Economic Update, Russian Bombers Fly Out of Iran, MSM Can’t Stop Trump


By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 251 8.19.16)

So much for the so-called “recovery,” there’s not going to be one. Retail and tech are the latest to signal the economy is tanking. Retail is warning sales are bad. Macy’s is closing 100 stores nationwide. On top of that, tech giant Cisco just fired 20% of its workforce, or about 5,500 employees. Can you believe the Fed is still talking about raising interest rates in September? Fat chance.

Russian bombers got clearance to take off from an Iranian airbase to fly missions to attack ISIS in Iraq and Syria. This is a disturbing development because when ISIS is defeated, there is going to be a huge vacuum that Iran will surely fill. Meanwhile, Turkey is warming up to Russia. Things have gotten so bad the U.S. has removed its 50 nuclear weapons from Turkey and repositioned them in Romania. It seems reports show the Middle East is becoming more unstable every week.

The mainstream media (MSM) continues to hammer Donald Trump, but they are not having that much luck. The MSM is now exposed for being the political hack organizations that they are. They just cannot stop the Trump train to the White House.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

After the Wrap-Up:

Craig Hemke of is the guest for the Early Sunday Release.

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  1. RTW

    The FBI didn’t say she wasn’t a crook, they just said they weren’t going to indict her. Wishful thinking would have both her and her partner sitting in gitmo for all eternity, but that’s not going to happen, with this administration. So sad.

    • Paul ...

      Sadly the Obama neocons insane policy of rejecting morality to embrace chaos and destruction is going to destroy America … how can good Americans allow this to go on? … voting for Trump will begin the process of changing things for the better … voting for immoral Hillary will bring more chaos and destruction to our way of life.

  2. Johnny Yuma;_ylt=A0LEVinPlLZXUJEAzWUnnIlQ;_ylc=X1MDMTM1MTE5NTY4NwRfcgMyBGZyA3locy1tb3ppbGxhLTAwMwRncHJpZANoY2NPY0tCbVFYdWdzYlpPYmVRY1NBBG5fcnNsdAMwBG5fc3VnZwMxMARvcmlnaW4Dc2VhcmNoLnlhaG9vLmNvbQRwb3MDMQRwcXN0cgMEcHFzdHJsAzAEcXN0cmwDMTMEcXVlcnkDSm9obm55JTIwWXVtYQR0X3N0bXADMTQ3MTU4NTY5OQR1c2VfY2FzZQM-?p=Johnny+Yuma&fr2=sa-gp-search&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-003
    Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” is a well-known phrase in the United States Declaration of Independence.[1] The phrase gives three examples of the “unalienable rights” which the Declaration says have been given to all human beings by their Creator, and which governments are created to protect.

    Jehovah has always rightly required that those desiring to gain his approval acquaint themselves with his standard of justice and follow it. (Isa 1:17, 18; 10:1, 2; Jer 7:5-7; 21:12; 22:3, 4; Eze 45:9, 10; Am 5:15; Mic 3:9-12; 6:8; Zec 7:9-12) Like God, they must be impartial, as a failure in this regard is unjust and violates the law of love. (Jas 2:1-9) However, the exercise of justice according to God’s standard is not a burden; man’s happiness actually depends on it. (Ps 106:3; compare Isa 56:1, 2.) This truth was acknowledged by the famous English jurist Blackstone: “[God] has so intimately connected, so inseparably interwoven the laws of eternal justice with the happiness of each individual, that the latter cannot be attained but by observing the former; and, if the former be punctually obeyed, it cannot but induce the latter.”—Chadman’s Cyclopedia of Law, 1912, Vol. I, p. 88.

    The proper exercise of justice by governmental authority likewise contributes to the happiness and well-being of its subjects. (Compare Pr 29:4.) Since justice will always be exercised by Christ Jesus as King of God’s Kingdom and by all those serving in administrative capacities under him, his loyal subjects will find pleasure in submitting themselves to his righteous rule.—Isa 9:6, 7; 32:1, 16-18; 42:1-4; Mt 12:18-21; Joh 5:30; compare Pr 29:2.,_Liberty_and_the_pursuit_of_Happiness#/media/File:%22July_4th_1776._When_our_Declaration_of_Indepedence_was_Signed_Loyal_Americans_were_of_one_mind_to_Protect_Life…_-_NARA_-_514752.tif

    • joe dokes

      Loved Johnny Y. ! Love our independence from our cousins across the pond, but with Brexit maybe we should join am, by supporting Trump, so we can throw the bums out too!

  3. Johnny Yuma

    Sorry about that first link, this one should work. . .

  4. Rick Geisler

    Progressives love to create disasters then be the same ones to ride up on the “white horses” with the solutions. It is all about control. What could be more controlling than to regulate everyone’s bowel movement. So they will create this crisis regarding bathrooms then they will pass laws to fix it all the while garnering more power over us the sheep. May they all go to hell with Alinsky. Actually that is where he wanted to spend eternity. He said it in an interview.

    • Freebreezer

      RG – and another step is to control our health care! Obama care is a disaster and the ‘hilliary’ is the one to fix (by fixing us all) it. Dig in and prepare because all these messes/corruption/government controlling our lives do not end well, and it is appearing that all of them are going to erupt all at about the same time. I feel for all these young brainwashed college students … they will have no idea what hit them when this all comes down … sharia/Islam of the west, collusion of the big banks/fed reserve/government corruption, the sanitization of christian beliefs (which built America), black lies matter, globalization etc, etc, etc…!

  5. Jason

    Lord Rothchilds smart?? No, just EVIL!! Greg your respectful courtesy to such ‘puppet-masters’ is………nice. But if we are going to be real here (& I know you & most of your followers try to be) then it’s time shinning lights like your Site (USA Watchdog) start to call these criminal manipulators for what they really are! Smart?? It’s very easy to ‘look’ smart when you are the one manipulating the entire system.
    Soros is just another of the puppet-masters- just not as tactful & smart as the King-pins like Rothchilds. Show me a mega -millionaire, & I’ll show you a criminal of the highest order- a minion of the dark!
    Come on Greg, take the gloves off mate- call these evil puppet-masters out!! Connect the dots for those who can’t or wont see the forest for the tree’s. It ALL starts with the likes of this creature that bought (or stole) himself the title of “Lord”. He & his satanic kind are FAR from any sort of “LORD”. There is but one “LORD” & it most definitely is not any one of them!!!
    We can kick & scream about every single event that occurs, one by one………..never really making a difference……wasting more time & giving them more breathing space…….but how much energy does that take??? Look for the common denominators in all these ‘single events’ & VERY quickly you will see that ALL threads lead back to the very same disgusting names!

  6. Mark Tipping

    when Putin speaks,
    I sense real sincerity … hey what ?

  7. Dan S.


    It’s been confirmed! Hillary has Parkinsons disease which explains her irrational behavior lately. But the MSM will not report it and are doing all they can to say she is healthy and should be the POTUS.

    In other news Russia has placed 40K troops on Ukraines’ border. NATO is placing nukes on Russian borders in Poland and Romania. WW3 is inevitable. Stay calm and sell everything.

    • MCasey

      As Dan S. states: “Stay calm and sell everything” or to quote Greg, “Everything is on sell”.

      The U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM) stations nuclear-capable bombers in the Pacific to deter aggression in the region. In a strong and unmistakable signal to North Korea and China, the U.S. Air Force has deployed three types of strategic bombers capable of carrying nukes to its base on Guam. Sending all three powerful bombers on Andersen Air Force Base in Guam represents a major escalation.

      • MCasey

        Well, Greg said, “sale” not “sell” ….sorry…

    • Thistle

      Confirmed by whom?

    • Robert G

      Hillary and Parkinson’s Confirmed where. Link please… WW3 Is not going to happen cause no life will exist, or very few survivors. Maybe a few regional nukes but no all out nuke war. Perhaps a WW3 with conventional weapons.

  8. Candi O

    I bet your glad you no longer part of main stream presstitutes.
    I do not know you personally but, from what you exhibit on your
    site you seem like a decent man who seeks truth and honesty.
    I for one applaud you for the courage it took to leave a very good
    paying job with a level of security. You choose truth over money,
    a tip of the hat and may you continue unabated.

    • Greg Hunter

      Candi O,
      I was the same way at CNN and I’d be doing a version of what I am doing now if I were still there. This is me back in early 2008 before the meltdown:

      • JC Davis

        This is exactly why I follow this site.

      • Kim

        Thank you for sharing. Your insights were ahead of most Americans awareness at that time!
        There appears to be a societal breakdown with the elite being above the law and the desperate and frustrated lower class. The disappearing middle class are too distracted with selfies, cell phone games and materialism. As the reality of standards of living decline, there seems to be more and more people waking up to the truth of what is really is going on. Please keep sharing your valuable wisdom and insights! Good and bad changes are occurring. Knowledge and awareness are power, compassion gives hope for survival.

      • DavidC

        On fire today! Excellent.

        A week or so ago I was trying to find some YouTube videos of you before USA Watchdog so that link of yours (which I’ve just viewed) is a nice treat.

