When Honest Americans are Cast as Criminals

There are those who feel some of the leadership of America has sold us down a river of ruin.  After all the bailouts, corruption and malfeasants that has brought a financial catastrophe to America, not a single financial elite has been indicted, let alone gone to jail.  Crimes have surely been committed, but it appears the U.S. Justice Department has turned its back on prosecuting anyone. On the other hand, the government is putting more and more pressure on common citizens who are looking for a peaceful change to get the country back on track.  Giordano Bruno (aka Brandon Smith) from Neithercorp Press is back with an essay on everyday Americans being categorized as homegrown terrorists by the government that is supposed to serve them!  There is a bit of humor and a whole lot of truth to this post.  Please enjoy! –Greg Hunter– ————————————————— A Day in the Life of a “Homegrown Terrorist” By Giordano Bruno There was a time when having one’s name listed in the despised ranks of those villains that governments often categorize as “terrorists” involved quite a bit of leg work, as well as an ominous running resume of death, destruction, and general mean spiritedness. Of course, if one examines the history of every modern country which eventually disintegrated into despotism, the definition of who the “enemy” is tends to become rather broad rather quickly. That is to say, the more criminal the leadership of a country becomes, the easier it is for the average person to find himself labeled a criminal by that same leadership. Today, one does not need to blow up buildings, take hostages in political motivation, send anthrax through the mail, or even wave a gun around in a public place to be considered a terrorist threat. In fact, a man could never leave his house and still find himself under suspicion as an enemy of the state. The Department of Homeland Security has released numerous standardized guidelines to law enforcement offices across the country which are meant to make it “easier” for police and others to identify a possible terrorist. If you were to take at face value such documents as the now famous MIAC Report, the Virginia Fusion Center Report, the DHS’ “see something, say something” campaign, the Enemy Belligerents Act, the post trial statements of the Department Of Justice in the Liberty Dollar case, or the wild spewing rhetoric of establishment mouthpiece organizations like the SPLC, then you would discover that a likely terrorist is: Anyone who talks frequently about the Constitution, or ill of the government Anyone who supports the idea of a Constitutional Militia Anyone who fights against anti-gun legislation, or owns many guns (man do we LOVE guns) Anyone who supports state sovereignty and 10th Amendment issues Anyone who supports Ron Paul (the ultimate sin according to the SPLC) Anyone who believes the private Federal Reserve is destroying our economy Anyone who talks about the “New World Order”, or global government (does this include men like George Soros, Joseph Biden, Gordon Brown, Henry Kissinger, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Strobe Talbot, George McGovern, Mikhail Gorbachev, Richard Nixon, etc.?) Anyone who discusses economic collapse as a reality in the U.S. Anyone who speaks out against the IRS Anyone who participates in “Hacktivism” (including those who leak documents embarrassing to government) Anyone who participates in any form of activist group Anyone who argues that the Left/Right political paradigm is a scam Anyone who promotes Anarchist views Anyone who distrusts FEMA (as if Katrina did not give us ample reasons) Anyone who believes a truly independent investigation of 9/11 is rational and called for Anyone who home schools their children Anyone who flies a Gadsden Flag Anyone who stores survival goods and food Anyone who uses shortwave radios or HAMs Anyone who watches movies like ‘Freedom to Fascism’, with anti-Fed messages Anyone who operates private barter and trade networks Anyone who stores gold and silver or uses them as an alternative to the dollar Basically, ANYONE who dissents through independent political organization or protests through non-participation in the corrupt system might as well be Al Qaeda… http://www.constitution.org/abus/le/miac-strategic-report.pdf http://www.dhs.gov/files/programs/gc_1156877184684.shtm http://www.dhs.gov/ynews/releases/pr_1278023105905.shtm http://www.cdt.org/blogs/harley-geiger/us-intelligence-reports-continue-confuse-political-dissent-terrorism http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_liberty_dollars_raid I could go on for pages with this stuff, but I think you get the picture. In a world where refusing a naked body scan at the airport earns you intimidation and a demeaningly thorough pat down, it is clear that now wherever we go we are all considered “suspects”. Why would I turn down a naked body scan, one might ask? Well obviously because I have something to hide; namely my genitalia from the prying eyes of the TSA. To be frank, my privacy and the privacy of all Americans is more important than your safety. Get over it. America is moving closer to financial derailment, and with that kind of destabilization often follows the escalation of what we call the “police state”; a governmental framework that is designed specifically to protect the longevity of the core system that created the disaster in the first