Iran & North Korea Missile Tests, Trump Trashed by MSM, Fed Economic Fraud

sink hole of debtBy Greg Hunter’s (WNW 230 3.11.16)

Iran is back in the news for testing ballistic missiles with the words “Israel should be wiped off the Earth.” It is widely reported that Iran has test fired two ballistic missiles.  Iran says it was a show of “deterrent power,” and that it is “defensive.”  Iran says this does not violate the recent nuclear deal.  Might I continue to point out that nobody signed any “deal.”  Others say it totally violates a U.N. resolution that says Iran should not be carrying out ballistic missile tests, but there is no real ban on missile launches.  Nice “deal” John Kerry!

Meanwhile, North Korea is doing some saber rattling of its own. This week, their leader Kim Jung-Un announced it has miniaturized nuclear warheads.  North Korea has also been test firing its own missiles and making threats against the U.S. and South Korea.  There are new sanctions on the North because of the increased tensions and rhetoric.  In response, North Korea has reportedly threatened to “liquidate” South Korea assets.  Behind the scenes, some politicians of South Korea are suggesting openly to change their laws and get nuclear weapons.

It appears that Donald Trump is being attacked from all sides. The MSM is openly comparing him to Hitler.  Outrageous, when you consider that Hitler was responsible for the death of tens of millions of people in WWII.  Just the Jews and the Russians killed at the hand of Hitler are nearly 30 million people.  Trump’s own party is spending money to try to defeat him.  Have you ever seen this in your life?  I haven’t.  The MSM continues to lie by omission.  One example, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos asking Hillary Clinton in this past week’s Democratic debate, “If you are indicted, will you drop out?” Clinton responded, “It’s not going to happen.  I am not answering that question.”   That little exchange was not covered many places, and it was the big moment of the night, especially knowing one of her staff members just received immunity from the Justice Department.

On the economy, Former Fed President Richard Fisher is now warning that the power of Fed money printing is “running its course.” That can only mean the Wall Street party is going to come to a crushing end and soon, no matter how often the MSM tells you this is a real recovery.  It clearly is not, and the Fed admits it.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

Correction:  15 meters is nearly 49 feet.

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  1. FC

    Greg, I know you have told me ‘I don’t get it’ and Hillary will be indicted……..but after watching the Republican Debate and how each of the nominees on stage have announced that they are the only ones able to beat Hillary at the next election, with on one saying, we need to beat the Democrat Party or Bernie or whoever, but instead I can beat Hillary…………let’s hope so, or it will be The Land of The Fee and Home of The Slaves.

  2. Gregory Mannarino

    Thanks for the mention Greg! Yes central bank desperation is way out of control now and it should be more than obvious to everyone. Central banks have turned the entire financial system upside down, with the ECB going even deeper into NEGATIVE rate territory. Remember everyone, the only “tool” that these central banks have is the expansion of debt-and with that we have already hit a critical mass.

    • Macray

      Again, on Wednesday, you and Mr. USAWatchdog himself were fantastic!
      With you home state being the top PM mining jurisdiction globally for decades as well as one of the more friendlier places to do business, maybe you could share with watchdoggers your impressions for investing in PM companies that do their thing in Nevada the next time you visit here at USA Watchdog! Just a suggestion!!! Thanks for your consideration.

    • Paul

      Greg … from the looks of how the banking cabal surely intends to print and print and print … we could very soon see obscene “higher nominal price levels” for stock markets … just as the Zimbabwe stock market “soared upward” as they printed … and because I’m expecting worldwide fiat money printing “inflation” due to the world banking cabal’s continual expansion of fiat money … the Fed will necessarily have to continue to raise interest rates to quote “fight inflation” … as inflation screams upward gold will rise (along with rising interest rates) until like in 1980 gold only peaked when interest rates were pushed up to about 19% …

      • Jerry

        I totally agree. The central banks have a plan. Loot, Pillage, and Plunder until the markets pops like a teenagers zit. The DJI will most likely be pushing 1700 plus when it pops.

  3. ©

    French navy spots Russian nuclear-armed submarine off coast – Obs magazine

    Reuters 8 hrs ago Full story

    The French navy detected a Russian submarine carrying nuclear missiles in the Bay of Biscay in January, Obs magazine reported on Thursday, citing a senior French official.

    According to Obs, the submarine, from the Murmansk base, did not enter France’s territorial waters, but was seen off France’s Atlantic coast.

    A spokesman for the French navy neither confirmed or denied the information saying it was a general policy not to communicate on such matters.

    “Russian naval activity has been on the rise for several months, if not years, and we are permanently attentive to it,” the spokesman said.

    The French navy detected a Russian submarine carrying nuclear missiles in the Bay of Biscay in January, Obs magazine reported on Thursday, citing a senior French official.

    According to Obs, the submarine, from the Murmansk base, did not enter France’s territorial waters, but was seen off France’s Atlantic coast.

    A spokesman for the French navy neither confirmed or denied the information saying it was a general policy not to communicate on such matters.

    “Russian naval activity has been on the rise for several months, if not years, and we are permanently attentive to it,” the spokesman said.

    Russia has flexed its military muscle over the past couple of years, amid heightened tensions between the West and Moscow over Ukraine, and the NATO military alliance has repeatedly reported more incursions by Russian fighters and long-range bombers into its airspace.

    In Britain and Sweden patrol planes have searched their waters over the past two years after the sighting of a submarine’s periscope and reports of foreign “underwater activity.”

    In mid-February French and British fighter jets intercepted two Russian Tu-160 bomber planes heading towards British airspace near the French coast. (Reporting by Marine Pennetier and John Irish; Editing by Alison Williams)

  4. Grafique

    This isn’t the first time that Persia has called for Israel to be “wiped off the map” – that’s an old and ongoing mantra of theirs. The Bible states that Persia is the source of much of the demonic activity in the world.
    Note to the Persians: Israel will not be “wiped off the Earth”. According to the Bible, once the Jewish people have been regathered as a nation (which happened in 1948), Israel will never again be made to leave.
    “And I will plant them upon their land, and they shall no more be pulled up out of their land which I have given them, saith the LORD thy God.” – Amos 9:15

    At a time when the good ole USA needs all the friends it can get, the illegal alien in the White House is alienating our oldest friend on the planet, England. Hussein Obama is openly criticizing the UK and blaming them for Libya becoming a mess. What an un-presidential “president”. Would someone please tell Hussein Obama that presidents are diplomatic; they do not air their dirty laundry publicly. Apparently he is trying to deflect the blame for his own failures onto our friends.

