Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.7.14

Crimea News, ObamaCare Plan Deadline Extended and MoreBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

President Obama called the Crimean parliament vote “to enter into the Russian Federation” a “violation of international law.”  President Obama announced sanctions on anyone “violating the sovereignty of Ukraine” or “stealing the assets of the Ukrainian people.”  The Russians said earlier in the week they would dump dollars and Treasury bonds and also seize Western assets if sanctions were imposed.  Well, it is definitely game on.  Last week, Russia invaded Crimea and took control of the airport and seaport, the home of the Russian Black Sea fleet.  I think this is looking more and more like a U.S. policy blunder than anything else.  It has been reported the U.S. spent $5 billion to support the protesters who succeeded in removing the pro-Russian president of Ukraine from office.  My question:  What did the Obama Administration think Russia was going to do?  Even in checkers, you think a few moves ahead; and, clearly, the U.S. did not anticipate the Russian reaction. 

Military action is already off the table according to NATO.  The U.S. is having a hard time coming up with European countries that would sanction Russia.  The UK has said no to Russian sanctions.  Germany and France are not keen on sanctioning Russia either.  Russia supplies 25% of the natural gas to the EU.  Look at this headline, this week, in the USA Today.  It reads “U.S. Leverage Over Putin Limited.”  Didn’t they know this before they spent billions to destabilize Ukraine?  This seems like a poorly thought out plan that has blown up.  Russia has a strategic naval base in Crimea.  It is the home of the Black Sea Russian Fleet.  Did the U.S. think that Russia would just let that go?  There is also an issue of gas pipelines running through the country and gas reserves in Western Ukraine.  If the plan was to create a global crisis that would eventually lead to dollar dumping to blame the collapse of the U.S. financial system on the Russians, then your plan may be working. 

Look at how this story is being spun in USA Today earlier this week.  Russia took a big financial blow after the invasion.  So, Putin dialed back the rhetoric and paused.  The headline says “Putin Blinks.”   The more appropriate headline is buried in the story.  This line says “Others warn this is no retreat by the Russian leader.”  This is far from over and will continue to be a top story in the weeks and months ahead.  Dr. Jim Willie calls the Ukraine crisis the U.S. dollar Waterloo.  He’ll be on early next week. 

The Israelis intercepted a load of long range rockets before they were delivered to Hamas in Gaza.  According to Israel, these rockets would have been a “game changer.”  They have a 125 mile range and have a much bigger payload than the rockets Hamas has previously fired into Israel.  You think this might be a reason Israel is nervous about Iran enriching uranium? 

The embattled IRS official at the heart of targeting Tea Party groups has, once again, plead the 5th to multiple questions from Congress.  It is not a surprise that Lois Lerner did not want to incriminate herself, even though the President said recently there was “not a shred of evidence” of wrongdoing. What is a surprise is there was very little coverage by the MSM (mainstream media).  This is a major violation of the First Amendment, and the MSM is just shrugging this off.  It is how the MSM deals with negative stories it does not like.  The MSM lies by omission.   

Finally, if you like your health care plan, you can keep it—for one more year.  This is yet another delay to Obama Care.  It allows people to keep what the government calls non-compliant or no- frill plans.  Yeah, no-frills, like free abortions or pre-natal care that men have to pay for, same as women.  This is a political ploy to try to keep Democrats in the Senate from being voted out.  It’s not going to work.  If Obama Care is so good, then why all the delays?  I have said it before and I’ll say it again, the Democrats lied as a party to jam this through, and they are still lying. 

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Prickly

    On Ukraine
    Maybe, just maybe, the purpose of the American intervention into Ukraine is not to separate them from the Russian sphere but to cause sufficient rift between the Europeans and the Russians that trade embargos open a gateway for American gas into Europe???
    As a watchful observer of geopolitics from the bottom end of the geo I have to say that I doubt very much that American foreign policy is incompetent and ham fisted. Its much more likely that things are unfolding exactly as they are intended to.!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      You may be correct. I think the way they are going about it is very dangerous and full of ways for the plan to backfire. Thank you for the comment.

      • Joel

        I considered this too, after reading about it in another article. However, given the lack of success with recent coups, I doubt this one will turn out any better for the west. Their record isn’t so hot.

        • Geo. T (Formerly George)

          I nominate this for “Understatement” of 2014

    • Joey Romanus

      If this is the case, then I wonder if enough of the American herd will understand Obama’s lack of concern for Americans, thus, evoking dissent when natural gas providers keep increasing the price of gas to them, but Obama ships American fracked gas to oligarchs in Ukraine, when such fracked gas has contaminated U.S. water, yet, there is no compensation to American people harmed by the fracking. What will state-worshipping neo-hippies say when the environment keeps getting harmed while their gas bills go up?

    • JC Davis

      Prickly you are exactly right. There is a war among the oligarchs, and Putin, and Obama work for the same banksters. It is a plan A for transference to the SDR for both countries.

    • Galaxy 500

      If you are correct, these bozos are more insane that my wildest dream. We cant get them any gas for years.

    • Galaxy 500

      It appears Obama has banned export of LNg

      • Jura

        Sure he did! As he knows statistics & prongnossis!
        There is not enough gas in the USA to keep it smoothly going.

        Here in eastern EU we’ d love to diversify the sources of the fuel. But.. there is no american gas available. Aand Russians by lying the Nord Stream pipeline have blocked Baltic ports for LNG the supertankers :-(.

    • emeniag

      To0 right! Pricky.

  2. Galaxy 500

    Great wrap up Greg. Obama talks about violating international law when he is violating the US constitution.

  3. bob

    you hit it right on, greg. i would like to see you interview somebody who would brake down more of this obamacare and what this is going to do to the country. you summed it up in a nut shell, but there is so much more. one example. my wife worked for a school district driving a bus, the district is looking to drop their health coverage for the employees
    to get obamacare. they only make about 800 a month. off the subject, the district just put in a $750,000 football field for 4 games. as for as the rest of the world, they are finished with us. we will go down, but it will be with war.

    • Chip

      Obama violated international law many times over…

  4. Galaxy 500

    While the Obamachrist said people could keep their plan, a lot of insurance companies and/or state insurance commissioners didn’t play along last time. I think that it will be the same this time. And did you miss the buried report that only a miniscule number of previously uninsured had enrolled in Obamacare?

    • Greg Hunter

      Senator Kay Hagan = poof! Gone after November 2014.

    • Jerry

      Insurance policies are contracts not lollipops. Unfortunately a person who’s only job was to be a community organizer would never know that. Its a joke. Just try and get something reversed from the government and see how far you get.

