We’re Going into the Greatest Depression-Gerald Celente

CelenteBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Top trends forecaster Gerald Celente says NSA leaker Edward Snowden is a non-event.  Celente charges, “What did Snowden say that we didn’t write about over a year ago.”  Celente says the real stories are the imploding economy and coming war.  Another crash is coming, and Celente predicts, “It will be worse than the panic of ’08.  It will be deeper.  It will be more painful because they will not be able to pull off the stimulus game again.”  Celente goes on to say, “We are going into the Greatest Depression, but they will try to boost it in some way, and that’s when gold and silver prices will skyrocket.”  Celente also predicts war in the Middle East is a lock.  Celente says, “When all else fails, they will take us to war.  We are seeing war drums beating louder and louder throughout the Middle East as the Middle East is collapsing.”  As far as a real recovery is concerned, Celente boldly states, “The business of America has become war, and as long as business is war, there is not going to be any recovery.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente, Publisher of The Trends Journal.

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  1. Charles H.

    Hey Greg,

    This is maybe your best yet – congratulations to you both. Nail after nail went in; and at least half a dozen times I had to burst out in laughter. Thank you SO MUCH for helping us to recognize we aren’t losing our marbles. You and your work means more to us than you know.

    • Greg

      Thank you Charles. I really would like to report some good news but all the data says were going cliff diving–without water.

      • Brent


        I have good news to report. I have been 100% certain we were going to have a financial collapse since we have given almost all of our wealth producing jobs away (manufacturing). The United States is now literally living on a credit cart to pay its bills. Lately, I have been hearing that we are going to have a huge oil boom soon and we will become the next Saudi Arabia. If that happens, we could start to see a budget surplus, and financial collapse could be averted. Let’s hope this happens, because if it doesn’t, we are most certainly doomed.

        • Greg

          While the oil boom in the U.S. is real, I don’t think it will be enough to stop the financial collapse that is coming. It is sure going to help us get out of this though.

          • Dwain

            Greg, Out of 143 million American jobs, 70 million come from health care, government, construction and entertainment, about 12 million from manufacturing. I don’t see how the oil boom can compensate or generate a recovery after SHTF. Where will future jobs come from to fuel? Can we competitively export energy? Will energy supply enough jobs?

            Our economy is upside down. In a real world, manufacturing jobs must be the majority. They are the foundation upon which all others are made possible. For decades, manufacturing was exported while governments blew wealth and welfare bubbles to compensate. Labor eliminating machines and corporate consolidation contributed. The day of reckoning has arrived.

            After population rebalance, Im betting agriculture will be the wave of the future.

            • Greg

              I agree with you my friend.

      • Lew

        I’ll take the “Truth” over “Good news” any day. Thanks.

  2. Mac

    QE worked – but only for the BANKS. The Fed gives their in-crowd banksters free money.
    Average people get zip.
    US dollar is a joke, but what to do?, as the banksters attack the alternative – gold.
    One day maybe China will get serious and make a “play”. Then we could see real pain in stock and bond markets.

  3. Rishabh Dave


    I can guarantee you that gold abd silver prices WONT “skyrocket.” If you are not shorting gold down to $800 or so (and silver down to $12) before covering, you are missing a perfect opportunity to cash in during the next few weeks. On the street, you will see us shorting gold to the hilt. We will run the stops all the way down as these gold and silver bugs sqeal while we take them to the slaughter. They will feel like the victim who just got copulated by an elephant. We will be smiling as these precious metals vigilantes are crying crocodile tears. You will see. Better hear me now and believe me later.

    • jc davis

      I saw a gold 20.00 coin go for 2,050.00 at auction last Saturday. You maybe right gold is really suffering. My regular sellers of silver will not sell me anymore…There keeping it.Rishabh Dave You may want to read proverbs chapter 1.

    • Charles H.

