Weekly News Wrap-up 5.23.14

 4.jpgBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

We go overseas for the top stories, and they involve China, Russia and Iran.  First, China and Russia and the oil and natural gas deal that excludes the dollar, in a deal worth $400 billion over the next 30 years.  Please take note, this deal excludes the U.S. dollar.  If this doesn’t signal the beginning of the end of the petro dollar, then I don’t know what does.  Meanwhile, half the U.S. Senate is more worried about the Washington Redskins football team changing its name.  We have to have some of the dumbest leaders on the planet.  The end of oil trade in dollars is big trouble and will guarantee big inflation in the U.S.

Then, it was also reported that Russia is working on a deal in Iran to build eight nuclear power plants.  I thought there were negotiations going on with the West trying to curtail Iran’s nuclear power program.  Iran has long contended it was for the peaceful production of energy, and Iran has significant deposits of uranium.  The West says it is afraid of Iran getting material to build nuclear weapons.  I don’t see how this is going to get resolved.  I think it is pretty clear that Iran is NOT going to curtail its program.  So, either the West totally backs down and accepts Iran’s nuclear program or there is going to be some sort of war.  I am not advocating war, but I just don’t see another set of options.

Also, this week, there is news that Russia test fired an inter-continental ballistic missile.  It’s being reported the Russian military is testing a new “combat payload.”  The missiles are reportedly “hypersonic” and can carry up to “10 warheads.”  There are members of Congress who say the Russians have violated strategic arms reduction treaties, including one signed as recently as 2010.

Back here in the U.S., another scandal for the Obama Administration and, this time, it’s veterans who have died while waiting for medical treatment.  It has been revealed the Veterans Administration falsified waiting times to make it look like veterans were receiving lifesaving care.  In reality, dozens and dozens of vets died waiting for care.  The President says is this is “dishonorable and disgraceful,” but this has been an ongoing problem that the President promised to fix when he first ran for President in 2008!  The day after he said this, one of his top priorities was a campaign fundraising stop, not a trip to a VA hospital.  Please keep in mind, the VA is government-run health care–just like Obama Care. 

In another Obama Administration scandal, the Democrats have decided to join the House committee investigating Benghazi where four Americans were murdered by al-Qaeda related terrorists.  Nancy Pelosi says she can’t trust the Republicans to be fair.  I say, isn’t the truth fair?  What happened before, during and after the attack and why.  The White House is still withholding documents.  If the President and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton didn’t do anything wrong, then just release all the documents and let’s be done with it.  I still say this could crater Hillary Clinton’s shot at the White House in 2016.

Harvard Law School Professor David Barrron, who helped craft the legal justification for the drone murder program, is one step closer to becoming a federal appeals court judge.  Barron, also a former Justice Department official, was nominated to the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals by the Obama Administration; and, this week, the Senate voted along party lines to allow his nomination to go forward.  Even liberal Democrat Ron Wyden voted ‘yes’ to the man who gave legal cover to what some say is totally unconstitutional.  Thousands have been killed, including four Americans, abroad.  There are no charges, no trial and zero due process that is afforded in the U.S. Constitution.  The drone murder program even targeted and killed a 16 year-old boy in Yemen, whose father was also targeted and killed in a separate attack.  By the way, more than a hundred kids have been killed in collateral damage.  Now, that’s how you win hearts and minds.

Finally, another week, another big bank is fined for criminal activity.  It was reported, this week, that Credit Suisse was fined $2.6 billion for helping wealthy Americans avoid paying taxes.  The Justice Department boasted this was the largest fine ever paid in a criminal tax case.  Please note, it was a “criminal” case according to the Justice Department.  Didn’t Attorney General Eric Holder recently say that no bank was “too big to jail”?  This is what really gets me.  The bank is responsible for paying the fine and not the top officers of the company.  That means shareholders are being penalized for the so-called criminal activity, and no top bank official has yet to go to jail for what the Justice Department repeatedly calls crime.

Join Greg Hunter as he analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. skilaki

    Hello Greg,

    Regarding the Russia/China deal, when can we begin to see its effects on the dollar? Will that happen soon or when Russia begins deliveries to China? If this is going to have such a negative effect on the dollar, shouldn’t there have been more press about it? This sounds like this should be a very big deal.

    Thanks in advance. Great blog!

    • brian

      More press about it? From who? Sorry but tmz and the msm wouldn’t have the first clue about any of this let alone what it all means. I’m astonished that you would think the “press” would care about anything other than “the voice”

      • Tin hat

        The deal will have no effect on the dollar until another nations follow suit. When more and more countries conduct their trades fearlessly outside the dollar, that is when we will see its effects.

    • Jerry

      What press? We don’t have a press. The banking cabal owns the corporate media, and they would never allow this information to get out to the sheeple.

  2. 86daily

    The best guess as to what happen in Bengasi, on the internet, Monograph, is that they wanted to have the Ambassador captured so that they could later have a prisoner exchange for the Blind Sheik that has been in jail since he was accused of the twin tower failed attack. If 9/11 was fake then this Blind Sheik was made the scape goat on the first attack. That would enable them to turn a wrong against the Egyptians people and look as Obama was a great negotiator for the reelection.
    I know this sounds horrible but that is what kind of people we have in our gov’t.
    I’m told that the word government actually means govern the mind.
    Lot’s of Love

    • Galaxy 500

      Not only does s this sound horrible, it sounds like the typical unsubstantiated tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theory that keeps me coming back for comedic value alone. Dude, I have it on good authority it was the Nazi aliens from Jupiter.