      • Galaxy 500

        What is amazing is Obama by passed all his Silicon valley buds and hired a company with a track record of incompetent. I am sure that Michelle being a former roommate of one of the companies VIPs had nothing to do with it. But if your legacy is incompetent, maybe you don’t know any better. Its not like Obama had any real successes before he became President. ..or while Pres.
        Its like the atheists claiming to suffer from the 911 CROSS!??!?! How is that possible when you don’t believe in crosses?

        • Charles H.

          Galaxy 500,

          Because “the offense of the Cross” is not because they have no belief in it: it is because what they believe in is it’s anti-thesis. It is an offense because they don’t AGREE with it, or what it means. I don’t agree with the “rainbow symbol”, because I know what it stands for: but I don’t cry and scream and complain to have it removed from public display. People demanding removal of such symbols are being uncivil and mean spirited. I consider it a form of Bigotry.

          As to competence – that was the bath-water that went out with the baby of Education. Position and pay is all that matters now – nothing more.

      • JC Davis

        Jerry …LOVE IT ! This is why I don’t take the govie help I need, and qualify for. I would rather Die then trade my conviction. Obamanocare is immoral. So is SSI if the receiver can do any work. Hopefully I can make it to 70 years old before I am forced to take govie help.

        • Paul from Indiana

          I have to say that the system is rigged to force us to take “govie help”. Anybody who buys milk at a supermarket is taking “govie help” as the price of the milk is subsidized by the Dept. of Agriculture. Any of us who file tax returns and take deductions and/or credits are taking “govie help”. It’s unavoidable, I’m afraid. And it will get worse before (if ever) it gets better. At this point, survival needs to be the primary focus. Best always to this site’s participants.

  5. Smaulgld

    Great update Greg
    Interesting that the US wants to use sanctions against Crimea;shades of Jimmy Carter-too bad the Olympics are over!

    Here is a story of a very successful California medical center/hospital that made $500 million in 2012 but lost $22 million in 2013 and it wasn’t because of the weather http://www.bizjournals.com/sanfrancisco/blog/2014/03/sutter-posts-2013-operating-loss.html

  6. Fraser

    Paul Craig Roberts, at the age of 75 on 3-Apr[l-2014. seems to be the only American with a clear understanding of the Ukraine. He condemns Obama’s actions and yet he is a strong patriot. In the last century, there has been few better political contributions in the service of his country and in this century his website http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/‎ has provided important contributions to global thinking and society.

    It therefore greatly disturbs me that he is now speaking in the following terms:

    “War will be the result of the ignorance, gullibility, and stupidity of the American population, its prostitute media, and the hegemonic ambitions of the evil neoconservatives. The corrupt rulers of Europe will sell out their peoples for American money until they are all vaporized in nuclear explosions.

    The total corruption of truth, integrity, and morality that Washington has imposed on the Western world has aligned the West with the powers of Darkness and death. No greater evil exists than the government of the United States.”


    With this clear warning, I think it is now the moral responsibility of every American citizen to (belatedly) GET OFF THEIR ARSE and erect signs and join protests to IMPEACH OBAMA. Then elect a decent set of leaders who can solve America’s problems without resorting to corruption, theft and global destruction.

    With the “American threat” diminished, it may then be possible for the rest of the world to dismantle their military and use the money saved to finally solve the problems of poverty and hunger.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dr. PCR will be on soon.

      • Rodster

        Looking forward to it, he’s one of my favorites. Make sure it’s a LOOOOOOOOONG interview Greg ! 🙂

        Eric King ran several of his interviews and asked Dr. Roberts about Gold. I loved PCR, response. To paraphrase “Eric we have more important things to worry about like a nuclear war and eliminating life on this planet. Gold won’t matter at that point”

      • Fraser

        Agreed we should wait for that. But please ask the question “what we can do” and if he says “jump” – then we should – because this is getting more than serious!

  7. allen ols

    Greg, NICE, WEEK, John Williams, inter view, short and to the point, inflation!

    G5 YOU said;

    GALAXY 500 03/06/2014 •
    Sorry just got to your “might sound ludicrous”.
    How about J. Verne predicting nuclear subs. I don’t think it sounds ludicrous…it sounds like the posts professing that America is being run by the Nazi extraterrestrials. Mach 21 is about 5 miles/sec , last time I checked we were having problems with Mach 15 😉
    I read a lot of sci-fi but I am going to have to put this in the “no chance in Hell ” category.
    As you know, I don’t have to agree with my friends on everything. After all, what fun would it be to socialize with people you agreed with on every point?
    We can put a nuke in a brief case as of 15-20 years ago. I am not saying we cannot make small nukes, I saying that there were no nukes used on 911. I have friends that were in the Amex WFC building when 911 happened next door and they somehow survived in the face of all these nukes going off.
    But keep me in the loop, you likely saved me from making a decision based on flawed information or reasoning.

    I SAID;

    allen ols 03/06/2014 •

    did u try googling missle, mach 21?

    MACH 21 – YouTube
    ► 0:55► 0:55
    Jul 1, 2013 – Uploaded by ArmedForcesUpdate
    Russian Topol M WORLDS FASTEST NUCLEAR MISSILE 26,000 KM/H (MACH 21) Missile defense is usless. ArmedForcesUpdate·322 videos

    • Galaxy 500

      Yes I did. Not sure there any real proof it works. Its a ballistic missile and I think all ballistic missiles have to pass mach 21 to get to their target. I know that our hyper sonic waver rider has hit some setbacks. I recall that the Russian s have a much ballyhooed sub missile that is have launch issues.
      Thanks for making me look it up. 😉

      • allen ols


        ak47 most sought after assult rifle world wide,

        sa300 sa400 most sophisicated anti missle defense system in world

        russian blackhole most stealthy sub in world

        ruskies are no fools, we build massive air carriers, destroyers, crusiers, ruskies build cheap, fast solid missles, saves rubles. al

    • Galaxy 500

      I have to say after a lot of reflection and research, you are probably right about people that have food not parting with it unless the are compensated with a ridiculous amount of gold…ok, ill stop hedging and say you right…for the most part.
      If I had 3 months of food and water for me and mine , and we were a few days into uncertainty, I would only trade a days supply of food for one person for an obscene amount of gold or silver. And if were were two weeks into uncertainty, it would take many times more to get just one meal and I am not talking Ruth’s Chris here, just some basic food. The more I think about it, the more I realize only
      a cretin will put his family in jeopardy for gold. Me, I would trade my food for some but the closer I’d get to the end of my stocks, the less inclined I would be, even for a kings ransom.
      Now, the better I am prepared and the closer we are to the beginning, I’d be willing to trade some and assume some risk but the longer thing plod along without resolution, the less likely I will be willing to assume risk.
      I was basing my previous argument from a stance that I won’t be desperate but there are going to be a lot of desperate people that though that having a stock pile of PMs was all the prep they needed. Boy, are they going to have a day of reckoning. And as Mr T says, “I pity the fool” that is a pacifist that makes all the right preparations only to have someone take it all away and likely kill them in the process. I think the only reasonable course is prepare, keep it to yourself and maintain a low profile until things settle somewhat. As much as I pains me to admit I was wrong, consider it done.