      Rishabh Dave,

      What kind of wording is this?: “sqeal while we take them to the slaughter”; “victim who just got copulated by an elephant”: and “vigilantes are crying crocodile tears”?!?? Beside mis-spelling “sqeal” for “squeal” – your remarks have all the earmarks of muslim predilection for male violation. You label yourself, Sir. Veiled threats and fear-mongering is UNCIVILIZED and unwarranted. Though it does signal that the work Greg Hunter is doing is producing such strong reactions that ‘people’ like you feel the need to post such ugly and salacious remarks. (H. Bahsir = Rishabh?) When TRASH is what you write: trash is who you are, Sir.

      • Greg

        Charles H.
        Wow!! What an answer. Thank you for responding to “Dave.”

      • george

        Rishabh or Rubbish ‘s writing style matches a few other posters who also use nom de guerres. AXU’s average cost to produce a troy oz of silver for 2012 was U$D 25.91. Silver is used in a lot of electronics and while Rishabh and his buddies maybe able to depress the fraudulent paper markets, I don’t believe they can make a mine produce and sell for less than it is really worth.

    • robert h siddell jr

      Enjoy your “bankster” game now because you scum won’t be able to hold it down long because the world is getting wise to you criminals robbing people with a pen; when it all pops up like a bouncing-betty, I hope it kills your freaking a$$.

    • Chip

      Whatever Dave. Please hurry cuz I’m itching to back up the truck. Thanks in advance for the warning. Bought 100 ounces of silver today. And will buy again when you crash it to $12. If that happens physical demand will skyrocket.

  4. henry

    Ray Merriman of MMA Cycles says Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto
    T square is coming up. Will be heliocentrically
    exact in November. He calls it the bankruptcy aspect.
    Last seen in 1934 it will adversely impact several points in the USA’s nativity.

    • Greg

      Thank you for this comment and prediction. If this comes true please come back and take credit for posting this.

    • henry

      Aspect will be geocentrically within a close orb for
      about first 3 months of 2014.

  5. Anne Elliott

    Great interview, Greg! Mr. Celente hit it on the head when he talked about how much money is being given to various wars and factions overseas when our own major cities and states are drowning in debt! Our infrastructure and society is crumbling, but there’s only limited funds to give for jobs, bridges, roads, sewer pipes and upgrading nuclear facilities when we can instead give the money to other governments overseas!! It just doesn’t make any sense to me! Why are they doing this???

    • Greg

      Thank you Anne for the kind words and comment.

  6. Douglas Merriman

    Celente has been saying the same broken record stuff for several years now. In 2009, he talked about the world going into the biggest depression ever seen. It hasnt happened. A slow down for sure. And this big huge world war ? It also hasnt happened. There has been some intigue, but nothing on the scale he predicts. And gold and silver prices ? I hate to tell you my friend but they are headed for the seller along with gold equities. If you really want to get a piece of the action, you may want to get in touch with the folks at Goldman Sachs. They have opened up their trading desks to retail investors with smaller portfolios. Even if your net worth is less than 30 million or so, Goldman will talk to you unlike 20 years ago when you couldnt get the time of day. Oh and by the way, Goldman is admitting internally that gold could fall below $800 and silver will go below $13. I am banking on it and shorting them down as the goldbugs bend over and take it where the sun dont shine ;~}.

    • Greg

      Douglas Merriman,
      All the best to you and yours. I hope your brokerage doesn’t “MF Global” you.

    • gary

      I think Gerald got it right. Look at Europe’s unemployment rates. 50% in some areas. If that’s not a depression, what is it? Doug, what is your definition of a depression? 80% unemployment? Gold was in for a correction, whenever Gold prices exceed Platinum prices, you have an over priced metal. Gold had a 12 year run before the correction.

    • Chip

      If gold and silver go as low as you predict, then who will mine it? Answer, no one! the prices you quote are well below the average cost of production.

      • BradS

        Bingo! All these people who are quoting g&s will hit $400 etc are missing that exact point. These companies are already abandoning capital investment projects with current prices. If it were, to drop, these business would be forced to fold like a cheap suit. That would leave a natural supply and demand void thus naturally increasing demand with less supply driving up prices. Duh!

