Weekly News Wrap-Up 8.9.13

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

I am coming to you from the Midwest, and I have some good news to report on the crop front.  This year looks like it’s going to go much better than last year.  The corn is 10 feet tall in some places, and the soybeans are looking pretty good.  Last year, we had extreme drought conditions across most of the country.  This year, at least half the country has had plenty of rain.  That said, about forty percent of the west is still extremely dry.  Also, even though there has been plenty of water, crops were planted late because it was too wet.  That means the harvest will be much later this year, and an early frost could still wipe out some crops.  Let’s hope that does not happen. 

President Obama has called off a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  It’s all because Russia granted NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden asylum.  This could not have come at a more critical time as the U.S. is ramping up arming the al-Qaeda backed Syrian rebels.  Russia is backing the Assad regime.  Nearly 100,000 Syrians have died in this bloody civil war in the last two years, and now there is no end in sight. 

Meanwhile, the U.S. is closing nearly two dozen embassies around the Middle East because there is the threat of an attack reportedly by who else—al-Qaeda.  I find it bizarre we arm some members of al-Qaeda while we are drone striking others, as we did this week in Yemen.  This seems to be a very confusing policy. 

“Obama Care” is great for everybody but Congress.  The President has granted another waiver to Obama Care for staff and members of Congress.  Even the IRS is seeking a waiver because it does not want “Obama Care.”  This is the agency that is supposed to enforce this new health plan.  Neither Congress nor the IRS wants it because they know it will be bad news.  Good enough for taxpayers but not the people at the top.  Outrageous!   Not only will it be bad insurance, but it is an economy killer. 

Finally, the Benghazi story is getting uglier as, now, even CNN is reporting that there is a cover-up going on.  It has been alleged for months by the website WND that Benghazi was involved in gun running to the Syrian rebels.  The U.S. State Department denies this, but the evidence is mounting to the contrary.  South Carolina Congressman Trey Goudy is saying that the Obama Administration is hiding witnesses and even changing their names so the story stays covered up.  Goudy is a former prosecutor, and I find it hard to believe he’d make that charge without good reason.  I guess this scandal is not so “phony”!   

Join Greg Hunter as he gives his analysis in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Troy

    Nice GMO soy and corn! 😉

    Looks good though.

    Why doesn’t the lamestream media talk about the US supporting Al CIA Duh?

    Yes Obama care is good for all the little people, just not our Lords.

    Have your self a happy Aloha Friday, and a great weekend!

    Thank You for all you do!

  2. jerry

    Great week of reporting Greg. I’m looking forward to next week.
    Whenever I hear talk about Eric Snowden I have to laugh. The only people who are being “snowed” here, are the American people. This is just another in a long list of diversions that the regime and the MSM are using to divert the American people away from what is really going on. While we were chasing the Benghazi rabbit down the hole, DHS was arming itself with bullets and assault vehicles, with no reporting by the MSM. While we have been chasing Snowden, FEMA has been busy stockpiling food. For what? You don’t stockpile anything unless you anticipate a major disruption in the system. Obama is telling the truth (for once), when he says these are “phony scandals”. That’s what they are, phony diversions from the real truth. Our government is ramping itself up for a major event, and that is the real news. Snowden wasn’t the first whistleblower about the NSA, this man was. And you never heard a word about him anywhere. Come on people we’re being played.


    Thanks again Greg for your work.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jerry.

      • J.C. Davis

        Yes. Jerry Thank you for the video. It shows that Snowden was not the first to bring this out to the people.

  3. mike

    Obama did not cancel this meeting with Putin over Snowden.
    Something else is afoot! I’m sure it has to do with the mess in the middle east. Personally I think a full on war is imminent – like in the next week or two.

    And this terror alert?? Ties right in if a war is just around the corner.
    One thing you can be sure of – We are not being told the truth!

    Congress has a waiver from Ocare, and the IRS wants it too.
    Well so do I and everyone I know!
    Outrageous is not nearly strong enough. Somehow the American people need to let congress know we will not stand for this.
    Outrageous is not nearly strong enough!!!

    We are so screwed.

  4. Larry W. Bryant

    == To Put It in Tanka-ese . . . ==

    Fascism is an ironic form of sociopolitical cancer. In its incremental stages of growth, it succeeds in devouring its host, the irony being that we citizens are both the collective perpetrator and the victim of this self-destruction.

    Fascist dictators don’t learn from history, alas; they repeat it. Their political myopia and permanent denial offer no escape from the inevitable fate awaiting such self-duped fascist entities as Amerika.

    Let me describe it via the following tanka:

    we’ve lost our country —
    to the creeping tentacles
    of modern fascism;
    we can blame only ourselves
    for this lack of stewardship
    — Larry W. Bryant (9 Aug 13)

    • George

      Well said, Mr. Bryant. A sad truth but even a sad truth is true.