    • emeniag

      Crimea ah river. Don’t count on US. military might or missile defense, even close UKR placement.
      MACH-21 Russian TOPOL M, Worlds fastest nuclear missile, 26,00 KM/H
      US. has state of the art drone technology, Ru ski’s missile. Google Sunburn missile

  8. art barnes

    Greg, I have said before, the U.S. was up to its eyeballs in the Ukrainian revolt, and the timing of the ouster during the Olympics enraged Putin, if you noted, Putin waited patiently during the Olympics putting first things first, then he sought payback. Frankly, I thought the timing of the over through was just too coincidental & convenient to be accidental. You don’t use the Olympics of the host country as cover to over through a neighbor, frankly, its underhanded & unethical even in cold war politics, which is where we are once again I’m afraid.
    Wall Street continues marching upward no matter what crisis or economic news, Staples closing 200 stores, etc. CNBC is reporting how good the unemployment numbers are this week as well as last months job creation, touting it as proof of the recovery in real. Have any idea how many times the job creation & unemployment numbers were revised downward a month or so after it was used by the MSM for proof of recovery? – MORE OFTEN THAN NOT! Greg, the U.S. is losing its geo-political world influence quicker than I could have imagined, the Ukraine is an example of that; response: 5 jets into Poland, visa restrictions to hard parting,high rolling & spending Russians, what planet is the State Department living on. The U.S. must accept a divided Ukraine, that is the least of what this will turn out to become. I just wonder what country is next on target for destabilization, oh, yea, the good old United States of America may be high on the list.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Art, you and I agree on a partitioned (for now) Ukraine. But don’t worry about those 200 Staples stores closing–that’s just in response to the bad weather, right? Don’t worry about all those big-bank layoffs. People will be buying houses right after the bad weather, right? Don’t worry about all that over-capacity in the auto manufacturing sector, and the 6+months’ inventory on the dealer lots. That is all just due to 6 weeks of bad weather. Best always to you and yours.

  9. Ugly

    Putin knows how to play Chess, more sophisticated than Checkers, while our Leader(s) are still stuck on ‘Chutes and Ladders’. I think the ineptness of our Leaders are really starting to show. Picking on the World’s poor is easy, but now they are advancing into territory where the foe can fight back. Hopefully there are enough sensible Senate and Congress Leaders that will hold the reins and start making some smarter decisions. All I know is that is there is only minor changes in Nov 2014, you may as well kiss our behinds good-bye….

  10. mohammad


    very enlightening week wrap up as always.
    In a new move by the Saudi Arabia they declare the Moslem Brotherhood a terrorist group, that was on the heel of the tension that is building up between Qatar (the major supporter of MB) and Saudi Arabia.
    My reading is, this is a tension that is building up in the gulf, and it is a move that indicates more trouble expiated to happen in Saudi Arabia that they are trying to strike before the trouble trikes, we need to focus on the coming events there because it seems there is more to it than what appears.


  11. lastmanstanding

    “US spent billions to destabilize Ukraine…a poorly thought out plan that has blown up”

    Who got the money, the $5 bill? Just another robbery of the taxpayer to those in control.

    Every time they pull this shit, I am able to convince another American or 2 of what is going on. A nasty period in American history is coming…and there will be nowhere for ANYONE to hide.

    • Geo. T (Formerly George)

      Considering Obama’s other big money programs that all crashed and burned plus the billions of cash that disappeared in Iraq and Afghanistan, all I can say is Obama is a magician. He makes money go poof

  12. Jerry

    Great news wrap-up Greg. Regardless of what the MSM media says, I think we can all agree that there is more going on in Ukraine than the average dumbed down American would ever know. Since when do we want to take on a super power in their backyard ? Especially one that holds 200 Billion dollars in U.S. Treasury Bonds ? Here we are Greg in another checkmate situation. The Chinese and the Russians have used the Banking Cabal greed in Ukraine as the lynch pin for their new Banking platform. I can’t wait to hear what Jim Willie says.

    For those of you who think this is another ” boy who cried wolf moment” a have a little clip for you.

    Have a great weekend Greg, and buy some more rice.

    • JC Davis

      Jerry. you are exactly right. If I may add. Look at the outcome if the USA had joined Russia in the agreement the USA made to protect the legit government of Ukraine. When you put your reputation on the line you must abide by it. Now as it is Russia may or may not OWN the Ukraine. Either way America will lose.

      • JC Davis

        Video of the year

    • JC Davis

      Video of the year.

  13. mohammad


    Russian’s troops are considered now legal in Crimea after the vote that resulted in seceding Crimea from Ukraine and joining main land Russia, at the same time that puts the Ukraine’s troops in crimea under the category of ” foreign troops on Russian land” and that puts them in danger of being attacked if they do not move to Ukraine main land.


  14. Sara

    Greg, in my opinion, you hit the proverbial nail on the head when you wrote, “If the plan was to create a global crisis that would eventually lead to dollar dumping to blame the collapse of the U.S. financial system on the Russians, then your plan may be working. ” There are only three countries left (Russia, China and Iran) that are not under the control of the elites and their network of central banks, the IMF, BIS, etc. The “problem, reaction, solution” ploy here is exactly what you said — to find a scapegoat to blame for collapsing the present system and replacing it with a global one that has been the goal of the elites all along. Obama is just a puppet who was bought a long time ago. Putin can’t back down because Russia’s right to exist as a sovereign nation is at stake. He signaled that he knew this was coming when he made his annual address to the Russian General Assembly back in mid-December. He spoke openly then about the “West’s intentions” and announced that he would begin a military buildup to prepare for what he felt was coming. China just announced their decision to do similarly today, but their major weapon is a financial one. The “game is on,” and now we are seeing the battle for total control of the world against those who would prefer to remain outside of the elite’s control.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sara for your comment and for adding your analysis to this post.

    • Dwain

      It is an act of desperation by western elites to cover their butts and redirect blame for economic implosion. I think Obama knows exactly what he is doing and knew how Russia would respond. The last thing official sociopaths want is to take the hit for their failed economic policies. The US manufactured Ukraine crisis is indicative of how close we are to going over the financial cliff. Good rule of thumb. War drum beating intensifies the closer we get to the edge.