  7. jerry

    WOW Greg this interview is one of your best. Home run. Gerald is 100% correct about the width and depth of the NSA. I have personal contacts (I can’t say) who tell me the data mining going on at the NSA is much worse than Snowden reported. They are collecting and categorizing information in ways that can’t be described. Here in Missouri they pulled the concealed to carry records of over 185,000. people to put in their data base. Greg this is getting very dangerous. Its just a matter of time before they start assessing targets to be eliminated with this information. In my personal opinion, the data mining and the economic collapse are interlinked. I believe when the crash comes, the state will use this event to eliminate their enemies. political and otherwise, and install a new government that is part of the “new world order”. A few years ago, thoughts like this would have been considered insane. Not anymore. Drones, Data mining, DHS, (the three D’s) have eliminated that. But on a positive note, I think there are good people out there who still believe in this country and the constitution, and when the time comes they will stand up and let their voice be heard. From my experience working in disaster area’s, people are usually at their best when things are at their worst. You are good example of that Greg.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jerry and Craig for the comments and analysis.

  8. Mike S.

    I really enjoy listening to Mr. Celente for exactly the reason everyone else does. He is right. And your news site also because you are right. So the combination of the Trends that he researches and the Facts that you research makes for a very informative interview. If this doesn’t wake up the sheeple then nothing will.

    • Greg

      Thank you Mike S. for the kind words and support.

  9. Denny McFavre

    Celente says “gold and silver prices will skyrocket” ????????????????????????? Really ????????????????

    I am shorting this puppy all the way down and will make a killing doing it despite what Celente, Faber or Turk says.

    UBS now has a great deal on leveraged contract shorts so why buy something that has so much frictional overhead when your spec trade is essentially subsidized. Also, dont you think when these higher interest rates come around that gold will be a dead duck? C’mon get real ! I will ride the gravy train twice instead.

    • Greg

      Denny McFavre,
      Is this really JoejustJoe?

  10. g.johnson


    thanks for another shot of gerald. very few can cut through the static and get right to the chase like this man.

    you are spot on when you say the nation (and a good part of the world) is braindead. i subscribe to a political debate site that is quite engergetic and boasts a very large membership. the problem is, most of the members are still ferociously debating left against right, republican vs. democrat. they still believe that their side is going to save us from the other side. you, alex jones, gerald,kathryn albrecht, george noory, john b. wells, truthers, occupiers, anonymous and anyone else trying to sound a warning are all just subculture terrorist affilated malcontents who are rousing rabble and confusion in order to undermine the great american dream. interestingly, most of the folks who think like this are young, college educated people between teenage and mid to late 30’s.

    for the most part, these kids believe in wolf blitzer and rachel maddow and honestly believe that they think their own thoughts.

    i have been taking a break from this site for a couple months as it can be quite draining. but it is a terrific environment for practicing self restraint, persistence and finesse.

    the only thing that keeps me going after a good lengthy session there is the knowledge that all major revolutions in the history of man have been carried out by a relative handful of the people while great majorities stayed on the sidline with their eyes averted and heads down waiting to see who’s leadership they would be adjusting to next.

    god bless gerald and yourself and all others who work tirelessly to pry the lid of the lie.

    we do live in interesting times.

    • Greg

      Thank you G. Johnson and Ryan Sloan for the nice comments and support.

  11. Chip

    Great interview Greg. Love Gerald. Need to go and renew my subscription and get the latest trends journal. BTW, awesome article by PCR about a week ago don’t know if you saw it or not…


    • Greg

      Chip thank you for your comment and for the PCR link. Dr. Roberts is the man!

  12. Nance

    Greg, ALWAYS an “EYE OPENER” with Mr. Celente! I don’t agree with Gerald with regard to American’s NOT doing anything. If he was paying attention, “The Oath Keepers” recently had a demonstration in D.C. with MANY well known guest speakers. And the well publicized demonstration soon to take place in Washington with Kokesh, unfortunately, will probably see some very disturbing events. Many American’s have AWAKENED to the “NIGHTMARE” that is the “OBAMA REGIME,” and feel powerless to stop it! My prayers and fasting, along with others, may do something to STEM THE TIDE, but until we REPENT AS A NATION, the nightmare will continue unabated.

