We Don’t Know How Bad Secret Obama Trade Deal Really Is-Ellen Brown

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Attorney and public banking expert Ellen Brown says the recent Obama trade deal is bad news.  Brown contends, “We don’t even know how bad it is.  All we know we got out of WikiLeaks.  It’s all secret.  They are negotiating what would be called a treaty which should require a two-thirds vote under the Constitution.  They are negotiating it for “fast-track” and it is completely secret. . . .    These documents are supposed to be kept classified for four years after this thing passes.  How is that even possible?  There are two other agreements that are coming down the pipe that are also covered by “fast-track,” which means they go directly to an up or down vote.  Only get a brief time to look at it.  They don’t get to use filibusters.  They don’t get to debate.  Besides the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) which is bad enough because what we know of it is horrible, there is the Trans-Atlantic Agreement which is similar to the TPP with Pacific Rim countries.  There’s another one that we only just heard about which is the TiSA, which is the Trade in Services Agreement.  This covers 80% of the American economy and all sorts of services, including financial services, which means banking.  So, we can’t regulate banking anymore, and that is basically what it means.”

So, instead of getting a government “Of the people, by the people and for the people,” we are getting a government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations.  Brown contends, “That is totally correct.  It is alarming what is happening.  Corporations totally run our government.  We think this is for the benefit of the American people, but it is for the benefit of the large American corporations, and they’re not even American corporations.  They are large international corporations.  These corporations can sue us, our local governments for trying to protect the people against whatever they want to destroy—our economy, our environment, our jobs.”

Obama’s secret trade deals greatly helps out big banks.  Brown says, “It looks to me the banking system is in control.  That’s where all the big money comes from, and that’s where the two big parties got their money.   It’s been this way ever since Rockefeller and Morgan back then in 1900—the Democrats and the Republicans.  Brown goes on to say, “The goal here is “they” want to own everything and rent it back to us.  So, law is no longer a way to protect the people.  Law is now to protect the corporations and serve the corporations.”

Brown does not give up hope and says, “To me, the only hopeful thing about all this is that it is so outrageous and so many people are upset that you hear the word treason bantered about.  It is becoming obvious that neither party is representing us ‘we the people.’  People are coming together from the left and the right to oppose what we got, and hopefully to organize something else like a whole new movement. . . . a movement for the people that supports the people and defends the people instead of the big corporations.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Ellen Brown, creator of The Web of Debt Blog.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Ellen Brown is a prolific writer and posts regularly on her Web of Debt blog.  Her work, which she posts for free, can be found on EllenBrown.com.


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  1. paul

    When Satan tried to “fast track” his control over Heaven … a two-thirds vote of God’s Angels sidelined “the evil ones” from taking over … we must do the same … if these trade deals are treaties … they require a 2/3 vote under our Constitution to pass … “fast-tracking in secret” is treason to both God and Country!

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes sir Paul!!

    • Angie

      Amen Paul!

    • Collateral Damage

      This effort is the end run, End Game toward a final Global Corporate Coup.

      Do what we can to stop it while there is still time.

      Collateral Damage

    • Tod Mills

      Nice sentiment, but what exactly do you propose “we” do to change the situation? It is well known that our lawmakers vote the way their owners want them to rather than the way the people want.
      “The US is an oligarchy, study concludes” http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/10769041/The-US-is-an-oligarchy-study-concludes.html
      The fact is, the Constitution has set this up, reversing many important positions stated in the Declaration of Independence. For example:
      1. The Declaration of Independence states that “all men are created equal”, but the Constitution says not so, “Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes”. In other words, Congress has a special power that mere men don’t: they can rob at will.
      2. The Declaration of Independence states that “whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it”, but the Constitution says, Oh yeah? Well we in “Congress shall have the power to suppress Insurrections”.

      Further, as Lysander Spooner (1808–1887) so eloquently wrote in his treatise “No Treason, the Constitution of No Authority”:
      ……”Inasmuch as the Constitution was never signed, nor agreed to, by anybody, as a contract, and therefore never bound anybody, and is now binding upon nobody; and is, moreover, such an one as no people can ever hereafter be expected to consent to, except as they may be forced to do so at the point of the bayonet, it is perhaps of no importance what its true legal meaning, as a contract, is. Nevertheless, the writer thinks it proper to say that, in his opinion, the Constitution is no such instrument as it has generally been assumed to be; but that by false interpretations, and naked usurpations, the government has been made in practice a very widely, and almost wholly, different thing from what the Constitution itself purports to authorize. He has heretofore written much, and could write much more, to prove that such is the truth. But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist. ”

      The Constitution is the framework that has allowed the usurpation of freedom that was created after the Revolutionary War (more correctly the War of Secession)

      • Collateral Damage


        Good Question. I for one, for the first time in 50 years, actually was concerned enough to both sign an on-line petition that was advertised on the Drudge Report today and took the added step of phoning my Representative to tell him that if he voted for it, I wouldn’t vote for HIM next time around.

        I know that my efforts sound futile, and very well may be, but the point is Tod, if we don’t try to change things then we absolutely get what we deserve.

        A recent example of a random event changing the course of history is as follows, When I believe it was John Kerry said that the only thing that the Syrian President could do to prevent the US from attacking him was to give up his chemical/bio weapons, and Putin parlayed that into a stalemate where the U.S was forced into a corer and could not attack without loosing face. That was until the IS boogieman materialized out of the ether and Sabor Raddled Away until we had another excuse to do what we wanted to do.

        My point is that sometimes the fate of the world can turn on a seemingly chance incident. You only loose completely when you loose hope and consequently loose the will to try. 🙂

        Think of the circus elephant at the turn of the century with the ball and chain around his ankle. if you don’t know what I am taking about, look it up.

        Best to you Tod,


        • frederick

          Drudge report well in my opinion anything on that site is basically just propaganda and useless they never report anything about 911 or the palestinians so you know how honest their reporting is

          • Collateral Damage


            Ok, so I have to say that I don’t disagree with you their either. As a matter of fact, if you could provide links to more informative web pages with news, I would be much obliged.

            Best Regards,


      • Collateral Damage

        Ok, so I wrote that last night before I took the time to open your link, now I have opened your link. I actually remember seeing the results of that study discussed in the news a year ago, and I retract what I said and submit to your point of view Tod,

        I really don’t believe that that we ‘deserve’ the status quo.

        I think what it comes down to is that it all goes south in the same way that particular laws were enacted in 1913 that certainly appear to not have been in the best interest of the country, that being, that when powerful self-serving forces are in a position that they can very subtly (below the radar) effect change in public policy to benefit themselves, they will do so, and unfortunately, the masses don’t often pay much attention.

        How funny – I just had a self realization – Remember Voldomort from Harry Potter? He who can’t be named. Just another example of life mimicking art. 🙂

      • Don

        Tod, the constitution was signed with 40 signatures, with George Washington being the first.

    • Collateral Damage

      I am very disappointed that the discussion that Ron Paul presented in the attached video devolves into an advertisement.

      Greg, I commend you and your approach to establishing/running your website.



      • Seleucus McCain

        Collaterally Damaged,
        Ron Paul stuck his neck out to do that infomercial and Stansbury was railroaded in the courts for warning of the last market crash, [as per Greg Hunter being let go at CNN], but for a certain security Stansbury has a felony that he paid dearly for and feels justified as the evidence after the fact has proved him right and now is going thru great lengths along with Dr. Paul to sound the warning once again despite the fact, that after this coming crash the ones sounding the alarm could lose their life this time, its so dire! Nobody will fare well after this coming calamity except if maybe they don’t lose their life, by the skin of their teeth and by the grace of God and thank God for those that are willing too sound the warning, so help us God!

        • Collateral Damage


          Thank you for filling me in on the truth of the Stansbury history. We are confronted with so many parasitic entities on a daily basis every time we really listen to what is going on in this world it is hard not to be cynical of everyone.

          And for the record, I do consider myself to be, in your words: ‘Collaterally Damaged’, which is exactly why I chose that title for my posts.

          In that same vein, I whole-heartedly agree with the final words of your post: “Nobody will fare well after this coming calamity except if maybe they don’t lose their life, by the skin of their teeth and by the grace of God and thank God for those that are willing too sound the warning, so help us God!”

          Thus, I consider us all to be latently ‘Collaterally Damaged.’

          Sorry SM, your slur of my title doesn’t sting, it conversely, very eloquently underscores my very meaning in choosing the title:

          “Nobody will fare well after this coming calamity except if maybe they don’t lose their life, by the skin of their teeth and by the grace of God and thank God for those that are willing too sound the warning, so help us God!”

          God bless and keep us all.

          With upmost Sincerity,

          Collateral Damage

    • alan


  2. paul

    Even China knows these “fast track” trade deals are going to suck jobs out of America … this is why Chinese Finance Minister Lou Jiwei called on the United States Tuesday to boost its domestic savings and investment “by creating jobs improving infrastructure” to strengthen growth!

    • James Hastings

      Can’t stop it. So it is written…so in will be done. Unfortunately / or NOT….2/3 of the population in the world will have to wait 1000 years for a second try.. 🙂

  3. diane s.

    I wonder if these corrupt politicians even give a damn what we the people protest. We live in a lawless corrupt world.
    Terrible situation.

    • Collateral Damage

      yup. 🙂


  4. Michael


    Where have you been? The Supreme Court says that corporations ARE people. Only thing that surprises me is that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed have said they won’t vote yes for this classified trade deal. Did somebody forget to pay them bribes…ahem, I mean campaign contributions? I have a feeling they will change their minds last minute.

    • A. Hall

      Mike/Greg Remember Congress is bought and paid for by the banksters and the like.
      My insider friend,Lindsey-you know who this is Greg. He said the elite’s allow some Congressmen to vote against some bills to make them actually look honest, but at the same time they know others have been told to vote for it, enough to pass it. Example: new Senator for S.C. -Tim Scott voted for it. Recently he had $2.6 million given to his
      election account.- Wonder why he voted with Obama.?? It’s all set-up by the elite’s.
      Also, remember John Boehner is a Bilderburger-as is most of government at high levels.
      THEY do as they are told or ELSE!!…………..