  15. Brad ONeal

    Your site, your content, and your guest interviews are just fantastic. I too feel like I’ve taken the red pill. Mega props to you for fearlessly revealing the truth. Best regards.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Brad.

  16. Tom

    Here’s a small factoid for you. The Atlas 5 is an expendable launch system for boosting heavy payloads, many military in nature, into orbit. Did you know that the Atlas 5 uses a Russian built RD-180 engine??…….How about that! Should be interesting if the Russians ban the further sale of RD-180 engines to the USA. The Russians are already talking about it……….I guess the joke may be on the USA……


    • Galaxy 500

      WTF? WE PUT people on the moon and we are buying rocket motors from the Russians…. are you kidding me. We deserve what we get. We bust NASA and hire foreigners who steal the designs they work on and take them home. We are a nation of morons governed by fools.

    • Geo. T (Formerly George)

      If this isn’t insanity, I don’t know what qualifies

  17. Ken Alexander

    Hi Greg, You said it has “been reported the US spent 5 billion dollars on protestors”. Reported by who? The US spent 5 thousand million dollars on protestors? Doesn’t that sound a tad inflated? What was that enormous sum spent on? It couldn’t have been box lunches. You have joined the chorus on the right criticizing Obama and there is a lot to criticize. However, as is almost always the case, I have yet to hear any suggestions what to do, just criticism and vague sabre-rattling talk by Republicans. Obamacare may turn out to be the mistake its many critics insist it is. I don’t know. What I do know is the Republicans have not had an alternative and offer nothing but getting rid of Romneyca….er…I mean Obamacare.
    Thank you for the opportunity to express a few of my thoughts.

    • Greg Hunter

      Actually many sources have been quoting Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland that key organizations in Ukraine including the neo-Nazi party Svoboda were generously supported by Washington. Nuland said, “We have invested more than $5 billion to help Ukraine to achieve this and other goals.” This since around 2004.


      • Ken Alexander

        Sorry, Greg, I usually do my research before I comment but I didn’t this time and my ignorance was shown. What is happening is very upsetting and I have purchased “my bag of rice”. There is nothing but darkness at the end of the tunnel.

        • Greg Hunter

          You just don’t know where the end of it is. If you prepare you will have much better chance of making it to the other end.

    • Jerry

      Ken you want a solutions? I’ll give you one, but first lets we review what this administration has done.
      – First they tried Tarp and that didn’t work.
      – Then they tried giving money away by extending unemployment benefits and that didn’t work.
      – And then they started printing money under QE. Great plan?
      If you think things are so great, I guess we can turn that press off tomorrow. Right?
      Here’s the solution I promised you. Buy a bag of rise you’re going to need it.

    • JC Davis

      Ken . I voted for Obama in 08. He promised to free the hands of doctors by having a (waiver) to reduce insurance cost for doctors thereby reducing the patients cost. I had no idea he would try to be a dictator over healthcare. I think he had the right idea going in, in 08. People change when handed undeserved power.

      • Charles H.


        Your point of power changing people is well taken. I know for a fact this happens. Then again, thinking of Sam Walton of Wallmart – he drove his pick-up truck as a multi-Billionaire. (Didn’t he dance on Wall St. in a Hula Skirt for winning a bet?) I think the whole Healthcare Takeover was something the Democrats had in goal and worked on since Hillarycare. And it makes one wonder about Romneycare; and was Romney bought? Any source of power is the object of take-over. The Fed did it with money an hundred years ago. Now the Insurance Industry has done the same through the ACA. I think Obamacare was the price of his presidency from the beginning. He didn’t write it – “you have to pass it to find out what’s in it” is the big clue. Like the MSM has become “Pressititues”: governmental politics has become the highest form of prostitution in Western Culture. (Nice suits… good bennies. Swimming pools… movie stars.)

      • Galaxy 500

        My wife still makes fun of me because she’s a Dem and she voted for McCain and I was a conservative Rep who voted in 2008 for Obama because McCain is a corrupt SOB.
        I really didn’t think he would get elected. I never thought he’d get healthcare thru because I knew it was a socialist ploy for control of the people. Lets just say I am batting 1000 on my assumptions on both of those topics.
        In 2014 I am voting ABD. Anybody but Demoncrat.

        • Galaxy 500

          I believe he was/is and always will be a communist socialist and we were duped by the MSM and a teleprompter.

          • JC Davis

            500, and Charles. I have lost faith in the whole political system. Watching what the RNC did to Ron Paul at the convention broke me. Dems are socialist, Reps are oligarch followers. I cant vote anymore. Romney? Ship High In Transit.

  18. dave

    please consider having Confessions of an Economic Hit Man Paperback author
    John Perkins as a guest. what he did, and what he knows would be incredibly timely in regards to the current situation in Ukraine. undoubtedly, what John used to practice was/is being applied in the Ukraine.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good idea.

    • Chip

      Greg, there is a video of VN bragging about spending $5 billion in Ukraine. These are NOT rumors, this happened and the US was clearly behind the ouster of the former pro-russian leader…

      • Greg Hunter

        If you can find that link please, please post it here!!

        • Sara

          The link to the leaked phone conversation is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSxaa-67yGM (thanks to Paul Craig Roberts for that one!)
          There is a second, related video of a leaked conversation in the zerohedge article analyzing it (article at http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-03-05/behind-kiev-snipers-it-was-somebody-new-coaltion-stunning-new-leak-reveals-truth, video embedded and on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEgJ0oo3OA8.

          This is not being made up or just Republicans trying to find fault with Obama. This is just the latest attempt on the part of the elites (carried out through their hired puppets) at regime change through stealth. Russia was not officially on the list of countries slated to be done away with back in 2001, but the way things went in Syria and Putin’s willingness to call the US on its lawlessness in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, etc. put him as the only government head that is calling the US on their actions, as PCR has pointed out repeatedly.

          I don’t see any way that this can end well, for anyone, and I am glad that at least some people are willing to speak about it for what it really is.

      • lastmanstanding

        Was it this one …www.hangthebankers.com/us-spent-5-billion

        February 14, 2014

  19. Agent P

    We’re playing a dangerous game – and we know it, but the stakes ($USD hegemony) are high, so there really isn’t much of a choice. The United States must not only maintain its currency supremacy, but ~actively~ pursue avenues that ensure its currency $hegemony Expands… This is what happens when a large economy shifts from savings-based financing to debt-based financing as the primary function – and definition, of its economy.

    So much so I would contend, that they (Wall Street-political complex), are willing to take measures right up to and including, a nuclear exchange if they think they can pull it off and maintain financial hegemony over global money flows. Greed does strange things to men…

    • Greg Hunter

      Short and not so sweet comment but very good!