        Best regards from England,

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you DavidC.

  9. 8Ball

    Biden is greeted by Serbians for Trump…

  10. Robert Lykens

    “There is no real hell”?
    Look at Miller, who knows better than the Bible.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good one Robert!

    • Frederick

      Yeah good one Robert NOT

      • Robert Lykens, Bible Thumper

        Grow up, freddie. Not everyone has to seek your approval before commenting.

  11. Paul ...

    Mr. Miller … you say: “there is no real Hell”?? … don’t you believe there was a “consciousness” before the Big Bang? … a consciousness existed in the nothingness before the Big Bang that we call God … and that God split the nothingness (zero) into a plus one (+1) and a minus one (-1) … call the +1 a proton and the -1 an electron and you will see how a hydrogen atom was created out of “nothing” (the nothingness of God himself) … and as even “nothing is something” that something had a “consciousness” and the will to say “Let There Be Light” … and our universe of hydrogen atoms came together to form the stars … so getting back to your statement that there is no real Hell … remember “you don’t need a physical body” to have consciousness … and when you no longer have a physical body you will remember what you have done when you did have one … that will be your Heaven or Hell … for all eternity!

    • Paul ...

      Hell is no fairy tail … and as shown above God composed of three entities (the three persons in one God is also no fairy tail) … God’s “three attributes” are … 1) positive , 2) negative and 3) consciousness (or a soul) … Christians believe consciousness “is our soul” (and it lives on for eternity) … Heaven and Hell exists … and is determined by what you do here on Earth … the entire universe and we ourselves are made of the “stuff” of God … people like Hillary and the neocons live their lives on the negative side (the dark side) and they are creating their own Hell for all eternity!

  12. Jerry

    Lord Rothschild is leaking information for a reason. America and the petrodollar have a date with destiny come October 1, when the gold backed Yuan goes into the IMF basket of currencies.

    Any way you slice it, America’s economy in its current state, cannot survive a 20% -30% haircut in dollar devaluation. Add in Deutsche Bank imploding, and you have the perfect economic storm for disaster. Printing paper dollars is one thing, but when no one wants them, that’s something else. Not even the ESF can bail us out of this one.

  13. Jerry

    Talk about poking the bear? Gerald Celente could be right. This is the globalist plan B in case the reset doesn’t work.

    • Jerry

      Correction. It looks like the military industrial complex is sending another message to the BRIC alliance in advance of the IMF reset on October 1.

      The timing of this seems a bit ominous considering that the G20 meeting is only a few weeks away and that the Chinese hit the last weapons platform with an EMP, only a month ago. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and you can’t blame the western oligarchs for not trying to intimidate them , even though its a pointless effort.

      • MCasey

        “Oil glut” may just be another (deflective) way of saying “everyone is storing up oil reserves in preparation for war”….(maybe to fuel planes going to Guam and NATO tanks).

    • Frederick

      jerry of course Mr Celente is right hes from the Bronx

    • Jerry

      What the Hell is going on?

      Folks I am convinced now more than ever that the BRIC nations and the IMF are getting ready to pull the plug on the western cabals war machine by decoupling from the dollar on October 1. The buildup of U.S. troops in Poland is tantamount to the Russians bringing in tanks and troops and putting them on the Canadian border. The scant mention of this by our MSM media stinks of cover-up. Listen to the propaganda in the attached clip. I swear it sounds like a Russian propaganda film clip from the sixties.

      • WD

        V and Berkwith have stated this many times….. Collapse currency destroy war effort

  14. Ron Spoon

    all obama’s plans are working..

  15. Hatemail

    I don’t want to party like the 60’s, I want to fight like it’s the 70’s, 1770’s.
    I’m not going down like some pacifist hippie.

    • Diane D.

      Hatemail, we patriots did not revolt when Obama (in concert with GOP Presidential nominee McCain) signed the NDAA on New Year’s Eve 2011. The Bill of Rights (and our Founders’ Republic) was dealt a fatal blow. Yet we patriots did nothing. Just think about what our enemy did in the last 4 ½ years with their drones and robots, militarizing of them, thermal imaging, biometric warfare, continued militarization of their Nazi Police State, destruction of jobs and families. What have we ‘patriots’ done in those 4 ½ years?

      My point: We ‘patriots’ do not have what it takes to revolt. If you believe that justice and the rule of law is gone, by definition the Republic is gone. Like the line in the Forest Gump movie, “And then one day it was over, just like that.” America RIP.

      • Hatemail

        Typical hippie.
        It ain’t over till I say it’s over.
        Go smoke another bowl.

        • Hatemail

          The fight hasn’t even started and people like her have thrown in the towel before they enter the ring. She has no concept of what it means to be a patriot.

      • Charles H

        You are right, Diane. It’s a simple picture.

  16. David Bain


    Hillary needs to explain to the American People; “Why, do you want to make America a Communist, Socialist, Fascist Nation? In clear unequivocal language. Transparency.
    Come on Hillary, Tell us. Why do you hate America? If you don’t like America, get on a boat, airplane, rocket or canoe and just leave. No one is stopping you. In my opinion, America will be better off without you. So, hurry up and leave!

    The Democratic platform founded by Thomas Jefferson, does not espouse these current goals or objectives Hillary see’s for America. The current members of the Democratic Party have tried to have the Jefferson Memorial removed and God removed from the Democratic Party. A Nation divided will not stand. This is how far the current Democratic Party has moved from the Founding Fathers vision for America. Can you believe that, Let’s have the Pillar of the Democratic Party removed from our ideological platform base because we do not subscribe to these original ideals anymore. Yeah, says who? Fight back Americans. Don’t vote for HillBillyious Clinton’s. I believe we would all vote for and be democrats if the workings of our Society were still in effect and based upon the same ideals as Thomas Jefferson and The James Madison’s laid out. We all need a History Lesson if Freedom for each individual is going to be Paramount as we move forward in the future. A vote for Hillary and the Democratic apparatus, is a vote for reduced freedom. The Beacon of Light America has stood for through the years has been growing strangely dim in these days, and my fear is we will let our inalienable individual rights slip away to some Lawless Apparatus. Stand Up my fellow Americans and do not vote for reduced freedoms. Lets continue to govern ourselves, so that we don’t substitute a police force over us as our governing body. We need the moral code of the 10 commandments and a body of peace-loving behavioral guidelines in which we continue to regulate and govern each other without a police force to direct our path.

    Hillary Clinton should be running under the Communist Party Ticket or Platform. She is definitely not a Democrat!!!! We need to open our eyes and take the blinders off. The scales need to fall off! See the Truth. Review the ORIGINAL Democratic Platform and lets get to that situation as quickly and feasibly as possible!

    Anybody that votes for Hillary, is voting for Communism.

    Definitely not a God centered, Judeo Christian, Jesus Christ based moral system.

    A few words from my little chair.

    David Bain

    • MCasey

      Thank you, David. Hillary is a “globalist”. Nationality, (being an American), has no patriotic meaning for her and is actually seen as an obstruction. That’s why she wants to build “bridges” instead of “borders” (walls).

      The globalists must prevail on the downfall of America to “level the playing field” for world trade….one trading partner cannot be too much richer than another. The same reason the dollar must be destroyed as “THE” reserve currency…’s a disadvantage to other partners…..we will actually have multiple “reserve currencies”).

      Vote Trump……

    • Frederick

      How can America be Communist and Facist they are polar opposites?

      • Bob

        Political ideology is not a line running from left to right, it is a circle and where communism and fascism meet is called totalitarianism.

        • Greg Hunter

          Good, crisp analysis Bob!!

  17. Cathy

    Thank you again, again and again!!!
    Thankfully we have someone like you to tell us the “truth”!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Cathy for your comment and support.

  18. Bill

    GREG: Cisco lays off 5500 workers, Macys closes 100 stores which is a few thousand workers fired. And the knuckleheads in WASH DC tell us unemployment in going down. Just how stupid do they think we are??

    • Paul ...

      Unemployment is going down because Obama refused to extend unemployment benefits … as unemployed people are thrown off getting their unemployment benefits they are no longer counted as unemployed (so unemployment is going down) … now all Obama has to do to the 5500 Cisco workers and Macys workers is make up some excuse to deny them unemployment benefits (like the Government has to save money) and presto unemployment will continue to go down! … eventually when the entire nation is unemployed and no benefits paid Obama can claim zero unemployment as one of his greatest accomplishments!

  19. Steven R

    I will vote for Trump…

    But even if he is somehow elected president. Both parties will be gunning for him from the very start. The old republican guard doesn’t want him to be successful and will work behind the curtain to ensure his failure. In the open, the evil empire (democrat -liberal – NWO- bankers) will all work day and night along with their MSM buddies to lie, distort, and to portray Trump as a total wack job. I can imagine daily riots at every location Trump visits as president. All being covered by the MSM as Trumps fault. How will he be able to do anything?