    • Greg

      Thank you for reminding us all about the work the “Oath Keepers” are doing.

  13. Chuck Allen

    Greg and Gerald thanks for keeping the facts in front of us who want to know. It is greatly appreciated.

    Mr. Snowden is brave man. The American people have no idea the full extent that they are being spied upon. The real fact is it has been going on for decades. Obama is just the most recent user of this system, just as other presidents have been.

    The real terrorists in our government are congress. They have been approving the funding for these hugely expensive programs since World War II. They are funding all the corporate interests to continue raping the American taxpayer. It makes no difference if they are Democrats or Republicans.

    The path to destruction of the U.S. has been on a straight line for decade, after decade. This could not happen if there was a real difference in party priorities. We have actual communists, socialists, and others that proclaim to be one thing while their actions say they are something else. One term comes to mind: RINO; republican in name only.

    I believe our country would be better off by firing everyone in congress, then limiting their term in office, and restricting the time they have to pass legislation, much like Texas. Additionally, congress should be paid no more than an average of all Americans that work for a paycheck. They should have the same health coverage as everyone else and no retirement for such short terms of service.


    In my opinion the so called “Nobel Peace Prize” is a front to give political puppets a reward for service to the dark powers of this world. When people like the former Palestinian leader, Arafat, can be a recipient of the “Peace Prize” that says it all. It is a joke, another slight of hand for public consumption. Anyone that believes the Nobel organization is honest is fooling themselves.

    It appears that the U.S. and Russia are going to be fighting against each other again, with surrogates, in Syria. Russia has made it clear they do not want Assad removed from power. “WE the People” want Assad removed and want to put our terrorist in charge, to keep the middle-east unstable and allow the extremist Muslims to run amuck. It has to be “We the People” who want this to happen, because “We the People” do nothing to change it!

    Thanks Greg!

    • Greg

      Vote them all out is right!

      • jc davis

        Chuck, and Greg. The last election was the first election I did not vote. Voter fraud has been around longer and is better hidden the all the fraud in government. I give up on the vote them out program.
        As I see it a shut them down is the only choice. When we all work for ourselves.

  14. david (archivesDave) clumpner

    Superb Report per usual Greg,
    One of the best imo.
    I do have to take exception with one point Gerald has been issuing for the past year or more: “It will be more painful because they will not be able to pull off the stimulus game again.”
    I recall him making almost the same identical statement a year ago but recall what the FR did in September. Of course it was a little morphed… Each time they seem to pull a different “Joker” from their sleeve don’t they?
    The next “stimulus” could be more global with some type of FR/IMF 100+ TRILLION ‘tax bond’.
    The UE (Uber Elites) have other Aces and Joker that no one is aware of
    and we can almost guarantee they have entities such as Google, (Kurzweil & gang), in their circle of advisers, preparing eventually for some type of global digital currency.
    For all we know, the UEs clandestinely instituted Bitcoin as some type of test vehicle to observe global response.
    Sooner or later, Celente’s prognosis will probably play out unless
    we go the opposite course that Harry Dent is forecasting.

    • Greg

      Good point Dave. Celente did say they would try something. Maybe what you are saying will be the thing they do.

  15. David Parks

    Celente is right. We must be on the verge of instability. Today, I had the most disturbing discussion with my broker at Morgan Stanley. I merely informed him that I had a list of limit sell trades I wanted executed along with the fact that I am seriously looking into withdrawing $100,000 or so from my brokers account to buy gold coins as a diversification strategy. Now I have known this man for almost 20 years and he practically threatened me with financial ruin if I bought gold. He literally said that I would experience huge towering butt f*** and green monetary blood would be flowing from my ass****. All this extreme rhetoric because I want to buy some gold coins? We must be on the verge of a meltdown.