  5. JC Davis

    Greg I love the cover pic for this WNW. I set as wallpaper.
    How Trump is being mistreated makes what the MSM did to Ron Paul look like child’s play. Well that should be expected if you crawl threw the back window of the CCC. Thanks as always.

  6. Oxfarmer

    The true colours are coming out vis a vis the elites vs. Trump. Who flies to an island off Georgia to plan the demise of a popular republican candidate? Evidently over 50 leaders do, including Rep. luminaries like Mitch McConnell. Their excuse? The American people shouldn’t be allowed to choose someone so inappropriate. Slap! BAD VOTERS! I hope Trump has his people busy qualifying him as a write in candidate, bc these people will stop at nothing. Not to mention a bullet proof vest.

    Is this the best our leaders can do while the front line of a terrible economic storm is upon us and every rogue power on earth has us in their sights? It goes to show they believe it will never impact them. I wonder why? Are the jets ready to evacuate to the cushy bunker?

    We love your site, Greg. Please keep up the good work.

    • art barnes

      Yes, and if they harm Trump I hope you will and many others will join me in the streets to peaceful protest.

      • gregd

        Yes they really really hate the peaceful protests. (sar)
        Don’t waste your time.

        • Greg Hunter

          It the Tea Party did what “Black Lives (don’t) Matter” did the national guard would be called in and everybody would be arrested. Outrageous suppression of Free Speech. Just have to give my 2 cents.

          • gregd

            It’s my opinion they control the voting machines and the media ,but they don’t control the sentiment of the people. And that’s what they fear. They have proved that there is only one real political party. And they are patient. Looking forward I see us getting our Country back only when there is blood again in the streets. Just my opinion.

      • RTW

        In light of the recent events of the past two days in Chicago and Ohio, if “they” harm Trump there will be protests in the streets but I’m afraid they will be far from peaceful.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Sea island where this meeting took place is only a hop step and a jump from Jekyll Island where the elite held a very important and clandestine meeting a little over a century ago. The outcome of the Jekyll island meeting had a monumental effect on the world’s financial landscape and IMO history will record that it would directly lead to the financial ruination of not only the US but much of the western world.

      My intuition rings all sorts of alarm bells about the Sea island meeting.
      What the hell is it about these islands off Georgia?

  7. Willie

    Telling the truth is never easy…

  8. Jerry

    I am still mulling over the chart that Greg Mannarino showed us on Wednesday. Under normal market conditions it is apparent that the markets are repeating the 2007 cycle again. But these are not normal market conditions. The markets are totally manipulated, and the main market driver is the Federal Reserve Bank. Not manufacturing or sales.

    I think the Central Banks have adopted the theory that they’re in so deep with derivatives and credit default swap debt, that they might as go full bore since there is no way of backing out of the markets without a collapse. As they in my neck of the woods “their going to pour the cobs to until the wheels come off”.

    Having said that, here is the X-factor. GOLD. The Chinese Gold benchmark on April 19th will go along way in determining whether we have a gradual market decline, or an all out crash.

    Great week of reporting Greg. It was some of your best work. I hope I can donate soon as I am winding down my preps.

    • Macray

      5 and 1/2 weeks and counting!!!

      • Jerry

        A lot can happen between now and then. The western cabal is desperate.

  9. PzBz

    Didn’t realize how much I need my WNW video until it wasn’t ready this morning! Thanks for all your hard work, Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Pz for your dedicated support!

      • Russ

        Hmmm, I’m still seeing ***Video will be up shortly.*** I’ve got some withdrawals going here too 😉

        • Greg Hunter

          So sorry I just forgot to add it in the posting process. I got it fixed and up now. Thank you!

          • JC Davis

            What is wrong with you Greg ? I saw it on youtube before you sent it here. Get it together man or I am going up on the price.

            • allen ols

              jc, i just read the above article and patiently await the video, 🙂

              • JC Davis

                Allen we should send Greg some of that special bacon. After you smoke it. LOL

  10. Jerry

    The BRICS alternate economic exchange system has begun their transition. In preparation to decouple from the dollar China and Russia have successfully completed the first phase of CIPS.

    • Jerry

      For this of you who are not getting my last post, this is where the BRICS are boarding the lifeboats in preparation for leaving the U.S. Titanic. If you’re not buying this analogy, all I can say is enjoy the clown show on CNN and Fox because that’s about all we’ve got left.

      • Paul

        Jerry … a better analogy would be to say the BRICS missed boarding the Titanic just like JP Morgan (who was supposed to be on board to discuss things with all those who were “against” setting up the Federal Reserve) … but as “luck” would have it … the death ship conveniently lacked the necessary life boats to save “all those dead set against the Fed”!

    • Galaxy 500

      South Africa is a nightmare and all the bankers are selling / leaving town. The have a severe black on white crime problem and the feral college students making demands that can’t be meet are then destroying property. Their debt is either junk or approaching junk. Corruption is driving the chaos.
      Brazil is a basket case whose debt is either junk rated or approaching. They have disease, little infrastructure and rampant corruption. Currently there is some charges being brought against politicians and former politicians.
      India has problems with great unwashed uneducated masses. A lot of their business provide services to the US.
      Russia is in trouble but they have nukes
      And as Greg pointed out, China is in serious trouble.
      Jerry, when we go down, we are going to take the test of the world with us. BRICS won’t be able to stop it or even slow it down. Hell, they are likely to percept the entire decline of the world.

      • Jerry

        I agree with what’s happening in Brazil and South Africa. But lets not forget the Golden Rule. The Chinese have much more than they have claimed. In this high stakes economic poker game, they have been holding aces, while we have been bluffing. Come April 19th, they will lay their cards on the table, and ask to see our hand.