    And even if he can get legislation passed how do you fix the unfixable? Our nation is in debt up to our eyeballs. There is no way we can ever pay it back. Government dependence is growing, our economy is dead, our education system is little more than baby sitting. We have entire generations of people who now believe government is there to take care of them. As our economy crashes even worse more Americans will look to government to help bail them out. I see no way this gets better…

    • Paul ...

      Steven … It will be difficult … but Trump can start by putting the banks into bankruptcy and getting rid of the federal reserve bank (as it will no longer be needed to save the banks) … then increase tariffs on goods being brought into our country by corporations that abandoned America to manufacture products using cheap foreign labor … Trump can make the tariffs so high these corporations will find it is cheaper to manufacture their products here in America … this will create more jobs for Americans who will be able to spend more money and get the economy moving … the real 25% unemployment numbers will go down … and all the extra people working paying taxes will help to balance the Federal Budget … so things are not as unfixable as you portray!

    • gregd

      Steven R,
      Just having the bully pulpit will help him in defining the bad guys from both parties. Shutting down the government would help. And showing the FED that sometimes when you lend too much money to entities not worthy, you don’t get paid back, at all.
      He could end corporate welfare as well as lifetime welfare. Along with bringing some jobs back, I’d say we are at least on the right road. Oh and I almost forgot, restoring truth in government which will reverse most if not all the evil Obama has done. While he’s at it, he can open up Obama records for all to see ,and clean house with the judicial system. And when he’s done with that he can end lobbying by making all public offices public sponsored. That way it will be campaigns of ideas, not mud slinging.

  20. andyb

    Greg: some notes on your weekly informative rant ( all of us pissed off people should be so informative when angry—-kudos to you):

    Obamacare: forget the high premiums, deductibles and the delays and waiting times. The biggest disaster to the economy is the effective 30 hour work week. Think of all the ramifications of a weekly income reduced by at least 25% for the majority of an up-and-coming critical age demographic (18-35).

    Putin: America should be so lucky as to have a real leader like Putin. Forget the anti-Russian propaganda espoused by the neocons and their MSM cronies. We are the ones in the wrong. How would we like to have nuclear missiles within 90 miles of our border like NATO has done with Russia? Oh wait…… Cuban missile crisis, anyone?

    Transgenderism and the assault on cultural norms: It’s far far more than just denying God, Greg. Those of us who are not deeply religious per se are as appalled as the faithful. It’s a Marxist agenda for destroying the nuclear family; the morals and laws that bind a nation together and make it stronger. The “Nanny State” may sound innocuous, but Government intrusion into the way children are raised and parented is pure evil. I was a free range kid, after WWII, with a paper route at age 8, getting up at 5am and delivering over a 3 mile radius, alone and in the dark, on a bike with a good headlight. Today, my parents would be in jail for allowing this. I didn’t need a permit to earn money mowing lawns, shoveling out driveways in the winter, having a lemonade stand, or collecting empty bottles for extra spending money. Today, there are only a few jurisdictions that would allow a young boy to do this without some sort of bureaucratic interference. What a shame!!!!

    • MCasey

      andyb…..I had forgotten about headlights on bikes! What fun!

  21. Jan

    Yesterday CNN and other media began touting Sabato’s Crystal Ball prediction by which Hillary has enough “safe” or “likely” states to win the presidency. (Add the “safe” + “likely” democrat wins = 190 + 83 = 273). Add in the “leans democrat” states and Clinton is anticipated to reach 348 electoral votes, although if you read the text, they state that Trump could win some of these states like Florida, N. Carolina, Ohio, and Iowa.

    Right now their map shows the Rust Belt (except Mike Pence’s Indiana) all going for Clinton (although Ohio could go Republican). REALLY? In THIS economy? When she’s pro-TPP and pro-Wall Street and pro-regulations that will further destroy jobs?

    Greg, you are not alone in predicting a Trump win. Scroll down a bit on the link cited to the post “The Political Science Election Forecasts…” and find Table 1 “Forecasts of the 2016 two-party presidential vote”. A couple of these forecasts predict a narrow Trump win.

    The link below is for Sabato’s Senate prediction. This race is extremely important and he does not call it for either side. It will be close, but it is extremely important. IF Hillary is elected, she needs enough Senators willing to impeach her or to stop her from taking the country to war, not to mention to scrutinize Supreme Court justice choices.

    The “About” page on Sabato’s site says they have had a strong track record since its inception in 2004. We won’t have very long to find out where they stand this year.

    • gregd

      I want to be the first (#1)to predict a landslide for Trump. As in bigger than Reagan over Mondale. I base that on common sense and the observation that all but one of my hard left friends are either not voting or voting for someone else.

  22. Bob

    I was wondering if anyone has gone to CNN headquarters to see what their bathroom situation is ? Are Cuomo and Costello using the same bathroom ?
    My belief is that males and females should be equal but also recognize we are different. To not recognize difference is insanity !
    Having young children shower together in public institutions is just plain wrong. At the age where children are formulating self belief this seems to be a dangerous move to be making. Has any credible research been done on how this alters the child ? – or is it just some fringe philosophy that ignores uninteded consequences. I know currently in the realm of Children and Family Services – if a report were received that a school was promoting co-Ed showering for kids under 16 years old – there would certainly be an investigation and charges laid. The world is changing in very weird ways .

  23. Bill

    GREG: Cisco lays off 5500 employees, Macys closes 100 stores, which is probably a few thousand employees fired. So the knuckleheads in Wash DC want to tell me that unemployment is going down??? I may be dumb, but I aint stupid

  24. The Mohawk

    Greg, good reporting but you seem to be either missing or intentionally not pointing out that the majority, not all, but the overwhelming majority of the “Never Trumpers” tend to be Jewish of Eastern European and Soviet Union origins originally and they HATE Russia and particularly Vladimir Putin (many of Bolshevik heritage). This is all about WAR—don’t think it is not. They want to attack Syria and have been very clear about that for some time and this would include Iran who have allowed Assad to use their airspace to attack ISIS as Russia is. Has the U.S. decimated ISIS?–Ah, NO. The U.S. could have destroyed ISIS in about 10 minutes if we wanted to. Do you remember, Summer 2014 when the entire ISIS force drove and marched across Iraq from I believe Tikrit on their way to Baghdad (about 75 miles) in their brand new Toyota Land Cruisers, pickups and tanks? Thousands of them. Why didn’t we send fighter jets and destroy them? Ask yourself that. Where was Israel’s fleet of bomber’s during that enormous march? Hmmmm?

    Bill Kristol, “Neo-Con” who’s father (Irving Kristol) was a Bolshevik Communist became a “conservative” (which he clearly never was and the same for his son) to court the Republican Party who gave him his much wanted wars in the ME among other places. Rubin, Victoria Nudelman (Nuland) and her husband Robert Kagan started the coup in Ukraine and inserted their handpicked Neo-Con president. If you recall her now famous quote “F#ck The EU”. Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union and most would rather be with Russia than with the neocons.

    There are many Jewish patriots in this country who want to do the right thing and many are supporting Trump but the ones with influence—meaning those who have never held a job, live off their trust fund money and are deeply entrenched in the D.C. monster in “Think Tanks”, “Foundations” and NGO’s are the one making the headlines. They are even openly supporting Clinton. Why? She will give them their war (which will become World War III–millions possibly billions will die) unless we stop them. They are all traitors and need to be called out, lose their citizenship and be deported.

    You have many Jewish patriots such as David Horowitz and his organization and others like him but he doesn’t get to sit down with Chris Wallace at 2 pm every Sunday or each weeknight with Brett Bair, but Mr. Kristol does as does a whole cadre of neocons and leftists on his panel (I consider Kristol a neocon and a leftist by the way–they are not mutually exclusive–see Hillary Clinton as a prime example). The Clinton News Network (CNN) is run by whom? Jeff Zucker, that scumbag who HATES Trump for the same reasons.

    As a “Duck and Cover” child growing up we were taught the evil of The Soviet Union (which they were on many instances) and the “Red Scare”. I don’t know everything about Mr. Putin but he knows that radical Islam is the problem and he has made a concerted effort to destroy as many as he could and continues to do so. Why is is bad that Mr. Trump wants to discuss matters with Mr. Putin rather than go to war with him? That is something you must ask yourself. The Democrats at one time embraced “Uncle Joe” Stalin if you recall. A murderous tyrant and a totalitarian fanatic.

    The apologists for Islam and screams of “Islamaphobia” come primarily from these neocons and leftists (take a gander at Salon, The Daily Beast, The Huff Post or The New Republic) on both sides of the aisle–Democrat and Republican. Why? Islam is an ideology of TOTALITARIANISM rather than a religion and that is something that they not only embrace but seek to implement in this United States and sadly, we are well on our way of realizing this nightmare UNLESS these narcissistic, pseudo-intellectual psychopaths are removed from office/Foundations/NGO’s this nation once and for all and their “Foundations” and NGO’s (George Soros funds hundreds of these NGO’s–he’s not Irish Catholic. I will point out–he’s Jewish and hates Russia and Putin). Love for our fellow human being must be our call and a return to Our Father, Our Lord and his love for us and us for Him.