  3. allen ols


    Jim Willie;

    In this MUST LISTEN interview with Paul Sandhu, the Hat Trick Letter editor Jim Willie discusses why the yuan is destined to replace the US dollar as reserve currency, and why the quickly growing Russian/Chinese alliance will DESTROY the US dollar.
    Willie digs into the recent string of bankster deaths, his thoughts on the implications of the London silver fix ending in August, & the Fed money laundering funds through Belgium in order to prevent a collapse in T-bonds due to Russian liquidation.
    Willie states that due Chinese & Russian liquidation, US Treasury bonds have gone NO-BID, and that a dollar-collapse looms!
    Grab several cups of coffee as the Golden Jackass is at the top of his game throughout the entire 80 minute interview below:

    • smaulgld

      Thanks Allen. I am about 30 minutes into it- definitely worth the time

    • Geo. T (formerly George)

      Jim is hardly an uninterested party. Isn’t he going to set up so deal in Asia dealing Gold for Yuan? If so, doesn’t that taint his view point?

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
      What a thoroughly fascinating interview – this is JW at his best.

  4. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Question: Did the peak of common sense and non-hypocrisy, the US Congress (it is sarcasm) ratified that treaty in 2010?
    I don’t think so. And Russians don’t either, because they are waiting for the US Congress. So that test was legal. 🙂
    About the “war on terror”, well drone attacks are war with terror.
    About the big banks they are the elites of criminals and elite of the organized crime.

    Your thoughts.

    • Geo. T (formerly George)

      And that treaty was a real deal for the Russian and suicide for the US. All in accordance to Obama’s big plan to destroy America. thank God they didn’t ratify

    • Galaxy 500

      I have a solution. Since Obama’s administration says its ok to kill Americans without trial, lets use the drones to punish all the big bankers that are doing crimes and just paying a fine. Wouldn’t that be great television?
      Maybe they would stop the fraud if Obama started dropping Hellfire missiles on them and their children like he did Anwar Alkali (spelling? ?) and his 16 yr old son. Wouldn’t that be grand? I know it’ll never happen. If Obama started droning evil doers he’d have to do himself and Holder.

  5. Dasha

    Hi Greg
    I’m an Aussie living in Britain about to return to Australia. I watch your shows religiously and I am captivated as global events unfold. I know things are most relevant to US viewers, but I imagine you have a lot of international followers. And the reason we follow the events happening in the US is that they affect the rest of the world. When you talk to John Williams and others about US dollar collapse and hyperinflation, it would be nice to include what those events might have on other countries, particularly other western countries who follow the exact same centralised debt based economies as the US (UK, Australia and Canada). I imagine the UK at least is balanced precariously on the same house of cards as the US?
    Otherwise, great show!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dasha for your feedback and support.

  6. Doug

    Hi Greg;

    I wore the uniform of the U.S. Army as an officer for 13 years. I swore an oath three times to ‘support, protect and preserve’ our constitution. I don’t recognize this country any more. Our government has run amuk. We arm terrorists, support neo nazi’s in the Ukraine and overthrow the democratically elected government, we use drones to murder our own citizens with no due process, and we even sanction the torture of prisoners. But it’s considered ‘ok’ if they are rendered off the U.S. to Cuba or other bases for the torture as long as it isn’t done here in the States.


    I never thought I would live to see the day where the Russians appear more righteous than we are. Color me ashamed……

    • Galaxy 500

      As am I . Well said sir

      • e sutton

        A sad day indeed.

  7. Mrpm

    Greg and all-

    I wish Obama would “get lost” already. After all he’s on such a roll why would he want to break his track record of broken campaign promises; closing Gitmo, you can keep your Dr. and healthplan ect.., so why would he possibly keep his promise of quality VA care? The VA and now OBAMACARE healthcare system is doing EXACTLY what it was designed to do: death panels and long wait lists.

    Not sure if you can, but I think getting JIM SINCLAIR’S take on the ending of LONDON SILVER FIX would make for a great interview. I’m really wondering how this will impact the price after August.

    Interesting NENNER interview this week!! It seems to fit in nicely with his call on the GOLD bottom in July, or just a coincidence (although I’m sure he still has his insiders in Goldman Sachs) .

    Thanks Greg for all you do!! have a great weekend

    • Sandman

      Guys – I just started reading this website. What a breath of fresh air to find people of similar mind set here. Reading Yahoo comments is enough to make a person crazy. Seriously, that is where the sheep graze. Good looking out Greg and I can’t wait to hear more.

  8. Mrpm

    Want to see what OBAMACARE will look like? look no further than the VA healthcare system

  9. Mrpm

    More info on the ending of the LONDON GOLD FIX

    I’d still like to hear what Jim Sinclair has to say about it.

  10. Mrpm

    CORRECTION: SILVER, not GOLD FIX (at least not yet)

    More info on the ending of the LONDON SILVER FIX

    I’d still like to hear what Jim Sinclair has to say about it.

  11. Marcus West

    You always have a very entertaiining weekly wrap I enjoy these very much makes the friday at work seem much better.

    Here is another story on the halt of the US dollar


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Marcus.

  12. Jim H

    Happy Friday Greg
    How long has Corporate America actually owned our Government. I think long before General Smedley Butler wrote “War is a Racket” after the first world war and the revolving door between corporate boards and Government has been spinning around the same length of time. We did not mind because a father could support a whole family pretty well for a little while and we saw ourselves much better off than most in our world. Now we are really being shown to quote George Carlin “They have a club and we aren’t in it”. The need for us as a base is no longer necessary hence drones and jailing and killing Americans without trial. The Tea Party seems to be on it’s way to Terrorist Group status and I wonder what groups will follow. Here is a great video by Chris Hedges who some may consider a liberal (truth is truth right) but sounds more conservative than most conservatives these days.
    Like you he still practices true journalism and right now we need you guys on both sides of the isle really bad. Keep informing Greg and thanks.

  13. Jerry

    Greg. Great weekly wrap-up. One of your best.
    Look, forget about what Nancy Pelosi says. She’s had the skin stretched so tight on her face, its cut off the blood supply to her brain. She’s the poster child, for the dumbed down voter, and has nothing, nothing, of value to say about anything. Remember this ? “We need to ah…. pass the bill so we can see what is in it. Dah…..