    • JC Davis

      Agent P ( You summed it up perfectly.) One thing I must add. We have the utmost incompetent leaders at the most inopportune time in our history. Thank you Agent P.

  20. Diane Ryan

    Greg, I really look forward to your Friday weekly wrap-ups.

    Maybe I am oversimplifying the Ukraine situation but I believe global elites did not want this dangerous war of word between Putin and Obama. I believe the elites want to usher in a global government following war between Russia (and China) and the US. But they know Russia is not ready. Maybe their puppet Obama took his eyes off their teleprompter and made a foolish play in the Ukraine. It’s possible considering how many nations our government is presently doing its evil work right now.

  21. Rick Shade

    There is more going on than meets the eye. The dollar IS losing it’s world reserve currency status. I think it was planned. They will use smoke and mirrors to disguise it…but the world will have a basket of currencies and through the IMF there will be SDR’s implemented. Your dollar will still be a dollar….but it will lose overnight 40% of its value….and things will get weird here.

  22. Chip

    Nailed it Greg. We need more sites and people like you. Have a good weekend… Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Chip!

  23. John M.

    Greg, looking forward to Jim Willie as he understands the big geopolitical chessboard just like he understands the death of our money and that America is headed for ruin. For those interested specifically about Ukraine, you must also listen to Pat Buchanan, Paul Craig Roberts, and Joel Skousen. America has no strategic interest in Ukraine–period. For that matter, we shouldn’t have been entangled with Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya, etc. etc.
    I completely believe that our American leaders are not “amateurs” or lightweights. They are interchangeable tools (marked with “D’s” and “R’s”) that get their marching orders directly or indirectly from U.S./London/Brussel banking elitists. Only their arrogance may be blinding them to underestimating the military and economic capabilities of China and Russia as the EAST may be operating with a completely different playbook when it comes to establishing the new world currency and the new one-world order.
    I must conclude that Western banksters will do anything to destroy America, which they have done and continue to do in so many other ways already. We should not be shocked if part of their strategy is WW3 in which much of America would be sacrificed to advance their cause of absolute global control of humanity. Many American cities will likely be targeted for nuclear destruction if we tangle with China and Russia, yet this may be an important part of their foolish elitist plan, or the unintended consequences of their actions.
    Why are we to believe that our leaders will suddenly stop when it comes to a senseless war or other false flags? Many of them are liars and traitors anyway, who keep on trying to remove what little good is still left in America.
    I suppose there is still hope as long as we believe in God. But everything sure looks extremely grim.
    Otherwise, have a good week-end!

  24. mohammad


    Is it the fissure in BRICS i talked about? not sure yet, lets see how China’s position materializes later on.


    If any one thinks that China will allow Putin to sink US assets that are collateral to China’s debt then think again!

    I could be wrong, but I sense an alliance between US and China?!

    • JC Davis

      Mohammad I agree with most of your comments. As I am wrong some I think your wrong about China…They will follow the plan that fits them for there benefit. Russia is presently playing the better game. China wants a world currency more then any other country including the good ole USA. Desire=success.
      Russia will deliver.

      • mohammad


        Every time I scratch my head and ask myself why in the world we moved our manufacturing industry to china and not to India not to africa not to M.E. ?
        I link that with what Catherine Austin Fitts was saying all along about the breakaway society and i find me looking at China as an ally and not a foe, is it a wish I have so our debt is to an ally ? am not sure but will see how the world alliances in the coming WWIII are drawn!

      • mohammad

        SUPPORTING my view on CHINA:


        “China draws ‘red line’ on North Korea, says won’t allow war on peninsula”

        I wish Greg if you can boldface the words “red line”

        • Greg Hunter

          I did it.

        • JC Davis

          Mohammad. You could be right. I feel China has a single child mentality. What is mine is mine, and what is yours is mine. Stopping N.K. benefits China in the long run. Why hang a man that just drink poison

  25. Joey Romanus

    A fantastic coincidence of 16 trillion of U.S. dollar assets outside of the country and a $17 trillion U.S. national debt. I wonder what it means?… LOL. Well, if the U.S. could just locate the 7 or 9 trillion dollars mysteriously lost (which was initially reported as $2.3 trillio) leading up to 9/11, then maybe the U.S. government can pay off a good chunck of that debt. Oh, wait, that’s right, the budget analyst office investigating the mysterious loss those mysterious loss of funds at the Pentagon was destroyed by the plane, thereby, stopping the investigation dead in its tracks. Nevermind.

    • Galaxy 500

      Account errors that were reported after 911 too. Who know how much has been misappropriated or sunk into black projects.

  26. Jerry

    How do like this picture? Notice anyone missing?

    Does anyone have a copy of “How To Win Friends And Influence People” they could give to Obama. Or,,,,,,,, maybe he wasn’t invited ?

    • JC Davis

      Obama has a secret weapon Lie, and Distract.

      • JC Davis

        Big gun with no bullets.

        • Galaxy 500

          That what his wife said…..bad a boom

          • JC Davis

            LLLL OOO LLL. Infinity.
            Love it.

  27. Fraser

    I have been following the strike by platinum workers in South Africa, because I believe that if the tiny platinum market on Nymex defaults, then it might quickly follow onto the much larger gold and silver markets on Comex.

    Reading the presstitute media in South Africa, I find it hard to believe that South Africans can be so critical of their workers and at the same time refuse to confront the obvious source of the problem – that the platinum price is being suppressed. Please ask yourself, how can a MONOPOLY supplier lose money UNLESS the price is being rigged against them?

    The “price” set on Nymex only gives the appearance of a fair and active market. But it is actually not, because it is run by and for the big Western banksters and no physical delivery of metal ever takes place. Please look for yourself at http://www.cmegroup.com/tradin…. Notice that there are no contracts open in March and all of April will soon roll into July (just as January was rolled into April before that). But without physical delivery, the “price” is totally fictional. So in fact, they can (and do) set the “price” where ever they want – unchallenged by anyone!

    To get actual physical metal, you have to go to the South African producers who (for some unknown reason) then sell it to you at the fictional price set by Nymex. In this way, fiction becomes reality. At worst you would have to suspect collusion, but at best incompetence. Either way South Africa is being ripped off, big time! (I further note that all platinum producers, such as “Anglo American”, have Western backing).

    So the problem is that despite South Africa being the monopoly supplier of platinum, they have lost control of the pricing mechanism to the American futures markets, which artificially and deliberately set the price below South Africa’s cost of production.

    This has resulted in the mining companies becoming unprofitable, resulting in a loss of taxation revenue for the Government, slave labour conditions for the workers and a massive transfer of wealth to America and Europe.

