always great. Thanks for honest reporting. I think the fundamental argument for Taiwan NOT being part of China is that Taiwan is heavily populated by people who have fled China, and are considered defectors of China and if China becomes authority of Taiwan, those people will suffer the severe consequences typically handed down by the communist regime.


    President Donald John Trump is the Winter Coat 🧥. (The 🧥 that we will need to put on before the end 🙏 of the year).
    WOW 😳 right out of Charles’ mouth he spoke what Almighty God (Father God to me❤️) will do for us. The goodness of God leads men to repentance. 🙏
    Thank you Jesus ❤️
    Thank you very much Greg.

  74. Lady from ShadyLane

    Artificial Intelligence | 60 Minutes Full Episodes
    2.1M views 8 days ago Full Episodes | 60 Minutes
    From January 2019, Scott Pelley’s interview with “the oracle of AI,” Kai-Fu Lee. From this past April, Pelley’s report on Google’s AI efforts. And from this past March, Lesley Stahl’s story on chatbots like ChatGPT and a world of unknowns.

  75. Lord Nasdaq

    Great analysis regarding markets with Mr. Nenner from 10:30 to 24:53 . I say recession started January 04, 2022 and you had/have a close double top now on S&P. However, just as the ^TNX then, the yield demand from investors like me for maybe a ^FVX and probable ^IRX are moving on their own again. Same with brokered bank 1 to 3 month c.d.’s – pay me!

    Markets are also held up by 90’s Roth’s and 401k’s weekly/monthly contributions, outdated GDP and CPI numbers, and inflation for examples, let alone a handful of trillion mega cap companies.

    FOMC speak has kept markets up, but no moves. I’ll plan accordingly until then regarding treasuries, but pay me or I don’t buy! I don’t see any cuts in federal funds rate until maybe election time.

    Not forecasting targets, but I know my bids on my targeted five or less long-term security holdings are much lower than any lows of the same since 2022. My sell orders and short calls on the same, above, plus “sleep me shares” of securities from decades ago are in line with new markets highs when/if they come, hopefully led by the ^N225 1989 top.
    I have time.
    Thanks for all you do, brother, Greg.
    Jehovah, bless

  76. Shiloh1

    Clay Huggins and Tucker Carlson lost me in the middle of that interview. I will not elaborate at this time.

  77. Jeffrobbins

    As a community note, our fish pond is looking good. Not feeding them this time of year, i occasionally throw out some old meat. There’s a couple of reasons a fish pond is a good idea- maybe some of you have the land. If we get to a food shortage issue, it’s actually easy to have livestock stolen at night. I even heard a tale of a man having his food pantry robbed back in the 30’s. It’s hard to steal fish no one sees. Although, we have chickens and would like to get 3 or 4 sheep. The other big reason for a pond is about the water. If we loose power for a week or two, I’ll still be able to flush the toilet and with a good filter set up have water to drink. I hope to one day see some people baptized in the shallow end.

  78. Half-Matter Wallace

    Vivek is a mother-WEFer. He has that slick “silver-tongued” repertoire as Obama has.
    And their BOTH Globalists.

  79. Coal Burner

    Hey guys, you need to watch Black Scout Survival tonight. He showed an interview by on of the tough character interviewers. Legitimate tough! If I could remember his name I would have said that but you will recognize the guy. The ” interview” tells you why you are going to have to be prepared to protect your women and girls. Same garbage as invaded Germany attacking women. They openly bragged about it on camera. Just go watch.

  80. Hiro Shima Nagasaki

    Russia’s Top Nuke Targets
    The Military Show 991,223 views Aug 14, 2023
    Imagine the most terrifying Russia scenario you can think of.
    Putin, on the brink of regime collapse, orders a massive nuclear strike at the West—a final, catastrophic move. ICBMs, 15,000 mph fast, laden with warheads, launch.
    But where?
    Unlikely, yet not impossible. Russia owns 6,000 nuclear weapons, 1,600 deployed. Where would they hit? A question from the Cold War, now resurging.
    In this video, we explore Putin’s potential targets, starting with the U.S.

    Signs That Nuclear War is About to Start
    Canadian Prepper 597,931 views Dec 22, 2022
    This is what you will see happen before it goes down… in this video we discuss the declassified ‘RYaN report’

    How to Survive Nuclear Fall Out
    City Prepping 528,600 views Feb 22, 2022
    Nuclear war. What can you expect if there’s nuclear fallout in your area? Could you survive? In this video, we cover practical steps you can take now. Download the Start Preparing! Survival Guide here: … nuclear calculator link:

  81. H/S/N.

    Russia’s Top Nuke Targets!