        They’re primary goal in getting SDR from the IMF was not to be part of it, but to use their position as leverage to demand an audit of U.S. Gold holdings when the time is right. Watch and see. Let us not forget that they are the ones who loaned us three trillion dollars. In this case the tail doesn’t wag the dog, and the world knows it.

        • Kerry

          Like the Chinese ambassador said to Madame Secretary, “If China wanted to take you down, Madame Secretary, we wouldn’t use missiles or bombs, we would simply foreclose on you.”
          No use damaging the goods….

    • Jerry

      Per Rogue Money. The Chinese have developed a quantum communications satellite to aide them in electronic funds transfers between banks globally. This satellite is scheduled to go online in July. AIIB, CIPS, Gold, and now this to connect with their supercomputers.

      • Jerry

        More heavy military equipment on the move again. This time heading east. All I can tell you is, I have relatives who have been deployed so something is up.

        • Clive Crashcup

          Jerry, checked it out.

          Interesting comment from same link;

          Ray Davies2 days ago
          I guess after Putin blew up ISIS’s recent haul of US Army equipment, they need re-supplying!!!

    • Jerry

      I am posting this 1975 declassified document from Henry Kissinger for anyone who would like to explore why the Gold Reset by China in April is of such grave concern for us an the rest of the world. Enjoy.

  11. Chip

    Morning Greg. For you and my fellow WD readers. Must watch video of Judge Jeanine rant on Hitlary Clinton. Have a great weekend all. Chip

    • Southern Girl

      Thanks for the laugh this morning…been raining for the past 3 days…needed a happy moment. Thanks!!!!

    • JC Davis

      Thanks Chip. We got a kick out of that.

    • allen ols


  12. Gina Mancarella

    Greg, You have to admit that Trump does bear a slight physical resemblance to the Fuhrer and he talks reckless like him and is a possessive womanizer just like him. He might not have killed anyone (yet), but what would he do if brought to power ? It wouldn’t be the tolerant and benevolent world that Hillary would strive for. Its a matter of Inclusion versus Exclusion. Trump is the candidate of the elite exclusionists.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is your left wing wacko character assignation where you make up one lie after another because your candidate is an actual criminal. How about the Clinton State Department policies that led to the total destruction of Syria? How about the Clinton policies that destroyed Libya? Your candidate has an actual track record of death and crime and is the true candidate of the elite because she gets paid form Wall Street for idiot speeches she will not release. You lefty communist anti-American Dems are very worried about Trump. That’s why you are paid to come here and write lying drivel. Clinton = Criminal (and will be indicted.)

      • JC Davis

        Robo poster Gina.

      • JC Davis

        Greg. It just hit me Hillary supporters are the same minds that did the robo signing.
        What does it matter now.

      • art barnes

        Greg, yes, so correct, Jailary & her democratic mongrels are very worried about Trump & so is the Republicats as well; Jailary because Trump can beat her, Republican party elite because they can’t control him. They better not steal it away from him or harm or there will be anger in the streets.

      • BetterChetter

        Is Gina Mancarella the antithesis of Cryptic Little Sister? … sort of like the Seinfeld “Bizarro World” … characters return, flipped ~

      • Edward Ulysses Cate

        You’re so right. They already published the first volume:
        Sellout: The Inside Story of President Clinton’s Impeachment
        – Aug 14, 2001 by David P. Schippers and Alan P. Henry.
        If Hillary gets elected, Volume Two will be published.

    • frederick

      In my opinion Hillary resembles old Adolf much more than Donald Trump ever could and from what İve been hearing she is much more destrctive to women than him as well Give it up Gina youve lost the arguement and we really cannot stand another 9 months of your nonsense

    • Jerry

      Let me give you a piece of advice. If you don’t currently have a food supply (other WIC which you’re probably on) you might want to go and get some. Because in about three months your going to need a lot more than that phony baloney you’ve been dishing out on Greg’s site in order to survive. But then again, I’m sure you want have a problem going to camp FEMA since you obviously love government programs.

    • Linda L.

      Gina (I mean Hillary):
      Is this a staff member from the Hillary for President Campaign Office once again (I’m not kidding)? You use the word “Fuhrer’ because in reality, in attempts at grasping for straws, you don’t have anything substantial to say about Trump….very transparent. I suppose that since Ben Carson is now endorsing Trump too, you think he’s also a Fuhrer.

    • Ed Pool

      Gina this is probably not the best venue for you to enlighten the readers to a person that many of us have watched and known for bloody near 30 years on the national stage. I simply cannot get on board with anything honorable or accountable from the Clinton machine. Could not get there in the nineties and certainly cannot today as we have witnessed a level of incompetence that has resulted in the deaths of an ambassador, the ruination of countries and a civilian tally that is measured with multiple zeros behind it.
      Having run business in the south for multiple decades and having grown up in the times of civil rights and the social attempts to equalize and treat all persons the same I am appalled at the present state of affairs in our country with race relations. I had to go back through my payroll records to see what my racial ratio was. You see I never saw any race just competent co-workers, never saw color. But after this president I find myself “seeing” color all the time now and where my hire ratio b/w was 60/40 down to 50/50 I will assure you I will be meeting only the federal minimums in my new venture. For this I detest the man who will soon leave the “Big House”. What is really disturbing is that his mismanagement has been so grave that it will be a long time………………long time…………………before a man of color will ever sit there again. That is sad as the country by memory will disregard an entire population segment.
      And now you try to convince us through what I can only consider to be sister blindness to elect to the switch room this woman? I have no problem with a competent female president you see I do not see the sex in the job but unless you women want to be ostracized back to the home and kitchen I would advise extreme caution in electing a person that Cannot Understand Normal Thinking. OK?

    • Galaxy 500

      Hillary for Prison 2016

    • RTW

      You Crazy, ignorant, obtuse,psychotic, sycophant. You really need to pull your head out of your derrière occasionally and get some fresh air. Staying in one position too long dulls your senses and everything you hear is muffled as well as garbled. It really explains why you say the ridiculous things that you do. Try being a normal person for just a little while and you might find reality to be enjoyable.