place, remove civil liberties one bite at a time while demonizing any person who dares to question the necessity of the system, and institute new social dynamics meant to acclimate the public to the loss of the freedom and prosperity they once enjoyed. That is, to condition them to accept the loss as “inevitable” and for the “greater good”. Most unsettling but absolutely predictable has been the recent tapping of the SPLC and ever present establishment front man Mark Potok as the on camera media hit squad against organizations like Liberty Dollar, and anyone else attempting to promote alternative methods of currency and commerce outside of the corporately controlled economy. U.S. Attorney Anne Tompkins’ post trial statement in the case against von NotHaus that “Attempts to undermine the legitimate currency of this country are simply a unique form of domestic terrorism” was just the beginning. Potok has now come forward stating: “He (von NotHaus) is playing on a core idea of the radical right, that evil bankers in the Federal Reserve are ripping you off by controlling the money supply,” said Mark Potok, spokesman for the group. “He very much exists in the world of the anti-government patriot movement, whatever he may say. That’s who his customers are.” http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_liberty_dollars_raid Here’s what I love about Mark Potok; his ability to vomit unsupported accusations and make absurdly false associations all while making the absolute truth sound “insane” to the useful idiots out there in TV land. First off, how does Potok define the “radical right”? It sounds scary, but what does it mean? Who gets to decide what the radical right is? The SPLC? Is a right wing radical or extremist anyone who just happens to disagree with Mark Potok’s world view, or the global elitist vision of the future? Potok routinely haunts the transmissions of MSM networks to squat on our television screens and unleash a putrid torrent of Ad hominem attacks without ever having to actually qualify what he says. It truly is awe inspiring. His style of propaganda comes from a long tradition of Alinsky-esque dishonesty in debate. When the SPLC argues a point, their goal is not to get to the truth of a matter, or to explore the complexity of an issue, it is to oversimplify the issues, to ridicule the opposition and taint their image in the minds of audiences before the audience ever gets a chance to hear the other side of the story. How often does Potok utter phrases like “radical”, “extremist”, “terrorist”, “white supremacist”, or hot button names like “Timothy McVeigh” while discussing legitimate activist groups like the Ron Paul campaign, Oath Keepers, the Tea Party Movement, anti-Federal Reserve groups, etc? The purpose behind this is to condition average Americans to automatically interpret the terminology as being mutually related. To hear Oath Keeper, for instance, and think “Timothy McVeigh”. This tactic of false association invariably leads to more generalized definitions of criminality, or terrorism, and then to more intrusive legal actions and legislation. The Liberty Dollar case is now being used by the DOJ in an effort to set a precedent, which would make it easier for the government to prosecute any barter network utilizing gold and silver as competing currencies to the dollar. The message is clear; you are not allowed to change the system. You are not allowed to buck the system or criticize the system. You are not even allowed to walk away from the system. You will sit down, you will shut up, and you WILL participate, whether you like it or not. This philosophy is typical of autocratic nations around the globe. The citizenry is denied the ability to actively have a say in their own government because the parties involved refuse to represent them, or even stoop to abusing them, then, they are denied the option to protest this lack of representation, and then, they are also denied the choice of opting out and walking away. A slightly more extreme example of this would be the Chinese propensity for hating the Tibetan people and wishing they would disappear, while also shooting Tibetan natives who take the hint and attempt to leave the country by hiking over the border. Thus, the people are not just an enemy to be silenced or run off, they are also property which must be fenced in and subjugated. Potok condescendingly attacks the idea of the Federal Reserve ripping people off and controlling the money supply as “radical” (both accusations are true and have been well documented Ad Nauseum by numerous financial analysts from both sides of the political spectrum. I challenge Potok to debate me or any other alternative economist on this in depth). But the real kick is that Anne Tompkins and Mark Potok both connect the movement towards any barter and trade away from the Federal Reserve controlled construct as being an extremist endeavor which will supposedly wreak havoc on the mainstream economy. This casts millions of Americans into the role of domestic terrorist without them ever lifting a finger in anger or violence. Again, you are not allowed to have your own economy, or your own money. You have to play by the rules, their rules, and become a part of the team. Being that I apparently seem to fit many of the DHS/SPLC selected characteristics of a homegrown terrorist, and most of the people I know, work with, and are friends with, do as well, I feel it is incumbent upon me to give you a personal peak into the everyday existence of such a “dangerous affront” to civilized society. For all you terrorism voyeurs out there, let’s delve into the deep dark recesses of the life and psyche of the average establishment nominated homegrown extremist… 7:00 AM: I wake up this morning and every morning with thoughts on how I may better expose the Federal Reserve and the fetid, morally bankrupt corporate bankers who constructed it. Drink orange juice. Change out of my Gadsden Flag pajamas and jump into the shower. Sing the lyrics to Jimi Hendrix’s ‘All Along The Watchtower’. Rinse. Repeat. 