    • Greg

      David Parks,
      The next liquidity freeze will also freeze brokerage accounts. Many brokerages have extreme counter-party derivative exposure. The two brokerages with the least (as in little to none) OTC derivative exposure are Scottrade and Edward Jones. Thank you for your real world reporting. Physical coins are in tight supply. Please tell us how easy it is to obtain $100,000 in Gold and Silver Eagles (or any other coins.)

  16. P.G.

    Great show Greg. Your programs are among the very best on the internet. You are right about all the data saying we will be cliff diving without water.

  17. Frank Brady

    The most infuriating and unacceptable aspect of the trajectory of recent events is the sickening realization that all of my life I have believed a Lie. The irrefutable criminality of the “Democrat” and “Republican” wings of the Washington establishment can no longer be denied.


    • Chip

      Ditto that Frank. I spent 25 years in the military fighting for freedom like I thought we Americans have. Come to find out that freedom has been slowly eroded decade after decade and we are on the cusp of becoming a police state with a third world economy.

  18. Brian


  19. Robert Burke

    But who needs rational thinking when you have the comforts of defeatism? If you really want to get your dose of passive-aggressive dystopia, just call up Gerald Celente. He’s on Line 2 and he’ll take your money when you have no faith in humanity or when you don’t have a clue about how to do your job. Have him rant in your newspaper. Give him money to advise your corporation. Above all, don’t look at history, science, or specific statistics. Because Celente will boil them all down for you with one of his seemingly pithy and mysterious predictions. And he’ll be right. Because like a trusted astrology columnist or a two-bit faith healer, Celente leaves just enough room in his answer to wiggle out. And you swallow it every time. Because you’re too scared to think for yourself, or do a background check on the guy in the lobby waving his arms

    • Greg

      Robert Burke,
      You are in the very small minority on what was said in this interview. With more than 16,000 views on the USAWatchdog You Tube channel there are 216 “likes” and only 4″dislikes” You must be one of the 4.

  20. JR Anderson

    Precious metals sentiment is not only in the toilet, its down all the way in the cesspool. Anytime there is an extreme trend in a stock or commodity, it always reverses. No one cannot give an accurate date when the trend will reverse as many using technical analysis have tried and failed, but we can safely say… it’s just a matter of time.

    A basic rule of investing is if you feel euphoric, it’s time to sell, and if you feel sick to your stomach it’s time to buy.

  21. Digby Geen

    It seems to me as a man on the street that most economic experts are really just trying to pedal gold and silver!

    Don’t worry about the big fat cats, its what the man on the street is doing that is important, has he got a job or a house or some disposable income.

    And don’t worry about daily shifts in the dollar or interest rates, its long term trends that matter. Manufacturing and exports etc!

  22. When Hell Freezes Over

    Greg – you mentioned rising interest rates and credit cards. I just got an offer in the mail for a credit card. The interest rate they offered….can you guess it? 23.8% !!! I almost fell off my chair. The banks give you peanuts for loaning them money (depositing money with them), but when you borrow from them, you get reamed!

    • Greg

      When Hell Freezes Over,
      Thank you for the real world feedback and reporting.

  23. dave walters

    always enjoy when you and Gerald get together.
    read a good one today… yesterdays paulcraigroberts.org had a link to globalresearch.ca blah blah blah. reading it gives more perspective to govt.s outsourcing of intelligence… a subject you’ve got to like.
    annonamous bubba
    PS the Missouri field makes authentic presentation. like it!

    • Greg

      Dave Walters,
      Some say the reports from the farm are the best thing I do. Maybe so. I actually have friends who are professional farmers, and I get all my info from them. It is the real deal. Thank you for your support.

  24. Jaric

    He’s been saying this for five years now. If you say times are good, eventually you’ll be right. If you say times are bad, eventually you’ll be right. Nobody knows how things will shake out, nobody expected things would go this far, who knows maybe things will stagnate for a decade?

    • Greg

      Celente has a written track record of predictions and trends. We are printing $1 trillion a year and the current time. That Kool-Aid party will not take 10 years to end. When it does, it will end badly.

