What’s Cheap? Gold and Silver – John Rubino

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Unemployment is near 3% and President Trump is calling for rate cuts and quantitative easing. Is the economy doing well or getting ready to tank? Financial writer John Rubino says, “We went from being at all-time highs to down 20% in sort of a flash crash in two months towards the end of last year. That told the Fed and the other central banks that they can never tighten again. This is it for this cycle and for the entire remaining time of today’s financial system for higher interest rates. They abruptly announced to never mind about those four rate hikes that were going to happen in 2019. We (the Fed) are not going to do anything. If we do anything, it will be in the opposite direction and cut interest rates and a new round of QE, etcetera and etcetera. The stock market went right back up to record levels. . . . The end part of this story is how good all this is for gold. . . . The next thing from the Fed will be a rate cut, and it will increase and not decrease its balance sheet. . . . We are going to go preemptively to monetary easing, and that’s really new. This is very, very new. You normally don’t do this. You wait until you see a bear market and a slowdown in the economy that gets people laid off before you start aggressively easing. Apparently, we are going to do that stuff before that stuff starts happening. Who knows what the impact of that will be? If it works the way they want, more people will get hired, wages will pick up and we’ll have inflation in the 4% or 5% range before you know it.”

So, with near record low yields on bonds and near record high prices for stocks, Rubino has just one question. Rubino says, “What’s cheap? Gold and silver. What is down and what is cheap relative to the fundamentals. It’s not just the price of gold and silver, it’s how much gold and silver exists relative to how much paper wealth is in the world. The amount of gold and silver that we are bringing out of the ground is growing at 1% or 2% per year. The amount of paper wealth in the world is growing exponentially. . . .Gold is moving back into the center of the global financial system.”

Another big factor to consider is debt. Rubino says, “Every big country is running deficits that are dramatically bigger than they were five years ago. In the U.S., we are back to $1 trillion a year deficits, which is Obama Administration post Great Recession kind of numbers, and we are doing it 10 years into an expansion. . . . So, in the next recession, we will be taking on huge amounts of new debt at an accelerating rate. We are not fixing any of the mistakes . . . which mean the problems that are going to flow from today’s mistakes are going to be that much bigger because we are compounding yesterday’s mistakes. . . . This is new and scary and fascinating. From a safe distance, this is going to be very interesting to watch. Unfortunately, for most people, they will not be a safe distance. They will be right in the middle of the tornado.

In closing, Rubino says, “It is possible that a garden variety one year recession would blow up the financial markets. That’s the stuff that they are hearing (in the White House) that is terrifying. . . . There are probably older and wiser people whispering in Trump’s ear who are saying the next equities bear market might be the end of the financial world for us. . . . They are so worried, they are will to experiment with monetary policy again in order to prevent the crash that could make them this generation’s Herbert Hoover.”

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with John Rubino, founder of DollarCollapse.com.

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After the Interview:

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  1. john duffy

    “How much press did the Muslims that shot up a Philippine Catholic Church with similar results just a month or so earlier get? You may not have even heard of it, but it happened. It was neither the first nor will it be the last time either. There was no press, there was no hand-wringing and there certainly wasn’t a multi-national condemnation and demand that this crap stop, nor was a group of people — the people who did it — identified, pointed at, vilified and threatened with sanction, imprisonment and worse.

    Was the answer there “Kooooommmmmmbbbaaaaayayaaaaaaaa” with half the Muslim women in the nation showing up with crosses the next day, much as all the New Zealanders donned hijabs? Oh hell no. There the “remedy” the Moozies demanded to not do it again was “leave us the f$)!@ alone so we never have to see any of you filthy Catholics — ever!” In other words — your nation, our land, get the **** out and stay out unless you’re one of us. The implied threat, of course, is “or else”, not that there was much that needed to be implied after the massacre.”

    • Uncommon sense

      You make a fair point. However, the issue is more to do with western media giving greater media coverage to events that happen in a ‘western country’. If you compare the media coverage of natural disasters that happen in ‘developed’ countries to those in ‘developing’ countries the former always get more media attention.

      • Uncommon sense

        To develop the point further, the western media give more coverage to events they think will concern a western audience. The reports on the 2004 tsunami focused disproportionately on holiday makers from ‘developed’ countries even though they only accounted for 1 percent of the victims.

        • Bob

          No, they tell us what they want us to hear.

          They bury plenty of stories that they know would “concern a western audience”.

          • Uncommon sense

            Good point Bob. I think the reality is somewhere between both our views.

      • Tin foil hat

        To make another point, even the Muslims who live in the western world only pay attention to events happening in “western countries”.

        Million of Muslims are interned in “Reeducation Camps” in China but nobody cares about that. Congress knows about that too but nobody cares enough to do anything about it; even our dear Mohammad expressed more outrage over the lone gunman in NZ than the systemic oppression of Muslims in China.


      • William Stanley

        Uncommon sense,
        How is it that you get to decide what “the issue” is?
        Are you not simply changing the subject in order to divert attention from John’s point?

        • Uncommon sense

          I think John’s point has some merit to it. Like many things in life I don’t think there is only one reason for the media bias. I do agree that the media have an agenda though. One might ask why the media in primarily Christian countries is so concerned about the security of Israel, when there are so few Israeli casualties, but are ignoring the persecution/massacre of Christians in the Middle East. One might also ask why the media/politicians are so concerned with the threat of Hezbollah/ Hamas, but are not concerned with western countries and Saudi Arabia funding, arming and providing training to Al Qaeda affiliated groups in Syria, which would seem to be one of the main persecutors of Christians and moderate Muslims.

          • William Stanley

            Uncommon sense,
            John’s point wasn’t limited to “media” bias.

          • Mohammad

            Now that is a breeze of common sense…!!


    • Robert

      Off topic – I’m trying to understand something? Is Jerry Nadler and the house committee on White Nationalism trying to criminalize people who happen to be white and a nationalist who supports borders and lawful entry to the USA over being a globalist who supports open borders? Is that correct?


      • Robert

        Greg, this linked article about Candace Owens recent experience at the house committe hearing on white nationalism, is important to pay attention to. She defended herself in a very exemplary and dignified manner and showed how dishonest the dem rep was being.

        From what I’ve heard, the far left and the media that enables them, plan on escalating the use of the term racists and white supremacist up thru the 2020 election. I admire Candace Owens for setting the record straight. These kinds of specious attacks on free speech are only going to grow as the far left takes over the Democratic party. The Democratic party has within its ranks some blatant anti semites, yet the dems have the gall to conflate people who are nationalist pro lawful immigration citizens with racist and nazis, while downplaying the very anti semites in their own party that actually caused the rise of the Nazi party in a not to distant past era. Seems like the left is doing a whole lot of protecting of who they are onto their adversaries.


        • Robert

          I meant projecting not protecting.

          • William Stanley

            “Projecting” their own sins onto others seems to be the first choice of “socialists” when it comes to “propaganda.”
            I was tempted to say “argumentation” instead of “propaganda.” However the “left” (as well as the more subtle and patient Global Fascists) seldom engages in true debate or rational “argument.” Their approach is almost always to try to shape the narrative by blowing smoke, changing the subject, or making ad hominem attacks, e.g., the entire “Russiagate” episode.
            Our enemies almost always attempt to disguise appeals to emotion and the hijacking of narrative as discussion and debate. With them, it’s almost never about what it’s about, which is our destruction.
            Their tactics are, of course, deeply dishonest. It’s the type of tactic employed against a despised enemy, which is what they see us as . . . and what we must come to accept as their attitude. Compromise is not really possible with such people because, for them, compromise is just the next step toward more and more “compromises.” They use as a weapon our willingness to see them as equal human beings who are engaged in a search for a modus vivendi. Indeed, they use our most noble instincts and institutions, i.e., freedom of speech and other freedoms protected under the Constitution, as weapons against us.
            That said, it is interesting that the strategists for the Global Fascists have recently upped their financing of the rabid communist left (AOC, for example) and unleashed them as useful idiots who ARE willing to reveal THEIR agenda. That serves as a diversion and smoke screen to hide the machinations of the Global Fascists and their Deep State operatives. In short (“to coin a term”), the Greater Satans, i.e., the Global Fascists, are using the useful-idiot-left (the communists and other haters of our civilization) to sow chaos and to undermine us in order to enable the achievement of their common goal . . . which is our enslavement. When the Globalists are done with the useful idiots, they will eliminate them.

    • Colateral Damage

      HEADLINE NEWS -https://www.drudgereport.com


      I was up, was dressed and drinking my morning coffee before I checked out the news early this fine spring morning. Upon opening the first webpage that I came to, to find out how runs the world today, I had to go back to my room to change clothes.

      I am wearing black.

      It is a sad day for truth and justice, and courage.


      Dr. My Eyes.

      “I have done all that I could, to see the evil and the good, without hiding.”

      ‘Was I unwise, to leave them open for so long.’

      “Dr. my eyes, I cannot see the sky, is this the price, for having learned how not to cry?”

  2. Freddie the unintelligence agents Freeloader

    Cohen Says He Has New Evidence for Democrats
    news 1 day ago Newser — Rob Quinn

    Cohen flipped for the special counsel and now willing to due somersaults to escape prison and congress obliges!
    Michael Cohen says he has information that could help House Democrats with their investigations of President Trump—but he needs their help to stay out of prison.
    BuzzFeed reports that in a 12-page memo sent with the letter, Cohen’s lawyers said Trump instructed him to lie to Congress about when project negotiations finished.