8:00 AM: I jot down my immediate thoughts for the next terroristic macroeconomic analysis article I plan to complete later in the day with my long horrifying trigger happy terrorist fingers on my terrorist built supercomputer. I also eat a blueberry muffin, probably heated to sumptuous perfection by bakers of the terrorist persuasion. As you know, we are everywhere. Booga booga… 9:00 AM: Go out for my five mile jog. Have to stay in tip top condition if Homeland Security plans to hunt me down for all those goods and silver I’ve been trading on the evil right wing extremist ultra maxi secret black market. Flea markets, farmers markets, garage sales, private exchanges of eggs and milk, all under the nose of the IRS! You name it, I sully the “pristine” nature of the Federal Reserve system with it. 10:00 AM: Arrive at my day job where I talk to fellow employees and even employers CONSTANTLY about the stagflationary threats to the U.S. economy, the inherent tyranny of the central banking philosophy, the complete idiocy of the Keynesian methodology, the risk of Treasury depreciation and the loss of the greenback’s world reserve currency status, along with the need for sound money initiatives, localized commerce, state sovereignty legislation, and personal defense. Somehow, they have not yet realized that I am a terrorist. Mark Potok needs to get his message out there more effectively… 6:00 PM: Arrive home from a hard day’s work. Make dinner devoid of artificial sweeteners, chemical preservatives, and high fructose corn syrup. For some reason, I care about my overall health and shudder at the prospect of feeding from the corporately produced slop trough, which only seems to slowly morph any unsuspecting human being into a 300 pound boil infested bottom feeding kankle troll with the logical and intuitive capacity of a sea monkey. Watch rerun of Three’s Company (Hey, that show is funny…) 7:00 PM: Sink into couch for some much needed rest. 7:15 PM: Get up off of couch and start my second job as a terrorist writer. We are indeed relentless. 11:00 PM: After spreading my vicious propaganda about how the leaderships of both major political parties support nearly the same exact legislation and only seem to disagree in rhetoric, or when the particular issue is ultimately unimportant to the progression of globalization, as well as the inevitable downfall of the American financial system facilitated by the deliberate creation of the derivatives crisis by the Federal Reserve and global banks like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, etc, I then have a shot of whiskey. Sometimes its depressing being a terrorist, and you have to take the edge off. 12:00 AM: I now answer many emails from other would be terrorists across the country who have been wiled by the undeniably rich and sexy allure of the lifestyle. Being labeled a terrorist is truly fun and exciting. Being constantly aware of the Godzilla-like rampage of international  banks and the Fed across the ruins of our monetary system while half of the public is more concerned about what kind of Gordita they want from Taco Bell is immensely comforting. All the extra attention we receive from such highly placed individuals as Janet Napolitano makes us feel like celebrities. I imagine any group in history who has been singled out by government for their political and social views or their desire to fix the obvious inadequacies of their authority structure has felt the same way……fabulous. 1:00 AM: Time to sleep. Warm milk? Check. Air conditioning at optimum temperature? Check. Bed spread neatly folded for easy access? Check. Low playing mood music? Check. Loaded semi-automatic pistol under pillow? Check. (This is actually true in some cases, and you know what? I salute those people.) Commence operation Sheep Count. Try to supplant the concerns and the tensions of a world tomorrow that could be drastically different and even more frightening than the one we live in today. Worry that I should be sleeping less and working more to prepare others for what is coming. Hoping that my belief in the greater potential of mankind is not a waste, and that my efforts will yield something better for those generations that follow my own. Yes, I am an extremist, and a deviant. I will never stop pursuing the tidings of liberty, regardless of the cost. I am a madman. However, this makes me wonder, what does it mean to be deemed a madman in a society run by madmen? What does it mean to be judged a deviant in a nation dominated by deviants? Why is it that a so called “terrorist” in an atmosphere of dread and tyranny always seems to end up being but a man who only seeks to be free? —————————————————————- You can contact Giordano Bruno at: [email protected] (Click here to check out his website, Neithercorp Press.)