    The only way to break this cycle is for South Africa to regain control of the pricing mechanism. With-holding platinum supply through a labour strike is only a temporary measure.

    The South African Government (possibly in conjunction with Zimbabwe) needs to set a floor price at which the producers can sell platinum to the West. Only then can the producers make enough money to adequately compensate the labour force and pay taxes for the benefit of the wider population.

    • Fraser

      I suppose the obvious question is how and why this situation has been allowed to go on for so long. Part of the answer is that by separating the price mechanism (Nymex) from the physical delivery (South Africa), a certain level of concealment has been achieved. But there still must be some collusion between the two markets.

      So one (or more) of the following must be true:

      [1] South Africans are not corrupt but are uniformly stupid for failing to recognize both the value and scarcity of platinum and the economic advantage of being a monopoly supplier. In this case, the mining companies are only incompetent for failing to provide a return to shareholders, despite controlling a monopoly business.

      [2] The mining companies are corrupt and are colluding with the Western banks to provide metal at the price they set on Nymex, thus facilitating a massive, tax-free transfer of wealth from South Africa to the West. This possibility is highly likely because the mining companies themselves (such as Anglo American Corp) are owned and controlled by Western interests.

      [3] The South African Government itself is corrupt and has turned a blind eye to this looting, in return for unspecified payments. This possibility also has some merit as, in the past, Government police have intimidated and killed striking miners, forcing them back to work under slave labour conditions. More recently however, the Government has appeared move even handed, which might indicate that this level of corruption (if any) is on the decline. Although pure speculation, pressure from the BRICS nations may be forcing a reduction in South Africa’s collusion with the West.

  28. JC Davis

    Greg I watched your wrap up and said nailed it!
    For the gardeners Al ,Jerry and others I would like to share what a friend on face book said.
    (Elizabeth Barrett) You know you are an RGGS Larry Hall addict when . . .
    You can’t pull the car into the garage because it is filled with lumber, pvc pipe, and 5 gal buckets.
    You can’t walk through ANY store without seeing some product that just might work as an RGGS container.
    You can’t drive past your neighbors without thinking their yard would be perfect for a kiddie pool set up, and just know they would be thrilled if you stopped to tell them about it.
    You can’t walk past your own RGGS garden without tapping at least one float to make sure it is working (even when you know it is).
    You smile when you read someone’s question on the blog about “are the holes really necessary” because you asked that same question once, too.
    You laugh when you also see someone asking “what in the heck” to do with all the plastic disks cut from those same holes. There must be SOME good way to use them.
    You find yourself mumbling GROW, BABY, GROW in your sleep.
    You are ecstatic when rain clouds gather because that means your water storage barrels will soon be full.
    You check the Facebook page more than twice a day because you just don’t want to miss any great info.
    You feel as though Don, Sue, Bud, Chad, Mart and all the others are personal friends, and describe Larry as your garden friend who happens to live in Brainerd, MN.
    You’ve gained weight after joining the group because you find yourself raiding the frig to find things like egg sandwiches, steak n vegies, and sweet rolls. Funny, almost always immediately after seeing a post from Larry !

    • allen ols


      I have barrels, and tanks on standby, my 55gal blue plastic are halved, with holes and I use the blue circle cutouts 4 spacers w/nail holes, to put up sty-foam board, foil back. Nice post. al

      • JC Davis

        Al if I could post pics. I am not much for typing. (Bio char) is the future for gardeners. Last year I had a 16 ft tomato plant.

        • allen ols


          searching all info on bio-char, tks

      • Galaxy 500

        I just have beautiful black dirt and horse manure. It’ll have too do as this is my first foray at gardening and working in a chicken coop.

    • Jerry

      Good stuff JC.
      I have a large hot tub I plan to use for drinking water. I live next to a lake, but its to far up a hill to pump water to my house. I’m still working in that one.

      • allen ols


        get sawyer, backpack version, or bucket drain version, water filtersystem. I put barb 3/4 inch through side of bucket at bottom, up 3 ” from bottom, then 2 ” of homedepot rocks, then filter cloth, then charcoal out of my woodburner, then filter cloth, then sand, then white tee shirt to filter lakewater, river water, pond scum in first stage. google calcium-hypo-cloride, 78%, found at pool supply store, granlier, and google purifying water, using c. hypo-cloride. get k1 tablets while u can, dont forget fish antibiotics. keep it up.

      • Jc Davis

        Jerry the following link has some good ideas on pumps to get water up hill.

  29. Felicia

    Obama is a loose cannon. He lacks organizational & planning skills and..diplomacy skills. He screwed up being involve in the Ukraine situation and.. he’s screwed up the “peace effort” in Israel. He needs to be impeached as he lacks any real leadership ability and his ego is so large he now appears to be like the unstable dictators of the past who ruined the countries they were controlling. Here’s an article on Kerry’s response to Obama’s mishandling of Israel & Netanyahu:

  30. Faizie

    Was listening to an interview of Paul Craig Roberts by King World News. Dr. Roberts indicated that Nikita Khrushchev, a native of Ukraine while dictator, took a portion of Russian territory and included it in the Ukraine. I guess simply redefined the border between the two countries. This would explain why the southern and eastern portions of Ukraine are still Russian speaking. Would also explain why these peoples are not adverse to remaining connected with mother Russia and why Putin is not interested in divesting himself from an interest that Russia has had in this area for 200 years.
    Sounds to me like a family affair that the US should leave well enough alone !!

  31. Coalburner9

    Relax, Al, 500, Et Al; It is hard to beat 186,000 miles per second. Or for that matter a reply at MAch 20. Any nuc use will be the tactical type and the bear is not going to xchange with us. It will be more “Little People ” that get hurt. The problem for Obama is we started this problem and we cannot stop it with anything less than an exchange and Putin knows it. His reply to Ms. Ambassador Dirty Mouth was the exact same phrase be the left out the “E”. You would think this bunch of amateurs would leave Putin alone by now. They need to find a safer way to prolong the life of the dollar. You know like stealing from us.

    Great wrap up and cannot wait for next weeks interviews.

    • Galaxy 500

      I am not worrying about Putin nuking us. Obama isn’t likely to do anything but talk. I am worried about those whacky Islamist terrorists and/or Iranians getting nukes. But if one thinks about it….would we really be worse off if they did nuke DC? Hell it might be the only thing that saves us

  32. Ugly

    Dudes and friends.
    I went to the local coin shop today and bought more silver. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, the local Irish Pub was nearby too. I had a few too many brewskies….just want to say thanks for the many intelligent posts on this blog. We all have the same concerns. At the Pub, we talked of many issues. We talked of the collapse and things going on. Just want to say thanks Greg, and to the others providing reliable commentery…..Good luck to all.