  5. Mark

    Just wait until they figure out that the Benghazi gun running includes ammo withe the guns and that is the reason for the ammo shortage. You can’t run guns without running ammo. Otherwise, you might as well just provide clubs.

  6. dan

    too bad we can’t eat any of those crops, 99.9% of all corn and soy is GMO, a death sentence, so I don’t eat any corn , soy , sugar beets etc etc, great report though, except for the GMO omission

    • George

      Can you tell its GMO by looking at it? If 99.9% of corn and soy is GMO, which in your opinion is a death sentence, please explain why you are not dead? looking forward to a pithy reply 😉

  7. Chip

    Good wrap up Greg. As usual, asking all the right questions that the main stream media ignores.

  8. MrAudio106

    Hey Greg, love your show. was watching RT today and Putin mentioned that the meeting was postponed not canceled… just thought that may have a difference on some other outputs…
    Keep up the great work.

    • Greg

      It’s not like one of them has to “postpone” because of a doctors appointment. This is no small matter. Imagine Putin coming to New York and telling Obama to take a hike. “I don’t want to meet with you.” We are on the verge of a wider war in the Middle East (Syria) at the very least, and maybe WWIII and the president doesn’t want to talk? I thought he won a Nobel Peace Prize.
      Thank you for your comment.

      • George

        Like all things Obama, he got the Noble Peace prize without actions of merit. Just like he was re-elected by the people Romney said were being bribed to vote Demoncrat by giving government freebies.
        The world you and I live in, you are judged by your achievements or lack there of; Obama is judged on unfulfilled rhetoric and lies as if they were verifiable complete acts and truism.

        • Greg

          Nobel Prize was only to legitimize him as he went to war in Libya and Syria.

  9. James H

    Hi. I love your reporting. Keep it up. Please keep my last name private for this comment. I enlisted at 16 in 1973 to serve my country at the close of one more war. What a change in perspective. I have grown older and wiser. I never thought it possible, how far we have fallen, in such short a time. Keep me informed. You are providing a great service to americans.

    • Greg

      Thank you James.

  10. bob

    thanks greg. this obamacare is strange. the call center i heard is also got a waiver because they are part time, kept under the min.. hours required to provide insurance. this is definitely a game changer for this country. you talked about this before in another interview. thanks so much. god bless

  11. Amman

    screw Government health care.

    Check out Dragonherbs dot com or Spirulina pacifica and Purple Reishi/white Resihi and Royal Jelly… or Mike Adams the health ranger tips over at Natural News. PS. Google Etherium or Ormus as well. Peace!

  12. Steve Gee

    More genetically engineered corn and soy is NOT good news.

    The problem with genetic engineering is the science is still too primitive and sloppy for prime time. The gene insertion process inadvertently causes damage to the DNA and hundreds of unwanted mutations occur that produce proteins that can be allergenic, toxic, and/or carcinogenic. These should not be fed to people or animals – it causes digestion disorders, tumors and damages bodily organs like the intestinal track, liver, kidneys, heart, adrenal glands, spleen.

    Here are a few references:

    • George

      I do agree that GMO is dangerous just because of the law of unintended consequences. I do support cross breeding

  13. frosty


    It’s nice to hear that the crops in the Midwest are growing better this year than last. I saw that too, riding through Ohio, where vast acres of GMO crops of corn and soy were being grown by subsidized agribusiness to feed pigs and cows. This land was once comprised of vast prairies, with diverse and numerous flowering plants, upon which our bee populations sustained themselves while busily pollinating a third of the crops consumed by humans.

    Reminiscing about what used to be, another thought came to mind about what you call outrageous behavior by the “people at the top”. Back when there were prairies in the heartland, men held it to be a self-evident truth that civil governments were instituted for the sole purpose of protecting their natural rights endowed them by their Creator. Men’s actions were primarily governed by their family responsibilities, followed by their relations to neighbors, schools, churches, employment and other local enterprises while civil government, an institution given a monopoly on the use of of violent force, was seen as something inherently dangerous to be used as a last resort. It was considered to be a necessary evil, inferior to all of the other governing forces mentioned above. Our first President explained it like this..”Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

    That some, if not most, now consider those who represent us by serving in civil government as “people at the top” goes a long way toward explaining their hubris and treatment of American citizens as a great unwashed, mindless mass of creatures to be herded and managed according to their wills. It seems that we want to be ruled over as adult, servile children and have attracted those who consider us as such.

    By the way, what we now call Obamacare is nothing more than what, twenty years ago, was called Hillarycare. It was designed by and for the benefit of corporations to be implemented by their fascist government. The only difference between then and now is that Mr Obama has proven to have been a better salesman than their previous shill was.