    • Paul

      Gina … It would be wonderful if Trump was like Hitler (in one respect) … Hitler turned on the world banking cabal and would not allow them to print Germany’s money anymore … Hitler just like Lincoln and JFK began to print his own government money … and the German economy became a powerhouse because of it … so the banking cabal did to him what they did to Lincoln and JFK … even though it took a world war to bring him down it was of little concern to the banking cabal as the cost was born largely by the American people … actually he does resemble Merkel a bit!

      • Paul

        PS: and Gina … even though Eva Braun (Hitler’s wife) was the second daughter of five children born to Jewish parents it did not stop Hitler from turning on the banking cabal … so your Hitler analogy actually works against your goals “of protecting the banking cabal” …

    • Karl

      That is the biggest load of garbage I have read on this site..To promote an anti democratic criminal like Killary Clinton you should be tried for treason . If Trump is Hitler then Killary is the antichrist.


    Looking back to 2008. That was well thought out in the back room before hand. They who caused it were about to bail them self out. Remember to big to fail?.
    This time it’s every body and business for them self. This is what we are watching now. With out $75.00 per barrel it’s a slow death.

  14. Dale

    Love your Cartoon this week!!!

  15. Jack Loel

    Investigators Release Synced Video Of LaVoy Finicum Murder.

    LaVoy’s Three Shooters.

  16. Macray

    While we awaiting today’s video, a possible topic of interest for watchdogers!
    March 01, 2016, 05:00 pm
    What the Internet was for your parents, the blockchain will be for you

    • Galaxy 500

      More people pushing the bitCoin nonsense. Yes, this is going to be worth billions but them now /s

      • JC Davis

        Can some one say EMP, gama rays, or computer attack. It would not take much to destroy Bitcoin.

  17. Linda L.

    What is the actual purpose of a cease fire in Syria? I realize that the US has covertly supported ISIS, but how does a cease fire work towards the reduction of ISIS for other parties that may want them eliminated in the region?


    Had to see you on YouTube. Greg, so good and so well done, your heart and soul is in your work. Thank you for hitting all the Commie rags

  19. dslarsen

    Is anyone seeing the video yet? Lots of comments but I am not seeing it. Time in Seattle now 9:48 am.

  20. James Hastings

    Had to go to SGT Report to see your video. Won’t come up. “But…fear not”….I got it. Loved it. Laughed my self silly when you used the “baaaaaaa” routine. Loved it. Good show. Great recap for the week. I played it in the office during lunch. Plenty of good responses about your show.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you James for the personal promotion in the office!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      James I did not add the video as I just forgot to do it. Got it done. Won’t happen again–I hope.


  21. pat the rat

    Just seen your video on you tube , I need 3 more months get ready for this economic mess we are going into. There a saying that comes from China may you live in interesting times,and were all about to catch hell.

  22. q

    Ukraine asks German doctors to examine pilot jailed in Russia

    AFP 3 hrs ago

    Ukraine said Friday it had asked German doctors to check on the health of Nadiya Savchenko, who has agreed to drink water but is still not eating in protest at her Russian trial.

    Savchenko, a 34-year-old Ukrainian combat pilot, denies charges of being involved in the June 2014 killing of two Russian state television journalists in the separatist east of the former Soviet state.

  23. Don

    Dear Greg, I want to share my thoughts with your readers. The two front runners of republican candidates, Trump verses Cruz. Mr. Cruz’s wife works for Goldman Sach’s the same banking interest controlling the Euro zone, a group of unelected unaccountable technicrats, and also the Council on foreign relations, a globalist, multinational billionaire oligarchy’s, and a front group for the bilderburg’s, and trilateral commission. Cruz, a supposed conservative, and constitutionalist, is in fact a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Know constitutionalist could openly desire to give our national sovereignty to a global government, but that’s what will happen if Cruz wins. He has surrounded himself with former Bush neocons, and a secret meeting was reported by INFOWARS, with Cruz and the bushes, along with a group of billionaires, to destroy Trumps bide for the republican candidate of the people. Mr. Carson recently quit and supported Trump over Cruz, after Cruz strategic lies toward Carson to gain conservative votes. Trump is being attacked from every corner of the globe, which should tell your readers that Trump is the threat to the NWO, and globalism. His policies are clearly for the American people, and not globalism. I hope that if any one of your readers support Cruz that they would reconsider, because we are truly in a revolution, not with bullets yet, but just as dangerous, because the nations government has been taken over already by the NWO shadow government, and Trump now stands in the way. I ask everyone, to support Trump, because what remains is a continued and more aggressive police state, and a fascist oligarchy controlled global government. Cruz is the most dangerous, because he appeals to conservativism while at heart he’s a neocon globalist that will undermined the constitution, wherever it gets in the way of globalism and a oligarchy controlled communist government. We are one step away from that happening. All government branches are arming themselves for the take over. Thanks for listening, and consider voting for Trump, he loves America, and that’s good enough for me.

    • andyb

      You nailed it. Cruz totally reinvented himself. Calling McConnell a liar and filibustering during the 2013 shutdown was pure theater. His resume is pure “establishment”. His wife’s employment and activities prove that she is an elite globalist. With Cruz against Hillary the banksters cannot lose.

      According to the “intent” of the Founders, Ctuz is not eligible to be POTUS since both parents were not long standing US citizens at the time of his birth. The Founders wanted to eliminate any possibility of foreign influence in the WH. Rubio fails for the same reason. But this will never be adjudicated by SCOTUS because of the flim flam getting Obama elected.

    • art barnes

      Don, I am afraid for Trump, the Republicans, the Government & the elite are capable of anything, including getting the Secret Service to miss a would be assassin, think not, do you remember Latin America not two years ago or so with the Secret Service getting serviced instead of servicing? Even tried to get out of paying the ladies for their work. You can’t make this stuff up, people of that quality can be gotten too! Do you remember if any of those agents went to jail? There is so many ways to harm Mr. Trump and I’m sure its being discussed in backrooms of the oligarchy. If they harm him there will be hell to pay in the streets of America.

    • Linda L.

      You’re right about Cruz, who’s apparently in bed with the Neocons. If one does some digging, it’s discovered that he really isn’t who he pretends to be. These pack of wolves are betting that if Hillary doesn’t win, then they’ll have Cruz as a back-up, and this is why they’re pushing so hard right now to destroy Trump’ s reputation. I think that Ben Carson sees the light.