    The lawyers said Cohen recently gained access to files seized in a raid on his offices last year, Politico reports.
    [Cohen promises to go through them all with a fine tooth comb and will come up with something, after all he was the fixer and he must have screwed up someplace, fixing!]

    The lawyers asked Democrats to tell federal prosecutors that Cohen’s date to report for incarceration should be “substantially postponed while he is fully cooperating [trying to find/figure out something] for prosecutors and Congress,” the New York Times reports.

    They added that they hoped cooperation could lead to a “reduced term” for Cohen, who pleaded guilty last year to charges including lying to Congress.

    Cohen the fix is in and a lot of Trump supporters are probably in the can where you’ll end up and no doubt anxious to meet you, there behind bars. For your own safety please don’t lie to them!

  3. James Tiberius Quirk

    2016 hangover: Some Bernie Sanders supporters still upset
    Associated Press 5 hrs ago

  4. Rodster

    Excellent and sobering interview. Gerald Celente is calling 2020 “The Greatest Depression”. We’ll see if his prediction turns out to be true.

    • Mark James


      I would love for you to have on Gerald Celente. It seems like it has been a while.
      Excellent interview with John Rubino.

      Thank you!

  5. Anthony Australia

    Great interview Greg.

    That’s what’s always amazed me, everything else goes up, metals go nowhere.

    Think about it.

  6. Anthony Australia

    Australia’s economy has fallen off the cliff and it’s hanging on by the fingernails.

  7. Derek Sinclair

    Man and governments made currency so trust it at your peril. God made gold and silver. I know who I trust so I know what I’m holding.

  8. Mr David B Morris

    Couple of points, you have complained how the unemployment figures are artificially low so a lot more slack probably exists.
    Suggest to your friends buying a house to have 1000oz silver to pay the mortgage of when the reset happens.
    Brett Sinclair’s dollar milk shake theory ticks a lot of boxes as far as what I see happening especially as there is a world wide shortage of dollars hence liquidity crises starting on the periphery.

    • Mr David B Morris

      Sorry Greg ment Brett Johnson of Santiago capital.

    • Tin foil hat

      My biggest concern is not the mortgage but property tax and other expenses. I own multiple properties with fixed rate mortgages ranging from 3.75 to 5.25%. Presently, the investments are sound with positive cash flow which pay all the bills. However, if the math no longer worked after the reset, I’m ready to walk away and wouldn’t waste one ounce of silver to hang on.

      Post reset NYC may become Detroit since the financial industry may not recover. I would rather gamble (use that 1,000 oz of silver) on real estate in areas where manufacturing would make a comeback.

      • Uncommon sense

        Post reset it might be worth using some precious metal to invest in blue chip companies. If the theory is correct precious metals will become overvalued at some point.

  9. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Thanks for bringing on Mr. Rubino, I really enjoyed the interview!
    The big question now seems to revolve around the time path and the order of events. Given that so much real estate is mortgaged, it’s hard to see how turmoil in the financial markets would not only crash the overall economy, but the real estate markets as well. Yet, it’s my guess that areas that are safer than average might actually do quite well in real terms due to the social and political turmoil that would accompany the financial and economic turmoil.
    It’s equally hard to see how financial turmoil would not lead to a flight to precious metals. IMO, given the small amount of PMs, such panic buying could force up the price of PMs by the much higher percentages previously mentioned by Messers Sinclair and Holter than by the thousand percent increase recently mentioned by Mr. Rickards and alluded to by Mr. Rubino.
    I’m now focusing much of my energy on acquiring skills and knowledge that might serve me well in chaotic times. I’m finding that the learning curve is steeper than I imagined.

    • Uncommon sense

      Yes William. A lot of the price predictions for gold/silver seem to be based on a fair value. I would expect that any gigantic price rises would cause a swing to overvalued, once you factor in panic and greed from speculators. I remember Paul’s scenario was deflation followed by hyperinflation and you queried if a central bank could intervene with QE/money printing in a timely manner to prevent total collapse, due to possible speed of contagion. Looks like Trump might share you concerns, hence his call for preemptive QE.

      • Tin foil hat

        “A lot of the price predictions for gold/silver seem to be based on a fair value.”
        You will love this insightful article. I have known the dollar paradigm for many years but can never articulate it as clearly as this writer do.

        – This is the dollar paradigm which has turned the global financial markets into a massive confidence scheme … not a PONZI scheme as some have likened it to. A Ponzi scheme is a qualitative level below the dollar system CONfidence scheme. It requires a flow of investors in a pyramid scheme structure who are willing to offer currency units for profit. The Dollar System requires no investors – it only requires an unlimited flow of the units of denomination and because those units control the price of everything (including GOLD) the issuer of those fiat units has ultimate control of the price of ALL underlying assets.

        • Uncommon sense

          Yes, that is good. The word ‘ponzi’ does seem to be overused and has become synonymous with financial con as your quote alludes to. As I understand it a ponzi scheme is a specific financial con where the investors are offered a return on their investment to lure in money and then the money is misappropriated by the conman. The trick is successful as long as investors cashing out can be paid their original investment along with the expected returns. However, in order to achieve this the fund has to keep growing in size, necessitating the acquisition of more and more capital. I believe Madoff’s scheme can crashing down with the 2008/09 market crash and resultant attempted liquidations by investors.

          • Uncommon sense

            so in a ponzi scheme the incoming money from new investors is used to cash out investors that are leaving the scheme as all the other assets have been stolen.

        • Tin foil hat

          I forgot to attach the article.


      • William Stanley

        Uncommon sense,
        Yes, that’s my point: most analysts are employing equilibrium analyses, i.e., what “fair value” would be in an (assumed) eventual sustainable equilibrium. However, it is in the dynamics over time where the danger and opportunity lie (OMG, you’d think I was alluding to the Chinese symbol for crisis!).

        • Uncommon sense

          Can you elaborate on your last comment about the Chinese symbol for crisis?
          I also think in a crisis situation above ground supplies of bullion would become more important than unmined future supply. The numbers are a bit fuzzy but it does seem that there is far more gold bullion above ground than silver. So in a panic situation silver could go to crazy levels, at least temporarily. I think silver in jewellery form would not re-enter the system until ridiculous price levels for silver bullion as the cost of jewellery is so much more expensive than its bullion weight equivalent. That is why I disagree with Jim Rickards that gold jewellery should be classifies the same as bullion. If you buy a gold necklace for $300 and melted it down and turned it into bullion you would not get anywhere near a $300 valuation for you bullion.
          Sorry if I am rambling a bit but as you always seem up for a discussion I was wondering what your thoughts were.

          • William Stanley

            Uncommon sense,
            The Chinese character (symbol) for crises is often interpreted as being composed of two separate characters: the one denoting “danger” and the one denoting “opportunity.” Wikipedia indicates that that widely invoked interpretation may not be entirely accurate even though the (mis)interpretation is now so widespread that even some Chinese have embraced it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_word_for_“crisis”
            As for silver and gold jewelry: it seems that you have a more subtle take on it than does Rickards. As you imply, however, if the prices of silver and gold were to increase, say, 10-fold, owners of jewelry would then turn it into bullion, but not do so until the prices of PMs had increased at least by several multiples. (I remember seeing many people trade in old gold watches for the bullion value when gold was near its peak around 1980).
            BTW, I’ve been impressed with the quality of your comments and I remarked on your appreciation of the dynamics of the economy and financial markets to a friend that I met for breakfast this morning.

            • Uncommon sense

              Why thank you for your kind comments! I believe the robust debates on this site with people such as yourself helps me to improve my understanding. Was it the psychologist friend?

              • William Stanley

                Uncommon sense,
                No, he was my engineer friend: retired professor of engineering and still active in consulting work.
                I just got off a two-hour phone conversation with another friend, a professor of economics. And now I get to interact with all the brainiacs on this site. (This week I learned the most from the maintenance man at the apartment complex here: he’s been teaching me about being a ham radio operator). Okay, I’m bragging; I’m proud of my friends, including you.

    • iwitness02

      William Stanley,
      I already hear the wisdom and insights that come from doing. Stay the course. Pride and satisfaction will follow. Nothing is easy. If it were, there would be nothing special in having your new found skills. They would be common place. As it stands right now, skills are a tier one asset. Plus, we still don’t know their the true full value.
      I truly wish you all the best in your new pursuits. Fermentation of food and spirits is a good path to follow. Just one good path out of so many. So of course, diversify as much as possible.

      • Tin foil hat

        ” As it stands right now, skills are a tier one asset. Plus, we still don’t know their the true full value.”
        What an insightful statement! Skills and gold are merely hobby and insurance until the reset, then their true value will be known.

      • William Stanley

        “Fermentation of food and spirits.” That hadn’t even crossed my mind. But I definitely see the merit of that direction, now that you point it out.
        BTW, I had a “fail” this morning: A fellow was calling out for help in the neighborhood. He had stepped on a sliver of broken glass and was looking for someone with tweezers to remove it. It was under the skin and I didn’t have the optics to see the piece well enough to figure out how to remove it (and he wasn’t about to let me keep poking around).