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  1. Sam

    Dear Greg,

    Ha, ha, I dig Mr. Bruno’s humor!

    But, underneath it all, he’s right. This country has one of the highest prison populations as “crimes” continue to multiply. Two years ago, a Federal judge complained in a paper he wrote, stating that today, anyone can be convicted for anything, there are NOW no more innocent people. That says a lot about the lie the United States has become.

    When I was in Catholic high school, we had to take a class in both our freshman and sophomore years called “World History.” There was an old print of a Russian couple, after the serfs were freed, bowing and scraping before some nobleman, begging his permission to marry. In this “land of the free,” it’s no different. With the idiotic race laws in this country, White males are not allowed to:

    Have access to higher education

    Have access to a good-paying job

    Own a home


    In addition to all this oppression, we are supposed to pay for it, or risk prison. (Kindly don’t hand me any of your derision, as its been a reality for me and others I’ve known).

    However, we DO have an out, something which a corrupt legal system has been trying to suppress, and that’s the Constitution. The Second Amendment is not, according to some, for the formation of the National Guard, nor is it for hunting. Nor is it, according to media idiots like Rosie O’Donnell, to keep the “…British monarchy from invading our country…” If you read the Federalist Papers (which is, according to Constitutional scholars as the footnotes to the Constitution, and have the same force), there are a number of letters regarding the Second Amendment. Federalist Paper #28 states, in part, that if a politician or bureaucrat usurps their office, they can be driven out by force of arms. (This is why you have so many anti-gun politicians, because they want absolute power, which can’t be had because so many “loose guns”). Would I use it? I’m not allowed to marry the woman I love and adopt her daughter, so I am MORE THAN READY!

    • Bildo

      You do have an out. Get yourself out from under the rule of the corporation known as UNITED STATES. Separate yourself from it. There is no government seated. [Unless you count Tim Turner]. It’s a corporation. A foreign owned, bankrupt[1933], corporation that you have unwittingly contracted yourself and your children to. Research it, please.

  2. Mitch Bupp

    another ass kickin article by Greg Hunter! Now that everyone who questions the government is bad I don’t feel so alone. I used to be called a negative person, wacko and conspiracy theroist since Nixon and Reagan …. in the end the truth will prevail unless the liars control all of the media outlets and that will never happen on the internet!

    long live WikiLeaks!

    dissent is the essence of freedom

    • Greg

      I love this line in your comment: “dissent is the essence of freedom.” Thank you.

  3. CabotAR

    There are thousands & thousands of laws spewed across America so I suspect all of us are now ‘criminals’. It’s the way a tyranny controls every part of our lives.

    Great article. Thanks!

    • Bildo

      And guess what. I’ll bet that it’s really a statute, which is only a corporation rule. Why is it that so many feel that they need to follow the rules of some corporation.

  4. LD

    Remember the billions in cash that disappeared early in the days of Iraq. It went missing. It received some brief press, but then “poof.” No more coverage. I guess it was overshadowed by bigger shenanigans. Is there any justice for the average citizen or Uncle Sam?

    • Greg

      If my memory serves me correctly, the amount was in the neighborhood of $6 billion in cash on pallets! Outrageous this crime was never investigated.
      Thank you for the comment.