    • SusyQ

      I am not sure where you are getting the information that Heidi Cruz is a CFR member. Please check their membership list (open to the public on the CFR website) and you will NOT see her name. Yes, they do have a secret list only open to the members of CFR, so unless you are a member of CFR there is no way you would know who is on that list. Just because she is associated with GS doesn’t automatically make her a member of CFR. Please show some proof.

  24. Southern Girl

    I have said this before…wish you would do nightly news. I love your WNW’s. You help point our what a lot of us miss. I don’t believe much of what I read in our local communist paper. I only watch the local news for weather.

    Got to love the RUN FORREST RUN!!! I really believe the reason we cannot wake up the sheeple is because they don’t want to see reality.

    My youngest sister who is in her mid 40’s is now going through college to become an RN. Husband just came back from his 15th deployment and I think this may be the one where he retires. Oldest son has a degree but cannot commit to Air Force just yet…was taught at college that we just need to kill all the old people and get rid of special needs people. We don’t need them anyway. Second son, should be in jail. Stole all the jewelry I gave her plus all her jewelry for drug money. She calls and said, “He is threatening to kill me and lock me out of the house.” Talk to her today well that son is back in the house. They only called the cops on him 6 times last week. WHAT??? Only daughter is not even 21 yet my sister told her to stay with a man who is 30??? Oh!, He is wearing his pj’s to bed so they don’t do anything. WHAT?? She has pimped her only daughter out to a man she thinks has money. Oh! and this daughter is special needs…remember the older brother thought she should be knock off. If this is a normal family well welcome to hell.

    • Jan

      Sorry to hear about your sister’s family. I can see why you are so upset. I think most people with a large extended family know of relatives who take advantage of their parents or other relatives if they’re allowed to. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

      My brother “Joe”, a hard-working truck driver in Indiana whose 2-level brick home is fully paid for, married “Jean” a few years after losing his first wife to brain cancer. They were good parents whose only child is a top student, and in fact, will be graduating college this May. Jean is loving and good to Joe, but 2 of her 3 sons were used to taking advantage of her because they never finished high school and can’t hold a regular job. She had been sharing a trailer-home with those two. After she married Joe, she still let her sons live in it for free until it needed repairs and she had to either pour money into it or sell it, so she sold it. One of her sons is on disability due to mental issues so they are letting him live with them until he can save for a place to live. Another son gets by on a string of under-the-table cash-only contract jobs. He got a 3rd woman pregnant even though he can’t keep up with child support for his first two. After the baby was born, they moved in with Joe and Jean. Jean had to buy formula and feed the baby because the baby’s mother was too lazy to prepare and feed the baby a bottle once the baby was eating meals in a high chair. At Christmastime (2014), Joe found out this excuse-for-a-mother was stealing Jean’s meds (for the aftermath of a hip replacement infection). Joe wanted evict her, but Jean pleaded to gave her one more chance and be together for the baby’s first Christmas. So this woman got her second chance, but then in February, Joe noticed that she had tampered with Jean’s meds. He threw her out right then. Her husband had to pack up her things. I believe Jean was lucky to marry Joe because he sticks up for her and her boys know it. Frankly, she wouldn’t be alive if not for Joe because he is vigilant with her care.

      Sadly, if your brother-in-law suffers with PSTD or issues after all those tours, it sounds like your sister and kids would seriously undermine his health. It’s a real shame. So many people are blind to the effects of their poor choices and therefore, never make any substantive changes.

      • Southern Girl


        Yours story resonates with me…I am sure all of your family is glad your brother was there for Jean.

        I believe my sister just keeps making excuses for the second son who should be in jail. I just realized that this has been going on for about 7 years…she will never make that son do anything. He never grew up after he started skipping school as a sophomore. My dad would be furious with how she does not make him accountable…they just continue to enable him. He will never become anything unless he ends up in jail….needs to spends time thinking.

  25. George Sor'ouch!

    Flowerpot barrage stops Turkish man killing wife

    AFP 4 hrs ago

    A Turkish man was stopped from killing his wife on Friday by a hail of flowerpots thrown by neighbors from their balconies, local media reported. Violence against women is on the rise in Turkey, with an average of two murdered every day. Turkish feminist groups have accused the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of trying to impose strict Islamic values and curbing women’s civil liberties.

    Erdogan’s on to something. If he could impose Sharia law, one step beyond Turkey, it would take off throughout the whole inhabited earth! Thus shoring up the female population in heaven! Increasing the heavenly virgins, for the Muslim men who lose their lives in martyrdom, committing holy acts of deadly violence! When no one is left on earth we would truly be able to say, the religion of peace! Think how peaceful Gina Macaroni, no more war! But who Gina, if no ones left in the flesh [the meek] would inherit the earth? But of course Gina, the Martian! As president you could get a Russian space ship from your reset buddy Putin, [get Wall st. to pay for] before total Muslim peace on earth and meet and marry our Martian astronaut and then go on to fulfill bible prophecy!

    King James Bible
    For evildoers shall be cut off [The earth they will inherit will be six feet by three feet by six feet deep!!!] : but those that wait upon the LORD, they shall inherit the earth.

    Live happily ever after Gina, just name your first boy George, King George!

    • George Sor'ouch!

      King James Bible
      For evildoers shall be cut off: but those that wait upon the LORD, they shall inherit the earth. [Forgot from;] ~ ◄ Psalm 37:9 ►

  26. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great wrap-up with most of the bases covered. The Richard Fisher line about Heroin, Cocaine and Ritalin is disturbing. The folks running the Fed are supposed to be smart folks and yet they describe it in terms of getting the market hooked on drugs. If they’d gamed it out realistically they would have seen this outcome. They probably did see this outcome but they needed to buy time for their friends/family to transfer wealth and now they have stuck us with a junkie-like economy. The crash when it goes cold turkey will be ugly.

    An article I found interesting was:
    in that it appears “the reason Donald Trump is performing well in the GOP race for president is because his voters are uninformed and not engaged in the process.”
    Really? Not engaged? Because we don’t like Ted-who-speaks-out-of-both-sides-of-his-mouth-Cruz we are “uninformed”???