  82. Wayne Swanson

    It was Democrats who got the US involved in most all major US wars:
    Mexican-American War 1846-1846
    US Civil War (98% of Southerners voted Democrat in the 1860 election, then fired upon Ft. Sumter, SC, starting the US Civil War)
    Spanish American War 1898
    WWI 1917-1918 (US involvement)
    WWII 1941-1945
    Korean War 1950-1953
    Vietnam War 1965-1975 (officially)
    The Bushes (Republicans) got us into Iraq x 2 and Afghanistan
    WWIII Biden (Obama hiding in the shadows)
    Conclusion: The Democratic Party should be banned permanently.

  83. PersonaNonGrata

    Neil Oliver, formerly a well known presenter on mainstream media, is being singled out by the establishment for speaking truth to power. He has his own show on GB News network in the U.K. and recent truth-telling has lead to investigation by OFCOM (the Office of Communications). The establishment are desperate to close down dissenting voices . . .

  84. George S

    Ditch the Brits join the BRICS. Who is using the American System of Political Economy? Answer: not the Brits and not US.

  85. Lora

    So Mr. Nenner likes “bird brain” globalist Nikki Haley? Just a little alarming, in terms of what your guest doesn’t understand.

  86. Margo

    Having read The Fourth Turning in my early 40s, and literally just finishing it for the second time at 55, I am a big believer in historical cycles.
    Nenner’s predictions of war on a massive scale, financial and social chaos are simply following historical patterns also explained by others. In the fourth turning, it quite literally points to the early 2020s i.e. 2024 through 26 as the highest potential for a mass of world war. These fourth turnings, or winters which Nenner correctly assesses, can either bring the destruction of a nation as the three European ones he referenced, or the rebuilding and re-tooling into something better.
    I was not surprised to hear Nenner speak highly of Nikki Haley as he made the same comments of her when she was at the UN. I was disappointed though that with some history under his belt, he has not changed his assessment of her.

    ….At 55 I did disagree with the fourth turning’s prediction of how the millennial generation will handle this decade. In 1997 they could not have foreseen the depth of the chasm between generations and the insanity of the trans-humanism, & transgender movements, the hostile and illegal invading hordes, or the deeply institutionalized hatred of America that has been taught for decades to the young.

    These are the things that worry me WHEN the financial SHTF occurs or the grid goes down. We certainly had a heyday of Marxism in the early 20th century, but we did have some sane older generations to guide us through. I guess it’s up to us practical people in our 50s and sixtys to get this party started.

    My father-in-law was a child in Germany during WWII and I remember his stories well. He was a hard worker, devoted family man and left my husband and my children an amazing legacy of survival and thriving. Because of him, I have taken being prepared very seriously for many years before it was fashionable. I do it to honor the family he sacrificed so hard to build, and can only hope to be as good an example as he and Oma were to us. We love you Opa!

  87. Don Ho Howe

    Monday Emergency Broadcast: At Least 17 Million Humans Killed by Covid Lethal Injection – Top Scientists Confirm Posted 2 hours ago

  88. T Tess

    Ben Fulford warning imminent event 10x greater than 911:

    months ago Clif High was forecasting this type of an event, but then he got sidetracked by Satan into attacking Christianity.

    • Christian

      For the love of God and everything Holy…please stop with the Q nonsense! It has been 7 years and nothing Q has ever said has ever come true. There are no white hats. Remember this, Stalin and Mao didn’t kill millions of people, their LEO/Mil hats did. They have all chosen money and privilege over your freedom and their childrens future.

  89. david chanley

    please tell Charles Nenner that Cycles Can Change


    Hi Greg , I watched a video on Martin Armstrong Economics of an English journalist speaking of no one talking about the deaths from the 💉 and how it needs to be discussed because all the innocent people who believed their governments are going to be very scared soon the main problem being people are dieing at home with heart attacks up over 50%. 😭 This woman I don’t know her name was very thoughtful and caring like the doctor you know said to be kind to the 💉. ⭐ I immediately thought of the scripture in the Bible where Lord Jesus Christ said { “mens hearts would fail them of fear” ] 😮 THIS may be the main reason why men’s hearts will be FAILING THEM and this may be the main reason for the GREATEST REVIVAL IN HISTORY when people REALIZE THAT THEY HAVE BEEN POISONED AND THERE IS NO WAY OUT BUT ALMIGHTY GOD/ JEHOVAH THE GOD THAT HEALETH THEE,
    THE GREAT I AM the GOD of Abraham. ✨ Just a thought for Christians to be ready to live,pray and lead people to Lord Jesus Christ. 🙏 Thank you again Greg.