      • craig

        I agree. At college they taught me that Economics is a Science not an Art. Science has laws of nature. Bad Debt and Bankrupcy have dire consquences.

  25. tsuki

    I hate to keep harping on this, but I am going to.

    There is a difference between “knowing” and “proof”.

    In the late 1960’s, early 1970’s, the American public had a “knowing” that the American government was spying on them. It was not until a whistleblower came forward with proof that the FBI’s Counter Intelligence Program (CoIntelPro) was illegally collecting data on Americans that we knew.

    I don’t remember his name. It is unimportant. What is important is that when the proof was given, it led to a Bi-Partisan uproar.

    The FBI had always claimed that they were copying only the face of the correspondence which they had a right to copy. In fact, they were opening hundreds of thousands of pieces of mail and copying the contents without warrant or knowledge of the post office.

    Bi-Partisan outrage. Bi-Partisan outrage. That is what we had. And real investigations is what we got.

    2013, we knew the American government was spying on us. Now, we have the proof. And what do we get? A bi-partisan closing of the ranks. It’s all a-okay and smear the whistleblower. The Fourth Estate is absent. They are on a plane to Cuba without any alcohol. Down with Snowden. Down with Snowden. Down with Snowden.

    How far we have fallen.

  26. Joe G.

    So this uber-troll Denny says “when interest rates rise… gold will be a dead duck”…. we can argue about how many basis points the US .gov is away from a Soviet-style collapse all day ….in the end they CANNOT rise, and when the world says enough of receiving America’s exported inflation… there WILL be a dead duck
    of sorts… good luck at any rate.

  27. Diane Carol Mark

    Hey Greg,
    Excellent discussion with a key point: the Trends Journal published nearly word for word all the “intel” that Mr. Snowden revealed one year ago! Since this is the case, did we notice them treating Gerald in the same way? This point certainly shines the light in the right place, I’m sure you’d agree 🙂

    Thanks for keeping on. I read and listen to all your posts.

    🙂 Diane

    • Greg

      Diane Carol Mark,
      Thank you for your support and comment.

  28. jerry

    Greg I can’t believe some of the people who post on your site that still believe that investing in the stock market, and the dollar, is a sound investment strategy? They are either ignorant of the facts, or brain dead, or both. Whenever someone like David Stockman says get out while you can, you’d better listen. Granted Gerald Celente and a few others come across as borderline crackpots, but David Stockman? This man engineered the greatest recovery this country has ever known. I think he knows what he’s talking about. The numbers don’t lie. There is no way out of this debt bubble, other than a financial reset. We should have took our medicine in 2008, but instead the Feds kicked on the press and started printing money. For those of you who continue to bash Greg, please explain to me how we get out of this mess without a crash? I would really like to hear your theories.

    • Greg

      There is no way we get out of this mess without a crash and the Fed knows this. There was never any attempt to fix the system. There were No bankruptcies, zero prosecutions of big bankers who caused the mess. We got lot’s of money printing and government sanctioned accounting fraud (FASB 2009). The Fed has been playing for time and nothing else. When the “time” is up it will be a disaster for the overwhelming majority of Americans. Thank you for your participation in this site.

  29. art barnes

    Greg, whatever happens, depression and or war or both, or just a economic slow slog/malaise, the simple truth is that the future is not going to be bright. I would be the most surprised person on the planet if things get better before they get a lot worst. Thanks for Gerald, he is interesting to say the least.

  30. Sanjay Kashkari

    You definitely dont want to buy gold now. The next few weeks gold will be like a falling knife. Soon after that, Obama will instruct Eric Holder and Janet Napalitano to make gold illegal by ececutive order and send forces out into the public to recover the gold for repatriation into the treasury for the sake of our national security. I dont think anyone wants their doors kicked in by a nervous SWAT team in the middle of the night because they are holding illicit gold. Some people might get shot up in the process including children. You know how suspicious movements by citizens can sometimes be perceived as hostile dont you ? Dont be a statistic. Buy US Treasuries and support your country.