    Love One Another

    The Mohawk

  25. Freebreezer

    And Mr Miller go where? New Zealand is not going to take you; Australia has some of the strictest immigration laws in the world – same for NZ; Most of central and south America hate the Gringo; China/Russia … like that is going to work well; Europe is a bigger mess! Most of Asia … where Americans are going to fit in real nicely; Thus where are you eluding to? Africa, the countries of Islam? Maybe Iceland?

    • Frederick

      Nope Eastern Europe is not a bigger mess freebreezer If I wasnt married to a Turkish woman thats where I would go Hungary or Poland or thr Czech Republic all have alot of good attributes plus the cost of living is lower Much lower

    • Thomas

      I remember Doug Casey suggesting Tristan De Cahuna as a place to go. He offered that if you (and everyone else) don ‘t know where it is, is the reason to select it.

      • Freebreezer

        The most remote place on the planet!

      • Kerry

        Wow, looks like paradise. I would live there. As long as everybody else doesn’t.

  26. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    This was your absolute best WNW. I hate to quote Little Richard but he said it best, “God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.” Of course we know the flip side of his statement.

    Greg, it has only been 1 month since you had Craig on and he is scheduled for the early Sunday release then I must “assume” something big is up with Craig. I will be waiting anxiously.
    Yah bless you and yours.

    • Anne Elliott

      I so agree with you, CC – this was Greg’s best WNW yet!! Great job, Greg – thanks for all you do to keep us well-informed!

  27. wondrouscat

    Guess what – the children will even be able to “decide” what gender they are from day to day. As for the gender neutral restrooms I see that as another attempt to de-humanize the population, take away privacy and self-respect, and any frisson between the sexes, and whittle away at our autonomy. Eventually we’ll all be wearing canvas pants and Mao jackets, and all art and self expression will be forbidden. Kill your television (mind control).

    • Bill

      Wonderouscat; Children Should children 5 or 6 have the choice of deciding what sex they are?? This school restroom business is nonsense. When they become adults they are free to choose, but until then, they are what their parents registered on their birth certificate.

      • Greg Hunter

        I agree. Determination of sex is simple science.

    • Diane D.

      To some folks we homeschooling families may be backward, rural, old-fashion people. But we know child abuse when we see it. And we refuse to allow it!

      Parents, the federal government has no jurisdiction concerning the education of your children. Your children are exactly where the government wants them, controlling every aspect of your child’s life for 8 hours every day. They are prisoners with no escape from government’s evil indoctrination. Do not allow government to poison their minds and their bodies. Homeschool your children!

  28. donna

    A little off topic but just wondering if anyone else is seeing this. After I paid my taxes for 2015 , which was done by a CPA, I received a letter from the IRS that I owed an additional $600.00 . With this came a letter that they ask me to sign saying I agree to higher taxes and won’t prosecute or sue in the future. Of coarse I paid the extra but would not sign the paper. They again wrote saying I must sign the letter and that an additional $7.00 was due for interest. I again did not sign the paper. I also sent in my sisters taxes as she passed in 2015 and again I received a notice she owed an additional $600.00 but no letter accompanied it this time to sign agreeing to higher taxes. I feel this is an illegal way to have raised our taxes while avoiding the congress. Is this how they collected so much tax revenue this year? By using this tactic while so many are unemployed? Just curious if anyone else has had this happen?
    Thank you Greg for a wonderful site that provides us with a Great source of truthful reporting

    • Southern Girl


      If you paid a CPA to do your taxes, then you should have taken the letter to him/her. If they fail to do your taxes correctly THEY must pay the penalty NOT YOU. I had a problem with my CPA and he refused to redo my taxes so I failed a complaint with our states CPA’s organization. You to can do this. I was told by the IRS that I made thousands to more dollars than what I was claiming. I had to do the leg work and found out my Financial Institution generated an additional 1099 saying I made thousands of dollars. I called the Financial Institution and said if you will send me that money you said I made I will gladly pay the IRS the back taxes they said I owned. Took me some time but I managed to go up the chain of command and found out the computer generated THE additional 1099 form. The company fixed it and sent the IRS and me documentation.

      I would not have paid the fee without checking first. I would also contact someone from your own state to help determine if this is a hoax or not. I never got a letter stating that I had to sign saying I agreed to pay. Something fishy!!!!!!!!! Doesn’t sound right. I would have done more checking before handing them over 600 smackers. Hope you have not been had.

  29. Fear Not

    Greg, This is the first website I go to every Friday morning, and you absolutely nailed it this week. Towards the end of the WNW, I was cheering for you to let loose. I realize this is a secular news/opinion site, but as Christians, we can’t help but notice the prophetic events unfolding before our very eyes. For those who don’t know the significance of a Russian, Iranian, and Turkey military alliance, Ezekiel 38 & 39 talks of a future military alliance that goes to war against Israel during the end of the age, and it names names. The following link is the best explanation I’ve found for it:

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not” Thank you for adding to the content of this post. Yes Turkey, Iran and Russia lining up together is bad but we know who will win this coming fight.

      • WD


        I have a problem with painting Russia as the villian….US has pushed Russia in a corner and is pushing and pushing. Putin is very open about his Christianity and love for Russia and his drive to make Russia economically stable.

        Russia has to protect its flanks, with countries like China, Iran etc…eventually, as Jim Willie say, Germany and other European nations will turn east.

        Right now in America, there are reports of muslims causing problems in their “new adopted communities”….. You have to understand that Russia has a BIG PROBLEM with islam/muslims.

        Russia constantly has to be on guard against this cancer….I believe collapse involves war and eventually war with islam.

        I for one think Putin is a gift to us who believe in Christianity, individual rights, family, community etc…With BRICS there is an entity that can stand up to despicable Washington DC….. As I have heard from V, Berwick, Celante, and Willie the US will survive but NEVER be the same and that has to be for the best.

        Putin is not the villian or adversary here….our government is.

        • oneno

          Those new commers advocating unPEACE and acting to destabilize their surroundings have nothing to do with peace.

          Those new commers are being brought to America covertly by the usual suspects!

      • Frederick

        You forgot China in that group Greg

  30. Southern Girl


    Remember that most of the population is still stuck in Normalcy Bias…..they cannot see what is really in front of them. Their brain refuses to see much less understand reality.
    I read all the commentaries in my local newspaper…don’t vote for that CRAZY guy Trump….these people are not better than parrots that cannot or refuse to think.

    • Paul ...

      Hillary is the CRAZY one who will bomb Iran and by doing so start a war with Russia … Iran’s Jewish population is actually the second largest in the Middle East … don’t they have any say? … Iran hosts the oldest undisturbed Jewish community in the entire world and Iranian Jews view themselves “as Iranians” …what right does “pay to play” Hillary have to bomb them out of their homes?

      • Frederick

        Irans Jewish community is that large It seems like most of them left for Long Island after the Shah was removed

  31. pat the rat

    Greg talk to a nuts and bolts nursing home nurse, and you will see that Clinton is closer to a nursing home then the white. Her other option is that she turns the white into a nursing home.

  32. Al

    It’s all about breaking barriers of all kind spun to be a good thing by the Radical Media (All MSM entities), but it’s a globalist plot and it’s not working. It’s angering people so the opposite of what they want is fast becoming a reality… and the elitist globalist sociopaths are going full steam like a trapped rat. That’s the reason all these “movements”, now, speaking of movements.

  33. Al

    It’s all about breaking barriers of all kind spun to be a good thing by the Radical Media (All MSM entities), but it’s a globalist plot and it’s not working. It’s angering people so the opposite of what they want is fast becoming a reality… and the elitist globalist sociopaths are going full steam like a trapped rat. That’s the reason for all these “movements”.

  34. john duffy

    Your children are targets for institutional sex perverts at planned parenthood and the UN. They want to push pornographic sex ed to children as young as 5years. They want to teach them that the rectum is a sex organ. And then there is this:
    Pushing gender ideology on kids is child abuse: pediatricians group

  35. Jerry

    Mr. Miller.
    I agree with you to some degree, but you are missing the broader point. This is a spiritual war being played out in a physical world. Who do you think sits at the head of the banking empire table? Its not Lord Rothschild I can assure you. He’s just a puppet like all the rest. Listen to Greg’s closing line. There is a NWO coming alright. The only difference is it won’t be headed by these parasitic bankers and their evil overlord. Get right with God while you still can.

    • Charles H

      A spiritual war being played out in a physical world. BINGO!

    • WD


      With all this march to war and transgender/any gender I want etc. Money printing, islam rising, no moral compass etc,,, this can only be the work of satan/lucifer….I cant see how this can be anything else….

      I never could have dreamed this could happen !

  36. dodgeball

    While I tend to somewhat agree with you in the first two paragraphs, I have some concerns with the third.