    Ted is choosing to call us low-information voters, rather than voters who have looked around and decided we prefer Trump, who has actually built real things rather than right policy and vote on bad legislation. I suppose though that were I in Ted’s position, I would prefer to characterize opposition voters as low information rather than informed voters who simply don’t like Ted.

    Have a great weekend, looking forward to Monday.

    • Russ

      doh! “write” policy — synonyms sheesh

  27. Trude B.

    Persian Gulf States At War in Yemen; Syria Update. Gregory R. Copley, Editor, GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs. 3/10/16

    Persian Gulf States At War in Yemen; Syria Update. Gregory R. Copley, Editor, GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs.


    “Yemeni Shi’a officials — led by Mohammed Abdel-Salam, the Houthis’ main spokesman and a senior adviser to Houthi leader Abdel-Malek al-Houthi — were in Saudi Arabia on March 8, 2016, to begin exploratory talks with the Kingdom aimed at bringing the war in Yemen to a close. The fact that the talks were underway was significant and pointed to the perception in Riyadh that the war needed to be brought to an end before irreparable damage was done to the Saudi economy and to the political viability of the leadership group around Deputy Crown Prince and Minister of Defense & Aviation, Prince Mohammed bin Salman. But both Saudi Arabia and its key strategic opponent, Iran, made it clear that they were still able to raise the stakes in the conflict. Brig.-Gen. Masoud Jazayeri, Iran’s Deputy Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, said that Iran could support the Houthis as it has similarly backed Syrian Pres. Bashar al-Assad, noting that “The Islamic Republic … feels its duty to help the people of Yemen in any way it can and to any level necessary.”…”


    “Turkey’s Pres. Reçep Tayyip Erdoğan was, by the first week of March 2016, redoubling efforts to survive politically by continuing to oppose Syria, Israel, Russia, Iran, and Turkey’s own Kurdish population and domestic opposition. The war against the Kurds had escalated dramatically, despite the partial ceasefire brokered in Syria by the Russian and US governments.

    And Ankara had alienated all its remaining allies except Saudi Arabia and Qatar by a range of its actions.

    These actions included the draconian step of closing, by force on March 5, 2016, the main opposition newspaper, Zaman, the largest-circulation daily in Turkey, thereby compounding the now near-total suppression of independent journalism in the country, along with the imprisonment of key critics in the judiciary, military, and other sectors. Turkey was in as near a lockdown as Germany had become shortly after Adolf Hitler came to power.

    Erdoðan’s actions, culminating with the press latest crackdown, have a sound basis in his fear that he and his Government are now at a tipping point of either collapse or success, depending on how he plays his hand. Criticism of his latest actions by the European Union (EU), noting that his suppression of the media jeopardized Turkey’s accession to the EU, were, by early March 2016, of such low concern because his first priority was the survival of his Government and the survival of the territorial integrity of the State….”

  28. Country Codger

    Hello Greg,
    Great report. IF, and I do mean “IF” North Korea has minutarized a nuclear warhead that it critical. When we tested warheads in the Nevada desert our test package was so large it took 4 Kenworth or Marmon trucks in tandem in front to pull and 3 or 4 in the rear to push the test warhead. The trailer had about 50/4 tired (dually) axles to carry the warhead to the insertion hole to test. Obviously, you cannot put a warhead of this size on any delivery system.

    If North Korea has minutarized it means that NK has a nuclear weapon that will fit on a missile or ICBM. It has nothing to do with a “tactical Nuke”. Minutarization is the next step to placing a warhead on a delivery system, whether it is a missile ICBM or even something as small as a Davy Crockett. So, please do not limit your thinking to a tactical nuke, i.e. Davy Crockett.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you CC for taking me to school. Great info and I thank you.

  29. Bridget Doherty

    See you later Nancy Davis, you were one tough bird. The boys will play, but behind every successful man their is always a woman. Thank you for straightening out Ronnie. We loved you and still do, always and forever. . X X X

  30. Spanky

    Unfortunately, I think you are wrong about Hillary’s email and private server scandal. First, unless the FBI does something soon, no one in the Obama administration will need to make any decision regarding her case. Secondly, as I understand it, even if the FBI recommends indicting her, the Attorney General can always decide to appoint an independent prosecutor to handle the case, which can take years to resolve. moreover, even if the case does get assigned to an independent prosecutor, there is a chance the charges can be reduced to misdemeanors (someone please correct me if I am wrong). Lastly, there is a distinct possibility that Hillary is so well connected that she may immune from any and all prosecution. Let’s face it, the US is not that far removed from becoming/being a nation”of the powerful, for the powerful, and by the powerful.”

    • Greg Hunter

      I made two predictions. One when the race first started and Hillary was beating anyone in an imaginary GOP field. I said she will not be president. The other prediction I made several months ago and that was she would be indicted. at least one of those predictions will come true and I think both will. We will see, that’s why they play the games. Thank you for your comment.

      • Mohammad


        Here is my prediction:

        1-Since Bush (for now) is out it is Hillary.
        2-She will stand to say the oath of presidency in DC.
        3-She will be handcuffed by the FBI (her server key figure who was granted immunity TESTIFIED and a Judge order is issued) just before saying the oath.
        4-Obama declares HE IS THE PRESIDENT for a third term.
        There is a precedent … ROOSEVELT…..!!!!
        5-The supreme court (missing Judge Scalia) will sway the vote to Obama with the newly Obama appointed Supreme Judge.

        Voila … OBAMA for a third term…..!

        And no …Trumpet is not going to be a president.


        She will be indicted

        • Greg Hunter

          Welcome back and we will see. I don’t think Hill will be jailed because of all the top secret stuff that cannot be displayed in open court but President she will not be.

          • JC Davis

            Greg she will be the first would be convict to be president. It is possible in this world of criminals.

          • Silence is Golden

            Wow. That’s a transformational change in opinion. What has changed your POV on Hillary not being indicted ? Up until very recently you have been on a rampage against her and stating in your opinion, she will be jailed. Is the recognition of how this band of thieves and criminals works, providing clear insight into how defenceless we really are against this powerful oligarchy and how corrupt the whole system is ? Have you concluded they will protect her at all costs?

