We’re Going into the Greatest Depression-Gerald Celente

CelenteBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Top trends forecaster Gerald Celente says NSA leaker Edward Snowden is a non-event.  Celente charges, “What did Snowden say that we didn’t write about over a year ago.”  Celente says the real stories are the imploding economy and coming war.  Another crash is coming, and Celente predicts, “It will be worse than the panic of ’08.  It will be deeper.  It will be more painful because they will not be able to pull off the stimulus game again.”  Celente goes on to say, “We are going into the Greatest Depression, but they will try to boost it in some way, and that’s when gold and silver prices will skyrocket.”  Celente also predicts war in the Middle East is a lock.  Celente says, “When all else fails, they will take us to war.  We are seeing war drums beating louder and louder throughout the Middle East as the Middle East is collapsing.”  As far as a real recovery is concerned, Celente boldly states, “The business of America has become war, and as long as business is war, there is not going to be any recovery.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente, Publisher of The Trends Journal.

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  1. Charles H.

    Hey Greg,

    This is maybe your best yet – congratulations to you both. Nail after nail went in; and at least half a dozen times I had to burst out in laughter. Thank you SO MUCH for helping us to recognize we aren’t losing our marbles. You and your work means more to us than you know.

    • Greg

      Thank you Charles. I really would like to report some good news but all the data says were going cliff diving–without water.

      • Brent


        I have good news to report. I have been 100% certain we were going to have a financial collapse since we have given almost all of our wealth producing jobs away (manufacturing). The United States is now literally living on a credit cart to pay its bills. Lately, I have been hearing that we are going to have a huge oil boom soon and we will become the next Saudi Arabia. If that happens, we could start to see a budget surplus, and financial collapse could be averted. Let’s hope this happens, because if it doesn’t, we are most certainly doomed.

        • Greg

          While the oil boom in the U.S. is real, I don’t think it will be enough to stop the financial collapse that is coming. It is sure going to help us get out of this though.

          • Dwain

            Greg, Out of 143 million American jobs, 70 million come from health care, government, construction and entertainment, about 12 million from manufacturing. I don’t see how the oil boom can compensate or generate a recovery after SHTF. Where will future jobs come from to fuel? Can we competitively export energy? Will energy supply enough jobs?

            Our economy is upside down. In a real world, manufacturing jobs must be the majority. They are the foundation upon which all others are made possible. For decades, manufacturing was exported while governments blew wealth and welfare bubbles to compensate. Labor eliminating machines and corporate consolidation contributed. The day of reckoning has arrived.

            After population rebalance, Im betting agriculture will be the wave of the future.

            • Greg

              I agree with you my friend.

      • Lew

        I’ll take the “Truth” over “Good news” any day. Thanks.

  2. Mac

    QE worked – but only for the BANKS. The Fed gives their in-crowd banksters free money.
    Average people get zip.
    US dollar is a joke, but what to do?, as the banksters attack the alternative – gold.
    One day maybe China will get serious and make a “play”. Then we could see real pain in stock and bond markets.

  3. Rishabh Dave


    I can guarantee you that gold abd silver prices WONT “skyrocket.” If you are not shorting gold down to $800 or so (and silver down to $12) before covering, you are missing a perfect opportunity to cash in during the next few weeks. On the street, you will see us shorting gold to the hilt. We will run the stops all the way down as these gold and silver bugs sqeal while we take them to the slaughter. They will feel like the victim who just got copulated by an elephant. We will be smiling as these precious metals vigilantes are crying crocodile tears. You will see. Better hear me now and believe me later.

    • jc davis

      I saw a gold 20.00 coin go for 2,050.00 at auction last Saturday. You maybe right gold is really suffering. My regular sellers of silver will not sell me anymore…There keeping it.Rishabh Dave You may want to read proverbs chapter 1.

    • Charles H.

      Rishabh Dave,

      What kind of wording is this?: “sqeal while we take them to the slaughter”; “victim who just got copulated by an elephant”: and “vigilantes are crying crocodile tears”?!?? Beside mis-spelling “sqeal” for “squeal” – your remarks have all the earmarks of muslim predilection for male violation. You label yourself, Sir. Veiled threats and fear-mongering is UNCIVILIZED and unwarranted. Though it does signal that the work Greg Hunter is doing is producing such strong reactions that ‘people’ like you feel the need to post such ugly and salacious remarks. (H. Bahsir = Rishabh?) When TRASH is what you write: trash is who you are, Sir.

      • Greg

        Charles H.
        Wow!! What an answer. Thank you for responding to “Dave.”

      • george

        Rishabh or Rubbish ‘s writing style matches a few other posters who also use nom de guerres. AXU’s average cost to produce a troy oz of silver for 2012 was U$D 25.91. Silver is used in a lot of electronics and while Rishabh and his buddies maybe able to depress the fraudulent paper markets, I don’t believe they can make a mine produce and sell for less than it is really worth.