    As far as changing the Redskins name. Take it from one who has native American heritage. If they really cared, they’d shut down the reservations, and give the land back to the American tribes. Yea right. Like that’s going to happen. Its just the latest liberal feel good moment of the month, and nothing more. Since they care so much about peoples feelings, maybe they should shut down the abortion clinics, and save the pain inflicted on innocent children. What a load of bull.

    Greg, its ignorance like this that has doomed this nation to destruction. We are no longer deserving of our freedom. Id bet if you asked the average American voter what memorial day was about, they wouldn’t have a clue. Its a disgrace what we are doing to our veterans. We think so much of their sacrifice, we put them on a waiting list to die.
    Meanwhile the Russians are observing our weakness. Assessing it. Measuring it. And according to my sources, in the not to far distant future testing it.

    The Russians and Chinese, are expanding in every market in the world, while we are retracting back to economic levels not seen since Jimmy Carter’s administration. It should be apparent by now that the dollars days are numbered. If China’s recent refusal to receive payment in dollars from Afghanistan banks doesn’t constitute a run on the dollar, I don’t know what does?

    Have a good weekend Greg. And if you see a veteran, thank him for your freedom. And those of you who are ministers. Have them stand in your service Sunday and recognize them. We owe that to them.

  14. Ugly

    Greg, you asked ‘do we have the World’s Dumbest Leaders?’. That would be a good poll question.

    Does the USA have the World’s Dumbest Leaders?:
    A. Yes
    B. Mucho Yes
    C. Absolutely Yes
    D. A&B, but not C
    E. B&C, but not A.
    F. What is the USA?

    • Jerry

      That’s a good one. All of the above.

  15. Mohammad


    It is so lovely when i hear you saying “have a nice weekend” after all those news 🙂

    Did you notice the heating up between Vietnam and china on the heel of the deal?
    Did we stir the pot?
    Is US behind the escalation sending signal to China that you better be an ally rather than being a foe?
    The timing is somewhat odd and the dire warning by a top US commander issued on the matter is no coincidence:


    Iran is the future cane Israel will lean on after it takes US down financially and emerges as a world super power, they will use US military to level Russia and China (am not sure about the final position of China to US but that would not matter once the rockets are slung both directions across the water and Israel with its M.E. that she subdued with “Arab Spring” is protected with the Iron Dome) and those nuclear reactors are the future Israeli reactors once Dimona is out of commission, they will not build reactors in the holy land risking exposing the few the chosen to irradiation and they do not trust the Arabs on any reactor so it is IRAN!

    Israel will do a THEATRICAL strik on Iran to unleash the latter on the holy Mecca and Medina and Saudi Arabia will be in abyss (except for those two city that will reverse the tidal wave initiated by Israel).

    Time will prove me right.

    • Mohammad

      Here Greg another escalation and attempts to unravel China, am not sure who is behind it but the timing on the heel of the deal is odd:


      • Geo. T (formerly George)

        You are not sure who is behind this? I am. Its called Islamic terrorist.

        • Mohammad


          Which Islamic terrorists you are talking about ?
          The ones trained and funded by CIA or the ones funded and trained by KGB’s?

    • Greg Hunter

      I am very, very worried about this deal for Russia to build 8 Nuke reactors. Wow, the fork in the dark road ahead.

      • Mohammad


        I will borrow few statements from previous guests:
        Karen Hudes:
        “All of them are in cahoot”
        Jim Willie:
        “Russia’s Gasprom is in it with Israel to manage their mediterranean offshore gas reserves”
        And now Russia is building Iran’s reactors?

        The picture is crystal clear, all leaders are against their constituents and in cahoot (they pop Champaign privately when publicly they fight wars that crush people like us), from the ashes there will be a new superpower called Israel to control the left over of the world.

    • Geo. T (formerly George)

      Did “we” stir the pot? Oh, please! No, the Chinese dropped a big ass oil platform in Vietnamese territorial waters. Perhaps you missed that but I believe stealing another nation’s mineral wealth is enough to “stir the pot” all by itself.

      • Mohammad

        And Vietnam will stand up to China if it was not backed up by US right?

        • Galaxy 500

          You think we are going to stand behind Vietnam? Yeah….way, way far behind. Doc, we arent even going to stand behind Japan.

        • Galaxy 500


        • Galaxy 500

          I seem to recall Vietnam standing up to the US. Perhaps the Chinese will attempt to take over and we can provide the Vietcong weapons this time like the Chinese did last time.

    • Galaxy 500

      What is it with you and all the evil Jews taking over the world shiite? When I see an otherwise intelligent man be so blinded by hatred I dont really know what to think. I have a news flash for you. There are a billion followers of Islam and a great percentage saying nothing while their Christian or Jewish neighbors are murdered. That sir is nearly as evil as the wicked men killing them.
      Yes, Israel is going to go it alone and blow the shiite out of Iran, and it won’t be a secret. Israel has had nukes for a long time and while they have been under constant attack by the terrorists, the haven’t attacked anyone except in self defense.

      • Mohammad


        Iran is Israel.
        The whole arab spring is to give M.E. to Iran because Israel trusts them and do not trust the Sunni.
        It does not take much of intelligence to know that US under the instruction of Israel removed Saddam and gave Iraq to Iran on a plate of gold.

        Prior to that it does not take much of intelligence to know that US under the instructions of Israel did remove Taliban and gave Afghanistan to the Shiites on a plate of gold WITH FULL COOPERATION AND HELP OF IRAN.
        It does not take much of intelligence that they are in the process of giving Syria to IRAN (after removing all the sunnis from it) on a plate of gold.