            • Greg Hunter

              I still think she will be indicted but I am leaving the possibility open that she my only be charged. Either way she will not be president. My main premise is Obama cannot take a chance on her being president with the hate between them. The arrows are clearly coming from him although he’d like to play stupid–he’s not and she’s done.

    • dbcooper

      And as you write it is looking as though Fennicum was tazed before he was murdered. DB.

  31. dslarsen


    You and I have some differences which I won’t get into. I just wanted to say that before I tell you I have *mad love* for you thanks to your honest reporting and truthful opinions.

    I wish you were running USAToday or CNN.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you DLarsen for your kind words and support. I like my new role in exposing their hypocrisy and their non-journalism “journalism.”

  32. Peter

    Tonight I witnessed a new low for this country.
    Protesters at the Trump Rally proved that the left or progressives
    will not tolerate free speech. Trump is the last hope
    for the USA at this point and I hope he is elected president.
    Ted Cruz even joined the left in criticizing Trump, which was very
    sad to see. Fortunately, Ben Carson spoke out on behalf of Trump.
    If anyone thinks these protesters would vote for Ted Cruz or are good for America, they are delusional!

    • frederick

      Cruz will stoop to any new low to demonize Trump Its all hes got and people can see right through that draculas pathetic strategy Will backfire on him From the comments İve read it already has BİGTİME he is toast as is the Hildebeast come November if not sooner

      • RTW

        Of course Cruz is going to attack Trump. He’s campaigning for the same job. It’s how our politics work. You check your soul and conscious at the door and you jump into the mud.

    • Tin foil hat

      On the contrary to what you witnessed last night, I saw a new beginning for this country. The left has never tolerated free speech and branded anything they don’t like to hear, “Hate Speech”. What they did last night was nothing new. What is new is that people were fighting back and refused to be silenced anymore.
      It’s funny that the MSM is blaming Trump for this awakening. The liberals want leaders like the ones in Europe whom rather have their women groped and raped than standing up for theirs rights.

    • Tommy

      They call him a hitler and and every ‘ist’ word in the dictionary, yet it is they who organize riots in order to disrupt, intimidate and assault people who do not share their world view. It is time to defund these no free speech zones laughingly called institutions of higher learning.

  33. Justn Observer

    Greg — The noose tightens for Hillary is seems…

  34. vincent_g

    ISIS , Taliban and others are not countries and therefore are not subject to rules of the Geneva Conventions.
    The Geneva Conventions were designed to apply penalties to Leaders and Military Leaders of a Country.

    These groups such as ISIS are gangs that have run wild in a country.
    The country that harbors them are responsible for them.
    The problem is international laws are setup for countries that are civilized and many of these middle east countries are not.
    In addition there are countries that promote and support such groups as ISIS.
    Additional laws need be created that place severe penalties on those leaders either military or political that are found guilty of supporting any group such as ISIS for any reason.

  35. James Hastings

    I have a question. Has anyone looked at the time frame, that stocks move laterally, before they drop radically? Is there an average time, in weeks, the market tends to tread water before it collapses. Based on the last three market drops?

  36. Justn Observer

    THE HEIDI CRUZ COMMENTS… CFR? — close enough !

    Sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations in association with the Canadian Council of Chief Executives and the Consejo Mexicano de Asuntos Internacionales.
    HEIDI S. CRUZ is an energy investment banker with Merrill Lynch in Houston, Texas. She served in the Bush White House under Dr. Condoleezza Rice as the Economic Director for the Western Hemisphere at the National Security Council, as the Director of the Latin America Office at the U.S. Treasury Department, and as Special Assistant to Ambassador Robert B. Zoellick, U.S. Trade Representative. Prior to government service, Ms. Cruz was an investment banker with J.P. Morgan in New York City.


  37. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    A thousand blessings Greg. Man, you’re on fire. Thank you!

  38. red

    Sadly Greg the USA has descended into the politics of the Old order. Violent disruption and the world of the provocateur, the world of Hegel a world of absolute idealism, where collectivist mentality would transcend “common sense” cultural & intellectual Marxism, a mind set Kierkegaard argued, pleaded with the church to discourage, a genius ignored. This from his words on “love” …”Only superficial, impetuous passionate people, who do not understand themselves and for that reason naturally are unaware that they do not know others, judge precipitously. Those with insight, those who know never do this”. Soren Kierkegaard

  39. art barnes

    Greg, well now the communist and the demogods, including the republicats are now doing what ever they can to silence Trump, and Cruz & Rubio say Hillary really wants to go against Trump, yea Cruz & little Marco and I own the Golden Gate Bridge and will sell it to you for a song! Look, Trump will be Hillary and or Bernie’s worst nightmare and they know it. The Chicago rally which didn’t happen do to the protest will put votes into Trump’s camp in both Ohio & Illinois. p.s. Hey Gov. Kasicky, old political hacks like you are just the reason this country is where it is today; ie., in the toilet, and now you want another promotion, arrogant to say the least!

  40. Joseph Diekemper

    As I read these posts, it reminds me of the sad state of our corrupt and polarized country. Any objective student of history can see that we are in a fateful decline. I served as a Captain for Pan Am in Europe and Asia for many years. In those days the decent people I met on private excursions expressed the hope and belief in American leadership. While now, we are held in derision by most…I remember the words of an elderly waiter I encountered in a Western -favored restaurant in communist Prague …when I told him that was an American…with tears forming in his eyes he said : “Oh, how LUCKY you are…the hope of the world”. ZAMASS

  41. Charles Turner

    Greg, thank you for your honest and direct reporting. I watch your channel every week and recommend it to friends in the UK. I know you have a healthy disrespect and mistrust for RT as it is a state sponsored Russian channel. However, if you have a spare 30 minutes this weeks edition of Donald Trump versus the Neo Cons is worth a watch. It is very interesting to get a Russian perspective on it and how their views on people like Hilary Clinton are not to dissimilar to those that are getting enlightened as to American politics.