    First of all, even if one was to escape this country, where would they go, considering that things will be just as bad no matter where a person goes. And most likely even WORSE elsewhere, since we at least (for a while anyway), still have a 2nd amendment to fall back on. I’m not saying, at all, that it will be a bed of roses, but we still have a multitude of ‘awake’ people in this country that can ban together if need be. The sheeple will most likely have to fend for themselves and will probably be the first to…’disappear’.

    And secondly, I am amazed that you are apparently convinced that there is no ‘real’ hell. How can you be aware of the NON-existence of ANY place, if you have never tried to go there yourself first, or, at the very least, have some kind of independent substantiated proof? You may CHOOSE to believe it, but just saying that there is no such place as hell, doesn’t make it so. According to what is written in the Bible, anything that we might have to endure here on earth now is not only for a temporary period of time, but not even CLOSE to the torment that awaits those who will, eventually, suffer in hell…AND it will never end! In this case (IMHO), I think it’s a pretty risky (and eternal), gamble to state an opinion, based apparently (unless I’m wrong), on conjecture alone. At least I have the ancient scriptures to back me up! I’m curious as to where you get YOUR information from?

    • Frederick

      I disagree that things are “worse” elsewhere Americans are spoiled and will be horrendous to deal with when things get tough

      • Greg Hunter

        Most of us will pull together when times get tough.

        • helot

          When you say, ‘Most of us will pull together when times get tough.’ I envision what happened when we had those Giant snowstorms – even in poor neighborhoods in large cities – people looked out for one another and helped each other out eventhough they didn’t have to. There were many stories of such. That kind of gives me hope. A glimmer. It’s easy to forget about those examples when discussing, ‘macro economic reactions’ and such.

        • Frederick

          Greg I doubt that very much unfortuately Too much division and petty infighting in the states(NY area anyway) for any sort of “pulling together” to occur Also all the entitlement issues I wouldnt want to experience the chaos that will ensue when peoples welfare is taken away suddenly

          • Greg Hunter

            I don’t.

    • Robert G

      I suffer from chronic pain 24/7 , bedridden from it. But it is nothing like 10/10 pain which basically you die from eventually because your heart gives out. So what your saying is God who is supposed to be a God of love could make a persons pain 1oo times worse than it is and torture that person that way for eternity (billions of years) because that person may ignore him for his short lifetime. Is this the same God that said in the old law covenant, eye for an eye, tooth for tooth and so on. The punishment does not reasonably fit the crime. If your dog pooped up your house everyday and you decided to punish the dog would you put his paw on a hot stove and enjoy listening to his agony. We are made in God,s image. God told Adam that the day (in this case a 1000 year day) he ate of a certain tree he would surely die. He didn’t say he was going to fry for eternity, wouldn’t that kind of been an important thing to point out. That’s not a God of love, but would seem to me to be a cruel, vindictive, harsh god. Just sayin, never made sense to me.

      • Robert G

        This was supposed to go with dodgeball and other comments about hell. I seem to have trouble lately getting my comment to the person I want to reply to.

  37. Southern Girl

    Just to add to your information…if you pull up the news on your smart (dumb) phone almost all of the articles are negative stabs and Trump….like 15 to 1 against Clinton…wonder if the DNC is scared and really trying to trash Trump????

  38. Paul ...

    Think about what the Israeli neocons are doing by supporting ISIS … Russian bombers now have clearance to take off from Iranian airbases to fly missions to attack ISIS in Iraq and Syria … now Turkey is warming up to Russia … can’t anyone see that one day Russian bombers will be taking off from bases in Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran to go after the supporters of ISIS in the Middle East? … idiot neocons think that by using ISIS to create a huge vacuum it can be filled by a “Greater Israel” … this is “bad logic” (anyone can see that Russia is going to fill that vacuum) … Israel should be looking for ways to “partner with Russia” to develop their vast gas fields … by simply becoming a partner with Russia Israel’s enemies Iran, Hezbollah, etc. can be held in check by Russia!

    • Paul ...

      Think about what the idiot American neocons are doing to support ISIS … Russian bombers are now currently circling US borders “every day” (and the MSM never tells this to the public) … are Americans so secure the US Military can get some planes in the air to ward off Russia (if things get serious) when the US Military couldn’t even get one single plane in the air on 9-11 when the Pentagon itself came under attack!

      • Bill

        Paul; Maybe the reason Russian bombers are circling America, we ( US and NATO) have surrounded Russia with armaments on their borders.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are way off the reservation on this one, with zero sources to back up what you are saying. “idiot neocons think that by using ISIS to create a huge vacuum it can be filled by a “Greater Israel” Really?? Russia has just partnered with Iran.

      • Frederick

        The “Greater Israel project” ia a fact and on that point Paul is spot on

        • Greg Hunter

          You simply cannot confuse a “plan” or a “project” with current actual actions without proof or sourcing. This is what you think not proven fact in what is going on today. In short, Paul is stating his opinion as proven fact and it is not.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you for the posting Paul.

      • Robert Lykens

        Greg, the Israel-haters are doomed to a sad future. Israel’s destiny is to be the Head of the Nations, whose borders will reach from the Nile to the Euphrates.
        The Israel-haters are destined for disappointment and drought.
        Bible fact.

        • susan


  39. Beligarant

    O.K. Mr. Miller, what is it this time which is supposed to make the population extinct? The last time it was supposed to be a large meteor striking somewhere in southern hemisphere around 2012. Of course, that was before all the super bug, ebola and pandemic forecasts.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t know what sites you are reading, but I have never brought up a meteor. I concentrate on the global economy and the math says things are bad–very bad. You can prepare or you can go back to sleep and watch TMZ.

      • Beligarant

        Hi Greg:
        I’m just trying to find out what Mr. Miller is stating because he didn’t give a reasonable description. A meteor impact was a joke and not from your site but Webbot back a few years ago. Hopefully Mr. Miller will respond with more information.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you for clarifying. I did not mean to come off mean. Hope you and everybody else are getting ready for the financial horror show.

  40. Larry W. Bryant

    == The Ultimate “she said, he said” Impasse? ==

    As regards Hillary’s revelation that Colin Powell had (allegedly) advised her to use privately managed e-mail servers in her official duty, whom are we to believe?
    I suggest that one or more mainstream media ask them both to undergo polygraph testing as to which one is telling the truth. After all, a number of federal agencies routinely administer polygraph testing to determine their personnel’s fitness to continue serving in “sensitive” positions. If either Clinton or Powell declines to submit to polygraphing, what would that stance tell you?
    And if no medium chooses to accept this suggestion, shouldn’t someone create an online petition challenging Hillary and Colin to come clean via modern polygraphy? — Larry W. Bryant (19 Aug 16)

    • Paul ...

      The only polygraph test we the people need to do … is to look into Hillary’s eyes as she speaks … those shifty eyes of hers gives her away instantly … as a perpetual liar!

  41. Diana Dee Jarvis

    FYI, folks, there’s more than one Rothschild. I searched the quote about greatest monetary experiment and found it was said by Lord Jacob Rothschild, who is based in Britain and wrote his gloomy assessment in the RIT Capital Partners semi-annual financial report. He should not be confused with Baron David de Rothschild, who was indicted in France last year for fraud connected with the Swiss banking branch. The two are related, but relatives don’t always agree with each other.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good stuff Diana. Thank you for posting this.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      By the way, I haven’t been able to find an update if the French government ever took David into custody or not. The court that indicted him apparently didn’t even know where he was. Anyone hear anything new on this?

  42. Larry Galearis

    And don’t forget that those stock values that haven’t changed in value nominally over fifteen years are in reality valued in shrinking, QE insulted, dollars.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point Larry. Since 2000 gold is up about 400% and that is with a selloff and suppression since 2011. Thank you for weighing in here.

    • Anne Elliott

      The US Gov is trying to secure the rank and file’s support for their Treasuries too – I had invested in a Vanguard Money Market stock account, and two weeks ago got a notice that it was going to automatically change to a Vanguard Treasury Account this week, unless I told them different. They said they were making the move into Treasuries because the “fees were lower”. Just another way to make sure somebody is buying those things!!

      • WD


        Can they force “bail ins” on that type of account?

  43. MIlton Welch

    Yesterday was a anniversary of 1953 coup in Iran.
    My 0.02.

    • MIlton Welch

      My bad. It’s today !

  44. Felix

    Hey Greg, did you change your webcam? Image looks pretty sharp compared to last week.

    • Greg Hunter

      New lighting Felix.

  45. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Another great weekly wrap-up. But I disagree with commenters who keep referring to Clinton, Sanders and Stein as Socialists. They’re not. They’re slavers. Any government economy benefits from a small proportion of socialism. A little capitalism, a little fascism, etc… the problem isn’t the kind of government. It’s the size. Size matters. Our government has grown so big that it can be nothing but an economy of slavery in which a small proportion of men are slaves. The government steals the proceeds of that labor and gives it to another demographic in exchange for votes. And those from whom the proceeds are stolen are poor and the ones to whom those proceeds are given are rich. Or much better off than the ones from whom the proceeds are stolen. That’s not socialism. Or communism. Or capitalism. Or anything else but slavery. There will always be a small proportion of a population or a small demographic who can’t care for themselves. They’re too old, they’re too young, too mentally ill, they fell on hard times for no fault of their own. Those people deserve some consideration and help. That’s socialism. There’s nothing wrong with that. The problem is that the people or demographic benefiting most from the transfer of wealth don’t need it. And if they do, they’re usually responsible for their circumstances because they lived beyond their means, participated in usury, managed their income poorly, etc… But usually these people who are receiving all this “welfare” have excessive lifestyles. They aren’t poor. It’s the men from whom the proceeds are stolen who are poor and are in need of support or help or public assistance or even welfare more than the ones who are actually receiving it. It’s not socialism. It’s slavery. Please call it like it is.