  5. MAL

    Greg, you spoke about how bizarre it is to see republican leaders scrambling to help Obama jam this disaster down the throats of the American people Obamacare style. It’s only bizarre if you accept at face value the rhetoric and sewage that spews from Washington mouths. People should be protesting and boycotting the corporations whose paid lobbyists are undermining our system of government ( Helen noted how the word treason was being tossed around ). I personally think this latest secret multi thousand page illegal piece of “legislation ” that no one has read may prove to be the straw that broke America’s back. Our congress is nothing but a bunch of bi partisan prostitutes.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point. Both parties just take turns ripping us off.

    • Mary Casey

      Correct. The U.S. is a one-party system with two factions. This gives the American people the illusion of choice. But, it’s one-party and when it gets too hot under one faction, they toss the ball to the other faction; nothing (of importance) ever changes.

      It also serves to keep us distracted as we postulate one candidate/party over another; providing yet another illusion that we have some control over the choices the government makes.

      Government is government regardless of party affiliation. Even “third parties”, once elected, are soon absorbed into “the government”. Ultimately, regardless of party, government circles the wagons when “danger” (extinction) appears on the horizon. They must, because to expose the other is to expose themselves.

      • Collateral Damage

        yup 🙂


      • David

        We have a one party system that plays Make-Believe that it is a two party system Called The Big Government Party. People talk about Bankers/Banksters behind everything, but Jamie Dimon is just a hired front mad who does what he is told. The super wealthy own the Banks. Politicians, and Corporations.
        They refer to the masses as Peasants!! , per someone close to me that dated a multi billionaire for six months. “Let them eat their cake” is alive and well. ” We the People” have gone abroad along with all the jobs the Dems & Republicans have shipped overseas, including the latest trade bill by Obama and the REPUBLICANS. Notice the slick way the Big Government Party lets the Dems vote against it with their fake support of Labor Unions and still passed in Senate with 60 votes.

        Supreme Court is now the “Sin Court” or the “Death Court” as murdering abortion and legislating sin is their twisted accomplishments. Perhaps the Devils Court fits their picture in Black Robes. The Constitution is Dead as We the People have no representatives!

  6. Silence is Golden

    BINGO !!!!!!!
    The veil of secrecy and lies tells you instantly that the MO of the Elite is not for the BENEFIT of the populace. The TPP , TISA & TAA are just really the icing on the cake. The layers have been filled and stacked.
    The question now becomes ….will the masses wake from their slumber…and realise the damage the CIC (not being remiss to overlook his predecessors’ work) is doing.
    AND Who thought the Government was ruling for the voting class ?
    Of what a tangled web they weave ….when they practice to deceive.

    Worth keeping in mind that CHINA whilst seen to be the NWO…is COMMUNISM ..at play….The State is in control….and is buying up real estate, infrastructure, mining & agricultural resources globally…AND ALL THE GOLD.
    Hmmmmm…..what’s wrong with that picture ? Corporates vs the STATE. Should be fun to watch.
    SIG 😉

    • Luke


      Hmmmmm…..what’s wrong with that picture ? Corporates vs the STATE. Should be fun to watch.

      _______________The Bankers Crescendo

      This country was built by bankers, fer corporations and by golly it’s gonna be run by bankers, fer corporations and that’s Obomber’s ruling and any state on earth found,”sober,” without legalization of Marijuana, will be liable for disorderly rogue status and select drone strikes and that’s the neo-con/Obomber’s ruling!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JO3NrLaUmeM&feature=pyv&ad=7131309222&kw=judges

      • Luke

        The Neo-Con /Crony /Capitalist /Corporate Bankers new world disorder, Law West of da Pecos

      • Silence is Golden

        “What’s wrong with that picture” refers to THE STATE (CHINA)…taking control of the worlds ASSETS.
        I know full well the history of BANKERS….. not just in USA.The world my friend is infested with them and has been for a very long time. Connect the dots.

  7. Red

    Hi Greg,
    Ellen’s idea of public banking is a lot like CH Douglas’s concept of social credit. Whilst both Douglas and Ms Brown see the monopoly of credit through private banking. Both fail to point out that Government deficit spending is in fact a de facto leveraged buyout of the entire system cunningly disquising the fact that it is the Government that in fact benefits the most from the monopoly of credit and is in fact the true owner of the system. The saying goes if you owe the bank a $1000
    thats what you owe. If you owe the bank $3,000,000,000,000 you own the bank.

    I believe the only way a public bank could work is if Private Banking was forced to hold minimum reserves of gold or silver. Forcing private banks to never risk too much in credit arrangements. It would act twofold to keep the public bank honest inso much as to restrain public empire building and credit creation through inflation etc. I’m trying to be brief.

    The truth of GDP figures when a public servant or Gov contractor borrows money it is credited as private Debt!! Entirely skewing the true impact of Public sector borrowing on the broader economy IMO the true great lie in Gov stats Public versus private debt.

    Until people get that all money MUST be supported by productivity and labour all money ceases to have any value! This problem will continue ad finitum .

    I do however like Ellen and see she is doing a great job of informing people on the monopoly of credit. I loved mr Griffins interview too Greg yours is the best impartial online content on the web. Great to hear you are Christian as well! I am too, but prefer the humanist versus mystic view on Christ.
    So God bless

  8. Sven

    In this tug of war between the USA and Russia, Europe is playing piggy in the middle and we will soon find out whether patriots or traitors hold the most power. The traitors in Europe will obviously be the ones bowing to pressure from the US. It’s sad to see how such a great country fell so far in one century due to the greed of a select few.

    • Charles H.

      Good observation, Sven.

  9. Mike K

    So basically this seals the fact that we’re are no doubt a fascist government, does it not? Greg, great job getting the word out.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mike K,
      One thing that is beyond debate is it is all being propped up by fraud and corruption. Fraud and manipulation is well documented with LIBOR, FOREX, CME, (all commodities) Housing (rob-signing), Bonds,and of course, gold and silver prices.

  10. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Either way the corporations are desperate to regain control over the populations or they are confident in themselves to the levels of the arrogance or maybe both. But whatever is the truth these “deals” will hardly get through.

    BTW there were protests in cities of EU against the TTIP. So there is a huge resistance against these kind of deals.
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

  11. JC Davis

    Good info to study. Ellen Brown is one smart lady. Thank you Ellen, and Greg for your service to America.
    Now. If I organize a ban on say Walmart for something I feel there doing wrong, and they lose a great deal of profit who pays them ? This just sounds to unbelievable to be true in this country. The following is another explanation.

    • Collateral Damage




      • JC Davis

        Thanks C D
        Sad days ahead when unknowingly people are no longer protected by there elected officials, but rather controlled like slaves by them. They know we will not give up our guns , so they will simply remove our other rights to freedom ( in secret). Hitler would be proud of the oligarch’s that are working this American take over.

        • JC Davis

          Republican and Democrat is like asking are you infield or outfield ? If your answer is neither they make you sit in the bleachers., Or leave the ball park altogether.

  12. JeeperJohn

    I have been hearing now for years that something bad is going to happen. But yet nothing does. I find it interesting that the republicans were the main yea’s on passing this Fast Track. Maybe it’s not that bad. We will soon find out. Until the information is released to the public it is all just speculation as to what is involved in this thing. Just like i got sucked into the P.M’s after all the gurus told me to buy and I lost a bout load of money I have learned a few things. One of which is to be more skeptical on anything that people in power of any sort has to say.
    Grab your popcorn and beer and sit back and watch the show the good part is just getting ready to play out. I think this is a non event and nothing more than a simple distraction for the shocker that will make you glad you were trying to keep up with the ever changing plot. Cheers All

    • Collateral Damage

      I am with you on the popcorn, say, I will make some right now!

      As for the rest, I call bs and think you a “Troll”. Cheers. 🙂

    • JC Davis

      JJ I got some pink stuff I think it was cool aid in the back of the refrigerator. It may not be deadly if you want it its your. Then we will all know if it is ok to drink. Your the man! go for it !

  13. Mark

    Weather weapons like HAARP and nexrad radar are going to be used to bring storms to DC to force a vote to pass this crap. Today a big storm and tornado will hit Indianapolis , they are practicing steering storms to specific locations and are getting it perfected.
    These storms are hitting and building right over the towers. These towers put out large amounts of electricity and spin very fast which causes the rotation of the storm. Dutchsince has some videos on youtube proving this. The NWS is involved along with many other agencies. The Bible says that in the last days there will be earthquakes, floods, famine and pestilence , this technology causes all of these issues.

    • JC Davis


  14. Luke

    “WHO rules the world?” If someone were to ask you that question, how would you reply? Most religious people might say “God” or “Jesus.” An article appearing in The Freeport News, a Bahamian newspaper, gave an answer that few would expect.

    “I found a tract on my doorstep,” the writer of the article begins. “Normally I’ll ignore such a communication, but this time I decided to read it. The headline asked the question, ‘Who Really Rules the World?’” By reading the Bible-based tract, this woman learned that the ruler of this world is neither God nor Jesus but Satan the Devil.—John 12:31; 14:30; 16:11; 1 John 5:19.

    “Consider the cold-blooded excesses in monstrous cruelty,” the tract explains. “Humans have used gas chambers, concentration camps, flamethrowers, napalm bombs, and other heinous methods to torture and slaughter one another mercilessly. . . . What forces drive men to such loathsome deeds or maneuver them into situations where they feel compelled to commit atrocities? Have you ever wondered whether some wicked, invisible power is influencing people to commit such acts of violence?” Is it surprising that the Bible calls Satan “the god of this system of things”?—2 Corinthians 4:4.

    Happily, the time is near when Satan and his demons will be no more. “The world is passing away and so is its desire, but he that does the will of God remains forever.” (1 John 2:17) Yes, the Bible promises that those who do God’s will have the hope of living forever in a righteous new world. (Psalm 37:9-11; 2 Peter 3:13; Revelation 21:3, 4) What a relief it will be to have the evil influence of Satan and his demons removed!

    After summarizing the contents of this small tract, the writer of The Freeport News article concluded: “I am really glad I read that tract . . . because I too have been concerned about the state of the world, and who is in control.”