  91. Bill

    The AARP Just Told Its 38 Million Members To Get An 8th (Yes, Eighth!!) Shot Of mRNA

    • Katy Bar

      By continuing with boosters the viruses get better and better at evading our immune responses and those who keep taking boosters will be the most vulnerable to infection!! Healthy unjabbed individuals are unlikely to be affected by all the new Covid variants because their first line of defense (their innate immune system) still works as it should. But the jabbed, on the other hand, whose immune systems have become increasingly useless with every booster, will be “at very high risk” of severe complications and death!!! Speaking of massive death Nenner tells us about “war cycles” – but – it seems to me the world has been in “constant war” since World War I – the latest “so called Holocaust” being inflicted upon Gaza (leveling it to the ground with mostly American supplied bombs) seems to boil down to a very urgent need by Biden to have a nice juicy war going as we enter the US Presidential election because his poll numbers are currently stuck at about 9%. Obviously Biden and his handlers are aware that crimes against innocent civilians has always been a sure fire way to get a nice war started between nations – where every “Induced Holocaust” it is not so much the loss of life that is important but the “spin” that they put on that loss of life to achieve their sinister goals (like starting WWIII). Look at the “spin” being put on the recent worldwide Covid “Clot Shot Holocaust” (which was probably the greatest crime against humanity in the entire history of the world) done by highly educated people without morals using diabolically advanced scientific means to inflict massive death (not for the purpose of war – but for a greater more sinister goal “The Extinction of 99.9% of Humanity from Planet Earth”) – And yet – not one bomb has been dropped on Pfizer?? Why???? It’s the “spin” that evil people put on the massive deaths they create!!!

  92. Justn Observer

    Greg, on one’s rights to grow or buy one’s food from small farmers…ie as CAF and others suggest to get local and one’s own sources = being challenged =

  93. Anti-Atomist

    A nuclear attack won’t end the United States of America, it will end the fools who sent it.

    If America can tolerate Communist Cuba 90 miles away from our mainland, China can tolerate Taiwan. If they move to take over Taiwan, what stops them from taking over the Philippines? A mutual protection agreement! Is it worth it for China to start a war next door to the Philippines rather than trade peacefully for their high tech factory computer chips?

    When U.S. Marines participate in targeting, stalking, and swarming citizens, they might as well be burning the Constitution they swore “to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

  94. NW

    Lost all respect for Nenner knowing he thinks so highly of Nikki Haley. I mean really?? Just ignorant.

  95. PersonaNonGrata

    Ten minutes in, this expert predicts that AI will replace 40% of jobs – worldwide! Imagine, billions of humans no longer earning and PAYING TAXES to the elites, but instead needing financial support to survive. Could this be part of the reason TPTB are executing ‘the great poisoning’ to paraphrase Catherine Austin Fitts.

    Keep listening, 10:00 to 13:00 as this same AI venture capitalist explains why AI may NEVER become truly intelligent. Spoiler alert – AI does not have a soul!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Watchdoggers,
      Sorry if the above (Facebook) link caused problems. Here is a direct link to Neil Oliver’s latest presentation – proud to wear the label, ‘Conspiracy Theorist’

    • tim mcgraw

      PersonaNonGrata: I agree. AI can’t dig a trench and change a sewer pipe. It can’t repair airplanes or other machines. AI can’t lead men and women on a quest for a better life.
      AI can’t paint like Van Gogh.
      AI can’t write like Raymond Chandler.
      AI can’t do catering.
      AI can’t cook a decent meal.
      AI can’t grow food.
      AI can’t reproduce.
      AI can die. Just pull the plug.

  96. Randy Best

    Stock markets still going higher.

    • Bill Holder

      Does not matter, higher means a bigger number, so what that number trully means? With an inflated economy it does not mean value, might it means devalue.