    • helot

      Dear Dr Darryl Jewett,

      “socialism is evil. It employs evil means, confiscation and intimidation, to accomplish what are often seen as noble goals — namely, helping one’s fellow man. Helping one’s fellow man in need by reaching into one’s own pockets to do so is laudable and praiseworthy. Helping one’s fellow man through coercion and reaching into another’s pockets is evil and worthy of condemnation.” …

      “The Welfare State is merely a method for transforming the market economy step by step into socialism.” Those who think that social programs are going to end at some point are very wrong. The Welfare State grows larger without end. If you are convinced the free market with some government intervention will solve poverty, you are very wrong.” …

      Socialism as a form of government is immoral and as an economic system unworkable. Like its sister forms of authoritarianism – democracy, fascism, communism, etc. – it is characterized by the unlawful taking of the property of some by force or the threat of force, and the giving of it to others to whom it does not belong. These forms of government elevate theft to a legal activity. (An honest thief doesn’t insult your intelligence by telling you that he is relieving you of your property for your own good.) […]

      As an economic system, socialism is a failure. The Plymouth colonists tried it; starvation and death resulted.” …

    • helot

      RE: “those from whom the proceeds are stolen are poor and the ones to whom those proceeds are given are rich.”

      That sure does seem like Socialism from this view. Perhaps, toss in a bit of Oligarchy on the top, but it’s still Socialism.

      When you say, ‘Any government economy benefits from a small proportion of socialism’ that’s the same as saying: Any government economy benefits from a small proportion of thievery.

      For sure, it seems so (at the expense of others, the seen and unseen and all that) but it’s still evil. A little evil, is the same as a large evil. I do so hope my links cause you to see the light.

    • Robert Lykens

      Doc, you say, “the problem isn’t the kind of government”. But that’s not true. The greater the level of socialism/communism in an economy, the greater the tendency toward economic failure. As purely Red as China is, they have seen the necessity for a capitalistic economy. Their brand of Communism leans more toward totalitarianism in the thought/belief system of their populace and less toward central-planning in their economy.
      The Soviet Union attempted a high degree of central-planning and collapsed under its own weight.

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        @ Helot and Robert – I sort of disagree with your assessment about socialism. Without socialism, there would be no care for those can’t take care of themselves. Apply the Golden Rule. What if you fell on hard times for no fault of your own and you couldn’t take care of yourself? Don’t you wish there was a small element of civilization that made provisions for you to subsist? Not live excessively beyond your means but just subsist. Either until you were back on your feet or died? I sure do. That’s socialism. What you’re calling socialism is actually slavery. The same can be concluded about capitalism. True capitalism isn’t great if it’s the exclusive philosophy on which your government and economy depend. That always results in a cut-throat winner-take-all dog-eat-dog society which I don’t think many people want to live in. Unless everyone demonstrates complete integrity. But they never do. I’ll bet that everyone on this site complaining about socialism benefits considerably from that element of our economy / government. Understand that presently our system of usury (fractional reserve banking) promotes the enslavement of the most conscientious and hard-working men in our society (I won’t go as far to call it a civilization). And anyone who has borrowed money under this system of usury (whether they need the money or not but particularly if they don’t) is the beneficiary of the socialism about which you complain. Which is actually a misnomer because it isn’t socialism. It’s slavery. Use or misuse of these terms isn’t just a matter of semantics. It reflects profound hypocrisy of those misusing them for self-serving purposes. Meaning that some people aren’t happy because they don’t benefit as excessively from these mechanisms as others. And they want a bigger piece of the pie so to speak. But the reality is that the reason there’s such a problem with our economy is that those people who are complaining have already benefited considerably already. It’s the people who have never benefited but are slaves who are the important element in this equation. What most people refer to as capitalism isn’t really capitalism. It’s usury which is slavery. What most people refer to as socialism isn’t really socialism but usury which is slavery. You’ve made an important classic bureaucratic / administrative mistake: you’ve been presented with two choices and believe that you must select one or the other when neither one is the correct choice. It’s something else. This is a common scam con-artists use. Don’t fall for it.

        • Dr Darryl Jewett

          Addendum: I think an economy should be predominantly capitalism. But real capitalism and not capitalism as a function of usury and fractional reserve banking (like that which is represented by robber barons like Carnegie, Rockefeller, Gates and yes even Trump – all made their money by usury courtesy of the central banks either of Europe or the US). And a small proportion of socialism. Real socialism and not socialism as a function of usury and fractional reserve banking. A small proportion so that it doesn’t interfere with innovation, reward, compensation and real price discovery. And the government which administers or regulates these in part should be small (it doesn’t matter whether it’s fascist, communist, socialist, whatever). The question isn’t what kind of economy do you want. They’ll all work. As long as they’re not corrupted by usury (fractional reserve banking). And as long as the government participating in the economy is small enough such that it can’t promote usury and such that any corruption of it can’t be amplified throughout the system. Keep in mind to distinguish between government and economy. In a civilization, they’re different things. In our current system / society (not a civilization), the government and economy are the same thing: usury / slavery / fractional reserve banking.

          • helot

            Is the Golden Rule, ‘rob from others, as you would rob from them’? That seems to be what you’re saying.

            History proves this to be false: “Without socialism, there would be no care for those can’t take care of themselves.”

            The historical facts is, Voluntary Charity worked for most people long before the advent of modern welfare. The same could be said for today, churches and families help their members. Ever see a benefit thrown for someone who needs it? It happens all the time.

            In the end, you seem to be saying it’s ok that a mugger robs someone on the street in order to feed his family or to care for an elderly person because the scale is small. The other distinction you seem to gallop past is voluntary vs. involuntary giving and charity. One is good, the other is not.

            I guess we will just have to agree to disagree.

            I do hope you read those links. Here’s a final one:

            Socialism: The World’s Greatest Generator of Poverty


          • helot

            A couple more (because you appear to be sincere in seeking truth) please, take a few minutes and read:

            “Charity is a virtuous act that requires freedom. Forceful charity does not and cannot exist. If A steals from B to give to C, C might be better off but became so at the expense of B. B is a victim and A is a thief. The exchange between A and B is not legitimate. Not everyone is “much happier.” …


            “Socialists argue that capitalism exacerbates the problems of poverty, environmental degradation, expensive health care, alienating work, racial inequality, inadequate housing, and a host of other ills. They are correct in that our present economic system fosters these ills. Where they go amiss is in calling this system free market capitalism. What we have developed in recent history is not free-market capitalism, but the socialism critics find so attractive.” …


            “It would take many large volumes to record the complete history of Catholic charitable work, carried on as it was by individual faithful, parishes, dioceses, monasteries, missionaries, friars, nuns, and lay organizations. Indeed book-length studies have been written just on the charitable work of a particular order of nuns in a particular area of the United States. Chapter 6 of my new book, How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization, tells the story all too briefly.” …


  46. Larry Galearis

    Keep in mind that Israel’s foreign policy is enacted through and in cooperation with US foreign policy. A hostile Shi’ite, Iran and Iraq is a tribal relationship against Sunni Moslems, the Saudis etc. that has been exploited by Israel in order to keep its enemies fighting each other and not Israel. The pipeline politics also is made to order for this as the Sunnis are the oil rich states and allies with the USA. In other words Iran has very strong motives to hate Israel and the United States.

  47. 8Ball

    There is a lot of fear-mongering going on. Here is a blog response from a Ukrainian resident about the recent Russian military activity along its border.

    a guy from Ukraine
    commenting on an article:

    The article misses the whole point and fails to report vital information! The coming round of raised tensions between Ukraine and Russia follows a capture of Ukrainian commando group of 5 persons last week in Crimea. The news is widely covered in Russian speaking segment. A Ukrainian commando group was spotted by 3 federal security officers while they were on a routine patrol alongside the “problematic” piece of Crimean area. Subsequent exchange of fire left 2 Ukrainians and 2 Russians dead. The rest of the commandos were detained by Russian troops coming to the rescue. The group had lots of guns and 40 kg of explosives and is reported to have been assigned to blow up some infrastructure objects in Crimea. What make the whole story so special is, unlike previous hostile acts towards Crimea such as blowing up energy supply towers located in Ukraine to prevent energy supply to Crimea (up to last December Crimea was largely dependent on power supply delivered from Ukraine) which was largely blamed on local Tatars who left Crimea after it joined Russia, this time the whole operation was initiated and controlled by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, that is the top Ukrainian authorities. In diplomatic terms, this an all-out “casus belli”, hence Russian response was tough. BUT in no way does it mean Russia is going to invade Ukraine. Putin will not be repeating the mistakes of the Soviets before him. He doesn’t want his western “partners” to be given a perfect pretext for branding him an Invader. Russia has long chosen the path of slowly suffocating Ukraine economically stepping up economic sanctions against this collapsing neighbouring country critically dependent on Russian business and NOT the other way around.