  15. Mason

    Great interview, Greg.
    Standing up against the TPP/TIPP/TISA is one of the important themes I think.
    I found it uplifting when you and Ellen agreed that a front would be formed by libertarians on the “right” and the liberals on the “left” (aka the real representatives of the people) versus the would stand up against the “mainstream” corporate owned Republicans/Democrats. This is also what Martin Armstrong predicts for 2016: the rise of a 3rd party or movement.

    The definition of Fascism: the merger of corporations with government. This is what seems to be the case here.
    Henry A. Wallace, 33rd vice-president of the United states, was asked to write about Fascism. His article was brilliant and his predictions were uncanny.

    Imagine, he wrote this article in 1944, at the height of the Second World, when the United States was at the height of their battle against Hitler and the original fascists. When asked about the danger of fascism he said the real danger did not come from the German fascists, but from American fascism. The vice-president of the United States wrote that in an article “The Danger of American Fascim”. In 1944!
    Truly, truly remarkable:

    Anyway, if you want to this illustrated in just one picture, the best picture I have found to illustrate this is:

    This illustrates that the Tea Party and Occupy Wallstreet are essentially upset by the same thing, and it illustrates why the right/left paradigm is false.

    Who cares about with what Democrats versus Republicans do. It’s all the same Republocratic/Demoblican party, as people are beginning to find out more and more.

    • Mary Casey

      Perfect Mason! “….illustrated in just one picture” http://12160.info/photo/occupy-wall-street-and-the-tea-party-are-upset-about-the-same

    • mark

      I have grievously erred by accidentally attributing comments you were addressing to someone else to myself and regret carelessly confusing simultaneous threads of conversation before commenting harshly in response to your last post to me in Greg’s interview with G. Edward Griffin. Please accept my apology.

      • Mason

        Apology accepted. I’m glad with your reply! It takes a big man to admit his mistakes, and it takes an even bigger man to apologize. No hard feelings. We all make mistakes, me included. Go in peace my friend.

        • Charles H.


          I did review the past comments – and you were right: I did concatenate portions of your comments as you said. They were not altered, being direct quotes; and I feel they speak for themselves: but I was wrong, and apologize for my mis-statement.

          • Mason

            Charles H,

            Thanks you for owning up to that, and for taking the effort to read back to our exchange in comments. It’s a brave step. I accept your apology on that account at least, even if you provide some caveats in your apology.

            Yes, it is correct that my words did indeed speak for themselves, and yes is it correct you did not alter the words themselves, but by concatenating my words in that way you gave it a meaning it did not have.

            That is why I said I was bothered a style of rethoric which I found not to be pure at that time and which I sensed later on as well.

            Rightly or wrongly, apart from other factors, that colored our later exchanges. That was unfortunate.

            Let me wrap-up by saying that I accept your apology for the concatenating of my words, that I’m glad with your recent post, that I meant everything in my posts at least when I wrote them, that I have no doubt that you meant everything in your posts when you wrote them, that we nevertheless all make mistakes, me included, that we can also learn from each other, and that even if we disagree I think we are in essence all good people here on this forum (and yes Charles H, that IS a genuine statement).

            I think it is a good thing to wrap this whole thing up, and leave it behind us, and I thank you for your most recent comment. Let’s leave it at this.

            Fare thee well,

    • NC Gal

      Mason (and all),

      I think that these acts, their consequences, and what they signify fits better with the term, “inverted totalitarianism,” which I first heard about in Warren Pollock’s interview with USAWD:

      Inverted totalitarianism is a term coined by political philosopher Sheldon Wolin in 2003 to describe the emerging form of government of the United States.… According to Wolin, there are three main ways in which inverted totalitarianism is the inverted form of classical totalitarianism.

      Whereas in Nazi Germany the state dominated economic actors, in inverted totalitarianism, corporations through political contributions and lobbying, dominate the United States, with the government acting as the servant of large corporations. This is considered “normal” rather than corrupt.

      While the Nazi regime aimed at the constant political mobilization of the populace, with its Nuremberg rallies, Hitler Youth, and so on, inverted totalitarianism aims for the mass of the populace to be in a persistent state of political apathy. The only type of political activity expected or desired from the citizenry is voting. Low electoral turnouts are favorably received as an indication that the bulk of the populace has given up hope that the government will ever help them.

      While the Nazis openly mocked democracy, the United States maintains the conceit that it is the model of democracy for the whole world.

      Wolin writes:
      Inverted totalitarianism reverses things. It is all politics all of the time but a politics largely untempered by the political. Party squabbles are occasionally on public display, and there is a frantic and continuous politics among factions of the party, interest groups, competing corporate powers, and rival media concerns. And there is, of course, the culminating moment of national elections when the attention of the nation is required to make a choice of personalities rather than a choice between alternatives. What is absent is the political, the commitment to finding where the common good lies amidst the welter of well-financed, highly organized, single-minded interests rabidly seeking governmental favors and overwhelming the practices of representative government and public administration by a sea of cash.
      (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inverted_totalitarianism)

      If the shoe fits…

      • Mason

        NC Gal and Greg,

        Nice post. Yes that is correct. We indeed live in inverted totalitarism. I have bought Sheldon Wolin’s book some time ago hut did not come round to reading it yet. Yes I heard Warren Pollock phrase that term inverted totalitarism onze Greg’s site, but long before that I heard Chris Hedge phrase it on another site. He is a formidable speaker by the way, a Pulitzer Prize winner, a prolific writer and a ferocious criticaster of the MSM andere of the present system and he is more of a leading figure in the Occupy Wallstreet camp. But like I said, we need both leaders in the libertarian movement AND in the Occupy Wallstreet movement if we are going to beat the Fascist mainstream Republocratic party. Maybe an idea for Greg tot interview Chris Hedges?

  16. dchayden

    I remember reading a while ago, that after the constitution of the United States was formed, Thomas Jefferson was asked, ” ..now that we have our republic…how can we assure only good men are elected?” To which Jefferson replied, “…speak not to me of good men, rather, let us bind men down with the chains of the constitution.” Today, I guess Jefferson would be considered “radicalized” and a domestic terrorist by corporate (a)merica. Americans should be flying their flag upside down, as your country has been successfully hijacked by a foreign power. Here in Canada, we are facing the same…


  17. Chip

    We definitely need more on this. One thing is certain though and that is that our elected officials do not serve the people. Republican or Democrat doesn’t matter. They are theater for the masses. Definitely a shadow government running the show. And the scramble to bring together a NWO is on before the end of Obama’s term. Everything going on world-wide is pointing to utter chaos. And we know what comes out of chaos… Chip

  18. vincent_g

    No matter how you look at it big money is at the center.
    Where does the big money come from?
    You will never change anything unless you slay the dragon.

    The dragon is the Federal Reserve.
    In 1913 they gave control of the money to a small group of people.
    It took about one hundred years for the Fed to change laws to give it more power.
    Soon after 2008 they redefined what a bank is.
    The Fed now has complete control.

    Give a small group the power to issue money and this group will rule the world.

    Eliminate the Fed and restore Glass Steagall and control will revert back to the people.
    People have to control banking not as it is now where banking controls people.

    There is no other way.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Exactly the point I have been trying to make!
      It’s quite simple really.
      Until the Fed is disbanded the US will continue to descend into financial and social chaos and will drag most of the world along with it.

      • frederic

        Colin You re correct mate they definitely need to go Frederick

  19. Andy Sloan

    Ephesians 5:12
    “For the things that are done by them in secret, it is a shame even to speak of.”

    The Bankers’ Manifesto of 1892

    “We must proceed with caution and guard every move made, for the lower order of people are already showing signs of restless commotion. Prudence will therefore show a policy of apparently yielding to the popular will until our plans are so far consummated that we can declare our designs without fear of any organized resistance. The Farmers Alliance and Knights of Labor Organizations in the United States should be watched carefully by our trusted men, and we must take immediate steps to control these organizations in our interest or disrupt them.

    At the coming Omaha Convention to be held July 4th (1892), our men must attend and direct its movement, or else there will be set on foot such antagonism as may require force to overcome. This at the present time would be premature. We are not yet ready for such a crisis.

    Capital must protect itself in every possible manner through combination (conspiracy) and legislation. The courts must be called to our aid, debts must be collected, bonds and mortgages foreclosed as rapidly as possible.

    When through the process of law, the common people have lost their homes [i.e. the growing millions of “homeless people” in our societies today] they will be more tractable and easily governed through the influence of the strong arm of government applied to a central power of imperial wealth under the control of the leading financiers. People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders.

    History repeats itself in regular cycles . This truth is well known among our principal men who are engaging in forming an imperialism of the world. While they are doing this, the people must be kept in a state of political antagonism.

    The question of tariff reform must be urged through the organization of the Democratic Party, and the question of protection with the reciprocity must be forced to view through the Republican Party.

    By thus dividing the voters, we can get them to expend their energies fighting over questions of no importance to us, except as teachers to the common herd. Thus, by discrete action, we can secure all that has been so generously planned and successfully accomplished.”

    Source: Jeff Nielson ;Bullion Bulls –

    “The Federal Reserve banks are one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever seen. There is not a man within the sound of my voice who does not know that this nation is run by the International bankers” Congressman Louis T. McFadden (Rep. Pa) 1932

    • dbcooper

      AS, WHEW… That was over the top!! But haven’t you heard that there is NO SUCH THING as a conspiracy?? DB

  20. Roy

    The word Treason is all you need to describe what is happening with the debate and passage of this TPP trade deal ( Treaty) . It appears the authors of the constitution didn’t provide a clause to put on public trial half of the congress, the president and supreme court for high treason . They didn’t for see a coup by a group of people who hold american citizenship, that would give their oath of allegiance to foreign entities . Once this so called trade deal passes, and it will pass, the United States as everyone knew it, will be no more.

    All every community in this nation can do now, is to start mourning the death of their beloved nation. Every city and village across the nation, put a coffin with the constitution in it, on display at city hall. Then declare a month of mourning for the death of the nation and it’s constitution. All flags permanently displayed at half mast, for it was a much beloved nation, will be missed by all peoples. Now it is time, for all americans to put on the yoke of absolute slavery, for the people who could have stopped this treasonous act did NOTHING TO STOP IT.