        I will post to you later on and lets remind each other then if the net is still around that US will destroy Suadi arabia by letting them down and giving it to Iran on a plate of gold.
        When all the sunnis that Israel fears are replaced by Shiites that Israel trusts then the picture will be complete and the new super power emerges.
        Then you will open your eyes to a hard fact that israel used you and your army and your money and your resources only to go up as a super power on your ruins, then you will scratch your head and say … oh … my … Mohammad told us this long time ago but I said to him then he hates jews.

        Many times i corrected you Galaxy and you insist.
        Jews are victims of zionists like the rest of the world, and i put for you many videos of rabbis saying Israel as a state is against their turat.
        You insist on saying what makes you feel better ….. well ….. be my guest.


        • Galaxy 500

          Doc you wrote,”Iran is Israel.” Every time you write that I laugh.
          You say you are correcting me. We’ll have to agree to disagree on who is correcting who. You do understand that Hamas is raining down Iranian made rockets on Israel, right? Is there some kind of super secret conspiracy where the Jews are behind the killing of Jews to throw the world off the scent?
          Oh, wait…its those Zionist Jews who secretly control the world from the back room of the diamond exchange .
          I hope you realize that as a follower of Islam, seeing evil Jew conspiracies everywhere, that you risk making yourself a caricature of the typical antisemitism moslem. I ask that you re-evaluate your positions.

          • Mohammad


            Open your mind and think big and do not remain on the surface, DIG DEEP with your thinking, and do not be taken by the OBVIOUS that may turn out to be other wise.

            Let me walk you through a history lesson if I may:

            Hamas leaders were in exile camp ANSAR in southern Lebanon for 1 years mixing with the Iranian Hizbullah, when they were released they were BROUGHT back to Gaza and WEST BANK by the Israelis !!!!!
            You do not think that if Israel minded their return they would of ever had a chance of coming back….DO YOU?
            A logical thinking would say they are dangerous!


            Fast forward.

            Israel allowed for the first time in its history elections for the Palestinians in their territories that they KNEW FULLY by probing the mood of the Palestinians that HAMAS would win !!!!, they went all the way to make sure it will go through with monitoring from allover the world and yet they allowed that election to go through and yes Hamas won!!!
            They could of prevented it, after all no one single election in all of the land of the Palestinian territories were held ever after!!


            Fast forward

            Sharon separated Gaza unilaterally from the west bank throwing a huge wedge between the Palestinians (Hamas and FATEH) and it was the climax of the plan of SHARON to put the last nail in the casket of the Palestinian dreamed state.

            Iran served Israel very well by keep fueling the fight between Israel and Hamas that will make the mission of Abbas next to impossible to ask for a state. In another way as long as Iran behind Hamas Israel is happy, their plan is spot on.

            A link for you to chew on!


            Iran served Israel HUGE FAVOR my friend, do not be taken by some rockets Abbas called it many times (foolish fire crackers destroying the Palestinian dream), they can fool you but not me.
            My last words on the subject.

        • Galaxy 500

          As far as quoting a Rabbi to make your point, I’ve met antisemitic Jews. Very few but they are out there. Something else I dont understand but then the world doesn’t require my understanding to operate. It saddens me that some people can hate another people so much that they can believe even the most bizarre conspiracy theories.
          You and I will never agree on this as I need facts and someone calling himself a Rabbi and speaking of Zionist conspiracies doesn’t fall into the fact category nor does the widely debunked Elder Scrolls of Zion…whoops, that might have been an Iranian video game…hate getting old.
          Somehow, I ended up being the defender of the Jews but then I have always been on the side of the oppressed , black, Asian, Christian, Muslim, or Jewand I will always call out the oppressor.
          As my Daddy used to say, “Always call a spade a shovel”

          • Greg Hunter

            By the way there are plenty of books and stories out about Muslims who turned Christian. Google it. There is no shortage–I was even surprised.

          • Mohammad


            Your tune of hating is not for me to dance to, I LOVE and do not hate, that what my parents taught me, please save that tune for someone else!!!

          • Galaxy 500

            You ask me to keep an open mind …I always do. But I have a few correlaries …one plus one ALWAYS equals two. Doesn’t matter if you are in China, Iran or the Vatican. And many thanks to the Arab scholars that gave us the concept of numerical Zero.
            every action triggers a reaction including some you didnt intend nor did you forsee.
            I reviewed your information and arrive at a different place. While I agree that th leadership of Iran is evil and insane (sad to say but I conclude ours is, too) I can find no credible evidence that would remotely support your conclusion. You and I will agree to disagree on this.

  16. EGOU

    Hi Greg,
    Russian, China, Iran, India and Brazil will be come a new trading block due to sanctions and law like FATCA.
    This morning I read that Russian banks were warned not to provide IRS any Russians banks’ data under FATCA.
    All the drone things are very bad too. We should use drones for peaceful missions like help searching for those kidnapped girls.
    Have a great weekend.

  17. Outlookingin

    Thank you Greg for another great wrap!

    Speaking of fines for criminal behavior by banks; Your thoughts on the news out of England today, that Barclays bank has been found guilty and fined for gold price manipulation. At the same time, some “unknown” entity dumped $450 million worth of gold notional futures contracts onto the market, resulting in a drop of the gold price!

    Look at the six month gold chart for May 21, 2014 and you will find:

    120 DMA is at 1281.19
    200 DMA is at 1299.21
    266 DMA is at 1310.71

    That’s a difference of $29.52 between the lowest and highest daily moving averages!

    When you average all three of the DMA’s that are scattered over the past eight months, more or less, you essentially get just one moving average at $1,297.04 per ounce of gold. Now isn’t that interesting, since price has been capped just under the $1300.00 for gold and $20.00 for silver.

    Oh yeah, almost forgot, – silver got the same treatment in the market as gold did this morning! Manipulation? Gee! Yah think so?