    Same thing about the round of the current US-Russia tensions we are witnessing today. Regretfully, Michael has very little understanding of Russian mentality trying to make far reaching conclusions. Russia has a history of wars induced by outside interests. Definitely, Michael is still infected with the old Russian menace propaganda virus propagated throughout the USA and the rest of the world by the Reagan administration. Putin has openly stated over and over again that Russia DOES NOT need any new territories. Her lands are so vast that it can hardly be controlled. What Russia needs is TO BE LEFT ALONE and for other countries, namely, the US to stop interfering in Russia’s internal affairs. But as We all know the US is NOT sovereign and the US presidents are the puppets controlled by powerful banking families pulling strings behind the curtain. They will stop at nothing as they did before by financing the bolsheviks revolution in 1917 and later the rise of Hitler to power to subvert Russia and gain control over her vast resources. With all that history experience, Russia is not planning to destroy the USA but just trying to appeal to those behind the US that another war attempt against Russia will not only be futile but turn out to be disastrous for the US itself. Putin has repeatedly alluded to the West that should another major war provoked by the US break out the US, unlike WWI and WWII, will have to face the disastrous consequenсes itself.
    No need to provoke the Russian menace hysteria. You must realize that Russia is/will not be an instigator to any war conflict that might transpire and that unless those power-crazed banking families that have put this world on the brink of annihilation are removed from power, there will never be peace on this planet.

    • WD


      I agree completely, I think Putin is the Wests/Christianity’s only hope against the evil we face, especially islam…

      • Paul ...

        ISIS is a neocon tool being used to force Christians out of the Holy Land (by beheading them and using snipers to target them) and it is working … we are seeing the greatest “Christian Exodus” from the Holy Land since Moses!
        The neocon plan is to deliberately create conditions to eradicate the Ancient Christian Communities not only in the Middle East but in Northern Africa!
        What is really sad is that this once Great Christian Nation under Obama (that can’t mention the name of God anymore) is doing nothing to fight ISIS … and ironically it is being totally left to Russia, Iran and yes even Hezbollah to fight ISIS … to protect Christians from the evil neocon murderers!

        • Paul ...

          There is an old saying Christians (who are under fierce attack by evil neocons) should remember … “the enemy of your enemy … is your friend”!

    • Bill

      8Ball; The neocons are running the white house/our nation thru Valerie Jarrett

  48. Oxfarmer

    Thanks, Greg for your hard work and passion!

    Russia has always needed Ukraine before a global move to war, if I am correct.

    You are absolutely right that Turkey must dominate Iran and Iraq in order to get a Caliphate going. So, they help each other. Now. Daniel in the Bible talks about a sweep through Israel all the way into Africa by countries that can only be Russia and her satellites. Eventually they will face off if they don’t face God, first.

    Here, it is my hope that Trump is elected. He can’t do much, but he can do something, and his opposers have to be elected too.

    Today, someone was talking about finding a used part for a yard tool. The local shop said they threw sll that stuff away. Big mistake. The new normal will be fix it shops out of garages and all kinds of barter, and it will slice the meat cleanly off the government bone if they can find no one to tax.

    Vivat Jesus! Others have fought and won.

    History is moving to the Middle East, because Our Lord may be returning soon.

    • WD


      Russia is defending itself against major aggression…. many of these Bible prophesies leave a lot to interpretation….Remember as Russia goes so does China. They have to fight back or get wiped out….stop seeing Russia as evil and see what is really happening….that they are fighting evil.

      There is other scripture that shows US as being cut down to nothing due to its eveil nature….much to be interpreted.

  49. Eyebone

    Please stop saying play to pay.
    It sounds stupid.
    It’s pay to play.

    Admire you otherwise.

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s what I meant to say. You do realize I do a half hour with no script or teleprompter?

      • Eyebone

        I admire you greatly.

        I feel like crap now. Thank you for your great program.

        • Greg Hunter

          To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Do something. Action cures anxiety.

  50. StClare

    America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. – Abraham Lincoln

  51. Tad

    Get out of this country, and go to what country?
    You neglected the big picture. . .in the billions or so.

  52. Eric From Raleigh

    Just watched the Trump speech from Wisconsin. Like you said – very well done. I am glad to see it got so much media attention 🙁
    I must admit, however, that I am still a bit scared. Some friends – that I consider quite intelligent – are total HRC supporters. They don’t really seem to think about the dissolution of their constitutional rights. While they are busy watching the latest reality TV – bills are being signed, on high, that slowly erode liberty.
    I don’t know – perhaps there really is ignorance in bliss? Maybe I need to subscribe to USA Today, watch CNN, and drink some kool-aid so I can be of the same mind?

    Anyway – keep fighting the good fight 🙂

    PS.. That last interview with Ms Fitts was superb. I wish i could get more of my friends/family to listen, but they just insist I just need a better tin-foil-hat.


    • Greg Hunter

      The MSM won’t tell you this but I think trump won over some black voters. You know the truth when you hear it!! Black folks are being screwed by the Democrats and many are catching on.

    • Frederick

      Eric I know a couple from Raleigh who support the Hildebeast as well Wonder whats in the water down there?

  53. Bill

    Mr Miller your 100% correct and it will come in the form of the world rejecting the dollar as china gets the last piece of the puzzle oct 1 done .They will be able to do an end around the USA strangle hold of world reserve with the swift network and 57 current nations making up 62% of world gdp and a gold backed yuan.This group of nations will due to the dollar what we did to the Soviet Union and destroy the dollars use in all the countries that know our $ isn’t but paper or digital nothing.And the hell you speak of is figuratively used not biblical but I understood you based on a wasteland with desperate people doing despicable things and basically Stalingrad with the enemy being your neighbor that didn’t prepare the last 10 years. Water,food,shelter,protection.Never to late to prep before your money is gone or worthless.Were Venezuela right now if we didn’t feed and shelter the slackers today and its only possible as we print our way out,unlike the first depression where 8million starved to death.lock and load and protect your family.

  54. coalburner

    8Ball, I totally agree with the Ukrainean. A lot of us know the truth about this. Putin has outfoxed Obama every move to dodge any instigation of war with the western neo and lib cons. At the same time he has strenthened his position with Iran and Turkey. One would think Obama was constantly setting up Putin side to win. Unm!!!!! IF Obama, Kerry and their minions did not appear to be so hapless and dumb bell stupid… it makes one confused and shrugging for the right picture. Those bozo’s foul up everything they try. This Turkish thing is the ultimate dufus three stooges play.

    • Frederick

      Wei all know it was Victoria Nudelmann(Nuland) who started all the trouble in Ukraine with her F the EU rhetoric and all Her good buddies and partners in crime Porky and Rats sure have done a good job destroying their country

    • Charles H

      Obama is a puppet and a tool. A no-brainer of destroying the West and advancing muslim immigration is one two-fer. The Middle-East will ALWAYS remain muslim, and wars there are only diversion and resource drain – and being a ‘made’ man is the other two.
      Putin in Russia and China are looking-out for themselves in a hostile world (the West). The question to ask is:WHY is the balance of power being shifted to the Developing Nations? If you can find the Cause; you can stop reading the Symptoms.

      • Paul ...

        WHY is the balance of power being shifted to developing nations? Because by taking Libya the neocons can control North Africa … by taking Syria the neocons can project their power right into the heart of Russia and China!

    • 8Ball

      Thailand: A wave of bombings in Thailand’s tourist areas last week is likely to be linked to southern Malay Muslim separatists who oppose the predominantly Buddhist Thai state. Beheadings, bombings, drive-by shootings, assassinations, and vicious assaults have left more than 6,300 people dead and at least 11,500 injured since 2004. This violence rarely is reported outside of Thailand. The military regime in Bangkok, which seized power in 2014, has ruled out terrorism. It is believed, however, that this is an effort to downgrade the perceived threat to avoid public support for political concessions to the separatists. SMH 2016 Aug 15

      “Islam is a religion of Peace”
      Yup, Obama got the “peace prize” and proceeded to bomb the chit out of and overthrow the governments in various countries. The resulting turmoil is directly responsible for the influx of Muslim “immigrants” to Europe and the US…

  55. vincent_g

    The big news according to the Washington Post is The Clinton will no longer allow foreign donors to give to the Clinton Foundation!

    My guess is there already is a new private company established and setup where these funds will be diverted. A non profit organization where the major shareholder names are private and can’t be looked up.

    And the Clintons will claim they have nothing to do with it.

