What is Happening Now and Where are We Going?

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Gerald Celente is the founder of The Trends Research Institute.  He’s been forecasting future trends since 1980.  Today’s financial economic and political climate is volatile and unpredictable for most of us, but not Celente.  He has made many correct predictions over the past 3 decades.  Some of his more recent predictions include the panic and meltdown of 2008, and he says the “Collapse of 2010” is well underway.  His Trends website says Celente is, “. . . a Close Combat practitioner and black belt trainer, well understands the importance of proacting rather than reacting: “The first rule of Close Combat is to attack the attacker. Action is faster than reaction. The same holds true for the future. You know the future is coming … attack it before it attacks you.” I couldn’t agree more with this kind of logic.  This is what I want USAWatchdog.com readers to do.  So, please don’t look at what he is saying as doom and gloom but as a way to take the right kind of action to protect you and your family

Celente also says, “Current events form future trends.” Below is a video from Goldseek.com Radio in early October.  Celente gives you his take on what is going on right now and where we are on the road to the “Collapse of 2010.” Enjoy and happy Columbus Day.

If you would like to visit Mr. Celente’s Trends Research web site (click here.) If you would like to read Mr. Celente’s Bio (click here.)

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  1. Michael

    Curious as to your thoughts on something I heard today regarding owning gold. It said that the Government can make owning gold ILLEGAL. What would happen to gold that I own and everyone else owns? Would we be required to cash it in at our local Government gold trade in office? Would it be valued at crapola in the US since it can’t be sold legally, except only back to the government? This is concerning!!!!!! Please. Please, Please provide some feedback.

    • Greg

      The more likely path would be some sort of windfall tax not confiscation.

  2. BRIAN

    LOVE IT!!! Great post Greg, this guy is RIGHT ON. The banks are such criminals im almost ready to just close my bank accounts!!!

    • Greg

      Thank you Brian, Elvis and John.

  3. John Bernard

    Well, Gerald said a lot without saying too much. I am not sure I buy the 1930’s analogy though it is true that human nature seems to be the one immutable structure in world events. We have all seen war either in person or almost fourth hand on television. Even that far removed it is obviously a loser. Yet a large number of people think it a good thing to go around destroying other places for the fun of it.

    From experience I can tell you that most war supporters have no idea what they are getting into. Liberals love to destroy property during their masked demonstrations. The police, for the most part, are restrained. Once live fire becomes the response, and it will, these cowards will calm down and whine about their property rights (their lives).

    Gold is getting beyond the reach of most people now so if they did not buy it then silver is where they must go. That will not last forever either. Mr. Celente is very glib and has a chance of being correct. Unfortunately the far left doesn’t care they want to destroy the nation, those on the far right are disorganized, impotent, and prone to slogans for ideas.

    Those of us who value life and real ideas are now forced to hunker down and wait for the storm to pass. Of course we have guns, gold, food and ammo.

  4. Todd

    I tell pals, customers, whoever, “Don’t store any more money in banks than you’re comfortable losing.” And safety deposit boxes are apparently subject to seizure; all they have to do is decide you’re a T-rist, this thanks to the P. Act.

    Mr. Bernard, it sounds as though you’ve bought into this left/right paradigm. You’re part of a shrinking crowd these days.

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