    I have lived in small third world countries, where the government tried to abuse the people with ruinous laws. The entire population just stopped working, no transportation, no open markets, after a few weeks of absolutely no economic activity, the politicians and large companies reversed their plans for abusive laws.


  21. Jerry

    Greg I posted this before, but I don’t think most people are getting it. The Trans Pacific Partnership is nothing more than another facet of the creation of the North American Union by the expansion of NAFTA and the NAFTA superhighway.
    If you lay the NAFTA superhighway template over the areas penciled in for Jade Helm 15 you will see a pattern emerge. The globalist who are now allied with the Chinese not only want a new currency system, but a whole new distribution system to run it through. Administration and “control” are much easier to accomplish when you eliminate multiple currencies and distribution networks. IE digital currency is coming soon, post reset.

    Ellen Brown was right about one thing. The corporations who are controlled by the banking cabal are orchestrating this. The politicians, including Obama are just puppets. This is the price of admission into the NWO.

    • Greg Hunter

      NWO, and the nation is asleep.

    • frederick

      What we need is another candidate like Ross Perot oh wait we do Donald Trump

  22. Sylvia

    Greg. I can hardly understand her unless I’m sitting directly in
    front of the computer and watching her . Her voice is quite loud
    but very distorted. She may be too close to the mike. Don’t know.

  23. Ivan Norris

    I have no website, but Watchdog.com has been a favorite for some time.

    I am unhappy with several usages of language (“how does that suck”; feeling pretty screwed right now”) that are offensive to me.

    I have not noticed this in previous broadcasts, and I suggest Greg, that you consider your audience if you intend for Watchdog.com to be wholesome family fare.
    Just sayin”.

    • Greg Hunter

      Ivan Norris,
      My language will seem very petty when this unwinds, but your point is well made and well taken. Thank you for your comment.

      • Tod Mills

        Thanks, Greg; the language caught my attention as well. We have all come to expect complete professionalism from you; you have set your own bar nice and high, which I appreciate. 🙂

        One thing I am uncertain about is just how the hyper price inflation that so many of your guests are predicting will come about. If the Fed were putting physical dollars into the marketplace, then I could see it, but if so much of the money exists only as ones and zeroes in the stock market, won’t much of the money supply contract (disappear) with a stock market crash?

    • sk

      The Titanic is going down, and you, Ivan, are worried about the waiters using wrinkled napkins. LOL

      • Jerry

        That’s a good one. 🙂

      • aussie jeff

        sk that was a great analogy…………I’ll take the wrinkled napkins with pleasure

  24. Paul from Indiana

    There’s this certain charm of innocence about Ms. Brown, an almost admirable quality to go along with her excellent analysis, understanding, and ability to communicate. She seems almost surprised at the results we see in the world today. Let me put it a little more bluntly: it’s called FASCISM and its goal is FEUDALISM. It starts with elimination of the middle class (individual property owners with rights), which these “fast-track” treaties are designed to destroy, and ends with the emasculation or outright removal of democratic institutions and due processes (abrogation of the Constitution by those in authority). Nothing short of revolution can stop it now. And when the US goes, the world becomes a hell on earth. Best always. PM

    • JC Davis

      PFI each week I find a post of the week. You got it… for the moment..LoL Love you brother .

  25. dbcooper

    Greg, Good interview with EB and I can go along with most of what she says, smart person, but when she said that she is Green Party… makes me question,,, Where we live we have seen the environmental/communist movement strangle the regional timber industry to the point that local communities are bankrupt. The enviro-mental strategy to timber management is that “No management is good management” We live in the middle of a National Forest that is dying… thousands of acres of dead and diseased timber; a forest that was previously maintained and managed with a sustainable annual yield and was in good health. Well thirty years of appealing every timber sale by the radical enviros (read that Earth First!) and they sure fixed that problem.
    I appreciate you wanting to end on a positive note but I personally do not see the American people banding together to stop anything important. I think we are Toast.
    Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • Greg Hunter

      She knows a lot about banking and this trade treason and that is why I booked her. If I waited for the perfect guest you’d be looking at a black screen. I get your point but where we are headed it is going to just be survival for most. Hope you are ready because this fall it blows. Thank you for your comment and support.

      • dbcooper

        Greg, Thank you for the response, as Jim Sinclair has recommended: we are GOTS; totally GOTS and remote! God Bless, DB

        • Greg Hunter

          Don’t forget to get everything fixed and maintained in you home and vehicle. A friend of mine out west put new tires on his vehicles and all new batteries as well. He told me he replaced all the leaky and old faucets a=in his home. Oh yeah he said buy lots of rice and beans. Don’t buy dented cans he said because they don’t keep as long. You are probably doing all of this and more already. “Fear Not.”

          • dbcooper

            Actually as you suggest… new batteries and we are in the process of buying new dry vehicle batteries so that as needed in the future we can add the acid and charge ’em up!! DB

            • Paul from Indiana

              DB, Logging is a big deal here in southern IN: Years ago, a popular bumper sticker read: if you don’t like logging, try plastic toilet paper! Best always. PM

      • andyb

        Ellen is not an enviro terrorist; she’s just anti the greed of the corporatists and bankers to despoil everything they touch for the sake of profit. I haven’t heard her give any credence to climate change/carbon credits or any other of the memes of the totalitarian globalists regarding the environment. On balance, she gets my vote.
        Re: the trade treaties/edicts/dictates:
        It’s the final nail in the Constitutional coffin. I feel blessed to have lived the majority of my life (from the 1940’s on) as a relatively free person; there were no avenues that I couldn’t explore. Those days are gone for anyone now under 40, and the shame is that they do not realize it.

        • Greg Hunter

          I agree!!

        • dbcooper

          andy, She certainly gets my vote also and I do not see her as radical evviro/terrorist but bear in mind that the financing force in the environmental industry (it’s all about $$$) are the well meaning sheeple who donate to the likes of sierra club etc. and so we have wolves … (just one example) in the back yard and yes wolves do eat people !!Consult the planks of the communist manifesto and lots of screwy things begin to make sense. Moving the masses from the country to the city is one of the stated goals and tptb use the manifesto and pawns to further their goals … world and resource domination. Welcome to he new world of feudalism and serfdom. Just saying !!
          Your in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB

  26. Jerry

    What’s in a number?
    2001 (globalist attack world financial center 9/11)
    2008 (economic bomb lit as globalist seize control of banking system)
    2015 ( economic bomb explodes and takes down banking system)

    • Greg Hunter

      If the Greek PM did what the IMF and EU money masters wanted he would have been abruptly thrown out of power. It all blows this fall bit the implosion fuse is lit and will not be snuffed out this time. Thank you for your links and comments.

      • Jerry

        Thank you Greg for all you do. I will post as much as I can until they pull the plug. Then the training wheels will come off, and we will find out how much we really know.
        I hope people are listening carefully to your interviews and making preparations. September will be on us before we know it. That’s when the fun really starts.

      • tsuki

        I read in the DWN that Obama has increase the pressure on Merkel to come to an agreement with Greece. Her “fate” hangs on the outcome.


        Also, something that might interest you. The DWN says the renewed sanctions my result in a loss of two million EU jobs. The farmers who are the hardest him are looking to the TTIP for relief in the form of recompense for what the government has done.

        I have a feeling that is not how it will work.

        Great Interview! You have the bestest guestest!

        • paul

          Greek banks were supposed to shut down this week … they didn’t … will it occur this fall … perhaps not … think about this … perhaps the ECB will do whatever is necessary to keep Greece afloat until after the French elections … because they truly fear Marine Le Pen (Bob Chapman’s grand daughter) and the front runner for becoming the next president of France … Marine Le Pen has indicated she will take France out of the European Union … so the EU probably doesn’t want to allow Greece to “start a trend” by jumping ship now (or this fall) … as Spain and Italy will be right behind … and then their real concern “France” may more easily follow … so it could be the Greek crisis will drag on until the French presidential elections are determined … scheduled for sometime between April and May 2017.

    • WD


      This comes from one of London’s biggest bond fund managers ( telling people to hoard cash)

      The 30-Year Bond Bull Will End Not With A Whimper, But A Kaboom!


      “We’re not the only ones giving Neanderthal advice about holding on to physical cash. British newspaper the Telegraph reports:”

      “The manager of one of Britain’s biggest bond funds has urged investors to keep cash under the mattress. Ian Spreadbury, who invests more than £4bn of investors’ money across a handful of bond funds for Fidelity, is concerned that a “systemic event” could rock markets, possibly similar in magnitude to the financial crisis of 2008…

      The best strategy to deal with this, he said, was for investors to spread their money widely into different assets, including gold and silver, as well as cash in savings accounts. But he went further, suggesting it was wise to hold some “physical cash,” an unusual suggestion from a mainstream fund manager.The Fuse Is Lit.”

      • Jerry

        That’s very interesting information. I have been getting reports that FEMA is sending out request to buy certain supplies to help stock their Walmart conversion centers.

        In recent weeks, FEMA representatives have sent mass emails to advocacy networks throughout the country soliciting potential detention facilities and offering guidelines for acceptable spaces.

        The guidelines include being “Within 50 miles of major city (Pop ~200K)/airport; available for lease; able to be fenced or have adequate security.” Showers and toilets are preferable, according to the guidelines, but not necessary—so long as there is outdoor space for “staging areas for shower/restroom/laundry/kitchen trailers, etc.”

        Also preferred but not necessary, according to the email, is a kitchen, a cafeteria, recreational space, and classroom space. Suggestions for potentially workable locations? “Office space, warehouse, big box store, shopping mall with interior concourse, event venues, hotel or dorms, aircraft hangers”—provided that they are vacant and able to be leased.

        Since the failures of Hurricane Katrina, faith in FEMA to adequately respond to large-scale crisis situations has remained shaky at best. These pleas for empty big box stores do not restore much confidence.

        I guess they weren’t lying about the plumbing issues after all. Toilets and showers require much more plumbing than a standard Walmart store would be able to offer. It looks like preparation for martial law are is well under way.

        • WD


          My brother was a medical technician at Baptist hospital in New Orleans at that time of Katrina hitting the city.