  5. BigTom

    YEP – all of the above is so correct. and here in the north west, to add insult to injury, they turned the wolves loose on us 16 years ago under the guise of environmentalism. you know, man caused global warming and all that nice fuzzy warm stuff sold free to the public by politicians, bureaucratic agencies and MSM. those who were against THAT and said anything at the time were of course, red neck knuckle dragging gun lovers. expand that methodology to all issues impounded on us today and it’s creepy crawlism(you won’t find that word in the dictionary) coming everywhere. and because it is all so incremental, and sold so politically correct via the noise on television, most not only do not understand what is happening to them, but are abetting their own demise. Greg – very good essay, thank you for posting it……

  6. nm

    I just bought silver coins. Hope your analysis of the price of gold and silver are right, Greg.

    • Greg

      Long term it is totally correct. Short term, there will always be corrections and some will pretty severe. Congrats on even getting it!

      • Michael

        You have a rude awakening coming shortly. Here is why…QE3 is NOT going to happen and interest rates will rise (as they should be much higher) and you DON’T control NOR do you know what the world governments have planned to avert disaster or economic collapse.

        When QE3 doesn’t happen (as it is now being reported) and interest rates soar – you know what will happen to you and all of the other gold and silver bugs out there?

        I will tell you, you will all write and cry how the big bad government did this or did that and maybe we should wait it out as PM’s bounce back, but the bottomline is your PM’s will tank big time. Thats right! Right into the ground – aka worthless! Well not worthless, good to play poker with as play chips!

        I say HA – you are all suckers in the biggest charade out there…losing your life savings in PM’s.

        Get ready for the dip. It will be the ride of a lifetime for the smart ‘shorts’ like me and a nightmare for the ‘long’ uneducated like you and all the others out there that seem to get ALL OF THEIR KNOWLEDGE FROM THE INTERNET AND FROM NO WHERE ELSE.

        See you on the other side. I will be sipping Margaritas and you will asking for some change when your gold and silver bottoms out this quarter or next.

        Tata kids!

        Betcha got nothing to say now Greg! Cause I am right and you are wrong my friend (on PM’s that is…all else I give you a thumbs up)!!!!!

        • jhpace1

          Michael, precious metal hosts (Steve Quayle, Kitco.com, etc) are already using comparisons of Paul Volcker raising interest rates in the late 1970s to show how precious metals rose with those rates, up to the point the US dollar regained the ability to act as a store of value, albeit with 20% interest. Jim Puplava and John Loeffer of http://www.financialsense.com are staking their predictions on the Federal US government will not let any pain be felt by the government entities and banks, ensuring QE III just as soon as Jim Cramer starts screaming again on MSNBC.

          No politician is ever going to take “the hard medicine”. It’s not in their nature. Even a “strong man” in 2012 won’t want to face that music. The call will be made to pour in more worthless cash in the form of US Treasury bonds sold to foreigners (even if all those foreigners come from a single bank in the Caribbean run by the Federal Reserve to buy their own bonds). This will dilute the value of the US dollar and send commodities skyrocking before it all comes crashing down worldwide.

          So inflation, stagflation, hyperinflation, and depression, with the same characters at the top in charge during the whole time.

  7. lostinmissouri

    Greg…you know we must be on a list, somewhere. Keep it coming.

    From the article:
    ” The message is clear; you are not allowed to change the system. You are not allowed to buck the system or criticize the system. You are not even allowed to walk away from the system. You will sit down, you will shut up, and you WILL participate, whether you like it or not. ”

    Yep! and they wonder ….Who’s John Galt? Me thinks the number of Galts, grows daily.

  8. g.johnson

    great article, thanks, i was starting to feel a little nervous about my own deviant, unamerican efforts at trying to do my part to preserve and protect the consitution and the republic. i feel better now. maybe i’ll run into you at a fema camp in the not too distant future. 🙂