  42. Don

    Greg, make know mistake in thinking that Iran won’t be attacked by the west or Israel, or both, and for that matter N. Korea. In 1945 when Korea was divided, north and south, the west didn’t get a western controlled central bank established in N. Korea, to establish control of there monetary system, also Iran also hadn’t been concord by western central banking. This was part of the plan in the NWO agenda. Look for both to be attacked or some sort of coo to take place. Cuba, and Syria were the only ones left of the nations that hadn’t had a western controlled central banks. I’ve written my senator an ask how is it that a presidential candidate, can be running for such a high office and be under criminal investigation. The thought of Hilary having so much support by US citizens, blow my mind, where is the common since of the public. Another dilemma is Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. The public, even those who are conservative are choosing Trump over Cruz, which tells me that a revolution in the republican party is taking place, and the established politicians are not liking it. We got a confessed socialist and a out right criminal running in the democratic party and the republican party, believing that conservatism is all they need to win. I tried voting conservatively and what I got was a furtherance of the police state, more liberties taken away, bigger government, aggressive unconstitutional wars, banking bailouts, at the expense of the American public, continued treasonist acts of international treatise that give away our sovereignty, more jobs moving over sea’s, know wage increases for a decade or more, and the list goes on. Trump, has come from know where, and is the main threat to the NWO. By talking of renegotiating trade deals, stopping immigration flows, and securing our borders, and restoring prosperity, he has stuck the heart of the intended open border policy found in NAFTA, and sharing the wealth of the nation with every trading partner. He stands for thinking of the US citizen first, and the UN and NWO can’t stand it. I personally believe his life is in danger. Well good job on the wrap up as always, with the reminder of God’s in control. I love it. Farewell

    • Greg Hunter

      Iran and North Korea are NOT good guys here, and yes God is in control! Thank you for weighing in.

  43. Sayonara

    Great WNW as usual. The take away this week is the magnitude of the institutional criminal economic and political corruption in this country.
    Hillary is getting away with a level of criminal corruption that would land anyone else in prison for the rest of their lives and the MSM is actively promoting her and covering up her corruption.
    Donald Trump like him or not is very smart and has accomplished many great achievements and has been tremendously charitable in an honest and legal way. Yet the MSM and establishment elites detest him unlike anything I have ever seen before. They detest individualism, especially those who have been economically successful on their own.
    The Federal Reserve now admits to blatantly manipulating markets and allowing the TBTF banks to get away with criminality. Again no one will go to jail.
    If I so much as violate a small law, I will be brutally punished.
    Given the tyrannical police state direction this country is heading, I have come to the conclusion that the advent of electronic data technology has neutered the intellect of the average American and simultaneously created the tools for the government to completely and tyrannically control and oppress the population and destroy our constitutional rights. It is only starting to get ugly.

  44. Anna

    Let’s have another Boston Tea Party only this time everyone throw their ‘stupid’ phones in the nearest body of water. Now that would shake things up. (All my dreams, like everyone writing in Rand Paul for President, go unfulfilled.) As for Hillary her confidence is worrisome, you might think she knows she has a ‘get out of jail’ card, and for her to say straight up “It’s not going to happen” in reference to her being indicted. Wow. It will be very interesting to see what ultimately happens to her. Great report Greg, thumbs up!

  45. Gil

    Hi Greg… I want to thank you for spreading some truth of what is going on behind the journalistic scenes! You do a great job… However you are only touching a very small tip of the iceberg on what is wrong behind the scene… you of course must know that ‘all’ media are rigged by the elites and the msm are unable to speak their minds as freely as they would like too… they have to tow the line or face very undesirable consequences such as getting murdered!

    On Hitlery… I posted before that she is a very powerful woman and has unlimited resources to protect herself from her enemies(it really is disgusting and angering) but until the shadow government is forced out the neocons will prevail and do their evil biddings. In has much you think that the O hates her… he is powerless to throw her to the wolves and furthermore I think she has some kind of truth bomb hanging over O’s head when it comes to Benguazi!
    If she sinks so does he! So it is why I am sorry to say I think she will not be indicted! Furthermore if Trump gets the nomination… he will have to find a way to unrig the voting platform to defeat her.

  46. Oxfarmer

    Since the Cruz name keeps coming up, I think the base he is angling for, Evangelical Christians, should beware. This man is not a traditional Christian, he is a Dominionist, a heresy that says certain men will take over the major systems (governments, education, etc.) and when the earth is perfect, hand it over to the Lord Jesus. He can’t come until then (!) Doesn’t sound much like God, does He? Cruz’s backers are Rick Joyner and Kenneth Copeland, as well as Glenn Beck, who, of course, is no traditional Christian either. His views and Dominionists have a lot in common, so their alliance is no surprise. Video for Copeland was on Drudge this week. Cruz’s father is an open Dominionist, video also widely available. Do your homework and don’t assume that when people open the Bible, they mean what you mean by it.

  47. Josepi

    HRC goes back to the Nixon impeachment. No new news here… I would like to know the list of names of the 700+ FBI files found with HRC fingerprints on them.
    All on the list should be considered compromised.
    John Roberts? Mitch McConnell? Bayner??? It would answer many questions.
    Keep up the good work, just not too good….Capishe?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Josepi.

  48. Concerned about Truth

    Hey Greg, I believe you are doing a great service to the people with this website. I would like to bring to your attention a bit of what looks to me to be misinformation which has serious consequences. In the story this week about the the Iranian missle test and the slogan that was supposedly printed on the missle about wiping out Israel. I know that past leaders in Iran have voiced this opinion. The mainstream media made the slogan on the missle the main focus of the story. The main source of this “slogan story” is one Jewish blogger who put it out on twitter, great source eh. A search of Aljazzera news shows photos of the the missle being launched from an unknown location, very clear photos, no inscription, posing Iranian scientists – no Jewish observers. This whole story is Jewish anti-Iranian propaganda. It is an example of what is wrong with the msm and should be left to them.

    • Greg Hunter

      Concerned about the truth,
      If you really are then tell it. You sais “The main source of this “slogan story” is one Jewish blogger who put it out on twitter.” That is a preposterous lie an not how the news even in the MSM is gathered. The real truth is you are a anti Israel basher spreading disinformation.

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