          He told me that drug addicts were beating the doors down to the hospital….He said that they were helicoptered out to New Orleans airport 3 days later.

          He said it looked like a war zone with triage everywhere. It was horrible

          Jerry I agree with a lot of what you have said. But please don’t give faith to some master plan.

          These people are frantically trying to hold onto power and privilege. There will be a lot of millionaires and billionaires who go broke.

          The only plan these people have is to try to save themselves.

          Look at this like we are going to war. Please don’t ever think they are going to lock you up. I know we disagree on this but this is a cleansing, and i hope we can finally rid ourselves of this evil federal government.

    • Jerry

      This is the flashing sign post on the trail of national destruction, that need to read again and again until they get it. September is the date.

  27. Charles H.


    When the Republicans are in bed with Obama – the picture is so horribly wrong: the Twilight Zone is all that comes to mind.
    That Pelosi and Reid vote against TIPP & TSA is a near-the-end act of Obama’s Kibuki Theatre. For them to be on the “right” side seems to be positioning as – look at us (after selling America out to to the Medical/Insurance Industry with the ACA) we’re the good guys; setting up for the 2016 election.
    Jackie Chan once took a lot of heat because he commented that the average Chinese was not well enough educated, or informed, to be able to vote (with broad awareness for real self-determination?). Apparently, America has been dumbed-down (through Education, no less), and deceived to a point, where the rug is being pulled out from under it.
    The Founder/Framers tried to compartmentalize government with checks and balances – but they could have never perceived how pervasive and persuasive technology would make vested interests and monopolies. Perhaps a limited form of government wasn’t possible despite all the right reasons and intentions.
    Quoting Napoleon Bonaparte 1815 – “When government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes… Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.”
    The heat that boils the frog in the pot is – America being sold down the river… slowly, consistently, and secretly. ( And you-know-where this is foretold. Ahem.)

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Charles, what we’re learning is that huge political entities, no matter how well-intentioned, simply aren’t viable. Best always. PM

  28. Jim

    Thanks Greg, After watching your informative interviews with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, it’s more than obvious that the Politicians and Banksters have been working feverishly to transfer all losses from the coming crash onto the backs of the taxpayers. Now that the taxpayers are tapped out due to the crushing austerity imposed on them by these very same criminals, they wheel out Pandora’s Box which contains the cloture vote. Viola… TPP, Fast Track, TAA .. the stinking, steaming pile of cow manure that cannot be read or made public until 4 years after it goes into effect.

    I click my heels and realize that we are not in Kansas any longer, but I can’t believe this is actually happening in the USA?

  29. Don

    Dear Greg, as I’ve have said before, treaties are used to end run our constitution. Bush signed NFTA without consent of congress or the people. Treason against our country has happen over and over again, with not only the treaties, but the many secret bailouts of Europe and the big five banks in the US. We the people, been sold out at will. Our whole government needs to be replaced, because the revolving doors of influence. The CFR, trilateral commission, and other organizations, headed by globalist have created a shadow government, that noun will acknowledge, but is controlling much policy now being implemented. The nations of the world are being divided up into trading blocks, for the complete implementation of global government and the NWO. Mr. Obama, is a fitting type of anti-Christ and fore-runner to a NWO leader, which the scripture speaks of, with many of the same attributes. I still say, the tetrad where in is significant and historic, and may be a sign from the Lord that the day of the Lord approaches, and the seventieth week of Daniels prophecy may be about to begin. In Joel chap. 2 verse 30, it says, And I will show wonders in the heavens above and in the earth. Blood and fire and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord. In Joel chap. 2, a invading army from the north into the middle east is seen. This war is spoken of in Ezek. 38 as the Russia and several Islamic nations as a confederacy to take a spoil. A false peace agreement will be in place at the time of invasion. For it says, they come down to the city of un-walled villages, to them that dwell in peace. I want to thank you Greg, for trying to keep the visitors to your site up to date, on current events, in political and economic, and some times spiritual arena. Your-da-man.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Don for the insightful comment. I am just a reporter I think you really are “da-man.”

    • Charles H.


      The armies of the North – Gog and Magog – are sometimes speculated to be Russia and China. And years ago some thought they were Russia and Germany. Time will tell. Also it is thought that the New Temple will be in-place, and the sacrificial system restored in Jerusalem when this war breaks-out – which means the Dome of the Rock can’t be there. If this is correct – there may be some time: but it looks pretty dire. Political re-alignments are going to hasten events: and these certainly are on the horizon. The Bible DOES play into world events. And the passing of time confirms more and more it’s correct predictions.

      • Don

        Charles, I appreciate the commit. I don’t believe China is part of the confederacy, but Germany is listed a Gomer. Also Persia, or Iran is listed, and Togarman from the far north. Ethiopia and Libya, Magog, Rosh, Meshech and Tubal. Also Sheba, Dedan, and merchants of Tarshish. If my memory serves me, from Russia, through some countries of the Baltic’s, Germany and eastward around Turkey and some area’s south and east to Iran, and basically, north Africa continent Libya and Ethiopia. One thing that stuck out to me, I remember, was that the bordering countries of Israel was not listed. I found later that those countries are going to be involved in a regional war with Israel also, listed in Psalms 83 and Jeremiah 17, if I remember. We are certainly headed for some prophetic events in the future, wouldn’t you agree? And I believe your right about the temple. It will have to be rebuilt between now and mid-tribulation, for the sacrifice to be stopped at mid-point by the anti-Christ. Probably once the peace covenant is signed.

        • Charles H.

          Excellent, Don. Yes, prophesy is definitely upon us. The End-times. Thanks.

  30. dee garmon

    Two cheers for Ellen Brown and the Green Party.

  31. Brand

    Why is there an emphasis on this fall? What will the probability higher for this fall?

    • Greg Hunter

      7 year cycles and math. The end of the road for the fantasy economy approaches.

    • Mason

      I agree, but with a different angel: cycles of 8,6 years (= Pi * 1000 days, see the ECM of Martin Armstrong) which brings us to 2015.75, and indeed math.

    • JC Davis

      Brand. If you missed the following interview it was a good one. Welcome to this site if you are new.

  32. OutLookingIn

    The 95% of the public are circling the drain at an ever quickening pace. So much so, that each individual is only immediately concerned with their own survival.

    The body politic is nothing more than a fetid pool of crime and corruption.
    Financial terrorism is running rife in the land, in the hands of criminals.
    Justice is led down a dark hallway draped in the flag, to the strains of patriotic platitudes, then strangled.

    TOO LATE. The majority will wake up too late. Only to discover to their utter horror and amazement, that what they thought of their country with it’s “rights & freedoms” was nothing more than a cruel hoax, perpetrated by their slave master’s.

    • Charles H.


      You are on the edge of the bulls-eye – but a bulls-eye it is. I don’t think the majority WILL wake up.

  33. Rock

    Greg, you are right to be concerned about this rush to get this passed. Looks like the fuse is lit and they only have a short time to get this last piece in place before it blows.
    This looks like the proverbial straw that will break the camel’s back, and the hammer that the NWO needs to crack this country in to pieces.
    Imagine the idea of having this secret agreement kept classified for four years after it passes! And there are many elected legislators foaming at the mouth to pass it! They are only looking out for themselves, and have thrown the people under the bus.
    The good news is that God is in control, and the globalists plans will never come to full fruition before He unleashes tribulations and judgment on them beyond our imagination.
    Those of us in Christ are in this world, but not of it.

    • Greg Hunter

      They want to stay in power even though our leaders helped cause the implosion. I call this “trade treason.” Shame on them and a pox on their houses.

    • WD


      Dimitri Orlov believes that all that is going on is an act of desperation. Please don’t think that these people ever have a true plan to destroy and then create. They are desperate to save this sinking ship. That is why they are printing money.

      This is that SOS from them…

  34. WD


    This comes from one of Britain’s biggest bond funds:

    The 30-Year Bond Bull Will End Not With A Whimper, But A Kaboom!


    “We’re not the only ones giving Neanderthal advice about holding on to physical cash. British newspaper the Telegraph reports:”

    “The manager of one of Britain’s biggest bond funds has urged investors to keep cash under the mattress. Ian Spreadbury, who invests more than £4bn of investors’ money across a handful of bond funds for Fidelity, is concerned that a “systemic event” could rock markets, possibly similar in magnitude to the financial crisis of 2008…

    The best strategy to deal with this, he said, was for investors to spread their money widely into different assets, including gold and silver, as well as cash in savings accounts. But he went further, suggesting it was wise to hold some “physical cash,” an unusual suggestion from a mainstream fund manager.The Fuse Is Lit.”

    ###### I wanted all here to see this from a bond manager!! Thanks Greg

  35. NC Gal


    Your question about “Why all the hurry to push these things through?” is THE central question, IMO. It totally fits with my own expectations regarding the timing of the coming (planned) collapse. Just like Jade Helm and those Wal-Mart store closings across the southern part of this country, these agreements are structural PREPARATIONS for what will replace the present system after the collapse occurs.

    The rest of the points being made, such as the virtual elimination of what’s left of the Constitution and the way it structures the various branches of government, are just a continuation of what has been taking place since the Oklahoma City false flag event, which pushed through the first anti-terrorism act and gutted habeas corpus. Habeas corpus was our only protection against unjust incarceration, and it has been whittled away to the point that now anyone can be incarcerated and even executed without “due process” of law or even “probable cause.”

    I question how realistic it is to place hope in an uprising to overturn these developments. As Brown herself points out, once these features are privatized, that can’t be reversed. IMO, it is far more likely that those who protest will be eliminated, and that, too, is part of the elites’ plan to own and control everything and then “rent it back” to whoever remains to serve them after the depopulation has been carried out. A great characterization of where it will go if something else doesn’t stop it.

    • susan

      NC gal, you are very astute and I really appreciate your comments. Yeah, we wait for the first die-off.

  36. Sayonara

    Great reporting and interview as usual. This corporatist world is really getting scary. They are buying every thing including small family owned businesses – cannot speak directly about as I am under NDA with Fortune 500 company at the moment.