    • Greg Hunter

      Nice analysis Outlooking. Thank you for posting it here.

    • Geo. T (formerly George)

      Don’t worry, Be happy! Gold and silver are on sale. Belly up to the bar and have a few

  18. Felicia

    Greg, another great wrapup on an ugly news filled week. Here’s more ugly news about what Islamists are thinking and executing in our world. And Obama is part of it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7v0KktIVyyw&feature=youtube_gdata_player
    Thank you for all the hard work you do and…for not throwing up over this disgusting news you are reporting.. Have a great weekend.

  19. Chuck Allen

    Hi Greg:

    I believe it is obvious by now that the dollar is on it’s way out. When this happens the world will be in deep do do. Why has this happened? CONGRESS! Oh I know everyone likes to throw darts at Obama and he deserves it big time. He is driving the bus known as the USA into oblivion.

    However, CONGRESS is responsible for the ills befalling our great country. They are all crooks driven by self interest and support for their special interest corporations and billionaires. CONGRESS has been driving the USA to destruction for over 40 years. The same crooks get reelected over and over so their power increases and the American people loose more of our power!

    Even though Obama has committed crimes against the Constitution, CONGRESS does nothing about it. Now it would take to long to impeach Obama, and we would get Biden…yuck.

    Every member of the Senate and House should be impeached. Will never happen. Every member of the Senate and House should be voted out of office. Will never happen.

    CONGRESS is supposed to be the manager of the public purse, per the Constitution, another small disregard for the law of the land. By the time the Private Bank known as the Federal Reserve Bank bleeds the USA dry, giving away over $1 trillion dollars annually, our money won’t be worth anything, anyway.

    The CONGRESS (Senate and House) is the biggest criminal organization in our country, bordering on terrorism and they get away with everything.


  20. Kristophr

    Credit Suisse was caught between a rock and a hard place. Swiss law forbade them to reveal data. So one of the bankers was arrested when he entered the US on business, and given a choice by a congressional committee of being jailed for contempt of congress, or being jailed when he returns home for talking to congress.

    The US is one of the few countries that insists on taxing its own expats despite the fact that they leave the country.

    Calling foreign banks that do not cater to this Marxist insanity “criminal” is ludicrous.

    • Galaxy 500

      my daughter married a Swiss gentleman in Feb and she is now faced with having to give up her citizenship to have a bank account or she can be put on his and then they’ll be liable for US Fed tax on his Swiss income. Its ludicrous, insidious and organized criminality. What a position to place a 24 yr old in…
      All the laws passed since Obama became President should be repealed and Obama and Holder should be tried for treason. As you can tell, I dont have a strong opinion on this lunacy.

  21. Kristophr

    Oh, and Putin ain’t going to start a war. All he has to do is fend off Obama until the dollar crashes, and he knows it.

    He’s just backed off in the Ukraine, and is letting the Ukrainian Army, our CIA, and Blackwater pile up the atrocities for the waiting cellphone cameras.

  22. Winston Churchill

    I know you like to present diverse views for your readers edification.
    Can I suggest JC Collins as a guest.If you don’t know him, he’s a very deep thinker.
    His website is philosophyof metrics.com
    I think you and your reader’s/listener’s will find him very interesting.
    His viewpoint is vastly different from most of your guests ,and should certainly be aired as a very possible alternative scenario could be unfolding, and we could be being herded into something very nasty, one in which it will be difficult to retain any wealth.

  23. Lloyd McDonald

    Hi, Greg.
    Concerning:”Then, it was also reported that Russia is working on a deal in Iran to build eight nuclear power plants. I thought there were negotiations going on with the West trying to curtail Iran’s nuclear power program. Iran has long contended it was for the peaceful production of energy, and Iran has significant deposits of uranium. The West says it is afraid of Iran getting material to build nuclear weapons. I don’t see how this is going to get resolved. I think it is pretty clear that Iran is NOT going to curtail its program. So, either the West totally backs down and accepts Iran’s nuclear program or there is going to be some sort of war.”

    Would you send a request to the Russian Government asking if and how are they are dealing with the possibility that Iran may build nuclear weapons?

  24. Mouse Click

    In terms of information, I take Greg Hunter quite seriously. With all the depressing news, and you finished the video by saying, “Have a nice weekend”, well I had a good laugh.

  25. smaulgld

    Greg or anyone:
    I’ve seen the mentions of the Russia/China deal valued at “a deal worth $400 billion over the next 30 years. ” I have not seen anywhere what currency is used in the deal. Any one find anything that explicitly states the currency to be used in the Russia/China deal.
    This Washington post article talks about how the deal is priced but not what currency the deal is in.

  26. dchayden

    Collateral damage, neutralizing a target, indefinite detention, etc… Deliberately misleading and carefully crafted political / military language, designed to keep the masses at ease. Designed to keep everyone thinking, that what their government is doing, is not “all that bad,” when in fact it is criminal. I say it is high time we say things AS THEY ARE !! People need to really think about what politicians are focusing on, AND the words they are using. It amazes me how long this has gone on, and how this generation has some how become so very tolerant, in watching the same corrupt politicians cycle around the system, over and over, making corrupt laws, and passing corrupt legislation. Americans are losing their country. I am Canadian, and it is no better here. The same “puppets” in Ottawa, serving the same masters, passing the same hidden loopholes, continually watering down hopeful legislation, until it is a shell of its former self…the same familiar faces over and over, cycling the system year after year, corrupt and sold out. Then there is the mainstream presstitutes, who publish headlines on Justin Bieber, and continually spin almost everything politically newsworthy. And still the masses are sidetracked …too busy fighting over political parties and their allegiance. Yes there are good people in government, good people in positions of influence, but the masses need to wake up. You don’t have to be an expert to know something is very wrong. I wonder sometimes how this is all going to end ….with a bang…or with a whimper. I guess time will tell. Sorry for the negative rant. Thank you Greg for a very passionate wrap up of this weeks most important news stories. You say things “as they are.” A rare thing these days.