    • Greg

      Sanjay Kashkari,
      You said, “Obama will instruct Eric Holder and Janet Napalitano to make gold illegal by ececutive order and send forces out into the public to recover the gold for repatriation into the treasury for the sake of our national security.” I say hogwash!!!

      • Charles H.

        Sanjay Kashkari,

        What is up with this Gestapo crap?!?? Since when would midnight jack-boots kicking-down doors, with a likelihood of endangering children, or their parents, become the EMBLEM of American justice??? I haven’t witnessed such childishness in many, many years.
        Suppose IF Holder and “Napalitano” DID get an “ececutive order” to confiscate gold – it would not be the citizens of the United States of America who would become criminals for one day to the next: it would be THE GOVERNMENT finally showing itself as criminal beyond doubt and beyond redemption. Because the crime would be the REVALUATION.
        You think seizing gold is OK for “national security” reasons?? How about if that doesn’t get the job done and the next “ececutive order” is to seize your salary or your total person income indefinitely: are you cool with that?!? Maybe they will need to “nationalize” all property and housing for national security – because the banks must be safe no matter what. You’ll get the opportunity to buy it back, again, maybe; if you can make the payments for the now revalued property or house. They might need your car; and you can buy it back at 30% increase in cost. And if increases track what gold will be revalued for – you can buy your car back at a mere 500% increase. Its all good.
        The asinine idea of its all right to hurt, or detriment, or take something away from any singular segment of society based upon what they might possess and you don’t – demonstrates both ignorance and prejudice of the highest order. Good job, Poster BOY.
        I can just see your wife and kids in their pajamas on the stairs; with you holding your U.S Treasuries certificate at arm’s length, with a fresh 40 calibre hole in it; and you trying to gurgle-out with a slug in your chest: “I’m not a hostile!!!” All because the Swat team missed it’s target by ONE HOUSE. OOOPPS!! (Blink, blink,blink.) Well, it was your suggestion, of sorts.

        • Charles H.

          Greg, You might axe this one.

    • george

      By all means, buy all the US Treasuries you can afford. You go first. I’ll sit back and see how well you fare.

  31. Chip

    Greg and readers, the latest must read from PCR…



    • Greg

      I posted this under “Hunter’s Top Stories” because of you. It’s great! Thank you.

      • Chip

        Glad to be of help Greg. Have a good weekend.

  32. Mountain aires

    Awesome interview, Greg! As always, Celente is like music to my ears in terms of incisive, honest, straightforward analysis of our situation in the US, as well as the global trends. I planned accordingly back in 2005, and survived the financial meltdown. Only hope I can do the same in the coming one. The trends are all alarming these days.

  33. Rishabh Dave

    Greg !,

    Let me tell you something !!!! We are going to execute what we call a coordinated “short f###” in the coming days against all of you so called gold bugs. There will be blood flowing from your assholes. We are going to @#@@ YOU DOWN and I mean all the way dowm to $675. Remember that number C$###@##ER cause I know you wont have the balls to allow this post on your website cause you are a pussy !!!!!! But just remember that number. All you goldbugs are going to feel that burning F#@# in your a@@@@@@s and when Obama lets the authorities know the time is right You people will be behind bars or in a camp.

    • Greg

      Rishabh Dave,
      You are crude and unwelcome. I am not going to go through and x-out you foul language again. I am only posting this to show my readers how desperate you trolls really are.

    • joe

      What a dork! No matter what this guy’s politics or financial inclinations are, he is most certainly human debris. His remarks beg the question: Why so serious???

    • george

      We understand the Gold and Silver markets are being manipulated with naked shorts. We get that. What you don’t seem to grasp is that you can’t buy it at paper prices. Miners can not mine gold at these prices nor can you get any quantity of silver. I propose you adopt a nom de guerre that better suites your writing style and intellect: Rubbish Dave. Feel free to use it! My gift to you for all of your childish ramblings.

  34. Eric

    Thanks again for all your work Greg. We need more people like you.