    Our politicians have absolutely no regard for “We the people” and are now cannibalizing us to their own benefit and protection. This fall is definitely when it all goes down. Jade Helm 15 is not an exercise, it is the set up for martial law. We will be living in a very different world in just a short few months and most Americans have no idea what is coming and I am called an extremist. I am an extremist as I am extremely concerned about what is coming to fruition. Be well and Fear Not!

  37. Robbie41

    Hello Greg, I really liked your interview, with Ellen Brown. I also want to say I watched your interview with Rick Wiles 3 day’s ago, on True News. Very well done. I can see it & hear it in your voice, you spoke your mind, & were not afraid to say it.. Good for you. It needs to come out, & the story be told… Thank’s for being a good person, you are wide awake.. Fear NOT.. Enjoy your day… Robbie41

  38. Chip

    Greg, i just came across this. great parallels to what is going on today with TPA and TPP…

    We have liberty and live in the land of the free no?

    An excerpt from
    They Thought They Were Free
    The Germans, 1933-45
    Milton Mayer

    But Then It Was Too Late

    “What no one seemed to notice,” said a colleague of mine, a philologist, “was the ever widening gap, after 1933, between the government and the people. Just think how very wide this gap was to begin with, here in Germany. And it became always wider. You know, it doesn’t make people close to their government to be told that this is a people’s government, a true democracy, or to be enrolled in civilian defense, or even to vote. All this has little, really nothing, to do with knowing one is governing.

    “What happened here was the gradual habituation of the people, little by little, to being governed by surprise; to receiving decisions deliberated in secret; to believing that the situation was so complicated that the government had to act on information which the people could not understand, or so dangerous that, even if the people could not understand it, it could not be released because of national security. And their sense of identification with Hitler, their trust in him, made it easier to widen this gap and reassured those who would otherwise have worried about it.

    “This separation of government from people, this widening of the gap, took place so gradually and so insensibly, each step disguised (perhaps not even intentionally) as a temporary emergency measure or associated with true patriotic allegiance or with real social purposes. And all the crises and reforms (real reforms, too) so occupied the people that they did not see the slow motion underneath, of the whole process of government growing remoter and remoter.

    “You will understand me when I say that my Middle High German was my life. It was all I cared about. I was a scholar, a specialist. Then, suddenly, I was plunged into all the new activity, as the university was drawn into the new situation; meetings, conferences, interviews, ceremonies, and, above all, papers to be filled out, reports, bibliographies, lists, questionnaires. And on top of that were the demands in the community, the things in which one had to, was ‘expected to’ participate that had not been there or had not been important before. It was all rigmarole, of course, but it consumed all one’s energies, coming on top of the work one really wanted to do. You can see how easy it was, then, not to think about fundamental things. One had no time.”

    “Those,” I said, “are the words of my friend the baker. ‘One had no time to think. There was so much going on.’”

    “Your friend the baker was right,” said my colleague. “The dictatorship, and the whole process of its coming into being, was above all diverting. It provided an excuse not to think for people who did not want to think anyway. I do not speak of your ‘little men,’ your baker and so on; I speak of my colleagues and myself, learned men, mind you. Most of us did not want to think about fundamental things and never had. There was no need to. Nazism gave us some dreadful, fundamental things to think about—we were decent people—and kept us so busy with continuous changes and ‘crises’ and so fascinated, yes, fascinated, by the machinations of the ‘national enemies,’ without and within, that we had no time to think about these dreadful things that were growing, little by little, all around us. Unconsciously, I suppose, we were grateful. Who wants to think?

    “To live in this process is absolutely not to be able to notice it—please try to believe me—unless one has a much greater degree of political awareness, acuity, than most of us had ever had occasion to develop. Each step was so small, so inconsequential, so well explained or, on occasion, ‘regretted,’ that, unless one were detached from the whole process from the beginning, unless one understood what the whole thing was in principle, what all these ‘little measures’ that no ‘patriotic German’ could resent must some day lead to, one no more saw it developing from day to day than a farmer in his field sees the corn growing. One day it is over his head.

    “How is this to be avoided, among ordinary men, even highly educated ordinary men? Frankly, I do not know. I do not see, even now. Many, many times since it all happened I have pondered that pair of great maxims, Principiis obsta and Finem respice—‘Resist the beginnings’ and ‘Consider the end.’ But one must foresee the end in order to resist, or even see, the beginnings. One must foresee the end clearly and certainly and how is this to be done, by ordinary men or even by extraordinary men? Things might have. And everyone counts on that might.

    “Your ‘little men,’ your Nazi friends, were not against National Socialism in principle. Men like me, who were, are the greater offenders, not because we knew better (that would be too much to say) but because we sensed better. Pastor Niemöller spoke for the thousands and thousands of men like me when he spoke (too modestly of himself) and said that, when the Nazis attacked the Communists, he was a little uneasy, but, after all, he was not a Communist, and so he did nothing; and then they attacked the Socialists, and he was a little uneasier, but, still, he was not a Socialist, and he did nothing; and then the schools, the press, the Jews, and so on, and he was always uneasier, but still he did nothing. And then they attacked the Church, and he was a Churchman, and he did something—but then it was too late.”

    “Yes,” I said.

    “You see,” my colleague went on, “one doesn’t see exactly where or how to move. Believe me, this is true. Each act, each occasion, is worse than the last, but only a little worse. You wait for the next and the next. You wait for one great shocking occasion, thinking that others, when such a shock comes, will join with you in resisting somehow. You don’t want to act, or even talk, alone; you don’t want to ‘go out of your way to make trouble.’ Why not?—Well, you are not in the habit of doing it. And it is not just fear, fear of standing alone, that restrains you; it is also genuine uncertainty.

    “Uncertainty is a very important factor, and, instead of decreasing as time goes on, it grows. Outside, in the streets, in the general community, ‘everyone’ is happy. One hears no protest, and certainly sees none. You know, in France or Italy there would be slogans against the government painted on walls and fences; in Germany, outside the great cities, perhaps, there is not even this. In the university community, in your own community, you speak privately to your colleagues, some of whom certainly feel as you do; but what do they say? They say, ‘It’s not so bad’ or ‘You’re seeing things’ or ‘You’re an alarmist.’

    “And you are an alarmist. You are saying that this must lead to this, and you can’t prove it. These are the beginnings, yes; but how do you know for sure when you don’t know the end, and how do you know, or even surmise, the end? On the one hand, your enemies, the law, the regime, the Party, intimidate you. On the other, your colleagues pooh-pooh you as pessimistic or even neurotic. You are left with your close friends, who are, naturally, people who have always thought as you have.

    “But your friends are fewer now. Some have drifted off somewhere or submerged themselves in their work. You no longer see as many as you did at meetings or gatherings. Informal groups become smaller; attendance drops off in little organizations, and the organizations themselves wither. Now, in small gatherings of your oldest friends, you feel that you are talking to yourselves, that you are isolated from the reality of things. This weakens your confidence still further and serves as a further deterrent to—to what? It is clearer all the time that, if you are going to do anything, you must make an occasion to do it, and then you are obviously a troublemaker. So you wait, and you wait.

    “But the one great shocking occasion, when tens or hundreds or thousands will join with you, never comes. That’s the difficulty. If the last and worst act of the whole regime had come immediately after the first and smallest, thousands, yes, millions would have been sufficiently shocked—if, let us say, the gassing of the Jews in ’43 had come immediately after the ‘German Firm’ stickers on the windows of non-Jewish shops in ’33. But of course this isn’t the way it happens. In between come all the hundreds of little steps, some of them imperceptible, each of them preparing you not to be shocked by the next. Step C is not so much worse than Step B, and, if you did not make a stand at Step B, why should you at Step C? And so on to Step D.

    “And one day, too late, your principles, if you were ever sensible of them, all rush in upon you. The burden of self-deception has grown too heavy, and some minor incident, in my case my little boy, hardly more than a baby, saying ‘Jewish swine,’ collapses it all at once, and you see that everything, everything, has changed and changed completely under your nose. The world you live in—your nation, your people—is not the world you were born in at all. The forms are all there, all untouched, all reassuring, the houses, the shops, the jobs, the mealtimes, the visits, the concerts, the cinema, the holidays. But the spirit, which you never noticed because you made the lifelong mistake of identifying it with the forms, is changed. Now you live in a world of hate and fear, and the people who hate and fear do not even know it themselves; when everyone is transformed, no one is transformed. Now you live in a system which rules without responsibility even to God. The system itself could not have intended this in the beginning, but in order to sustain itself it was compelled to go all the way.

    • Greg Hunter

      In the future please use only a portion and post a link to the rest. Good stuff but too long for this format. Thank you for your comments.

  39. Your fan in Japan

    Many are not going to like this advice, but here goes… Read Marx’s Capital. You will see the ever expanding nature of capital. If we are going to be on the capital system, we shall in the end be ruled by capital. Now the antidote to this is… Read Belloc, then flee to the fields.

    • Red

      The Marx book “Das Capital”. Marx was a fraud. Free markets have not existed for 600 years. For those with eyes, the only expansion has been that of the power of the State and the few. Paraphrasing Francois Quesnay ” Give not a man the security of property and the land shall remain fallow”.

      The Monopoly of Credit. A book by C. H. Douglas. Has nothing to do with Capital but the Monopoly through legal tender laws. Every Communist I know has spent their life at the leisure of Government largesse. Their whole argument has nothing to do with Commerce merely the constitutional problem of whom should be the boss of the Monopoly, well them of course. See Cuba for insight into the communist
      ideology . No property rights and no commerce. Bar those with Government “connections”.

      • Your fan in Japan

        Sorry to respond late to you. Do NOT take me for a Communist nor a Marxist. I just see an ever-expanding power- it seems to me to be in megacompanies and megagovernment- and then tied to money and power. I myself don’t want to control either- and certainly don’t want to wield either over nayone else. I am for independence for myself and anyone else who wants it. It seems to me that to the degree that one is dependent on ABC, you will be controlled or restricted by the same. I like the ideas of the distributionists, not “a chicken in every pot” rather “a plot for every family. ” wishful thinking perhaps in today’s world, but a little independence might do some good.

        • red

          Redistribute? Why you jest ! Christine Le garde already has the memo! Please don’t be surprised if her “plot” is a little bigger than yours. But she has you on the short list. Of course there is always that Utopia you speak of next door over there.. China. Take up membership. Run your ideas past the committee.

