Weekly News Wrap-Up 8/19/11

Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Another 400 point drop in the Dow yesterday and all I can say is here we go again!  Many are asking what’s going on?  It is two big things.  Nothing has been fixed since the financial meltdown of 2008, and there is way too much debt on both sides of the Atlantic.  There is little wonder why gold is hitting all-time highs.  The economy is tanking and inflation is picking up.  All this and a lot more on the “Weekly News Wrap-Up” for Friday August 19, 2011.


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  1. Kevin

    The current and ongoing economic tailspin validates your arguments made on Coast-to-Coast this past January. (Heck, we all knew you were right!) And the other guest…where’s he these days? A video titled “Greg Hunter was Right” a la Peter Schiff anybody?

    Thanks for the wrap-up Greg!

    Oh, I almost forgot: RON PAUL 2012!!!

    • Greg

      Thank you Keven. I am honored you even mention me4 in the same sentence as Peter Schiff!

  2. MasterLuke

    Greg they don’t want to mention Ron Paul because they don’t want to give him free advertising. The commical part is they don’t want to mention him in a negative or positive tone because either/or would be a miny token to Ron Paul.

    • Greg

      Master Luke,
      You are correct but they also fear him. Paul would be the best thing that could happen to the common man although the transition would be rough.

  3. g.johnson

    good stuff as usual greg. and thank you for the john stewart video. very powerful stuff. how much more proof does one need to see that the msm is not only remiss in it’s duty to report the events of the day objectively, but is entirely corrupt and blatantly pushing a patently unamerican agenda?

    ron paul plays it straight up. no tricks, no manipulation of polls, no lies to soothe the uninitiated who wish to maintain belief that america is secure and all is well. dr. paul has remained consistent in his message and does not check the direction of the wind before he speaks.

    a few days back one of the posters in usawatchdog mentioned that she would be in fear for dr. paul’s life if he were to become president. a viable fear no doubt, based on the history of what has happened to those of our past presidents who attempted with various degrees of success to banish the fed from the american landscape.

    dr. paul realizes full well the danger he has put himself in and remains undeterred in his efforts to bring us back to consitutional thinking.

    the next time you see a republican presidential candidate’s debate, do not forget that there is only one man on that stage who you can tell that he is telling the truth….because his lips are moving.

    • Greg

      Thank you G.Johnson.

  4. Art Barnes

    Good night what a week, from the straw poll in Iowa where Ron Paul came in a nose behind Backmann without acknowledgement by the MSM to the Dow once again in capitulation due to a almost non-existance manurfacturing base left in the U.S. The economy is in shambles but the campaign goes on because, of course, we all know the next election will solve all the problmes (ha ha). Greg, you are the ray of sunshine through a dense fog, keep it coming as more and more Americans are catching on to the ponzi scheme of the elite.

    • Greg

      Thank you Art, Alyce and Doug.

  5. Alyce

    heh, heh, you made me chuckle about those who need food and gas.

    Ron Paul for president!

  6. Eric

    Accurate Predictions of Ron Paul long live revolution down with imperialism vote for ron paul 2012


    Ron Paul has made some of the greatest predictions since 2002.

    • Greg

      Thank you for the comment and content!!

  7. rory

    that is an amazing Ron Paul video even if you are a non-political person…

  8. Clayton

    You’re right as rain. I just read the 50 most wasted spending items by the Heritage Foundation. It mirrows your postings. Those wasteful spending items are out there, everywhere. If a candidate would just latch onto those and tell what he would do to correct the spending…..Ops! Ron Paul did that already. I think that if Ron Paul was president, the handlers would try to rein him in on foreign affairs as Obama has been done with Gitmo and all those wars that he campained against, but I don’t think that Paul will stray from his objectives.

  9. John

    I personally don’t agree with Ron Paul on all his views. But right now, of all the options we have for president, Ron Paul is the most genuine and honest. His two biggest points he makes every speech is ending the Federal Reserve and cutting the military industrial complex down to size. On those two subject, I agree with Ron Paul 100%. If the USA does not end the FED, end the wars and close the countless military bases all over the world, our beloved USA is done! People it isn’t a matter of when, it is happening, we are going the way of Rome!

    The other honest and genuine candidate that would make it tough to decide in 2012 would be if Bernie Sanders got into the race.

  10. Jan

    Thanks for another great week of reporting and the Weekly Wrap. I can hardly wait for next weeks report. I am certain that now Libya has fallen you will be able to tell us who got the gold.

    I will wait with baited breath for the list of Warren Buffet’s buddies who have ponied up the cash the government needs. I am just a little confused by Mr. Buffet’s actions, first he wants everyone to leave their wealth to tax exempt foundations and charity and now he want them to pay more taxes and give it to government. Is government now a charity case?

    • Greg

      Thank you Jan.

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