        • iwitness02

          For several years in a row, I would ride my bike to Sturgis, SD and Red River, NM., or any camping trip for that matter, I always carried a magnifying glass in my first aid pouch. The frame and handle were missing, so it was just the glass disk. I keep it in a baby sock. Pretty handy item.

    • DB Cooper

      WS, We have been in the back to the land learning curve for 50 years and as good pilots tell me, ” You never stop learning”. Keep at it and if you need any help or suggestions we are happy to communicate. Yours in preparation, FN, DB

      • William Stanley

        If you haven’t already seen the jets run through Star Wars Canyon (Rainbow Canyon into Death Valley), I though you might enjoy this:

        • DB Cooper

          WS, Thanks, We live in a MOA and routinely have an airshow right outside our windows @ 200-300 feet above the river !! … Free airshow !! DB.

        • iwitness02

          Can’t even imagine how fast their brains are processing information! That is a lot coming at you. Fine example of good pilots.

  10. Christopher

    Hi Greg. Great format with knowledgeable guests! Inverted yield curve: Let’s just call the comming bailout like circa ’08; protecting the banks at all costs. This time around it will be a BAIL IN. if you have $60,000 YOUR HARD EARNED BANK HELD MONEY AT their discrection YOU ARE THE THIRD PAYEE.! I.E. STRIKE THE LAST ZERO WHICH WILL NET YOU $6,000 at this point..WHY NOT HOLD au OR ag BECAUSE the negative interest on the cash you think you have in Their bank pays you ZERO POINT NOTHING IN INTEREST .001%! better in a mattress without the paper trail. Oh, i forgot the FDIC protection. Wait till the bank run. DEFLATION. What say you on what to dol?

  11. Jack

    I like John Rubino because he is humble and not alarmist. I know people who have thrown nearly all their money into cryptos.This in my view is worse than the share market. With AI and quantum computing back doors are easily created in these new currencies. China could create a Global Crypto , back it with gold and all the Western ones could become worthless because they have very little.
    I’ve said it before: My prediction is that money will panic out of property and into the share market for the biggest tulip bubble in history. The smart money has already moved out and the masses will again be sucked in by FOMO . If our market manipulators are smart, they will grow this bubble over the next 24 mths so confidence comes back to shares before they pull the pin.
    Another excellent interview Greg.

  12. Donald

    “So, in the next recession, we will be taking on huge amounts of new debt at an accelerating rate.”

    The numbers are indicating that this recession has already started. But things will likely get much worse quickly. Just watch the Middle East. Last September it took 3 weeks to fill an order for silver. I doubt its any better right now. So who knows, maybe the clock has already run out on getting cheap silver? Time will tell. Trouble is, maybe it won’t help much? There is far too much manipulation/rigging behind the scenes to be able to predict anything in a meaningful way.

  13. Scott

    Rubino is an Establishment toady and part of the problem.

    He is firmly ANTI-Second Amendment and has made public, on-the-record statements stating so.

    Pity the good people of Idaho who have to suffer this lowlife as a “neighbor.”

    • Greg Hunter

      Let’s see a link.

    • DB Cooper

      Scott, I do not find anything relating Rubino to 2nd amendment but we know that Moscow is another communist hotbed university town … DB

  14. paul ...

    Rubino says: “What is cheap?” … does he see debt being eliminated? … No! … what he sees is both political party’s inflating our way out of our problems … both AOC and Trump are asking the Fed to do “QE to infinity” … this will make “everything more expensive” in nominal dollar terms … which in effect means “inflation” not deflation as some try to say … both political party’s are going to steal money from the people … by making “the dollar less valuable” for purchasing all things … except for gold and silver which will be constantly manipulated “to remain cheap in dollar terms” so the banksters can accumulate it … while the average American “buys chocolate bars” to sooth their anxiety over rising prices and the increased debt on their credit cards!!

    • paul ...

      Of course there are those (like Rick Ackerman) who just can’t believe that politicians would be “so uncaring” that they would try to inflate away the debt … and in the process destroy peoples pensions and make their Social Security checks worthless … so they assume the endgame for our global economy glutted with debt would be a deflationary collapse … but the truth right before our eyes in black and white is that “both” political party’s (bribed by the banksters) will be revving up the printing presses … creating all the money necessary to bail out “the banksters system” … regardless of how many dollars it takes … and how many people it hurts!!

      • paul ...

        Should we be mad about the banksters manipulating the gold price and keeping it cheap for them to buy? … not really … because all the gold they are buying and putting in Central Bank vaults is really the “peoples money” … we own the gold at the Fed … and we own all the gold in Fort Knox (as soon as it is paid back by the mining companies who the Fed leased it out to) … when all our gold is safely back in Fort Knox Trump … should sign an Executive Order to distribute the gold “to the people” (for safe keeping) … as our banksters are simply a bunch of crooks … this is what I believe Italy is now preparing to do!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-04-05/it-belongs-people-not-bankers-italy-moves-seize-gold-central-bank

        • paul ...

          As soon as Trump signs an Executive Order telling the Treasury to take possession of any gold or gold certificates the Fed owns (by buying their gold at the official price of $32 dollars per ounce) … watch how quickly the crooked banksters allow the price of gold to rise (it will be like Bitcoin going from $1,000 to $20,000 in a matter of months)!!

          • paul ...

            And remember gold should rise even higher then Bitcoin … for Bitcoin is one electronic bit out of an infinite number of electronic bits in a computer … whereas physical gold is a very rare immutable element and it’s supply is limited and managed by God (the Universal Banker) … unlike Earthly banksters … God limits the amount of his money (gold) created in his universe in order to protect his people from the evil politicians who call for QE to infinity!!!

            • paul ...

              Need more proof? … China, Russia, India, etc., etc. know exactly how US politicians are going to solve their debt problems … and these Nations are buying God’s money (gold) hand over fist!!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-04-07/beijing-signaling-imminent-currency-devaluation-china-unleashes-gold-buying-spree

            • Uncommon sense

              Paul, I tend to agree with you. Bitcoin will mostly rise, not because of intrinsic value, but because it will be perceived as an asset of temporary safety when faith in central banks finally fails. People better get out of bitcoin before the one world government issues its own version though, as no competitors will be tolerated.

              • paul ...

                Bitcoin and any other crypto currency is toast after 2027 when quantum computers will be able to break any code and unlock any key … but this won’t prevent the IMF from developing it’s own version of a crypto currency … their agenda is for a global central bank digital currency linked to the SDR basket of paper currencies system … ultimately the plan is to require all the paper currencies to devalue and the US Dollar to lose its world reserve status … so they then will have complete control of a “single global currency” … that “can’t be compared to anything” … but everyone will know it is simply digital funny money … and worthless … once quantum computers destroy the very foundation of this new bankster Ponzi scheme!!

            • Uncommon sense

              Paul, I tend to think of silver as the more perfect hedge against inflating currencies. Gold supply constantly grows, albeit at a controlled pace, as it is never used up, unlike silver. Paul, I believe physical gold is more common than believed because hidden dynastic wealth accumulated, over centuries, was stored in the form of gold (due to it requiring less space than the equivalent value of silver). I can’t imagine much silver was ever accumulated as dynastic wealth with the exception of precious ornaments.

              • Tin foil hat

                Do you ever wonder why central banks are stockpiling gold but not silver?

                Silver has all the qualities of an ideal money execept “Stability” since it’s a commodity. Its industrial usages are not inducive to price stability.

                Silver will go up but not for the same reason as gold.

                • Uncommon sense

                  Yes and I think the fact that large institutions historically have ignored silver is setting it up for a gigantic bull market. When analysts view silver as a commodity they see a surplus as a negative price wise, but because gold is viewed as money, the analysts never use gold’s greater surplus as a negative. If silver were to regain its store of value role people would stop saying there is a surplus of silver to saying there is not enough.

              • paul ...

                US … silver is the best “bit coin” on Planet Earth because it is both physical and rare!!

  15. andyb

    Greg: Rubino is a thoughtful analyst who can connect the dots. I subscribe to his site and his observations are quite prescient and worthwhile. The most significant part of this interview (that many may have overlooked) is that if the FED accedes to Trump prior to 2020, as Rubino suggests, then the criminal FED wants him re-elected, and then you have to ask yourself, WHY?

    Is it that they want Trump to be blamed for the coming crash and reset? Or is something more nefarious underfoot?

    • paul ...

      As Voltaire prophesied “paper money will return to its intrinsic value … zero” … and now the two US political party’s have chosen to fulfill Voltaire’s prophecy by printing whatever money is needed to cover all their past debt and new spending programs … meaning massive deficits way into the future (that will destroy the dollar’s value) … Treasury bond holders will demand a much higher rate of return on their T-bonds (that simply can’t be provided because raising rates will crash the economy) … so as the final stage of the collapse unfolds … will see the Fed having to buy “all” the T-bonds issued by Treasury … or the government will simply spend money without borrowing (but by simply stealing it like they did with the missing $21 Trillion) cloaking the theft under the National Security label … we are at the final stage now … and many countries are running from the US dollar and into gold and other real assets … confidence in the US dollar “has been lost” … but Trump has no choice but to proceed with QE to infinity (to prevent a stock market crash or a financial market freeze up on his watch) … so the banks will be keep liquid with printed money out of thin air … and the US dollar debasement game (that has already brought its value down from 100 cents to 2 cents) will now proceed to its inevitable conclusion … and the US dollar will soon be worth 0.00000000000000000000002 cents … now if the banksters push the value of gold back down to $32 dollars (while the dollar goes to 0.00000000000000000000002 cents) it will look like gold rose from $1275 to $63,730,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollars … but in fact you will have actually lost (32/1275) … or another 97.5% of your money (like what occurred between 1913 and 2019) … and that’s by owning gold!!! … those without gold will be left with “nothing”!!!!