      Most people see the dollar as a dollar, a 1 for 1, but not as 1 dollar has X value and that X value is getting smaller at a logarithmic pace. I magine having a DOW at 100,000,000, a fat account of 1,000,000,000 and all that will not get you a cup of coffee at the local Starbucks.

      • Wade

        Same principle can be applied to precious metals.

        You’re just talking your book again.

    • Katy Bar

      Yes! We are heading into an election and Biden’s handlers don’t want any stock market bad news that could make it more difficult for the Demonrats to fix the election (as all the Covid deaths they were counting on by promoting the Kill Shot Boosters may simply not be enough to swing the election to Biden)!!

  97. leo

    I just watched the 6 hour story on Benjamin Franklin on Amazon prime. What an amazing story of a truly great man. When I was done I Just sat in silence for a while. Young folks today and even some of us old giesers have no clue how much we owe to that marvelous human being, and there is nobody today anywhere with that spirit. Who knows where we are headed but do take time to watch as it will lift your spirit away from today s politicos and dishevelment

  98. tim mcgraw

    Financial advice is always iffy. No one can predict the future. What do the rich do? To be more specific, what do the rich families throughout history do to create and keep their wealth?
    A: Marry a good match and stay married.
    B: Raise your children well and educate them.
    C: Work hard and save money.
    D: Avoid vices. Go to bed early. Wake up early. Always show up for work.
    E: Once wealth is obtained, then it gets tricky.
    Intermission while the audience checks its bank accounts and assets. (Jeopardy music).
    F: My Dad always told me that earning money is only half the battle. The other half is keeping it from the thieves.
    G: Get a good financial advisor you can trust. This is very difficult. The best answer is to train yourself, your wife, and your children in finance.
    H: Get a good tax accountant.
    I: Get a good lawyer.
    J: The above three items require people that you can TRUST! Again, the best answer is to have family members do the above jobs.
    K: The ancestral families of wealth buy gold, land, art, and politicians.
    But if you are like me of middling wealth and income… a retired blue-collar guy, don’t put your eggs all in the same basket. Don’t be a plunger. Do your research. Think.
    Slow and steady wins the race.

  99. tim mcgraw

    “A ninety-year-old bagging groceries.” LOL! Where does Nenner live, Shangri-La?

  100. tim mcgraw

    Where is the money? Washington DC.
    Washington REIT owns DC real estate.
    Where is the money? Washington DC.
    Raytheon, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin… WAR is making money.
    I don’t like it, but that’s where the money is. Stolen money, sure, but that’s where the money is. Blood money, sure. But that’s where the money is.

  101. tim mcgraw

    Nenner is wrong. All of the old empires that faded were run by aristocrats. I notice that Nenner doesn’t mention France. The people overthrew the aristocrats. Not a success story as the Jacobins took over.
    The uSA is a novel experiment in government. There are still millions of Americans who believe in liberty and civil rights. And Americans are ARMED!
    Americans are buying guns in record numbers.
    Americans will not (I hope) let the Jacobins take over the uSA.
    Nenner thinks like a European.

  102. tim mcgraw

    PS: If Germany can recover in a decade from the devastation of WWII due to Old Man Adenauer and his Secretary of the Economy espousing and implementing:
    A: Low taxation.
    B: Fewer regulations (if any).
    C: Free markets.
    So can the uSA or any country.
    Get the government out of the way of prosperity and peace. Liberty is the answer.

  103. Jim Moog

    Jesse Watters: Barack and Michelle Obama are taking over, and the media agrees
    Fox News 114,759 views 5 hours ago
    Fox News host Jesse Watters says Michelle Obama is ‘positioning herself as ‘Plan B’ to President Biden.

  104. BajaBryan

    Shocking that Nenner was actually trying to promote Nikki Haley.

  105. Led Skeletor

    Stock Market is the same chart as the National Debt. Two peas in a pod, hand in hand.

    The government won’t stop spending because they can’t.
    Wage earners aren’t going to stop demanding increases.
    The stores and businesses aren’t running charities, they pass along their inflated expenses.

    National Debt $50 trilly, DOW 100,000 S&P 20,000 by 2030.

    It will take the total DEATH of the system to stop the spending, and that isn’t going to happen.

    Here is what guarantees an ENDLESS reason for the US government to SPEND INTO INFINITY… (hint: there are yet 8 billion more potential “Americans” on the planet that can be added onto the American entitlement system, guarantees endless debt spending!!!)