  35. vike

    Here is a trend forecast for you Greg. First of all there is absolutely no doubt the world economy will collapse, it is part of the “Plan”. It would not surprise me to see the paper price of gold and silver drop until such time. The goal here is to impoverish the masses, make them dependent on govt, make them cry out for their own subjugation.

    Working backward from the time table set by the satanic forces in control this collapse should occur within the next years time. This collapse will bring about the “wocu”, or world currency unit as an intermediate step while power is consolidated before the issue of the “Phoenix”, the final step in the one world currency realm.

    Use this link and scroll to the Jan 9th, 1988 cover of the ‘Economist’ which fronts for British Intelligence Services;

    Note the medallion around the birds neck and the burning currencies at its feet!

    Perhaps no one has expounded more on the Plan than Alice Baily, founder of Lucifer publishing now known as Lucius Trust, a main provider of publications to the United Nations. Alice Bailey has written 24 book books plus numerous articles regarding the coming changes. The info in her books were channeled from her Tibetan master Djwhal Khul (demon?), the “Plan” according to the Hierarchy of Ascended Masters.

    The next consolidation after currency will be the one world religion and as she speculated the one world govt should be in its final phases around 2025. Chapter 13 of Revelation can offer good insight as to what is happening and who is behind it.

    • Greg

      Alice Baily and her Lucifer friends can plan all they want. God has already written the ending to this book. Thank you for your comment, perspective and link!!


    Hi!, Patrons Of USAWATCHDOG.COM Et Al:

    As my PC is on the blink I was unable to hear the video but the implications of war are always ominous. Some time back someone’s blog informed me that OUR US troops in Afganistan were paying around $400 per gallon for fuel. If there’s war throughout the Middle East will we get OUR war bearing fuels any cheaper? Who was it that wrote the book: WAR IS A RACKET? If U are on the right side of this racket evidently U make uncommon profits? One thing is for sure regards the economy of the US vs. war and that is that past wars have always been accompanied with inflation haven’t they? So, should we be thinking that war is coming plus major inflation too or will inflation be avoided somehow this time around and who will be at the head of the FED when war heats up and we get involved? There is NO FREE LUNCH and that I know of plus there is NO FREE WARS either are there?

    RUSS SMITH, CA. (One Of Our Broke Fiat Money States)
    [email protected]

  37. Mike

    Wow, my comments get moderated for days when rubbish Dave has an instant post?

    I don’t always agree with you or your readers Greg, but I’ve never been inappropriate or crude.

    Moderating comments is your prerogative, but not in a free society that expects its president to be transparent also. Or a society that votes congress to act in the publics behalf…. pfffttt.

    How about having enough gold to cover all the paper?

    Why is math so incidental to finance?

    And I get ‘moderated’ while Rubbish Dave posts at will… ?

    • Greg

      I had the weekend off my friend nothing more. You are approved. Peace love

  38. Richard

    We are not going into war business we are going into the spy business and the charity business, borrowing money to give to ALL Foreign countrys, Building roads, bridges, Dams, power facilities, for countries after we have Blown them up. and one of the reasons we have to import more than half of what we eat in America is because we give so much away that there is not enough left to eat in our home country. and we can buy foods grown with D.D.T. that we can’t use in our nation,
    Ron Paul was our last best hope. by the way i have followed merriman ffor over twenty years, he has been amazingly accurate.


    In reply to the reply to my post indicating that THEY will be unable to “Pull Off The Stimulus Game”: THEY have beve been doing whatever they want it seems to me and that would include an inflationary not a deflationary Greater Depression. After all, while the rest of us and OUR buying powers are hit hardest by the inflatinary impacts of a Greater Inflationary Depression, THEY will have access to the printing presses that can cause them to avoid any effects of the Greater Depression voiding out their buying powers. In THEIR shoes what exactly would we do? War would be THEIR way of impressing upon OUR Nation the need for greater capitalization of THEIR war through inflation and not OURS right? THEY sure as certain will not be going back to Article 1; Section 10 of the US Constitution which calls for gold and silver coins in use within OUR economy will THEY; when THEY are the exclusive ONES who have access to the FED’S printing presses physical or electronic?



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