    • William Stanley

      I’ve heard it said of the CIA arm of the deep state that they are always promoting at least two separate goals when they undertake an operation.

  16. al

    That is the problem, most people think the stock market = the economy and nothing could be further from the truth. But people buy the narrative and leaders, like Trump, know better but they play in to the narrative so that their chances of re-election would be better.

    I’m confused. If our next election cycle will be fair and not heavily manipulated like our last election, why should Trump worry about re-election? I’ll tell you why in two words… Enemy Media! These are the people to ultimately blame for any anomalies in the market.
    Trump knows this market is rigged, he partially ran on that premise.

    John Rubino basically points out here that if we have another market “correction” it will culminate to a crash. Remember, Bush was re-elected after the dot com crash but who was he running against? Remember? America’s Frankestein “John Kerry”, who I have to say was a better opponent than what you have today, and Bush still won!

    Who are Trump’s opponents? Think about what they are running for, “resist” “socialism” “the puke green new deal”? It’s a slam dunk for Trump either way.
    He needs to get this FISA and OIG documentation fully revealed! Then he can blame the “bad actors” and their misdeeds to the crash and win like the champ that he is.
    Just my 2 cents.

    Thanks for having Rubino on, he always clears the muddy waters.

  17. Jerry

    And the answer is?

    A new global currency.
    Gee I didn’t see that coming. Chinese buying trainloads of gold. Setting up AIIB with a 125 member nations. Setting up CIPS to replace SWIFT. Organizing the Silk Road project ( that Hilary donated to when she was Secretary of State). Setting up the BRICS Bank. Organizing The Working Group to coordinate exchange inside the U.S. banks. Creating the Petro Yuan.

    Newsflash. The Federal Rserve Bank doesn’t run the central banks. The globalist through BIS do. That should be apparent from this statement released by the United Nations.

    • Jerry

      Not that it makes any difference, but this statement was released by the former U.N. Secretary, not the U.N. President Trump should show these globalist the door.

    • Uncommon sense

      Jerry, have you come accross any information about China stockpiling silver? As a long term planner, China must be hoarding silver, in addition to what they mine, considering their ambitious plans for solar power (land and space) and required silk road infrastructure.

      • Jerry

        Uncommon sense,
        Not that I’ve seen. Mainly gold. However J.P. Morgan Chase Bank has cornered the silver market with silver contracts. Historically silver has always been used for commerce, while gold has been used for backstopping currency. That tells me that the Chinese long term plan is a gold backed currency. Rob Kirby was right. The only thing holding back a global currency reset, is the Chinese blackmailing the western central banks for gold. Every military action by the U.S. has been about getting gold to stall off the reset. Most recently Syria. Pallets of gold from ISIS were loaded on U.S. cargo transports and flown out to an unknown location. My guess. China.

        • Uncommon sense

          Thanks, yes the dragon will suck us dry before letting rip.

  18. Jimmy Carter


    ” Gold will survive long-term. But don’t count on it being available during the period before the crash and burn”. ( Due to a lack of liquidity). – Martin A. Armstrong


    • Uncommon sense

      Craig. Gold will survive long term? What like for thousands of years?

    • Gary C

      Armstrong also points to his ECM Economic Confidence Model, turning south in 2020,
      so time for a run to 30,000 on the Dow, and a stronger US Dollar.

      Good interview with Rubino.

  19. H. Craig Bradley


    In fact, the FED ( Chair Powell ) predicted two rate hikes in 2019, not four. Now, its time to be “patient” with no rate hikes until at least July (6 months). Irresolute FED ?

    • Uncommon sense

      Jimmy, oh sorry. Getting mixed up with you aleregos.

  20. jack

    and yet they continue to print, to buy down the bond, stocks and have upped the game on shorting gold. I believe that keeping the gold price capped is priority #1 now. debt levels for consumers are off the chart ,but they still won’t tighten credit as this too will blow the system. inflation is around 10-15% so fixed income folks will be dumpster diving , and hopelessness will drive more people unto the street . opioids are out of control and white middle aged males continue to commit suicide in record #’s . forget about gold or rigged markets. our society is terminally ill, morally bankrupt. meanwhile the filthy banksters continue to print all the money they need for themselves, used for stock buybacks etc. the financial markets are a complete sham , and of course the sheep will dive into bonds when stocks crash, interest rates will be cut to the bone in hopes to revive the terminal patient , it might work for a few months ; however, this is a GLOBAL problem , so will come a worldwide depression , which will lead to nuclear war , and the reduction of 90% of humans on the planet . which incidentally was has been called for by the evil Rothschilds and their satanist buddies . in fact many of these guys are headed to the Southern hemisphere in hopes that they will avoid the nuclear fallout in the north. Trump is now a 100% zionist puppet, (go read Ron Unz and Paul Roberts for details) , but the FACT of the matter is that Israel now runs the US, and is sucking it dry , until that problem is addressed, we have no chance to rebuild the republic . All this is a result of the 1913 Federal Reserve act, that was the beginning of the end. the final nail was put in the US coffin on November 22, 1963, the day of the coup by the deep state , it has been all downhill since . it is our own fault , we didn’t have the guts to get rid of the rot when we could , we became narcissistic, and isolated from each other as a “people” . the globalists changed immigration policy in 1965 , which turned the country into the tower of Babel, Multiculturalism is simply a Marxist tool to help weaken the underbelly of the host nation. I don’t see any solutions , gold won’t save you , barbed wire won’t save you . the sheep would rather go to the mall and watch the NFL until the battle comes to their door , then it is too late. If I were younger I would move to Hungary or Russia , where the cultures are strong and very orthodox Christian . Putin is a genuine Christian which is why Rothschild ( satan ) wants him out . . if these moron Neo-cons think they can still go around the world and topple small little countries , steal their gold and oil , they are going to find worthy adversaries in Russia and China . watch what happens as the neo-cons try a coup in Venezuela, the Russians are now there with boots on the ground, with the Chinese watching closely . and of course I don’t even mention the nutty lefties , who are not even worth mentioning here . Rubino and the rest of the “make money” gang are irrelevent , as they don’t see see the big picture , i.e. the US civilization is doomed , interest rates, rigged stocks , rigged gold , none of this matters most of us are going to die because the Neo-cons and Trump will not address the REAL problem

    • Uncommon sense

      The sheriff won’t allow me to write this stuff. I am constantly drinking in the last chance saloon.

    • st

      When Ocasio Cortez refers to the ‘occupation’ of Palestine, the idiot Fox news presenter questions the use of the word ‘occupation’. Why are Americans the only people that don’t understand that Palestine is being occupied? Even Israelis refer to it as an occupation, which they justify in terms of security. So if Fox news can’t even be honest over a word why believe anything they report?

      • paul ...

        A “fake news” Fox reporter questions the meaning of the word “occupation” … the “occupation” of other peoples land (and the assimilation of that occupied land by putting it under your control) is simply another word for effecting a “One World Government” … where “one world order neocons” do regime changes to “occupy” and put under their control one country after the other all around the world … the one world government neocons begin their “occupation” of other nations lands by putting sanctions on all those who refuse to take orders from the neocons … and if economic sanctions don’t work the neocons physically “occupy” the nation militarily (the neocons call this “occupation” regime change) … just look around the world at all the “occupation hot spots” … they are exactly where a nation has refused to take orders from these “one world order neocons” and are put under severe economic (or military) sanction … so to that “fake news” Fox reporter (who pretends not to know the meaning of the word “occupation”) … “occupation” means the process of effecting regime change over non-submissive governments land … with the goal of eventually bringing “the entire world under the order” of a select few neocons … the complete opposite of a Democratic World of Individual Republics … but aggressively putting their Jack Boot neocon foot on the world’s neck … to make it into One Fascist/Commie State (that has the power to print money out of thin air)!!!

  21. Alan

    Love the interview, but that one chart where you show wages vs inflation and say how great it is that wages are going up more than inflation, yet earlier you were talking how they were fudging the inflation numbers. That chart should be thrown out the window. I do the grocery shopping, i see the products getting smaller (creative packaging) and the prices getting larger. If the real inflation numbers could be obtained, there is no way wages are doing better than inflation unless you are a CEO type person.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point. I guess wages is squeezing margins is what Rubino’s overall point is.

    • Uncommon sense

      Yep, I guess it depends on who’s wages you are looking at. The middle class worker will have experienced a drop in purchasing power due to stagnating wages coupled with inflation. At the top end of society wages will have increased relative to inflation. Does the wage line on the graph factor in inflation as 30 thousand dollars today is worth less than 30 thousand dollars 10 years ago? This might also give a false impression of wage growth.

    • William Stanley

      Agreed. I live in an area that’s “booming.” Lot’s of people doing okay, especially new retiree’s escaping from California. But rents have been going up way faster than wages (like 30% in three years) and the ordinary Joe is getting squeezed. You do have to look at the inflation statistics skeptically.