  27. smaulgld

    PT 2- It seems that the west and its journalists are focused on the China/Russia deal from the perspective that Russia has found a way to thrive economically by selling to China and that sanctions from Europe or the US won’t have much of an impact.

    The stories don’t seem to focus on the deal from the perspective that China and Russia are trading out side the dollar system. The question is are they? China has 1.2 trillion in US reserves perhaps they are dumping them on Russia as Russia sells? Any proof that they are not using dollars?

    • Greg Hunter

      Russia has been saying is rejecting the USD in trade. That is the implication. I can’t see how this deal is going to use dollars.

      • smaulgld

        I agree but I haven’t found any statements in the press indicating that is the case and what the implications of such a non dollar deal would be (except in the alternative media).
        The dollar has actually gone up since the deal was announced, so most people and traders and not paying attention.

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


          My call is that the implications are – US$= toast.
          This deal between Russia and China although huge is just part of a gathering momentum around the globe to bypass the $. There are something like 85 countries that are like minded and ‘with’ the BRICS. They are flat out sick to death of the Obama regime’s ridiculous behavior and dedollarisation is about to become a stampede.

          The scary part about the Ukraine situation is that maybe people like Jim Willie are spot on in their theory that this was stage managed all along. Forcing/encouraging these countries and the BRICS etc. to conduct their trade bilaterally will undoubtedly kill the $US reserve status and consequently also the value of the dollar. This is already gloves off, all out financial war that we are witnessing. However the plot seems to be – make it look like the ‘bad guys’ Russia and China crashed the $ and the US economy. This would also give the US an excuse to start a military war as well, not to mention the obvious bonus of greatly eroding the enormous burden of US debt. In the minds of these madmen perhaps this scenario fully played out is a better option than good old fashioned default.
          Maybe this theory does have some merit after all as it is difficult to believe that anyone even with half a brain could possibly be quite as dumb and incompetent as Obama, Kerry etc.in their recent actions.
          I sincerely hope I am mistaken in starting to buy into this theory.

          • Galaxy 500

            you’re wrong
            toast has value…you can at toast while the US dollar wouldn’t even make good compost
            sorry, mate…couldn’t help myself

    • Geo. T (formerly George)

      If you think Russia and China are going to use US dollars to settle their gas trade, you appear to be oblivious of the facts and circumstances of the situation. If you’re so far off on this, I have to question your other positions and advice
      Russia and Chinese bank agree to currency settlement
      VTB, Russia’s second biggest lender, has signed a deal with Bank of China, which includes an agreement to pay each other in domestic currencies.

      “Under the agreement, the banks plan to develop their partnership in a number of areas, including cooperation on ruble and renminbi settlements, investment banking, inter-bank lending, trade finance and capital-markets transactions,” says the official VTB statement.

      The deal underlines VTB Group’s growing interest in Asian markets and will help grow trade between Russia and China that are already close trading partners, said VTB Bank Management Board Vasily Titov.

      An Agreement on Cooperation was signed by Titov and Bank of China President Chen Siqing in Shanghai on Tuesday in the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

      VTB Group is Russia’s second biggest financial institution with more than 30 banks and financial firms in more than 20 countries. Its assets were estimated at 8.8 billion rubles as of 2013, with a profit of 100.5 billion rubles.

      Growing trade and investment

      The agreement comes as a part of Russia’s larger scale pivot to Asia, as Western economies threaten sanctions over the turmoil in Ukraine. Sanctions by the US and the EU have been mostly limited to visa bans and asset freezes on some leading Russian officials, and so far only threatening a so-called third round of real economic sanctions against Russian businesses.

      In the first day of a two-day trip to China Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said the two countries will be increasing their bilateral trade to reach a new level.

      “Our countries have done a huge job to reach a new historic landmark…. China has firmly settled in a position of our key trade partner,” Putin said.

  28. Geo. T (formerly George)

    Hi Greg,
    Great wrap up. I was wondering what you were going to serve up this morning. Keep preaching the truth brother
    China and Russia are not our friends. We should demand that US Corps bring back manufacturing to the USA, cut the red tape that the environmental wacko use to prevent it and stop importing everything. We could rebuild our economy in five years and deal a blow to China.

  29. Coalburner9

    On the tail end of the comments on the Nenner interview, his comment on America not wanting to lead the world anymore started to get some discussion. I think it is important to flesh out this subject. It is not the first time I have heard about this. We know Puppet Obama and his leftists want to transform us into a third world country as he has been known to say. I suspect he was not planning on it being like this. This easy, I mean and he probably planned to take much more from the so called haves for the have nots but found the haves, “evil large corporations” had already fled the country. I don’t think he expected us to be so broke that he could bring us down in his own term either. Gotta’ Chuckle at the Dufus!
    Even though our military complex is thirty years ahead of most of the world except what China and Russia and a few others have been able to steal, it may not hold out for that long. Remember in the fall of Russia a lot of highly valued people and equipment were sold out. Can that happen here in a deep fall. We have people so smart that us ordinary educated types cannot imagine. I followed Allen Ols web link to the latest long interview with Jim Willie and you must give the guy credit he thinks wildly and follows the puzzle pieces well. Willie also says the Global Financial War has already started. I say unless our guys are really sandbagging to some point down the road we are in big trouble, totally outclassed and outplayed or are they all getting what they and their owners really want. Willie noted the mid level bankers being killed off are like the old traditions of killing off the engineers who understood how to build and hide the tombs. Some folks reading this site might think about that! Soros, Lewis and others want us down for their own personal gain. They can afford to hold our heads under water for a generation or three. I said for a number of years now that all this occurred because Middle class rednecks started crudely showing up in the rareified playgrounds of the very rich and beautiful. They decided to put a stop to that after just seeing the slave class vacationing where they PO’ed them to no end! I know most of us are to ignorant to think people could be like this and they seldom reveal it. But they want rid of the third and fourth generation inheritors that are not insiders instead just interfering with what the top few want to do (Al Gore types). They want to eliminate the do gooder types along with the middle classes here in the US. They are invested where the rising middle classes are rising and paying them big money through cheap labor. So we the US citizens masses may not want out of the lead but the world owners want us out of the lead. What say?