    Does anyone really think they will give up so much money just like that?
    Na thieves have one problem and that is they don’t know when to quit!

    Take for instance those famous bank robbers who for years managed to avoid detection. They both were caught with over a million dollars each in their cars as they were trying to make a run for it. Trying to get away from the FBI who managed to figure out who they were after they just had to hit one more bank.
    They had enough money to last the rest of their lives but it wasn’t enough.

    With all those crooked people knowing that they have the Clintons as their insiders do you really think they will let them stop?

    Well then either we have very immature people working at the Washington Post or the Washington Post has become a PR firm for the Clintons.

  56. Just'n Observer

    Greg…. Bix Weir with some more sobering points of view…

  57. Tommy

    Non gender bathrooms will have a short life. I would assume that there will be no urinals in such a bathroom else men will be charged with exposing themselves. Wait till women can’t find a pot to pee in that hasn’t been slopped up by the men.

    • Paul ...

      Now why would the neocons want to turn our MEN and WOMEN restrooms into “one” Sodom and Gomorrah rest room where women can view men exposing themselves? … likely because once they get that established they plan to make our Nation into “one giant restroom” were immorality will flourish … knowing Christians will object to a nation under Satanic rule … Obama is now bringing ISIS here to chop off Christian heads!
      But as Gena would likely say … “Hillary and the Democrats are perfectly right promoting non gender bathrooms because this immorality is a part of a women’s rights”!

  58. Smaulgld

    Another fine update
    Oh in the booming tech industry, cisco to layoff 14,000 workers

    • Paul ...

      Now if Obama can just figure a way to deny these laid off 14,000 Cisco workers unemployment insurance they won’t have to be counted as being unemployed!
      I know what he could say: … [Since these workers are now eligible to collect food stamps … the very act of collecting those food stamp benefits “is a form of work” … and therefore since these laid off workers “are working” collecting their food stamps … I will not be adding them into the unemployment statistics]!

  59. Steve Hayes

    you are fearless with the truth Greg ………………………………… Thank you again ….. for such a time as this …………………………… Steve

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steve for supporting the site!

  60. Robert Doupe

    Excellent news video Greg. Thank you for all the hard work and attention to detail!

  61. Harvey

    When I see that ghoulish-looking George Soros nowadays, I cannot help but think about a movie idea: Anthony Hopkins to play George Soros in a movie called Silence of the Sheeple . . . a movie about Christian countries being systematically destroyed by dangerous muslim immigrants. No way, however, that even Anthony Hopkins could make a Soros character as likeable and civilized as Hannibal Lector. And therefore, the movie might have to be a documentary.

    I did have another scary idea. Remember all the secret negotiations for the TPP and the TTIP trade deals? I think the details of TPP have been released and the TTIP details are still secret. With that in mind, consider the seven-year peace treaty between the antichrist and Israel (Daniel 9:27). Many say that when they see the seven-year peace treaty, they will know that the Tribulation has started (and we are therefore 3.5 years from the Great Tribulation). But what if the peace treaty is in secret? And we do not find out about it until it is well under way. That puts a whole new perspective on the idea that time is short.

    And Greg, I complimented you on a very good Obama impersonation you did last year some time (I think it was) but I regretfully did not indicate the time marker. Well, the Hillary impersonation you do above at 22:25 captures the absolute essence of her grating-voice hideous persona! I wish some scientist would connect instruments to people in an audience at one of her speeches to determine the hit to ones’ health that listening to her voice and her lies causes.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Harvey for your comment and support.

  62. Jane

    Thank you Greg for your knowledge, insight, courage, doggedness, persistence for the truth, and perseverance. I find your leadership helpful, inspiring and encouraging and I love you as a brother. Keep up the good work that you do. One day we will all, who love our LORD, see each other, and what a fantastic day that’s going to be. Perhaps not too far off now.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sister Jane for the kind words and comment!!

  63. Robert Lykens

    Here’s the truth about Firearm Ownership/Homicide Rates:

  64. MCasey

    Amazing! And so frustrating! Why we need you, Greg!

    “A new study by the Media Research Center found the Big Three television networks gave 10 times more coverage to the U.S. Olympics swimming “scandal” than to the bombshell admission the U.S. gave $400 million in cash to Iran only after the release of four American hostages, as WND reported.”

    ABC Swimmers: 16 minutes, 19 seconds Iran ransom: 25 seconds
    CBS Swimmers: 7 minutes, 3 seconds Iran ransom: 2 minutes, 9 seconds
    NBC Swimmers: 14 minutes, 9 seconds Iran ransom: 1 minute, 12 seconds

    TOTAL Swimmers: 37 minutes, 31 seconds
    Iran ransom: 3 minutes, 46 seconds

    • Greg Hunter

      M Casey,
      This is why I say the MSM “news” organizations are committing a form of fraud on news consumers and shareholders. I sat sell, sell, sell!

  65. Oxfarmer

    WD, I never ssid Russia was evil, which is the only way you might know. I only said Russia needs that piece of real estate to strengthen a war footing.

    The Bible is not so vague on the place of Gog, Magog, Tubal and Mesech in the end times, but it is very vague on America. No mentions, even in ancient languages.

    Stick to what I really said, and if you are going to mess with an oxfarmer who manages Greek and Hebrew, better have a good Bible open. Not the one you seem to be using.

    • WD


      I see Russia as being “painted” as evil
      …I agree about war footing….Bible interpretations are vast and varied. US could be seen as Babylon being destroyed.

      And no there is nothing that has been etched in stone concerning all scripture.
      There are many “experts” on Biblical interpretations…with varied interpretations even within the same group of scholars.

      But from what you say you are the end all expert to all of this and has the only true Bible to learn from. So of you say ots so it must be….Man you bore me.

  66. oneno

    Americans don’t have much time left as the year 2020 approaches. Two civil wars will follow one after the other and result in sectarian dictatorships. Neither of the Presidential candidates are sound for the job of working with international players including Russia and China to defeat IS and to move towards the better in America.

  67. David

    Another good one, Greg! Thx.

  68. Old Dog

    Two good reports to read/watch.
    One is a video:

    The other a written report:

    I agree with Sibel Edmonds: It is time for “people” to make their voices heard and not allow “government entities” to choose which of us live and which of us die.

  69. Colin/IRL


    Check out the bottom right hand side of the Notice Silver to $ ratio is $895.62 per oz. Below that, Gold is listed at $8,106 per oz. Very Interesting. Are these dollar rest values?

  70. oneno

    All the anti-Islam proponents need to read this to see who is behind the spread of Salafism.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is very one sided, cherry picked information with an anti-U.S. perspective. As far as I can see, this is either produced by Russia or Iran and neither are known to have a free press. Please keep in mind, operates out of the U.S. and there could never be a or an operating inside their perspective borders. What you are really posting is anti-U.S. propaganda, but I will allow it with my description of what this is. I’d like to also point out there is ANTI-Christian proponents in this world and those thoughts and descriptions come from the KORAN. The Koran says if anyone believes that Christ is the Son of God, they will burn in hell. This is not a mistranslation. Let’s be fair Oneno.

  71. Tom Cunningham

    Hi Greg,

    I love your reporting on what is really going on. The average person on the street who is awake knows for a fact that the economy is not good and things are not as they are being reported in the MSM. Anyone who pays their bills and goes to the grocery store know that there is massive inflation right now that wages are not keeping up with.

    My family is a perfect example. We had been a one income household for the past 10 years. We slowly were losing more and more ground as the prices of essential items continued to go up faster than my income. In order to just try and stay afloat, my wife went back to work part time because that is all that was offered. In the attempt to get ahead, I recently took on a second job to bring even more income into the household and get us ahead.

    Don’t let anyone ever tell you that things are good. When food, energy, clothing, housing, etc. are increase 7% to 10% a year and wages are flat or going up 1% a year, the economy is not good.

    Keep up the great work.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your real world street reporting!! Do Not go into debt. It sounds like you are working more to stay out of it. Remember to store some canned food and rice every week. It is cheap insurance.

  72. Robert G

    Sorry Greg I made my comments just now on a post made 5 days ago. Wasn’t paying attention. Went back to see if I had a response on a post and got consumed in the moment.

  73. Dana McMichael

    Re: Presidential Polls

    The polls are falsified to try to convince the public that the vote is VERY close, in order to protect the “integrity” of the planned voter fraud. If the public actually believes that Trump and Clinton are within 2% to 3%; then no one will cry too loudly over the 30% push that the Soros group is going to have to give Clinton in the electronic polling booths to win the election. If the public knew that we are poised for a Trump landslide, and then Clinton wins the election?? There would be an outrage over voter fraud. (Remember how surprised Romney was when he lost the electiom? His internal polling demonstrated he was clearly going to win the election.)

    Think about it. The Republic primaries netted over 21 million votes over 16 candidates. The Democrat primaries netted around 22 million votes, essentially over two candidates. Sanders got 47% of that 22 million, and half of their voters are NOT going to vote for Clinton? How is it mathematically possible for Clinton to win? Hence the polls…making us think the election is remotely close.

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