    • Charles H.


      “These are the best of times; these are the worst of times.” Glad to hear you can still afford a brewski or two. Greg has purchased a monumental accomplishment – through his hard work, and people like you here. Appreciation is a big two-way street here, Ugly.

      • Ugly

        Thanks Charles H. Hope all is well.

  33. Mitch Bupp

    Nice wrap up Greg, on Ukraine Academi aka Blackwater is now on the ground in Donetsk…… The US had orders to intercept the arms if Israel did not ….. The GCC is imploding as ambassadors have been recalled from Qatar ….. I don’t see how this can be settled down without a regional war …… too many flash points in the matrix

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mitch. Things are speeding up.

  34. Pak4L

    Greg, you are looking spiffy in that shirt and tie.

    • Greg Hunter

      Just trying to keep it professional. Thank you.

  35. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Hi Greg – another great weekly wrap up.
    Just two questions –
    #1 When did Obama last give a damn about abiding by international law himself.
    #2 When did he last give a damn about violating the soverienty of other countries.
    This guy’s pathetic hypocracy knows no limits.
    He is delusional, disfunctional and completely out of control.
    Please America impeach him before he starts WW3.
    Ps I love the comic at the beginning.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your support from the other side of the world.

    • Geo. T (Formerly George)

      Well said. Obama murders US citizens (and foreigners) without trial outside the boarders of the USA. Who really knows what he is doing within the boarders. This is a violation of the US Constitution, US Law and International law. Few object. It should be one thing that true liberals (as opposed to the socialist that hang out under that banner today) and true conservatives (as opposed to the war mongers that hang out under that banner today) have in common: the opposition of this travesty.
      As far as impeachment, Obama has done more than enough to warrant impeachment but no one here will be impeaching him. It would take great courage to do this as one would have to have the weather a withering firestorm of racial bigotry. I believe that the truth is worth fighting for. Our congress, on the other hand, believes in the all might dollar and is the best government money can buy. Its a pity that the people can’t afford to buy them.
      Keep the observations and questions coming. South Island or North Island?

  36. Darren

    Israel imports billions of dollars of weapons every year and uses them against Gazans and others. Maybe that’s why their victims would like to arm themselves. It wasn’t so long ago that the Zionist Irgun and Stern Gang were killing hundreds with terrorist attacks in Jerusalem, Europe and in Britain. Now they simply have statehood to hide behind .

    Don’t forget that it was Israel that gave the NATO defense plans to the USSR, sank the USS Liberty, killing a friend of my mother’s among others and left a nuclear waste dump a few miles from my home in Western Pennsylvania when they smuggled radioactive materials out of the NUMEC plant in order to create their own nuclear program.

    It has been said, “By their fruits you shall know them.” Israel’s actions speak for themselves.

    • Greg Hunter

      There are plenty of evil countries and people in the world. They come in all races and all religions.

  37. Diogenese

    Welcome to the west , Ukrainians are becoming the new Greeks / Cypriats / Portuguese , AKA thrown under the too big to fail bank bus !

    • Darren

      Having one’s drinking water polluted with radioactive waste and having a friend of the family shot with a rocket are specific actions which can hardly be compensated for by vague sentiments such as “There are plenty of evil countries and people in the world.”



      Matthew 7
      16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? 17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. 19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. 20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

  38. Troy

    Spot on Greg!

    Just another day in this nation of law ;)!

  39. Geo. T (Formerly George)

    They say the Keystone pipeline is a bigger mistake than Vietnam. I’d call them idiots but it would insult all the real idiots out there.
    HERE WE ARE CONCERNED ABOUT THE UKRAININE BOARDERS. What about our boarders? http://www.buzzfeed.com/johnstanton/alleged-mexican-military-incursion-into-arizona-may-point-to
    Marijuana Good, guns bad. The Dope that is out there now is not the your daddy’s dope. This stuff is much more potent and people are not taking that into account.

  40. Focused Falcon

    Greg – I love you and your website, but please don’t fall for the propaganda. Look at this video about the “missles” going to Gaza. Absolute B.S.
    I love the “Made in Iran” signs, printed in English. What a load of cow dung. For some enlightenment, look at some of the comments under the video (note: there are a lot of troll comments too – ignore those).

  41. mohammad


    My final thought before signing out (too many personal insults to take from few bloggers)

    It is very important to realize that WE ARE AT WAR with Russia. They are not sparing any tool to wage a PR campaign to serve their purposes. We should be careful when we grandiose Putin when Russians themselves may not agree on his stance and i posted a link to a pollster by the kremlin shows his disapproval rate was 75%.
    It is very dangerous when we give him through our comments more than he is asking for, and in those times when we put down our leaders we are in grave danger.
    Any one can disagree with what am saying here but i put my final thoughts.
    Pleasure being on your site.
    God bless.
    signing out

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Mohammad, we are already at financial war with both China and Russia. So sorry you are signing out. I hope you sign back in soon.

    • Ugly

      Don’t worry about what folks may say. Sometimes a disagreement or a harsh response isn’t directed at you, but at other angles of what is coming. I think that many of us know what is coming and we feel helpless because we can’t stop it and nobody listens to us about the need to prepare.

      I don’t discuss any politics or even Global Warming with my liberal friends. They immediately slam Reagan, saying that he started it all, and that the current POTUS is only trying to fix the problems that Bush started.

      Frictions happen. Best thing to do is go for long walks and let life’s happiness settle in. Your posts are needed in a world that is uniformed. Best wishes and good luck with everything….

  42. Miro Markovic

    Greg, your weekly wrap-up is brilliantly composed and down to the point of an easy understanding. I thank you that.

    We all heard that president Obama is warning president Putin about the possible breakdown of international laws in the case of the projected incorporation of the former Russian territory of Crimea to the Russian Federation. As a student of world history, I am here a little bit puzzled. For example, the United States of America’s few colonists have illegally overthrown the legitimate queen of Hawaii, Liliokalani, in 1893 put her in prison and tried her for “treason of her own nation”. Kingdom of Hawaii was thousands of mile away from USA and had never presented any military threat to the people or the country of USA. And that act was not considered to be the violation of the international law by the United States Congress. Some sixty years later, in 1959 the USA organized the referendum on Hawaiian statehood, when the majority of Hawaiian population became the white Americans. Under those conditions the former Hawaiian Kingdom became the 50th state of the USA, in spite of the opposition of the minority native Hawaiian people. Legally it was clear violation of the international laws, but USA government opted to ignore the world’s opinion. Having recalled those facts, we should ask our esteemed president Obama, who was officially born on Hawaiian Islands, does he really have a strong moral ground of preaching to president Putin what is “the violation of the international laws”.