  22. Country Codger

    Greg & John,
    Excellent interview. The two of you work well together.
    Please be cautious going into the summer, especially the period 7/2/2019 to 7/16/2019 which is the apex. Most market collapses happen in the fall and spring so, it may not be initiated by the market but, the whole period of time from May 25, 2019 to @ 8/6/2019.

    It is interesting that President Trump signed an E.O. to deal with EMP’s, natural or man made. Maybe they see a space weather emergency with the solar minimum and the enlarging coronal hole emitting gamma radiation in conjunction with the collapsing magnetosphere of the Earth and the uptick in volcanic and seismic events in recent months (starting about 11/2018). War is still a danger until Spring 2023. (Quien sabe?)

    Lo Iyrah!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you “CC”!!

  23. iwitness02

    Honesty would fix everything.
    Honest money.
    Honest news.
    Honest public servants.
    Honest healthcare.
    Honest education.
    Honest borders.
    Honest business and banking.
    Honesty in all human activity.
    One problem: Satan is a liar and the father of it.
    Satan has many lovers, and they are all liars.
    Until we have honesty in all human endeavors, we will have the current status quo, or worse. I don’t think we/mankind can fix this on our own.
    We all need our own little ark of some sort to carry us through the storm.
    There is not much agreement on what sort ark we should build. Follow your heart, and pray for guidance. What did Noah do? He provided food and shelter for all of whom he was responsible for. Most importantly; he listened to God.

    • Frank D

      I agree wholeheartedly! It all starts with honesty. LIARS should be publicly shamed and humiliated and treated as outcasts. If you can’t trust a person’s word, what good are they to our society?

      • iwitness02

        Lies are extraordinarily destructive to those being lied to. Society in general doesn’t seem to take it very serious. We need a new hash tag.
        Something like; #Truth Only, or Truth Now! But, who cares? Certainly not the MSM or fbi, or doj, or irs, central banks, big pharma, not even the state department. Let alone the public. Well, there is some who value the truth. But we have to seek it out. Truth is more rare that PMs.

  24. Mike

    Trump is not a guy obsessed with re-election. He knows we went over the cliff before he was elected and he is trying to soften the crash. A rate cut will do nothing to prevent the inevitable but it may buy a little more time to take down the globalist criminal cabal and seize their assets to soften the crash even more.

    • paul ...

      Not only seize their personal assets as punishment for their crimes … but also use the RICO laws to rightfully return “all our Fort Knox gold assets” (along with any interest they made leasing out our gold)!!

  25. Sayonara

    Evidence that the economy is finally starting to turn over is the subtle rise of inflation. The following are just a few observations from Northern California that supports this:
    Gas: 4-6 weeks ago $2.99 – Yesterday $3.39
    Costco New York Steak: 4-6 weeks ago $11.99 – Yesterday $14.99
    Fresh Zuchini/Asparagas: 4-6 weeks ago $1.99 – Yesterday $2.99
    Taxes and government fees are going through the roof:
    Trump’s tax bill cost me an additional $4,600+
    Bay Bridge Tolls up $3.00 per crossing
    Local sales tax increases pending 1/4%-1/2%
    Housing sales and are falling – indicative of slowing and inflationary economy.
    What are our politicians answers to this?
    More taxes and fees. Increase the minimum wage. More costly regulations to protect the environment.
    Things are subtley starting to head south. And how south will they go?
    Venezuela on steroids appears to be the destination given how mentally disordered our mainstream populace has become.
    Just my observations on the passing scene.

    • MCasey

      Northern California

    • susan

      Is it just me or are others getting the small business tax deduction on federal taxes that started January 1, 2018? WOW What a break.

  26. ken

    Gold is now valued by CB’s at 100% to increase their reserves. Just another scam.

    The wage, unemployment, savings, whatever data are all faked or completely distorted due to the massive corruption in government and the Fed.

    Markets are simply digital machines programmed to do whatever the corrupt PTB want. No need for charts, articles or whathaveyou,,, the stocks will go up. Sort of boring. Just BTFD and wait 30 years. You’ll be a millionaire. Of course a loaf of bread might cost a million but what the hey. We’re Rich!!!

    As for Trump… He is apparently the best America can come up with today which isn’t saying much. No,,,I am not a demorat or Repugnant…. I simply don’t vote as there has been not one person running in the last 50 years of my life that was qualified or had America’s best in mind. When you vote for the lesser of two evils you end up with ………. evil.

    • paul ...

      I know that has got to be in the Bible somewhere … “neither a Demoral-rat nor a Repugnant-rat be”!!!

      • William Stanley

        paul …,
        That one got an LOL.

    • Tin foil hat

      Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan were both qualified and had America’s best interest in mind. Jimmy Carter was not qualified but I believe he is a good guy.

      Have you seen pictures of all the former presidents together? Carter is always a few feet or two away from everybody else. You don’t have to be a detective to see he was not one of “them”.

  27. pat the rat

    I have 7.35% on a 30 year fix that I am have way finish with , still owe $ 60,000 on it . Valaurum .com lets make gold the money!

  28. paul ...

    From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli … for how long have we have been fighting our Country’s battles “over there”? …or is it the Military/Industrial/Bankster Complexes battles? … how many (100) hundred’s of years and (1,000,000,000,000,000) quadrillion’s of dollars must be spent on all the greedy MIC’s continuous unending wars over there … over there … and over there??? … money we need to be spent on putting provisions on the Moon and Mars … along with two(2) of each species … to fulfill our obligation to God the Father (to save and take care of all his creations)!! https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-04-07/us-forces-evacuate-tripoli-fighting-libyan-capital-heats

    • paul ...

      In ancient times 12,000 years ago when the Sun was doing it’s “Nova” thing … the advanced civilization at that time built pyramids (in Egypt and elsewhere around the world) which most likely were used as shelters and food storage sites to protect their people from the Solar plasma explosions or CME’s taking place on the Sun back then … the telltale signs of “extreme heat damage” can still be seen on ancient Egyptian pyramids and artifacts … our Sun is now entering its “Nova” period once again (which it does every 12,000 years) and shelters are now again being prepared … not for the common people … just for the elite who have prepared many underground bunkers for themselves using our tax dollars … why can’t Trump do something to provide shelter for the common people like Putin in Russia is doing? … at least Putin is building huge underground shelters in Moscow “for the common people” which will be excellent shelter against any plasma ejections from our Sun (which is currently getting extremely bright and active) … probably due to the nearness of our binary star (Nemesis) that comes around every 12,000 years … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxuibIaQmsw

  29. Justn Observer

    Greg, Thank you and Mr. Rubino for another sober interview of THE PROBABLE future event…depending on whether Trump is successful or not…AND depending on if the people remain ignorant of the ‘inside’ game being played on them…
    Two questions have been poised…
    What is the Clinton’s and DNC connections to China and Ukraine… = https://youtu.be/RqHnYrCy4CA
    and will POTUS make it to/or ‘be allowed’ a second term? = https://youtu.be/iHGjbaFbM7w
    of course people will never know the underlying story because they will not bother to spend the time nor do any research as we have seen in the comments of the past interviews… I guess one has to wonder if or how many believe there are ‘secret societies’ with that much power and embedded within the world governments…and if the U.S.A. might just be the ‘next’ takedown target on ‘their’ way to world domination.

    • Justn Observer

      The above needs some update = https://youtu.be/-xo9YAv4n58

    • Tin foil hat

      “…and if the U.S.A. might just be the ‘next’ takedown target on ‘their’ way to world domination.”
      The ‘secret societies’ have been doing just that for many years already. Why are the youths purposely being dumb-down and brain-washed? Why are the blacks being molded into perpetual victims? When did the police become the villians? Why are sharia loving Muslims being imported by the million? Who made the decision to export our manufacturing jobs to the rest of the world and why nobody challenged the BS “Service Economy” nonsense except Ross Perot?

  30. William Sundling

    The economy is already in a recession. If you adjust 3% growth by 9% real inflation instead of 2% inflation you get an economy shrinking by 4%. It’s been doing that quarter after quarter for years. That’s why the retail sector is getting killed.

    Real unemployment isn’t 3%. It’s much, much higher. It has to be since about 95 million working age Americans are out of the workforce. Unemployment is at Great Depression levels. Half of Americans get a paycheck from the federal government.

    He’s right about gold and silver. We could easily see $50,000 gold and $3,000 silver once price suppression ends and silver returns to it’s historic 1 to 16 ratio.

  31. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    It is always important to listen to John Rubino.

    I know Greg, you seem to not like it when anyone challenges President Trump in any way. Does the president truly know what is coming? Why is he “owning” the economy to the extent that he does?
    Of course, he has to maintain confidence in the system to keep it afloat a little longer to accomplish many of his goals. If the economy crashes on his watch, will he be blamed causing the Democrats and their socialist agenda to take power?

  32. Claude

    The only problem with precious metals is that it costs too much in commission to buy it and also to sell it. If you ever do sell your gold (no plans to ever sell mine), you loose about 20%.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are dealing with the wrong people and your timing is poor.

  33. Harry Sturt

    Her Majesty’s Regent 04/06/2019 •
    Has America ever defeated a great military power since gaining independence?