    • dbcooper

      yfij, Correct me if I am wrong but rather than capitalism, our economic system’ was’ Free Enterprise and the system of capitalism did in fact come from Marx. Thanks DB

      • Red

        Correct as you point out term “Capitalism” is entirely an invention
        of Marx. Its’ been 35 years since I last perused the pages of Das Kapital
        it’s taken that long to get that rubbish out of my head. It was a spin off of the Hegelian dogma floating around the 18th, 19th century. They still brain wash people with that rubbish at universities’ to this day.

        Also correct the U.S.A has had brief flourishes of free market periods. And even moments of all men being equal under the law. The public license or the real purpose of a “Republic” but as we’ve seen attacked by the monopolists’ from day one. The U.S.A will go down like Rome as one of the tragedies of the “Common”
        man. I still believe it is the last hope. I know I would fight for it if I lived in America.
        And I do still think there are good people in the military and public service. But here in OZ all I can do is pray and prepare as best I can.
        God Bless

  40. Derrick Michael Reid

    LMAO!! Gregg!! Pop goes the weasels!!!
    And all the presidential candidates, save one, have no clue how to solve the nations problems, and thats pathetic, all of them locked into DC totalitarianism.

    • susan

      Ben Carson is the one!

  41. Agent P

    A nation’s laws are only as viable as the morality of its leaders and the citizenry as a whole to abide by them, as are the laws themselves only as viable as the morality (and reason) built into them upon inception. A moral nation can have few laws, but honest governance and brotherhood amongst the citizenry. An immoral nation can have a law on the books for every action or thought, and be corrupt to the core. In the scheme of events, where does the U.S. stand…?

    • Charles H.

      Agent P,

      Christianity is criticized, unfairly I must add, as being – ‘on higher moral ground’: and is assigned as being snobbery or prudery and worse. (I think this is a designated characterization specifically applied to invite criticism) It IS a fixed system, which operates in a set of absolute values; and it sets forth an unchanging context, with well defined boundaries. These tend to establish and maintain clear standards that tend toward virtuous attitudes and actions – through judgment that has both compass and a center within those unchanging boundaries, or criteria. The absolute principles which flow from such absolute values promote conditions bordering on the virtuous – such as honesty; integrity; and dependability. I submit it was these which were the basic operating norms which America’s Founding Fathers envisioned and endeavored to sustain – and set the foundation that became the greatest nation on earth in it’s time.

      However, back around the late 1960’s, Public School liberal education introduced a new approach to moral definition, in the form of “Values Clarification”. (I still have the book somewhere.) It set forth the principle that each individual decides FOR THEMSELVES their own set of values, in contrast to established norms; setting the stage to question taboos. It was a wholesale abandonment of traditional, Bible-based moral code. Fundamentally, you decided for yourself what was right; and what was wrong. This, of course, enjoyed many variations on the theme; and took years to firmly embed it’s experimental nature in the youth of the day. It is my opinion, that this individual approach to determining values erased the boundaries and released the contexts of moral norms. Everyone becomes an authority onto themselves. It justified the Sexual Revolution of the Sixties, and set the stage for Self-Empowerment; of which a destructive philosophy took hold: “The End Justifies the Means”. Winning became ‘everything’; and only getting caught, or paying a higher penalty than the gain was a deterrent. Changes in the nature of American life followed. Lawyers became ambulance-chasers; businesses became cut-throat and corporate take-over profiteers amassed fortunes. In other areas, as in politics – political machine consolidation for power overwhelmed the governmental institutions, and corruption makes great profits for career-ists. Money became a religion; and science a final authority (so called).

      America from Colonial days up through the Civil War advanced and was strong. The Bible was THE textbook for learning to read and write. It served as a common basis for language and law; values and morals. Families thrived or survived through it’s influence.
      By contrast, after the turn of the Century, the Federal Reserve Banking System stole the money from the American people; empowered the Roaring Twenties; set-up the 1929 Crash and Great Depression; and encompassed the devastation of War ever since. Now, it is on the verge of financial ruin. Leaving-off the well-served heritage of a Biblically oriented culture has NOT served the nation or it’s people.

      So in answer – where does America stand in the scheme of things? I think the big picture speaks for itself. Under what conditions and influences has America done well; and where it has done badly is completely subjective and controversial. My opinion is that the (historical and Biblical) moral fabric of our culture as a nation has determined our greatness; and the destruction (or modern, man-made replacement) of that fabric is it’s downfall. This is my view of the ‘forrest’: the speculation and argument of the ‘trees’ which can follow – are endless.
      Psalms 9:17 “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.”

      • aussie jeff

        excellent post charles,
        Godly morality is unchanging.
        Worldy debauchery continues to sink to new low’s.
        Their in lies the problem.

  42. mark

    Hi Greg,
    After listening to your interview with Ellen Brown I am reminded of Catherine Austin Fitt’s comments about a new economy or arrangement (2.0?) which is isolated from all of the old legacy debt of the old economy (1.0) which is failing.

    • mark

      I wonder if the TPP, TTIP and TISA is to facilitate the emerging corporatocracy which is free from all of the failing legacy debt.

  43. Noel

    So many booths at this exposition to visit and so little time! One that gets little attention is how the drought in California is going to affect market values of the primary store of value: housing.

    I contend that real estate may be one of the last significant true ‘price discovery’ markets remaining. Would you buy a house right now in California? At current market price? I am not sure I can get my head around what kind of discount should be in effect for a house that has very limited access to clean fresh water.

    Oh the ripple! It burns! Bundled mortgage securities!

    Just one of the many attractions to enjoy at the Bazaar of the Bizarre.

    • Greg Hunter

      Very good point. The drought in CA and the ret of the western states is huge–and not going away.

  44. Gertsie

    No Night To Dark
    RADIO THEATER; You got the time, this is the dime!

  45. Nickname

    No wonder they want us DISARMED!! Who the hell do they think we are? And who the hell do we think WE ARE for putting them in???

  46. James Hastings

    I have been waiting for “LIBERALS”, SOCIALISTS, PROGRESSIVES….to realize, when you help them get what they want, they will throw you under the bus. LOL

    Perhaps the repugnance party are panicking. I think they are scared they will loose power and wealth. There is not any difference anymore. Just thieves trying to hang on.

    We have become a “Fascist” country. Boy, did that blind side me. I accept it. Let’s close out this party and close the curtain.

    Won’t end good. No we can’t control it, or moderate it. We pay the piper.

  47. Art Barnes

    Greg, “Sir, bad news, the republic has been lost…our struggle is over, supporters of the constitution have surrendered, too bad” “Yes, I’m aware of the defeat, if we only could have stood up things would have been different. Strike out the “Don’t” from our flag and raise it in surrender reading only “Tread on Me”.

    • paul

      Art … we can stand up … it is not over … my first reaction to the secret trade bills was “negative” … then I began to wonder … just why would Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed be against it? … these secret trade bills give “very powerful rights” to corporations … while the “rights” of the people are slowly being taken away … and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed have qualms about it?

      It made me think that perhaps there is something in these trade bills that can be used “by us” against them? … and there certainly is … all we ordinary John Q. Public folks desiring to get our Constitutional Rights back … simply have to become legal “Sole Proprietorship Corporate Entities” … and Presto we can turn the tide of this war against us to our advantage … we can begin to sue the Government and all 435 Congressmen “personally” for acting against our “corporate interests” … by depriving our “individual corporations” the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by them shipping our means of earning a living out of the country to foreign lands like China, etc. … we can set up powerful lobbies for our “corporate benefit” and use the billions in cash we amass to remove the culprits from office!

      These “Jekyll and Hyde” bankers have created a strong “potion” for themselves … but they forgot one thing … we too can drink the “magic potion” ourselves and wrench America right out of their hands!

  48. JC Davis

    Southern Girl.. quote(Holy Weight Watchers) I loved it.

  49. JC Davis

    Round table with Hunter, Holter, and Sprott.

  50. WD


    I know there those tah run the show etc. Make all the decisions and run te world.

    But from many of the people I listen to and follow..I dont see thsi as some well planned event. I see an act of absolute desperation in trying to hold onto the “old system”….

    When I listen to people like Mannarino, PCR, Willie, Orlov, Kuntsler Ackerman and Holter, along with many of the writers on Stockman’s website, I see rabid desperation to keep this thing afloat.

    There are many many billionaire who will end up broke and destitute. There is no way this will be a controlled burn. Please everyone get this out of your mind set. Its not possible. Try to imagine chaos every where for a long long time.

    To really believe that this is all under control and someone is getting ready to throw some mythical switch is pure crap…PLEASE don’t fall into that mind set….It will never happen that way never.

    Please prepare to survive and fight like hell!!

  51. David

    Greg, thank you! Ellen is good but she would be a lot more effective if she would please invest in a quality microphone and camera; would help get her message across much better! Also, Ellen might consider a different background for her interviews; the current one resembles the bars of a prison and that is a distraction. Thank you Greg and Ellen!

  52. Edward Ulysses Cate

    The last time there was such secrecy, this happened:
    Paul Warburg is sort of known as the “father” of the Federal Reserve System.

  53. clawcross

    It is not that hard.

    It is just that money is being concentrated into the hands of the worthy, from those who cannot manage it.

    The world’s civilization will grow by leaps and bounds, and the high-IQ people will do very well, but the rest of the world will have their standard of living returning back to that of medieval age.

    It cannot be avoided. The cognitive elite cannot carry those who can’t manage themselves any more and will release them for their fate.

    • Charles H.


      It is one thing to sit in a chair and arbitrarily determine a problem: it is another to fix a broken toilet; or un-stop sewer drainage. I assume you will do both, after releasing the unworthy to their medieval-age level. Have you read about the French Revolution? Or is it that – where everyone else failed: you will succeed? Interesting comment to launch-out into this void… Let’s hope you don’t have an accident, or aneurism – that leaves you semi-vegetative. Your friends will have to throw your unworthy hide back down Mount Olympus.