    Have a good weekend, and thanks for allowing this somewhat melancholy rant.

  14. Contrarian

    Greg – I’m getting a little tired of you and your ilk’s negativity. Things are going awesome in this country and getting better all the time!

    Obama is a benevolent guy and real straight shooter who is looking out for me and my middle-class brethren, the BLS says unemployment is a modest 7.9%, the FED has a sound dollar policy, the recession is over, the S&P at an all time high and happy days are here again; My government would never use it’s taxing authority to target and intimidate it’s citizens, regardless of their ideology; Capitalism is alive and well here, nobody has an unfair advantage and everyone has equal protection under the law. Bad banks suck their losses if they take unmanageable risks they go out of business if they can’t pay their bills – unlike places like Cyprus, we the tax payers don’t get stuck bailing out private businesses that f@ck up; Thanks to the advent of GMO’s Monsanto will ensure I have enough food to eat and should I have an ache or pain big-pharma has a pill for my every ill, while the FDA is there to protect me from those evil naturopaths, dangerous vitamin supplements, and quack alternative medical practitioners; we have won the war on terror thanks in large part to the NSA’s targeted eavesdropping and spying programs, and we’ve got drones which are used sparingly to surgically strike only those who are factually proven to be evil-doers and terrorists posing an imminent threat to the US, of course leaving no collateral damage and never hurting innocent women and children; meanwhile our government always stays within the confines of the Constitution, respects our nations history and values, and never break it’s laws, and in our country we provide for strong safeguards to protect those brave heroes with the guts to come forward and blow the whistle should they discover that some rogue agency steps out of line and violates the Constitution; In our country if “we the people” don’t like our elected representatives, we hold open, honest, and fair elections every four years where we can vote and get the change we desire; And we have a free and independent press that keeps our government in check, and unbiased media employing thousands of whip-smart investigative journalists who dig deep to get the scoop, and unlike in some countries, they do not have to fear being assassinated by a car bomb should they pen an article that exposes corruption in the highest places. This is what makes America exceptional and separates us from those fascist-tyrannical regimes in other parts of the world. So, shame on you Greg! You should be far more thankful and much less critical.

    – Contrarian

    • Greg


      Wow! An anonymous comment from someone who cannot man-up and own his words. This is so NOT meaningful. If you think the recession is over then, let’s stop the money printing of QE, set short-term interest rates to something other than 0% and lets go mark-to-market in the accounting of the banks. (It’s been government sponsored accounting fraud since the FASB 2009 decision to go mark-to-fantasy.) Let’s also find out which banks are still getting $40 billion each and every month. I am thankful for the Constitution and all the Amendments! Use a real verifiable name big man next time you come here.

      Oh and by the way, I worked for five TV stations and two networks as an investigative reporter. I find this line too stupid for words: “. . . we have a free and independent press that keeps our government in check, and unbiased media employing thousands of whip-smart investigative journalists who dig deep to get the scoop.”

      • J.C. Davis

        contrarian I know who you are. You have to be one of the three people left IN THE WORLD that still have there head in the sand.

        • Contrarian

          You don’t know who I am … only my wife, kids, and the NSA know who I am. As for my head being in the sand, well, apparently my sarcasm fizzled. Re-read my comments and while you’re doing so ‘think’ irony and mockery … that was the intent.

          • J.C. Davis

            Well you got me going…lol For a few years now I have Racking my pea brain trying to find a way to change the direction of our country. The most impossible ones to change is the ones in denial of the obvious. Please forgive me for coming on to strong. I am sure your intent was good.

      • Contrarian

        Greg – you made my weekend! That’s too damn funny. Ok, you must have skimmed my comments and not actually read them, or if you did read them, either you’re in a real pissy mood or my toung-in-cheek remarks were far too cleverly disguised for you. LOL.

        Read this: Not one scintilla of what I said was mean to be taken seriously! Every word was facetious … from heaping praise on the anointed one, to the glorification of the banks, to end of the recession, to our government staying within the confines of the Constitution, and including my “too stupid for words” comment about our wonderful independent press in the country … all of it was written in a playful jocular meant to add some levity to the sad state of affairs we find ourselves in today.

        As for my anonymity, call me paranoid, but with our tyrannical government eavesdropping on every conversation, I feel a bit more comfortable hiding behind a moniker vs. running around naked making it easy for the FBI, CIA, NSA and the rest of the alphabet soup agencies to know who I am and my exact coordinates so they can put me on some watch list or worse, give me the Hastings treatment. As Voltaire said, “It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong”.

        Oh, by the way, love your work … keep it up!