    Some Americans think so and it was Great Britain.
    Britain promised the Indians the Michigan territory which led to the Raisin river Indian massacre of the fighting Kentuckians at Monroe and the surrender of Detroit.
    The Royal Navy’s use of impressment to keep its ships fully crewed also provoked Americans. The British Accosting American merchant ships, to seize alleged Royal Navy deserters, carrying off thousands of U.S. citizens into the British navy, also Led to the War of 1812. The impressment of sailors from US. ships to serve in the the UK. Navy, was definitely one of the causes of the War of 1812. But it also was part of a pattern in which the young American nation felt like it was constantly being treated with contempt by the British.
    War of 1812

    • kevin

      And let’s not forget WWII.

  34. Coalburner

    Jack, I am trying to give your stuff a serious review. I have seen sign of some of this. Bushes set up in Paraguay or Uraguay, the lesser known but where money talks. So where are the Rothchilds and Rokefellars and other elites going?

    • Keith wilson

      In August 1934 the Rockefeller family who controlled the standard oil corporation. Purchased 730,000 acres of land in Nazi germany. They constructed an oil plant which supplier Hitler with most of the fuel to wage the second world war against the allies. Many tens of million of people lost there lives including the six million Jews who where gassed in the holocaust camps. Thanks to the Rockefeller oil cabal. The Rockefeller and his buddies might still have this estate of 730,000 acres.

  35. Anthony D

    Greg interesting interview but I must STRONGLY disagree with John Rubino’s if you had $10 Million where to invest scenario. Most Wall Street advisers view Gold as a rock that does not pay any dividend/interest. They’re not telling their clients to invest in that. Unfortunately (to a large extent) the last decade of Wall Street Advisers aren’t as concerned with fundamentals because they haven’t mattered in future price determination (Hello TESLA, AMZN & FB just to name a few). I really want to be wrong on this, but I am just flustered with a large portion of your guests proclaiming rocket High Gold Prices when it cannot even get to $1400. I completely understand this is due to severe market manipulation, but until the manipulation element is removed/eliminated, I don’t see how precious Metals can significantly gain in price. Thanks for all the hard work Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      You won’t know it is removed until it is too late. Do you think they are going to give everybody fair warning?

      • Anhony

        Of course not, they control the numbers and communication lines. And the masses will lag because they will mentally refuse to accept it. There’s no doubt it cannot happen until it does happen. What your guest (and several others in the past have as well) accurately points out is that we have never seen anything like this (monetary manipulation to this extent) in history, so using historical indicators to predict the future is almost futile. I found it interesting he kind of hints at this happening two years down the road, so in the meantime business as usual., which would mean Gold is still 1300 a year from now while the market goes higher.

        Thanks to you and your guests I am prepared but also better informed , keep up the good work!

        • Neo

          The best advise on geo political, Petro dollar, de-dollarization, gold, and the macro picture is from Luke Gromen via twitter. While Gregs guests are terrific and you need to be open to many voices no one puts it together like Luke. He does however talk above most people and hard to understand all his points unless you are an economist. You will get the why, who, what on PM….not the when in a specific window. Gold will be revalued due to a political event in the next 1 to 5 years. Here are two very important points he highlights in the big picture during his quick periscopes. https://www.pscp.tv/w/1RDGlvEyvpqxL?t=1s

        • paul ...

          Anhony … the manipulation “will instantly stop” when Trump orders the Treasury to buy any gold the Fed has in it’s private vaults (at the official price of $32 dollars per ounce) … this is likely why the banksters are quickly moving to make gold a tier one asset and plan to boost its price to $10,000 per ounce … they don’t want to give “their gold” to the Treasury for only $32 dollars per ounce!!

        • Da Yooper

          Anthony D & Anhony ( I assume you are one & the same ) if I could give you an up vote for your posts I would because they are spot on. I see nothing happening until after 2020 elections . The US government has the metals capped to save the dollar & unless Russia Or China stop playing ball & the US starts a war nothing is going to change in a major way for the metals.

  36. JC

    Greg, regarding your question to John, “Gold and silver should skyrocket, right?”
    He gave an honest answer by saying “In theory, yes”.
    What should happen and what will happen continues to be a great unknown, so as the blind man said, “We shall see”.
    By the way, I have a lot of respect for you and all that you do. Have a nice day.

    • Tin foil hat

      ” so as the blind man said, “We shall see”.”

      It’s very hard or impossible to hide the fact that gold will be reintroduced into the world monetary system – central banks are accumulating, not one ounce of gold has been sold by the central banks since 2009.
      They can blind some by blowing smoke into their eyes via COMEX and LBMA but they can’t make all BLIND blind.

    • Neo

      It’s not just going to sky rocket on its own. Gold is a political monetary metal . One Sunday it will be announced that it is being brought back into the system, like it was taken out by the Nixon crew in 1971. It’s a binary political event if you did not stack before then you will be out of luck. With China, Turkey, Russia and many more stacking, but the most important players are the stacking central banks around the world they will revalue from 3X to 20X imo. Silver will not do as well for other reasons.

  37. Neo

    Good interview, a lot fo what John says is correct.

    The reason Trump / Kudlow are so worried

    1. USA is no longer funded by the rest of the world. In Q3 2014 central banks stopped buying US treasuries and started buying gold. We literally no longer have funds to run the country. The interest, entitlements, and military take up the majority of our income (taxes). People, wealth funds, governments are starting to take notice the buyer of last resort will be the fed so look for more QE and a dollar deval. Read this important thread https://twitter.com/LukeGromen/status/1115008493378056193

    2. It has been proven that if the stock market does not go up in perpetuity the situation is dire. The stock market is 150% of GDP. Without it going u consumer spending grinds to a halt and the top 5% who pay 60% of taxes a lot in cap gains is no longer there. The math sucks for the USA. They have to manipulate the market higher.

    3. While the Fed tightened they called in the reinforcements ECB, BOJ and others to buy stocks. It’s a total ponzi scheme. The bears have been 100% correct for 10 years but the ponzi continues.

    4. Luke Gromen who IMO is putting the subtle pieces together is a must follow and my financial health depends on many of his thoughts, notes its odd that in the China trade talks the top currency folks Munchin for USA and his counterpart Yi in China are involved quoted as talking about cyber security cyber….cyber security = exchange rates. They are not even close to being experts in Cyber. He contends a big dollar deval is coming and it will be a boom for USA and rest of world. Hard assets will explode gold, silver, property, and even the market.

    5. As a Trump voter i have to say i agree he wants a 2020 win and imo another controlled Pres by our MIC, Corps, and bankers. Much better than the alternatives, but still controlled.

    • Neo

      It’s not just going to sky rocket on its own. Gold is a political monetary metal . One Sunday it will be announced that it is being brought back into the system, like it was taken out by the Nixon crew in 1971. It’s a binary political event if you did not stack before then you will be out of luck. With China, Turkey, Russia and many more stacking, but the most important players are the stacking central banks around the world they will revalue from 3X to 20X imo. Silver will not do as well for other reasons.

      • Diane

        I have a question about gold.
        If Neo is correct…will gold coin sets sold by US mint be worth what people bought them for?
        Same question about Silver sets.

        • Uncommon sense

          If the gold price went up the premiums for box sets should increase as well.

        • paul ...

          Diane … When I was a kid a pack of “Juicy Fruit Gum” was five times cheaper then it is today … do you think with both political parties now calling for QE to infinity we won’t soon see one stick of gum cost a dollar? … without a doubt … precious metal coin sets (which are much rarer then chewing gum) will similarly rise in price!!

      • Uncommon sense

        Most gold is already under lock and key and controlled by big organisations (outside of India). In the event of an upwards revaluation in gold I would expect normal folk to go for silver. As normal people would not know how to obtain paper silver they would go for physical. If this happened silver’s true rarity would be discovered.

        • Neo

          Silver will not rise to the level of gold. As a industrial metal with tons of uses it puts stress on the system (mostly tech) if the prices rise too much. That’s why oil at 150 starts taking the economy down since petrol is used in hundreds of products. Gold is a perfect monetary metal and has limited use outside of jewelry. The perfect reserve asset. They will revalue it to new heights and it will not affect consumer goods or industrial production.

  38. Mohammad


    Why this relentless war against Elon Musk?
    Does any one have an insight?
    It is obvious that powerful entities want to bring the guy down at any cost..


    • Diane

      Mohammed, we wondered about that too.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Doc, maybe because they can’t control him? That’s what get most people in the crosshairs. Best always. PM

    • Neo


      I’m curious when you say war what are you talking about specifically? Have you done any in depth research into Musks dealings? I have and came to the conclusion he is a fraud and running multiple ponzi schemes. If you follow the MSM we know left means right, up is down, right means wrong. Same for Musk Genius, boy wonder bla bla bla. The truth is he going to destroy investors and nothing he says can be taken seriously. Like saying the company is being taken out at $420 was a lie. They say they can’t make enough cars, but people are finding hundreds of Teslas in parking lots in CA sitting.
      Here are two examples that i have researched and been spot on. Now the 2nd link makes you wonder, from a big Tesla bull to the most dangerous company in the market. Tesla will file for bankruptcy protection in the next 36 months or sooner unless someone with a lot of $$ steps in.