      • sk

        Apropos the French Revolution, I am getting out my knitting needles, and my sons are cleaning out the dirt from the tumbrils (and from under their fingernails, Clawcross, LOLOL) and greasing the wheels. LOLOL. For the biblically minded on The Dog, ‘pride goeth before a fall’, and, parenthetically, Clawcross, I wouldn’t say that creating money out of thin air and then charging the unwashed masses 6% to borrow it is knowing ‘how to manage money’. It seems to me something a lot more trashy.

    • sk

      The ‘cognitive elite’ had best develop some universal morality and conscience. For their own well being, actually. Your post reminds me of an anecdote from Russia. The ‘elite’ revolutionary, circa 1917, states that he is so intellectually superior to the peasant that, of course, he is entitled to run the show, since one so selected by evolution SHOULD rule. Whereupon the peasant takes a log and hits him over the head and kills him. Muscles also evolve, not just narcissism. LOL

    • red

      Ok i’ll bite,
      On the contrary. He He History shows otherwise.
      Vanitas Vanitatum.
      A great American song for your pleasure. Hope you don’t mind Greg.

      • J C D

        Thanks RED I love a good blues song.

        • red

          Yes well I thought Mr/Miss claw hammer was
          being a very naughty boy?girl. In need of spiritual
          countenance from the great Guitar Slim.
          Brother Ray Charles on Piano!!!

    • aussie jeff

      Claw I get it,
      A kind of ………………..Intellectual Evolution 🙂

  54. paul

    What do they think we are stupid? … Let them enact these secret trade deals and “fast track” them to provide protection to “corporations”!

    We can defeat them at their own game … every US Citizen simply has to “incorporate themselves” now … before they try to pass a law “against incorporating” … once every citizen is an “individual corporation”… we too can use the secret trade provisions to our advantage … we will be able to institute “a class action” law suit against the government and all “elected” House and Senate officials (and hold them personally responsible) for not protecting “us corporations” against job loss and for “regulating away” our ability to make a profit by sending our jobs overseas to China, etc. … we can also sue them personally for trying to “regulate away” our corporate right to own a gun (which we include in our corporate bylaws) for protection of the Chief Executive Officer … and sue them for trying to regulate away any other corporate right included in our bylaws i.e. we can put everything found in the US Constitution in the bylaws of our corporate charter!

    • paul

      Once we are all private corporations … the Government can never force us to become John Q. Public “ordinary citizen” anymore who can be “regulated”!!

      Once we become “private corporations” the government can never turn the clock back and make us slaves to their regulations ever again! … We will have the freedom to do whatever we want … under the “corporate shield” … just like the big guys!!

      So get down to your Town Office now … fill out the necessary paperwork and apply for a “one man corporation” in any specialty you are good at … pay the $50 fee … and your home free … you can write into your bylaws and anything “you” deem necessary for the smooth operation of your business!

      • paul

        I was wondering why Pelosi and Reed were trying to prevent this! … We ordinary citizens can actually take back America!

        We can defeat the crooks in Washington … that don’t work for private citizens interests but only for “corporate” interests … simply filing for a Business Certificate and starting our own “sole proprietorship” business in any specialty we are good at … which makes us “part of the corporate elite” with all the associated privileges!

        We 300 million individual “American corporations” can contribute $10 dollars each to our own “political action committee” to make our voice heard in Washington … think what can $3 Billion dollars can buy us! … think about who we can defeat from being re-elected!

        • paul

          We can even sue other corporations (like Monsanto for instance) for harming our “corporate interest” by monopolizing all the means of growing food … which thus imposes a price on food products that makes it unprofitable for our “corporate entities” to compete and make a profit!

          We the people have been trying to fight fire with water … to regain our Constitutional Rights …we must fight fire with fire!

          • FC

            Great idea Paul, that works in theory, but I’m afraid the new definition of a Corporation under the TPP will have a minimum number of employee’s and a minimum turnover per annum, making the entry barrier impossible for us all.

            I would like to think, that collectively as a population we can fight back, but looking at today’s Generation, they take more interest in how many followers they have on social media, than the amount of interest they are paying on their credit cards………..just the replies alone, on your suggestion indicates, we are all on our own……………everyone can talk the big talk, but many fail to walk the long walk.

            Greg, provides a wonderful service where like minded people from around the world can be part of a group where we can voice our opinions and feel that we are not alone in the way we think………..I imagine, it’s the closest thing to an online Religion, where we congregate 3 times a week to hear our Sermon speak, along with his Special Guests, but at the end of the day, when TSHTF we will all scatter like rats from the fat cats, because we failed in accomplishing anything by just talking.

            • Charles H.

              Thank you, FC – for a wonderfully expressed opinion.
              I doubt Mr. Hunter would agree that his business, or service, constitutes an on-line religion. That would make him a high priest, and this site, the temple. But behind all the curtains, smoke, and mirrors: spiritual evil is pulling the strings and pushing the buttons. That would make all human activity, in the over-riding sense – ‘religious’ – as witting or unwitting pawns of the intelligence of higher, spiritual realms.
              I fear you are right about the today’s Generation: agreement or unification is not possible – not to save their lives.
              But as for as being a rat – I’d like to think I will relish the opportunity of the day of my death.

      • J C D

        Paul It takes at least 6 people before you can be incorporated. Keep in mind everyone is already in cooperated by the city they live in. So many twist to the crazy world they/ CFR / controls .

        • Michael

          1 person can form a corporation and hold all required office positions: president, treasurer, etc. I know because I am INC

          • paul

            Michael … you are what I’m talking about … we need 300 million more … then to save our nation each of the 300 million corporations should contribute $100 dollars to a political action committee that will represent the interests of all the small corporations … with $30 billion dollars in our political action committee “we the people” will have the clout to remove those “representatives” who fail to represent “our corporate interests” in this land of the corporation, by the corporation and for the corporation !

  55. Brian Stemmerman

    Two quarters of negative GDP. Futures are up. Don’t know if I should laugh or cry.

    • Greg Hunter

      Post a link to this please. I don’t know the number was published yet. I think you are correct and the second quarter will be negative.

      • Felicia

        Greg, Michael Snyder’s just released warning letter show the GDP info. Btw…he said he’s never done this before…issue a warning…but said these next 6 months will usher in a huge economic collapse so he feels the need for this red alert.
        And…he has a great chart showing the crash in the velocity of money- exactly what Greg Mannarino has been proclaiming. Here’s the link: http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/the-economic-collapse-blog-has-issued-a-red-alert-for-the-last-six-months-of-2015

        • Greg Hunter

          I have been predicting it will blow up this fall and other blow ups to follow. Thank you for posting this.

  56. Winston

    Fast track to third world status

  57. Diane D

    Americans would throw the Constitution (and sovereignty) under the bus just as fast as they did the Confederate States of America’s flag this week. They are too stupid and brainwashed to realize that they are looking at Federal tyranny just like the Southern States did.

  58. Diane D

    We tend to focus on the question, ‘When will things collapse?’. A more important question might be ‘Where and with whom (besides Christ) will we be with when things collapse?’

  59. Rock

    The TPP has passed the Senate. This was probably the last tool that they needed in order to launch the NWO. Keep a watch for the false flags now.

    • J C D

      The end of America . Today is the first day of Fascism Over America. Rock please post your name next time so I can thank you in your real name. Thank you ROCK.

    • J C D

      I have looked for the approval in the news. There is nothing online yet. Link me up.

  60. Coalburner

    I dont know if anyone picked up James Hastings comment but he is right. 500 years from now the power will shift back towards us but the USA will not exist and will not be prepared to take advantage of the gift. Americans with vision and guts will by then have long roots in other parts of the world. Tell me where James?

  61. Coalburner

    Jerry, your discussion on the NAFTA Superhighway has some interesting connections to the all digital money and China’s other new Silk Road (LOL I-35!). The reset, the North American Trade destruction of the USA agreement all have some problems. Like with us all broke who in blazes is going to buy China’s Stuff. OR Mexico’s for that matter? If our money is all dfigital and the NWO makes us all serfs, who is going to buy more than the minimum, food, fire wood, and a few basic tools for grubbing out a few cabbage plants each fall? My point is just to say this talk and Jade HElm just goes around in circles. Why build a road if they want to Chemtrail us all to death? Why go to this trouble if we have no jobs and are too broke to buy anything. Look at the parking lots full of new cars and trucks that are growing everyday???? Someone’s ideas and plans are clashing with others????? Unravel if you can!

  62. RichM

    Donald Trump opposes the TPA bill and says that any candidate who votes for it or is in favor of these secret deals are not eligible to be the President of the USA. Here he is on Greta.


    • Greg Hunter

      I got to say I am liking Mr. Trump! Thank you for the posts on him. I hope he makes into the top 10 for the debates.

  63. RichM

    I sure like Trump so far too Greg… obviously.

    As of today, Trump is #2 in the polls and Ben Carson (the retired neuro-surgeon) has climbed from 5th to 3rd… both behind Bush. So, the two who are NOT career politicians are #2 and #3 in the polls. I suppose if one of them dropped out, the other would probably just about double his numbers putting him clearly in the #1 spot. Regardless, it is showing that both a Trump or Carson campaign are viable and perhaps voters are sick of career politicians…. perhaps meaning Hillary as well in the long run if one of these two got in.

  64. BH


    I totally agree with your comments on TPA and TPP.

    On the question of the ACA, your comments are unhelpful.

    Our Health Care System has been broken for decades. We are ranked close to the bottom compared to other industrialized countries on many important health issues affecting health and mortality. We spent more on health care per capita and more on health care as percentage of GDP (17.2%), than any other nation. Despite the expediture, rhere are many problems, many of them have their genesis long before “Obamacare.” For example, a widely respected study in 2013 indicated that about 25% of all senior citizens declared bankruptcy due to medical expenses, and 43% are forced to mortgage or sell their primary residence.

    We certainly don’t need trenchant analysis and mud slinging.

    • Greg Hunter

      SCOTUS changed the meaning of the wording of the law. What they did is act like lawmakers on public policy. That is not only “unhelpful” but unconstitutional. By the way, this was a huge concocted lie, and that is a fact and not “trenchant analysis and mud slinging.” The Justices must be consistent on the Constitution and the Lawmakers make the laws. Obama Care should have gone back to Congress to fix-period. We will just have to disagree on this point. Thank you for your comment.

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