Weekly News Wrap-Up 9.2.11

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Irene was the big story this week.  It was bit over hyped by the MSM for some areas and under-hyped for others.  It did cause several billion dollars in damages.  Isn’t it funny how the mainstream media is all hands on deck for a storm that caused several billion bucks but it will hardly report the recent disclosure of $16 trillion in Fed bailouts during the financial crisis?  Gaddafi has a week to surrender.  Looks like the rebels are closing in, but the big story should be the al-Qaeda rebel connection.  I ask again, did NATO give this terrorist group a country?  USA Today has a story buried on page 4A about the al-Qaeda/rebel connection.  Why isn’t that front page news?  Obama is leaking news about his upcoming jobs speech next week.   Will it drop unemployment?  What is the real debt and commitments of the  good old US of A?–$211 trillion according to Laurence Kotlikoff.  Greg Hunter delivers his take on these  stories on the weekly News Wrap-Up for Friday September 2, 2011.

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  1. Ben

    Greg is the most trusted news analyst I can remember. Thank you.

    • Greg

      Thank you so much for your comment and kind words. I hope I continue to earn your trust.

  2. Matslinger

    Most (not all) teachers in America, are loyal only to themselve’s.
    The continueing conveyor of Obama cash being delivered to these
    underworked over paid baby sitters
    will continue to buy their loyalty for as long as derivative dollars
    can be created; communist indoctrination must continue.
    It’s sad for the minority of good teachers, who have to work along side of these mediocres….
    but when push comes to shuv, even the credible
    teachers defend their less competant, or incompetant work
    mates and the teachers mofia (union).
    There are 2 youtube videos to watch regarding Amerias failed edcational system ; “Norman Dodd tax free foundations” and
    “Charlott Iserbyt the deliberate dumbing down of the world ”

    Not only are our children being turned into well dressed turnips,
    the teachers themselve’s are a product of a sabotaged university
    establishment, and dont even know it…they dont know anything!
    The one thing we can all look forward to in the dollar collapse
    is seeing these cake eaters scream and pupe their pants when their
    fantasy world caves in, and their “lolly” gets taken away.

  3. Geo

    There was the 2 trillion that the Fed gave a way and would not say where they gave it. Then there was reports of the Fed giving away another 4 trillion. When/where did the 16 Trillion come from? BTW, you said 16 trillion in your video but 16 billion in the article … I assume you mean trillion, yes?

  4. joe

    “Isn’t it funny how the mainstream media is all hands on deck for a storm that caused several billion bucks but it will hardly report the recent disclosure of $16 billion in Fed bailouts during the financial crisis?”

    Greg – Is that billion or trillion?


    • Greg

      That’s Trillion My bad I’ll correct! Thank you.

  5. Geo

    16 TRILLION!!! Can you imagine how good the people of this country would be if they gave it to us? With roughly 82,247,000 families, that would be $242,939 per family!!! It’s the age of the rich against us!

  6. M SMITH

    Greg, I thought you might like to see this, http://armstrongeconomics.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/armstrongeconomics-eurobonds-v-war-083111.pdf. Martin has been invited by some on capital hill to hold discussions behind closed doors! Things must be really bad and after reading this brief writing by Martin I though you & all the folks that follow your work should know what is not in any of the MSM news outlets as far as I tell.

    Greg, you have been great this week & I hope you have a great week end. I sure next week will be far from normal as the world is waking up to the fact that not all is well as the MSM will want you to think! Thanks again!

    • Greg

      M Smith,
      They should listen to him but they won’t. I hope I am wrong.

    • Oldguy

      Did I say something about cowpies hitting the fan about mid-november of this year? Thank you M. Smith. I forgot all about Mr. Armstrong. Won’t do that again… I don’t believe it’ll be war with the U.S. but there will be a lot of accusations between European countries. Goodbye Euro Union.

  7. Mitch Bupp

    Another straight forward story by Greg… Here is a local story about a mortage fraud case out of Smith Mountain Lake, VA


    • Greg

      Thank you Mitch for the comment and the link!

  8. Bob

    Washington state has work. If I needed a job I could still go to work and make a living wage. Welding jobs 17 bucks hr. Tree climbing 25 up to 40 bucks. The top construction hands are working but the lazy one’s are out of work. The trouble I see, are these people who don’t expect to have a month are two off. People have grown to expect full time work. I always enjoyed getting laid off, it makes you save for the slow time. HELL, time off means fresh fish and time to think are not. I think people are just spoiled with are mommy education system. CRY BABIES you see half ass workers all over the place,some won’t even put down there cell phone. All the kids I know are working some would like to be making a better wage but that’s life. IF we can stop these lawless war and charge the lawless one’s with war crimes and banking fraud, we might have a chance. No rule of law no money system. PEACE

  9. R Hamilton


    Enjoy your posts but I think you have missed a major point.

    The “Culture of Greed” in the US has turned your country into the biggest swindle operation in history and the United States has lost its moral compass.

    I hear people in the US laugh at my country (Canada) and call us socialists. I’d far rather be here than in your corruption based economy or sewer hole.

    1) Your banks are the biggest crooks in history and they operate with impunity as they control the main stream media and screw the average American. Let’s face it. The US banks would screw their grandmother for a dime. They are the biggest boiler rooms on the planet.

    Instead of solving the problem they just settle things out as it is a cost of doing business. But then why should they change? Here in Canada they would be paying AND people would be going to jail for violating fiduciary duties. Here in Canada we don’t allow our financial institution to buy their way out of criminal fraud.

    In addition to the above, you have allowed the same morons who got you into your situation still running the show. No wonder people like you and William K Black are blown away.