      • Mohammad

        Neo think about, just for a second think about it,
        Musk warned against AI and we know he was heavily involved in it. That must of pushed some one’s buttons.
        Also he is in the direct competition with NASA and they tried to strike a compromise with him but seems he declined then all the hell broke loose on Tesla’s head which is his finance arm.
        Much crappy companies got bailed by TPTB which could be the case for Tesla which is a bold project, except for the big players that want to control the electrical car market after exploiting the oil to the last drop, they do not want a competition or an alternative to their gas combustion ancient technology until THEY DECIDE WHEN.
        Whenever you see big names or big countries ruined financially rest assured that there IS A WAR WAGED AGAINST THEM.


      • iwitness02

        Gregory Mannarino bit on that phony $420. announcement. If I remember right, Gregory dumped that position the same week he bought in. From what little I know about Musk, I wondered if that $420. was a play on words. In the pot world, at 4:20 in the afternoon, it is time to smoke a soulful bowlful. Or as we used to hear: smoke em if you got em. Meaning the smoking lamp is lit. (a military thing for tobacco)

  39. Bill

    GREG; Back in the late 1970s, I bought my first home and paid 13 percent interest. During those interest rates homes were being bought and sold. Now I hear those who say if interest rate climb beyond 6 or 7 percent it will destroy the housing market. What am I missing in that?

  40. paul ...

    You know … it has been a week since April Fool … and looking at the recent price action in gold and silver … suggests … the short-term bearish scenario I thought might be initiated by the banksters (creating an April Fools downturn) … is “not” going to materialize … seems too many people are wise to the banksters … and confidence in the US dollar has completely collapsed!!

    • paul ...

      I will know for certain if silver can rise above 16 … and if it then exceeds 17.5 we will definitely be back in the bull trend … http://www.infomine.com/ChartsAndData/GraphEngine.ashx?z=f&gf=110576.USD.ozt&dr=1y

      • paul ...

        What will likely fuel a tremendous rally in gold and silver … would be a big Stock Market crash … the money coming out of stocks likely won’t go into bonds (paying less and less interest as the Fed lowers rates to stop the Stock Market crash) … nor will it likely be held in cash (paying negative interest) … most likely the money will flow into precious metals … when is the usual time of year for a Stock Market crash? (ans. Halloween) … so if silver breaks above 17.5 … it may be wise to stack a few more ounces before October!!

  41. Paul from Indiana

    In my mind, his comment “We are not fixing any of the mistakes” is very telling. Over time, you have new mistakes compounded by prior, unfixed mistakes. Anybody with any life experience understands that this is a recipe for trouble. It will catch up with us sooner or later. Best always. PM

  42. paul ...

    You know … after years of all the “fake news media” outlets controlling public thought and opinion concerning Yellowstone … conditioning us to care more about gun control, racism, black lives matter, etc., etc, etc.. as things we should be focusing our attention on … now NASA come’s out with this warning … after it is “too late” to prepare … instead we should have been storing away food to survive “a continual winter” lasting 10 years or longer … good job you main stream media reporters (you all automatically go to the end of the food line)!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-04-08/nasa-warns-catastrophic-supervolcano-poses-bigger-threat-mankind-asteroid

    • paul ...

      Our entire planet’s tectonic plates is being pulled and ripped apart … if you believe Yellowstone is the only place in the world that won’t be effected then the people from Mexico City should move to Yellowstone National Park … http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/a-volcano-that-could-completely-cover-mexico-city-with-volcanic-ash-just-erupted-200-times-in-a-24-hour-period
      You know … if Trump is blocked from building his Wall … perhaps he should tell all the people trying to enter the US … that they will be given free housing in Yellowstone National Park … while their applications for asylum are being processed!!

      • paul ...

        As usual the government does what it always does … when the magnitude of the inflation numbers rise … they provide us with “a fake CPI inflation index” … now as the magnitude and number of earthquakes is rising… they have not only lowered the magnitude of the earthquake monitoring scale by one point … but are now simply “not reporting” the tens of thousands of earthquakes now rattling the Earth!!

  43. paul ...

    Head of Secret Service fired!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-04-08/trump-reportedly-firing-head-secret-service … could it be due to him not catching a possible Chinese intelligence “regime change” operation targeting President Trump?? … don’t the Chinese know that they are not allowed do regime changes in our hemisphere under the Monroe Doctrine???

  44. Justn Observer

    Greg, I wonder if Dr. Janda’s contacts could get this thru to POTUS Trump and seek an alternative policy other than the one the Bolton’s are pressing for? I get the view we do not want Russia and/or China in our hemisphere…but direct confrontation with a once ally and imposing/forcing our choice of their leaders may not be the best way and only push them further away?

  45. paul ...

    I think we all know what the warmongering neocons are thinking … “kill the common people”… then and perhaps “the people in charge will listen to our orders” … sort of like what they do in America by sending gunmen into our schools to “kill our children” so their parents will all call for gun control!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-04-08/us-sanctions-impede-rescue-efforts-iran-during-historic-flooding

    • paul ...

      OK neocons … you put economic sanctions on Iran … now what do you neocons expect the Iranians to do about it?? … let their people starve like in Venezuela??? … or try to develop more business and commerce with Europe by building roads and rail lines from Iran through Iraq and across Syria to its Port on the Mediterranean and then by ship to Europe??? … too complicated for your brains to imagine??? … do you think making their military officers “terrorists” will solve this problem??? … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-04-08/iran-preparing-link-tehran-mediterranean-new-highway

      • paul ...

        OK neocons … put sanctions on Turkey … do you think they will just give up defending themselves?? … don’t sell them Patriots and they will buy more S-400s … don’t sell them F-35’s and they will buy Russian SU-34’s and SU-57 … can’t figure out why the Military part of the Military/Industrial Complex is not helping out the Industrial part??? … could this be a grand strategy by Trump to divide and concur????? … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-04-10/turkey-threatens-buy-even-more-russian-s-400s-if-us-doesnt-cooperate

  46. paul ...

    Trump supposedly has a high IQ … but has just put our American military men and women officers in life threatening danger … he has declared “military officers” engaged in activities sanctioned by their government … as being terrorists?? … now what does Trump think our US military officers engaged in regime change activities for the US government will now be considered?? … US drones target “terrorists” … does this not open up the possibility that our American military officers will now be targeted in the same way!! … does Trump believe that Iran’s Revolutionary Guards are a bunch of cowards like the Iraqi Republican Guards were? … Trump’s neocons have him stirring up “a real hornets nest” … but perhaps that is exactly what Trump’s neocon advisors want … so get your popcorn bags ready … and enjoy the murderous tit for tat attacks “between Military Gladiators” on the World Colosseum stage … for our entertainment pleasure … hopefully it won’t spin out of control and ratchet up to the WWIII the neocons obviously want!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-04-08/designating-irans-revolutionary-guards-terrorists-will-have-consequences-america

  47. paul ...

    Don’t you think it’s about time the US brings our boys home from Europe … WWII ended 74 years ago … all the money saved will make a big dent in our balance of payments deficit and may even prevent the US dollar from having to be devalued … besides … Turkey which makes up half the troops in NATO “is in the Russian camp” … what kind of alliance is that?? … now I know the world is filled with queers, lesbians and pedophiles so perhaps such a transgender organization as NATO deserves our monetary support … even if we have to devalue the US dollar to continue supporting a perverted NATO!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-04-08/why-natos-official-purpose-makes-no-sense-it-likely-outlive-us-all

    • paul ...

      It’s a done deal … Russia is now effectively in control of half of NATO’s troops … Trump must now decide whether to leave NATO (and save billions of tax dollars for the American people, decrease our balance of payments deficit and protect the US dollar from devaluation) … or … print up more money out of thin air to rebuild a NATO military (without Turkey) ostensibly to protect Europe “that is friendly with Russia” (who is building pipelines to supply them with cheap natural gas to heat their homes and run all their industries)!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-04-08/erdogan-and-putin-pledge-deepened-military-ties-meeting-despite-us-threats

  48. paul ...

    Oh boy! … hope this doesn’t mean China is subtly declaring it’s own “Monroe Doctrine” in the Eastern Hemisphere!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-04-08/chinas-special-forces-station-zimbabwe-build-secret-underground-base-protect

  49. paul ...

    Will the US, France and Britain continue to imposed autocratic rule on the long-suffering Arab world?? … or allow a Democratic Algeria??? … most likely the same people who fought a World War to make the world safe for Democracy … will try to foil any attempt by Algeria to have a Democratic government … because it might threaten the US backed Dictatorship in Egypt… can’t have that!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-04-08/waiting-second-algerian-revolution

  50. Jerry

    The most recent attempt to cut off deep state funding.

    I’m coming to the conclusion that the only way to get rid of the deep state parasites is with pitchforks and torches. Apparently President Trump has decided to let the Chinese collapse the global currency system with a gold reset and destroy their source of funding, rather than risk an EMP retaliation attack, by prosecuting them in military tribunals. His inability to pull the trigger is not only eroding his credibility it’s also destroying support from his base. The sun zu tactic of patience is getting long in the tooth.

    • Jerry

      Attachment to my last post.
      If the trials don’t start soon, all the Dave’s ( x22 Dave, and Dr. Dave Janda ) will loose credibility along with President Trump.