  9. george

    Greg, I wrote this at 0400 and then got side tracked. I should have proofed:: Dear Progressive liberals,
    Do any of you really believe there needs to be a special right called out for the government to arm itself in a document of Individual liberties? Governments and Kinds been doing it for 10,000 years and they are pretty good at it. The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution was to allow the people to keep you thieving bastards in check. You don’t want much do you? Just every dime and piece of grain we poor ants can save, while you F^(&ing grasshopper eat us blind and exempt yourself from these wonderful laws you pass. I say it is time for locust and honey. I say it is time to stop the erosion of those wonderful documents called the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights
    You and our times’ versions of the robber barons (Soros and his ilk) will be held account and while the sold, stole and took the poor ant meager possessions to buy arms and start training the military to protect YOU for the people you subjugate. We will be marching, Black and Whites and Latinos; hand in hand. And the liberal’s have a right to be afraid, we are an armed nation; No Tienanmen Square here. You remember that one right? One brave Chinese hero stood his ground against a tank and died for his beliefs; Sounds oddly American when you think about our struggle against tyrant. I can see the honorable Dr. Martin Luther King holding his hand; giving him strength, singing “We shall Overcome”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4xtkpO7ZqU. Look for gov’t to start taking guns up in order to protect us like Stalin and Hitler did. It’s coming boys and girls. But the public the government is going to protect this time around are themselves, not the people of America.
    Our forefathers would have either challenged you bastards to duels, shooting you all PERSONALLY or held a swift, fair trial and executed you publicly for sedition, treason against the American people and subversion. You people are evil to core! You don’t even attempt to cover up the corruption or looting of the American people any more. The Obamachrist is having US tax pay is loaning money to BRAZIL to drill in the GULF of MEXICO and sell us our own oil back? Man; are you daft? You give money to foreigners and you give jobs to foreigners but you leave the citizens that elected you [yes, I am one of those dumba$$ that voted for you but I’ll be fixing that next time around]. And the Repulsive [Republicans] and Demon [Democrats];They don’t even make excuses for the rape of the middle classes any more. They don’t have too. The old will vote Demon [Democrats] until the death panels finally check them out [and God I hope it’s as slow and agonizing and they get a full measure of pain but its quick so they don’t get to personally rape their grand children anymore [and did I leave out cheap and cost effective]]. There is no FREE LUNCH. The butcher’s bill always come due. Why is this such a hard concept for the American people to grasp. After a night on the town, SOMEONE has to pay the bar bill. The media theatrics over billions is insane. We are arguing about whether to cut back to two (2) Starbucks coffee a day from four (4) while we eat three (3) full meals a day at Ruth’s Chris Steak house.
    Watch dogs; do you know that Congress exempted itself from both Obama care, Social Security and insider trading laws. If it is good enough for you and me, why not them? Yes its tax time again and I get to see our cowardly corrupt government officials worshiping at the alter of buy now and never pay. I have worked for a financial firm for a decade, I don’t claim insider knowledge but I understand the mechanics of credit granting. There isn’t a bank of this planet that would give us a note (loan us money) so we make our own (Fed Reserve). Hell, I heard a clip on Chris Wallace show (XM Radio) driving down highway where the esteemed legal scholar said that we had to stop the increasing debt and voted against raising the debt ceiling while a senator. His name, Barack Hussein Obama. And Bidden, the second stooge, I think Curley should have a go at policy, the others are even remotely competent. Boys and Girls, this is the real world, not academia, where you can make up $h!T and be called a scholar. I guess the size of the pig trough does matter?

    • Greg

      Thank you George.

    • markm

      Hey George,

      You wrote:
      “There is no FREE LUNCH!”

      That’s it!!! With thoughts like that, it is official, you are a terrorist!

      This is not funny. The government’s criteria for labeling a person a terrorist is unbielable.


  10. cowboy

    ” It is dangerous to be right when your government is wrong”- Voltaire
    Never quite understood the full meaning of this quote until recent years. Greg, it is obvious why we are loosing so many of our liberties when we read your posts every week. I can still remember when we would cross the Mexican border with a car full of guns and ammunition to go bird hunting and come back accross latter and never be asked any more questions than, hope you had a good hunt. Or when we flew commercially in US to go hunting and we gave our rifles to the pilot and put the ammunition above our seats. Same questions were asked here, hope you have a good hunt. Now we are put in jail if we even mentioned the above while getting on board a plane. Let the government take care of us, give up our liberties and they will still find a way to put us in jail. Sad, sad, sad

  11. Jan

    I often think we are being conditioned bit by bit. Fighting terror is an excuse to subject the American people to more and more degrading experiences like being photographed naked or felt up by a government agent. It all started with show your papers, photo i.d. to board a plane and has gotten worse every year. I will not fly and subject myself to such degradation.

    The subtle banking reporting to the federal government. If you deposit a ten thousand dollar check or three thousand dollars in cash the transaction is reported to the government. Why? To combat terror & drugs we are told.