  30. Jerry

    I sometimes second guess myself why I continue to post comments on your site, especially on holidays like memorial day. From an outside point of view , looking at my comments, it may appear that I am not patriotic. And I’m sure you get tired of reading them. But the fact is, that’s not true. In fact I’m deeply worried about the country I grew up loving fading away into history because our people and our politicians have lost their direction and cannot see the train coming sown the track.

    My wife and others continually point to the fact that we could all be wrong about the economy, that nothing is going to happen, and that the sun will come up tomorrow and the birds will be singing. No one hopes for that more than I do, and then reality hits me once again. As an outdoor survivalist , I know that preparation is 9/10 of survival . Its not about who is right or who is wrong, but timing. You only have so much time to make the right decision, and the worst thing you can do, is do nothing. It troubles me when I see people quibble with you over some of the most tedious and tiny details, in order to soothe their conscience for doing nothing. But them I’m reminded that people die all the time for making bad choices.

    So if nothing else Greg, I post your site to be another witness, another voice, of what you in your wisdom, have already seen coming for quite some time. Are we both crazy? Maybe. But I get the strong impression from your videos that you are like I am. Its more about love and concern for people, and the harm that could come to them, than about who’s right or wrong. Like I tell my wife. If I’m wrong, you won’t have to do any grocery shopping for a long time. If I’m right, no one who doubted me will be around to tell me so.

  31. Marc

    Greg You are the best. You sum up the events of the week like no one else. Thank you for your efforts and time. Marc

  32. Sam Grant

    Hi Greg.
    Your weekly wrap-ups are as important and as enlightening as your interviews during the week. Thank you.
    Jim H posted the link to a very important and passionate speech given by Chris Hedges. I watched it and was so impressed and it gave me so much hope that I wanted to post the link again in case anyone missed it. It really really is a must-see.


  33. Frank Brady

    Greg, thank you for being a voice of sanity in a sea of lunacy. The folks who operate what is called “the financial press” have a great deal for which to answer. The petro dollar is now officially as dead as Bretton Woods.


  34. todd clay

    your exactally right greg…..our law makers making a fuss over the redskins while we have 17 trillion debt,a new health care tax coming [which could be controlled by holding doctors,lawyers,and hospitials accountable……]….our law makers are controlled by international bankers,the councel on on foregin relations and god only knows who else!……they pretend to be holding one another accountable while at the same time neither has our best interest at heart……jesus is coming soon,he will fix this! I enjoy your comment,read it everyday,keep up the good work!

  35. art barnes

    Folks, THE BEAR IS BACK, its out of hibernation since its sleep of the Soviet collapse. Another name for Russia is the “King of the North” as spoken by the prophets of the Old Testament. Russia will continue to rise in wealth, power, & influence, until it marches south to Israel that is. God Speed!

  36. DavidC

    Another great wrap up Greg. Is it my imagination or are you becoming more angry with what’s going on?!

    My best wishes for this memorial weekend.


    • Greg Hunter

      At this point I am more stunned and depressed. Thank you for the comment and well wishes.

  37. Geo. T (formerly George)

    I am sitting here drinking a beer after some yard work. I cut on Fox as the other guys are Obama’s mouthpiece (yes, I know Fox is biased, too but much less so than ABC, CBS, NBC & CNN. O’Reilly saying he couldn’t support the Marine held in Mexico because he didn’t believe his story made me want to chastise him about the head and shoulders with my Louisville Slugger…).
    Jehmu Greene (Is she named after a killer whale at SeaWorld?), fmr Pres. Women’s Media Center was talking about the VA scandal and alluded to it being Congress’ fault as they were spending time on all these fake scandals. These liberals national socialists lie so easily. No wonder our country is so fubared! In America, you are allowed to lie to the people, as a matter of fact, we EXPECT our politicians to lie AND boy does Obama do a phenomenal job at it. Every scandal, he says heads will roll and he will get to the bottom of it…tell me, has a single terrorist that killed Stevens been brought to justice? No we cant find them. But a report found the leader having a latte…
    I picked up my computer and decided I needed to read the news….
    Thanks for allowing me to vent

  38. Jerry

    Clearly Vladimir is not familiar with the U.S. Job market.

    USA readers are you getting it yet? Over 60 nations attending this economic summit are giving the United States the finger and moving on without the dollar. We are no longer in paradigm shift mode. We are now totally in reset mode. Do not let the MSM fool you, thinking its business as usual. It is clearly not.

  39. supreme allied commander

    Just a quickie greg,
    thanks for getting it right and saying “nuclear” not nookular, it always makes me cringe when educated people like our POTUS or anybody can’t say that one word correctly. yeah everybody here take my word for it about VA healthcare, in the words of bruce willis(the siege) you do not want the military in your backyard, they work like a hatchet not a scalpel.

    have a stupendous memorial day!

  40. Galaxy 500

    Please accept my thanks for your sacrifice and service. You have my word that I will vote against the evil Demoncrats in Nov.
    May God bless you and yours this Memorial Day weekend

    • Jim H

      Well written Galaxy and my Brothers and Sisters I give my word, I will do all I can in word and deed to return you to your families never to be thrown to places such as Viet Nam, parts of South America, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan (places I’ve been while in the Army or working with all branches of service as a contractor) in the name of greed for a few or “national interest” that is really only in the interest of a few. We salute you and many, many Americans appreciate and love you.