      Don’t get me wrong. I still believe there is a plan going forward, but I think the time for patience has passed. Pushing back time can only get you so far, and in the end it just delays the inevitable. Kind of like death. You can run and work out eveyday and eat the right foods, but that only delays mortality. It doesn’t prevent it.

      • Jerry

        Apparently the government has been sitting on a mountain of evidence under operation flicker that reveals a vast pedophile network inside our government.

        If President Trump doesn’t follow up on his promise to eradicate this cancer, then we will know he has been compromised by the deep state. The proof is there.

        • kevin

          Trump may not even be aware of Operation Flicker which was 10 years ago or just a vast the problem is.

      • kevin

        x22 Dave lost credibility years ago.

  51. Justn Observer

    Greg, Likely Pence was for sure wearing a wire to trap POTUS on the ‘obstruction’ bit?
    and people need to twitter Lachov and ask her if she met Sergey Kislyak and how many times and where and when?
    Dr. Janda needs to be sure POTUS or his son’s are being made aware and not being cut off by people surrounding POTUS… What a cesspool D.C. really is… No wonder they were concerned about POTUS Trump getting elected and learning about all the national secrets- tech and centrifuges – and U.S. resources (HEU) being sold to our ‘supposed’ enemies? via Pay to Play… all too stunning if true …and criminal…well …if the rule of law actually applies? Guess we will find out soon enough… GW posted a copy of a ‘bill of laden’ of the Major Jordan outed shipments of 1/2 of U.S. uranium sent to Russia when we were supposedly in a nuke ‘race’ against them? lol this charade has been going on nearly a century…the family of vets should start a class action suit for $TRILLIONS against the cabal members families and trusts for their treasonous conduct and ruses causing so many to go to war and be maimed and die!

    • Justn Observer

      Ms. Lakhova, when do you meet Kislyak?

      • Justn Observer

        Whoa! @ 7:09? = https://youtu.be/sVIgpcJAYbA
        Is this why they did not want Trump elected and what they did not want him to find out?
        Does this ring true or not? People stealing and selling U.S. uranium and fuel rods ?

        • Justn Observer

          Listing of the players and links to the ‘failed’ coup?
          How about POTUS have an audit of HEU inventory over the last few decades? GW working theory sure fits like a 3d spyder web of deceit?

          • Justn Observer

            So the beat goes on = Julian Assange arrest,
            message or rabbit trail = carrying a Gore Vidal book in hand at arrest?=https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Gore+Vidal+History+of+The+National+Security+State%EF%BB%BF&t=h_&ia=products
            Just after an indictment of key DNC operative=
            with lots of ties to Cheryl Mills, Clintons, Podesta, Obama ..including =
            Later in 2018, NBC and CNN reported that following a referral from Mueller’s office, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York was investigating Craig and others, including ex-lobbyist Tony Podesta and former Republican U.S. Representative Vin Weber, as part of a broader investigation into the activities of Paul Manafort.
            A regular Dulles kinda guy that looks opportunist and angling for a Sec. of State job? and looks like he was covering the back door incase they did not renew the FISA program so they other means to ‘track’ people and conversations/emails etc?
            In summer 2008, during the presidential campaign, Obama decided to support legislation (specifically, an amendment to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) to granting legal immunity to telecommunications companies that cooperated with the Bush administration’s warrantless NSA wiretapping program.[23] This angered many Democrats, because it was a reversal of Obama’s earlier vow during the primary campaign to oppose such legislation and to filibuster against it.[23] In his role as an advisor to the Obama campaign, Craig defended Obama’s reversal, and said that Obama “concluded that with FISA expiring, that it was better to get a compromise than letting the law expire.”[23] This was incorrect, as FISA has no expiration date; journalist Glenn Greenwald sharply criticized Craig for the “flat-out false” statement.?

            • Justn Observer

              GW PUTS UP EXACTLY HOW DNC HACKS WERE DONE = https://youtu.be/2D-NL5leJMI
              PELOSI WANTS TO MEET WITH TRUMP? hnnnn ah aha ah what ya think PELOSI, SCHUMER, SCHIFF ,WASSERMAN SCHULTZ will have to say now?

        • iwitness02

          After listening to George talk about the fuel rods, I decided to follow him on twitter. This is the first video that I watched all the way through. I am becoming a fan.

  52. Jerry

    Here is your front row seat to the global currency reset. Straight from the horses mouth.

    Global debt is at an impass. What does that mean? America is printing money. Japan is printing money. The EU is printing money. Do you want to know who’s not printing money? China. They’re buying gold, and setting up trade deals. What does that tell you about where we are headed?

  53. Robert Lykens

    Nobody’s above the law.

    “Police carry ranting Wikileaks founder Julian Assange out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London as he is ARRESTED following US extradition request – seven years after he was given refuge”


  54. paul ...

    Breaking News: … finally the Trump arrests we have all been waiting for has begun … but wait a second … I thought it was supposed to be Hillary being dragged out in chains … not Hillary’s accuser???? … guess “nice lady” Hillary has to be protected from the people who made her look bad and lose the election!! … will Trump send Assange to GITMO for a Millitary Trial?? … what he did to Hillary … was treasonous!! right?? … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-04-11/julian-assange-arrested-london

    • paul ...

      I see David Stockman believes Donald Trump is making catastrophic mistakes … he says even though he voted for Trump to drain the swamp … he doesn’t see it happening … instead he sees the Deep State destroying our economy by continuing with their regime change war plans … our national debt is now approaching an astounding $23 trillion … with no end in sight … we have hot wars … border wars … trade wars … Twitter wars … Stockman believes all these wars and wars and wars has stolen Trump’s focus … and our Republic, our assets, our savings and our retirement hang in the balance!! … he may be due an interview to explain what he sees in more detail … especially if Trump’s “priority for arrests” is going to be against those who worked to screw Hillary!!

  55. Diane


    Anyone voting for deepstaters is a traitor to this country!

  56. paul ...

    I hope the American boys killed in the B-52 shot down over Afghanistan did not die protecting the poppy fields for the Drug Cartel … but died hero’s dropping fire bombs on the poppy fields!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-04-10/taliban-claims-shoot-down-us-b-52-bomber-over-afghanistan

    • paul ...

      Trump recently announced that Mexico “had one year” to stop the flow of illegal drugs into the United States … or face a shutdown of the southern border … the Drug Cartel just replied by shooting down a B52 in Afghanistan … additionally the UN (Drug Cabal Headquarters) has given the United States a one-year ultimatum in reply … that it will 1) impose sanctions on US government officials and 2) impose tariffs on US goods and services … if the US doesn’t clean up its act and either get rid of Trump or become a responsible member of the World Crime Syndicate!!

    • kevin

      Please tell me Paul just how would a B-52 bomber even be used to protect poppy fields which are way down below them and from whom? Think about that.

      • paul ...

        Kevin … B52’s can be used to bomb the Taliban (who have a history of wanting to destroy the poppy fields) … historically the Taliban have always hated the farmers growing poppy … and they limited heroin production “to near zero” when they were in charge years ago (before the Bush drug cabal invaded the place 18 years ago)!!

  57. Mohammad


    Assange and Snowden were heroes to you Greg , I vividly recall what you said in the past about them revealing the truth, here is your hero’s ass dragged out by your beloved Trump’s complacency.



    • Justn Observer

      Mohammad…might listen to this before you rant on ASSANGE and Snowden? Am thinking Greg is right when the wash is all done !
      Binney X NSA director https://youtu.be/9HPs1RY1wvM
      Bennett https://youtu.be/l_ufFYOr2p0
      GW https://youtu.be/8HeWAvUe_bE

    • Tin foil hat

      Pardoning Bradley signified that the issue wasn’t as harmful to the United States. Hence, I don’t think this case is going anywhere. They probably want him to cooperate with an intel debriefing, give up means of dissemination, financial records and co-conspirator names – I believe one of his main co-conspirators was Seth Rich.

      If Assange confirmed Seth was indeed his co-conspirator, a cold case will likely be reopened.

  58. Anthony Australia

    Does not the bible say, ”hen you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” ‘.

    Julian Assange arrested.

    • Anthony Australia

      Does not the bible say, ”then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

    • Greg Hunter

      Sometimes the truth is not what it seems on the surface.

      • Mohammad

        Agree on this Greg…!


  59. Justn Observer

    Greg…. one good point Florida Maquis has made that is good of the immigration ‘crisis’ is that those coming are pro-gun and pro Christian = very Catholic anti-abortion…so hope the leftists are ready for what they are wishing for ?
    Might think about donating for charter busing to those sanctuary blue states? lol

  60. Galaxy 500

    Uncharted territory?
    In the old days, the map makers would put, “Here be Dragons ”
    Yes, that is exactly where we are.
    When and how long? The music is playing and there are only a certain amount of chairs. AND as time goes on, the number of chairs available diminish. AND if you don’t have a chair when the music stops, you are done.
    I disagree that the coming crash will be penned on Trump. People are not that stupid. They see how Trump is fighting the Luciferians tooth and nail.
    Fear Not, God is with you [unless you don’t follow Christ. Christ is not on the side of islam. God is not on the side of evil.] Let all who have ears hear the word of God and be fearful.
    To be forewarned is to be armed against adversity.

    The biblical imperatives such as: “Let love be genuine, abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good” (Romans 12:9)  

    Corinthians 6:9 (ESV)
    9 Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality

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