    We have no jobs, extended and extended again unemployment, more people than ever on food stamps, good hard-working people losing their jobs, then their homes. Government will cut entitlements and keep interest rates low to keep people from retiring and deplete seniors nest eggs.

    What is the end game? Maybe to make things so bad the Amercian people will agree to any new government or monetary system the powers that be put forth. Anything if they are led to believe things will get better.

    What can we do beyond cuss it and discuss it? Prepare ourselves as best we can for whatever is to come, but how to stop them before it is too late?

  12. markm

    Hello Greg,

    Neo-Marxism will never work unless all civil liberties are abolished. Thinking about and learning from history must become a crime for the administration to accomplish its goal.

    Thanks again,


  13. James M

    We are all criminals now for supporting the Constitution and The Bill of Rights. The Constitution now has a disclaimer “This book is a product of its time and does not reflect the same values as it would if it were written today. Parents might wish to discuss with their children how views on race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and interpersonal relations have changed since this book was written before allowing them to read this classic work.” How messed up is that? Let them criminalize the whole country, we can all go to jail and there will be no revenue and they will go broke lol!! They can kiss my hairy Irish arse as far as I am concerned. I bow to no man.

  14. Ray

    We are indeed living in dangerous times. I really enjoyed reading this article, I can relate on so many levels. Our Founding Fathers would be sick to their stomachs and mad as hell at what we have become in this country. We are reaching critical mass and the polarization is red hot, just like it was 150 years ago today when the Confederates fired on Fort Sumpter starting the War Between the States.

    Deo Vindice

  15. M SMITH

    George hit it out of the park, just think each year, deer hunters in PA number 7000,000, now add up the rest of the hunters in the US you see why we are being attcked from with in. The fed has more damage to yet to unlease, they better hope these hunters keep sleeping!

  16. s. bond

    We are seeing the destruction of the monetary system of America by design. The ruling elite (shadow government) wants a one-world government. In order to have a one-world government, you must have a
    world currency…..we already have a world court, world army, world bank, world policy system, and a world health organization. The destruction of the US dollar is happening right before our eyes. And the dolllar devaluation will be next! Tyranny has come to America, have you been to a US airport???
    Naked body scanners exposing you to RADIATION…..enhanced pat downs of your entire body (this use to be called sexual molestation), men, women, and children. A total violation of your 4th amendment rights! When are Americans going to wake up????? The goverment is not going to protect you…they are taking away your rights!

  17. Martin

    Well, I have never visited US and I am not going to do so.
    It seems that there is nothing to miss.
    Let it R.I.P in due course.
    Nothing good will come out current developments.
    Not good for citizens and in longer run even worst for governing structures.
    As an outside observer I can easily see that US is simply unraveling.
    It is self evident base on countless observations.

  18. windcatcher

    A good poster says more than a thousand words, your poster cuts through reality and sums it all, what a powerful weapon! It must chill the enemy to the bone when they see it! The thought of being brought to Justice for their crimes will scare the hell out of them! Ha. Ha.

    So far, the Traitor, globalist enemy among us has blatantly escaped American Justice and the Rule of Law as planned and executed by them in creating the financial global crisis and chaos. The banksters created Depravities as a weapon of mass economic destruction. Derivatives are a criminal enterprise, not a business enterprise and must be brought to an end as quickly as the criminals enacted it.

    The anti-American globalists on the poster are Traitors to our Constitution and sovereignty, our laws and the American People. There is a reason for the death penalty for conspirators found guilty of conspiring and acting to overthrow our American economy, Constitution and national sovereignty. The reason for the death sentence is because Treason is the most heinous of crimes against the American People. Indeed, it is an act of war against the American People. The elite globalists have declared war against the American People and THEY ARE WINNING!

    The reason that Obama/Bush, Clintons, Bernanke, Paulson, Napolitano, Soros, Geithner, Holder, Brzezinski, Boehner, Biden, Grayham and the other Traitor conspirators are so smug and aloof from the Law is because they know that they will not be brought to Justice for their Treason.- THEY ARE WINNING!

    Your poster sums it all. Nothing else needs to be said. It is more effective than a deck of “wanted” cards with the Traitor names on them. A perfect poster; you need only to change the pictures of the Traitors! Someone sell me a t-shirt.

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