  43. Miro Markovic

    Greg, I want to compliment the attached cartoon complimenting your this week wrap-up of the news. I cannot see the small print of a person who created it, but he managed to tell everything you wrote about in an eloquent manner deserving the highest medal of arts and wits. Simply sad – fabulous!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Miro.

  44. Jerry

    Greg I am simply stunned. I recently researched information released by Karen Hudes. in a recent interview from another site. I like most people, thought that her theories were so outlandish that they couldn’t possibly be true. That she had drank to much of over own Prozac juice. Boy was I wrong. I owe her a great big apology. I have found her evidence not only creditable, but verifiable by several sources.

    The Readers Digest version is that our world has been controlled by a Banking syndicate for quite some time. Toppled governments, assassination’s, controlled news media, market manipulations, and a trail of dead bankers lead right to their front door. Its is so unbelievable its hard for the average person (such as myself) to comprehend that something like this is possible. Then I have to remind myself that in a world that created Nazi death camps anything is possible.

    The long and short of it is this. If Karen Hudes is right, we are all in serious trouble. If her associates cannot stop the Banking Cabal from collapsing the world Banking system, the entire global economy will collapse along with it leading us into some NWO. It makes perfect sense why the Chinese are buying massive amounts of Gold. I thought at first to start a new exchange system, but they are trying to protect themselves from the Banking Cabal collapse. In Ukraine the Cabal struck again toppling the government, and blaming it on Russia. What better way to bring down the EU than by controlling their gas supply’s that run through Ukraine? If gas prices were to go up 30% it would crush what is left of the economies of Europe. These people are absolutely diabolical . Had Putin not stepped in, we would have been drawn into a Middle Eastern war with Syria.

    At first glance, it is so unbelievable its hard to take in, but when you step back and look at it, it all connects. The next time you have Karen back on, please ask her about what she thinks the timetable is for the collapse of the dollar? I realize its hard to predict with so much manipulation, but I think she is seeing a game plan.
    Thanks Greg.

    • Geo. T (Formerly George)

      As some who spent time looking for any credible evidence on the 170,500 tons of gold hidden at the end of the rainbow (or was it the Philippines?), I can I failed to find any. If you did, I’d love to have a link or two.
      I do notice you said latter in your post, “If she is right.” I for one put her being “right” not likely except for the part about things getting really bad

  45. Galaxy 500

    “There can be no compromise on basic principles. There can be no compromise on moral issues. There can be no compromise on matters of knowledge, of truth, of rational conviction.” 

    “There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evilIn any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win. In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit.” Ayn Rand


  46. Derrick Michael Reid

    Your Excellency, President Obama.

    Sir, I am no fan, but provide this for your consideration.

    CIVIL WAR in the Ukraine

    Surely, many kiss razputin’s butt as the great chess master, but now he has a political nightmare on his border. And if you think that common Russians are going back a blood bath in Ukraine, you may wish to think twice. Russian commoners may be cowards at time, but they aint stupid, at least understanding voting booth locks producing a de facto czar. Surely, the russian officers are well aware of Stalin’s purge, and NKVD execution battalions. For anyone to allow newk building by islamists 1500 km of Moscow, (with chechnian sympathizers on their home turf) HAS A FREAKIN screw loose. This “maniac with razor blades” does the political ploy in the NY times to scare the panties off the US congress and intimidate Americans, (and most of you all went for it, AND WERE PLAYED) about US retaliation in Syria for gassing civies, and then does not comply with the deal to destroy Syrian WMD, now has a big ole huge thumb in his Ukrainian eye sight. All this Chess master has done, is condone WMD gassing of civies, support a dictator, resurrect old Bandera nationalism in W.Ukraine, and sparking CIVIL WAR. Yeah, kiss his butt some more. This is just ridiculous. Incompetence world wide. And to think, some may suggest this was all done for a lousy 36tons of gold? whoa baby …

    Surely, the US has been supporting democracy elements in Ukraine, the moderates, but to suggest that the US provoked this scene unilaterally without “some” cause, may wish to consider who is in the Whitehouse. BHO was correct is making the WMD deal, and a unqualified shame the deal was not kept. CHECK!

    US supporting Syrian Rebels, BHO draws line, Syrian Warplanes strike, US support Syrian Affiliates, Syrian WDM strike, US mobilizes for strike, panties bunch up everywhere, Putin starts mobilization is response, Kerry seeks WMD destruction deal, Putin forces Syria into WMD destruction deal, BHO broken lines turn into trupeted WMD cache destruction promises and deal, WMD are not destroyed, ———- BHO supporting moderates who move on Kiev, Protests 24/7 leading to oust East-Russian leaning Prez, US Coup completed sticking thumb in Putin face, Western Nationalists in Ukraine Rise to control central Moderates and stir the pot, Putin support E/S ethnic russians from the western Nationalists, thus Nationalists-Ethic Ukranians, Moderates, Ethic Russians vie for power. So the question is posed again, did the failure of destroying WMD in syria, lead US stiring up moderates overthrowing an elected government only to then have the nationalists then control the moderates in Kiev forcing Putin’s hand.
    So, you make the call, where was the wrong move. Who is the bad guy here? The west response is pathetic and incompetent here, but, a deals a deal, and syrian WMD has not been destroyed as Putin agreed.

    Assad destroys WMD, Ukrainian prez reinstated, Nationalists-Moderates-Russians seek government reforms, Supported by US and RU.

    MAKE THE DEAL, when the WMD are destroyed.

    Ultra-Reactionist, Derrick Michael Reid
    Here is another mind screw for comment: …… THEY ARE LOSING IT!!

    Eric King: “When you look at the aggressive actions by the West, and the plan to eventually have missiles in Georgia and Ukraine, and when you add to that the fact that there are already missiles in Poland, it appears the West is trying to encircle Russia with missile bases in preparation for a possible nuclear strike.”

    Dr. Roberts: “Yes, that’s exactly the strategy.

    • Geo. T (Formerly George)

      Nice Post

  47. Brad

    “or stealing the assets of the Ukrainian people”…seems Ukraine’s gold reserve was whisked out of the country headed for the New York Fed’s gold vault; but for safe keeping no doubt. Just like Germany’s, Iraq’s , Libya’s just off the top of my head. Isn’t that what the Nazis did when they ruled Germany, steal every nation’s gold reserve as so as they had taken over?

    The only ones who will suffer no matter whether it is the U.S. led western elites or those of Russia will be the Ukrainian peoples as per every other nation on the planet under neo liberal economic policies.

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