        • Greg

          I followed your link to your site and it was polar opposite what you wrote. I thought you were pulling my leg and so I just let it rip. Thank you for letting us all in on the gag. It was a good one. The scary thing is there are people that actually think things are getting better and we are all just a bunch of gloom and doomers. I think I can speak for the vast majority of people here. We love this country and want to warn people so they are not blindsided by what’s already here and what’s coming. Thank you again for the comment.

        • Ugly


          You shouldn’t lead people in sarcastic directions in sites designed to help others. If doing sarcasm, then just use the (sarc) as most bloggers do.

          I read your ‘America’s End is Nigh’ article and I thought it was very well written and with some sound logic to base your claims. However, I disagree with your premise about inflation versus deflation and Japan as your example.

          Your premise is only valid if the dollar is still accepted as currency. If the dollar falls, then all things will go very wacky and it wont be inflation nor deflation, but sheer collapse.

          Your anti-inflation premise is off. Take a look. My bank CD is the same today as it was 7 years ago. I am cashing out and investing it into my own business. I see no growth.

          In 1970s, low end wages were around $4.50. A new truck around $8,000 and a modest new home around $60,000. Today, the low end wages have barely doubled, but everything else has increased 500%–thus people need Govt assistance.

          Anyway, keep up the good work on your blog. People need to know. Thanks.

      • Thadman

        Guy’s, come on he was being what you call and i hope i can spell sarcaustic!! Or maybe sarcastich, or is it sarcastic? Get my or his drift? Or are you guys trying to fake us out, like you don’t know. Just remember ,the nose knows and it aint the nose on yours or my face but Jehovah’s! Put that in your play dumbo, irreligious pipe and smoke it!

        • Michael

          your rant made my day. I love good sarcasm and smiled through your entire diatribe. It was perfectly orchestrated. I can only hope to be entertained again so profusely. I give you 2 thumbs up.

  15. M.Smith

    Another bang up job Greg!

    Each day/week gets ever more dangerous for the entire world. You know historians always try to hide or change what really went on during times of great despair & suffering, well the Internet & the people like you have changed that by sharing & down loading factual events backed up on all sorts of devices protected from being altered or destroyed!

    Obama was eaten by the Bear, while Obama dodges questions from all sides Putin is flexing his military muscles around the globe. What else could be said about Obama that has not already be said? His ‘idiomatic ways are intact’!

    Your shots of the corn look like what we have here in S.W. TN. The local small farmers have had a good year so far, flooding is hurting parts of our state, but the water melons are great!

    More bad news coming from Japan, the links are here. http://www.enenews.com, http://www.fukushimafacts.com & http://www.fairewinds.com will bring you up to date on the bad news! Yet there is very good one right here! How to fool the public! http://plumegate.wordpress.com/category/plume-gate/. Folks will not believe what you went through Greg as a reporter, but I do, you are the real deal, may GOD Bless You & Your family!

    • Greg

      M Smith,
      Thank you for the kind words the comment and the link you provided!! You made my weekend!

  16. Derrick Michael Reid

    For those interested, I start campaigning this next week.
    Here is the platform:

    For those interested in the snowden affair, some words to chew on.

  17. Mitch Bupp

    Thank You Greg, I might add that it is no coincidence that there were 3-4 jail breaks of Al-CIA-DA right when the US is ramping up operations in Syria. It is my belief that the “Seal Team Six” helicopter that was shot down was hit by a missile like a “stinger” or Russian made but sold by the CIA to the AL-CIA-DA rebels in Syria…… I believe the jail breaks were done by/with CIA help to recruit fighters for Syria via the AL-cia-DA network……

  18. George

    McCain says Snowden had other options after many officials in the Obamachrist’s administration committed perjury (without any detrimental effect…they do the crime and DON’T do the time…RHIP: rank has its privileges…too much power to prosecute…criminal conspiracy to commit and allow fraud on a global scale)
    Obama’s administration has persecuted whistleblowers. They are more opaque than lead. McCain is a sellout. He’s called a maverick. He is either getting paid off or he is insane. A former prisoner of war who was tortured by the Vietcong votes in favor of the Obama administration having the power to declare US citizens enemies of the state and put a black hood over their heads…either to be killed or detained without judicial review. I hear the naysayers saying that this would never happen in America. Well, kiddies, this is not your parents America. This is not the America that our founding fathers fought to establish. Obama has already killed Americans, including a 16 year old child (who Jay Carney says should have had a better father)without a trial !!?!
    We are no longer a nation of laws. The US Constitution is under attack and few defend it. Hold the old guard Republicans and Demon-crats accountable and vote in the TEA Party. Return our country to a nation of laws and freedom

  19. George

    Obama calls Putin names at a distance. Like taunting someone who can and will kick your a$$ thru a fence not realizing that you will run in to him face to face tomorrow

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