    The number NOT IN THE WORKFORCE increased 17 million in the past 23 years. Unemployment rate is in the 3%’s.

    The population increased 52 million in the past 23 years, even though the American population has had a negative birth rate since 1980’s.

    Yet the workforce only increase 2 million since 2000.

    That tells me since 2000, some 50 million new mouths to feed are being paid for by the remaining working taxpayers.

    23.7 million government employees… THREE PRIVATE SECTOR TAXPAYERS WORK TO SUPPORT ONE GOVERNMENT JOB, and the 99 million NOT IN THE WORKFORCE.

    The ratio is One government employee ‘up the ass’ of every 14 Americans which I’m certain pleases the LGBT+ crowd.

    When you think about it, a government employee is there to hand out money to those that don’t earn.

  106. Make LoveNotWAR!

    Brutally!! 59 NATO Artillery in Ukraine destroyed by Russian Lancet-3 Kamikaze Drones/THE MILITARY DAILY 14,399 views Jan 9, 2024
    Russian Lancet-3 kamikaze drones destroyed nearly 45 percent of towed and self-propelled artillery guns from North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) since the beginning of the war in February 2022.

    Ukraine Army Orders 50,000 Women Uniforms Amid Anti-Mobilisation Sentiment | Russia’s War /Hindustan Times 1,699 views Jan 9, 2024
    The Ukrainian Defence Ministry is set to buy 50,000 sets of women’s uniforms. The purchase will be the first such since the start of the conflict in February 2022. It came a day before an expected parliamentary vote on amendments to the law on mobilisation. The proposed changes in the Ukrainian Army have caused a public outcry.

  107. Skip

    I’m a technical trader and study cycles as well. Charles Nenner is doing nothing more than a technical analyst would do. I’ve followed his research and his cycle predictions are not exceptional, in my view. As soon as he endorsed Nikki Haley, I decided he doesn’t really have a grasp of US politics and he shouldn’t be given a voice for politics. Frankly, I think his cycle predictions are elementary technical analysis.

  108. habbit

    Trump dances to the gay anthem YMCA.

    5G towers to target Christians

    Secure 5G networks will absolutely be a vital link to America’s prosperity and national security in the 21st century. – President Donald J. Trump

  109. Ronda Raymond

    _This Woman Makes Sense!!
    Zelensky Proves That the US Military Industrial Complex is A Joke
    Thinkers Forum 37,942 views Dec 22, 2023
    On December 12, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky hastily visited the US, for the third time after the Russo-Ukrainian conflict broke out. Despite his plea for additional military aid, Congress wasn’t convinced to take further action. How will the Ukrainian aid bill end up? Is the US actually capable of providing military aid? We are honored to have Diane Sare, an independent candidate for the US Senate from the State of New York. She will share with us her observations on the issue.

  110. Tim

    Greg, watch out for Vivek, Dr. Shiva calls him “Vikek The Snake” for very good reasons.

    Speaking of the great Dr. Shiva, have you ever had him on?

    If not you should, the man is more committed to the truth than just about anyone else I’ve seen.

  111. WW3🎬 Anyone🤿

    Big Attack On U.S.’ Al-Omar Base In Syria; ‘At Least 30 Missiles Launched’
    Hindustan Times 158,523 views Jan 8, 2024
    A rocket attack ‘targeted’ the U.S.’ Al-Omar Oil Field Base in northeastern Syria. The Al Mayadeen report claims at least 30 rockets were launched in the attacks. As per the report, U.S.-run Al-Omar Oil Field Base was hit in the missile attacks. The base is located to the east of the Euphrates River, near one of Syria’s largest oilfields. The attack was launched from within Syria, according to the Al Mayadeen report. Watch this for more.

    🔴 Strategy to De-Dollarize: China’s Deal With Saudi Arabia Is Part of The Plan to Weaken U.S. Dollar
    Lena Petrova, CPA – Finance, Economics & Tax 41,076 views 10 hours ago

    Houthi Attack in Indian Ocean? Two Israeli Ships ‘Targeted’ After Arouri’s Killing
    Hindustan Times 35,707 views Jan 9, 2024
    Hezbollah-affiliated Al-Mayadeen has made a big claim about the “Israeli ships” attack. The Al-Mayadeen stated that two “Israeli ships” were attacked in the Indian Ocean. According to Al Mayadeen, the first ship, Chem Silicon, was targeted northwest of the Maldives, while the second ship, Pacific Gold, was targeted near India’s Kochi. The ships were targeted because of their alleged links to Israel.