    Too bad your country doesn’t have the balls to put someone like Black in control, which would actually look past the dollars and make systemic changes. Instead it is all talk and no action. The US probably has the largest percentage of BS artists on the planet.

    The whole world wonders if Ron Paul is right. Does Fort Knox have any gold in it at all? If the Fed doesn’t have anything to hide then why is it doing everything it can to block a transparent audit?

    2) Your legal system is set up so the rich can buy their way out of jail. I keep seeing these crooks settling out for money but no one goes to jail. Law firms commit fraud and instead of people being disbarred they merely settle out and continue on their merry way with the taxpayers picking up the tab. Here in Canada we disbar lawyers who pull crap like this. In our country there is a thing called accountability and there is a price to pay (besides money) if they step over the line.

    3) Your political system and the lobbyists have turned your country into a sleaze ball operation where power goes to the highest bidder or large corporations and self interest groups. But then you Americans think corporations are people.

    Look at the Republican presidential candidates, most of whom are corporate stooges. Only a country like the US could have such an assortment of idiots running for your highest office. But then your country gets what they deserve, a bunch of corrupt idiots who have been bought and paid for.

    The United States is morally, ethically and financially bankrupt as a result of your “Culture of Greed” with no end in sight.

    • Greg

      R Hamilton,
      All valid points. Thank you for extending the content of this post!

  10. joe


    What are you thoughts on gold confiscation in the event the government loses control of the dollar (more than they already have)? There is probably a very small minority of Americans that hold physical gold, so it would be a far easier thing to do than grabbing people’s guns. Thoughts?

    • Greg

      I believe confiscation of physical gold will be done through the tax system. What I worry about more is the government nationalizing the nations gold mines. That’s where all the future gold is coming from to back the “New U.S. Dollar.” I think people who have gold also have a way to protect themselves. Gold and guns kinda go together but what do I know. We live in “interesting times.”

      • Henry

        I believe I once saw a quote that read, “Pity the man who lives in interesting times.” 😉
        What’s your opinion on owning rental property as a way to protect wealth?

        • Greg

          Rental property is fantastic if you have good renters. We do live in “interesting times.”

      • joe


        Thanks for the reply.

        I can’t help but think about the current administration’s grab of a private US corporation (General Motors) while leaving bond holders without any recourse for their lost investment. When a company goes bankrupt, the bondholders are first at the till to recover their investment. In this case, obama’s blatant power grab was to aide the union thugs and not those legally entitled (the bondholders) who got screwed. There were investors who lost millions all in the name of the “public good” and “sacrifice.” Why hasn’t this blatant power grab by obama and company gone to the supreme court? Why isn’t eric holder having a fit? With this precedence, I would expect those who hold US mining stocks and bonds to fall the same way as the GM bondholders, especially if they are unionized!

        At the same time and for the same reasons, the current administration is giving away trillions of taxpayer dollars to the banksters (foreign and domestic) without hijacking the companies. Is it because obama is wanting to transfer investor wealth to the unions at GM, but the banksters are not union based and obama is really doing it for political favors and campaign money (rhetorical question)? A very thin facade of a dollars (and even executive lawbreaking) for votes campaign?

        My concern is that historical precedence has shown that the executive branch (primarily democrats holding the executive branch – FDR, obama, etal.) have no problem stealing from the public to line their pockets and finance their campaigns.

        You may have already done this in the past, but it would be interesting to see an article on the government’s tendency to take what isn’t theirs, all in the name of “the public good.”

        Thanks again for all you do…


  11. Jan

    Why do you believe the government numbers? They have been smoke and mirrors for a long time. Don’t you find it strange this jobs crisis manifest itself a week before the President’s speech on the economy?

    It looks like a set up for the President to tee off his campaign by spending a lot more money by creating jobs. Maybe I am just getting jaded in my old age.

    • Greg

      Sorry to say the jobs crisis has been with us for a couple of years now. It was worse than zero jobs created, we lost 58,000 jobs according to John Williams at Shadowstats.com. Peace girl.

  12. g.johnson

    happy saturday morning to you greg.

    i fell asleep with the radio on (again) last night and was awakended by none other than your voice on coast to coast.

    what was i hearing? was it just my half awakened state? or did i hear a new passion, even anger regarding law suits against the big money players? was i dreaming? or did i hear your righteous indignation about how these suits were of a civil nature instead of criminal?

    methinks you have ratcheted up a notch, if not two.

    way to go greg, keep it under control, keep your sense of humor, but keep getting more angry. the world needs more righteous anger right now. that may sound a bit unchristian, but a steam roller is coming and i would really like to think that americans will not just lie down in its path.


    i live in washington state and you sir, are full of s*** about the work situation here, but right on point about who the real criminals are. curious.

    r. hamilton,

    you don’t seem to get that you are subjects of the crown just as we in the u.s. are. i married a canadian (all i am saying about that dark hour of my life) in toronto city hall. met many a wonderful human there. but none who were happy about being taxed out of the minds, disarmed and left in a state of extreme vulnerability should the shit hit the fan. and when it does, canada will go down like a feather in a hurricane.

    keep up the great work greg. we the people need ya.

  13. David Conrad

    Hi Greg,

    Yep, the news media are in business to make money. Yes, Irene was bad but even my untrained layman ears could hear the cash registers ringing on the back of the news sets.

    Congratulations on your recent two year anniversary. You have been spot on, and you provide a great service to the public. Thanks Greg …. we need you.

    • Greg

      Thank you Dave. You are my best buddy!!

  14. PhoenixRising

    Greg – Great content and links in this article from http://www.ampedstatus.com which I just discovered on http://www.blacklistednews.com.


    At least we know what’s coming with much thanks going to Greg.

    Happy Serf Day everyone.

    • Greg

      Love the article PhoenixRising.

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