      • Galaxy 500

        Thanks Jim
        As I recall, an oath is swown to protect the country from all enemies, both domestic and foreign…the domestic ones are what we need to concentrate on now.

  41. Nm

    After reading the view points on this blog, I have a question about the real world economy & how it might affect me.

    I recently started working for a start up that is part of this new peer-to-peer sharing economy movement (similar concept to companies like uber & airnb)

    The company has raised a few million in funding & is still very new but what are people’s thoughts on these new share to share companies? Do they have a future as people become broker?

    • Jerry

      If you’ve reading the post on this blog you’re not getting it. We are facing a global economic reset anytime. If your company is not on solid economic footing, it will be gone. If you have not taken steps to prepare for this event. You may be gone. At this point you have a choice. You can listen to what I’m telling you and prepare while you still can, or you can the roll the dice and take your chances with everyone else who thinks this is B.S.

  42. Mohammad


    it is saddening that this happens, hearts and prayers are out to the victims and their families. That should never happen but unfortunately it does.
    I may disagree with Netanyahu’s capitalizing on the tragedy to push his agenda, but none the less it is a sad tragedy and it is only the prayers that will come out for peace!


    • Greg Hunter

      There is plenty of sin to go around in this world. I don’t see the conflict as one sided. Thank you.

    • Ugly

      That type of crimes happens everywhere under all facets of life. The 30 Kenyan Ag College students were killed all because a group said they were becoming ‘too’ western in their life and education. An airline just goes missing even with today’s GPS technology. Drone attacks. Someday swords will be bent for plows and knives will be used for pruning. Someday maybe?

  43. Charles H.

    Dear Greg Hunter, Jerry, Diane Ryan; Calgirl, Galaxy 500, Coalburner9, GEO. T., SMAULGLD , Ugly, Jim H, Doug, Oracle 911, (Doctor) Mohammad, allen ols, Agent P, wd, lastmanstanding, The Heart, Paul from Indiana, JC. Davis, brian, Rodster, A. Hall, Rebecca, Colin (from NZ), and the many, many wonderful commenters here that are too many to list: Happy Memorial Day to all. It has been my great pleasure to keep such good company. My wife and I will celebrate Memorial Day with telephone calls and a pan-fried steak, with good trimmings. It is austere: but the real celebration is in the heart.

    Just as we grow old and must pass off the scene: so does culture and country – as change is a function of time. As I lament the passing of cherished traditions, and the worry of the younger will face worse than I: I cannot forget the priceless part of life of growing up in the prime of American and worldwide freedom and prosperity. At sixty, I’ve had my share of knocks and breaks: but most of all I have been blessed beyond belief to have been born in the United States of America, and served my country Honorably in the military. Life comes at a cost: and I could have never asked for a better deal. I hope those here at USA Watchdog take stock in real thankfulness and appreciation to the principles and people who made it all possible. Have a safe Memorial Day, and God bless.

    • Ugly

      I agree. That is why we want America for our kids and let the liberals and commies move if they don’t like this USA….

    • jim H

      Thanks so much Charles, God continue to bless you and yours. We too have been greatly blessed in my 60 years with a few bumps. Tomorrow I thank the pure hearts (at least 99%) that lived under horrible conditions and many who died for our safety, freedoms for us and others around the world and what they believed good causes because as many of us know “no greater love has a person than to give their life for another.

    • Galaxy 500

      Thanks for your service Charles. My wife and I took our boys ( a pair of great Danes) for a short drive to the beach about four and walked for a few miles. The weather was lovely. We saw many vet and even current service members with their family. We had a grill going upon our return and enjoyed each other’s company and a beer. It was a reverent day as we understand what others sacrificed for our freedom.
      Best wishes to all

  44. Agent P

    Now you can begin to see more clearly why so many departments/agencies of the federal government are arming themselves; putting out RFQ’s for ammunition, firearms and body armor, developing shared databases with local and state law-enforcement agencies, using high-tech devices like Harris’ Stingray to entrap cell phone users, little Podunk towns across America being $$$granted armored vehicles from the DHS surplus, etc., etc.

    While the United States diminishes on the global stage, it is about to appear in full militarized glory, on the domestic stage. Why is this, you ask? Because the United States is about to embark on a path that every dying empire has embarked on before it: Self-destruction.
    Who it can no longer bully on the world stage, it will do its own, domestically. It is coming. Any thinking man or woman knows it – nay, they can feel it. We’re entering a much different time, and it is not a time that will make us proud.


    • Agent P

      All the same and many good tidings to you/family as well this Memorial Day, C.H.


  45. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    You know what the Confederate Congress debated all day the day before Richmond collapsed? How many copies of the newspaper to throw on the steps of congress. Sound familiar? Times may change but politicians do not! Great job!

  46. Merc

    Greg, here’s PC Roberts writing yesterday. It concerns Israel.
    I know you are interested in protecting Israeli people from ‘terrorism.”
    Maybe your guest on numerous occassions will enlighten.
    Take a look ….

    • Greg Hunter

      I read the article and it seem to be a one sided appraisal of Israel. Nowhere is it mentioned the official stated goal of Hamas (now realigned with the Palestinian Authority PA) is the complete destruction of Israel. Also, neither the PA or Hamas have ever acknowledged Israel’s right to exist. I don’t see how peace will ever start from this vantage point. I don’t know what the answer is in the Middle East. I am just supposed to be fair and objective. That said, I have an enormous respect for Dr. Roberts.

  47. Diane Ryan

    Happy Decoration Day! Before it was called “Memorial Day,” it was called “Decoration Day”; a day celebrated by the families and friends of fallen Confederate soldiers after the War Between The States. Ladies would dress up in their finest attire and decorate the graves of the slain Confederate soldiers.

    Of course the federal government did what it does best, it stole the idea.

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