    U.S. Ally Panics After North Korea’s Artillery Shelling; China Tells Kim Jong-un to ‘Stay Calm’
    Hindustan Times 116,141 views Jan 5, 2024
    North Korea conducted artillery shelling at the border with South today morning. The firing prompted South Korea to tell residents of Yeonpyeong Island to evacuate to bomb shelters. Seoul then warned Pyongyang and conducted retaliatory military drills with the U.S. North Korea’s action did not cause any damage or casualties on the South’s side but it came as Kim Jong-un toured a ICBM launcher factory with his daughter. The North Korean leader called for expanded production of missile launchers in preparation for a “military showdown” with South Korea and the U.S. there.

  112. Cane

    Blood-stained child-sized mattresses pulled out of illegal secret tunnels in NYC synagogue:

    Anything to say, Greg…???

    • Shiloh1

      Stew Peters show today first 20 minutes covered that topic with plenty of videos and pictures , second 20 minutes with Karen Kingston., including talking about congress closed door meeting with Fauci, who is now suffering from Fedheimers memory loss.

      The thing about the NYC tunnels that is the ‘tell’ is how quickly NYPD, the city and contractors are filling them in with concrete to destroy the evidence. Reminds me of how quickly the WTC rubble was ship ped to China for disposal.

  113. Roger Dat

    here’s how you can be organic without stinking like a Clif High alien worshiper:

  114. Clown Show

    Who’s Really Running This Clown Show ‘SCANDAL’: ALEX SOROS I PRESUME!
    ‘The Five’ reacts to the defense secretary’s secret hospitalization’
    Fox News 253,946 views Jan 8, 2024
    ‘The Five’ co-hosts discuss the outrage over Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s secret hospitalization.

    Russia Destroyed NATO Installations in ODESSA! There Are Casualties Among NATO Officers! BORZZIKMAN 31,573 views 17 hours ago

    Scott Ritter: Russia is Ready to FINISH Ukraine as NATO Admits TOTAL FAILURE
    Danny Haiphong 132,199 views Jan 8, 2024
    Scott Ritter, former United Nations Weapons Inspector and US Marine Corps Intelligence Officer, discusses why John Kirby and the military spokespeople of NATO’s leadership in Washington are desperately trying to cover up the truth in Ukraine. This video breaks down Russia’s successful special military operation and how it’s amounted to an unforgivable failure by NATO that has become increasingly acknowledged by the very leaders who manufactured the war.

    Scott Ritter: Russia are grinding 990,000 man Ukraine’s army, US has abandoned them like a bad habit / 650 views 3 hours ago

    The Finance Zone 16,360 views 8 hours ago

  115. Vernon Lock

    Kayleigh McEnany: We are in ‘unprecedented waters’
    Fox News 2 hours ago

  116. Cassius

    People tried to say this here back in October. Now Martin Armstrong is saying it.

  117. Philip

    The shattering documentary produced by David Rogers Webb, based on his book, alerts us all to the privately controlled Central Banks’ preparations for the inevitable financial collapse.
    Former Hedge Fund Manager and author, David Rogers Webb, announces “The Great Taking,” premiering exclusively on CHD.TV on Saturday, December 9th at 8 p.m. ET. The not-for-profit documentary exposes the scheme by Central Bankers to subjugate humanity by taking all securities, bank deposits and property financed with debt. Running time is 71 minutes. The film is produced by Webb and Executive Produced by Vera Sharav, Holocaust Survivor and director of the 5-part docuseries Never Again Is Now Global. Webb takes us on a 50-year journey of how the Central Banking systems have secretly put collateral confiscation schemes in place, making everyone from all walks of life vulnerable when the inevitable financial collapse comes. The fine print is revealed in this shattering documentary. As Webb outlines, “It is now assured that in the implosion of the derivatives complex, collateral will be swept up on a vast scale. The plumbing to do this is in place. Legal certainty has been established that the collateral can be taken immediately and without judicial review, by entities described in court documents as ‘the protected class’. Even sophisticated professional investors, who were assured that their securities are ‘segregated’, will not be protected.” That these legal constructs are in place now is irrefutable. Congressional investigation into, and remedies for, these legal constructs is urgently needed!

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